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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.63

Number of Movies Reviewed: 175
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 24
Average Rating Given: 4.53
Movies Released by malkyj
The Cleansing of Tulver City Horror
1875. When demons take over a town in the Old West, two Warriors of Light must face them in battle .... posted July 28, 2006
He Rises Sci-Fi
As mankind faces its darkest hour an ancient power rises once again ... (Part 1 of a plannned trilogy) posted July 22, 2006
In the midst of a terrorist bombing campaign, Britain takes decisive action. (Just a short practice film I made this morning) posted July 14, 2006
Red Ninja 3 Horror
The Red Ninja now marches with the Army of the Undead. Can she escape the Deathmaster's clutches? posted April 20, 2006
Red Ninja 2 Deathmasters Revenge Horror
Still smarting from the defeat of his undead army by the Red Ninja, the Deathmaster plots a terrible revenge .... posted April 19, 2006
The Red Ninja Appears Action
The city faces its darkest hour, about to be overrun by the undead. Now is the time for the Red Ninja to appear! posted April 15, 2006
Little Feathers Revenge Action
A Native American woman and her brother take revenge on their oppressor, Colonel Mackay Tipi downloaded from posted April 15, 2006
Counterstrike Indonesia Action
When British tourists are massacred on an Indonesian island an elite counter-terrorist squad springs into action posted April 14, 2006
Duel on the Sands Action
India, 1879. Two men, a Briton and an Indian duel for possession of a beautiful Princess .. Sword prop by Onald, downloaded from posted April 13, 2006
The Chinese Cowboy Action
A Chinese man and his sister are abused in a western town, leading him to seek revenge! posted April 10, 2006
Delilah the Demonslayer Horror
Delilah the Demonslayer faces off against the Zombie Queen! (sword prop from posted April 8, 2006
Ibrahim Action
Ibrahim, a young man in the Middle East, faces a bleak future until he meets Mr Karim. His new mentor explains the real forces behind his misery and shows him what he can do to fight back against them... posted April 7, 2006
Land of the Lizardmen Sci-Fi
On the island of Sumatra, Lizardmen walk again ... posted April 4, 2006
Love for an Older Woman Romance
The story of a love affair between a young man and an older woman ... posted March 31, 2006
Hostile Takeover Action
Two gangs find that the price of revenge is very high ..... posted March 31, 2006
The Ninja and the Werewolf Horror
A ruthless female Ninja is hired to kill a werewolf in northern China .... posted March 25, 2006
The New God Part Four Action
Alan Summers fights back against those who threaten him ..... posted March 24, 2006
The New God Part Three Action
Even as Alan Summers consolidates his power, an ominous new threat arises ... (Best to watch Parts 1 & 2 first) posted March 22, 2006
The New GodPart Two Action
Alan Summers, the New God, continues his rise to power. It is best to watch Part One first! posted March 21, 2006
Revenge of the Apes Action
Hunters get more than they bargain for when they attack a group of gorillas led by the super-intelligent Janga. posted March 18, 2006
Darkness Returns Sci-Fi
Deep in an uncharted area of space, the crew of the starship Intrepid are shocked to discover a human body floating in space. Who can it be? posted March 17, 2006
The New God Action
The followers of cult leader Alan believe he is a God. Is he? posted March 17, 2006
Hoodies Rule the School Action
Danny and his gang of Hoodies rule the school. Can anyone stop them? posted March 16, 2006
Johnny Yob On Her Majestys Service Action
A series of political killings leave British Intelligence with no choice but to unleash their most fearsome weapon - Johnny Yob! posted February 27, 2006
Seduction of an Agent Part 1 Action Not Rated
When CIA analyst Jake Hunter meets the woman of his dreams it all seems to good to be true ...Plenty of action but not of the violent variety posted February 26, 2006
Manhunter Action
Candice is a hooker but she wants more than money from her clients ... posted February 25, 2006
Kung Fu Granny on the Subway Comedy
A criminal picks the wrong subway carriage to terrorise ... posted February 23, 2006
Jake Hunter From User to Used Romance
Jake Hunter believes women exist only to be used for profit or pleasure. But now the user is about to become the used. posted February 22, 2006
Kung Fu Granny at the Beach Comedy
A damsel in distress at the beach. Time for Kung Fu granny to swing into action! posted February 22, 2006
Kung Fu Granny Comedy
Two bank robbers make a big mistake when they take on a little old granny. posted February 19, 2006
Psycho Boys Affair Horror
Psycho Boy needs some lovin' now Psycho Girl is too busy with their new baby to take care of his needs. He embarks on an affair ... posted February 11, 2006
Psycho Familys New Business Horror
Bringing up a baby is expensive so the Psycho Family open a new business.. posted February 11, 2006
Psycho Girlss New Hobby Horror
Pregnant Psycho Girl takes up a practical new hobby! posted February 10, 2006
Psycho Boy in Love Horror
Psycho Boy finds true love on the beach while on a working holiday! posted February 10, 2006
The Dead Do Not Rest Horror
The grave is not enough to hold those who seek revenge! posted February 4, 2006
Blood for Blood Action
Blood! Death! Ninjas! A revenge story set in China ... posted January 28, 2006
