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Average Rating Received: 4.34

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Movies Released by luv2read3
A Marvelous Adventure 2 Comedy
A dancing bunny that lives in outer space, a man and a woman, a city in danger and an intense gunfight sequence at the end make this a must-see short movie. This introduces new characters from the fir... posted December 29, 2007
A Marvelous Adventure 2 Comedy
Two brand new characters, Mark and Alicia, are bored around the house. Theres absolutely nothing to do! They go to the city, but the city becomes a death zone when the dancing bunny from outer space a... posted March 27, 2007
A Marvelous Adventure Comedy
Sorry i have not made a movie in a very long time. I got addicted to the sims 2. HEHEHE. Anyways this movie is about 2 girls who go on a "Marvelous Adventure" except things keep on going wrong. Rated ... posted March 23, 2007
What A Girl Really Wants Comedy
An exploration inside the mind of a woman. NOTE: This movie is not meant to be sexist in any way. If you are offended by this video please tell me. Rated PG-13 for suggestive sexual scenes,alcohol con... posted February 20, 2007
Top 10 Ways To Die Comedy
Its just what the title says... The top ten ways to die. Rated R For intense And Very Graphic Violence Including Explosions, Dog Attacks, Getting stabbed and way more. posted February 2, 2007
The Baggage Boy VO Edition Comedy
This is my very first Voice Over movie. It's a parody of the baggage boy, a movie most users here should know if they have played they game. If you haven't played the game, The Baggage Boy is the firs... posted January 28, 2007
King Kong vs Santa Claus Action
King Kong, who is now married, must face Santa Claus, The creator of chicken man, alien man, the devil and super kong. Rated PG-13 for violence and brief sexual content. The 5th King Kong VS movie. NO... posted December 28, 2006
The Zombies 3 The Showdown Horror
Will earth survive? Rated PG-13 for violence throughout. NOTE: I wanna thank everyone who supported me when I was working on this movie posted December 17, 2006
King Kong VS Super Kong Action
King Kong Discovers A Clone of Himself Who wants to destroy kong for good. NOTE- The last scene is very graphic. The 4th film in the King Kong VS... Series posted December 3, 2006
The Zombies 3 Trailer 2 Horror
A way better trailer for the new Zombies movie Rated PG For Violence And Gory scenes. The Actually Movie is looking for a december release date. posted November 30, 2006
King Kong VS The Devil Action
King Kong Is On Vacation, But Not For Long! The Devil Comes To The Beach And The Two Characters Fight Over Who gets It!! Includes shotguns, Knife fights and more! Rated PG. The Third Movie In The King... posted November 30, 2006
King Kong VS Chicken Man Action
King Kong beats the crap out of chicken man. Has a surprise ending!! This is the second movie in my King Kong Versus... series. Enjoy!! posted November 29, 2006
A Zombies Love Life Romance
Possibly the funniest movie I ever made before. I don't know if the romantic music gives it that humorous atmosphere or what but boy is this funny. Rated PG-13 for Sexual Content posted November 29, 2006
King Kong vs Alien Man Sci-Fi
Okay, This is just another 1 minute movie I whipped up. If you enjoyed The Zombies!!! #1 and 2 you will definately like this. Rated PG for some crude humor. This is the first movie in my King Kong Ver... posted November 28, 2006
The Zombies 3 The Showdown Trailer Horror
The trailer for the final film in the Zombies!!! trilogy. NOTE- The 3rd film will be not be short it will be reasonably long. ANOTHER NOTE- Just warning you there is some brief graphic stabbing in thi... posted November 28, 2006
The Zombies 2!!! Horror
Kung Fu Zombie is back!!! This time he has absorbed so much energy he grows huge and terrorizes the city! Will anyone stop him? Or will he use kung fu to destroy us all?? Rated PG for Violence. Length... posted November 28, 2006
The Zombies!!! Horror
A short yet hilarious film about a zombie attack. Be sure to read the subtitles for some laughs. rated PG for zombie violence, kung fu and rocket launchers.(LOL) posted October 8, 2006
The Invasion Sci-Fi
An extended and updated version of The Aliens: A big city is attacked by alien forces. Can one woman board the mothership and kill the alien pilot?? Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and stabbing. posted June 29, 2006
The Aliens Sci-Fi
Alright, This was sooo much fun to make its a very short film(no surprise there!) about an alien invasion. posted June 26, 2006
Thriller Action Not Rated
Well, some people get trapped in a fire and its the polices job to save them. posted June 23, 2006
Murder Man Action
