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Movies Released by jpwood
Silent Hills Horror
No Description posted January 14, 2007
A Day At The Doctors Comedy
Just a short movie , testing the water see what response it gets, If people like it it'll be a regular feature This is thrown together not much effort as been spent on it, But i will give it finer tun... posted January 10, 2007
Silent Hills Teaser Horror
THE FINISHED VERSION IS NOW RELEASED Short response to BLUE- FINGER! Why don't you One Star Botty boys, Get Your Mothers to go on the game and then they might buy you a copy of the movies, That's w... posted January 7, 2007
Dance Yourself Dizzy Comedy
WARNING THIS FILM CONTAINS STROBE LIGHTING...Discotexxx's prize possession as been swiped by his Arch Nemesis Snake Hips And now dicotexxx believes he's just another mortal disco dancer, Or so he be... posted January 4, 2007
DiscoTexxx Gets Bizzy Comedy Not Rated
Discotexxx gets his prize possession swiped by his Arch Nemesis Snake Hips Now discotexxx believe his just another mortal disco dancer, or so he thinks? Thanks to 8eyedbaby & every one who made the mo... posted January 3, 2007
DiscoTexxx Gets Bizzy Comedy Not Rated
WARNING CONTAINS STROBE LIGHT EFFECTS, Discotexxx gets his prize possession stolen by his Arch nemesis Snake Hips Without it he is a normal moral Dancer Or so he thinks,!!! I'd like to thank 8EYEDBABY... posted January 3, 2007
Forth Coming Comedy
This has a brilliant ending, Even if i say so my self! Although the rest of it not bad either, Every thing mentioned about myself in this movie is true, I swear on my Bank Managers eyesight!!! please... posted December 31, 2006
The Directors Couch Comedy
Short comedy, About a high flying Director who tries to impress a starlet, and gets his just deserts! This was twice as long But my girlfriend drop me in it, Refusing to do the female voices, (Hmmm sh... posted December 29, 2006
Santas Huge Mistake! Comedy
Santa has a choice to make, The love of a beautiful Woman, Or the love of a pet mouse, See Which one he chooses? This should of been titled Santa's Love Triangle...Ah well, too late now... A big thank... posted December 25, 2006
Santas Stocking Filler Comedy
It made me laugh, I hope it makes you laugh as well! All voices done by me... Merry Christmas! Thanks to 8eyedBaby for letting download the mods used in this film Thanks to Axecinema Roryonder, They ... posted December 24, 2006
Silent Hill Trailer Horror
This was one of the first video games i played & one of the scariest so I'm paying homage to it, Finished version will be done in JAN 2007.For those that may not know the story of Silent Hill,During t... posted December 21, 2006
The Blair Bush Project Comedy Not Rated
This is how all politicians should solve there differences I'm now going to search the website for all the mods used in this movie so i can credit them for there graat work, (Ad credits later...) posted December 21, 2006
Bush Vs Blair Comedy
I got this idea from a Frankie goes to Hollywood Video ( two tribes) i hope you enjoy it, as it bankcrupted my studio All voices supplied by me posted December 20, 2006
The Brits Did It!!! Comedy
Second attempt!!! The first version was filled with minor bugs so i re uploaded this version The story remains the same due to a 6 trillion pound deficit Britain as agreed to take the blame for everyt... posted December 19, 2006
Blame It On The Brits Part One Comedy
I really enjoyed making this film, And if it's popular I'll do some sequels, finger's crossed All the voices are done by me... I've spruced it up with some eye candy i'd like to thank Lukeyonder for ... posted December 18, 2006
Revenge Is Sweet Action
This is the story about young girl who's parent's are murdered And gets the chance to seek revenge. I tried to get the Sam to look like Lawrence oliviar From the Marathon man see what you think! posted December 17, 2006
Guns In The Sky Action
This is only a template, Had My computer stolen 6 month's ago, And it's taken me this long to replenish all my fav games (Just shaking off the cobwebs) This is only a tester & isn't meant to be rated.... posted December 12, 2006
White Wolf Action
This film is dedicated to Quentin Tarantino, Who`s birthday it is today, 27/3/1963(43) It`s about a bank robbery that goes wrong, when doesn`t it, It`s my first Action movie, Sorry about ladies voices... posted March 26, 2006
Lockdown Action
This is my first Action movie, Its about a bank hoist that goes pair shaped it`s got a good twist at the End...It took 27 movie years to make! is that a record? posted March 26, 2006
KIN Horror
This movie was removed & re uploaded so i could put VO`s & update the subtitles it`s about a Teenager who has the ability to move objects with his mind (TeleKINesis)& the FBI would like it.aswell! posted March 22, 2006
Mind Games Horror
This Horror/Action Is about a teenager Who has the ability too move object with his mind (Telekinesis)And the FBI want it as well!!! You may like some of the special affect that i`ve used posted March 21, 2006
Testing Testing Comedy
This a story about a professor who's obsessed with trying to change a country bumpkin into a megastar, Its my first lipsync movie so there's a lot of dialogue, Vos are done by myself, ( Note to self ... posted March 20, 2006
The HoverMower Man Comedy
This film is loosely based on the lawnmower man If you diden`t guess already, He is the true dumb blond. All voices are done by myself (note to self must find female to do the girls voices) ,I hope ... posted March 20, 2006
The Satanic Tapes Horror
A dark priest Is seeking the tapes of Jahova & finally gets them... Too his cost..... The hardest part of this movie was getting the tape recorder in the briefcase took me ages posted March 19, 2006
Voice Of Satan Horror Not Rated
This is a horror film about a strange priest Who gets hold of the legendary Jahova tapes Which reveals the language of the devil himself, posted March 19, 2006
Square Dance At The Grizzly Bar Comedy Not Rated
This is a short film, But i enjoyed doing it . The editing is a bit shoddy but still seems to work, Please watch, Thank you PS, Excuse the singing posted March 16, 2006
Its A Skin Complaint Comedy
I thought Zombies were getting a raw deal on TMO So i done this to help there moral!!! I hope you like it... posted March 14, 2006
Sheeps Clothing Action
You may notice that there`s a few hints to where i got the idea from for this movie, See if you can spot them? I hope you enjoy it. posted March 13, 2006
Highway To Hell Horror
Tried my hand at a horror flick, I used music from the FF8 series, i think it works quite well, Oh and a bit of AC/DC posted March 12, 2006
Lions Led By Donkeys Action Not Rated
This film is about WW1 and the controversy over the big push, where Men died in there tens of thousands, Whilst the top brass drank champagne at headquarters. The idea came from my Great Grandfathers diaries posted March 10, 2006
Sherlock Holmes And The missing Dress Comedy
Can Sherlock solve this mystery???? You`ll have to watch it and see!!! Let`s say Dr Conan Doyle would spin in his grave! All voices supplied by myself. I hope you enjoy it. posted March 4, 2006
The Not Quite Invisible Man!!! Comedy
A Man, a mission, a mistake. I hope you like it! All the voices are done by myself! posted March 2, 2006
Frank And Johns Invisible Adventure Comedy Not Rated
Frank believes he`s invented Invisibility, Little does he know it`s some else, stupidity, All the voices are supplied by myself. I hope to do a string of Frank & John Adventures But i`ll see if this g... posted March 1, 2006
2006 Baggage boy Action
I can`t give it a review it doeen`t deserve one!!! I`ve bought a slide whistle so i thought i`d get my monies worth,!!! posted February 28, 2006
I`ve partly used VO but mosty subtitles i think it works, See what you think?Lucy`s hears strange sounds coming from her grandmothers celler, So she tells the law, who else? posted February 28, 2006
TRANCE Horror Not Rated
I used part vo & mosty subtitles I think it works see whwt you think. posted February 27, 2006
Thicker Then Water Horror Not Rated
I didn't want to use violence in this movie but use the psychological Horror instead. i hoped it worked posted February 26, 2006
Thicker Then Water Horror
No Description posted February 26, 2006
Confessions Of A Fashion Model Comedy
I did this movie a couple of days ago. But people had trouble reading the subtitles, So i use a different format, It does have a slight adult theme, posted February 26, 2006
Confessions Of A Fashion Model Comedy
This movie has a slight Adult theme, You have been warned injoy... posted February 25, 2006
Escape From Teelox 4 Sci-Fi
I enjoyed doing this, it`s true, it does get easier the more you practice Please excuse any bad spelling. posted February 25, 2006
The Curse Of Tomlin Cottage Horror
This is my third movie & i think i`m getting the hang of it now. Please excuse any spellinc mistakes posted February 25, 2006
Sisters Forever Romance
Just testing the subtitles Methiod Still needs more work, Ah well. posted February 23, 2006
Playerkiller Horror
Just a template to see if i could upload, It was this or Baggage Boy posted February 23, 2006
Movies Reviewed by jpwood
Dead Rising by mrpropshop Horror
You really got to pu some effort into it, One scene, No subttles, No voiceovers A really poor movie, reviewed October 5, 2007
Stranded - Music Video by nikstudios05 Action
You captured the songs mood perfectly The video looked like a David Bowie style theme (Which is a good thing) Splendid i enjoyed it immensely Well Done!!! reviewed August 11, 2007
Shoot Out by JarrvyJr Action
Good Western With a nice steady flow throughout, Just one minor fault though! Why did he shoot the woman in the first place?, I suppose a Man has to do, What a man Has to Do!!! i Like this Movie Good effort... reviewed July 22, 2007
For Scott And Myuki by Yodabob Comedy
No Review reviewed January 18, 2007
Coming Soon Angel Hero Reborn by Yodabob Action
No Review reviewed January 18, 2007
Movie City Murders by Yodabob Action
No Review reviewed January 18, 2007
My Breasts by satansmunchkin Romance
why not make a My breast 2 You'd have a pair then! reviewed January 17, 2007
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
This was an animation film on the Newsgrounds website And you've just copied it, For Shane. reviewed January 17, 2007
Movie City Exterminators 2 by Yodabob Comedy
No Review reviewed January 17, 2007
the gamer Ep 3 by xplay Action
This was a difficult movie to follow due to the poor sound quality but what i saw was really quite good Some nice editing and camera work what you could do in your next movie is turn down the music &... reviewed January 17, 2007
Home Of The Braves by decker77 Action
Short but sweet, First Movie is uploaded and on site, You'll do a lot better movies as you get more practice But you will never forget this one! Proper uniforms were used great music choice And we won... reviewed January 17, 2007
Graveyard by markalaneis Horror
I Liked the feel of horror in your Movie great use of lighting and fog gave it a Erie effect, No subtitles though which was a pity, But still a good horror movie If you get the chance could you review... reviewed January 17, 2007
TRUE SANTA(((( by johnnagnetatel Action
That was the best change of costume Ive seen Santa getting drunk And sleeping in a dumpster, How things have Changed lol Thank you for your review on silent hill I'm glad you liked it! Later Fellow M... reviewed January 17, 2007
Slived Landing by Moviemaniac1 Horror
This has a real sense of Dread, Great set used Nice voice acting Fav scene was The Child prop and the singing that went with it Great Movie You may want to Watch My movie Silent Hills You don't have t... reviewed January 17, 2007
Sniper 1 Los Angeles(trailer) by LazyboyFlims06 Action
Featured Review
So you got the Dawg in on the Act? Good solid Trailer Nice short action scenes looking forward to seeing the end product Ifyou get the chance could you review My new Movie Silent Hills Thanks BTW hur...
reviewed January 17, 2007
Fort Worth Wiles 2 by recorps1 Romance
Now this is better then uploading War is Hell And you've done your voice overs Cool, The story was simple and easy to follow Great Work, If you do voice Overs again You have to compensate Sound effec... reviewed January 17, 2007
Secondwatchers by JacksonCurtis Action
Featured Review
Terrific Police Action/ Drama, I see you has great care making this The continuity is the first thing that struck me Faultless, Technically solid Story was easy to follow, Sad ending, Nice touch, I Ma...
reviewed January 17, 2007
CHILLS - Audio Test by gsears Horror
Still Gives me The....... (Shudder) reviewed January 17, 2007
At The Cabin by eklumt Horror
You start to feel clostophobic As he nails down the window Sign of a great Horror movie The costume was the business Good use with the fog and lighting I've used the chainsaw in my new movie and it l... reviewed January 17, 2007
World Domination 2 by thumb100 Sci-Fi
I was pleased to see W D 2 This is Different style to the first one but its still good, lots more action in this one BTW when is she going to take over the world ? WD 3 Hope! Great comedy yet again... reviewed January 16, 2007
WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!!!! by thumb100 Horror
That had some of the best one liners I've heard on this site great characters Who as the film progressed i got to really like, My fav line was I've trod In a .... Wont give away the joke, This movie ... reviewed January 16, 2007
I Will Follow You by SilverStarlight Romance
And the Story Goes Full circle! Fabulous Movie that ,As you rightly Said it has a Fairytale Quality This Movie raps round you like a warm Blanket As you may have already guest i loved it! Great film ... reviewed January 16, 2007
Zombie Land 4They Keep Coming!(Trailer by MaxZard Action
This Does what a trailers meant to do Leave you wanting more! Good use of costumes Zombies look Great So we just sit back and wait for the full version, If you get time Could you review my new Movie S... reviewed January 16, 2007
Ice box by meosha12 Romance
Normally i Never watch music video's But i'm glad i watched this It's got some nice camera work smart editing And above all a Great sound track, Now if your smart, you'll show this to you Partner and ... reviewed January 16, 2007
Taken 3 by benf45 Action
This is quite long witch may put some people off from viewing it but it's there loss I got court up in the story, Two minutes into the movie i paused it made my self a cup of coffee Sat back and enjo... reviewed January 16, 2007
Days Of The 40s (2) by sourcrout2 Action
I'll tell you There's been quite a few Mafia based movies out recently But this is Buy far the best I've seen by along chalk, Whilst watching you feel that it is the Forties, Detail makes a movie and... reviewed January 16, 2007
MELON by kwistufa Comedy
First off Your not Eminems But saying THAT your the closest thing We've got on the TMO lol I have a similar Dilemma to you! Well i enjoyed your Video/Movie I hope you resolve your rating problem!!! I... reviewed January 16, 2007
American Wasteland 2 by Ville_Valo Action
Hi, This is one of the war/Action movie I've seen so far Trust me I've seen a LOT, Straight Away you get use to like you lead character Attention to detail is splendid You didn't bombard us with loads... reviewed January 16, 2007
The grave by KrycekITA Horror
Featured Review
Hi, I Just watched this really spooky, great use of lighting & fog, Music goes great with the movie Story is short but that no problem This deserves 5 Stars Later Movie Making Dude Thanks for Viewing...
reviewed January 16, 2007
The Thunderangers And The Ugly Sheriff 2 by vatrel34 Comedy
By the sound s of it you enjoyed making this movie Well you know what i enjoyed watching There was Bags Action The voice over were really crisp, of never a dull moment Fav part i Forgot the missiles ... reviewed January 16, 2007
Jobsuche by budrick Comedy
great comedy Thank you for the English Subtitles Fav scene Shooting The bottles Fav Line Give it to her Son! Enjoyed this immensely Funny in so many ways Bravo! If you get a moment Could you Review my... reviewed January 16, 2007
Kamerafahrt by Arnybow Comedy
Featured Review
For start offs How did you do it? My free cam seem to end up in the scenery That was Areal technical treat to watch! I'm still, all the scenes melded together with seams And no one seen it yet They h...
reviewed January 16, 2007
The Island (Re-Upload) by matneee Action
This breaks a staggering amount of the Copyright agreements in the game's Terms of Use. Please remove it for the good of the community. Leonardo DiCaprio Shell here About this, reviewed January 16, 2007
Risen by matneee Horror
Who are you? The copy right police! If it bothers you that much, Write To Konami, And Tell them of my Unforgivable Crime, Your really SAD reviewed January 16, 2007
Haleys WarPart1 by vertabatim Action
I like movies that have had effort put into them Like your movie all the soldiers a in proper uniforms Subtitles are nicely spread youve used lots of set As i said earlier EFFORT Makes all the differe... reviewed January 16, 2007
Secret Agents Man! 3 by Colin509 Action
I enjoyed this a lot, lots of different sets used Great pace throughout, It never got dull once! Free cam in the fight scene was rather good too, And you left another opening for the next episode i ... reviewed January 16, 2007
Direction Audition by MBStudios Sci-Fi
Your Movie has taught me Something about editing Look at all the variables IE Alien Sneak attack now has a different method of entrance excellent Thanks for you in put on the forum it answered a lot ... reviewed January 16, 2007
CHILLS - Forgans Last Story by gsears Horror
Featured Review
Oh no the Evil Dudes Back, What makes Yours different From all the other Hack & Slash Movies that are out there! is Your evil dude doesn't no when to stop, just when you think that's it then? in he go...
