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Average Rating Received: 4.26

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Movies Released by John-Mercurio
In the Realm Of Madness Horror
"Folks if you're looking for a good movie that'll give you the heebeejeebee's this is the one. It's got a great feel to it that draws you in and does a great job of using some really freaky mods. " -... posted September 15, 2007
Realm of Madness -trailer Horror
This is a trailer for a movie called Realm of madness. The things in this trailer have nothing to do with the full movie, this is basicly a small look at the world that the full movie takes place in.... posted December 2, 2006
Nocturan Demento Horror
No storyline No Dialogue No point and sometiems you canīt see anything But at leasts itīs creepy. The reason for the directors name is that she was a vietnamese woman in a failed attempt to make a vi... posted November 29, 2006
Dead -trailer Horror
It's sopposed to be Dead ? with a question mark but the game doesn't seem to be able to read the "?". NOTICE: My computer completley crashed a few days before I was going to uppload this, but iīm in ... posted March 17, 2006
My next movie will be a action movie with lots of voilence and one sex scene, I guess itīs a exploitation film with some noir influence but I have never been good at puting movies into catergories, th... posted January 30, 2006
I was going to include voiceovers but sound problems with my microphoneother computer problems made italmost impossible, I might release a speacial edition once thats all fixed. The movie seems to ha... posted January 26, 2006
Die Vampyr Fuhrer Horror
My next movie Die Kobbold will come out early 2006 because I had to reboot my computer and it was destoyd and now I have to try again and this time my speakers arenīt working so the sound FX and VOīs ... posted December 9, 2005
Movies Reviewed by John-Mercurio
before dawn by meowan Romance
very nice reviewed September 18, 2007
The Bunnies Strike Trailer by eobaggs Comedy
thats trippinīman ! Iīm sure they will destroy as all. reviewed December 2, 2006
FEAR by Aodan Horror
if you are going to make a horror film with no plot or point then you should at least try to make it creepy. reviewed December 1, 2006
Masked Killer by ShyShy Horror
pretty decent movie. there is something about this movie that makes me want to give it a higher rating then it deserves. reviewed December 1, 2006
Escape From Purgatory by Sorrow13 Horror
Woah that was trippy ! itīs twisted,morbid sick and trippy and I love it ! 4 stars ! reviewed December 1, 2006
The Hound by slarner Horror
WOW ! Itīs really ahrd making a decent Lovecraft film and I can only think of 3 or 4 in film history that havenīt been complete disasters but you managed to do it right. there is a creepy feel to thi... reviewed December 1, 2006
Slaughterhouse (teaser) by Flipmanburn Horror
Looks great, will be waiting for this one. reviewed June 30, 2006
Drunk Naked Chicks by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Good one.....I can see that this was isnpired by AWTM(Amazon Women on the moon) reviewed June 28, 2006
Alien Invasion The Series Pt1 by Dave180786 Sci-Fi
Iīm not much of a sci-fi guy but i liek this one little bit slow but in other aspects itīs great reviewed March 17, 2006
Shards of Bone by yeagmaster Horror
Love it, that ending was surprising......keep up the good work reviewed March 17, 2006
Weapons and Ammo by 9mlholland Action
Bloody great job, I just hope this doesn't get removed ebcause of the no nudity thing reviewed March 15, 2006
death match the opening chapter by 6-headedmonster Action
Great props, great dialogue great use of backdrops or to put it simply this is a great movie. You have inspired me to make a crime movie of my own, but since i'm already working on 2 movies it probab... reviewed March 10, 2006
Survival Game by Dylen Horror
reminds me of SAW, nice works reviewed March 1, 2006
One Terrible Night by Flipmanburn Horror
mother[be polite!]er in the house of pain this movie is great...... looks like it took a lot of work, you must have a suspicous amount of freetime. Itīs rather long but it doesnīt bother me, very lon... reviewed February 17, 2006
Deathtrap by Tamptak Horror
Good horror,very good horror. reviewed February 16, 2006
Why Zombies Are Evil by SeanySpeilberg Comedy
Featured Review
I really liked that one, this is the best zombie movie I have seen on TMO
reviewed January 31, 2006
Dr Doom by IronMantis Sci-Fi
goo-goo-good reviewed January 31, 2006
Jason vs Monk by broodlord Horror
Very good move by the police man descriping exactly how the mans family was slaughtered.(I was being sarcastic) that isnīt "the Jason" is it? itīs just soem guy named Jason who wears a hockey mask.... reviewed January 26, 2006
Dead Men Tell No Tales by corporalgeo Action
Featured Review
Not bad not Iīm in the mood to do a noir movie.