Well, what do you think would happen if you threw a homemade grenade? Rated PG for a brief scene of violence. posted June 22, 2006
Murder Man Action Not Rated
No Description posted June 22, 2006
Home Of The Braves Action
I got bored and made this it is a VERY short film about war and took about 1/2 an hr to make. I was to lazy to change the name. Rated PG for brief explosion. posted June 21, 2006
The Lost Planet Sci-Fi
This is my first film to make it on IMO so please give me some advice in the reviews and stuff. Thanks, Luv2read3. posted June 21, 2006
The Lost Planet Sci-Fi Not Rated
There is a storyline that is hard to keep up with but can be found if you look at the subs. This is my first film on IMO so please give me some advice. Thanks posted June 21, 2006
Mountaintop Action Not Rated
A funny little short about an angry woman. Don't forget about reading the subtitles!! posted June 21, 2006
Movies Reviewed by luv2read3
The Tellinator by janedoe Comedy
hahaha great movie!!! i loved it five stars bravo bravo! p.s you said you wanted to see more dancing bunny so i suggest watching my new movie:a marvelous adventure 2! reviewed March 28, 2007
Circle of Blood by stefslon Horror
this was a very good movie but a little short! Please rate and watch my newest 2 movies: A marvelous adventure 1 & 2! reviewed March 27, 2007
Space Morons Episode 20 Pairing Up by Dustin551 Comedy
very funny... GOOD MOVIE!!!!!! if you have time I released a new film called A Marvelous Adventure its quite funny! reviewed March 23, 2007
Bloody Mary 3 by patt0192 Horror
The robbery by daniel7474 Action
sweet movie man awesome please rate my new movie: The Top Ten Ways To Die reviewed February 5, 2007
Siren by jessaroma Action
sweet thanks for rating my movie reviewed February 5, 2007
Space Morons Episode 16 A New Moron by Dustin551 Comedy
Featured Review
... Well, i should give you some credit here dustin551. Even though I am not your biggest fan, i have to admit that you have gotten way better as a movie maker than when you started. 5 stars. Oh ya, i...
reviewed February 4, 2007
Dawn Of The Dead Traler by 1244 Horror
Featured Review
looks really awesome and i cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s please rate my new movie: The Top Ten Ways To Die If u do i will donate 1000 VC to your studio!!! Thanks, Luv2read3
reviewed February 4, 2007
Stone Jones by RawM33t Action
nice movie a bit short though please rate my new movie The Baggage Boy VO Edition reviewed February 1, 2007
The Baggage Boy Reduxed by Loustar Comedy
i'm sorry but, so many people have done this before, except for the fact that shes a girl this was exactly the same as the original. If you check out my version i actually changed it into something co... reviewed January 30, 2007
TCM trailer by Mattooman Horror
thats an amazing trailer cant wait to see the film!!! reviewed January 29, 2007
Returning Unscathed Heroes by mike1117 Action
hehehe if i rate it what i wanted to you would probably lose VC oh well i'm a nice kinda guy! Please rate my latest movie: The Baggage Boy VO Edition thanks! Luv2Read3 reviewed January 29, 2007
The Aliens (Graphic Text Adventure Sim) by Bugga62 Sci-Fi
please rate my movie: The Baggage Boy VO Edition I will give you 1000 VC!!! reviewed January 28, 2007
Bullet Trigger by Tagman2 Action
Featured Review
sweet man nice movie:) please rate my latest movie: Baggage Boy VO Edition LUV2READ3
reviewed January 28, 2007
Land of the Dead trailer by jgarcia1234 Horror
wow cool cant wait til it comes out!!!! also please rate my movie: The Baggage Boy VO edition reviewed January 28, 2007
guy falls by sexgod84 Comedy
hehehe the title tells all a guy falls nice name by the way hehehe oh ya please rate my new movie: The Baggage Boy VO Edition reviewed January 28, 2007
awkward movie (updated) by gamer07 Comedy
hahaha very cool please check out my new movie: The Baggage Boy VO Edition reviewed January 28, 2007
He was a very peaceful man by Dustin551 Comedy
give it a rest you have made like 30 movies you just wern't intended to make movies reviewed January 27, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
bravo eobaggs!! a chart topping movie!!! reviewed January 26, 2007
Tales Of Shock episode1-Ruthless killer by zombieshadow1 Horror
nice movie please rate my movie: The zombies 3 reviewed January 11, 2007
The Doughboy by Alexjb Action
sweet film man nice please rate my movies!!! reviewed January 9, 2007
Scooby Doo Mystery Files by eobaggs Comedy
Featured Review
that was hilarious LOL "that murderer is one sick son of a [censored!]!" that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!KEEP IT UP
reviewed January 9, 2007
Bloody Mary 2 by patt0192 Horror
Featured Review
I absolutely cannot wait for number 3 too come out this was the scariest movie on TMO i love this film so much!!! 5000 stars!!!!!!!! please hurry and make number 3!
