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Average Rating Received: 4.74

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Movies Released by kos78
A Thousand Diamond Droplets (DC) Sci-Fi
3175 A.D. The Terran Empire Stretched across a dozen stars, Grasped in the iron will of the PsiCorps, Locked in a never-ending war they cannot win. Flight Lieutenant Ikumar wanted nothing more than ... posted July 18, 2006
A Thousand Diamond Droplets Sci-Fi
3175 A.D. The Terran Empire Stretched across a dozen stars, Grasped in the iron will of the Psi Corps, Locked in a never-ending war they cannot win. Flight Lieutenant Ikumar wanted nothing more than... posted June 19, 2006
Monday Nights 05 Aethr Flaven Comedy
HOT PICKED! Winner of MoMc "Best Comedy" award. "Oh come on, press the escape key already." With Gavin in hospital just two days after receiving the Initial D box set, the others are left to enterta... posted June 16, 2006
Monday Nights 05 Trailer (edit 01) Comedy
TRAILER for the upcoming episode of Monday Nights 05. Online gaming will never be the same. -- Do not feel any obligation to rate, as this is just a trailer. The full movie is nearing completion, an... posted June 9, 2006
Nietzsche is Dead Romance
HOT PICKED! 3rd Place in the 96-hour Guerilla Competition (V3). "There I was, alive and well, reading my obituary in Time Magazine..." ====== Music by Justin R. Durban Edgen Animations www.edgen.co... posted May 22, 2006
Monday Nights 04 Ninja Burger Action
HOT PICKED! Winner of MoMc "Best Action" Award! "We deliver in 30 minutes or less, or we commit seppuku." Cast in order of appearance - Buccura as Mischa - KirinRiotCrash as Laine - Myshinator as Ru... posted May 6, 2006
-- Power Character -- Kari Stormwolf Action
DO NOT RATE THIS MOVIE This movie is created as an entry into Arawna's "Power Character Competition". http://boards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=161990 DO NOT RATE THIS MOVIE --- Kari Stormwolf is... posted April 21, 2006
These Three Words Romance
HOT PICKED! 1st Place in the 96-hour Guerilla Competition (V2) After half a century, a man's chance encounter with a lady from his youth recalls memories of a lifetime ago. Is there yet hope for a f... posted April 17, 2006
Monday Nights 04 Trailer Comedy
TRAILER for the upcoming episode in the popular Monday Nights series. Please to not dribble wasabi on the keyboard. Do not feel any obligation to review this movie, as it is just a trailer. Just wa... posted April 7, 2006
Crossing the Bar Romance
A man's final words to his beloved. Though first spoken some 100 years ago, these words still echo from the grave. This is a "movie-poem", I hope you enjoy it. If you like this style of movie-poem,... posted April 3, 2006
Monday Nights 03 Normandy Comedy
"Is there an ammo limit on that machinegun?" It's Ruby's turn to plan an adventure, and she decides to go with a WW2 setting to keep the testosterone-heavy boys happy. But is there any answer to the... posted March 23, 2006
Hope Unfailing Action
Winner of the "Now... Just A Minute" competition. Read all about it in MovieWood E! magazine. http://www.freewebs.com/moviewood/index.htm --- Based on a true story... taking place in living rooms aro... posted March 23, 2006
Hope and Consequence Action
A serious movie about some of the events going on in the world today, and what we do about it. It is the story of Hope, a woman of incredible courage and determination, caught up in events she for wh... posted March 15, 2006
Monday Nights 02 Maleficus Comedy
"If there's no more vampires here, I'm going home." This week Laine tries to prove that he can be serious when he wants to be -- which isn't very often. Two honeymooners, a detective, and a vampire ... posted March 12, 2006
Monday Nights 01 Indefatigable Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted March 12, 2006
Monday Nights 01 Indefatigable Comedy
Hyper-double-mega-shot! Join the adventure as Gavin takes the helm to fly his fellow gamers into the far reaches of the Galactic Empire. Just why does the Captain have a plastic spider on his head, ... posted March 6, 2006
Movies Reviewed by kos78
The Money and The Fuzz by OXM_Madman Action
A robbery goes badly. The scenes and costumes were chosen well, with some decent camera angles. Some other aspects lacked polish, such as police shooting out both sides of the helicopter at a single... reviewed June 14, 2007
Love And War Preview by OXM_Madman Romance
I appreciated the soft music and the relatively slow pace of the scenes, which created a pleasant atmosphere to convey the story. The story itself was, of course, just a preview, but perhaps as a pre... reviewed May 25, 2007
FINAL HOURS by davidwww Action
MoMc Review 4.7 Excellent use of music, great camera angles. The subtitles were done well, with only a few typos and generally good timing, but this movie could have been even better with some high ... reviewed December 7, 2006
The Night of the WereWolves by dude123456 Horror
Some of the editing could have been improved, such as the man carries the woman through the door, and the next shot is them both walking through the door. Similarly we see the man open and close the ... reviewed November 25, 2006
Space Generation - The Next Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
The intro section before the credits was a little long and random, but once the main movie started it got better. The characters bordered on silly, but didn't really tip over into a true comedy so I ... reviewed November 25, 2006
The Flowers of Death by Chrisneal Action
Featured Review
The timing of the subs was wrong for many of them, so that they came in too soon or overlapped onto the next scene. The editing in places lacked continuity between camera shots. The plot was ok, whi...
reviewed November 25, 2006
Nuclear Motive by tremblett Action
The excellent intro music and credits captured my attention right from the start, which is a great way to start a movie. The premise was interesting even if medically far-fetched, but it made for a g... reviewed November 25, 2006
Misadventures of Lil Red and The Cheech by VSFDarkCloak Comedy
There were some chuckle-worthy moments there, though overall I thought that it was too long and drawn out in places. There were a few examples of good comedic dialogue, but some other parts missed go... reviewed November 25, 2006
Ghost Entry by rtshardgamer Action
It may be better to turn off mumbling and to use some set dressing to give the sets a more interesting appearance. The plot was rather strange and the characters lacked development. Yet for all that... reviewed November 25, 2006
Baba Yaga by VandrendeOrn Horror
Good use of mods, props, and character design/costumes. The timing on the subs was wrong several times, so that the subs carried over onto the next camera shot. The music was suitably atmospheric. ... reviewed November 25, 2006
The Desperado by Master_Hitman Action
The subs were significantly too fast, which makes it hard to keep concentrating and to keep up with the plotline over 30 minutes. There were some nice uses of freecam and creative camera angles. The... reviewed November 25, 2006
Who murdered Steve Knight Directors Cut by djsamka Comedy
This is a good start to movie-making, and it is good to hear that you are continuing to develop your skills. Some of the subs could have benefitted from proofreading, and of course to turn off mumbli... reviewed November 25, 2006
Broken Romance by Lukok Romance
It may be better to turn off mumbling. Some of the subs were mis-timed so that the camera was pointed at one character when the other character spoke, which made some of the conversations a little ha... reviewed November 25, 2006
CENSORED! (TM) by MrDeMillipede Comedy
What? No music, no sound, no actors, no backdrops! That's ridiculous! Oh wait, I guess that was the point, right? :) Point well made. reviewed November 25, 2006
This Is Love - VO by dansun81 Action
The VO's were clear and free from distortion, though some of them were rushed between the end of one and the start of the next. It may be better to split the subs at the end of a phrase, rather than ... reviewed November 25, 2006
The Barman by farquad Action
The movie started with a lovely music track over the credits, which is always a good way to start a movie. The beginning held my interest, but it started to wane though the middle section as the char... reviewed November 25, 2006
Black Friday by eastendfellow Action
Some of the language in the subs was poorly formed, but the timing of them was good. Consider using some set dressing to give the sets a more interesting appearance. Some of the music tracks were ve... reviewed November 25, 2006
Fallen Star (Trailer) by onaysshh Sci-Fi
A fairly good trailer, though I must admit that it didn't really grab my attention. The description in particular could benefit from a little rework. All the best with this movie. reviewed November 19, 2006
How to Operate your Automobile by runo Comedy
Very funny at the start; very fitting for the era in which it was made. I thought that there was more potential for jokes in the last half which went missing, but overall I thought it was a good movie. reviewed November 19, 2006
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
Little Red Riding Hood retold in a new version. Some of the VO's were a little hard to hear over the sound of the rain. Some of the subtitles were displayed too soon; i.e. before the person started ... reviewed November 19, 2006
Talifaro by Harb40 Action
Featured Review
The intro was an immediate attention grabber, which was good (though if the title music had been a big stronger -- louder -- it may have been even better). The dialogue was suitable for the era, such...
reviewed November 19, 2006
Clauses Hell by Krumb Comedy
The revelation at the end was a good finish. It thought that the character could have benefitted from a little more personality or humour, since it mainly degenerated into random scenes. Overall, I ... reviewed November 19, 2006
The Perfect Date by BamRyan Comedy
This style of comedy is not something that appeals to my sense of humor. Using the dream overlay to separate the man's thoughts from his speech was a good technique. reviewed November 19, 2006
The Movies Funniest Home Videos by hag1TSOTSO Comedy
It may be better to remove the mumbling. A few of the clips were funny; I liked the guy running into the camera. Overall, I thought this movie had a few smirk-worthy moments. reviewed November 19, 2006
All About The Dollar - Chapter One by somekindamovie Action
Some of the camera shots were well chosen, though the alternating background noise of the wind was distracting. It may be better to make sure that either all scenes have the wind effect, or none of t... reviewed November 19, 2006
She will always live forever 3 part 1 by derbyrams Action
The prequel to the acclaimed She Will Always Live Forever takes off in style. The characters, sets, music, etc, was all done well. There were a few discrepencies between the backdrops of conversatio... reviewed November 19, 2006
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
An excellent rearrangement of a werewolf tale. The camera angles were well-chosen, along with good use of sound effects and set dressing. Music was used sparingly and well, and it helped to set the ... reviewed November 19, 2006
A Tale about a Tale - Part one by Aoimtxvzlmser Comedy
The intro was an immediate attention-grabber and was edited very well, though perhaps a little too long. I liked the middle segment with all the changes of backgrounds and colours which created some ... reviewed November 11, 2006
EDS Destiny 4 by CaptainStrider Sci-Fi
Excellent use of props and mods to create some unique environments. Although I have not seen the previous movies in this series, I can see that a lot of work has gone into the background and characte... reviewed November 11, 2006
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Das Battle by OlliEntertainment Comedy
The subs may benefit from being proof-read by a native English speaker. The concept of the Quiztaxi was interesting, though I think it was dragged out for much too long. Once again, the concept of t... reviewed November 11, 2006
Blam! by maeror Action
Perhaps I missed the humor in this because I lack the background on the real-life characters which this movie sends up. The production quality was reasonably good thoughout, but the storyline just di... reviewed November 9, 2006
Old People Suck by WhiteFire_Studios Comedy
A movie that doesn't take itself seriously is off to a good start with creative use of props. The echo effects on some of the VO's were good, and once the music started up I was grinning broadly. Th... reviewed November 9, 2006
The Stuart Strikes Back by jamibi Comedy
Admittedly I haven't seen the first Stuart movie, so perhaps I missed some of the punch-lines of this one. The VO's were appropriately silly, though there was a persistent fuzz in the background and ... reviewed November 9, 2006
No Greater Fury by Throwaxe Action
The visual style of this movie was done very well. This allowed for some very interesting camera shots and editing. In terms of story and characters it was rather simplistic, with the plot overly dr... reviewed November 9, 2006
HUNTED - Volume I by mlederer Romance
The beginning segment was arranged and edited well, though a little on the slow side. This same feeling followed throughout much of the middle section -- all aspects of the movie production were exce... reviewed November 9, 2006
ShadowChildren 2 Placeholder by steelblade_1 Horror
I liked it very much. It's like an interlude in the story at this point, though of course I expect that the elements explained in it will become significant as the story progresses. I loved the dark... reviewed November 5, 2006
AUSSIE THREAD RIP by kwistufa Action
RIP. reviewed October 29, 2006
The Castle Dragon - Charity Animation by matneee Action
Excellent example of what can be done with a lot of effort. Keep up the good work. reviewed October 29, 2006
V for ReVenga! by diva77 Action
I got the impression that this was trying to take-off V for Vendetta, but since I haven't seen the original the effect was lost on me. There were a few smirk-worthy lines, though the language is not ... reviewed October 28, 2006
stunt robot by a2k13 Comedy
The description has potential, and actually sounds interesting, but the movie itself is... well... just nothing there to see. I'd be interested to see you turn the movie concept in the description in... reviewed October 28, 2006
Hide and Go Seek! by garthrs Comedy
The concept was funny, and it brought out a smile to see the bunny, but then the whole middle portion of the movie was the same three lines repeated over and over again. It started to get tedious abo... reviewed October 28, 2006
Welcome To Death by nkl92 Horror
This movie was very strange. The scenes only vaguely flowed together, and I failed to connect at all. Consider using more appropriate music to help set the mood, and turn off mumbling. For a horror... reviewed October 28, 2006
Fugumal 50 mg Anti-Stress Infomercial by Veronica48 Comedy
The intro sequence with the dog could have been good, but it dragged on for way too long. Once the main segment started, it picked up and was rather amusing. But then the examples of the girl's frie... reviewed October 28, 2006
Short and Curly - Episode 2 by Marvellousguppimovies Sci-Fi
The title sequence was done well, with good music which set me in a good mood for the movie to unfold. When using both subs and VO's, make sure they match perfectly otherwise the minor differences se... reviewed October 28, 2006
Marooned by robhol Sci-Fi
As others have noted, the font for the subs made them almost unreadable and they flicked by too fast. Many of the sets were so dark that the characters were indistinguishable, which made it hard to r... reviewed October 28, 2006
24 Hours left to live by lahire Sci-Fi
As noted elsewhere, it may be better to enlist the aid of some more voice actors so that the voices sound different. Also consider using a tool such as Audacity to edit the sound of the alien voices ... reviewed October 28, 2006
Sparks Fly by deliriousstudios Sci-Fi
The music, tone, and style of the beginning really drew me in with a sense of nostalgia and anticipation. I have to admit that somewhere around the 1/4 mark I began losing interest though, perhaps du... reviewed October 28, 2006
The Contract Killer by jim_ Action
MoMc Review 3.0 The character's appearance and voice fit his role well, but unfortunately that is all that he did. What I mean is that I did not find anything about the plot or the male lead that re... reviewed October 21, 2006
Almost Human - Chapter 1 by Tahndur Sci-Fi
Obviously I cannot comment on the quality of the voice acting, plot, etc, since these are from the public domain. So this review is focused on the visual aspect of the production. Incidentally I did... reviewed October 19, 2006
CC Journey Through Time and Space by Penut Comedy
For some silly reason, I began to like these characters right from the start. The voices were done well, and clear, though some lines didn't seem to have a convincing tone of voice. There were some ... reviewed October 19, 2006
Froggys back! by reanor Comedy
I haven't seen the original video clip which this movie is intended to emulate. so predominantly the effect of it was lost on me. Be sure to provide credit for all copyrighted music used in the movie... reviewed October 19, 2006
Chivalry 101 by dlll43 Action
I liked the overall themes of the movie, though the way in which it was conveyed left room for improvement. What I mean is that the conversation in the middle sounded a bit too much like a boring his... reviewed October 19, 2006
The Garden of Eden by Katikal Comedy
A cute little comedy. Consider using some set dressing to create some unique environments. Watch out for stray horses. The voices were humorous, though the female voice wasn't quite all there and t... reviewed October 16, 2006
Ping and the Brotherhood of the Iron Dragon by mcrispy13 Action
A solid action movie with some creative use of mods and special effects. The plot at the start had all the right elements... but it just didn't flow together. Even the music, which I thought was an ... reviewed October 16, 2006
The Fate Of Love 1 by Ajinkya Romance
A sweet romance of a guy who almost has it all. Nice use of set dressing, though if possible try to increase the graphics settings to give the sets more detail. Try to break the subs at the end of a... reviewed October 16, 2006
Maniac on The Beach by VandrendeOrn Action
Not a bad horror movie. There was some good use of freecam, though some questionable uses too. The pacing in some parts was a little out, in particular when the police arrive the movie loses its imp... reviewed October 16, 2006
Space Generation - The First Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
This movie was a good demonstration of the use of music and camerawork to portray a story withot the use of dialogue. There were some instances of very good editing, such as mixing in the robot error... reviewed October 16, 2006
A Cellar Inside - International Edition by Aoimtxvzlmser Horror
The movie was well produced, with good use of music and voice acting to help set the right atmosphere. A few production bugs detracted, as did the multiple mis-translations in the subs. The movie wa... reviewed October 15, 2006
Dignity of Men by sherwinliu Romance
An excellent movie that shows just a small taste of what life has become for some people in our world. The music, pacing, acting, and screenplay were suberb throughout the movie, although I admit tha... reviewed October 15, 2006
SC2 trailer by steelblade_1 Horror
Nice trailer, I'm looking forward to seeing more of the SC series. reviewed October 15, 2006
And the Dead Roamed Free by Katikal Comedy
The voices were done well, although the characters sounded very similar to each other. The very first scene with the mopping tickled my funny bone, but it went downhill from there. The production wa... reviewed September 30, 2006
Doom Soldiers The Citadel by VSFDarkCloak Action
The introduction to the setting at the start was great, though perhaps a little long. The narrator tells the backstory is great style, and this really gets the audience engaged with what is to come. ... reviewed September 30, 2006
Its Payback Time! by JamesWorcester Action
Very nice camera-work and pacing throughout, along with a good musical score to accompany the action and the plot. The lead characters were portrayed well as 'normal people', which heightened the imp... reviewed September 30, 2006
Mancini by DNR Action
Something unique amongst TMO movies: a superbly produced documentary that rivals the quality that we see on RL TV. The narration and voice acting were excellent, as were the use of mods, props, and b... reviewed September 24, 2006
Super Magenta Alpha by mdispirito Action
This movie deserves 5 stars just for being made with the help your kids. Great work. One area that could be improved easily is to clean up the audio files; for example many of the audio files by the... reviewed September 23, 2006
Radiance by mdispirito Sci-Fi
MoMc Review I love the story behind this movie, how it deals with strange and alien creatures from faraway stars yet brings it back to a conclusion which can resonate with any audience. Yet this is ... reviewed September 23, 2006
The Land Of Oz by axecinema Comedy
The concepts behind this movie were quite funny, and although it is not the 'laugh a minute' kind of movie I enjoyed watching it. That said, there was plenty of room for improvement in many areas. O... reviewed September 23, 2006
End of Memories 2 by Bolch Action
Another very good movie in the Adder franchise, and I thought this one was an improvement on the first. The pacing is done well, there are some very creative editing shots particularly in the gunfigh... reviewed September 23, 2006
An Ordinary Monday by alexandermayr Sci-Fi
I want my 20 minutes of life back. The starting section was done well, with appropriate use of music to change the tone from serious to light-hearted. I was just starting to enjoy the movie when I b... reviewed September 23, 2006
Battle for the Beginnig 3 by rhythmnation1 Sci-Fi
Futuristic sci-fi action that kicks off with a rolling start and then turns up the heat. The story has plenty of twists and turns as it unfolds. With plenty of mods and creative use of backdrops, th... reviewed September 23, 2006
Porcelain Dolls - C01 by neonoir1x Sci-Fi
Another visual masterpiece from Sleeping Forest Films, shown in the style that this studio pulls off brilliantly. The introductory car chase is masterful, setting the scene for a gripping story which... reviewed September 23, 2006
A Captivating Story by tomasm Comedy
A nice movie with a low-key kind of humour. I wasn't keen on the voices at the start, but they grew on me over time. Good use of music and sound effects, such as the gong in the subway fight. Gener... reviewed September 23, 2006
Loveless by murpheykid Romance
A beautiful romance story told with style and poise. The characters came across as authentic and touching, people with whom I could easily relate. The voice acting was excellent throughout, and the ... reviewed September 23, 2006
Nemesis Phoenix Volume 2 by Armand Sci-Fi
This review covers both parts together. Nemesis Phoenix was a very good movie, with the highlights being the quality of the set dressing and the overall high production quality. On suggestions for im... reviewed September 21, 2006
Nemesis Phoenix Volume 1 by Armand Sci-Fi
This review covers both parts together. Nemesis Phoenix was a very good movie, with the highlights being the quality of the set dressing and the overall high production quality. On suggestions for i... reviewed September 21, 2006
Infiltration Part 1 by Throwaxe Action
A superb movie in almost every respect, I particularly appreciated the effective use of music in the scene transitions. All production areas were excellent. On suggestions for improvement, some of t... reviewed September 21, 2006
The Golden Woman by jqpublique Romance
A very good movie for a silent film, which is probably the hardest type of film to pull off effectively. The actors and clothes were chosen well so that they were easily distinguishable, although som... reviewed September 19, 2006
Fury In Transit by edlup56 Sci-Fi
A strange movie, to be sure, which was simultaneously its strength and weakness. As a strength, it was unique and was interesting to watch. Yet it seems like it couldn't decide whether to be serious... reviewed September 19, 2006
May the best man die by Vicodin_ES Action
Good job on making each of the soldiers with a unique appearance (costume, hair style, etc), and different voices. It may help to get some more people to do the different voices though so they don't ... reviewed September 19, 2006
Space Adventures Episode 1 by Fozz20 Sci-Fi
MoMc Review 3.4 I like a good sci-fi epic, and this movie fit nicely in that category. Unfortunately there wasn't much unique about it to set it apart from a dozen other sci-fi epics. I did like th... reviewed September 17, 2006
A Flawless Mind by Rockstar_Studios Sci-Fi
MoMc Review 4.1 The premise was solid and the movie well-made, but as it went on I found myself hoping it would finish soon. Partly this may be the music, which I thought could have been used to gre... reviewed September 17, 2006
Space DEA Part 1 (revamped) by Renotrigger Sci-Fi
Featured Review
MoMc Review 2.8 The beginning was very good, and I was really looking forward to a great movie. As soon as the narration finished, though, it went downhill quick. The whole middle section on board ...
reviewed September 17, 2006
Starmasher - Hearts and Minds by Weefz Sci-Fi
MoMc Review 3.4 Short and sweet, this movie didn't need to be any longer than it was. The thing that I thought was missing, though, was some setting at the start. The description describes the sett... reviewed September 17, 2006
The Sitcom by DayeWilliams Sci-Fi
MoMc Review 2.7 The premise was interesting and showed some real potential. However the movie itself dragged on interminably and failed to capture my attention. The editing and production was adequ... reviewed September 17, 2006
72 hours of Unreality A Journey From 9-11 by yankeefox Romance
Featured Review
I like the way that this movie-poem shows a human response to the events of 9/11. It doesn't try to grasp all the complexities of it, it just shows how one person felt in a way that many others can a...
reviewed September 17, 2006
std Space The Dimension by khak Horror
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The lead character was done well, and the concept was great. On the downside, I thought it was much too long for the amount of content. I loved ... reviewed September 17, 2006
The Innsmouth Horror by toriel Horror
Cthulhu is on its way to Innsmouth, residents beware. The pacing kept up at a good rate, without feeling like it dragged at all. On the contrary, some parts felt forced along with all the "Let's go ... reviewed September 16, 2006
Imperium III by Ratonero Sci-Fi
Imperium is going strong, will the Houses survive? I have enjoyed the Imperium series so far, and this one was the most understandable of the three. The main characters were easy to recognize and th... reviewed September 16, 2006
Left Behind The Return To Earth by -XM- Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Commander Matt is imprisoned by the aliens, but will he be able to hold out until help arrives? The technical production was solid throughout, but it lacked the 'spark' to set it apart. The music wa...
reviewed September 16, 2006
Laddies War by holdmykidney Action
With the Luftwaffe dominating the skies and the British on the back foot, there is only one dog who can save the day. The plot was entertaining with some good characters even if no more than two-dime... reviewed September 16, 2006
Femme Noir 2 by mestoph72 Action
Featured Review
Dark Justice reigns in Port Nocturne. The style and flavour flowed nicely from the first installment of this franchise, with great music and atmosphere. The selection of sets, lighting, costumes, an...
reviewed September 16, 2006
The Legend of Latin Seymour by rposhard Comedy
Latin Seymour springs onto stage with memorable performances from the whole cast and crew -- all one of them. As a technical production this movie was very well made, with only some minor inconsisten... reviewed September 16, 2006
Enamorville The Final Episode by LeoBrZ81 Horror
Kos Mini Review: Enamorville arrives at a brilliant finale. I have been following the Enamorville story from start to finish, and I can confidently say that each movie has been getting better and bet... reviewed August 11, 2006
Apocalypse by hamzahman Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: One man saves the day from the attacking aliens, yet again. The voices didn't really sound appropriate for the characters and most of them sounded the same, but nevertheless they wer... reviewed August 11, 2006
Blue Attack by Frooplet Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: Nice intro sequence with a very good music selection. The alien voices were great. In terms of pacing I thought the length of the sections were a little wrong. There was a good int... reviewed August 11, 2006
Life by a Piano by MelonTheCreeker Romance
Kos Mini Review: I loved the gentle style of this movie, and it did not need words at all to show what was going on. Excellent use of costumes to show the changing eras and situations. Consider usin... reviewed August 11, 2006
Box Cult 2 Teaser by WhiteFire_Studios Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: Nice teaser, with a good mix of action, set dressing, good VO's, and good atmosphere. Some scenes were a little dark. I liked the scene with the car that crashes into the police bar... reviewed August 11, 2006
SpaceStalker by Blink182TakingBackSunday Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: Consider using more set dressing to give the generic sets a more unique appearance, in particular the street scenes looked like 1980's era not 2100's, and they were very empty. The m... reviewed August 11, 2006
The Bounty --- Part 1 by murpheykid Action
Kos Mini Review: The narration and VO's were very nice. The pacing and editing were done well, though sometimes the actors hand-wavy actions didn't match what they were saying. It's been said a doze... reviewed August 10, 2006
Dead Fault by michael_b6 Action
Kos Mini Review: Rated as a trailer. Comments on the lighting as requested: The use of silhouettes is excellent. I particularly liked the shots with the chicken-wire fence, because it looks so differ... reviewed August 10, 2006
Red Squad-5-Survival of the Bravest by jamestkirk Action
Featured Review
The recap of previous episodes was a good way to engage the audience again, and the music track was great. I continue to enjoy the storyline of Red Squad, and this one has plenty of twists and great ...
reviewed August 10, 2006
Doctors by Metropolis Romance
Kos Mini Review: The initial segment contains some pleasant music and nice mods. The sound quality of the VO's detracted a little as they were difficult to understand without the subtitles, and as it... reviewed August 10, 2006
The Kingston Kidnapping by cronicclapper Action
Featured Review
When you need an agent to call, you call Glass. He's messy, but he gets the job done. The story was quite unbelievable, but I mean that in a good way. In the same stride as Bond and other special a...
