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Average Rating Received: 3.46

Number of Movies Reviewed: 2661
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Movies Released by JazzX
The JazzX Birthday Message Comedy
Yes, it's that time of year when the family gathers around the TV set after a hearty meal - intent on hearing the JazzX Birthday Message. Mod credits: Golden Library set ... KirinRiotCrash Moon to ... posted September 28, 2008
PST - The Movie 3 Action Not Rated
Just a test - it works. posted August 4, 2008
Happy 30th Sis Comedy
This is my birthday present to my sister who was 30 on 10th April 2008. Credits: Arranged and performed by JazzX Mods: Sheep by temple "Emotions" prop by monkeybiz "Happy Birthday" is copyright W... posted April 9, 2008
Tiny - face Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted January 25, 2008
Tiny - face Comedy Not Rated
OP: TINYFACE - experiment 12 Hyphen added to title of film before thumbnail taken posted January 25, 2008
Ode to a Haggis Comedy
It's the 25th January again. That means it's Burn's Night once more when Scots the world over will be eating Haggis and drinking Whisky in honour of one of the world's greatest poets. Robert Burns n... posted January 25, 2008
BMen Comedy Not Rated
OP: Tinyface - experiment 11 Game was saved under title - BMen, then thumbnail taken RESULT: successful thumbnail posted January 21, 2008
ThumbnailTestx10 Comedy
OP:TINYFACE - experiment 10 Thumbnail taken in Movie Player - non-fuzzy mode - save game name changed RESULT: successful thumbnail posted January 21, 2008
ThumbnailTestx9 Comedy
OP: TINYFACE - Experiment 9 Thumbnail taken in Movie Player in fuzzy mode then save game name changed Result: Successful thumbnail posted January 21, 2008
Tinyface Comedy
OP: TINYFACE - experiment 8 Non-fuzzy mode from within movie player, no save RESULT: successful thumbnail posted January 21, 2008
Tinyface Comedy Not Rated
OP: TINYFACE - Experiment 7 Thumbnail taken from inside Movie Maker, no save, fuzzy mode RESULT: successful thumbnail posted January 21, 2008
ThumbnailTestx6 Comedy
OP: TINYFACE - experiment 6 Thumbnail taken very close to beginning of scene in non-fuzzy mode RESULT: Thumbnail successful posted January 20, 2008
ThumbnailTestx5 Comedy Not Rated
OP: TINYFACE - experiment 5 Thumbnail taken in fuzzy mode but from a place extremely close to the beginning of a scene RESULT: Thumbnail successful posted January 20, 2008
ThumbnailTestx2 Comedy Not Rated
OPERATION TINYFACE - Experiment 4 Thumbnail taken in non-fuzzy mode, save game name changed afterwards, then film exported RESULT - Thumbnail successful This is part of my ongoing project to disc... posted January 20, 2008
ThumbnailTestx1 Comedy Not Rated
OPERATION TINYFACE - Experiment 3 Thumbnail taken in fuzzy mode, then film saved under a different name, then exported RESULT: Thumbnail successful posted January 20, 2008
Tinyface Comedy Not Rated
OPERATION TINYFACE - Experiment 2 Thumbnail taken in non-fuzzy mode, no change to save game title RESULT: Successful thumbnail posted January 20, 2008
Tinyface Comedy Not Rated
OPERATION TINYFACE - EXPERIMENT 1 Thumbnail taken in fuzzy mode, no change made to save-game title RESULT: Successful thumbnail posted January 20, 2008
BBFC 18 Warning Comedy
Ah ... great days .. I was 15, my parents were away on holiday. I went to the local convenience store and rented out "Exterminators of the Year 3000" (certified 18) and also managed to buy a 4-pack ... posted July 30, 2007
Capital Crime (Ending) DAWN AID Romance
DAWN AID will now no longer take place. THANK GOODNESS! .... Because this song is so cheesy, I doubt if I could have stomached working on the verses. Yet - this was to be the big song, and I reckon ... posted July 20, 2007
Capital Crime (Ending)ExportFinal Romance Not Rated
Support AnotherNewDawn. Sing along to the chorus and let your voice be heard. Stop the TMO executions. posted July 20, 2007
The God Illusion - Part 1 Comedy
Dr. Richard Lawkins is proud to announce the release of his new documentary, "The God Illusion - Root of all Ills?" "Part I - Unintelligent Design" In this episode, he visits the Grand Canyon and Lib... posted June 1, 2007
SpaceWarsCrawlTestFinal Action
This is a demonstration of the crawl to my Space Wars film which will be released in the future. A horizontal transparent scrolling mod made by monkeybiz was used and placed next to a starfield backg... posted April 10, 2007
Love Casino (Teaser) Romance
This is the teaser for the opening scene proper of URBAN WARRIOR. "Love Casino - URBAN WARRIOR III" is where we meet the heroine of the story and her boyfriend as they play craps in Midnight City's ... posted January 28, 2007
Ode to a Haggis Comedy
It's the 25th January. That means it's Burn's Night. Us Scots will be eating Haggis and drinking Whisky in honour of one of the world's greatest poets. Robert Burns never even made 40 years old, no... posted January 25, 2007
BBFC 18 Warning Comedy
Ah ... great days .. I was 15, my parents were away on holiday. I went to the local convenience store and rented out "Exterminators of the Year 3000" (certified 18) and also managed to buy a 4-pack ... posted October 16, 2006
Urban Warrior Certification Comedy
This shows the overall rating for the whole of the URBAN WARRIOR feature film once it is complete. Currently, the ratings for each scene are as follows: "Pianoman - Urban Warrior I" PG ... posted August 31, 2006
Pianoman - Urban Warrior I Romance
This is the pre-credits sequence for the full length film URBAN WARRIOR. A pianist sits at a piano playing to an empty bar, but why does he play with such passion? What is the dark secret that consum... posted August 16, 2006
Audio Tutorial - P!!eter P!!iper Comedy
This shows the effect of chopping out rogue pops in a badly recorded line. I broke all the rules to make this terrible piece of dialogue: - I talked very close to an unshielded mic and directly into... posted August 4, 2006
Midnight City - Urban Warrior II Action
Midnight City - URBAN WARRIOR II Here it is - the second part of the full length feature film "URBAN WARRIOR" ???Pianoman ??? Urban Warrior I??? was the pre-credits sequence, This is the title sequ... posted July 27, 2006
Midnight City - Urban Warrior II Action Not Rated
No Description posted July 27, 2006
5 Stars (Music Video) Comedy
YOU are cordially invited to join Marco Queso for a soiree on his Island of Passion. Beautiful ladies, good times and plenty of music await you. Hope to see you there! Marco R.S.V.P. PS. Don't te... posted May 4, 2006
ZanteraTrailerCompleteExportp2 Sci-Fi Not Rated
No Description posted March 19, 2006
MASCOT (Trailer) Horror
This is the trailer for "MASCOT", the football-themed horror timed to coincide with the World Cup in 2010. It will be released in three Acts (the trailer shows excerpts mainly from the first two Acts... posted February 3, 2006
Piano Man Urban Warrior I Romance
This is the original cut of Pianoman, the pre-credits sequence for the URBAN WARRIOR feature film. There is a far superior version now available here with improved lighting, editing, continuity and r... posted January 28, 2006
Piano Man Urban Warrior I Romance Not Rated
No Description posted January 28, 2006
Piano Man Urban Warrior I Romance Not Rated
No Description posted January 27, 2006
World Cup 2006 Comedy
A scene that will be played over and over again across the whole of England this June! This short film is by JazzX Research. (kind of like my version of Weta Workshop) It stars my own music from "... posted January 18, 2006
Flappers from Galaxy 9 - Special Edition Sci-Fi
"It was from a little known 30s flick that I took the concepts for both 'Alien' and 'Thelma and Louise' - that film was 'Flappers from Galaxy 9'" - Ridley Scott (Dir. "Kingdom of Heaven", "Black Hawk ... posted November 21, 2005
Movies Reviewed by JazzX
THE WEST by 870 Action
Some good things in this bounty hunter Western - the lead gave a good performance as did the evil Colonel. Other characters had problems not letting their accent slip on occasions and some of the audi... reviewed December 4, 2008
A Day In The Life Of Jonathan by mrbatchy Comedy
The definitive TMO junk film. Random scenes - CHECK VO with TV on in background - CHECK Conveniently placed Bazooka - CHECK Completely unfunny - CHECK Perfection has been achieved just as the site i... reviewed November 30, 2008
Three Lives online by Meowan Sci-Fi
Dodgy American accents aside (for some characters), this was a well-written and constructed time travel tale. However, it loses a star because of its slap-dash treatment of the timeline. We're seemi... reviewed November 30, 2008
before dawn by meowan Romance
Very well shot and edited, good use of music as well. The story was very contrived with far too many coincidences for my liking - the hero just so happens to have the same name as the barman (but in ... reviewed November 30, 2008
Piano2 by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Romance
"Use music the right way" - but he goes and cuts off the music at the most poignant place in the final sketch - and chops off the music in the credits. Having achieved a terrific atmosphere in the re... reviewed November 29, 2008
Jack The Hero by TheFlyingDuDe Action
3 stars - for a first movie that's like gold dust coming from me as I never distinguish between someone's first effort or their 100th effort. A good film is a good film! This one is ok. I got the se... reviewed November 29, 2008
Great Lovers in History and Legend Wilt by thebiz Comedy
As a trailer for Caviar, this was excellent. I loved how our attention was divided from the events onscreen to the totally different subject of the subtitles - and then the pre-orgasmic moaning in th... reviewed November 29, 2008
Speed Dating in the Post Apocalypse by thebiz Comedy
This one scrapes 4-stars, it wasn't that funny - I did chuckle at "ghoulfriend" though! It had a nice atmospheric opening as well. But this film will be preserved because of the Charlton Heston impres... reviewed November 29, 2008
American Bathroom Graffiti by thebiz Comedy
A very funny comedy whose jokes overcame the substandard VO quality. A comedy is judged on the number of laughs it induces - this had bucketloads. And yet, its rough and ready look belies some superb... reviewed November 29, 2008
Dead Extras by thebiz Comedy
Lol - that lass must get loads of work! An interesting one-joke comedy - thanks to some good dialogue leading up to each employment of the "hero" extra. Good overlay work as well - and the music was... reviewed November 29, 2008
Dumb Blonde Joke - Qtigger Style by qtigger Comedy
Lol - Dumb Blonds make men dumb. But before that, the gags were actually quite funny (to my surprise). I hadn't heard any of them before. And they just kept coming! ... I can safely say I had 5 star... reviewed November 28, 2008
The Visitor by GiorgioKiwi Comedy
Great fun! I enjoyed every minute of this. Apart from some cartoonish overlays at the start, which were overshadowed by some nice special effects, it was technically perfect. Even the alien VO was ... reviewed November 28, 2008
Run! by GiorgioKiwi Romance
One star has been docked from the 5 I was going to give this for only mentioning the website from which the music was obtained and not the musicians themselves. Moving on ... A fast pace and interes... reviewed November 28, 2008
City Life by sisch Romance
There were some dramatic events in this film which the music didn't suit at all well. A violent car crash with a gentle piano waltz just doesn't go. So, apart from when we hear the city sounds during... reviewed November 28, 2008
Industry 101 Sound Contest - Sisch by sisch Horror
What a boring title for such an excellent film! Each of these three shorts could be expanded into a larger feature film. The first and third ones are very atmospheric. The second one reminded me a bi... reviewed November 28, 2008
The Afflicted (Reloaded) by sherwinliu Sci-Fi
An interesting film with some good acting - difficult for the more emotionless characters, as that can lead to a monotonous boredom for the audience. Fortunately, Palia was a breath of fresh air for t... reviewed November 28, 2008
Dream Ride by sherwinliu Romance
A good little story with lots to say in its running time and the ending was nice too with a killer last line! A nice contrast between the hooker and the world-weary aged once-wannabe writer. Their ch... reviewed November 28, 2008
The Savior by ichthusadmr Romance
This would have scored 4 - difficult to understand even if you are familiar with the Easter story, but impossible if you haven't read the book. Good imagery and music (presumably from newgrounds.com)... reviewed November 28, 2008
Fury In Transit by edlup56 Sci-Fi
A bit of sound synch trouble near the end, but for me the worst part of this film was the lame Star Wars scene inserted in an attempt to be funny. I reckon this would have got at least a 4 without tha... reviewed November 28, 2008
EDLUP56 In TMO CITY by edlup56 Sci-Fi
A couple of laughs - it's a shame that it was restricted to one minute. Good VO. reviewed November 28, 2008
Murder By Marriage by edlup56 Romance
Well, the credits - including the composers of the music - could have been put up in the description. 2 external pieces used = 2 stars knocked off. This would have scored 3 - the VO sound quality was... reviewed November 28, 2008
15 Second Movie (excluding credits) by josephkw Comedy
Technically very good for the 15 seconds. But, let's be honest here, challenge or not, there is not much to this film. reviewed November 27, 2008
Miserere Nobis TMO by josephkw Horror
A classy film - very suspenseful use of the camera and effective eerie music in the opening. A good twist too. The VO was very good for all characters and the script provided them with some good line... reviewed November 27, 2008
Angels Dance by josephkw Romance
Well, the VO sound quality was a bit below average but the poem was well told and I liked the imagery of the demon awakening out of the man. I'm not sure what it means though, this kind of guessing g... reviewed November 27, 2008
Life Buddy by josephkw Comedy
This would have scored 4 stars. Good VO and nice message. Some funny gags too. But no musicians were credited for their work on this film, so no stars can be awarded. reviewed November 27, 2008
In the Nick of Time by meowan Romance
I'm not sure what the title means, but there's no doubt that this is an excellent film. Very well played by the lead, I was in no doubt that he was the character portrayed. The music fit perfectly w... reviewed November 26, 2008
2nd Annual TMOscars by StevenKreg Romance
Fairly well made, although the ending seemed cut-off to me with no summary or credits. The opening pastiches went on for ages without being particularly funny. I also found it a bit cliqueish and un... reviewed November 26, 2008
O the Ocean by thebiz Action
So start my review I must with a rhyme For rileyman is in the movie It happens every time That's enough of that. This film had more left turns than a one-handed driver's testing centre. Completely ... reviewed November 26, 2008
Flight Of Freedom by TFoster Action
Well, the extra music wasn't properly credited (a website alone is not good enough), so I'm docking one from the 3 I would have given this. This Hollywood re-telling of British history is almost as i... reviewed November 26, 2008
The crime hunter by giscard Action
Some good camerawork at times in this film, but much of the story got lost in translation unfortunately. reviewed November 26, 2008
TMO Falls Down Stairs by biggstrek Comedy
A bunch of people being thrown down the stairs isn't that interesting but the message was useful and delivered in a simple-to-understand way. reviewed November 26, 2008
Rock Heart I - Invasion by Hemperor Sci-Fi
A very good start to the story with a well-defined relationship between the hero and his girlfriend. Some inventive story-telling using very brief flashbacks at the beginning and clever use of lighti... reviewed November 26, 2008
Funny Hotel 2 by revengeguy Comedy
Some minor chuckles but, like the music, they ran out long before the end. reviewed November 26, 2008
Living in the Mist by scotts_studio_inc Horror
Plotless and directionless - one mindless fight after another with no logic to the editing. reviewed November 26, 2008
The Children Of The Warrior Khan (Part 2) by Chocaholic Sci-Fi
I couldn't see what the story was here but there was some good voice work, particularly for the female character. reviewed November 26, 2008
A Day To Forget by Heto Action
A film to forget. reviewed November 26, 2008
A Saturday Night In Estacada by abeautifulmess Comedy
"Please! Make it stop!" - and that was me talking. Poor comic timing (every sentence has a gap before it) and unfunny jokes (which rely exclusively on bad language and vulgarity) are the standout fea... reviewed November 26, 2008
Hells cooperation by bob_bill84 Action
Not bad to start with but the guy chasing the car on foot was just silly, the film never recovered after that. reviewed November 26, 2008
Icetray86 and Baggage Boy vs Living Dead by icetray86 Horror
This would have got 3 stars, but some music was used without properly giving credit to the performers/composers, as a website was given I'll knock only one off. The film itself had some good moments,... reviewed November 26, 2008
The Kowalski Files- Episode One by Dhampy Action
Not bad, quite a good story. But some things weren't very well thought out. The house burning down for no reason was one of them and the father slapping the detective in the face was just plain silly. reviewed November 26, 2008
The Illusionist by EvilGman Horror
Very good for a first go. There were some events I just didn't see coming - such as the fact the town was going to burn down. This is something I should have been told. The editing of the fights did... reviewed November 26, 2008
The Normal Family - 1 by Lolleywood Comedy
The laughs were well out of place - that's probably intentional. The audience were laughing at next to nothing. But the randomness of the jokes didn't appeal to me. I didn't find much that was funny ... reviewed November 26, 2008
Red Faction by jeftihiou Sci-Fi
The editing was very sloppy in this film, the action scenes didn't make a whole lot of sense. There was no sense of where each character was positioned in relation to the enemies or other characters. ... reviewed November 26, 2008
Copyright Laws Propaganda Film by Goad Comedy
A bit garbled and very short. A couple of good points. reviewed November 26, 2008
Flashback To The City Forever by joseph2166 Horror
A bit confusing, it tried to be too clever but there was a fair amount of imagination went into this. reviewed November 26, 2008
Nightmare on Venus XIIVX by christophergiles Sci-Fi
And? ... Just as it was getting good it finishes. A very incomplete film. The main character was voiced well though. reviewed November 26, 2008
Robots In Love by d4l8h9 Comedy
I could barely hear a word of that - I had no clue what was going on. reviewed November 26, 2008
The Baggage Boy by savypirategirl Comedy
The Baggage Girl - just why? WHY? reviewed November 26, 2008
The Perfect Christmas by ultraviolet32x Comedy
This one went very quiet in the second half, we didn't even get the Xmas music they were talking about. The story was not the best, but I liked the characterisation of the nasty sister and the one wh... reviewed November 26, 2008
The Perfect Christmas 2 by ultraviolet32x Comedy
Some funny moments in this movie about the events leading up to Christmas day. It successfully begs the question "why do we put ourselves through this every year?" Although the events in the film are... reviewed November 26, 2008
Mastercheese Theater Presents by postmodernchuck Comedy
Lol - "toon in next time" - by the end, the English accent (which actually started off really well) was ... well it looked like the actor had given up trying. The poem itself reminded me of Douglas A... reviewed November 23, 2008
Nothing by postmodernchuck Romance
It was mostly well-played and the disturbing throbbing visual effect successfully made me agitated like the characters. But my one frustration with this film is that we never got to know what they wer... reviewed November 23, 2008
A Woman is a Woman by postmodernchuck Romance
Very well written and actually moving. The camera moves and the overall fluidity of the piece kind of wash over you and absorb you into this character's world. I don't think in 3 years I've seen a pr... reviewed November 23, 2008
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
A very good film which, despite having no freecam and being in the infancy of TM film making, successfully edits together the preset shots in a deliciously atmospheric way. There's no doubt this filmm... reviewed November 23, 2008
The French Democracy by koulamata Action
So, some teenagers were "chased" by the police into a power station and died. Their motive for hiding was to avoid a police identity check (which we see one teenager having to endure for no good reas... reviewed November 21, 2008
Bullets are Forever starring Marshall Parris by the_georgeZILLA Action
This would have scored 4 stars. I liked the madcap pace and left-field plot twists. The narrator was superb in his role. Some of the other VO was drowned out by sound effects and music in places, or ... reviewed November 21, 2008
Aspirations clip 3 by derbyrams Romance
I thought the VO delivery was a bit rushed and the words she chose to accent didn't make grammatical sense on a number of occasions. But I like the anti-bullying message and, as a subject that interes... reviewed November 21, 2008
Empire of the Saurs by MaxDragon1 Sci-Fi
An entertaining schlocky 50s-ish sci-fi. I loved the analysis of the dinosaurs verses the "puny" first mammals. This film deserved to be made into something bigger. Then we might have got something ... reviewed November 20, 2008
THE CHICKEN SEASONER 6 by Fluffypuppy Comedy
I didn't expect much from this but there were some good laughs. There were also some stinkers (two fart jokes is too much. I reckon there were at least 3 in this). reviewed November 20, 2008
Detroit Crime City by jangklein Action
Bizarre. Not the best audio quality, but there was some originality in this twist on the hitman genre. reviewed November 20, 2008
Mourning Of The Dead by docdeth Horror
Some okay parts, I liked the delivery of the more dramatic elements of the narration. But the story didn't really go anywhere and the voice for the female character didn't work at all for me. reviewed November 20, 2008
Medicine Hat by joseph2166 Comedy
Most of those random scenes are old hat. reviewed November 20, 2008
Life Is For Living by Demeanor Action
Not bad, it was fairly well staged. But I found the early dialogue laughable. It went something like this: "Let's do a bank job, they're minted" - "Ok." The film never really recovered from that. reviewed November 20, 2008
The Swells Road Trip by Fortunato Comedy
This needed to be much longer, it was a good start to a story but nothing more. reviewed November 20, 2008
Jason VS Pennywise by xantxblx182 Horror
Entertaining in a trashy way - but there was very little plot or sense of tension in this film. The music ran out halfway through for starters. reviewed November 20, 2008
Looney Toons by jetzhell Comedy
Chronically poor - the only good thing was the loony tunes music. reviewed November 20, 2008
Zip Shut by agentlopez Action
This one started fairly well but ended up really silly with everyone double-crossing everybody else. More holes than a Swiss cheese in this one. reviewed November 20, 2008
Black Death by djbaconbits Horror
Not much sense to the action here, and the hero dies in the end making it all kind of pointless. reviewed November 20, 2008
Criminal Origins--Departure by Colin_Green Action
"Yawn - not those bank heist scenes again" I thought to myself. But they way this was edited and put together was actually very exciting. In terms of a completely unmodded bank heist - this was the b... reviewed November 20, 2008
Criminal Origins--Contracts by Colin_Green Action
A good start to this one and I'm intrigued as to how this assassin happens to be Scott from Imprisoned. He seems a bit more intelligent this time around! The camera passed through a wall early on, bu... reviewed November 20, 2008
Imprisoned pt--4 by Colin_Green Horror
I think Scott would go better with the villain than with Kate. They're made for each other. One is as thick as the other. The villain makes Scott dig a grave and lie in it, after shooting him, but do... reviewed November 20, 2008
Imprisoned pt--3 by Colin_Green Horror
Scott is so DUMB! Oh dear - he manages to swipe the psycho's keys during a fight. He sees the psycho leave when looking through the keyhole. Instead of getting Kate up the stairs and out of the build... reviewed November 20, 2008
Imprisoned pt 2 by Colin_Green Horror
Well - he's not bright, I'll give him that. He took nearly a week to search the room thoroughly and decide to do something about his situation. I would've checked that coffin out on day 1, I wouldn't ... reviewed November 20, 2008
Imprisoned Pt 1 by Colin_Green Horror
A good start to the story with very good camerawork and, with the exception of the last shot which didn't seem to follow, editing as well. There were two things I think could have worked better - we'... reviewed November 20, 2008
TMO is Closing Come to TMU by SerenityNow Action
I found some elements of the information (or lack of) to be confusing and misleading in this film. For instance "The Movies Aternative Upload Site" - why not keep it simple and, as the caption said, ... reviewed November 20, 2008
Gabe II by rodrd6348 Sci-Fi
Lol - they left their friend on the pavement for 24 hours when he passed out! Some friends they are ... Quite an amusing little flick and, having seen the first one, Club Rural Field was funny as a r... reviewed November 20, 2008
The Video Game Tutorial by Lucas96 Action
A good idea, but the game looks far too easy. Even if you lose your 5 lives, some medics show up and give you some more! And even then you can still save your progress. It's impossible to lose! reviewed November 20, 2008
what the hell by wthstudios Comedy
What the hell was that? Such a poorly edited mish-mash of random scenes. reviewed November 20, 2008
Battle at the Broke pointexp by Peroman200 Action
A boring opening. That inspection scene really does need some dialogue. The foggy battlefield added some atmosphere to what was a very flimsy film. reviewed November 20, 2008
Star Quest Teazer by jabrocious Sci-Fi
Some very poor audio quality severely hampered this trailer. The pieces of story didn't make much sense either. reviewed November 20, 2008
Run like Hell! by Peroman200 Comedy
Shamefully bad. reviewed November 20, 2008
Zvezdne ceste 1 del(Formacija) deluje z by Peroman200 Sci-Fi
Not good I'm afraid. The story never got started and there was a very lengthy and unnecessary military inspection/training sequence. reviewed November 20, 2008
The Editing Room Floor by mrbatchy Comedy
Firstly, the cutting room floor is where pieces of unused film get discarded. You have to get the gig first before that can happen to you. For instance, Christopher Lee got completely chopped out of t... reviewed November 20, 2008
I Hate My Job by cecil_evans Romance
It had potential and the script and delivery were good. But there wasn't much to this story, it was like a trailer for something bigger. There were some annoying technical flaws such as the laser gun ... reviewed November 18, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by pookashells Romance
Beautifully shot for the most part, the one exception being an African shield which seemed to be in the background of most jungle shots. The acting got better as the film went on but I didn't find th... reviewed November 18, 2008
Angels Fall (Part 1) by pookashells Action
An engaging crime story set in the near future. Well played for the most part and well edited too. The script is excellent, although there's one Hollywood coincidence which requires a suspension of di... reviewed November 18, 2008
The Final Stipulation by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Some of the VO was badly delivered and I lost some of the jokes as a result. But I liked this, at times, biting satire as we see Santa getting drunk on Christmas Eve having had enough of his contract ... reviewed November 18, 2008
So Here I Am by mixmasterfestus Horror
A very good film - would you go to prison rather than have the blood of tens of thousands of people on your hands, even knowing that someone else would be brought in to finish the job if you didn't? ... reviewed November 18, 2008
The Movies Review by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Some of the lines were well rushed but apart from that, there were some good gags and great backdrop work (this being made before overlays were invented). A product of its time, this review of The M... reviewed November 18, 2008
Luckiest [play nice now!] Ever Falls Down Stairs by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Not much to it, but good punchlines. He really is an obscenely lucky [wash your mouth out!]. reviewed November 18, 2008
Defence of Honor by jason9266 Action
For me, it was the lack of emotion that defined this film. Early on, the hero gets a chance to say what he thinks about the death of his family. The lines were delivered much like they would be out ... reviewed November 16, 2008
Underling by Zogg Action
No VO, which is a shame because this script thoroughly deserved it (only good VO mind you). An excellent story which I'm pleased to have had the chance to watch - and the subtitles weren't badly tran... reviewed November 16, 2008
Hell on Earth by fateddie Sci-Fi
Fast-paced, and it successfully set up the opposition but didn't do very well setting up the heroes. I can't remember which character was which because it was glossed over too quickly. Given that the... reviewed November 16, 2008
The bagage boy The documentry by benit Comedy
Not a good film - the baggage boy routine was done in full, and then some random action shots. The only good thing was the way it was dressed up to be "Baggage Boy's Greatest Hits", that at least tack... reviewed November 16, 2008
THOMOS TRAVELS by kwistufa Comedy
This would have scored 4-stars. An engaging film as we watch a character going on his holidays. Nice locations, sets and props (at times it plays like a history of mods!) and some entertaining commen... reviewed November 16, 2008
Unloyal by slayerlover17 Romance
Well - if Sarah Michelle-Gellar's eye for the camera turns out to be as good as this, we're in for a treat. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Despite being a silent movie (barring th... reviewed November 16, 2008
A Bushranger in Texas by Armand Comedy
A finely crafted piece of work here. Well acted with only minor problems in sound quality for some of the main characters. An unusual and original comedy which occasionally relied on sight-gags and f... reviewed November 16, 2008
A day to forgotten by outofthebox Comedy
Where's the rest of it!?? Half a music video gets half the points. That really was a bad day - lol! I lost count of the amount of bad things that happened to the protagonist. reviewed November 14, 2008
The Perfect Soldier II by troublemaker911 Comedy
Not bad, it still had mumbling on like the first episode, but I liked how the assassin seemed to have the same combat capabilities as our hero. Interesting story structure as well - as we see him comi... reviewed November 14, 2008
Becky Bombshells Day Out by cos1293 Comedy
Strange - but often entertaining. That's one extremely dysfunctional family whose members are largely disfunctional by the end! Good voices, particularly for Becky. Ear-splitting VO at times, but th... reviewed November 14, 2008
Rob The News Guy by Oznof Comedy
Utter rubbish. The top filmmakers over there did not get to the top by crapping on other peoples' films. If they were churning out 1 and 2 star crap and making it to the top of the charts because th... reviewed November 14, 2008
