Number of Movies: 13
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.36

Number of Movies Reviewed: 109
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 14
Average Rating Given: 4.28
Movies Released by JuanitadelaVegaZapata
Jason Bedford Jackjaw - Territorial Marshal Horror
"THE LIFE and TIMES of one JASON BEDFORD JACKJAW" Chapter One: Territorial Marshal This is a study of Terror. Of Horror. I dedicate this to my daughter, Debra Marie, for her ideas. Debra's sugges... posted June 14, 2008
SThe Marriage Romance
It is amazing how Men & Women somehow find each other and end up hitched. This is even more amazing considering that sensible Men avoid such Female entanglements. Any Casual Observer recognizes that... posted January 14, 2008
!The Invaders - Kazenti Delta Sci-Fi
......"Ships become lost by chance, rarely by design"......Article 4.94, Space Trade Guild Search and Rescue Manual"......True. When ships are lost by chance a standard, (yet small), effort is execut... posted January 12, 2008
!Immortal Coil - The Sisterhood Horror Not Rated
"You are being foolish"! That is the last thought of poor Polly Ann Lubbock as a human being. She was remembering Mike's pleading with her not to "Hunt" that night. He had a bad feeling. Now she w... posted January 11, 2008
!The Stealthy Boys - The Invaders Sci-Fi
"So What Is It About the Word 'Clandestine' that you do not understand"? "Pleb"! (Dr. Emeritus SMX501, Spectral War College Log, 187 Rev_789 Orb_Standard Spectral Time).....The ensuing LECTURE went ... posted January 11, 2008
!My Friend and I - Chance Encounter Romance
"Sorry, Sis. Mom & Dad did crazy things during the War. So did all their friends. It was a bad time. You see, Kiddo, that War tested all who were touched by the Conflict. The were possessed by a ... posted January 11, 2008
!Horse Soldiers - The Game Comedy Not Rated
"How can you keep your sanity living in a hot, dry and dusty Hole deeply buried at the ends of Mother Earth? I mean, with the eternal sun blinding your eyes? The continuous dust clogs your throat?" ... posted January 11, 2008
!Little Titan -Silent Passenger Sci-Fi
"Your chances of survival decrease if you are not ALERT. Incautious animals are captured by predators. Intelligent creatures die from their mistakes. If you cannot deal with new events you may not ... posted January 11, 2008
!Josephines Birthday Gift Romance
I remember Josephine West whenever I smell coconut. She was always in the sun on hot summer days, always wearing a French Riveria bathing suit of the finest tailored black cloth. There was the ubiqui... posted January 11, 2008
!Red Night - The Visitors Sci-Fi Not Rated
"What are we going to do with all these female, recruits. They are good for what"?......Military Training Officer, 1942...... The Senior Officer Staff of the United States Army, during World War II,... posted January 10, 2008
!KGB Detectives - The Gathering Action
"KGB DETECTIVES" "A Documented History of KGB Law Enforcement" By Letvona Marofiana, Major of the KGB CHAPTER ONE: "The Gathering" "A Great Struggle has ensued in the Capitals of all Allied Na... posted January 10, 2008
!Immortal Coils - Becoming Sisters Horror
Wise Fathers tutor their daughters to be alert to life, their surroundings and their opportunities. Educated Fathers teach their daughters to better themselves and make their opportunities. Occassio... posted January 10, 2008
!The Invaders - The Stowaway Sci-Fi
There are GooglePlex Numbers of Stars & Planets in the Universe. Probability states that even at extreme Standard Deviations Intelligent Life of some Nature must exist. Eventually there is contact. ... posted January 10, 2008
Movies Reviewed by JuanitadelaVegaZapata
UNIT 23 - PILOT EPISODE by goddard911 Action
That was a surprising 5 Stars. I mean, 02:04 & a Nam film. How can this be? I enjoyed your attention to details. That is the way the boys looked. Sweaty, cloths not GI'd, torn sometimes with blood... reviewed July 16, 2008
Freak Wave by crazyfoo3000 Action
Featured Review
You know, that was not bad. Such a short 01:28 but very well done scene shots, good story flow & a simple yet sensible ending. The music was well chosen. The physical appearance of the victim & cos...