reviewed August 10, 2006
Implosion The Mocie 2 by CaptIshmael Action
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle There were some good lines in this movie, I liked "Second door today" and the following lines. The VO's suited the roles, but the sound quality ... reviewed August 7, 2006
New meetings in New Zealand by Jerrostarr Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I chuckled at the sudden change of theme, and it takes some guts to try to sing on TMO. Good stuff. On the downside, the volume of the VO's at ... reviewed August 7, 2006
Suicide by Tigerlover Horror
Kos Mini Review: To be honest I didn't understand the ending, though I thought that the style in which it was shot was excellent for its innovation. Overall, I thought this movie had a great innovati... reviewed August 5, 2006
Marauders 4 by artorious Action
Some of the VO's had faint fuzz in the background, which can be reduced with the Noise Reduction feature in audacity. Other VO's were very different in volume, for example the doc's voice was signifi... reviewed August 5, 2006
The Adventures of Secret Agent X Part 1 by Gamezilla Action
It was nice to hear the VO's, though many of them suffered from breathing into the microphone. Some of the subtitles appeared too soon; if you are going to use both subs and VO's make the subs appear... reviewed August 5, 2006
SR - Blackjack and you-know-who by Mz_ii Action
Kos Mini Review: The characters here were definitely memorable. The VO's sounded good, though they sounded garbled in places. Avoid using the 'romance' font on the subtitles as it is very hard to re... reviewed August 5, 2006
The Happy Place by david1972 Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle There were some humorous parts here, like comparing the parking space to a western shootout, and a few good one-liners like "seeing the doctor". ... reviewed August 5, 2006
Sagebrush Shenanigans by skarsten Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ***** ROFL The conversation with the guy being 'propositioned' was great, and there were some other clever one-liners, like the "There are some jokes I just ... reviewed August 5, 2006
Watching TV by maxleaf Comedy
Quite a funny political satire. The script and VO's were done well to get the author's point across. On the technical side, watch for mismatched props (Condi's phone kept changing). The pacing was ... reviewed August 5, 2006
Infinite Years by Mookan_Maru Sci-Fi
Very nice script in places especially near the start, like "I was the kind of sherrif who kept the undertaker busy", but then other parts were uninspired and achieved nothing more than a simple narrat... reviewed August 4, 2006
The Jo Patrowsky Chronicles Pt 2 by venusdemilo Romance
The tone of voice in the VO's was good, but it sounded like some of them peaked out on the loud sections which distorted the sound. Good use of music. The production quality was quite good, though c... reviewed August 4, 2006
QUIETUS II by josephkw Horror
Kos Mini Review: Part 2 continues the great work started in the first half, and brings it to a superb conclusion. The quality matches the first half, with highlights being the special effects, the dr... reviewed August 4, 2006
2 guys and a girl by AaronAlex Romance
Good use of music to set the tone of each scene (in a heavy-handed kind of way), generally good editing and the characters were easy to recognize throughout. The plot was clear, with an interesting m... reviewed August 3, 2006
Left Behind The Siege Of Bylnn by -XM- Sci-Fi
The plot was well done, and the backstory is well developed (although not much of the backstory is actually visible in the movie). The main characters were easily recognizable and the VO's were done ... reviewed August 3, 2006
Hell City by riku12100 Action
It was nice to see some personality coming through in the characters, albeit only briefly in the 'why did I help him sequence', but after that it was mostly back to cookie-cutters. It would have been... reviewed August 3, 2006
A bathroom conversation by Itscalledcollegedotcom Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk This is another great example of the kind of comedy that does not make Kos laugh. I smirked at the 'whine' joke (I enjoy word-play and witty humor)... reviewed August 3, 2006
The Dead Dont Talk by Alpha-Omega Action
Nice use of freecam in many sections, for example the shot from the balcony during the street chase was great. The street chase was very nice, and the strong music track helped to keep the action pum... reviewed August 3, 2006
Um What by Cloudhammer Comedy
Featured Review
Kos Mini Review: The movie description got a smirk out of me, though the movie itself was definitely on the blaise side of things. Good use of sound effects. On suggestions for improvement, it looks...
reviewed August 2, 2006
The Rocket Revengers by Cloudhammer Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Kos Mini Review: The VO's were done very well -- it reminded me of that dreadful show Roger Ramjet. Not that I'm saying the movie was dreadful... or maybe I am. :) A few of the words were a bit har...
reviewed August 2, 2006
Brothers in Fire by offkilter81 Action
Kos Mini Review: Nice intro music during the credits to help set the mood, and then some nice city shots to set the scene. It is nice to see some characters who have individual personalities. It wou... reviewed August 1, 2006
The Battle of Berlin by mcrispy13 Action
Kos Mini Review: The intro section was good to show the historical situation and introduce the main characters on the German side. The music selections were appropriate, though try to ease the transi... reviewed August 1, 2006
Midnight City - Urban Warrior II by JazzX Action
Kos Mini Review: Great intro music and narration, though perhaps a few appropriate visuals could have made it even stronger. I realize that this was going for a deliberate effect, but still I thought... reviewed August 1, 2006
Gravestone Nebraska by jamestkirk Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The names of the characters were humorous, and the narration at the end was good. The custom music that cut in sounded good, though it might hav... reviewed August 1, 2006
Rain of Fire Part 1 by NeoSigma Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: Obviously a lot of effort has gone into making this setting, and this is definitely the strong point of the movie. The subs were good with no obvious errors and good placement, but t... reviewed August 1, 2006
Rain Of Fire by NeoSigma Sci-Fi
To be honest, I didn't think this was a very good trailer. The start had too many words (and a little too quick on the subs). It's very hard to make a good subtitled trailer; better to dispense with... reviewed August 1, 2006
J Alfred Prufrock Considers the Infinite by postmodernchuck Romance
A literary and cinematic masterpiece that perhaps only high-faluting literary critics can truly embrace. I found myself torn between the heady vaults of self-indulgent philosophy and the down-to-eart... reviewed July 31, 2006
HELL(it aint so bad!) by alfric Action
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh I found several smirk-worthy moments, and almost a chuckle, but then you got me on the last punch line. Much of the rest of it could have been co... reviewed July 31, 2006
Considerations Banks by nz_movie_maker Action
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I chuckled at the ink part, though much of the rest of it wasn't really my kind humor/satire. Still, not a bad movie. Much of the VO sounded mu... reviewed July 30, 2006
1900-666-HELL by kwistufa Horror
Kos Mini Review: Great use of imagery and music to create a unique experience for the viewer. The only downside is that I thought the middle section dragged on a little too long repeating essentially... reviewed July 30, 2006
Night Train by Fortunato Horror
Kos Mini Review: The intro was done well (though perhaps a tad too long), and then once the main premise of the story was revealed it was excellent. The problem was that I couldn't see a complete sto... reviewed July 30, 2006
Earth Station One - Episode 101 by mikecrick Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: I love a good space-faring sci-fi epic, and while this one fits the general mold it contains enough uniqueness in the setting and the characters to keep it interesting. I like the wa... reviewed July 30, 2006
Ninja Master by LittlePeaches Action
Kos Mini Review: This movie had a nice collection of kung fu and knife fight scenes, but not much of anything else. Good choice to use the non-standard knife; I've never been a fan of the standard kn... reviewed July 29, 2006
Extreme Ultimate Deathmatch by ubernewbie Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh There were some smirking and chuckle-worthy parts through this movie, like I chuckled at the half time show. But the final "Let's dance, Duxy" go... reviewed July 29, 2006
Torn Pages by pearsonhouse Romance
Kos Mini Review: It's no secret that I have a soft spot for poetry, and I particularly like to hear original pieces. This one speaks from the heart, revealing a little and inviting the listener to re... reviewed July 29, 2006
Blood Ties - Vol 2 by Dylen Horror
Forget the legends that you heard about vampires. The only thing that is true is that they are real, and they are hungry. The plot was done well, I liked the way that it had plenty of twists and tur... reviewed July 29, 2006
Blood Ties - Vol 1 by Dylen Horror
Overall, I thought this was a very good movie. Full review on part 2. reviewed July 29, 2006
The Clown is Dead (preview) by DoctorComfort Horror
Kos Mini Review: The male cop had some good lines, though the action sequence with the zombies became repetitive very quickly -- and then it just kept on going and going. If you are going to have rep... reviewed July 29, 2006
Number B by MrSmithee Action
Kos Mini Review: Great intro music and sequence, though the "she doesn't talk" conversation went on overly long. Good use of overlays, special effects, etc. Great music throughout but be sure to giv... reviewed July 29, 2006
The Courage Within by MefuneAkira Action
Kos Mini Review: Great intro sequence with excellent freecam use to highten the car scenes (though watch for the disappearing props (cars) on the last shot). The music and the opening titles were exc... reviewed July 29, 2006
Shots To The Head by bongoman Comedy
Nice example of the mod. Maybe consider changing the color of the blood around the edges of the wound to be darker -- it looks a bit cartoony at the moment. reviewed July 29, 2006
The project ( trailer ) by danlally Action
Featured Review
The first 30 seconds were, to put it bluntly, plain boring. After that, though, this trailer picked up through the use of a pumping music track and good title screens. I thought that the focus on th...
reviewed July 29, 2006
Fly Wire Crossfire by Chickydo Action
Kos Mini Review: The costumes of some of the soldiers looked non-historical. The music was appropriate for the different scenes. Some of the scene transitions seemed disjointed, and I had trouble fo... reviewed July 29, 2006
Impostor by Tal0n Sci-Fi
Good use of music and environmental effects to set the scene. The setting and story were very good (I understand it is inspired by an existing work). However, I don't think that this adaption of it ... reviewed July 29, 2006
On the Run - Directors Cut - Subtitled by Juion Action
Kos Mini Review: The male lead and the plot were well presented. It may be better to apply the rule of "Show, don't tell" in the narrative subtitles. This 'in your face' narrative style just didn't ... reviewed July 29, 2006
Space Cruisers Episode I by Dizley Comedy
Kos Mini Review: Some of the dialogue was a little hard to follow, as the subs were too fast. Turn off mumbling. Using different fonts for the different characters is a good way to distinguish them,... reviewed July 29, 2006
Baba Yaga by VandrendeOrn Horror
Kos Mini Review: Excellent use of set dressing to create some unique environments. The music was appropriately chosen and sounded good. Watch for transmuted props, like the van turns into a taxi. T... reviewed July 29, 2006
Closed for Business by Dulci Action
Vicky Madison is still reeling from the death of her partner when a new case appears out of the blue. It doesn't take long to become entrenched in a new mystery of deadly proportions. The artistic q... reviewed July 29, 2006
WTF News by themoviemaker234 Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I chuckled at a few of the jokes, specifically the Condaleeza Rice and one or two others. Some of the other jokes I thought were in bad taste (M... reviewed July 28, 2006
Beware Long Legs Dangerous by mericc Action
Detective Wolf sets out to catch the cat, but in this game he is the mouse. The initial conversation sounded a little stilted (I think due to the pauses between the VO's), but then the plot advanceme... reviewed July 28, 2006
Stir - Interlude by AnotherNewDawn Action
This movie is a half-dozen mini-movies put together, each providing a brief glimpse into the lives and worldviews of people who are unrelated to each other except for the common connection to Roland's... reviewed July 28, 2006
What do Cable Guys Dream about by jamestkirk Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle Great music track, good VO's, nice movie. I got a good chuckle out of this movie. The first music track was a little overbearing over the VO's.... reviewed July 28, 2006
Innocence - Part 2 by vesobe Action
[Combined review for parts 1 and 2] In a normal city, with everyday people going about their lives, things lurk in the shadows that these everyday people could not comprehend. Good... evil... these ... reviewed July 28, 2006
Innocence - Part 1 by vesobe Action
Kos Mini Review: Superb movie. I will write a proper review once I finish watching part 2. reviewed July 28, 2006
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I got a good chuckle out of this movie. Nice work. reviewed July 27, 2006
Death Wish by offkilter81 Action
The VO's were used very well, and the music was appropriate. However, the VO narration probably continued for too long for this to be a trailer. It would have been better to intersperse the radio na... reviewed July 27, 2006
REAL PARANOIA Directors Cut by MelonTheCreeker Horror
Kos Mini Review: I liked the original of this movie and enjoyed the remake, though it felt a lot longer which was to its detriment. The music was appropriate, with good use of environmental effects. ... reviewed July 27, 2006
Money Talks by tremblett Romance
Featured Review
Kos Mini Review: It's no secret that I love good poetry, and so I naturally look favorable on movie-poems like this one. The recital itself is done very well, and the visuals match well. The music w...
reviewed July 27, 2006
Hell Is For The Dead by Gamereaper22 Horror
Nice use of music and the silent intro to set the atmosphere. Turn off mumbling. Try to put the gunfire shots closer to the reaction shots so that it doesn't seem like the bullets are travelling thr... reviewed July 26, 2006
Lebanon (Trailer) by lahire Action
It doesn't need the "in this trailer you will see" line; that is pretty obvious. Personally I'm not keen on prefixing the actor's name on the subtitles; it should be obvious fro the script and the vi... reviewed July 26, 2006
Phil And Neil by jobi-wan Comedy
It's obvious that the creators had fun making this movie, and that's the main thing that counts. Some of the VO's suffered from breathing into the mic. Kudos for singing online. Consider using set ... reviewed July 26, 2006
The TMOscars! by StevenKreg Romance
I had a good time reliving these memories. Great stuff. Now... on with the future! reviewed July 26, 2006
Unreported by rioco77 Horror
Kos Mini Review: I thought that at times the script lacked precision, such as using the word "stuff", and for a subtitled narrated movie the quality of the script is very important. Visually the scen... reviewed July 25, 2006
Quietus1 by josephkw Horror
Excellent intro, merging the narration into the professor's lecture. Excellent use of backdrops throughout to create some unique environments. The conversation outside the university was good for es... reviewed July 25, 2006
View From a Window by sgporsche48 Horror
Nice musical intro to set the scene. Some of the camerawork was strange (such as the shot immediately coming out of the elevator at the start), while others were very good (such as the horizontal dol... reviewed July 25, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 2 by decadentpictures Horror
There are so many things I could say about this movie, and all of them are good. But in an effort to bring out the uber-picky analytical side of me, I will point out some areas for improvement first.... reviewed July 25, 2006
GOIN HOME by kwistufa Sci-Fi
I was happy to leave this movie unreviewed and just take it for what it is, but now you've asked for a review I have to give it. So, I'll do my best to be fair. I love the music selection. As the d... reviewed July 25, 2006
Loves Fury by RavenousEntertainment Action
MoMc Review 3.0 To start with, the strengths. A full-fledged plot with plenty of plot twists and action sequences liberally sprinkled throughout, together with a romance thread that ties them all to... reviewed July 24, 2006
Over Saigon by steelcity4eva Action
MoMc Review 3.9 To start with, I love the mix of heartfelt human experience over a historical war setting. It is this kind of human touch that transcends the numbers and statistics of the history bo... reviewed July 24, 2006
Playa Bonita by rojas_tortu Romance
Featured Review
MoMc Review 3.6 I loved the overall themes of this movie, dealing with a range of social issues and timeless truths. I also loved the main characters, all three of them. The music selection was exc...
reviewed July 24, 2006
Pax Romana by TheMGMKid1 Romance
MoMc Review 4.7 "I will be with you, until the gods decide otherwise." The story is a classic romance-tragedy, told with style and grace. The themes presented here are beautiful, timeless, and burs... reviewed July 24, 2006
Together by Amabeginzordawg Romance
MoMc Review 3.4 Two lovers, determined that nothing will ever tear them apart. But when life takes a tragic turn... Firstly, I'll admit that I really hate this kind of movie and I've seen it too of... reviewed July 24, 2006
The Eulogy of Darth Bobby by thescarydoor Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh I chuckled at several points, and laughed at the start of Darth's comedy video. Many of the VO's at the start were pushed too close together so th... reviewed July 22, 2006
The Women Of My Life by joel666 Romance
Featured Review
Sitting alone, drinking himself under the table to try to forget the past, a man's memories return to haunt him all the same. The women of my life. I loved the portrayal of the narrator. He knows t...
reviewed July 22, 2006
Eternal War part 2 TRAILER by Enzo_0 Sci-Fi
Excellent trailer, especially the use of backdrops, title screens, and music. The only suggestion I have for improvement is to match the timing of the screen changes with the dominant beat of the mus... reviewed July 22, 2006
Femme Noir by mestoph72 Action
Featured Review
In the streets of Port Nocturne, one woman defies the laws of both the day and the night to bring about dark justice. I loved the introductory monologue; both the script and the VO was excellent. Th...
reviewed July 22, 2006
THE FEAR by Makrim83 Horror
Kos Mini Review: For what it was, this movie was done very well. The silent intro segment built the suspense, and then the music kicked it into high gear. Now the downside: it didn't go anywhere. T... reviewed July 22, 2006
The Camping Trip by mcrispy13 Horror
Kos Mini Review: The movie follows the well-worn horror movie plot, almost to the letter. The music, pacing, characters, editing, continuity, were all excellent. There was nothing wrong with this mo... reviewed July 22, 2006
Helpless by michael_b6 Action
Kos Mini Review: The intro action sequence was very good, though it did suffer a little from freecam abuse. The transistion to "One week earlier" could have been a bit longer to break it up. Once th... reviewed July 22, 2006
NBK-(Trailer) by moviedragon5000 Sci-Fi
Excellent trailer. The overlay effect was used perfectly, only thing is to speed up the first-person movements so it doesn't seem so slow. Great music, great effects, great concept, I look forward t... reviewed July 22, 2006
Red Squad-4-The Enemy of My Enemy by jamestkirk Action
Featured Review
Kos Mini Review: It was good to have a summary of the previous episode at the start, but the subs were too fast to read. There were a few editing issues (typos in the subs, grammatical errors, soldier...
reviewed July 22, 2006
Starfighter Ace by skarsten Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: I find it hard to rate this movie. Part of me screams, "Bleh, tech demo" (even the movie description makes it sound like a tech demo) but another part of me acknowledges that it is a... reviewed July 22, 2006
Deal Gone Wrong by nobrain134 Action
Kos Mini Review: Watch the placement of actors, for example the mob guy in the bedroom teleports across the room to fire his weapon. This could have been avoided by placing him on the window side dur... reviewed July 22, 2006
The Rising Part 3 - Breaking Point by Earwmd Horror
Featured Review
The Rising continues to turn up the heat, with more of the same great setting, characters, action, and drama. The story and setting is excellent, and intermixes action, character drama, and philosoph...
reviewed July 22, 2006
Diabolic by sgporsche48 Horror
Kos Mini Review: This was a nicely produced horror movie. The music was fitting, the theme was good, and the twist at the end was good. Most of the camerawork was good, though some of the pans at th... reviewed July 22, 2006
Lawsons Greek by hevvi_b Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The first half contained some mildly humorous lines, though it was rather slow. The transliteration of the mumbling was funny, even if it was dr... reviewed July 22, 2006
The Servants of God by hevvi_b Horror
The narrative subs were unnecessary and distracted the audience instead of enhancing the movie; the visuals were strong enough to show the action without them. If you are going to add subs explaining... reviewed July 22, 2006
Eternal War series part 2 by Enzo_0 Sci-Fi
In the conflict which quickly became known as the Forever War, one man never set out to be a soldier. But we don't always get what we want. The setting and plot looks very interesting. (I couldn't ... reviewed July 22, 2006
Gangster Nation by UrinatingTree Comedy
I chuckled at the concepts here; the conversation between the two groups of gangsters was funny. I loved the characterization of the 20's gangsters, but wasn't so keen on the random slapstick humor s... reviewed July 22, 2006
Steven The Insane Guy by BamRyan Comedy
I chuckled at several points through the movie, and laughed at the final line. Good work. The subs were done well and with good timing. Only issue is to restrict each sentence to a maximum of one e... reviewed July 22, 2006
The Golden Dog by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Faith, belief, religion, tradition, expectation... is there more to it all? A touching and thought-provoking look at what makes us human. The concepts presented in the first conversation were spot-o...
reviewed July 22, 2006
Last Night by luckduck Horror
The story was well told though did not contain much in the way of original material that has not been done in many other werewolf movies. From a technical perspective, the unexplained clothing change... reviewed July 22, 2006
Dumbass by handsofmodder Comedy
This movie is a prime example of the kind of comedy that does not appeal to me. It contained just about every aspect of bad comedy imaginable to man, except the chickens. That said, comedy is a very... reviewed July 22, 2006
Buddy and the Zombie 3 by EthanRunt Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh Review] Rating: *** Chuckle The intro section was much too long. The VO's helped to add some humor, but not quite enough to make up for the slowness. There were some humor... reviewed July 21, 2006
Bibbles sellers by gilga Action
Kos Mini Review: Excellent movie, recommended to me. My only complaint is the translation issues in some of the subtitles (since I can't speak French); consider getting the subtitles proofread by a n... reviewed July 21, 2006
80 SLIM SECONDS by kwistufa Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I did get a chuckle out of the style; the black and white filter, the heads in the foreground, the music, film techniques, etc. It was all done ... reviewed July 21, 2006
Silent Game by sisch Sci-Fi
Excellent introduction via the radio broadcast. Excellent use of set dressing. The storytelling method through the game show broadcast was excellent, it really reproduced the look and feel of these ... reviewed July 21, 2006
Jurassick Meninator by Winckle Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: The first music track sounded suspiciously like copyrighted music. And just how does somebody vampire-bite a victim while wearing a full-face helmet? This movie got off to a bad sta... reviewed July 21, 2006
The Hybrid Theory by Thonyia Sci-Fi
Featured Review
A scifi epic that slices the boundaries between the this world and the others. The credit sequence was nice, though perhaps could have been even better if it was interlaced through the first few scen...
reviewed July 21, 2006
Catastrophic - Teaser by SteveyG Action
The trailer was very intriguing. Excellent VO's. Overall, this achieved its goal of enticing the viewer to watch the movie when it comes out, great job. Good use of custom titles and backdrops. Wa... reviewed July 20, 2006
Pirates of the Galaxy Trailer by RavenousEntertainment Sci-Fi
Excellent music. On the subs, remember that Not Every Word Needs To Be Capitalized. I absolutely loved the promise of stories of loss, love, and brotherhood. If the movie delivers on this, and is n... reviewed July 20, 2006
Welcome To FDP by First_Demand_Productions Action
Kos Mini Review: Nice introduction to the studio. The deep narrator voice sounded great, the other voices didn't seem to suit so well. Overall I liked the friendly introduction to the studio, but to... reviewed July 20, 2006
Star Fury Razors Edge by Nighthawke323 Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: The movie started out with a fairly standard sci-fi plot, but the intro was much too slow and drawn-out without introducing any unique concepts. Even once the plot started, it was ve... reviewed July 20, 2006
Space Invaders From Beyond Space! by Butt-Monkey Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: A witty spoof on sci-fi comedies. The bathroom conversation was funny, as was the girl's voice acting in the cafe. "A plan so political, no-one can understand it." lol. The phone ... reviewed July 20, 2006
Hitman Part I Training(final2) by Babar23 Action
Featured Review
A wise man once said that before you criticize someone, walk a mile in his shoes. This mile is a journey not to be missed. Hitman begins, and ends, here. This movie shares the same high quality as ...
reviewed July 20, 2006
Fire and Forget III by nukester Action
Fire and Forget blasts into an action packed finale. This is far and away the highlight of the F&F series, and the best movie by this studio to date. Another epic length production, this one has a s... reviewed July 20, 2006
Fighting The Insider by gmangps Action
Kos Mini Review: Watch the capitalization and punctuation in the subs. The timing and placement of the subs was good. Consider editing down some of the unnecessarily long scenes, for example the dri... reviewed July 19, 2006
Faith and Paradise by Sheelba Action
I loved the use of music thoughout the movie, though especially in the first half. I was hoping that the first music track would make a come-back in the final narration. Some of the scenes went for ... reviewed July 19, 2006
Reflections by lordbogs Action
I really liked the premise of the movie, especially since I like stories about people. The premise and the concept behind the characters was so good, that I was a little disappointed by the technical... reviewed July 19, 2006
Hero Origin by Cajun1692 Action
Kos Mini Review: I liked the background of the hero, it gives him a nice human touch. The two examples of his heroics were done well, and we got to see the beginning of some relationships forming. T... reviewed July 19, 2006
Lost Memories (first part) by samyhouse Action
A man comes to terms with his lost memories as his world unravels around him. The setting and character were done very well, as was the editing and direction. The intro music was relaxing, and the i... reviewed July 19, 2006
Wind of the West The Legend of Jonny Law by NJRBlackblood Action
The credits at the start dragged on unnecessarily, that whole sequence could have been either shorter or start introducing the characters/setting during the credits. As it was, it was more a sequence... reviewed July 19, 2006
Across the Prairie by doj Action
The concept behind this movie was solid, and it was nice to see a human tale behind the plot. The characters are fairly standard Western archetypes, but they are portrayed well enough for what they w... reviewed July 18, 2006
Hotpicked by ubernewbie Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh There was some pretty funny stuff in there, and for some unknown reason I burst out laughing at "Oh yeah, that's some good stuff." From a technic... reviewed July 17, 2006
Rising part 1 by Earwmd Horror
[Reposted review from the previous version. I did not notice any changes from that version to this one.] A man recounts his tale of the Day of the Rising, when the dead came back to life. The conce... reviewed July 17, 2006
DEADMANSTOWN by masterbecks Horror
In Deadmanstown, there is no place for the living. The voice actors did a good job, but there was a click at the start and end of many of the VO's. This can be eliminated by using the fade in and fa... reviewed July 17, 2006
The city of death by the_richman Action
Kos Mini Review: The voices and sound effects were done well. Some parts of the plot were unexplained, such as how the guy in the jail knew about the Gate and how to get there, and who put him in jai... reviewed July 17, 2006
Rising Series Trailer by Earwmd Horror
I thought this was a very good trailer overall. Some of the scenes at the start were kind of short and 'flashy' with the fades. One option to use with short scenes is to only fade the trailing end. ... reviewed July 17, 2006
3 Strikes by Chris96 Romance
Featured Review
A man tells of his experiences with the girl that could have been. I admire the movie-maker for the honesty and emotion that went into this movie. I can't comment on whether it was a 'good story' or...
reviewed July 17, 2006
Vision Of Fear - Episode 2 by tebbotis Action
The subs were significantly too fast, which detracted from the rest of the movie and the plot (because it was hard to follow them all). Also note that when panning the camera the subs go all blurry, ... reviewed July 16, 2006
Sumner World 002 by k4ownzall Action
Watch the continuity of the prop placement, for example the car appears suddenly on the street. The sets looked rather bland; consider increasing the graphics settings and/or adding some set dressing... reviewed July 16, 2006
Conquest 002 by k4ownzall Sci-Fi
I had trouble following the plot, and was left with the impression that this was more of a 'character setup' or demo piece rather than a story. In that regard, it was done well. I liked the voice of... reviewed July 16, 2006
Nevada Smith and the Palace of Death by thescarydoor Action
Nevada Smith parodies well known action/adventure films, and does a good job of it. Watch the breathing into the microphone, especially notable in the first few scenes. Good use of the car props outs... reviewed July 16, 2006
I Remember by nightmare2146 Horror
Excellent script, and the subs were done well with good timing and placement. The male lead is well portrayed, and the story that he tells is one that goes straight into the heart of the viewer. How... reviewed July 16, 2006
Eternal Happiness by FLYmeatwad Romance
Boy meets girl, they fall in love... but not all love affairs live happily every after. Is there hope for eternal happiness this time? Turn off mumbling. Watch out for actors changing costumes. Yo... reviewed July 16, 2006
The Adventure of John and Benny by NintendoLuigi6138 Comedy
I'm not so sure about the comedy aspect of this movie, unless it was intended to be so bad it was funny. For example, the guy 'finds' a shotgun lying on the street. If it was supposed to be serious ... reviewed July 12, 2006
Close Encounters with some Aliens part 1 by homemadeeye Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh I chuckled in several places, but actually laughed at the broken clock. Some of the jokes were stretched too far (like the aliens speaking Englis... reviewed July 12, 2006
Redeemer by GooDilein Action
The Redeemer, half-vampire half-human, protects the streets of New York from the unseen monsters who prowl its streets. While the setting and premise behind this movie has been done many times before... reviewed July 12, 2006
Two Legends by tomacres Action
I so much wanted to be able to give this movie 5-stars, because the scope and effort that has gone into it is immense. Yet I feel I cannot, for the reasons to be discussed later. But before getting ... reviewed July 12, 2006
Left Behind The Battle For Earth by -XM- Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: The initial music was good, though may have been better to fade the music volume a bit once the speaking started. Try to match the visuals better with the dialogue, so that the actor... reviewed July 12, 2006
Warship Dracoclaw II Abyss of Terror by Nuggetdie Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Kos Mini Review: The story was well-told, in an interesting sci-fi setting. Great use of set dressing throughout. The music was used well to set the atmosphere, especially in the action scenes. Som...