The Apocolipse by niallmcc Horror
This would have scored 2 stars - it was badly edited and with no characters to speak of. But I liked the idea of terrorist skeletons! No musicians have been credited for their work on this film. That... reviewed November 14, 2008
Attack and Defend by rocker959 Action
A well put together war scene, but no more than that. reviewed November 14, 2008
Taking Paris by nick548 Action
Well, I'm not sure anyone on Remembrance Day will remember this battle. Mainly because no-one but the French resistance liberated Paris on 25th August 1944. The British and Americans decided not to w... reviewed November 14, 2008
The Bmaitland Medley by bmaitland Comedy
Very difficult to listen to, the VO was ear-splitting compared to the backing tracks. By the time I turned it down to an acceptable volume, I could barely make out the music. Still ... nice sneak pea... reviewed November 14, 2008
Life in Horror ep 1 by Legomyeggo Horror
This film suffered badly from lack of music and sound effects. It also had too much mic-popping. There was a good idea behind the story though - a hero who gets put for real into old horror movies. reviewed November 14, 2008
The Really Bad Monkey Man by BlueMonkey555 Horror
Not the best story ever, but at least it was fairly easy to see what was going on and it was timed well with the music at the end there. reviewed November 14, 2008
Olpitraz by BlueMonkey555 Comedy
This is not a succesful comedy. It's dire. A poor film with no attempt at a proper story or any proper jokes. reviewed November 14, 2008
Oltipraz 2 The Attack Of Drug S by BlueMonkey555 Comedy
Some bizarre happenings in this mess of a film. Not least the conveniently placed bazooka and two bookstore-owning arch enemies! Mumbling was not turned off either - but this one scrapes very narrowl... reviewed November 14, 2008
Gabe by rodrd6348 Comedy
Well, my first question was "what kind of night club opens at 4:00pm?" Answer: "Club Rural Forest" of course. ??? still ??? Mildly amusing in a bizarre way. reviewed November 14, 2008
Stalingrad by gamerofmovies Action
Well - there's no story, dialogue or characters here just random scenes of soldiers shooting at each other. The music also runs out well before the end. Not much to recommend this film unfortunately. reviewed November 14, 2008
Answers to Snowy by water119 Comedy
A nice little silent-cinema tale about a man looking for his lost dog. Nice ending which I managed to figure out about 10 seconds before the reveal (a real head-slapper!). Good modded textures. reviewed November 13, 2008
Temporary Night Musical (Sonic Oblivion) by nukester Romance
Just a bunch of chicks clubbing - but it was done really well. I tried to get a strobe effect for one of my films, but on export it came out painfully clunky and slow. I wonder what the secret is... ... reviewed November 12, 2008
Many Worlds Many Choices by rhsullivan Sci-Fi
A good story for so long, but it got very silly at the end. From the moment she sees the untidied body to him inexplicably throttling her with his bare hands, what could have been such a good film tur... reviewed November 12, 2008
Big Coach by davart Horror
It was 4-stars for most of this, I liked the guitar and the way it changed riffs at key moments - it looked like it could have used a VO narration as well. But the special effects at the end were fan... reviewed November 12, 2008
Los santos village by Vincenzo_damatta Horror
This would have got 4 stars. It was an atmospheric cult vampire flick - but none of the musicians who contributed to its excellent soundtrack got a thankyou. That's always 1-star in my book. reviewed November 12, 2008
Punk the Zombie by nahton Comedy
Not sure what happened at the end there, and for a lot of this film it looked like it was just going to be a series of pranks on zombies using teleportation and telekinesis. But it got pretty witty i... reviewed November 12, 2008
Deer Me - The Directors Cut by grickey Comedy
This would have got 4 stars, it finished well with inventive use of the deer's head prop, sound effects and well edited stock music. But most of the film just wasn't funny, there was too much padding... reviewed November 12, 2008
At A Dead Stop by scottmccollum Comedy
A funny film, very well acted and well paced. Good writing which successfully packed some cracking jokes into the 2 and a half minutes. The gothic horror stereotypes were played to perfection. reviewed November 12, 2008
The Best Friend by AlainMoreau Horror
A disturbing film with a couple of problems. I thought the narrator was being ironic when we see a male character (who I assumed to be the best friend) having sex with the female (presumed to be his ... reviewed November 12, 2008
dream reality by AlainMoreau Horror
Some interesting use of repetition in the fragmented visuals and dialogue. But it suffered in the audio department. The VO had a constant hum underneath it whenever it came on, the rumbling low-pitch... reviewed November 12, 2008
The Wrong Woman by alainmoreau Romance
A dreary film paced far too slow. Apart from some of the camerawork there was nothing I liked about it. I found it hard to sympathise with the self-absorbed, self-piteous central character. The conve... reviewed November 12, 2008
Film Form The Vernacular of Cinema by alainmoreau Action
I normally dock stars for use of uncredited music, but the one track used here sounded homemade, so I'll let it off. To the film itself: Very educational, I agreed with most of the points - although... reviewed November 11, 2008
Cult Grimm by gnostradamus Horror
That turned out to be quite a film. I wasn't that sure about it after the first couple of minutes, but the overlays and the cartoon were superb. It was a disturbing trip. Some of the VO was a bit mu... reviewed November 11, 2008
Purgatory by scubajoe Comedy
Not a bad little story, but the ending was very cheesy and the incessant mic-popping really lowered the overall quality of this film. I liked the idea of purgatory being a subway train though. Like b... reviewed November 11, 2008
Hunting--the Dawn through Today by lerodent Comedy
Mildly amusing but the pacing was often too slow and with not enough good gags. The narrator nearly sent me to sleep a few times. reviewed November 11, 2008
CRAZY-INSANE-PSYCHOTIC by tsunamidog Horror
This would have got 2 stars, the shaky-cam was nauseating to watch and the story was just a jumbled mess with no real coherency to it. But this film's main crime was to not mention any of the compose... reviewed November 11, 2008
The Naughty Ideas of a Villain called Dave by sidge14 Comedy
Loved the theme song and the VO for the two characters. Very funny lines in the opening. And I loved the way the sidekick got told to shut up as he was about to reveal an obvious plot hole! I'm not s... reviewed November 11, 2008
The Holy Visit by MefuneAkira Comedy
Hehe - I liked that one, especially the various hackneyed The Movies characters falling into the pit while the conversation was going on (bunnies, clowns, review-for-reviewers [but where was the chick... reviewed November 11, 2008
Trouble in Lonewolf! by MefuneAkira Comedy
This one plays almost like a game-generated film - but with excellent narration and some amusing comedic beats. Bizarre comedy isn't really my thing, and quite a few jokes just didn't hit the spot. B... reviewed November 11, 2008
The Unwanted Hetero by MefuneAkira Comedy
A funny movie which cleverly reverses the sexual orientation stereotype (the hetero being in the minority and trying to gain acceptance, although for the purely selfish reason of rubbing shoulders wit... reviewed November 11, 2008
Knock Knock! by MefuneAkira Comedy
A good build up, but the joke was rubbish, well acted as it was. reviewed November 10, 2008
The Black Gypsy by Zamona Action
The visuals didn't make much sense, and the mumbling was turned on. But the song was very good with some nice melodic hooks in there ("to the top! to the top!") Good performance! reviewed November 10, 2008
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
Some good gags in this. I found the constant clicking in the VO and the pauses between lines a bit grating, but it was still funny and well worth watching. Nice music too. reviewed November 10, 2008
FINAL HOURS by davidwww Action
Well - this was good quality writing all the way through. Some technical problems, such as an early shot where the camera passes through solid objects, and a car chase scene in which the top of a movi... reviewed November 10, 2008
Repo Rescuers by supercozz Comedy
A good idea, the movie really kicked off when Lassie started talking to the horse and a chain of unlikely events was put in motion to get a rent/mortgage payment in on time. Good ending, but bad begi... reviewed November 10, 2008
Infiltration by sickjoke Action
Let's get it out of the way - a number of things weren't very good here. * Mumbling - after 3 years people still don't switch it off, and probably never will * People getting shot without any conseq... reviewed November 9, 2008
Fallacies of a stranger - Episode 1 by meowan Comedy
I'd like to know more about how this suspenseful music was made. I have my doubts that it's in any way original. But, like a detective, no evidence = no charge. I suspect this film gets away with the ... reviewed November 9, 2008
Pax Romana by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Well, this film made me cry. But it wasn't the tale of a young woman with terminal Leukemia finding love in Rome. Nor was it the exquisitely beautiful backdrops. It was the complete disregard for a... reviewed November 9, 2008
Lost Heaven by sphinx86 Romance
What kind of story was that? Detective and wife have argument about his job. He gets shot by crooks. He survives, narrowly pulling through in hospital. He kisses wife and agrees not to do his job ... reviewed November 9, 2008
Locked In A Box by richke Horror
Wow! What a great twist! "April Johnson" acted her socks off, she was great! Why have I never heard of her in 3 years here? Completely believable. The ending, because of her performance, had an imme... reviewed November 9, 2008
Project Sadako Session I by Buccura Horror
A lot of the voices were too low against the music and each other in this film. But the premise was intriguing even if the events became very disjointed by the end. Maybe the confusion was deliberate,... reviewed November 9, 2008
Star Coconut Girl Saga by KirinRiotCrash Sci-Fi
This film is good fun, even if one doesn't get all the TMO in-jokes (such as "Come On" and "Blackbird" and "Steven Kreg"). Generally well performed and with superb editing and overlay work in the act... reviewed November 9, 2008
Innocence - Part 1 by vesobe Action
An excellent supernatural crime thriller. Usually with such noiresque films, the narration is done by a single protagonist. But this one divides the narration between two opposing detective character... reviewed November 8, 2008
Cry Wolf by vesobe Action
An intelligent script with a good twist near the end. This would have scored 4-stars. This film would be great with VO, although I would like less explanation from the detective and more character in... reviewed November 8, 2008
Blood Club I (Part 2) by randomrascal Action
This would have got 3-stars, for the same reasons as the first part: Very inventive visually, with some great overlays - but the story was nowhere, the acting was too similar for all the characters a... reviewed November 8, 2008
Blood Club I (Part 1) by randomrascal Action
This would have got 3 stars. Visually, it was often excellent to watch - especially in the action set pieces with great overlay work. But the sound quality was very hard to listen to for 16 minutes.... reviewed November 8, 2008
Gangster Nation 2 by UrinatingTree Comedy
Not much I found funny here for the length of its running time. It had its moments, like the rap battle, but they were few and far between. The balance between the voices was excruciating to listen ... reviewed November 8, 2008
Gangster Nation 1-2 by UrinatingTree Comedy
Some good moments, but most of the gags were rehashed from the first film and the editing was very poor in the first half of the film, with bodies stacking up for no apparent reason. The "gangster" w... reviewed November 8, 2008
Gangster Nation by UrinatingTree Comedy
Well - it's a good idea, but the dialogue was just a garbled mess for most of it. The sight gags weren't funny and the pace was far too fast for the story to make much sense. The watercooler scene wa... reviewed November 8, 2008
Richard Cory by Pulp Celluloid Action
Why? I think the fault lies with the poem more than the performance - but the visuals matched very well. reviewed November 7, 2008
Maintenance by Pulp Celluloid Horror
Vigilante janitor cleans up more than just the floor at high school. Good story - I thought the acting was great to start with but didn't change mood during the key moments in the film. It was like i... reviewed November 7, 2008
2060 by westost Sci-Fi
A really good representation of just about every "intelligent" religion v science argument we're used to seeing again and again. With spooky, lonely analogue synth music bookending the piece, this is... reviewed November 7, 2008
Intercourse at Ground Zero by mildheadwound Action
Nonsensical rubbish. reviewed November 7, 2008
Tales of Truly Terrible Cinematography by mildheadwound Comedy
This would have scored two - it was completely random nonsense but with a good VO performance behind it. No credits for any musician (and the music really was the best thing about it) gets this an automatic 1. reviewed November 7, 2008
Love in a Jealous Rage by mildheadwound Romance
Plotless rubbish. And no musicians credited either, so it was never going to get more than 1 star. reviewed November 7, 2008
Autoerotic Acid Asphyx by mildheadwound Comedy
A 4-star film - some great visuals and very trippy. But what drug possessed this filmmaker to make a film without recognising the musicians is something we should be closing our borders against. An a... reviewed November 7, 2008
The Clucky Cluck Show 2 by corpsehereproductions Comedy
Great technical work in the visuals, music, sound and VO - but the actual gags and sketches just left me cold. And this very nearly got two stars for the doors-opening and shutting gag. One more door ... reviewed November 7, 2008
The Clucky Cluck Show by corpsehereproductions Comedy
Great music, backdrops and overlays - but I didn't find much that was funny in this film. Not my cup of tea I'm afraid. reviewed November 7, 2008
utarefsoN by Trashman Horror
The FX overlays sometimes didn't work - but this silent movie successfully told its story with some disturbing visuals. reviewed November 7, 2008
Praise The Lord!! by Trashman Comedy
Lol - the goat's orgasm was more convincing than Candy's! Only a couple of months after this came out, Ted Haggard was caught with his pants down. The man, leader of the New Life church and one of th... reviewed November 7, 2008
The Ten Commandments by Trashman Romance
I found this a very irreverent and funny comedy, but there's no way I'm awarding more than one star to a film which makes no mention of the music used. reviewed November 7, 2008
FUnK YOU! by Trashman Action
No mention of who made the music or lyrics for this song - but it's clearly someone involved in the project (due to the words). Strangely catchy in an 80s sort of way, the visuals were well timed to ... reviewed November 7, 2008
Time Warped! by Trashman Comedy
I'm knocking off one for not crediting the musicians who were involved in this film. Otherwise it gets 4 stars. Great set-dressing and an entertaining time travel theme - but the repetition was just... reviewed November 7, 2008
Horse Wash by Trashman Comedy
Bit of a one-joke comedy, but it's a superbly original idea. And the horsewash was well constructed. Good sound effects too! reviewed November 7, 2008
Slick Johnson presents How To Sell a Film by Trashman Comedy
I used all these shameless tactics, except openly not subliminally for "5 Stars (Music Video)". A good little satire. reviewed November 7, 2008
The Wizard of Oz Directors Cut by Trashman Comedy
Mildy amusing, I liked the animal cruelty at the end. But there really wasn't much to this film barring a good hatchet job on the song at the beginning. reviewed November 7, 2008
The Adventures of Phils Fart by Trashman Horror
I don't think I've ever seen a movie stink as bad as this one. The mother of all fart movies, well acted and with a good progression to the story. reviewed November 7, 2008
UMASIBasis99 by FoDooG Sci-Fi
It started well - then, like the commentators, I got annoyed by the dystopian sci-fi movie and they changed channels. Unfortunately, "the horse" scenes weren't funny, and I found myself wanting to ch... reviewed November 7, 2008
Left In Town by FoDooG Comedy
Completely bizarre - but very funny in places and with a superb song at the end. Really - I found this a bit hit-and-miss until the final song which pushed it into 5-star territory. The opening with... reviewed November 7, 2008
dream by FoDooG Sci-Fi
Well - arthouse pretensions here, but as a dream it didn't do much that was interesting. I liked the use of white though. reviewed November 7, 2008
It Really Came From The Woods by FoDooG Comedy
Some good gags (the prizes were hilarious) - but I thought it was 4-stars until I read the description and found that the filmmaker had made the excellent music at the beginning themselves. A funny s... reviewed November 7, 2008
Near by sidy Horror
The big scare was well worth it when it came and the repetitive pattern of events and atmospheric soundtrack built up the suspense very convincingly. The english translation was a bit sloppy though, ... reviewed October 25, 2008
Underpants Man - The Movie by biggstrek Comedy
Here we have an excellent comedy with many chuckles throughout its 18 minute running time. Well played characters, excellent overlay work (especially towards the end) and lots of daft fun. A good scr... reviewed October 24, 2008
Underpants Man - A 3rd Teaser by biggstrek Comedy
I'll be brief(s) - A funny trailer with some good gags in it. Got a bit slow near the end, but I liked the attempted jingle. 4 stars = time to see the actual movie reviewed October 24, 2008
D by cameronkoller Action
A good effort with a good story. For a first film very good. It had many technical errors in the lighting continuity and editing. But it was a spirited, pacy action romp. reviewed October 24, 2008
Freak Wave by crazyfoo3000 Action
Guy wakes up in bed, another guy bursts in and starts shooting, original guy escapes from building and jumps into a skip - but shooting guy is waiting at the bottom (how did he get there?) and shoots ... reviewed October 24, 2008
Attack of the Alien Chickens! In 3D! by sah1701 Comedy
Mildly amusing at the end there - otherwise that was worse than a Republican President. reviewed October 24, 2008
The Temple Trailer by smagee Action
So there'll be lots of shooting, explosions and knives in this film. A good start to the trailer with the overly romantic music suddenly being cut off by a sudden explosion. But there wasn't much ab... reviewed October 23, 2008
Dwights Dream by BloodBourne Comedy
Ok - so he dreamed he was on an invisible horse. Then he woke up. And that's it. reviewed October 23, 2008
The return of CC The spin-off trailer by derbyrams Comedy
The only good bit in that was the female chinese newsreader and possibly a funny bit in the narration - but I couldn't hear it! Why this was released at all, or not pulled immediately by the director... reviewed October 23, 2008
Meet The Last Dragons Ep 2 by boxermix11 Comedy
This would have got a two just for the helicopter jump stunt. The rest was just random trash. Using peoples' music without even naming them is not a nice thing to do, especially if you know them! So,... reviewed October 23, 2008
THE WAR AT FORT KENNY by niklaswilson Action
There's something resemblng a story here - it got a bit confusing after the initial attack. It needed some dialogue and some characters to have any chance of getting a better score. reviewed October 23, 2008
Things dreams are made of by -Snake1980- Horror
Enjoyable in a trashy horror way - it was getting three stars until the lame ending. "Ain't Over Yet" is such a cliche. Other than that, mumbling should always be turned off. I also thought that the... reviewed October 23, 2008
Forgetting the West by DiamondBackFilms Action
It had its moments - and some good lines of dialogue. Its strongest scene was near the end, plus a good build up to the final showdown. But for the story itself, it was extremely confusing and here's... reviewed October 23, 2008
Criminal wars intro by Azlay Action
The subtitles needed improving in this film, the spelling and grammar weren't the best. There were also many instances where the scenes needed to be cut shorter (the worst example being outside the P... reviewed October 23, 2008
VAL by Saraqael Sci-Fi
A very good film with an excellent voice actress. It was quite touching initially when the robot asked to be loved. It does raise the familiar questions of artificial intelligence (indeed, the love t... reviewed October 23, 2008
Out of Phase by aberis Sci-Fi
Lol - very funny. Like the hero, I couldn't believe his luck when he woke up after collapsing from exhaustion. I'll say no more so as to not spoil this. Except to say that it's a kind of Robinson Cr... reviewed October 23, 2008
What a wonderful world by devilsclub Comedy
Truly abysmal. Even for a first film. Just a bunch of random scenes with impossible to understand VO (far too close to the mic). I counted no laughs in 10 minutes. reviewed October 23, 2008
Anhialation by capendzich791 Action
A nice try, but the VO was well down. It needed turning up a couple of hundred percent. The last line got completely lost. Other than that, without having too much in the way of story or characters, ... reviewed October 23, 2008
Dead Range by Khazar-5 Action
This would have got 2 stars but the Bond theme wasn't credited (and it shouldn't be on Newgrounds anyway as it is strictly copyrighted). The plot made very little sense and the movie had an ending th... reviewed October 23, 2008
Her by MichaelCristiano Horror
This would have got 4 stars. I've knocked one off for non-crediting of musicians, even though a website was given. It was quite well played but some of the shots when the haunting began started to r... reviewed October 23, 2008
The Long Run by JackDelahunt Comedy
Hmmm - the silly voices didn't help. Nor did the "Police Academy 8" quality jokes. A good premise behind the story though, and the villains do look cool even if they don't act it! reviewed October 23, 2008
You Blundering Idiot! by JustinMoore Comedy
I didn't get a single laugh out of that. The mic was popping everywhere, all the male characters sounded exactly the same and there was next to no comic timing - but, then again, it wasn't needed. Th... reviewed October 23, 2008
Robot Nazi Goes Berserk! by zombieshadow1 Comedy
Lame ending - a couple of laughs in the film, but the subtitles were badly written in the way they identified each character and went by too fast most of the time. The music didn't fit either. Could ... reviewed October 23, 2008
Zom Destroys Democrats (2) by ar2v2333 Sci-Fi
Not a good film. No plot, no music, no decent dialogue. Woeful. reviewed October 23, 2008
Dracula by Lazlo319 Horror
I saw no sign of the director's sister or any other actors in this shambles of a film. No dialogue at all, just mumbling. The scenes seemed to appear in random order - no attempt to tell a story at ... reviewed October 22, 2008
BTBAM Suck by TwoRiversJack Comedy
A no effort film. Not a single funny moment. Absolute rubbish. reviewed October 22, 2008
Just Beond Your Reach by mac_n_cheese Action
That ending was a bit sudden, it didn't really tie the film up very well. There was some good set-up stuff though. The camera moves at the start were a good idea, but the constant jumping of the came... reviewed October 22, 2008
Der Hotel Terror TRAILER by Madmax03 Action
This would have scored 4, but one piece of uncredited music was used. Not a bad trailer at all, some good sound effects in the action and a well set up story. reviewed October 22, 2008
Discovery by jason9266 Sci-Fi
This would have scored 3 stars. There were some good moments, particularly in the hyperspace sequence. And good use of the camera. But the story as a whole didn't really add up: !!!!!!!! SPOILER WA... reviewed October 18, 2008
Attack Of The Ape by trueiskill Comedy
I laughed 3 times, not much for 9 minutes which suggests that alot of this could have been cut. A shame about the sound synch problem which gradually became more noticeable as the film went on. Mumbl... reviewed October 17, 2008
Deathtrap by Tamptak Horror
A very good horror film - I liked the twists. Good acting, especially during the climax. All the characters were good story tellers - and so, clearly, is the director of this film. One minor critici... reviewed October 17, 2008
One Last Glimpse by BrokenWhisper Horror
Lack of dialogue hurt this film, particularly in the beginning. I didn't get to know the main character at all, but it seemed like there was some sort of story going on. A promising idea. reviewed October 17, 2008
Splinter by Jirt Action
It nearly worked as a trailer - but there was no final line that would sell the film, not even a restatement of the title. Some good action shots though. reviewed October 17, 2008
Wise Guys Ep29-Best of Both Worlds by Tenchimuyo Action
That made absolutely no sense to me. The conversations didn't make sense, the arrangement of the scenes didn't make any sense. I couldn't find a story anywhere in here. It was just a bunch of people s... reviewed October 17, 2008
Driven by StevenKreg Romance
Well acted - but very confusing. No attempt was made to show that the bald-headed main character was the same as the young and suave male. It jumped around between the two at will, even the car chang... reviewed October 17, 2008
Rain (Teaser 1) by MefuneAkira Romance
Oh my goodness! It borrows heavily from Blade Runner (one of my all time favourites) - that last shot is almost an exact replica of the beginning of Ridley Scott's masterpiece. And, of course, the co... reviewed October 17, 2008
Do You Like Josephkw Movies Trailer by macwemyss Comedy
This trailer didn't tell us much about the intended film despite some mildly humorous shots. But "Do You Like JosephKW Movies?" - well, winning my highest award a record 3 times suggests "Yes, I Do L... reviewed October 17, 2008
Master and Servant ep 1 by rhizod Comedy
What a good promo for Firefox! It's true that Internet Explorer is old and fat and tries to clunkily bother you with "new features". It also lets in spyware (some of it even Microsoft's) and malware ... reviewed October 17, 2008
Unfriendly Fire by m1ckyf1nn Action
Pretty basic and the pace dragged in places. But it was coherent at least. reviewed October 17, 2008
The Man and the People by Rollinm Action
Let's get the negative stuff out of the way first: I thought there were places in the film where ambient sound effects were required but not present (the street speech being a good example), and some... reviewed October 17, 2008
In Freedoms Defence - Trailer by Mr_P_Bonny Action
Not a bad trailer - the music needed toning down so I could hear what Teddy was saying in places; or maybe Teddy needed toning up, the acting performance needed more "oomph!" I thought. Still - it su... reviewed October 17, 2008
Neon by Pat_Pirate Horror
Using Louis Armstrong without giving him so much as a mention would've earned this film one star anyway. I was prepared to give this a 2 otherwise. It had some striking images but any pretense of a ... reviewed October 17, 2008
Fighting 4 Living by Legomyeggo Action
A good last shot, and the idea behind the story was a good one - a guy who turns to street fighting to get himself and his pregnant wife out of poverty. But there were no sound effects whatsoever in ... reviewed October 17, 2008
Flight Overland trailer by cool_me Action
As a trailer it had its moments - but there was no proper ending to it. Surely it should at least have finished with a restatement of the film's title. The pacing was very VERY slow for a trailer - t... reviewed October 17, 2008
Door Station Test 01 by drakefyr Sci-Fi
Parodying the "Dharma Initiative" is quite a good idea. But this didn't inspire me at all. Too short and said very little. reviewed October 17, 2008
Fantasy Football by DerekHH Comedy
The final scene was both very long and very unnecessary in this comedy, which nevertheless had its moments earlier on. The plot moves episodically between a bunch of guys meeting to discuss their fan... reviewed October 1, 2008
Liberty City by DerekHH Action
This would have got two stars, but I like to see musicians being given some credit if their work is used, even if permission is given. So one knocked off for that. I just couldn't get the plot of thi... reviewed October 1, 2008
Bad Arcanumage by DerekHH Action
This started off fairly well, an interesting set-up and strange dialogue which demanded the audience to put the pieces of the puzzle together and work out what was going on. The acting was very good,... reviewed October 1, 2008
The Sitcom Presents Channel Q by DayeWilliams Sci-Fi
This was a good story largely ruined by dismal VO sound quality, a touch of sound synch bugginess and cheap shortcuts in the dialogue whereby potentially interesting conversations had a subtitle inste... reviewed September 30, 2008
The Night List by TFoster Action
This one would have scored ***** stars A very atmospheric film which suitably described through visuals (tastefully shot in black and white) and evocative music the lonely life of the hitman. Some p... reviewed September 30, 2008
The Terrible Old Man by slarner Horror
Purchased or not - I still want to know who made the music. One star gets knocked off for that (at least we got a website). But other than that, this is superb. Very atmospheric and chilling towards ... reviewed September 29, 2008
PREDATOR URBAN HUNT 2 by Wolfpred Horror
The most interesting thing for me in films like Aliens and Predator are the reactions of the various human characters as well as the surprises the monster comes up with. This film didn't have any hum... reviewed September 29, 2008
Bastion by sickjoke Action
There were more plot holes than bullet holes in this spirited police film (the ending was quite literally a cop-out). But it was carried off with immense pace and some nifty camerawork. The story was ... reviewed September 29, 2008
Pig Pie by jjcresswell Comedy
Awful. So bad that it looked game generated. There were no jokes - well, except for The Baggage Boy routine. No subtitles, no talking - nothing. Most of it was just people standing around mumbling ... reviewed September 29, 2008
Space Vixens Face Lizardine by Frimlin Sci-Fi
I quite enjoyed that - I want to see the rest of it. I liked the set-up for the story about some space mechanics who install planetary weather devices and do a botched job - that's quite original! Ni... reviewed September 29, 2008
Forgotten by SantaAndfriends Horror
That wasn't at all a bad story. But the VO was horrible - I had trouble hearing half the words, and the mic was popping and crackling all over the place. If this film had been subtitles only, I can s... reviewed September 29, 2008
Spell On You by Zamona Comedy
Visually, the actions were fairly close to the content of the song, but the fluffy cloud overlay was well overused. I liked the sort of supernatural gothic thing that was going on though - crystal bal... reviewed September 29, 2008
A Letter From Home by SnakeEater42 Romance
Featured Review
An excellent acting performance here. Some minor flaws - for instance I doubt that the soldiers would wear full desert battle dress while in America as we see in a couple of scenes at the end. Some of...
