Number of Movies: 43
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.98

Number of Movies Reviewed: 98
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 4
Average Rating Given: 3.48
Movies Released by naughteydog
New Voltswagon Commercial Comedy
One of those car commercials where they are driving and randomly get into a car accident posted January 14, 2007
The Super Adventure Priest Comedy
When people start worshiping boxes father Mcfadden has to stop them. posted October 8, 2006
Did You Know Comedy
This movie at times can be boring but the rest of it is worth the watch! posted September 28, 2006
Attack of the Killer Bannanas! Comedy
Run for your lives!!! THe Killer Bannanas are Coming. posted September 17, 2006
Another Stupid Martial Arts Movie Comedy
No Description posted September 11, 2006
Horses On A Train (Bring It) Comedy
While the song is going replace in your head the word snakes with horses and plane with train!! posted August 26, 2006
Another Random Zombie Movie Comedy
Silly Rabbit Trix Are For Kids Comedy
Some censoring. Very random. NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE.A comedy-horror! posted August 18, 2006
Scooby Doo R Rated 2 Revenge Of Velma Comedy
You should watch the First one or you might not understand this one. NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE! posted August 1, 2006
Disco Duck Music Video Comedy
No Description posted July 21, 2006
Another Stupid movie About A Break-In Comedy
Sorry about the car noises throughout the movie. I'm not sure if it will show up on your computer but it did on mine. Not a sequel to another stupid Action movie. NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE. posted July 17, 2006
The Dirtiest Thing Youve Ever Seen Comedy
Hide your children, cover your eyes. The Most horrific thing ever to be witnessed. It caused riots all over Europe and the middle east. posted July 8, 2006
The Osama Bin Laden and Fidel Castro Show Comedy
Sitcom With Osama Bin Laden, Kim young Sow{North Korean Dictator} and Fidel Castro{Cuban Dictator}. Sorry about the fake audience laughing I just had to put it in. Also slightly based on "I Love Lucy"... posted July 8, 2006
Another Stupid Action Movie Comedy
Spoof on one of those action movies where everything ,even if slightly touched, explodes. NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE ANY LOGIC OR MAKE SENSE!!!!!!!!! If you don't like it fine, I'll just have to chew off yo... posted July 6, 2006
The Little Tortilla Boy Trailer Comedy
When the mob tried to but into the Little Tortilla Boy's(played by Arnold Swartzganager) buisness, he decided to take mesures into his own hands. Johansturk is gay. posted June 29, 2006
Star Wars Episode 2 Comedy
Star Wars Comedy!!! posted June 19, 2006
Star Wars Comedy
The part with the big spaceship is long. Skip it if you want to. It gets funnier after that. posted June 15, 2006
The 505 evening news Comedy
Spoof on the news posted June 12, 2006
An actual true real life ghost story Comedy
No Description posted May 27, 2006
Killer Old People Trailer Comedy
Are you afraid of old people? You should be. posted May 21, 2006
The I like clams Project Comedy
This movie actually has nothing to do with clams. Horror comedy with music. posted May 20, 2006
Watermelon Comedy
When you watch this movie your screen did not freeze it is supposed to be that way. posted May 9, 2006
George Bushs Acid Trip Comedy
Music Video. George Bush gets high and goes crazy posted March 31, 2006
Jews In Space Vs Jesus Comedy
Jesus is back and angry about his crusifiction. He is out to crusify the Jews. posted March 31, 2006
The New Diet Pill Comedy
No Description posted March 29, 2006
Titanic Comedy
No Description posted March 21, 2006
The Sopranos Censored Edtion Comedy
READ THIS!!!! The movie won't make sense if you don't. First Gabbagoo is a type of food. Second some scenes are sensored not all of them. Some of the censored scenes will say sensored under them some ... posted March 19, 2006
The night Santa Went Crazy Comedy
No Description posted March 17, 2006
How Robert E Lee would have won the war Comedy
No Description posted March 16, 2006
The Cursed Story Of LASIE THE DOG Comedy
No Description posted March 15, 2006
Real World ANNE FRANK EDITION Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted March 13, 2006