reviewed January 16, 2007
Ulitmate Revenge No Mercy by CJ_Movie_Master Action
A true hard hitting action movie, And as you pointed out the music is the bomb and i Would have to agree with RaYdAwG about the backdrops,This was Technically flawless So well done BTW my neighbor Smo... reviewed January 16, 2007
Run little chicken In Train stop Episode 2 by Twisterart Comedy
The chicken With attitude is turning out to be One of my favorite Characters These are funny Because no one questions him about being a Canary/chicken And his mummy sidekick is a butt munch lol Twist... reviewed January 15, 2007
The Eradicus War Trailer by PylonStockpile Action
Does what a trailer should do, leave you wanting more, If i can help with the main movie Vo's posters Start up screen etc I'll be glad to help , And i only charge $1500 What a bargain lol Seriously th... reviewed January 15, 2007
The Patrafiser by recorps1 Horror
I see this your second attempt And still no sound, You may want Defrag your hard drive this will tidy up your files, Then Run the movies Game Go back to your desktop then press Ctrl ALT AND Delete tog... reviewed January 15, 2007
Fata Morgana (Mirage) by Daninsky Comedy
This, "THIS" is what YOU call a movie, I must admit I did resent your review For want of a better word, And felt some hostility towards you But now only PITY, And hope these 5 Stars Will help.... I ... reviewed January 15, 2007
Heaven by FraasMovies Romance
A fabulous piece of Movie making, The piano composition of Silent night melded so perfectly with the story Heart warming not just for the Christmas ,period i think, But all year round Jacqueline Schu... reviewed January 15, 2007
The Unthinkable by musicmaniact1 Horror
I totally agree with sourcrout2 This is fabulous. As this is only your third movie, i think you've done a splendid job, I had to laugh though As my name is John and at the beginning of you movie, the... reviewed January 15, 2007
Finally made a flying man! by dsbeach1978 Action
Featured Review
Is it a Bird? Is it a plain? NO it's dsbeach1978 That's Great You Are the wright Brother of the TMO, I like you managed to give the impression of a runway at the beginning, Spendid, Could you do me a...
reviewed January 15, 2007
Sex in the Suburbs by Doctor_Dawn Romance
What a fantastic concept, A girls confessional All four mini films were enjoyable Give the bird is a new one on me is it good or bad? lol This was technically solid, "Bar the mumbling" If you get the... reviewed January 15, 2007
Are You Scared Yet (Episode 2) by awsomejohn77 Horror
What a super idea Voice acting is great this needs follow up you've done a movie for quite sometime, but when you do decide more of these would be sweet Oh Thank you for you Awesome review its in my f... reviewed January 15, 2007
A rude joke by Daninsky Comedy
Your jealousy Is so ugly and you wreak of it, You talk of imagination when yours is nonexistent Why is it i have three other movies in the charts and you seem to avoid them I'd rather you did not rat... reviewed January 15, 2007
The Wrong Woman by alainmoreau Romance
This is a stand alone Movie, with more technical wizardry i Don't think ive seen the likes of it on TMO The movie its self has some of the best acting I've come across The story is Somber and dark but... reviewed January 15, 2007
The Space Adventures - Trailer by dansun81 Sci-Fi
This Is Broken Sword in space, The narration Is so professional repeating lines is so funny Technically solid i haven't got any thing bad to say about this A big thumbs up from me I'll bookmark this, ... reviewed January 15, 2007
Wheres the shovel by tooker Comedy
I would of gladly given this movie five Stars, But as you pointed out it's quite short i did enjoy it though Second thoughts Five it is, As they say, Size isn't everything If you get the opportunity ... reviewed January 15, 2007
SLEEP DISORDERS by Tomrx3 Horror
Featured Review
This is A hybrid! it's a cross between Psycho And Groundhog day And they work Really well together, Girts chin deserves 5 stars alone! Star Maker was pushed to the limits with her lol a well present...
reviewed January 15, 2007
The Last Scream 2 by starsfilms Horror
I was meant to go into Hospital next week to get my tonsil's removed! After watching this i don't think I'll bother, lol A great drama/action movie Well presented great use of all the sets stunt 5 poi... reviewed January 15, 2007
Dirty Rider by InuzukaNatsu Action
Well this ones Versions really good, its couple cool lead characters you have, Story was quite easy to follow, Mind you, a brief description May help boost its ratings If this took you four hours to ... reviewed January 14, 2007
ULTIMA2035 by peld Sci-Fi
This is great, I love sifi That works, And this does! The first one I've seen without Lasers being used a refreshing change, That transporter idea is great It's obvious you've left an opening for a s... reviewed January 14, 2007
Carl and Ted episode three by Deshea Comedy
That's a hell of a shnozz On the blond one, I love these characters, you've given them there own personalities And that comes across really great VO's are Nicely done And funny, Keep em coming Later... reviewed January 14, 2007
The Bunny Show Perfect for Kids over 13 by dsbeach1978 Comedy
Featured Review
I cant see the Keyboard, The tears in my eyes From laughing, Brilliant... You cant beat the double meaning GAG, Overlays are excellent, Hmmm So that's were you've been in photo-shop You even got 5 s...
reviewed January 14, 2007
DRN CHRONICLES of INJUSTICE eps 1 by 04_perez_a Horror
Featured Review
What a relief! 2 minutes into the movie And the clown appears, I thought Perez WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??? well you Know the rest you little rascal PHEW lol I don't know if you have written this first or y...
reviewed January 14, 2007
Judes Law by RaYdAwG Action
That has got to be one the coolest hard hitting Movie TMO has seen, The Intro Was Astonishing I wacthed this and time just flu by! 25 Minute Seemed like 5 minutes Always the sign of great Film If peo... reviewed January 14, 2007
The Evil Vampire Duck by PylonStockpile Comedy
That had me in knots Fantastic, Mind you Your brother is the master of the Fart Flick Well done Again, Try to make time to view my new movie Silent Hills it took me nearly a month to make And i think ... reviewed January 14, 2007
The McDonalds Crisis! by PylonStockpile Horror
It Was like watching formula One on steroids, Fav line in Movie Look at him go! Creased me up I see my character, Discotexxx's Cousin is in this movie! Seriously, I hope you didn't mind me putting my ... reviewed January 13, 2007
Zombie Invasion 3 by Jets92 Action
Featured Review
Great Zombie flick Youve used all the sets excellently Never staying on one to long This movie has the best Helicopter sequence Ive seen on this site 5 pointy things for your Super movie, Well done. L...
reviewed January 13, 2007
JOHN NAGNETATEL-ACTION MAN! by johnnagnetatel Action
Pulp Fiction Rules, The Trailers great loads of action A little bazaar But that can be a good thing, Well done, If i was you try and find the composers name and credit him As some Raters don't like u... reviewed January 13, 2007
the portal of the hemispheres (trailer) by 04_perez_a Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Sorry can't find the icon for the 6 star it's going to only get 5 stars Your Trailers are truly Impressive and original, The free cam is the business timing is spot on Music Well you'll have to give ...
reviewed January 13, 2007
detective robert nick trailer 1 by 04_perez_a Horror
Featured Review
WOW!!! That sent a shiver down my spine, AREWSOME trailer, Fade in & out Worked really Well there's about thirty different scenes And they all look great! Now go a promote the hell out of it Do as man...
reviewed January 13, 2007
Bird vs Rabbit by smithxbrosxpitcures Comedy
DirectorBumbleButt As given some really good tips, But i liked its very good, Later Dude!!! reviewed January 13, 2007
Texas Cops Intro Episode by Poogle1982 Comedy
At least you've attempted doing voice overs most don't even try, The film editing is great story needs a bit action But You can deal with that in your next movie. There's a piece of software called A... reviewed January 12, 2007
Alpha-1 Beta-4 by Twisterart Sci-Fi
Yet Another string to your bow Twisterart, That was great Honestly, Why? The Detail, Wss one of the main factors Your story never got repetitive and the action is awesome, I never attempt SI/FI's B... reviewed January 12, 2007
Shot to the Heart by sk8er_78 Romance
Wow that movie was so good it's Really hard to believe it's your first uploaded movie, And you can feel real empathy for the wife, If i gave you less then 5 stars I'd be robbing you Excellent first Fi... reviewed January 12, 2007
Crash On Delivery by goldsonic1 Comedy
I'll tell i have absolutely no idea what this movies about, For some reason i liked it? its the most costumes Ive seen in one short film It seemed like you were experimenting, I can't seem to to a go... reviewed January 12, 2007
Stranger by chaos31 Action
This Has got to be one of the best westerns I've seen HONESTLY The story is well written The pace is spot on Faultless editing It reminded me of Unforgiven (High praise indeed) The ending is superb ch... reviewed January 12, 2007
CHILLS - Home Sweet Home by gsears Horror
Smart short story, gruesome effects , He is one Evil dude, Nice touch with the police car very imaginative But do yourself a favor wright a rough outline of the plot in your descriptions I think if... reviewed January 12, 2007
Darkness Eternal by PylonStockpile Horror
An Hour Hmmm If you are to become the Master of Horror you must learn the first rule........BOO! Pylon your little brother is becoming good at this, Don't let on the Computer again, there's enough co... reviewed January 12, 2007
Heddy Hoopers Hollywood In Rome by TheMGMKid1 Comedy
Very original, Very Witty, Very Good INDEED!!! Makes me what italian ice cream...MMmmmm Ice cream Its no good i must go and get an ice cream Later, Fellow Movie Making Dude Thank you for your groovy... reviewed January 12, 2007
ROBERT GUNN The Omega Conspiracy by ct_senge Action
Featured Review
This has proffesinalism written all the way through the movie you've masked the not so convincing skyline which was a nice touch, I was a little disappointed that there's a continuation, But that's ...
reviewed January 11, 2007
Phantom Squad II - Teaser Trailer by filmmak3r4est Action
Featured Review
There's only two ways too make a Trailer Good And Bad, This is GOOD More Action then you can wave a stick of dynamite at I like the idea of a time limit it'll Give your movie hyper tension looking fo...
reviewed January 11, 2007
Into The Fire Part 1 by Darril Action
Excellent NOW this feels like A Vietnam War film First off you've built A great storyline to follow, We now know why they are there, What there objectives are So much better then the first movie And i... reviewed January 11, 2007
???????? by johnnagnetatel Horror
First off Thank you for your review on my movie teaser Silent Hill This looks great the rain and light are impressive and gives your movie a scary atmosphere, Don't worry about lack of subtitles as m... reviewed January 11, 2007
Red Wine by cheese101 Action
I was just going to click the home page! Why? your description page length, i thought this page was faulty, If were you, I'd try and shorten it, If i thought it how many other people have done the sam... reviewed January 11, 2007
The gift by spartan05 Horror
This film is riddled with atmosphere that sends a chill racing down your spine, Partly due to the special effects and partly the soundtrack the two together are A formidable combination love the Horro... reviewed January 11, 2007
Planetary Flights by bongoman Sci-Fi
As I've only recently started doing my own i find this fascinating to watch And realise the amount of work and effort That's gone into this project So i take my hat off to you Sheer brilliance reviewed January 11, 2007
My Christmas Present by siclops Romance
Featured Review
Technically Sound Free cam work is very good, But i didn't feel any empathy toward the girl, IE it would of been good to show the family together as a unit enjoying themselves, as a flashback scene,...
reviewed January 11, 2007
Destroy all clowns by legend51 Action
You have awoke my hatred of the unfunny ones, But your movie has quenched my thirst But for how long, You must make another A clown haters sanity's at steak Legend you amaze me just when i think you h... reviewed January 11, 2007
The Leprachauns Bride by mildheadwound Comedy
To say this is great is an understatement (Mick Jagger voice) It's awesome Man, It's hard to say anything about that hasn't already been mentioned But remember this, I may be just a small insignifigen... reviewed January 11, 2007
So You Think You Can - Respect Courtesy by Mr_P_Bonny Comedy
This is a film with honest Integrity! This i know, because it's in the tone of you voice, The idea of a perfect Utopia is probably never going to happen but there's no harm in trying This may not get ... reviewed January 11, 2007
Run Little Chicken Happy Holidays part 1 by Twisterart Comedy
Your chicken reminds me of twettypie On crack cocaine Favorite line It's because I'm ..... Best use of the Bird costume I've seen, Fonny in so many ways. Later Fellow Movie Making Dude! BTW Thanks fo... reviewed January 10, 2007
The Cyber Lotus II The Retrieval Trailer by FistofJudgement Action
Featured Review
Looks to be a great SI/FI epic The subtitle format looks great when its in post production But doesn't carry over When it's uploaded Bold or default is your best option Later, Fellow Movie Making Dude
reviewed January 10, 2007
The End is nearteaser by apip Action
I tried a similar effect on one of my movies But With blood (evil laugh) I ran out of patients It has to be done like animation lots frames per second I hope you can pull this effect off it'll great t... reviewed January 10, 2007
The Unfair Ambush by coolvlad Action
Your Hard drive may need defragmenting, This may resolve your sound problem This looked promising, But couldn't tell, There's no description No subtitle And as you know no sound Three stars is the max... reviewed January 10, 2007
Jack-O-Lantern 2 by nikstudios05 Horror
I'm really sorry but i thought I'd given the thumbs up to one of my fav films This truly is the genuine article, Masterpiece springs to mind! In a sense Im glad i didn't rate it until now, As i need ... reviewed January 10, 2007
The Time Everyone Forgot by PylonStockpile Comedy
Featured Review
Your Brother as thought you well young one, The Art of fart is not to be taken lightly, Let ME get my comedy list out, Gorilla and Robot Lovers CHECK, Wearing towel In wide open spaces CHECK Using a p...
reviewed January 10, 2007
Wtf Mate by theoctigon Comedy
I have a great idea! You know that you & pylonstockpile don't see eye to eye well If you agree not rate his films he wont rate your films then everybody's happy this way your not ruining each others c... reviewed January 10, 2007
The Mad Marx Brothers by Andrezao93 Action
Well all i can say is @!$& Brilliant great western man, Clint Eastwood What a Stud!!! You managed to capture the feel of a proper western i normally try to give a tip to new comers but there's no nee... reviewed January 10, 2007
The Job by gsears Action
This is the best use of the dream sequence overlay I've seen on this site The movie moves fast and its needs too Best movie you've done in this series, I'd get working on the follow up straight away... reviewed January 10, 2007
Stronghold by Darril Action
This is great been that it's your first movie Way better then ever was the plot is easy to follow Subtitles are nicely placed One thing that stands out is the costumes You have us soldiers wearing Ja... reviewed January 10, 2007
Drunken Martial Artist by Regulator2 Comedy
Well this a new one on me! Try this, Go to task manager By pressing Ctrl/Alt/delete make sure though the movies games running in the background select processes right click on movies change the prior... reviewed January 10, 2007
lip for tea story version part 2 by omys Action
There getting better & better Good work, omys! reviewed January 10, 2007
Gathering Little Mushrooms by Babar23 Horror
Featured Review
Alice In Wonderland, Springs to mind straight away! You've captured A fairytale Look With some awesome mods and(Wide-screen)overlays As for the story it is faultless, Music Compliments This movie, So...