Bunny Hunting Season Action
It's Hunting Season for Bunnies! (winter set by Knightfell, downloaded from the Mod Warehouse) posted January 26, 2006
The Triangle Romance
One Man. Two Women. A conventional romantic triangle - or is it? posted January 24, 2006
The Execution Action
A young woman guns down a leading politician. Why? posted January 21, 2006
The Chinese Beauty Action
Hot babes! Hot action! The private eye movie is back. posted January 20, 2006
The Hunt Action
A soldier runs through the forest, pursued by deadly Indians. Can he survive? Winter sets by knightfell posted January 15, 2006
Revenge for a Dead Planet Part 2 Sci-Fi
The second part of my epic sci-fi tale sees Tran and the other victims of earth agression take the fight to their enemies. New sci-fi bridge and city sets by eggshine, winter sets by knightfell. Down... posted January 13, 2006
A Gangsters Life Action
The life of a gangster in 3 minutes posted January 7, 2006
Revenge for a Dead Planet Part 1 Sci-Fi
No Description posted January 5, 2006
The Alley Horror
No Description posted January 1, 2006
Monkey Love Romance
Forbidden Monkey Love - an Ape, a Girl and a deadly hunter - action and romance in the Jungle! posted January 1, 2006
Claus - The Bringer Action
Claus the Bringer, the Bringer of Justice in the Old West ... posted December 29, 2005
A Girl a Zombie and a Priest Horror
No Description posted December 27, 2005
Older Woman Younger Man Romance
No Description posted December 26, 2005
Aliens Stole Our Men! Sci-Fi
No Description posted December 25, 2005
Psycho Chicken Horror
No Description posted December 21, 2005
Movies Reviewed by malkyj
Hellmut und Hellge - Pilotfolge by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Another classic movie. The mods were fantastic and the voiceovers excellent. I really felt I knew those headbangers. Will be watching for next part. reviewed July 28, 2006
Lifestyles of the Rich and Depressed by sgt_phsco Comedy
Featured Review
Technically very good with excellent voice overs. Flowed seamlessly from beginning to end. Great stuff.
reviewed July 28, 2006
Sue and Nina by Metropolis Romance
Poor Sue! What's interesting is that with very few words you can create a sympathetic character reviewed July 22, 2006
The Man Who Couldnt Die by Tomrx3 Horror
A quality production. A great storyline with excellent narration. Looking forward to the next episode! reviewed July 22, 2006
Life is short by Metropolis Romance
Nicely done with good attention to detail. Thought provoking! reviewed July 22, 2006
Shifters by madmazz Sci-Fi
Excellent sci-fi. A gripping exciting storyline with very good characterisation. Probably the best movie I've seen here of late. reviewed July 22, 2006
When They Come Back! by rustybedspring Horror
Great work. A good, funny plotline and well made subtitles. Music could have been better though and there were often strange sound effects. reviewed July 22, 2006
Who iS aNTHOny by arbaaz Comedy
Good work with effective VOs. I didn't like the comedy scenes much though. What a forgiving guy Anthony was! reviewed July 22, 2006
Twilight Andromeda by Warspite2 Sci-Fi
Very funny with excellent VOs. Hope reminded me of Captain Kirk with his eye for the ladies! reviewed July 22, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Trailer by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Very cool! reviewed July 22, 2006
EVAC Velocity by Parsons Sci-Fi
Great stuff! Very exciting and a definite improvemnet on last episode. Looking forward to part 3! reviewed July 22, 2006
Evac by Parsons Sci-Fi
This was agood beginning to the series with a good plotline and characters (albeit familiar) You do need to do some work on editing though as some scenes went on too long - particularly the shots of t... reviewed July 22, 2006
Chicken by bigphilw88 Action
Nice fun movie. I'd switch off the mumbling in future though. reviewed July 22, 2006
Stop or you will die by Arfel Action
A good first movie. Simple story line but well executed with good editing and attention to costumes. Plenty of action as well! Well done. reviewed April 24, 2006
Comedy Corner 2 take 3 by derbyrams Comedy
Showed a lot of dedicated work. Your VO work was very good as was the editing - voice and scenes went smoothly together. unfortunately, I just didn't find it very funny. It was an ambitious attemot to... reviewed April 24, 2006
Comedy corner 2 tv spot 2 by derbyrams Comedy
Fun trailer. Ill be watching the main event later when I have some free time! reviewed April 23, 2006
Obsession by pegleg Horror
Excellently done. You really maintained the atmosphere and I really felt for the poor teacher. Just one minor point - I felt teh costumes of both women were a bit too close to each otehr. reviewed April 21, 2006
The Most Violent Movie On TMO!!!!! by skunkfunk Comedy
Not really very funny and you need to watch your spelling and grammar! reviewed April 20, 2006
The Inter-Guest Show by DJDanny Comedy
Great VO work, very funny but dare i say a little dull to watch? Needed more going on in the background reviewed April 20, 2006
The Fealing of being out in the country by Ghettoboy Comedy
Not what I expected! reviewed April 20, 2006
Dead Range by 81055 Action
Interesting movie of a gunfight but could have done with more exposition reviewed April 20, 2006
WWA-World Wrestling Advanced by Shanesta Action
Featured Review
Some fun matchups here and a good mocking commentary. Really needed some more music though!
