Number of Movies: 8
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.8

Number of Movies Reviewed: 30
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 1
Average Rating Given: 3.87
Movies Released by lohmann99
Pay day 2 Action
Number 2 in the series of peter sales the unlycky man Watch the first one here http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/139132 posted August 8, 2007
Pay day Action
The first of to episodes of a unlycky guys day.. Watch the follow up here http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/139146 posted August 8, 2007
Eachother Trailer Action
The First of the Eacother series will be released Sebtember 1st . posted August 7, 2006
The Horserider Action
No Description posted August 6, 2006
Bros of the west Action
No Description posted August 6, 2006
Dial 13 For Bad Luck Horror
No Description posted August 5, 2006
Mistah Sistah Comedy
No Description posted August 5, 2006
Detroit Crime City Action
No Description posted August 4, 2006
Movies Reviewed by lohmann99
Gateway To Evil by brainiac2005 Horror
Great movie good directed and sub were great excecuted :D Keep Filming ! reviewed August 9, 2007
The Christmas Wish by ZachS11 Action
Featured Review
I like the movie but the plot a little pinochio :D Keep Filming !
reviewed August 9, 2007
Almost Human - Chapter 1 by Tahndur Sci-Fi
Very greast movie i think you got the 50's sci fi style just in place Keep filming ! reviewed August 9, 2007
The Bunny Show Perfect for Kids over 13 by dsbeach1978 Comedy
Very nice and very funny i really think so Keep filming ! reviewed August 9, 2007
Crash on Time II The Transformation by RockerMonkey917 Action
I really like this mo´vie grat twist with the werewolf thing had not seen that one comming NICE FLICK reviewed August 9, 2007
Pandemic 1 by zeeto Action
I didnt quite get the story line because the subs went by so fast i could't read them but else a great movie.. reviewed August 9, 2007
Scratch by George_Locust Action
Really i'm speech less.. i.. You.. I can't find any mistakes ! Really great movie.. reviewed August 9, 2007
Jim Through Time Part 1 by vader92 Action
i like the plot but some of the subtitles are har to catch and some of the scenes are way to dar .. please rate my two episode movie pay day. reviewed August 9, 2007
Bullet Trigger by browe Action
No plot no VO no subs but hell lot of actions please rate my two episode movie pay day reviewed August 9, 2007
1-1 karate Showdown by meeeeee Action
No story line no VO no subs but a hell lot of action.. 2 stars please rate my movies pay day and pay day 2 .. reviewed August 9, 2007
High School 2026 by WilliamsProductions Horror
Good movie.. but i'm missing something either Voice Over or SUBS!! but any way nice movie please rate my two episode series Pay day :D reviewed August 9, 2007
Massacre The Beginning by ShyShy Horror
5 Stars to a 5 star movie that movie had me on the egde of my seat.. when the Voice matched the subs :D but a really nice movie.. and if you feel like please rate my two episode series pay day... reviewed August 9, 2007
Devils job by david_M85 Comedy
Hey good plot and nice scene execution but you need to work on the subs some of them are a little to short and they contain to much slang writing like some1 or u.. but nice movie and if you feel like ... reviewed August 9, 2007
people for peace by agm125 Action
I really like this movie i makes you think and normaly i don't do that by my self.. but some times the subs where a little hard to read there were very short.. but [bad-word!] happens.. Thanks for rat... reviewed August 9, 2007
Geoff the life story by charlieiscool Comedy
Where not a big fan off the sqeaking noises but a good and funny film. I could not stop laugh when geoff mother told him he was a looser.. nice work but next time a little longer.. Work it harder mak... reviewed August 8, 2007
Shark Attack by chris62 Horror
Very nice i like the way you made thet film happen. there were not a moment i was bored and i like that ! reviewed August 6, 2007
Thunder and Lightning by dabnorfish Action
Very stylish, and great story line. The 70s cop series is back ! I really like the Movie but i can't give you 5 without VA sorry.. Work it harder, make it better.. reviewed August 6, 2007
Dark September by kell1608 Action
Dude... I got goose pops all over my body i can't and will not forget the moovie... Stunning work.. Really ! the music the scene shifts the way of building up the whole movies i really enjoyed watchin... reviewed February 2, 2007
CCWE Showdown Main Event by WorldPictures Action
I like the voice and i like the story im a big wrestlin fan... but if you make a wrestlin movie you need the throws you need the submissions or maybe a little background music or a entrance scene... ... reviewed February 2, 2007
Johny Black The Return by whiterider11 Action
I like the movie but i cant rate you higher when theres no subs or voice.. The story is good but i need some storyline and thats where the subs or the voice come in..... Work it harder, make it better ! reviewed February 2, 2007
You havent changed the lock but we have by wellzy Action
No bad movie but.. but it could use some Voice or subs.... Work it harder, make it better ! reviewed February 2, 2007
Brokeback Soldier by yohon Comedy
It started out pretty lame... all that gay stuff was hard to get at thje opening.. and in the bath with close on what were you thinking...? But at the end it started To build on that Gay relationship ... reviewed February 2, 2007
what it is hoe by Amthony Comedy
There were abselutly no start or end to this movie hope its your first dude... The undead part was a little bit of good but the first... Work it harder make it better... reviewed February 2, 2007
Unlucky Jucic (Part 1) by Kowaru Comedy
It was kinda funny but, when i started it i thought about action and drama and lots of guessing. i thought it was a Crime movie. reviewed February 2, 2007
The Fan by janedoe Horror
i liked your plot and i could not keep myself from laughing when she shot the wrong woman 5* to u reviewed August 7, 2006
Arockalypse by swordfish66601 Sci-Fi
very very very nice movie i like it ... no i love it Arockalypse Hard rock halijulia reviewed August 7, 2006
Kling-ons by big-al3 Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed August 7, 2006
High Tension by Eagle_93 Horror
Nice movie. I like your story and the music, but there's missing some subtitles so its only gonna be a 4 from me. But hey NICE JOB. reviewed August 7, 2006
Considerations Banks by nz_movie_maker Action
Claer the dialogues reviewed August 6, 2006
Oh Its On Remix by mixmasterfestus Action
nice reviewed August 6, 2006