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Average Rating Received: 4.6

Number of Movies Reviewed: 232
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Movies Released by OD-Ork-Boy
Sorrows of The Spy - Episode one V3 Sci-Fi
This film has been rated PG-13 for use of Alcohol and Tobacco, animated violence, and some brief use of crude language. I suggest you watch Phantoms before watching this movie. You can see it here: h... posted May 7, 2008
Sorrows of The Spy - Trailer Sci-Fi
The first trailer to "Sorrows of The Spy - The Mini-series". Really more of a very long teaser to be honest, as the plot isn't all that clearly presented, but I'm rather fond of it. The VO's heard her... posted March 31, 2008
Phantoms Sci-Fi
Rated R for strong language, Brief suggestive humor, and animated violence. (PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE READING THE REVIEWS! THEY CONTAIN SPOILERS D:) Humanity has been split into four factions; ... posted November 16, 2007
Empires of Ambition - The introduction Sci-Fi
An introduction to the Empires of Ambition galaxy. Think of it as an extended prologue. As much as I tried, I couldn't make this film any shorter. Ah well. There seems to be a bit of a misunderstandi... posted June 16, 2007
Spies of Ambition The Trailer Sci-Fi
The thumbnail seems to be messed up on this...I'm not sure why, but it hasn't effected the movie itself, luckily. Anyway, this is a trailer for Spies of Ambition: The Series. It stars many great, tal... posted May 7, 2007
Spies of Ambition - The series Trailer Sci-Fi
This is a trailer for the Spies of Ambition series, which will be a re-make of the original movie. All mods from 8eyedbaby.com . posted March 16, 2007
Spies of Ambition Sci-Fi
Voice talents include: Timmo666, As Verus Gavin Powell, As Dale Cooper PostModerenChuck, As Graham Mcneil Millahnna, as Silvia Varsalvan OD-Ork-Boy, As Barry Walker Sailorknightwing, as Nina Parker. ... posted February 5, 2007
Spies of Ambition Trailer (2) Sci-Fi
yet another Trailer for my up-coming movie, Spies Of ambition. This trailer has the voice talents of Timmo666, Gavin Powell, PostModerenChuck, and Sailorknightwing. This trailer shows off some of the ... posted August 3, 2006
Spies of Ambition - TRAILER Sci-Fi
A trailer for my up comeing blockbuster, Spies of Ambition, which will feature a cast of talented voice actors and actresses aswell as a compelling story line. posted April 23, 2006
Spies of Ambition Sci-Fi Not Rated
A beta of a movie I'll finish when the expansion comes out. Music Coutresy of Staticnoise from www.newgrounds.com posted March 17, 2006
Lord Tozzoik Action
Ok. I lied, lol. So, I made the third part of "The day my life ended" way before I said so. This is the first time I've ever used voice overs. All the voices are mine. And I'm sorry about the bad, qui... posted March 2, 2006
The day my life ended part two Horror
Woohoo! Finally I got part two out. First let me apologize about the long wait, but I needed to find a costume which really met the look of a "Marsh Alien", and the Demon costume really fit this. Anyw... posted March 2, 2006
The day my life ended Horror
Part one of two. Hope you all enjoy it. posted December 21, 2005
Calm gun Horror
My first ever movie created. I meant for it to look like it was set in the 1940s, and hopefully I got that feeling. Hope you all like it :). posted December 7, 2005
Movies Reviewed by OD-Ork-Boy
The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem by Tie Horror
Nightmares? You betchya'. Top VO performance here, you oughta' start getting out into other people's movies more because I'm sure there is a lot of folks out there on TMU who would like to have your v... reviewed November 28, 2008
View Point by asaoleary123 Action
Here are my problems with this movie (in ascending order, from most to least): - Lack of character development (who are these people? why should we care what happens to them?) - Bad dialogue ("I'm a ... reviewed September 29, 2008
Underpants Away! -1- Below The Belt by biggstrek Comedy
Generally, comedies like these are often times funny for the first few minutes (HAHA, he's in his underpants............Uhm, kay, now what?) but in this case, I was pleasantly surprised to see that th... reviewed June 28, 2008
Mortal Coil - Teaser by cecil_evans Action
Featured Review
Good work! The X-factor here for me was the music and fast-paced action (like TheBiz said, very anime feeling to it). I found Mort's walk a little odd (Drunken Palpatine, xD) but otherwise - I'm pumpe...
reviewed June 25, 2008
Sister Abstinance The Lothario by thebiz Comedy
Haaaaaah! With a dry and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor ("Hahahaha, you kid..."), this is one extremely enjoyable minute and sum seconds of time filled to the rim with plenty of lol's to keep us a'ro... reviewed June 16, 2008
Jimmy and Timmy! by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
Ah yes, nightmare fuel of the highest class - clowns I mean xD. Good old fashioned cartoony fun! It was rather predictable as we've seen these scenes a billion times over, but the purpose was served s... reviewed June 14, 2008
EXTINGUISHED by josephkw Sci-Fi
Generally, I know it is an unspoken rule to try and do your best to not repeat what another has said...But given the massive amount of reviews, you must excuse me if I simply re-hash everyone else's w... reviewed June 14, 2008
THE WATER AND THE WOODS d by userjosh9874 Horror
So, a week or so after downloading this and watching it repeatidly, I've come to a conclusion... You, Josh, are like some super-computer that keeps on building up on knowledge with each film. Every f... reviewed June 9, 2008
Hard Life by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Romance
A beautifully made film - the beggining scene with the neighboring buildings apparent from the out-side window stuck out to me the most, it is amazing how little details like that can make a film so m... reviewed June 8, 2008
SCUM by RavensFan_09 Action
A wonderful short film, part crime drama and part character study. A nice use of mods and set dressing help compliment the film, but unlike many films they don't stand out, and this is a good thing in... reviewed May 29, 2008
Ultima Thule -full trailer by jase180 Sci-Fi
An interesting premise and some good camera angles are the best things I can say about this trailer. Compared to your earlier ones however, I feel the work is below-par and all in all it didn't quite ... reviewed May 29, 2008
15 Second Movie (excluding credits) by josephkw Comedy
Featured Review
I have watched this movie 6 times now. At the first time, I simply took it for a bit of random fun...Then I remembered that your films are never pointless fun, so I watched it again and again...I've t...
