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Average Rating Received: 4.19

Number of Movies Reviewed: 3
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Average Rating Given: 4.33
Movies Released by jmusiol
Violencos Tale Action
A small little movie about the tale of an alien on Earth, which happens to be a little violent. posted May 23, 2007
The Convict Action
Small little gun screw up. posted May 23, 2007
D-Day 2252 Sci-Fi
There are a few little bugs like one scene where costumes reset and audio is a little cheap. Also everyone has a british accent :). posted May 19, 2007
006 Allie Sci-Fi
This is not actually Sci-Fi I forgot to change it, it is Action. Also if you saw the first one 006 Dead Eye you'll notice samething about a certain gun. posted May 17, 2007
006 Dead Eye Action
I had a few technical glitches like audio not working and costumes reverting to default but if you can ignore that I think it is a decent. And if you for some weird reason like the story you need yo f... posted March 26, 2007
006 The Beginning Action
No Description posted March 25, 2007
Movies Reviewed by jmusiol
Wolfowitz Leaves the World Bank by jeang287 Sci-Fi
Funny, I love the raise emphasis! Rate D-Day 2252, others gave it mixed reviews. reviewed May 23, 2007
The Killing Of Alison Shrugberry by merlot5661 Horror
Um, okay had it going but I saw no murder. Rate D-Day 2252, Others gave it mixed reviews. reviewed May 23, 2007
The Turbanator by SothisAmon Action
ACTION HAS BEEN REWRITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 reviewed May 22, 2007