Terrell Owens on why he needs more money Comedy
This is an anti-T.O. movie through the eyes of an Eagles fan. Now we know how San Fransico feels. posted March 13, 2006
What to do when you spot a Mexican Comedy
Do not watch this if you are a Mexican. posted March 12, 2006
A day in the life of HELEN KELLER Comedy
This a movie written by Helen Keller(Spelling Mistakes). Filmed on location. 3 crew members died. That was all a lie. This is extremly funny and you have to watch. You may find this movie offending if... posted March 12, 2006
naughteydog studio intro video Comedy
This is the intro video to our studio naughteydog posted March 11, 2006
The Christmas The infants attacked Comedy
Millions of infants attack on christmas Day! Mothers will be offended. Babies!!!!!!!!!!!! posted March 11, 2006
COPS Action
Whoever spinz is should be melted and eaten posted March 11, 2006
Life in the Year 2525 Action
No Description posted March 11, 2006
Jasons Halloween on Elm Street Horror
This is a comedy horror about nothing realy. The reading scene is supposed to be funny and annyoing. posted March 10, 2006
Scary Movie 300 Comedy
No Description posted March 10, 2006
ETs Revenge Sci-Fi
The heartwarming tale of et and his journey to earth. If this movie does not make sense to you go outside and hit your head against a wall for 2 hours and comeback. posted March 10, 2006
The Gospel Acording to Death Action
Satan comes to take over earth and it's up to Jesus and his Black Apostle to defeat him. posted March 10, 2006
War of The Worlds(Feat Forest Gump) Comedy
A mystical tale that involves such characters as Jesus, Hitler, Martha Stewart, and yes of course the chickens from KFC. This movie will touch your heart. Just don't try to make sense of it. posted March 10, 2006
Movies Reviewed by naughteydog
Oh No by maxman101 Comedy
u were right reviewed June 21, 2007
Fight Club by maxman101 Comedy
You spelled club wrong reviewed June 21, 2007
Scape Goat by JackRabbit Comedy
you suck reviewed January 17, 2007
CENSORED! (TM) by MrDeMillipede Comedy
Funny reviewed January 11, 2007
Trump inside a Dump by rharnaga Comedy
I wish you were dead you vagina eating horse peinis ass wipe you stupid Jesus killing [oh please!] reviewed January 11, 2007
Dora the explorer by DGLI123 Comedy
After seeing that I wanted to kill anything that came near me and ri[p their eyes out and mail them to you. Ya stupid mother [bad-word!]er go eat dick [naughty word!] child you make angels cry you hor... reviewed January 11, 2007
Eat It by TwinMoon13 Romance
BOOBS reviewed November 19, 2006
Happy Days Episode 1 by swinny1234 Comedy
No Review reviewed October 8, 2006
Space Race by maxman101 Sci-Fi
you spelled race wrong reviewed October 1, 2006
Sams Mum by maxman101 Comedy
You spelt mom wrong, you said mum. Thats stupid reviewed October 1, 2006
The Resistance by Weasel_005 Horror
I really Liked It!!! 3 STARS!!!! Fantastico! Outlandish! reviewed September 28, 2006
Bunnys on a Train Trailer by funkitastic Comedy
What have you been smoking reviewed September 24, 2006
CC Journey Through Time and Space by Penut Comedy
..................................................................................................................................................................................... i'm speechless....... reviewed September 23, 2006
Station 46 by funkitastic Action
Great!!!!!! reviewed September 17, 2006
KILL ANIMALS! by oletheking92 Comedy
That was sickening. Hooray!!! reviewed August 18, 2006
One Night Out by axecinema Comedy
yes an 11 year old would make this. Watch my new movie silly rabbit trix a for kids. A comedy-horror and it's very random. reviewed August 18, 2006
false advertising by magic_school_bus Comedy
Poopy reviewed August 2, 2006
Random 2 by TheTomas Comedy
Come to our studio we to love random movies! Shalom! I AM NOT JEWISH! reviewed August 2, 2006
The Psychopath Song by Morris101 Comedy
.................................................................. Don't kill me!!!! reviewed August 2, 2006
The Incredible Edible Dog by worldu Comedy
I have an incredible Edible Cat. reviewed August 2, 2006
He farted in Church by jago3 Comedy
YAY FARTS reviewed July 30, 2006
Booby Doo by gknight13 Comedy
Watch our spoof. Scooby Doo R Rated version. reviewed July 25, 2006