reviewed May 13, 2008
Don't Come Knocking at my Door by Norriefpb Romance
An undeniably amusing song with some great singing performances from both yourself and Sisch. Fine music as well, with good pacing on both fronts to fit in and make it feel like any normal song one wo... reviewed May 2, 2008
The Lonely Piano by andy_inc Horror
Good story and great music to accompany the emotion...On some occassions I felt it wouldn't have hurt to either lower the volume on the music or raise it on my VO's, but it was still understandable an... reviewed May 2, 2008
Sitting on top of the World (Teaser) by bricksfilms Action
A fine trailer, serving its purpose well, though I would have liked to hear an end sound effect (a gunshot maybe?). Just an FYI; the Bandana on the terroist's heads should be green, not yellow (Or so ... reviewed April 24, 2008
Dark Obsession Part A by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Some top-notch writing, beautiful overlays, and an interesting twist on the "Stalker genre" put this film high amongst my collection of films. This film is one that you can simply sit back and watch w... reviewed April 9, 2008
A Diagnosis of Death by frosty_frost09 Horror
I agree with GoofParade on this one; excellent radio play with a mediocre visual side. For a ten minute movie, it certainly does tell a good story and thanks to the music, the horror vibe is in full f... reviewed March 30, 2008
The Remedy by nexusinteract Horror
The plot, at its base, has a kind of "B-movie" appeal to it. The corny dialogue and overly-convenient plot devices (The magical shrinking bible/randomly placed grenade/yadda yadda) all had an aura of ... reviewed March 28, 2008
ENIGMA II ep2 - Conquest by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Now, keeping in mind I've never seen an Enigma nor Conquest movie, I may bumble over a few things in this review - if I do, take it simply for my ignorance of the series and move on. I have to congra... reviewed March 28, 2008
wiwanyank Wacipi - The Sundance - Part 3 by cinecitta Action
I have seen the first two episodes of this (The first thanks to JazzX's movie vault), and must first off say that I'm glad that the gritty style of the series has been kept up from the previous two ep... reviewed March 15, 2008
One Last Breath Part 2 by sparky1512 Action
A thrilling conclusion by all acounts! I was sucked into the movie by the ambience and the superb acting, not to mention the great pacing, scene choice, and use of sound effects and music. Much like t... reviewed March 5, 2008
Infidelitas by trewill7 Horror
It is a simple, pure fact of TMO that Trewil7 is unarguably a great director. His camera-work is always a pleasure to watch and whenever a movie has an "A film by Trewil7" tag on it, you can assure wh... reviewed February 28, 2008
King Sugar Trailer 1 by jase180 Comedy
Having watched 70's television shows and movies all my life, I must say I'm absolutely hyped about this idea and the trailer simply increases that said hype. Great shots and pace, a perfect trailer al... reviewed February 25, 2008
Chronicles of The Rift (Origins) by userjosh9874 Romance
Featured Review
Well first off, thanks for making me jump around the 19th minute with that crazily loud sound effect! :X. I practically fell outta' my chair. Anyway, now that that's off my chest: Absolutely fantast...
reviewed February 24, 2008
The Tale of Jack the Bunny! by dude123456HasReturned Horror
Featured Review
This comedy is not so much "funny" as it is "Fun". It didn't make me laugh or chuckle or anything to that extent, but it did make me smile in the same way one might watch a show with a toddler and smi...
reviewed February 24, 2008
SOLA FIDE (By Faith Alone) by jase180 Horror
I would like to start this review off with a suitibly "Dramatic" introduction, with some word like "Amazing", or "Exceptional" or such. Unfourtanatly, such words can't really sum up this film, so I ca... reviewed February 24, 2008
One Last Breath part1 by sparky1512 Action
To say that Sparky has captured the Noir feel is an understatement. This movie should be in the reference section of "Film-Noir" in the dictionary with the main title being the picture beside it. This... reviewed February 21, 2008
Cold by Dulci Romance
I'm a lover of movies that have a "meaning" to them (This sounds ignorant, I realize). By that, I mean that they represent something more than what you see on-screen; a movie that you think about for ... reviewed February 15, 2008
Acceptance by derbyrams Romance
This film delivers a well-meaning, good message; Accept life as it is and all the bad things that happen, because things do keep on rolling. It's a message a lot of people tend to forget, and sometime... reviewed February 15, 2008
The Man Who Wanted to Sneeze by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
Quite possibly the most random, odd, and obscurely fascinating movie I've ever seen on TMO. I give the first and only ever "Orky's WTFLOL!? Award" to this movie, for a comedy that is not only funny (i... reviewed February 13, 2008
Hellmut und Hellge - Pilotfolge by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Some absolutely hillarious moments (The Pope scene being the most noticeable) and some very good voice acting make this movie an enjoyable 12 minutes; however, the broken English subtitles are often p... reviewed February 10, 2008
CAPITOL Initiation by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
I admit, I judged the first episode far too harshly. You've taken us to a very stylish setting that is reminiscent of what a world would look like if Blade Runner met Tron - and with the introductio... reviewed February 10, 2008
Last Rites - Amen by kuroken Horror
Outstanding! The episode that wraps up many of our questions and the plot, but still leaves room for a continuation. We see Sisch at her sexiest here as the seductive and yet at the same time repellin... reviewed February 9, 2008
Et Spiritus Sancti by kuroken Horror
Much like some kind of a multi-layered fruit, the Last Rites series is getting progressively more enjoyable as it goes on. The story has thickened emmensly and I am now, 100% hooked. Anything I can sa... reviewed February 9, 2008
CAPITOL Origin by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
I've heard a lot of hype about the CAPITOL series, so I figured I'd come check it out and see what everyone was talking about... I sadly admit, I am somewhat disappointed considering that the second ... reviewed February 9, 2008
Conflicting by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Action
(SPOILER ALERT!) First off, the story itself was good, but unfourtanatly the surprise at the end came on too quickly. As JosephKW said, if you had hinted at trouble brewing earlier on, it would have ... reviewed February 8, 2008
To TMO or Not To TMO by rileyman Comedy
Ya' know Riley, this is great stuff. For one, it's funny without being somehow "offensive" to someone (Well, with maybe the exception of the game's developers, LOL!), which is rare with TMO movies - I... reviewed February 2, 2008
Angels Fall (Part 2) by pookashells Action
That was GREAT work, Pooka! This time around, many of the errors of the first episode were fixed and the film became all around much more enjoyable. The VO's were all very grand and now much easier ... reviewed February 2, 2008
UnSub by anothernewdawn Horror
(SPOILER WARNING!!!!) Ah, now that was interesting! The ambience was absolutely spot on - the rain, the lighting, the music, the scene choice, the camera angles...All wonderful. The VO's were ace, a... reviewed January 26, 2008
Just Trying to Help by AnotherNewDawn Comedy
Wow. So I've kept on reminding myself everyday to watch STIR 5 (And the others, despite the fact that episode 2 is gone and I can't view it as it's in High-res ;( ). I'm still gonna' do that when I f... reviewed January 24, 2008
Bombshelter-Part2b by jase180 Action
(Vague-ISH spoiler in this review!!!) A very good and surprising conclusion! More or less all of the dissapointing and confusing aspects of the first part were fixed in the first few moments of this,... reviewed January 21, 2008
Comedy Corner 2 Chat Show trailer by derbyrams Comedy
Ah, good times. Violence, heavy cursing, prolific drug use...Hey, just throw in a dashing of pornography and you've got the best show ever ;P. Oh yeah, and lots of comedy! Who could forget that!? - Orky reviewed January 12, 2008
Unsung Soldiers by Staree_Movies Action
Featured Review
(SPOILER ALERT!) Now comparing this to another of your films, Medallion of Heroes, you definitely have improved on certain plot elements. However I still noticed a problem from MOH, in that the chara...
