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Retrospect Action
The First Movie by Lee Stapleton ----------------------------- =============================- - Official Publicity Launch (NOTE: Close the gap b... posted January 16, 2006
Movies Reviewed by MovieMakerStapes
A Photograph Lasts A Lifetime by sweatyshoulder Horror
It was an honour to VA in this film for ya mate :-) I really enjoyed the whole 21 minutes of it! Pace, Suspense, Action, Twists and not to mention the well compiled editing! Great Job! reviewed December 20, 2006
Kings Of Chicago--Theatrical Trailer by DarthDirector Action
Featured Review
This review is based on a 3 Star Maximum due to it being a Trailer:- Kings of Chicago makes a stiff martini and triple house whiskey look like a soft drink. Being based in the times of the Mafioso pr...
reviewed December 17, 2006
The Sweat Awards by sweatyshoulder Action
What a great opening to a movie! This is how you start an award ceremony! although the silence got a little boring after a while, it still didn;t tread away the entertainment value, good job 'sweaty! reviewed December 13, 2006
The DJDanny Show by DJDanny Comedy
I enjoyed this movie for the first 1 minute and then lost concentration... I am sorry DJDanny I think that you're a great guy from the posts you've made and attitude :-) But this didn't do much for m... reviewed December 12, 2006
Police Stopped My Car! by pamdennis Comedy
I think this is a very important message for all people during the holiday season! Was a catchy tune too. Nice bit of camerawork but this isn't really why it's getting 3 stars. It's a film with an i... reviewed December 9, 2006
The Intro by bmsgtmx Action
Copyrighted music mate, not allowed :-S Don't be surprised if this gets taken off unless you have the rights. The story started off well, but eventually it died, was a montage of death and situations... reviewed December 9, 2006
Love In The Form Of Pie by cheese101 Romance
Erm...ok, i like the homgae to that trailer in germany about following the car and then a zombie comes up. But the rest of the film?'s not that great, just tw oguys messing aobut. I reck... reviewed December 9, 2006
Singularity by simaholic1 Sci-Fi
Some great Voice acting in this one! Good story, but the noticeable flaw is the editing, most shots lasted way longer than they should have also cuts were sometimes identical. Sound is also a key pr... reviewed December 9, 2006
When face hit ground by sergent Action
Hahaha! I knew as soon as I seen the title that this would be short, snappy and simple, plus the directors choice to make fun of itself as action packed is humouristic. I wouldn't give it any highe... reviewed December 9, 2006
Death of a Ninja by Chicken_Danca Action
Random....Just too many symetrical scenes, and not enough story. I can see what angle the film is trying to acheive here by doing a comedy via randomness of Bunnies and the noted chicken and gorilla (... reviewed December 9, 2006
SpaceLizardsProblems with Machineact1 by JohannTetreault Sci-Fi
That was very comfortable to watch. First off let me say it was well structured as a story however, the title sort of lets the film down, where are the lizards!? hehe only joking but seriously the mo... reviewed December 9, 2006
FATED (part 1) by josephkw Action
Ok, now where are the flaws!?!??!?!?! From the outset we get a punchy overview of what is to come, chalklike titles, EVERYTHING LOOKS CONVENTIONAL! it's brilliant, tension, suspense, action, the grea... reviewed December 8, 2006
The Silent Enemy Muscular Dystrophy by edlup56 Horror
Can I just say that this is the most touching film on TMO I have ever seen! I admire your strength to talk about something so personal to you and for that you deserve as much credit as can be given. ... reviewed December 8, 2006
My Breasts by satansmunchkin Romance
Hello Munchkin ;-) Wow! Gripping film! Kept me entertained, I don't think it is just because it;s about breasts least I hope not! reviewed December 8, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
Pure Genius! I can't beleive that things are moving so quickly and DAMN WELL TOO! Everything about this makes it entertaining! Dying to get on Stunts and Effects now! In a nutshell: AMAZINGLY-BRIL... reviewed December 8, 2006
Chat Room by sidy Horror
great piece of filmmaking! Well done! reviewed December 8, 2006
Casino Royal by jango_yoda Action
Hi not, not great either. It has some issues considering Voice Acting and also it seems to get a bit lost in the middle, I understand you can't re-enact the enitre movie but there were missing links ... reviewed December 8, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