reviewed July 16, 2008
Dark side of town by dee4life151 Action
I liked the costuming, the auto was a nice touch and the fact that you were able to stabilize some long subtitles within the scenes. Some were not clean but it wasn't bad. I heard no music or sound e... reviewed July 16, 2008
virus zombie by jacpaco30 Horror
A truly Masterful creation of the erie, a sense of dread, a sure knowledge of impending terror. Zombie films are so difficult to create. This one creeps into your basic survival, fight or flight ins... reviewed July 16, 2008
King Matthew 2 A New Arrival by TaylorTaylorTaylor Action
Taylor cubed & goddard. I liked this one more than "Frozen Hell". Perhaps you have a real chance to develop a deep story line with compelling characters reveiled to your audience in future releases. ... reviewed July 16, 2008
Frozen Hell by TaylorTaylorTaylor Action
The release struck me as being essentially a "stock film". There were some excellent selections of scenes & scene splicing that moved the story along. Music choice was actually good. But there was l... reviewed July 16, 2008
11th Of September by Detroit2004 Action
Featured Review
Good Morning Mr. Detroit: Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to produce & direct a 9/11 film using only Lionhead Software, compose a meaningful script that will not set anti-war Liberals...
reviewed July 16, 2008
Chicken 4 The Final (Cluck) Standoff by kyle1995 Comedy
Featured Review
Juanita still wants to know the answer to Zapata's primary question, "What is so compelling about 'The Chicken' "? After all, it is just a chicken! NO. That is no longer correct. It is "The Chicke...
reviewed July 15, 2008
WOlf Return IV by jacpaco30 Horror
"WOlf Return IV" is a fascinating capture of a truly thought provoking concept presented via exceptional script & mods. "jacpaco30" has created a bizaar dream world of partly real, partly surreal ima... reviewed June 28, 2008
Bad Men by simpsdog Action
Vengeance by simpsdog Action
Featured Review
An exceptional accomplishment in film making. Truly, this is the complete package. I have rarely seen a production which flawlessly melds the many aspects of story telling in one package. The film ...
reviewed June 26, 2008
Fighters Club by meosha12 Action
Featured Review
Accomplished use of camera angles, close ups, mid-shots, scene splicing & post production editing. This created an on-going refreshing of my interest & greatly increased the drama of this film. Supe...
reviewed June 26, 2008
Chicken 3 Lost In (Cluck) Space by kyle1995 Comedy
I must admit that I liked this full grown chicken. Very cute, quipish, creative and lots of fun. It is sort of like creating something from nothing. I mean, a "Chicken". Very Campy. Well done. Th... reviewed June 25, 2008
Chicken 3 Teaser Trailer by kyle1995 Comedy
Time for old people to rate you. I read some of the reviews below which essentially spoke of "how the trailer said very little of the film to come or the subject matter". Perhaps this is true. Howe... reviewed June 25, 2008
Survival Tips by brettduet Action
OK, "brettduet" my thoughts with immediate impressions follow: 1. The concept of an 18 year old all alone in hostile environments without cell phone, Weii, text messaging and gaming computer is a fan... reviewed June 25, 2008
The Apocalypse by ultraviolet32x Action
Atomic Films has produced a Sci-Fi subject that deserves continuation. Excellent use of the stunt scenes & variations of these scenes. It is so easy to use them inappropriately in a "stock film" manne... reviewed June 25, 2008
The Apocalypse - Trailer by ultraviolet32x Horror
A very well made trailer. It is the complete package; introduces the story line, presents characters, establishes the time line & sets the tension and drama with sequenced and paced scenes emphasized... reviewed June 25, 2008
Glück by RaHeMe Romance
An immense achievement in understanding the female mind & having the courage to let all the women in TMO LAND know this. I feel bad for you. Artful use of scene splicing & dialogue to demonstrate the... reviewed June 25, 2008
Die Hexe vom Wald by RaHeMe Comedy
Interesting. Different. Twisted. Sick sense of humor. I liked it. Another excellent twist coming our way. Well, done. Adios, Juanita de la Vega Zapata reviewed June 25, 2008
Guter Hund böser Hund by RaHeMe Comedy
I like it. Crafty. Cute. A most fitting ending. Excellent first film. Adios, Juanita de la Vega Zapata reviewed June 25, 2008
Who is Jerome Klein by FountainShoulteyn Comedy
I believe the telephone voice worked for you. There was good echo @ the source & decent depth & distance @ the return. It does not matter if we like tests or not. They are short & demonstrate to othe... reviewed June 24, 2008
The Extra- Terrestrial Part 2 by filipekholmstudios Sci-Fi
An achievement of the hightest order. A masterful application and splicing of camera work, close up, dramatic scene pause, ambience, eye effects and pacing to create a total immersion into dread & fea... reviewed June 24, 2008
