Number of Movies: 17
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.7

Number of Movies Reviewed: 18
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 4
Average Rating Given: 4.72
Movies Released by Khazar-5
Dogbrothers Action Not Rated
Just a little movie i found. It didn't make much sense to me, I must have been experimenting with it. I thought it was a bit dull, so I spiced it up a bit with some comedy. Hope you enjoy. posted December 20, 2007
Dead Range Action
Dead Range. A movie about a star named Bill. He finishes watching himself on a movie, when someone haunts him. He desprately tries to kill the stranger, but fails to do so. As of his family, they go d... posted February 26, 2007
The Third Man Action
The Third Man. Sneak Peek Preview. Music from It is a similar story about James Bond. A man attempts to retrieve his boss's data card. Full Story Expected Release: 3/20/07 posted February 25, 2007
Battlefield 2142 - Episode IV Comedy
The 4th episode of Battlefield 2142. Yes its short, sorry. Ive decided to split the whole series into 4/6 minute episodes. This is only a very small part of "Episode IV". If you want to know whats goi... posted September 22, 2006
Battlefield 2142 - Episode III Action
The Third and Final episode of, Battlefield 2142. This final episode, may be short, but explains alot of whats going on. Action. not much technology. A guy returning from the dead to kill thee, who ki... posted August 13, 2006
Battlefield 2142 - Episode One Comedy
Sorry this was put under the Comedy, i forgot to fix that. Anyways. The Continueing story of Battlefield 2142, Yes, it is incredibly short, i am sorry. Like it says, "War will never be the same... Eve... posted July 15, 2006
Battlefield 2142 Action
Watch this, and you wont be the same again. A movie about the upcoming game, Battlefield 2142. Stay tuned for Battlefield 2142 - Episode One. posted July 14, 2006
The cold Shoulder Action Not Rated
A story about Craig and his comrades, in the year 2142, war strides, battle against the war. Hope you enjoy it! *SORRY! there are no VO's in this one, my mic broke, Sorry! please enjoy!* ****THE MOV... posted July 13, 2006
Come on Over! Sci-Fi
This is the FIXED version of Come on Over! A man tries to save his wife from aliens that took her, being to late, she dies, and then the ship loses control and destroys the city. posted June 15, 2006
Come on Over! Sci-Fi
A movie about a guy who tries to save his wife by going on a space mothership and rescueing his wife. what happens? controls go wrong, check it out! !!!!!!PLEASE READ THE TEXT BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No... posted June 14, 2006
SwitchBlade (Chapter 2 Volume 1) Action Not Rated
SwitchBlade 2, The Second Chapter, and Volume 1. customs props courtesy of, Thanks guys for support the blood puddle. posted June 13, 2006
Werewolf Accopolyps Action
A guy who reads a book, about a wierd story that turns him into a werewolf. My 14th Movie I ever made, it wa made in 1965, and from my old studio, Oblivion Productions. posted June 13, 2006
City Slickers Sci-Fi Not Rated
The 6th Movie I ever made, the past studio name was Oblivion Productions, Made in 1978. posted June 13, 2006
52 First Loners Comedy Not Rated
A funny comedy movie i made when i was bored. sorry, no dialogues in this one! posted June 13, 2006
SwitchBlade Action Not Rated
A Sneak Preview about the upcoming movie project that the Baxter Studios are currently working on. Please enjoy! Some of the audio fades out, aparrantly... Sorry for the inconveinence.. This will be ... posted June 12, 2006
I hate your Mind Comedy
A short 2-4 minute long comedy movie, a guy with a tuxido, kills a pedestrain, and escapes jail, is he to seek revenge on the cops? find out soon! posted June 12, 2006
A 3 minute movie of a war that breaks loose.. some sort of comedy, but short. posted June 12, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Khazar-5
The School Phone by JustinMoore Comedy
This is one film like no other. It is the only film that I ever thought was funny, Good work! I would like to see more of your work, at any time. I would rate it a 6 out of 5! reviewed February 26, 2007
Froggys back! by reanor Comedy
Featured Review
HAHAHA!!! That was the funniest movie ive ever seen yet, nice one with the free-cam. 5 stars! Congratulations. Im willing to see more of your work!