I don't see what the hype is for this film, however it had its moments of entertainment, I agree that this has a very unique idea to adpating the game to a narratvie such as this one but I think that ... reviewed April 5, 2006
Holly And Ivy by EricCottle Romance
This is pathetic! Why make a sex film about lesbians?! reviewed February 16, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
AHAHAAHAHAHAAH! I'd love to be a gorilla for a didn't hear that.... reviewed February 7, 2006
Last heart beats by chocolatemouse Horror
I LOVE THIS MOVIE MOUSE! You do great movies all the time! You continue to be my favourite expressionist, artistic and experimental director. This is a fantasic piece of filmmaking and alot of though... reviewed February 5, 2006
gang fights by DARKNESS247 Action
Was good I love the idea of it being in the 80's....thats the true gang period within the city of New York. I agree with Alexander about the use of the stabbings twice too close together....however i... reviewed February 5, 2006
CSI-TMO by Irish_Scorpion Action
Was cool....very well edited some of the best I have seen on TMO to be honest and I have seen ALOT of movies! As it is only a preview I won't gie it anymore than 3...but for preives and trailers 3 st... reviewed February 5, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
You don't need a reason for why you have a 5 star from me. This is just genius! You are the SFX Expert! reviewed February 5, 2006
kraut assaultDENIED!!! by Jimobob_E Action
A good random movie! :-) Like it, I like it! reviewed February 2, 2006
The Invisi Horse by God_Of_Plague Comedy
I LOVE THIS MOVIE! MATE YOU HAVE EARNED A BOOKMARK! This has to be one of the most original, cleverist, wittyist comedy I have seen! Please make more! reviewed February 1, 2006
Dont You Just Hate by FreddaH Comedy
Please make more FreddaH. You seem to be able to create ANYTHING! If you madea bloomin' car advert or monologue movie IT WOULD BE FANTASTIC! Why are you so good? FreddaH STRIKES AGAIN! reviewed February 1, 2006
Screen Test - Ship Size by Tarison Sci-Fi
Cool! Have some VC for your efforts reviewed February 1, 2006
Jim Abbott Returns by darkgarden Action
Was ok....some points seemed a bit too dull. The idea and storyline was great however the reason why you only have 3 stars from me is this:- -> Editing wasn't up to scratch -> Lack of Music to keep t... reviewed February 1, 2006
Real Paranoia by MelonTheCreeker Horror
Perfect.....just perfect! reviewed February 1, 2006
So only by odaadh Romance
Nicely edited....i like the main idea of the film 'Sliding Doors' when Gweneth Paltrow misses the subway....I couldn't help but notice that one of the tracks COULD be from american beauty...but i coul... reviewed February 1, 2006
Santa The other side by Harry_Spielberg Comedy
Bah...was ok, quite a really messed around movie with jumping from point to point, didn't really understand what the reasons were for all the events. Still its a santa movie and they are hard to make,... reviewed February 1, 2006
We closed our eyes by chocolatemouse Sci-Fi
Another film with an important message! This films music, VO and sound made this film flow so well and the rhythm was perfect! This definetly deserves 5 stars on that alone! reviewed February 1, 2006
Karma by granite1811 Comedy
Ok, funny movie. as erinnicole said she's part welsh so you get that EXTRA credit, and I have all my mates in swansea at uni and such and I'm down in [eye-hurting-word!]TY CORNWALL! But yeah back to t... reviewed February 1, 2006
The Legacy of Man by drucifer67 Action
Such an important message! This film has such a good moral factor..."If we shall destroy eachother, we shall destroy ourselves". Editing TOP NOTCH! A great message and I couldn't agree more! reviewed January 31, 2006
Project Sadako Session I by Buccura Horror
This film was indeed modded to the max and for your vision it must have fit well. It was a good film with the idea of story and music, however the pace was far too slow at points which I just wanted ... reviewed January 31, 2006
Dreamtown by Rik_Vargard Action
Very cool, Idea was great! The music composition and the editing was spectacular, all the voice acting was perfect! Well done! reviewed January 31, 2006
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy be honest the music was cool and different. And its cool to see someone actually getting rights for music. Fingers crossed that there is one about wine ;) reviewed January 31, 2006
PIMP MY RIDE by johnny_barger Comedy
GOD DAMN DAWG! FUNNY VO's! reviewed January 31, 2006
The Movies Review by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Coming form England i understand the one star ninja part and my god it is funny to hear! reviewed January 30, 2006
The Baggage Boy Must Die by mrkeithmaniac Comedy