reviewed January 9, 2008
Shrine by Howitzer Horror
Featured Review
Great stuff! On many occassions throughout the film I was impressed by the free-cam use and atmosphere. Music was fitting and used at appropriate times. All the VO's were spot on albeit all seemed a b...
reviewed January 6, 2008
Et Fille by kuroken Horror
Now that was a movie! The first I was slightly iffy on, but this - Jeez! A thrilling episode which really picks up the pace from the first! Some people might have had doubts about the first episode, b... reviewed January 3, 2008
Angels Fall (Part 1) by pookashells Action
Hrm....This movie is very, very difficult to review properly, but I'll try to do my best anyway... First let's start on the plot. Very grand script, great characters, unique setting (I assume it to b... reviewed December 28, 2007
In Nomine Patris by kuroken Horror
I admit - I thought it was the run of the mill modern detective story. For the majority, there was no "Oh wow!" Effect to the plot, nothing that stood out about it. That's not to say it was bad - No, ... reviewed December 15, 2007
The Creature by FallenThomas Horror
That, my friend, was a classic! My apologies on taking so long to return your review on Phantoms. The use of Mods was briliant here, but unlike so many movies you didn't fall into the "Freshness" Trap... reviewed December 12, 2007
The Egyptian Curse Unleashed TV Spot by Fozz20 Action
Very well done! K4 makes a grand narrator! - Orky. reviewed December 3, 2007
High School Girls--Part 2 by rposhard Horror
That was frightening. The screams...They ran a chill up my spine (And not to mention, blew my eardrums). The "Boogeymen" we have in most horror movies today are corny and laughable; but it is the McAv... reviewed November 29, 2007
A Very British Sketch Show 1 by sparky1512 Comedy
Featured Review
I agree with Del; the horses were the best bit by a long shot. However, while that certainly made me laugh, what actually got me histerical was the Drunk; "I'll dance for you"...The way you (Sparky) p...
reviewed November 29, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE by MefuneAkira Comedy
MefuneAkira and his team have just pulled out of the bag THE FUNNIEST flick ever to grace TMO. I'd pay to see this. I ache from laughing now. Best moment in the whole movie: "People of the garbage tr... reviewed November 28, 2007
High School Girls--Part 1 by rposhard Horror
Rp, you got to be proud of this. You've created a character that is truly horror-material, and the way you play him....My God! It's so believeable that it had chills down my spine. The rest of the cas... reviewed November 27, 2007
Gamma Force Operation Liberty B by cruise1970 Action
A nice conclusion to great movie! I'm a bit clueless on as to why you cut this into two parts (Export problems I assume?) But hey, never the less the two ran togather seamlessly. I especially liked th... reviewed November 14, 2007
Gamma Force Operation Liberty A by cruise1970 Action
Good fun! The voice acting was genuinly good and the plot is nicely told to us in a quick but detailed matter. The rest of the flick is a nice bit of military riff-raff and mysterious espionage which ... reviewed November 14, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 2 by trewill7 Action
The second part continues on the story of Jeremiah Smith and his struggle to accept the loss of life as he knew it. Beautifully scripted, voiced, modded, and filmed, this is another completely enjoyab... reviewed November 6, 2007
Chronicles of The Rift 2 (The Quest) by userjosh9874 Action
(!!! My review may contain a bit of spoilers so, folks, if you haven't watched the movie yet, don't read this !!!) The first one was pretty good, sure. But the second totally blows the first out of t... reviewed November 6, 2007
High School Girls -- Trailer by rposhard Horror
Interesting? Most definitely. It leaves us asking so many questions that we just MUST see the actual movie to find out their answers...You've done a great job and have achieved the goal of any trailer... reviewed November 2, 2007
Cleopatra (Part II)! by TheMGMKid1 Romance
MGM knows his stuff; he knows how to keep it both entertaining and historically accurate at the same time. I actually bristled at (SPOILER, though anyone with historic knowledge should know what happe... reviewed October 29, 2007
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
After 25 pages of reviews, six rewards and a whole lotta of extra praise on the forums, I can't say anything without repeating someone elses' words, but, what the heck, why not? I'm a sucker for hist... reviewed October 27, 2007
Oubliette-Trailer by Brandon310 Sci-Fi
Oh yes, there is tons of potential here. Just make sure that the game sounds don't "over-come" the VO's. Looking forward to the full thing! - Orky. reviewed October 26, 2007
The Morning After by sparky1512 Comedy
A very amusing short, with quite a funny and surprising ending. A wonderfully done VO job and nice use of mods makes this very enjoyable indeed! - Orky. reviewed October 26, 2007
Cancer Sticks teaser trailer by derbyrams Action
Featured Review
Very unique idea, very interesting to see this coming from the guy who created the Comedy Corner series - Guess it just goes to show that your a really versatile fellow. Be sure to tell me when its ou...
reviewed October 26, 2007
Preachers by Primaer Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Easily, this film is one of my top five favorite on TMO. It's the best non-traditional Sci-fi I've ever seen here. At first, the story leaves the viewer wondering what???s happening, but that seems in...
reviewed October 25, 2007
The Dance of Death- Part 2 by sgporsche48 Action
Featured Review
(Some possible spoilers are in this review, so don't read this yet if you haven't watched the movie!). A good end to a great two-parter. It was smartly cut into two parts so as to give two very diffe...
