Number of Movies: 12
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.27

Number of Movies Reviewed: 32
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 2
Average Rating Given: 3.84
Movies Released by Nightbay77
Bad dreams Romance
No Description posted July 15, 2006
Bad dreams Romance Not Rated
No Description posted July 15, 2006
Il virus Golia Sci-Fi
No Description posted January 12, 2006
La morte di Agnezka Horror
No Description posted December 19, 2005
Il ritorno di Agnezka Horror
No Description posted December 19, 2005
Agnezka la vampira Horror
No Description posted December 17, 2005
Il ricordo non muore Romance
No Description posted December 15, 2005
La morte di Agnezka Horror Not Rated
"Agnezka death"... The third and last chapter of Vampire Agnezka Trilogy. English subtitles. posted December 5, 2005
Il ritorno di Agnezka Horror
"Agnezka returns"... And this time no problems of conscience... posted November 23, 2005
Un cuore sotto la stella Romance
English title: "An heart under the star". English subtitles. posted November 22, 2005
Agnezka la vampira Horror
My second movie. A vampyre examine her conscience... posted November 21, 2005
Rapita e salvata Sci-Fi
This is my first movie online... Sorry for my english, I'm from Italy... The english title of this movie sound like "Kidnapped and saved". A woman is keep prisoner from several human-like aliens, bu... posted November 19, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Nightbay77
Conqure the universe by Gakob Sci-Fi
Good job. Some dialogue scenes could be cutted and the final battle could have more scenes, but the movie is nice. reviewed May 18, 2007
The Marriage by indichick Romance
No voice over, no subtitles, no plot... And an embarrasing final. You can do better. reviewed May 18, 2007
Roys Fantasys ep1 by Richard-East Comedy
Not very original, but nice ending. reviewed November 28, 2006
COLPA DALFREDO by amabile_pilu Romance
Un'idea assolutamente geniale! Grande Vasco! E complimenti!!! reviewed September 11, 2006
Masked Killer by ShyShy Horror
No Review reviewed September 6, 2006
A Dirty Space [censored!] by Thelurkinghorror Sci-Fi
Simpatico e divertente. reviewed December 29, 2005
Soul Bleeding by Thelurkinghorror Horror
Davvero ottimo! L'hai montato veramente bene e alcune parti sono vere e proprie chicche. Complimenti! reviewed December 29, 2005
Ma veramente è mia by The_Rock_Rocky_Maivia Comedy
Simpatico... reviewed December 17, 2005
Vampire Justicetaking a bite out of crime by brandonW Horror
Featured Review
Great idea!!
reviewed December 6, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
It's incredible... Great!! reviewed November 27, 2005
Memories of War by DanManOZ Action
Great!! I liked it very much! reviewed November 25, 2005
Il prete vendicatore Vol2 by Ghost85 Action
Degno seguito del predecessore... reviewed November 23, 2005
Il prete vendicatore by Ghost85 Action
Bello! E' il primo film che vedo col doppiaggio in italiano... reviewed November 23, 2005
Jimmy -vol 2- by BiollanteEntertainment Comedy
Povero Jimmy... Stavolta si è beccato pure le mazzate. reviewed November 23, 2005
Il Dio cannibale (primo tempo) by gpet Action
Urka!! Ottimo davvero... reviewed November 23, 2005
Jimmy by BiollanteEntertainment Comedy
Capolavoro!!!!! Sei un genio. reviewed November 23, 2005
They live among us by mrielli Horror
Bello! Peccato solo che alcuni sottotitoli si facciano fatica a leggere perchè troppo piccoli. Dai un'occhiata ai miei film, per piacere. Soprattutto a quelli sulla vampira Agnezka... Ciao! reviewed November 23, 2005
Respiro disperato by Ironsimo1987 Romance
Bello... Anche se la storia non mi è molto ben chiara. Dai un'occhiata ai miei film, se ti va. Specialmente ai due di Agnezka la vampira... Ciao! reviewed November 23, 2005
Gordon tenemos un problema by peamsi Comedy
Fool!!!! reviewed November 23, 2005
Kung Fu Classics by Gaz-666 Action
Good. I like it! reviewed November 23, 2005
La Cosa Nostra PT 2 by DMX Action
Featured Review
Great saga... Now the part 3!
reviewed November 23, 2005
la costra nostra by DMX Action
Very good... Mafia is this too. reviewed November 23, 2005
Der pelzige Tod by Tamptak Horror
I don' understand the subtitles, but the general idea yes. Good... reviewed November 22, 2005
A Saloon Full of Teeth Part I by ToweringBog Comedy
I'm waiting for part II... reviewed November 22, 2005
Vampire or not vampire by kriil Horror
Poor vampyre... reviewed November 22, 2005
The Mystery on Park LaneThe Final Chapter by dillbro Sci-Fi
Clap clap clap! reviewed November 21, 2005
A Mystery on Park Lane PT 2 by dillbro Sci-Fi
Great! And now the final chapter... reviewed November 21, 2005
A Mystery on Park Lane by dillbro Sci-Fi
I'll immediately watch the sequels... reviewed November 21, 2005
The Return of the German Zombie Soldier by simon6611 Horror
I like the zombie soldier!! reviewed November 21, 2005
Zombie Soldier TRAILER by simon6611 Horror
Great!! reviewed November 21, 2005
Rolf non risparmia nessuno by raziele Horror
Finale non perfetto per un buon horror. Apprezzabile la zoomata hicth[shhhh!]iana. reviewed November 20, 2005
il maestro by raziele Horror
Complimenti! Davvero ben fatto!! I movimenti di macchina, soprattutto all'inizio, sono bellissimi. P.s.: ne approfitto per pubblicizzare il mio film (Rapita e salvata), se permetti: http://movies.lio... reviewed November 20, 2005