Featured Review
He had it coming to him! :) Other than that though, can't really rate this as a MOVIE, more like a clip
reviewed January 30, 2006
She said her name was Destiny by Sphinx86 Romance
Why oh why do you have to be s good at making damn movies! Sphinx86 strikes again with another classic misleading story, which I have to honestly say, it made me laugh out loud at the end :-) reviewed January 28, 2006
Time Reversal by Hunty Sci-Fi
Was average, if at times a bit too slow for my liking, The VO's were too muffled aswell, I could hardly understand some lines, maybe you should think aobut getting some voice actors? There was a goo... reviewed January 26, 2006
Static by Tarison Horror
This was great experimentation! reviewed January 24, 2006
Miami Christ The Night Shift by Sphinx86 Comedy
WHY DID I NOT SEE THIS FILM EARLIER!? reviewed January 24, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown - Trailer by FoDooG Comedy
Fantastic! Really Fantastic! I Can't wait for this to come out, please PM me when it does. Ps I only rate trailers by 3 stars reviewed January 24, 2006
Faiths Journey - Trailer by Dulci Romance
I really cannot wait Dulci, this has to be one of the most original looking films around..can't wait to see it! Ps 3 Stars max For Trailers reviewed January 24, 2006
The White Chicken 2 Revenge by Stormwhitelab Action
That was an ok action movie, like the idea...I'm not worried about VO's however some better editing may help? But was good...interestingly good reviewed January 23, 2006
Robber Ninja by Video_Capture Action
Featured Review
Not very interesting at all, to be honest, sure its only a test so I have the right to give it 1 star, seeing as it was a test it deserves this star for some VC's i like people experimenting, however ...
reviewed January 23, 2006
Repo Rescuers by supercozz Comedy
Get making more my friend, this is a top notch comedy and DID make me Laugh out loud! Very Rare reviewed January 23, 2006
Captain Frank to the Rescue by Acquired_Taste Comedy
LMFAO PMSL! I love this damn series.... reviewed January 23, 2006
Dead Silence by Sphinx86 Horror
Featured Review
Now this is what making movies is all about:- Sphinx86 this is a masterful piece of work, this is the only zombie film on here that really has a story, I feel that this is a definite 5 stars and woul...
reviewed January 23, 2006
MMMMystery Mans Lament by FreddaH Comedy
Hitmen trailer by Michael1112 Action
Thats an alright trailer that, shame it didnt have any dialogue, was a kind of loose link between the scenes, looks nice though. maybe a bit more sound mixing in the actual film would help its criteri... reviewed January 20, 2006
Project Nazi Burger by joeyiscool Comedy
Featured Review
Very very funny at some points! And love the story, good accents aswell...i love the F-face line to bobby....dont feel upset seeing as you havent got 5 5 star ratings go to films with unque...
reviewed January 20, 2006
Aegis Two Trailer by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
I only give a max of 3 stars for trailers....and this looks stunning! The effects....basically everything...must be taking alot of work....but genius! reviewed January 19, 2006
Broken Thoughts - TrailerVOs by satansmunchkin Romance
I only rate up to 3 stars for trailers....the VO work was great, you're so lucky to have a voice that sounds so depressed yet calming at the same the acting, constructive criti... reviewed January 19, 2006
Police camera action by bully009jjw Action
Featured Review
BRilliant, such a good action movie! And for your 2nd film out standing. I have only made one film so this is defintely something to look at... It had it all, the guns, the cars, the violence, the gi...
reviewed January 18, 2006
The Last Ninja by visualstudios Action
Featured Review
I loved the idea of the film, and this has to be the best martial arts orientated movie on the site... ....WOW
reviewed January 18, 2006
Tales From The Subway Phone Booth by TheWolfska Action
Fantastic, the comedy lines in this are so witty and the quality of film makinf is genius! Well done! reviewed January 18, 2006
Tech Demo by madman12300 Action
experimentation is looked at in a great light to me and for that alone 3 stars! reviewed January 18, 2006
Grand Theft Auto:Rio de Janeiro 1935 by pedrokk Action
Not great at all dont know wh ythe film has come out silent aswell.....strange film, and quite personally I lost focus instantly reviewed January 18, 2006
The Last Job by 3Demon Action
Featured Review
Brilliant attempt at a Film Noir....i noticed the femme fatale idea but using her as the man character was a clever twist, people must see this in order to understand technology isnt everything! The ...
