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Movies Reviewed by Monkeyelvis
When Monkeys Attack! by viper_2005 Comedy
I'm a monkey and this is a racial slur on our good name. Oook! reviewed November 21, 2005
1point0 Vs 1point1 by Trip9z Action
No Review reviewed November 21, 2005
Ryans Day The Dislexic MozbiesBriefly by zkrazy Horror
Random I kept wondering if it would get better. the highlight was when someone farted, it all went down hill after that. 1 star for the fart reviewed November 21, 2005
Guns Money and Black Suits by Bobaninho Action
Could have been 4 stars for the editing, but the plot was abit of a mess and I couldnt tell any of the voices apart. reviewed November 21, 2005
Dame of the dead by Skruffels Horror
Its okay. the voice acting is pretty bad, but I guess its "corny". reviewed November 21, 2005
Night Of The Wolf by crinesmith Horror
not bad. The voice acting was abit mumbled in places and I couldnt hear what he was saying. Would have got the same mark with subtitles. reviewed November 21, 2005
The Modieus Machine by GuardianStudio Horror
Well done. Id write more but have to go to work now...:) reviewed November 21, 2005
First holidays on planet earth by gilga Horror
I liked it. but a shame the subtitles early on flashed by so fast I couldnt read them. reviewed November 20, 2005
planet of the apes by schraml-mike Sci-Fi
I felt the swearing and l33t!!!111 speak was uneeded. But it was still put together ok, so its gets a star. reviewed November 20, 2005
Battle station cybox by GuardianStudio Sci-Fi
Fanstatic. great use of music. good drama and pace. reviewed November 19, 2005
The Mad Lady by zannyuk Action
Good first effort. reviewed November 19, 2005
Gunplay by jaixo Action
its okay. reviewed November 19, 2005
Who shoot the Sheriff by GuardianStudio Action
Luv it. Nice story and felt right for the film stock used too. reviewed November 19, 2005
Fable The Movie by stumpythefrog Comedy
I didnt find this movie lived up to its own hype. Was well enough made. but no classic, Its like I didnt need to watch it to know what would happen or how it would end. I guess it gets its high rank... reviewed November 18, 2005
Sir Jason Mills by DavidRK803 Comedy
Nice. Kinda feel like the ideas been done before a few times, but not in this medium at least, till now. reviewed November 18, 2005
Dreamer by MSPOERL Action
Very nice movie. I almost lost interest in the middle but stayed with it, the twist towards the end made it worthwhile. reviewed November 18, 2005
Subway Showdown by zenmonk Action
Very well directed. I loved the effect you had during the fight. Sort of jump cuts with trails. If you could write your own matrix stlye script I think it would work well. I'm torn between 3-4 stars h... reviewed November 18, 2005
Industry Planet by warpedrevolution Sci-Fi
I quiet like it. I'm not sure you need to have the name of the person speak infront everytime though. "It kinda reads like a childrens book" said John "does its?" said Jane, "yes it does" said Joh... reviewed November 18, 2005
World War 2 The Alien Offensive by whydoyouwanttoknow Sci-Fi
pretty good. Nice battle scenes. I didnt feel involed though as we didnt have a lead character or group to follow and care about. never the less worth a good 3 stars. reviewed November 18, 2005
Uncontrolled by Tuppe Action
No Review reviewed November 18, 2005
Oh to be a Zombie by ManicMod Horror
An average movie that had a good idea and then failed to do anything with it reviewed November 18, 2005
Conform by TomServo3k Comedy
A good movie, music was nice. I thought the reason people conformed was because its safer in the herd than being alone and left to the wolves. Still it at least makes people think so I think it deseav... reviewed November 18, 2005
Joe Anderson for City Counsel by DeusExMachinima Comedy
An average movie that I didn't find funny. Some people may. reviewed November 18, 2005
The Attack of the Sea Chickens! by Pontus42 Action
An average movie that with no plot, just a guy fighing a chicken. Someone may find it funny. I didn't reviewed November 18, 2005
Beam THAT by lomedae Sci-Fi
Not bad. No subtitles but the pictures told the fairly simple story. reviewed November 18, 2005
A Robot Spurned by Awakened_Yeti Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed November 18, 2005
Subway - The Reality Show by Sleeves Sci-Fi
Nice. very nice. I liked the idea that maybe he had made it all up in his mind and it wasnt a reality show at all. reviewed November 18, 2005
Project DNA (Part 1) by Silversong Action
not bad at all. The Avengers lives. reviewed November 18, 2005
Heartbeat by Fox_MacBean Action
Starts as a bank robbery that then turns into a cheap porno. The story holds together ok. Why the two female charcters hit it off so easyily only really make sence in porn. reviewed November 18, 2005
Joe Smooth Finds Love by chrisdhall Comedy
Featured Review
pretty funny. liked the VO, well delivered, had a kind of micheal kain "Alfie" feel
reviewed November 18, 2005
High Noon of the Damned by loresong Action
No Review reviewed November 18, 2005
Station 21 by Pepperone Sci-Fi
could do with subtiles and has a kind of random ending. reviewed November 18, 2005
Grave Revenge - The Beginning by PeeCee Horror
Could have done with being alot shorter. Far too much filler; walking to door shots and having showers. Fairly good story though. reviewed November 18, 2005
A Visit From Hell by afrikakorps Sci-Fi
Need the subtitles bigger, but looks well directed reviewed November 18, 2005
A Galaxy Dies by Anim8r2b3 Horror
Meh reviewed November 18, 2005
All Americans Should Be Medicated! by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Nice parody. reviewed November 18, 2005
Lost Tales - International Edition by Wambo Sci-Fi
Fantastic space Ophera. Hope to see the next episode soon. Great stuff!! reviewed November 18, 2005
The Capture and Rescue of Queen Via by brandonW Sci-Fi
was made well, but didn't really like it at all. reviewed November 18, 2005
Definition of Funny by adders666 Comedy
What made this was the deadpan delivery on the VO. Would probably have been better shorter or the last bits faster cut. reviewed November 17, 2005
Lord of Berlin by Patriot84 Action
Has a real plot, character development, and action. A truely great piece of work reviewed November 17, 2005
Evil Ed And The Dolphins by DevilsRejectsRocks Horror
I was promised dolphins i want my money back or at least some free popcorn!! reviewed November 17, 2005
Kissy bear by CHRIS_CHEATHAM Romance
Kinda hard to belive story, but a good enough pornolite thing. Desperatly needs a sound track reviewed November 17, 2005
Johnny Boltcutter by movieman1085 Action
Could do with some dilogue and a reason for the action. Looks like a nice first try. reviewed November 17, 2005
End of Legend by KingCrab Action
This could have been a four if I could see the text that the robot spoke at the end. Felt kinda like the last pages of the book where missing. Apart form that I liked the scene changes and the dramati... reviewed November 17, 2005
Demons Gamble by AlexStar6 Horror
Captures the whole zombie movie feel. A must see. reviewed November 17, 2005
Gorillas That Ive Mist by corinthian Comedy
A film my monkey lovin criminals!! reviewed November 17, 2005
Scholastic Films Intelligent Design by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Well written, Well directed, funny and Good voice acting. reviewed November 17, 2005
Attack of the Space Chickens by TheRyuujinMike Horror
A real gem. Its funny, SPACE funny!! reviewed November 17, 2005
Preist Mafia by mrt876 Action
Nice direction but was without music or any sounds. reviewed November 17, 2005
Bone by SothisAmon Horror
Featured Review
Is Well directed, but plot is a little thin yet enjoyable
reviewed November 17, 2005