Number of Movies: 4
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.74

Number of Movies Reviewed: 52
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 5
Average Rating Given: 3.88
Movies Released by macnme
Communist Robots Seek And Destroy! Sci-Fi
This is a propaganda tool used by the War Department to stem the evil tide of the communist disease... Whos side are 'you' on? ps:If you like this movie please rate my other movies ;D posted January 29, 2006
Gologtha Lives! Horror
This is a post-war horror movie made purely by my studio, i just added some subtitles & sound effects. I thought my guys did a good job ;) ....but then 'i' would say that, wouldn't i. posted January 29, 2006
Stinky Comedy
A short silent comedy about the dangers of garlic. posted January 29, 2006
The Happy Nutcase Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted January 15, 2006
Movies Reviewed by macnme
Blackbird by silver_fox_studios Action
Fantastic movie. Reminded me of Fight Club alot in some parts. But thats not a bad thing. Very pathos, although the cheesey "It was all just a dream" ending let it down a bit for me. Still, an ace mov... reviewed March 14, 2006
Triffid Symbiote Extermination Service by mildheadwound Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Originality exploding out of every orifice. I was even sining along with the jingle by the end... fantasic work!
reviewed February 7, 2006
The ABCs by FAHornet125 Comedy
A pretty elementary comedy, but with some genuinly funny moments. Didn't think I'd make it through the whole alphabet but you kept me hooked reviewed February 7, 2006
My Nightmare (Final Edition) by Diesel3009 Horror
Originality 9/10 perfect for genre Plot 10/10 multiple scenes all multi-layered Dialogue 9/10 excellent voice acting Editing 9/10 the flickering light sequence was inspired & edited to music. Wow fact... reviewed February 7, 2006
Butch Richards - A Hero is Born by CMOT_Dibbler Sci-Fi
Good movie. Good action & good comedy. I think Butch has potential. All in all a great little encapsulated movie. I save 5 stars for the true 'greats' Keep it up, your on your way to 5 stars ;D reviewed February 5, 2006
A Suicide Bomber by Jordan_P Action
Guy gets up, brushes teeth, has a coffee, smokes a cigarette, blows up a subway. A bit too "day in the life of.." with no real consideration of any of the arguments that make up this complex issue. So... reviewed February 5, 2006
The Killer Chicken - Episode 1 by orion801 Comedy
Featured Review
Great concept. I'll be interested to see how you can stretch it out over 3 movies. I thought some of the scenes in the first half could've been cut a little shorter, they were far to mundane. The Evil...
reviewed February 5, 2006
44 seconds of Horror by Frooplet Horror
bad hair day! We all have them. Could've used some dialogue/subtitles/soundeffects. For a short silent comedy it was good. for a horror...pretty poor. reviewed February 5, 2006
Metal Gear Solid-Good ending by slither-ball Action
Featured Review
Thumbs up. Faithfull adaptation of a game classic. wasn't exactly "hilarious", but did make a good action movie. Voice acting could be better, but nothing is perfect. I save 5 stars for the truely gre...
reviewed February 5, 2006
Monkey Stew by ninette1 Comedy
king of the swingers reviewed February 3, 2006
Oh Its On by mixmasterfestus Action
From such humble beginnings great things are born. reviewed February 3, 2006
Captain Frank to the Rescue by Acquired_Taste Comedy
Good movie, not bad vo Over all enjoyed immensly reviewed February 3, 2006
The Toilet of Doom by Cronos02 Horror
I really liked this movie. Mmmmmmmmm....radioactive donuts... reviewed February 2, 2006
Oh Its On Nimotsu Saru Kaimetsu by mixmasterfestus Comedy
I'm your #1 fan. Don't ever stop. ;D reviewed February 2, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER The Cupcake Edition by MefuneAkira Comedy
Genius... Probably the funniest comedy i have seen yet. Excellent Voice Overs, Loved the 'outtakes'. Inspired... Keep it up (tee hee) reviewed February 2, 2006
Frankenmonsterstein vs the Third Reich by KPizzle Action
overall seriously silly. didn't get the ending though. reviewed February 2, 2006
The Invisi Horse by God_Of_Plague Comedy
great comedy. original. reviewed February 2, 2006
A Fairy Tale by Arawna11 Comedy
good, not that funny, but a great fairy tale. reviewed February 2, 2006
Cereal Surprise!!! by poulet20 Comedy
so the banana council got to you too?? is nutritional information funny? ........maybe :D reviewed February 2, 2006