reviewed January 9, 2007
Bloody Mary 2 Trailer by patt0192 Horror
WOW that looks awesome i am becoming ver addicted to these bloody mary movies!!!! cant wait to see the final one! p.s please rate my movies if you are not busy reviewed January 9, 2007
Bloody Mary by patt0192 Horror
That was absolutely amazing!! I saw the trailer and didn't think the actual movie would be released so soon but that was really creepy! I love the evil voice that you can hear in the background!!! 5/5... reviewed January 9, 2007
Great Escape II by blmcm Action
nice movie it was really cool!!! please rate my film: the zombies 3 thanks! Luv2read3 reviewed January 9, 2007
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
No Review reviewed January 8, 2007
Space Morons Episode 13 Back So Soon by Dustin551 Comedy
i hate you and your movies... rate my movies bad i don't care reviewed January 2, 2007
Real Heros by Danny52 Action
i hate you and i hope you die you freak and any one who rated his movie more than on star is stupid why would you say you were a russian hostage do u know people will take offense to that oh and you s... reviewed January 2, 2007
URBAN WARFARE 5 Metal Strikeback by cmdrxela Action
bravo! these movies keep getting better and better! keep up the awesome work! reviewed January 2, 2007
MJ Strikes Back!!! by soushou Horror
good movie i liked it coud you rate my movie? The zombies 3 reviewed December 30, 2006
Techno combat Trailer by seanyboy2885 Action
looks cool i cant wait to see the actual movie p.s please rate my movie the zombies 3 the showdown reviewed December 30, 2006
Santa Wars! by ranger21 Comedy
are people seeing the same movie as me??? reviewed December 30, 2006
the 5 point spy by itatchisawsome555 Action
sweet film i liked it!!! please rate my movie: The zombies 3 the showdown reviewed December 29, 2006
McMummy by LesCanadians Comedy
nice movie please rate my movie: the zombies 3 reviewed December 29, 2006
White and Nerdy by ratedpg Comedy
sweet i love this song please rate my films reviewed December 29, 2006
URBAN WARFARE 2 Supersoldiers by cmdrxela Action
Featured Review
man I love this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work!
reviewed December 29, 2006
Bloody Mary Trailer by Patt0192 Horror
Featured Review
holy crap! Please hurry up and make this movie! That scared the crap out of me!!!!!!!!