reviewed October 24, 2007
Gamma Force Quick Clip by cruise1970 Action
There is one word which can easily sum this up: "Woah". I don't know how you did the effects - Really awsome overlays I guess? Regardless of how you did it, it's amazing and super unique. A real gem.... reviewed October 21, 2007
The Dead Cases Part 2a by jase180 Action
A thrilling conclusion to this highly unique film noir/horror mix. If I hadn't read the script already, I would have been completely clueless on what was going to happen. I can't say much about the pl... reviewed October 21, 2007
Noir Teaser by sparky1512 Action
Obviously, this is going to be another awsome movie from the mind of Sparky1512. The black and white really gives a unique, old feel to it, which is a real joy to look at. I cannot wait for more! - Orky. reviewed October 16, 2007
The Dance of Death - Part One by sgporsche48 Action
As others have said, you created a VERY unique ambience here. It's scary without being horrifying; the loneliness really jumps out at you, leaving you hallow feeling, and any movie that can leave a la... reviewed October 15, 2007
CC shorts new trailer by derbyrams Comedy
Rockin' music! Looking forward to it, Derby. Looks to be a real hit! - Orky. reviewed October 13, 2007
The Break-up Letter by trewill7 Comedy
Hilarious! The jokes go by smooth as butter and lead up to a completely unexpected ending - it's both funny and shocking, a wonderfully modern piece of comedic awsomeness. "So basically... your blac... reviewed October 12, 2007
Bombshelter Teaser A by jase180 Sci-Fi
Jase180 again pops up with a totally new, unique movie idea. I loved the well chosen music (hell, even the in-game music went well with it) and the siren effects were wonderful - It added that "Belly ... reviewed October 12, 2007
trapped-trailer by frosty_frost09 Horror
The beginning music was, in my opinion, way to "Light" and "Casual", it just really didn't work for a horror trailer like this. Otherwise, however, everything was grand! I'm really looking forwards to... reviewed October 9, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE (Trailer) by MefuneAkira Comedy
LOL! Looks to be a hillarious movie with a nice combination of parody meets originality. Be sure to give me a notice when it's out! - Orky. reviewed October 1, 2007
Mancini by DNR Action
A touching, emotionally outstanding movie. It's so well crafted, such a masterfully well done movie, that even people like me who don't really care about the subject (Boxing) can get into it. A brilli... reviewed September 28, 2007
I Think Im a Car by FredTheDuck Comedy
Featured Review
A hillarious film by all regards! I agree that it seemed to go on perhaps a minute or two too long, but it was still a joy to watch! It's humor style reminded me a good deal of "Airplane!", wacky humo...
reviewed September 17, 2007
Dirty movie full trailer by derbyrams Comedy
A greatly done trailer which really shows that this movie holds a lot of promise to it, with great VO's and a good sense of humor. I eagerly await more! - Orky reviewed September 16, 2007
The Dead Cases Part1 by jase180 Action
An Orkish Review (The Dead Cases - Part one, is the first movie to get my "Orkish review", so enjoy!) First, the directing. You did a wonderful job at making it, Jase. The camera angles were cinema... reviewed September 10, 2007
Fallacies of a stranger - Episode 3 by meowan Comedy
A wonderfully shocking end to a great mini-series. It was in no way predictable and kept me guessing until the very last second. Meowan prooves he's a movie-making-genius yet again with the amazing co... reviewed September 5, 2007
Death and Life by sparky1512 Comedy
A smashing flick - This isn't a zanny, random-for-laughs kind of comedy, it's one that's been thought out and wants people to listen to it, not just watch it. Zero-predictability and splashes of dry h... reviewed September 2, 2007
Fallacies of a stranger - Episode 2 by meowan Comedy
As great as the first, this episode is highly stylized with great voice acting and a wonderful film-noir type of ambience that really captures the interest of the viewer and leaves you wanting more. W... reviewed August 25, 2007
Fallacies of a stranger - Episode 1 by meowan Comedy
With great VO's and an amazingly well-selected score of music, this episode prooves to be an exciting beginning to what appears to be a thrilling Film-Noir mini-series. I eagerly await more! - Orky. reviewed August 21, 2007
Conflicting-Trailer by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Action
A splendid trailer! As is usual when a movie has K4 or Sisch, it's positive to be good. However, when it has both of them, you know it's going to be grand. The only thing I didn't like about it was ... reviewed August 19, 2007
on the sidewalk bleeding moviee by nipples Action
Featured Review
This film is truly touching. We see Michael's struggle as he goes through his life, what he wanted to do and his regrets. All the while there is a seeming hopelessness and pure loneliness to it that i...
reviewed August 17, 2007
Aspirations full trailer by derbyrams Romance
A great trailer! The movie seems to have a really interesting approach to it, and I'm glad it's not going to be totally serious as a bit of comedy is always nice. I thought the music was also really ... reviewed August 14, 2007
Mallicks Island by the_only_iceman Romance
A wonderful movie, with a great plot and amazing visuals. An all around brilliant film that you guys should really be proud of! - Orky. reviewed August 4, 2007
Lester Lukens starring in Sponges by k4ownzall Comedy
An amazingly odd film. I found it entertaining but highly disturbing. Kind of goes hand and hand I guess :p. You get five stars for pure oddness - ***** - Orky. reviewed August 3, 2007
Starship Conquest Demo by k4ownzall Sci-Fi
WOW! This looks awsome! - Orky. reviewed August 3, 2007
Mafia Legend of the Red Warrior Part 2 by BlazeLeeDragon Action
A wonderful contuation of a splended movie. This, like it's predecessor, was a very good flick that I am happy to say I was a part of (even if I was an extra :p). Both your directing AND acting skills... reviewed August 3, 2007
Chivalry by matthewmagic Action
The GOOD: A great VA cast with a story that left off with a lot of room for sequels. Plus, the character development was nicely done. The BAD: Curse language like that didn't exist back then. It just... reviewed August 2, 2007
The Baggage Boy by savypirategirl Comedy
Hello and welcome to TMO! I see you have uploaded the infamous "The Baggage Boy" movie. This is what we on the forums call "Default" movie, the movies that the game randomly generates. See, the majori... reviewed August 2, 2007
SINS by sparky1512 Horror
A very good story, brought to life with a great voice cast and an amazingly well fitting musical score. Although predominantly a Horror, I also spotted a small amount of Film-Noir in there with Michae... reviewed August 2, 2007
We come in Peace! by dude123456HasReturned Sci-Fi
A funny, witty short which was a blast to watch. Great job Poppy! - Orky. reviewed August 2, 2007
on the sidewalk bleeding by nipples Action
Looks awsome, Nippy! Can't wait to see the full thing! - Orky. reviewed July 31, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 1 by trewill7 Action
I get front row tickets to a film and by the time I click the link 5,000 people have already stated everything I want to say about it. Typical :P. However, I've found that repeating praises aren't suc... reviewed July 31, 2007
the Nature of Things by josephkw Comedy
A very clever film you've got here, kudos for obviously taking alot of time and wit to make this both a "Thinker" flick and a funny one. I found the "Retardo beam" especially funny. Great job! - Orky reviewed July 31, 2007
Chicken Man by ShyShy Comedy
Decent enough comedy, nothing that stands out though. The hairball joke was funny though. Just a word of advice here: randomness doesn't automatically make something funny; it just makes it...Well, ra... reviewed July 26, 2007
Just one more push men! by whydoyouwanttoknow Action
Not much plot, but the artistic values and ending is worth the four stars, to be sure. Good job! - Orky. reviewed July 26, 2007
The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
A great ending to an amazing saga. By far - this was easily the best film on TMO. Not a hair out of place; everything went as smooth as butter and the plot rounded up nicely. Just saying "well done" a... reviewed July 26, 2007
The Courage Within II by MefuneAkira Action
An amazing film which has "Hot pick" written all over it. By far one of the best out there. Anyone who's anyone should see this movie; it's the pure pinnacle of what you can do in the game. You've rea... reviewed July 26, 2007
Stud Money 007 3 by pookashells Action
A wonderful film, bizzare in some parts but in a good way! A brilliant VA cast, a wonderful script, and super quality film really makes this flick stand out from the rest. Great job Pooka! - Orky. reviewed July 26, 2007
Medallion Of Heros by Staree_Movies Action
Featured Review
Superb voice acting, wonderful direction, and a great use of mods. The plot was also nice, though I think it could have used a little more depth to it. Overall, Well done! - Orky.