reviewed September 22, 2008
Armies of the Night 1 New Blood Part 2 by axlslash Action
Featured Review
The writing for that show was terrific, the non-linear structure of the storyline worked perfectly as the film ended where it began. In terms of directing a non-linear story, that was the best ever fo...
reviewed September 21, 2008
Armies of the Night 1 New Blood Part 1 by axlslash Action
Featured Review
I'm thoroughly enjoying this. The episodes flesh out the story and the characters, the opening sequence was great (superb music) and there were a lot of funny moments, such as in the headmaster's offi...
reviewed September 21, 2008
View Point by asaoleary123 Action
I quite liked the idea of this film. There were several hooks to remind you that the events were taking place at the same time. Not just the clock but the tannoy announcer. Quite a bit of effort was p... reviewed September 21, 2008
Rocky Racoon by TylerK15 Romance
Very good telling of the story - the silent lip-synch worked very well at those moments in the song where a character mouthed the words. The pictures matched the song very well. The only thing that w... reviewed September 21, 2008
Rise Of The Dead by danny_2006 Horror
Good to start with, but the ending wasn't the best and the music seemed to run out in the middle. reviewed September 21, 2008
nothing to live for by tedrum Action
Lol - 2 of them! The freecam was ok, but it passed through the buildings on a number of occasions, a complete no-no. The story was very weak. reviewed September 21, 2008
Red Currency (pt3) by tiffyp Action
My main problem with this part of the story is the van. Why didn't they sleep in it instead of getting themselves wet? Very much a middle episode, there wasn't much that happened here but we were int... reviewed September 21, 2008
Red Currency (pt2) by tiffyP Action
Just to correct one of the reviewers: there was no music violation in this film, all the music is from in the game. So, the fighting between two of the men was a bit unrealistic given the amount of m... reviewed September 21, 2008
Red Currency (pt1) by tiffyp Action
The ending with JT shouting wasn't very clever. Why didn't he keep his mouth shut and take all the loot for himself? Maybe if he had just whooped with joy and the others came running over, that would ... reviewed September 21, 2008
Red Currency (pt4) by tiffyp Action
I like the look of this story. We learn quite a lot about each of the characters in these 4 minutes as they fantasise about what they'll do with the money. This would be great with some good voice act... reviewed September 21, 2008
The Coming - Part 2 by EpicMovieStudios Horror
I quite like the idea behind the story but the camera moved through solid objects and there were some sound problems with the music (this can sometimes be solved by reducing the volume of the sound ef... reviewed September 21, 2008
Bleeding Innocence Judgement(Final Cut) by DiamondBackFilms Action
Lol - I promise I haven't gone looking for this film. But this is the third version I've watched in the same reviewing session, that's something that probably won't happen again! The difference here ... reviewed September 21, 2008
World VS Mafia by Lipzinator Action
Hmmm - nearly so bad that it was good. The sheer naffness of this film is the only possible source of humour. Every character sounded like they were talking in a cathedral and the plot was non-existe... reviewed September 21, 2008
Bleeding Innocence Judgement by DiamondBackFilms Action
Well! A world first here. I get to review two different versions of the same film on the same night! The difference between the previous version and this one - apart from a spelling correction in the... reviewed September 20, 2008
The Downfall of Man by Jirt Sci-Fi
Well - with no characters to root for and no real story the best things about this film are its original score and the dark atmosphere. Put this scene in the middle of a proper story and we have a winner. reviewed September 20, 2008
Ted and Ned Im a Secret Agent Part 2 by austin54321 Comedy
Good fun in places. Ned had some pretty funny lines. The main thing that needs improving in this film is the VO sound quality. There's far too much mic-popping going on. Actors should never talk dire... reviewed September 20, 2008
The Coming by EpicMovieStudios Horror
The pace was a bit too slow for my liking and the music during the graveyard scene didn't really fit the mood. I liked the ending though. That sets things up nicely. reviewed September 20, 2008
Diner Date by prallworks Comedy
Some interesting situations early on. But for a drunk who could barely walk, he seemed to be well versed in Kung Fu! Not bad to start with, but the story got very silly when he started assassinating people. reviewed September 20, 2008
The Untitled Family by lewismerlin Action
This should be renamed "The Unnamed Musician". If music from outside the game is used, the musicians that made it deserve a mention. Otherwise this trailer would have scored 3 stars. It started to re... reviewed September 20, 2008
Survival by tommyscomics Action
I couldn't get a grip on that story at all. It just seemed to be a confusing mess to me. No music either. reviewed September 20, 2008
Space Attack Brigade 4- The Evil Plan by RobertsonDunn Sci-Fi
Well paced, but there weren't many good lines of dialogue (even though it tried hard). The ending was weakly delivered - more dramatic music would have helped there. reviewed September 20, 2008
An Uncivil Trailer by gwashingmachine Comedy
Nice lively trailer with a couple of laughs thrown in. reviewed September 20, 2008
posh bum 1 by thefish091 Comedy
Featured Review
Quite random - but there were some good lines in there. I do get the feeling that this character really was an aristocrat at one point. An interesting character. I liked the way the barman went from ...
reviewed September 20, 2008
OOPS by Gunsdj Romance
What a mess. It doesn't help that all the characters talk in l33t spk The spelling is so bad that no spellchecker would ever come up with the correct answers. The only bit I liked was the irony of ... reviewed September 20, 2008
James Boff 5 The Return Of The Boff by gwashingmachine Comedy
Sounds like a family affair to me! All involved seem to be having a good time. As a movie, it gets a two. The constant clicking between every line of VO really grates, particularly because the dialog... reviewed September 20, 2008
the case by dipdan Action
A good idea in terms of the story. Not so good was the way the editing tended to focus on the wrong character during the conversations. It became confusing as I didn't know which character was suppos... reviewed September 20, 2008
Galaxy by Aidanhiggs Sci-Fi
This film would have scored 2 stars. But two musical cues from outside the game were used without any mention of the musicians that made them. That's two stars knocked off, which means the most this f... reviewed September 20, 2008
The Fart Before Last Evil Clowns of Doom by dethlord Comedy
This movie stinks! I quite liked the opening gag, and the "fart stick" routine. But the rest was a pile of crap. I'm sorry to blow off this film so harshly, but it's hardly going to trump the best t... reviewed September 20, 2008
Bleeding Innocense Judgement by DiamondBackFilms Action
This would have scored 3 stars. I liked a lot of the camerawork, particularly in the way the field-of-view was used. Editing was done fairly well, although some scenes dragged a bit. There was a nic... reviewed September 20, 2008
Get On Up! (The Anthem) by First_Demand_Productions Comedy
"MC Jazz in the house tellin' ya where its at, These rhymes go bustin' crimes and the beat is phat. A message to the haters and the ninja crew, They can suck my **** with their * star reviews So scr... reviewed September 17, 2008
Welcome To Sauble by TheSeeress Comedy
This successfully captures the spirit of a wild beach party even despite half the words being inaudible due to poor sound quality (at least the female character's lines could be heard). The music goes... reviewed September 4, 2008
Duke Conchi of Eviltown by TheSeeress Horror
Rubbish. We didn't even get to see her fight the Duke. This was a garbled mess. reviewed September 4, 2008
The Lady In The Forest by TheSeeress Romance
The characters needed to be better set up, but the dog was a star. I liked the scene where none of the rottweilers would have a go, but the Labrador gets stuck in! reviewed September 4, 2008
The Black City by TheSeeress Sci-Fi
The music finished nicely on time and the first few lines of dialogue were intriguing. But then it descended into complete nonsense - suddenly she was on a beach after being on a spaceship in the prev... reviewed September 4, 2008
Mistah Sistah by TheSeeress Comedy
The usual random rubbish. reviewed September 4, 2008
Kickin Into Gear by TheSeeress Sci-Fi
A very good setup - but no ending. Would love to see this turned into a proper story. reviewed September 4, 2008
Just Too Breasty by TheSeeress Horror
A film with no ending. Just a woman in a bathroom talking about something to her boyfriend (yes - it says it's about her [shhhh!] in the description - which is why the film needs a punchline). A goo... reviewed September 4, 2008
Bullet Trigger by TheSeeress Action
I liked the setup to this film - but then there was no ending whatsoever. reviewed September 4, 2008
Death In The Palace by TheSeeress Comedy
A kind of medieval wild west. Original. But the ending was - well, as if the filmmaker had given up. There was nothing really to watch here as a result. reviewed September 4, 2008
Ralon by TheSeeress Comedy
I liked the feisty spirit of the heroine. But the characters weren't set up that well, apart from the villain ("clean my stuff ... or I'll kick your ass", hehe) and there was no final scene to conclud... reviewed September 4, 2008
Varils Vixen by TheSeeress Romance
A little bit hard to see who was talking sometimes; best to use closeups. It had mumbling turned on throughout, which quickly becomes annoying, although I appreciated that it was kept well down in the... reviewed September 4, 2008
Mortal Coil by cecil_evans Action
Featured Review
A kind of tongue-in-cheek futuristic satire. It sort of reminded me of RoboCop in its undertones. The media presentation that set up each chapter wasn't too far away from something like that shown in...
reviewed August 31, 2008
Random Show 3 Unexpected! by IgorS Comedy
Featured Review
The sound quality in this film wasn't the best, but most of the jokes were good. The sitcom gag was one of the better ones in the series. I also liked the football show, and I liked the Eurovision son...
reviewed August 30, 2008
Random Show 2 by IgorS Comedy
Featured Review
I found myself laughing at that quite alot - it's not so random now, the show seems to have developed its own format with its own running gags. With improved sound quality (it was very poor) this wou...
reviewed August 30, 2008
Random Show by IgorS Comedy
This wasn't as bad as I feared - the opening couple of jokes were pretty good. But then the film just degenerated into random fight scenes (the Mortal Kombat reference got a chuckle though) - at least... reviewed August 30, 2008
JAY ADAMS - A Detective Story (ACT-2) X by DanielH20 Sci-Fi
A good story played by some good actors. There were some technical faults though. Audio volumes for the leads were fine - but in comparison, the supporting cast was much louder than they were. The ... reviewed August 30, 2008
Bad Shrimp by asaoleary123 Comedy
The acting was very cagey in this film, almost like the actor had a baby sleeping next to him all the time - that meant the VO was a bit quiet, not to mention the odd crackle and pop. The opening cre... reviewed August 30, 2008
Final Night by biggstrek Horror
Sort of "Christine" or "The Car" done as a poem, there aren't too many (if any) of these kind of films on TMO. Although the poem was corny at times (delicious corn at that!), it was perfect for the s... reviewed August 30, 2008
Gangs of LA by Britton9724 Action
Not a bad story, with an energetic acting performance. Unfortunately there was a lack of music in the film and a lot of the voices sounded the same - they also increased in volume to ear-splitting lev... reviewed August 30, 2008
A Day At RMPS by M_Terry Comedy
Well I got this - it started off like a normal school story, then the monsters came in and turned it into a silly film. There was something wrong with all the textures too - maybe a re-export was required. reviewed August 30, 2008
Its hard being a ninja by jlarts Comedy
It could have used some music and the story went stupid when the alien showed up. I lost sympathy for the character because he attacked an alien that had done nothing to him (with a knife as well, vic... reviewed August 30, 2008
QBC News by mrsquirrel1224 Sci-Fi
The voices all sounded the same and the story was very random - some of the VO was good though. reviewed August 30, 2008
Full Moon In Green Bark County by InsaneZane Horror
The music ran out half way through, mumbling was turned on, the spelling was very bad and the story went silly towards the end. But there was the makings of a good story. reviewed August 30, 2008
The American Dream by filipekholmstudios Romance
Nearly 40 minutes of successfully exported footage - that must be a record for a non-outside edited TMO film! But that's not why I'm giving it top marks. There are a number of mistakes in this film t... reviewed August 30, 2008
Bmaitland The Musical II by bmaitland Comedy
Woeful sound quality and performances harmed this sequel. There was a lack of good songs as well. A few chuckles, but the lack of any coherent story and memorable songs took their toll. The closest we... reviewed August 30, 2008
PAIX by nexusinteract Romance
This is a character study of someone who has lost their faith, but after a good night at the pub decides he can't get much lower and rereads the Bible. I found the character very engaging and superbl... reviewed August 26, 2008
TEAM X ADVENTURES by johnnyex Action
This film was a true mixed bag - there's a lot of good stuff in it, and a lot of bad in just about equal measure. Very good special effects and camerawork, as well as a colourful array of superheroes... reviewed August 20, 2008
The American Dream Teaser Trailer by filipekholmstudios Romance
All the "TFoster" stuff at the end detracted from what was otherwise a pensive, professional-style trailer. That suggests a filmmaker who doesn't take their film as seriously as the trailer was sugges... reviewed August 20, 2008
DOG COLLAR SEIZURE by tsunamidog Horror
Schlock B-movie horror at its finest! I'll even let the shakeycam slide this time - sure, it was rubbish every time the camera stood still, but worked well when the action got going + the movie was p... reviewed August 20, 2008
Shark Attack 2 Trailer by chris62 Horror
Superb trailer. VO was slightly down at the start, but when the shark appeared it hardly mattered. Terrific shark attack sequence which also doubles as TMO's best ever realisation of surfing! The mu... reviewed August 19, 2008
Sex Change- Nick to Nicole by asaoleary123 Comedy
Nice bit of Shirley Bassey in there - no mention of her name though, so that's one star knocked off the three I was going to give this. I've hardly watched any of Big Brother 9, but I still recognise... reviewed August 19, 2008
Aspirations new trailer by derbyrams Romance
Good soundtrack and it's a good subject to tackle in a doc. The end of the trailer where all the actors were introduced went on too long. Maybe that could have been done over a montage of short clips... reviewed August 19, 2008
The Warriors part 1 by Legomyeggo Action
This would have scraped 2 stars. For anyone unfamiliar with the original, they would be completely lost by this film. What's the story? Who is Cyrus? Why do they feel they need to make it across town... reviewed August 19, 2008
Sex Change- Henry to Henrietta by asaoleary123 Comedy
A problem with the VO in this film - it seemed to disappear in one scene and overlap with itself in others. The voices were alright, but the script wasn't so good. I can't see how this film was in an... reviewed August 19, 2008
VISSION by 04_perez_a Action
Not always clear to hear what the characters (or occasionally which characters - the voices were similar) were talking about - but the music created a very good atmosphere, the scrapyard looked great ... reviewed August 19, 2008
Of corpse not! by david1991 Action
This could have been a lot shorter. The subtitles went by at a snail's pace at times. This film should have been over and done with in less than a minute. The story was paper thin and the subtitles w... reviewed August 19, 2008
Ninjas in the Knight!!! by Qurk Action
This would have scored 2 stars - I liked the Ninja Lair backdrop. But the story was not good - and everything that happened was mentioned in the description, I might as well not have watched it! Wher... reviewed August 19, 2008
Cyberphunk - The fourthcoming by sparrowtm Sci-Fi
This would have scored two stars - some good voices but I didn't get much of a sense of what the story was about. This film has had a star knocked off for not mentioning its musicians. This mistake w... reviewed August 19, 2008
Dont Stop Beliven2 by kMaxy Comedy
A nice typical boy-meets-girl story to go with the song in this music video to one of Journey's hits. Well chosen and edited scenes which were synchronised well. I would have liked to have seen the ... reviewed August 19, 2008
Tennessee Regiment by James_Karlson Action
Not bad - if a story had been built around this scene, it would have scored higher. Good voices, and Johnson came across very well as a character unlike the others. reviewed August 19, 2008
Really Dumb Movie 4 by Video_Capture Comedy
Is exactly what it says it is. Thanks for owning up. reviewed August 19, 2008
Dead Risen - The Unseen Footage by danbo1 Comedy
A lousy film which didn't give any credit to its musicians. The dialogue was mainly just swearing and inane unfunny drivel (although the zombie complaining about stereotyping at the end was quite fun... reviewed August 19, 2008
The Duck Strikes Again! by Aaron94mcn Comedy
I'll give this film a star for "my nuggets" - that made me laugh. But the rest was just random rubbish. reviewed August 19, 2008
Ilusion by Dady Horror
A good cop-out (no pun intended) for a no-effort random film. The only subtitle in this movie was at the very end "This was just an illusion". That still doesn't excuse the lack on any story whatsoever. reviewed August 19, 2008
Maximum Explosure! by Katikal Action
Mildly amusing - the Steve Irwin bit using a baby as bait was the funniest. I thought most of the film was a bit rushed though - and sometimes the accents were mashed up so you couldn't tell which cha... reviewed August 19, 2008
The Night Before Christmas by Monkey_2006 Horror
Awful. reviewed August 19, 2008
Full Moon by static813 Action
Well put together and voiced - some popping in the VO, but generally not bad. The ending seemed a bit of a let down. We needed just one line of superb dialogue from the mysterious stranger to wrap th... reviewed August 19, 2008
When The Moon Hits Your Eye Pt1 by AL_KA_PWN Horror
Not bad at all - this werewolf flick only really loses its way near the end. It starts off engagingly enough. More of an explanation was needed for the nasty character near the finish but this homag... reviewed August 19, 2008
Dead Cannibals 2 by sickjoke Horror
The story could have been fleshed out (haha) a bit more but I really enjoyed the editing in this movie and the high impact sound effects that went with it. Doors being kicked open and gunshots being f... reviewed August 19, 2008
The Lawyer by Legomyeggo Action
This would have scored 2 stars if the musicians had been given a thankyou. Some good ideas in this action film - sometimes well edited, but other times there were long periods of nothing much happeni... reviewed August 19, 2008
Love (A Short Comedy Movie) by farquad Comedy
That was pathetic. There was no joke at all there. A no effort film. reviewed August 16, 2008
Dako by nooctip Action
If there was any story in this then it lost me when the sound bug hit. It seemed to be a journey through a deranged mind - but the events became progressively ordinary and cliched the more the movie ... reviewed August 16, 2008
Bmaitland The Musical (improved) by bmaitland Comedy
Featured Review
What would I say to the person who made this film if he were here right now? What would I say? ... I know .. it goes something like this ... [G7 chord on the piano] "Consider yourself 4-starred! ...
reviewed August 14, 2008
Time by derbyrams Romance
I'm not quite sure what the message of this film was other than "life's too short". But it was very well made with some good acting going on. The music and overlays worked a treat, and the pacing was... reviewed August 14, 2008
Halo- Part One Dog Of War Trailer by keithhat Sci-Fi
Nice music, voiceover was a bit too quiet in comparison. Apart from a vehicle crashing there wasn't too much exciting here. Most of it was just some soldiers getting onto the shuttle and sitting ther... reviewed August 14, 2008
Ive been trough the desert by samytraber Horror
The hallucinations were very well realised in this drugs movie. Good editing - some of the subtitles had hilarious mistranslations though ("the pants want to hide in the desert - but I will find them"... reviewed August 14, 2008
From Raggs to Riches - Musical by brian13 Comedy
This looked and sounded like it was made up as it went along. A non-story with terrible singing. reviewed August 14, 2008
The War Letter by Styrophoamicus Action
Two sorts of mumbling harmed this film. The ingame mumbling should always be turned off - and many of the acted lines were impossible to understand. What I did manage to hear was very good. The subwa... reviewed August 14, 2008
Another day Another dollar by crossfire655 Action
This disjointed snoozefest suffers from 10 minute gaps in between each line and the same voice used in the same way for all the characters. The story is a mish-mash that doesn't work at all. reviewed August 14, 2008
MONSTER MASH by jjmarkman Horror
This was like totally dismal. The only horror here is that this storyless unintelligible mess was ever made at all. Still, I hope Oliver had fun making it. reviewed August 14, 2008
Agent Evans by cael00 Action
No story here, just a spy going around getting up to mischief. Some good scenes nevertheless but there were no real characters, the villains were particularly bland. reviewed August 14, 2008
Goro, Lord of the Jungle by Evan Waters Action
Some entertaining bits in there but the ending was confusing and the tops of the sets were visible at times. A thin story, but a well designed female livened up the show as much as the monkey! reviewed August 14, 2008
Plan B from Murray Park by sociallyunacceptable Comedy
Hehe - poor Alec. He went on to manage Scotland (good job he did as well). Good jokes, but the VO sound quality was not the best. Lots of mic popping and too low in volume. reviewed August 14, 2008
Clown face part II Death and a GAG by ManicMod Action
This wasn't bad, clownface had some good lines and was suitably psychotic. But where was the sound and music? The spelling wasn't the best either. reviewed August 14, 2008
GoldenRazor - A Hero is Born by nikstudios05 Action
Aw - don't finish it there, I'm ready for the next episode! This is an excellent superhero movie with great costumes, top class sets and very nice music by Custom Designed. Jewels was suitably sexy ... reviewed August 13, 2008
Crouching Ape Hidden Gorilla by VeteranRV Action
Basically a series of cobbled together fight scenes. No real story and the subtitles explain what we can already see and yet don't give crucial information like what the characters are saying and, in ... reviewed August 13, 2008
armageddon by nior Action
This would have scored 2 stars, I liked the city flooding, even the shark! But the spelling was very bad in the subtitles - text speak should never be used unless that's how the characters are suppos... reviewed August 13, 2008
Swallowed Hope by sickjoke Horror
Good opening shots to this horror. But it was like starting from the middle of a full film. We never got to know why or how the zombie infestation started. Some further faults: Lighting - there were... reviewed August 13, 2008
My Aluminium Sweetheart by asaoleary123 Comedy
Some good moments, but the lack of dialogue between the robot and the main character meant that it was hard to buy into the idea of the pair of them getting together. The description for this film gi... reviewed August 13, 2008
If I could Turn back Time (Sneak Preview) by firstsundawn Comedy
Good idea, bit of a bland trailer though. reviewed August 13, 2008
The War Of The Wire Men by robfez2929 Sci-Fi
Plenty of action but no characters to cheer for and no explanation of who the warring factions are and why they're fighting. We're not even told who gets the medal at the end. reviewed August 13, 2008
The Warriors part 2 by Legomyeggo Action
As with parts 3 & 4, this one uses uncredited music - that means an automatic one star. It wouldn't have scored much higher, the editing leaves out massive gaps in the action sequences. In one scene,... reviewed August 13, 2008
The Sadistic Clown by sickjoke Action
I can't award any stars for this as the composers weren't given any credit for their great music - I recognise the music as being from Batman Begins or The Dark Knight which means that it is by Hans Z... reviewed August 13, 2008
The Tooth Fairy Of Evil II by bmaitland Horror
There have been a number of good "bizarre" films coming out recently. This isn't one of them! There were a couple of chuckles, but for me the laughs were very few and far between. A storyless mess (o... reviewed August 13, 2008
Hobo Hero by wooper3 Comedy
It started quite well but soon degenerated into an almighty mess. At least the filmmaker and their friends had a laugh making it. reviewed August 13, 2008
Bustin it up! by crazyfoo3000 Action
"Hell no" - that was the best bit. The rest was pretty dire. The living room scene was so badly mumbled that it was incoherent and unfunny. reviewed August 13, 2008
The Warriors part 3 by Legomyeggo Action
Again, as with part 4, no stars can be awarded because of the lack of credits for the musicians. It was a good track as well. This would have scored 2 stars - the editing was all over the place, the ... reviewed August 13, 2008
Beautiful Vengeance by suncrush Action
Not having dialogue was a bad move for this film. There are several lengthy shots of two characters talking to each other and we don't get to see or hear what they are saying. It means we don't get to... reviewed August 13, 2008
Total Drama Island trailer by Legomyeggo Comedy
This would have scored two stars but for the use of uncredited music which always gets an automatic one star from me. This trailer could have used some trimming, the weightlifting scene took ages com... reviewed August 13, 2008
Bad-Guy Rhapsody by bmaitland Comedy
I quite like the visual style (good overlays and effects) and the idea of different voices for each character. But the performance - erm ... I've heard better renditions of this at the football. It's... reviewed August 13, 2008
Wedding at Old Mission Pass by suncrush Comedy
No dialogue, just mumbling. We had to sit around waiting for something meaningful to happen as a result. Fairly amusing when it did though. The ending was long and drawn out and needed trimming. reviewed August 13, 2008
The Warriors part 4 by Legomyeggo Action
2 stars for this - there was mumbling, bad editing and a lack of pace. The worst scene was in the bar where two of the characters leave - but in the very next shot, they're snogging in the bar again!... reviewed August 13, 2008
The Prank Call by BenTuttle90 Comedy
Featured Review
Good idea, and it was well acted. But the audio sound levels were all over the place - I had to turn my volume right up to hear the first few lines, only to be deafened when he started talking on the...
