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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.5

Number of Movies Reviewed: 409
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 23
Average Rating Given: 4.48
Movies Released by Mustachio26
The Novelist Romance Not Rated
No Description posted December 18, 2006
The Novelist Romance
It's here! The year is 1938, the place is Berlin, Germany. A young American novelist has travelled to Berlin to get inspired for his upcoming novel. While here, he meats and falls in love with the b... posted November 28, 2006
The Novelist Romance Not Rated
It's here! The year is 1938, the place is Berlin, Germany. A young American novelist has travelled to Berlin to get inspired for his upcoming novel. While here, he meats and falls in love with the b... posted November 27, 2006
Advertisement Horror
This Film has been rated PG-13 by TMRS *Winner of Katansoul's Gold Dragon Award* Here's my short little mystery film that should leave you guessing till the end. It contains no monsters, mods, or go... posted October 28, 2006
Jason and the Argonauts (trailer) Action
Announcement People! This movie is now number 7 in the charts. Top 10 Woohoo! *And everyone, I just watched it through and found that I spelt throne wrong. I spelt it "thrown" instead of "throne". My ... posted October 16, 2006
The Great Spectacle Fire Action
I made this movie for the new contest on TMO. While making it I realized that this film was definetely something special. It's kind of an artsy film so there are many interpretations but here's mine: ... posted September 22, 2006
Legends (Trailer) Action
12 on Action 34 on S+E 44 overall Awards/Acknowledgments: PearsonHouse Top Banana Mogulman321 Approved 2nd in Piggy747's mini-contest Cornchips best short movie or trailer: " I liked the whole id... posted August 27, 2006
The Road to Solution p1 Sci-Fi
2017, Washington D.C. America has become a warfaring nation with most middle eastern countries and North Korea. Jonathan Hunter, Anthony Andretti, Sara Jennings, Jacob Hunter, and Derek Alphaban are... posted July 16, 2006
The Road to Solution p1 Sci-Fi Not Rated
2017, Washington D.C. America has become a warfaring nation with most middle eastern countries and North Korea. Jonathan Hunter, Anthony Andretti, Sara Jennings, Jacob Hunter, and Derek Alphaban are... posted July 16, 2006
Eli A Tale of Struggle Romance
*Please don't rate badly because this movie isn't a real hardcore romance. That was just the best genre for the movie.* 1800's, a smal village in the British countryside. Dr. James Priori, esteemed ... posted July 2, 2006
Eli trailer Romance
*Before we begin I'd just like to say that this movie isn't really a romance, but that was the best genre for it. It should've been a drama really, but unfortunately that's not an option. Please don't... posted June 24, 2006
The Aliens from Planet Apeopolis Sci-Fi Not Rated
*Just a side note, this movie was originally going to be a SC-FI but I decided in post production that it was a lot funnier than anticipated.* Space Captain, influential hero, inspiring tight pants ... posted June 20, 2006
Sunflower Heights Trailer Sci-Fi Not Rated
This is a trailer for one of my movies on the website. I thought this would definetely inrtigue people into watching it by giving them just a little taste of the suspense. Personally, I'd watch the re... posted June 20, 2006
Sunflower Heights Sci-Fi
Awards/Acknowledgments: Nominated for best Sci-fi in the Owen Inc. Production Awards Up for a The Movies Judge hotpick* A small town, a big secret. This is the story of Sunflower Heights, a suburba... posted June 19, 2006
The Blood of War 2 Red Eyes Action
This is film is the sequal to the first in "The Blood of War" trilogy. In this installment, Private Kelley must now strave off on his own to infiltrate Moscow and kill the Red King. On his own, he bef... posted June 19, 2006
The Blood of War Action
*Sequal Released* The year is 1943; a secret Russian organization is shipping new technology and weaponry into Nazi Germany. A squadron of U.S. soldiers have been sent to infiltrate this foe's headqu... posted June 19, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Mustachio26
CAPITOL Manifesto by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Once again brilliant, blah, blah, blah, you know he drill :P! reviewed July 14, 2008
Infested! Part 3 by rysto Action
I don't wish to speak to soon, but dare I say the greatest movie EVER on TMO? So far, I say yes! Rysto, what is there to say, if an alien ant invasion ever really happened I'm glad to know there are p... reviewed June 26, 2008
The Rise and Fall of the Obvious Trailer by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Featured Review
Looks interesting, should be neat to see how it turns out!
reviewed June 2, 2008
The Hunger (LMAO Studios Teaser) by MefuneAkira Horror
Well this just about clinches it. Mefune can do whatever he wants with this game: comedy, sci-fi (with some western), and now horror. This is gonna be spook-tastic. *begins doing the "I'm-not-worthy... reviewed April 22, 2008
Changes at School 4 by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Well, what can I say. They just won't stop!! It was alright, some nice music, and some definite VO talent but really this movie had only a three star story which has been used for the past four movies... reviewed April 9, 2008
Vlads Reparation by bricksfilms Action
I thought you did a great job executing this short snapshot. The VOs were very well done, I do agree that some of them were a little grumbly, but nothing that was distracting. Can't wait to see what y... reviewed April 6, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by pookashells Romance
Very well executed, Pook. You've really been whipping together some damn fine pieces of work. This one was clearly an emphasis on mood and atmosphere, and you really pulled off a perfect short film. T... reviewed March 31, 2008
A Diagnosis of Death by frosty_frost09 Horror
It was the cigarettes! Really nice job with this one. It was the perfect minimalist piece that unfolded like a traditional ghost story, but kept my interest still. The ending was really well done, a... reviewed March 30, 2008
King Kong (Part One) export1 by pookashells Romance
*standing ovation* Wow, really impressive. Everything was perfect to a T. Some awesome performances, but Mefune's was definitely a standout for me. The details were spot on, and the music was killer.... reviewed March 30, 2008
One Last Breath Part 2 by sparky1512 Action
Great job, Sparky! This second part certainly picked up and those two shootouts were extremely well edited. The plot was tight and filled to the brim with that film noir coolness (if that's even a wor... reviewed March 1, 2008
JAY ADAMS - A Detective Story ( ACT-1 ) by DanielH20 Sci-Fi
Wow, Daniel that was surprisingly awesome. The action was tense, the VOs sounded great, the story was edge of your seat. I think you really hit something great with this one. I'll be anxiously awaiting ACT 2. reviewed February 23, 2008
My Sweet Shade by bricksfilms Romance
Nice little quickie, Bricks. You did a nice job of holding my attention without any dialogue, and had some really great cinematography in there. Nice work! reviewed February 20, 2008
CAPITOL Initiation by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
I'm speechless, you're an artist that far surpasses any I've seen on TMO as of late. Everything in this movie was perfect down to details of having actually grunting and groans from the VAs during you... reviewed February 9, 2008
Last Rites - Amen by kuroken Horror
Well, it's taken quite a while to get this review in, but here I am. What a journey you've taken us on, Ken. The ups, the downs, and dragging us down even farther to the brink of damnation. Everything... reviewed February 3, 2008
Changes at School 4 Trailer by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Featured Review
When will it end! :P
reviewed January 30, 2008
Angels Fall (Part 2) by pookashells Action
Great ending to a brilliant set of films. The characters, the story, the VOs, the music, the effects, I won't go on and sound repetitive, so I'll leave you with, marvelous job. One that deserves a pat... reviewed January 30, 2008
Empire (Part Four) by andy_inc Action
The story continues with another fine installment by Andy_Inc. You do a wonderful job of picking right up where the others ended. The action was tight and intense, it ended with quite a cliffhanger. ... reviewed January 29, 2008
My Name Is Death by Marine101 Action
Nice job Marine. A really nice entry into the competition. I felt that everything worked well, but the lack of music made everything a little hollow. I won't take off a star because it was a fun littl... reviewed January 27, 2008
UnSub by anothernewdawn Horror
What a great little short. 7 minutes packed with brilliant "execution", pun intended. The cast was great, especially your performance really showcasing Frank's opposite personalities. I great little f... reviewed January 26, 2008
The Crown Jewel Robbery (Trailer) by bellasellaa Action
Wow, really impressive. I agree, ya might wanna watch for some copywrite, but other then that it really got me excited. Had a good James Bond, Ocean's 11 vibe to it. reviewed January 17, 2008
Slaughterville by YamiMarik Horror
Well I will say it's one of the best slasher films I've seen on TMO, but there were things that could've been tidied up a bit. I had no problem with the overuse Ain't Over Yet scene because you pulled... reviewed December 31, 2007
Et Spiritus Sancti by kuroken Horror
Best episode thus far. The entire film started the slippery ascent to the entire series climax. The final battle between Satan and God played on battlefield earth. Great VOs and music once again, and ... reviewed December 31, 2007
Angels Fall (Part 1) by pookashells Action
I certainly have been anticipating this for a while and after watching, I'm definitely impressed with how it's unfolding. Everything blended into a gritty futuristic symphony where you can't trust any... reviewed December 31, 2007
Apartment 4C by trewill7 Comedy
Man, I hurt just watching it. Very good little punchline, with a hilariously graphic WWE Smackdown style fist fight. Excellent job, you've got real knack for black humor, and when i say black, I mean ... reviewed December 16, 2007
Et Fille by kuroken Horror
Well there ya go, another excellent installment in the Last Rites mini-series. The story really picks up and we're thrust into a shady world where no one is who they seem to be. I hope to not sound li... reviewed December 16, 2007
Red Mafia Episode Three by Casserik Action
Another outstanding episode. Episode 4 will certainly be an epic ending to season 1. BTW, excellent job on the shootout in the club. That was very, very well done. reviewed December 15, 2007
Red Mafia Episode Two by Casserik Action
Really great second ep. The plot thickens as a secret mafia organization is introduced and Samuel is not only on a personal quest for revenge, but also escaping his assailants. Great choice in music t... reviewed December 15, 2007
War Of Scars Trailer by ShyShy Horror
Eh, it was alright. I'm not too sure on the story, but from what I gather it seems A LOT like 30 Days of Night. The modern vampires running around a cit yin suits is a bit comical. I think there may b... reviewed December 11, 2007
In Nomine Patris by kuroken Horror
Wow. If that wasn't some of the most superb filmmaking I've ever seen on TMO. Ken, you realistically orchestrate a building tension that can only end in the culmination of such wonderful work. The VOs... reviewed December 9, 2007
Blind by ShyShy Action
Featured Review
Well, I can safely say you've really come a long way from Masked Killer 1. The film was well done. Some nice VOs from the cast, music fit well, the freecam and edited blended nicely. My complaints w...