reviewed April 20, 2006
Stop That You Idiots! by blizzard_2 Comedy
Very funny! VOs were amusing and twist at end was great! Loved the cops response to the 911 call reviewed April 20, 2006
Steelfreeze by SenseiSwords Horror
Very unusual but strangely compelling movie reviewed April 20, 2006
Im In Love With an Alien Part 2 by maximillian77 Comedy
Good work. Improved on the original although i would have liked to see abit more of a confrontation between the man and his MIL. reviewed April 20, 2006
Im In Love With an Alien by maximillian77 Comedy
Featured Review
It was a good simple story with nice characters but one element was missing - it did not really explain how she found him again. Good use of scenes and music
reviewed April 20, 2006
---------- Rescue ----------- The Beginning by StokeStudios Action
Featured Review
A simple story very well told with just the right pacing. Good to see a Brit as hero!
reviewed April 17, 2006
Unsere kleine Kneipe - Folge 2 by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Excellent as always. Good characters reviewed April 17, 2006
Fingerspitzenoptik by KSW07 Sci-Fi
Good work reviewed April 15, 2006
revolver by Sprocketstudios Action
You have a good story going here but there are some issues you need to address: Take more care with costumes - the hero is the sheriff so why did he need to ask the "offcier" (actually a priest!) for ... reviewed April 15, 2006
Fet Hell by pegleg Horror
Featured Review
Very atmospheric with excellent editing. The subtitlles were a bit fast as others have noted but that didn't hurt the movie. The skeleton was a great actor!
reviewed April 14, 2006
the attack of the mummy by gospel-mc Horror
Good fun. lots of cool shots of movies. Not too sure why the soldiers were fighting on an alien world though! Ended a bit abruptly - whio is this mysterious saviour? Not a bad script. Well done! reviewed April 14, 2006
Lies by chunkychips Romance
This was a nice romantic tale which was simply and very well told. I'm still nt sure how she found him again though! I have to say i did not like the twist at the end - it didn't make much sense given... reviewed April 14, 2006
Jack the Ripper Trailer by micha83 Horror
Excellent work. The VOs wee perfect as were the sound effects and you have shown yourself a master of editing. Looking forward to the full movie. reviewed April 14, 2006
This is Nottingham by pegleg Comedy
Featured Review
Excellent stuff! Very funny and some great scenes. Loved the dogging! As you said, the serious points were not ignored. It is good to see the game being used in such an original way.
reviewed April 14, 2006
Blade Of Honour by Briman79 Action
Featured Review
Your script was very well written but I did feel the storyline was rather derivative. The first half was excellent and you executed the action scenes very well but I felt you could have done better wi...
reviewed April 14, 2006
Colours by Primaer Action
Excellent story with some good twists and turns. It was longer than the usual movie on TMo but you needed that time to relate the complex story. Good VO work. reviewed April 14, 2006
Ugly Lady with Big Boobs Saves the World by mebematthew0 Comedy
Fab title. A fun little movie which lived dup to its title but was not at all what I expected. I felt the drunk scene at the beginning went on a little too longand I'm not sure why they did it in a ca... reviewed April 14, 2006
Abducted by aliensProblems with the wife by JonathonC Comedy
A fun movie with a likeable lead. The editing needed tightening in some places and some scenes went on a bit long. Nice touch having him rewarded for his honesty! reviewed April 14, 2006
When We Said Hello by vinceholz Action
Very well set up with good action scenes. The intro was very good with the Marlowesque banter between the private eye and his secretary. During the action scenes though I felt we could have seen more ... reviewed April 14, 2006
Zombeed! by janedoe Comedy
Featured Review
Absolutely hysterical! A classic comedy with quite a few in-jokes as well. A delightful new take on zombie films with a great ending. One to bookmark
reviewed April 14, 2006
Black Widow by Dulci Horror
Excellent quality production with terrific VOs. The story held me although the ending was very predictable. that it did was aminly due to the VO work and the atmospheric scenes/music. Just one point: ... reviewed April 12, 2006
NIGHT OF THE DEAD by Ryanandy Horror
Very good take on a classic concept. A little bit slow at times but it hung together well. Good VOs although the female voice was a bit dodgy! The man in the mask created an air of mystery reviewed April 12, 2006
Real Life Soap by Spooky Comedy
Excellent! A very original concept executed in a very funny manner. I really warmed to the character of the zombie and felt sorry for him during his misadventures! reviewed April 12, 2006
short fight by Onald Action
A nice ad and good to see it the swod is not always worthless! reviewed April 11, 2006
Centrefold by StokeStudios Comedy
Great fun! Very good editing, great use of a prob and a very literal ending. Fab. reviewed April 8, 2006
THE TRUE LOVER by gospel-mc Comedy
A nice simple story with some good editing. You should take more care with your spelling and grammar though. Also, there was no music which hurt the film. Not bad overall though! reviewed April 8, 2006