reviewed January 10, 2007
Invasion Ep 1 by joel_sebastian Sci-Fi
This is so funny I'm a Huxley fan, When you first see this you think you've seen it 100 times before, Then you read the text Wont give the plot away but if any reviewers are reading this your in for a... reviewed January 10, 2007
The Masque of The Red Death by Moviemaniac1 Horror
The only Edger Allan Poe Ive read is the Raven, So i know he's weird! It's original, Strange but original, Great villain, And i liked the mask overlay Well done... Later Fellow Movie Making Dude... reviewed January 10, 2007
lip for tea - story version part 1 by omys Action
Like the idea of the narrater very good, look forward to 2nd story Later Fellow Movie Making Dude.... reviewed January 10, 2007
Between Life and Death---Devils Kin by colingaiser Horror
Personally i don't give a rats ass what you think! Oh, And who are you, the copyright Police? For pitys sake Chill out... reviewed January 9, 2007
World of the Dead 2 - TEASER by 20thSmeaglFox Horror
If this teasers anything to go by, Were in for Hell of a film Fabulous overlays great music to accompany it, First Class Action Horror I love them. If you could Review my teaser Silent Hills, I'd rea... reviewed January 9, 2007
Far Out by PylonStockpile Comedy
Pylon Just like to thank you for for your comment made in your latest movie... I thought i'd rated this one, Sorry about that man You Keep makin em and I'll Keep laughing at em Smell ya later...BTW im... reviewed January 9, 2007
About The Director Pylon Stockpile by PylonStockpile Comedy
Hay I'm famous, I'M IN A PYLON MOVIE, AND I LOOK REALLY COOL IN IT, (Heart swells with pride) Any thing with me in it, Gets 5 big ones Man, people have got to learn to lighten up! Don't they realise... reviewed January 9, 2007
Ziggy Stardust Planet X by jeffarnold66 Comedy
You may need to defrag your computer, which will put your files in order then run your movies game then press your Start button witch will take you to your desktop And if you press Ctrl Alt & delete ... reviewed January 9, 2007
king of space by omys Sci-Fi
It started out really good and half way through You seem to lose the plot? Also there's no subtitles no voice overs so you end up guessing what the movie's about, Oh and why does the lead role look li... reviewed January 9, 2007
Go get a coconut then sketch show by sullivanb04 Comedy
A, Ken Dodd's My father.. lol Some great jokes, I enjoyed it The Head jokes my fav, The voice acting were also Very good If you do another version (which you should) Tell a bad joke then use crickets... reviewed January 9, 2007
What happened to Terry (Grab y chance 2) by petrez Action
Featured Review
How did this slip the net without a vote? I confess it's not as good as your latest But there are movies that are nowhere as good this getting lots of ratings Promote every movie you do, Trust me its ...
reviewed January 9, 2007
Second try by petrez Action
Featured Review
You managed to squeeze a mans life into 5 Minute movie That's Impressive And the film is filled with action Witch is also very impressive So well done indeed Great voice acting Also liked the flashbac...
reviewed January 9, 2007
Graveyard Spirit by qtigger Horror
That was(swear word)Fabulous Man Free cam work Brought it to life Even without the free cam this would of Been great, Smooth editing attention to detail and almost forgot what a story You should be p... reviewed January 9, 2007
Sisters in Arms by changestorm Sci-Fi
This is a good foundation for a series your only in 1945 so sets and props are somewhat scarce but when sets become available you can expand your stories So I'm looking forward to seeing more film fr... reviewed January 9, 2007
Finding the shapeshifter by naomigielen Sci-Fi
Short but size isn't everything! Its a good little Si/FI ,I do know one thing Well two things to be prosise That changed shape right at the end lol, Well done If you get a spare moment! I'd welcome y... reviewed January 9, 2007
That 70s Confessions by PylonStockpile Comedy
I've just worked out who your actors are! There that group slipknot lol Size isn't everything My cannery;s only two and a half inches tall (in high heels) And i love it! your movie quite short And i ... reviewed January 9, 2007
Backwoods Massacre by LazyboyFlims06 Horror
I love doing horror movies, And so do you by the looks of it, You've used the tried & trusted Storyline, Nice pace throughout good continuity So well done!!! One thing in future you may want to kill ... reviewed January 8, 2007
A few reels short by emperor_z Comedy
I wacthed this all the way through hoping that there would be an explanation why the women had mustaches and beards, So the question remains WHY... reviewed January 8, 2007
Bravidia by dvdwtks Sci-Fi
I'm going to be really honest This Is got to be one of the best science fiction films I've seen on this site, At the start the you've got the characters on the bridge flying a spaceship, What so stran... reviewed January 8, 2007
Happy Bunny THE MOVIE Trailer by avenueqlover2122 Comedy
At first i thought, Hello! Happy Bunny's a Stud, Then as your trailer moved on I find that happy Bunny is a Female which makes Happy Bunny A lesbian.... THE SHOCK,lol I look forward to seeing how ... reviewed January 8, 2007
Germ by moviemogul123 Sci-Fi
You may want defrag your hard drive to resolve the sound issue, Just in case you may not know were it is, All programmes/accessories/system tools/defrag... Latet dude reviewed January 8, 2007
The ad (dentures) of Grandma by bartbeavis Comedy
Imagine if you went into Grandma's underwear draw Whoo... Good comedy It's a pity you don't have S/E As you can change the age of your character, I enjoyed it and that's what counts Later Film Making ... reviewed January 8, 2007
Geistesbreite by Fischii Action
I'm really sorry but i didn't get it! All i saw was three people Going in & out of school like a fiddlers elbow, And what was the UFO all about? Here's a tip Leave some sort of description About the... reviewed January 8, 2007
Revenge two! Now With More Revenge! by plank25 Action
AT last an Action Movie with lots of Action in it!!!, I really enjoyed this The lead character is way cool, And there was some smooth editing Like The explosion & the policeman flies throw the windo... reviewed January 8, 2007
Always tell the chief by greendaykid10235 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Really enjoyed that Full of humor, Action, And Some nice special effects. I love the last request scene,.. nearly choked on my coffee, Funny, Well done I've a favor to ask, I've Been hit by a one star...
reviewed January 8, 2007
Return of the Killer Machine by Cheesy1 Sci-Fi
Where's The Killer Machine been, On holiday? Little Joke there!!! Its a pity the stories quite short But saying that What there is, Is really good And you've used My fav Costume NICE, Not the robot on... reviewed January 8, 2007
They Came From Below by shonen10 Horror
Featured Review
If you don't mind me being blunt, This is way better then They came from above in my opinion, Great story But my favorite part is where All the vampires slaves Etc: Wont give away plot!My tip Is try u...
reviewed January 8, 2007
Dora The Explorer 2 Full Throttle (Trailer) by DGLI123 Comedy
Phew! What an intro I have no idea how long you spent in Photo-shop But this must of taken you Ages But well Worth it Looking forward to some ass kicking Adventure, One thing though The Backpack! It'... reviewed January 8, 2007
Not alone by breakibreak Horror
this is full of suspense, I liked how you swapped characters Highly entertaining Reminds me a little of Psycho, (which is a good thing) Well done If you get time Maybe you could view my Silent Hills... reviewed January 8, 2007
Everybody Hates Bob by avalon306 Comedy
Soon as i seen Bob i didn't like either! Short but sweet I liked it.... Nuff said!!! reviewed January 8, 2007
invasion trailer by AJR Comedy
Robbie Burns would spin in his grave, if he he heard you talking about Si/fi Like That!!! Great trailer Fun to watch and listen to, Well done... reviewed January 8, 2007
Daydream by heyyy Comedy
Fabulous, I think most people have had something like Happen to them IE Why yes Darling Your dress looks Divine!! Were as what you really mean is No Chubby you look like moose In a Circus tent!!! Vo... reviewed January 8, 2007
The Santa by Daninsky Sci-Fi
Why is it when ever i seem to release a silent hill trailer, YOU do your Dudley Do Right Act and tell me about Copy right laws If you a that concerned Why not Write to Konami And tell them of my unf... reviewed January 8, 2007
SLIMS RECITAL by kwistufa Comedy
Man he is one ugly Dude, Oh hang on that's my refection... Original as your going to get, Although the music sounds a bit like a ice cream van Mmmm ice cream, I enjoyed it, Keep Makin em..! reviewed January 8, 2007
The Reaper by mpeerson1 Horror
Some really great stuff First off your Great character design, The story is paced out just right The choice of music fit like a glove for this movie The thing i must point is the subtitles Don't stay ... reviewed January 8, 2007
Please watch this movie by danielkaplan Comedy
If this is your Mod Brilliant piece of kit If not then Give who's ever mod it is recognition reviewed January 8, 2007
The Camping Trip by bloodhound9 Horror
Hack n slash You can't beat em This a quality Horror with great voice acting One tiny point the lack of music at critical stages of the movie was missing but thats nit picking, The site i use has so... reviewed January 8, 2007
The Thinking Machine by mrvort Sci-Fi
i see your only in 1933 So sets Are not that good so your limited But they do get a lot better as the years progress But this is really good for the sets you have, so keep making them reviewed January 8, 2007
Coffee Talk by lordnhoj Comedy
Some classic lines in this! Speeding scene, Nearly dead grandmother, etc All tied in nicely Best use of the sexy dance routine I've seen, Well done. Just Keep making em reviewed January 8, 2007
Fear the Jaburwokie by lordnhoj Horror
All children's fiery tales are based on horror, Your adaptation of the jabawaki is superb, Well edited ,nice even pace throughout and its scary, this was helped by the music that you chose I love the ... reviewed January 8, 2007
Assault In The Street by nz_fsx Action
Featured Review
This is your second uploaded movie So your probably learning the ropes But i have no idea why there's an Assault on the street, So its pure guess work Which means your the only one who really knows wh...
reviewed January 8, 2007
Carl and Ted episode two by Deshea Comedy
awesome dude, It observation humor at its finest, Vo's are superb I hope it gets great reviews It deserves it FUNNY reviewed January 8, 2007
The Farting Movie! (Guaranteed Laugh!) by PylonStockpile Comedy
Featured Review
Oh my God ... Funny Funny FUNNY, Nuff Said
reviewed January 7, 2007
The Story of Jayne Cobb by jimjimson Sci-Fi
This made no sense what soever But for some reason i liked it Maybe it was the female barkeep Who can juggle make [oh please!]tails and change into a german ww2 uniform at the same time If you get a m... reviewed January 7, 2007
High Heads Preview by ButtasRho Comedy
It's has all the ingredients for a great Movie let me know through the forum when it comes out reviewed January 7, 2007
Scooby Doo Mystery Files by eobaggs Comedy
What a great little movie, Its a pity it isn't longer Find out were the sound track came from And do lots more Later Dude reviewed January 7, 2007
Prisoner of Lesbos Isle by nooctip Action
Featured Review
I'm Disgusted I'm outraged, I'm Lying.. I'm looking through my Atlas to find Lesbos on the map, Strange there trying to get off it And I'm trying to get on!!! Seriously This has a great story lots of...
reviewed January 7, 2007
Watch It Or Else! - a comedy by PylonStockpile Comedy
Featured Review
Python this Is SO FUNNY, Every two seconds i laughed, Fav part was (Spidee senses) But For pity's sake Kill the mumbling.... If you kill Mumbling i give you $10 virtual dollar!!!! If you rate my new...
reviewed January 7, 2007
My Crazy Movie Episode 5 by avalon306 Action
Featured Review
Well your title says it all. If anyone views it and asks What was that? Tell them to read my review Its binladen getting his ass whooped by an alien clown i enjoy a bit of mad cap PS why do gorilla's...
reviewed January 7, 2007
Cyberworld by bballman24 Action
First off The way to get a good screen shot is pause the movie in post production At the desired spot Click thumb nail And bingo You know people are going to Scream I ROBOT rip off, I say Take no noti... reviewed January 7, 2007
Zombie Invasion by Jets92 Action
Featured Review
Jets i hope you don't mind but i slipped a few VC's in your account toward the haunted corridor well worth it It's a great set to do your horror movies in Later Dude... BTW You made the right choice P...
reviewed January 7, 2007
GAMESTATION VIII by Irish_Scorpion Action
You said it couldn't be done, I suggested that you might consider doing voice over to give it some VaVaVoom , You said it cant be done! Yet here we are, This has give your series a giant boost its Roc... reviewed January 7, 2007
Zombie Invasion (VOs) by Jets92 Action
Featured Review
I've done this back to front, Viewed number two first Ah well Tell your friend he did a great job with the acting, You got a flair for the horror genre, My tip If you have S/E use the free cam its a f...
reviewed January 7, 2007
Zombie Invasion 2 by Jets92 Action
Featured Review
Good solid horror easy to follow storyline, Nice use of overlays video cam Nice work Well done if you could rate my new horror Teaser, Silent Hills I'd be grateful Thanks
reviewed January 7, 2007
Night Night Polly by kamakaziraymond Horror
The story itself not bad, As your description says, Tell you what we think? So here goes, the one flaw stands out is continuity IE walking down busy corridor , Next scene dark & nobody about, Things l... reviewed January 7, 2007
They Came From Above by shonen10 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I was all ready to hit stop and move on, Thinking who were they? Then the flashback Happened This made your movie more viewer friendly its stops you guessing It got better as the story progressed, Tw...
reviewed January 7, 2007
Communist run by scottsmen45 Comedy
I feel tired just watching it Witch came first the song or the movie Hmmm that sound tracks great you may want to credit it though, Before some Dudley do right gives you one star For originality 5 st... reviewed January 7, 2007
Knickers In A Twist by paulw Comedy
Well first off , didnt realise the beastie boys were so old, Great humour Your Sister as a knack for this, Fav scene Coughing in face Lovely piece of humour They say comedy is down to timing ,well you... reviewed January 7, 2007
The Yellow ducky Episode 1 by koleabear Romance
All i can say is Ducky is a Stud Two gorgeous babes fighting over him Lucky Ducky!!! Well done original Love triangle Saga Girl find duck Girl loses duck... Duck, I'm confused now, But seriously Fine ... reviewed January 7, 2007
Future Rises by koleabear Action
Its really hard to believe this is only your 2nd uploaded movie I'm impressed Normally takes months before people start using voice acting (Which is top notch!) The movie itself as some good action ... reviewed January 7, 2007
NIA Trailer by DorianRust Action
More Action than you can wave a dynamite stick at, Fabulous Narration Great use of custom overlays Eagerly awaiting the movie give us a date DorianRust Of release so i can mark it on my calendar If ... reviewed January 7, 2007
Dance All Evening by ira61p Action
Ira could i give a word of advice, I see you uploaded Three films in a row, One of them been a Computer generated Title War Is Hell, Now what you've done is moved the three films in front of yours fu... reviewed January 7, 2007
RIP Trailer by flybertfly Horror
Featured Review
This looks to be a great horror flick, I'll hope the finished versions as good? I have a simerlier teaser Silent Hills Could you check it out & give your opinion Thanks ...Ps Soundogs.Com, Have some a...
reviewed January 7, 2007
Agents by bballman24 Action
My honest opinion, This is screaming out for some dialogue, Subtitle's/VO's There's a story there! But at the moment it's pure guess work, Maybe for now leave details in your description IE why is he... reviewed January 7, 2007
The Last Noel by ian2003 Action
I dont know if this any use to you, but i believe that the competition rules say that the story has to say how Santa clause Gets his Famous red suit reviewed January 6, 2007
Steelfreeze by stevenhomen Sci-Fi
Wow some smart visuals used You now have the blue print To do a full version You've mastered the look, Just the story based movie and you'll have a massive hit on your hands Well done... reviewed January 6, 2007
The Dinner Club by CoJaDe11 Comedy
Was that Britney Spears on the beach Hmmm, Great Voice acting, you could tell you enjoyed doing this, Loved the car & jogging scene awesome Pizza gorging babes are my type of girls, Please do more mo... reviewed January 6, 2007
What an Idiot by bballman24 Comedy
its a fun film i enjoyed it, i do feel sorry for the Japanese Indian zombie though! Don't ask me why I'd imagine he has a complicated social life Ah well, Nicely done! If you get a moment Rate my Co... reviewed January 6, 2007
Race Without End by goldsonic1 Action
I see you spent considerable doing the uniforms, the amount of times I've seen US soldiers in Japanese uniform I've lost count The Action scenes are top quality Over all story is really good And this ... reviewed January 6, 2007
Funny Mummy by ong Comedy
I really liked it I Really Really liked it..blah blah Blah... Seriously though some original funny stuff gets weird at end the though, but who cares i loved it to bits super vo's I'd like your opinio... reviewed January 6, 2007
They Came by jera1972 Sci-Fi
Never Never NEVER, Mess with Human chicks!!! You'll Just get your Ass kicked Who's laughing Now, You bog eyed Alien Floozy!, Great Movie Thoroughly enjoyed it, Make More... Please rate my new movie D... reviewed January 6, 2007
The Life Of Troy Jackson 1 by ShyShy Action
I'm sorry to here about your friend! This is a fine tribute, I related to the Character Troy's dilemma, Dames if you do, Damned if you don't!!! Looking forward to the next episode Later Man... reviewed January 6, 2007
Arthur (part 1) by FidibusFilms Action
Featured Review
I'd imagine there are more to come, bring em on! Really good I thought hello? Was that a voice over i heard, It was the sound track, Which was also cool & went great with the movie, You've used a sce...