reviewed July 12, 2006
love erased by magic_school_bus Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle There were some strangely funny lines of dialogue here, which made me chuckle. Some of the visual editing may have benefitted from more attentio... reviewed July 12, 2006
Undercover Hated by magic_school_bus Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The punch-line was funny. It might have been even stronger if we didn't see the car coming, or it happened off-screen while the camera was in th... reviewed July 12, 2006
Head Em Off At The Pass by LittlePeaches Action
Kos Mini Review: This movie looked like VO's put on top of an AI generated movie (no offense to the movie-maker if it wasn't). To that end, the 'plot' was very random and it may have benefitted from ... reviewed July 12, 2006
Space Opera 3000 Fall of the Confederacy by darryhick Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: Excellent use of special effects and set dressing. Interesting use of camera angles. The setting and character backgrounds are excellent. A few of the camera shots could have been ... reviewed July 11, 2006
The Remnant I - Reloaded by cooltrip71 Sci-Fi
In a distant future of mega-corporations and star-faring aliens, one human struggles to find his place in the world. The narration at the start was good; the narrator's VO's were good and the backsto... reviewed July 11, 2006
Superhero(Superstupid More Like) by gamegeek Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I chuckled at the concept of the super-stupid heroes. The movie tended dangerously close to the brink of being random (which is not my preferred... reviewed July 11, 2006
Unfinished (revised) by lucindamc123 Romance
Featured Review
[I saw the original and I thought I had reviewed it, but the review is not there. Perhaps my mind is creating false memories. Oh well, here is my review.] I'm always a sucker for movies based on re...
reviewed July 11, 2006
Goldenstein by MDonfield Horror
The characters were a little cliched, and the plot was quite simple, but for what it was it was done well. Good use of environmental effects. Consider using some more set dressing to make the sets m... reviewed July 10, 2006
A Woman In The Mirror by Mogulman321 Horror
Kos Mini Review: On the upside, I loved the character-driven plot, the camera-work, the music, and the overall atmosphere. On the downside, some of the VO's were too soft to hear clearly over the mus... reviewed July 10, 2006
End Earth by emiller0980 Sci-Fi
The subtitles were timed well and good quality. The editing and continuity was good. I don't understand the point of Slade going to visit the alien ship, other than to provide a display of the worst... reviewed July 9, 2006
Lady Redfords Testament by VandrendeOrn Horror
Consider getting the subtitles proofread by somebody else before uploading (there are several ppl on the forums wou are willing to do this). The sets looked quite bland; consider increasing the graph... reviewed July 9, 2006
Battle For Earth First Contact by cruise1970 Sci-Fi
Aliens attack an under-prepared Earth. The sound of the aliens and robots speaking was very good, but I could not understand most of what they said; consider adding subtitles for these segments. Goo... reviewed July 9, 2006
Blade runner by blade_runner Sci-Fi
The movie is an excellent reproduction of the Blade Runner universe, which also counts against it due to the lack of originality. The particular plot involved is new, but still follows on directly fr... reviewed July 9, 2006
Doin Time - Back From The Dead by insanewarrior69 Action
Featured Review
Turn off mumbling. There was a lot of actors teleporting around between camera shots, changing cells, etc. The plot itself looked good, though hard to follow in parts. Also I didn't quite understan...
reviewed July 8, 2006
Crime Doesnt Pay by mikee12 Action
The subs at the start went way too fast, but in general the subs were quite good. Just watch the punctuation -- it is better to stick to maximum of one exclaimation mark per sentence. It was clever ... reviewed July 8, 2006
Shrunken Kong King by bongoman Sci-Fi
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I chuckled at the line "You'd make a great door to door salesman", though most of the rest of it seemed to go quite slowly. The concept itself w... reviewed July 8, 2006
Ghost Ship III - Exterminus by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
It's nice to see the Ghost Ship series come to a conclusion, though in many ways I liked the previous parts better. Some of the plot seemed to jump around, and at times it was difficult to tell who w... reviewed July 8, 2006
Alpha Centauri Expedition by yankeefox Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: The costumes were done well, though consider using different colours to identify key personnel. The music was appropriate, though perhaps cut in at inappropriate times. For example,... reviewed July 8, 2006
Her by MichaelCristiano Horror
Kos Mini Review: The movie started off looking good, but throughout the middle section it really started to wane. Admittedly once the twist appears it puts the rest of the movie into a fresh perspect... reviewed July 8, 2006
The Curse by mericc Horror
Kos Mini Review: A probing look into life as a vampire. It was done well, but did not add anything new or interesting that has not already been done many, many times before in traditional vampire sto... reviewed July 8, 2006
Into the Mind of a Psychopath by sgporsche48 Horror
The voices were done well to suit the characters, though the timing of the voices were not matched well to the visuals. Often the camera was pointed at the wrong actor, or the wrong actor was doi... reviewed July 8, 2006
Backwood Horror comes to Town by TimBurtonFan Horror
Kos Mini Review: For what it was, the movie was well produced and fits well into the shock horror genre. That said, I didn't enjoy it at all. So the rating is based on the obvious production effort ... reviewed July 8, 2006
Not meaning to be rude, but if there was something here I completely missed it. Maybe that says something more about me than the movie. Or maybe the movie was inspired by the Emperor's Clothes, and ... reviewed July 8, 2006
Tranquil Hill - Suffering by shahrukhkhan Horror
Kos Mini Review: I thought I had already reviewed this movie, but my review is not here. So here are a few brief comments. Excellent intro sequence. Excellent use of sound effects and environmental... reviewed July 8, 2006
How stunts and effects will change our lifes by danlally Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk Perhaps it is just not my style of comedy; hopefully others will find this funny. But to be honest even a "smirk" is pushing the boundaries of trut... reviewed July 8, 2006
BAIS 2 - The Wrath of Qwan by dfpiii Sci-Fi
The voices were done well, though the volume may have benefitted from being a little louder to make them easier to hear over the music. Somehow although the VO's seemed loud enough, they sounded 'mut... reviewed July 8, 2006
Enamorville Episode III by LeoBrZ81 Horror
Enamorville continues strong, as allegiances are forged and broken, and nobody is quite sure who they can trust. The plot continues to be driven by the characters personalities, which is excellent. ... reviewed July 8, 2006
The Fate of Faith by TheCountess Action
The use of custumes and props was good, especially the celtic cross. Consider using some more set dressing to make the scenes more visually interesting. I saw some set dressing, but still the field ... reviewed July 8, 2006
The Oscars - Pleiten Pech und Pannen by Pikmin Comedy
Good use of set dressing on the stage; consider using more set dressing on some of the other sets too to make them more interesting visually. The repeats of last year's winners should probably have b... reviewed July 8, 2006
Invaders from Uranus by MDonfield Sci-Fi
Good use of costumes and props to set the scene. The dialogue was appropriate techno-speak, and the continuity between scenes was good. The part that didn't flow so well was the transition from shoo... reviewed July 8, 2006
The Coming of Radicus by thecheetoman2004 Action
The Fearless 3 face their toughest challenge yet -- Radicus. When it comes to expressing emotion, try to show it rather than say it. For example, instead of saying "I'm so sad", show the character b... reviewed July 8, 2006
Room 213 Trailer by sweatyshoulder Horror
As a trailer, I didn't think that this was very good. Note that this is not a comment on the quality of the movie to come, just the trailer. The issues that I had were: - Lack of continuity. Many o... reviewed July 7, 2006
Athena Project E I The Portal by fulkster Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: Perhaps I'm biased because I like the series overall, and probably if this movie had been released by itself I wouldn't have rated it in the same way, but there you have it. On the u... reviewed July 6, 2006
trauma by jason harcourt Action
The intro with the radio chatter was excellent, though the scenes with the guy in the truck perhaps went a little too long. With freecam, watch out for panning it too fast and pay special attention t... reviewed July 6, 2006
The Battalion by slipknotrope Action
I loved the music that went with the credits, which put me in a good mood to sit through the relatively slow start. Certain aspects of the police procedures were completely unlike the way that police... reviewed July 6, 2006
She will always live forever 2! by derbyrams Action
A man sets about to hunt down those responsible for his wife's death. Try to match the characters' actions better with the dialogue. Many of the conversation scenes had the camera focused on the wro... reviewed July 6, 2006
The Raiders of Ragweed by JustinMoore Action
The intro was good, though I wasn't sure about the suitability of the music to the genre. Some of the VO's were drowned by the music, such as during the flashback sequence. The plot and characters w... reviewed July 6, 2006
Exlax The Begining by atomicbat Action
Kos Mini Review: The story was certainly original, even if it was a bit light. Creative use of freecam, and the music was appropriate. Watch out for subs that cross scene transitions; it makes the f... reviewed July 5, 2006
the job by jguer222 Action
Watch the capitalization and punctuation in the subtitles. There was plenty of time to read each subtitle, though perhaps too much empty space in the first conversation -- that conversation went for ... reviewed July 5, 2006
Murder By Homicide by Kellydogproductions Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I chuckled at quite a few of the punch lines. Some other punch lines fell flat due to bad timing, and some just weren't my style of humor even t... reviewed July 4, 2006
The Reality lite by Psychokatalog Romance
Kos Mini Review: I loved the concept behind this movie, but some aspects of the execution didn't come across so well. It made sense that the male lead is from a sheltered life and hasn't heard of war... reviewed July 4, 2006
City Life by sisch Romance
I love the concept and the imagery of this movie, as well as the emotion conveyed -- the invisible person. Given the absense of dialogue and plot (in the usual sense of the word) I am going to be ube... reviewed July 4, 2006
Simulation - Part One by RonH Romance
Kos Mini Review: I've said before that the great movies are the ones that I get to the end of the movie and haven't written a single review comment because I was so immersed in the movie that I forgot... reviewed July 4, 2006
One In a Million by johnokinawa Romance
A million people walk through the subway every day, but one of those people is one in a million. The credits at the start looked nice, but they blurred strangely and were hard to read. I like the voi... reviewed July 4, 2006
Voices by Greenglades Romance
A man keeps hearing voices... but is his treatment the cure or the cause? I wasn't so keen on some of the VO actor's voices, notably the woman at the start, and the doctor, which didn't seem to fit t... reviewed July 4, 2006
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk Honestly, I tried to find something to laugh at here, and I wonder if I watched the same movie as the other reviewers. The off-camera guy just scra... reviewed July 4, 2006
Country Kools by cronicclapper Action
I love a character driven plot like this one; there were good characters throughout. Admittedly they fit snugly into the Western stereotypes, but still maintained enough individuality to stand by the... reviewed July 4, 2006
Last Time I Tried to Commit Suicide by evillatenighttv Romance
The concept and character portrayal were very good, with little details that really breathe life into the male lead. The tone of voice in the narration was good, but the VO volume was overwhelmed at ... reviewed July 4, 2006
Two Choices by Alabamachick Action
The characters and storyline were good, even though not very original. The music wasn't bad, but had room for improvement to try to enhance the atmosphere. Watch out fro teleporting actors, such as ... reviewed July 4, 2006
Robots And You by zachniv Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The narration was fun and made me chuckle. The concept was funny the first few times, but then it got very repetitive in the middle. reviewed July 4, 2006
Hammer and Sickle Preview by GermanShepardStudios Action
Kos Mini Review: Not bad as a trailer, to show the audience the premise and the main character. I was a bit dubious about the plot -- the male lead gets shot with a submachinegun (or so it seems) and... reviewed July 2, 2006
The German Return by emiller0980 Action
The costumes seemed appropriate for the genre (barring the hats and bandanas), though some of the weapons props seemed out of place. The sets were rather bland; consider using some appropriate set dr... reviewed July 1, 2006
Burning Love by nunberry Romance
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle There were quite a lot of chuckle moments in this movie, from the doctor's voice to the mere concept of the exploding. Overall, a good comedy. reviewed July 1, 2006
Ace N Deelie Robot Pirate Day by thedeelie07 Action
Kos Mini Review: I loved the voices on the voices, though some of the louder sections peaked out and spoiled the sound quality. The transition from the night to the next morning might have benefitted... reviewed July 1, 2006
Objective Fourteen by saibod Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: The sound effects on the voices were good, although in some parts it was hard to make out the words. Watch out for continuity between the backdrops and the sets (e.g. when they land ... reviewed July 1, 2006
Earth 2130 by TheCMan Sci-Fi
Kos Mini Review: The sets and costumes were appropriate for the genre. I'm not a fan of prefixing the subs with names; it should be obvious from the script and the visuals who is speaking. Turn off ... reviewed July 1, 2006
The Ritual 2 The Ascension by haaaaaaah Horror
Kos Mini Review: The intro section was very good, with good music and visuals. Though watch the overuse of pans of the freecam, and when panning keep it slower. I'm not keen on the cloud overlay for... reviewed July 1, 2006
Indiana Jones Jungle Run by hamzahman Action
Kos Mini Review: A few of the subs went past too quickly, though generally they were done well. Personally I am not a fan of prefixing the subs with the actor's name; it should be obvious from the sc... reviewed July 1, 2006
Nevada Smith the Theives of the Lost Box by thescarydoor Action
Kos Mini Review: The VO's were a little soft and hard to understand in places. The female voice may have benefitted from being voiced by a female, or at least use some editing in Audacity to raise th... reviewed July 1, 2006
Without Law and Order Preview by green_eye_studios Action
Kos Mini Review: The introduction to the main characters was good, but I think what was missing was their personalities. I could say "There's the cop, there's the bad guy, etc" but I couldn't say wha... reviewed July 1, 2006
Vision Of Fear by tebbotis Action
Kos Mini Review: The atmosphere may have been enhanced by the use of appropriate music. The sequence of action shots at the start seemed very random, since at that point the audience does not know wh... reviewed July 1, 2006
In the Dead of Night The Beginning by Leora Action
Kos Mini Review: I liked the female lead character and her husband, they were well portrayed. It is really nice to have realistic characters rather than just cookie-cutter cops and robbers. The narr... reviewed July 1, 2006
Who shot Parker DC (part 1) by bmaitland Action
Kos Mini Review: This episode introduces the characters well, and gives plenty of different people motives for shooting Parker. It was difficult to distinguish the different characters' voices; consi... reviewed July 1, 2006
Slaughterhouse (teaser) by Flipmanburn Horror
I agree teasers are fun to make. And it is a great way to advertise the movie. This one didn't really grab me, unfortunately. Perhaps it is because I generally don't watch the style of movie that t... reviewed June 30, 2006
Science Man vs Mr Drop-Out by thebaloob123 Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk I liked the creative concept behind this one, but to be honest it struggled even to pull a smirk. Almost every scene could/should have been cut to ... reviewed June 30, 2006
The Ad Ignorantam Fallacy by Tek-To Comedy
Another good little movie. My comments from the previous movie apply here too, in addition to these: - Turn off mumbling. - Slow down the subtitles to give the reader more chance to read. Overall, a ... reviewed June 30, 2006
The Ad Hominem Fallacy by Tek-To Comedy
Featured Review
A good little movie and a great way to make assignments more interesting. It accomplished the goal of explaining the ad-hominem, though perhaps went on for too long, because the narrator explained it...
reviewed June 30, 2006
The Moulting Dryness (Trailer) by bongoman Action
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The voices were done very well, and it made me chuckle. Good job. It shows that you have a good sense of humor, which indicates good things for... reviewed June 30, 2006
Dogs Of War by GregTheButcher Action
I'm not an expert on historical accuracy, but some of the costumes and props didn't seem to fit so well with the stated setting. Some of the sudden transitions seemed strange, such as from the people... reviewed June 28, 2006
Biohazard Gorilla Trailor 001 by Deanoversal Comedy
Nice trailer, shows the main characters and the style of the movie. The style of movie does not appear to be my preferred style, but don't let that put you off. There are plenty of people on the sit... reviewed June 28, 2006
Montana Vol1 Trailer by secretweapon23 Action
Nice trailer. Good music, titles, and it kept the pace up throughout which is indicative of the style of music. For the full movie, make sure to use some appropriate set dressing, especially on the ... reviewed June 28, 2006
How SE Would Change Yeoman Joes Life by rposhard Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh I laughed at the theme song, and many of the lines throughout elicited chuckles and smirks. It has just the right mix of humor that makes the Yeo... reviewed June 28, 2006
Infernulator by RainbowStudios Sci-Fi
I thought this movie caught the essense of B-grade scifi movies very well, from the music to the costumes and the script. While it achieved what it set out to do, it was missing most of the same elem... reviewed June 28, 2006
Life Buddy by josephkw Comedy
The style was very good throughout, with a terrific script and matching visuals (or not matching, as the case may be). There was clever use of visual humor and some good scene selection here. The so... reviewed June 28, 2006
The Dreamer by MattGreen0623 Comedy
There was some clever script, such as "My producers have recommended me to advise you to panic since this will increase ratings." The different concepts that are presented are humorous, and the music... reviewed June 28, 2006
Final Strike by emiller0980 Sci-Fi
Slade leads an attack against the aliens, but has he met his match this time? Good music selection and costuming. There didn't seem to be a lot of character development here, just a lot of humans an... reviewed June 28, 2006
Enamorville Episode II by LeoBrZ81 Horror
The Enamorville story continues strongly, as alliances are shifted and the plot thickens. I like the story that is unfolded here. Although it is not entirely unique, it is done well and is driven by... reviewed June 28, 2006
Enamorville by LeoBrZ81 Horror
Quick review in anticipation of episode II: This movie was very good, with a strong story and characters to keep it together. Some of the volume balancing on the VO's was not so good, and the continu... reviewed June 28, 2006
Play For Your Life (trailer) by Kellydogproductions Action
Excellent use of backdrops to create some unique environments. The concpet looked ok, though it felt like there was something missing. Then I worked out what it was -- the sound. I realize that you... reviewed June 28, 2006
Rampage by -XM- Action
No good deed will go unpunished. The male lead's costume did not seem appropriate for a bank teller at the start, and the volume in the VO's was not balanced well (many of the VO's were too soft to h... reviewed June 28, 2006
Mans Best Friend by darryhick Action
A man sets out to solve his brother's murder, together with his new best friend. The introductory section was done well to show the characters and some of their personality. The remainder of the fir... reviewed June 27, 2006
ICE-513 by MFK88 Action
A man left to die on the railway tracks... but who is responsible? The use of music was very good throughout the intro section. Good use of mods and set dressing to create some unique environments. ... reviewed June 27, 2006
Her Killers Keeper by mestoph72 Horror
Featured Review
A classic noir tale, well told with excellent characters. The style and flaire, as others have already said, was very good. The music, sets, and costumes all combined to form an excellent atmosphere...
reviewed June 26, 2006
Lil Red Riding Hood by nickr95 Horror
I really didn't understand this movie. It started from the the typical Red Riding Hood story, and then went completely off the rails introducing random characters and scenarios with little regard for... reviewed June 26, 2006
Rampage by -XM- Action
No good deed will go unpunished. The male lead's costume did not seem appropriate for a bank teller, and the volume in the VO's was not balanced well (many of the VO's were too soft to hear over the ... reviewed June 26, 2006
Another Day in the West by mericc Comedy
The setting was done well, with appropriate use of costumes and sets to recreate the Western feel. The first two thirds seemed a bit slow, and ended up being red herrings in terms of the main plot. ... reviewed June 26, 2006
Next Door by neonoir1x Romance
"MoMc Review" 4.6 A classic romance story, told and retold throughout all the countries of the world. This retelling of it was beautiful from start to finish, with music that stirs the heart and cin... reviewed June 26, 2006
Money Talks by tremblett Romance
"MoMc Review" 3.2 I tried hard to get into this movie... really I did. I listened to the whole thing three times, and yet still couldn't understand about half of the script. It is a pity that this ... reviewed June 26, 2006
My Perfect Neighbour by axecinema Romance
The story of two neighbours. Can one help the other with her secrets, or will it simply drive her away? The music overpowered the VO's a little, though the music was very nice. The narrator spoke a... reviewed June 26, 2006
MAGIC - The Beginning by DaVoS888 Action
Excellent use of backdrops, sets and costumes. The opening scene introduces the character's very well, because it shows both their personality and their immediate goals. By contrast, the other chara... reviewed June 25, 2006
Gaping Hole by Jehu22 Comedy
The concept was somewhat humorous, even if it is not the kind of humor that I generally prefer. The robot's voice was quite hurting on the ears on the high-pitched tones, but when I turned the volume... reviewed June 25, 2006
Stalingrad (Trailer) by dvfurlong Action
Not a bad trailer, though I thought it was missing the answer to the crucial question to ask of any trailer: "What is the spark of greatness that will make this movie shine above the rest when it is r... reviewed June 25, 2006
Clairvoyances Mystery by Amateur-Associates Horror
Featured Review
This is an excellent movie to be completed in such a short amount of time, and since I have a soft spot for poetry in movies I loved the concept. By changing the narration into a poem it really added...
reviewed June 25, 2006
Betrapped by Amateur-Associates Sci-Fi
Nice little trailer, though for me it was missing the answer to the crucial question: What makes this movie different from every other movie out there? I.e. What is the spark of greatness that is goi... reviewed June 25, 2006
SWAT 2 by piggy747 Action
The SWAT team takes on a gun-toting madman. The sets looked a little bland; consider adding set dressing to make them more visually appealing. The VO's were done well, I especially liked the Chinese ... reviewed June 24, 2006
White Powder part 1R by Saibod Action
Two dealers get to work to become 'players' on the drug scene. The voices were good, but the sound quality was quite poor. Try holding the mic in a different position so that the breath does not blo... reviewed June 24, 2006
Space Chicks From Outer Space 3 by nathanbowen Sci-Fi
Hot space chicks, looking for the perfect specimen. The premise is interesting, though not exactly unique. Be sure to give appropriate credit for any custom music used in the movie. The script and ... reviewed June 24, 2006
The Emo Slayer by ametc1 Action
The Emo Slayer set out to... slay Emos? There are a lot of examples of what I call "freecam abuse" -- tricky camera shots for no apparent reason other than to show off the tricky camera angles. The ... reviewed June 24, 2006
Hunting Season - Part 1 by Keoma Horror
A man starts dealing with his personal issues. Some of the VO's suffered from breathing into the microphone, but the voices were done well. Consider using the voice actors to do sounds like crying, ... reviewed June 24, 2006
Dead Dreams by marine101 Horror
The plot started from a decent premise, though it didn't seem to go anywhere. Seeing the side of the stage and the changing backdrop were strange in the dream sequence. Granted that anything can hap... reviewed June 24, 2006
Zombies XII by ValeriusMyotis Horror
There is a news report that says there are zombies. Some people walk around, somebody drives out to the country and collapses. The end. The music and environmental effects (lighting, backdrops, fog... reviewed June 24, 2006
Variables In by PerfectLibra Romance
Featured Review
The script and narration were done very well to portray the infatuated man. There was a bit of free-cam abuse in the middle. The VO's were well-spoken, just a few words that didn't come out clearly....
reviewed June 23, 2006
Cry Freedom by bex4566 Action
I applaud the movie-maker for taking a serious theme and using it to increase awareness of some parts of our world's history, in the hope that such things will not repeat themselves. "Those who refus... reviewed June 23, 2006
The Secrets 4 U by noewhan Action
I always find it amusing to listen to conspiracy theories. These ones were presented well, for what they were. But the connection between the audio and visuals was tenuous at best, so I wonder why t... reviewed June 23, 2006
The Ninth Level by Adam_King Horror
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh Throughout the first three quarters of the movie this was heading for a 'yawn' (*) or a 'smirk' (**) at best, but I burst out laughing at the fina... reviewed June 22, 2006
Judgment Day by noldfam Horror
Watch out for details like the backdrop changing just before the car crash. Nice set dressing in the heaven scene. The dialogue in heaven wasn't bad, but it came across as overly preachy. Instead o... reviewed June 22, 2006
Project Eden trailer by ThePunisher99 Sci-Fi
[Rated max of 3 for trailrs] Excellent trailer, with a great feel. The setting looks interesting. Be sure to give appropriate credit for any custom music in the movie. reviewed June 22, 2006
The Matrix The Return of Neo by slyguy_tx Sci-Fi
This movie seemed more like a teaser/trailer than an actual movie. As a teaser, it was done quite well, since it introduced the setting, style, and main character, and ended on a cliffhanger. The na... reviewed June 22, 2006
The Perverts Eye by Abboman Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I chuckled at the British stereotypes and the sci-fi cameo. Much of the rest of it was slow and predictable (including the ending). It may have... reviewed June 21, 2006
Time Change Pt 2 Trailer by rtshardgamer Action
A good trailer, it reveals the premise, the style, and the main character. Part 2 should be good, especially if the male lead is developed a bit more than he was in part 1. There should be plenty of... reviewed June 21, 2006
Time Change Pt 1 by rtshardgamer Action
The music was an interesting choice for a western setting. The sets and costumes were good (with the one costume error, but no worries). I wasn't sure about some of the plot progression, like the fi... reviewed June 21, 2006
By Order Of The President by Shackleford Action
If using both subs and VO's, make sure they match up -- the subs consistently came in too early and were not on the screen for long enough. Good job on using multiple languages in the VO's. Does suc... reviewed June 21, 2006
47 by star1 Action
For a trailer, I thought that this movie was too long and quite slow. The story itself looks decent. Remember to turn off mumbling when you make the full movie. reviewed June 21, 2006
The Problems of The Movies by PeeterGriffin Comedy
Nice little movie pointing out some of the issues with TMO. Do keep in mind though that these are not issues inherent to The Movies (the software), which allows you to produce some pretty amazing mov... reviewed June 21, 2006
Mr Bones The legend The Lover by princeinexile Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle To be honest it was only a smirk from me (**), but the VO's and music were very good so I'll give an extra star. The concept was clever and well... reviewed June 21, 2006
Coming Out! by Riittabarber50 Comedy
This movie took a long time to get started -- the first real element of plot progression was at the 2:00 mark when she arrives at work. Perhaps the first segment could have been compressed by some ju... reviewed June 21, 2006
War For Planet Earth 2 by doshey Sci-Fi
The comedic opening style was interesting, though some of the scenes could have been edited a little tighter to keep the pace up (in particular the boarding the transport scenes). Also the music thro... reviewed June 20, 2006
Athena Project Trailer 02 by fulkster Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I'm glad to hear that Athena Project is still alive... this was one of the first sci-fi series that I watched on TMO. Nice use of some of the S&E features like the overlay and the new props/backdrops...
