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Average Rating Received: 4.57

Number of Movies Reviewed: 81
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 4
Average Rating Given: 3.81
Movies Released by liquidus118
Inner Demons 3 Action
Inner Demons climax has ARRIVED!!! Jake and the RWA are now wanted men, they have little chance of survival and are being constantly attacked by the NLA, can they survive? I will only review your mov... posted March 4, 2007
Inner Demons 3 Action Not Rated
I'm re uploading, the SUBS were wrong, so it'll be on at about 4:30 today, sorry for any inconvenince, especially Tie posted March 4, 2007
Inner demons 3 teaser Action
This is a part of the story!!! it explains the ending of ID2 alot better,and shows how Jakes short life expactancy is eating him up inside. full movie out NOW!!! Got any Inner Demons realted questi... posted March 1, 2007
Inner Demons 2 A Beast Unleashed Action
One man is about to be thrown into a world he thought he was stopping and there will be no return... Watch inner demons first!!! check out out 3 trialer that ... posted February 17, 2007
Inner Demons 2 A Beast Unleashed Action Not Rated
Inner Demons is back and everything Jake Miller believed in is about to be shook to it's very core... Based right after Inner Demons, Jake and Mark are once again sent to netreulize the NLA threat an... posted February 12, 2007
Def M Part 2 heroes collide Action
The thrilling series returns with the threat of WEBS looming ever-closer, Malcolm Hunter is entrusted with the task of destroying it and the formidable Biowar infection in one mission, but is he too l... posted February 5, 2007
Def M Part 2 heroes collide Action Not Rated
Hunter and R-112 have finally learned the destination of WEBS and the Biowar leader, and now they must penetrate the fortress of New Alkatraz and obliterate both targets, but are they too late? find o... posted February 1, 2007
Inner Demons Action
One man has the power inside him to destroy the world, and he doesn't even know it... Jake Harper is a new recruit to the RWA (Real World Army), he doesn't seem like he'd make a good soldier: Weak bu... posted January 31, 2007
Def M Part 2 heroes collide Action Not Rated
No Description posted January 31, 2007
Def M Part 2 heroes collide Action Not Rated
The fate of a planet is in their hands, they must complete there mission, for all of us. Malcolm Hunter and prototype are R-112x getting ever-closer to the source of the infectious and dangerous Biow... posted January 26, 2007
Def Mom (Defining Moment Remixed) Action
WEBS:a massive mechanical monster with a vast array of weaponry Biowar: a drug originally intended as an enhancing western earth fighting skills, but... Eastern Earth 'goodies' Western Earthm'baddie... posted December 10, 2006
The Assasin Action Not Rated
This film was mainly intended to be entered into the "Finish the story" competition, at first the only thought I had was "Futuristic hitman" and, well it just grew. posted September 29, 2006
Defining Moment Part 2 Trailer Action
Finally! Defining Moment P2 trailer is here! I hope you like the music I chose, I think it goes quite well, anyway, please review! I garantee I say it help,which give more VC's! posted September 20, 2006
Defining Moment Part 1 Action
I put a lot of effort into this and am proud with the end result, but the plot needs explaing: Based in around 2020 it is cold war 2 (in that the nuke threats and 2 halfs of earth, but without the det... posted September 10, 2006
Aliens Laugh Sci-Fi Not Rated
I made this flick with a friend when I was bored, this is my third film on TMO, so enjoy! I hope A hole is allowed on TMO!!! posted September 1, 2006
Selective Eradication Action
Hi!this is my second film, so it won't be too good, I sorted out the subs problem from my last film, I think it should be normal graphics, but that pic doesn't bode well... I can't check, my internet ... posted August 30, 2006
3000 Sci-Fi
For a start, that isn't the pic I chose, this is my first online movie, so go easy, Watch this full screen only, do so by right clicking on it and selecting full screen in zoom, enjoy! And look out f... posted August 17, 2006
Movies Reviewed by liquidus118
Clone war by jespion Action
A decent movie, but the narration was average, no drama to it, and you should lengthen it, and maybe could have built up the charecters and there back stories, and show the clones been made, Captain J... reviewed May 11, 2007
The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
OMFG, this is on par with the brilliance of K-7 quarantine!!! Outstanding effort in every aspect of the film, you deserve every good review you get, and any one who gives this a bad review will have 2... reviewed March 2, 2007
Starfighters by runic12 Sci-Fi
Great movie!!! I hate you though, you get in the charts with your first movie, and I've got in once after 7 movies!!! Good movie though, maybe have more story e.g explain who the enemy guys were, but ... reviewed February 18, 2007
The President by tantiveiv Action
Good movie!!! But it was too random at times, and we never found out about the terrorists, and WTF is C1 about? But a well made movie, if there is no part 2 I'd give it 3. reviewed February 18, 2007
The DOG by kbilly Action
Never make a movie again, EVER!!! reviewed February 18, 2007
Tranquil Hill - Suffering by shahrukhkhan Horror
fantastic movie!!! But really confusing at times, and the ending was too random, maybe a part 2 setup? reviewed February 17, 2007