reviewed December 7, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE by MefuneAkira Comedy
The sound you are currently not hearing is me thundering out an uproarious applause. What can I say? That was just genius, hope to to see much much much more of the misadventures of the Galaxy Force team. reviewed November 26, 2007
Daydreams of Waking Night by thebiz Comedy
Fun, wacky, and totally my cup o' tea. You certainly have a daring quirkiness and wit about your movies that are really impressive. Can't wait for another little ditty, biz. reviewed November 18, 2007
Daylight by Tarison Action
Great trailer, Tar. The narration was great, and the action fast and intense, but I do have to agree the music was a bit cheesy. Looking forward to it though! reviewed November 6, 2007
The Hand of Love by trewill7 Comedy
Great job, Tre. Just like you, totally clever and totally unexpected. reviewed November 5, 2007
Blood Roofs Trailer by EthanRunt Action
Awesome work, Ethan. Can't wait for this fast paced, action thriller. Ooh, how controversial! reviewed November 5, 2007
Spawn of Treason-Industry 101 by bricksfilms Action
Wow, looking great. I would definitely like to see this fleshed out. Best of luck with the Industry 101 competition! reviewed November 4, 2007
Cleopatra (Part II)! by TheMGMKid1 Romance
"We have not come to pariase Caeser, but to bury him!" Another MGM standard viewing. The film is lush, and filled with the vibrance and vivid detail that we've come to expect. A marvelous job all ar... reviewed October 30, 2007
The Creature by FallenThomas Horror
Featured Review
(clapping) Bravo! This is a hidden gem. TMO's own Creature From the Black Lagoon. This film uses the highly manipulative power of suggestion to commit graphic acts and build the suspense. This definet...
reviewed October 29, 2007
The Dance of Death- Part 2 by sgporsche48 Action
Very nice Sg. The story wrapped up nice and tidy, but i still didn't feel any sort of fomulaicness (is that a word) in this film. You told the story through wonderful cinemtography, that was fresha nd... reviewed October 22, 2007
CAPITOL Origin by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
You are a GOD!! Currently picking up my mind from the floor. This was a gem. The story was great, a true totalitarian piece that brings life to the disturbing thought of an apocolypse. Reminded me a l... reviewed October 20, 2007
Future Hope Trailer by starkarts Romance
This is just sick. You should be ashamed, plaguing up this website with alts so you can bump your mediocre teaser up to the top. That is just selfishness in excess. reviewed October 19, 2007
The Dead Cases Part 2a by jase180 Action
Wow, what is there to say. Just an absolutely outstanding piece of work. Right up until the end I was walking side-by-side with Book and Nobel. Once again all of the VOs and music were seemless and pe... reviewed October 19, 2007
The Break-up Letter by trewill7 Comedy
Haha! Totally unexpected. Well we all know that you can pull off supernatural westerns, but who knew comedy? You have a really knack for writing. You really created a simple, casual, conversation, won... reviewed October 11, 2007
The Dance of Death - Part One by sgporsche48 Action
Well, although it is a change of pace from Kristallnacht, it still keeps us riveted. You've really done a wonderful job with this one sg. The cinematography was stunning and strikingly eerie at the s... reviewed October 11, 2007
Camera Obscura Teaser A by jase180 Sci-Fi
Well who didn't expect Jase to pull another great out of his magical hat of wonders? Looks awesome, can't wait for release! reviewed October 3, 2007
On the Highway with Yahweh by thebiz Comedy
A truly smart piece of comedy, that may not have had me rolling on the floor, but kept me entertained. You surely hae a keen wit that is much appreciated here on TMO. reviewed September 28, 2007
Crack by matthewmagic Action
Well as other members seemed to have really enjoyed this film, I did not find it up to the standards that were explained in th review. The story, which I believe to be the most important part of any... reviewed September 27, 2007
Freedom Fighters Revolution Part 2 by masterthehero Action
As of concluding my viewing of Freedom Fighters part 2, I will definetely say that you've progressed from part 1, but still something felt like it was missing. I will say that your cinematography wa... reviewed September 26, 2007
The Dead Cases Part1 by jase180 Action
One word: refreshing. A truly refreshing piece entering the TMO scene from Jase180. You skillfully recall a forgotten age using masterfully techniques only an expert could withdraw from his pocket of... reviewed September 17, 2007
Prelude to Evil Season 1 Promo 2 by nukester Action
Absolutely awesome. Nukester master of genres, this time he tackles action, will he suceed? Of course! reviewed September 15, 2007
Pretoria Teaser Trailer by disney2000 Sci-Fi
Meh, just ok. The poster really sucked me in so nice job, but I really dont' like when sci-fi movies arent' consistent. If the alien race is going to be lizards make them just lizards, not lizards, bu... reviewed September 13, 2007
There the Rainbow Ends by ralfduran Romance
It's hard to write in words, how deeply moved I am by this film. It tenderly takes a subject that many people are divided on (homosexuality), and unifies us by showing that no matter who you are, you'... reviewed September 12, 2007
Changes at School 3 by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Hahahahahaha! I'm sorry, but that was totally in the right drama. I really felt no emotion whatsoever for the characters, and I seriously thought I was gonna break down luaghing when Sid said "I've ne... reviewed September 3, 2007
Redenzione de Mazza by bricksfilms Action
Awesome interim film bricks. The voice actign was very well done, and the whole concept was neatly laid out and bery interesting. This can only reassure us that Men At Limassol will be a blockbuster! reviewed September 2, 2007
Charlie by Butchered__studios Action
Woah. Very nice... well everything. The quality of the entire movie was just fabulous. You're ability to seemlessly blend effects with in game material was brilliant. I have to say that I did think yo... reviewed August 30, 2007
Ninjutsu Sun Theatrical Trailer by nukester Action
Lookin freakin awesome! You never fail to amaze with your skills in tantilizing the viewer. I'm excited. reviewed August 28, 2007
Tainted Souls 4 - The Betrayal by jameseva Horror
Wow, a thrilling new installment in Jameseva mastercraft of a series. Friends become enemies, and enemies just get a lot more nasty. Glad you were finally able to conquer the sound bug. There was just... reviewed August 18, 2007
on the sidewalk bleeding moviee by nipples Action
You've certainly proved yourself as a competant filmmaker with this one, nipples. The script was very gripping and original, told wonderfully by your VAs. I really think you've unearthed great talent ... reviewed August 18, 2007
Breaking Point - Theatrical Trailer by murpheykid Horror
Awesome trailer. I'm totally hooked. I'm sure that you'll be able to pull of such an intruiging story with thrilling expertise. reviewed August 11, 2007
Gansta sasquatch presents-eggroo by ZCK_legend Comedy
A bit nonsensical, but actually pretty funny. Nothing over-the-top, but great job on synchronizing the music. reviewed August 11, 2007
The Undead Reservations by pookashells Horror
Wow. What a trip. Probably all of the greatness of the entire A New World series compiled into one 17 minute film. This was crazy. Didn't really have me jumping with fright, but nonetheless, an excel... reviewed August 11, 2007
Affari by ESegal Action
"It's just Affari..." A great mobster film that is packed with action, VOs, great music, and montages. You have definetely proved that you are a worthy and skilled film maker. reviewed August 4, 2007
The Vermin on the Mount by Master007 Action
Very good job. The entire thing was entertaining, maybe not as funny as anticipated, but still worthwhile. I enjoyed the gnomes at the end, but the part that stood out for me most was the cow part. Da... reviewed August 4, 2007
Temporary Night Theatrical Trailer by nukester Romance
Excellent. This looks like it's gonnna be one helluva film. reviewed August 3, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 1 by trewill7 Action
Exceptional. Absolutely intense, riveting, and mind expanding. One of those flicks that you know will be great from frame 1. The character development is spot on, I felt like the humanity and realism... reviewed July 29, 2007
May Flowers by josephkw Romance
That was without a doubt my favorite TMO romance to date. It has stirred the deep warmness within me that no TMO movie has managed to do. The VOs were spot on, and were given such realistic and cereb... reviewed July 29, 2007
Massacre The Beginning by ShyShy Horror
Hmm, just a 3 star film for me. The dialogue was weak and unrealistic. The plot line was disjointed at places, and nothing I hadn't seen. Too many questions were arisen that were left un answered. I ... reviewed July 28, 2007
Chivalry by matthewmagic Action
A nice effort, that was visually pleasing, but not really up to snuff for the ears. Like I stated, the visuals were nicely done, well chosen costumes, some decent set dressing, and the overlays added... reviewed July 28, 2007
Restricted Cinema- Over Kill by matthewmagic Horror
The title says it all Overkill. An overkill of what? Cliches, bad ending, unnecesarry shaky cam, and blood overlays. The story was weak, and nothing I hadn't seen before. The ingame music I could've ... reviewed July 25, 2007
Double Massacre by ShyShy Action
I feel like you really put a lot of effort forth here. The stort was plausibl, but was told through so,e pretty light and unrealistic dialogue as well as scenes that had definite continuity issues. I ... reviewed July 23, 2007
Hell Calls by andy_inc Comedy
Haha. Nice one Andy. A neat little joke exucted very nicely. A good short film that doesn't require a lot of glitz to be funny. reviewed July 17, 2007
The Satan Show 1 by benstudios1991 Comedy
Andy_Inc's SFF Review: A quite humorous film that I personally enjoyed very much. The highlight comedic moment for me would have to be The New Testament commercial. Ingenious. Sometimes, I just don'... reviewed July 16, 2007
Schröder88 by Lethal_Entertainment Action
I don't believe it's neccessary to elaborate on how great it was Sisch. You really nailed this one. All I can say is carve an S on my forehead and call me a Schroder fan! reviewed July 14, 2007
Old Folk Funk Train by Norriefpb Comedy
Andy_Inc's short film contest review! The movie was very well done, and although Andy did state that the movie had to have plot, this film still succeeded as a movie with a story. Three elderly peopl... reviewed July 14, 2007
Kristallnacht by sgporsche48 Romance
Having already seen this movie I wasn't surprised with its quality. It's always been great. The story excellently pays homage to those who survived (or not) through this tragic begining to what I thin... reviewed July 13, 2007
Bloodshot by Butchered__studios Action
Now that's how you do it. Brilliant action, effects, and story. Usually movies like this are all style and no substance, but you managed to fit in an intruiging and engrossing story pertaining to the ... reviewed July 11, 2007
Imprisoned-Trailer by SnakeEater42 Action
Very nice. I felt it was a little too short, even for a teaser, but I'm nonetheless looking forward to it. reviewed July 8, 2007
Vengeance - Trailer 1 by andy_inc Action
Shweeeeet. I am anticipating this movie with every fiber of my being. Be sure to alert me when casting has started. reviewed July 6, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chp 1 - Trailer by trewill7 Action
Awesome! Just brilliant, trewill. You have literally burst onto the TMO hot scene with this work. The only problem was I wish we got a little more climax with the music, but then again this is just a ... reviewed July 5, 2007
AN ALIEN Of The Second Kind by bricksfilms Action
Great job, Bricks. I loved the idea and you really did a good job handling all of the VOs (even though there was definite bckground noise on some of them). A great film, and I'm keeping my fingers cro... reviewed July 5, 2007
Mod Test by ionfour Action
Featured Review
I'm sorry, but you basically just showed me everything I've already seen. And the gore part was boring. If you want gore, or are an aspiring splat pack member, I recommend Samyhouse's A New World seri...