reviewed August 13, 2008
Alone in the woods by Leatherfaceco Horror
A very ordinary slasher story - almost by the numbers. But it was well shot (except for the ending which seemed too abrupt). There was an unnecessary romance scene thrown in which didn't have any bear... reviewed August 13, 2008
I Terrorist trailer 1 by derbyrams Action
Oh dear. That was just an incoherent mess. 2 minutes of babbling but I can't recall anything worthwhile that was said. Boring to look at as well, most of it was a static shot of one person talking aga... reviewed August 13, 2008
Guns And Games by FallenThomas Action
Some good action editing on display here - although the rabbits' inability to shoot straight at an open target got annoying. There was no effort at a story of any sort - it was basically a tech demo ... reviewed July 14, 2008
Office Wars by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
A lot of craftsmanship went in to this - great set dressing and costumes. The characterisation was also good, the acting for the Judge and the guy with the stammer were excellent. Music worked very we... reviewed July 13, 2008
Darkshade Origins 1 by jjnelson222 Action
This had some good moments, but there were some glaring holes. I get how a scientist could suddenly do karate thanks to the accident - but where did the costume come from??!! What happened to the hor... reviewed July 13, 2008
Brains! by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
That was not a good film - and then came the punchline, which made me laugh out loud! I'm saying no more... great idea! reviewed July 13, 2008
Crazy Warehouse Guy Sale Ad by andy_inc Comedy
Wow! Amazing! But ladies and gentlemen, I know you won't be impressed by what I say about the film, so I won't bother - you want to see stars. Raw hard stars. I'm not offering you this film at one s... reviewed July 11, 2008
Sister Abstinance The Lothario by thebiz Comedy
Nice idea for a "superhero" - someone who's hell bent on seeing that not a single baby is ever born! A good throw-away comedy (I still don't understand the continuity problem with the lothario's hair... reviewed July 11, 2008
Perverted by dude123456HasReturned Horror
A good build up of suspense for the opening. I suppose the joke is that it didn't lead anywhere - except to a silly domestic argument. The VO from the mother was ear-splitting compared to the son. reviewed July 11, 2008
Alletheo - The Fall of a King by ichthusadmr Action
Once it got going this was an excellent story for so much of the time. It was kind of a cross between Lord of the Rings and The Bible (which are both two great works of fiction in my opinion). The mu... reviewed July 10, 2008
a tree in autumn by trewill7 Horror
It's hard to write a review of that without giving away the surprise. But excellent VO, music and visuals (in a sort of series of static shots which worked well). The poem was very good too. reviewed July 10, 2008
MugAway TV Advertisment by sparky1512 Comedy
Hehe - some good chuckles in that. I liked the "important" gag. Good "advert" voice over. reviewed July 10, 2008
The Outlaw Dick Boner by Trashman Comedy
This one "stands up" as one of TMOs better sex comedies. Completely bizarre - some good laughs appear out of nowhere at times. In places it was close to the bone - literally. Well acted, and it had a... reviewed July 10, 2008
HOTEL HELL by jasonx102493 Horror
HeHe - this one goes in the "so-bad-it's-good" folder! Bad acting - finally acknowledged on screen in the CPR scene - but most of the voices sounded the same, even the so-called "British" character (... reviewed July 10, 2008
Dark Nights Episode 1 by Erandir Action
Much too short for a first episode, but it showed promise. reviewed July 10, 2008
Menacing Phantom 21 by eggheadcheesybird Sci-Fi
Bizarre. But it had a couple of laughs in there. A bit short though. reviewed July 10, 2008
Public Service Announcement by MrX Comedy
Some good messages there which parody the scaremongering used in government ad-campaigns. The second one dragged on a bit though. reviewed July 10, 2008
Mattman Begins by Plumby Action
Aw - don't they sound cute? Well no ... never has the old adage "children should be seen and not heard" carried more weight than for this ear-splitting film. ... but putting that aside, this was sti... reviewed July 10, 2008
Around Noon by MefuneAkira Comedy
Featured Review
Hmmm - not sure about the payoff (maybe because I saw it coming a mile away), but the rest of this was superb. It's hard to believe it was the same person doing all the voices (barring a female chara...
reviewed July 10, 2008
Microbes (Teaser Trailer) by Renegade52 Action
Well, the upload worked. As a trailer, it didn't do much except show some monsters being shot at. This is one of those films that would have done well not to show the monsters until the very end of th... reviewed July 10, 2008
Unicorn Plaster by stagexxxgirl Romance
Some good editing and shot selection, but this trailer seemed to give away the whole story. It needed shortened and then it should just have given us the set-up - probably up to the point where the mo... reviewed July 10, 2008
Guilty Trailer by Lukok Action
In many ways an exciting trailer - I loved the quick shot of the cop punching the audience in the face, leading into the explosion in the street, then carnage with the cars (there really was no need f... reviewed July 10, 2008
Looking Out For You! by RavensFan_09 Comedy
A bit long for an advert, the pace flagged about 2/3 of the way in. But it was stylishly delivered and had a fair few chuckles peppered throughout. Good one. reviewed July 10, 2008
The Chav Killer Advertisment by Ellis07 Comedy
Well - no musicians credited for this film. That's an automatic one star from this member of the music profession, especially since the music was the best thing about it. It would have got two. A bun... reviewed July 10, 2008
Hunters Of The Blood Plain by moviemagician24 Horror
This was a solid 3 for most of the running time, good use of editing and fog. The story was clearly told but the mumbling should have been turned off (it's annoying). Where this one dropped a star wa... reviewed July 10, 2008
Jack Rage by cyber256702000 Action
A tightly constructed story, all the genre cliches (and The Movies action cliches - including "Ain't Over Yet" of course) were there. Some very good acting on display - I enjoyed the Police Chief's pe... reviewed July 3, 2008
Terror Tales Two by rjanaconda Horror
Just like the first one, this was 80s TV at its trashiest! I like it! The quality of the stories wasn't the best and the acting for the drunk husband in the first story was hellish (as in hellishly b... reviewed July 3, 2008
Hard Life by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Romance
Featured Review
A thoughtful piece of work about the consequences of domestic abuse, but also about the power of friendship as well. In the end, we see how - with the arrangement of certain objects in his flat, and ...
reviewed July 3, 2008
SLRWA Event 1 Teaser by dude123456HasReturned Action
Interesting idea, but I would need to know how it's decided which robot is going to win (and by who) - and also the odds - before wagering any VC on this. Some of the dialogue from the presenter was ... reviewed July 3, 2008
Infested! Part 3 by rysto Action
My patience ran out in this reel - I come away from this movie feeling that I've watched 45 minutes-worth of mods but not much of a story to show for it. The ending was weak, the characterization thr... reviewed July 2, 2008
Infested! Part 2 by rysto Action
There's still little effort in terms of character or story - but the amazing moddery continues (I'm talking about the entertaining Alice-in-Wonderland sequence). Without that, this film would be lucky... reviewed July 2, 2008
Infested! Part 1 by rysto Action
It wasn't until the conclusion of the Tower Bridge scene that this film scraped its 4-stars for its first reel. 1/3 of the way in - and there's been no characters (of any significance) and no narrati... reviewed July 2, 2008
The Baggage Boy - An SGIS Special by themonkthemonk Romance
Some good laughs in this tribute to silent cinema. Great overlays throughout. The story, though, was ... erm ... fluffy! (ie. non-existant, but the film didn't suffer much because of the light-hearte... reviewed June 30, 2008
One clown to far by ghoststalker Comedy
I liked the structure - it ends kind of like it began. But it wasn't funny and there was no story of any significance. reviewed June 30, 2008
BOOGEYMAN Death of Judith Myers by michagin_man Horror
A 2-star horror film reduced to one because of the dishonest use of the Halloween film music - it certainly doesn't come from Newgrounds. A pretty basic story which lacked a lot of suspense due to sh... reviewed June 30, 2008
Queen Enloria by tony5879 Sci-Fi
This story could have been so much better, weak editing and a weak ending really harmed this picture. reviewed June 30, 2008
Boxing ep1 by beachard5 Action
Terrible commentary - it sounded like he needed some cough sweets. Nice mods and cable sports-style presentation. I also laughed when the ref allowed the kick in the balls. 3 stars - but one docked ... reviewed June 29, 2008
Adventures in Speed Dating by General_Zod Romance
A very drab and boring comedy in which hardly anything of significance happens. reviewed June 29, 2008
The Guardians Angel Trailer 2 by lizard3209 Action
An outstanding trailer - the special effects are amazing, but the story is also intriguing. If it's ready, time to watch the film ... reviewed June 29, 2008
Fear of the Unknown! by Wogasm Comedy
I pressed the random button and this film came up. Now I have a fear of the unknown. ... that the random button produces a film as bad as this one. A shameful film - nothing more than random scenes... reviewed June 29, 2008
The Eliminator and Razorfaces Beginning by ar2v2333 Action
It started ok, and then got bogged down in an endless training montage. Not enough happened in the 4 minutes. reviewed June 28, 2008
XXIV XXI - Tape 1 by trewill7 Horror
A gripping film in many ways, the attention to detail in the camera movements and sound effects was superb (the zoom effect in particular). Most of the acting was great, apart from the character at t... reviewed June 28, 2008
Nice VO and music on this spoof trailer - some good editing as well, although I think this one suffers from the imposed time limit - I wanted to see what she does during the day as a contrast to the k... reviewed June 28, 2008
The Call for War by fantasia Romance
It was a good start, but where was the finish? reviewed June 28, 2008
A Cow Called Mu by ostgarden Action
I'm not sure what a cow had to do with it, but this film was certainly bull. (... and there's a proper cow joke) reviewed June 28, 2008
Pech und Gold by fantasia Action
A very basic heist film but with some good lines over the top. reviewed June 28, 2008
The Infected by WastingYourTime Horror
A lame ending - we had no resolution to this story (or is it intended to be part one?) A shame, as I quite liked this story even though the VO needed much improvement ... All the characters sounded t... reviewed June 28, 2008
House of a 1000 Dead bodies Part 1 by stunts07 Comedy
There were some good moments in this zombie film. I liked the squish when he reversed the car - and there were some nice lines in the bar. But I'm not a fan of written apologies by the director durin... reviewed June 28, 2008
The Shadow by skelaknight1 Action
The makings of a good story here, I liked the opening scene. Subtitles were a mess though - too quick and with many spelling mistakes, making them near-impossible to follow at times (the worse spelli... reviewed June 28, 2008
Trigger Man Vietman Rescue by silentsnakeye Action
A fair attempt, but there was a lot of confusion between what was happening visually and the story that was being told in the subtitles. There was also way too much explanation going on for the viewe... reviewed June 28, 2008
Engel der Rache by oliver1994 Action
This would have scored three stars - I wasn't sure about what happened in the scene with the stage coach (and why), but I liked the voices and the editing (the angel sounds like Gollum from Lord of th... reviewed June 28, 2008
Bill the Angry Neighbor by BenTuttle90 Comedy
Good music - but the rest was pretty bad. Ear splitting VO in places. It ended in the right place though. reviewed June 28, 2008
Storytime by ostgarden Comedy
A cautionary tale which dragged towards the end with lengthy and unnecessary scenes. Dooby's voice was annoying and there were several problems with mic popping (talk away from the mic not directly i... reviewed June 28, 2008
Mangos the Cans of Fruit by coregond Comedy
This would have scored two but for one long-ish use of uncredited music (The Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" - no way was permission given by them to use that). Apart from that, it was a virtually laugh-fre... reviewed June 28, 2008
The Perfect Lie 2 by ultraviolet32x Romance
Not bad - I liked the twists. Some of the shots were a bit confusing towards the end. This would be good with VO. reviewed June 28, 2008
Huntress Of Sol by Starrfoxx Sci-Fi
This movie is most likely game-generated (the title says it all). No dialogue, and cuts that make no sense whatsoever. Rubbish. reviewed June 28, 2008
Freerunner (Teaser) by eklumt Sci-Fi
Some excellent shots which held my attention, but there was no introduction to any of the characters or the story. There were also no sound effects whatsoever, which is criminal considering the amount... reviewed May 31, 2008
SCUM by RavensFan_09 Action
Featured Review
I liked that alot - great performance from Officer Darren as he goes around killing scumbags. He had that seen-it-all-before tired cop voice down pat. Very well put together, it leaves you wanting to...
reviewed May 31, 2008
KONO MICHI - Dark Eyes by rogerSIMIAN Horror
Very good violinist, I also liked the visual story. The heroine is well designed and memorable to look at. A solid 4, but the performance by Kono Michi tips it over to a 5. reviewed May 31, 2008
Hated by sparky1512 Romance
Very good - he reminds me of classic British low-lifes from the 90s and early 00s like in Trainspotting, Lock Stock and Football Factory. Scumbags who are somehow very articulate about their situation... reviewed May 31, 2008
Some Of Us (by Ally Miller) by biggstrek Romance
Good song and an entertaining visual story to go along with it - I liked the teleport effect and I was fooled by the "letting-hair-down" special effect, very good. Funny opening in the bar as well. A... reviewed May 31, 2008
Your Last Minutes by BasilFawltY Action
Deary me that was tedious. There's a way to do silence in films and that's to avoid scenes with dialogue in them! This film was chock full of scenes with people talking to each other at length, and y... reviewed May 31, 2008
THE WATER AND THE WOODS d by userjosh9874 Horror
An atmospheric chiller. Really good camerawork, plus the weather was used to maximum effect - from the thunderstorm to the snow (the first time I've seen snow done properly in a TMO film). The only p... reviewed May 31, 2008
Heroics by dmayesio Comedy
One massive plot hole in this film: !!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!! If he was in the toilet the whole time, how did he know what the pregnant woman was doing, so he could tell the story to hi... reviewed May 31, 2008
She Builds Quick Machines by samanoskeake Action
Could have been quite good, but alot of the subtitles were either rushed or in a font that was hard to read quickly. The action was also far too quickly paced to follow what was happening. Good idea though. reviewed May 31, 2008
Johnny Adventure 2 by jayvans Comedy
Not that funny at all - although I liked the gratuitous close-ups gag! Zero story though - it was like an overlong trailer. reviewed May 31, 2008
Turtles Dont Have Pretty Faces! by BL1TZKRI3G Comedy
Not very funny, but some of the VO was alright. reviewed May 31, 2008
The Job by neo05 Action
Not bad at all, but there was too much narration - at one point ("I narrowly avoided death that night") it spoiled the suspense. On other occasions it needlessly described the scene - it's usually bet... reviewed May 31, 2008
Andrew the Gay [oh please!] by predator24680 Comedy
Pathetic. reviewed May 30, 2008
My Wife The Ape by heliopolister Comedy
Sassy dialogue helps to raise this film above the usual man-meets-ape-and-gets-married movie. But not by much. reviewed May 30, 2008
Cloister Ordeal Trailer by sickjoke Action
Not too much given away about the plot there (well zero in fact) - but it was visually striking and I liked the music. reviewed May 30, 2008
Doctor! Doctor! The Nightmare Begins by Steviebow Horror
A good horror, well told. The nightmare has well and truly begun. If it weren't for the completely unthanked musicians, this would have got 4 stars. reviewed May 30, 2008
Funicular Railway Of Death by Toonz Horror
An energetic opening. But there wasn't much of a story here. Nice VO in places. reviewed May 30, 2008
The Adventures of Guy Man Person Girl 2 by RavensFan_09 Comedy
Some real laughs in this film - I loved the build up to the big fight ... ;) This film demonstrates very good comic timing both in the pacing and in the delivery by the actor. The only things that d... reviewed May 30, 2008
TEAM X by johnnyex Action
Lots of nice touches in this film - particularly in the costumes; it has the most interesting optical apparel of any TMO film! Great modded sets! The parts were well acted, but it sounded very VERY d... reviewed May 30, 2008
One Year One War Preview by bjpasinger Action
It looked like some of the dialogue went missing in this trailer - particularly in the scene with the medic. This is supposed to help us get to know the characters before the series begins, but most o... reviewed May 30, 2008
A Job is a Job 2 by jman92 Action
This one would have scored 3 stars. Interesting story, but the VO was very quiet and even mumbled in places - it's never a good idea to have music with lyrics when someone in the scene is supposed to ... reviewed May 30, 2008
The Blunder Bus by patriotact Comedy
That was about as funny as watching the tired old slide-glass-down-the-bar gag... reviewed May 30, 2008
Life of the Dead by patriotact Horror
This was quite promising when the undead awoke, but then it just finishes with a silly ending. (What was he doing with a hand grenade anyway?) reviewed May 30, 2008
20/20 Division by patriotact Sci-Fi
Hmmm - not much to that story. But at least it was clear what was happening. Mumbling should always be turned off. reviewed May 30, 2008
ENIGMA II ep3 Love Birds by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Fantastic eye candy - the very thing a sci-fi fan likes. But enough about the "naughty" Corporal Amanda Harrison (haha - gets them every time) .. the mods in this film were also superb; the spaceships... reviewed May 24, 2008
Addiction by piotrtheman Romance
Featured Review
Lol - "The thrill of seeing your cards hit on the river". No wonder he keeps losing! The acting here was excellent, some of the best I've heard on TMO for a domestic drama. The issue of addiction an...
reviewed May 23, 2008
No Sex For You by cipheruzmad Comedy
The story didn't really go anywhere but it was well acted and shot. A couple of chuckles. reviewed May 23, 2008
The Tail of Cassidy by elbowlow Comedy
Lol - so there WEREN'T any spelling mistakes in this film! It seemed quite a good piece of work, the country music and visuals worked well - but the delivery of the narration was very monotone throug... reviewed May 23, 2008
Changes at School 3 by SnakeEater42 Comedy
This one should be a 4 - I liked the performance(s) and the message in the film. It also sets up well for part 4. It's a shame this movie has used completely uncredited music - that always draws an a... reviewed May 23, 2008
Changes at School 4 by SnakeEater42 Comedy
The last couple of lines were great - sage words. They were wicked! (hehehehe - but "cool"'s OK, and that's been in use since at least 1950 daddio!) Let's get the negatives out of the way first - VO ... reviewed May 23, 2008
Falling In Love With A Murderer by SilverHawk422 Horror
Not bad - but the plot got very silly from the point where she says "I should call the police - no but I still love him!" This after one night in Eric's company - and after she's witnessed him murder... reviewed May 23, 2008
Dr Mezmeros House of Henchmen by johnnyex Comedy
Hmmm - the idea for a commercial relating to bad guys' henchmen was a good one, but the VO audio quality was very distorted (must have been recorded at a low resolution) - and the pacing was very slug... reviewed May 23, 2008
Thongocalypse Now by Marvellousguppimovies Comedy
The best laugh in this film was near the start when the "Viet Thong" (hehe) were introduced. But apart from a few minor chuckles elsewhere (such as the transformation scene), I found the laughs hard t... reviewed May 23, 2008
XXIV XXI - Teaser by trewill7 Horror
A great trailer, but one thing could be cause for concern: The shaking camera effect, it was nauseating enough in that two minutes - a whole film? Might have to have some travel sickness pills on sta... reviewed May 23, 2008
Chicago Style by Irse Action
Some great gangster shenanigans in this film. The tit-for-tat "hits" were well handled. I liked the sneaky plots hatched by both sides near the end as well. Mumbling should have been turned off and m... reviewed May 23, 2008
Ship Of Dolts by marshmallowman88 Sci-Fi
A bad movie that is not entertaining in the slightest. It took two people to make that?! reviewed May 23, 2008
tomo dachi by mfproductions Action
What a waste of 10 minutes! This film felt longer than it took to make, it was that bad. reviewed May 23, 2008
Troy McClain explains X-Mas Special by Andy1985 Comedy
I was hoping for a good punchline to this film, but it turned out just to be a saccharine filled Christmas card! (bleeuurchhh!!!) It had its moments and Billy was well played. The mic popped often th... reviewed May 23, 2008
The Bank by rob-h Horror
I liked the idea behind the story - about a have-a-go hero getting caught up in a bank robbery. It looked like (more on that shortly) the main characters were set up well - the pregnant wife and baby ... reviewed May 23, 2008
detective k by plainlake Action
Some semblance of a story here - the spelling was dreadful though. In this day and age we have spell-checkers on every computer, there's just no excuse. The ending was very weak, and the past tense n... reviewed May 23, 2008
Feed Me I Hunger! Revised by JustinMoore Horror
A good film in many ways, it held my attention. Some good acting performances, particularly by the girls (who weren't given any credit, I'm not sure they'll be thanking the director for that). I had ... reviewed May 23, 2008
Dead Zone by p1erx0R Horror
An old-fashioned vampire film. The music ran out near the end when it was needed most - so the ending was anti-climactic. Good moody start to the film though. reviewed May 23, 2008
No Now Dance by tick1111 Comedy
I quite liked the idea of 2 lizard buddies hanging out together - but they would need much MUCH better material than this to score 2 stars. reviewed May 23, 2008
Immortal - Part 1 by mwhyatt Action
A good start to this story of Welsh immigrants in the Wild West (lol - just kidding, but there was no effort to conceal the accent in either of the characters). The dialogue was too quiet compared to ... reviewed May 23, 2008
Super Dude - Part II by jeudi1992 Comedy
Dismally unfunny, and the spelling and grammar were desperate. reviewed May 23, 2008
Mormon Polygamist by antonioraimondo Romance
Woeful - there was nothing to this film at all. I didn't see any Mormons or any polygamists. reviewed May 23, 2008
A Bunch Of Naked People by Captaincomedy123 Comedy
No story here - just some lads doing random things. The acting was poor, nobody delivered their lines with any balls. reviewed May 23, 2008
Dusk of the Dead by theMOviedude13 Horror
Pretty plotless - the opening scene "what's up?" had one line when the group was talking for ages. This film looked like it had been cobbled together in less than an hour. Poor editing and continuit... reviewed May 23, 2008
Heartbreak by jDeBomb Romance
3 stars for this music video. Some of the scenes went on a bit too long but there were some funny moments. Heartbreak! Not saying thankyou to the musicians whose track was used in this film earns it ... reviewed May 23, 2008
Gray Skies by mediariot28 Action
No characters to root for and mainly just mindless action. No dialogue either, and a strange scene with some alien bodies on the floor. Annoying mumbling and music that ran out halfway through. If th... reviewed May 23, 2008
King Kong VS Chikenzilla by declanthemanpowers Action
An incoherent mess of a movie. Continuity was nowhere to be seen. reviewed May 23, 2008
Casey Jettings On the Up by Zenth Action
That was a very poor piece of work. No characters and no story. It also spent far too long showing 2 cowboys chasing around in circles after each other. A no-effort movie. reviewed May 23, 2008
Dog MADNESS! by Shawn96 Comedy
The opening shot was brilliant, but the story never went anywhere. I got confused about the main character/characters (?) - it was the same actor with the same costume, but different hairstyles in ea... reviewed May 23, 2008
Final Withdrawal by AV8RFOOL Horror
Not much to that story, but the opening argument was quite amusing and the pace was good. reviewed May 23, 2008
The Funny Rhyming Story Of Santa by cinamaguy Comedy
A brave try, but the mic was popping all over the place and I couldn't tell what the narrator was saying most of the time. What I did catch seemed pretty good - which makes it a bit of a shame that th... reviewed May 23, 2008
World War II by Billy7718 Action
No characters were set up in this film - it got off to a slow start and then just played out with meaningless war scenes which were nevertheless fairly well edited together. It was coherent, but nothi... reviewed May 23, 2008
Trillium Saga by ssjin29 Sci-Fi
Not bad - I thought the opening was very rushed and didn't set up the characters properly (which would have helped us care about them). It seemed like "alien" cut down from 2 hours to 4 minutes. Good... reviewed May 23, 2008
The It Part 1 by moviemanrm Horror
Would have scored 2 stars this. The story was very basic, but there was the occasional good moment. Much custom music was used but no thankyou or recognition was given to any of the musicians, earnin... reviewed May 23, 2008
End (A Study) by Out_ofthe_Bag_Productions Action
This would be a good scene in a much bigger film - I needed to see something of why this movie ended the way it did. Good shots but the film felt very incomplete, like I was missing the beginning and middle. reviewed May 23, 2008
A very poor "comedy". This is the best joke: Q. What do you call a chicken with no head? A. A headless chicken Apart from that comedic gem, we have no story - the handbuzzer gag and the banana slip... reviewed May 23, 2008
Conquest of Agent X3 by simpsdog Sci-Fi
Good fun - nice editing, and it has to be the ultimate sci-fi chick-flick! I liked the finale between the hero and the villain, I love that bit in James Bond films. It was well realised in this film.... reviewed May 14, 2008
Black Christmas by murderpictures Horror
Some good moments in this horror, but the lack of atmosphere (read music) and samey acting (all characters are acted the same way with exactly the same voice, even those that are female) conspire to m... reviewed May 13, 2008
The Adventures of Guy Man and Person Girl by RavensFan_09 Comedy
A colourful film with really good music. Not much story, but there were a fair few funny gags and the Marge Simpson impression that was used for Person Girl's voice was spot on. Perhaps there were t... reviewed May 13, 2008
RIO DIABLO Feature1 by TheMGMKid1 Action
I'm torn on this one. It deserves an automatic one star for several uses of uncredited music, but it was honest enough to say that only the main theme was written by Admultosantos right from the outs... reviewed May 8, 2008
Dignity by cipheruzmad Romance
There was some good writing in this film, but there were also many frustrating technical things that needed improvement. The first one was the overuse of fades, most cuts involved a fade-in - this be... reviewed May 8, 2008
The Adventures of Guy Man and Person Girl by RavensFan_09 Comedy
A colourful film with really good music. Not much story, but there were a fair few funny gags and the Marge Simpson impression that was used for Person Girl's voice was spot on. Perhaps there were t... reviewed May 8, 2008
Followed 4 Conclusion by RavensFan_09 Horror
A good ending - he turns out to be a religious nutjob as well as a pervert. A lethal combination. Good pacing and camerawork, music worked well too. reviewed May 7, 2008
Poptart Mania! by dude123456HasReturned Horror
Featured Review
The genius of this film is that the terrorful foodstuffs don't actually do anything. The sheer terror is conveyed in well-timed dramatic beats and disturbing music. A thin plot, and the plugs at the ...
