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Average Rating Received: 4.11

Number of Movies Reviewed: 81
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 3
Average Rating Given: 4.28
Movies Released by nipples
untitled action movie project Action
A short clip non-footage of an upcomming movie.Sorry for the bad quality.Movie comming soon. posted January 12, 2008
frank and the zombies trailer Action
Teaser for the upcoming movie "Frank And The Zombies". None of this are actual footage of the movie,as I don't want to spoil the movie for you. I promise the final product will be better then this tea... posted November 3, 2007
on the sidewalk bleeding moviee Action
Plot:A person was shot at a rainy night,no one notice him,and at that moment he start to rethink of his life. Based on a short story by Evan Hunter. Starting ============ OD-Ork Boy As Michael kisse... posted August 17, 2007
on the sidewalk bleeding movie Action Not Rated
No Description posted August 16, 2007
on the sidewalk bleeding Action
On the SideWalk Bleeding Trailer Ignore the bad quality of the film,cause I will also be hosting the finished film on better site and upload it here for high quality.All the voices you can't hear cau... posted July 27, 2007
space Action
Plot:Andy was mysterious taken into the white room,A mysterious man ask him to make an important decision.The decision between life and death.... Starting: Cruise1970 As Andy! K4ownzall As The Inter... posted July 12, 2007
extreme violence-part 1 Action
Plot:In the not so distant future,Earth has been attacked by aliens from outer space.Following different groups of people who are defending Earth while trying to save it.Hardcore action,the music and ... posted July 9, 2007
sidewalk bleeding Action
On the Sidewalk Bleeding Trailer ================================ Music ======= from the emotional music pack. There are still room for people who want to do Vos for this movie.If you... posted June 14, 2007
urban ninja 4 Action
Plot:While the police fail to capture Urban Ninja,they called out another ninja nick named "The blue Ninja" to capture Urban Ninja,both are the greatest fighter ever,but who will win in the end? =====... posted June 8, 2007
urban ninja 4-comming soon Comedy Not Rated
sound effects from-8eyedbaby This movie will be very different,VERY VERY DIFFERENT. posted May 19, 2007
urban ninja 3 Action
music.soundeffects from 8eyedbaby posted May 17, 2007
300 Terriost Vs 10000 Americans Comedy Not Rated
some sound effects and music are from posted April 28, 2007
Silent Predator Horror
sound effects and music from you like this movie,please also watch Urban Ninja 1 and Urban Ninja 2 thanks. posted April 23, 2007
Car Chase revised and edited edition Action
All music and sound effects are from also watch Urban Ninja 1 and Urban Ninja 2 thanks. posted April 23, 2007
Urban Ninja 2 Comedy
some music and sound effects are from posted April 22, 2007
James Bond 007 Action
The black version of james bond! posted April 20, 2007
Urban Ninja Action
No Description posted April 18, 2007
Car Chase Action
No Description posted April 18, 2007
The Hitman Action
No Description posted April 17, 2007
WW2 Action
No Description posted April 16, 2007
The haunted house of Gederd Horror
My first serious not that good....but enjoy :) posted April 16, 2007
Movies Reviewed by nipples
Dark Obsession Part A by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
awesome reviewed April 3, 2008
Angels Fall (Part 1) by pookashells Action
nice film,love the set dressing,good story,nice characters.can't wait for part 2! reviewed December 29, 2007
Empty Wallz by ShyShy Action
Great movie!Nice nice! reviewed December 28, 2007
Phantoms by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
nice movie overall.The story was great and interesting,it also had suspense and nice setting and nice ship!Looking forward for the next installment! reviewed November 17, 2007
Gamma Force Quick Clip by cruise1970 Action
WOW!how did you make this??This look interesting!Looking forward for this!Must been a hideous job to make the effects. reviewed October 27, 2007
Rise of the Dead by chris62 Horror
This movie has failed in almost every part.Bad music choice,bad voice overs,sometimes they were too quiet and couldn't hear what they are saying.Editing was bad,this movie could have been shorter but ... reviewed August 27, 2007
Dead Of Night by chris62 Horror
The Vo's were pretty pale,and sometimes the scene transition was too long.the music were ok and you didn't mention the credits for the music.Story was ok,good effort on the overlays but honestly they ... reviewed August 27, 2007
great movie!Awesome! reviewed August 20, 2007
The Undead Reservations by pookashells Horror
cool movie,I like the relationships between characters and character buildings + the ending.Good job reviewed August 11, 2007
We come in Peace! by dude123456HasReturned Sci-Fi
cool movie,it describes how humans were afraid of aliens and thought the world is gonna end when they come,but there are also obvious flaws.So 4 stars. reviewed August 5, 2007
CRAZY-INSANE-PSYCHOTIC by tsunamidog Horror
cool film awesome movie! great job reviewed July 30, 2007
The Streets TMO VERSION by ShyShy Action
Featured Review
cool movie!!ur best!!