reviewed July 4, 2007
Mästerverk by ralfduran Romance
Congradulations. You should be oozing with pride over that piece. You not only found the masterwork within you, but it has inspired me to discover my own masterwork. I was most moved by two scenes: -... reviewed July 2, 2007
How a Vampire Changed the World by mcrispy13 Comedy
That has to be my favorite comedy on TMO right now. I'm so surprised that this isn't topping the charts. I mean every joke you packed in there was funny. Usually there are some duds, but not here. Gre... reviewed July 1, 2007
Empire (Part Three) by andy_inc Action
Awesome, pure genious. The best of the series, and as you've told me countless times before in skype chats, there will be an even larger battle in the last episode. The VOs were brilliant, the music ... reviewed June 30, 2007
Brothers and Guns Preview by OXM_Madman Action
I really didn't see any difference between the first one and this "updated" edition. The music was pretty good, but I felt like you put on a cool song and just kind of went with it, almost like the mu... reviewed June 30, 2007
A Darker Thriller by samyhouse Action
Wow. Samy, I wish I would've seen this before the first so I could rewrite my review. It was, for lack of a better word, beautiful. The music, the VOs, the stylistic freecam and mod work. I am undone.... reviewed June 30, 2007
OMFG! Im meeting TMO by tsunamidog Horror
Sorry Riott, but Tsunamidog won at the crazy doggy anal sex scene. Impossibly offensive, and I'm surprised that this movie didn't burn a whole right threw the very code that comprimises the TMO website. reviewed June 30, 2007
The Bar by FredTheDuck Comedy
Well, I can't say I understood it. In fact I didn't really know what was gong on half of the time. But you were saved by the hilarious ad quircky VOs provided from your cast. More importantly though, ... reviewed June 30, 2007
Rio Diablo trailer by TheMGMKid1 Action
I'm now nicknaming you King Midas because you have the touch of gold. You can make a movie about a man falling. All he's doing is falling, but you can make that the most interesting and controversial ... reviewed June 30, 2007
Luv Me Girl by bufu0 Romance
Ha, gotta love it Pimp Master Bu. I'm not usually a fan for TMO music vids, but you just whole heartedly impressed me. Taking someone else's beat and writing lyrics that made sense and were easily li... reviewed June 30, 2007
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
Witty, clever, and just my cup of coffee. I was immediately sucked right into your ASS. The VOs were very well done from both our leading males (You and Roger). The story was creative, and I love endi... reviewed June 30, 2007
A Trembletts Dracula Teaser by tremblett Horror
Really a strong promo. I'm definetely looking forward to this smash hit. You craft such a a tale of terror through dramatic ambience. reviewed June 29, 2007
A Face of Character by colingaiser Romance
Nothing like a good "everybody's ok how they are" movie to lift your spirits. I really liked how it wasn't portrayed as corny, just people with jagged and hideously bulbous noses can easily find the b... reviewed June 22, 2007
Crossed by Rik_Vargard Action
Great job. I mean, a truly worthy contender for the Fable Competition. The feeling of this movie was great and it was packed with great dialogue and beautiful freecam work. A splendid job. reviewed June 18, 2007
Sins trailer by sparky1512 Horror
I really good teaser that pulled me right in. The plot is an intruiging and intereting twist on the religious thriller genre. Should be good. reviewed June 17, 2007
Hunter Teaser by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Wel I'm certainyl teased. Can't wait for the actual thing. reviewed June 17, 2007
New FoDooG Films Movie Teaser by FoDooG Comedy
Welcome back. This will certainly be the best of the most insane series ever to grace our fair community. I just wanna shout from the rooftops: I AM A HORSE! I AM A HORSE! reviewed June 17, 2007
Scratch by George_Locust Action
... I don't think anything needs to be said except that you have possibly created the best western shootout I have ever seen on TMO or possibly in real life. The story, the sounds, everything was per... reviewed June 14, 2007
52 Bullets and 10 Golden Bricks by OXM_Madman Action
Well certainly a nice little action film, but something I'd bookmark or say: "Best I've ever seen!" The story was good, a bit on the unoriginal side, but who doesn't like a good cops and robbers cha... reviewed June 14, 2007
Philip Focker- Comedy for Amish Country by mcrispy13 Comedy
A funny little sketch. Some of the humor I didn't really udnerstand, and it seemed that you kind of lost your train of thought half way through. The VOs were alright. Just alright. My favorite part t... reviewed June 11, 2007
FAR HEAVEN by cavaleras Action
Wow. If I wasn't already on a team I'd vote for that. The story was beautifully written and acted. Everything fit together just like everything did for Jacob at the end. You are a brilliant director a... reviewed June 10, 2007
When It Was Over by tigereyes Action
Well, a very interesting take on an addiction story. The use of colors worked brilliantly at the ending sequence. The narration was very well executed by Tigereyes. I was especially impressed with the... reviewed June 8, 2007
Tainted Souls 3 - The Other by jameseva Horror
I don't know how you do it, I don't want to know how you do it. I'm just so amazed that everytime I watch a Tainted Souls episode you manage to tope the previous ones by a mile. This one is no except... reviewed June 8, 2007
A Darker Thriller Teaser by samyhouse Action
Golly gee. When we first see the cult leader, branded with the giant question mark symbol we are overcome with awe. This movie will pick you up and shake you around. I can not wait. reviewed June 4, 2007
Month 9 - Pilot(Line of Fire) Promo by Evanator Action
A pretty good promo. Nothing too fancy, but my problem was that you turned up the volume on the music, but I couldn't hear hardly any of the VOs. I'm still excited about production, but if you have to... reviewed June 1, 2007
The Door by DHTHTLA Horror
Wow. A really impressive film that's sure to satisfy. I highly recommend this original and very wonderfully shot film. reviewed May 31, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep 3 by eobaggs Comedy
Great job, eo. You've pulled yet another outstanding episode out for us to enjoy. Keep up the solid job! reviewed May 30, 2007
Brothers in Blue and Gray- teaser by ZCK_legend Action
A good trailer. It was a bit simple, and i don't think showcased enough about the movie, but good nontheless. I thought the music selection was good, and I'm sure it'll turn out to be quite an enjoyab... reviewed May 28, 2007
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
Wow! Hold on a minute, I have to pick up my brain sfrom the floor because you just blew my mind! I know, bad line. Anyways, that was incredible. A world where nothing is certain, and where things ar... reviewed May 28, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 3 by sherwinliu Romance
Wow! That was genious. There's nothing that can be said about it other than, I feel bad I didn't pay to see it. This is gold buried beneath the layers of attempted PI movies that lack the emotional r... reviewed May 25, 2007
Love And War Preview by OXM_Madman Romance
I'm not sure if I understand this. The title is called Love and War, but form what I've gathered this movie has nothing to do with war at all. It shows us that a woman is coping with the loss of her m... reviewed May 25, 2007
Pressure by qtigger Action
Excellent work yet again from the simply skillful qtigger. The film's message was straight forward and very effective. You achieved a sort of engrossing quality about it that draws the viewer in, tha... reviewed May 15, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chp 1 Teaser by trewill7 Action
Jeezum Crowe! Now that's a trailer. The fast cuts, and still images blended together to create a visually intense final product. This film is shaping up very nicely. reviewed May 13, 2007
Blood Roofs teaser by EthanRunt Action
Woah. This is gonna be a good one right here folks. Pure modern day grit servedon a silver platter of in your face action. Just how I like my movie. reviewed May 12, 2007
Out of the Darkness-Teaser by Mogulman321 Action
I agree with Betral. I'm unsure of what the movie is about (except for about a PI with a case). The style was good. Some nice freecam shots, and a rockin performance by Tremblett. reviewed May 6, 2007
The Hollow Dance - In The Name of Love by mixmasterfestus Action
Woah. Someone, please pinch me. That was incredible. MY mind is still ringing. That was superb. It was as raw and gritty as it was beautiful and stylish. I don't know what else to say. Get yourself a ... reviewed May 5, 2007
Adventum Vita by boefpo Romance
Featured Review
A Silver Rock Entertainment Review A brand new review system This review has been left by: Mustachio26 5 stars earned Opening Statement: Wow. I hav never seen a boefpo film before, but I think i ...
reviewed May 2, 2007
Underpants Away! - Teaser 1 by biggstrek Comedy
That was great. I love how you used the opening credits, and then he got to the telephone booth. This is going to be even more underpants-arific than the first! reviewed May 2, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep2 by eobaggs Comedy
A great job once again for the best (and only) gameshow creator on TMO. The questions are good, the contestants are always interesting to listen to, and of course the silken voiced Ken to host it all.... reviewed April 30, 2007
Panic Radio by Babar23 Horror
Oh my God! That was geniously disturbing. One of the best thrills on TMO. All of the VOs were wonderful, I true joy to listen to. Especially A_N_D, he sent chills down my spine. I was kind of anticipa... reviewed April 28, 2007
Empire (Part Two) by andy_inc Action
Totally kickass, Andy. This film is jam packed with all the necessarry ingrediants to make a great movie. An intruiging story, well used and creative mods, and a stellar cast. There isn't much I can s... reviewed April 28, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part Two) by nukester Sci-Fi
... what have I just seen... I'd just like to publicly announce that I now belong to the religion of Nukesterism because you are a god! Nukester that was by far your best movie to date, and the best... reviewed April 27, 2007
Tainted Souls 2 - Hidden Truth by jameseva Horror
Featured Review
Gosh wow! And we thought we knew it all when you graced us with the first, but boy did you shove that right back in our faces. This is suspense filmmaking at it's finest moment. Jameseva has managed t...
reviewed April 26, 2007
The Bates Bounty by andy_inc Sci-Fi
A very nice job, Andy. Great final hurrah. This competition has been really great to follow, and I hope the best for you. The film had some really high marks about it. I loved the way it all looped to... reviewed April 22, 2007
Blood Oath Part 1 by Knightfell Horror
A very nice little vampire flick. Teh story wasn't bursting with originality, but oh well. You made a film that was conclusive, but left room for more. It was well done, and your skills as a filmmaker... reviewed April 22, 2007
Infected - Part 1 by TopherBoy02 Horror
I don't believe it. First movie, yeah right. It was too mind blowing to be your first movie. That was incredible. The VOs were clear and understandable even with that robotic filter. The story was not... reviewed April 20, 2007
The Easter Bunny Conspiracy by bricksfilms Comedy
I loved it, bricks. Glad to help out with it. I hope you do well in the competition. reviewed April 20, 2007
The Holy Visit by MefuneAkira Comedy
Haha! Very nice job, Jesus would be proud. You never stop finding new ways to take situation and twist them every which way practically forcing us to laugh. I bow down to you great King of Comedy. ... reviewed April 12, 2007
Earth Trailer 1 by samyhouse Sci-Fi
Great job, samy. The music was emotional and well used. Everything was great. The ting that really moved me though was your cinematography. The scene where the UFOs were shotting down at the city was ... reviewed April 10, 2007
Natural Occurance by kuroken Sci-Fi
An extremely promising series, Ken. The Vos were great, and I loved the hip 60s vibe. The dialogue was realistic and understandable, the music flowed well. But what really got me was the story. You ma... reviewed April 10, 2007
The Shoelace Wars by rysto Comedy
Hilarious. One of the most original comedies on TMO. I'm so glad you're making a sequel because I just must know what is the fate of mankind. I look forward to see the on going adventures of... dare I say it? reviewed April 9, 2007
Evil Inc by towelie Comedy
OMG! I don't know why this is on TMO, but oh well it was funny anyways. I loved every minute of it. From the first zombie killing to the last awkward silence. Dare I say better than Dance banana? Grea... reviewed April 1, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- EP 1 by eobaggs Comedy
Excellent job eobaggs. The whole thing was great. When you first announced the concept it sounded kind of boring honestly, but you took that idea and turned it into 20 minutes of nailbiting gameshow i... reviewed March 31, 2007
Interstellar Odyssey (Part One) by nukester Sci-Fi
...speechless... Wow. That was incredible. The best sci-fi picture of the year (until part 2 is released). I am just shocked. I think I might cry. Alright, here I go. The film was brilliant. The musi... reviewed March 30, 2007
For My Fellow Soldier - Part 2 by rileyman Romance
Hold on a moment while I wipe a tear from my eye. That was incredible! I had no idea, what I was in for. This one runs circles around the first part. I don't want to be repetitive of my first review, ... reviewed March 25, 2007
For My Fellow Soldier - Part 1 by rileyman Romance
Brilliant. Just fabulous. I was engaged throughout the entire film. Every cast member played their parts well, and this just shows even more how versatile JazzX is. Two parts, and both played masterfu... reviewed March 25, 2007
Damnrealm 01 by George_Locust Horror
A very tight well editted horror. The sounds were great. The crunching, decapitiating, every bit of overlay massacre was a sight to see. But the only thing I didn't like was the ear splitting silence.... reviewed March 21, 2007
Tainted Souls I - Death Drs Dreams by jameseva Horror
Featured Review
"Things aren't always what they seem"- Robert White This was an outddtanding film. I was engrossed throughout. The story is captivating and combines moments of horror and drama. The music and VOs fl...