reviewed May 7, 2008
Sheriff Rooney 4 A new deputy by yeagmaster Comedy
A great start, and some excellent performances - the girlfriend of the sheriff was a riot to watch. The story meandered along (as it was meant to do) but there was a section in the middle where I was... reviewed May 7, 2008
YamiMarik TC entry Clock of Death by YamiMarik Comedy
Bad dialogue and zero plot didn't hamper this film much because of the way the clocks were used (including the facial expressions!) Good modding and entertaining situations. But I think it's high "ti... reviewed May 7, 2008
Ramsey by graveside Sci-Fi
An honest effort at pulling out all the sci-fi stops. 3-stars. Some good things to admire here - they include the nice twist towards the end and the sense of location and scene pacing. These well ove... reviewed May 7, 2008
Underpants Away! -1- Below The Belt by biggstrek Comedy
Such a wacky film, whoever wrote it must be off their trolley(s). (YESS!!! One pun they didn't use in the movie!) Plenty of laughs in this with references to Star Wars and James Bond abound. I also l... reviewed May 7, 2008
The Angry Goalie IV by Jordan120 Horror
Music was needed in this film - like the first two episodes, the atmosphere was very flat without it. Some good gags (the Star Wars one and the recurring pointless news interview gag spring to mind).... reviewed May 7, 2008
The Angry Goalie 2 - The Return of Harrow by Jordan120 Horror
A messy disjointed film - not much to the plot, although I liked a couple of the gags (including the pointless news report!) There were elements here that, with a bit more care, could've turned this ... reviewed May 7, 2008
The Angry Goalie by Jordan120 Horror
A bit jumbled up, and no music either. It was hard to see exactly what was going on because of badly timed subtitles with the editing. It started well enough as a story, but then went silly with the... reviewed May 7, 2008
The Angry Goalie 3 - The Beginning by Jordan120 Horror
Well written, and Bohemian Rhapsody was a laugh. Nice reveal, timed with the music, of the hockey mask. I was slightly confused by where we were at the end. The lighting seemed wrong as we had just... reviewed May 7, 2008
Wolf Plus Frankenstein Equals Ugly by mandemus Comedy
A tale of monster loving. Great music when the 4 monsters started getting down to it - it's a shame none of that was credited. Otherwise I would have given this a two. reviewed May 7, 2008
Shooting Fish pt 1 by ghostvib Action
Hmmm - ok, we've established that the two chums who play with uzis for fun get bullied at school. But there was no dialogue, the mumbling should have been turned off and it could have been much longer. reviewed May 7, 2008
Heil Gorilla! by ElectronBlue Action
Pretty poor - no real laughs in this. I've had more fun watching footage of Nazi attrocities. reviewed May 7, 2008
Rebirth (opening scene) by Shiznakk Sci-Fi
Would have scored two stars, it was just mindless action with no characterisation or dialogue. The use of uncredited music gets this an automatic one-star. reviewed May 7, 2008
Zombieland Rise of the Dead by Shadowrayth Horror
Some glaring continuity errors in this. When she answers the bathroom door, she is fully dressed and made up, but in the next shot she's in her underwear with a towel around her head. Not alot made ... reviewed May 7, 2008
The Return to Civilization-Episode One by remnantproducer Action
When she fell off the horse, I burst out laughing. Interesting premise, but didn't make a lot of sense. reviewed May 7, 2008
Suicidal Sams Story by bj2790 Romance
I'm raising awareness of musicians - two lengthy uses of uncredited music have earned this film an automatic one star. I would have given it 2 stars because of the dreadful VO audio quality throughou... reviewed May 7, 2008
The Alien Attack by kaymak-studios Sci-Fi
A well staged invasion, but more characterisation was needed. Heroes and villains needed better definition - in particular the female human that was a part of the alien battle force. Some good camera... reviewed May 7, 2008
Heaven Battle by MrSkull74 Action
A good start with the three ghosts waking up. But then, when the film moved into the graveyard, it just became a series of random gags. Much of the dialogue was missing from then on, and all my intere... reviewed May 7, 2008
The Real War by DunkanGarold Action
Some good war imagery and fast editing, but with no characters or dialogue, and music that didn't fit the second world war visuals in any way, there wasn't much else I liked about this film. reviewed May 7, 2008
The Bar by gamersw Action
A good twist halfway through but the music was too loud during the crucial conversation between the two black characters. I could barely hear a word. Nice scene setting during the opening. reviewed May 7, 2008
Labor Of Honor by broodbaron Action
Even for a first film, that was pretty desperate. Just random action scenes and no plot or dialogue. reviewed May 7, 2008
Demon Cure (trailer) by adam1991 Horror
A stupid rabbit swearing at the end - what was going on there? The trailer dwelled a bit too long on some scenes - the whole werewolf fight was shown when most of that should have been saved for the ... reviewed May 7, 2008
SWAT Episode 5 by lloyd335 Action
Not bad, I liked the pace - but not much happened in the story, just a couple of people getting shot. (And why is the security so poor at that police station?) No music either - it really needed it a... reviewed May 7, 2008
Bad Day by J2G Comedy
Lol - I've had days like that. A good story, just needed trimming in some scenes (such as the overlong drink-along-the-bar gag). More music was needed too + the opening track wasn't really appropriat... reviewed May 7, 2008
Chicken Rush I by MakeMike94 Comedy
Good idea - well executed too, although the second half dragged on a bit. Mumbling should always be turned off though - it got in the way of the boss's scene. I liked the way he dismissed all the ch... reviewed May 7, 2008
Cody Banks by dfgsdfhshfd Action
Good training scene near the end, but the rest of it didn't make much sense in terms of a story or how the action was edited together. It also had mumbling and the sound synch bug for good measure. reviewed May 6, 2008
Space Trek Encounter by He11o Sci-Fi
Very pacy (you need to be a lightning fast reader to catch all the subtitles though) and with some excellent editing and originality in the way the ship invasion was handled. This is a very good setup... reviewed May 6, 2008
New Religion - Fresh Hell (Part One) by fionafifblah Sci-Fi
Where's the soundtrack!? I liked the premise, but this "introduction" turned out to be a big spoiler for its own story. I was looking forward to working out why everyone was wearing the special make... reviewed May 6, 2008
Cash for fun by pelohl Action
Bad VO, overblown fart gags, a big clicking sound after every line and a nonsensical plot (was there one?) As the number of farts suggests, this film stinks. reviewed May 6, 2008
Abandoned by Djsmiler Horror
Good premise, but best to keep the zombies a surprise I reckon. Yes, the spelling needs much improvement, and capital letters are only usually needed at the start of a sentence, not on every word. Th... reviewed May 6, 2008
Lost In New York by MoviesMan4Ever Horror
This could be an interesting 1st-person "Cloverfield"-style film. The trailer achieved some curiosity value. But where was the sound? Or is this to be the first silent film of the 21st Century? reviewed May 6, 2008
THE HUNTERS REVENGE by stardate Horror
Hmmm - the ending wasn't too clear; that playing in the backyard with the dog and the wolf was ultra-cheesy, and it came before any mention of the film finishing! (It was obviously supposed to be a ki... reviewed April 22, 2008
THE HUNTER by stardate Horror
Yes, some films don't need VO - and this is indeed one of them. But there's no need to print that at the beginning of the film - if the film doesn't need VO, it will become self-evident. The shots us... reviewed April 22, 2008
Monster from heaven by piotrtheman Comedy
Featured Review
I don't normally go in for bizarre comedy - and this film is no exception. The only gag I liked was the banana skin one and a slight chuckle at the crying gag. The rest just wasn't funny to me. The...
reviewed April 22, 2008
SCUM Trailer by RavensFan_09 Action
Not much happened in this trailer, but what was there was well presented and may just about have done the job of selling the film. reviewed April 22, 2008
Fifties Robot Amok! by dude123456HasReturned Romance
Oh dear .. That was hard work to watch - no real focus to the story (was there one?), lame gags, garbled dialogue (especially in the opening - I hardly got one sentence of the host's lines). But mo... reviewed April 22, 2008
Chicago Blood by EquinoxPictures Action
Ok - the music in this film is absolutely terrific and yet not a single artist has been mentioned. That's normally an automatic one-star in my book. A website has been mentioned and I'll turn a blind... reviewed April 22, 2008
Galaxy at War The Nightmare by chris62 Sci-Fi
Lovely sets - I particularly liked the spaceship interiors and the Gort's home planet. The story was a bit fuzzy, but it ended up in the right place - I thought the Gort ships were far too easy to def... reviewed April 22, 2008
My Song by Thongs and Roses by andy_inc Comedy
Certainly original, with striking visuals throughout. I quite liked it when it went heavy metal, just needed some bass and drums to kick in. The quiet bits were - ummm - pants, not helped by the guit... reviewed April 22, 2008
Infested! SUPER Teaser by rysto Action
Nice mod! But as a trailer it was pathetic. reviewed April 22, 2008
The Promised Land by wahnfried Sci-Fi
Wow - that was some ride! A truly epic religious sci-fi. A story of deities and their followers attempting to dominate the universe. Really quirky and inventive, I have no real clue what was going o... reviewed April 22, 2008
Moving Day by beckal Horror
A good explanation at the end there - the horror could have been handled more suspensefully though (spookier camerawork) - and where was the music? reviewed April 22, 2008
Yay for Christmas! by General_Zod Comedy
That punchline lost me completely - it started off quite well, but Santa was too quiet and Jesus too loud. I had to mess with the volume control depending on who was talking. reviewed April 22, 2008
Wilderness 1864- Trailer by timz0207 Action
This was a good trailer for most of it - until the "... and a little comedy" bit. That took me out of what I thought was supposed to be a serious civil war epic - it seemed completely out of place. Ca... reviewed April 22, 2008
Alien vs Preditor by gamester_master Horror
It started well, but after the alien and predator shook hands it degenerated into a non-film with no story to it. reviewed April 22, 2008
Animals in human world by Eward Action
Quite entertaining. Although most of the jokes weren't too clever, there were a couple of gems in there. reviewed April 22, 2008
The Hitman The Beginning by Dlockhart Action
I can't see why they were laughing at the end. Quite well put together - just needed to lose the mumbling at cut out the unwanted gestures. reviewed April 22, 2008
extermination by lordbogs Sci-Fi
A good effort but the main characters weren't involved much and the action dragged on and on. reviewed April 22, 2008
The evils of TV by bilbot0102 Comedy
Lol - as I was watching this, I was thinking - "yep TV is crap, you're better off playing The Movies ..." That TV was pretty bad (although he didn't really give Gerlock Domes much of a chance - I wan... reviewed April 22, 2008
Lovesong For A Knob Gobbler by nunberry Horror
Good song, quite amusing and well hung - I mean sung. But the mood of the song didn't fit the visuals in any way, and they were like schlock horror wallpaper. There might as well have been a black sc... reviewed April 22, 2008
The Crazy Comedy by samthemoviemaker Comedy
I laughed at the "[oh please!]!" joke. Apart from that, this was a poorile comedy (hehe). reviewed April 22, 2008
Fighting Against Terror Beginnings by aaronfilmltd Action
A number of things wrong here - Firstly, what is a soldier doing in the middle of New York shooting people? Secondly, "At that moment his sadness turned to rage at those who had done this". Not real... reviewed April 22, 2008
A Gangster Story by omarstl Action
A fairly well told story, some lines were a bit clumsy - but that could just be the character's way of talking. Mumbling should always be turned off, that got to be annoying as the film went on. The... reviewed April 21, 2008
Just a Night Out! by thesmudge Action
A good story, with quite a twist at the end. There were dramatic scenes throughout this crime drama, which was well edited and paced. The music fit very well, being used at appropriate moments. Some... reviewed April 21, 2008
War and a lot of it 1 Taking Freborge by pelohl Action
Well .. [THWACK!] The acting in this film was very suspect, and the plot very flimsy [THWACK!] It might have scraped two stars if it wasn't for that annoying THWACK! sound after every line of VO. [T... reviewed April 21, 2008
may saison 1 episond 4 by mrgoor Action
Only one or two sentences were intelligible in this film - the rest was very much lost in translation (and it better not be a native English speaker that made this, as the spelling and grammar are som... reviewed April 21, 2008
On the run 2 trailer by fresfgdtwhdgst Action
Where's the story there? Who are the main characters? It's just random mindless shooting and action (minus the last couple of scenes). The music didn't fit at all, and there was nothing there that mad... reviewed April 21, 2008
War Zone: The Last Ch. Trailer by reb630949 Action
Not much in that trailer, except for a terrible spoiler regarding the love story. Never give away anybody's death in a trailer! I mean, imagine a trailer for Star Wars in which they give away Obi Wan... reviewed April 21, 2008
Merry Christmas by spacedout2nowhere Horror
Ho ho ho, I don't know what was more frightening, Santa or the "female" voice over! Some good choices of horror camera work - I liked the skull and Santa winking. VO kept popping the mic, best to pu... reviewed April 21, 2008
In Enemy Grounds by manic4000 Action
This was like a story without a beginning. The characters and story needed to be set up properly in order for the action to have any meaning. Who is this American soldier? What's he doing in Russia? ... reviewed April 21, 2008
Lost in the Forest Part 4 by Torqual Horror
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILER WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!! A well put together finale - it started a bit lame with Ciara miraculously coming back to life. I'm a great believer in characters staying dead when they'... reviewed March 31, 2008
The Many Loves of Caviar A Bellasante by thebiz Romance
Well, that film was something else (you don't know how much truth there is to that statement until you watch it). There was more romance in the London scene (which was most of the film) than anythin... reviewed March 30, 2008
Lost in the Forest Part 1 by Torqual Horror
The set-up was very good, but the pace lost its way towards the end. I liked how the rich-kid girl was a real pain trying to make the other girl admit liability for the car accident - if anyone shoul... reviewed March 30, 2008
Lost in the Forest Part 3 by Torqual Horror
Yes, it has some TMO cliches - but there was much to like about this installment. Firstly, the way the shots of the girls psyching themselves up to go up the steps was handled. There was a beautiful ... reviewed March 30, 2008
Dark Obsession part B by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
This film, as with Part A, was watched in full screen, in the dark, and without headphones. So - the conclusion of "Dark Obsession" - once again, very good music and acting, then a nice nightclub se... reviewed March 30, 2008
Dark Obsession Part A by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
This review is for the TMO version of the film, watched as usual in the dark, and in fullscreen and without headphones (I wouldn't take my headphones into a theatre, so I refuse to comply with the dir... reviewed March 30, 2008
The Greek and Persian War by chris62 Action
I admired the vision in this film, but there were numerous technical problems. The most obvious was that the Persian army seemed to be an army of clones - the same character seemed to get killed over... reviewed March 30, 2008
Recon I - Space Wrecked by foid Action
So much for protecting the aliens! They massacred the entire town! But - this naughty squad also disobeyed orders by bringing bombs (and other heavy weapons) down to the planet as well. High command ... reviewed March 30, 2008
Dogbrothers by dominic22 Action
Quite a good take on the old bank heist scene for most of this - but then the music ran out, mistakes started appearing in the continuity (one of the characters went missing in the car) and the ending... reviewed March 30, 2008
Monkey Zombies From Planet Zorbo by Farraday1993 Comedy
Some random occurences - like monkeys floating through doors and a lack of decent dialogue (or any dialogue in the last scene) didn't help this film. But it had the makings of a fun little primate romp. reviewed March 30, 2008
HVM by action_films Action
Some good bits in this film - I've docked a star for one use of uncredited music (well used it was too). It's only polite to mention the people who help make your film. There was some good camerawork... reviewed March 30, 2008
Malkavian by warsam1 Action
A well drawn heroine, it must be a reasonably good trailer because I would like to see her in the proper film. reviewed March 30, 2008
Attack! by sleepman Action
A good first effort with freecam, all it needed was more time spent with the characters at the start, so we could really get to route for them when the fun and games got going. The mumbling should als... reviewed March 30, 2008
King Kong (Part One) export1 by pookashells Romance
Technically excellent, it's more a remake of Peter Jackson's version than the original so far, with excellent acting, sound design, mods and music aplenty. Did I spot a sly wink and a nod to Steven K... reviewed March 30, 2008
Cinematic Bloopers by tommaiden Comedy
That must be the most violent film studio ever! They use props that can actually hurt people, even real explosives! I mean, we've all heard directors say "I don't use CGI, I think it looks better if... reviewed March 30, 2008
A Diagnosis of Death by frosty_frost09 Horror
For most of this film, it was someone just talking in a doctor's office. It would have worked better as a radio play. Even if the director insists on not showing any of the ghost story visually, then... reviewed March 30, 2008
Robotic Assualt by PirateNinja Action
This film gets above one star solely because of some good camera moves in places. The VO is terrible though. If that's the best that can come out of that microphone, then subtitles are the way to go.... reviewed March 30, 2008
Space Chicken 3000 by LeoMarcus Sci-Fi
It started off ok, but quickly outstayed its welcome - by the end, it was obvious the director had given up (the final sound effect says it all). This one could have become a nice little story - but ... reviewed March 30, 2008
Turtles Dont Have Pretty Faces by toak Comedy
A slap-dash piece of work. It was about as funny as going for a run and then having a motorist knocking you over with their door. (And that was the best bit in the film ... twice!) reviewed March 30, 2008
Vo Actors Needed! by kit06 Action
A 2-star trailer/advert for VO talent. When presenting a film for consideration by voice actors, the director must show that their film is worth being a part of. That means the presentation must be g... reviewed March 30, 2008
Color Me Lurid by tikko_ftc Action
A mind numbing fight scene that suffered from the sound synch bug from the very first frame! Poorly edited, and with "Aint Over Yet" getting yet another outing - this is the kind of film 1-stars were made for. reviewed March 30, 2008
Agent Davidson Episode1-Infiltration by d3athmasta Action
I'm not sure what the plot's about. Something to do with nuclear missiles in Russia and rescuing the President. They made a bad choice sending someone who couldn't even speak Russian on this mission!... reviewed March 30, 2008
THE LAST STRAW by stardate Comedy
Some fairly good gags in this, though they dried up towards the end. The best jokes were in the bar (and one good one in the bedroom). "Fresh Sneakers" seemed to fit this madcap comedy - but we could... reviewed March 30, 2008
Ultimate Action 3 by themoviemogul Action
How did we get from a sort-of car chase, immediately into hand-to-hand combat? And what happened to the second cop? Not a lot to admire in this film (well nothing). reviewed March 30, 2008
Nudge Nudge by moviefactory Comedy
Happy birthday to Eric Idle. I don't think this is one of their better sketches, I find this one annoying - and making a TMO version with exactly the same soundtrack and boring visuals didn't do it f... reviewed March 30, 2008
Ultimate Action 4 by themoviemogul Action
This one threatened to have a story to it at the start - but any excuse and the fighting started. There was no logic to the fight - the ending especially was a terrible cop out. We go from a hand-to-h... reviewed March 30, 2008
Ultimat Action 5 by themoviemogul Action
This film is no more than one badly edited fight scene after another. Characters go missing, re-appear in old locations and the action doesn't follow logically. A very poor film. reviewed March 30, 2008
Motherclucker by Superdawg519 Comedy
Good chicken impression, and some fancy martial arts moves (it was like watching "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chicken") - but there wasn't a story here and the ending was clucking awful (we're talking "Ai... reviewed March 30, 2008
Anathema - Teaser by EquinoxPictures Action
Good imagery and nice singing - a perfectly rounded teaser structurally. But I didn't get much sense of what the story was about - apart from that there's an assassin that's central to the whole thing. reviewed March 30, 2008
I love you by Eugene_Esterly_III Horror
The ending is a sickener - it's why it's never a good idea for parents and children to fall out with each other over something like a private life. Because that's the sort of thing that can happen at ... reviewed March 29, 2008
VFC TV Pilot by jjnelson222 Comedy
I liked the host's set with the musical instruments in the corner. But that's it. Maybe it's a cultural thing but what's a layaway? (the punchline to the first gag). After that, it got no better. Th... reviewed March 22, 2008
ENIGMA II ep2 - Conquest by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
A very good episode - I've never seen Conquest before, but it was a great first scene. How many amazing guest stars do you need??? That whetted my appetite for the rest of the film. The bridge scenes... reviewed March 22, 2008
Fifties Robot Amok! by andy_inc Action
At times, a brilliant film, this had a number of small mistakes that all added up and stopped it getting top marks. We'll start with the good things first: A superb coming-to-life scene with stock m... reviewed March 22, 2008
The Last Laugh by thebiz Comedy
A great concept with more than a hint of truth in it. Very well written and produced - a good performance with well made backdrops (I like the subway one). Music fit perfectly in this film (with one ... reviewed March 22, 2008
Somehow In Love by bbj Romance
This is definitely one of the better romance films and, refreshingly, doesn't use girls kissing as a joke. The subject of a lesbian relationship was treated sincerely. Well written and edited with a ... reviewed March 22, 2008
The Tiner Man Money Mania (Trailer) by Nat101 Action
A poor trailer which did nothing to sell the film. Far too short and with lazy shots. If this took more than 10 minutes to make, export and upload I'd be surprised. reviewed March 22, 2008
Crime Does Pay by Rubbish Studios Comedy
It went a bit slow - but I laughed at the costume change joke. Not much else was funny though. reviewed March 22, 2008
Dawn Of The Dead by Black__White Horror
That wasn't bad at all - a well put together story with good changes in music. Mumbling should have been turned off though, and there were some continuity errors (such as the zombie axing the door do... reviewed March 22, 2008
Group X by TheDevil9000 Action
A very abrupt ending to this film.. not only that, The lack of dialogue was not helpful - we had full-length conversations going on and yet no subtitles. This one definitely has a first-film vibe - ... reviewed March 22, 2008
Bad Men by simpsdog Action
Great VOs and a very good script for this tale of crooked cops. Parker and Carmen were excellent. The story flowed nicely with some good set dressing and equally good editing. To sustain what is lar... reviewed March 21, 2008
Crime premiere by claw21 Action
3 stars is what this would have scored were it not for the lack of credits regarding the musicians whose music it uses. I don't award stars to films that don't say thankyou for the music they use. An... reviewed March 21, 2008
Ooh Saucy! by vanihba Comedy
Awful. Just added VO to a game-generated film. reviewed March 21, 2008
The Exorcism Trailer by Jessmanh20 Horror
4 stars for this trailer - it had some scary stuff in it, well paced and good music ... ... which went totally uncredited. So an automatic one-star is all this film ends up with. reviewed March 21, 2008
Chicken 3 Teaser Trailer by kyle1995 Comedy
Bizarre music (sounds homemade) - but this is set up to be a bizarre film I suppose. Not alot else to this trailer though. Should have had at least one taste of what we might expect from the finished film. reviewed March 21, 2008
Nice titles and some good action - but dear-oh-dear, where was that story? Where was the dialogue as well? reviewed March 21, 2008
Harry Carrys Bar Review by bdogg44 Comedy
Mildly amusing - he was nearly gone after 2 pints of weak beer! A good attempt at the VO, especially with sounding progressively drunker as the film went on, but the actor should speak away from the ... reviewed March 21, 2008
Love Hurts! by DjSvenzo Romance
Lack of dialogue hurts! Some well put together images, but crucial things like the argument at the start really needed some words. reviewed March 21, 2008
WHO DO YOU THINK DID IT by stardate Horror
A good job making us forget about the two random huntsmen at the beginning of the film - one of them did it I reckon. Not bad, some confusion between scenes on whether it was the man talking or his d... reviewed March 21, 2008
38 Years Later Trailer by Jessmanh20 Horror
A 3 for this. Firstly it's way too long for a trailer, and the titles shots take an absolute age. I didn't like the girders being shown either. There were some good scenes here, I particularly liked... reviewed March 21, 2008
The Quiter -3 by themoviemogul Comedy
A pathetic film which I'm duly flagging for its racist, homophobic content. A disgrace to TMO from a disgraceful director. reviewed March 21, 2008
MIP (men in pajamas) by vanihba Action
A poor film with unfunny gags a plenty, lousy VO quality (the mic pops way too often and distorts in just about every sentence) - but it sounds like the filmmakers were having fun. So that's good ... ... reviewed March 21, 2008
Cops Gone Crazy by loopy12 Comedy
Yes - I laughed at first - but what seemed an hour later the same routine was being played, just in a different location each time. No other characters to spook - no different gags. It was rubbish. T... reviewed March 21, 2008
Lost in the Forest Part 2 by Torqual Horror
The main problem here is a lack of originality in the scenes and the way they're shot - but I'm sure this will improve as the director becomes more accomplished with the software. How many times have ... reviewed March 21, 2008
Interpreting the Times by cipheruzmad Romance
Ouch! Botched the last line - that should have been redone. I didn't really get what that was supposed to mean (at least the second half) - but the first half I agreed with "why don't you judge for y... reviewed March 21, 2008
Razorface The Return by ar2v2333 Action
Some events didn't quite match the dialogue in this film: "When I press this button, the town will be destroyed" Well, he presses the button and a couple of buildings get torched, nothing more. The... reviewed March 21, 2008
Broken Heart by fantasia Romance
I think this could have been made a bit longer, even in Tycoon mode. The film finished before the story even got started. Good shots though. reviewed March 21, 2008
Undercover Episode one by player11111112 Action
Not a bad story - the VO for the main character was good but the other characters sounded too similar to that and I regularly got confused because the editing didn't have enough closeups to show who w... reviewed March 21, 2008
Broken Heart 2 - The Beginning by fantasia Romance
Yes - the VO was a bit grainy, almost went well with the picture quality. It's a shame the film wasn't longer because it was well put together and the VO performance was good. reviewed March 21, 2008
captain jack harkness s1 ep1- Reasla! by anthropomorphism Action
A good story - I liked the reveal (which I won't spoil here). The character acts pretty much like the Captain Jack in Torchwood - and a very good starmaker job as well, he's a close match. Several im... reviewed March 21, 2008
The War the Love Were All Mad by chris_allmighty Action
The inside of that car wasn't the only thing that stank. Most of the film was just one mindless fight scene after another, but a funny ending saved it from what looked certain to be a one star. reviewed March 21, 2008
Capt Vikkers Vs The Xenos Trailer by TheDugan Action
For a trailer it falls short - the final scene was way overlong and the opening reveal was botched by badly delivered dialogue. A brilliant Sylvester Stallone impression though (good work in starmake... reviewed March 17, 2008
MH2 by bongoman Sci-Fi
Superb eye candy - but it referenced a dream world and a normal world which she constantly woke up in. I didn't get any sense of story or characters - the acting was the same for both of the female ch... reviewed March 17, 2008
Followed 2 Approached by RavensFan_09 Horror
A flawed story - well told anyway. "We talked for hours" doesn't match up with "in no time she was wasted" (after several Jack Daniels) The perve gets to meet the object of his affections, who turn... reviewed March 17, 2008
Followed 3 Competition by RavensFan_09 Horror
A superb concept. What happens when two perverts are eyeing the same target? Like it! I enjoyed this one - time was taken over the shots too, some proper filmmaking instincts were put on display. I ... reviewed March 16, 2008
The Watercoolers Revenge by jaredpeace Comedy
Featured Review
Wow - this three star romp ended up with 4 thanks to a terrific ending. A strange film which threatened to deliver a bizarre treat ... and did! Good work.