The American Dream Trailer by filipekholmstudios Romance
A well composed creation of mood, atmosphere, ambience and contrast. This short film applied masterful touches of fade-in/out, scene change, blue screen & scene use to pull the audience into an awaren... reviewed June 24, 2008
Barak Kantula (Trailer) by lionchild Comedy
The trailer to "Barak", I believe, does what you intended. It introduced a character, set the mood & story line. If the follow up was more developed, I believe you would have put closure to your effo... reviewed June 24, 2008
Barak Kantula by lionchild Comedy
"lionchild", your film needs some continuity & transitions centered around a means of creating "hooks" to get your audience focused into the direction you desire. The character, "Barak" is worthy of s... reviewed June 24, 2008
The Crazy Radio by lionchild Comedy
Sorry, did not care for the movie. Perhaps you were trying to make something out of an in-game script. In any case, there were no hooks. The film came across as disjointed with random purpose. I w... reviewed June 23, 2008
Happy 30th Sis by JazzX Comedy
Mega Google Cheers for a fantastic concept & exceptionally memorable tribute to sibling. Your parents must be proud. Not only is this an exceptionally creative application of LIONHEAD it is great fun... reviewed June 23, 2008
Paparazzo by Victaa Horror
Interesting story line. I believe you can greatly improve this film & other productions of similar characters by adding musical score. Search LIONHEAD to your heart's content or drop your own externa... reviewed June 23, 2008
The Adventures of Weredog by Victaa Comedy
I read some of the reviews and see that I just do not get it. The expectation of being frightened and then seeing a comedy just had no positive effect on me. The initial scary scenes were not scary. ... reviewed June 23, 2008
Dinosauroids R amoung US by Victaa Comedy
Another creative coup from "Victaa". It all makes sense to me now: Mr. Good always did speak strangely; No one liked Mrs. Sturges; Ms. O'Brien was a predatory B!@#h; Dr. Goodfellow was sneaky; Pr... reviewed June 23, 2008
Reptoids R Amoung US by Victaa Comedy
I greatly enjoyed the creativity of the film and story line. Smiling frequency increased with each scene. The reptoid imaging did not come across as corny. After all, she knows. A straight forward na... reviewed June 23, 2008
O the Ocean Teaser by thebiz Action
Wonderfully crafted aquatic scenes. Excellent blue screens. I liked the card game out-take. Slick. I guess I must wait to see what the subject may actually be. If only we TMO newbies had developed t... reviewed June 23, 2008
The Last Laugh by thebiz Comedy
Thebiz earns a 5. I read other reviews and am somewhat disappointed in some not being able to accept the sad, musing, "this is the way it its" thoughts of the film. Very sensitive & astute observatio... reviewed June 23, 2008
Sister Abstinance The Lothario by thebiz Comedy
Very slick. Cute. A most sensible non-violent means of short circuit strategy focused on Big Ego Boys. I would enjoy additional episodes where our Rightous Sister becomes more, let us say, Angela D... reviewed June 23, 2008
Great Lovers in History and Legend Wilt by thebiz Comedy
OK. OK. OK. You get the mega-points. I mean, not only were your statistics correct but they were presented in a most crafty & humorous manner. Very well done. Also, I could not think of a more in... reviewed June 23, 2008
Long Lasting Oddity Trailer by julianallees Horror
You know? You have produced a remarkable and guttzy trailer. I mean, this is original and creative material enhanced with well crafted presentation. I read through some of the reviews and must agree... reviewed June 22, 2008
A vingadora by heglisson Action
Exceptional screen development of characters & establishing the emotional effect required in a Revenge Film. Finely crafted. A superlative achievement. I especially enjoyed the 'training sequences' ... reviewed June 22, 2008
The galaxy bad boys by heglisson Sci-Fi
Strange. Kinky. Excellent demonstration that "4 letter offensive words" can be slipped by "LIONHEAD CENSOR COPS". A wonderous achievement in subversion of the moral code established to protect us fr... reviewed June 22, 2008
evacuation by heglisson Comedy
Crafty. Clever. Sensible. A truly magnificent achievement in "Public Service Announcements". Hey, I'm old. I know that feeling. I always pray I can get the necessary garments off in time. Very we... reviewed June 22, 2008
Jezs Diner Part 2 by bellasellaa Comedy
Lads, you are very amusing & have demonstrated excellent humor. I enjoyed the film & especially the bloopers. I am just old and cannot appreciate crudity as much as subtle crudity. The beginning scene... reviewed June 22, 2008
Forgotten Child by bellasellaa Action
Featured Review
A truly masterful marriage of camera angle, camera crane & motion, warped scene shots combined with musical score & ambience sound to effect a truly suspenseful mood. A superb result to tingle your s...