reviewed January 6, 2007
Half-Brother by FistofJudgement Action
Featured Review
This was fantastic Pure story driven movie, turbulence in the family, You believe that they a brothers as it progresses, Great flashbacks the choice of face expressions, Was well thought out, 5 out o...
reviewed January 6, 2007
western story (engels) by motorblok Action
Some people may shy away from this movie As its quite long, but it's there loss! the intro deserves a round of applause The best western start I've seen on this site, Although near the end I was expe... reviewed January 6, 2007
The Hit by shonen10 Action
Featured Review
I see this is your first film you've uploaded, Its hard to believe It, Your doing stuff like a pro well done, Can i point out something with out giving the plot away! That has to be the shortest engag...
reviewed January 6, 2007
SaW - Bloody Dream by Rollercoasterproductions Horror
Gruesome tale, Its on par with Elm street horror, (this is a good thing) the countdown overlay was really cool, Great horror film My advice would be Credit the mods designers that were used in this m... reviewed January 6, 2007
Phantom Butt Kicker by pashers Comedy
Charlie Chaplin, springs to mind, Grass roots comedy, people years ago queued for hours to see movies like this! This short comedy has no need for subtitles in my opinion, its short but perfectly form... reviewed January 6, 2007
the bums episode 4 by gollevenn Comedy
I do like this series, And i really feel for the barkeep Not the best job in the world And he still got them two to deal with,!!! Gollevenn, Just one thing, Subtitles need to stay on the screen long... reviewed January 6, 2007
Oh i miss him! by Bodge666 Romance
This may still needs parental control due to the large amount of ginger haired people in one scene, (Joking) there a couple minor faults Not to drastic! ilikes it and that what counts If you get the c... reviewed January 6, 2007
Fade To Black 2nd teaser by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Terrific you did it again, Splendid use of the mods, make the film look the part As i've rated both trailers Would you give your opinion on my movie Dance yourself Dizzy Thanks in advance reviewed January 6, 2007
Wait For Me by AnubisStudios Comedy
Hmmm, More tea vicar, this is er, Anyway Just to let you know overlay is sorted check your Email Gotta new film Dance yourself dizzy An honest opinion Would be appreciated I hope your not going to use... reviewed January 6, 2007
Private Eye Dr Who by noewhan Sci-Fi
Great mods Dalex The tardias Forgive my spelling All it really needed was Some subtitles and it would of got 5 atars but saying that i enjoyed it, second thoughts 5 anyway for all the work you did w... reviewed January 6, 2007
Wizzer Dipstick in Snap Crackle Kaboom! by Jackal56o Comedy
I'm going to state the obvious! But this is hilarious, The voiceacting are as good as your going to get on this site Comedy is all about timing! your timing is spot on I'm a little worried about fini... reviewed January 6, 2007
Robot Nazi Goes Berserk! by zombieshadow1 Comedy
I've got some cleaning up to do, I just spat coffee all over the key board from laughing Adolf Hitler Looks just like him That was really funny... You ask for my input The first thing i would do is ge... reviewed January 5, 2007
Come Back To Me Alternate ending two by joey101 Romance
I'm like a kid in a candy store So meny ending i'm not sure which one to pick? This has the sexy ending So it gets my vote; Bravo, Joey reviewed January 5, 2007
Come Back To Me part four by joey101 Romance
Featured Review
That's it then? All good things must come to an end, That is the first time I've responded to your series I actually Said Aah... Great super ending... All you need now some new characters A new plot d...
reviewed January 5, 2007
Come Back To Me part three by joey101 Romance
Talk about Fatal Attraction That's Got nothing on this This series is starting to get nasty, I like it! She's such a bunny boiler! What can i say without repeating myself You got an uncanny flare for... reviewed January 5, 2007
The Driver - Episode One by CrazyQueso Action
Featured Review
God dam That was so awesome, where can i start1 Firstly The story is about the best I've seen ,Then there's the editing it top notch, the lead character Jobs, Is really likable (Reminds me of Fox Mol...
reviewed January 5, 2007
Pirate Attack! by FWSPr0ductions Action
I think you've a great job, So don't knock yourself, As there are enough people out there that do that job already ( Whoops!!! i don't mean you in particular , meant everybody! Phew that was close, yo... reviewed January 5, 2007
You and Me by ralfduran Horror
as horrors go this is probably one of the best I've seen here! You created an atmosphere that lasted throughout the movie that sends chill down your spine Fabulous peace of movie making, wont be long ... reviewed January 5, 2007
Tales Of Shock episode1-Ruthless killer by zombieshadow1 Horror
I liked this it funny & horrid, Mason's mom is pretty cool, No matter what you do, Moms their to fix it, You gotta love em! As for the Mods you asked for obvious Choice 8EYEDBABY it's where I get mine... reviewed January 5, 2007
ALIENS EARTH HIVE 5 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
This is excellent, You've got original look to your movie It's a near future Scifi which hardly gets done, Overlays also impressive, Fabulous work I'll watch out for the next instalment If you could d... reviewed January 5, 2007
Dead Reckoning Part II by Patrick-Mc-All Horror
Featured Review
These' s are becoming addictive,!!! You've left me drooling for more! One thing though, Betty's eyes are to close together for my liking , I'm keeping my Biddie eye on her, Nice one Patrick...
reviewed January 5, 2007
A Kats Tale by muzthekrak Horror
First off, you've done something that most people don't do,!What you did is let us get to know the main character so as the film progresses, you feel empathy towards her, This film needed that! I thin... reviewed January 5, 2007
The Dancer by fatmanproductions Action
That was filled with energy Subtitles were nicely spread out a good story to go withIt A dancer with a short fuse!!! lethal combination, My new movies about dancing but its a bit more gentle Dance you... reviewed January 5, 2007
Speedboat by moviemogul123 Action
Wiggles fingers in both ears ! Nope it's the film , It looks really good as well if i were you, I would, remove this And re upload it in your movie maker Look forward to seeing the Sounded version... reviewed January 5, 2007
Alien Atack by Patrick_Stewart Sci-Fi
Patrick, as you know, theres no sound, If you go to the forum there's a sticky post that deals with this issue This may solve your problem!!! reviewed January 5, 2007
Life-Form by Skat-Kat Sci-Fi
Superb piece of SI/FI This is the longest film I've watched, I normally like to get in view and get out, First great voice overs and second, all the actors are wearing the right costumes throughout, T... reviewed January 5, 2007
The New World by bondq007 Sci-Fi
First thing that you notice your actors change costumes in every scene,!!! The way you resolve this in future is when you are in advance movie maker Drag your lead roll & supporting roll actors over t... reviewed January 5, 2007
Meet Ajax Fancypants Intro by magic_lamp Comedy
Fabulous, The story has a poetic feel to it, (which is a good thing) You start to like the character Ajax as the film progresses And the music was just right for the film, Bravo Magic Lamp, There's a... reviewed January 5, 2007
Lady Dragon by rayne666 Action
First of all Great title, A smart Action Movie were the music fits all the scenes, Subtitles are well laid out, Nice character creation, I really enjoyed it. Please do yourself a favor, And put a brie... reviewed January 5, 2007
Scarface trailer by mrkrueger250 Action
4 stars For trailers Otherwise what do i rate the full version, Looks spot on, great character design Trouble now what scenes to pick? The movie has a lot of superb scenes My fav got to be the end I... reviewed January 4, 2007
Eiskalte Rache by stephan_dedalus Action
Well, I can say well done, Good action throughout An easy to follow story So subtitles wasn't really necessary, Keep it up!! Could you rate my New movie Dance Yourself Dizzy Thanks in advance! reviewed January 4, 2007
Mid Summers Night Scream Movie by Patrick-Mc-All Horror
I've seen the trailer I've Watch the Film All i need now is the book, And I'll have the full set, Oh and the T shirt lol Well you delivered all you promised in the trailer, This Movie making is in yo... reviewed January 4, 2007
007 by jamie30jamer Action
You have to give us more info on your movies, otherwise it becomes pure guess work!!! There are no subtitles no voice acting so basically YOU are the only one that knows whats going on, When i first ... reviewed January 4, 2007
life at home by toshadog_9 Comedy
I must remind myself never to go to her birthday parties, More action than Comedy, But had it's funny moments Nice flick Sounds like you enjoy a laugh Check out my New movie Dance yourself Dizzy Thanks reviewed January 4, 2007
Incu-Baiter by leasky2 Horror
I did scream don't go into the cellar! to late, I enjoyed it, good continuity, music matched the scenes well, Costumes were cool, nice horror movie keep it up Could you rate my new Movie Dance yoursel... reviewed January 4, 2007
The Only Twin by CoryThrun Romance
I always take my hat off to people who choose the romance genre, As it limits you to a story driven plot, You have succeeded in this case, and it has a fifties feel to it weather this was your intenti... reviewed January 4, 2007
Dead Reckoning by Patrick-Mc-All Horror
I can't believe you've only just uploaded two movies There really superb compared to my first movies... This one is crying out for a sequel, If you don't mind me giving you a couple tips First lose th... reviewed January 4, 2007
Killer Of Souls by WilliamPreston Sci-Fi
You've missed out on a top movie here, The start reminded me of Planet of the apes (which is a good thing) It's obvious you have a feel for the SI/FI genre, If this is a trailer then it gets my vote, ... reviewed January 4, 2007
Back to Baghdad Part 2 Invasion by rocker959 Action
This a well thought out movie with some nice voice overs, and a gripping story, there's a few continuity errors Nothing to drastic , You may what to lower the music volume & sound effects in future as... reviewed January 4, 2007
The KISS Ship Of Randomness by trueblue93 Comedy
Well the title says it all, A kitchen sink was missing, but that's all I like the ending Groovy Baby yeah, Check out my comedy dance yourself Dizzy, Thanks reviewed January 4, 2007
Deranged by N00bzer Sci-Fi
Dangerous Combination, Buck teeth and a beak, can get very messy I have no idea what it was about but i liked it and that's what counts! check out my new Dance yourself dizzy. Thanks reviewed January 4, 2007
Mid Summers Night Scream by Patrick-Mc-All Horror
Well yoour tralier has it all! looking forward to the movie, let me know when it comes out through the forum, One thing though Change Brads hair lol Check out my new movie Dance yourself dizzy, Thanks reviewed January 4, 2007
a week of two species! by chris1222 Sci-Fi
$775,233 Well spent, some good overall affect, Well done Could you rate my movie Dance yourself dizzy, reviewed January 4, 2007
ninja clan by marc505 Action
The overall story is really good, although the ending is confusing somewhat Maybe try losing the mumbling as it's distracting, Oh Welcome back, Could you rate my new movie Dance your self dizzy, reviewed January 4, 2007
Betrayl by dvdwtks Action
One of the best stories I've seen for ages, a believe me I've seen a lot! Nicely subtitled good editing, Fav character Mr James , he's the epitome of Cool, If i gave it less then five stars, I'd be r... reviewed January 4, 2007
Rock On! Trailer by jackbrooker Comedy
Four Stars for a trailer,( which is only fair!) As your film mentions nothing about the film only that your going on tour, It may be a good idea to give a brief description what it will be about it'll... reviewed January 4, 2007
Christmas Story - Santa Claus by Eagle_93 Romance
What can i say, it's beautiful to watch & Peter Tchaikovsky's music blended really well, Nice Christmas Movie reviewed January 4, 2007
Mortal Combat by PLACHINTA Action
Featured Review
The costumes are excellent, You could Really do with some voice overs For Famous line like COME HERE, FATALATY & Not forgetting FINISH HIM, If your unable to do voice overs I'd be glad to do them, Pl...
reviewed January 4, 2007
Forever Immortal Episode 3 by andy_inc Action
Featured Review
Man Them duracell batteries are Awesome Which reminds me so is your movie i enjoyed every minute of it There's not many quality movies out there at the moment this is about the best, My movies just be...
reviewed January 4, 2007
Picture Camera Shake Test by Grailstryk Action
Are you using the Augie64filter If so you save me some time because i was going to use that on one of my movies It's not what i was looking for, if it is could you let me know by leaving a message on... reviewed January 3, 2007
Ghost Of You by trueblue93 Action
As you know, Theres no sound, Their's a sticky on the forum that helps you deal with this issue, I look forward to rating it when you re upload it... reviewed January 3, 2007
The Honeymoon is over!!! by AnubisStudios Comedy
Dam it man, this is funny stuff! Its just beautiful humor, The mothers expression says it all.. You done it again... Splendid You may want to see my comedy Forth coming reviewed January 3, 2007
The Stupid Lawyer by AnubisStudios Comedy
Brilliant No special effect, no pyrotechnics, Just honest to goodness Humor I nearly chocked on my coffee at the end, Great stuff Oh & it may be a good idea to disallow non members from voting your fi... reviewed January 3, 2007
The Sunset Prophecy - The Eye of Life by filmaker Sci-Fi
Featured Review
The quality of this movie is outstanding The hole movie/series wreaks of excellence I've tried doing Science Fiction scripts there are difficult And had to give up Its harder then what it looks, you ...
reviewed January 3, 2007
Zara Mystress of Magic by nooctip Action
I Nearly switched off when i seen the baggage boy routine, But I'm glad i never This has a really original storyline And a smart ending, There's one minor problem the subtitle are rather quick, But th... reviewed January 2, 2007
Office of Love the Series Act 6 by gsears Action
Look! I've got a proposition for ya, I wont ever rate your movies in future If you agree not to rate mine, If you except, Donate Two Virtual credits, to my studio But if you want to carry on This stup... reviewed January 2, 2007
Santa Goes To Narnia by person_me200 Comedy
You asked a question? Who is lead canoe, It's a boat that's made out of a heavy metal, I wasn't being derogatory, I was pointing out that A film with a major flaw Like the sound being out of sink Woul... reviewed January 2, 2007
LES by wa187 Romance
I'll be honest with you, There are a lot of mistake as you probably already no! In nearly every scene there wearing different clothes & different hair styles, So you end up not knowing who the lead ch... reviewed January 2, 2007
thie old [wash your mouth out!] by regina_rocks Romance
My X girlfriend makes your character look like a Nun, lol But seriously, This is a really sad film, If she was a man he'd be called a Stud, What happened to equal opportunities Thank you for rating my... reviewed January 2, 2007
Office of Love the Series Act 5 by gsears Action
n reviewed January 2, 2007
Devilman Vs The 7 Deadly sins Act 1 by jasonx1024 Action
I was going to have my supper, i don't think I'll bother now! So chubby bites the dust, This is really original, I wish i would of thought It, nice voice acting ( But maybe a little to close to the m... reviewed January 2, 2007
Era of the Zombie-Cleanup by Destorath Horror
I thought this was really good, a Different take on the Zombie Movie, As you progress in your game You'll get full Zombie makeover you could make a sequel, Nice work Could you View my Latest movie Fo... reviewed January 2, 2007
Return of the Red Eye by mycoolart Sci-Fi
Great Vo's, Funny, With a good storyline It meshed together really well I love the similarity between Red eye & Jedi Clever!!! If you get time could you rate My Comedy FORTH COMING Thanks reviewed January 2, 2007
Captain Surender by Neropower Action
You may all ready know this,? But you need to remove this copy of your movie & Re upload it from your movie maker takes about 5 to 10 minutes I'll keep an eye out for the new version, reviewed January 2, 2007
The Last Day by gsears Action
N/C reviewed January 2, 2007
Soul Of The Shell - Division 9 Trailer by gabriel11986 Sci-Fi
i think this looks like a winner! A great character for your lead role And plenty of action scenes, Let me know when the full versions available through the forum, Could you view MY new comedy Forthco... reviewed January 2, 2007
DEADHUNTER by Alexonico Horror
I'll sleep easy tonight knowing DEADHUNTER'S out there!!! Great Horror with a nice story, And subtitles that stay on the screen long enough so you can read them,(rare these Days When you get time Cou... reviewed January 2, 2007
ADVERT Direct Claims by Cheesy1 Comedy
I hate the actual Ads, But this is really good idea, I never give five stars to movies that are less than a minute in length, But this isen't a Movie It's it's advert so, It gets 5 stars If you get a ... reviewed January 2, 2007
30 sec of controversy by EdWoud Comedy
It's short And to the point, Cant say to much otherwise I'll give away the surprise, I didnt realize that michael Jackson older brother was like that!!! BTW How did the soap stay on, Ah The thing you ... reviewed January 2, 2007
Billys Bunny Dream by geo1992 Romance
The voice overs were really great The story is highly original A nice bunny movie, But I'm a bit worried about the way Billie walks, lol Just keep this standard up and you'll go far, If you get the c... reviewed January 2, 2007
City Story by JBlackrose Action
Great action flick, with a good easy to follow storyline, I wont give the ending away but enjoyed what you did, nicely done! JBlackrose, If you could view my new Comedy FOth COMING, I would really app... reviewed January 1, 2007
Too Late by magic_lamp Romance
Fabulous film, i agree with Black rose! If this is your debut then we are in for some great movies from you in the future, awesome stuff Well done!!! If you would View my New movie FORTH COMING, I wou... reviewed January 1, 2007
The Effing Desk by edweezy90 Romance
Edweezy, I can hardly see the keyboard with tears in my eyes from laughing Nuff said reviewed January 1, 2007
Putting Fire Out With Gasoline by PylonStockpile Comedy
Featured Review
Two Ninjas, One domesticated And the other Not quite so domesticated, If people want originality They can get it here! Strange isn't it a Ninja can kill you with one finger, But ask him to cook a cas...