reviewed July 30, 2007
Smile of the Assassin by lhtbttm Comedy
great movie reviewed July 29, 2007
Massacre The Beginning by ShyShy Horror
gud movie film on! reviewed July 27, 2007
Chicken Man by ShyShy Comedy
coool film!@! Film On! reviewed July 25, 2007
Double Massacre by ShyShy Action
A hilarious Comedy!Well done! reviewed July 21, 2007
Aspirations teaser trailer by derbyrams Romance
Nice overlays you use for the trailer.Nice voices.But there are only overlays nothing shows the actual movie yet.But I m looking forwars for it! reviewed July 18, 2007
A Dry and Dusty Thirst Fixed by JustinMoore Action
that was an ok movie,good plot,should work on the Vo more and music.This movie has so much protential. reviewed July 18, 2007
The Ultimate War by flippinmonkey Action
This was an ok movie.But the Vo was not very good.You could hear lots of breathing sounds in the Vos and the vo doesn't have any emotion and was too plain.the story is confusing me.I don't know if the... reviewed July 18, 2007
Coming Soon With Trewill7 - Episode 1 by trewill7 Comedy
that was a nice movie.Is very interesting and looked just like a talk show.Vo is amazing and I love the santa movie in it.Good work! reviewed July 18, 2007
You Dont Get It by disney2000 Comedy
This movie was pretty average.First the movie doesn't have any Vos,which could make it better.I don't mind reading the subtitles but I found some words spelled wrong.The pacing of scenes were sometime... reviewed July 18, 2007
TDWAN Trailer 2 by mark1212 Romance
that was a nice little trailer.It makes you wanna find out more about the story.The trailer has done its purpose.Good Job. reviewed July 18, 2007
Tainted Souls 2 - Hidden Truth by jameseva Horror
Wow...I can't believe it.This is remarkable!As I was watching,I felt like watching something that it is on Tv.The Voice actors are so talented and felt so real just like real people.Plus adding the ri... reviewed July 18, 2007
He Truly Is by Zuckerman Comedy
Great Movie!Great use of sets and mods to create a different enviorment!Great use of freecam to make different effects.Good Vo's and great music added touch!Fantastic! reviewed July 18, 2007
Assassination Incorporated-3 by simpsdog Action
That was a great movie.Good Vo's,good action.Plot was interesting.Great music. But the only thing that annoys me is the beginning when the music is playing so loud and you couldn't hear what the acto... reviewed July 18, 2007
Paris Holmes Super Spy by FinestCuts Comedy
that was an ok movie.Now let me tell you the bad things first.the Vos in the movie was annoying.Especially the girl with the spike up hair in red coat,I couldn't even hear what shes talking.Some dialo... reviewed July 16, 2007
Space Generation - The Next Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
Good movie.Nice story you got there.Music was awesome.freecam was nice.felt like watching star trek.That was cool.But there are also things you could improve on.Like the plot could be more detailed an... reviewed July 16, 2007
Tainted Souls I - Death Drs Dreams by jameseva Horror
good movie,Well done.The vo acting is on top notch and it felt real.The story was deep and suspenseful.Overall good movie.Music fits the mood of the story.Good use of freecam.Good Work. reviewed July 16, 2007
Pimp Saga Ep 2 Still Pimpin by rjanaconda Comedy
that was a great movie,had lot of laughs,great moments.Everything was awesome!Everything is perfect! reviewed July 16, 2007
Desire by jakechief Romance
great movie! reviewed July 15, 2007
The Adventures of Citizen Monkey Trailer by dude123456HasReturned Action
Lol that was a funny trailer.Somehow The monkey voices doesn't bother me.Great use of subtitles to translate the monkey language.the music was average and the trailer kinda tells what the movie is abo... reviewed July 15, 2007
Betty the Butcher by jjnelson222 Horror