revenge on a chav by pixelrose4 Action
That.. was good, erm, no offence, but how could you think that up? Anyways good music and atmosphere, would have been ace with VO's tho Check out the new series Inner Demons: http://movies.lionhead.c... reviewed February 17, 2007
COP by JohnLeeAnn Comedy
Featured Review
reviewed February 17, 2007
Februrary 15th by Kindler98 Horror
Good movie, good middle with a good atmosphere, but you shiuld work on the VO's though, but well made! Check out the new series: Inner Demons Inner Demons: Inn... reviewed February 17, 2007
World War III Episode 1 - The Beginning by BunnyRabbit777 Action
You used Rik_Vargards the duel music, YEY!!! Check out more of his music at reviewed February 17, 2007
Vison-Teaser1 by zombieshadow1 Comedy
Intruiging! Clever idea and well made, superb use of music as well! Check out my top-40-action film inner demons and the new and improved sequel http://movies... reviewed February 15, 2007
Fued Among The Stars by Tie Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Very good!!! High standard for a short flick, maybe you should make a sequel? Keep up the good work on sci0fi films I'd love to see more. BTW eposode 2 of inner demons is is out! http://movies.lionhe...
reviewed February 15, 2007
Apette by LesCanadians Comedy
I don't usually like comeides, but that was HILARIOUS!!! Full of lots of smaller laughs as well, ingenious. BTW episode 2 of Inner Demons is out!!! Be the fir... reviewed February 15, 2007
Evil Remains by MrSkull74 Horror
Mindless, pointless add plot and story. But that was a loooooooooooooooooooot o' skulls reviewed February 5, 2007
Stud Money 007 2 by pookashells Action
Eh? Lol!!!hahahahahahaha! reviewed February 5, 2007
Stud Money 007 by pookashells Action
Lol!!!hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! reviewed February 5, 2007
The Color Of The Crime by Montoro Horror
A clever story, but when she was saying that the man violated to her, it was so annoying I wanted to take a baseball bat to her ugly face, other wise clever and well made reviewed February 5, 2007
DARWIN by verguit Action
looks promising reviewed February 3, 2007
Tommorows Past - Trailer by Nightfire101 Horror
YEY! I can't wait for the real deal, brilliant music, where'd you get it? Your on my bookmarked studio's (1 of 2, infact) Witness the beasts awakening... inner Demons: reviewed February 3, 2007
Planetary Flights 3 by bongoman Sci-Fi
lol, voices unclear at times reviewed February 3, 2007
DoubleBad by DmitriyCh Action
Great job! Excellent music and idea, the ending was quite good, with a kind of twisted humour Plz rate my movie Inner Demons: reviewed February 3, 2007
ninja man 2 by chissmister Action
Good flick! I like the idea, but it is a bit too short, this has infinite potential. plz watch my chart reaching film inner demons reviewed February 3, 2007
Metal Gear Solid-Bad ending by slither-ball Action
Good ending!(no pun intended) Well put together and fine voice over work. Use the mod on 8-eyed baby that has a solid snake costume by rogue reviewed February 3, 2007
Metal Gear Magnus Reckoning by indianajenkins Action
Not bad! you should have added more drama to it, like when he met big boss, it could have been more dramatic, and it was a rehashed idea from Metal Gear, but oversll a solid movie, try using the costu... reviewed February 3, 2007
Funny by Kirby-King Action
Eh? reviewed February 3, 2007
Hand of the North Bar by jsmith0609 Action
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hilarious ending! Make a good TV ad, the scenes blended well, except for at the fight scene, but that is very hard to manage A well deserved ... reviewed February 3, 2007
wiwanyank Wacipi-la danse du Soleil-Part1 by cinecitta Action
Great film! Your English is good and the story was interesting, there aren't many TMO films that keep me hooked for 17 mins! Please rate my series, defining moment Defining Moment: reviewed February 3, 2007
The Convict Killer by LesCanadians Horror
Good film! A clever idea with well-fitting charecters, nice scars on the killer, too! I do think some music would have helped it a lot. Good work, maybe a chart topper next film??? Plz review my film... reviewed February 3, 2007
War is Hell by Arowanna92 Horror
Don't bother, nice thought, though reviewed February 2, 2007
the war 7 by rhyspc Sci-Fi
Not a bad first movie! I'll help you by giving some tips on what to change and mistakles that new people often make, with what I saw of your movie: 1. !Priority! for your part 2 add subtitles, or VO's... reviewed February 2, 2007
Snake Plissken vs Solid Snake by snakesgayle Action
Bull, solid would beat anyone in seconds, could plisken take on: countless metal gears, 2 ninja's, a guy with a HUGE minigun, his superior twin brother, a telekinetic psycic, the worlds best sniper, a... reviewed February 2, 2007
City of violence by 2-Niclas-2 Action
Great movie! But it could and should have been lengthened, and maybe a kingpin of crime to take down, perhaps a change of the main charec's costume wouldn't go amiss too. But ingenious fight scenes an... reviewed February 1, 2007
Time Bomb by omemaster Action
A decent movie, but the news at the start dragged on a bit, which wasn't helped by the unsuiting music for the news scene, it was also a bit to random, but an ingenious ending, I never saw it coming, ... reviewed February 1, 2007
Iron Shield by movielandscaper Action
Featured Review
-the hell?