reviewed January 1, 2007
the bums episode 3 by gollevenn Comedy
Nicely done What really made laugh, Was the get back to work, Good little comedy you have here! If you Get the time could you view My new comedy FORTH COMING Thanks, Oh And a Happy New year gollevenn, reviewed January 1, 2007
Minute by fatmanproductions Action
Your just showing off with the free cam work! It's about the best I've seen on this site! If you want my input, i would have the murderer/s hanging out of the window ( in the wall section) To allude ... reviewed January 1, 2007
Christmas Sucks by ninette1 Comedy
I nearly let this one slip through the net, It's lucky I've got my prozac to hand great adaptation of this heart warming Christmas Song, There was one point Were i thought that Santa & the hobo were ... reviewed January 1, 2007
Fabio Vialpando by lukas_movies Action
You've done a fantastic job in creating a thirties feel This had a good pace throughout the film, and an intriguing storyline, Well done indeed! If you could view my new movie FORTHCOMING I'd apprec... reviewed January 1, 2007
Jake Cant Find A Date by joey101 Comedy
Hey Joey, Happy new year, This is really good, My Fav scene is You smell like, etc Jake's persistence Is overwhelming It's got a feel good factor which i enjoyed Nice one! Do me a favor & give me an ... reviewed January 1, 2007
Terror in school by Alexonico Action
More action then you can wave a police baton at in such a short movie you've Got a feel for this type of film, Do one with a good story & you'll have a Hit on your hands (Definitely) If you could view... reviewed January 1, 2007
American Teen by guttalingur Romance
Nice Feel good Movie, The music went well with it,.. My only question is What did she do to him that that he couldn't even walk? The mind boggles! If you get the chance, could you view my new movie FO... reviewed January 1, 2007
The Office Men by celtics3 Action
My Advice Would be remove this from your Studio Go into your Game to movie maker, & re up load the new version from their This problem happened to me a few times, You probably know this , But just in... reviewed January 1, 2007
A Night in the bar with Graveyard by godzillatraviz Comedy
Featured Review
Graveyard is epitome of Cool! And voice acting was spot on, some nice editing Bluhm Has a point Although i think his rating was a bit mean ( That's his prerogative) There's a sound tool called audacit...
reviewed January 1, 2007
The hitman Untold Stories by tealk101 Action
All i can say is Dave deserved to die with that underwear, Way to short to give it five stars Mmmm What the hell,! it's New years day Have a Great year Tealk, If you get time Could you View my comedy,... reviewed December 31, 2006
You Rang MrChicken by dillxn Comedy
Featured Review
I see that chicken got out of the wrong side of the Nest this morning!, My favourite part in this movie is the passenger scene! The ending wasn't what i expected, here's a tip! In future, i would remo...
reviewed December 31, 2006
The Effing Desk - Reloaded by edweezy90 Comedy
Featured Review
Thanks I've just spat coffee all over my keyboard from laughing, A Gorilla With attitude well voiced smart editing Highly entertaining & so funny, If you could view my new comedy... FORTH COMING I'd ...
reviewed December 31, 2006
Saw the movie by sosinead Horror
There's one major fualt with sound tracking, Bur even that doesn't stop it from being Awesome, Really well Acted clever, Gripping story line, And highly entertaining, A well deserves 5 stars you all d... reviewed December 31, 2006
The Card Jacks Are Wild by filmaker Action
Featured Review
I'd seen already watched this, Any hoo! I'm going to be really honest THIS IS GREAT, It buzzes with electric, What I'm trying to say is it's so full of energy It reminds me a little of the Crow, Th...
reviewed December 31, 2006
Hot Dance by timorogowski Romance
You know you have a big hit on your hands here! its really great The free cam work is some the best i've seen Well done indeed!!! reviewed December 31, 2006
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol by xplay Comedy
I'm sorry i didnt get it! Is it a comedy or an action movie? Does only two letter's work on you keyboard The L & O, lol reviewed December 31, 2006
Careless Love by JDFrankFan Romance
All i can say is, GET A ROOM.... reviewed December 30, 2006
Kill or Love by timorogowski Romance
Bon Bon, Very enjoyable movie and tremendous free CAM effect Good use of overlays Well done... reviewed December 30, 2006
Road To The Top by superdwarf1 Action
Featured Review
What a Shame about the film being a couple of seconds behind the voice Overs I did the same thing with one of my movies What you've done is cut a scene & forgot to re Aline the Dialogue box But this a...
reviewed December 30, 2006
H is for hell 2 by kiefer49 Horror
A great improvment, Much better the the first one, Just one fault though! The woman in the fight scene gets...( i wont give the plot away) But she is the one consoling the victim, Keep it up Dude!!! reviewed December 30, 2006
big league brawl by seanyboy2885 Action
It lives up to it's title lots of well edited fight scenes, One thing in future try to match the music to the scene, what i mean is Action music with fighting And a more relaxed music with chatting i... reviewed December 30, 2006
USS Endurance Trailer by dsbeach1978 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I think trailers are an excellent way of promotion, And this is no exception Great introduction to your movie, Although Lt Boris does have an uncanny resemblance to Art Garthuncle As in Simon & gart...
reviewed December 30, 2006
DAY OF DEATH by wa187 Horror
WA187 Your movie has not got any subtitles, VO's, What we've got is a guessing game If you were to rate this movie how many stars would YOU give it? I'm not being vindictive all I'm trying to do is Gi... reviewed December 30, 2006
The Failure by Arnish Action
This is all over the place, The Police are involved in the robbery a in the arrest? no subtitle's no VO's no plot, Sorry!!! reviewed December 30, 2006
cities by kiefer49 Action
You just keep getting better.! A no frills Monster battle good work, One suggestion you know when the creature falls next time try using An impact sound effect, it adds to the drama, nicely done... reviewed December 30, 2006
The Sunset Prophecy-The Rescue by filmaker Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Oooh I see were nearing the prophecy I disagree with your comment about this one not been as good etc: If anything it's the best one so far, In my opinion. once again the Free cam work is second to no...
reviewed December 30, 2006
A Santa Story Behind The Beard by filmaker Comedy
Featured Review
Well Christmas as gone, But seeing this movie as rekindled my Christmas spirit It just feels really Christmasy I take it that was the whole point, a well deserved 5 stars Keep going man!
reviewed December 29, 2006
Bloody Mary Trailer by Patt0192 Horror
Featured Review
Congrats for making it into the Horror charts, But it's well deserved The voice acting is top notch I hope the finished version is half as good as the trailer, Which reminded me a little of The Candy ...
reviewed December 29, 2006
Sitting At The Bar by AnubisStudios Comedy
It's great, Considering it's only your first up load I love the Rehab song, In the lyrics there's a part were it say i crashed that car, What you could of done is have one of the many car crashes that... reviewed December 29, 2006
A War Tale by snake4411 Action
Very classy WW2 saga Which i enjoyed immensely Great Flick! Here's a suggestion, Try to extend the Subtitles As there were slightly quick, But that's just a tiny fault. Well done! reviewed December 28, 2006
the mist (official trailer) by byron22 Horror
Great sense of dread, I love the music score, I for one know about mistakes, as I'm always making them! there's one scene were he says the phones are not working, a later he's using it! This is not a ... reviewed December 28, 2006
BOOGEYMAN Death of Judith Myers by michagin_man Horror
Tense stuff! The free Cam work Was excellent, The Story Kept you Glued to ypur seat And in proper horror Fashion, Our heroin goes for a shower, Classic! Just keep makin em,,, reviewed December 28, 2006
Santa is by muzthekrak Action
With Christmas becoming more & more commercialised each year! We tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas, Any Hoo, Very simple BUT affective film you've product, A well deserved 5 STARS Nice one... reviewed December 28, 2006
The B Team by cd3141 Action
I can hardly see the keyboard with the tears in my eyes from laughing F"£@king Brilliant This goes into my book marked film, Sweet... I agree with 51 Clark kent, i nearly wet myself... reviewed December 27, 2006
The Slayer by suite_pee Action
Featured Review
Your Hero in this movie is ultra cool, similar to James woods character in John Carpenters Vampires, High praise indeed, Some nice free cam shots good Work all round, If you get a minute, Could you r...
reviewed December 26, 2006
Area 51 (Trailer) by silentscope56 Sci-Fi
Excuse me if I've got this wrong! But are there meant to be Japanese uniformed soldiers in this trailer, Saying that though I'm not a big SI/FI fan! The battle scene was way cool Editing is tight, But... reviewed December 26, 2006
Come Back To Me alternate ending 1 by joey101 Romance
I thought, Hello joey gone loopy, Then i noticed it was a dream (Phew) As daredevil Mentioned I thought that part two was better, Although that Doesn't make this version Any less interesting That's th... reviewed December 26, 2006
Daniels Life by dsbeach1978 Comedy
Featured Review
If your life's half as good as the characters portrayed in this movie then I'm really jealous, Great idea good story & you beat up Clark Kent which is a good thing... Voices were a bit faint in place...
reviewed December 26, 2006
H is for HELL!!!! by kiefer49 Horror
This is really good since it's only your second upload, OK, this got a few mistakes with the costume, nothing to drastic Good subtitles they stayed on the screen long enough too read which is rare the... reviewed December 26, 2006
The Ten Commandments by Trashman Romance
I'm not a religious person, And since I've broken about 8 of ten commandments, I've never converted my neighbor ass, And the shell not kill one! But even i fear for your soul, I am now going to take... reviewed December 26, 2006
War is Hell by legolaselmejor88888 Horror
Hey you little scamp, The old war is hell ploy Mmmm, You would of gotten away with it to, If it wasn't for us darn teenagers, Sorry, But you have to do your own films reviewed December 26, 2006
The Blue Man Show by irondiddy Action
I hope it's not the end, it has potential, Just needs the editing tightening up a fraction What i mean is when he shoots him off the horse there's a slight gap when the gun fired & him falling, Try u... reviewed December 26, 2006
Against the Director by damian2000 Comedy
I take it Bob is your arch Nemesis Great ides putting yourself in the game The film has some funny moments & it's editing is crisp, so well done... This is the second Movie I've rated for you, So if... reviewed December 26, 2006
The angry cops by everett55 Action
Featured Review
I had know idea that Santa was a bad Mother, this is original and funny So it get top marks from me! Happy Holidays Everett55 If you could view my Christmas comedy Santa's Huge Mistake, That would be cool,...
reviewed December 26, 2006
crazy cam christmas cracker by a2k13 Comedy
Featured Review
There's obviously a problem with the voice overs, Well if you go to 8eyedBaby's web page, At the bottom his home page, There's a link to a tool called Audacity It's free & simple to use, It allows you...
reviewed December 25, 2006
Extinction by SKAT-KAT Sci-Fi
I'm normally Not into SI/FI, But this is a cool movie Good pyrotechnics And great attention to detail ie, all the costumes match, & no square headed robots in the background Which is really common..... reviewed December 25, 2006
The Awakening by bwell89 Horror
I love making Horror Movies, And you do by looks of it? You movie had mood & atmosphere No subtitles which is a pity! All in all a good film, A little Tip for ya, The twist in the tail For example Hav... reviewed December 25, 2006
the love story by stilettos Comedy
An easy on the eye movie, That is indeed sexy Good choice of different music to go with each scene And a happy ending Can't Ask for more! Well done Happy Holidays Steletto's If you get the chance co... reviewed December 25, 2006
Monkey love by Broku Sci-Fi
There was a Monkey in it But didn't see too much loving, It reminded me of two film in one, independence day & King Kong, Two of my favorite films, It lacks voiceover Or Subtitles, But all is not l... reviewed December 25, 2006
You Cant Keep The Dead DEAD! by damian2000 Horror
Phew, Sailing close to wind with near insult to the viewers, But i think you'll get away with it! Great movie works for me If you get the chance could you View My trailer Silent Hill Happy Holidays, ... reviewed December 25, 2006
Warten auf Thor by irondiddy Horror
Some people Don't like the visual effects of this era, But i think it gives character, Some nice cosumss used as well, And in true horror style a twist at the end, Good job... If you get the chane tr... reviewed December 25, 2006
All alone by HyruleanMovies Action
Featured Review
Well it's Defiantly a Science fiction Movie, And it got a lot of Action So best of both worlds I know doing Voice overs is difficult So I'll rate it % stars Merry Christmas Hyrul If you get time View ...
reviewed December 25, 2006
Jakes Christmas by Jakemoviemaker Action
It's almost like a fairy tale, I'm Walking in the air comes to mind! A delightful little film well done I have a Santa film if you care to watch it! Have a great Christmas Jake... reviewed December 25, 2006
Wartime Casualties by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Now that's what i call an argument, Great comedy Voice overs were spot on, but there were a little faint as you mentioned, Well if you go to 8eyedbabys web page there's a link at the bottom of his hom... reviewed December 25, 2006
Featured Review
An original concept which will do really well i think! A film within a film One thing i must point out i didn't realize that you could do the werewolf change in the urban office So thanks for that......
reviewed December 25, 2006
Gastropod by warnerbro Horror
I don't know how far you are into your game? But you will be given A Custom script office (The mid thirties i think) That's where you will be able to create your own story lines, And a Post productio... reviewed December 25, 2006
The Perfect Christmas Gift! by evilguy12 Comedy
Gillette May have something to say about this! It's a slur on the product reviewed December 25, 2006
The Sunset Prophecy-A New Technology by filmaker Sci-Fi
Sorry for not rating this earlier, I thought i had!!! All i can say is WOW, Story (first class) Action (Heart stopping) Free Cam (Wild) watching this movie gives you a sense of speed which is a rare ... reviewed December 24, 2006
Judes Law (trailer) by RaYdAwG Action
Very good trailer... reviewed December 24, 2006
Bloody crib of the sexy demons by PipePeter Horror
Fabulous use of the free cam, I dont speak Germen so the story was somewhat vauge, But what i did see, i liked! Scary Stuff Man Merry Christmas Pipepeter Oh & if you get the chance Would view my Trail... reviewed December 24, 2006
Come Back To Me part two by joey101 Romance
Featured Review
This is even than the first, Truly This film roles along at the same pace throughout, Where's the subtitle people are to ask! it doesnt need subtitles! The story speaks for itself, And a super ending,...