reviewed December 29, 2006
invasion trailer by AJR Comedy
just make the real film already!!!!!! reviewed December 29, 2006
Halo 2 by Dustin551 Horror
if you are gonna make a movie about halo you have to play the game first reviewed December 29, 2006
Monster Anonymous by mikeychaos Comedy
good job please rate my movies reviewed December 29, 2006
The Bunnies Strike Part 1 by eobaggs Comedy
VERY AWESOME!!!! I CAN"T WAIT FOR A SEQUEL!!!!!!! p.s the latest king kong vs movie is out. Please rate it!! reviewed December 28, 2006
The Butler Did It! by snake4411 Comedy
cool movie please rate my movies! reviewed December 28, 2006
Zoology by Tungazzio Comedy
bravo nice job cool film!!!!! reviewed December 28, 2006
The Class Clown by DarkAlex0706 Comedy
Wow that was really good!! Nice Job!!! P.S The Final King Kong vs Movie is out. Please watch it!!! reviewed December 28, 2006
Uninvited Guest by sausn2002 Comedy
This is pretty good for a first movie. Nice job. P.S Please rat my movies if you have a chance. reviewed December 27, 2006
A Photograph Lasts A Lifetime by sweatyshoulder Horror
Audience Level: Probably age 11 and up Profanity: Mild language Sex/Nudity: People Kissing Alcohol/Drugs: None Violence/Scariness: Very Graphic Scenes, VERY disturbing images, blood and gore I would ... reviewed December 27, 2006
Mr Cringles Big Idea by bobo55 Comedy
Featured Review
Christmas...LOL why is everyone just saying christmas? Anyway NICE movie I reccomend people watch it. Please watch my new film: The Zombies 3 Thanks Luv2read3
reviewed December 26, 2006
Stuart The Christmas Pwnage by jamibi Comedy
GREAT MOVIE I LOVED TERRIFIC!!!!!!!! Please rate my movie: The Zombies 3 reviewed December 26, 2006
Fight Club by overlordphat05 Action
sweet movie. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone reading this review, watch this movie!!!!!!!!! P.S please rate my movie: The Zombies 3 thanks, luv2read3 reviewed December 24, 2006
Bluescreen on Drugs by Tarison Comedy
how is this the number 1 movie???????????????????????????????????????? honestly, is everyone out of their minds????????????????????????? do not watch this movie, it does not deserve to be #1, or even ... reviewed December 21, 2006
Binary by HyruleanMovies Sci-Fi
Featured Review
cool film please watch my movies if you have time...THANKS!!
reviewed December 21, 2006
Preview for Come Back To Me by joey101 Romance
Featured Review
That movie looks like it's gonna be awesome! P.S Please watch and review my latest film: The Zombies 3 (thnx)
reviewed December 19, 2006
American Teen by dsbeach1978 Romance
pretty much a bunch of shots of girls kissing. If you put a pic like that for the cover, people will watch the movie. reviewed December 17, 2006
What chicks do when men arnt watching by gabeshomali Comedy
this was very funny. WOOOT. This is a good movie for boys everywhere to watch. The women have been exposed. LOL Please rate my movie: The Zombies 3 reviewed December 17, 2006
War is Hell by rancidpunk7 Horror
that SUCKED you are a terrible movie maker. boooooooooooooooooooooooo why can't i give you 0 stars?? reviewed December 17, 2006
Back in action episode 5 by Dustin551 Sci-Fi
hello just thought you would want to know that the zombies 3 is now out. reviewed December 17, 2006
Peter goes to Chicken Island by DarkAlex0706 Action
Featured Review
Good Job It wasn't that boring. In case you have not noticed my latest King Kong movie is out:)
reviewed December 4, 2006
When The Clowns Go Mad by luci Action
Good Movie P.S The random guy was just for laughs luv2read3 reviewed December 4, 2006
Zemmy and the Hooker by MelonTheCreeker Comedy
Okay... funny yet disturbing reviewed December 3, 2006
Eat It 3 It Just Doesnt Work by TwinMoon13 Comedy
yay for good, pointless movies!! WOOOTTT!! reviewed December 3, 2006
Santas Rampage by victim43 Action
Great Movie. Lets Just Rate it here. Violence: Lot's of people getting shot. Language: Santa constantly swears Sex: There is a scene involving a hooker 9/10 WOOT reviewed November 30, 2006
[play nice now!]ting Contest by hjkl Comedy
Return of the 60 foot Bikini Model by DarkAlex0706 Sci-Fi
GOOD MOVIE subtitles were a bit too small though Please rate my KING KONG Series! reviewed November 30, 2006
The Bunnies Strike Trailer by eobaggs Comedy
I can't wait to see this one!!! reviewed November 29, 2006
Jack Landrum Is A Bad Man by beckal Action
Good Movie. Please rate my latest comedy : A Zombies Love Life. I'm positive it will make you laugh!! Luv2read3 reviewed November 29, 2006
i like sex by adamthegamr Romance
That was...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me think.......... GAYYYYYYYYYY reviewed November 29, 2006