reviewed March 19, 2007
Alletheo - The Fall of a King by ichthusadmr Action
And they say the Golden age of TMO is over. That was something else. The second the first bagpipes begin to sound we are immersed into the world of Alletheo. A place where a king cumbling under his ... reviewed March 11, 2007
Robo-Who by Tarison Comedy
Looks great. Would have been hilarious to see some of the bedroom scenes with the robot. Ahh, that's great Tarison. reviewed March 8, 2007
Dark Thriller by samyhouse Action
It was quite in interesting film. Your style is very potent and I certainly feasted upon the visuals the whole way through. The ending was a bit unsatisfying which is why only 4 stars, but still worth... reviewed March 8, 2007
Empire (Part One) by andy_inc Action
***MoMc Review*** Well, well, well, what an adventure. This movie displays some clever and effective new overlays and mods as well as executes an intruiging story that has some similarities to a wel... reviewed February 27, 2007
2nd Annual TMOscars by StevenKreg Romance
Great, just fabulous. All the winners are completely deserving and all I can is I knew it! reviewed February 25, 2007
The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
Wow, what an ending to the best action/sci-fi film ever. I usually do't give out The Golden Mustache anymore, but just to make it a 3 peet you got it baby. This was an exceptional film with virtually ... reviewed February 25, 2007
Quiet Creek Sanitarium Trailer by sweatyshoulder Horror
OH my good gravy that was [naughty word!] your pants scary. Now this looks like it's going to make A Photograph lasts a Lifetime like a chick flick! reviewed February 25, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part2 by sherwinliu Romance
Holy great mother of all things great. That was stupifying. It runs cricles around part 1 as the mystery deepens and the tension heats up like a recently lit cigarette. This was brilliant. The delight... reviewed February 24, 2007
The Night Hunter by qtigger Horror
Great, just wonderful. A clever and intruiging story about a hard nosed reporter and the undead subway stalker. The Vos were well done, there was difference between the characters, and very minimal so... reviewed February 19, 2007
Dulci Does TMO by Dulci Comedy
Hahaha, that was funny. I great personal satire. I can tell that this ultimate TMOer contest is gonna put out some great flicks. reviewed February 18, 2007
Jolly Good Chaps by towelie Action
Jolly good, jolly good, spot a tea. I quite enjoyed this film. IT didn't have me rolling on the floor laughing, but it did have some good giggles and VOs. A nice little production, but I don't believe... reviewed February 16, 2007
Gangster by apip Action
Featured Review
Very nice, but riddled with unfortunate lack of attention to detail. The story was very good although a little unrealistic when Jenny was told by her boss to seduce Den. The action sequences were well...
reviewed February 11, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 1 Overture by sherwinliu Romance
Nooo! It's over. This was fantastic. brilliant voice acting from both leads. I was completely mesmerized the entire time. You really transport yoru audience back to a place filled with sumptuous pleas... reviewed February 10, 2007
The Dark Knight (trailer) by nikstudios05 Action
Cool, classic Batman. Looks great. reviewed February 7, 2007
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Finally I get my review in. Fabulous. Simply stunning. The backdrops seemlessly blend with beautiful sets that dazzle the mind as we are graced with satisfying performances from every cast member. I... reviewed January 31, 2007
Rune Scape(Part 1) by carlosanddanny Action
I feel like I have to runescape from this movie... bad joke... that's exactly what this movie was. One long bad joke. reviewed January 31, 2007
Scramble (Part Two) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
A chilling and satisfying end to the best sci-fi series on this website. What a twist, I was utterly shocked at the end. I loved how you pulled it off with it still making perfect sense. All the chara... reviewed January 28, 2007
TRAILER The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
Here it comes, the ultimate in action. The final chapter in one of my favorite series on TMO. reviewed January 23, 2007
Blood in the Moonlight by michael_b6 Action
I've said it before and I'll say it again, no one makes a better shoot out then you man. Great work. reviewed January 22, 2007
Screw Part 2 by micha83 Sci-Fi
Breathtaking! Simply stunning. I thought the first one was jaw dropping but if you haven't seen part 2 you haven't seen anything. The dazzling effects seemlessly blended together with real time. The s... reviewed January 21, 2007
Scramble (Part Two) -- TRAILER by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
The sequel to probably the best sci-fi ever. This is gonna be off the hook greatness! reviewed January 20, 2007
Dark September by kell1608 Action
Definetely one of the best 9-11 film son this website. I'll admit that I foudn the anchorman's speech a little oddly worded, but other than that very realistic portrayl. I"ve seen your film stop the c... reviewed January 20, 2007
Number B - The Devils Letter by MrSmithee Action
Featured Review
All I can say is I've just purchased my next pair of spandex pants for part 3. That was crazy. Intruige, action, and kick ass femme fatals. Blows number one out of the water. This is awesome and deser...
reviewed January 19, 2007
A war like coincedence (trailler) by wackyal3000 Action
***MoMc Review*** Wow, first trailer I've seen on MoMc. The Vo's were alright but you sounded like you were spitting right up against the mic. At the beginning I didn't understand what the subs were ... reviewed January 17, 2007
Attack of the Garden Gnomes Trailer by Master007 Horror
Now this, is what I'mtalking about. An original story, great use of mods, an all star cast, and of course Garden Gnomes! Your movies always brings a fresh breath of air to the comedy charts Master, an... reviewed January 16, 2007
The Driver - Episode One by CrazyQueso Action
***MoMc Review*** Action packed, with nice effetive scene work, but I was soarly disappointed with the lack of details. The positives are obvious, the music and the story line. The music was brillian... reviewed January 10, 2007
Gathering Little Mushrooms by Babar23 Horror
I don't know why, but this has to be one of my favorite films on the website. A zany and dark joourney throught he mysteries of the forest. A must agree that this is very Tim Burton-esque, which makes... reviewed January 10, 2007
The Life Of Troy Jackson 1 by ShyShy Action
It wasn't your best in my opinion ShyShy. Not to say it wasn't good, but I felt it was still kind of obvious, and felt a little sloppy. I like how you based the story around an actual person who you k... reviewed January 8, 2007
Over The Edge - final one by selven Action
***MoMc Review*** A well acted and written story, but it is unfortunately lost by poor atmosphere. I'll start by saying the VOs in this movie were great. You yourself Selven are quite the highlight a... reviewed January 7, 2007
Forever Immortal Episode 3 by andy_inc Action
Featured Review
Another great installment of the FI series. A little late on it's releae, but still enjoyable. I can't wait to see what zanyh adventure the gang gets into next. Forever Immortal, Forever Immortal, you...
reviewed January 5, 2007
The Leprachauns Bride by mildheadwound Comedy
Featured Review
That was Dr, Suess on crack! I don't know why I loved it so much, but all that's important is I did. A wacky, zany, and over the top trip over around through and smack dab in the middle rainbow. That ...
reviewed January 2, 2007
Alletheo - The Fall of a King (Trailer) by ichthusadmr Action
Kick Ass! That was a great trailer and I can not wait to see the real thing. reviewed January 1, 2007
Between Life and Death---Devils Kin by colingaiser Horror
A very engrossing and enjoyable thrill ride that is sure to satisfy any horror thriller fan. The voices from all the cast members were great. Judy's was a little robotic at times, but that was fine. T... reviewed December 30, 2006
BOND by Graeme81 Action
A quite enjoyable movie that is unfortunately covered in copywrite issues. The story was simple, but you made up in action what you lacked in the general complexity of a spy movie plot. Some really gr... reviewed December 28, 2006
The Ten Commandments by Trashman Romance
Epic in it's proportions and astounding is it's technological advances, Trashman has started a movement that every decent film maker should see. The details flow with great force as we see Moses's pow... reviewed December 27, 2006
Dead Fault 3 by michael_b6 Action
It's official, you are the king of action films. It would take a far too long a review to name all of the things in this movie that I enjoyed, and far too short a review to name all of the things I di... reviewed December 25, 2006
Committing TMO Suicide by SilverStarlight Comedy
I will admit that that was pretty darn funny. The end was what really stole the show, though. reviewed December 24, 2006
Heaven by FraasMovies Romance
Very touching little feel good movie. It contrasts well with your FRAASMovies Underworld. reviewed December 21, 2006
On the Air 2 Weather Alert by Master007 Comedy
You've done it again. I'll start off by saying that comparing this movie to the first I'd choose the first, but this is usually the case for sequels. Judging this movie though as an individual film I ... reviewed December 17, 2006
Kings Of Chicago--Theatrical Trailer by DarthDirector Action
Featured Review
Sweetness. That was awesome! I can't believe what I just saw. I simply can not wait until this movie is released.
reviewed December 16, 2006
She will always live forever 3 part 2 tk 2 by derbyrams Action
A so-so ending to a so-so series. I'll start off by applauding you for gathering together some of TMO's hottest VAs. What a cast, unfortunately some of them could've been cut. There were far to many c... reviewed December 16, 2006
SANTA by goodmovies Comedy
I believe that the Santa thing is a bit over used, but looking at this movie singularly it was pretty good. It had funny moments, and decent enough VOs, but the thing that got me was you were kind of ... reviewed December 15, 2006
One Magic Christmas by ralfduran Romance
Featured Review
What a film. The best Christmas movie I've ever seen, and that's counting in real life. I loved all of your mod usage, especially the B&W sets and the snowing overlay. I love movies that look at somet...