reviewed February 1, 2007
Edwardians In Space (Trailer) by jxhogan Sci-Fi
Fantastic! A brilliant idea I could never think of in my wildest dreams, backed up with strong, story-fitting charecters who are perfect for some brilliant comedy scenes, the music was well implemente... reviewed February 1, 2007
Greedy for Money by timorogowski Action
Brilliant job! I love the excellent VO's, and a great story too, but maybe lessen the VO's a bit next time reviewed January 31, 2007
The detective Shan Episode 1 by fantomoo Action
Not bad!!! Plz rate my other my other movie reviewed January 31, 2007
Mars Is Getting Closer! by captfinlay Sci-Fi
? don't bother wih a sequel reviewed January 27, 2007
The Dead Cop part 2 by lucky_13 Action
Once again not bad! You did a great job of slowly turning him from anti-killer teen to colder and much more heartless, it was also a great comentary, too reviewed January 27, 2007
The Dead Cop Part 1 by lucky_13 Action
Good first part! You did a good job of showing he didn't WANT to kil but HAD to kill, you couldn't have done it like that with subs. It was a bit to short, but a great overall idea and movie PS, I am ... reviewed January 27, 2007
They Dug Too Deep by walkerws Action
Not bad for a first film, I'm gonna list a few things for help on what mistakes new people make: 1. You didn't explain the plot enough 2. Certain parts needed to be longer and better, I don't see how ... reviewed January 27, 2007
The Smoking Gnu by like_your_face Horror
MESSY PICTURE, RE-UPLOAD!!! reviewed January 27, 2007
k7-Quarantine by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
Wow... This is better than some hollywood, multi-million dollar films, and this cost you, what? 30-40 for the game and s&e, and thanks for the review on my film, wow... reviewed January 26, 2007
Blood in the Moonlight by michael_b6 Action
That was amazing! Admitebly the shaky camera was a bit too anoying, but it was a great shootout scene, but there are certain parts which werent as good, but that can only be improved with time and pra... reviewed January 26, 2007
The Heist by zengyro Action
A pretty good movie, the music was quite good, but could have been reworked to suit it more, and I agree with flabby08, it does seem a bit too silly with the music, maybe as a part 2 make it a bit les... reviewed January 25, 2007
Half Life by ss9415 Sci-Fi
It was fairly obvious that you are new to TMO, you should have had more practice offline first, and maybe wait 10-20 studio years before making another film, because in the 70's the options are to lim... reviewed January 14, 2007
Thrills Chills and Shotguns by Superslash Action
I would kill you if i new who you were coz of lack of subs, oh and too random Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! reviewed November 18, 2006
Mr Bush by pergar Action
To right my freind! reviewed November 18, 2006
X-massacre by thatwalshguy Action
lol, is that the full thing? if not when then full thing out? WOW! reviewed November 18, 2006
war is hell by Regulator1 Action
I pledge to kill the next dickhead who doesnt use subs, it is so annoying reviewed November 18, 2006
Detroit Crime City by DOM1N8TR1X Action
I hope this is one of your first attempts, it isnt good at all, you should use subs and differing music then people might understand, and maybe work on building the charecteristics of your charecters,... reviewed November 18, 2006
The Desert's Wrath by Z_M_Gibson Action
Decent film, but the fight scene was a bit shoddy, try to add him running out the door in a similar situation next time, try scared exit 1/2 plz rate my movie reviewed October 21, 2006
The Unfair Ambush by gwaiti Action
Decent third attempt, I'm on my first few movies too, although it did seem a bit cliche with 'the invisible streakers', but a good overall movie plz rate mine: ... reviewed October 21, 2006
Man Or Beast by AcIdBuRnZ Action
I can see your knew to the movies, but thats fine, I am too, looks like you don't know where or how to add subs and VO's etc... Go to main menu, then movie player, then click on the title of this movi... reviewed October 21, 2006
Zombie City by MaxZard Action