reviewed July 25, 2007
HIW Wrestling-X Zone by Lukok Action
Well, what can I say. It's wrestling. It's no psychological thriller but it gets its purpose done and in a nice package, might I add. - Orky reviewed July 25, 2007
Bill Dixon Motors by Goofparade Comedy
LOL - The pure hillarity of this film deserves a thousand and one rewards. It's so amazingly funny that I watched it FIVE times in a row...It's just that great. - Orky. reviewed July 24, 2007
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
A brilliant film which was by all means the deserving winner in the TMO:Fable competition. A well done accomplishment here, you managed to have a witty title (Your ass won you a competition, go figure... reviewed July 24, 2007
Deadly Assassin 2 by Damien7 Action
Nicely done. The Overlays and Vo's were top-notch, overall a well-executed film. Well done. - Orky. reviewed July 24, 2007
The Underworld Of London by DannyRocker90 Action
This movie was decent, but it lacked an inner core to it. Like TheBiz said, the beggining and the end were good, but the stuff inbetween needed a tighter plot. Never the less, the VO's were quite good... reviewed July 22, 2007
The Adventures of Citizen Monkey Trailer by dude123456HasReturned Action
This seems like it's going to be a very amusing movie. Looks quite promising! - Orky. reviewed July 22, 2007
Mafia Legend of the Red WarriorPart 1 by BlazeLeeDragon Action
Featured Review
This was superior film by all means. The VAing was great, the story was well-written, and the all around atmosphere was superbly provided. I am really, really looking forward to the next part! ***** ...
reviewed July 18, 2007
Good Idea-Bad Idea V by Deikon Comedy
They are hard to come by, but by Pete I believe I've found an actually funny comedy for once! Well done! ***** Five Stars! Bravo! (Found via the random movie button) - Orky. reviewed July 17, 2007
Kristallnacht by sgporsche48 Romance
The Good: A (Mostly) good cast helped this movie get through some of it's rougher stages. I must say, I was expecting something entirely different, but it was a nice surprise none the less. The editin... reviewed July 17, 2007
Aspirations teaser trailer by derbyrams Romance
Featured Review
It's not really much of a trailer, but is definetly a teaser! ;). Good job, looks interesting man. Could have used more information, but hey, if that's your trailer-style then that's that. Looking for...
reviewed July 17, 2007
before dawn by meowan Romance
This movie was superb! Meowan does it again by making such a unique, intrigueing film with great music, VO's, and overlays. Absolutely splendid! A definite five stars. - Orky. reviewed July 15, 2007
Schröder88 by Lethal_Entertainment Action
I liked this movie alot, it was a good, pure and down to the point gangster flick which had a nice, if not slightly predictable plot twist to it. The VO's were great, allthough as mentioned PegLeg's a... reviewed July 13, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chp 1 - Trailer by trewill7 Action
Featured Review
This trailer shows off just how talented Trewill7 is. If this is just a sample then imagine what the full thing is going to be like, folks ;). Having seen the script I can truthfully say this has been...
reviewed July 9, 2007
Light and Darkness by mocemanix Sci-Fi
Movies like these, the kind that make you think, are the ones I really like. This was a great, clever flick. I look forward to more of your works! reviewed July 4, 2007
Luv Me Girl by bufu0 Romance
Hey, good job on this man! I'm not really a big fan of hip-hop but can tell you put a lot of effort into this! - Orky reviewed June 29, 2007
For My Fellow Soldier - Part 2 by rileyman Romance
A great second part to a great set of flicks here. The music was used to it's best possible extent and the story was indeed very epic. Great job! - Orky reviewed June 28, 2007
For My Fellow Soldier - Part 1 by rileyman Romance
The GOOD: I'm a sucker for war flicks, and this has gotta be one of the best on TMO. The editing was flawless as was the VO, the music fit it like a glove and the story was epic. The end is certainly... reviewed June 28, 2007
Friction by matthewmagic Action
VO's were kind of hit and miss but otherwise this was a solid action flick that makes you think. Good job! reviewed June 27, 2007
Sins trailer by sparky1512 Horror
Featured Review
The GOOD: A trailer which is made of pure awsome! This trailer pokes it's head out and yells "WATCH THE FULL VERSION!" , just like The Dead Cases or The Deed of Midnight's trailers do. Trailers are a ...