reviewed December 14, 2006
Bully by xianlee Action
I would've actually given you two stars, but unofrtunately using copywrited music is against TMO rules. It was well shot, but was pointless I had no idea what was going and had absolutely nothing to ... reviewed December 13, 2006
You know you want it by Captaincomedy123 Romance
Flagged. Purely pornography. reviewed December 12, 2006
Scene Experiments Demo by Tarison Comedy
How did you do that? Great work, Tarison! reviewed December 12, 2006
Salemsville (Episode 1) by loyd2000 Horror
Very very good. One of the better vampire movies I've seen on TMO. The music made this really great. It perfectly complemented the actions and raised the tension perfectly. There were a few spelling m... reviewed December 11, 2006
Deathtrap by Tamptak Horror
Brilliant. I wish I'd checked it out earlier. An innovative abd original horror with a great twist. reviewed December 10, 2006
Because I Could Not Stop For Death by postmodernchuck Romance
You've done it again! Another Chuck masterpiece. The song is timed with the events of her life and works perfectly. You are such a master of set dressing, especially the pull back of the cross made of... reviewed December 10, 2006
Knights - Trailer by fastvideo Action
Looks awesome. Great music choice and editing and really sucks the viewer in. One of the best trailers I've ever seen and I'll surely be watching for the movie. reviewed December 10, 2006
Movie City Exterminators 2 by Yodabob Comedy
A very funny little tribute to all the greats here on TMO. Some good characters you have here to. I loved the segment about K7 Quarantine. Good job Bob. reviewed December 10, 2006
TMO celebrity roast by 6-headedmonster Comedy
A crude, rude, and piss your pants hilarious romp about all well known TMO forum members. Couldn't have been done better. I thought I was gonna die when they showed that Hot Karls advertisement. Noth... reviewed December 8, 2006
Red Rose Killer 2 - Trailer by siclops Horror
Bad trailer, but should be a good follow up. reviewed December 5, 2006
Paralysis by Analysis - Part 1 by sherwinliu Romance
A smart, clever, and witty tale about human attraction. The trouble with comedies on TMO is that they always try and find humor from things that are in actuallity nnot funny. This film however, takes ... reviewed December 4, 2006
Wangstang for President! by rposhard Comedy
That was hi-freaking-larious! The presidential impersonations were spot on. I loved the Bill Clinton ones, they were the best. Wangstang for pres all the way! reviewed December 3, 2006
Red Rose Killer by siclops Horror
Very well done. I wasn't expecting much, but I thought it was executed well. There was of course the dreaded sound sync bug in there which isn't much, bu tthe use of the "It Ain't Over" scene lost you... reviewed December 3, 2006
FATED (part 1) by josephkw Action
An intruiging piece of excellently fabricated film that had me staring at the screen every minute. The thing I loved the best was just when you revealed mone mystery, you opened another for part 2. On... reviewed December 1, 2006
Escape From Purgatory by Sorrow13 Horror
Um... words fail me. I'm not sure if I got everything going on amongst all of the images displayed, but I feel like I just got back from a journey... through Hell. Like I just danced with the devil ... reviewed November 30, 2006
What Could Happen Tomorrow by DanielH20 Action
***This review contains SPOILERS*** It was alright. It had good mystery and good VOs, but it lacked in suspense. You never really explained why he has visions of days to come, and how Michael was conn... reviewed November 30, 2006
Fight of England by Christian11 Action
A very nice war story that was enjoyable from beginning to end. The mods nicely compimented the film, and gave it a sense of realism. The VOs were clear and understandable. The only problem was just t... reviewed November 30, 2006
Paladin I The Necromancer (Teaser) by thonyia Action
The ending was good, but not enough showcasing of the film. It seemed like you wanted to show off Matnee's overlays.It was okay, and the movie should be good, but the teaser was only okay. reviewed November 30, 2006
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
I may not be first, or seconed, or third for that matter. On this anniversary of a great sci-fi film, nothing could honor it more than renewing it's spirit with S&E and VOs. This film takes sci-fi t... reviewed November 26, 2006
She will always live forever 3 part 1 by derbyrams Action
A decent film about indecent people. It felt a bit scattered, but I did enjoy it. I'll have to check out number 2. Overall, not bad, but just a bit to all over the place for me. reviewed November 25, 2006
The Twin Towers Teaser by Nightfire101 Action
Some nice overlays, but kind of sloppily edited. I could see the sand on the set outside the minicity and the Statue of Liberty looked like it was in the middle of the city. reviewed November 24, 2006
DREAMS by KatanaSoul Comedy
This movie does lack in the consistent plot department, even if it is about a dream. It still supports its share of quircky and original comedic value though, and takes the viewer on little ride throu... reviewed November 24, 2006
Interstellar Odyssey Theatrical Trailer by nukester Sci-Fi
Exceptional trailer. Your skills of sucking people in never cease to amaze. Great job, Nuke! reviewed November 23, 2006
A Bullet for Becky by MrSmithee Action
***MoMc Review*** I was not at all wowed by this film. It had a good story which had great potential, but didn't live up I felt. The action sequences were good and had some nice aspects to them as we... reviewed November 20, 2006
Election Day - Who will you vote for by markrichardbehenna Comedy
That was more perverted than Bubbles. I have never seen a banana commit such lude acts in all of my life, and I hope never to see it again. *Wretch* Sorry just vomittd the banana I ate for a snack. reviewed November 20, 2006
The Phantom of the Opera Part 2 Trailer by micha83 Romance
I simply cannot wait. reviewed November 18, 2006
k7-Quarantine by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
It held up to eery expectation I had of it. You certainly have achieved sci-fi perfection withthis one. Ecxellent job! reviewed November 17, 2006
No Greater Fury by Throwaxe Action
***MoMc Review*** Quite a delightful short film. It contained a new and refreshing style about it that I had never seen before but enjoyed. The use of subtitles were good, but some of them were a bi... reviewed November 16, 2006
CQ - Anna Nyte by k4ownzall Action
Very nice spy film. Im looking forward to the next installment in the Anna Nyte series. reviewed November 16, 2006
The Return Of The Desperado Tralier by Master_Hitman Action
I loved the first. This is sure to be just as good. reviewed November 16, 2006
Closed Until Further Notice by ozman69 Horror
"That was gay! It as stupid and perverted and made no sense!" I'm so sorry that those kind of comments plagued your reviews. Those people should stick their heads in the sand with shame. reviewed November 15, 2006
Jade Dragon Odyssey - Part I by KatanaSoul Action
***MoMc Review*** Quite a good martial arts/fantasy film. The fight scenes were superbly filmed an broken down so it gave them new and inventive twists. The story wasn't as engrossing as it could've... reviewed November 15, 2006
Blowfinger by TheMGMKid1 Action
A very good bond flick that should definetely be a top contender for the competition. Great set deisgn like always MGM. PS: I think I caught a subtle joke mixed in. If the name Anlita Mann is said f... reviewed November 14, 2006
DARWIN by verguit Action
Nice overlay work. Should be a good film but a way to short of a trailer. reviewed November 13, 2006
A Broken Life by TheQ5 Action
What a jerk. I thought you developed a nice emotional settng but it lacked some unnamable prospec tthat kept me aback slightly. The VOs were a bit to quiet, but I could still hear them a tad bit. A ... reviewed November 11, 2006
The Desperado by Master_Hitman Action
Featured Review
***MoMc Review*** One word, epic! This movie is jam packed with all the key elements to a successful action film: a great story, immersing dialogue, and good action sequences. Let's stat with the sto...
reviewed November 11, 2006
The Barman by farquad Action
Featured Review
***MoMc Review*** It felt rushed. I really liked the idea and the way the story unfolded, but you crammed so much into a very minimal amount of time.If you'd elaborated more and given us more insight ...
reviewed November 11, 2006
Screw Part 2 Trailer by micha83 Sci-Fi
Looks awesome. Should be a nice sequel. reviewed November 9, 2006
Dark World Trailer by SsjDave3 Horror
Great trailer. I'll be looking forward to the film. reviewed November 8, 2006
This Is Love - VO by dansun81 Action
A very nice noir feeling film. Reminded me of Casablanca but instead of getting blown up, the two lovers were seperated from one another. The plot is very interesting but I felt you didn't elaborate t... reviewed November 6, 2006
The Enemy Within by Sorrow13 Horror
It was a bit dull but not to bad. Some nice FX in there. Liked the head cutting off scene. reviewed November 6, 2006
Prelude To Evil Season 1 Promo by nukester Action
Looks very exciting nuke. Kane was a great character. reviewed November 6, 2006
Security Guards in Space VIII by themonkthemonk Comedy
A clever little comedy. I'll have to check out some more of these because they're very funny. reviewed November 5, 2006
Aliens 1 by TristanL Sci-Fi
It was better than Afro Clowns I will admit, but it was still not very good. It had a story, a simple one at that, but a story non the less. The costume changes were inconsistent though and there was ... reviewed November 5, 2006
The Afro Clones by TristanL Action
I know this was your first movie and it was good for a first movie considering that some people's first movies are just random scenes strung together. But you could've at least added subtitles. I thin... reviewed November 5, 2006
The Remnant (Trailer) by MoffTaka Sci-Fi
Woah... that was cool. I'll be looking out for the real thing. reviewed November 5, 2006
(Teaser)The newsroom by nackman34 Action
It was an alright trailer, but I'd be wary of the catch phrase "The News Will Never Be The Same" because I'm pretty sure that that was used in Master07's On the Air 2 trailer. reviewed November 3, 2006
Scramble (Part One) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
Woah... I can not believe what I just witnessed. I feel like crying ut with joy and going and watching 2001: A Space Odyessy. That was the best movie I've ever seen. I've never said that to anyone els... reviewed November 3, 2006
Bunny Suicides! by PhilBlythe25 Romance
That was very funny. A few editing problems but other then that, I really truthful adaptation of a great comic series. reviewed November 1, 2006
Josh and Will at 18 by cruleworld Action
This movie was a funny little film that was a little to big. This movie dragged on forever with a story thaat couldn't sustain 7 minutes of watching. There were funny moments, but nothing that really ... reviewed October 30, 2006
Star Coconut Girl Saga by KirinRiotCrash Sci-Fi
Well I'll start off by saying that that was perhaps the stranget thing i've ever seen. Ever. I loved it though. The colors and lushness of the scenery blended together very nicely and gave it good atm... reviewed October 30, 2006
Life by ShyShy Romance
That was...strange. I felt that the beginning started out nicely but the events got more and more bizarre as the film progressed. It also didn't seem like the dates made real sense either. He started ... reviewed October 29, 2006
The Mafia BloodShed 2 Vendetta trailer by dude123456 Action
Featured Review
Looks nice. Thought that the music was good but I'm kind of confused on when this takes place They're wearing 30s suuits, driving 70s cars, and fighting ninjas. Other then that, nice job.
reviewed October 28, 2006
FAST II by Mogulman321 Action
A superbly made film that plunges the viewer into the harsh but realistic world of FAST. Excellent VOs, excellent fight sequences, and overall a triumph in action films. I'm an action reviewer for MoM... reviewed October 28, 2006
Game Over 2 by ShyShy Comedy
I have to say I enjoyed the original better. This one was okay but it really wasn't any different then the first except you set us up for part 3 nstead of 2. reviewed October 27, 2006
QUIETUS III by josephkw Horror
I loved it and was glad you made it but I was ,however, very dissapointed we were not even given a glimpse of the sea god. I like the explaining nature of the film but I really wish youd given us a ta... reviewed October 26, 2006
The Ballad Of Reading Gaol by Weasel_005 Romance
A beautfully done poem. It instilled a mix of emotions such as fear and sadness within me because I guess one will never know the pain of regret until they are punished for it. very well done but I do... reviewed October 26, 2006
Red by PhilipBoyes Horror
Brilliant! A seductive and intruiging masterpiece! You expertly use your ability in overlays to portray a wonderful feast for the eyes as we are transported back to turn of the century England where ... reviewed October 25, 2006
We Come In Peace (Episode One) by 02PARSIM Comedy
It was very smart and entertaining. I cant wait to see the next part and should be just as good. We must find the Sherbert Lemons! reviewed October 25, 2006
Nuclear Motive by tremblett Action
Nice film. It had good action and a clever story that should wrap up nicely. The sound sync problem didn't ditract fromt he films quality at all, but I just felt like it personally didn't draw me in v... reviewed October 23, 2006
Infiltration Part 1 by Throwaxe Action
***MOMC Action Review*** Tis film literaly has no flaws. It superbly blends methods of suspense with a pulse ounding action. Great character development, I felt like I really got a sense of the char... reviewed October 23, 2006
Detective Dan 2 - Dandemonium (Trailer) by Silly-Monkey-Studios Comedy
Yeah! Detective Dan is on the case again with yet another hilarious case to solve. reviewed October 23, 2006
The Night of the WereWolves by dude123456 Horror
Featured Review
An average werewolf flick. The story was alright and didn't really bring anyting new to the table. There were major technical issues that really took this film down a level. Let's start with the fact ...