reviewed June 20, 2006
The Fat Kid by 911truth Romance
"MoMc Review" 3.4 The first title looked nice, but the scrolling one went past too quickly to actually read the writing. The voices and voice effects were done well through the dream sequence. Some... reviewed June 20, 2006
Bullet Trigger by thecaptain_ps Action
"MoMc Review" 3.4 This was a very well done for what it was, with very appropriate music for the theme and a good feel throughout. The use of freecam was very good and not overused, and the chacters... reviewed June 20, 2006
2 Brothers by tigereyes Romance
"MoMc Review" 3.6 I am a fan of movie-poems on TMO, so I came to this movie with high expectations. The setting and mood of the poem is very good, and as it progresses through the stanzas the story ... reviewed June 20, 2006
Passion (Part I) by niftymatt Romance
"MoMc Review" 3.2 I found it really hard to get into this romance story. The office scene just seemed so wrong to me, though it was saved a little by the dialogue in the subway carriage. The diner ... reviewed June 20, 2006
Computer Illiterate by chiprocks1 Sci-Fi
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I did chuckle at the punch-line, but as others have said I thought that the timing was out, which changed this down from a rofl to a chuckle. Th... reviewed June 20, 2006
Short Listed Shorts Presents Car by JackDelahunt Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk Another good one-liner. The music was well chosen in the main segment too. reviewed June 20, 2006
Short Listed Shorts Presents TV by JackDelahunt Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk It was a good one-liner. reviewed June 20, 2006
Mezzanines Interlude by elizabethsusan Romance
"MoMc Review" 4.3 The characters were well presented, and the narration by the female lead was excellent in most parts. A few lines detracted, such as "I shouldn't take too many photos" which sounde... reviewed June 18, 2006
Malloy Chapter One by DaRKoNe462 Action
The slow building of the intro segment with the music was excellent, and the script to go with it was great. The black and white flashback sequence was excellent. The character himself, and the situ... reviewed June 17, 2006
Ship Me Off to Vietnam(trailer) by Gunney Action
Rated 3 for trailers. The use of background music with good visuals was done very well to set the mood for the movie. Note that it is often hard to make out the voices over the music (about half of ... reviewed June 17, 2006
Death By Chicken!! by sylver_frost Horror
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle Admittedly the production values of this movie were not very high, with wide variation in VO volume, some blowing into the mic, lack of set dress... reviewed June 17, 2006
FANSERVICE! by Jackiethepeapod Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh The first half was an ad, which didn't contain much in the way of laugh-worthy material, but when the other lady arrived I couldn't help but laugh... reviewed June 17, 2006
A Darker Place volume 1 VO by Bezzer36 Horror
Kyle Black, a corrupt inner-city cop, takes on the wrong job for the wrong people. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, they do. Concept - 9 - Great concept, with a strong script to drive ... reviewed June 16, 2006
Trouble in Lonewolf! by MefuneAkira Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ***** Still laughing while typing review That was completely messed up, and very funny. To be honest I got a bit concerned that it was going to fall in a he... reviewed June 16, 2006
Mob wars by rsc11hockey17 Action
The music was good to keep the attention high, and the voice overs were quite funny. There was a segment around the 2:30 mark that I had trouble understanding the VO's, and the female voice could per... reviewed June 16, 2006
THE FAST AND FURIOUS by rsc11hockey17 Action
The first half seemed like an tech demo more than anything else. The editing was good, but be careful about re-using the street set so often. This can be disguised to some extent by using the differ... reviewed June 16, 2006
Oblivion II Directors Cut by mrgenji Horror
Featured Review
A man wakes up on a deserted island, with none but the dead to keep him company. And the dead do not lie quiet. The premise was not entirely unique (somebody wakes up stranded on an island), but it ...
reviewed June 13, 2006
Mugger Romance by yankeefox Romance
A nice little silent movie following the classic tale of girl gets mugged, hero puts mugger in jail, hero gets the girl. A good effort for a short film. reviewed June 13, 2006
X-COM The Fourth Alien War by PeeterGriffin Sci-Fi
Reported for using copyright material (the XCom name and setting) without evidence of written permission from the copyright holder. While I'm here, a few notes which will hopefully help you for futur... reviewed June 13, 2006
Alien Attack by Tigerlover Sci-Fi
A short little story, saved only by the last few lines of the narration. The middle section felt like a poorly produced tech demo, with jumpy editing and uninspired camera-work. Overall, I thought t... reviewed June 13, 2006
LIANA by Psychokatalog Horror
A doctor and his prisoner locked in the basement... are they in the wrong places? The plot and the characters were lacking in originality, but they were done well. Much of the editing in the jail sc... reviewed June 13, 2006
BaggageBoy ByeBye (another copy sold) by tripmills Comedy
Another civilian gets hold of a contraband substance, and the military is on the case. Some of the VO's were unclear, not in the tone of voice but the sound quality sounds 'muffled'. Some parts of t... reviewed June 13, 2006
SE RP QA 2 by bongoman Comedy
Another nice little tech demo, though I was hoping that there was a solution to the problem... The dialogue was better, and the introduction of more humor and some good editing was better than the first. reviewed June 13, 2006
SE RP QA by bongoman Action
Nice little tech demo, with a funny ending and good VO's to carry it through. All the best for the future. reviewed June 13, 2006
Momzilla by M_Terry Action
The concept was good, though predictable. The first segment seemed a bit slow, and with a curious choice of music. The main segment may have been more effective with a good sound track to accompany ... reviewed June 13, 2006
Marauders episode 3 by artorious Action
The General and his men push towards a new objective, but now they must overcome more than just the enemy if they are to make it out alive. The recap at the start was good. The plot was good, and th... reviewed June 13, 2006
666 (Part 1) by 02PARSIM Horror
When a man with no history of violence starts down that path, only a bum on the street can see what is really going on. Some of those high pitched sound effects were ear-splitting. I know they were ... reviewed June 12, 2006
Interview with a Hobo by bigcheese09 Comedy
Featured Review
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I liked lines like "What, you want to fry my innards", and the underwear models were a great take on that scene. There followed a string of sill...
reviewed June 12, 2006
The variety hour by Themoviegoer14 Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk To be honest I found the majority of this movie to be yawn-worthy, but the host's self-deprecation was smirkable. reviewed June 12, 2006
Misunderstood(R) by Wishfullthinker Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: There were a couple of chuckle-worthy lines in there, though overall it went quite slowly. I liked lines like "I wanted to leave her a note or something". ... reviewed June 12, 2006
Story Time Jack Be Nimble by God_Of_Plague Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh There were a lot of funny one-liners in here, definitely laugh-worthy material. Good quality voice overs, great script. reviewed June 12, 2006
The Revenant Chapter Two by Mishlof Horror
Revenant continues as he starts to hunt down the men who killed him a year ago. The story continues the excellent start in the first part, and introduces some more good characters. I especially like ... reviewed June 11, 2006
the path of right by magic_school_bus Comedy
Featured Review
In sibling rivalries, one brother will do what it takes to get ahead. The first section of the movie was a bit dull, especially with no music (no VO's and no music is a big killer), but once the musi...
reviewed June 11, 2006
Outlaw Torn II Times to Forget by kylemf88 Action
"Do you know how hard it is to find a man with no name?" Destiny comes looking for the Outlaw, but only one of them will ride away. The characters were well presented. Some parts of the script appe... reviewed June 11, 2006
A Few of the things I Hate about Bad Drivers by JustinMoore Action
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The script and VO's were high quality (though watch out for blowing into the mic), and the ideas were good. Overall, I thought this was a good m... reviewed June 10, 2006
Excerpts From The Raven by Dulci Horror
Excellent use of Poe's poem, and I loved the sound effects of the door rapping throughout. As usual the tone of voice in the VO's was excellent, though in some parts I felt like it could have carried... reviewed June 10, 2006
One Night Call by eastendfellow Horror
Featured Review
A policeman is called out for his one night call. The subs and music were done well to introduce the main character at the start, though perhaps this sequence went a little long. It was almost 1/3 o...
reviewed June 10, 2006
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
The end of the world as we know it arrives, as gay marriage is legalized. The concept is wacky, and the voice actors did a great job (though not so sure about the "woman's" voice). There were some v... reviewed June 10, 2006
The Train- part 2 by charlie_x Action
A woman held hostage on a train, explains a little more about how things came to pass to get her there. In subtitled movies it is preferrable to turn off mumbling. The music was appropriate, though ... reviewed June 10, 2006
Peter Pan 2 Returning to Neverland by actresswannabe Action
Peter Pan returns to take Wendy to Neverland. Granted the premise is not original, but it was a nice redition of the Peter Pan story. The intro segment was done well to introduce the main characters... reviewed June 10, 2006
Outlaw Torn by kylemf88 Action
An outlaw comes to town, but things are never easy. Bullets will fly, and only the undertaker will finish contented. The plot and characters were good, though through the middle section I lost a bit... reviewed June 10, 2006
Betty Wandsworth Pt1 by mattdafatguy Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I chuckled at some of the subs, and the script was good. If the subs do not match the VO's, then they need to be up on screen for longer in orde... reviewed June 10, 2006
Puzzled Memories by traptlinkinpark Action
A man's haunting dreams start to impact upon a frightening reality. The premise was interesting and the characters well presented. Better to turn off mumbling on subtitled movies. The music selecti... reviewed June 10, 2006
The Bathroom is on Fire The Door Hurts II by NicotineHell Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle These movies are just stupid enough to be funny. I love the subtitles. Not so sure about the music choice though. reviewed June 9, 2006
Waterise by mollyrulz9999 Horror
A mand finds himself alone, and surrounded by water. The premise was good, though for a long time it didn't seem to go anywhere. I had the impression that the was was supposed to be encroaching, but... reviewed June 9, 2006
Staring Down Fate by vinceholz Action
Jimmy Hammer seeks out fresh information, while somebody else seeks out his friends. Some of the subs went a little quickly. Note in particular that if the screen is moving then the subs go blurry s... reviewed June 9, 2006
Bandits by donkie737 Action
It was difficult to tell many of the characters apart given the low-res, as they were all wearing dark clothes and similar hats. The intro was done well to establish the scenario and the main charact... reviewed June 9, 2006
Kurt Starr in Blazing Rockets! Chapter 1 by dodonna Sci-Fi
Very nice editing and all-round production of this space adventure. The characters were well portrayed and the story was good. Good use of the S&E content in a real movie. Overall, I thought this w... reviewed June 9, 2006
Into the Maw - part one by PerfectLibra Action
For a first movie this shows good use of editing and visual appeal. Some of the use of cuts was excellent. On the downside, but going for a silent movie you have chosen perhaps the most difficult of... reviewed June 8, 2006
The door hurts by NicotineHell Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I did chuckle at some of the strangeness in here, like the "pointless battle" and the "freecam overkill". After that the plot almost started to ... reviewed June 8, 2006
Tainted Snow by Oh_Come_On Action
Featured Review
At the Battle of the Bulge, a squad of American soldiers fights for their survival. The plot was done well, being more than a simple battle sequence. There was a good mixture of action sequences and...
reviewed June 8, 2006
Disaster by duxy Action
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh Not quite a tech demo, but certainly a tech showcase. I laughed at the alien voices which were done very well, and there was decent humor through... reviewed June 8, 2006
I Shouldve Let You In by murpheykid Romance
Excellent poem, clearly meaningful for the writer and something that many others can relate to also. The transition to the screen was good too. Keep up the good work. reviewed June 8, 2006
Two ships do battle OMG! TMO version! by Buccura Sci-Fi
Excellent tech demo. The choice of camera shots and mixing in the close-ups of the pilots was done very well. reviewed June 8, 2006
Alien Immigrant by bongoman Comedy
A man's internet lover turns out to be from further away than he anticipated. The concept and plot was humorous. The VO's were good, though some of the volume levels could be matched better (cop too... reviewed June 7, 2006
The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite by PhilipBoyes Romance
The intro was very good using the classic images, and the movie continued to be very good throughout. The music was beautiful, though I couldn't help but long for some more 'ancient' sounding music t... reviewed June 7, 2006
Highschool Story by agunst999 Action
Confessions of a high school student: "I am a loser." The concept and plot were well constructed, with a clear progression from the start to middle to end. The subs were generally good quality, thou... reviewed June 7, 2006
The Spy who saved the world by Spaceman72 Action
Agent Quinn takes on a mission to save the world once again from stereotyped villains. But the question on everybody's lips: Will Mt. Rushmore get a new climber? The concept and plot for this movie ... reviewed June 7, 2006
The rescue pissing by alexmex Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The first half of this movie was full of chuckles. The fact that a movie can be made about a man needing to go to the toilet is funny in itself.... reviewed June 7, 2006
Oh Hell With This by aoi Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle Yes, I've seen these characters before in places where I have worked. Good stuff. With respect to the matching of subtitles to the visuals, you... reviewed June 7, 2006
ZORCK by chrisu69 Sci-Fi
On a wasteland at the edge of the galaxy, a band of rebels hide from the fury of the Alliance. But their time of hiding is about to come to an end... The plot was good, though with some notable detr... reviewed June 7, 2006
We Have No Lives The Beginning by tomacres Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle There were some good lines in here, and it shows the characters quite well. The sound quality in the VO's let it down a little. Overall, a good... reviewed June 7, 2006
Monster Smash episode 1 by Themoviegoer14 Action
Good try. It wasn't that bad, but there wasn't a lot to it either. To help keep consistency in costumes, you can drag the actor onto the coathanger at the movie title screen, so that they will keep ... reviewed June 7, 2006
Puesta del Sol on Port-de-paix by Sheelba Romance
Featured Review
During the Cuban slave revolts of 1804, a young couple take their lives into their hands and start afresh. The setting and plot were very interesting to me, since I haven't heard much about the event...
reviewed June 7, 2006
Outlawn Torn III In the Begining by kylemf88 Action
The plot was done well, with good characters driving it. This is what I like to see, where the characters are driving the plot and not the other way around. The shooting scenes at the start were wel... reviewed June 7, 2006
Crushed Ep 1 (Part 2) by DPX Comedy
Featured Review
The crew from Crushed continue their preparations for their next big mission. This episode continued the good characters and the one-liners, but again it seemed a little slow in places and not much a...
reviewed June 7, 2006
Crushed (Pilot) by DPX Action
The crew from Crushed prepare for their next big mission. The starting script was very funny, with great VO's and one-liners. The briefing scene and bridge scene, in comparison, seemed a little slow... reviewed June 7, 2006
The Chevy Chase Code by 911truth Action
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The premise was very funny, and the script and VO's carried it through very well. The only drawback is the length -- it felt like the same punch... reviewed June 7, 2006
coming soon - a trailer by charlie_x Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk I did get a smirk at the mention of romance in a movie like this, but overall I didn't see a lot to laugh about. reviewed June 6, 2006
Ninjas Always Win by NicotineHell Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The epic debate rages... who will win? There were quite a few chuckle lines here, in all it was well done. The VO's suited the characters perfectly. reviewed June 6, 2006
The Gunnerist Dead at Dawn by kingpengvin Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ***** Still laughing while typing review That was very good. The script and the VO's were excellent, and lots of good lines throughout. All the best. reviewed June 6, 2006
In the midst by Arkshadow Action
A woman exploring in the mist goes too far. I thought this movie was a good try at a Horror plot. The basics were all there, with suitable music and a clear progression from start to middle to end.... reviewed June 6, 2006
a mort dany by griffindark Action
This looked like an AI generated movie (my apologies to the movie-maker if it was not). Once you get up to around 1960 (I forget exactly) you should be able to unlock the Advanced Movie Maker, which ... reviewed June 6, 2006
Awakening by Dulci Romance
Beautiful poem, and I loved the silent intro to set the mood. The music was nice and subtle, hardly noticable but fitting its place beautifully. I find it hard to rate movies like this, so I'll do s... reviewed June 6, 2006
Family Tree Episode 2 by spedspender91 Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk The concept itself is smirk-worthy, but I didn't really get it. reviewed June 6, 2006
Family Tree Episode 1 by spedspender91 Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating ** Smirk I admit it, I smirked at the "five dollars" line. It's just stupid enough to get a laugh. reviewed June 6, 2006
Private Investigator Training Video by pamdennis Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk There were some good one-liners here, but I felt that in much of the humor the timing was out, which spoiled the punch-lines. reviewed June 6, 2006
ShadowTown by STXFilms Action
Featured Review
In the wild west, sometimes the good guys and the bad guys are hard to tell apart. The plot was solid, but overall it didn't really grip me. Missing some of the dialogue from the quick subs didn't h...
reviewed June 6, 2006
Mr Jekyll and Lady Hyde (teen version) by EdWoud Horror
A teenager finds a potion that changes him into a girl, and decides to use it to his advantage. The plot was not entirely original, but it was entertaining enough. Personally I don't think that the ... reviewed June 5, 2006
Rising part 1 by Earwmd Horror
A man recounts his tale of the Day of the Rising, when the dead came back to life. The concept in the intro was solid, and the script for the narration was done well. But the quote marks on the narr... reviewed June 5, 2006
Watching Art by God_Of_Plague Romance
As a period piece is seemed a bit strange, because of the mix of the modern costumes with the old-style filming and subtitles. With this style of subs, I think it is better to reduce the number of wo... reviewed June 5, 2006
You Blundering Idiot! by JustinMoore Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle There were some good one-liners here, and especially the repeated jokes that kept going through the movie. The script was good. The downside is... reviewed June 4, 2006
The Revenge 2 trailer!! by Chris96 Action
[Note: 3-star max for trailers] For a trailer this was quite long, normally I would expect around 1 minute for a trailer. This was almost a mini-movie (by TMO standards). The VO's were a little lou... reviewed June 4, 2006
Resident Evil Ressurection by Jixo21 Action
Set in the same style as Resident Evil, zombies take over a sleepy city. Excellent atmosphere buildup through the intro sequence. The cops firing guns sequence was excellently edited, though that wh... reviewed June 4, 2006
Stunts and Defects Tech Demo by Tarison Romance
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh Others might think this is only smirk-funny, but I laughed at the subtitles. Admittedly it was too long, but I was laughing through the first hal... reviewed June 4, 2006
Ashley Porter and the Deaths Head Legion by suedenim Action
Another classic Ashley Porter movie. I love the portrayal of the title character, she is always memorable. The historical (un)references were excellent, and overall the pace and action kept moving. ... reviewed June 3, 2006
The Lotto by DarkElfWsV Horror
Five people are selected to take part in a lottery, but only one can win. The introduction to the characters and the scenario at the start was done very well, and into boarding the subway the atmosph... reviewed June 3, 2006
Studge by devils4hire Comedy
The voices in the VO's were very good, but the sound quality was not good with lots of breathing into the mic and peaking out on the top end. Some of the dialogue was very good, but large sections of... reviewed June 3, 2006
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk I wasn't offended by the subject matter, but didn't find it very funny either. I liked the dialogue in the first half the best, where God is discus... reviewed June 3, 2006
When Boys Become Men by wiztris Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk I smirked at the chicken cameo appearances, but I must admit that I didn't understand most of the rest of it. It's a good effort. reviewed June 3, 2006
Pirates ! by Richegroover Action
"Red, you've crossed the wrong man this time. I'm right behind you, and hell is coming with me!" The plot and characters are fairly simple, but they do fit well into the stereotyped pirates style. ... reviewed June 3, 2006
Quietus Trailer by josephkw Horror
The introduction is excellent, and the script and voice really sets the creepy mood. I loved the "inspired by madness" line. The change of music signalled a massive change in mood, and I'm not quite... reviewed June 3, 2006
King Kung Pow Episode 4 by cronicclapper Action
Featured Review
King King POW continues as Steve leaves to train under Master Q. The style of this episode is quite different to the previous, with more focus on drama and character development. The characters are ...
reviewed June 3, 2006
Test movie number 8 by steelblade_1 Romance
That was AWESOME!!! I loved what you did with the stage, and then the chicks came on!!! WOW! If you're not careful you will get reported for those mamas. I'm downloading now!!! P.S. Plz rate my mo... reviewed June 3, 2006
What Have I Done by visualstudios Horror
A man escapes from a mental asylum, and seeks refuge with those he trusts. The script was well written, but the concept didn't come across as original to me. I guess I've seen this kind of premise t... reviewed June 2, 2006
Undacova Sista Starring Hitler and Friends by DevilsRejectsRocks Action
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle It was looking like a yawn-fest at the start, but the consistent Mussolini subtitles started getting smirks out of me, and then finally I broke i... reviewed June 2, 2006
Stalker by MisterC Horror
A woman is being stalked by an unknown man, but to whom can she turn for help? The concept was good, if not entirely original. The ending was done well, and is the highlight for me, because of its a... reviewed June 2, 2006
Lovesong For A Knob Gobbler by nunberry Horror
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh Technically the movie itself only got a chuckle, but the description on my thread and above got a laugh so that counts. Nunberry has taken the we... reviewed June 2, 2006
Mimie and Violet Soda Rush by Franklinjake Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I chuckled from the description before I even watched the movie, so you earned your "Chuckle" rating right there. The concept was smirk-worthy, ... reviewed June 2, 2006
The Peacemaker by mechaprawn Sci-Fi
The fight scene editing was fair, though pay attention to make sure that the relative position of the actors does not change between cuts otherwise the continuity is thrown off. Also it is not necess... reviewed June 2, 2006
Long Shot by AbeDizzle Action
Two groups of soldiers shoot at each other. I was hoping to see some character development somehwere along the lines, but I think it ended up on the cutting room floor. The action scenes were edited... reviewed June 2, 2006
Good Clean Love by Hustle_and_Glow Romance
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk I smirked at the method of introducing the characters, and the "awkward" scene, and at the end. Overall, a good effort with appropriate music. reviewed June 2, 2006
Batman 3000 by feznacho Action
Reported for use of copyrighted material. The names and likenesses are definitely copyright, and most likely the music too. Nothing against the movie itself, but it is not allowed on TMO without wr... reviewed June 2, 2006
Ghetto Child (Intro) by boycricket Action
Featured Review
Deep in the heart of the urban sprawl, one child of the ghetto struggles to survive against the insanity of it all. The music was strangely appropriate, and produced not a bad sensation while watchin...
reviewed June 2, 2006
Gologtha Lives! by fried1968 Horror
Set in a post-apocalyptic nightmare of the future, one man's dedication to his country knows no bounds... not even that of death. The curious mix of costumes and weapons at the start made this quite ... reviewed June 2, 2006
American Teen by motherof4 Action
I wonder if there is some bug affecting your uploads? This movie (and the previous) had no sound at all. That makes it very hard to follow any sort of plot or character development... reviewed June 2, 2006
Love's Measure by motherof4 Romance
Was this AI generated? I wasn't sure, and no offense if it wasn't, but there was not a lot of plot or character development here. Some background music would help to set the mood. reviewed June 2, 2006
The War of Pie 2 Pie vs Cake vs Pudding by rdz Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: * Yawn I wanted to laugh, really I did, but it just didn't happen this time. The banana guns were cute, as was the use of the snapshot sound effects in the ... reviewed June 2, 2006
500 Pints (Music Video) by Dave180786 Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I chuckled at the take-off of 500 miles, which was quite clever. Some of the lyrics in the verses were good too, and the visuals were quite appr... reviewed June 2, 2006
It Was Richard! by wee_stu Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk I smirked at the bad music in the background, and the concept of blame everything on Richard, and "I am your father". Some of the breathing into th... reviewed June 2, 2006
Honchos In Ponchos by Christophe666 Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk I smirked at the alien chasing the cops, and at the Hello Moto at the end. It was completely out of place, but perhaps that is what made it funny. ... reviewed June 2, 2006
Funny Fill The Movie by bigtk Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk I smirked at the sound effects at the end -- they were well chosen. reviewed June 2, 2006
Idiots on Parade 2 - Zombies Attack Morons! by Patisfat0 Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: ** Smirk I got a smirk out of the change of music towards the end... the sudden change was done well and suited the tone of the movie. reviewed June 2, 2006
Easter Comes Early by Scottlicious Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle I smirked at the Easter Bunny getting shot, and chuckled at the "Have you seen any anthropomorphic bunnies lately, ma'am?". Comedy was definitel... reviewed June 2, 2006
MYSPACE THE MUSICAL! by themoviemaker234 Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: **** Laugh The song itself was worth a laugh. I did think that it went a little too long without introducing either new musical talent or new lyrics; for th... reviewed June 2, 2006
Drunk Girl by Radedge Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** Chuckle The bulk of the movie didn't get more than a smirk, but the final punch line finally got a chuckle out of me. I guess for the most part I actual... reviewed June 2, 2006
Anthony Buttafuco Are You Talking To Me by DNR Comedy
[This is a Make Kos Laugh review] Rating: *** - Chuckle The nephew jokes were funny, and overall the narration flowed well. I'm not keen on the coarse language style of humor, but it was still good. reviewed June 2, 2006
Memoirs of an Amnesiac by rposhard Comedy
Featured Review
[This is a Make The Kos Laugh Review] Rating: **** - Laugh It's silly, nothing at all happened... but I laughed anyway. Good work.
reviewed June 2, 2006
GrrMans Zombie Adventure by GrrMan Horror
Featured Review
GrrMan and Ozzy set out to save the world from a zombie infestation. A fun zombie movie that doesn't take it self seriously. Try to edit the gunshots so that the bullets are not in slowmo (i.e. no d...