reviewed December 24, 2006
How to survive a Zombie Infestation of Earth by TheTomas Horror
First of thanks for rating my Trailer Silent hill Now, this film is top quility everything down to the finist detail Oh & it's really funny! The props that were laid out must of taken you ages, Just ... reviewed December 24, 2006
Saddle In The Dust by zonian Action
At last, A real Western Were every one's dressed In proper outfits A bar Fight,(good thing) A duel (Another good thing) And the hero gets the chick (A very good thing) All the ingredients for a Wester... reviewed December 24, 2006
My Ordinary Life by Wilder1 Comedy
I slammed the brakes when i saw two men kissing, Don't get me wrong I'm not homophobic but there are some images I'd rather not watch & that's one of them. You might want put a footnote in your descri... reviewed December 24, 2006
He Can Read You Like A Book Freind To Foe by Lionheaded-dude Action
I would of given you one star because it sounds like a three years voice doing the so called Acting, But i never give people one star unlike yourself If you would of bothered to read the description i... reviewed December 24, 2006
Kerim Bay The Musical by Miket123 Comedy
It's a petty about your dodgy mic it's original That's for sure1 I was relieved when he snuffs it, Then he rose one more.. Kill him off KB2 & I'll give you 6 stars & my daughter hand in marriage This... reviewed December 24, 2006
The (New) James Trilogy Trailer by handsofmygame Comedy
This is going to look awesome on completion But you must remember the story is also important Get these two right! & you'll need a virtual wheelbarrow to carry your virtual credits home! Merry Christm... reviewed December 24, 2006
The Baggage Boy by yarworld Comedy
Sorry yarworld, As you are new to this site I'll explain nearly everyday someone Uploads the baggage boy, It's not your fault, Your not to know, Just be a little patient & you'll get the custom script... reviewed December 24, 2006
SILENT TOWN (Trailer) by danielbach Horror
Can i come out from behind the sofa Now? Thank you for the review Of Silent hill, I love your version, it's unique I'd be so very grateful if you could give me the link for the mods used in your fil... reviewed December 24, 2006
Harry Potter Le Face ą Face by loco1601 Horror
Sorry but french is virtually nonexistent I'm probably one of the few who don't no much about Harry Potter!! But one thing i know This is Very good indeed, I especially like the way you've made the b... reviewed December 24, 2006
Deal With It! by DeimosEclipse Romance
And i take that this is original? Because if it is, Then My copy of the Movies goes straight in the trash can...BTW how did she die? Was it hypothermia through lack of clothing, Take a leaf out of you... reviewed December 24, 2006
The Foreign Devils by zonian Horror
Ask yourself, Would YOU rate this movie with five stars, Probably not! I see that you are relatively new to this site, My tip to you would be Take off mumbling, as it annoys some people, Give a brief ... reviewed December 23, 2006
Bloodchill by celtic20 Horror
As filmaker as already stated good first upload You have a chance to put a brief description about the plot, Keep going kid!!! reviewed December 23, 2006
Death To All Who Oppose by lalo4569 Horror
Sound problems? The same thing has happened to the movie just under yours Citizen prophet Read the review i left, there's the solution... reviewed December 23, 2006
Citizen Prophet by hectorDvane Sci-Fi
You all ready know About the sound! There's a solution It's a bit extreme Start your game go into online & remove this Version On the right hand side column Go into Your Movie maker on the options m... reviewed December 23, 2006
A Forgotten Past by person_me200 Action
You need to remove this version & reedit it. Then re upload the fixed version, Otherwise its going to sink like lead canoe reviewed December 23, 2006
Christmas With the Bottle by thebaloob123 Romance
It's a short movie that speaks volumes, The music you used fits like a glove to this movie, Its cheerful yet haunting I've bookmark this To remind myself how lucky most people this time of year, Have ... reviewed December 23, 2006
A Psycho Christmas by SnakeEater42 Comedy
You said the singing was bad, FACT you said there was romance, FACT You forgot to mention it funny! I enjoyed this a lot Oh & Have a great Christmas Snakeater.. If you get time please view my Trailer... reviewed December 23, 2006
The Internet by gufu Comedy
I'm sorry but i can't think of anything good to say about this Er.. movie For starters, If he was to use a bazooka in a closed environment they would all be blown to kingdom come! That was a very lame story... reviewed December 23, 2006
Come Back To Me part one by joey101 Romance
Featured Review
Not easy choosing the romance theme, As it does rely on story & not action And you've succeeded in doing just that! I take it this was the happy ending version ( you don't need to be a rocket scientis...
reviewed December 23, 2006
Raid by SKAT-KAT Action
Story's a bit vague, But packed with action, A Brief description about the plot Would really help this movie, well done Oh & Have a Great Christmas If you have the time would you rate my trailer Sile... reviewed December 23, 2006
Hunting The Cure by dave8989 Comedy
I really like this movie, it didnt take itself to seriously he editing is spot on & the acting is top notch Dave your a lucky fellow, having a female doing the voice overs Where as my girlfriend tel... reviewed December 23, 2006
The Portico Wars1 by Havocide Action
Let me say first of all, your first movie is a hell of a lot better then ever was! My tips to you would Be try to use voice overs or Subtitles when ever possible in your movies as it Will boost your... reviewed December 23, 2006
My Trip to Hell by steele09 Comedy
Featured Review
I think licking Tom Cruise is illegal in some states, There's to many funny parts to mention, It's just a funny Movie! This flick cheered me up no end, Thanks Check my comedy The Brits Did It
reviewed December 23, 2006
Going Down Hard by ShootingStarsStudios Action
Three Questions Why was he arrested? How did he get out of his cell? How did he get out of his cell the second time? If I'm asking, Then most people will ask it may help you if you put a brief descrip... reviewed December 23, 2006
Zombie Santa by squall12990 Action
Poor old Zombie Santa got a knee in his Christmas Nuts What am i saying he deserves it! a nice Xmas film with a twist 4 stars, Hey! its Christmas, 5 stars If you would check my trailer Silent Hill, I... reviewed December 23, 2006
Apartment 666 by jasonx1024 Horror
It's quite long which might put some people off, But it's there loss! this is a great horror movie; with well crafted voice acting fine editing All i can say is keep em coming!!! Oh & Merry Christmas Jason reviewed December 23, 2006
umbreallas war by dean64 Action
Insurance companies must love Tony, He is the epitome of cool! More action then you can wave a stick of dynamite at, Great Movie. Sweet Leave your Email address In my other film, Ill give you the info... reviewed December 23, 2006
Psycho by bigrod Horror
Sorry, i don't speak German, The music gave this movie a great boost In atmosphere, Good voice overs & nice editing Well done If you have time Could you rate my Trailer Silent hill Oh & Merry Christmas Bigrod reviewed December 23, 2006
GAMESTATION VI by Irish_Scorpion Comedy
This Really needs Voice overs for it to work at !00% Id be happy to supply the voice if that would help? you Have a great idea here Nice use of overlays editing spot on but it lacks Va VA VOOM reviewed December 23, 2006
The Nerd who Likes Video Games by AzzieB Comedy
it started out really good & all of a sudden it went rubbish, You had lots of options, Like fps or a fighting game etc.. In my opion Its a great chance gone to waste, reviewed December 23, 2006
Following On PizzaPG by greg124201 Romance
This nearly slipped by without being Which would of been a shame, After seeing it i had a mad urge to go to the pet shop for a couple of puppies, Hmmmm strange Check out my trailer if you have time O... reviewed December 23, 2006
Lo scontro by alethegiant Action
It's to short to rate it five stars, i think you'll agree! Will Smith's Music went well with it Though! Check my trailer Silent Hill Oh, Merry Christmas Alethegiant... reviewed December 23, 2006
Wheel Of Life(Behind the scenes) by Lukok Comedy
Featured Review
I liked it, Funny entertaining Maybe a little short, but size isn't every thing This needs a sequel If you could view my trailer Silent Hill I'd be grateful Merry Christmas Luklok!
reviewed December 23, 2006
Desperate Director by emeraude Comedy
Fabulous, I love the rooftop ploy, very imaginative, It got a 5 star rating from me.. well done Oh & Merry Christmas Emeraude reviewed December 23, 2006
Forged to Love by sampowerstorey Romance
It sounds though you've lost the audio, Only one solution then! Removed this copy & re upload it again!!! Its happened to me many times.... reviewed December 23, 2006
Private Eyes Case 1 by pianoman160 Action
Featured Review
Here's One Star For all the mistakes ( Little joke there) Keep making these as you have the knack, Simple story lines That are easy to follow, Nice one man... PS thanks for rating my trailer Merry Ch...
reviewed December 23, 2006
big kiss by nunofilipe Comedy
i see this is your first film! Let me tell you it's a way better then mine ever was So well done... A couple of tip for future films I would remove mumbling from your movies as it drives some people ... reviewed December 23, 2006
Berlin by lahire Action
a really nice executed war movie I'm normally not a great fan of war films, but i enjoyed this & that's all you can ask for! I would never do a war film, But if i did, I would use music from that era... reviewed December 23, 2006
Death To All (Trailer) by mikeychaos Action
So, you've got Elton John in a bedroom with a blonde Girl (most unlikely) etc... You may want to do some sort of description about the plot. But saying that good use of costume & editing But it being... reviewed December 23, 2006
I Saw My Wife Kissing Santa Clause by Insomniac77 Comedy
So Santa's a bad Mother, Love the story that goes with this movie & hope this does well in the competition, I see you like a good laugh.... If you get time check out my Comedy, Blame it on the Brits, ... reviewed December 23, 2006
Comments on an Era 1900-1914 by HyruleanMovies Comedy
Featured Review
A good concept, But you could try to make them a bit longer with a little more humour But saying that! You may have a great series here I Hope it takes off!!! If you have time, Check out my trailer S...
reviewed December 23, 2006
Sir Pick Up Line by dsbeach1978 Comedy
Featured Review
This film Has depressed me, For his chat up lines are far better then mine & he still gets the knock back,lol... Seriously a great idea for a film But the end is somewhat extreme BTW thanks for the gr...
reviewed December 23, 2006
Wiggy Jiggy JJ (WJJ 2) by MentalHouse Comedy
Hand up fatty gets this film a fiver,, i spat my coffee all over the screen Yes it's short but size isn't everything Well done... Seems like you enjoy a good laugh! Check out my comedy The Brits did i... reviewed December 23, 2006
The Sunset Prophecy-The Sabatoge by filmaker Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Really great si/fi I'll give it five stars...Why? Because it's got a good story line, good use of costumes Excellent free cam work Just one small negative lose the mumbling, but that's nit picking, We...
reviewed December 23, 2006
The Killer Bean by fruity_jew Action
I'm going to be honest this is really feeble, Why? Because lack of sound/Subtitles/ Music/ VO's, And the story's too random... Ask yourself, What would you rate it? Happy Christmas reviewed December 23, 2006
Atomic Ray versus The Communist Robots by Psycho_Studios Sci-Fi
I liked this Movie, It's got Flash Gordon overtones & the story has good pace Well done, Viktor Has an uncanny resemblance to John Lennon ,lol If you get time why not check my trailer Silent Hill... ... reviewed December 23, 2006
The Men in Black by TheDreamMaster Sci-Fi
Really interesting story, with a great ending BTW Get a Carpenter to look at that front door! It's got a life of it's, If you get time please view my trailer Silent hill, Merry Christmas reviewed December 23, 2006
Freddy Vs. Jason by lalo4569 Horror
Five things were missing Music, Subtitles Freddy & Jason,& a Brief description! I see this is your first upload (Which was better then my first) Later on in the game you will get the Jason mask 1950's... reviewed December 23, 2006
reverie by alainmoreau Action
I''ve just stopped half way through wacthing this, no! not because i suffer from vertigo It's because i haven't got a clue what it's about, Please give some description about the plot... reviewed December 22, 2006
The Jeremiah Mystery Episode 2 by WorldPictures Sci-Fi
I'll be honest, The film looks awesome but the sound is it's big downfall The music over rides the dialogue. so your constantly turning the volume up & down, Sorry man, reviewed December 22, 2006
shadowman (preview) by TiffyP Action
The period in which this movie set is somewhat puzzling, But saying that it looks good anyway, well done If you have time please veiw my Silent Hill trailer reviewed December 22, 2006
The Pink Panther Remade by DynamiteStudios Action
I hope you don't honesty! But there's way too many mistakes, e.g The main characters hair is different in nearly every scene... Lack subtitles & voice overs So you have no idea whats going on, Maybe ... reviewed December 22, 2006
Metal Gear Solid Trailer by Skirvin1 Action
Four stars for trailers, which is only fair, This looks to be a really good movie that has lots of promise! (THINK STELF) When doing the full version, One idea is the neck pinch scene, Strange that y... reviewed December 22, 2006
Zombies Part1 Infection by zombieshadow1 Horror
The chick in the red seems pretty cool, For a bunny lover Original story which has it's moments, Well done You wanted to know about the soundtrack to my movie, I've had the music on my hardrive for ag... reviewed December 22, 2006
Preview Office of Love the Series Act 2 by gsears Action
Not again!!! reviewed December 22, 2006
Not alone by vidse Horror
This is what they call a cliff hanger, It has you wondering what going to happen next? which is what horror films are all about! Awesome, to think this is your first upload so well done indeed I have ... reviewed December 22, 2006
Gastropod 2 by Tuskil2 Sci-Fi
I Liked It, intergalactic relationships, Hmmm, nice editing A good use of freecam Well done reviewed December 22, 2006
In Sight by Julian5604 Action
Featured Review
This is a good action flick, Good use of the free cam, and some smooth editing, One minor Prob the mumbling is a little irritating But that,just nit pickin,
reviewed December 22, 2006
Invasion! (A Short Comedy Movie) by farquad Comedy
Nice one, This is splendid, Brought a big smile to my face, reviewed December 22, 2006
Kung-Fu X-Treme! - Remake by LeoLionStudios Action
First of all thank you for rating my trailer, This movie has a nice oriental feel to it, Mortal Combat comes to mind! & i like how you've used the dojo set one small point though, Try using The star ... reviewed December 22, 2006
United We Stand by kell1608 Action
No word of a lie, This is a superb war movie Why? The story is believable , no explosions every two seconds all the uniform match the era, And it has a GREAT ending Well done Kell, Bravo reviewed December 21, 2006
When They Came by Freddycoaster Sci-Fi
I see that you've mastered the free cam, I'm still a novice, About the film it's got great atmosphere good pace, nice editing, One sore point though, the mumbling needs to be removed But that's nit pi... reviewed December 21, 2006
5days later-teaser by oldskool-hollywood Horror
If the trailers any thing to go by The should be a awesome This is the best trailer that I've seen...i normally only give 4 stars but this is special! Well Done... reviewed December 21, 2006
Blitz The Story Of War Trailor by cartoondude Action
This as a great sense of WW2 due to music & costumes, Could of done with a Spitfire instead of a helicopter But i look forward to seeing the full version. 4 stars for trailers its only fair... reviewed December 21, 2006
The Terror of War by TheDreamMaster Horror
I didnt really notice the faults that you mentioned I liked what you did though!! Some nice editing and scary atmosphere Help as well so I'll give it 5 stars, In future you may want to cancel the mum... reviewed December 21, 2006
Forever Immortal Episode 2 by andy_inc Action
This film as bags of energy Which keeps you watching, Great intro Good editing I'll give it 5 stars because that what it deserves, Keep it up... reviewed December 21, 2006
Bridges by CaptSocrates Horror
Simple yet effective, bravo ... reviewed December 20, 2006
Doctor What! EP 3 by jobo511 Comedy
I imagine your going to rate my movies badly for giving you an honest opinion But this is really lame, there's no story line it's a man putting makeup on to meet his girl friend The movies game has mo... reviewed December 20, 2006
Preview Office of Love the Series Act 2 by gsears Action
You have downloaded the same two films 25 times, your eating up valuble space that the rest of this comunity uses.... MAKE NEW FILMS... reviewed December 20, 2006
Kosa by miri2 Horror
A good ol foot tapper never fails, Good use of make up Well edited Nice film. reviewed December 19, 2006
The Godfathers Business Interests by BJMOLYNEUX Action
It' Such a shame about the VO's Otherwise this movie would be faultless In future you might want to try lowering the music volume to compensateFor the VO's reviewed December 19, 2006
The Milkybar Kid by AlexVanRoose Comedy
Featured Review
So the milkybar Kid ISN'T Strong & tough After all, A nice short film
reviewed December 19, 2006
Delta Force 9 trailer by azza93 Sci-Fi
As it is only a trailer It's only fair That it gets 4 Stars But what I've seen it looks to be a great film I'll wait & see! reviewed December 19, 2006
Nick 2 50s dreams by matthewthomas16 Action
As Min2 Has already mentioned, You might want to remove this copy & reload the game from your movie maker, You probably already Know this! But just in case I'll keep an eye out for the new version!!! reviewed December 19, 2006
Borat in the US and A by CaptSocrates Comedy
in my opinion this is way Funnier then the three stooges, Don't get me wrong That movies a classic But I'm a big fan of the comedian who plays Borat, Ali gee is another character Of his! Once again th... reviewed December 19, 2006
bum fights goes to japan! by billyblob Comedy
Quite a good movie, reviewed December 19, 2006
Mezzanines Overture by elizabethsusan Romance
Having freecam has given your film a new lease of life, ive seen all the Mezzenene films & this one,s probabley your best to date Great work! reviewed December 19, 2006
Malcolm and Dennis - Farting Prostitute by sidge14 Comedy
Featured Review
I wiped a tear from my eye, It's original & i liked it, nice work Sidge...