It was OK, but a bit random, you could have made it more dramatic and given the zombies a better entrance, plus the main charecters were too [bad-word!]y, and grammar wasnt the best. But a very good i... reviewed October 21, 2006
the matrix vs smiths by jawookie Action
Very poor, can't spell and generally amature reviewed September 12, 2006
Oh Its On Funk Shinkon Kerabuyu by mixmasterfestus Comedy
F***ing wow! reviewed August 31, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
That was good, but not especially scary, good idea, but the ending was a bit confusing, and I understand the entie plot for MGS. reviewed August 18, 2006
HELL(it aint so bad!) by alfric Action
That was hilarious! Great imitation of sean conneries voice, or are you sean connery? hhhhhmmmmmm, check out 3000 at reviewed August 18, 2006
SILENT TOWN (Trailer) by danielbach Horror
Nice take on silent hill, can't WAIT till it comes out. Try this film:, watch this on full screen reviewed August 18, 2006
Oh Its On by mixmasterfestus Action
THE DEAD WALK (R) by verguit Horror
That was really good, but not as good as people say, the only real problem was the VO's. reviewed August 18, 2006
War ON A SHIP!(Trailor) by carlosanddanny Sci-Fi
Good, but you didn't quite give the 'good metets evil' effect as well as you could have, but I'm looking forward to the film reviewed August 18, 2006
Asteroid Attak of the covenants by afrosorcer Sci-Fi
A good first film, I'm on my first film too, its a bit like yours, including using the sci-fi subtitles you can watch it at reviewed August 18, 2006
Wie viele by Timmjati Action
Wow! Das ist fantastisch! Sehr gut! (Ich nicht sehr gut am Deutch, ich English) reviewed August 18, 2006
President Doofus by moviemaster21 Comedy
Good, but could have been longer, and a better ending, 3 stars seems about right. reviewed August 18, 2006
Time Change Pt 1 by rtshardgamer Action
it was quite good, but use calmer music when he's going through the woods, so then when something good happens start the fast music there, it definately improves it, it'll be interesting to see what a... reviewed August 18, 2006
The Life Of A Star by Eagle_93 Romance
Great film, phenominal music, great, and thanks for the comment on 3000 reviewed August 18, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
That was unbelievably good, if that's what stunts and effects can do I'm gonna get, the only problem was it was to short, wow. reviewed August 18, 2006
Metal Gear by derectorman67 Action
Not bad, but I am a huge metal gear fan and that isn't up to standard, any way,why copy one of the games, you could make a new one, maybe to do with les enfant teribles and foxhound, oh wait, they're ... reviewed August 17, 2006
Pirates ! by Richegroover Action
It was good, but no way #1 for action in the hall of fame reviewed August 17, 2006
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
wow! hat was so good! great song, funny, explosions, godzilla should win, he could just take a leak on all the mini people, ih, wait, there isn't such a scene, oh well. Coming Soon! Defining Moment, a... reviewed August 17, 2006
The Funny School Shooting by nute Action
WHHHHHAAAAAAAA? reviewed August 17, 2006
Meltdown by Jeefey Horror
Short, no music, lacked finesse, should try hareder, but keep on trying, it was quite good. reviewed August 17, 2006
The Lone Hitman by xveritas_et_aequitasx Action
Featured Review
good, for a minute i thought it was a full film, good film 'insert name' P.S. see Defining Moment, by... me! coming soon, please.
reviewed August 17, 2006
Ten Gallon Head by del999 Action
no offence, but whhaaaaaaaaaa? reviewed August 17, 2006
Agent Stupid(Part 1) by jinko23 Comedy
What? reviewed August 17, 2006
CHRONOTeaser by mookman Sci-Fi
Decent, but, whats the 'chrono project? why do they want it? why is there constant heavy breathing and farting? you didn't put across the idea of 'the one' either, you could and should have done better reviewed August 17, 2006
Outward Episode 1 The Threat by mrperea Sci-Fi
Not bad, but it could have been longer, and add some music. reviewed August 17, 2006
Dr Awkward by IkaFx Action
What? A short chase scene? That's it? How'd it cost $500,000? reviewed August 16, 2006
Galaxy Detectives by Sanfranman491 Action
Wow! Hope I can make a movie like that, I'd PAY to see it! reviewed August 16, 2006