Demonhunter episode one part 1 by boozed Action
Well edited with very good atmospheric scenes. Needed audio badly though and I felt it ended far too abruptly. reviewed April 8, 2006
Box Cult by WhiteFire_Studios Sci-Fi
Nice to see such an unusual and bizarre storyline handled so well. Great special effects - I particularly liked the journey to Earth. The flashing at the beginning hurt my eyes though! reviewed April 8, 2006
Gestapo Tactics by janedoe Action
Excellent storyline and very well made movie. The twists were excellent. Just a couple of small points: I thought Rene's costume was too out of place - more 1960's and it should be Vive lafrance, not ... reviewed April 8, 2006
The Riqueron Project (english) by the_richman Sci-Fi
This was very good filmmaking but at the end I didn't have any idea what the Riqueron Project was all about or why the aliens believed the humans were invading. I felt the story needed more explanatio... reviewed April 8, 2006
City of Stalin by steelcity4eva Action
An excellent production. Definitely the best war film I have seen on here. I felt two parts were especially effective: the tense waiting scenes before the battle began and the scenes which cut between... reviewed April 7, 2006
Wrestler 3D by ewatt23 Action
Very cool. great effects and nice you didn't cop out at the end reviewed April 7, 2006
Nice and spooky. Worthy of a continuation reviewed April 7, 2006
Winchester Madonna by mogulus Action
Very funny with excellent VO work. Niggled me though that I never did understand why Mary was in jail and that the guard was dressed as a schoolgirl reviewed April 7, 2006
WildWest - Timo und Fitch (Trailer) by NilsRambow Action
I don't usually rate trailers but this looks like it will be a very good production. good editing and use of music. reviewed April 7, 2006
SWAT by vilhelm123 Action
Very good editing. Simple but effective storyline reviewed April 6, 2006
Jekyll and Hyde by micha83 Horror
Wonderful! Perfect use of editing, special effects, VOs and editing. Very atmospheric and gripping. This movie should be in the Top 10 (and probably would be if not for the prevalent prejudice against... reviewed April 6, 2006
Ammo Blammo by GerwynDaniel Comedy
Featured Review
Great! Really made me laugh, especially the twist ending. The marriage between VO and subtitles was perfect. A complete story in a very short time frame.
reviewed April 6, 2006
Night of the Demon by Herow Horror
Excellent movie, very well edited to fit so much into such a short time frame and with a proper story too! reviewed April 6, 2006
LONDON UNDERGROUND MUSIC VIDEO by sylanderstudios06 Comedy
Music was great but I really don't think the scene selection matched it. There was a disconnect between what I was hearing and what i was seeing. Needed a lot more editing eg. placing the sniper when ... reviewed April 6, 2006
Bush VS The Easter Bunny by joshthegopher Comedy
Totally bizarre and fun. Loved the bunny gang! Would have given this a5 but for the poor sound quality of the VOs (too low) which meant I missed a lot of dialogue reviewed April 6, 2006
Westonshire Murders by nutzhouse Horror
Great story. I really enjoyed the movie and it was a very nice conclusion. Try to take more care with your spelling though. Also, I was a bit confused about the epriod. You took a lot of trouble to us... reviewed April 6, 2006
Planet Lesbos -- World Without Men by StokeStudios Comedy
Very funny. I loved their methods of scientific enquiry! I'd happily volunteer to be press-ganged! reviewed April 1, 2006
TEM Saving Officer Lad by adamturner Action
Very funny movie. I loved the manic approach, the VOs and the gags (especially the car one) I felt though that it ended far too abruptly after what had been a great movie till then. That said, I hope ... reviewed April 1, 2006
SEE by dumbmoronicproductions Comedy
Very funny with a totally silly but hilarious ending. I'm giving this 4.5 because I couldn't make out the VO for the priest. Good stuff! reviewed April 1, 2006
Cosmic by Philmaster Action
Outstanding work! The special effects were incredible and supported by a very good script. I was especially impressed by the way you showed his rapid movement and by the attention to detail in the bac... reviewed April 1, 2006
The Missing by jjpatel Horror
Very well executed movie with a great plot, by turns sad and amusing. I really felt for the main character and Mary was one creepy character. My only criticism is that during the scene at police HQ th... reviewed April 1, 2006
the warriors by bralor Action
An interesting concept but without dialogue there was no way to understand what was going on. Also, you need to take more care with costumes etc. as the girl's apearance changed several times reviewed March 30, 2006
Alien Love by h3llspawn6sic6 Comedy
Very funny! What a guy! reviewed March 30, 2006
War by gazfg Action
An interesting film but you need to take more care with the subtitles as they sometimes flash past too fast. I loved the battle bots though! reviewed March 30, 2006
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Befehl von Oben by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Cool concept! Excellently produced movie reviewed March 30, 2006
A Knight to Remember by mikeawmids Romance
Featured Review
Very funny indeed. Had me laughing out loud. The VO for the knight was wicked.