reviewed December 19, 2006
Trench Of Victory by gemmarulez Action
I'm sorry i had to give it a four star rating due to the bad lighting witch is a pity because it seems really good. reviewed December 19, 2006
The Criminal War Part 1 by SmartKid Action
For your first attempt this isn't bad, There is a lack of subtitles witch makes the plot hard to follow! A good idea is watch some of the chart movies to see how they do it! reviewed December 19, 2006
Love The Sinner by field1995 Action
I see this is your first film, But there's so much more you can do with this game once you get into it! Here's a few tips Try using subtitles, Cancel mumbling As this brings out the one star bandits,... reviewed December 19, 2006
Robertsons Squad by BJMOLYNEUX Action
tushay !!! reviewed December 19, 2006
The Don is Dead by Sharpshot94549 Action
It's one of my favourite movie's, Hard to portay a a well known scene without making a few mistakes, i would of give this movie 4 for the lack of ST/VO's But i see yiu spent sometime in the movie make... reviewed December 18, 2006
The Crimson Diamond by jango_yoda Action
It started out really good leaving the intro until mid film in true Bond style. unfortunately i spent nearly three minutes watching them play >>>> ( i wont Give away the plot)so it lost it's momentum,... reviewed December 18, 2006
The Last Stand I by lukekatarn Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Really good si/fi There's not that many good ones out there! & the sound track was awesome it makes all the difference Well done man!
reviewed December 18, 2006
Johnny Boltcutter by ajslider Action
I'm sorry i didn't get it! You may want to put a brief description to explain the plot reviewed December 18, 2006
The Real Death by Nichollz Horror
I'm going to be honest, this is rubbish! For Three reasons, There's no subtitles or VO's & no plot, Sorry about telling the truth, You can do better then this!!! reviewed December 18, 2006
Space Morons Episode 10 El mono muerto by Dustin551 Sci-Fi
It's crazy but i enjoyed the humour, keep up the good work Dude... reviewed December 18, 2006
The Heist by Billy7718 Action
This is a nice movie, good job!!! reviewed December 18, 2006
The Visit by dsbeach1978 Comedy
I do love that joke, Good idea to use it in a movie, It work really Well... reviewed December 18, 2006
The Infected by fompty Action
This is a really great film well edited nice use of overlays, And the voice overs are well portrayed, it deserves 5 5tars Maybe for a change of pace you could check my latest comedy movie!!!!BTW I'm n... reviewed December 18, 2006
TMO celebrity roast by 6-headedmonster Comedy
6 if i can call you 6? This truly is a great movie, You have raised the bar yet again, Just as i think I'm getting closer You pull another one out the bag reviewed December 18, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Pilotfolge by OlliEntertainment Comedy
The German equivalent To Spinal Tap(witch is a good thing) Funny Film Dude... reviewed December 17, 2006
Pregnant Baby by Henmuth Romance
I have a strange feeling that this movie touches on pedophilia I.E pregnent Children, althogh i may be wrong! reviewed December 17, 2006
Gettin It In by wraithboy Action
This may no come as a surprise But there's no sound, i suggest you remove this copy and reload it again, Sorry about the three stars reviewed December 17, 2006
Crunchy and Chewy Shaken not Stirred by Penut Comedy
Face guy is my new Hero, But still it's a pity about Minnesota not getting abliterated though! Splendid voice acting I've asked my girlfriend to do VO's but she's got a deeper voice than me, Your over... reviewed December 17, 2006
battle of motaho underground city by d42808 Action
It's Really good, But it's confusing as well, Maybe a brief description might help! That car chase scene is one of the best I've seen, Sweet... reviewed December 17, 2006
Lady Luck by dsbeach1978 Action
Featured Review
Austin deserved it! What a plonker, 10 Big ones Well i won't give away the plot, Good use of the free cam & good story, Oh in future no more piano playing please...
reviewed December 17, 2006
Sweet Sense by jobo511 Romance
It was going really well, And all of sudden Her hair tuned into an Afro & then she kept getting into different cars, Sorry but i lost the plot reviewed December 17, 2006
Life on the Run by TheFranksOfTheHill Comedy
Good narration Well thought out idea, Although going to Russia a bit extreme Well done! reviewed December 17, 2006
Summerwood Street Ep 2 by nicelilpunk Comedy
Gorillas, aliens, And a good ol booze up, Really enjoyed this, Well done!!! reviewed December 17, 2006
Cold Black Rogue Trailer by kriskadh Action
As it's a trailer it's only fair to give it four stars, Some nice looking Characters & special effects I'll keep an eye out for the full version. reviewed December 17, 2006
Office of Love the Series Act 1 by gsears Romance
There's some cool voice acting in this, The story is a bit hard to follow, So you may want to put a brief description with it! But i still enjoyed it reviewed December 17, 2006
Robo-46 by noocyt Action
I really enjoyed this, Srange that you used one of the oldest robots in the game,But it seems to work Good job!!! reviewed December 17, 2006
TOMBSTONE 3 The Wrath of BRAD STEELES by reddfoxx120 Action
I'm not a rate seeker, so I'll be honest, This film Has a few flaws in it The stories quite hard to follow Why did he go on a rampage, & what were they protesting about? But still watchable though! reviewed December 17, 2006
sames lond 006 mission for one by hard-band Comedy
As it's a trailer, It's only fair to give it four stars I'll wait till Feb to see the end result BTW, Your stuntman's going to be in hospital for six month's reviewed December 17, 2006
School Of Knocks by psychoc Comedy
Well edited good story, There is a simple rule you must comply to though! Never look at another man's girlfriends thingies Your bound to get your head banged with a locker door! Nicely done!!! reviewed December 17, 2006
A Gangster Tale by kell1608 Action
Featured Review
It's an offer i couldnt refuse...A bit slow at the start, But builds momentum, good job...
reviewed December 12, 2006
Fade To Black - 1st promo by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Simply Stunning.. I look forward to seeing the end result, It vague simalarty to I Robot, Witch is a GOOD thing... reviewed December 12, 2006
Mezzanines Overture Teaser by elizabethsusan Action
I normally only give four stars to film trailers but i think this one's a bit special, nice use of the free roaming camera, Oh & maybe the stockings helped also!Keep up the good work... reviewed December 6, 2006
On a mission from God by legend51 Comedy
Ok, I`m going down the local with my make shift vicars outfit to pull me a ugly bird!!! You have a real flair for this, Damm Right... reviewed April 18, 2006
War is Hell by mebematthew0 Horror
This is a premade movie, that`s shown by some one a least once a day by somebody! & today my friend it you reviewed April 7, 2006
Super Action Babe by nicvancamp Action
Super Action, What Super Action? More like Give Up Too Easily Babe, But saying that! its got style & some Nice editing, reviewed March 30, 2006
Deadman Of The Western Apocalypse Part 2 by cd3141 Action
This is the best so far, Great job. reviewed March 29, 2006
War is like rain by TheCountess Action
I thought it was really good, the story came across really well,.. Well done, reviewed March 29, 2006
Horror in the Black Woods by kevindurling Horror
A well paced horror flick with a good script, & nice editing! There is one flaw, The mumbling is off putting try to not use it, As it can affect your ratings! reviewed March 29, 2006
The Godfather by campbell2232 Action
It a good interpretation, The voice acting was cool, a little sort maybe, but that just knit picking! Nice job... reviewed March 29, 2006
The Suppressed by Sneaking_Frog Action
I love a good moan, But there's nothing to moan about with this movie! A splendid story and good editing & a great ending, Great job! reviewed March 29, 2006
The Kiss Of Agony by Mexay2 Romance
I see you've use the naked MOD, By doing this, your movie will be removed at some point, 1ll rate it with three stars, because it is quite short, reviewed March 29, 2006
Delta Force Bana Girls by hiddenblonde Action
Sign my up, Although i`m male, But theres operations you can get now! this is a great intro for future movies, its Daltatastic... reviewed March 29, 2006
Them by gspigot Action
It`s quite a long film 9 minutes but i liked it. some tight editing I`m giving you 5 stars due to the wedding near the end. Strange is not the word!!! You may want to cut out the mumbling in your next... reviewed March 29, 2006
Mezzanine Meets the Press! by elizabethsusan Comedy
You think you've seen the best work from this studio, Then WHAMMO... Something even more brilliant comes out! Well done. I got a idea for ya! How about this, Mezzanine meets the Pope! I`d watch it... reviewed March 29, 2006
When n00bs Attack by quake_666_666 Action
Featured Review
Some really funny stuff in there, Favorite line: Och my eye... I laughed out loud Several times, which is rare! Good film all round.
reviewed March 28, 2006
Stranger In The Wood by gardner Sci-Fi
Anything with my name in the title cant be bad! The stories a bit vague, Some nice editing though! reviewed March 28, 2006
EOF by janedoe Action
Featured Review
That was Really COOL, The story was top notch, editing was tight, & one of the best endings i`ve seen, Good for you Jane doe!
reviewed March 28, 2006
Plubicity Stunt(Rate This 1 Star) by sonicspiderboy Comedy
A star is born, reviewed March 28, 2006
Geordie Zombie hunters 2 2nd Teaser by legend51 Comedy
You are not alone your hatred of clowns, With there big Floppy feet, and 3 sizesover the top trousers, Anyhoo great teaser Favourite character is the werewolf 5 stars from a big fan!!! reviewed March 27, 2006
Son of Demi The Beginning by insanemembrane Horror
Dejected love sick teenagers Revenge, COOL... i loved it. reviewed March 27, 2006
Laurel and Hardy In the 21st Century! by RobboUK Comedy
Laural & Hardy were famous for there slap stick comedy, So i think you missed a great opportunity here! Still a great idea though! reviewed March 27, 2006
Psycho Part 1 by jjp26 Horror
It got all the makings of a good trilogy, If there's one suggestion i could give, Its this, More dramatic music in the action scenes, looking forward to part two. reviewed March 27, 2006
girls fighters by daniele71 Action
I have no idea why they are fighting? But who cares! We all like to see girls fighting! Good editing, could of used subtitles, Hey, but i liked it, reviewed March 27, 2006
Kissing My Ass Trailer by ben678 Comedy
This as all the Making of a great comedy, An Afro Wearing dude, A good looking horse, and Last but not least stagecoach, Nice trailer reviewed March 27, 2006
GunMetal The Phoenix Saga vol 3 Impact by Darqcyde Action
Featured Review
Great looking movie that gels together really well, A nice pace throughout I take it you use your Starmaker for your cast they all look cool
reviewed March 26, 2006
Cowboys and Aliens by tshawng Sci-Fi
This is a great movie it tells the story through action & static shots editing is top notch, I`m not giving you 5 stars because that's what you gave my movie, it`s because it`s earned it on it`s own m... reviewed March 26, 2006
DIAL for Your LIFE! by josephkw Comedy
Awesome use of special affects, What can i say about your VOs, 10 out of 10, & funny as hell great job, Do more, i demand it!!! reviewed March 25, 2006
The Three Guys by rampageplaya98 Comedy
I see it`s your first movie & it`s really good, much better then mine, VO,`s as well, Nice one keep it up Dudes!!! If you get the chance, check out my comedy, The not Quite Invisible Man, Just click on my name, reviewed March 25, 2006
Pimp my costume! by reapar Comedy
Featured Review
Santa in yhe buff, what can i say, i loved it!Funny Well written script, Nice flowing pace, Subtitles that stayed on the screen long anough to read, Which is rare these days, Nice one, keep em coming Reapar...
reviewed March 24, 2006
Final Conflict by RealDarthMaul Action
Great fight sequence The Editing was spot on, I enjoyed it, well done!!! reviewed March 23, 2006
Chemical Jody by tonyau Sci-Fi
You've saturated the site with films that have no sound, subtitles, story lines, Tonyau It`s quality not quantity! If everybody done that, this site would shut down, This is only advice! i`m not takin... reviewed March 23, 2006
One Love by Martin4 Romance
Your right! it did get messy, All over the carpet!!! I liked it,Well i hope you get some more ratings, Good luck. reviewed March 23, 2006
Locked In A Box by richke Horror
This well be in the charts in no time! Why ? because its got great voice over acting, a good pace throughout & so on & so on, It must of taken ages to do the sets, Ive tried to do similar in my latest... reviewed March 23, 2006
Alpha Male by sonicdove Comedy
Transvestites are so not cool, ( in real life)Very short.... Very funny well done. reviewed March 23, 2006
The Zombies by lpd Horror
This is a fantastic debut, It`s hard to believe it`s your first? good use of makeup, & the music is spot on as well My tip is don't use mumbling in your movies, people seem to hate it... i speak from experience reviewed March 23, 2006
Revenge Of The Recently Deceased by Ghoulscout13 Horror
Good Movie, Good use of makeup, well done, reviewed March 23, 2006
Invation by Nethrentol Sci-Fi
I prefer this to your recent movie, As it has consistency through out great costumes But do spend some time with subtitles it makes all the difference Here's a tip, don't use mumbling in your movies, ... reviewed March 23, 2006
Infected 1 by Nethrentol Horror
Due to it having no subtitles Its hard to follow the plot! But good use of costumes and sets I would of rated higher but the lack of subtitle reviewed March 23, 2006
Proton-Man by Thebang2593 Action
One of those villains was a wimp! he got thrown over the bar by a school girl I liked it, good pace, nice editing Well done!!! reviewed March 23, 2006
Cool Joe Gunn by cadetgold Action
Its good to see the ladies come out on top, I would of rated it 5 stars if there were subtitle or VOs. Here's a little tip, you may consider taking the mumbling out, as some people really hate it I sp... reviewed March 23, 2006
The War Letter by Styrophoamicus Action
Excellent piece of film making, Goes to show that the TMO is only a tool & The imagination is what counts, Keep em coming>>> reviewed March 23, 2006
Real Life Soap by Spooky Comedy
Well done good original story, I really liked the door humour! Although the subtitles could of stayed on the screen a bit longer, But that's knit picking, Look forward to seeing more movie from you... reviewed March 23, 2006
Mezzanines Moves by elizabethsusan Action
Hang on one second while i peel my eyes off the screen, Wow that was Hot! The Duran Duran Song went hand in hand with the movie, Bravo....( wolf Whistle) reviewed March 23, 2006
NEW VICTORIA by Boomwolf Action
The start reminds of terminator 2, Which is a good thing! The flashback works well also.. Good use of the sets. I really kike it... reviewed March 23, 2006
STUPID MOVIE 6 by magic_school_bus Comedy
What was your lead man on about? He isn't exactly Brad Pitt himself is he! lol I like her in a Hairy face bold head kinda way!!!, Nice little comedy... reviewed March 23, 2006
The Nightmare by ksmith11470 Comedy
Featured Review
I was starting to feel sick, Thank god it was only a Nightmare, Nice twist original idea well done
reviewed March 23, 2006
Atlas The True Story by BlackSoldier5 Comedy
All done on the stage, Goes to show, you don't need all the special affects to make a great movie, Nice editing, Well done... you like a good laugh, if i`m not mistaken, Check my comedy (The not quit... reviewed March 22, 2006
Geordie Zombie Hunters by legend51 Comedy
I went to Middlesbrough once without a crash helmet, I know but i`m just a crazy kid, That was hilarious, Truly!!! You must do some sequels i`ll look forward to seeing them, It`s just like VIZ... If y... reviewed March 22, 2006
Wolf Bane Part 2 by Bruce13 Horror
This looks to be a great horror as you know the sound out of sync Which makes it hard to follow,which is a shame, My advice would be remove it from your studio then reline sound to film Then simply re... reviewed March 22, 2006
You fool by kylko99 Romance
He deserves to die with a shirt like that!Good voice overs although a little quite! But a good solid movie, Well done reviewed March 22, 2006
Arrival of Macbeth by kosc Horror
This was confusing, not knowing the legend Raskolnikov,But it was also compeling the editing was top rate & the voice overs were good also Well done, reviewed March 22, 2006
Santa's Vacation by kohljs Comedy
The little Faith i had in Santa has gone, It`s a good movie witch i enjoyed Good voice over & editing Well done, I see you like a laugh, So why not check My comedy The Not Quite Invisible Man reviewed March 22, 2006
Troubled mind (trailer) by henrypowell Action
It not fare rating a trailer 5 stars, But this is how trailers should look , & i look forward to the movies release, If you could rate my new movie, KIN ,I would Appreciate it! reviewed March 22, 2006
The New God Part Three by malkyj Action
Totally had me immersed, Great story, Nice use of costumes, & a good pace through out, And subtitles that stayed on the screen long anough to read them, Very rare these days,Well done... reviewed March 22, 2006
Resident Purevil by reafreak29 Horror
What can i say! The acting was fantastic, Good use of lip-sync, Well edited Maybe could of used some scary sound affects, But that's just knit picking all in all a nice horror, If you could rate my ... reviewed March 22, 2006
Exclusive trailer to comedy corner 2 by derbyrams Comedy
Being a trailer, Its not fare rating it 5 stars, Nice editing though! Look forward to the movie, reviewed March 22, 2006
Deleted Scenes of The Ugly Chicken by mandix Comedy
Featured Review
It sucks been a purple chicken, good use of costumes I enjoyed it, Welll done. BTW thanx for rating my movie, Check out the not quite ivisible man, you don`t have to rate it, But you might like it?