reviewed June 27, 2007
She will always live forever 3 part 2 tk 2 by derbyrams Action
A great conclusion you have here! Bravo! reviewed June 26, 2007
She will always live forever 3 part 1 by derbyrams Action
Great job on this, Derby! Really cool movie! Some of the VO's could be a tad bit louder though. reviewed June 26, 2007
The Adventures Of Woody And Sam by 6-headedmonster Comedy
Woody and Sam's MSN conversation sums this up quite nicely: LMFAO LOL LOL LMAO LOL HAHA LOL :D LOL HAHA LMAO LOL HAHA And now a word of my own: BRILLIANT! reviewed June 24, 2007
5 Stars (Music Video) by JazzX Comedy
The GOOD: People can argue me on this but: I thought your singing, when compared to the rest of TMO's singing videos, was actually quite impressive. I've been impressed with your VO work ever sense I... reviewed June 24, 2007
TDWAN Trailer One by mark1212 Romance
Looking great, Mark! I can't wait to see the full thing! :). - Orky. reviewed June 23, 2007
Blonde Cop Car Mayhem! by Samisawesome Comedy
A film which is comical enough, but trying to tell it in real life wouldn't quite work right. None the less, it's amused me ;P. - Orky. reviewed June 21, 2007
The B-Movie by Howitzer Sci-Fi
The GOOD: Loool! That was a wonderfully B-Movie styled flick. Jeez, how many episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3,000 did you have to watch to get it that spot on? ;P. At first the flick sort of dra... reviewed June 21, 2007
The Random Journey by archerjon_89 Comedy
Good job here, Archer. It felt like the usual feel old silent flicks of this genre are meant to feel. Could've used a better plot, but hey, it's a silent comedy flick. What can you expect? reviewed June 19, 2007
In schweren Zeiten by meowan Romance
Not often, do we see films on TMO wich have really powerful, deep meanings in them. But this definetly is one of them. An amazing piece of work, emotional and touching. Bravo to you, Meowan, this was ... reviewed June 18, 2007
War In The Stars Part 1 by kell1608 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great movie! The atmosphere, the story, the mod usage...Everything was brilliant here! Bravo! Well done!
reviewed June 16, 2007
Scratch by George_Locust Action
Only four pages of reviews? Jeez, this deserves more then that, says I! A wonderful film to behold, action packed and with great VO's. The music was a little iffy here and there, but hey, it worked we... reviewed June 16, 2007
Fabio Vialpando by lukas_movies Action
This movie had that perfect "Mobster" Vibe you want in these flicks. The subtitles were quite sloppy though, but hey, not all of us can be grammer kings. reviewed June 16, 2007
proVoked by arbaaz Romance
THE GOOD: The music fit perfectly, like a leather glove! The free-cam, the editing, the music...Oy vey, you can tell you put a LOT of effort into this flick. It was a pleasure to watch! THE BAD: Subt... reviewed June 16, 2007
urban ninja 4 by nipples Action
Featured Review
This was quite a good film. Inevitably there was some flaws here, so I'm going to give a Good/bad rating. THE GOOD: DUDE - THE. FIGHT. SCENES. WERE. AWSOME!!! The use of freecam was sensational and ...
reviewed June 8, 2007
D-Day The Total Story Part 1 by movies4u Action
Featured Review
THE GOOD: The sound effects were amazing. The music was well fitting and the VO's were great (Okay I admit - all of them was mine bar two lines done by Fraasmovies and Rysto...xD). The mods were also...
reviewed June 7, 2007
The God Illusion - Part 1 by JazzX Comedy
THE GOOD: I love how you managed to add small comedic moments to a film with a serious point and get away with it, very witty. The VO's were great, and the music was superb. I think you definatly got... reviewed June 4, 2007
Stolen Death - Chapter three by sisch Sci-Fi
Another great episode here. The plot thickens and we get to learn more about Maya. I really must say the Camera angles were amazing and the music fit perfectly! Great job! On to the final episode! - Orky. reviewed June 3, 2007
Stolen Death - Chapter two by sisch Sci-Fi
Another great addition to this trillogy! The camera angles were amazing and the VO's spectacular. This is a great way of telling a story, where we learn things right along with the character and get t... reviewed June 3, 2007
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
Well written and with a great use of mods, this movie is a very entertaining film with well done VO's and a mysterious plot which pulls you into the next episode! Well done on this! - Orky. reviewed June 2, 2007
Platinumpictures March Of The Zombies by matthewmagic Horror
Odd ending, but an otherwise great film! Good job, Plat! - Orky. reviewed June 2, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 3 by sherwinliu Romance
Excellent! This was a great conclusion to a splended story. It held my interest from beggining to end and I was sad to see it go. As a fellow Noir maker, I tip my fedora to you good folks for making s... reviewed June 1, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part2 by sherwinliu Romance
Again the classical Noir feel returns better then ever. A great second part which opens up a doorway to another mystery. A big congrats to the VO's for doing such a great job, and an equally big congr... reviewed June 1, 2007
Thong of the Dead by Marvellousguppimovies Comedy
Hahaha! A great comedy, very good humor you have here. Great job, comedies are a hard thing to do but you've hit it on the head perfectly! - Orky reviewed June 1, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 1 Overture by sherwinliu Romance
A very great, classical Noir you have here. I'm not going to repeat what 16 pages worth of people have said, so just know I think this is great. All around, bravo! - Orky reviewed May 31, 2007
In the Nick of Time by meowan Romance
Very good film, very emotional and with great VOs and appropriate music. The end was quite depressing however, but that's merely an opinion and should not be rated badly because of it. Also, I felt th... reviewed May 30, 2007
Mafia Trailer by BlazeLeeDragon Action
This looks great! The freecam had to be the best part about it. reviewed May 26, 2007
Dday The Total Story Trailor by movies4u Action
Featured Review
This looks really cool, good job. The full thing will be great if the trailer is anything to go by! The sound effects were especially good.
reviewed May 22, 2007
A Girl To Die For by matthewmagic Action
Featured Review
I got to agree with Neuray on this. Lots and lots and lots and lots of plot holes too numerous to mention, but a good amount of action none the less. The VO's were very badly timed though...Might wann...
reviewed May 22, 2007
AMERICAN DREAM by chrisu69 Action
Great job! This was a very enjoyable flick, I really recomend that people watch it! - Orky. reviewed May 20, 2007
The Dead Cases Final Teaser by jase180 Action
Absolutely perfect. Man, this is going to be so great, I simply can't wait! reviewed May 20, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chp 1 Teaser by trewill7 Action
Amazing! The wonderful VO's and epic music gives this great trailer the peak that really deserves an absolute 5 stars! Bravo! - Orky reviewed May 17, 2007
klang and clinger show 1 hated by the world by a2k13 Comedy
Featured Review
Iffy on this. I didn't really find it funny, but it was a unique enough story. Atleast you are trying to redeem yourself, so that's good.