reviewed June 1, 2006
Battle for Zoth by zapow Sci-Fi
The admiral's daughter has escaped to live her own life, but he wants her back. Great job on the character portrayal. These characters have backstory, goals for the future, unique personalities... s... reviewed June 1, 2006
AQUA - Part I by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
"Do you know who you really are?" Set in a well conceived and a brilliantly portrayed future world, Aqua follows the story of one man trying to track down the villians behind a series of robot-relate... reviewed June 1, 2006
AQUA - Part II by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
"Do you know who you really are?" Set in a well conceived and a brilliantly portrayed future world, Aqua follows the story of one man trying to track down the villians behind a series of robot-relate... reviewed June 1, 2006
Darkness Kills by marine101 Horror
Better than the previous trailer, though still hard to understand most of the VO's. Be sure to credit any custom music appropriately in the movie description. It helps to make sure that each actor h... reviewed June 1, 2006
The Death Of Movie Reviewers by riott007 Comedy
This is a Laugh Factor Review: Did I laugh? Yes, I did laugh. The start was funny, and some of the individual lines were great. "It looks like you edited your movie with your buttocks". Hehe. Som... reviewed June 1, 2006
The Shooting Dance by 05JSMEDL Comedy
The dog was good, the other parts were ... I didn't really get it. I guess I'm not so much a randomness person. Unless it is like this: Troll 1: Here's our random number generator. Troll 2: 9 ... 9... reviewed June 1, 2006
Matrix Before The One Episode 3 Teaser by 05JSMEDL Comedy
The first half of the teaser was much too slow, and the music choice could have been better to set the atmosphere. The second half was better. Overall, this was fair enough as a teaser in that it in... reviewed June 1, 2006
The Matrix Before The One Episode 2 by 05JSMEDL Action
The series continues in a Matrix-esque universe. Some of the subs were a little quick, and quite a few were too early (particularly in the second half). Once the first music track cut out, the silen... reviewed June 1, 2006
The Matrix Before The One Episode 1 by 05JSMEDL Sci-Fi
A sci-fi world in the same style as The Matrix. The subs were good, though the probably don't need a capital on every word. The world was reproduced well in the same style and characters. There wer... reviewed June 1, 2006
Medieval Ages by ShadowStriker Action
This movie looked a bit like an extended tech demo of the medieval sets and costumes. Granted they look very nice, but I was hoping to see a bit more character development. One thing to watch for wi... reviewed June 1, 2006
Corruption - Video Clip by JEDI-MASTER Action
I enjoyed the music. In particular, I liked the repeating melody that ran through it. The visuals told a nice little story, although some of the scenes may have benefitted from being cut a little sh... reviewed June 1, 2006
Cold Bullet by iwtfl Action
A soldier retells of his experiences in the war. The music and scene selection at the start was appropriate. The small font during one of the scenes was very hard to read. Good job making the chara... reviewed June 1, 2006
Finding Lassy by grrimalion Action
Lassy goes missing, but Sandy is on the trail. Somebody still remembers who Lassy is? Wow! It may have benefitted from a bit of set dressing to spice up some of the otherwise dull sets. The voices... reviewed June 1, 2006
Heartache by grrimalion Romance
A young woman grows up too quickly. The tone of voice in the VO's was quite funny, though there was quite a lot of breathing into the mic. Try holding the mic in a different position so that it is n... reviewed June 1, 2006
Time Comes Around Again by PadawanRozzy Romance
The concept and plot was very good. Creative and original (as original as a time-based plot can be), and certainly did not need dialogue to convey the story. It is amazing what can be done with well... reviewed June 1, 2006
Knifed 2 (Final Trailer) by marine101 Horror
As an advertisement, I have to say that this trailer failed at it's core aim of encouraging the audience to watch the full movie. The sound quality was so poor that most of the VO's were not understa... reviewed May 31, 2006
Knob Turn by jarvey Action
Good music selection, good costuming, appropriate use of sets and props, great editing... But what can I say? Not a lot of plot. I'm hanging out for the sequel. reviewed May 30, 2006
Six Gun Sam by bermudabrian Action
This appears to be an AI generated movie. Play around with the Advanced Movie Maker for a while, and you'll find that you can have a lot of fun making your own movies too. reviewed May 30, 2006
SPELL BOOK the series Page 3 by Ranedthel Horror
Spell Book continues as the police launch an investigation into a gruesome murder. Good introduction of some new characters, and development of existing characters. Why would the girl answer a knock... reviewed May 30, 2006
SPELL BOOK the series Page 2 by Ranedthel Horror
Spell Book continues back in the city, as a new research assistant prepares to meet Dr. Rivers. Curious choice of opening music, didn't seem to match the setting, and the second music track again see... reviewed May 30, 2006
SPELL BOOK the series Page 1 by Ranedthel Horror
The Spell Book saga opens with a bang, literally. Great atmospheric intro sequence, with good set dressing and camera-work. The special effects sequence was excellent, and the set dressing excellent... reviewed May 30, 2006
Operation Wipeout by AxeCinema Action
Hot chicks in shiny spandex. Hot chicks in shiny spandex are cool, but I was hoping to see a little more... no, not like that. I mean a little more in terms of plot and character development. The ... reviewed May 30, 2006
The ToddFather by deenswe2003 Action
"Just a pawn in a game of chess?" Good use of props, costumes, and accents to define the setting (though the hairstyle and sunnies on one of the male leads seemed anachronistic). The characters were... reviewed May 30, 2006
The Clown by VandrendeOrn Horror
A woman investigates a series of murders and disappearances apparently linked to a clown. Watch the capitalization on the subs -- not every word needs one. Also watch out for grammatical errors and ... reviewed May 30, 2006
HOLY BLOOD II(draco the vampyre)! by alfric Horror
Draco the Vampyre sets out to bring his dream to fruition, but will he be thwarted at the last minute? Good intro sequence and music. You can remove the stage shadow with KRC's shadow removal mod. ... reviewed May 30, 2006
When a joke saves your soul by alexmex Comedy
A man's life takes a turn when his friends play a joke on him. Try to avoid allcaps in the subs, it looks like the narrator is shouting at the audience, also watch out for spelling, capitalization at... reviewed May 30, 2006
Angel On My Shoulder by jamesmoody Horror
The paths a man chooses to take are his own. The voice in the VO's was good, although there was a persistent background fuzz and lots of breathing into the microphone. Try holind the mic in a differ... reviewed May 30, 2006
Work Space by jackcasper Comedy
Office Space comes to TMO. I loved Office Space (after working in a company not so different from the one in the movie). The characters in this movie are direct copies of those in the original movie... reviewed May 30, 2006
Marauders Part 2 by artorious Action
The General continues the push through the jungles of Burma to reach the city. The first half is mostly a lot of scenes of people shooting each other, and while they are nicely edited with good conti... reviewed May 29, 2006
Fire and Forget II by nukester Action
Officer Gambon and his nemesis Kane continue their game of cat and mouse. But who will come out as top mouse? The upside: In depth characters, with individual personalities and movitations. Good us... reviewed May 29, 2006
Reflection part two by sisch Romance
Reflection concludes in a stunning finale. The main characters were well portrayed. It is nice to see their backgrounds developed further, which sheds light on their present actions. The script was... reviewed May 28, 2006
Lifes a Beach! by slyguy_tx Comedy
Featured Review
Life looked so good, and then it turned into a beach. Congratz on attempting so many different voices, though if you are looking for voice actors have a look around on TMO, FSN, etc. All of the voic...
reviewed May 28, 2006
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
In the Wild West, a bounty hunter ends up biting off more than he can chew. Good quality VO's by all the voice actors. In particular I liked the voice of the narrator and the chief. I loved the dru... reviewed May 28, 2006
Street Wars by CSAPig Action
The gangs are running riot in New York, and the police step up to the challenge. Good use of subtitles and timing of them, though if you are fading the scene it may be best to cut the subtitle before... reviewed May 28, 2006
A Woman In The Mirror Trailer by Mogulman321 Horror
The title screen may be better done using a font rather than hand-drawn, as it is it doesn't jump out saying "High quality film". The music was appropriate, but pay particular attention to how the mu... reviewed May 28, 2006
Marauders Part 1 by artorious Action
A war film that follows the exploits of a unit of soldiers in Burma. It was not clear from the movie itself what the setting was. The description was good, but without it I would have been a bit los... reviewed May 28, 2006
Leviticus by MichaelCristiano Horror
A woman tries to put the pieces together as she is starting a new relationship. The story was well-told, if a little predictable. The characters were portrayed well, and the voice actors all did a g... reviewed May 28, 2006
Sugar High 1 by Onirele Comedy
The VO's were a little soft, and had many breaths into the microphone, such that I could not understand the majority of the lines. Sorry, but it didn't make me laugh. I mean, not at all. Just my sty... reviewed May 28, 2006
City Slackers Ep 1 by jtc456 Comedy
A robot and a rabbit end up mixed up in a robbery scandal and case of mistaken identity. Good intro sequence to show the characters. The accents and tone of voice in the VO's were good, though the s... reviewed May 28, 2006
The Picture Of Dorian Grey by Dracin Horror
A loose reproduction of the classic story by Oscar Wilde. The original story is a good one, and though this is an adaption of it that does not attempt to follow it exactly, the premise is the same. ... reviewed May 28, 2006
Sniffy Cartoons by Fire_Works Comedy
The begining of the saga of Sniffy the cleaner-trooper. The concept was very strange, and I'm not sure I really got it even after watching it twice. The joke about the alien delivering flowers was m... reviewed May 27, 2006
Security Guards in Space VI by themonkthemonk Comedy
When promised "all the same bad acting and bad scripts you have come to expect", how could I turn it down? Actually, it was above expectations. This is essentially a series of cameo appearances by d... reviewed May 26, 2006
Imperium II by Ratonero Sci-Fi
The story of Imperium continues, as new threads in this complex tapestry are woven into the framework. Once again this is an excellent movie like the first one, though most of my criticisms from the ... reviewed May 25, 2006
Whiteout by neonoir1x Romance
What would you do if the world faded out of your reach... Excellent silent intro sequence, with beautiful music. The character and the setting were established quickly and easily, with a great scrip... reviewed May 25, 2006
Dead Future by seansweeney Romance
Firstly, I have a bit of trouble reviewing music videos, but here's trying. The music was nice, even if it wasn't my preference. I had trouble following both the lyrics and the subs, so I concentrat... reviewed May 25, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 1 by DecadentPictures Horror
A superb movie, from start to finish. Excellent intro with the poetry reading and the music to set the mood of the movie before the credits. The voice actors did a great job, although there was some... reviewed May 25, 2006
Expectant! by pamdennis Horror
Sometimes being expectant is not a good thing... The concept behind this movie was solid, though I felt that the script for the narration let it down a little. It described the action to explain the... reviewed May 24, 2006
The Gritty West by Tarison Action
The gritty west, where the good guys are dirty and the bad guys are worse. The concept and script behind this movie were excellent, fitting perfectly into the gritty west genre. Script-wise, my only... reviewed May 24, 2006
Bambi Is Running III(VO) by Babar23 Sci-Fi
The rebels are marginalized on the outskirts of the city, but can a new arrival help them achieve their goals? Good music and intro sequence to set the mood of the film. The sound quality on the VO'... reviewed May 24, 2006
Solitude by Sheelba Action
Two men from poles apart, collide. The concept and script for this movie were excellent. Not too much philosophy or preachiness (well, perhaps just a little but it wasn't much), but enough to clearl... reviewed May 24, 2006
Gone in Seventy Seconds by doj Action
Remake of the classic movie "Gone in 60 seconds" Some of the dialogue may have benefitted from tighter editing, to take out the pauses between lines (such as the phone call near the start). The phon... reviewed May 24, 2006
Empty Vessel by Greenglades Romance
"The empty vessel makes the greatest sound." Good concept, and the male lead was well portrayed. The narrative script was well written, and the tone of voice in the VO's was excellent to suit the ch... reviewed May 23, 2006
Star Riders Lost and Searching Episode 4 by spedspender91 Comedy
[This review covers episodes 4-6] Again, each individual episode appears to be quite random, but when put together in the series it makes sense. Good job with cutting back and forth between the two ... reviewed May 23, 2006
Star Riders Lost and Searching Episode 5 by spedspender91 Comedy
[This review covers episodes 4-6] Again, each individual episode appears to be quite random, but when put together in the series it makes sense. Good job with cutting back and forth between the two ... reviewed May 23, 2006
Star Riders Lost and Searching Episode 6 by spedspender91 Comedy
[This review covers episodes 4-6] Again, each individual episode appears to be quite random, but when put together in the series it makes sense. Good job with cutting back and forth between the two ... reviewed May 23, 2006
King Kung Pow 3 Night Out by cronicclapper Action
Featured Review
The KKP team sets out for a night on the town, but there is no time to rest for this super-hero team protecting the streets. Excellent intro music and sequence, my only complaint is that it went a li...
reviewed May 23, 2006
Countless Empty Glasses by Buccura Romance
A man's downward spiral... Silence is perhaps the best way to present this topic, for it is generally in silence that one goes down. And in doing so, this movie gives voice to those who have started... reviewed May 23, 2006
Toriel is being gross by toriel Horror
Featured Review
That was truly disturbing. I have to say you would be hard pressed to do a better job at this theme. Now, what's for dinner?
reviewed May 19, 2006
Star Riders Lost and Searching Episode 3 by spedspender91 Comedy
This review covers the first 3 episodes. I admit to being completely lost in episode 1 of this series, but by episode 3 I'm starting to work out what is going on. Perhaps if you put a brief synopsis... reviewed May 19, 2006
Sourman by duxy Horror
What could be worse than not being alive? A great many things. Firstly, I was worried from the description and the first scene that this was going to be another "I'm depressed and now I commit suici... reviewed May 19, 2006
Lallos marriage by alexmex Comedy
A father wants only the best for his daughter, but does he know what is best? The subs were generally good, though watch out for spelling and punctuation errors. Try to keep a maximum of one punctua... reviewed May 18, 2006
A Day To Forget part 1 by aiden02 Action
High adventure in the Wild West. I had real trouble following the plot of this one, in particular the characters seemed to change in each scene. For example, in the fistfight in the desert the chara... reviewed May 18, 2006
Looking Ahead by seansweeney Horror
A man tells of the terrors that haunt his waking dreams. Watch out for stray horses, and also for stray frames at the end of a cut (in the same scene). I had a hard time following the plot, such as ... reviewed May 18, 2006
Ordine e anarchia by alexmex Comedy
A showdown between Anarchy and Order... which one will get the girl? I thought this was a nice little movie. The costumes, music, and general feel of the movie fit the genre well to be a lighthearte... reviewed May 18, 2006
The Immortal The Trailer by coops72 Horror
Not a bad trailer. It showed the genre, the basic plot, and the main character. I guess I was hoping for something 'special' to make the movie unique... What is it that will separate this movie from... reviewed May 18, 2006
the Gift of Karma by josephkw Comedy
Some people fall in love with their cars, but sometimes a car is more than a car. This concept was creative, employing some touches of humor along with a twist on a traditional story. The overall mo... reviewed May 18, 2006
Red Eyed Killer- The New Deal by aidro10 Horror
High adventure in the Wild West. The genre may have been better as Action instead of Horror. Turn off mumbling. I found the plot very hard to follow, partly due to the characters being difficult to... reviewed May 18, 2006
Rice Patties by zuess61 Action
The hunt is on for Saigon Sue, an American actress who switched sides in the Vietnam War. Try to match the music crescendos closer with the action on screen. Some sequences seemed to go slowly, nota... reviewed May 17, 2006
The Robbery by steven_McMovies Action
Robbery and high adventure in the wild west! The plot was rather simple, but solid. The only thing that confused me was that there were two men in the jail, apparently about to be rescued by the gir... reviewed May 17, 2006
Everybody Loves Joey by gians70 Romance
A homeless man switches places with a man who has it all... Has he picked the better life? The story here was excellent, in particular I liked the first half. It tells the story of a man who thinks ... reviewed May 17, 2006
Comix Zone Opening Scene by ewatt23 Action
The rating this as a trailer, not a full movie. The intro section was a little slow, and several of the subs were mistimed. Watch out especially for subs spanning fades. The main section was excell... reviewed May 17, 2006
Stop That You Idiots! by blizzard_2 Comedy
Featured Review
Three boys start experimenting, and find out the consequences. The moral of the story is good, but I didn't think that the execution was so good. It may have benefitted from music, which may be even...
reviewed May 17, 2006
The Face of Two Worlds Part 1 by reelactor Sci-Fi
Aliens arrive, searching for "the one". Will they find her? The initial concept was interesting and attracted my attention, though in the second half I started to lose both the plot and interest. G... reviewed May 17, 2006
Flip out like a ninja! by akinis Comedy
"You should flip out too." Firstly, I definitely think that Joel flipped out when he wrote this song. Secondly, it appears Akinis flipped out somewhere along the line (actually, quite some time ago)... reviewed May 17, 2006
Nequiem (Part 1) by poss74 Horror
Featured Review
A detective starts an investigation into a mysterious murder, and finds that the pages go deeper than he first expected. The concept and plot were very good, and flowed along at a nice pace. I was a...
reviewed May 16, 2006
Coffin Full of Revenge Redux by DeBeef Action
A man hunts down the men responsible for his brother's death, and for the attempt on his own life. I had a hard time picking the time period, as the props, costumes, and hair styles did not seem to m... reviewed May 15, 2006
Return to Eden by Madelle Romance
Edward starts to make a move on Amelia while she is grieving the loss of Donald, but is there more to the story? I admire your ability to do all the VO's, but I think it would help get outside VO ass... reviewed May 15, 2006
The Revenant Chapter Two by Mishlof Horror
Featured Review
Revenant continues as he starts to hunt down the men who killed him a year ago. The story continues the excellent start in the first part, and introduces some more good characters. I especially like...
reviewed May 15, 2006
The Revenant Chapter One by Mishlof Action
[Watched in anticipation of the sequel] I liked the 'rambling narrator' style, which kept the audience entertained during there periods when the visuals were not so interesting, and vice versa. So a... reviewed May 15, 2006
house Of Horrors-Trailer by marine101 Horror
About the trailer: The subs were quite ineffective due to spanning across fades and scene transitions. Try to keep each sub within a single camera shot if possible, splitting them at the end of a phr... reviewed May 15, 2006
AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST BATTLE by kingpengvin Sci-Fi
An epic tale of humanity against the odds. Can one man lead the last battle to finish what he started? The story was well written and well told. I especially liked the way that phrases in the prese... reviewed May 15, 2006
Love Me Till Ya DIE! by nutzhouse Romance
Good quality voice overs, the narration told the story well in the first half. In the second half the narration started to get 'preachy', which I found to be less effective. I find this sort of movi... reviewed May 14, 2006
Say Youll Be Mine by destnd4good Romance
Tania and Toby try to work through their differences; will they make it through together? The plot was nice, of a man and woman falling in love, so no problems there. But it did seem a little thin. ... reviewed May 14, 2006
Going Soft by Gunney Romance
In the seedy underbelly of the gangster 30's, will true love be enough to help a man break free? Although I did not live in the 30's, my understanding was that at that point there was quite a strong ... reviewed May 14, 2006
Abaddon - Chapter 2 by orion801 Horror
Abaddon continues forward as we look backward at how this came to be. The story is done well, and I like the use of flashbacks into the characters' backstories to show how we arrived at the situation... reviewed May 14, 2006
Crossfire Capers by nahton Comedy
A man and a woman, each dealing with their peculiarities. The script and voice acting was done well, the two characters really sounded like they could be the loving-yet-bickering couple. I did enjoy... reviewed May 14, 2006
The Kyoto Agreement by tomacres Romance
"MoMc Review" 2.4 As a school project, your teacher and classmates will probably appreciate the change in style from all the other projects out there. So congratulations on putting in the extra effo... reviewed May 14, 2006
Phaedrus by postmodernchuck Romance
"MoMc Review" 4.8 This review contains a series of random observations as I watched the movie, with perhaps more of an emphasis on technical production, so I hope it helps. Let me emphasise first th... reviewed May 14, 2006
RITA by magic_school_bus Comedy
There's only one joke, but it's good. I did find the first few subs to be a little too quick. Overall, nice short film. reviewed May 13, 2006
ShadowChildren part 1 by steelblade_1 Horror
The shadow-children are here, but who are they? There has obviously been a lot of work put into the background and story behind htis movie, and it comes out in the depth of the setting. This is not ... reviewed May 12, 2006
Stir 2 by AnotherNewDawn Action
The Stir drama continues as Roland enters the prison system. The inside look into the prison system is intriguing, and while I do not doubt that it is believable I certainly hope that it is not typic... reviewed May 12, 2006
Stir by AnotherNewDawn Action
When pressed to come up with cash quickly, a man takes desperate steps. The concept and storyline were not unique, having seen such a story many times before. That said, the characters were well pre... reviewed May 12, 2006
Nights Shadow by Selwof Horror
A man deals with his curse. As a horror movie I find it difficult to emotionally engage when that particular costume gets so much air-time -- it just looks comical to me. The scenes themselves were ... reviewed May 12, 2006
Two guys no date by pauks Comedy
Two guys try to get a date. The flashback sequences were good, keep them short and sweet like in this one and you're on a winner. The fuzz sound to signal the start of the flashback is also good, to... reviewed May 12, 2006
Telephone Madness by Ironhat2 Action
A woman takes matters into her own hands when faced with the evils of the automated phone answering system. The concept was a good one (though not unique), but ultimately I think that this movie took... reviewed May 12, 2006
Once Upon a Time on the North Pole by stiek13 Romance
Featured Review
"Folks, this is not the real Santa." Um, is there a real one? Anyway, there were some interesting concepts here. I found the frequency of fades to be annoying. There was one point towards the end ...
reviewed May 12, 2006
Last Day by ubernewbie Romance
"MoMc Review" 4.5 Reviewed only because it was entered into MoMc, and so I set out to review the movie as a technical production, independently of the real life characters or events portrayed by it. ... reviewed May 12, 2006
Attack by rayne666 Sci-Fi
A starship lands on a planet, only to encounter aliens there. I guess the main thing that I was looking for in a scifi was something 'new' or 'unique'. The plot was solid, the costumes appropriate, ... reviewed May 12, 2006
Bad Luck With Runescape by bunnyrabbit777 Comedy
Though never having played runescape online, I can definitely recognize the characters and the situation based on my own online escapades. The subs were significantly too fast, and it may have benefi... reviewed May 11, 2006
the War of the Stars of TMO! by mollyrulz9999 Comedy
I didn't really 'get it'. Sure, it took some names off the forums, but from there it was just some standard action sequences. If it was to lampoon on personalities, I would have expected some charac... reviewed May 10, 2006
Ordinary Day by masterbecks Action
The lives of five different people intersect in an extra-ordinary way, in just another ordinary day. Custom titles were good, though may be easier to read with a larger font size. Some of the subs we... reviewed May 10, 2006
Mission Santa Part 1 by nasum84 Action
A man in a Santa suit takes a mission to transport a valuable artefact. The male lead had an interesting quirk, which earns kudos by itself, but other than that the characters were quite bland overal... reviewed May 10, 2006
The Winner by jimbowelcome Comedy
A man tries whatever it takes to get the Chrysler. The dream sequences at the start were integrated very well into the story, not too long but just enough to get the message across. Some of the VO's... reviewed May 10, 2006
Zombie Panic 2 - Teaser by HitmanGames Horror
I do not think this was effective as a teaser, because it did not accomplish its main goal: To make me want to watch the full movie. All I saw were some zombies walking around. I already assumed the... reviewed May 10, 2006
Robozentative Commercial by alftansr Sci-Fi
The intro sequence was too long, could have been cut to 10 seconds max. The concept of the robot-representative was very good, as was the narration. The length was probably too long without introduc... reviewed May 10, 2006
Car Crush Car by ewatt23 Action
The music was done well, and timed well to the action on screen. The characters were easy to recognize, the costumes and sets appropriate, and the plot fairly easy to follow even in a silent format. I... reviewed May 10, 2006
GANGSTA Revenge by claw21 Action
The gangster story concludes. Watch out for teleporting actors (the whole gang disappeared in one cut). This can be alleviated by choosing different scenes, or for example have the boss tell everybo... reviewed May 10, 2006
GANGSTA Hostile by claw21 Action
The gangster story continues. The lack of music and sound effects was a big atmosphere killer. The subs on this one were better than the previous, though my previous comments still apply. The costu... reviewed May 10, 2006
GANGSTA21 by claw21 Action
A gangster is set up by his friend, then breaks out of jail to set things right. The subs were significantly too fast. Watch the capitalization on the subs, and appropriate punctuation. After the f... reviewed May 10, 2006
Trouble With Online Gaming - WoW by blizzard_2 Comedy
The characters involved were definitely believable, and not so much different to the characters that I have met during my own online gaming escapades. The movie itself was quite good, though the firs... reviewed May 10, 2006
The Baggage Boy THE END by coolfilmer272 Action
One star for the twist on baggage boy, one star for the last line. The transition from the gun to the woman didn't really work (if it wasn't for her dialogue I wouldn't have known what happened), but... reviewed May 10, 2006
THE BRONX BROTHERS II by roccocarcheri Action
Three brothers have a falling out over the leadership of the local mafia, and can only lead to violence. Good music change chan Mary appears on the scene, similarly for Sonny's appearance. The two si... reviewed May 10, 2006
MJ-12 by MatthewMagic Action
When agents of the secretive MJ-12 organization are betrayed, one man escapes to track down those responsible... even if it means going all the way to the top. The intro section was way too long -- t... reviewed May 10, 2006
Day at the Beach by Ross666 Action
A struggle ensues for the King of the Beach The male VO's were fuzzy, perhaps due to a low quality mic or being amplified too high in Audacity. Some of the pacing in the first half could have been s... reviewed May 9, 2006
MJ-12 Trailer by MatthewMagic Action
Pretty good trailer to get across the setting and the style of the movie. reviewed May 9, 2006
andACTION! by desertwolf2002 Action
This movie may have benfitted from a music track... especially with subtitles-only movies the lack of sound makes it hard to keep the viewer's attention. Actually there was no sound at all -- I wonde... reviewed May 9, 2006
The dead lovers by themasterbear Romance
The initial segment was fair enough, though the movie as a whole may have come across better if it had voice overs or subtitles. Still, the plot was easily discernable with a clear beginning, middle,... reviewed May 9, 2006
Multiple Minkowski by caystarz Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Minkowski is taken to hospital after surviving an airplane crash... or did he? This sci-fi thriller keeps the audience on the edge of their seats all the way to the end. The quality of production an...
reviewed May 9, 2006
Wasted Lives by DNR Romance
"MoMc Review" The voices were good, though the dialogue seemed disjointed and stilted (in particular the round-the-table conversation and the dance conversation). Some of the voices were a little fu... reviewed May 8, 2006
Not Alone by Betral Romance
Featured Review
"MoMc Review" Firstly, I find it difficult to review music videos because the tendency is to base it on the quality of the music, not the quality of the movie. So this review is focused on the movie...
reviewed May 8, 2006
Bloodhunters (The Awakening) by 02PARSIM Horror
The opening chapter in a classic vampire tale. The first thing that impressed me was that this was not just a classic vampire tale. Such things have been done before, but this one changed some of th... reviewed May 8, 2006
Angels and Demons Part I by Seanahue Sci-Fi
Great introduction through the use of costumes and music, and then the twist by not showing their weapons until the end of that scene was excellent to throw this into a different setting than expected... reviewed May 8, 2006
Man Walks into a Bar by jamespetts Comedy
The narration was done well with a good script for the 'rambling presenter' style, though in places a little fast and hard to understand. Given the nature of the punch-line, it may have been better t... reviewed May 8, 2006
Celeb confessions (Documentary)With Vo by emerik Comedy
The voices were quite humorous, though hard to understand and the voice quality was not good. The subtitles consistently mistimed and had some typos. I agree that this one is significantly improved ... reviewed May 8, 2006
GunMetal The Phoenix Saga vol 3 Impact by Darqcyde Action
The recap on the past epidoes is a great idea. It may have been improved a little more if we saw the faces of each character as they are mentioned. watch for continuity issues like the dancer's cost... reviewed May 8, 2006
Never Forget redux by humdogma Action
A graphic retelling of the high school shootings in U.S.A. Good use of sound effects. For a movie with so many scenes in the corridor, it needed some unique set dressing to separte the different par... reviewed May 8, 2006
The Three - Part 1 by a6h1nav Romance
Good music through the intro section, and good editing and scene selection. The music cut out really quickly through at the first music change -- try putting in a 'music-stopper' (silence) track for ... reviewed May 8, 2006
What Have I Done by coops72 Action
On the plus side, good job on the competition entry. It was a complete story with a clear beginning, middle, and end, and with recognizable characters and voices. Good timing on the subs and matchin... reviewed May 8, 2006
Honestly Cowboy by Hoo Comedy
The music was good, and the pacing and scenes were good (though it did feel a little slow through the middle section -- I felt like saying, "C'mon, get to the punch line."). Some technical comments: ... reviewed May 8, 2006
Reflection Part One by sisch Romance
The characters are well presented, with good quality VO's on the leads. The sound quality on the shopkeeper sounded not so good. I liked these characters, and the way that both of them were develope... reviewed May 7, 2006
An interview with alel studios by al_el Comedy
That was... strange, but funny. I liked the 'generic Australian presenter', and the other Australiana references. Though there are a lot of Melbournites that would think nothing of running out of Fo... reviewed May 7, 2006
The Story Of Phil Hulson by perrysproductions Comedy
The sets were a little bland, they might be improved through higher graphics settings and/or some props to spice them up. The sequence was a little slow, and could have done with some more witty mono... reviewed May 7, 2006
Memories of Life - A True Story by rposhard Romance
I watched this movie some time ago, but didn't leave a review. Perhaps because I did not know what to say. I will attempt to do so here. From a personal perspective, the heart and love of a true fa... reviewed May 7, 2006
Characters by benstudios1991 Comedy
The VO's were good, and well suited to the character. Which of course makes sense, being semi-autobiographical. The script kept the movie moving along at a good pace. You really came out with some ... reviewed May 7, 2006
Odd Times by magic_school_bus Comedy
Some of the subs were hard to read because they went over 3 lines. It is easier to read single or double line subs. Also make sure to split the subs at the end of a phrase instead of in the middle. ... reviewed May 7, 2006
Criminal Aliens by sebtiger Action
(I haven't seen the previous parts, so I was a little being the eight ball.) The initial conversation scene with the two aliens was good, though perhaps a few of the lines could have been edited out.... reviewed May 7, 2006
Space Corps by pepsidude32 Sci-Fi
Excellent use of the black-screen with voice-overs, though the initial segment went for perhaps a little long. In the second such instance of this technique the subtitles were firstly pre-emptive and... reviewed May 7, 2006
5 Stars (Music Video) by JazzX Comedy
This music video was done very well. The music was excellent, the lead singer and the words were very good, and the editing showed exceptional effort and attention to detail. I did feel that it went... reviewed May 6, 2006
The Scarlet Letter by Kershen Romance
Here are some comments which I hope will be useful to you: Some of the VO's carried over a scene transition, which causes them to flicker; try to keep each VO entirly within one scene (if possible). ... reviewed May 6, 2006
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Dylen Horror
A retelling of the classic tale of Sleepy Hollow. Others have heaped a great deal of well deserved praise on this movie, and I agree with them that it is fantastic. So rather than repeat it all, her... reviewed May 6, 2006
King Kung Pow Episode 2 by cronicclapper Comedy
Featured Review
King Kung POW comes to save the world again! The intro sequence was great, as was the music in the first half to really set the mood (the last music track was a little subdued for action scenes). Th...
