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Average Rating Received: 4.17

Number of Movies Reviewed: 21
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Average Rating Given: 4.9
Movies Released by Leeroyjenkins
Guns and Claws Action
No Description posted October 1, 2007
When Chickens Fight Back Comedy
My new comedy, the music at the beginning is Trogdor by Strong Bad, as performed by me. posted August 5, 2007
alien vs reptilian Action
A movie about an alien race that tries to take over another alien race and it goes horribly wrong posted August 1, 2007
Cold Bullet Action
Sorry that I haven't released a movie for over two weeks. I had internet problems and i was on vacation. Sorry about the green screen. I am not used to stunts and effects. Well I hope you enjoy posted July 31, 2007
Revenge of the bugs Sci-Fi
My first movie with the expansion pack and with real VO's posted July 14, 2007
The Plague Vector commentary Sci-Fi
A sci-fi comedy. our first vo movie. All comentary posted July 12, 2007
The Mighty Warrior Comedy
My first ever comedy starring a ninja man who keeps having trouble fitting in. VOs are coming soon. posted July 12, 2007
area 51 Sci-Fi
A Sci-Fi movie my brother made. it has a twist of comedy at the end. posted July 10, 2007
D-Day Action
remake of a day to forget posted July 10, 2007
World War Killer Action Not Rated
My first real shot at a car movie sorry about any mistakes posted July 10, 2007
A Day To Forget Action
A movie my friend and brother made posted July 9, 2007
Supersonic Metal Action
My version of my brother and friends movie A day to forget. i made this one and there are a few mistakes so sorry. posted July 9, 2007
Alien The Second Invasion Sci-Fi
sequal to alien invasion. It is much better posted July 8, 2007
Alien Invasion Sci-Fi
A movie where aliens have come to attack. There is now a sequal called Alien the second invasion. posted July 8, 2007
Movies Reviewed by Leeroyjenkins
The Flesheater 3 Trailer 2 by kyle1995 Horror
Excellent that looks like a really good movie can't wait for the whole thing to come out! reviewed August 5, 2007
The bad Day - Trailer by cyberflash Action
Cool! please rate my movies reviewed August 5, 2007
Chicken Man by ShyShy Comedy
Hilarious!! I laughed so hard. It was funny and very random reviewed August 1, 2007
Where Is Vietnam by smash_fred Comedy
Pretty funny movie reviewed August 1, 2007
Neo vs Giant Chicken by jonathan_92 Comedy
OMG that was really funny. please rate my new movie reviewed July 31, 2007
How to Custom -music and sound effect- by sidy Comedy
Thanks that will help my movies alot! reviewed July 13, 2007
BEES!!! by jonathan_92 Comedy
Good movie if you get the chance please rate the plague vector commentary reviewed July 13, 2007
Make Poop! (Music Video) by Dave180786 Comedy
That was freaking hilarious!!! reviewed July 12, 2007
The Chickin Job by jonathan_92 Action
That was a freaking hilarious movie reviewed July 12, 2007
War In The Stars Part 2 by kell1608 Sci-Fi
Good movie please rate any of my movies. reviewed July 12, 2007
Groom Lake by jonathan_92 Comedy
That was the best TMO movie I've seen. Please rate my movies! reviewed July 12, 2007
VALLEY OF TARISON by kwistufa Action
Nice that was good. please rate any of my movies reviewed July 12, 2007
World War Z Taking Vietnam by Kmccombe267 Action
Nice movie. please rate my area 51 movie or a day to forget reviewed July 12, 2007
Detroit Crime City by SBC-Jester21 Action
Needs subtitles or something reviewed July 10, 2007
Alien Discrimination by jonathan_92 Comedy
Wow that is a really good movie. you are really good at making movies, much better than me. reviewed July 10, 2007
War In The Stars Part 1 by kell1608 Sci-Fi
excellent movie please rate my movies reviewed July 9, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
Interesting movie please rate my movies reviewed July 9, 2007
Blonde Joke 3 by SilkyBlue Comedy
Really good laugh please rate my movies. search Leeroyjenkins under studios reviewed July 9, 2007
Apocolypse Vietnam by jonathan_92 Action
Really good movie please rate my movies. reviewed July 9, 2007
Control part3 by chris62 Sci-Fi
Absolutely great. I love your movies I can't get enough. I mean my movies are bad and you rate them good. reviewed July 9, 2007
Mid Evil by chris62 Action
Exellent movie Much better than my Alien Ivasion that you rated 5 stars reviewed July 9, 2007