reviewed June 22, 2008
The Crown Jewel Robbery (Part 1) by bellasellaa Action
Greatly enjoyed the film. I see that your studio is well received and owns excellent reputation and response from reviewers. Such consistency is difficult to achieve & maintain. The camera work was ... reviewed June 22, 2008
Writers Block by cecil_evans Romance
A wonderous Seinfeld Approach illustrating the character's affliction. Witty. Charming. Creative. Lots of Fun. Cute script chronology of the truncated thinking of a character focusing on "how do I bre... reviewed June 20, 2008
Test by fountainshoulteyn Comedy
34 seconds of fun. I enjoyed your approach. A nicely done little diddy incorporating all the necessary aspects of voice inflection, pauses & emphasis. Well done. Adios, Juanita de la Vega Zapata reviewed June 20, 2008
Barak Kantula Is Back! by lionchild Comedy
Featured Review
I knew this guy when I lived in LA 1966-1968. He was a computer mainframe technician. (You know, those monster, room sized IBMs that accepted punched card information. No wonder the guy is a heavy ...
reviewed June 20, 2008
The 200 Mile High Club by StokeStudios Comedy
Cute. Engrossing. Relentlessly draws the reviewer in as an Einsteinian Space Time Gravity Well. In this case a "Stoke Studio Sex Well". Artfully done. Superior Poster work. Tasteful. Unique. Fin... reviewed June 20, 2008
Le Resistance by simpsdog Action
Supurb concept. Poignant. An emotionally touching film using a difficult subject. Masterful use of scene camera work & synch. subtitles. This is difficult to flawlessly achieve. Superior work. I be... reviewed June 20, 2008
My Wife the Terrorist by brettduet Comedy
OK! I need an appointment with some therapist. I mean, how did you get a big chuckle out of me? "Oh, God. He's wearing a lame disguise"...."God Bless America". (Not even aliens with superior weap... reviewed June 19, 2008
Xtreme Racing Association Evolution by ultraviolet32x Sci-Fi
ultraviolet32x has provided another great enjoyment in "Xtreme Racing". This studio has established a reputation with me. I mean "What is 'ultra' up to now"? "When in doubt, check it out". I rate th... reviewed June 19, 2008
Zombie Island by simpsdog Horror
Featured Review
A superb achievement. Excellent scripting. Impressive VO sync. work. Another fantastic achievement for simpsdog & the "Over The Top Crew". There are many firsts I have viewed in this release. The bl...
reviewed June 14, 2008
Infection 2 The Outbreak by ultraviolet32x Horror
Featured Review
Enjoyable. I liked it. It is difficult to bring Zombie films to fruition as the "Zombie" character is very visual and direct. It cannot be subtle. This makes it most difficult to "pull off the 'Ni...
reviewed June 14, 2008
Ring 352 by meosha12 Horror
Featured Review
Artful success. Again, we see superior approaches to establishing mood, elevating drama & developing the increasing sense of danger and terror. "meosha12" has produced another excellent horror film. ...
reviewed June 14, 2008
The Haunting by meosha12 Action
Featured Review
Best Horror of the Year. Direct, sweet. Produced by a creative master of TMO. Put together by a mature mind expending the necessary time on artful construct of character appearance, make up & costumi...
reviewed June 14, 2008
The Others by meosha12 Horror
Featured Review
Creepy to the googleplex. Tremendous creative approach, pulling out that old "survival hormone" & "man, what the hell is going on" edge. Slow presentation makes your heart beat faster with anticipati...
reviewed June 14, 2008
The Invasion by meosha12 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
"meosha12" again adds another sterling accomplishments to the very long list. A fantastic achievement in edgy "geek" skills. The credits of intro, camera angles & 3D manipulation with a most creative...