reviewed March 24, 2006
The Room one mans descent into madness by Zebaroth Horror
Interesting movie with a good, original plot. Could have done with some tighter editing in places but very good overall. reviewed March 23, 2006
KIN by jpwood Horror
Excellent! Good effects, good VOs and a very interesting story. reviewed March 22, 2006
Robinson Looso - 3 - Gute Idee by OlliEntertainment Comedy
A charming and original tale reviewed March 22, 2006
Online Gaming by ahandle101 Comedy
Excellent stuff! A highly original idea very well executed. It was both fun and accurate and I loved the (sadly typical) ending. Well done! I'll be bookmarking this. reviewed March 21, 2006
Future Lovers by gians70 Romance
Very sweet with a nice, unexcpected ending. I felt the wedding scene went on a bit too long though and I'm not sure about cactus on the beach!It was very nice to see something non-violent for a change... reviewed March 21, 2006
My new job by sergioz Comedy
This movie had some very good work and was surprisingly complex moving from slapstick comedy to action comedy. It was a bit confusing at times though trying to work out who all the characters were. Al... reviewed March 21, 2006
The Late Rufus Jensen by heliopolister Romance
Very good movie with an original and interesting storyline. I did feel though that the message was repeated rather too much when only once would have done. reviewed March 19, 2006
7 excuses of not doing homework by bmaitland Comedy
Quite funny with some far out ideas. The grammatical errors you made from time time do show you need more homework though! reviewed March 19, 2006
Penetration by Throwaxe Action
Technically brilliant, in fact one of the best I've seen on this site in terms of attention to detail and inventive use of sets. I really believed that the rooftop and alley were part of the abse. Exc... reviewed March 19, 2006
Shards of Bone by yeagmaster Horror
Excellent stuff, very well acted especially by the female VO. Some of the editing could have been tighter particularly during the stalking scenes and the ending was just a bit too rushed. The strng st... reviewed March 19, 2006
The Donnor Party BYOB (Body!) by ninette1 Horror
A whole new definition of "sick"! reviewed March 17, 2006
KOPS-Red light District by ninette1 Comedy
Great fun. Well up to your usual high standards with excellent VOs. Editing was extremely good. Strangely enough, Walker Texas Ranger is playing on my TV right now .. reviewed March 17, 2006
Sin No More by 1rod2huge Horror
I enjoyed the movie although the VO mismatch was a bit distracting at times. Good original story and good use of special effects. I didn't find it that funny except the minister's dream - practicing s... reviewed March 17, 2006
A Love Ghost Story by gians70 Romance
A good story but would have been much better if it had been shorter. You need to practice editing - some scenes dragged on too long eg. the phone call between the priest and the lady with no dialogue ... reviewed March 17, 2006
Detektei 00 Tight -- Teil 2 -Kreislauf by OlliEntertainment Action
A bizarre but fun story. Technically excellent.. one comment though - at the beginning the hero drives up to a city apartment but the following scenes are set in a suburban home with a suburban street... reviewed March 17, 2006
Dead Town (Act-Three) by chrisu69 Horror
What can I say? matches the excellent quality of the previous episodes. I am bookmarking your studio. reviewed March 17, 2006
Forsaken Heart by TexasBabe2006 Romance
Well executed production with a compelling and socially relevant storyline. I have to say, the ending was not the one I expected. reviewed March 17, 2006
Dogbrothers by JakeGainsborough Action
This was great for a first movie. You packed a full story into a very short timeframe which, unfortunately, most movies of this length do not. I had to laugh at the ending. reviewed March 17, 2006
Dead Town (Act-Two) by chrisu69 Horror
A quality production! The atmosphere is, once again, fantastic. I was cursing when it ended just as it got really exciting! reviewed March 17, 2006
The Dim Light Zone by Howitzer Sci-Fi
An intriguing, original story with a great ending. However, I recommend you pay more attention to getting the details of costumes and props right: Roberts was dressed more like an officer than a serge... reviewed March 16, 2006
Why am I gay (Episode I) by Mih Romance
Featured Review
Very good sensitive story which probably reflects the thoughts of a lot of real-life teens. You really got inside Jack's head and helped the viewer empathise with him. Good editing work as well.