reviewed October 22, 2006
Godfather The End Part 1 by ShyShy Action
Let me start off by saying that I enjoyed this flick more than any of your horror films (that includes the romance film). I wish the rest of the series was still online so I could get a little more in... reviewed October 22, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
Wow. A top quality futuristic thriller that keeps the viewer interested throughout. Can't wait for th next "direction" this film will take. reviewed October 22, 2006
UNHOLY Chronicles (trailer) by nikstudios05 Sci-Fi
That was awesome this should be a creative and nventive new series on TMO. reviewed October 22, 2006
Tuesday the 31st by homemadeeye Comedy
You are crazy. That movie was hilarious! There hav ebeen some really funny comedies out lately and this is definetely one. reviewed October 22, 2006
Outlaws of the Bog by MrSmithee Action
***MOMC Action Review*** You really did a nice job develpoing a very enchanting and haunting story. It proceeded with intruige and suspense that fueled the great action sequences. But there were som... reviewed October 22, 2006
Human Apathy Trailer by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Woah... that was crazy. When you said you had a "what if" movie coming up, you meant it. I simply cannot wait. reviewed October 22, 2006
Heart Breaker by ShyShy Romance
ShyShy, let's face it. You can't make a movie without adding in a werewolf or that shower scene. After seeing the progression of your horror films I'd stick with that so you can finally make your mast... reviewed October 22, 2006
Hotel of Horror(Subtitle VERSION) by ShyShy Horror
Your best movie thus far! You obviously develpoed the story a little more and the camera angles were very good. The suspense gathers and climaxes but leaves room for another installment where we find ... reviewed October 21, 2006
CENSORED! (TM) by MrDeMillipede Comedy
Alright, lemme just say one thing... GENIOUS! This movie stings with a poignant accuracy that gets TMO in its acheles heel. Smart and original, this movie makes a blunt but true statement that exposes... reviewed October 19, 2006
Bubbles (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
That was completely irreverant and crude and the most innapropriatte thing I've ever seen. It was awesome! reviewed October 19, 2006
Prine Of Abasia Trailer by guitardude787 Action
It has peaked my interest. Some nice use of mods and I don't think this movie should disapoint. reviewed October 19, 2006
Macbeth (Act One) by buddha32 Action
I'd been waiting for quite some time to see this and you finally released it. It was not without its flaws but it was a very good representation of a Shakespear classic. Some good VOs (especially Lady... reviewed October 19, 2006
The Chronicles of Sebastian trailer1 by bricksfilms Horror
Featured Review
Looks awesome. I love those demon mods they really make Damien looks great. Glad you still have Azuresama doing VOs for you.
reviewed October 17, 2006
All About The Dollar - Chapter One by somekindamovie Action
*MOMC Action Review* I do have to admit that I'm not a big fan of westerns. I felt that you did a nic ejob portraying the rustic atmosphere but I my eardrums were splitting the entire time. No dialo... reviewed October 16, 2006
Game Over by ShyShy Action
It had some pretty funny moments. It was a good idea but, ShyShy, I gotta be honest with you, this is not an action film. This is a comedy all the way. Good movie but when you choose action and don't ... reviewed October 15, 2006
The Mission by Yodabob Horror
Very good. That voice was chilling. I'm assuming it's your daughter but that's just a guess. Really good, I wasn't expecting the endin glike that. I very original horror film but a horror film non the less. reviewed October 15, 2006
Its Payback Time! by JamesWorcester Action
*MoMc Action Review* Action Reviewer Well I must admit that this was something that I wasn't expecting. I thought that you crafted a very intruiging plot that kept me zero'd in on the movie through... reviewed October 14, 2006
Bullet Proof by xerra55 Action
*MoMc Review* Mustachio26 Action reviewer Well this is one unique superhero. Unlike the normal tights and capes superhero that most of us are used to seeing. I did enjoy this film but that's not wit... reviewed October 14, 2006
The Egyptian Curse Unleashed - Trailer 1 by Fozz20 Action
I loved the first one and this one should be even better. Great work Fozz! reviewed October 14, 2006
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
Awesome! This is by far a spectacle event on TMO!Nothing could compare to tis thrill ride. You have achieved the status of an uncompared movie-maker by making this terrifying journey complete with all... reviewed October 13, 2006
View From a Window by sgporsche48 Horror
Originality: 7/10 Subs-VOs: 10/10 Story: 9/10 Wow Factor: 6/10 Overall: 32/40= 4 stars I enjoyed the movie but I do have to admit it wasn't the most original story I'd ever seenon TMO. I also f... reviewed October 12, 2006
The Guardians Angel Trailer 2 by lizard3209 Action
Very artistic. Beautifully animated and was a perfect glimpse into what should be a great film. reviewed October 12, 2006
The Castle Dragon - Charity Animation by matneee Action
Awesome mods. Superb. Unfortunately only a demo so I can't really rate any more then 3 stars but you shoudl still feel proud of this fabulous achievment. reviewed October 12, 2006
SCREW Part 1 by micha83 Sci-Fi
I brilliant barrage of a surreal and haunting story perfectly complimented with some of the best effects I've witnessed on TMO. I stupendous feat! reviewed October 11, 2006
TRAILER by benstudios1991 Action
Haha, hilarious! I would've never guessed! reviewed October 10, 2006
The Tomb by thebaloob123 Comedy
It was really just a showcase of the new Medevil Modders Pack. But htose are some sweet new mods I gotta admit. reviewed October 9, 2006
Underpants Man - The Movie by biggstrek Comedy
Love it. Just what I was waiting for. The next comedy classic on TMO up with the big ones like the "Not Another Zombie Movie" movies, and the titan "Showdown in Foggytown". Pure comedic genious witht ... reviewed October 9, 2006
Masked Killer 3 (Remade) by ShyShy Horror
It was basically still the same thing so I don't know why I'd rate differently. LOL. Nice ending. YOu could make a funny spin off with a family of masked killers. Good work. Again. Again? reviewed October 8, 2006
Ninjitsu Sun Teaser Trailer by nukester Action
That was cool. Kinda dissapointed that I have to wait to till next year but I see that you're gonna be supplying us with some other great films until then. Really nice trailer and should be very good ... reviewed October 8, 2006
Spy Games by BlueMoon123 Action
Wow! I loved this movie. Intruiged from start to finish. Great action sequences, good dialogue, and a very entertaining plot. There were only 2 things for next time and they were: slow down the sbutit... reviewed October 7, 2006
SMS #3: Keying and Particle Effects by 911truth Comedy
It was pretty cool. I mean there could be plenty of good stoner movies using that. Or others. reviewed October 6, 2006
Masked Killer 3 by ShyShy Action
My favorite Masked Killer thus far and from the ending of this it looks like we got more to come, a family of Masked Killers should make for a good series. reviewed October 6, 2006
The Island - Proof of concept animation by matneee Action
A great effect that could be put to good use for some films. reviewed October 6, 2006
Heaven vs Hell by ShyShy Comedy
Uhuh... well certainly was not like anything I've ever seen before. I understood you were trying to pull of random comedy, but even random comedy has to be organized (in a random fashion). This showed... reviewed October 4, 2006
The Mission Trailer by Yodabob Horror
I don't know what ShyShy was talking this thing was awesome! I'm very excited about this film. reviewed October 4, 2006
The Contract Killer by jim_ Action
Very good. It was just a that day in the life a of a hitman. Very well done. I kind of wished that you'd used a different costume for the bathtub scene, just because its more likely for someone to wea... reviewed September 30, 2006
Not Another Zombie Movie 3 by thejoe8pizza Comedy
A solid irreverant comedy with all the greatness of the second one. I love the opening sequence with the christmas trees making out with that woman. It was all very clever and it's a shame the series had to go. reviewed September 30, 2006
Movie For Finish The Story Competiton by jinko23 Action
Ummm...not good. At all. I have to agree with Timo on this one. The continuity was bad, there wasn't any lot and I'm pretty sure you didn't even use all of the scenes you were supposed to. I have a mo... reviewed September 29, 2006
The Prophetess-Veil of Deception (Teaser) by ichthusadmr Sci-Fi
Why did you do this. Now I'm even more excited. You've really started off my day right. reviewed September 29, 2006
Ping and the Brotherhood of the Iron Dragon by mcrispy13 Action
It was very good. One of the best martial arts films on TMO but unfortunately it really could've bee longer. I can't really call it epic if it lasts for 6 minutes. If you'd elaborated a little more th... reviewed September 25, 2006
John Bond 00 point 5 by SMagee Comedy
It was alright. The VOs were good and that openign bit with P was pretty funny but I still wish had a little more of a plot. Random comedy is only good if you go all out random. This teetered in betwe... reviewed September 25, 2006
9 11 by DarkLordNich Action
Woah! Way to go Nick. May favorite of all your uplaoded movies. Glad you finally got S+E. Good firefighter movie. reviewed September 24, 2006
PROTON by Toxindude Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I was kind of surprised to find that I really enjoyed this film. IT had a smooth story that fit together well. The subtitles weren't to fast and were easy to read. I was engaged throughout the entire ...