reviewed May 17, 2007
Un-Found War by cut_scene Action
Deep and meaningful, this movie is well filmed and gets the point across. Bravo! reviewed May 16, 2007
One For The Road by Howitzer Horror
VO's would help this movie immensely, I'd also reccomend re-releasing it with them in it. None the less, the atmosphere you provided here was great, all around a good horror flick. Ending was a tad di... reviewed May 15, 2007
Chronicles of The Rift by userjosh9874 Action
The use of mods were neat, though as previously mentioned some of the sets looked kinda' fake. Music choice was great, no complaints about that. The story was also very entertaining. The pacing betwee... reviewed May 15, 2007
Bay City by matthewmagic Action
Right, let me say I'm terribly sorry for the low VO's. I assumed you would raise them in Audacity if they were too low or told me to do such. I'm really sorry about that, and it seems this movie is ge... reviewed May 13, 2007
Theres More To Life by sparky1512 Action
Reminded me alot of Star Trek, I liked it. Voices were good, though as other's have pointed out, when men try to do female voices it kind of turns comedic. Ah well, a good movie none the less! reviewed May 11, 2007
Looking For you by sparky1512 Romance
This movie was a great piece of poetry, and your voice really went well with it. reviewed May 11, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part Two) by nukester Sci-Fi
I really enjoyed this film alot, you did a great job, but it's sad to see this series wrap up. The way it ends was kind of quick and dissapointing. I mean, I kind of wanted to see a big actiony fight ... reviewed May 11, 2007
Epiphany by bagobonez Romance
Good movie, but like Themonk said, you seemed to have used music without permission which is a big NO-NO. So thus I'm going to have to subtract a star from the rating. reviewed May 10, 2007
ode to di(e) by bezzer36 Horror
I'm not one for rock music, but this song was wonderfully recorded and the video, as disturbing (yet somehow funny) as it was, went very well with it. Bravo! reviewed May 8, 2007
Chronicles of The Rift (Prologue) by userjosh9874 Action
Very nice! I like the way the scenes were all quick and jumpy at the end, very nice pacing. reviewed May 8, 2007
My Girl Friends A Porno Star Trailer by thetruth244 Comedy
Looks promising! (I don't give more then four stars for a trailer). reviewed May 7, 2007
Cursed in Void TMCFS by dante906v2 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Okay, this was confusing and honestly made very little sense. It really felt like a trailer or something up until the first six minutes, in which it was then just a confusing heap of scenes. Maybe I m...
reviewed May 6, 2007
The Dead Cases Teaser3 by jase180 Action
This is an amazing trailer and will be an even more amazing movie! I'm honored to be a part of this great project! reviewed May 6, 2007
Chronicles of The Rift (Trailer) by userjosh9874 Action
This looks great! I'm honored I could be a part of this amazing production. I can't wait to see the full thing! (And yeah, this is really more of a teaser then a trailer ;) ). - Orky reviewed May 1, 2007
AI by matthewmagic Sci-Fi
This was a big time time Blade Runner rip. Sorry, but anyone who's seen the flick will agree with me. Mods were neat and the VO's - from what I could hear of it - were okay, but the sound problem real... reviewed May 1, 2007
Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness by derbyrams Comedy
This was a hillarious, random but masterful achievement. Kind of somehow reminds of me of an off-beat 70's comedy show or something, I don't know why, it just does. The writers of Saturday Night Live ... reviewed May 1, 2007
Silent Noise (Ep2 With VO) by DoctorComfort Sci-Fi
Well...That was interesting, to say the least. Deffinatly varied from the everyday flick. But I gotta say, the name "Jane N. Sane" Is kinda' cheesy. LauraJSoffe did a good job on the VO's but a bit m... reviewed April 30, 2007
The Egyptian Curse by Fozz20 Action
This movie was very good. Some of the sounds were a bit blotchy, but the voice acting and music made up for it. Editing could have been slightly better in a couple of places but overall it was great. ... reviewed April 28, 2007
Sketches Recut Extended And Unrated by matthewmagic Action
Featured Review
The camera work was wonderful, and the voice acting was nice. Also, glad to see more of a plot in this one. Overall, good job.
reviewed April 20, 2007
(Night by Night) - Hebrew Lulab1 by MoonshadowRogue Romance
The singing was very good, you are really good at keeping your voice in a rythm. Very interesting to see and hear. reviewed April 20, 2007
Sketches Short And Sharp by matthewmagic Action
Featured Review
The freecam usage was great and the scenes ran togather nicely. But honestly it seemed more like a trailer or something. It needed a plot, really. It was just a big fight scene. But, judging from the ...
reviewed April 19, 2007
Wally News TV - First Issue! by MoonshadowRogue Comedy
Very funny ;). I especially liked the JazzX spoof at the end, hehehe. reviewed April 17, 2007
Buddy and Pam First Part by lucindamc123 Romance
The script was very well written. The music fit wonderfully and the voice cast was sensational. A very good start to a series! reviewed April 12, 2007
The Holy Visit by MefuneAkira Comedy
Hahaha! That was wonderful! 5 Stars!!! reviewed April 10, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part One) by nukester Sci-Fi
This is a movie which is inspiring to all TMO directors out there. Great voice acting, great story, great SFX, great music. All great. That about sums it up. reviewed April 6, 2007
Periers 1944 by davidwww Action
This movie MUST be hot picked. Everything was wonderful, but what I liked most was the camera angles, which had to be the best I've seen on a TMO movie. And the voice cast was, as many have said, sen... reviewed April 2, 2007
The Courage Within by MefuneAkira Action
I really liked this movie alot. The voice acting was great (though this is a given seeing as how it came from LMAO studios) and the story looked really interesting. I even went so far as to download it. reviewed April 1, 2007
Knock Knock! by MefuneAkira Comedy
Haha! Very funny. Good one. reviewed April 1, 2007
The laugh by ZCK_legend Horror
The laughing was the scariest part of the movie, truely. The twist at the end was totally unexpected and very well done. Overall a really good movie. reviewed March 21, 2007
Aha, one discription really sums up this movie: "Good old fashion nightmare fuel." Clowns have scared me since I was a tiny kid, and they still continue to do so till' this day, thus this movie hit m... reviewed March 21, 2007
Attack of the TMO Cliche by jase180 Comedy
A very comical movie indeed. Certainly had me smiling throughout the entire film. I actually laughed at some parts - The first time I've done so at a Comedy on TMO! That certainly counts as a five sta... reviewed March 18, 2007
Days Past- PG-13 by jase180 Action
This movie was a GREAT achievement, especially for a first-timer. It could have had slightly longer subtitles in some places, and voice acting would have added to it's experiance, but it is still a ve... reviewed March 5, 2007
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
A funny little comedy here. It certainly made me smile at certain points ("He only has a small floppy" Is a priceless line indeed). reviewed February 28, 2007
The Son of Nath (Trailor) by themoviemogul Action
Good to see a well-done trailor for once. It looks very promising, and I'll do my best to make sure I view the full thing once it's released. If you have time, I'd appreciate it if you could rate my... reviewed February 23, 2007
k7-Quarantine by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
An inspiration for all Sci-fi Directors out there. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg could learn a thing or two from such as you. The best part of all of the movie had to be the music; it fitted in be... reviewed February 18, 2007
Temporary Night Teaser by nukester Romance
The best Camera Angles I've seen in a long time. Very fitting music too. Overall looks like a promising movie. reviewed February 18, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey Theatrical Trailer by nukester Sci-Fi
WOW. I mean...WOW! This is a wonderful piece of work, and is an inspiration to all Sci-fi directors out there. Truely, if just the trailer is this great, then the movie will surely make it to the num... reviewed February 16, 2007
Ronaldo The Bigamist by samisdabest Comedy
Very entertaining. Deffinatly worth watching! reviewed February 15, 2007
RIPPER by matthewmagic Action
Featured Review
The plot was neat, and very different. Still though, sometimes it did admittidly drag on a bit in some places, but it was deffinatly worth viewing. I must add to the collection of 5 stars this movie s...
