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Average Rating Received: 4.47

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Movies Released by MotherFuhrer
To The Ends Of The Earth Romance
A cliche love story that I decided to put in to get my studio back on it's feet after a long absence. posted November 18, 2007
Stronghold Earth The Trailer Action
The trailer for my upcoming movie, Stronghold Earth. Two soldiers must uncover the secrets and danger behind Invasion Day, and must show down with the aliens that have come to take over their planet. ... posted January 12, 2007
Riding the Line Action
My first uploaded movie. Please ignore the women in the cars during the car scenes, I couldn't find a way to get rid of them. Riding the Line is about a man who guards a deep secret, and must do anyth... posted January 3, 2007
Movies Reviewed by MotherFuhrer
Scruffy The Animal Psychic 1 by playersproduction Comedy
This was suposed to be a comedy? The only funny part was the laughably bad joke attempts. The voice acting was good, but thats really the only good part about this movie. reviewed November 18, 2007
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
I'm at a loss of words. Amazing modding, voice acting, story, music, EVERYTHING! A clash between sci-fi and fantasy, and I'm loving it! Simply amazing. Nothing more I could say. reviewed June 22, 2007
My War by maximillion1 Action
Really good. Loved the music and action. The dialogue was kind of weird, and the story too, but everything else was wonderful! reviewed June 22, 2007
The Rising 2 by sorthos Horror
Horribly executed, and a bit cliche. Dialog was wonky, and it could of VOs. Then again, even they wouldn't have saved this film. Random parts such as the house owner were bad. reviewed June 20, 2007
Phantom Squad by filmmak3r4est Action
Great movie! Thanks for rating my movie trailer of "Stronghold Earth". reviewed January 12, 2007
My Christmas Present by siclops Romance
It was nice! Like some other reviewers said, I felt no empathy toward the girl. You should have fleshed out the relationships a bit more. Great camera work though! Keep up the good work! reviewed January 12, 2007
Little Red Slaying Hood by nooctip Horror
I like it. A bit short, but you got a future ahead of you. Nice job! reviewed January 12, 2007
The Leprachauns Bride by mildheadwound Comedy
I loved it. Amazing camera work! Loved the voice acting. I enjoyed the Leprechaun's rhyming. Great work! reviewed January 10, 2007
rise of the dead by Butt-Monkey Horror
Well done! One of the best zombie movies I've seen. reviewed January 7, 2007
Poetry Of Plague Dino edit by God_Of_Plague Comedy
I'm sorry. I did not laugh once through that. I want my 44 seconds back. You get a two for effort. reviewed January 7, 2007
On the other side by petrez Action
Good movie, but there were a few problems. Voice acting was pretty bad, and sometimes did not match up with the subtitles. Also, skipping around with scenes, and scenes that were not needed. For examp... reviewed January 7, 2007
SOS by Montoro Sci-Fi
Great movie! Thanks for rating my movie, Riding the Line. Your English could use some work, but I understand English is not your first language. reviewed January 7, 2007