reviewed March 16, 2008
True Story by ShahRukhKhan Romance
It was going well until the ending which seemed to create more plot holes than it was trying to solve. I never bought into the idea that a man would simply drop the love of his life just because she ... reviewed March 16, 2008
My Sweet Shade by bricksfilms Romance
A nice silent film - the imagery is excellent, but the open-ended finish didn't float my boat. Good camera-work though - and I liked the Chopin. reviewed March 16, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by MefuneAkira Comedy
Now that's what I call a dark comedy (hehehehe). An original concept very well delivered. Excellent acting, I could swear that they were both two different actors playing the central characters. Goo... reviewed March 16, 2008
Confessing the Blues part 1 by ryanjm Action
Great dialogue and music in this excellent film. The script was witty and beautifully shot and edited. This loser was great fun to be with for 5 minutes. Well acted, with only the occasional "Britishi... reviewed March 16, 2008
Taking My Chances by Floridagator1 Romance
What on earth was he doing climbing out of the window? It was going pretty well until then - but at that moment, the film took a left turn and the rest of it was so bad I was rolling around with laug... reviewed March 16, 2008
Funky Cops by tom_1355 Action
A very poor ending to a film which had its moments. It was an enjoyably daft story up until then. reviewed March 16, 2008
Against the World by WarnerBrothersJr Action
Some good camerawork but the lack of story and characters meant that this was never more than 2 stars. One of the worst flaws was using music with lyrics - that is bound to be a distraction when you h... reviewed March 16, 2008
Careless Love by iowaboy99 Romance
Not much drama in this film - girl goes into bar, immediately gets laid then marries the guy. Then has his child. Enough said. reviewed March 16, 2008
the mayors affair by killersamos Action
It threatened to get good sometimes, but this film just couldn't decide what its story was going to be. "We might as well rob the place now we're here" - sums it up. There was no structure and the en... reviewed March 16, 2008
When Obscurity Isnt Good Enough by Kopros Comedy
A very good short film - well acted, with a very clever-but-simple plot and a hilarious punchline. Good work on the overlays too. This one is up there with the best "commercials" films on TMO. reviewed March 15, 2008
The Clans by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Featured Review
It's clear this film is intended to be a tech demo first and a story a distant second - so I'll rate it as a tech demo and leave out anything to do with writing, editing, changing of aspect ratios etc...
reviewed March 15, 2008
its war to the end by tedrum Action
Plenty of action but it was all meaningless. There were no characters to root for, not even an explanation of which side were the good guys and which were the bad. Both sides wore similar colour unif... reviewed March 15, 2008
my vc lottery by tedrum Action
A terrible game! The whole idea of a lottery is to allow poor people a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get rich. This game is won by the richest player and makes them even richer, wiping out everyone e... reviewed March 15, 2008
Never Drink Expired Milk by jaredpeace Comedy
Some chuckles in here after he drank the milk and fell over. Not bad - good ending with the sound design. reviewed March 6, 2008
ENIGMA II ep1 - Phoenix by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
The space battles were visually dazzling and I enjoyed being taken around the space station. A modder's paradise was put on display! A good story too - I liked the drunk scene and what happened when ... reviewed March 6, 2008
Infidelitas by trewill7 Horror
Visually stunning for most of it (loved the red hotel-room scenes), the VOs were very good and with flawless audio quality. The music worked very well too in setting the atmosphere. Sound design was ... reviewed March 6, 2008
TchipsyZwitschy Chick Chickens on Tour by bruellstar Comedy
Bizarre - there was nothing funny about any of the opening lines, and yet the guy reading the book thought it was hilarious! Some semblance of a story - but the humour was mainly restricted to tired ... reviewed March 6, 2008
One Last Breath Part 2 by sparky1512 Action
Another good piece of work with some memorable scenes - my favourite being the library shoot-out. I would have liked to have seen more pace and urgency during the car chase. Some of that conversatio... reviewed March 6, 2008
One Last Breath part1 by sparky1512 Action
A good story with well played characters all the way through. I liked the sound design in this film, the ambient sound effects were very good as was the reverb applied according to location. Only in... reviewed March 6, 2008
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 2 by trewill7 Action
What we have here is an excellent episode in this supernatural western. Some quite breathtaking camerawork and terrific acting. Sound design was very impressive if a bit quiet (this is the online ver... reviewed March 5, 2008
The Hotel by penguin93 Horror
Featured Review
Very good for a first movie - an eerie suspense was maintained through most of the running time. I liked the effects and the disorientation. I actually didn't want any of that explained because that's...
reviewed March 5, 2008
Pit stop by tedrum Action
Featured Review
Nice cars, but not alot to this film. Far too short, the car chase barely got going before it was all over.
reviewed March 5, 2008
A Mummy Is Dead Trailer by cammylawlor Horror
Mildly intriguing - what's a journalist doing interviewing someone who seems to have come from the past? That was fairly interesting. The trailer was a bit short though and didn't really explain what... reviewed March 5, 2008
Law and Order HU by MaxPaxJaxxx Action
Some good sequences in this film -like the crime scene investigation (and logic) as well as the shoot-out. "Conspiracy to Murder" is probably the crime that the character committed. Some states may s... reviewed March 5, 2008
Mrs Tittie by Katsaz Comedy
About as funny as falling over and breaking your back ... twice, then jumping face first off a tall building. (People who find that funny may like this film). reviewed March 5, 2008
Sundays Suck by T666 Comedy
The sound bug got this film good and proper by the end, hence the low score. Crazy adventure is a good way of putting it. A couple of funny moments in the movie but it was too random for my taste. T... reviewed March 5, 2008
Oh The Irony- Bullies by LesCanadians Comedy
Lol - oh the irony. Good twist. Unfortunately, where was the sound in this film? There was none whatsoever. The subtitles used a bad font too - it's hard to read in online quality. A shame because th... reviewed March 5, 2008
The Legend Of Billy Shank (volumn 2) by jtwillenborg Horror
Lol - what a psycho! The VO audio quality in this film was abysmal, I challenge anyone to hear a single complete sentence without putting the volume up past three-quarters (in which case the sound ef... reviewed March 5, 2008
Charlotte The Starlet by RonRicoFSU Romance
A bit of a disaster on the old sound there (as in there was none after the first couple of seconds). I would say it harmed the movie, but this one was not at all good anyway - it didn't affect the final score. reviewed March 5, 2008
She will always live forever series trailer by derbyrams Action
A good collage of scenes from the films with good music too. Nice trailer, just needed some VO. reviewed March 5, 2008
Invasion of the Bigfoots (Bigfeet) by jaredpeace Comedy
A good idea, but the conveniently placed bazooka lost it for me. Some good gags along the way though. Stock music was used well. reviewed March 5, 2008
Tittie rap by Katsaz Comedy
I like to keep abreast of the new music videos that come onto TMO - but this film went [censored!]-up very early on with its shoddy VO quality and non-intelligible script (if there was one). The titt... reviewed March 5, 2008
Stan Diplo Trailer by ED_Company Action
Featured Review
Not a bad trailer - the intercutting of scenes was quite good. The library shot took too long though and the last few scenes of the trailer could have been faster and with less repetition (the guy sho...
reviewed March 5, 2008
Orange Men Part 2 First encounter by KBE Action
Some good action editing in this film, not quite sure why this group is going around bombing things though. Mumbling should be turned off and spelling improved in the subtitles for best results. No... reviewed March 5, 2008
wiwanyank Wacipi - The Sundance - Part 3 by cinecitta Action
Featured Review
Absolutely brilliant. One of the best TMO films I've ever watched (and I've watched at least 2000). The only thing wrong with it is the hilariously mistranslated subtitles - but my GCSE A-grade in F...
reviewed February 28, 2008
Doom Soldiers The Citadel by VSFDarkCloak Action
4 stars for this film. I loved the opening explanation for how mankind ended up the way it did - but after that, as far as the audience getting involved with the characters is concerned, a massive se... reviewed February 28, 2008
Celebrity Surviverz 2 by jaredpeace Comedy
I didn't find much of this film funny (well any of it - to be honest). It was just crappy gags like the handbuzzer for the most part - a sure sign that this sequel was bereft of the clever ideas prese... reviewed February 27, 2008
Chronicles of The Rift by userjosh9874 Action
From the description, this story has frequently asked questions 2) and 5)outstanding. The answer given for 2) is so lame, I'm tempted to knock a star off (this explanation will be removed, I reckon) ... reviewed February 27, 2008
Chronicles of The Rift (Origins) by userjosh9874 Romance
The only thing I didn't get on with was the romance between Liz and Eddy. He turns up in her room and suddenly they're snogging. I'd have liked more explanation than that - even if it was of the "he h... reviewed February 27, 2008
Tough Kid On The Block by yelle_11_cgy Action
A terrific young voice actor here - the voices were full of pizazz, the mother was especially good. The audio quality was excellent. Some of the voices sounded a bit samey in some scenes (one characte... reviewed February 27, 2008
Get Me by iloveevannalynch Sci-Fi
The story started well but lost its way shortly after she was put in the hiding place. The spelling and grammar in the subtitles also needed improving. Music also needed added after it ran out halfway... reviewed February 27, 2008
The Evil Dead by rckbikes Horror
I've not seen Evil Dead but I would hope it doesn't end with that cheesy one-liner. VO could have been louder but it wasn't bad at all. Some good editing at times. A good first attempt all said. reviewed February 27, 2008
X Files spoof by Artescape Sci-Fi
A well put together film - if it wasn't for the overused cheese joke, this could have been much better though. Not enough genuine laughs in this, although Scully's denial of aliens was quite fun as w... reviewed February 27, 2008
Live Target Dead Reckoning by Matt21621 Action
Some good action sequences - but the ending was a bit silly, killing off all the good guys. We also needed to see what exactly the villain's game was - give us a real reason to hate him. VO popped th... reviewed February 27, 2008
Captain Ron and the Dagger of Deception 3 by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
Some good bits, but much of the chatter went by far too fast - unreadable in places without pressing pause - and the battle for the ship was too easily won. The Zallaxian ship looked exactly like Capt... reviewed February 27, 2008
Captain Ron and the Dagger of Deception 2 by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
A very good episode - cloak and dagger stuff. Superb imagination in this part of the story and a classy cliffhanger that demands the final episode be watched. reviewed February 27, 2008
Captain Ron and the Dagger of Deception 1 by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
Not bad, it was hard reading the subs, but I got the gist of the story. The battle scene was grossly underscored - it was as if the director forgot to add more music after it ran out halfway through. ... reviewed February 27, 2008
Captain Ron and the Robot of Trilliad by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
This one had too much pace on it - it jumped so quickly between scenes, it played almost like a trailer (it's as long as a trailer). The subs were may too fast in this film, to the extent where I coul... reviewed February 27, 2008
Captain Ron and the Ambassador of Vela by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
Good twist in what started off as a simple by-the-numbers sci-fi. It reminds me alot of my first film in its style. It has some of the same faults too - such as subtitles moving too fast at times. Enj... reviewed February 27, 2008
Captain Ron--Quilo Part 2 by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
A good episode, I liked the twist. Nice teleport effect too - simple but effective. These are entertaining stuff. reviewed February 27, 2008
Captain Ron--Quilo Part 1 by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
Intriguing - I've already seen the third one which doesn't suffer from this film's main fault. There were many instances at the start where wideshots were used without first explaining which name wen... reviewed February 27, 2008
Captain Ron--Quilo Part 3 by vikinghillblly Sci-Fi
I've no idea what's going on but it looks like a fast-paced sci-fi romp! (Too fast for some of the subtitles) - I'm enjoying working out the story. Some well-defined characters and nice editing here ... reviewed February 27, 2008
The Town That Heard Wolf by nooctip Horror
All this one needed was improved sound quality - it was very difficult to hear the VO over the music. What I did manage to hear sounded pretty nice - a good storytelling voice. As for turning the sto... reviewed February 27, 2008
King Sugar Trailer 1 by jase180 Comedy
Great trailer - I like the "Enter the Dragon" shots. I volunteer myself as token-British-boxer-who-gets-beat-in-round-one. reviewed February 25, 2008
The Adventures of Citizen Monkey Ep 1 by dude123456HasReturned Action
This one was a good idea with mediocre execution. The acting was never interesting, the joker's (yes - this whole movie borrowed him and his clown minions from Batman) "plan" was indifferently delive... reviewed February 24, 2008
The Man Who Wanted to Sneeze by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
A random movie ... yeah right - no way. This wasn't random in any way whatsoever. It was very logical. An excellent structure - the film ended as it began, and brilliantly the TV and the phone show... reviewed February 24, 2008
Pimp Saga ep 3 Revenge(working) by rjanaconda Comedy
"Three stars baby - yeah!!" It was very well acted by all concerned, it had original music - I thought the opening song was cool, very very good audio quality throughout. But where was the story? I... reviewed February 24, 2008
JAY ADAMS - A Detective Story ( ACT-1 ) by DanielH20 Sci-Fi
Excellent performances from the leads in this film (particularly the female lead) with some very good action editing. Most sets were retextured well and the music worked in an unobtrusive way. I had ... reviewed February 24, 2008
Newsbot Debates the Tissues by dethduck Comedy
Intriguing show - I thought the coverage of the Democratic Presidential race was very thin, but then Newsbot showed us why in the film's best gag. Newsbot is a good anchor - he has authority about hi... reviewed February 24, 2008
Newsbot The Sequel by dethduck Comedy
Entertaining stuff - I particular liked the academic's findings about the meaning of life. I also liked the anchorbot in this one - and the way he had a jab at Sally Sinewave. He reminds me of Chris M... reviewed February 24, 2008
Newsbot Today by dethduck Comedy
This film gets one star primarily for using uncredited music. But, in all honesty, the score wouldn't change if the filmmaker had not been naughty. This robot news broadcast of an actual AP report wa... reviewed February 24, 2008
Newsbot Calls for You! by dethduck Comedy
Great opening with the Dalek overlay. Then, what sounds like Microsoft Sam and his friends did all the robot banter. Some good chuckles with the way they badly pronounced words and [censored!]ed up t... reviewed February 24, 2008
Terran Wars-Factions by Helloiseeu Sci-Fi
Some great imagination on display here. Plenty going on - but there are a number of things that would have improved this film. Firstly, what was all that "just pretend the costumes are white, sorry a... reviewed February 24, 2008
Be a Gamer! by tntsparetime Comedy
A good idea which nearly reached star level 4. But scrappy jumbled-up VO wasted both of the "outside the game" jokes. Some major mic-popping in places too. reviewed February 24, 2008
The Cabin by Christoeher Horror
Yes, we needed some dialogue in this film which was exactly as described - a "basic horror". It seemed to be a story though. reviewed February 24, 2008
the magical land of the poo by blueeyes843 Comedy
Surely one of the worst films I've ever seen. Everything about it is annoying, the randomness of the scenes, the awful music and the fact it repeats 20 times - the stupid "they are talking" caption th... reviewed February 24, 2008
Angels With Rapid-Fire Machineguns by gwg93 Comedy
Hmmm - not much story there. It was near impossible to tell which character was talking. reviewed February 24, 2008
Feed by XA56 Horror
A high three stars for this - a very simple story well told. But it was just too predictable and there wasn't much real drama going on - some real missed opportunities such as when Gil attacks them. T... reviewed February 24, 2008
Monopoly by hangon Comedy
I couldn't hear the VO in this and all the rich men looked the same so I couldn't tell which one was talking anyway. The ending was very abrupt. On top of that, copyrighted music was used without any... reviewed February 24, 2008
A Motley Crew by gashdeman Comedy
Not a good film - game-generated films rarely are. Tired old jokes. reviewed February 24, 2008
The Violent Cowgirl by hrethuan Action
The story was lacking in this one - too many holes in the plot. The brother didn't exactly cover himself in glory by having his sister strung up outside of town. And then a gunfight where he wants to... reviewed February 24, 2008
invicible by alienhell Action
A really messy film - the characters weren't set up at all well, so it ended up as some random soldier running around causing trouble. There was a comedy angle that sometimes worked (I liked the endin... reviewed February 24, 2008
Halo by infernomaster01 Sci-Fi
No attempt at a story here, just random action from non-descript characters. Watching someone play Halo would be more interesting. reviewed February 24, 2008
Eternal Love by SkyTV Horror
The age old story of girl meets boy, boy bites her on the neck and carries her away. Not much to this film. reviewed February 24, 2008
Revenge In Flames 2 by lemon07 Action
The age old story of girl meets boy, girl meets another boy, boy finds another boy in bed with girl, boy burns her house down. Some words would have been nice. reviewed February 24, 2008
Oil by HyruleanMovies Action
Probably a good idea - but there can be less than 4 sentences I actually heard. The VO sound quality was horrible and destroyed the film. Speak away from the mic and louder - put some pop protection ... reviewed February 24, 2008
Goth The Beginning by jack_mc2005 Horror
A number of people will be upset about this production. From my side, not crediting your musicians is an automatic one-star - loads of good music in this film and not a single thankyou anywhere. Grea... reviewed February 24, 2008
The timetravel(part 1) by andreas123bh Sci-Fi
I liked the overall story - even the sexist angle, hehe: PROFESSOR: A woman!!?? CAPTAIN: She's a fine engineer even if she is female Then she screws up (and it was gross incompetence too) and ever... reviewed February 23, 2008
Fury of the Dragon III Unholy Alliance by ticklish Action
There were some good twists in the plot, it was just some dodgy technical stuff that let this film down. The acting was ok, but very quiet. It was as if the actor recorded their lines at 3 in the mor... reviewed February 23, 2008
A Night on Bunny Mountain by Tyranix Action
There's probably a story in there - but subtitles or dialogue is needed to help explain what's going on. I liked the bunny transformation behind the boxes near the end. reviewed February 23, 2008
The Family Business Part V The Finale B by 24Ghost24 Action
A good ending to the series. We get to see what became of the main characters. The gun jamming was a bit lame though - too much of a coincidence for my liking. Mumbling should always be turned off (a... reviewed February 23, 2008
The Family Business Part IV The Hit by 24Ghost24 Action
Another good episode with only a minor sound synch issue at the end and some subtitles that moved too fast at times. Again, like the other episodes, mumbling should be turned off. There was a good b... reviewed February 23, 2008
The Family Business Part III The Flight by 24Ghost24 Action
Some good action in this episode. Apart from the mumbling, which should always be turned off, the only other thing that seemed out of place were the modern gizmos and gadgets. This film is supposed... reviewed February 23, 2008
The Family Business Part II The Beginning by 24Ghost24 Action
The story's picking up quite nicely - just a couple of technical issues to iron out. Switch off mumbling and try to identify the characters better in the subtitles - give them all names. MAN: Hello ... reviewed February 23, 2008
The Family Business Part I Meet the Family by 24Ghost24 Action
Not a bad introduction - it successfully introduces the key players. The mumbling and bad grammar in the subs were its main downfall though. I also felt I needed to know who was narrating. NARRATOR:... reviewed February 23, 2008
The Family Business Part V The Finale A by 24Ghost24 Action
Plenty of stuff I liked here, the camerawork and editing was good. I liked the way the plane trip was cut together with the titles. The Don comes across as menacing - no mean feat when just using subt... reviewed February 23, 2008
Dude I Got My Head Stuck! by guywhoplaysfable Comedy
I watched the VO version of this first, and this one is clearly superior. What we have here, even though it is almost exactly the same in pacing, works better because the subtitles need time for them... reviewed February 23, 2008
Lady Please Leave The War by Wars120 Comedy
The fart gag actually made me laugh - but the rest of it didn't lead to any kind of story. It was as if a game-generated script had had sound effects added to it. reviewed February 23, 2008
IT 107 Final by guywhoplaysfable Comedy
I quite liked the idea, but here's three tips for success in the TMO world: 1) Turn mumbling off 2) Edit your film so that it doesn't move at a snail's pace 3) Don't talk too close to the mic and cer... reviewed February 23, 2008
IT 107 Final Gag Reel by guywhoplaysfable Horror
How can you have a gag reel when there is no gag? That was as funny as being strangled, punched in the face, then stabbed in the chest. reviewed February 23, 2008
The Kid Rode Away by Wars120 Comedy
This film could easily be game generated. Not much too it, strange editing and no dialogue. reviewed February 23, 2008
Lets Kill the sheriff by Marine101 Action
This film was well up its own TMO arse! "I'm going to be top of the charts .... yada yada ... Doc ... blah blah .. Dulci ... blah .. VCs per review ..." etc. And the opening saloon scene didn't prom... reviewed February 23, 2008
Death Is My Sex Ed Lab Partner by themonkthemonk Action
Not much of an ending to this largely one-joke film - I was looking forward to seeing some kind of big punchline at the sex-ed class on Thursday night, but it never came [no pun intended]. My attent... reviewed February 23, 2008
First zombie by Wars120 Horror
Some of the sentences got a bit lost in translation and the subtitles were a bit on the fast side - but the film moved at a fair pace and the editing of the action was pretty good. Music was needed in... reviewed February 23, 2008
Docusmentary Channel The Human Person by bincoln Comedy
From one documentary filmmaker to the other - nice shorty. Liked the Attenborough style jokes. Made me laugh a few times - no mean feat in a two minuter. reviewed February 21, 2008
Realm Of Insanity - The First Nightmare by LingLang712 Horror
There was alot that was right about this film, the script was well written, the sets had good decoration and the use of different camera lenses worked well to create an uneasy feeling. The music was... reviewed February 20, 2008
The Origin of the Baggage Boy by jaredpeace Comedy
Featured Review
"No animals were harmed in the making of this film ... But some actors were" And some viewers too! An imaginative little flick which asks the question: Baggage boy. Why? I liked how the spaceship w...
reviewed February 20, 2008
SOLA FIDE (By Faith Alone) by jase180 Horror
Featured Review
A very atmospheric film - a superb opening with the boat being given the full treatment with the camera (nice mod). Top notch acting performances here - it was refreshing to see that Falcone, far fro...