reviewed September 24, 2006
Dignity of Men by sherwinliu Romance
Raw, surreal, gut wrenching, and eye opening. This movie is an astonishing feat that couldn't possibly have any significant match at all. A deeply frightening film that is quite a shock to the system ... reviewed September 23, 2006
Lookin good ShyShy! Should be pretty good. I think you've developed yourself a decent little franchise going on. reviewed September 22, 2006
The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion by vailanater Action
Not agood trailer at all. And it's against Copywrite. reviewed September 22, 2006
Teaser of the Bite of the Knobgobbler by nunberry Horror
It was good but I really wish I'd figured out what this thing was about! All I got from this was you're a good animated overlay maker and that theirs a guy running around in his underwear. But it shou... reviewed September 22, 2006
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
A very smart and original comedy. I feel like such a loser having not seen the film until now! But really, great job and there are very few comedies on TMO like this. Great job! reviewed September 22, 2006
Mancini by DNR Action
An exceptional biographical film that has the viwer captivated into the swirling emotional life that was Ray Mancini's. Really top-notch! reviewed September 22, 2006
Oh Its On Saru Vs White Saru! by jinko23 Comedy
This was a complete rip off of OIO. The monkeys were the same, at least OIO has awesome custom effects and some story (this had neither). To be honest with you, I believe this is against Lionhead's ru... reviewed September 21, 2006
Journeys of Captain Flint A Pirates Life by jjnelson222 Sci-Fi
Not bad. Some great customs here. I thought that there were some scenes that could'vev been cut shorter but other then that really a solid pirate film. reviewed September 21, 2006
Macbeth - Trailer by buddha32 Action
This is gonna be great! I wish it were longer though. reviewed September 21, 2006
Um yeah, maytbe I missed a secret interpretation of this movie but basically I got "you were bored and thought yousounded cool while recording yourself saying solve my code". Just bad. To put it bluntly. reviewed September 20, 2006
The Passion Of Beth -Trailer by StevenKreg Comedy
Magical awe-inspiring. I really don't get people giving this ovie a low rating because of it being anti-christian. This is just like the whole DaVinci Code thing. I think that this film looks like a p... reviewed September 20, 2006
POW Teaser Trailer by Sith Action
It was okay. I just think that when doing the FPS thing that you should move the camera around faster to make it a little more realistic. Also a question, why is the main character wearing a Vietnam u... reviewed September 20, 2006
Gangster Nation 2 by UrinatingTree Comedy
Excellent! Those gangsters kicked major ass! I loved the ending and the entire story was such a constant barrage of humor that I don't kow how anyone cold sit throught that without at least cracking a... reviewed September 20, 2006
Macbeth - Act One - Witch Trailer by buddha32 Action
That was awesome the real one is gonna rock. (Pardon my tardiness on my VO) reviewed September 20, 2006
Shadow Reaver - The Beginning by Morris101 Horror
An excellent beginning to a very promising new series. reviewed September 19, 2006
I just think you needed to spend a little bit more time on it. Major incidents with the plane set. Which way are the chairs supposed to be and I'm almost 100% sure that the hijackers didn't look asian... reviewed September 19, 2006
FAST by Mogulman321 Action
Pretty cool to watch but went way to FAST. If you would've elaborated a little more on the nature of the deal then this would be a sure fire 5 stars. reviewed September 18, 2006
On the Air 2 Weather Alert (trailer) by Master007 Comedy
I loved it! My character looks awesome I love the dreads. This is gonna be so funky! reviewed September 17, 2006
The Hybrid Theory II Trailer by Thonyia Sci-Fi
Woah! I am pumped for this one! Awesome! reviewed September 16, 2006
Loveless by murpheykid Romance
A great romantic movie with an ending that provides a real truth instead of just a happy ending. reviewed September 15, 2006
Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part II) by ichthusadmr Action
An amazing and intruiging ending to a wonder already wonderful series! reviewed September 15, 2006
The Innsmouth Horror by toriel Horror
Very good and intruiging. The main characters VOs were a bit unnatural but other then that a solid horror film that definetely entertains. reviewed September 14, 2006
Interstellar Odyssey Teaser by nukester Sci-Fi
Woah... looks great! It reminds me of a 2001 a Spaca Odyssey. reviewed September 13, 2006
Masked Killer 2 by ShyShy Horror
That was so exciting! Good job everyone! That was awesome and way better then the first one. Can't wait for part 3. reviewed September 10, 2006
On the Air by Master007 Comedy
Very funny. A solid story with great use of S+E. I loved the German part at the end. can't wait for Part 2! reviewed September 10, 2006
The Courage Within II by MefuneAkira Action
1st one was groundbreaking, this one was legendary. A mastery of TMO technology that surpasses any. If this isn't at least given a hotick I've lost all faith in TMO. reviewed September 8, 2006
tomb raider episode 1 v1 by TheTombRaider Action
I wasn't expecting much but I really enjoyed it. Thought you could've spiced it up with some music but the continuity was very good and the free-cam shots were amzing for someone who just got S+E. I c... reviewed September 6, 2006
Situation Omega Trailer by Bugga62 Sci-Fi
I just didn't care for it. This was like the actual movie and would be even worse if it was. This didn't really tell me anything about the plot except there's scientists with guns shooting at random m... reviewed September 6, 2006
MOTZAH! by Kyle_Rob_and_Gio Comedy
Pretty funny. I didn't really get why the rabbi's were in priests outfits but besides that not bad. reviewed September 6, 2006
Har Megido by tremblett Action
A tad to long for a trailer but I really enjoyed it. Stirred emotions in me and this was just the trailer! I'm very excited about seeing the finished product. reviewed September 6, 2006
A Note by EthanRunt Romance
Mind blowing! A movie taht will have you stunned by the heart words of a man pushed to his limits so much he became suicidal. A suicide note is much then a notification of death, but a memoir of reaso... reviewed September 6, 2006
Kickers by pookashells Comedy
Very funny. I love that song and I always want a Snickers when I hear it. reviewed September 4, 2006
Masked Killer 2 Trailer by ShyShy Horror
I feel honored to say 4 lines in this movie. reviewed September 4, 2006
Fate by BamRyan Comedy
I like cookies. Oh yeah, the movie wasn't bad either. reviewed September 3, 2006
Laddies War by holdmykidney Action
A wondeerful adventure film with a marvelous story and a new character that could star in many more adventures to come. reviewed September 1, 2006
Sight Trailer by Sith Horror
Featured Review
Ooooooooooo... exciting. Looks like a good one.
reviewed August 29, 2006
Masked Killer by ShyShy Horror
It was actually pretty cool. I kind of wished you'd elaborated on the true identity f the masked killer but thats what sequels are for... you are making a sequel aren't you? All in all, not a bad litt... reviewed August 29, 2006
Malloy Chapter One by DaRKoNe462 Action
Wow, superb. I watched just so I'd be caught up for part 2 and I'm so glad I did. What a rollercaoster and I'm sure that chapter 2 is gonna mind bogglingly awesome. reviewed August 28, 2006
The Egyptian Curse by Fozz20 Action
After watching the trailer, I wasn't to excited about this one but I decide to watch it just for fun. WOW, I'm so glad I did because I really enjoyed it. Beautifuly done everything seemed to fit toget... reviewed August 28, 2006
Site C by pixiedad Action
I really enjoyed this one. Maybe one of my favorite non-VO movies on TMO. Very fluent with a nice story to support everything and a nice little wrap-up in the end for you to decide on wether or not to... reviewed August 27, 2006
ODE TO TMO REVIEWERS by kwistufa Romance
That was great. A perfect tale of all the ups and downs of TMO. Told through music! reviewed August 27, 2006
Damien-Teaser by bricksfilms Horror
Ooo, chilling. That monster effect at the end was very cool. Looks like it's gonna be great. reviewed August 27, 2006
Life in the Old West by yeagmaster Romance
Top notch film. Best weestern I've ever seen on TMO. Great story, VO, and everything just seemed to fit together like a puzzle. Brilliant! reviewed August 26, 2006
9-11 theatrical trailer by fadedmemory90 Action
Just didn't really seam that, real. Told m nothing about the story unless the entire movie is just the plane crashing and massive carnage. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what comes of it. reviewed August 25, 2006
Mystery The Office Murder (Teaser) by Master007 Action
Very intruiging... I'm hooked. Promising, looks very promising. reviewed August 24, 2006
v for vendetta by joelmicd Action
It was okay. I'm a die-hard V for Vendetta fan and I like dit but if you're really going to get inot making a stary like that then I think you need to delve a little deeper then just gives a neat litt... reviewed August 24, 2006
Trailer -- Destiny by J-Bros Action
Looks exciting. Glad I auditioned. reviewed August 24, 2006
Oh Its On Funk Shinkon Kerabuyu by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Funkmaster Raheem takes no prisoners! That was awesome and Mixmasterfestus, you never cease to amaze with those custom animations. I may not be a funky reviewer but this is one FUNKY movie. (I hope I ... reviewed August 24, 2006
Mechanisms Trailer by jhurst Sci-Fi
Wow, this trailer really grabbed me in. This looks exciting and could sustain me for over 6 parts. Really looks intruiging. reviewed August 24, 2006
Silly Rabbit Trix Are For Kids by naughteydog Comedy
Strange, bizarre, irreverant... and yet I couldn't look away. I actually go ta few laughs out of it. Not bad. reviewed August 22, 2006
The Yolks on You by mestoph72 Comedy
Very fine work. She has a lot of potential to become an award winning TMOer. I also think that when she gets older, if she's still interested in TMO that she'd make a great Voice Actress. Overall, I v... reviewed August 22, 2006
Samuel L Jackson and Jack Black by feznacho Comedy
It was funny but the actors looked nothing like Jack Bleck or Samuel L. Jackson. I didn't understand why Sammuel L. Jackson was all of a sudden in an alley swearing and threatening to kill random peop... reviewed August 22, 2006
Close Encounters with some Aliens part 2 by homemadeeye Comedy
Very good. A bombardment of humor that kept on coming. I loved every minute of it. Especially the Snakes on a Train bit. That waas my favorite. reviewed August 22, 2006
PLAGUE teaser by Themurderinghobo Horror
Looks exciting. Nice mods, music, and everything seemed to really fit together well. Shodd be an entertaining flick. reviewed August 22, 2006
School helps by cameroony Action
I'm sorry, just not that good. At all. reviewed August 21, 2006
LMAO Studios Trailer The courage Within II by MefuneAkira Action
Just gonna say that was one of the coolest trailers I've ever seen and it looks like you got a nice VO cast for it as well. Cannot wait and I'm sure this one will have a Golden Mustache under its belt as well. reviewed August 21, 2006
Residents Of Evil Trailer by Sith Horror
Let me just say that if you put that music in any movie, it'll be scary. Looks freeky. P.S. Cool idea sending out invites! reviewed August 20, 2006
The Phantom of the Opera Part 1 by micha83 Romance
This was quite possibly the best movie I've ever seen on TMO and anyone that gives this movie any less then 5 stars is on my blacklist. I think that's enough said. reviewed August 20, 2006
Austin Powers! - Trailer by Carlinhoz Comedy
Looks pretty good. I thought it was gonna be some cheap knock off some guy thought he could because he had the costumes but this actually looks pretty good. Nothing special though. reviewed August 20, 2006
k7 - Quarantine -Trailer- by Rik_Vargard Action
Halleluja, halleluja! An feat of supreme excellence. With S+E this movie is gonna be great. reviewed August 19, 2006
Do you need a new phone by Master007 Comedy
Just didn't like it that much. Of course it was only 26 seconds so it wasn't a big deal. reviewed August 19, 2006
Scary Movie X Preview by DarkLordNich Horror
Oh Nich you're so crude. CHeck out my movies by clicking on my studio name. reviewed August 19, 2006
Soft Candy Trailer1 by bodyatlasmovies Sci-Fi
Just didn't like it very much. To fast. reviewed August 19, 2006
Espionage World Subsistence Trailer by DarthSim64 Action
Nothing special at all. Just blah. Doesn't really rope me into seeign the actual film. Not good. The only part that kept me watching was the music. reviewed August 15, 2006