reviewed March 16, 2006
Road Trip To Roswell by JetCityWoman Romance
Wow! This was fab. A great story, very good VO work and outstanding backdrops. I was gripped from start to finish. Definitely one to bookmark. reviewed March 16, 2006
Mr Dirty Mr Tight -1- Normaler Tag by OlliEntertainment Action
Not knowing German i was at a bit of a handicap when it came to following the dialogue - I only got the broad gist of the story - so this rating is for technical accomplishment. I was very impressed b... reviewed March 16, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
A well made film with great VOs - I loved the southern accents. A good beginning to a new series but I have to say it is not as hilarious as your other work. reviewed February 27, 2006
Evil white ninja by jowo Comedy
Very bizarre! Like watching a movie while drunk. Loved the ending though! reviewed February 27, 2006
Who Wants To Be Pregnant by Timo666 Comedy
Made me smile. The editing was a little awkward at times but a nice concept. The subtitles were used to very amusing effect. reviewed February 27, 2006
Hell Horse by bob2006 Horror
Refreshing to see such an original and atmospheric movie. Very impressive work placing the horses on set. reviewed February 23, 2006
Stalker by MichaelCristiano Horror
The movie was excellent right through to the finish when it all seemed to end very abruptly. Until then I was very impressed by your editing and the vo work (although it was sometimes unclear). reviewed February 23, 2006
DEAD TOWN (Act-One) by chrisu69 Horror
Very atmospheric and great opening titles! I don't understand German but the movie was very well executed (and very spooky!) Was the music copyright? reviewed February 23, 2006
The Hostage by danielbarber Action
Very funny. Totally silly but with great voices! reviewed February 23, 2006
The Dead Live Again Part 3 by CaericArcLight Horror
Very good conclusion although I agree it wasn't quite as good as the second part and the confrontation with granny lacked bite. I also though you could have shown the other zombies dying or disappeari... reviewed February 22, 2006
The Elders 1 by ExtremeJay Sci-Fi
A simple story but very well executed with good special effects. The vo work was fun to listen to. You really established the characters and paved the way for a fine series. reviewed February 22, 2006
Wild Gunner by freebug14 Action
I have to say I found the story a bit confusing. What was the relationship between the robber and the Indians? I agree with the others who said you need tighter editing but I also think you have to ma... reviewed February 22, 2006
Jay Fox 3 Clowns day out by crossfire655 Comedy
Very funny indeed! I cracked up at the song and dance routine. reviewed February 22, 2006
The Last Empire by moreau Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Superb on every level. You had an excellent, intelligent, storyline which gripped me throughout. The VO was very well done. What impressed me most , however, was how you created an atmosphere of tensi...
reviewed February 22, 2006
SuperHero I (Part 1) by MovieMan42 Comedy
Great Vo work - made me laugh out loud! A great concept. My only complaint - I want to see the conclusion to this story NOW! reviewed February 22, 2006
I CAN FLY!!!!!! by HowardM Comedy
Totally silly but very funny! reviewed February 22, 2006
Hutchinson Death Of Johnson by prydinho Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Excellent voiceover work. The comedy wasn't always my cup of tea but I loved the madcap spirit of it all. I felt sorry for those poor deprived pleasure robots now Mr Green is gne!
reviewed February 22, 2006
She will always live forever by derbyrams Romance
Had the potential to be very good but the poor VOs let you down. After a while they became annoying. The dialogue also needs to be worked on. try to work on these areas for the next movie. reviewed February 22, 2006
The Mad Trix by Vally Comedy
I couldn't understand the dialgue, not speaking Spanish but visually it was superb - one of the best movies I've seen on here. Excellent use of music as well. reviewed February 22, 2006
Back In The Gang by 1Newgrounds Action
Very good. Lots of action and how lucky he was that his girlfriend found him AND used to be a nurse! You made very good use of subtitles. I think you should definitely do a sequel. reviewed February 22, 2006
The Battle by HollywoodcenterFilms Sci-Fi
The alien atmosphere was well captured and the battles were well done. However the film really suffered from the lack of dialogue and music. You really should work on this next time. reviewed February 22, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
Hilarious! Short, sweet and technically great. I loved the gorilla! reviewed February 22, 2006
Priest and The Virgin Final Episode by ninette1 Comedy
Excellent stuff! One of the very few movies on this site that has made me laugh out loud. Great vo work. And the ending was fab! reviewed February 22, 2006
The Sperm Donor by StokeStudios Action
Very funny! Excellent use of dialogue, sound effects and music. Can't wait for the family! reviewed February 22, 2006
The Pillow Caper by ahandle101 Comedy
Very funny. Nicely paced and very good subtitle work. Cries out for a sequel. reviewed February 22, 2006
A Tale of Two Families by ahandle101 Action
Featured Review
Very cool. I liked the way you compressed a whole storyline into just over 2 mins and we also got to know the characters as individual persoanlities as well. Great stuff.
reviewed February 22, 2006
point blanc by HQ1 Action
Good action and good fun. I really dug Afro Cop! My only niggle is with the subtitles - at times they were in the wrong frame. I find magnifying the storyboard in Post Production helps me place them b... reviewed February 22, 2006
The Dead Live Again Part 2 by CaericArcLight Horror
Featured Review
Excellent! The story was great, very well thought out and gripping. You showed a lot of skill in your editing. I'm bookmarking this and I'll be looking out for the conclusion!
reviewed February 4, 2006
Thousands of Em by ndoshaughnessy Action
An interesting attempt to circumvent some of the limitations of the game. I loved Corporal Jones. Next time though, try to get some more black actors - the blacked up face was very unrealistic. reviewed February 4, 2006
DOWNFALL by skarsten Sci-Fi
Very good work. A good storyline and excellent VO work. The non-corridor sets used were limiting but your strong plot compensated for that. reviewed January 29, 2006
Wild West Travelling Vehicle Preview by Kyyp Comedy
Thanks. Very helpful! reviewed January 28, 2006
No Way Back (SoundSubtitleFix) by AndreasS Action
Very good film which introduced a very strong character. Plenty of potential for sequels. I loved the poison by the way. Some scenes could have been better edited and your choice of music could have b... reviewed January 28, 2006
The power of the desires by micha83 Horror
Wow! I think this is the best movie I have seen on here. Totally original with excellent voice over work. I was gripped all the way through. I am bookmarking this. reviewed January 28, 2006
Dreamer EP1 Champion by cykodelik Action
Featured Review
Great stuff. I was very impressed by the editing of the fight scenes. It would have been good if you could have had the fights in a steel cage but we all have to work with those TMO set limitations!