reviewed January 2, 2006
The Exorcism of Suzzanne Coshow by vanyel Horror
Thats the second most foul mouthed preacher Iīve ever seen. reviewed January 2, 2006
Secrets of a Killer Zombie by Triplelithiumstudios Horror
is it me or does the zombie look like an lizard? better not make fun of that my evil demon uses that exact same bodypaint in my upcoming movie. I liek zombies. And its good to finally see as horror ... reviewed January 2, 2006
Neddy vs Mason by bmcj Horror
Whoīs Neddy? Why does Jason use a gun? is it me or is the alley scene pure darkness? no subtiltes no voiceovers no story. reviewed January 1, 2006
How To Australian Voice Accents by Ilianna Comedy
he he heh e good one. reviewed January 1, 2006
King Kong vs Godzilla 2005 by geaneyk Action
the voices hurt me ears and now I got a pain in me gulliver. shouldnīt this be comedy? why is the mayor so big? and what did the voices? why do KONG and Godzilla talk? reviewed January 1, 2006
What Is Love Part I by Danielewicz Romance
not bad, infact itīs very good. reviewed January 1, 2006
King Kong 1941 (Act-Two) by StevenKreg Action
Not completly true to the orignal story but still great! reviewed January 1, 2006
Trailer Redeemer by GooDilein Action
the half vampire half human thing is a little tired but this one looks like it might stand out of that crowd. nice job with the slaying thingy(turn into skeleton). Iīll be waiting for this one. reviewed January 1, 2006
Friday the 13th Part 13 by ghost111 Horror
but the events in the other F13 movies happend a loooong time after 1968 so technicly this movie happens in the future....and by the way Jason doesnīt talk. Maybe my standards are to high but for som... reviewed January 1, 2006
To Lose it All by ktompkins Action
the voices kinda bugged me, but in every other way this is a pretty decent movie. reviewed January 1, 2006
Santas Workshop Public Health Video 34 by IamaCoommee Romance
santa has a wild wst prostitute in his workforce? reviewed December 31, 2005
The Undertaker by ValeriusMyotis Horror
nothing good but ok to watch, I donīt feel like I wasted my time but I donīt think Iīll ever watch it again........and you do know that wresteling is about as real as The Blair Witch Project? reviewed December 31, 2005
I Feel PrettyDead by nenuvian Horror
why is she wearing underwear? does the zombie have a cloackong device? reviewed December 31, 2005
10 second hank by ryno123 Comedy
are you 7? thats the worst conversations I have ever heard in a movie.thats not even funny. reviewed December 31, 2005
Gologtha lebt! by Redfurn Horror
is it just me or is there no sound in this film? great conversations(sarcasm). reviewed December 31, 2005
Dogs Of This Parish by Tilandra Horror
a mummy in a basement? it was ok nothing great. reviewed December 31, 2005
Beach Bums by PamDennis Comedy
that was.........interesting? reviewed December 31, 2005
Dreams and Reality by markrichardbehenna Horror
One word: CREEPY reviewed December 30, 2005
Die Verwandlung by Meowan Horror
Woah! thats one of the best movies I have seen on this site, you should never stop making movies, if you do Iīll order my undead minions to egg your house. hhmmmmm mr.wulff eh? reviewed December 30, 2005
King Kong 1941 (Act-One) by StevenKreg Action
Good Movie, but damn that guy has an anoying voice. Did littlesimon only watch the first few seconds? Kong is not small in the movie itīs a *BLEEp*inīdream. Three hurrays for Steven Kregg hipp hipp h... reviewed December 30, 2005
The Conscience by patty82 Horror
That was great! reviewed December 28, 2005
Love Dies Hard In The Old West by IanMcGuinness Horror
Featured Review
Good movie! all it needs is somer subtiltes and then it will be set. og where doest thou wonder oh lady of the cinders? upstairs and downstairs and in thy nightly chambers.(no point in putting that ...
reviewed December 18, 2005
Saturday the 14th by FatherJames Horror
Thats a job well done. Itīs a great parody(and those are as rare as white buffalos) and this is comming from a guy whoīs a hardcore F13 fan whoīs really picky on these things so you should be pleased... reviewed December 17, 2005
Chicken Man by eldalto Horror
I havenīt seen such a good use of the chicken suit in a movie since Nixon was a shoe shiner in Mongolia . reviewed December 17, 2005
Edgar Allen Poes - The Telltale Heart by justin_in_bangor Horror
Great job......I bet olīEdgar Allen Poe is rising form his grave to celebrate this one, if you listen hard enough you just might hear him dance. reviewed December 17, 2005
An Open Letter To Lionhead by justin_in_bangor Comedy
How come this is in the top 25? reviewed December 16, 2005
Home Of The Braves by mineme24 Action
good movie but shame on you for using that random generic name; you loose one star. reviewed December 16, 2005
Jesus Christ Action Star by Mathaxxx Action
Donīt be so mean on old Lucifer he got fired from heaven for as little as having his own opinion on things and trying to kill god. reviewed December 10, 2005
Carpe Diem by Strondor Horror
One word: I like that movie very much I really like itin the end when he rotts away. Goo goo good reviewed December 10, 2005
How to Survive Horror Moments by Coolphil Horror
great you watch mine reviewed December 9, 2005
Movie against racism by simon6611 Horror
Gaman Gamna mjög skemmtilegt. Good job FIGHT HATE dwon with raccism reviewed December 9, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
Itīs great that most have taken a loonngg time and i canīt even imagine how hight the budget must have been. The voice acting is mostly great but it bothered me in one sceen. Keep up the good work reviewed December 9, 2005