reviewed May 6, 2006
Black Glove by Amateur-Associates Action
Featured Review
A CIA agent recounts the events leading up to what will be his last mission. The concept and script are excellent, as you said they were designed originally for a play. The monologue flows well thro...
reviewed May 4, 2006
ADAM by ichthusadmr Sci-Fi
Was Project ADAM doomed to failure right from the start? The politicians did not think so. The concepts behind this movie have been done before in several movies, but this was executed brilliantly. ... reviewed May 4, 2006
Annas Bad Luck 3 by zilver63 Horror
I watched all three in the series, so consider this to be a combined review. The female lead is well presented, and introduced in an interesting situation that leaves the audience wanting to find out... reviewed May 4, 2006
Imperium I by Ratonero Sci-Fi
Featured Review
The sun rises on the Imperium, as one house falls to the ashes another rises to be reborn. The highlight of this film is the depth of the universe. There are people, events, organizations, and rival...
reviewed May 4, 2006
Attack of the Lizard Priests by jdunbar80 Sci-Fi
Zorkon and his Lizard Priests return to earth to impose the Metric System on the USA. There were some very funny lines in here, and the voices were terrific. Some of the VO's were a little fuzzy and... reviewed May 4, 2006
Wars of the Wild West - Episode 2 by rtistangel Action
Featured Review
In a steam-punk alternate history, the battle for the Wild West continues as the Red Hashashin is sent to deal with the Rangers. Another good episode, and this time the characters were easier to reco...
reviewed May 4, 2006
Wars of the Wild West Episode 1 by rtistangel Action
In a steam-punk alternate history, the defenders of the Wild West take their stand against the construct armies of the Global Trade Union. The concept is very good, fitting right into the steam-punk ... reviewed May 4, 2006
Urban Troll 3 - Legacy (Directors Cut) by Philth64 Sci-Fi
The Urban Troll continues its quest into the unknown. The lack of music in the first minute set it off to a bad start, but then it picked up around the middle. The characters were done well, even if... reviewed May 3, 2006
A Glimpse Of Paradise by nascarlover Action
A man has a glimpse of paradise. Without giving away any spoilers, the plot here seemed sparse. I guess I didn't see the point of it -- if they knew all along then why bother? The music was appropr... reviewed May 3, 2006
City of Stalin VO by steelcity4eva Action
Russian soldiers fight with every ounce of their strength to hold the line at Stalingrad. This movie was a good re-enactment of the battle of Stalingrad (as far as I could tell, having some knowledge... reviewed May 3, 2006
Tipsy the Clown in HANG OVER CITY by Ranedthel Comedy
The characters here were all unique, and all very funny. Good use of sound effects and music. There were a lot of funny jokes sprinkled through there, though some sections seemed to go a little slow... reviewed May 3, 2006
Seeds of Evil by Throwaxe Sci-Fi
Captain Cork and his crew are on a mission to explore the unknown reaches of a starry backdrop. Good narration at the start. That got me laughing right off the bat. The jokes and spoofs just kept o... reviewed May 3, 2006
Wild west by peld Comedy
All a man wants is Gina, but all the stands between them is a cunning outlaw and a crooked sherrif. The story was solid, though in places the script could do with some more work. I had trouble decid... reviewed May 3, 2006
Saving Private Brian by peld Comedy
A man finds his platoon overrun in wartorn Europe, and takes a desperate step to try to save his fellows. The concept was good, it is nice to see a storyline in war films. The voice in the narration... reviewed May 3, 2006
running man by scarlett1 Action
There wasn't a great deal of substance to this movie, but the character was well suited to the role and the music was appropriate. I kept waiting for the punch-line that never came. Something like w... reviewed May 3, 2006
Camp Camp by leela143 Comedy
Leela, I tried to watch your films but there are no pictures -- it is just a black screen. I've watched other movies before and after which work fine, so I think something is may be messed up with th... reviewed May 2, 2006
Skin Deep by ubernewbie Romance
A touching account of a man re-discovering himself, and finding someone with whom to live his new life. Concept - 9 - Great concept telling a story based on real life, with a twist. Direction - 8 - G... reviewed May 2, 2006
Fool was I by MFK88 Romance
This was a very good music video. The visuals matched well with the music, and the re-use of the visuals during the refrain was done well. The flashing scenes were perhaps a little too fast -- the s... reviewed May 2, 2006
The Titan Chonicles - Enigma Pattern by ubernewbie Horror
The starship Titan arrives at a dead world. Sometimes being dead does not mean lifeless. The concept was good, with inspirations from a range of sci-fi movies and stories. The alien was well portra... reviewed May 2, 2006
Also the gods can do mistakes by azhazel Comedy
The script for this was actually quite good, drawing on familiar phrases and putting them into the mouth of one who would not normally be expected to say them. Again, nothing particularly offensive h... reviewed May 2, 2006
Death Shack by _Chelle_ Horror
When Chelle starts seeing monsters are they real? Or is it just her mind playing tricks on her? The premise for this movie was sound, and the scripting was good. I actually felt sorry for the first... reviewed May 2, 2006
The Beard by Movie-Mad Comedy
Socrates sets out on his quest to acquire a movie camera at any cost. Now _that's_ the kind of comedy that I'd like to see more of. The script for this movie is brilliant, with an almost continual f... reviewed May 2, 2006
Contact Revelation by smittebo Sci-Fi
The Contact saga concludes in an epic finale. The story was a fairly standard sci-fi plot, with some decent characters. The premise was cliched but solid. The subs were a little fast and may have b... reviewed May 2, 2006
Jesus Christ is a Superstar by azhazel Comedy
The concept was humorous. The narration at the start was done very well. The training sequence went a little too long without any dialogue or other humor in it. Turn off mumbling. The movie as a w... reviewed May 2, 2006
The passion of Jesus Christ 2 by azhazel Action
The VO's were hard to understand (not the accent, the sound quality was not very good). The plot was a little hard to follow as it jumped almost seemingly at random between different scenes. The mus... reviewed May 2, 2006
Philadephia Ligth by azhazel Comedy
This movie borders on the line between being hilarious and being offensive. Be warned that some may find this offensive, since for some people it is a very real situation and very serious. On the ot... reviewed May 2, 2006
The Dream Girl by peld Comedy
I'm not a big fan of having previews at the start, if you are going to do this it may be better to put it at the end. As a preview, I do not think it was effective at its goal of convincing the audie... reviewed May 2, 2006
Subterranean Homesick Alien (Ep1) by Gutts Horror
Interred in a mental hospital, a man tries to remember how he came to be there. The concept was brilliant, and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the story unfolds. There is enough of the plot... reviewed May 2, 2006
Reverse Freefall by gians70 Action
A woman's life is turned upside down by one event, entering into a reverse freefall. Concept - 7 - The concept was very good, but I had a problem with the script. Much of the narration and dialogue ... reviewed May 2, 2006
The Hunt For The Yeti by Richegroover Action
The Yeti has been sighted, and one man sets out to find it to be with the one he loves. The concept was very good, fitting well in the 1940's adventure movies. The costumes, props and settings were ... reviewed May 2, 2006
THE HALOIST II by ArtificialArtist Sci-Fi
Haloist2 builds on some gaming icons and takes them to a whole other place. This movie was fantastic right from the start. The opening sequence grips the audience and doesn't let it go. The setting... reviewed May 2, 2006
war at home by kuwa0718 Action
Thank you for providing the English subtitles, since I don't understand Japanese. I still found the plot of this movie quite confusing, but it is good to see some Japanese movies here. I love seeing... reviewed May 1, 2006
?????? -Escape- by mo-yu Horror
I don't understand Japanese so of course I found it difficult to follow the plot of this movie, but I did understand basically what happened. I love seeing movies made by people all over the world, s... reviewed May 1, 2006
Noir (Part 2) by siddus Action
The Noir tale continues as Jack hunts down the next lead. The setting, mood, music, and atmosphere were all done very well. The script and voice of the narrator fits the character excellently, as di... reviewed May 1, 2006
Throwdown in El Ray by Flipmanburn Action
An unlikely duo set out to hunt down a powerful criminal in this brutal depiction of the Wild West. This movie is very well done, with the choice of scenes and actors really bringing out the Wild Wes... reviewed May 1, 2006
King Kung POW by cronicclapper Comedy
King Kung POW, a group of (not so) elite superheroes, comes to save the day and foil a bank robbery. The music was great, and so was the intro (though it may be better to line up the subs better, or ... reviewed May 1, 2006
Neotokyo by AxeCinema Sci-Fi
The feel of the city was done well through the modded sets and music. It may have benefitted from more establishing shots between each of the major sections. The corridor extension backdrop at the s... reviewed May 1, 2006
Normal was yesterday by Junker82 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
In the near future, a secret government agency begins the investigation into illegal smuggling organizations. But these links go much deeper... Concept - 9 - Excellent concept and script. The world...
reviewed May 1, 2006
The Remote Crisis by MorgFreak Action
A soldier is called up for war in a remote crisis. Concept - 5 - A decent concept for a war movie, though I thought the plot was lacking in interest. Direction - 7 - Good use of music. Good costumin... reviewed April 30, 2006
Maxinum Fight by reafreak29 Action
Bring back the SNES! Yeah, baby, this one gets the fingers itching to hammer some buttons. Concept - 10 - Excellent concept, unique to the movies. Brings back all the old memories. Direction - 8 - ... reviewed April 30, 2006
Tales of the Undead by Spaceman72 Horror
A priest records his experiences in the house of God, surrounded by the living dead. The opening was terrific, the tone of voice in the VO's fit the character perfectly, and the script throughout was... reviewed April 30, 2006
Please dont eat my boyfriends brains by JoshHaigh Horror
Two lovers are interrupted by a zombie, and a fight ensues. The music was appropriate, the costumes were well chosen, and there was a clear progression of the plot from start to middle to end. Howev... reviewed April 30, 2006
Bum Day by cronicclapper Comedy
This is one of those comedies that isn't a comedy. The way I take it, I feel sorry for all of the characters -- the man, the wife, the neighbour, and the bum. They're all trying to find something th... reviewed April 30, 2006
Project Honesty by Frooplet Sci-Fi
Great concept. The initial section could have been a little shorter to get to the point faster, but the voices were great. Excellent use of backdrops. The scenes chosen to show the effects of hones... reviewed April 30, 2006
The attack of the shovelheads by towelie Sci-Fi
The start was slow and the VO's too soft (especially the female lead), but it improved as the movie progressed. The highlight for me was the alien language, and I especially liked the "employee of th... reviewed April 30, 2006
The weight of Emotion by TurboGhost Romance
Great job of developing the male lead in such a short period of time. The tone of voice and the script were both great. In just 20 seconds I felt an affinity for the man and I wanted to find out mor... reviewed April 29, 2006
Unredeemed by josephkw Horror
A small-town preacher and the devil enter into a bargain on which much more hangs in the balance than just this one man's soul. The devil character was absolutely brilliant in both script and tone of... reviewed April 29, 2006
Dreams rewind by pratimdgupta Romance
Excellent use of the refrain to link the parts of this movie together. If it were not for the description, I may have rated this movie quite a lot lower, which is perhaps an indication that it was la... reviewed April 29, 2006
The Thing From the Woods by water119 Horror
Great use of special effects for the flashes and the green mist. The flashes may have benefitted from higher frame rate, and the effect may have been more dramatic if accompanied by a music change. ... reviewed April 28, 2006
Yeoman Joe 2 -- Captain Zombie! by rposhard Comedy
Yeoman Joe is back, and somebody is out to kill Yeoman Joe. But who, and why? It continues in the same style and flair of the original, with more storyline, more jokes, and more seashell phones. The... reviewed April 27, 2006
A young woman has a near-death experience and becomes party to the truths that have evaded man's search for knowledge. The story of Connie continues, but this time consists almost entirely of narra... reviewed April 27, 2006
THE ULTIMATE SECRET PT 1 by Antonio26 Sci-Fi
A young woman has a near-death experience and becomes party to the truths that have evaded man's search for knowledge. The concept is interesting though not unique. The initial segments portraying C... reviewed April 27, 2006
Heather White by neonoir1x Romance
Featured Review
A woman comes to grips with her past and memories. The concept and story were fantastic. While there were some technical flaws in the production and execution, the strength of the story and characte...
reviewed April 26, 2006
Osamas Spring Break by GrimReepher Comedy
The concept was humorous, and there were some good lines in here taking off familiar political figures. This style of comedy is not my preferred style, but I can appreciate the humor in it. Some of ... reviewed April 26, 2006
Quixlechnaudronki valley by towelie Action
A very different kind of western. I was at a loss to work out whether it was trying to be serious or comedic, until the end. On a critical note, the plot was sparse, the characters undeveloped, and ... reviewed April 25, 2006
CHE GUEVARA - last days - by DavidSS Action
Based on the last days of Ernesto Guevara in the struggle for Cuba. Good use of custom backdrops. The moving airplane backdrop may be more effective with an accompanying sound effect. The VO's were... reviewed April 24, 2006
Sing My Favorite Song by nutzhouse Action
In the heart of the civil war, two Confederate soldiers set off on a journey back home. Good narration at the start, good use of historical times and places to tie the plot together. Some of the tra... reviewed April 24, 2006
End of Memories VO by Bolch Action
When a villian steals top secret research from a government facility, agent Jane Adder is on the case to do whatever it takes to get it back. Good intro segment, it kept up the action and the interes... reviewed April 24, 2006
Abaddon by orion801 Horror
Abaddon returns to this sleepy town, and he's not happy. The intro segment was good at establishing the mood, but since it took up 1 minute out of a 6 minute film just to finish the opening credits, ... reviewed April 24, 2006
Razorblade by jjpatel Romance
Chris and Sarah are nearing their anniversary, but will they make it through the rocky road that lies ahead? The concept for this movie was very good, and the script was well written for the most par... reviewed April 24, 2006
Time for the Truth by Mnkeeboy Romance
An excellent movie that is part romance, part comedy, part drama. The silent era is reproduced brilliantly down to the titles and canned sound effects. The second half was missing a few sound effect... reviewed April 23, 2006
Superforce! Beyond Power! by TurboGhost Action
Superforce comes to save the day! Great job reproducing the bad style of Saturday morning cartoons, even down to the soundbyte at the end. Classic. The music and sound effects were great. The tone... reviewed April 23, 2006
Darwins Nightmare More tales from Africa by Sheelba Action
A pilot arrives in Angola for one night, leaving behind a legacy he would rather forget. I enjoyed seeing this sort of movie based on real life, especially parts of real life that we don't see very o... reviewed April 23, 2006
The last night by peld Action
The concept and plot were solid, though with little to distinguish it. The script in some places had room for improvement, and the subs may have benefitted from being a little slower and from better ... reviewed April 23, 2006
Confession from an Alcoholic by akinis Romance
Brilliant movie. I'm a big fan of using movies as a creative medium for getting a message across, as long as it is handled with tact and sensitivity, and this one was done very well. The way this wa... reviewed April 23, 2006
Tainted Justice - Uncut by Radman2307 Action
A police officer takes on a gang killing case, but the trail leads him back closer to home. The plot was done well, and it is particularly good to see the plot driven by the characters and not the ot... reviewed April 22, 2006
EXTORTED by MFK88 Action
A man leaves his mob connections behind him with his boxing gloves, but when his wife is kidnapped the mob bring the gloves right back again. The plot was solid and the script well written, though I ... reviewed April 22, 2006
Final Fight by pektose Action
The concept behind this movie was a solid war plot, but without subtitles or voice-overs there was little to distinguish it. There seem to be a selection of uniforms and weapons from different eras, ... reviewed April 22, 2006
Fighting for Freedom by cronicclapper Action
Featured Review
Two soldiers, fighting a war far from home. They arrived as strangers, but parted as brothers. The intro was effective at setting the scenario. Great set dressing throughout, especially the use of s...
reviewed April 22, 2006
Fey Chapter Three by Jackiethepeapod Romance
Excellent music, good volume to give the ambience while not overbearing the audio. Only thing is perhaps all the volumes could do with being a little louder. The plot continues to be interesting, th... reviewed April 21, 2006
Fey Chapter Two by Jackiethepeapod Sci-Fi
The Fey series continues in another good episode. The characters are well portrayed through the script and voices. It's good to see three new characters introduced in this episode, and all of them a... reviewed April 21, 2006
FEY Chapter One by Jackiethepeapod Sci-Fi
Well portrayed characters in the first few sentences. The script was well written to convey both personality and plot progression at the same time. Mom's voice was quite fuzzy, and the cousin's voic... reviewed April 21, 2006
The Cult 1 by eljay69 Action
"This is for Bobby, and this is for the cult." I noticed quite a lot of subs flickering, especially at the start. This is caused by crossing over a scene transition. Try to place the subs so that t... reviewed April 21, 2006
Some call me Laz by Indres Action
"Why did I let her knock me out? I have to play my role too." The narration on this film was terrific throughout, telling the story while making jokes at itself. The references to outside events, c... reviewed April 21, 2006
The Presiger Super Gun by Holy___One Sci-Fi
This was a well rounded sci-fi story. There wasn't a lot of original material, but the plot was well thought out with some twists and turns. It is good to see the plot driven by the character's pers... reviewed April 21, 2006
Going to the Station by Wishfullthinker Sci-Fi
"Initiate Plan C" This concept for this movie was good. As described, it doesn't fit neatly into any genre, which may be a downfall for some, but overall it was well produced with some good humor. ... reviewed April 21, 2006
The Midnight Zone Miracle Drug by jdevil05 Sci-Fi
"Aliens prepare to attack Earth, and the best plan for defense is steriods in the water supply." The concept was certainly unique, I'm pretty sure I've never seen that plot before. I figure this was... reviewed April 20, 2006
I am I and you are by Psychokatalog Romance
The concept and story were great, and the script was done well. Just a few of the subs had strange translations. Editing was good, and although the transition special effects were nice I found them ... reviewed April 20, 2006
Dick Strongs Toga Brigade Ep 1 by RabidElf Sci-Fi
I appreciate the humor of something that doesn't take itself too seriously. However, this may have benefitted from stronger production values in terms of editing and general 'flow'. The lines were g... reviewed April 20, 2006
Atomic Ray Saves The Day! by JustinMoore Sci-Fi
The concept was, how to put this... different. The uniforms loked like a motley collection. Try to match the dialogue closer with the acting on screen. Try replacing the stock laser effects with cu... reviewed April 20, 2006
The Survivors Exile by 02PARSIM Sci-Fi
The basic premise is sound, even if not original. To improve the sound effects, try replacing the stock laser effects with custom sounds. Try to whittle down the dialogue to be sharper and punchier ... reviewed April 20, 2006
gangster wedding by scarlett1 Action
So you admitted your movies are pants, and sorry I have to agree. But there were a few funny parts in this one. I couldn't work out what why the guy was wearing underpants for the whole movie until ... reviewed April 20, 2006
Strange Dust (remastered) by Greenglades Horror
This remastered version of Strange Dust fixes most of the issues I had with the original. The extra subs helped to follow the plot better, and the excess fades were fixed. This let me concentrate on... reviewed April 20, 2006
FEAR-Chapter3 (The rise Of Alma) by marine101 Horror
Similar comments to the first two episodes in the series. This one seemed a little more random than the others, with the plot being hard to follow especially with the random changes of hairstyle and ... reviewed April 20, 2006
FEARChapter2 by marine101 Horror
Were these supposed to be the same characters from the first episode? The change in costumes threw me off and I wasn't sure. Same comments as before about releasing a movie with a complete story arc... reviewed April 20, 2006
FEAR-Chapter1 by marine101 Horror
The custom titles were nice, though is may be better to start the music during the titles to establish the mood right from the start. (I realize this may be due to the sound sync issue -- looks like ... reviewed April 20, 2006
Josh and Will at 18 by cruleworld Action
Josh and Will join the army to help save the earth from aliens. "Ow, that hurts. Good thing it's a fake knife." This was a good comedy with some funny one-liners. The plot was coherent, the charac... reviewed April 19, 2006
Three Nights Two Days by scaryflashlight Horror
Ok, I read the description and watched the movie, then read the description again and watch the movie a second time, and I still couldn't work out what was going on. I'm not asking for plot handed to... reviewed April 19, 2006
The Soul Ranger 2 by nightmare2146 Horror
A very good horror film with well portrayed characters and good musical score. The voices of all the characters were done well. The drawback for me is that the concept of who is the Soul Ranger was ... reviewed April 19, 2006
Secret Promise by MelonTheCreeker Horror
The concept was unique and intersting, and followed up with good execution. Some of the characters faces looked so warped that they came across as cartoony, which for me detracted from the serious ho... reviewed April 19, 2006
Honesty Is A Virtue by 02PARSIM Horror
The characters are well developed in this movie, even Oscar's victims have more personality than many of the leads in other movies I see. I found it particularly interesting that victim #2 was chosen... reviewed April 19, 2006
Spare Change by Informatics Horror
I thought that the concept as described in the movie description is really interesting, and I would have liked to see this concept explored a little more in the movie. The use of radio broadcasts to ... reviewed April 19, 2006
Haunting Tales ACT 2 by betelman Horror
A very nice rendition of a famous ghost story. The narrator of the series is a fantastic character, well suited to his role in both appearance and voice. The story itself was well told, with good mu... reviewed April 19, 2006
Tragedy - 911 by ubernewbie Action
This is a well produced tribute to the 9/11 events, which presents a single point of view without being offensive to other people involved. The musical crescendo was timed well to increase the impact... reviewed April 19, 2006
Miragem by jleao Action
Featured Review
This is a terrific effort for a first film. It's great to see people experimenting with voice overs, though in future it may help to get an actress to do the female lines. I couldn't quite decide wh...
reviewed April 19, 2006
Waiting For Deaths Kiss by vinceholz Action
Another good installment of the Jimmy Hammer files. Jimmy catches up with some old friends, but old friends are catching up on him too. The bar scene at the start was great, with the music and conve... reviewed April 19, 2006
Star Riders Episode 2 by spedspender91 Comedy
The Star-Riders saga continues as the brave crew take on a mixture of obscure foes. This episode features the usual good dialogue and humour that are the hallmarks of the series. The backdrops on the... reviewed April 19, 2006
Star Riders Episode 3 by spedspender91 Comedy
The Star-Riders saga continues as the brave crew take on pirates pirating piracy. This episode features the usual good dialogue and humour that are the hallmarks of the series. It may have benefitte... reviewed April 19, 2006
Judge And Jury by ProphetOfTime Action
This was a decent attempt at t first movie. The editing in the fistfight was good, and it is nice to see some dialogue and close-ups spliced into the fight sequence. (Fights without character intera... reviewed April 19, 2006
xx2xx trailer by sylanderstudios06 Action
As a trailer, it achieved its purpose of presenting the basic premise of the movie and the title character... but it would be nice to have some hint of what it is about the movie that is going to make... reviewed April 18, 2006
Ashley Porter in Apes on a Stage by suedenim Action
The concept for this movie was very good. The characters were great, the storyline humorous, and plenty of silliness sprinkled throughout without degenerating into randomness. The use of special eff... reviewed April 18, 2006
Strange Dust by Greenglades Horror
The intro to this movie was done very well. In future though, this sort of thing may benefit from higher frame rate (2 frames per backdrop). Also the title sequence took a loooong time (1 full minut... reviewed April 18, 2006
Happy Birthday! by battosai Comedy
Well, it certainly lived up to the description. Some of the lines and the voices were actually quite funny, but it was a little on the random side for my liking. Some of the VO's could hear breathin... reviewed April 18, 2006
Chronicle of the WoodTHE HOUSE by tasmania11 Horror
This was a good movie. I absolutely loved the voices of the trees chanting. Some of the plot progressions along the way got a bit strange, as was the unexplained set changes (plush to shabby bedroom... reviewed April 18, 2006
Eternity by DirectorAdam90 Romance
This movie is excellently produced. The characters are well portrayed, the VO's superb, the message emotional. If I had any criticism, it would be that the the subject matter is not unique, and the ... reviewed April 18, 2006
Inborn Act One by MrSmithee Action
This was interesting, the first music change gave me goosebumps. The zoom on the books seemed strange. Overall, though, not a lot happened either in plot development or backstory after the initial s... reviewed April 18, 2006
The Countess by Don_Omair Horror
Featured Review
The chilling tale of a vampiric seductress, a young couple, and a seasoned hunter. Will any of them live happily ever after? Concept - 7 - The concept and plot was good, but the script had room for ...
reviewed April 18, 2006
Three men trapped in a deserted subway. Will they survive to see the morning? Concept - 8 - The concept was very good, with a great ending. The script was also good, though personally I find offens... reviewed April 18, 2006
Invasion-Earth Pt2 by RALLTD Sci-Fi
This was a solid episode in a good sci-fi series. The story is good (if not entirely unique), and the characters are well portrayed. I like the way that the plot is based around the character intera... reviewed April 18, 2006
Broken by secretweapon23 Romance
This was a very good first film. It attempts an in-depth story with good character portrayal and -- almost unseen in TMO -- characters who develop over the course of the movie. The style of switchin... reviewed April 18, 2006
POWER Hunted by Arawna11 Action
The Power series continues with another fantastic episode. The use of backdrops, custom costumes and sets, and music blended excellently to produce an excellent fantasy themed atmosphere. I especial... reviewed April 18, 2006
Wrong Way by rockduded Action
It's nice to see some character drama in an action movie. Unfortunately the subs were too fast and hard to follow at the start. There were a few times when characters acted in strange ways, like the... reviewed April 18, 2006
DEATH by ranger21 Action
This was a good film, highlighting the use of some terrific props, costumes, and special effects. The music and VO's were very good, setting the mood and pace throughout. The plot and character deve... reviewed April 18, 2006
The Christian and the Muslim by Sheelba Action
This movie brings up a lot of interesting points about international politics, religion, propoganda, etc. The music was done well to differentiate each of the scene transitions, and the custom backdr... reviewed April 18, 2006
Cletus the Immortal by Agent_Masquerade Comedy
That was pretty funny. Cletus certainly lived up to his name and his description. The dialogue was done well, and the pace kept up nicely from start to finish. Did you use low graphics settings? T... reviewed April 17, 2006
Fighting for Freedom trailer by cronicclapper Action
Featured Review
This is a good trailer that presents the premise of the movie and introduces the main characters. The VO's were good (especially the last line had some real emotion in it). Hopefully the movie will ...
reviewed April 16, 2006
Broken Thoughts 2 - Shattered Dreams by satansmunchkin Romance
This surreal journey into the memories of the past continues with a shocking conclusion -- or is it. Concept - 9 - Great concept. Direction - 8 - The music was fantastic, both in setting and changing... reviewed April 16, 2006
Egzekucja Joego by Piechotki Action
Featured Review
A man takes a job for some gangsters. But who is the real target? Concept - 8 - Great concept for the story, though the script let it down in places. It may have benefitted from tightening up the d...