reviewed January 28, 2006
Second Stop by MrSmithee Action
A very good story - the ending surprised me. I thought that the action scenes could have been worked on a bit more but I will definitely be looking out for the next part. reviewed January 28, 2006
Verve Episode 1 Invasion by conxroxs Sci-Fi
Very good work. The beginning was excellent. I did feel that editing could have been better with the later scenes but this will come through experience. I'll be looking out for the next part! reviewed January 28, 2006
Only one way by totalitor Horror
Very good! As a sci-fi fan i really appreciated the storyline. Excellent vocal work. I have to agree with the other comments though that it would have been better if it had been just a little bit longer. reviewed January 28, 2006
Dreamland II by Icyhugs Romance
This is still an intriguing story but not as good as Part 1. There were some technical probs with the VO - didn't match the on-screen action - but this is probably due to the program. Also the scene o... reviewed January 28, 2006
Streets by MotleyCrew Action
Short but amusing. The pothead was a standout. reviewed January 28, 2006
Passport control by alexd87_3 Comedy
Made me laugh! reviewed January 26, 2006
Sylvia The Beginning by davidwww Action
Ver Very well done! It was very interesting to see the story from another angle, especially knowing what was going to happen to Sylvia. Technically good as well. reviewed January 26, 2006
Sylvia by davidwww Romance
Featured Review
Excellently done. I didn't see the twist coming, which is unusal for me!
reviewed January 26, 2006
Picket Fences Picket Racism by HyruleanMovies Comedy
Featured Review
Funny! A very amusing idea well put together.
reviewed January 26, 2006
Unalive! by zoso820 Horror
I found the movie quite funny but I also thought it could have been improved upon. At the beginning, scenes flashed by a little too fast, from man standing outside graveyard to him dead outside the cr... reviewed January 25, 2006
First Words - A Learning Video for Toddlers by Dulci Comedy
Good stuff! Nice to see something which was original and non-violent for a change! reviewed January 25, 2006
Die Zombie Die! by HitmanGames Horror
Nice little film with very good editing. However, you should have had some form of bathing costume for the woman! reviewed January 25, 2006
Commitment by sarbonn Romance
Very good. It was good to see a female protagonist in the type of role usually reserved for a man. I can't help wondering why the boyfriend before last only lasted a month if he was always well behave... reviewed January 24, 2006
The Woman on the Corner by knightstudios Comedy
Very funny. Excellent VO work reviewed January 21, 2006
Law and judgement by totalitor Action
Another great movie from your studio. It was interesting to see how much could be conveyed without subtitles/VO. I would have liked it to be a little longer but you did very well within the short time frame. reviewed January 21, 2006
The Subway by ahandle101 Action
Very funny. A nice in-joke. reviewed January 21, 2006
The Darkness by layard Sci-Fi
A bit silly at times but I found it very funny! I found the VO hard to hear at times but the person voicing the alien was good. reviewed January 21, 2006
Nice Women by Scottcade Action
A good first attempt. would have been better if it had been just a bit longer and we learned a bit more about the characters. reviewed January 21, 2006
Dreamland by Icyhugs Romance
Featured Review
Unusual, original story. Very charming. You made Dreamland look, well, just like a dream!
reviewed January 21, 2006
Flower will die (my version) by chocolatemouse Romance
Excellent! It was a really touching romance and I really felt for the main characters. The ending was unexpected but appropriate, catching the overall mood of the film. I would echo commentts on subti... reviewed January 21, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER by MefuneAkira Comedy
Quite funny. Excellent VO work. I was very impressed by how well it matched the on-screen pictures reviewed January 21, 2006
How i became a Zombie King by brandonW Horror
Featured Review
Great fun! An amusing story with very good use of sound effects. I liked the way all violence was off-screen but neatly suggested. Roll on Part 2!
reviewed January 15, 2006
HEROES OF THE WEST by jrv_star Action
Featured Review
Great! The best western I have seen on here. 16 minutes went by quickly as it was an entertaining story filled with action. The characters were well drawn and caught the viewer's sympathy and the endi...
reviewed January 14, 2006
The Pariah by westost Horror
Again, excellent stuff (though not as good as your later film Route 66) Your strength is the originality of your scripts. I felt the editing could have been improved on but that is more than compensat... reviewed January 14, 2006
Route 66 by westost Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Outstanding! This really was excellent work - definitely the best I have seen on here so far. The story was gripping and I really wanted to know what would happen (although I could guess the ending) a...