reviewed January 18, 2006
Broken Thoughts - Trailer by satansmunchkin Romance
Well that was definitly a sow flowing film to set a pcae for the actual movie when it comes out... A main thing whichgrabbed my attention were the roses scatterd around the floor and sofa etc... If ... reviewed January 18, 2006
Lift Chronicles - Part 1 - Unwelcome Visitor by lizard3209 Sci-Fi
Science Fiction is hard to live up to....and you my dear moviemaker have lived it all! Loved the film 5 Stars from me :-) reviewed January 17, 2006
Change of Fortune by Valtharius Sci-Fi
101 ratings and I have to say this deserves more, purely original and on the edge story! reviewed January 17, 2006
A Chinese Phenomenon by WarfareProductions Action
A reasonably good coll lil movie going here, agree with the vo muffling was a lil hard to understand but we are all learners here, and i think i may be in the same boat as you lol reviewed January 17, 2006
Lust2 by satansmunchkin Romance
Why have I wee'd myself!? Facsinating! Just Amasing! reviewed January 17, 2006
A Prayer by Wasti Action
Featured Review
Great for your first movie :-)
reviewed January 17, 2006
Gimonate Teaser by FraasMovies Sci-Fi
Well least i know why I'm not doing my essay and watching this....its definetly something to watch! reviewed January 17, 2006
The REEL Benny Hill Show by ksuie Comedy
Good film, enjoyed it throughly, and defintely ome resemblence there lol! reviewed January 17, 2006
How i became a Zombie King by brandonW Horror
Haha, love his voice, but i must say on a differnt level i love the opening credits and the promotional poster for this film! reviewed January 17, 2006
My Thanks to TMO by crazeyal Comedy
Hahahaha You really are a comedy genius!!!! KamayhamayHAAAAAAA! slap slap slap lol! Love it! reviewed January 17, 2006
Spiderman Prelude to Disaster by FreddaH Action
Great story telling! Really enjoyed that, you deserve a space on my bookmarks for that one! and lense does too! reviewed January 17, 2006
Flower will die (my version) by chocolatemouse Romance
Bloomin' Heck! Great work! Love the choice of music, and the cowboy's enterance is superbly emphasised! reviewed January 17, 2006
Captain Frank vs Hollywood by Acquired_Taste Sci-Fi
HAHAHAHAHA! Purely genius voice acting, great directing and i love his final line delivery..."You son of a B***H" Hahaha reviewed January 17, 2006
Reminiscence by Elemonkey Action
Featured Review
Wicked film! Love the idea and the directing is spot on, you really capture the message :-)
reviewed January 16, 2006
Women Drivers by Dulci Comedy
Lol its a well cool little documentary :-) reviewed January 16, 2006
Lense by FreddaH Horror
FANTASTIC!!!!!! AMASING PURELY GENIUS IDEA...and yes Mr Alfred Hitchcok, is an outstanding director! MORE MORE MORE reviewed January 16, 2006
A Is For Alice by plopphizz Sci-Fi
Fantastic! reviewed January 10, 2006
The Cabinet by Nutte Horror
ok.....nit great, but i have a fussy taste for films, even though i treat every film with the same approach.. reviewed January 10, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
Nice work lve the imagination...dont feel offended that i havent given you 5 stars, it is very rare for me to give 5 star ratings, but good work. reviewed January 10, 2006
Crocodile by Tony_Army Action
Good Solid idea, like the Terminator 2 music remake lol. But still, thought there could have been more to it. I know your game however, create a part one see if it gets enough recognition then if it d... reviewed January 10, 2006
Keeping Your Man by Prinzess Romance
To be honest this is a film whether you like or dont like, personally i think the voice acting is terrible, but then saying that you may not have access to other sources. The idea etc... is there but ... reviewed January 10, 2006
Attack of the Sea People by ami_silberman Horror
hmmmm..... reviewed December 6, 2005
AWOL by cd3141 Action the editing for the fight scene....nice quick and alternative! ROCK ON! muast agree about the music however...a little crazy in some places. Plus the subtitles were abbreviated ie What = wat... reviewed December 6, 2005
JT Ending by SCHAJK Comedy
zzzZZZzzzzZZZzzz reviewed December 6, 2005
Starving The Pain by NoBigThing Horror
Na......was like.....boring.....and.....I felt i ended the movie knowing less than I knew at the beginning! reviewed December 5, 2005