reviewed April 16, 2006
ROBOT WORLD by morganlewis12 Comedy
The comedic style of this movie was not my preferred type of comedy. To put it more bluntly, I didn't find it funny in the least. On the upside, there was a semi-coherant plot buried amongst the ran... reviewed April 16, 2006
A Double Feature by ubernewbie Action
The Ghost Ship saga continues as the chaos spreads and hell itself becomes intimately involved in the struggle. Are those on board doomed, or will it spread much farther even than there? Concept - 9... reviewed April 15, 2006
Murphy City PT 2 dash 1 by KirinRiotCrash Action
Featured Review
This movie is absolutely fantastic. I'm not a big fan of most TMO comedy, but this one has everything that tickles my funny bone -- witty dialogue, clean humor, clever spoofs and oblique references t...
reviewed April 15, 2006
Murphy City PT 2 dash 2 by KirinRiotCrash Action
Featured Review
This movie is absolutely fantastic. I'm not a big fan of most TMO comedy, but this one has everything that tickles my funny bone -- witty dialogue, clean humor, clever spoofs and oblique references t...
reviewed April 15, 2006
Colours by Primaer Action
The Old One is dead. Few will grieve his passing, but the news will turn heads all across the West. Seven men. One target. One result. Concept - 10 - This is among the best written stories I have... reviewed April 15, 2006
Animal Without Regrets by magic_school_bus Romance
It seems this film couldn't decide between comedy and drama, and came out being neither. The characters, if supposed to be serious, were unbelievable in their actions -- like having some random guy p... reviewed April 15, 2006
The poet by sourtarget Romance
The pacing, tone of the VO's, script, and the music all combined nicely together to form a beautiful movie. Something about it did irk me, though I can't quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it is tha... reviewed April 15, 2006
Malloy Trailer by DaRKoNe462 Action
This was a great trailer, combining effective use of music and silence, title screens, and visuals to protray the mood of the movie. The only problem is that it was significantly too long (in my opin... reviewed April 15, 2006
One bad minute by Spaceman72 Action
A simple bank robbery takes a vicious turn. Concept - 6 - I felt that the concept actually came out stronger in the movie description than it did in the movie. There was room to play this out more a... reviewed April 15, 2006
A Stranger In Town by Frooplet Action
I have a hard time reviewing this movie, because it was good all the way through, but it seemed to drag on too long. The plot progressed nicely from scene to scene in a fairly predictable fashion. T... reviewed April 15, 2006
Edaline Trailer by NeonKnight Horror
This is a good trailer that sets the atmosphere for the movie and introduces the basic plot and one of the main characters. There is enough here to intrigue the audience, while not giving away the wh... reviewed April 15, 2006
Shards of Bone 2 Treys Task by yeagmaster Horror
Shards of Bone continues as the sherrif and a new ally track down a missing person. But there is more to the story than meets the eye. Concept - 9 - Great concept, continued the story from the previ... reviewed April 15, 2006
Abaddon Trailer by orion801 Horror
Good use of pacing, camera shots, and music crescendo to build the tension through the trailer. Good subs. Watch out for camera shots that break the atmosphere from the rest of the film (e.g. the qu... reviewed April 15, 2006
Dear Diary I killed another by ZCK_legend Horror
Featured Review
A policeman comes to know what is in the mind of a serial killer. Concept - 7 - Solid concept, with a good script. Direction - 6 - Good progression through the scenes to show the development of the n...
reviewed April 15, 2006
Dracula The Trailer by theVillain Horror
This was a pretty good trailer that identified the main characters and presented the 'feel' of the movie through music, pacing, and lighting in the first 60 seconds. I think the ending let it down th... reviewed April 14, 2006
The Drug Dealers by wolflin Action
This was an interesting attempt to make a silent film, but overall I thought that it didn't come off. There were a huge number of characters involved (or maybe the same ones kept changing costumes), ... reviewed April 14, 2006
Darkness-Trailer2 by TempleoftheGods Horror
am Darkness not that unimportant life worth more the. There only thing should more me are reviewed April 14, 2006
Darkness-Trailer1 by TempleoftheGods Horror
[For full review, see also http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/74090] I the. Do think your miserable is any than others is one you fear than : We many. reviewed April 14, 2006
Law of Action V2 XP by ShamblingTravler Action
The Sand-People arrive to capture a planet, but they did not count on Jack and the Ninja. Concept - 5 - Pretty basic action plot with few surprises. The script was sparse, and may have been improved... reviewed April 13, 2006
Love OR Lust by april-wendy Romance
A young lady sets out to find happiness in her life, but will bad decisions take it away before it is even in her grasp? Concept - 9 - Great concept and well executed. The mix of narration and dialo... reviewed April 13, 2006
The Day They Cancelled Futurama by Abl Comedy
Featured Review
A humorous little movie. The start was strong, with a good punch-line, but the middle section degenerated a little towards randomness without introducing any new jokes. The VO's were done well and s...
reviewed April 13, 2006
The Manny Jones Show (Episode Two) by benstudios1991 Comedy
. "There's another one, oh great master." "Another what?" "One of those mortals has tried to imitate your awesomeness again." "It's bad enough that I have to fight the legions of heaven, now I get pat... reviewed April 12, 2006
Why didnt I call him Rover by nz_movie_maker Comedy
I found this to be a funny movie. The concept was good, though it may have been improved by having more variety after the one joke ran thin. reviewed April 12, 2006
Hunting Ground by butchered_studios Horror
Four friends go on a hunting trip. But on this trip, they are not doing the hunting. Concept - 7 - Good concept. Direction - 8 - Good progression from start-middle-end, though the ending was anti-cl... reviewed April 12, 2006
Revenge of Halloween 2 by adam262 Horror
Hector continues his rampage through a sleepy town. Will he finally be put to rest? Concept - 7 - The concept and script were good, but entirely predictable throughout. Even the ending. Direction -... reviewed April 12, 2006
Death by Dawn by Spaceman72 Horror
A professor and his students start to translate a book of forbidden secrets, only to find out why it was forbidden. Concept - 8 - Great concept, good script. Some of the script was very good, other ... reviewed April 12, 2006
The TMOscars! by StevenKreg Romance
Great humour sprinkled throughout, and all of those nominatees and winners are well deserved. Thanks for putting this together, Steven. reviewed April 12, 2006
The Aura The Beginning by akinis Horror
A paranormal investigator is called to a murder scene to shed some light on the issue. Concept - 8 - The concept was great, and the script was done well. Great ending. My only issue here is that th... reviewed April 12, 2006
Sonnet 60 by kellwyn Romance
A nice rendition of Shakespeare. The VO's were a little soft compared to the background music, and the words could have been a little more distinct -- the syllables blurred into one another making it... reviewed April 11, 2006
William Shakespeares Sonnet 29 by DARIAN01 Romance
The VO's were soft, and significantly too fast. For movie-poems, it may help to add subtitles also to help people to understand the words, especially with Shakespeare where the language is unusual. reviewed April 11, 2006
Sentiments by samyhouse Horror
A man tries to deal with his feelings, or lack of feelings, in any way he can find. Concept - 7 - The concept is solid, though not unique. The script was good, though perhaps may have benefitted fro... reviewed April 10, 2006
The Other Dimension by johnokinawa Romance
Julia is so busy working hard to get good grades that she forgets to take the time to examine life. Life takes an unexpected turn and she is given the chance that she overlooked. Concept - 8 - The u... reviewed April 10, 2006
The Agency - New Empire Rising by Ritschwumm Sci-Fi
The Agency reinforces their position as kings of this hill. Concept - 5 - Solid concept, though not unique. The script was hard to follow at best; most of the time I spent really confused about what... reviewed April 10, 2006
Sarge Saga part II by digayann Sci-Fi
The series continues as old friends become reacquainted under less than ideal circumstances. Concept - 8 - Good concepts continue in this episode, along with a strong script. Direction - 7 - The musi... reviewed April 10, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
Take a walk on the fear side. Concept - 6 - The concept started out well, but never went anywhere. Similar to a comedy of random things thrown together, this seemed to me like you picked up every sc... reviewed April 10, 2006
Premiere City Vol One Why Do I Do It by dogout43 Action
A man talks about why he does what he does. Concept - 7 - Solid concept. Direction - 6 - The music for the most part didn't set the atmosphere so well for me. The lengthy silent periods threatened t... reviewed April 10, 2006
Restless Dead III - Death in the Dark by jameseva Horror
The series continues as zombies press forward, the military is finally called into action, and the characters face some tough decisions. Concept - 9 - Great concept (though obviously not unique), and... reviewed April 10, 2006
He Wants Revenge 2 by Hoo Action
Featured Review
A man comes to realize that the repurcussions of his actions are far greater than he realized. Will he continue down the path of violence, or will he find another way? Concept - 7 - Solid concept, w...
reviewed April 10, 2006
Tremble by Dulci Romance
As shot from your bow, Missive of joy and beauty Flies straight to the heart. The words of "Tremble" are well written, with appropriate music and visuals to enhance the feeling. The VO's are lovely ... reviewed April 9, 2006
ShadowChildren Trailer by steelblade_1 Horror
Featured Review
Nice trailer. It looks like you've put some thought into the characters involved, which is a must-have for any good movie. The mood of the trailer was done well through fades, pacing, and music. Th...
reviewed April 9, 2006
Night Pass -part one by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
NightPass is a brilliant piece of cinematography set in the near future where the world confronts the dual problems of environmental disaster and human overcrowding. Concept - 10 - The concept and sc... reviewed April 9, 2006
OMG REP ME! by Buccura Comedy
Featured Review
Here's hoping that this little movie makes it into the charts so that some more people get to watch it. Though I doubt that the people who might benefit most will get it... :)
reviewed April 7, 2006
The Torture Device by cruleworld Horror
Pretty funny. I'm sure lots of people can associate with the main character. The VO's suffered from 'pfft's, and sometimes it was difficult to differentiate the dad's voice from the son's. Good use... reviewed April 7, 2006
Far Away Part One by -XM- Sci-Fi
I was a little confused about what was going on at the start, though I realize that you didn't want to get bogged down in too much dialogue (which is a good thing). Turn off mumbling. The action seq... reviewed April 7, 2006
Wrestler 3D by ewatt23 Action
A good little movie. Although the concept is not original, it was done well. Seeing the side wall of the stage (and to some extent, the floor) detracted a little from the visual impression. The cus... reviewed April 7, 2006
Warzone part 1 by a2k13 Action
U.S. soldiers hit the streets in Bagdad. Concept - 5 - The concept was solid, except that there was almost no story, just some random fight scenes. Direction - 7 - Music was appropriate, good pace th... reviewed April 7, 2006
Revenge by reapar Action
Eddie sets out to get back his wife from the kidnappers holding her hostage. Concept - 6 - The concept is not highly original, and the script was weak in places. See below for comments on the plot. ... reviewed April 7, 2006
Aliens in the burbs by stacypris Sci-Fi
With a funny story and some great one-liners, this movie is good for a chuckle. Some of the VO sound quality was fuzzy and a little too loud. It may have benefitted from appropriate music in parts. ... reviewed April 7, 2006
Girls Named Jane by postmodernchuck Romance
A schoolgirl, forced by circumstance and the people around her to mature more quickly than she should, struggles to come to terms with the hand that she has been dealt. Is there any way out for girls... reviewed April 7, 2006
The Spy who laughed about me by Spaceman72 Action
A bond-esque agent is sent to stop the evil Dr. Blofinger from destroying the country with his mini-atomic bomb in this secret agent spoof. Concept - 8 - Not original, but a great spoof. The script ... reviewed April 6, 2006
Dream Ride by sherwinliu Romance
This story is crafted with love, and delivered with flair. Both characters are thoroughly believable with their hopes and dreams, dealing with their failures in different ways. Yet within, everyone ... reviewed April 6, 2006
To Tell A Story by starworks Horror
A woman seeks out an audience whom to tell her story. It is a story to die for. Concept - 10 - Great concept, and excellent script. Direction - 9 - Good progression from start-middle-end, with a ter... reviewed April 5, 2006
Real Paranoia by MelonTheCreeker Horror
Featured Review
A young lady waiting for the train... is she safe? Are any of us safe? Concept - 10 - Chilling concept, which I haven't seen done in that way before. Good script throughout. Direction - 9 - Excelle...
reviewed April 5, 2006
POWER The Way to Drakenburg by Arawna11 Action
Tarn and his companion continue along the path that they have marked out for themselves. Concept - 9 - I like the way that the world is 'big', in the references to places and events outside of those ... reviewed April 5, 2006
Revenge Of The Ninja 2 by PP87 Action
Featured Review
The mob aims to finish what they started, and take out this ninja for good. Concept - 8 - Good concepts, good script. Only problem was that it didn't introduce many elements that were really new or ...
reviewed April 5, 2006
the omegakill bob vol2 by tasmania11 Action
Chrys is caught up in a spiral of violence and crime that claims the life of those he loves. Now he has only one thought left on his mind. Concept - 9 - Good concept, with a good script. Direction -... reviewed April 4, 2006
Bulletwound by kaosbouncer Action
When terrorists strike in Sydney, the SWAT only needs one agent to clean up the mess. Concept - 8 - Solid concept. In places the script didn't seem believable, such as several of the prime minister'... reviewed April 4, 2006
DATE by michanist Romance
Good work. This movie shares some of the same themes with another movie from the same studio, but this one has much better attention to detail in the editing, better script, and characters portrayed ... reviewed April 4, 2006
Teaser Good Bad Beautiful by stiek13 Action
Featured Review
The combination of the words, sound effects, and pausing of the action was very effective at setting the mood. Might have benefitted from custom sound effects (the stock gun effects are weak). Howev...
reviewed April 4, 2006
The Turner Mystery by duxy Action
Jack Turner finds himself all alone on a cold trail to find a missing girl. Is it too late? Concept - 8 - Good concept, good script. The plot was somewhat predictable and didn't contain much that w... reviewed April 4, 2006
One Uncomfortable Moment by MrSmithee Romance
A lonely young woman ponders whether to accept just one more uncomfortable moment. Concept - 8 - The concept has been explored many times before, but the script was done very well and the title phras... reviewed April 4, 2006
The Fart by madfurby Horror
The title says it all. Concept - 5 - Infantile and immature. Only reason it scores this high is because the author admitted as much in the description. Direction - 3 - Could have benefitted from some... reviewed April 4, 2006
More Tales of The Blind Gunslinger by dasman Action
The Blind Gunslinger arrives in a new town. Concept - 7 - Concept was good. Direction - 8 - Good progression from scene to scene, linked by the narrator. Good use of custom music. Production - 7 - I... reviewed April 4, 2006
Autumn Park Gang Vol 2 by darth_boo Comedy
A group of guys get together for an action-packed day. Concept - 3/10 - For a comedy, there were precious few humorous moments. The storyline was fragmented at best. Direction - 2/10 - Consider usin... reviewed April 4, 2006
Iam The Beast - Guardian Angel by sarek13 Romance
Nice music, with a good visual story-line to go with it. Unfortunately the number of errors in the subs detracted from the overall movie quality. For help with English subs, have a look at this threa... reviewed April 4, 2006
One Terrible Night by Flipmanburn Horror
A couple is stranded in the woods and goes out to try to get help. Concept - 6 - Standard horror flick, as stated in the description. The script was solid. Direction - 7 - Appropriate use of music, ... reviewed April 4, 2006
The Vice Prez goes HUNTING by yeagmaster Action
Pretty funny. The subs were a little soft, and the 'crazy fire' scene may have been more dramatic if some reaction shots were spliced in the middle. I like the choice of costumes in the ending scene. reviewed April 4, 2006
Time Shifter Part II by niftymatt Action
A man with the ability to travel though time tries to prove his innocence in a murder investigation. Concept - 7 - The concept was interesting and done well for the most part, but I thought that ther... reviewed April 3, 2006
A Darker Place volume 1 by Bezzer36 Horror
Kyle Black, a corrupt inner-city cop, takes on the wrong job for the wrong people. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, they do. Concept - 9 - Great concept, with a strong script to drive... reviewed April 3, 2006
Star-Drink by Frooplet Comedy
A cute little movie advertising the product to solve all your worries -- 'Star Drink'. The VO's and music were very good, and script was done well. The ending looked strange, perhaps a little change... reviewed April 3, 2006
Dumb City Tales Episode 1 I-spy PI Inc by Timo666 Comedy
PI Russel Hunter takes on the case to find a missing husband, while trying to avoid being the target of Hollywood stereotypes. Concept - 8 - Good concept, funny spoof on several movies. The script w... reviewed April 3, 2006
Vox by tigereyes Sci-Fi
Vox is the last voice for freedom, and the last hope for mankind against the alien empire. Will it be enough? Concept - 6 - Solid concept, though little here was original in either characters or set... reviewed April 3, 2006
Real Life Soap by Spooky Comedy
A film crew sets out to get the live scoop on life as a zombie. Concept - 6 - Clever and entertaining idea, but the script was a little bland in places that could have been much funnier. Direction - ... reviewed April 3, 2006
Women on the Beach by Westfale Romance
Light on plot, but then it never claimed to be anything else. The editing and cuts in the action sequences were generally good, though it was a little slow at the start and drawn out through the midd... reviewed April 3, 2006
The Other Dimension (Trailer) by johnokinawa Romance
The full movie looks like it has potential, but I thought that this trailer didn't serve it's purpose very well. A set of random scenes works fine in a trailer if there is a narrator (or subs) to tie... reviewed April 2, 2006
One Star Madness by zeepoopendorf Comedy
I didn't see the old one, but this one was funny. Some of the VO's were fuzzy, but the voice acting was good. I thought that the movie was a little long for a 2-joke plot. The problem was that I la... reviewed April 2, 2006
A Taste for It by Gregg247 Horror
A couple stumble upon a body in the forest, but it isn't quite dead. Concept - 7 - Good concept, though not really original. Good script. Only plot hole was how Ethan knew that 'it' was coming afte... reviewed April 2, 2006
But your words they will destroy me by danbo1 Romance
A young boy tries to deal with the issues tormenting him. Concept - 8 - Good concept. Direction - 7 - From a technical perspective this movie had no major flaws, but it didn't seem to capture the emo... reviewed April 2, 2006
Screw Heart (English) by preferencial01 Sci-Fi
Concept - 7 - I could see that there was a storyline here, but was really not able to work out what it was. Direction - 6 - As an almost-silent film, the storyline was not strong enough or clear enoug... reviewed April 2, 2006
Runaway by akinis Romance
The music was lovely, the lyrics gentle, and the overall ambience was soothing. I certainly can't fault the music or sound in any way. On the movie-making side of things, there was a good correspond... reviewed April 2, 2006
The Past Is Tomorrow by TheMGMKid1 Action
Bud is back, better than ever. The story is well told with brilliant cinematography and choice of camera angles, beautiful set design and engaging characters that kept the audience glued to their set... reviewed April 1, 2006
my light has gone by 6-headedmonster Horror
Brilliant film, with an engaging story, excellent lead character, and special effects to top it off. Well done. reviewed April 1, 2006
Forget your Pain by cronicclapper Action
Featured Review
The Yin and Yang brothers take on a Shaolin master. Concept - 7 - Concept was solid, if short. Script was good. Direction - 8 - Good use of costumes to easily identify all of the characters, also fi...
reviewed March 30, 2006
Endless by satansmunchkin Romance
Good movie, an improvement over the first one with the same name. I totally agree with the message presented in the movie, but I'm rating this based on it's technical merits as a movie: May have been... reviewed March 30, 2006
War Of The Worlds Trailer by egg_is_here Sci-Fi
As a trailer, the final scene was cool. But the first ones were 'lead you by the nose' scenes, and the middle section had too many fades close together. reviewed March 30, 2006
Dream-Haunter by lizardthing Horror
A young lady faces her fears as a monster goes on a killing spree through the neighbourhood. Concept - 9 - Not unique, but a well presented plot. Good ending. Direction - 8 - Appropriate use of musi... reviewed March 30, 2006
The Spectre Wore a Badge by r33se Horror
A woman is targetted by muggers, only to be saved by an unlikely hero. Concept - 7 - Solid concept, script was light and a little repetitive (after seeing what happened, we don't need to hear her tel... reviewed March 30, 2006
Mirror Life by rabin_hood Horror
Featured Review
A detective is on the hunt for a serial killer. Concept - 7 - The concept was solid, thought not unique. Script was good. I saw the twist coming from about half way through the film though. Directi...
reviewed March 30, 2006
Til Death Do We Kill by JustinMoore Horror
Two siblings split the cash after their father's untimely demise. Concept - 6 - The concept had protential, but the script could do with tightening and the plot was riddled with holes (phone call fro... reviewed March 30, 2006
Thoughts Unleashed by sisch Horror
When a lady volunteered as the guinea pig for brain enhancement research, she had no idea what she would unleash. Concept - 8 - The concept was great, and script was good, but I was disappointed a li... reviewed March 30, 2006
40 Years Later by john_sumner Horror
A professor and his student return to his old shack in the forest, where they find more than they expected. Concept - 7 - Good concept, but it seemed unclear from the script what actually happened. ... reviewed March 30, 2006
The Dark Key Light by TheMGMKid1 Action
Detective Bud Marlow pieces together the puzzle of a murder behind the scenes at Hollywood. Concept - 9 - Great concept, great script. There were enough twists in there to keep the audience on their... reviewed March 29, 2006
Scramble TEASER by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
The subs flashed by much too fast, but the narration in the VO was intriguing. As far as teasers go, it probably needed to go a little slower and add a few more scenes after the final line of the nar... reviewed March 29, 2006
Gunfight at Dawn by aceblack Action
A day dawns like any other, but it would be the last one in that town. Concept - 8 - Good concept. Script was well written. Direction - 9 - Good feeling, good flow, good buildup towards the climax, ... reviewed March 29, 2006
Retribution -Collectors Edition by ct_senge Action
A good movie, though a little heavy on the dialogue. Dialogue is good (sure beats strings of boring fight sequences), but perhaps mix it up with flashbacks or something else to keep the audience visu... reviewed March 28, 2006
Absolute Nothing by Grand_T Horror
Featured Review
Things that go bump in the night. Hope your head isn't one of them. Concept - 7 - Fair enough concept, though light on the script. Direction - 8 - Appropriate music. A little slow in the first secti...
reviewed March 28, 2006
Revenge of Halloween by adam262 Horror
Concept - 7 - Good concept, though not original. Good script and good ending. Direction - 8 - Good use of the intro sequence followed by the main feature. Good use of sound effects to enhance the at... reviewed March 28, 2006
Athena Project IV The Origin by fulkster Sci-Fi
[reposted review, first one disappeared] Good quality film, with interesting characters. This provides a good overview of the story, as well as leaving plenty of hooks for the upcoming films. The n... reviewed March 28, 2006
Ghost Ship - Redux by ubernewbie Horror
See my comments on the original, and then my comments on the re-release are: - I think this one is better, mainly due to the bits cut out - Better editing, this one has cleaned up most of the flaws - ... reviewed March 28, 2006
The Diva Becomes an Urban Legend by myshinator Horror
I wasn't quite sure what to think of this one, having heard the urban legend and thinking it farcical, then seeing a non-comedic rendition of it... The music was good, and the female lead VO was good... reviewed March 28, 2006
FF Contest 1 The Diva Unleashed by myshinator Comedy
Good lines, good jokes. Perhaps a comment on all of the Diva series is that sometimes it does not flow so well from one scene to the next, making it feel a little disjointed. But it's a very good se... reviewed March 28, 2006
FF Contest 2 The Diva Stuffed by myshinator Comedy
This Diva is a great character... where did you get her from, Myshe? I've never seen anyone like her. Actually, yes I have... *ducks* reviewed March 28, 2006
FF Contest 3 The Diva Cracked by myshinator Comedy
Ok, so through the middle section I was starting to think that this bordered on randomness, but there's one line that had me laughing for a long time that made it all worth it: "Look at me, I'm a famo... reviewed March 28, 2006
The Adventures of Yeoman Joe -- VO by rposhard Comedy
This was a great spoof both on b-grade scifi series and on b-grade TMO movies. Good jokes, clever dialogue, good VO's throughout. reviewed March 28, 2006
Reds Dead Corral Part 2 by sonicspiderboy Horror
Red's Dead Corral continues as the heroes close in on his secret lair. Concept - 6 - Original ideas, never seen anything quite like it. Direction - 6 - Appropriate music choices, especially for the s... reviewed March 28, 2006
Reds Dead Corral Part 1 by sonicspiderboy Horror
Zombies are unleashed by a mad scientist upon the sleepy town of... Tombstone? A western like you've never seen before. Concept - 7 - Unique, definitely. However, even as part of a series each part ... reviewed March 28, 2006
Revenge of the Gun II by Firestalker5 Action
Featured Review
A man continues the quest for vengeance against those who killed his brother. Concept - 8 - Good concept, though not a highly original storyline. Direction - 9 - Good pacing and use of music. Good u...
reviewed March 28, 2006
A Is For Alice by plopphizz Sci-Fi
A man leaves a children's primer to try to assuage guilt for what he has done. Concept - 10 - Brilliant concept, good story, excellent and unique script. Direction - 7 - It seemed strange that the fi... reviewed March 27, 2006
Haunted Corridoor Story Demo by robbiep Horror
A man recounts the story of his narrow escape from the Stalker. Concept - 6 - The ending was good. But before we got there, we had to navigate through some serious plot holes that threatened to sink... reviewed March 27, 2006
THE BIRDS (flu edition) by michanist Comedy
There were a few humorous lines, but for the most part it seemed to be poking fun at various people and organizations while lacking in wit or originality. All the best for the future. reviewed March 27, 2006
Learn Belarusian in Three Minutes by kaosbouncer Comedy
Concept - 8 - The concept had potential, and was definitely unique. Direction - 3 - May have benefitted from a change of sets, or something to maintain the visual interest. Production - 7 - Good quali... reviewed March 27, 2006
The Time Wars 3 by Legendary_Studios Action
A soldier is sent back in time to, um, do some stuff. Concept - 7 - Ok, admittedly I'm a bit confused from not seeing the previous parts of the series, but even allowing for that... The people that h... reviewed March 27, 2006
Real World by SilverHawk422 Romance
Featured Review
A young lady faces the ups and down of life, and gradually comes to realize what life is all about. Concept - 9 - Great concept, good script. Loved the monologue at the end. Direction - 7 - Good flo...
reviewed March 27, 2006
Time to Kill by Dylen Sci-Fi
Great special effects showcase. I realize that this wasn't intended as a full film, but hopefully these comments will help when you're making your next blockbuster: - The intro text explaining the sc... reviewed March 27, 2006
Qazis Yeh Pal (these Moments) by apip Romance
Bollywood meets TMO! Concept - 8 - I loved the music and the concept. However, what was really lacking here was story. Given that the song is quite slow and the lyrics do not tell a strong story by... reviewed March 26, 2006
Letters Of Love by ubernewbie Romance
A true story of a man sent to war, with only letters of love to connect him with his beloved. Concept - 8 - Bonus points for being based on real life, but I have seen almost exactly the same sequence... reviewed March 26, 2006
What!!!! by DNR Horror
Enter the mind of a serial killer. Concept - 10 - Great concept, good script. Direction - 8 - Good costumes for different settings. Personally I thought it was quite slow... Production - 7 - VO soun... reviewed March 26, 2006
Locked In A Box by richke Horror
A young girl will do whatever it takes to prove that she is somebody, even if it means being locked in a box. Concept - 9 - Great concept, both the main plot and the relational subplot woven together... reviewed March 26, 2006
changed by missyelliott Horror
The nation faces a terrifying crisis, an unknown disease spreading like wildfire. Concept - 6 - I understand that there is more to come, but even in a multi-part series each part should encompass a c... reviewed March 26, 2006
DIDGEE RIDGE by kwistufa Action
Clive and his mates pack up their gear and head for the big smoke, Sydney. Concept - 6 - Heavy on dialogue, but light on plot. Direction - 8 - Good scenes and sets, though overall quite slow. May ha... reviewed March 26, 2006
The Rush by Spicer_Studios Action
A thriller where the governor is under threat from a bomb attack. Will the terrorists be stopped before it is too late? Concept - 6 - Fairly standard thriller plot so far, though I'm looking forward... reviewed March 26, 2006
Larry and the Aliens by water119 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Aliens interrogate an unlikely subject to decide the future of the planet. Concept - 9 - Very funny, good script with good lines sprinkled throughout Direction - 8 - Good progression, though perhaps ...