reviewed January 14, 2006
The Desperate Action by James_Diaz Sci-Fi
Excellent stuff. The voicework was very good although I couldn't understand the alien guy at the beginning. I really liked the campy humour which caught the tone of early sci-fi. Hope you do another soon. reviewed January 13, 2006
Ladys advemture by Icyhugs Sci-Fi
The movie would have benefited from some music and a better ending (it was quite good till the end - a full story in a short time) And how did the girl suddenly grow a beard? Keep up the good work. i'... reviewed January 13, 2006
Revenge by rashad88 Action
This was a good attempt but you need to work on establishing the characters. I didn't know who the characters were or why they were doing what they did. Also, th early fight scenes needed better editi... reviewed January 13, 2006
The Mark Of The Beast Final Cut by kmalmgren Action
Very good work although it did drag at times. Voicework of the main character was good, others less so. The final showdown with the bad guy needed more work. High quality production though. reviewed January 9, 2006
Labor Of Honor by CynthiaAvey57 Romance
Featured Review
Well done to pack so much into such a short time. It was a fun little movie although the woman's face looked a bit devilish in close up! Also, the sheriff was not much of a gentleman to shoot down a m...
reviewed January 8, 2006
What if by totalitor Comedy
Excellent work! Great editing and a very original (as usual) and funny story. The ending was fantastic! I will bookmark this on my studio. reviewed January 8, 2006
Chronicles of the Lizardian-War Chapter I by green_eye_studios Sci-Fi
I really enjoyed the movie. Editing could have been tighter in one or too places but it was a good story. Music would have improved it but I did not miss it that much. Hope there's a part 2! reviewed January 8, 2006
The Hitman Part 1 by eckhard Action
The story was good and you established the characters but you need to take more care during post production. For example, Tony changed both hairstyle and clothes while talking to Leon then changed bac... reviewed January 8, 2006
Quadricolors story of heroes by antoinetardif Comedy
Excellent! Great story, a good mix of humour and action (loved the bearded female master and the ending)The editing was excellent and I liked the way you depicted "the force" in the fight scenes. Subt... reviewed January 8, 2006
The Final Cut by MasterChief15 Action
Featured Review
Not bad but the plot could have been clearer (more subtitles?) It was not clear what the policeman's idea was and how it helped them catch the killer (the killers phone number?). Also, why did the man...
reviewed January 8, 2006
HoHoHo Merry Chritmas by Zio_Produtions Action
Very funny but would have been even better with more editing (I only worked out how to do this a few days ago myself!) - the scene of the bunny lying on the bathroom floor went on way too long. A good... reviewed January 8, 2006
Return of the Hash Slinging Slasher by GatorWhiz Horror
You packed a lot in to a short time frame but there was one major weakness. It would have been much better to see the slasher in action ie. killing the girl. The scenes where he was carrying her BACK ... reviewed January 8, 2006
The Abduction by Noppius Sci-Fi
I'm giving a 3 because it was not good for a first effort and I liked the pic of the spaceship. However, the movie suffered from some points: 1. No subtitles so difficult to know what was happening a... reviewed January 8, 2006
The last day of mankind by totalitor Sci-Fi
Very good work. It was a highly orginal story with a good ending. I was impressed by your voiceover work, particularly the androids. reviewed January 2, 2006
We Are Restless by denzell Horror
This was a very good movie with a very good story. The music fitted perfectly, the visual effects (particularly the ghost) were first-rate and the outtakes were excellent. My only criticism is regardi... reviewed January 2, 2006
The lady must go by gospel-mc Action
A very ggod first effort. A lot of thought had been put into the story and it gripped from start to finish. You should pay more attention to your subtitles though. There were a number of grammatical a... reviewed January 2, 2006
Santa takes a Holiday by TheWolfska Comedy
Very funny. I really enjoyed it aand it held my attention all the way. Nice use of music and a good ending. How did you do the soapy costume effect? reviewed December 30, 2005
A Sith Lord In LA by Yngvelli Comedy
I found the movie very funny, particularly Anakin's ravings. The hippy neighbour was not at all funny though - rather like Jar Jar Binks. He deserves to be dropped. Voices were not bad and you made ve... reviewed December 29, 2005
Under the Boot Awakening - Chapter One by kuroken Action
Excellent! I can hardly wait for part 2. The story had me gripped from start to finish. The voicework was great, particularly the lead and the bartender. The smarmy "bootlicker" was excellently done a... reviewed December 27, 2005
Santa and the Evil Rabit Lord by zarkof666 Sci-Fi
Very funny (although the gunfight dragged on a little too long)It is a great concept. My only tip for the future - be sure to check your spelling on the subtitles. reviewed December 27, 2005
The Mansion (second part) by arnaudbeauvois Comedy
Excellent concept. Very creative. The fight was not very convincing though (no real reason for it to start)I would vote off Laura just to get a good reaction from Karim! reviewed December 27, 2005
I know what you did last Christmas by dark_humar Horror
This is 3.5 rounded up to a 4. The story was good and the ladies were hot (good use of implants!). However, you could have paid more attention to the subtitles - there were several spelling mistakes. ... reviewed December 27, 2005