Number of Movies: 15
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.46

Number of Movies Reviewed: 20
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 5
Average Rating Given: 3.75
Movies Released by penguin44ca
Pummel Action
No Description posted May 15, 2007
Lizard Queen Sci-Fi
No Description posted May 8, 2007
Cerebellum Action Not Rated
A down on his luck guy, an opportunity for fortune, and a seemingly friendly doctor all collide in one of 2006's best movies from this studio. According to news reports, a sequel in already being cast! posted May 7, 2007
American Teen Comedy
Teen love movie with a nice twist at the end. posted May 2, 2007
Stronghold Action
This is my first movie done in about a year or so. Please forgive any continuity errors. Enjoy my foray back in The Movies! This is an action movie, subtitles with NO VO. Not able to do that one yet, ... posted April 23, 2007
Trisplosion Sci-Fi
First movie made with S&E. Was going to do voice over, but mic not working. Will re-do later in time with VO. Enjoy my creation! posted June 20, 2006
The Encounter Sci-Fi
A sci-fi movie that took 112 months to film and cost over 300,000!! It is a story that was inspired by a dream I had the other day. It took lots of work to make it fit my vision so enjoy! posted December 20, 2005
Skull Of Iron Action
No Description posted December 17, 2005
Leave your Will Horror
Please note, there is an error in this movies' description. This is NOT a horror film. It's a Romance/Action film, if there is such a thing. Well, enjoy. posted December 16, 2005
Stone Jones Action
Private eye movie. Not too bad considering it's my first movie past the 5min mark. Hope you enjoy. posted December 11, 2005
Die On Me Action
No Description posted December 10, 2005
River Law Action
Come and enjoy a revival of the West! The Wild West. In early 2008 Wild West movies made a huge comeback thanks to the research in movie technologies. Now, your fave western's are back, in higher defi... posted December 6, 2005
Zagrax Prime Sci-Fi
Actually dubbed "Captain Dummy" this B-movie classic was made in 1951 during a long drawn out writers strike. The actors themselves improvised most of this movie. posted December 4, 2005
A Saucerful Of Communism Sci-Fi
Stereo-typical 50's US v USSR sci-fi movie. posted November 27, 2005
The Jupiter Bomb Sci-Fi
PLease forgive, this is my first custom movie so go easy :) Thanks posted November 26, 2005
Movies Reviewed by penguin44ca
jack steel in the mouth of the lion! by chris62 Action
Good action, not much of a plot. VO was decent seemed a little out of sync but I didn't take marks off for that. reviewed May 16, 2007
Wiremind by PrototypeEva00 Sci-Fi
Good movie my friend! You are right, we do have a similar film....I should call a lawyer and sue! Just kidding. Excellent PP work and music was used well in this film. I am giving it 5, would be bette... reviewed May 12, 2007
Watchers by jakechief Horror
WOW! Great VO work, I am not taking marks off for the breathing... It was a movie worth watching to the end! reviewed May 12, 2007
the race for the money the begining trailer! by chris62 Action
Great use of the movies. Good voice acting, however the music seemed to drown out the voices at some points. Overall, made me want to see the movie!! reviewed April 30, 2007
Mr Bones The legend The Lover by princeinexile Comedy
Original and excellent voice work. The soundtrack is kickin' as well. The only down note I could find, which was hard, was the streets seemed kind of 'dead' with little use of a back drop. Beyond that... reviewed June 20, 2006
Christmas Fun and Gifts by a2k13 Comedy
Featured Review
Funny and a little confusing as mentioned before. I also agree the editing could have been a tad smoother, overall thought a fun movie!
reviewed December 23, 2005
On A One Day by devilboy204 Comedy
Credit for originality, however it didnt make a ton of sense to me personally. Some fun bits. reviewed December 22, 2005
King Dinosaur by Kingdinosaur Comedy
Featured Review
Funny lines, great use of costumes and sets. The music was a little off for my tastes however it worked well. The scenes didn't always flow well, which is the only downside I can see to this movie. I ...
reviewed December 20, 2005
Apollyon by corinthian Horror
Scared the crap out of me. I love it. I want more, more I tell you! Great VO and sound, good use of FX ingame. The last scene made me jump! reviewed December 20, 2005
ONE - To live forever by lostwolfnesbit Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Voiceovers would be great but since you explained why, it doesn't affect my review. I want to see the next in the series, I really enjoyed this movie and the storyline is great. Subtitles could have b...
reviewed December 17, 2005
Ronald Mc Donald (1st ever) Rap Video by kotc615 Comedy
Not a huge rap fan, however you had guts to actually do it so cheers to ya. Quality was good. reviewed December 17, 2005
The All New Dating Game by ozman69 Comedy
Great, original idea, I mean using The Movies! to make a gameshow.... Very funny and I also laughed out loud several times. reviewed December 16, 2005
My dogs life by VinceMurphy Comedy
Original and cute. reviewed December 12, 2005
Space Fools by silockwood Sci-Fi
Bad voice acting, continuity was all over the place. Jokes weren't funny. The costumes and set was ok. Although there was no story, I gave 2 stars for the fact voices were used, albeit limited. reviewed December 11, 2005
Will And Freds Mediocre Misadventure by TurtleheadStudios Comedy
Actually a funny movie for a change. Great narration and use of sets, scenes etc... Script was excellent and the use the sci-fi scanner was the best use of this prop. The only 2 things, well one not m... reviewed December 9, 2005
Star Track by BobbyWadd1 Sci-Fi
Terrible spoof. Bad porno, bad subtitles they move to quickly. The only redeeming thing in this flick is the backdrops, they are outstanding. reviewed December 6, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
Good flick, great sound. Sets were well used and Kong looked great. The only sour note I see is the voice acting of the Character Carl. His lines seemed forced and not well read/rehearsed as compared ... reviewed December 6, 2005
Policy by Normenator Action
Featured Review
Excellent. Non stop action, great effects and dialog! Very full-metal jacket-ish, well done well done. Very good use of cameras and angles. Music carried me through the scenes with tension! Good job.
reviewed December 6, 2005
Safe Dating by moviemanic Comedy
Content was funny enough, subtitles came and went too fast and seemed out of sync with the movie. Otherwise a good spoof. reviewed November 29, 2005
Mob Politics TMO version1 by BillytheCrayon Action
Featured Review
Great movie for a first attempt. A little long running, and the editing could have been smoother. Voice acting is above average, with excellent timing. Over all a well done mob movie. Story was excell...
reviewed November 22, 2005