Hitman Part I Training(final2) by Babar23 Action
Strange, intruiging, entertaining, surreal, and astounding are all words that describe ths movie. It was a journey through a twisted world that was surreal yest realistic and compelling. Exceptional f... reviewed August 15, 2006
Solanum Part 1 Teaser by warpedrevolution Horror
Looks good, definetely has me intruiged. Should be entertaing and looking forward to it. reviewed August 15, 2006
Titanic (Trailor) by carlosanddanny Romance
You should've given us more. A story like Titanic is something that could (like the Titanic) sink miserably, or sky rocket into TMO history. You've made a risky decision but if you pull it off and it'... reviewed August 14, 2006
Box Cult 2 Teaser by WhiteFire_Studios Sci-Fi
The narrating kind of got annoying and there really wasn't anything said about what the movie was about. Just average, nothing special. (Golden Mustache: No) reviewed August 14, 2006
THE DEAD WALK (R) by verguit Horror
Definetely one of the better horrors on TMO. Some people think that having some guy in a mask run aroound killing people is a true horror movie, but it isn't. A true horror has a story that frightens ... reviewed August 14, 2006
Marauders 4 by artorious Action
Very intruiging war film with promise of another. The use of S+E was brilliant and conveyed the horror of war very realistically. Overall, very entertaining. (Golden Mustache: No) reviewed August 13, 2006
The Dead Dont Talk by Alpha-Omega Action
10 minutes, already. That was awesome! It had all the neccesities of a great action film. Custom action sequences that would leave you enthralled till the bitter end and of course a car chase that cou... reviewed August 13, 2006
UTOPIA by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
I have to start off by saying that it wasn't perfect. Only two things really bothered me, the conversation between John and his friend was confusing because they both had masks on and you didn't know ... reviewed August 11, 2006
American Teens by ollie-boy Romance
I'm sorry, but that just didn't make much sense at all. reviewed August 10, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 2 by decadentpictures Horror
Even without seeing the first one, exceptional! A work of art. Towards the end , those scenes in the car were great. Everything was in a class of its own. I only had one problem: the VO for Bill sound... reviewed August 9, 2006
A Flawless Mind by Rockstar_Studios Sci-Fi
Featured Review
That was awesome! The ending blew me away. I might go insane if you don't add a sequel. Maybe one of my favorite SCI-FI movies on TMO, if not my favorite it's up there. (Golden Mustache: Yes)
reviewed August 8, 2006
The Jeremiah Mystery (You Guess) by WorldPictures Horror
Very cool new idea for TMO movies. (Golden Mustache: No) reviewed August 8, 2006
Loss of Empathy by michael_b6 Action
I feel bad for not having watched it sooner. Amazing, pure brilliance. It really proves that you don't need to make a full length motion picture on TMO to emotionally sway your viewer. (Golden Mustache: Yes) reviewed August 8, 2006
The Raiders of Ragweed by JustinMoore Action
It was alright. The story wasn't anything I hadn't seen before and it ended very abruptly. The VO's all sounded similar and they were a little difficult to hear. But taking into consideration that thi... reviewed August 8, 2006
Steven The Insane Guy by BamRyan Comedy
It was an entertaining movie that amuzed me for 2 min 50 sec out of my life. (Golden Mustache: NO) reviewed August 8, 2006
The Boy Who Found He Was Gay by nute Romance
What the heck was that? reviewed August 8, 2006
So Here I Am by mixmasterfestus Horror
I liked it. I could quite possibly use this method to look at decisions in my life. Very good. reviewed August 7, 2006
The Courage Within by MefuneAkira Action
It's over...already. No way, that was awesome. I can't wait for the second one! reviewed August 7, 2006
Make Poop! (Music Video) by Dave180786 Comedy
I... can't... stop... laughing! I think I did make... ya know. reviewed August 5, 2006
QUIETUS II by josephkw Horror
I loved it with every fiber (tentacle) of my being. That monster was awesome! Don't know how you did it and that whole sniper sequence blew my mind. Quite possibly one of the best horror movies ever o... reviewed August 5, 2006
Quietus1 by josephkw Horror
Chilling. Simply chilling. By the end I was hiding half behind my hand. Oh and that monster, just amazing. Thought it was gonna leap out and grab with those tentacles. Great! reviewed August 5, 2006
The Tea Pot - Trailer by Nuggetdie Comedy
It is definetely looking good (The Scottish bannana and the co-starring Jesus parts were what really drew me in). reviewed August 4, 2006
Testing Tubes Teaser by Global-Star_Pictures Action
Pretty good. It does intruige me. reviewed August 3, 2006
Number B by MrSmithee Action
That was cool! It was a little difficult to understand that she was roling around in a gian tpuddle of blood and then got up but that was quickly recovered with the awesome S+E usage and clever ending... reviewed August 3, 2006
HELL(it aint so bad!) by alfric Action
Just ok. I smirked a few times but it didn't really make me laugh like a comedy should. The final punchline though was pretty funny I have to admit but I still wasn't captivated in consistent hilarity... reviewed August 2, 2006
The Guccinis - The Trailer by iwtfl Action
Featured Review
Very good. Good visuals and editing but you lost a star just because I didn't really know the basics of the story when I was finished watching it. You named all the reasons its gonna be cool, but thos...
reviewed August 2, 2006
Terminator Trailer by mikeychaos Sci-Fi
Don't get me wrong it was pretty awesome but it would've been better with VO's and it didn't seem very Terminator-esque when he got hit by the car. He walked out into the middle of the street like a l... reviewed August 2, 2006
The TMOscars! by StevenKreg Romance
great and I loved the opening, it was hilarious. Can't wait for the next show, it should be great! reviewed July 31, 2006
Fire and Forget III by nukester Action
Wow, freat Action flick that brings limitless originality. I only had one problem, how come Kane continued to be reatedly stabbed about 4 times in the final fighting sequence? It looked cool but it di... reviewed July 30, 2006
J Alfred Prufrock Considers the Infinite by postmodernchuck Romance
Breathtaking, simply breathtaking. What more can I say about something that rises above the title movie into a class of its own, a classic work of art. Astonishing, beautiful, unbelievable, the list goes on. reviewed July 30, 2006
FraasMovies Underworld by FraasMovies Horror
Not to say that this movie wasn't great, but way to short. Hopefully there will a sequel or something because I crave to see more of them serviving amongst the inhabitants of Hell. reviewed July 20, 2006
Silent Game by sisch Sci-Fi
Very good. I thought that instead of just showing the game, you should've had some unknwon go on and turn the tables. Just a thought but still good. reviewed July 20, 2006
The Golden Dog by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
To start off I'd just like to say, anyone that doesn't that this movie was quite possibly the best thing they've ever seen is quite possibly INSANE! A truly exceptional story that has all most neccess... reviewed July 20, 2006
The Hybrid Theory by Thonyia Sci-Fi
Great! Very engrossing! Solid and original plot-line. Amazing custom music and mods. The problem was that sound bug but I can totally cope so I won't give you any less of the rating you deserve becaus... reviewed July 20, 2006
Welcome to Romance High School by GoodBurger Romance
it was pretty good movie. Nothin special but it kept me entertained for a good 3 minutes. reviewed July 17, 2006
Bullet Cam by Video_Capture Action
Cool for about 30 seconds. reviewed July 16, 2006
Phantom of the opera (Trailer) by micha83 Romance
First off, I love the Phantom of the Opera and have been wondering for quite sometime if it was possible for it to be done. But now I know it can be. I really hope it's released in english but since I... reviewed July 16, 2006
wizards of the compass1- complete by ranger21 Action
Well not to be overly critical but to be honest it wasn't the most original concept I've ever seen but you definetely won me over with all the custom stuff. It was as if you weren't even playing this ... reviewed July 9, 2006
Next Door by neonoir1x Romance
I have to start out saying that I din't neccisarily understand the entire thing. I go tkind of thrown off when I found out the guy was a really a transvestite (I think). But what really one me over wa... reviewed July 6, 2006
Angels and Demons Part I by Seanahue Sci-Fi
Good, very engaging. I kind of wished there was some dialogue though. But still very good concept. reviewed July 4, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Trailer by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Very funny. I din't realy understand it, but that made it all the funnier. I liked the part when that angel girl came and hit them and then she went away. Hehe... funny. Anyway, very good. I hope that... reviewed July 4, 2006
Hijack by FraasMovies Action
Very good job. Thee aren't many films that can accomplish that edge-of-your-seat feeling but yu deffinetely did. reviewed July 4, 2006
Montana Vol1 Trailer by secretweapon23 Action
The movie looks really good. The plot is lacking some originality, but I do have to admit that the SE look awesome. It should be good. reviewed July 4, 2006
The French Insurrection by Angelo_Santino Comedy
Very good! I've enjoyed all the French Insurrection films I've seen so far. reviewed July 3, 2006
Ducko III Teaser by tomacres Comedy
Good music and modded costumes. Looks really cool! reviewed July 3, 2006
Runescape-a Piss Take by jammydodger Comedy
Hilarious! Simply hilarious! I used play Runescape and got really into it until I realized its pettiness compared to many other online and offline game in many ways. No offense to people who play Rune... reviewed July 3, 2006
ICE-513 by MFK88 Action
It was good. I thought it should've taken anotherplot twist. Obviousness was the only turn off. reviewed July 3, 2006
MYSPACE THE MUSICAL! by themoviemaker234 Comedy
Personally, I think that everyone that uses MYspace should watch this! It talks about all the rampant pedafile danger of online chatting put to a catchy tune. Great, reall, really, great. I mean you r... reviewed July 3, 2006
Price of Vengeance by Bennettl Action
I was actually very impressed. The VOs could've been a little more enthusiastic but besides that I enjoyed it very much. I really liked all the modded textures though, those made the movie. Especially... reviewed June 29, 2006
Dragon by Sonfaro Sci-Fi
Very good! It was very captivating and had an exceptional ending. I didn't quite understand why the other master just kind of collapsed in the end but that doesn't really seem like it matters to much.... reviewed June 27, 2006
Quick by denzell Action
Not to say I didn't like the consept but it seemd as though it skipped around and had me a bit confused at times. I also thought it ended a bit abruptly. But I still thought it was a pretty good movie. reviewed June 25, 2006
The Adventures of Superdog by jmartin917 Action
Good concept and could have been really great but it was just to short. Nice VOs though. reviewed June 25, 2006
French insurection for SE (by EdWoud 1) by EdWoud Action
That was awsoem and I totally feel for people that speak a different language. but just as a side not, you have to tell where you got that awsome V for Vendetta mask. That made the movie for me (and t... reviewed June 23, 2006
Dreamtown3 by Rik_Vargard Action
Great, just great! One of my favorite series on TMO. I hope you continue to supply quality films like this one. Please rate my film Sunflower Heights. Once again, fabulous! reviewed June 22, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
Amazing, it's as if the movies has actually spoken to you and told you the horrible life woe it has endured. Awe inspiring. Please view and rate my film "Sunlfower Heights". reviewed June 19, 2006
Government Surveillance by benstudios1991 Comedy
Very, very funny. All other comedies aspire to it. It not only is a satire of government spying but also of peoples criticism towards rating movies. (Please rate my movies The Blood of War and The Blo... reviewed June 19, 2006
The Vampires of Armageddon Part Three by holdmykidney Sci-Fi
Great, just loved it. I especially enjoyed the volcano scene at the end. A grade A movie. Please rate my new movie "The Blood of War". reviewed June 19, 2006
Bullets are Forever starring Marshall Parris by the_georgeZILLA Action
I don't think there's enough stars to show the greatness of this film. The voice acting is great, the plot line is great. You definetely deserve everything you get credit wise. Please rate my new movi... reviewed June 19, 2006