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Average Rating Received: 4.53

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Average Rating Given: 4.5
Movies Released by Movie-Mad
The Christmas Beard Comedy
If you thought you knew everything about facial hair, after watching "The Beard", then you ain't seen nothing yet. Socrates returns in this festive themed sequel which promises more facial hair than ... posted January 6, 2007
Survive the Week Action
Zack Pay is due to win a million pounds at the end of the week. The twist?... He'll have to survive it, first! Starring worMatty as Zack Pay/Big Boss Movie-Mad as Ernest Shadow/Burnt Toast Pooka as D... posted October 19, 2006
Get Psyched Comedy
From the creator of GAGA & MOMC winning, "The Beard", comes a bittersweet comedy about moving on. Movie Mad as Chex BetongAsna as Ralph Pooka as Chex's Nemesis Music by Kjatte TRIVIA: Technically a ... posted August 28, 2006
The Beard Comedy
A story about one man's quest for a camera and the incredibly amusing lengths he's prepared to go to, to get it. It's everything you wanted to know about facial hair but were afraid to ask! Starring:... posted April 28, 2006
Internal Monologue The Movie Comedy
A russian doll of a film. A man suffering from the rare condition known as the internal monologue, tells his story via use of an internal monologue. Hilarity ensues. posted February 26, 2006
Stand-Up Sit Down Comedy
The first real film I made in the Movies. It took me a day to create and the editing's not perfect but as I say, it's my first attempt, so go easy on me. Also, the credits are wrong. The following peo... posted January 28, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Movie-Mad
The Inferior and The Superior (Part 1) by Silly-Monkey-Studios Comedy
Great stuff, and I'm not just saying that because I'm in it. My only criticism is that the alien voices are sometimes distorted a bit too much, so that it's hard to make out what they're saying. Other... reviewed January 29, 2007
Three Lives online by Meowan Sci-Fi
The fact that you managed to keep me interested for the full 20+ minute running time, says a lot. One of the most professionally made movies on TMO, although I wasn't mad on the ending. Still, despite... reviewed December 11, 2006