reviewed March 26, 2006
Home Of The Braves by cloud88 Action
To all appearances, this is a computer-generated movie. Perhaps try uploading one that you made yourself, you know, with characters and dialogue and stuff. reviewed March 26, 2006
You Got PWNED by akinis Comedy
Featured Review
A heartfelt message to the TMO community at large. Concept - 7 - Script was a little light. Direction - 5 - Scenes didn't 'flow'... in fact, it never went anywhere. Production - 8 - Good VO sound qua...
reviewed March 26, 2006
7-7 by Jimbo5858685 Romance
A touching insight into the lives of two people on that fateful day in London. Concept - 9 - Great concept, bonus points for making movies about real things. Direction - 8 - Good progression through ... reviewed March 25, 2006
The Unspoken Crime by lizardthing Action
A detective sets out to find the real culprit behind a mute bank robber. Concept - 6 - The initial concept had potention, but I don't think it translated well into the script. Direction - 6 - I never... reviewed March 25, 2006
The Long Drive by Grand_T Romance
On the way to meet with the one he loves, a man tries to come up with the right words to say to her. Concept - 10 - Great concept. To be honest my interest was fading fast until the ending, which wa... reviewed March 25, 2006
No dusk No dawn (Warrington Cut) by FraasMovies Romance
A well produced and executed western, following a fairly typical plot. Good dialogue, good editing. reviewed March 25, 2006
Origins by boom2099 Horror
An ancient evil prepares to realize its full power, while the one chosen by Heaven to oppose it begins the journey to oppose it. Concept - 8 - Interesting concept, good script. Direction - 7 - The fl... reviewed March 25, 2006
Angels by kevinduh Horror
We may never know what beings surround us, nor what they are truly capable of. Concept - 8 - The premise as stated in the description is very interesting, however I don't think that this translated s... reviewed March 25, 2006
One Last Ride by kingpengvin Action
Joey goes for one last ride. Concept - 9 - Great concept, original, good script. Direction - 8 - Good progression through a clear start-middle-end, even in the short space of time. Good use of appro... reviewed March 25, 2006
Skin Deep by ubernewbie Romance
A touching account of a man re-discovering himself, and finding someone with whom to live his new life. Concept - 9 - Great concept telling a story based on real life, with a twist. Direction - 8 - G... reviewed March 25, 2006
Penetration by Throwaxe Action
Ladybird takes on her most difficult assignment yet, to take down Boris "Cyclops". One moment of weakness could be her undoing. Concept - 6 - Basic action spy plot. Direction - 9 - Very good progres... reviewed March 25, 2006
Obsession by akinis Horror
A man decides to take a drastic step to win the affection of the object of his obsession, but has he made the right choice? Concept - 9 - Good concept, original, good script. Direction - 8 - Good flo... reviewed March 25, 2006
Final Breath by akinis Romance
"With this my final breath, I wish I could use it to tell you I love you one last time." Concept - 10 - Original concept, and the script read like a piece of poetry. Brilliant. I particularly liked... reviewed March 25, 2006
Dr Yes by maniacc0 Action
James Bone takes on an evil mastermind in a superb fan production of the Bond franchise. Concept - 7 - A great fan production including all the key elements of the Bond franchise. Not original (obvi... reviewed March 25, 2006
Im Going To Tell You A Secret by gians70 Action
Two friends get together over a few drinks and share some of their darkest secrets. But is there a third party cleverly pulling the strings? Concept - 6 - I loved the concept right up to the last fe... reviewed March 24, 2006
The Soul Ranger by nightmare2146 Horror
When he starts seeing a hooded man just before people die, a man starts to question whether he is hallucinating or whether it is for real. Concept - 7 - Reasonable concept, though a hooded reaper is ... reviewed March 24, 2006
My First Date with an Alien by Agent_Masquerade Comedy
I'll forego my usual review style and just say that this was very funny. Only criticism is that the male VO was significantly quieter than the female, and there was no music, and it was a little slow... reviewed March 24, 2006
Drinking and Driving by Malmut Horror
The title says it all. Concept - 5 - It may help to put a description and a more evocative title on your movies to attract viewers. For example, a title like "The day I will regret forever" is much ... reviewed March 24, 2006
Another PSA From The Grey by Iondrive Comedy
Featured Review
The Greys make another public service announcement to clear up some confusion over the first. And as a bonus, a first glimpse at the troubles that even a technologically superior race has in making m...
reviewed March 24, 2006
A PSA From The Grey by Iondrive Comedy
The Grey make a public service announcement to clear up a common mispronounciation of their name. Concept - 8 - Unique and funny. Script was on the short side. Direction - 7 - Clear start-middle-end... reviewed March 24, 2006
Charms of Self-confidence by James_Beckerson Romance
Featured Review
Times change, and things come and go, but some things never change. Boys, for example, were the same back in granny's day. Concept - 9 - Good concept, good script. Direction - 8 - Good progression...
reviewed March 24, 2006
Shes Mine!!!!!! by AsylumPictures Action
When passions are aroused over the object of desire, only one thing will calm the storm. Concept - 4 - Solid concept, though lacking a little in the script department. Direction - 8 - Good 'reaction ... reviewed March 23, 2006
Realm of the Reaper by Wishfullthinker Horror
A man wakes from a disturbing nightmare, only to find that reality is no better. Concept - 8 - Great concept, generally good script. Especially at the start, the monologue may have benefitted from t... reviewed March 23, 2006
ODE TO TMO REVIEWERS by kwistufa Romance
A haunting retelling of a classic tale of love lost and won, of hearts and lives intertwined through the turmoil that is the modern age. The male lead had good potential, but the limited interaction ... reviewed March 23, 2006
Lucky Dancer by boksken Comedy
A man shares with his buddy the secret of his success with the ladies. Concept - 7 - Humorous. Direction - 6 - Good progression from start-middle-end. A little slow. Production - 7 - Generally good. ... reviewed March 23, 2006
The Change by patella Sci-Fi
The usual criteria that I use to critique movies doesn't apply here, so I'll just say that I loved the use of visual effects, combined with good VO and good script. Only point I have is that the age ... reviewed March 23, 2006
Invasion-Earth Pt 3 -History- by RALLTD Sci-Fi
NASA personnel unwittingly stir up a hornet's nest, and the hornet's follow them back to Earth. Will the people realize the danger before it is too late? Concept - 8 - Good concept, good script. Th... reviewed March 22, 2006
Splinter Cell 2 - Pandoras Container by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Fischer sets out on a new mission to take care of dangerous technology before it falls into the wrong hands. Concept - 6 - Good reproduction along the lines of Splinter Cell, though obviously not ori... reviewed March 22, 2006
The Lost Child by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Clint and Lucy set out on a new adventure, this time to track down the culprit who kidnapped the queen's daughter. But will Lucy ever find the right time to say what is on her mind? Concept - 8 - Go... reviewed March 22, 2006
Ghost Ship by ubernewbie Horror
A starship crew investigate a derelict hulk and encounter a malevolent entity on board. Concept - 7 - Fairly standard plot for a horror flick, but a decent script to go with it. Direction - 8 - Gener... reviewed March 22, 2006
tardis test flyby by holdmykidney Sci-Fi
Dr. Who sets off in his world-reknowned vehicle of choice to explore time and relative dimensions in space. Concept - 3 - The concept reminded me of a b-grade series that I saw on BBC a while back, b... reviewed March 22, 2006
Armageddon Blues by steelblade_1 Comedy
The President's day starts off bad, and doesn't get any better when unexpected guests drop by the White House to chat. Concept - 10 - Clever concept, good length, very good script. I especially like... reviewed March 22, 2006
Anti-Gravity Boots by elfin12u Sci-Fi
A simple mission to exchange anti-grav technology goes horribly wrong when aliens arrive on the scene. Concept - 6 - The concept was interesting enough, if fairly standard fare, but the plot had hole... reviewed March 22, 2006
VENUS PRIME II - The Escape by sisch Sci-Fi
The fight for Venus continues as the protagonist and her newfound friends hatch a daring plan to escape from the robots that dominate the planet. Concept - 8 - Good continuation of the series along t... reviewed March 22, 2006
VENUS PRIME by sisch Sci-Fi
A utopian society without fear, without war... without men. Balance is thrown to the wind when one of these semi-mythical creatures makes an unexpected entrance. Concept - 8 - Good though not entire... reviewed March 22, 2006
Broken Thoughts by satansmunchkin Romance
A mesmerizing look into the continuum between dreaming and waking, as a man tries to piece together the shards of a lost reality. Concept - 9 - Great concept, generally good script. I didn't underst... reviewed March 22, 2006
Hells Fury-The Excorcism by robbiep Horror
The powers of darkness take hold of a young girl, but two exorcists are close at hand to deal with the situation. Concept - 8 - Interesting, if brief, concept. Direction - 7 - Good flow from start-mi... reviewed March 22, 2006
Night Pass -part two by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
NightPass is a brilliant piece of cinematography set in the near future where the world confronts the dual problems of environmental disaster and human overcrowding. Concept - 10 - The concept and sc... reviewed March 22, 2006
Lift Chronicles - Part 2 - Masquerade by lizard3209 Sci-Fi
A sci-fi epic that continues the story of an unlikely protagonist against the Furion galactic empire. Lift barely escapes their clutches, or does he? Concept - 10 - Great storyline, great script. Di... reviewed March 21, 2006
Syndicate Plus by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
A cyberpunk thriller in a dark future, exploring the concept of what happens when a preprogrammed agent starts having second thoughts. Concept - 9 - Excellent concept to try to get into a preprogramm... reviewed March 21, 2006
A Touch Of Fear The Haunted House by mystic_sleet Horror
. Concept - 7 - Not particularly original in plot or characters, but a decent horror flick with an reasonable script. Direction - 6 - The first half was great, but the second half was not of the same ... reviewed March 21, 2006
A Touch Of Fear--Teaser by mystic_sleet Horror
. Concept - 7 - Good script, though so far nothing to really distinguish the plot from other horror movies. Still, interesting enough to want to watch the next one. Direction - 8 - Good use of scenes... reviewed March 21, 2006
Shards of Bone by yeagmaster Horror
. Concept - 8 - Not really original, but a good horror story with good plot Direction - 7 - Generally good progression, good flow from one scene to the next. May have benefitted from music to help bu... reviewed March 21, 2006
THE END OF THE WORLD by con77 Horror
. Concept - 6 - The plot was a fairly standard zombie fare, with little to distinguish it. The dialogue was a little long-winded and, um, uninteresting at times. Direction - 5 - May have benefitted f... reviewed March 21, 2006
Little House on the Prairie by angelestes11 Romance
. Concept - 7 - Good ideas, but not original and in places the script tended towards lead-the-audience-by-the-nose. Direction - 6 - There was a clear progression from start-middle-end, but I thought t... reviewed March 21, 2006
Black Widow by Dulci Horror
. Concept - 10 - Great concept, combined with a great script make for an unforgettable movie. Direction - 9 - The pacing, music, and scene choices all worked together very well to tell a gripping tale... reviewed March 20, 2006
Wh3n P!racy G035 Wr0ng by Jeremy252 Comedy
. Concept - 7 - Good concept, some funny lines, but also some dialogue that didn't flow properly. Direction - 5 - Much too long, and many of the scenes didn't flow properly, or the voices/sounds didn'... reviewed March 20, 2006
Revenge Through A Blade Part 1 by robbiep Action
. Concept - 7 - Interesting concept, let down by some weaknesses in the script. Direction - 7 - Generally fine. The horse walking into the forest part had good atmosphere and good sets, but some of t... reviewed March 19, 2006
Night Pass -part one by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
. Concept - 10 - Excellent concept, excellent script. Direction - 9 - Excellent throughout, creative (re)use of some old sets in new ways. Good use of music. Production - 9 - Very good throughout, go... reviewed March 19, 2006
Night Pass -part two by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
. Concept - 10 - Excellent concept, excellent script. Direction - 9 - Excellent throughout, creative (re)use of some old sets in new ways. Production - 9 - Very good throughout, good use of backdrops ... reviewed March 19, 2006
Shine of dollar by James_Beckerson Comedy
. Concept - 8 - Parody of typical Westerns, nicely done, script was a little weak in places. Direction - 7 - Generally good, flowed well from start-middle-end, but was a little slow in places. Product... reviewed March 19, 2006
Justice by Betral Action
. Concept - 8 - The concept had potential, but the script let it down. Direction - 6 - The movie seemed slow in places (esp. at that start) and the jumpy in others. It may have benefitted from the ru... reviewed March 18, 2006
God Forgive me by MelonTheCreeker Action
. Concept - 9 - Good concept. Some people don't like to see parts of history that they pretend didn't happen. On the contrary, I believe that "Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to re... reviewed March 18, 2006
I killed my baby by michanist Romance
. Concept - 8 - Good concept, with a story worth telling. However, I think the movie could do without the last line of the subs. If the morale of the story is not obvious at that point, then pointin... reviewed March 18, 2006
The Alien Study by michanist Comedy
. Concept - 7 - Decent concept, but... Direction - 5 - I think it could have been pulled off better. Production - 6 - Lots of flickering of the characters. Character - 6 - There was room for character... reviewed March 18, 2006
Easter Surprise by James_Beckerson Horror
. Concept - 9 - Interesting concept, well done. Direction - 7 - Good costume, prop, and music changes through the different eras. Sound track got out of sync which made it harder to follow. Continui... reviewed March 17, 2006
Flying Me Crazy by Tarison Sci-Fi
. Concept - 9 - Good concept, original (at least to TMO), good script Direction - 7 - Generally ok, though some parts didn't seem to fit together so well. Production - 8 - Good effects in the spaceshi... reviewed March 17, 2006
The Legacy of Man by drucifer67 Action
. Concept - 10 - Excellent concept, well portrayed. Direction - 8 - Very good overall, excellent scene transitions. I thought some of the scenes were a little too long or too stock. May have benefit... reviewed March 17, 2006
Teaser - NeoTokyo by AxeCinema Sci-Fi
Concept - 5 - Sorry to say, but the plot as outlined in the teaser made me reach for the fastforward button. It needs something interesting, something different, and in particular some characters wit... reviewed March 17, 2006
Walken 2 The Tournament by jamesswaine Action
Concept - 7 - Mildly humorous. Direction - 8 - Good pacing. Lacking a little in plot. I realize that this is a part of a series, but it could benefit from each piece of the series having a complete ... reviewed March 16, 2006
Death Experiences By Prada Queens by riott007 Comedy
Concept - 9 - Interesting, haven't seen anything like this before. Direction - 8 - Generally good. Production - 8 - Generally good. Character - 8 - Each of the characters had a unique personality, wel... reviewed March 16, 2006
The Missing by jjpatel Horror
Concept - 9 - Great concept, good script Direction - 7 - It was good, only problem was that I had it picked almost from the start, so there was just no suspense or 'wow' later. Production - 7 - I thou... reviewed March 16, 2006
8-SCN Candy by meteetsee Romance
Concept - 9 - Great concept to fit into 8 scenes, good script Direction - 7 - I thought the pacing was off a little. Too much time spent on the start and middle, not enough scenes left to develop the... reviewed March 16, 2006
Forsaken Heart by TexasBabe2006 Romance
Concept - 10 - Insightful and powerfully presented, excellent script throughout. Direction - 8 - Very good throughout. I did think the last segment was a little long. A few carefully selected senten... reviewed March 16, 2006
Crime Does Pay by DFIK Action
Concept - 8 - Fairly standard "take on the gangsters" flick, good script Direction - 7 - Good pacing, good continuity between scenes. Good progression from start-middle-end. Some of the music didn't s... reviewed March 16, 2006
Aces and Eights by static813 Action
Concept - 9 - Excellent concept, excellent script. Direction - 8 - Very good, though I found myself looking at the clock a few times. Production - 8 - Generally very good. There were a few minor issu... reviewed March 16, 2006
BAIS by dfpiii Sci-Fi
Concept - 9 - Great humour, great script. Direction - 8 - Generally good, though it could have benefitted from speeding up a few scenes. Production - 8 - Generally good, though some issues with consis... reviewed March 16, 2006
The Beginning of The End by Stormwhitelab Horror
Concept - 6 - I guess some people 'got it' and others didn't. I didn't, sorry. Direction - 7 - I never really got into it, it just didn't grab me even though I can appreciate the hard work that went ... reviewed March 15, 2006
A Soldiers Dream by legend51 Romance
Concept - 7 - Not unique, but very well done. Good script throughout. Direction - 9 - Good pacing, good progression from start-middle-end. Good continuity between scenes. Production - 8 - Generally ... reviewed March 15, 2006
Urban Legend The Baby Sitter by kirkybaby Horror
Concept - 7 - Good story, though not original. Direction - 7 - It was good, yet it didn't get me hooked, somehow it lacked suspense. Maybe it was music, maybe sound effects, maybe editing? It's hard... reviewed March 15, 2006
Red Sunday by kirkybaby Action
Concept - 8 - War flick with drama and real characters, good work. Good script. Direction - 6 - Good pacing and progression from start-middle-end. The knife fight was too slow, lacked emotion. The s... reviewed March 15, 2006
Wheelchair - Based on a True Story by HitmanGames Romance
Concept - 9 - Stories based on real life are interesting because it's real. Direction - 8 - Good pacing, good music, good continuity. Production - 8 - Good editing. The translation on a few of the su... reviewed March 14, 2006
Diamonds For Breakfast by TheMGMKid1 Comedy
Concept - 9 - Excellent example of the genre, excellent script. Direction - 7 - I have no problems with the length, but I thought the pacing was off. The first office scene dragged a little with ... reviewed March 14, 2006
Lizzard of Life by broken_rogers Sci-Fi
Concept - 6 - The concept was ok, but nothing really outstanding. Direction - 7 - Clear start-middle-end, but the pacing was slow especially on the spaceship. Good costumes. Production - 7 - Havi... reviewed March 14, 2006
The Remnant - Part 2 - A SNC Story by cooltrip71 Sci-Fi
Concept - 8 - Interesting series, it will be good to see more. I like the way that there is more to the world than what we have seen so far, references to places, people, organizations. It shows ... reviewed March 14, 2006
Deadly Trust (Part 1) by dolor Action
Featured Review
Concept - 9 - Good concept, good script. Direction - 8 - Good music, good pacing. Sometimes it seemed there were too many consecutive fades. The music 'skipped' about 3 times. Production - 7 - I...
reviewed March 14, 2006
Revenge by Lorgod Action
Concept - 6 - Standard western fare, sorry but I just never got interested in the story or the characters. Direction - 8 - Pacing was generally good, with a clear start-middle-end and steady progr... reviewed March 14, 2006
The Payoff by jkwilfng Romance
Concept - 9 - It's excellent how much can be said/done/implied in a short period of time. Great concept and script. Direction - 8 - Clearly defined start-middle-end, good progression and pacing P... reviewed March 14, 2006
Survival Game by Dylen Horror
Excellent work all round, from the concept to the script to the production and editing. reviewed March 14, 2006
The Vampires of Armageddon by holdmykidney Sci-Fi
Concept - 8 - I like Dr. Who, but of course I can't call the concept original. Good script. Direction - 7 - A little slow in places. I'm quite happy watching long movies, but some of the scenes ... reviewed March 13, 2006
LEGACY Pt 1- For The Love of A Woman by deenswe2003 Action
Concept - 9 - Good concept, good screenplay. Direction - 8 - Good pacing throughout, though perhaps a little slow in parts. The 4 quick scenes through the 4 victims was done very well with the ma... reviewed March 13, 2006
Dry Bones by Cranium8768 Action
Concept - 9 - Excellent, great script Direction - 8 - Good pacing, though the "Spread the word" scene could have been cut or shortened because the narrator had already said everything useful from ... reviewed March 13, 2006
Brance Jansen FBI Trouble in a Test Tube by Pat_Corcoran Action
Concept - 8 - Standard secret agent plot, borderline spoof Direction - 7 - All the way through I couldn't work out if it was meant to be a spoof or serious. There were a few funny lines, but it c... reviewed March 13, 2006
Lifepart 1 Special Edition by marlerboy Romance
Concept - 9 - Truth is stranger than fiction Direction - 9 - Good pacing, good use of 'background' humour Production - 7 - Good cuts, good continuity. Some typos in the subs Character - 8 - I... reviewed March 13, 2006
Goodnight Barry by MrBastageAndWendySMF Horror
Concept - 6 - Fairly standard horror plot, with a twist Direction - 7 - Good pacing, good use of music Production - 7 - Good quality VO's, though there was a bit of clipping in the sound. Characte... reviewed March 10, 2006
Devolution by nightmare2146 Horror
Concept - 8 - It's new, it's cool. Direction - 8 - Generally good direction throughout. There was some breakage of the "Show don't tell" rule, and the repeated scene of the victim on the ground. ... reviewed March 9, 2006
Sheriff Rooneys Itch by yeagmaster Comedy
Concept - 8 - Witty and humorous, if crude. Direction - 9 - Good script throughout, lots of funny lines, good editing. Production - 8 - Overall very good, could be improved by replacing the standa... reviewed March 9, 2006
Dark Knight by maggon_rohit Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Concept - 7 - Standard cyberpunk fare. Direction - 7 - Generally good editing, appropriate music although a change would have been nice, pacing was fine, dialogue was - um, how do I put this - not...
reviewed March 9, 2006
UAR Heaven and Hell by jsmith0316 Sci-Fi
Concept - 7 - Good concept, though clearly not original. UAR? Been playing too much Doom lately, have we? Direction - 8 - Generally good, though slow in parts. Some of the face close ups didn't... reviewed March 9, 2006
Second Chances by jsmith0316 Romance
Concept - 9 - Great concept, not many TMO movies try at this sort of thing Direction - 8 - Good dialogue, good continuity between cuts. Pacing was generally good, although some of the middle sect... reviewed March 9, 2006
Weird People And Wacky Behavior by Timo666 Comedy
Concept - 8 - Interesting concept, really rises or falls on the acting quality Direction - 8 - Good pacing, not too long on any scene. Production - 8 - Generally good. The backdrop was highly pixe... reviewed March 9, 2006
Campfire Fright by wulfy69 Horror
Concept - 7 - Good construction of the typical urban legend style. Production - 8 - Many scenes were too dark to tell what was happening. I know it was meant to be dark, but all black doesn't show... reviewed March 9, 2006
When Bongo Attacks by Mangomonkey28 Action
Concept - 4 - Ok, so the "here's some random stuff" concept is not original nor witty, but if the rest of the production is good then it could have been ok. Production - 3 - Generally low quality t... reviewed March 9, 2006
The Man In The Pink Hat by dwarriors Action
Concept - 8 - Original, witty Production - 8 - Generally good Direction - 7 - Some of the voices didn't seem to match their characters. It was a little long in the middle. Good selection of scen... reviewed March 9, 2006
Obituary by HRH Horror
Concept -10 - Excellent. Production - 8 - Many of the subs didn't match the VO, in many places the VO sound quality was unclear. Direction - 9 - Good pacing, the narrative style was perfect. Good... reviewed March 9, 2006
SWAT- Hostage Situation by Cubedude Action
Concept - 6 - Standard cop action flick. Direction - 7 - The scenes made sense and flowed logically from one to the next. Production - 6 - Several backdrop errors (train moving vs. stationary, cop... reviewed March 9, 2006
The Clown by Gulovision Action
Disclaimer: I can't speak German, so I can't comment so much on the plot or the dialogue. Concept - 7 - I could kind of follow the plot even without the language, so you get points for that. Techni... reviewed March 8, 2006
Cactus Jack comes to Smallville by TheGreatProducer Action
Concept - 7 - Not original, but fair enough. Technical - 8 - Some strange translations in the subs, the VOs sounded good even though I can't speak German. Style - 7 - Music was good, the fight w... reviewed March 8, 2006
The Afflicted by sherwinliu Sci-Fi
Concept - 9 - While not an original story per se, it is definitely original to TMO. Technical - 9 - Excellent throughout. Some minor technical faults: lip sync on Treen didn't work, library->office... reviewed March 8, 2006
Double Target Vengance by jowo Comedy
Concept - 8 - Good concept, well presented characters Technical - 7 - Some continuity issues with people teleporting from one cut to the next. Good use of VO and subs. Some flickering and punctuati... reviewed March 8, 2006
Spacesuit by jkwilfng Sci-Fi
Concept - 9 - Original, funny Technical - 9 - Good vo, good continuity, good choice of shots, no real flaws Style - 8 - Could have benefited from tighter editing; cut out some of the dead time T... reviewed March 8, 2006
Hi-Tech Love by jkwilfng Romance
Concept - 7 - Not original, but well presented Technical - 9 - Good VO and subs, good editing, no significant flaws Style - 8 - Some dialogue at the start could have been cut, like "I think I'll... reviewed March 8, 2006
Unknown part 3 by apip Action
Concept - 8 - Different concept, though it didn't really do it for me. Technical - 7 - Good edits. Spelling, grammar, and capitalization faults in subs. Change the sub style for the credits Style ... reviewed March 8, 2006
Zombie city by GoldenFart Horror
That was a fairly standard zombie movie. The editing was generally good, except for too many fades, but it was lacking in plot, emotion, suspense, etc. If the intention is to actually be horror, it ... reviewed March 8, 2006
The Cregon System by Oh_Come_On Sci-Fi
Disclaimer: I write reviews to be constructive, so that no matter whether your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - The costu... reviewed March 8, 2006
Loraine by rioghan Horror
Disclaimer: I write reviews to be constructive, so that no matter whether your current movies is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all the follows is IMHO: - Great job... reviewed March 7, 2006
Blackbird by silver_fox_studios Action
Disclaimer: I write reviews to be constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - Great movie, d... reviewed March 7, 2006
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
Disclaimer: I write reviews to be constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - The style, cos... reviewed March 7, 2006
Little Chicago by pamdennis Action
Featured Review
Disclaimer: I write reviews to be constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - Good costuming...
reviewed March 7, 2006
Imperfect Garden by magic_school_bus Romance
Featured Review
Disclaimer: I write reviews to be constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - The music at t...
reviewed March 7, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
Disclaimer: My reviews are aimed at being constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - The con... reviewed March 7, 2006
British Ninja Hates Clowns by Tigerlover Comedy
Disclaimer: My reviews are aimed at being constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - Short ... reviewed March 7, 2006
The Communist Caper by gforce123 Sci-Fi
Disclaimer: My reviews are aimed at being constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - Good t... reviewed March 7, 2006
Celeb confessions (Documentary) by emerik Comedy
Disclaimer: My reviews are aimed at being constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - The co... reviewed March 7, 2006
Apple of my eye by maggot Horror
Disclaimer: My reviews are aimed at being constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - I appr... reviewed March 7, 2006
Freedom But at What Price by wipeout140 Action
Disclaimer: My reviews are aimed at being constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - The co... reviewed March 7, 2006
The Jake Factor by Dashlogan Action
Disclaimer: My reviews are aimed at being constructive, so that no matter if your current movie is number 1 or number 600, your next one will be better. That said, all that follows is IMHO: - The st... reviewed March 7, 2006