Number of Movies: 14
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.38

Number of Movies Reviewed: 24
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 6
Average Rating Given: 4.67
Movies Released by mike94
Chef Steves Pancake House 2 Comedy
Randomness thy name is Cream pie!!!1 Be sure to watch number 1. posted January 6, 2007
World of Warcraft-When is it time to stop Comedy
To much World Of Warcraft? I think so. How much is enough, MMORPG's invading your life. zOMG!!!! i honestly dont really remember making this movie posted January 5, 2007
Chef Steves Pancake House Comedy
Robot-Chicken-Like movie, enjoy the randomness. For some of the Vo's i just started saying stuff without paying any attention so it's pretty weird. posted January 4, 2007
The New Baggage Boy Comedy
A new twist on the baggage boy. posted July 28, 2006
Gangstaliceous PIMP-in 101 Comedy
Gangsta'liceous gonna teach u da main aspects of pimpin!!!! posted April 27, 2006
Robo-bot-a-bo Comedy
Derek just wanted to get hotsauces attention when he dances for a drink and to impress her. Song by Black Eyed Peas, My Humps posted April 23, 2006
Fat Boys Frat House Action
Why doesn't fat boy eat bananas? Watch to find out. posted January 9, 2006
Maggot Man wants to play video games 2 Action
watch the first one first posted January 9, 2006
Ant Eater! Action
No Description posted January 9, 2006
Carjumper Horror
A chicken and a gay spanish robot, what else to do want? If you said angry futuristic british rocker you're in luck! posted January 9, 2006
Maggot Man Wants To Play Video Games Action
Maggot man just wanted to play video games, find out what happens. Had my little brother do the voice overs so it sounds a little weird. posted January 7, 2006
Duble U Duble U Two 2 Action
WATCH THIS MOVIE,at your own risk... some people do not like cool movies! This is the Double U Double U two sequel, if you even saw the first one. Give me a good rating and i'll return the favor.For s... posted January 4, 2006
Double U Double U Two Action
THis movie sucks.It was the first movie i made and I was just messing around with everything seeing how it worked. It's an action/comedy or somthin like that but, this was the first movie i made. So d... posted December 27, 2005
Not On A Tuesday Romance
This action-romance takes place in a bathroom where steamy love is abruptly interrupted by a stow-away intruder. Don't let your kids watch it! posted December 26, 2005
Movies Reviewed by mike94
The Life Of Troy Jackson 1 by ShyShy Action
Really good action movie, keep up the good work. I'll be sure to look out for part 2. reviewed January 7, 2007
What The [eye-hurting-word!] by WilliamPreston Comedy
LOL, that was, different. reviewed January 5, 2007
Action Packed! by SuperDuperPooper Comedy
Featured Review
That was the most action packed movie iv'e ever seen. EVER!!1! I mean c'mon guys, you should watch this movie. Its action-y(E).
reviewed August 10, 2006
Lampman by lampman Action
Nice, Lampman is my hero. reviewed July 30, 2006
Street Racaz (trailer) by SuperDuperPooper Action
Can't wait for it. Please watch my up and coming summer blockbuster, Awsome Man: the wrath of Zombie Hitler! Copyright 2006 reviewed July 28, 2006
Celebrity Face-Off 1 by JaredPeace Comedy
Nothing bad about that at all. PLease watch my up and coming blockbuster, Awsome Man: the wrath of Zombie Hitler. Copyright 2006 reviewed July 28, 2006
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
Awsome reviewed July 28, 2006
SuperDuperPooper Revenge (Part 3) by SuperDuperPooper Action
Featured Review
Love the humor
reviewed July 25, 2006
Santa VS The Evil Robots by SuperDuperPooper Comedy
Another good movie reviewed April 28, 2006
Finding Vince by Whattheaids Comedy
JAAAPAN,lol that was pretty much the funniest movie on this site. Nice job reviewed April 28, 2006
The Investigation by studiox Action
Really good reviewed April 28, 2006
Saving Private Ryan (Directors Cut) by Amityville_Dude Action
Dude, mp5's at Omaha each? When you're writing the srcipt and donig a gun scene, click change props. Make it a springfiled or a thompson. Otherwise pretty gewd. reviewed April 27, 2006
Noob Wars - An E-mail by markrichardbehenna Comedy
Hilarious reviewed April 27, 2006
Billy Has An Idea by SuperDuperPooper Comedy
Featured Review
That was funny, i like your movies all of them are good. I can't believe the top movies are crap! WATCH AND RATE MY MOVIES!!!!!! ummm, plz
reviewed April 27, 2006
Creepy Movie 2 by SuperDuperPooper Comedy
Featured Review
That was fricken hilarious. How old r u? plz watch my movies
reviewed April 25, 2006
lol that was great, i hate the noobs who put the baggage boy on the internet. reviewed April 25, 2006
The Art of Sniping by Fryingpan Action
Pretty good. I liked it. Needs voices. Plz watch and rate my movies. I suggest Robo-bot-a-bo. reviewed April 24, 2006
Driven by StevenKreg Romance
Gayest piece of crap ever. The 5 is for the car. reviewed April 23, 2006
---Counterstrike------ by NOSZ Comedy
Featured Review
That was funny but needs voice overs. lol pacman
reviewed January 9, 2006
Saving Private Ryan by OfficerStephen Action
OK that was almost as bad as my double u double u two movies, and well, that says a lot, the 5 is for everything but the plot. Try harder. reviewed January 7, 2006
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
That was awsome reviewed January 4, 2006
Elite Farce by The_Sweet_Release Sci-Fi
That's awsome, but it needs some voice overs. reviewed December 28, 2005
Vietnam by steve117 Action
Featured Review
No Review
reviewed December 27, 2005
The Mummy Part 1 by cmaag Action
No Review reviewed December 26, 2005