Unicorn Brigade 2 by TwinMoon13 Sci-Fi
Great Movie!!!!!!!!!!! P.S Thanks for responding to my question. I have another qustion though, will there be an Eat It 3?????????????? reviewed November 29, 2006
Hitman-The First Targets by Kingteno Action
Goog movie for first timer:) Please review my movies if you have a chance. reviewed November 28, 2006
Back in action episode 2 by Dustin551 Sci-Fi
Okay, Iguess. I am seeing some progress in your movies and i think you are getting better. reviewed November 28, 2006
Space Morons Episode 5 Federation Fun by Dustin551 Sci-Fi
Okay, if i were you I would scrap the space morons concept and try something new. I must admit, This is better than the others. reviewed November 28, 2006
back in action episode 1 by Dustin551 Sci-Fi
This is a disgrace to james bond movies. PLEASE take time and write a movie that makes some sense. reviewed November 28, 2006
Space Morons Episode 4 Man Breasts by Dustin551 Action
Getting Good???????? Please, take time to write a good script and posting this CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed November 28, 2006
Space Morons Episode3 Burrito Adventure by Dustin551 Sci-Fi
Why even bother making these UNFUNNY films?? reviewed November 28, 2006
Space Morons Episode 2 Swamp Monster by Dustin551 Horror
Whats The point?? The Jokes aren't even funny. reviewed November 28, 2006
Santa Claws by TwinMoon13 Comedy
cool reviewed November 28, 2006
Kombat Knights by TwinMoon13 Action
how did you make the nude girl??? reviewed November 28, 2006
Eat It 2 The Quest for Higher Ratings by TwinMoon13 Romance
WOW How did you make the character naked??? Please TEll me reviewed November 28, 2006
Chat Room by sidy Horror
HOLY CRAP!! This movie will keep you looking over your shoulder. 5 Stars reviewed November 28, 2006
The Invisible Killer (Trailer) by showbiz1234 Horror
COOL It looks good please rate my new movie The Zombies 2!!! reviewed November 28, 2006
Random Gangsta Movie with mods!!!!!!!! by TheTomas Sci-Fi
GOOD JOB!! Just Thought I would tell you that I have just released the movie: The Zombies 2!!! It's much funnier than the first! PLease Rate It: reviewed November 28, 2006
Come On Over! by guywhoplaysfable Comedy
Good job for a first post! Please rate my newest comedy, The Zombies, if you have the time. I am pretty sure you'll like it!- Luv2read3 reviewed November 28, 2006
The Greatest Battle Ever by neogarc3 Comedy
Thats funny i liked it alot! A bit short though. Please rate my movie: The Zombies!! if you have time. THANKS! LUV2READ3. reviewed November 28, 2006
Masked Killer by ShyShy Horror
WOW absolutely Freaky!!!! reviewed October 8, 2006
Mafia Wars Part I by onelordavengers Action
Cool please rate my movie: The Zombies!!! and i will give you more good reviews. Thanks, luv2read3 reviewed October 8, 2006
Im Gonna Catch You! (Music Video) by Pickleking Comedy
cool rate my movie The Invasion reviewed October 8, 2006
Hunters by Bartlin4321 Action
Featured Review
That was STUPID!
reviewed October 8, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
WOW amazing movie very creepy reviewed October 8, 2006
spirits of WW1 by nopopo Action
Cool Please rate my movie: The Invasion Just Click on my name reviewed August 1, 2006
stunts and effectz by chaos31 Comedy
Awesome!! reviewed July 31, 2006
War is Hell by dinoguy Horror
Dude you did not make that it comes with the game!! reviewed July 30, 2006
Attack of the Beer by DeadEvilBadger Comedy
OKAAAYYYY. that was funny but hard to follow the storyline. Rate my movie it is: Murder Man Luv2read3 reviewed July 30, 2006
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
Wow good job keep up the good work!! reviewed June 29, 2006
Invasion by swordfish66601 Sci-Fi
LOL best movie in the world how come you dont have any awards cause that was awesome!! Rate my movie its called "the murder man" reviewed June 22, 2006
old times are gone by chaos31 Action
cool, make fists of flame reviewed June 22, 2006
Zombies on Strike by showbiz1234 Comedy
Wow!! I need peraonal lessons to make a good movie cause mine always suck! reviewed June 22, 2006
Way Out West by agunst999 Action
Featured Review
OMG this is the best movie i wish you could winn all the awards in the world!! What a great story it was just so good!! Hurry up and make # 2!!
reviewed June 21, 2006
Death Rises by DaPeezi Horror
well that was interesting but very short. What was the point?? Friendly advice: make it have a story and add subs!! reviewed June 21, 2006
Through the Fire by Alpha-Omega Action
Wow the effects were amazing and the fire scenes all worked well together. The ending was sad. Check out my movie Mountaintop!! reviewed June 21, 2006