Number of Movies: 15
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.42

Number of Movies Reviewed: 10
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 3
Average Rating Given: 4.2
Movies Released by neogarc3
The Guild of Heroes p1 Comedy
The Guild of Heroes prepares for another thrilling meeting... posted June 2, 2007
End of Days Action
The last man... and his TV posted June 1, 2007
The League of Evil Comedy
Baron Destructicus and his fellow evil doers sit preparing their next great crime! Or just get wasted... posted May 29, 2007
Galactic Trek The Red Shirt Stories Sci-Fi
I'm finally getting the hang of this whole thing... posted January 24, 2007
The Alan Leery Show Episode 1 Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted January 20, 2007
Jews in Space! Comedy
The title says it all... posted January 19, 2007
Psychic Showdown Action
No Description posted January 18, 2007
Robot Boy! vs Ichimaru! Sci-Fi Not Rated
No Description posted December 2, 2006
The Greatest Battle Ever Comedy
No Description posted November 28, 2006
The Smoker Diary Action Not Rated
No Description posted November 27, 2006
Monster Horror
Short story I read and made into a movie posted November 26, 2006
Robot Boy! Sci-Fi
Do not watch anime when playing this game... posted November 26, 2006
Star Quest Civil war part I Sci-Fi
The Galactic Federation, after ignoring the problems of it's outer worlds must now face Civil War. Who shall win? posted November 11, 2006
Star Quest Return to Corda III Sci-Fi Not Rated
No Description posted November 11, 2006
Star Quest The Downfall Sci-Fi
Long ago in a Galaxy kinda close to ours, the Galactic Federation sent out the crew of the GFS Hannover to explore the galaxy. Watch the first in the series of Star Quest! posted November 9, 2006
Movies Reviewed by neogarc3
Gunmaker-The out call by pink-rabbit10 Action
Good movie, nice pacing, scenese fit together nicely, and the dialogue matchd the actors. Vote for some of my movies... reviewed January 20, 2007
Monster Wars Box Bots Vs Swampers by Poing312 Horror
Not bad. Vote for some of my films... reviewed January 20, 2007
Drugs Ruin Lives by Julian5604 Romance
Featured Review
That was good. That was really good.
reviewed January 20, 2007
The Cyber Lotus II The Retrieval by FistofJudgement Action
That was pretty cool. Nice pacing, but you had a few choppy cuts in there. Good job! reviewed January 19, 2007
KingPengvin For President by kingpengvin Comedy
That was pretty cool. reviewed November 26, 2006
Field of Corpes Trailer by stuntmaker Horror
Creepy, eerie, and can't wait for it to come out. Looks good! Vote for me! reviewed November 11, 2006
The Preacher and the Gun by DoomTheDoom Action
This was nice. It was a little slow to me, so that's why I gave it a five. Plus that horse kept riding through the set. reviewed November 11, 2006
bob the flying bum by pulg1 Comedy
Featured Review
Bob the flying bum is awsome!
reviewed November 11, 2006
To Love And Die Trailer by sheldybob Romance
Sweet trailer. I liked the pacing... Can't wait for the movie. reviewed November 11, 2006
Amateur by dorshalfinn Horror
Featured Review
That was kinda creepy...
reviewed November 9, 2006