reviewed June 14, 2008
Cops Gone Crazy by loopy12 Comedy
Unique. Leaves you wondering how it was done. Vast horizons for interpretation by the reviewer. Creative. I encourage 'loopy12' to take kyle1995's advice & use subtitles or VO to effect a plot othe... reviewed May 3, 2008
Mr Dean 2 by loopy12 Horror
Mr. Dean. What is real? What is not real? Who is actually Mr. Dean. I enjoyed this very much. Done in the Hitch[not-so-nice-word!] tradition of mundane life made mysterious and progressively sinis... reviewed May 3, 2008
Cold Space by SuperEgg Sci-Fi
Intelligent script! FX is well used to establish the story line as it draws the reviewer remorsely into the future of civil disobedience & ruthless Federal Law Enforcement. All, unfortuantly, for th... reviewed May 3, 2008
The Kids Last Laugh by SuperEgg Horror
No! Can "The KID be a goner"? Time will tell? I see you are doing the 'model city' camera work & 'falling scene'. Keep it up. Always listen to simpsdog. This time, multiple overshooting of the sam... reviewed May 3, 2008
Pushing Love Away by bruellstar Romance
Lessons for the lonely guys, "Go for the tall women" & "They can be the jealous type". Interesting story giving the idea of the "dark lady" as a recurrent character who brings a "bad ending" to all m... reviewed May 3, 2008
mr undertray 2 by mrweedog Comedy
An enjoyable film. Good use of sets & scenes. The music scores added greatly to the effect. Adios, JdlVZ reviewed March 28, 2008
evan 5 by mrweedog Sci-Fi
Apparently, rabbits are treacherous when they are 2 meters tall. Evan is an interesting character. I see he is well received in subsequent releases. The film used many sets & incorporated the possib... reviewed March 28, 2008
evan 6 by mrweedog Sci-Fi
Damn Rabbits. They multiply too much. Guess I need to review the others as well. Adios, JdlVZ reviewed March 28, 2008
evan le comencement by mrweedog Comedy
Put a smile on my face. I mean who would not faint when the Armie' comes to your door & "you know you are theirs". The Rabbit brutalization was over my head. (If Wants the terrible job of being the... reviewed March 28, 2008
Santa Claws by Ultimate_Guitarist_123 Action
No sound or voice overs came with the file. Advertising frame assoicated with film upload was missing. Characters were interesting; (Santa Claws & Jack Turner). Possible future characters. Use of set... reviewed March 27, 2008
The Not So Mysterious Planet by andytaylor756 Sci-Fi
Cute. I give it a four for packing in so much in so small a time. I enjoyed it. Adios, JdlVZ reviewed March 27, 2008
The Kid Is Back by SuperEgg Horror
Travisman is correct, The Kid is creepy. Clothes, mask, arm tatoos & his almost British phrasin of the "Queen's English". A nice touch. Polite & matter of fact. We must have The Kid captured & rele... reviewed March 26, 2008
Towering Fire by SuperEgg Action
Standard Fare. Much below the usual quality & interest that SuperEgg has demonstrated his studio can produce. I did like Gobo the Guerilla although there seemed to be no purpose. Everyone loved Mig... reviewed March 26, 2008
Incoming Fire by SuperEgg Action
Nam stories makes me cringe. However, this was very well done for such a short film. The selection of music provided an unexpected mood effect of forlornness. This is an excellent affect to capture t... reviewed March 26, 2008
Johanns Last Run by SuperEgg Action
SuperEgg has again produced a tight little film. Good character introductions allowing future development of stars & story lines. Excellent use of available scene variations and story continuity givin... reviewed March 26, 2008
Oriental Dreams by DjSvenzo Romance
Novelty deserves additional praises. This is the first production I have reviewed using Chinese Music, (one of the more relaxing scores to become accustomed to) & the chair gymnastics. I did not beli... reviewed March 26, 2008
Harry Carrys Bar Review by bdogg44 Comedy
Harry Carey is a good venue. Keep it up. I just do not see a 5 as previous ratings suggest. However, the VO is pretty good & appropriate for the effect that is being created. This one had much humor... reviewed March 20, 2008
The Kuiper Belt by bdogg44 Sci-Fi