reviewed February 20, 2008
My Dad was a Middle-Aged Zombie Part 2 by Gnostradamus Horror
A good continuation of the story, but it finished quite abruptly. The music wasn't dramatic enough at the end to sell it as a cliffhanger. In the rest of the film, I liked the intercutting between th... reviewed February 20, 2008
My Dad was a Middle-Aged Zombie Part 1 by Gnostradamus Horror
Forget the lack of VO and forget the one lighting continuity error (see if you can spot it), this is a throughly entertaining show with some genuinely funny lines sprinkled throughout. A nice twist at... reviewed February 20, 2008
The Front Line by OGARULES Action
Random shooting and bombing, no characters, no real story and an annoying mud-spattered overlay. Not a lot going for it. reviewed February 20, 2008
Last Rites Rex Rgis Fortuna by kingpengvin Horror
That's just great :( - now a brilliant filmmaker is going to be spending all his time playing on X-Box. They should have given the prize to the worst entry. Of course, this review is delivered as an ... reviewed February 20, 2008
Tale of Death by Marius_Hirstad Action
Let's get one thing straight - "Eye of the Tiger" is not by Enya. Half of that song was used in an over-long training montage, so it can hardly be considered a minor violation. There was one other pie... reviewed February 20, 2008
Asateers Tale - Part I by dooglebob Action
This felt more like a trailer than a story. I got no sense of any characters and the plot seemed to jump three fights in two minutes. It was, quite honestly, a mess. Having said that, I liked the mod... reviewed February 20, 2008
Last Rites - Carrus Admodum Amentum by andy_inc Action
I wish this had won the X-Box. Then the director would have something else to do rather than produce another pig's ear of a film like this one. No matter how many mods you use, you can never make the... reviewed February 20, 2008
One Fine Day at the Ranch by Samisawesome Comedy
Some good chuckles in this shorty. Had the ending been better, or if it had been longer, this might have made a 4. The sad thing about this film is that there's more than a hint of truth in it. I hop... reviewed February 20, 2008
The Wild Gunman ep 4 by reddfoxx120 Action
One star has been docked for using uncredited music at the start of the film. This would have otherwise scored two stars. The story was lacking in this episode. There was no dialogue in the opening p... reviewed February 20, 2008
The Wild Gunman ep 3 by reddfoxx120 Action
One star has been docked for using uncredited music at the start and end of the film. Otherwise this would have scored 2 stars. The story wasn't too bad - a lot happened in it, but there were a numbe... reviewed February 20, 2008
Don Stewerd by RollinM Action
Some nice touches in this film - the ending was well edited and there was some reasonable dialogue which successfully managed to make the plot intriguing (like how did they get the money? who double c... reviewed February 20, 2008
Les Coupables by Primaer Romance
This film was like a sort of collage of fragmented events both past and present which helped to create the atmosphere of fragmented relationships. As a story I found it confusing and hard to follow - ... reviewed February 12, 2008
CAPITOL Origin by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Plenty of good stuff in this film. The nuclear scenes were horrific, the stuff nightmares are made of - they successfully sent a shiver down my spine, brilliantly realised through outstanding visual ... reviewed February 11, 2008
CAPITOL Initiation by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
Some beautiful sci-fi moddery in this film. Most of those scenes were gorgeous to look at. I like the dystopian concept as well - what happens if religion is allowed to govern everything? Some scenes... reviewed February 11, 2008
Expedition to Alpha Centauri 4th Report by berryg Sci-Fi
Another action-packed episode. The laughs were fewer in this one than the previous episodes, but there was actually a story which was carried off well. Nice space battle sequences. The subtitles move... reviewed February 11, 2008
Expedition to Alpha Centauri 3rd Report by berryg Comedy
Yet more laughs in this entertaining series. I liked the barman's gag where every species is allowed in except for the natives to the planet! Some nice pop-culture references - I saw Star Wars and J... reviewed February 11, 2008
Expedition to Alpha Centauri 2nd Report by berryg Sci-Fi
More throwaway fun in outer space - the film moves at a nice pace and the gags come thick and fast so that you're bound to regularly laugh even if the jokes are mainly misses rather than hits (I don't... reviewed February 11, 2008
Expedition to Alpha Centauri First Report by berryg Sci-Fi
An entertaining little film with some nice comedy writing, it had next to no story but the characters were funny and the overall effect was almost like a sketch show set on a spaceship. It was well p... reviewed February 11, 2008
Enter Angie Raveshaw by Geigerdog Action
I really like the concept behind this story. It would be interesting to see if they could get away with what they're doing. A very good trailer which just needed some VO. reviewed February 11, 2008
city crime by huskie89 Action
Some good action but very little story in the film. It would have scored 2 stars. The music went well with the film but no credit was given to the performers and so no stars can be awarded to this film. reviewed February 11, 2008
Americans by 11594492 Comedy
Quite funny - and with quite a large amount of truth in it. However, it was one sweeping generalisation after another - these need backed up by evidence (of which there's plenty around). Some facts l... reviewed February 11, 2008
Celebrity Surviverz by jaredpeace Comedy
The start wasn't too good - the subtitles flew past far too quickly and I surely missed some good jokes. How do I know that? Because later on in the film they slowed down and the jokes were very fun... reviewed February 9, 2008
The Worlds On its Knees by thesmudge Action
Some things I didn't like in this film - like the narration. It distances the world created, from the audience who should be transported into it. There was no need to say how nasty the aliens were, ... reviewed February 9, 2008
Nerd Killer by tfoster Comedy
Good choice of music - for me, it way eclipsed the disintegrating story. But it's understandable - clearly maths homework has addled the mind of this filmmaker, I hope he recovers soon. My best wishe... reviewed February 9, 2008
Star Wars The Trooper Invasion (PART 1) by Gorrekk123 Sci-Fi
I liked the camera choices here and some of the action. The main problem was that all the characters had names like "Jedi" or "Commander". We like to call people by their names, somehow it helps us to... reviewed February 9, 2008
Mission Highly Improbable by FredTheDuck Comedy
When the sound bug hit, this film became very woolly indeed. I'll have no truck with filmmakers who try to fleece the public with disclaimers like "I'm sorry about the sound synch bug, please don't r... reviewed February 9, 2008
Exorcism Of Ross Cracknell by sickjoke Horror
I watched this movie as instructed, as I always do, with no lights and high volume. It should be 4-stars in my opinion. There's some beautiful camerawork on display, very good gory mods - this is cl... reviewed February 9, 2008
Beyond the Shore by Snake7088 Horror
Firstly, I docked a star for the use of uncredited music at the beginning of the film. It was a minor violation of my rules which usually result in automatic one-stars being doled out. So - this film... reviewed February 9, 2008
Nachros Elite by anthropomorphism Action
3 stars would have been the score for this film. I admired the imagination on display here, the filmmaker was clearly having a good time making this film. I thought it got better towards the end - th... reviewed February 9, 2008
The Ocrambo news part Episode three by ocrambo Comedy
Lol - an atrocious film, especially in the sound design which was appalling throughout. The music drowned out the dialogue on several occasions. I would have given this 2 stars just for the horse and... reviewed February 9, 2008
No Country for Young Folk part 1 by ash2ka Comedy
The number of laughs in this film averages out at about 0.25 laughs per minute, not very good at all. Add to that the two lead characters who sound exactly the same as each other, causing confusion i... reviewed February 9, 2008
Battleharvest by IronUnibeam Horror
Some good shots - but what was that music when he kills the vampire? And what was that ending? This film suffered from lack of dialogue as well. reviewed February 9, 2008
Cat Show by 0630 Romance
What an exacting studio this is! No female may work for this studio unless she has a breast size larger than 58DDD and black hair of at least shoulder length. I thought all the females were identical... reviewed February 9, 2008
Forest of The Lost (Trailer) by tyler0605 Horror
Not a bad idea, a city so scared that they would rather fight each other for scraps of food than go into a massive forest where the terror lurks. The mistake in this trailer was the rather weak shot ... reviewed February 9, 2008
Acceptance trailer 2 by derbyrams Romance
I liked the way it started - good music. Which can't be said for the music in the second half - that annoying high pitched instrument made me want to poke a needle in my ear drums! Never a good idea ... reviewed February 9, 2008
Conflicting by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Action
There's no denying that this was an original story. In the end quite unbelievable and unsatisfying - but on the way there we had some good times! The main character in this picture gave a very good p... reviewed February 1, 2008
Innocent Pt 2 by RavensFan_09 Action
This film would have made 4 stars if it hadn't been for the poor audio quality of the main character (whose acting was very good overall - a shame). Other technical flaws were also sound related - VO... reviewed February 1, 2008
Nightmares (clean version) by piotrtheman Action
Several holes in this one - the acting was not too convincing in many places. But the writing is where it really fell down: [paraphrasing] "Oh no! It's the police!" When there's no way he could kn... reviewed February 1, 2008
Its Funny Because Its RANDOM! by LingLang712 Comedy
For a while, I thought this was a piss-take on those "random films". The early gags suggested that to be the case and this film was enjoying 4-star status for its first couple of minutes. But as the ... reviewed February 1, 2008
Iron Belly by Victaa Action
There were elements of this film I liked - the best scene was the training montage, and some of the early lines were kung fu classics ("if only my kung fu was stronger"). The action was pretty good (t... reviewed February 1, 2008
The Armor of God by simpsdog Action
The strongest thing about this film was the performance of the lead character, a fine job. The script needed a wax and polish though: "Give me security updates every 30 minutes. It's imperative we ha... reviewed February 1, 2008
On the run by Zarrmida Action
This should be a 4-star film. I liked the editing and cinematography. Some beautifully framed shots. (The horses near the end for example). The female lead was excellent and gave a very good perform... reviewed January 31, 2008
UnSub by anothernewdawn Horror
The first thing that caught my attention in this film is the sound design - this is some of the best I've heard in a TMO film. From the first scene of our - erm - hero getting out of bed, you can hear... reviewed January 31, 2008
Fast by chris62 Action
The ending to this film was incredibly weak (as was the story in all honesty)- I'll explain why after the spoiler warning. First the good: Excellent music, perfect for this film - composed by the fi... reviewed January 31, 2008
Love needs no words by timorogowski Romance
Some well chosen shots in this music vid - I also liked the groove in the backing track and the changes in style at the end. The song was pretty catchy and the two singers have good voices (in terms ... reviewed January 31, 2008
My Name Is Death by FredTheDuck Action
I had a problem seeing what the story was here, maybe the performances didn't help. Some were really good, but others were clearly sub-standard - and the sound quality for some actors was appalling (a... reviewed January 31, 2008
The Hound - Black and White by slarner Horror
I don't know what music was used for this film, but it was very good. I understand the filmmaker is a competent composer - or it could be from Fable. If it was neither, I would give this an automatic ... reviewed January 31, 2008
RSPCA by TomyMmM Horror
A good message in this film, and an original idea. The VO could have sounded more enthusiastic and with less mistakes though. reviewed January 31, 2008
Wandering Werewolves V2 by Doctor_Who_David Comedy
This story didn't make much sense and there were several scenes that had conversations going on without any subtitles or VO (we got the annoying mumbling instead). Not the best film in all honesty. reviewed January 31, 2008
SERIAL STREAK by Goddard911 Horror
A very rushed ending to what was otherwise a pretty good film. What you don't do is describe offscreen events through subtitles - like "he set the office on fire". Key moments in the story were expla... reviewed January 30, 2008
Bartender The Movie by Tgls Action
There was a fairly imaginative story there, but it was hard to follow. Things started well until the random bank robbery! reviewed January 30, 2008
Unfunny. A very poor film indeed which is just one random violent scene after another. reviewed January 30, 2008
Frozen Episode 1 by LIL_Martin Horror
Not bad, it has the makings of a good story. The left turn into outer space was interesting. The opening scene was botched - it was impossible to tell which one was Kate and which was Miranda as both... reviewed January 30, 2008
Karmas Angel (reedit) by LANTHAI Horror
Obviously an early effort - I haven't seen the original version, but these subtitles go by way too fast. There's some sassy chatter there though, I can tell that much. Maybe only VO is the way to go w... reviewed January 30, 2008
The Adventures of Weredog by Victaa Comedy
A bizarre film when all's said and done - it began very well with some good gags (like the intense horror opening and the no-clothes sight gag). The VO delivery was also entertaining for much of the ... reviewed January 30, 2008
Two Red Parasols by the_belgian Comedy
This was more like a scene from the film than a trailer - two people in an office isn't exactly inspiring when trying to sell a movie. It did succeed in setting up the premise though. reviewed January 30, 2008
Jezs Diner Part 2 by bellasellaa Comedy
2 stars for this film. A couple of laughs in this film, the rest of the humour was year 7 rather than 11. The acting was energetic, but telling some characters apart was difficult ("[oh please!]" wom... reviewed January 30, 2008
Changes at School 4 Trailer by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Some good laughs in this 90 second trailer. If the laughs in the real thing are as frequent, this should be a good one. Some nice voices on display too. The music in this trailer is completely uncre... reviewed January 30, 2008
Dorris on the Drunk by studionorway Comedy
Dorris is drunk, and we get to see her pratfall and loll around before she eventually makes it home to bed. All this accompanied by everyone's favourite piece of music, "fresh sneakers". It's trashy ... reviewed January 30, 2008
He loved another he must die! by studionorway Horror
This film had a nice narrative flow to the shots - despite having no dialogue (apart from the annoying mumbling - should always be switched off), the story was easy to follow. It needed some talking ... reviewed January 30, 2008
The Extra- Terrestrial Part 2 by filipekholmstudios Sci-Fi
This one would have scored 3 stars, but I can't award stars to films that don't give a mention to the musicians that helped make the production. There was a well-created sense of unease in this film,... reviewed January 30, 2008
Groovy Night by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
My dad says that singers are killing music. In this case, I have to agree! Many a great jazz song has been murdered by bad lyrics and singing. The song on display here was pretty good. A very good b... reviewed January 26, 2008
Infested! Trailer Two by rysto Action
Not another trailer for this film! It's amazing, like the last one. In some ways, I wish that the astonishing surprises we see here had been reserved for the final movie (imagine how jaw-dropping tha... reviewed January 26, 2008
Bombshelter-Part2b by jase180 Action
Let's get the good bits out of the way first: Firstly, the cast were excellent throughout both episodes - in particular Wes and Dulci's character. They were a joy to watch. Secondly, the sound desig... reviewed January 26, 2008
Hell Is For The Dead by garrett123 Horror
This film was a mess. Storywise, it couldn't decide which sort of chiller it was. The subtitles were too fast and with so many spelling mistakes that "school" is the first word the director should le... reviewed January 26, 2008
The Extra-Terrestrial by filipekholmstudios Sci-Fi
In many ways a fine recreation of Alien (right down to "Mother" the ship's computer) - it was also in some ways (stylistically) similar to Throwaxe's "Instinct" (which itself is a take on Alien). The... reviewed January 26, 2008
Painkiller Overdose Trailer by DorianRust Horror
Yes - this one well overstayed its welcome for a trailer, but the camera techniques used were excellent. I second those that say this director should commit to turning this into a proper film - he obv... reviewed January 26, 2008
Killerscom by samyhouse Action
Billed as a kind of tech demo, this is anything but. It's a superb story about hitmen in the internet age. And - technically speaking - the editing, and acting, is great. I won't give too much else ... reviewed January 26, 2008
Ride The Rent by thebiz Comedy
So - was this film Adam's gift to cinema - or was it just pony? Both. The character of Pony Adams was very well acted and engaged my attention throughout. The supporting character (the cleaner) was ... reviewed January 26, 2008
Penultimate FDS by SOULSWORD Comedy
Initially, it started off as I expected - random characters being thrown down some stairs - but one star gradually became two, due to some good VO. Later in the film, I found myself laughing more and... reviewed January 26, 2008
Lost story of WWII by generalgrey Action
Some good moments - maybe the filmmaker doesn't realise it - but a golden opportunity was lost when the female German sniper was killed off so early. Given that the commander of the allied forces was ... reviewed January 26, 2008
the days of paul J by coolfilmer272 Comedy
It started fairly reasonably, but just degenerated into one unfunny random joke after another. The style of subtitle was completely wrong. You can't use a literary style in a film subtitle. '"My! Thi... reviewed January 26, 2008
Crime Families by eafilms11 Action
It took a while to work out who the characters were, but this was a good story overall. It could have used more emotional dialogue between characters, and a sense of who were really the good guys and... reviewed January 26, 2008
Electrospike by dethduck Sci-Fi
This one was in serious need of some dialogue. That horrible mumbling doesn't count as dialogue! Other than that, there seemed to be a reasonable effort at a story. reviewed January 26, 2008
Return of the Dead II by lanateendirector14 Horror
Largely a real mess - there was no plot at all. But there were some funny gags. If nothing else, it was an excursion into the fertile imagination of a young mind. reviewed January 26, 2008
Pregnancy romance and lies by StarlightMovies146 Romance
Wow - the sound synch bug chewed this film to pieces, so I might as well have turned the monitor off. The scenes (if I reserve one side of my brain to work one minute behind the other) were well chose... reviewed January 26, 2008
The Fart by madfurby Horror
A well-realised gag - but a shame that the gag itself stank. reviewed January 26, 2008
Wolfy by Cybropm Action
A fair effort at telling an old west werewolf tale without any dialogue. But there just wasn't much suspense (well the music didn't change during the horror moments) - I think some dialogue in the bar... reviewed January 26, 2008
WAR AND PEACE (In Large Print) by DHTHTLA Comedy
After all that? That was the punchline? (computers don't run out of ink anyway). Sorry, I didn't laugh at all at that ... reviewed January 26, 2008
Chickythe Mummy Monster Island by Holy_Burger Comedy
Any semblance of a story disappeared in the first 30 seconds - then it was just one random set-piece after another, usually accompanied by a lame fowl-mouthed punchline. Not the best chicken film I've seen. reviewed January 26, 2008
Empire (Part Four) by andy_inc Action
So part 4 of this epic continues. This episode had more of the "curse of the middle episode" than the others, mainly down to some slow pacing and lack of action. There was alot of exposition, much of... reviewed January 26, 2008
The War From Outer SPace by hard-band Action
A simple story told well enough through the actions of the cast. I liked the way the aliens each had a different colour. There weren't any characters in this film and no dialogue, hopefully the next ... reviewed January 25, 2008
Ride The Rent Derby v1 by thebiz Comedy
Get in there! Yessssssssss ..... Superb promo - and as a sports event in its own right, it was well realised through all the moddery that was going on. reviewed January 21, 2008
Strange by cecil_evans Sci-Fi
After a slow start (I just couldn't get on with the alien's narration), things picked up when the Texan explained the different forces that invaded the earth since nuclear Armageddon. There were some... reviewed January 19, 2008
Infested! Trailer by rysto Action
Wow! There are so many things I've not seen before in these two minutes (is there anything I HAVE seen before?). This looks like it could be a very VERY special film. reviewed January 19, 2008
Blue Chicago Moon by KarlBrown Romance
I liked the way the recurring lines in the narration were used, right up until the ending. (I was wondering - "if the rain died on Sunday, how come it's raining now?" - during the rest of the film. Bu... reviewed January 19, 2008
Terror Tales by rjanaconda Horror
This film had that cheesy "Elvira" style of 80s horror TV show down on the nose! The acting was bad for many of the characters (well - the voice synthesis didn't help, but as a one-man show it was a ... reviewed January 19, 2008
SantaHydeNEXT by tasmania11 Action
... and that's why Xmas should be banned! Nice mods, overlays and music in this film - I liked some of the dafter elements, like the chainsaw and "Santa Prison". But some of the dialogue was badly a... reviewed January 19, 2008
Last Rites - Amen by kuroken Horror
So, this excellent supernatural thriller comes to an end. A massive project with a lot of care and attention paid to each scene. Some lovely effects shots in this last episode, and nice modded sets t... reviewed January 19, 2008
Et Spiritus Sancti by kuroken Horror
More intense stuff in this episode - which I won't say too much about or this whole review would be a giant spoiler. Let's just say it's well acted, paced and directed. Hooker did well here as he suc... reviewed January 19, 2008
Et Fille by kuroken Horror
The plot thickens ... A good second episode here with plenty of nice performances again (once more, Falcone is on top form). Very well put together, the conversations flow naturally and the editing ... reviewed January 18, 2008
In Nomine Patris by kuroken Horror
An excellent start to this 4-part series, very good writing and acting performances all around. I was particularly impressed by Det. Falcone and Josh. The camerawork and the way the characters were f... reviewed January 18, 2008
Bombshelter-Part1 by jase180 Action
When the film finally started, this was riveting cinema with only a couple of minor flaws. Let's start with the 2 minutes before the film: One of the advantages of TMO cinema as opposed to real-life... reviewed January 18, 2008
The Girl Who Lost Her Clothes by Alezxander Comedy
Quite a funny shorty, the comic timing was on song and the gag worked very well. 'nuff said. reviewed January 18, 2008
The Slaughter of the Innocent Part II by elmowithfro Horror
The actor does a good job here, but the voices for the characters (with one exception) sound very similar. In the conversation scenes, the gestures don't match up with the characters increasing the c... reviewed January 18, 2008
Hell Water by christiandk5 Action
Not much to that story - a real low effort production. reviewed January 18, 2008
Kill Rally by Video_Capture Comedy
Everyone got shot in this film, but I died of boredom (and in only 2 minutes - a record). A half-decent twist at the end, but even that wasn't enough to save this trash. reviewed January 18, 2008
Woke Up Dead 2 The Wrath Of Judas by darren08121999 Horror
Featured Review
Amazing visuals in the first half (and the music that went with it) - but when Lord CD showed up to mete out a beating the action got very very repetitive, I started looking at my watch to see when it...
reviewed January 17, 2008
The Cry of The Wolf Part 6 by richcomp Sci-Fi
Not bad, some good action scenes - it probably makes more sense having watched the previous episodes as far as the plot goes. A couple of niggles in here too that were avoidable: - mumbling should a... reviewed January 17, 2008
To kill a talking bird by mikofthebablefish Action
The VO was a bit quiet and mumbled in this film, and two of the characters sounded very similar. The music was the wrong choice and it was too loud, so that didn't help the VO either. Having said that... reviewed January 17, 2008
Presidential Debate 2008 Democrat by IseCreme Comedy
As in the Republican debate, no mention of who provided the music for this film. That means I can't award the 3 stars this film could have got. This was funnier than the Republican one, better laughs... reviewed January 17, 2008
Presidential Debate 2008 Republican by IseCreme Comedy
"I'm all out of love ..." for people who don't give their musicians any credit for the work they do. The sad thing is that this music was a constant distraction to what was going on in the subtitles, ... reviewed January 17, 2008
GHOSTSHIP (Teaser Trailer) by Christhemovieking Sci-Fi
These animations look stunning, if the story lives up to the visuals this could be some film. Let's hope the musicians are given some credit in the final production - that's the reason why I am unabl... reviewed January 17, 2008
7 by Ellis07 Horror
Good set design and situations in this quirky not-really-horror film. VO was ok, although some lines were a bit garbled and both actors were performing way too close to the mic - that's why it kept po... reviewed January 17, 2008
Keep The Flame Burning by 0630 Romance
Some good set design in this film - I quite like the idea of 3 80s-chicks that get along well with each other. With a few cuts (like the whole of the second dance routine, once is enough) this would ... reviewed January 17, 2008
the day after santino Ferluci died by appelboom Action
Plenty of uncredited music in this film earned it an automatic one-star. Otherwise it would have scored 2 stars. There were some good sequences in the action, but not much motivation for the characte... reviewed January 17, 2008
The Rabbit by Blindmelon Horror
"Now I am going to suck ..." as if a man in a rabbit costume doesn't suck already. There were some good lines in this B-movie that made me laugh. Music was well chosen for each scene and the editing ... reviewed January 17, 2008
Woke Up Dead by darren08121999 Horror
One use of uncredited music cost this film a star (why does everyone except the musicians get a thankyou?) The imagery and effects were very good, but the deep voice was very hard to make out. Still,... reviewed January 17, 2008
ID Burden (unpolished) by IISharperII Sci-Fi
The camerawork and visual effects were excellent in this film, and the music worked well too. Technically very good. And the story is an intriguing one. The performances were pretty good for the supp... reviewed January 9, 2008
To TMO or Not To TMO by rileyman Comedy
Featured Review
To TMO or Not to TMO, that is the question ... What we have here is obviously completely non-understandable to anyone outside TMO. But, you know what? Who cares? We deserve a film like this. At the v...
reviewed January 9, 2008
Confessions Of A Supreme Being by Strondor Comedy
Apart from some dodgy mic-popping in the VO, this film has loads of good gags and a superb ending. I liked the Rabbitopolis scene - "That's All Folks" as the camera focuses on a fallen bunny's face in... reviewed January 9, 2008
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by oruxx Comedy
Featured Review
Well, this non-politically-correct satire on workplace training videos is easy to misinterpret. Is it trying to be serious? (No) The "victim" in it is presented as asking for it by lying all over the...
reviewed January 9, 2008
Sprawiedliwy wyrok odcinek 2 by Foidek Action
This film starts at a rollicking (fast) pace, the opening escape-from-building scene barely allows you to catch your breath. Good one. But once inside the bar, things take a real dip as we get the en... reviewed January 9, 2008
Curse Of The Werewolf by High_Quality_Studios Horror
Well the music disappeared at the end, which was a shame because I quite liked the final shot. The camerawork wasn't so hot at the moment where Michelle is carried away. We didn't see the moment she ... reviewed January 9, 2008
Space movers by robfez2929 Sci-Fi
Nice twist, and some good visuals in this film. There weren't any characters to root for though, just people with no names who were about as interesting as the faceless robots. For an action film to g... reviewed January 9, 2008
its not worth it 2 by jowy345 Action
A disjointed story right from the start. In part 1, Nick is wearing a yellow t-shirt when he gets blown out of the building. In part 2, he's lying on the ground in the same red T-shirt as Pete wears.... reviewed January 9, 2008
Attack of the Zombie Army Trailer in Space by machine1462 Sci-Fi
Looks like more of a comedy than a sci-fi. The VO was just as dead as all the "dead" films it lists - no effort (deliberate?) was made to give this trailer a dramatic voice over; it kind of worked in ... reviewed January 9, 2008
Unsung Soldiers by Staree_Movies Action
For a while this film was in 4-star territory. Good dialogue and characters, performed fairly well. Only the lengthy gaps between every line harmed the film at this stage. Then came the sound synch b... reviewed January 9, 2008
Super Chicken Bros X - Episode 2 by SamRMaclennan Action
In this one, we didn't get a resolution to the cliffhanger in part 1 - we're just supposed to assume yellow chicken won the fight. Then, the action that follows doesn't make much sense. Yellow chicke... reviewed January 8, 2008
Super Chicken Bros X - Episode 1 by SamRMaclennan Action
Some entertaining moments in this film, and the "Force" scene was done well. The main characters need a proper introduction though otherwise they're just two dumb chickens racing around. So more bante... reviewed January 8, 2008
its not worth it by jowy345 Action
I watched it all and still couldn't work out which one was Nick and which one was Pete. Nowhere was it made clear which one was which. That's because there were no close-ups to introduce each characte... reviewed January 8, 2008
Mr And Mrs DautThe Baggage Boy Story by brettduet Comedy
A couple of laughs in the party scene - but this film seemed to jump around too much most of the time in the editing. It was hard to follow the logical sequence of events that make up the story. reviewed January 7, 2008
Condition Unknown The End by MasterXshake86 Action
The story seemed a bit rushed here, maybe needed a bit more explanation. One character fell over for seemingly no reason, and I didn't quite see what the monster had to do with things. But apart from... reviewed January 7, 2008
10 Episode 2 by dasnake Sci-Fi
A good setup for what is shaping up to be an original looking story. A number of improvements could be made - one is the pacing. Some scenes (like the guy sat at the computer) drag on a bit. On othe... reviewed January 7, 2008
Condition Unknown The Beginning by MasterXshake86 Horror
Not bad, quite well written and fast paced. There could have been more suspense in the horror scene - extra sound effects for the whispering would have ramped that up. Also, I didn't see any reason wh... reviewed January 7, 2008
evil fat santa by tristanl Action
Well - plenty of punches in this film, and not just by evil fat Santa. But I couldn't really find a story in there, some of the shots were pretty random. Nice music loops by shyshy. reviewed January 7, 2008
Condition Unkown The Stranger by MasterXshake86 Horror
Now that's what I call the sound synch bug! The film is completely silent until near the end when the sound for the first scene kicks in. That really detracts from this reasonably well written film. ... reviewed January 7, 2008
GraveYard Battle by sickjoke Action
Not a bad fight - I liked the setting and the costumes. Music was cued well with the action. Could have had more of a story to it though. 3 stars for this which is reduced to 1 for not giving the mus... reviewed January 7, 2008
EXTINGUISHED by josephkw Sci-Fi
I've - perhaps wrongly - chosen to see the black hole as a metaphor for the unknown (which is what death is). Most of these characters seem scared to the bones of the black hole/unknown. I was most in... reviewed December 22, 2007
It isnt as bad as it looks Episode 1 by kingpengvin Comedy
Some good technical work in this film (especially in the acting department). There are two ways of approaching it, as a comedy or as a documentary. As a comedy was the more successful route. Althoug... reviewed December 22, 2007
Aya and Yumi Yumis Journal by madone69 Action
Featured Review
A good idea - an effective recap of the story so far. It was well made in a series of flashbacks - but it really came to life when Aya showed up! Again - [as I mentioned on part 5, the only other par...
reviewed December 22, 2007
A Day To Forget by Brandon310 Horror
Having watched it all, that's a clever title. I would have loved to see this done with VO - especially in those blackscreen bits. The hand-held camera was nauseating whenever it tried to focus on a ... reviewed December 22, 2007
Red Mafia Episode One by Casserik Action
Not a bad film by any means, but I found it difficult keeping track of which character was which and who they were talking to. Sometimes the body language of a character on screen suggested it was the... reviewed December 21, 2007
Bombshelter Teaser1a by jase180 Action
What a tasty concept! And what a nightmare! No - not World War III ... ... but the fact that the future of our race might be in the hands (or nether regions) of reality TV contestants. It doesn't b... reviewed December 21, 2007
Apartment 4C by trewill7 Comedy
That film was nearly as tasteless as "The Passion of the Christ". And I saw that punchline coming from 100 miles away. But, there are a number of things that were really well done in this film. Leon'... reviewed December 21, 2007
Bill Cluck - Car Salesman by Jazzdog Comedy
An original concept - sales seems to be a tough gig. Some good laughs in this film about a publicity stunt destined to go wrong, especially when the thick person nearly hits the right catchphrase tha... reviewed December 21, 2007
MOST XTREME HIGH SCHOOL -VO plus- by sidy Action
I love the ending! We need more discipline in the classroom! This wild child gets a spanking and eventually learns something! As the Good Book says, "Spare the Hadoken-Shoryuken-Tatsumaki-Senpuu-Ky... reviewed December 21, 2007
XTREME HIGH SCHOOL plus by sidy Action
Featured Review
"Don't an affair!" That last line sums up the english translation in this film - which was very bad. But we weren't watching it for Japan's equivalent to Shakespeare were we? No - we wanted to see ...