The ASSOL Detector (LMAO Quickie) by MefuneAkira Comedy
Were not Assols. reviewed July 25, 2006
10 top tips on how to be gay lol by bkinsman Comedy
yay. reviewed July 25, 2006
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
Should be under comedy. Great. Gayness is an epedemic that must be stopped!!!! reviewed July 24, 2006
A View To A Kill by Jack_Dawson Action
Featured Review
reviewed July 24, 2006
Torture by jago3 Romance
Yes I do Notice That you don't ask me to rate your movies. But I guess that's what you were hinting to. reviewed July 21, 2006
The Amityville Horror (Trailer 2) by Amityville_Dude Horror
It said right in the discription NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE!!!! reviewed July 18, 2006
The Amityville Horror by Amityville_Dude Horror
No Review reviewed July 18, 2006
TMO Beauty DeathmatchPagent by Amityville_Dude Comedy
Bad voice overs reviewed July 16, 2006
Ugly Girl Parody by arkantos1525 Comedy
There's already one out like this. reviewed July 16, 2006
Comment te dire adieu by FabianoLupi Comedy
No Review reviewed July 13, 2006
The movies game news by Acc Action
I hate It. reviewed July 8, 2006
Trailer - Fabulous Dead by FuriousCoder Comedy
Ha Ha! The Dog Strikes Again!!!! reviewed July 8, 2006
The Invisible Man Show Ep 1 by xboxmike Comedy
This Movies Rasist against Mexicans. reviewed July 8, 2006
Risen by FuriousCoder Horror
I can spell- Your Movie Sucks. Suck on That!!!!!! reviewed July 8, 2006
Welcome To Mexico (Trailer) by mimymo Action
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed July 7, 2006
Never Kick A Dog by JaredPeace Comedy
............................................................................................................................................................................ I'm speechless. reviewed July 6, 2006
Together Episode 1 by Markus1990 Action
No Review reviewed July 6, 2006
War! by Games987 Action
If I could I would give this -999,999,999,999,999 stars!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed July 4, 2006
Everybody Loves Michael Jackson!(part 2) by shmuckman Comedy
Great!!!! Please Watch My new Comedy THE LITTLE TORTILLA BOY. reviewed June 30, 2006
My Perfect Neighbour by axecinema Romance
Great!!!!! Please Watch My new comedy THE LITTLE TORTILLA BOY. reviewed June 30, 2006
The House by Amityville_Dude Horror
Featured Review
Very good. Please watch my movie THE LITTLE TORTILLA BOY. A comedy.
reviewed June 30, 2006
SYDNEY Musicvideo by kwistufa Romance
Very good. Please watch my movie THE LITTLE TORTILLA BOY. It's a comedy reviewed June 30, 2006
WildWest - Episode 1 - Teaser by the_richman Action
No Review reviewed June 29, 2006
President Sam Returns by Juno100 Comedy
Did you ever notice how some horses fly higher than others reviewed June 29, 2006
StarCross The Jump Across The Stars by chrisedmond Romance
No Review reviewed June 29, 2006
halo the movies movie episode 2 by solgonsar Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed June 28, 2006
Make Poop! (Music Video) by Dave180786 Comedy
It's such a great song i'm doing it right now. reviewed June 28, 2006
Jane Blonde00Dumb by Games987 Comedy
Your babies should be eaten! Yes I would Eric. Lion. Fire burns things. If you close your eyes you can't see anything. When it's dark you can't see black people unless they smile. Guns are fun. Hey wh... reviewed June 28, 2006
The Angry Goalie 2 (Trailer) by Jordan120 Horror
No Review reviewed June 27, 2006
Halo The Movies Movie episode 1 by solgonsar Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed June 27, 2006
Halo by chrisstiff1 Sci-Fi
STUPID!!!!!!!!NOT HALO!!!!!!!!COULD HAVE GAVE IT 0 STARS!!!!!!!!!! reviewed June 26, 2006
The Invaders by chrisstiff1 Action
This movie began with a i. sO i DO NOT LIKE IT. reviewed June 26, 2006
Santa vs Easter Bunny by J3Bsh Action
No Review reviewed June 21, 2006
Under Attack Music Video by Togepi Action
you suck reviewed June 21, 2006
Exploding Toads by msaeluk Comedy
No Review reviewed June 19, 2006
the Moonie-Men Cometh Chapter 7 by mightydad Sci-Fi
Watch my new comedy Star wars. Very random. reviewed June 17, 2006
WHAT I THINK OF YOU yes you there by halocommander Comedy
That was amazing! I too hate babies. I eat faces. Watch my new star wars movie. It is a comedy. Death to ORPHANS! reviewed June 17, 2006