Big Chief No Fart by clinteasywood Comedy
Featured Review
huh..uuuu...huhuhuhuhu....huhuhu....uuuuu...uhuhuhhuhuuh .......Fart...... uhuhuhu....uhhuhuhuhuhuh....uhuhuhuhuh... .......tool......uhuhuhuhhuhuhu lol
reviewed February 2, 2006
The Rock Star (Trailer) by benstudios1991 Action
Featured Review
lol. made me laugh. Job Done ;)
reviewed February 2, 2006
Gorillaburger by DeBeef Comedy
Raised a smile from me, & thats hard to do. pretty funny reviewed February 2, 2006
Santa Strikes Back by Coolphil Comedy
A good movie, I didn't laugh though. reviewed February 2, 2006
We closed our eyes by chocolatemouse Sci-Fi
Nice treatment. A war movie with hardly any shooting. Very good work reviewed February 2, 2006
To Hang with Friends by Agent_Masquerade Comedy
excellent comedy. it'll have 'em rolling in the ailes. reviewed February 1, 2006
The Mark Of The Beast Final Cut by kmalmgren Action
Very true to genre. A class act. reviewed February 1, 2006
The Legacy of Man by drucifer67 Action
Good editing, well thought out.A+ If you want a laugh check out reviewed February 1, 2006
Tee in Space! by lizardthing Sci-Fi
Good action. The voice overs could have been delivered with a bit more 'gusto' but thats a minor critisism. reviewed February 1, 2006
Dog knows All! by CrazyCamel Action
Good, not great. Shame about the complete silence. reviewed February 1, 2006
game over by sexypenguin41 Action
so....why was the mafia after the guys gorilla? I've learned a valuable lesson, life is too short. reviewed January 31, 2006
King Kong 1941 (Act-Two) by StevenKreg Action
KONG!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! *uncontrolable sob* Amazing adaptation of a classic, & No stupid dinosaurs. Cheers for an excellent series. Oscar in the post. reviewed January 31, 2006
King Kong 1941 (Act-One) by StevenKreg Action
Loved the opening act, the first half of act one is a little slow, but that can be expected from the story. Genius at work. reviewed January 31, 2006
Communist Robots Seek And Destroy! by LACTS2 Sci-Fi
Not bad. My guys made the exact same movie, but it's funny how different they are. see what you think. reviewed January 31, 2006
Cyborg Warriors - Episode One by themonkeyclaw Sci-Fi
Thrilling Action! reviewed January 31, 2006
the SHORTEST HORROR MOVIE OF EVER by slimspider Horror
I laughed, I cried, i wet myself. Go see this movie!!! lol XD reviewed January 31, 2006
THE GANGSTERS by perrybigs Action
Did you actually 'pay' your script writers for this rubbish? You should FIRE them all! reviewed January 30, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
There's SO much i wanna ask about how you made this movie. If this doesn't get an oscar, then they're rigged. (Standing Ovation) reviewed January 30, 2006
My Beloved Monster by Scruggs Romance
Nice little touching movie isn't there a copyright issue with the 'eels, song though?! reviewed January 30, 2006
Live to Die by Green_Eye_Studio Horror
I'm sure you thought it was funny. reviewed January 29, 2006
We need more Sets! by TimBurtonFan Comedy
good points reviewed January 29, 2006
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
There's some real movie crafting here. Better than Peter Jacksons stinker. A+ reviewed January 29, 2006
Clash Of The Titans by jmcdiv Action
It made sense for a moment... & then there was a rabbit?! Sorry if i spoiled the ending. reviewed January 29, 2006
Infernulator by dazz69au Horror
Visualy a good movie, but even a basic plot would have jumped it up to a 4 star. Good effort, but try harder ;p (don't you just hate critics lol) reviewed January 29, 2006
I did not have a sexual relationship by NJG Action
No Review reviewed January 29, 2006
How Will Smith Got His Groove Back by LamChopz Comedy
A damn fine movie ;) reviewed January 29, 2006
Trust me! by layxdxstaf Horror
No Review reviewed January 29, 2006
America [play nice now!] Yeah...Suck On My Balls!!!!!!!!! by beninjam Action
F- Lazy plot line, poor editing, uninspired direction. At least there was a little chronology....but not much reviewed January 22, 2006
Millers End by wiz311 Action
No Review reviewed January 16, 2006
Commander Eunice and Space Ape by superhero4higher Comedy
No Review reviewed January 16, 2006
Mutant Benji by robdylan Horror
No Review reviewed January 16, 2006
Dominic The DEAD! by LordAstaroth Horror
No Review reviewed January 16, 2006
Saving Sergeant Buck by Dominic0904 Action
No Review reviewed January 16, 2006