One Star Bandit by Sevenhertz Comedy
Good work man! very good work! reviewed December 5, 2005
Gaming by GMaster1000 Action
I would give this movie a 0 rating but i just have to say this....PLAGARIST! How dare you steal the idea from the hit movie "My Trip through The Movies", Voice over was too put on, you tried to be far... reviewed December 1, 2005
School attack by marians Action
At least let us know in the About area that its not in English! Editing didnt work either. reviewed December 1, 2005
1am by dquinn2271 Romance
Not great...quite boring, 2 things:- 1. Why are the corpses breathing? 2. Why have so many people rated this 5 stars? reviewed November 30, 2005
Way Of The Man by DuncanRobb Action
WTF? reviewed November 29, 2005
Lust Kills by SuperstarGoddess Horror
Nothing to it.... reviewed November 29, 2005
Reservoir Poodles by Canazza Action
Not bad....Reservoir Dogs is my favourite film of all time, i wish you at least gave the name spoof a little more credit... reviewed November 29, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
Not bad...bit slow....nice special effects, but i dont think it deserves to be offence but deserves recommendation. reviewed November 27, 2005
Burning Reigns by ThouShalt05 Action
Featured Review
HOLY HELL! Man i watched Divine Intervention before this and this one is SO AWSOME! I CANNOT WAIT TILL I GET THE GAME FOR XMAS! (fingers crossed lol). You're just a hardcore director mate, you and you...
reviewed November 24, 2005
Divine Intervention by ThouShalt05 Action
Featured Review
WOW! Sod having the voiceovers in my opinion! This movie would get 6 stars if it were possible. Amazing, actually the best one i have seen so far (thats including the top 25) You're brilliant mate, lo...
reviewed November 24, 2005
The Fall of Stone River Part 1 by motionworks Action
Nice lil soundtrack, But terrible narratvie, i wouldnt call this any genre of film to be honest, but i kow i understand that you have to call it something. But dude, after waiting for ages watching so... reviewed November 24, 2005
Fable The Movie by stumpythefrog Comedy
Was good narrative and funny in places, didnt laugh out loud though. Was ok. reviewed November 21, 2005
Sniper by LemJe Action
No Review reviewed November 21, 2005
What Not To Call 911 For by LemJe Comedy
Not bad mate, a little slow at the beginning but when the cop started beating the living s**t out of that granny I was in fits! Great editing on that scene, one note though the sound of the people tal... reviewed November 21, 2005
Attack of the Space Chickens by TheRyuujinMike Horror
I think this SPACE movie was so SPACE cool I could SPACE watch it again and again! reviewed November 17, 2005
6 April 1945 by RisusSardonicus Action
Wicked really cool, nicely edited and sounds lovely. 1 question, why is the German using a Russian gun lol. reviewed November 17, 2005
Louisiana Jones great escape by thomaswilliamsen Action
Featured Review
Cool....not bad at all, like the music...lots of films I am coming across have great soundtracks :-) but are they supplied on the game? I can't wait to get it.
reviewed November 17, 2005
All Americans Should Be Medicated! by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Not bad the old lady voice..that you? reviewed November 17, 2005
Video Dating - Wilfred Brimley by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Pretty good, nice humour...some moments when I thought "What was he saying?" but voice acting is hard lol. Well done reviewed November 17, 2005
Ninja Love by DeusExMachinima Romance
I like the way the film jumped straight into action. This quote:- "A touching story of a young brat pack member and a new student, a member of a secretive ninja clan. Romance, romance, ROMANCE!" Th... reviewed November 17, 2005
Lord of Berlin by Patriot84 Action
HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS! What a film,! You're going places my man, that film had it all, Plot, Character Development, Audio, Cinematography! And my god what a narrative. I love broken nar... reviewed November 17, 2005
Gangsters by Blackstorm Action
Some very nice music you have got going there, A few tiny glitches here and there, but on the whole nice work :-) reviewed November 17, 2005