Not one of my favorites either. However, it was sort of funny. If edited to be more deliberate to see where it was going, (rambled a little), I am sure the humor would increase ratings. reviewed March 20, 2008
Some Of Us (by Ally Miller) by biggstrek Romance
I greatly enjoyed the musical score, the teleport effects & the scene camera, ambience & weather effects. An interesting story. The 6 pages of reviewers were all 5's. That is unusual to see. I do n... reviewed March 20, 2008
The Asassination by bjpasinger Action
I liked this one. Many scene variations over multiple sets. Continuity of story line & script was maintained. Smooth transition between scenes. Well done, bjpasinger. Adios, JdlVZ reviewed March 18, 2008
Fighting In France by bjpasinger Action
Very good film. Normally I would rate this a 5 but I noticed you are focusing upon a great deal of action in production and scenes. With your sizable production numbers and excellent ratings this wi... reviewed March 18, 2008
In the Fourth Galaxy From the Milky Way by bjpasinger Action
Standard fare. Multiple scenes on same set that provides little possible variation. Well done approach of using extras with Stars to create multiple characters in the scene. Even Stars are not reco... reviewed March 18, 2008
The Legend Of Holdem Up Kate by bjpasinger Action
Lots of fun. Another well done exploration & use of the software sets & scene variations. TMO needs a new female anti-heroine. I mean, they are sexy to men & women. There on none presently inside ... reviewed March 18, 2008
World War One by bjpasinger Action
Another well done film. Good continuity & scene ambient affects of lighting & weather. If you believe this was a great Christmas Gift you must get into the Stunts & Effects. Your favored Combat Act... reviewed March 18, 2008
No Mans Land by bjpasinger Action
This was good. You used excellent ambient affects to the scene for a strong emotional response of tension & danger. There were a great deal of scene variations, camera angles & other enhancements. I... reviewed March 18, 2008
For the Universe by bjpasinger Action
bjpasinger, I enjoyed this one as well. You are using many of the sets, have incorporated back drops, weapons, props and costuming variations to enhance the scenes. This means you are in tedium & are... reviewed March 18, 2008
Dogbrothers Part One by bjpasinger Action
Not bad. You have a young studio & producted to uplink a fair number of films. The VO jump is a big deal. Your use of scenes & smooth story line indicates more good reviews. Adios, Juanita de la Vega Zapata reviewed March 18, 2008
POLICE ACADAMY TRAILER by brettduet Action
Brettduet, you have many movies. This means experience. This will increase the expectation of reviewers. I liked the trailer as it accomplished its purpose .... creating a desire to see the finished... reviewed March 17, 2008
A Day at the Office by trickbull Action
This was interesting & we all wait for the "continuation". Music choices added to the film. It was a short film but seemed much longer due to the story line & content. Well Done, 'trickbull'. Adios, ... reviewed March 17, 2008
Promenons-nous dans les bois by Nitouche Romance
My Bien. Very Good. A-OK. I just had to check out your studio following the last review I made. This is well crafted for your first small film. I see you have a young studio & are probably working ... reviewed March 17, 2008
Space Traveller by Nitouche Sci-Fi
Touche, Nitouche. Very Well Done. Your command & control of the Blue & Green Screen was superb. Excellent use of camera work & lens positioning. The unique use of some sets & choices of costuming he... reviewed March 17, 2008
Across the Stars- Dreaming of May by Alottlabull Sci-Fi
These subtitles are difficult to pull off smoothly from scene to scene with sufficient time to read & avoiding that annoying 'jumping'. They were worth the read. Good job. I enjoyed this. Adios, Jua... reviewed March 17, 2008
THE GASS MAN COMETH!! by seanee Comedy
Featured Review
"seanee", you are a sick puppy. I like you already. Your studio is obviously accomplished with Lionhead Awards & Lifetime Achievements. Of great interest is your technique of importing the music & t...