reviewed February 14, 2007
The Color Of The Crime by Montoro Horror
Broken English, but a good idea anyway. reviewed February 7, 2007
MJ-12 by MatthewMagic Action
Five stars, because theres nothing higher. Awsome movie. Glad I was a part of it ;). reviewed May 10, 2006
Stickman by dubblehellox Comedy
LOL. So random, that its actually good. Made me chuckle ;). reviewed April 24, 2006
Big Alecs Payback Machine by Finkleburg Action
I have to agree with the other two reviews....Its ok, but not great. I assume this is just the first part in a series? reviewed April 23, 2006
Planet Halo by theUSED Action
Erm? the plot seemed to be.....Non-existant. reviewed April 23, 2006
Freak Wave by kohaku2080 Action
Not much can really be said about this movie....*shrugs* sorry. reviewed April 23, 2006
Agent DD pt 2 by tecwolf123 Action
It wouldn't hurt to make it a bit longer, but I understand why you made it short. A good and compelling sequel. reviewed April 23, 2006
Agent DD pt 1 by tecwolf123 Action
Featured Review
An entertaining and fun-to-watch movie which doesn't drag at all. Great job!
reviewed April 23, 2006
demonic invasion by warp_spider Action
Eh, it deserves three stars I suppose. Story was decent. reviewed March 3, 2006
Guardian Angel by AlexOHara Horror
Featured Review
The story is extremly interesting. I have also thought about such a thing, but never thought about making a movie of it. Very good all around. I'm deffinatly book-marking this. And if you would be so...
reviewed March 3, 2006
Our Secret by erinnicole93 Romance
Interesting. Not a movie you see everyday on here and in my opinion thats enough alone for four stars. reviewed March 3, 2006
The Wasteland by zebrapix Action
Good storyline. Reminds me of a story I once read in a book about a futurist holocaust. Pretty well done, but I would have liked it better if it had Subtitles. reviewed March 2, 2006
Menu Of Disaster by madmatt11 Action
....Need I even say anything? reviewed March 2, 2006
Halflife 2 Strange new world by supervis24 Action
This, hands down, is probably the best movie on all of the website. You have totally diserved five stars. I'm an advid HL and HL2 Player and this movie has made me want to play it again :P. And if yo... reviewed March 2, 2006
The Demon Chat show on TMO -- Episode 2 by sbhedges Horror
Voice overs would have made it alot better. reviewed March 2, 2006
Thursday the 12 by rejj Horror
Featured Review
Lmao (In a good way ;)). You got the models to actually look like the people their named after. Good work on the movie aswell.
reviewed March 2, 2006
Hell on Earth by fateddie Sci-Fi
The story was impressive and finally I saw alot of prop-shop things in a movie. Overall it was wonderful. I'm eagerly awaiting your next movies. I would greatly appreciate it if you were to take time ... reviewed March 1, 2006
paw saw by noob-potato Comedy
ROFL. reviewed February 11, 2006
Attack of the really tacky Werewolf by robsmart Comedy
Lol. It had its funny moments. reviewed February 8, 2006
Industrial Wasteland by sarbonn Sci-Fi
Good voice overs, very good plot. It could be a bit longer but still, its pretty good. I would greatly appreciate it if you were to review my movies. We all need points ya know ;). reviewed January 24, 2006
Duck duck goose by chaosllama Comedy
heh. Its pretty funny...Kinda random...But random is good! ^_^. reviewed January 24, 2006
A Frick and Frack Christmas by Jaruseleh Comedy
Awsome. Every little bit of it, Awsome XD. if you would be so kind as to review my movies. i'd appreciate it very much. reviewed January 24, 2006
The Marksman by moviemaker101 Action
Good for a first movie. reviewed January 24, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER by MefuneAkira Comedy
LOL! Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful man. Awsome job....Er, I mean, Brilliant? :P reviewed January 20, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Holy heck. This is awsome! reviewed January 10, 2006
The Lieutenant by jbraithwaite Action
Great stuff here. I look forward to your next movie aswell. I would appreciate it if you viewed mine ;). reviewed January 10, 2006
Falling Down by seniorscout Action
Good idea, but theres actually a real movie called falling down. reviewed December 30, 2005
alien by ipoop Horror
I agree with xToAsTx....Randomness, followed by more randomness, and with alittle bit of randomness...But I like the way you added that little bit of randomness at the end, and, woah, something unique... reviewed December 30, 2005
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
LOL. Funny, to be sure. Abit useless and rather, er, Odd, but still funny. reviewed December 30, 2005
Zombie Island by superfly88 Horror
Interesting idea.... reviewed December 30, 2005
star wars by firelink12 Sci-Fi
Heh. It makes no sense, true, but it's completely random, and I enjoy randomness Lol. reviewed December 30, 2005
Chronicles of the Lizardian-War Chapter I by green_eye_studios Sci-Fi
great first movie. A good idea and cool use of sets/costumes. Though voice overs would be nice ;). reviewed December 30, 2005
Curled World by yellow_bird Horror
How...Different o_o. Pretty funny though. Good first movie. reviewed December 28, 2005
Bird Flu by luci Sci-Fi
Rofl. Good job. reviewed December 27, 2005
Iraqi Freedom by irishred Action
Great as before buddy. Check out my new movie XD. reviewed December 23, 2005
You Can Count on Whiskey by TrulyMammoth Comedy
Hehe. Pretty funny. reviewed December 20, 2005
The Simon System by sorrow13 Comedy
LOL! Awsome stuff. Good voice acting too. reviewed December 20, 2005
I Married A Werewolf by wayneout Horror
Nice ending. Pretty cool over all ;). reviewed December 17, 2005
Edgar Allen Poes - The Telltale Heart by justin_in_bangor Horror
Certainly different. Good enough job. reviewed December 16, 2005
Iraqi Freedom by irishred Action
Featured Review
Great movie. Its obvious you put alot of hard work in this :). 5 Stars! XD
reviewed December 16, 2005