Great short little movie you made which rhymes like a poem,great use of subtitles and love the backdrop.Overall great short little movie!Good luck in the competition! reviewed July 15, 2007
Pressure by qtigger Action
Great Movie!Although there is not much amazing visuals and not alot of spectacular scenes or things that "blow your mind" and everything seems pretty calm all the time.And music seems to be quiet and ... reviewed July 15, 2007
Iron Will by Beowulf71 Action
That was a good western movie.Nice scene seletion.Great music choice.It fits the mod really well.From the beginning a calm enviroment then went to more exciting.But adding Vos and subtitles could have... reviewed July 15, 2007
In The Shadow Of A Witch by Ranedthel Horror
I love the opening scene of the movie.Love the dark atmosphere in the beginning,.Also liked the set dressing of bushes and trees in some parts of the movie.Freecam was ok and could be improved.Vo was ... reviewed July 15, 2007
Death 2 Symphony of the Damned by ranger21 Action
Woa,that was amazing,it surprised me from the beginning till the end of the movie.Great mods especially the skeleton costume,and I also like the overlays you use in the movie.Very interesting.The musi... reviewed July 15, 2007
John Waine starring in My Paw by k4ownzall Comedy
Nice short little movie!funny! reviewed July 14, 2007
Massacre The Beginning Trailer by ShyShy Horror
good trailer!@!~1 reviewed July 12, 2007
Maximum Ninja by sexypanda1 Action
Featured Review
nice movie,similar to my urban ninja movies =p
reviewed July 10, 2007
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Das Battle by OlliEntertainment Comedy
great movie.. good work.. FILM ON!!! reviewed July 9, 2007
SIGHT 4 by Sith Horror
this movie is pretty good.great music selection and atmosphere reviewed July 5, 2007
Massacre No Hope Left by ShyShy Horror
the best movie i see,very funny!good job! reviewed July 5, 2007
Masked Killer by ShyShy Horror
Rofl this movie is funny!You just made my day! reviewed July 4, 2007
Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness by derbyrams Comedy
nice movie reviewed June 28, 2007
What REALLY happened by dillmaster5 Comedy
this is horrible,too short and very unoriginal idea reviewed June 28, 2007
Friction by matthewmagic Action
was ok reviewed June 26, 2007
Empire (Part Three) by andy_inc Action
This is a very nice movie,the script,the Vo's,The directing was awesome!But I was a little disspointed at the ending,which I would never thought it happened too quick.The overlays and battle scenes we... reviewed June 26, 2007
Brothers and Guns Preview by OXM_Madman Action
hmmm where did u credit the music? reviewed June 26, 2007
Crossed by Rik_Vargard Action
nice movie,this movie is intense in a sort of way. reviewed June 25, 2007
Electrified Hot Dog Stand with Some Jeebus by tsunamidog Horror
to be honest,it was boring,the Vo is annoying and is pretty unfunny except for the jesus part and ok 2 stars reviewed June 12, 2007
The Headshot Chronicles Uncut by Mocemanix Action
nice movie reviewed June 7, 2007
HallowNight of the ScareCrowMan (Teaser) by DanielH20 Action
wow,nice trailer reviewed June 4, 2007
Clock by micha83 Horror
i love the overlays and the effects,deamon is sweet.Vo is amazing,is just amazing! reviewed June 4, 2007
The Good The Bad The Ugly II by letumroll88 Comedy
was an ok film,funny Vos maded me laugh and funny scenes. reviewed June 4, 2007
Blaster Card by DNR Comedy
Hahhaha,that was short and funny,I like how it ended :) reviewed June 4, 2007
The Comedian by colingaiser Comedy
hmmm this movie is a little strange,To be honest I didn't really laugh.But the film kept me interested from the beginning till the end.the Vo is really good in this movie and had an interesting atmosp... reviewed June 4, 2007
A Darker Thriller Teaser by samyhouse Action
Featured Review
omg this movie looks so fricking awesome!dam I admire the overlays and and other mods!