reviewed September 22, 2006
Intergalactic Civil War by Quackerstheduck7 Sci-Fi
lot of talent, best i can say, you did very good, I thank you for rating my movie series. 5/5 for you! that was very interesting reviewed August 13, 2006
Rising Series Trailer by Earwmd Horror
That was perfect! i liked the music how its cominationed with the entire story, Keep it up!! Good work :D By the way, My next movie, Battlefield 2142 - Episode one releases in 2 minutes, after its up... reviewed July 15, 2006
Naquez by Greenrage Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Very Nice! I will write a review, explaining how good this movie was. The Story line was Perfect! 10/10 Characters in the plot 10/10 Sound Effects 10/10 Customized Costumes 10/10 I LIKED IT ALL!!!!...
reviewed July 14, 2006
RE Ada Lives by omemaster Horror
Not bad, I liked the storyline. Keep up the good work! Also, Check out my latest movie! You dont need to. Anyways, I am willing to see more of your work! reviewed July 14, 2006
Running by TheTomas Comedy
Nice! LOL, hes like, the fastest man in the world, the stuntman, Really funny in my opinion, I loved it, lol, keep it up!! im willing to see more of your work! reviewed July 14, 2006
Dead Beats 3 by Loyd2000 Comedy
Featured Review
nice movie! hey, the main character, is that voice from arnold? Very well done! LOL! that was one of the funniest movies ive ever seen on here, 2nd best in my opinion. keep up the good work! Also, Ch...
reviewed July 13, 2006
The Chance Trailer by cronicclapper Action
That was cool and awesome! *BY THE WAY! My movie Come On Over! Wasnt just random SCENES it did have a main character, check my scripts at My studios scripts at that... reviewed June 16, 2006
The Fat Kid by 911truth Romance
That was good, script had pretty good. *by the way, my movie, Come on Over! Was not auto scripted. I Actually made the whole thing by advanced movie maker. You cant tell? You should look into movies... reviewed June 16, 2006
Ahhhhhhhhhh by Hoobahoo Horror
this wasnt the first horror movie, i saw a horror movie made from S & E yesterday.. Anyways.. I liked the storyline and the plot, you did good, i hope to see more of your work. reviewed June 16, 2006
Dumb-Ass by AggeBaggeSwe Comedy
rofl! that was funny man, i want to see more of your movies soon!! reviewed June 15, 2006
We Were Chosen by Stormwhitelab Sci-Fi
Good use of effects, but the story was abit of awkward. *P.S.: My movie was going over and over because you Downloaded it instead of Clicking here to play. Check its rating, 258 or something., im su... reviewed June 15, 2006
Silent Hero- Hostage (Trailer) by unsunghero28 Action
Awesome!! hey if you need any help with voice acting, pm me! Great movie, cant wait to see more :D reviewed June 14, 2006
9-11-01 Special Edition by notgay985 Action
That was the best movie ive ever seen. I feel so bad for those that died, may god be with them. Also, That deserves a 5 star! congratualtions!! reviewed June 12, 2006
A Guy Who Couldnt Get Off the Computer by JayCarter Comedy
LOL that was freakin hilarious man Hey, by the way, check out my studio please, I have a few funny movies of my own to! :D reviewed June 12, 2006
Golden Eye 007 James Bond by chocks1 Action
Featured Review
wow, i like it!!! good job on the voice acting! Now watching it the 3rd time :D
reviewed June 12, 2006
Am I 1 by generation-s Comedy
Lol, very entertaining, nice voices by the way. Pretty good! reviewed June 12, 2006