reviewed March 22, 2006
The Attack Of The Apes Part 1 by starmate Sci-Fi
Great ape sounds & a good movie, Well done reviewed March 22, 2006
Geordie Zombie hunters 2 Vampire Trailer by legend51 Comedy
Wy Hi Lad, great trailer, coming from the UK myself I`m able to understand the accents, Weather our brother across the sea In the USA can? we`ll have to see! reviewed March 22, 2006
Killed mission by wallfire04 Action
No Review reviewed March 22, 2006
Bad Gas 2 by datadogein Comedy
Its got some great dialog But the ending could of been a bit better, apart from that well done, If you could check out my comedy The not quite invisible man i`d appreciate it!!! reviewed March 21, 2006
Jason Takes a Holiday by Boomwolf Comedy
My adice would be, Is check out some movie`s on this site, this might get your creative juices flowing, You have pointed out its crap, Ill never give anybody one star, your first film was better than ... reviewed March 21, 2006
The Perpetual darkness by tkw Horror
A good little horror, nice editing Well done! If you`d check my horror out, Satanic Tapes i`d appreciate it reviewed March 21, 2006
Deadman Of The Western Apocalypse Part 1 by cd3141 Action
For shame on you That poor man at the end, Suffering from that condition & you still killed him!!! this movies got the sense of humour that i like, And i`ll give it five stars reviewed March 21, 2006
Jack the Ripper by MrMuffinTops Horror
Now for starters never Diss you own work, there`s anough people out there that will do that for you! that was a really good movie, good editing, well done, You can download a softwear package, called ... reviewed March 21, 2006
KOPS-Red light District by ninette1 Comedy
This movie deserves too be number 1 its funny, compelling, Wholly watchable What you have done is raised the bar for the rest of us, Quote:Officer down, :brought tears to my eyes Fabulous piece of wor... reviewed March 20, 2006
Atak Schwasów by 07270727 Comedy
Now that's what i call a great movie Its full of twists & turns The vo`s are terrific ,the Music! Well what can i say tremendous,... I loved it Ok rate my movie reviewed March 20, 2006
King Kong by thebigcheese99 Action
King Kong is NOT 6ft Nuff said! reviewed March 20, 2006
I Cant Think Of Movie Ideas by Gamefreak10000 Comedy
A fun film with a great tempo it work really well, So it`s not just me with bad reviews reviewed March 20, 2006
The Human Duck by dododuck Action
I`m not sure? But there`s a gay German officer In a western town who`s a football fan, who kung fu`s a man/woman in a chicken outfit... I LIKE IT!!! reviewed March 20, 2006
Dogbrothers by JakeGainsborough Action
I`m impressed with some of voice over quality in these films & yours is no exception Good little movie, Keep it up. reviewed March 20, 2006
Australian Cops Episode VI by madgoat Comedy
Glad you E mailed me thanks, that cheered me up. reviewed March 19, 2006
The Brain Readers by Bellamy5 Sci-Fi
This is a film that has many faults, I suspect it was a pre written film,But not a bad movie From now on use the Custom script office to edit your movies reviewed March 19, 2006
Australian Cops Trailer by madgoat Comedy
Been English myself, i find the accents hilarious, This is a nice trailer & i`m looking forward to seeing your movie. Check out my American accent in The not quite the invisible man... reviewed March 19, 2006
Starship Whoopers 3 Trailer by nickshome Comedy
This is how trailers should look, Although i`m not to sure about the feminine robot(joke)I`ll keep my eye open for the movie when it comes out... reviewed March 19, 2006
The Late Rufus Jensen by heliopolister Romance
You`ve done the least favoured Genre, Romance!, & made it look easy, A well written script Smart editing & an all round polished film. Nice one... reviewed March 19, 2006
A Criminals Rampage by Chippy0791 Action
Featured Review
This is a film that kept my attention all the way through, Good edititing aswell, But without giving the plot away, you should of asked for more money,!!! And you may want to lose the mumbled voices a...
reviewed March 19, 2006
The Baggage Girl by TheGatekeeper Comedy
Featured Review
Another twist on The dreaded Baggage buy, But this one made me laugh, & if it done that then it worked. Well done! See if my comedy The not quite the invisible man brings a smile to your face,
reviewed March 19, 2006
Knock Knock by doj Horror
I liked it, it had good pace & the editing was well done, Maybe checkout my new horror & see what you think? (the satanic tapes) reviewed March 19, 2006
Santa Fu Too! by kevindurling Horror
Santa Rocks in hysterical movie People should see it, It`s dam shame That more people haven`t rated it, reviewed March 19, 2006
Hard Shoulder by DDPOTTER Action
Good voice over acting But i'm still confused about the Mustache, Ah well cant be to picky reviewed March 19, 2006
Bill O Reillys EGO 1 by ES42X Comedy
An egotistical Madman, This a great film original script & nice editing Fine peace of work I see you like a good laugh Why not checkout my Not quite the Invisible Man That`s if your ego will let you?!!! reviewed March 19, 2006
Times of war by Gammro Action
Featured Review
It`s a good all round movie that i liked, apart from the speed of the subtitles they were pretty fast,
reviewed March 19, 2006
Deadwalker (Trailer) by RaYdAwG Horror
Featured Review
It`s hard to believe this is your first Movie, It`s really good, My one tip is to get your own sound affects into your movies I get mine from there free & there's literally thousands of...
reviewed March 19, 2006
SMA by MikeL15 Action
If this was your first Movie, then well done Much better then my first, Oh to answer your question about the tape recorder pick an item, lets say taperecorder then use your right mouse button too rais... reviewed March 19, 2006
Ghost Ship by ubernewbie Horror
This is a great horror flick well done, If you could my horror movie out i`d be in your debt, reviewed March 19, 2006
Crazy Too by fdelery Comedy
This is a movie that has a lots of faults, But i liked it i see you enjoy a good laugh why not check out my Not quite the invisible man reviewed March 19, 2006
6 WAYS TO KILL THE BAGGAGE BOY by littlesimon Comedy
If you ask me there all to quick, He should have a slow and painful death Bury him up to his neck in sand then cover his head in honey & let the ants have him? Great film great idea Well done reviewed March 19, 2006
Whos he by Qaztar Action
nice movie it well edited, The story thinned out at the end, But i liked it. reviewed March 19, 2006
Editing Warm Up by magic_school_bus Action
You know yourself That films only stay on the first page for a very short amount of time, So when you do one of these tests it pushes films that people have spent hours making them move faster down the page, reviewed March 19, 2006
Joe Brown by Rampant_rybo Comedy
Your film is quite short, But you added Vo`s witch is impressive BTW wich one was Joe Brown reviewed March 18, 2006
The fate of Traitors Part One by Tie Action
Featured Review
This is a good movie, Apart from the costumes, There`s a german officer in the bank & a waitress as a bank teller, I enjoyed it, good work.
reviewed March 18, 2006
Drugtrix Return of the plastic Queen Lilo by Dushdush Comedy
Featured Review
This film is really good, Well thought out, nice plot & funny Well done
reviewed March 18, 2006
The Desperado by smithkinson Action
Two tone film gives it some atmosphere, Good film, reviewed March 18, 2006
Monkey Buisness by RobinZ Action
Good film , Pity The Humans lost again, Ah well reviewed March 18, 2006
The Devil Strikes (Last Trailer) by sbhedges Horror
Featured Review
It look`s to be a good movie, But my advice is try to keep All the scenes in the same time frame What i mean is, Your film starts off in western time`s then shifts to modern times, But good luck with your film.
reviewed March 18, 2006
The Worst Night of My Life by kwatt30 Horror
I love it! Good pace through out, But why don't WE ever get our character's to run from the Zombies Because there not the fastest of creatures are they? Well done. reviewed March 18, 2006
Breakout by DigitalMystic Action
Good all round Movie, & well edited, Subtitles could do with staying on the screen a bit longer though! reviewed March 17, 2006
Cheerleaders In Heat by bluestriker4444 Comedy
I forced myself to watch this peace of garbage, & truly believe i`ve witnessed a new low,..... From an English critic, reviewed March 16, 2006
The Wrath of Gregory by MrMuffinTops Horror
The concept of your film is really good, But could of used subtitles in places, As the music seem to drown out the VO`s, So i rated it a 4 stars, Pity about the sound, reviewed March 16, 2006
Keep fit with Jane by mybeercan Action
Man, Jane looks just like my x girlfriend, I injoyed it though so heres 5 stars Well done. reviewed March 16, 2006
InteractoVision(tm) Tech Demo by matneee Comedy
Featured Review
For the love of god, Take this Smutty filth off, Sir/ Madam, For-shame, Just out of interest whens the second one coming out?
reviewed March 15, 2006
My Love Rerelease by Onald Horror
It was making sense up to where the skeleton started, Well i wont give away the plot, reviewed March 14, 2006
Tribute To ICP - I Want My Sht by noewhan Comedy
Maralyn Manson will be calling you up to do his next video i think? Good fun i like it, reviewed March 14, 2006
The Supernatural by Bloodhound9 Horror
Featured Review
Without no sound or subtitles, The trailer loses it`s plot so i`ll wait for the movie to be up loaded so 3 stars for this trailer. Dont forget your thumbnail....
reviewed March 14, 2006
the Volunteer by josephkw Comedy
It`s great, i loved it, good all round movie. Moms ? What woulden`t you do for em!!! reviewed March 14, 2006
War In The Suburbs by aidan21 Action
You mentioned the light, & it was quite poor, apart from that it came across OK The silhouette of the horse rearing up was awesome... 4 stars i would of give it 5 but the light, sorry. reviewed March 13, 2006
Dr Light by adam262 Action
A good use Sets and in game actions, it move along really nicely, & the baddie got his just deserts (three times)Well done. reviewed March 13, 2006
The Human Mind by seanb_unit Horror
A well thought out story i enjoyed it, Nice one seanb, Where can i get some of that protein drink?... reviewed March 13, 2006
Forsaken Heart by TexasBabe2006 Romance
Featured Review
It goes to show you that TMO is only a tool, & the imagination & foresight is the key inspiration, Your movie is truly great & informative, Lets hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears... Bravo.
reviewed March 13, 2006
Battle That Changed The War by peetree Action
Came across really well, Well done!!! reviewed March 13, 2006
Hitman by AndreasPaj Action
It kept my attention all the way through, You got 47 off to a tee, It been mentioned, Try adding some subtitles, But for your first movie it`s really good Maybe you could rate my latest movie, Highway... reviewed March 12, 2006
In between (1) by ghoststalker Action
Featured Review
That`s the best use of costumes i`ve seen, great film that deserves five stars, So here`s my contribution
reviewed March 12, 2006
Fairytale by Dracin Horror
I liked it & Thats all you can ask for!!!, The cops always and off worse in all these movies Ah well, reviewed March 12, 2006
The killer CHICKEN!! by bladesofdeath Comedy
Featured Review
Made me laugh, so here's a fiver, An unkillable chicken The mind boggles!!!
reviewed March 12, 2006
Future War GS by Onald Sci-Fi
I see you spent a lot of time making this,I know subtitles are time consuming, but they do help give your movie a boost especially with the story, (maybe ST or VO`s next time) reviewed March 11, 2006
Exorcist by AS2 Horror
A really good horror Story, I liked how you portrayed hell, By the way it did make me jump! Maybe check one of my comedies out for a change of pace, I know it`s a shameful plug!!! reviewed March 9, 2006
War is Hell by Bellamy5 Horror
It`s already been mentioned, More dialogue is the key, & if you what the ladies vote, always use a bit of grieving over the fallen comrades, It`s a well thought out movie, witch kept my Atention, Well... reviewed March 9, 2006
The Gorilla Cowboy by geo1992 Comedy
Like the idea of a Gorilla Hijacking someone with a Banana, Good film Maybe your next one will have ST or VO`s perhaps? I see you like a laugh? why not check my comedies out? ( shameful plug) reviewed March 9, 2006
Hope Trailer by MrMuffinTops Action
Well not a bad trailer, lets hope the movie has some VO`s Oh to answer your question about Long subtitles, what you do is use a smaller format i.e comedy, then when you`ve completed your sentence, ski... reviewed March 9, 2006
The Baggage Boy by MrMuffinTops Comedy
The baggage Boy happens to be a very well documented piece of comedy genius, Bar three little Points, The beginning, The middle, Oh and the end,... Lets hope people take note of your film reviewed March 9, 2006
Reboot Hill by JimBobJohnson Comedy
I don't know if you have the personal script office yet? But you may find that if you use that instead of your script writers you can put a better story together, If you need an example , you could al... reviewed March 9, 2006
Seven Millisecond Itch by JimBobJohnson Comedy
You may have to remove this movie & re upload it, This has happened to me Wheres there`s no sound, This will resolve the sound problem, Hopefully. I do like the title (..Cool..) reviewed March 8, 2006
Fluffy The Rabid Rabbit by kevindurling Horror
Hey thank`s for Nice review man, I was going to get a pet rabbit for my daughter, but you`ve changed my mind i`ll get her a kitten instead, Good film i did want the rabbit to come to a nasty end thoug... reviewed March 4, 2006
Wigger Training Video by xXxJeremyxXx Comedy
Featured Review
I dont know what wigger mean`s Oh hang on, i get it now!!!, well it`s funny & that`s what counts ,right, you may want to checkout my invisible film? it`s on the same wave lengh,
reviewed March 4, 2006
Verna remake by xavierguitars Comedy
Featured Review
Totally cool Vo`s Good all round, movie, (If you like a good laugh checkout my Sherlock Holmes movie?)
reviewed March 4, 2006
Bullit the Dog of the West by coregond Action
Featured Review
Very funny, good All round film( i see you have a good sense of humor why not check out my Sherlock Holmes movie,
reviewed March 4, 2006
Mob Stories Bedford Stye by actorjoe28 Action
I see you have spent a good deal of time making this, But you made the same mistake i did! the sound`s to low & the music drowns the VO`s I removed my movie & redone the sound output, try it yourself,... reviewed March 2, 2006
Different Worlds by MattieFingaz Romance
I Thought it came over really well, It hes a hidden message witch i hope people will discover, Bravo, if you like a change of pace, Check out my movie About invisibility reviewed March 2, 2006
the day we all went blooyy by nate1133 Comedy
You probably need to remove the film from your studio & try to upload it again! I see you have done a lot of work so i`ll rate it with 3 stars & rate it again when it`s got the sound track to it. reviewed March 1, 2006
Death comes at a price by lturi Action
It`s a good film, But it seems to wonder from scene to scene, But not a bad effort reviewed February 28, 2006
The Chase Of The Decade by Abl Comedy
That was Strange at first, but really funny, Well done. Oh & that god someone killed Larry, What a Smuck, reviewed February 28, 2006
The Sperm Donor by StokeStudios Action
Nice one, This is what the Movie`s is all about! I`m now a bob fan , Wll done Stoke. reviewed February 26, 2006
The One We Called Boss by BlackSoldier5 Action
What can i say Great story good narration Well done! reviewed February 26, 2006
The Baggage Boy by leutz Comedy
Whaaaa.... reviewed February 25, 2006
Elmswood Part 1 by Dandeman60 Comedy
Featured Review
Nice work, I the exspecaily liked crack about the stupid chick, Ps kill the piano player.
reviewed February 25, 2006