reviewed June 2, 2007
the kingdom by maximillion1 Action
it really sucked,no story,just a dull knife fight scene.and bad camera,like common!u have s&e. reviewed May 28, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 3 by sherwinliu Romance
that was pretty good reviewed May 25, 2007
Police Force Alpha Promo by FistofJudgement Action
woa,that movie seems to be so good and pack with action,i can't wait for it to come out.The music is good. but the movie is still too early to judge,i'll wait and see it when it comes out! reviewed May 17, 2007
Tracey And Tiffany by hollywood_jellybeans_film Comedy
nice movie reviewed May 13, 2007
Tokyo City Racer by Ultraviolet32x Action
no storylines,bad editing,no VOs.Not very good. reviewed May 8, 2007
Urbz by DanTman Action
nice movie.Now rate mines :) reviewed May 7, 2007
Stir 4 - The Abyss by AnotherNewDawn Action
Wow,this movie is so intense and touching.can't wait for the next part! reviewed May 6, 2007
Walk of Life by ralfduran Romance
this is so touching.Here you should deserve your 200vc reviewed May 5, 2007
Decides the Hunter by tevinchiszle Horror
nice movie,Please watch Urban Ninja 1 and Urban Ninja 2 thanks. reviewed April 24, 2007
Rumble in the City - The Movie - Promo 2 by FistofJudgement Action
Nice movie,please check my movie urban ninja 1 and urban ninja 2 thanks reviewed April 24, 2007
Amateur Night At The Gay Bar by jsnawder502 Comedy
Was an ok movie...Please watch Urban Ninja 1 and Urban Ninja 2 thanks.nice music video.. reviewed April 24, 2007
American Teen Romance by savypirategirl Romance
nice movie for ur third.Please watch Urban Ninja 1 and Urban Ninja 2 thanks. reviewed April 24, 2007
Killing Time 2: Back to the Grave by chosen_one_13 Horror
quite good for a 1959 movie.please watch Urban Ninja 2 thanks reviewed April 23, 2007
Wolf by pogomtb84 Sci-Fi
nice movie,please watch Urban Ninja 2 thanks reviewed April 23, 2007
Towering Fire by TerryMc Action
hmmmm a storyline will be better... reviewed April 22, 2007
Bulletproof by bgood4-me Action
i dont't get this movie....Please rate my movie Urban Ninja 2.thanks reviewed April 22, 2007
SANTA SAVES EARTH!!! WITH GUNS!! by BurgerKing13 Comedy
nice movie man.i love it.Please rate my movie Urban Ninja 2.thanks reviewed April 22, 2007
War of Girls by ctophman Action
was an ok movie,kinda boring though.Please rate my movie Urban Ninja 2.thanks. reviewed April 22, 2007
The Blood Wars 2 by Ultraviolet32x Action
nice camera effects and music,I also like the mood.btw please check out my movie james bond 007 or urban ninja.thanks reviewed April 21, 2007
NeXt PlAnEt 4 by dewrules101 Comedy
lol the voices are really funny.hahah.please check out my movie james bond 007 and urban ninja thanks. reviewed April 21, 2007
Star Trek by darthmovie1t Sci-Fi
that was a cool movie,wish it was longer though and more stuff to it.Btw please check out my movie james bond 007 and urban ninja thanks. reviewed April 21, 2007
The Easter Bunny Conspiracy by bricksfilms Comedy
it was sweet movie i love it reviewed April 20, 2007
My Life as an Assassin by BurgerKing13 Action
ROFL!@!!!!That was a very funny good job Lol! "Why the hell people are getting in my car?"ROFL LLOLOLOLOLLL 5 stars man! reviewed April 16, 2007
The Marriage by remykyes Romance
great movie for ur first start reviewed April 16, 2007