reviewed March 17, 2008
File SE D4R by vanihba Action
vanihba, you are a fun guy. I mean, unintentional or not this disjointed, random scene script was great with the end music & your voice overs. Man, those voices overs will bring smiles to terrorists.... reviewed March 17, 2008
IT was a camping trip! by gaminggabe2 Horror
Very good wit, humor, flow of story. Subtitles were good & added to the humor. This reminded me of my Mother-In-Law. A Zombie who would always interject herself and never die. Adios, JdlVZ reviewed March 17, 2008
Retarded Star Trek by loopy12 Comedy
Cute, keep it up. Adios, JdlVZ reviewed March 17, 2008
Halo by loopy12 Action
I see that loopy12 has been very busy. Your studio is young amoung many ancients. I also am young. Your films have much merit. I believe that your creativity can achieve a more intense audience effe... reviewed March 17, 2008
Der Hase - The Bunny by RaHeMe Horror
So RaHeMe, very well done. Campy, unique, creative & much fun. English subtitles had a 'nice incorrect grammer touch' which greatly added to the film's humor effect on English primary language people... reviewed March 17, 2008
Squirrel Adams Goes for the Green by spypoint Action
That was good. Music was much fitting to scenes. Well chosen. The playful competition between brothers was great. I was hoping that Staph would somehow recover to meet up with the repentant Squirr... reviewed March 17, 2008
Mitch and Stone by vanihba Comedy
So vanihba, you got a good chuck out of me. How many times has each of us gotten into strange dialogue with strangers due to verbalizing our personal thoughts. Cute, fast comic jumps. I particularly... reviewed March 17, 2008
Mr Dean by loopy12 Horror
LOOPY12, it seemed that Mr. Dean was in a "Bill Murray 'Groundhog Day' " time warp cycle until he got it Right. Maybe he did get it right @ the end to end his recurring problem. I just did not know ... reviewed March 17, 2008
Guns Of The Preacher - Trailer by stevec375 Comedy
Interesting concept & character. It seems that even a man of God & Peace will recognize that violence & shotguns, (maybe a blessed shotgun), is helpful against violent & intent adversaries. Scene cli... reviewed March 17, 2008
THE BANK! by gaminggabe2 Action
That was good stuff, especially for the first movie. I suspect you are using the "In Game Studio" & not "Sandbox". This makes it tough to produce film of this length and achieve subtiltles as overshoo... reviewed March 16, 2008
The Search for Love by tartan_army Romance
Sorry, tartan_army. I had to balance ole 'seanee'. Maybe your handle gives you away? Scottish? Army? The British Army can generate 'non-civilian humor'. At first I thought this would be 'fun & c... reviewed March 16, 2008
The Kids Great Hold-Up by SuperEgg Comedy
OK, SuperEgg, I was not expecting that one. Free Spirited, Playful, Fun. Costuming is lots of fun & worth the effort in effect. Do you have anymore? Juanita de la Vega Zapata reviewed March 16, 2008
Lock The Cellar Door by SuperEgg Horror
Great Job, SuperEgg. Short & tight. I bet you could make some 'campy' style films using this character & story line. Perhaps a love story between a well meaning buy cursed wolfman and a fearful wom... reviewed March 16, 2008
Assassin X by ultraviolet32x Action
Good Job 'Ultra'. I have a weakness for short, tight productions of this TMO style. Excellent blending of story, scenes, costuming & music. Interesting character. I hope to see Assassin X again. T... reviewed March 16, 2008
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
Campy. Creative. Filled with fun & games. Well crafted. A fine showcase of superior skills in thought, script, integrating sound & editing. THE COMPLETE PACKAGE. Good Job, yours respectfully, J d l V Z. reviewed January 18, 2008
The Armor of God by simpsdog Action
simpsdog & ladies; A clean, crisp, precise film. Superb voicing. Best sychronization I have seen. Must have taken long practice to get it right. VO was fantastic Queen's English. Easily understo... reviewed January 12, 2008
Belgen in de congo by the_belgian Action
A nice touch. Extremely excellent choice of Music. Indeed, Music is a superior Mood Setter & Controller during films. More please. reviewed January 10, 2008
Was It A Dream by Gryphus1 Action
So Jorge, I enjoyed your work. The use of Music struck me as effectively setting the Mood regardless of the genre of that Music. Indeed, after the film, I wanted to go out for a pack of Luckies. Af... reviewed January 10, 2008
Vietnam project FRENCH by Deeman Sci-Fi
Bon jour, I viewed your film as I am Viet Nam Era Personnel. Sort of up close and personal to the 60s & 70s. You have inspired me to have my Francais fluent relatives translate your script properly... reviewed January 10, 2008
The Extra-Terrestrial by filipekholmstudios Sci-Fi
I enjoyed the beginning ship shots and mood setting with visuals, music and sound effects. The "awakening ship" with the piano was fabulous. It is a shame the crew seemed to go to "crew heaven" earl... reviewed January 10, 2008
To TMO or Not To TMO by rileyman Comedy
Witty, charming, creative and most instructive. Poetry well placed effectively grasps and secures your attention. I smiled & related. reviewed December 30, 2007