A bad day for dave by watchin_the_world_91 Comedy
No Review reviewed April 1, 2006
The Baggage Boy by lozza_dearnley Comedy
No Review reviewed April 1, 2006
Just Married by SimmySimSim Romance
No Review reviewed March 31, 2006
SEE by dumbmoronicproductions Comedy
That happened to me a couple times. reviewed March 31, 2006
My Thanks to TMO by crazeyal Comedy
wow reviewed March 31, 2006
Trailer PORN DEMO The Movie by michanist Romance
I want a blow job! reviewed March 31, 2006
The Vault by aidan21 Action
Good Job! Please rate my movies reviewed March 30, 2006
Klick Nicks and Timos Hip Hop Song by timorogowski Comedy
First rap I've ever heard in German! Good! Come rate my movies! reviewed March 30, 2006
A Tribute to Oregon Trail by RedBaronStudios Comedy
Thats how we celebrate at my house! Please rate my movies! reviewed March 30, 2006
PORN DEMO by michanist Romance
Waiting for the movie. Come see my movies too. reviewed March 29, 2006
Multiplication of Evil Ver4 by xboxmike Comedy
No Review reviewed March 24, 2006
We Die Alone by ulf61 Horror
If you make movies like this you will die alone! reviewed March 23, 2006
Hitler! in space by gregsmate1 Sci-Fi
Yes Hitler won. reviewed March 23, 2006
Groove Hitler VS Santa by dylanphillips Comedy
Godzilla Attacks Intro by xboxmike Sci-Fi
what the hell reviewed March 23, 2006
KOPS-Red light District by ninette1 Comedy
why do people like this so much reviewed March 23, 2006
Were they are now 2 by J3Bsh Action
No Review reviewed March 23, 2006
Dont worry be happy by -Wodan- Comedy
No Review reviewed March 20, 2006
Fart Out Loud by TtodaMoney Comedy
were you jacking off during this movie reviewed March 19, 2006
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
I'm A watermellon reviewed March 17, 2006
Die Aluminium-Hausmilbe by celaeno Sci-Fi
You need words but I'll give you 4 cause your just beggining. Come watch my movies too. reviewed March 16, 2006
The taliban can!!!!!! by henrypowell Comedy
Great Movie. Please come to my studio and see some of my movies, they are all comedy. reviewed March 16, 2006
One Star Specials (The Big Brawl) by Headhunter Comedy
Just to go with your movie name. reviewed March 15, 2006
The King and I by RedBaronStudios Sci-Fi
Come and see my movies making fun of Terrel Owens and Helen Keller. How did you get Family Guy on there? Great, it wasn't really out of sinc at the end, it was just fine. reviewed March 15, 2006
Soviet Sniper Subtitled by Troglodyte Action
No Review reviewed March 12, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER The Cupcake Edition by MefuneAkira Comedy
This is Gold. Should be #1. It's like Monty Python. Oh by the way, I'm Jesus. reviewed March 12, 2006
You Dropped the F-Bomb by sphinx86 Comedy
Very funny. It's as insulting as our Helen Keller movie. You should see it. reviewed March 12, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
It was funny, voiceovers were a little hard to understand. You should come and see our movie "a day in the life of Helen Keller". It to is pretty funny. reviewed March 12, 2006
At A Dead Stop by scottmccollum Comedy
Good voice overs. Please Watch our Helen Keller movie. reviewed March 12, 2006
City Of The Dead by Braydan21 Horror
I like it. Also thanks for rating our Helen Keller movie, watch our other movies, they are all comedies. reviewed March 12, 2006
Are We There Yet by cyber-24 Comedy
It was a bad movie in real life it's worse on here. reviewed March 11, 2006
Ugly Girl (Music Video) by TexasBabe2006 Comedy
I'm a ugly guy reviewed March 11, 2006
How Will Smith Got His Groove Back by LamChopz Comedy
I happen to like will smith, Jackass reviewed March 11, 2006
The Hobo Fart by Chunky-Bunker Comedy
You killed the fart joke reviewed March 11, 2006
Bum Fights Episode 2 Ladies Finals by yoyokid Action
you should not have made voiceovers in this movie. Were being generous. reviewed March 11, 2006
Old Yeller Original Ending by matt21 Comedy
Featured Review
Short and to the point
reviewed March 11, 2006
They Came 2 The Story Begins by hangon Horror
Featured Review
I thought it was good.
reviewed March 10, 2006
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
PIMP MY RIDE by johnny_barger Comedy
I liked the voice overs reviewed March 10, 2006