Number of Movies: 5
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.36

Number of Movies Reviewed: 21
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 0
Average Rating Given: 4.43
Movies Released by Marcus82
The Butcher Horror
What do you need for a horror movie? Teens, Axes and a Butcher. There not much more to say... I could write another sentence about the plot, but I don't want to tell you everything ;) (english voiceo... posted February 14, 2006
Crazy Racers Comedy
This is all about a crazy race with nuts pilots and really strange cars. There are almost no rules and there seriously is no sense in this race ;) (english voiceover, no subtitles) @muwaga The invis... posted January 15, 2006
The Salvatore Family Action
Don Salvatore feels a little too safe and ignores his best man... turning out into almost seven minutes pure mafia feeling! No subtitles but completely performed be me (even the female :) Thanks to ... posted January 10, 2006
Unleashed Horror
A pregnant woman, a ghost and a priest. Classic horror story taking place in a haunted house! (subtitles only) posted January 7, 2006
Space Explorers Sci-Fi
Good old fashioned science fiction movie... shooting and space-babes... what else you need? ;) (subtitles only) posted January 4, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Marcus82
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Dylen Horror
This was done exceptionly well! Properly introduced characters made it possible to give this movie some depth even within these 13 minutes. The end was a bit short though, especially the last dialog c... reviewed May 12, 2006
Die Abwehr by kevinboeggering Action
Schöne geschnitte Action-sequenzen.. alles andere (Handlung, Synchro..) kommt leider zu kurz reviewed March 25, 2006
Bone Saw 3 by ninette1 Horror
Liked it! Nice and typical horror style but I missed some darkness/fog in the scenes... the colors where too brightand not fitting the atmosphere reviewed February 14, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
Very original FX!!! Okay, they were made outside of the movies, but... err.. who cares?? Great Idea! Great Movie! That's it! reviewed February 2, 2006
The Barrel Of the Gun by WarcraftGuy821 Action
I realized you put a lot of work in this movie. I rated it 4 star and here is why: # no voice-over (plus really fast subtitles in some scenes) # some scenes cuthave been cut a little sharper (you may ... reviewed January 25, 2006
An Afternoon with Stilton Conjarvis by boghog Comedy
Really excellent VO's but I guess it wasn't just my type of humour... I wonder when people start to make these kind of movies about Mr. Bush swimming with the chicken costume in an oil sea (or did I j... reviewed January 25, 2006
HASS by Psychokatalog Action
Gute Arbeit für dieses Thema! Nicht gerade Mainstream bzw. genau deshalb gibts 5 Sterne. reviewed January 20, 2006
The Priest and the Virgin by ninette1 Horror
Funny! After all I think it would fit better in Comedy than in Horror ;) reviewed January 20, 2006
Nautilus TechDemo by Zogg Action
Ok you guys.. HOT PICK or MOVIE? There is a difference.. for good movie we have the "charts" but there are other criterias like good SFX for getting a "hot pick".. so just rating it one star because y... reviewed January 20, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
This one is surely not about begging for VC's! Its original ;) reviewed January 15, 2006
AQUA TEEN HUMAN FORCE by waroftheworlds01 Comedy
WARNING- THIS IS ONLY A TEST. This is only a test to see if the rating system works. Depending on what the full movie will be like I consider give you a full rating :) reviewed January 12, 2006
The REEL Benny Hill Show by ksuie Comedy
Just weird and funny :) didn't know there were so many running scenes... however the music did the trick! reviewed January 12, 2006
Star Trek - Ultima frontiera 1parte - ( ITA ) by gpet Sci-Fi
seriously... I don't understand a word of your language.. but you seriously put a lot of effort in there and I'm sure if it was in english I'd be fully satisfied :) although I'm lil' woried about the... reviewed January 12, 2006
Mafia-Die Witwe by egonolsen Action
Sensationelles Vioceover (beonders bei dem Don) btw... Don Salieri? Hat da einer "Mafia" gespielt? ;) reviewed January 12, 2006
Desperate Housewives - Susan vs Edie by Roland31180 Romance
Nice, but the actors could look more like the originals if you already copied the content :) missing voices too.. reviewed January 11, 2006
Das Alien- Der Rückflug by head Sci-Fi
Echt nett geworden, jetzt noch die Untertitel durch Sprache ersetzen oder das automatische geblubber rausnehmen, damits kein medienbruch hat ;) reviewed January 11, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Really great work on the costumes!! And some nice special effects as well!! reviewed January 10, 2006
Justice by Gunner7246 Action
Good Work! Keep it up ;) reviewed January 10, 2006
How To Make A Movie by catthomp Comedy
Very funny Idea!! Missed the bankrob for getting started ;) btw.. somehow the music stops after few seconds reviewed January 7, 2006
A Cowboy by Gnutiful Action
Nice story.. didn't know there was so much a cowboy can do ;) reviewed January 7, 2006
Nicos home for Christmas update by Gunner7246 Action
Really fun this one! keep little distance to the mic when making CO's though.. but still nice going :) reviewed January 6, 2006