reviewed December 21, 2007
XTREME HIGH SCHOOL 3rd part1 by sidy Action
Featured Review
"Shoooooooryuken!" (My best character is Ryu - but I prefer Chun Li as I use a simple defensive counter-attacking style) The opening dialogue was a bit too slow-paced, but when the countdown started ...
reviewed December 21, 2007
the chase by whoisme Action
Wow! What happened at the end there? Looks like an amazing glitch. Otherwise, not a bad car chase - just needs some sound effects and a proper movie to put it in. reviewed December 21, 2007
X-Mas Panic by HitmanGames Comedy
Hmmm ... couldn't see much panic there. I like the guns underneath the Xmas tree but that's it. reviewed December 21, 2007
Grendal by sickjoke Action
I think I got the punchline (werewolf?). Some confusion in the subtitles that whizzed by too fast in places, but there was a unique style to this film I liked. The costumes and imagery were fairly po... reviewed December 21, 2007
The Fantastical 4 by Cos1293 Comedy
I liked quite a lot of this film - the opening argument, and especially the character Ben (I've often wondered how a superhero goes to the toilet). The costumes were excellent as was the imagination ... reviewed December 21, 2007
The Baggage Boy by pixiedad Comedy
Welcome back! As you can see, everything is working as it should be - you can take it off now. reviewed December 21, 2007
The Worst Joke In The Universe Part 1 by andy_inc Comedy
This one would have been so much better with half-decent audio quality. A lot of the words got lost because there wasn't enough top-end on the EQ, and the VO volume was a bit too low, especially when ... reviewed December 21, 2007
The Captain and the Maid by Cos1293 Horror
This one would have scored 2 stars - It began well, a nice spooky atmosphere set-up. But we went from her chasing after a little girl down a secret passage to a party in the library. From then on th... reviewed December 21, 2007
The Lone Wolves (Teaser) by briry Action
"Join the rebellion" - hehe, good tagline and a nice premise for a film about underground guerrilas fighting back against a fascist state. Pacing and dramatic beats were good in this trailer. The edit... reviewed December 15, 2007
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
An entertaining film, it reminded me a bit of Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" except from beyond the grave! Quite interesting to see the choice the main character makes at the end (lol - imagine Scroog... reviewed December 15, 2007
Daydreams of Waking Night by thebiz Comedy
I love this film. From the very first scene with the "dozing off" overlay - through this character's bizarre dream with very memorable imagery, it oozes originality around every corner. The music has ... reviewed December 15, 2007
Wales 3 Clip by disney2000 Comedy
Hmmm - not funny at all. reviewed November 28, 2007
SKETCHES! by RavensFan_09 Comedy
These things usually live or die by the number of laughs they achieve from the audience. Most sketch shows have one hilarious gag and a few minor chuckles and then some desperately bad moments. I've ... reviewed November 28, 2007
Wales 3 Teaser by disney2000 Comedy
A well made trailer, apart from the vocals being overpowered by the music. Turn the music down, or increase the volume on the chatter. I liked the pace and the intercutting of the title cards. Now t... reviewed November 28, 2007
Cancer Sticks teaser trailer by derbyrams Action
A good idea - as the maker of the first proper attempt at a documentary on TMO, you have my blessing to tackle this important subject. The trailer wasn't long enough. If you're selling a documentary ... reviewed November 28, 2007
The Hand of Love by trewill7 Comedy
Hmmmm - this appears to be part of a series of short films from this studio with a well designed setup and then a lame violent punchline (no pun intended). I just didn't find it funny (although the ti... reviewed November 28, 2007
Faithful by MelonTheCreeker Horror
Not alot that was original in the visuals or soundtrack, but this film succeeded in clearly telling the story without words. The letter sequence was particularly impressive. reviewed November 28, 2007
Night of the Monsters by cecil_evans Horror
Fine punchline - the opening shot of the monsters was good and the music, yes, was very nice. The acting wasn't bad at all but some lines were drowned out by the music, and adjustment in balance was ... reviewed November 28, 2007
The Timothy Clock Show S01 E01 by FinestCuts Comedy
A 2-star film. I got bored in this film pretty quickly because - apart from one snappy trailer sequence and some nice titles, there was no sense of these two people talking to each other and it was al... reviewed November 28, 2007
Welcome to Happyville by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
A bizarre cult-comedy. I liked the overlays and music alot and some of the scenes (such as the dancing scene and the subway). Nice colourful mods too. There was some good acting as well. But the stor... reviewed November 28, 2007
Hunted! by ville9100 Action
Subtitles were definitely needed during the conversation scenes - although I recognise a story was taking place, it was very hard to follow because of the lack of subs. The date-stamps at the beginnin... reviewed November 27, 2007
The Break-up Letter by trewill7 Comedy
Hmmm - I liked the banter, it was very well acted and funny. Good choice of shots for the arse-kicking snippets. Very well edited and a nice song too. But the punchline didn't impress me - and, in a... reviewed November 27, 2007
Inbreeding Cousins 2 by riott007 Comedy
A simple tale of boy meets girl - boy and girl fall apart, boy meets another girl and falls in love [SCREECH!!!] or in this case, Boy meets aunty, boy and aunty lose the magic, boy meets cousin and fa... reviewed November 27, 2007
PACMAN FAN!! by makrim83 Comedy
Lol - good idea. As a retrogames fan myself, I fully appreciated where this film was coming from. Liked the T-shirt! The only thing preventing this from top marks was the horrible mic-popping. But ap... reviewed November 27, 2007
The Batman2 by tatersaladmercer Action
Featured Review
What a treat this is - definitely the best TMO version of Batman I've seen! Let's get the bad out of the way first: Mumbling ON = NO Sometimes, the subtitles or wide camera shots made it hard to se...
reviewed November 27, 2007
Alien On Vacation by bongoman Sci-Fi
Liked the music - could have used some VO for this one though. I got the ending, a desert planet is what we'll soon be - but overall, this was a brilliant tech demo with some amazing hoverboard seque... reviewed November 23, 2007
The Dance of Death- Part 2 by sgporsche48 Action
A very well acted (oh dear - lol) Yang to part 1's Yin. A completely different story set in the same timeframe as the first. I thought it worked - but you obviously have to watch both films. Very g... reviewed November 23, 2007
The Dance of Death - Part One by sgporsche48 Action
This was good apart from one annoying technical flaw. After most of "Man"'s lines was an audible mouse click - that happens when the end of the sample isn't cleaned up. An amateurish mistake. So grat... reviewed November 23, 2007
On the Highway with Yahweh by thebiz Comedy
Some well defined characters here (hoho - you could hardly miss). I loved the in-car shots - like you were riding with these guys. It almost got away with its lack of a proper story, like some "road-... reviewed November 23, 2007
Preachers by Primaer Sci-Fi
Lol - I see nothing mystical about religion. Watch my latest film if you want to see what I think (in an exaggerated and fun way). This film had far too much symbolism, I got completely lost. Part of... reviewed November 23, 2007
High School Girls--Part 2 by rposhard Horror
******** SPOILER WARNING - WATCH MOVIE FIRST ********* It started pretty badly in this half of the film - I imagined seeing a live-action of this film ... what filmmaker would use gratuitous crotch ... reviewed November 23, 2007
High School Girls--Part 1 by rposhard Horror
This is a good film - but it's far too entertaining to be the "uncomfortable" watch it was intended to be. The problem is McAvoy. He is an extremely witty cardboard cutout of a villain - he would be ... reviewed November 23, 2007
Tashas Corner commercial by tquinn19 Romance
Lol - this was such a convincing advert, I actually did google "Tasha's Corner"! (Nope - it doesn't exist). I liked the inventive techniques with using different positions (oo-er) for the text and di... reviewed November 23, 2007
Uninvited Guest by sausn2002 Comedy
Now you've worked out how to upload a film, it's time to write a story. reviewed November 23, 2007
Super robo-hobo by kurando Comedy
Oh dear - but at least you were having fun. 1 star - ... ok, "Chickama Binladen" made me laugh - 2 then. reviewed November 23, 2007
The Movie 2 Rise of Pink Gandhi by Danielgutten Comedy
The giggling at the end of a couple of lines said it all. This was a bad film in most respects. I didn't laugh once. No story - but good VOs considering they were done without a script in this no effort film. reviewed November 23, 2007
Agent 0-700 by rabin_hood Comedy
Not bad at all for a first comedy, good punchline. reviewed November 23, 2007
4 Brothers-Glasgow by gaz009 Action
Liked the dialogue - but the subtitles went by too fast, even for a Glaswegian like myself. So what chance anyone else understanding it? A good pace to the film, but the story and events were complet... reviewed November 23, 2007
rabies by troyt10 Horror
Featured Review
Quite a good story with some genuine suspenseful moments involving the dog. The last line was botched pretty badly in the spelling though, and the mumbling and use of the same music throughout the fil...
reviewed November 23, 2007
Cold Blooded by FinestCuts Action
Nice overlays - but the story was an absolute confusing mess with characters coming back to life at will. A shame about the mumbling too. Also, the camera passed through a person in one subway shot - ... reviewed November 23, 2007
The Effing Desk - Reloaded by edweezy90 Comedy
Effing awful. reviewed November 23, 2007
BLACK HOLE FAN by slimspider Sci-Fi
12 minutes of .. random scenes for the most part. Very little effort went into any kind of story, and there was no dialogue (barring some mumbling in a couple of places). reviewed November 23, 2007
Nosferatu Eine Symphonie des Grandes by tbirdt94 Horror
Featured Review
No VO, only stock music, and a remake of a classic - the stakes were certainly high for this film (hehe). A cynical attempt to garner positive reviews by doing the minimum possible? No. This was a ...
reviewed November 23, 2007
Goth Girl a not so merry Christmas by Cos1293 Comedy
The opening scene was terrific - a blazing Christmas row, that will be repeated in households all across the world this festive season! After that - just after she meets the asian lady - the plot goe... reviewed November 23, 2007
IRAQ (Trailer) by Fayzer-07 Action
Featured Review
As a trailer, this needed to be longer. You can't say that a President is evil without showing a couple of examples. In Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" - he said roughly the same thing. But we then...
reviewed November 23, 2007
aliens by jacpaco30 Action
Some very good work in the visuals - but where was the sound later on? It almost completely ruined the film. There was also no mention of the musicians who helped, up until the sound went, to provide ... reviewed November 23, 2007
The Perfect Christmas - Trailer by ultraviolet32x Comedy
"Sneakers", the banana slip gag and mumbling are far from my idea of the perfect Xmas. But at least this trailer clearly lays out what you can expect in the finished film. reviewed November 23, 2007
The Desmodontidae Essay by DHTHTLA Horror
A good attempt to tell a story without using words. There were several conversation scenes that did need some dialogue - I found it frustrating not hearing (or seeing) what the main characters were s... reviewed November 8, 2007
wiwanyank Wacipi-the Sundance-part 2 by cinecitta Action
A desperate character on the run and on the streets. A very well acted and constructed story. The seedy lowlife atmosphere was enhanced well by the music. There's a realism to this story I like - beca... reviewed November 8, 2007
RE Agent Smith by bongoman Sci-Fi
I liked the episodic structure of this film - the videogame-style action sequences didn't float my boat however, but the way they were achieved (whatever that is) is a revolution for The Movies films.... reviewed November 8, 2007
Athena Project II- Best Laid Plans by fulkster Sci-Fi
Good music again and a very interesting story with the surprising revelation that our hero isn't the only one to have travelled back in time. I liked the Asimov quote too which set the rules for the r... reviewed November 8, 2007
Athena Project E I The Portal by fulkster Sci-Fi
A very good sci-fi film. The robots were good at discussing and acting on the situation. The music was excellent (made by the filmmaker) and worked beautifully throughout. Some engaging voice performa... reviewed November 8, 2007
Dark Forces -Part1-(with better Subtitles) by Handballgott Sci-Fi
Some good action sequences here - there needed to be more personality to the characters though. I liked the idea of a female General and the Commander Bot. reviewed November 8, 2007
Jurassic Park by Abrey Action
A good ending but Jurassic Park without any dinosaurs? The "raptor field" scene was hilarious ("arrrgh! It's got me!") As a comedy, this was very funny. reviewed November 8, 2007
Agent Bob by worldu Action
Some great ideas here and snappy editing - but none of the characters were given any depth. "Oh look, a rocket launcher" was just plain lazy and cost this film dearly. reviewed November 8, 2007
cold bullet by blacktest Action
Only the director's second film and it was pretty bad. Any semblance of a story disappeared after the bank robbery. The VOs were, at times, impossible to hear. There was no quality control applied to this film. reviewed November 8, 2007
Frick and Frack Meet Their Maker (good) by Jaruseleh Comedy
I quite liked the banter between the two buddies - some hilarious gags with God too. 4-star stuff. Unfortunately, music was used without any credit given whatsoever - that earns this film an automati... reviewed November 8, 2007
The Danger of Reality TV by darrth_angelus Horror
That's exactly what happens! I liked the names of the shows. A good one-joke movie. reviewed November 8, 2007
Catcher by Styrophoamicus Action
I liked the central character being mute, that was well handled. The VO performances were diverse but there needed to be more "juice". All the lines were perilously close to being mumbled. The story ... reviewed November 8, 2007
Orbital Conflict by ironfist4 Action
A good fight scene, but no real story to speak of. reviewed November 8, 2007
ScreamS by DeAno54 Horror
A decent effort - a little bit more suspense was needed before she gets to see the killer. We needed a jump-out-of-seat moment. reviewed November 8, 2007
Pimpbunnies! Crossdressing by Nurdy Comedy
About as funny as lying on broken glass while being trodden on by a herd of elephants. reviewed November 8, 2007
Score Settled by 0630 Romance
A good story so far. Some minor errors in the subtitles but the story came across very well due to some well cut editing - particularly in the key scenes. reviewed November 8, 2007
The Mafia by Ellis07 Action
Apart from the major sound synchronisation problems as the film wore on, the VOs in this film were at times completely unintelligible. The whole film came across as a confused mess. reviewed November 8, 2007
Long Life by gavcity Horror
Some visually striking sequences in this - er - "experimental" film (for want of a better expression). Good choices for the camerawork and music, but the story was almost completely buried underneath ... reviewed November 8, 2007
A Night of Laughs Episode 2 by Audimad Comedy
I like the range of different voices used in this film. The actor seemed to be having a good time. The film itself had very few laughs though - but I like the name of the [oh please!]tail; "Die Today". reviewed November 8, 2007
Score settled 2 by 0630 Romance
Some pretty bad translation in the subtitles but there were nevertheless some good lines in this film (my favourite being the "all over Betty" gag). The excursion into the woods successfully captured... reviewed November 8, 2007
ExPeRiMeNtAl FiLm by RavensFan_09 Comedy
Such a poor film - a collection of random scenes that could have been game generated, but with some guy doing a running commentary. I quite liked the Marge Simpson impression though. reviewed November 8, 2007
The Virus Part 2 by Mooski Horror
A horrible case of the sound synch bug here. It was hard to tell which character was which at the best of times - not enough closeups and very little change in the voice between one character and the ... reviewed November 8, 2007
May Flowers by josephkw Romance
Featured Review
I find this film impossible to review properly without spoilers. Watch it now, you won't be disappointed - I promise! Then you can read this guff ... SPOILER WARNING!!!!! An extremely romantic film...
reviewed November 2, 2007
Pretoria Teaser Trailer by disney2000 Sci-Fi
Nice pacing and good exciting shots from the film - should be 4-stars. But the spelling and grammar were dreadful and made this look like a badly cobbled together no effort trailer (which it isn't). ... reviewed November 2, 2007
Operation Black Widow by simpsdog Action
Now THAT's what I call a chick-flick! Is this the record for the most number of voice actresses used in a TMO film? They were nice and clear and well delivered. Thoroughly entertaining, with some ni... reviewed November 2, 2007
A Murder at the Fourth TMO Convention by Ryan33 Comedy
This is one of those films that's so bad it's ... bad. I found it impossible to see who was talking to who or which character was which. Most of the voices sounded the same and were either mumbled in... reviewed November 2, 2007
Followed by RavensFan_09 Horror
A good setup, but in the end nothing much actually happens in this film. 3 things to avoid: Shaky cam - until they invent a way to turn it off and to alter the level of shakiness, even in a 2+ minut... reviewed November 2, 2007
Redenzione de Mazza by bricksfilms Action
Nice twist in this Twilight Zoneish morality tale. Very good music throughout used sparingly and in the right places. This one could have been turned into a much larger story; some parts of the plot ... reviewed November 2, 2007
Wacky You Want by rysto Comedy
I'll scrape it a 5 - it was a 3 for the first two minutes. But then we had some genuine moments of innovation (the chicken falling through the roof) and "they're breeding like rabbits!" The punchline... reviewed November 1, 2007
Freedom Fighters Revolution Part 2 by masterthehero Action
"Yay - we beat the reds!" - they looked like Manchester City had beaten United in the local derby 1 - 0 rather than fighting for the survival of their country and winning! It was a very "Scooby Doo" ... reviewed November 1, 2007
Freedom Fighters Revolution Part 1 by masterthehero Action
Problems with volume in some spoken parts + a very daft premise don't mar this film that much. Good music and well paced action are the order of the day here. Nice backdrops too. A number of plot qu... reviewed November 1, 2007
Cleopatra (Part II)! by TheMGMKid1 Romance
So - we reach halftime in this ambitious epic. Again, my 5 stars were hard fought for - at times I felt like giving it 4, but never 3. Visually, it's breathtaking - the sets and mods and costumes (a... reviewed November 1, 2007
I Pwn U Wit Hax Noob! by harb37 Comedy
An extremely accurate portrayal of the frustrations suffered by online players in the likes of Unreal Tournament, Counterstrike et al ... I liked the way the glitches just seemed to "happen" - and ho... reviewed November 1, 2007
The Adventures of Mysterious Tony by generalfloob Comedy
Well - the horse was entertaining. The rest was just not funny in any way shape or form. This film WAS pony. reviewed November 1, 2007
Willy The Wigger by freddyvschuckyvsgodzilla Comedy
A couple of laughs here (like Granny's car!) Story was a bit thin and aimless though. reviewed November 1, 2007
Trailer - La Ola Rennt by amerfeld Action
Far too much given away in this trailer - it looked like it was trying to be a cut down version of the film. There would be no point seeing the full length version, because we've seen all the surprise... reviewed November 1, 2007
All For You by Floridagator1 Romance
The bar is on fire, then suddenly it isn't! What was that? The opening was quite good though. A story half well told through pictures and music only. reviewed November 1, 2007
Ramm Zees GHOST by mrkip2001 Action
Dodgy spelling (translation?) aside, this was a very good film. Original for TMO too - as I've not yet seen a film set in the cutthroat world of corporate dodgy dealings. The narration was very well ... reviewed November 1, 2007
The Rhodian Scarab part 1 by Changestorm Horror
3-stars for this one - the mumbling should always be turned off, and the film was guilty of sonic wallpapering (where music is left in regardless of whether it is appropriate for the scene or not). I ... reviewed November 1, 2007
Suspicious package by yor444 Action
I would say 4 stars for this - it worked very well up until the fight scene where I lost track of what was going on. Unfortunately, custom music has been used without giving due (any) respect to the p... reviewed November 1, 2007
Bimbos On Fire by thebiz Comedy
It won't be long before this commercial break becomes a reality. Very witty and very timely. We can do nothing about the degradation of our environment except vote out those politicians that are not ... reviewed September 28, 2007
Wolves by Lethal_Entertainment Horror
Spoken in first person, this film is all about atmosphere. Very good acting and sound design insure that this film feels disturbing with ne'er a severed head in sight! This film is definitely one tha... reviewed September 28, 2007
Schröder88 by Lethal_Entertainment Action
Nice ending. Some good work setting up the club and the way it works too. VO was good for the most part, but one main character had his bass turned up too much for all of his lines. This really did g... reviewed September 28, 2007
on the sidewalk bleeding moviee by nipples Action
This doesn't work because of a bad case of miscasting. "I want to finish school, go to college, get a degree etc." delivered by someone who can't be a day younger than 35 (like me as of yesterday!) ... reviewed September 28, 2007
Law of the West B by DarthGuybrush7 Action
A very well produced Western. Over the two episodes, it didn't do too much that was new - but it serves as a valuable role model for how to produce a quality unmodded generic Western using "The Movies... reviewed September 28, 2007
Law of the West A by DarthGuybrush7 Action
Good acting and story. It was mainly in the pacing and sound design that this film needed improvement. A fraction of a second needed to be shaved from one character saying a line and the other respo... reviewed September 28, 2007
Temporary Night (Vengeance Rising) by nukester Romance
I like "The Twilights". Very catchy. I thought the most interesting visual work was done at the beginning - I thoroughly enjoyed the on-stage strobe stuff, the first time I've seen that done properly... reviewed September 28, 2007
Shark Attack Redone by chris62 Horror
What a bad ending! Never ever get one of the characters to say "this has been Shark Attack, hope you enjoyed it" before he even shoots the shark with a conveniently placed bazooka (which we never saw ... reviewed September 28, 2007
The Other Door Part 1 by aynfarika Comedy
This is a real hidden delight. I fell in love with Sophie - she makes some terrible mistakes like: ESTATE AGENT: There's been some dodgy stuff happening, sounds in the night etc. SOPHIE: I'll take ... reviewed September 28, 2007
Bloopers From Cereal Studios Movies by rodoner Comedy
I quite like the one where he tumbles into a pool/fountain. One of the Santa ones was quite amusing. But the rest were just not funny (for me). reviewed September 28, 2007
The 3 Lions - Music video by NiallDolden Comedy
This one would have scored 4 - but the failure to credit the composers of arguably the best ever England football song, a piece so good that the Germans adopted it as their official Euro '96 winners s... reviewed September 28, 2007
Privates in the Blur- episode 3 part 1 cut by melicendre Horror
The saga continues - this is another excellent episode which finishes on a cliffhanger. The character of Bob Smith is fleshed out really well in this installment. A nice montage as he goes touring ar... reviewed September 28, 2007
Privates in the Blur - Episode 2 by samyhouse Horror
Let's get the question of the music out of the way first. Lip service was paid to crediting the musicians who helped make this such a good film. Some, I believe, weren't credited at all - but, like th... reviewed September 28, 2007
Privates in the Blur - Episode 1 (Part 2) by Lukavey Horror
A sordidly entertaining slasher flick .. well, not really - because the term "slasher flick" usually means a tired, worn-out, cliche-ridden horror film. This is anything but that. Very well filmed (l... reviewed September 28, 2007
Privates in the Blur - Episode 1 (Part 1) by Lukavey Horror
Should have been a 5 - but none of the musicians were identified (although we got to see some websites). Very intriguing story - I liked much of the acting. The editing was very good, very nice came... reviewed September 27, 2007
Privates in the Blur - Prologue by Kowaru Horror
No mention of the musicians - so no stars. Which is a shame, because this is definitely a 5-star prologue/trailer. Superb acting and camera moves. reviewed September 27, 2007
Privates in the Blur- episode 3 part 2 by melicendre Horror
I didn't quite follow the story, there seemed to be too much rushing around between characters and scenes; I still don't really have a clue what all this is about. But the camerawork, editing, music a... reviewed September 27, 2007
Typical 1 (Trailer) by swiftdark Romance
Good job on the music. The trailer didn't tell us much about the story though. reviewed September 27, 2007
War on Terrorism 3 The Bombs by wolfwolfwolf Action
I didn't understand your appeal to watch "the 2 one". So I just watched this. It's full of good editing and some good action. But I detected very little story at all and very few good lines. reviewed September 27, 2007
King Matthew by TaylorTaylorTaylor Action
Featured Review
The person who made this obviously loves cinema. I liked the epic scope of the film. With just a few improvements, this could be something special. Firstly, the spacing of the sentences had very larg...
reviewed September 27, 2007
Duel by Burnix Action
Two people fighting. There doesn't seem to be any flow to the fight - I tried to detect an intentional use of repetition but couldn't. The music is ok. The editing for the first part of the fight was good. reviewed September 27, 2007
Some very good jokes here. Good writing and editing. I liked the way the humour was handled, with the recurring "pee and crackers" joke and then the bootleg booze coming back at the end. There was ce... reviewed September 27, 2007
EDS DESTINY S2 Testing by captainstrider Sci-Fi
Very good special effects - and a mention for some good music too. But the acting will have to be more convincing in the film proper - it was a bit unemotional in this technical demonstration. reviewed September 27, 2007
Fun with zombies trailer by cheetaheye Comedy
Rubbish. A no effort trailer which didn't get me at all excited about the finished film. reviewed September 27, 2007
Shadow of Hate a Holocaust Story by Majicman182 Horror
This was a very solid three bordering on four for much of this. But then "this has been a majicman production" - no.no.no.no.no.NO. You hadn't even finished the story, there was more after that. It d... reviewed September 27, 2007
A planet of the unknown by spideyrulz Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I sense a young filmmaker here. I liked the structure of the story - it had a beginning a middle and an ending. It also had one pretty humorous moment with the guys hanging out on the roof. Many of t...
reviewed September 27, 2007
Hitman PT4 by skelaknight1 Action
A good effort in many ways. The story jumped about too much to be able to follow, and it had too sudden an ending. But there was a good moment on the subway train and I liked the grave digger scene. C... reviewed September 27, 2007
Till The Very End by Brandon310 Sci-Fi
This felt very much like a trailer, not sure that was what was intended. There was a good change in mood between that of the comic opening and then the killings! That made me think this could be a re... reviewed September 27, 2007
Dog Pound by rysto Comedy
This heartfelt plea (with suitable music - well done that man!) worked great. The hyena gag was a nice touch (using Labradors in a jail cell!) Well acted too - I thought the last line of the script k... reviewed August 27, 2007
F Farms Commercial by rysto Comedy
As a commercial, didn't have the required ending or any kind of hook. As a comedy, farting cows can only go so far. On the plus side, well acted for the most part and the cows looked great. reviewed August 27, 2007
Aspirations full trailer by derbyrams Romance
Lol! "Summer '08" Tongue firmly in cheek with this film - excellent blurb as well to sell it! You must be rolling over laughing with some of the reviews you've had - I chuckled quite a bit, especia... reviewed August 27, 2007
The Last Supper starring Jesus Christ by Trashman Comedy
Minus one star for not mentioning the musician that helped in this film - it sounded homemade, so it just about avoids the automatic one-star. Please name your musician in the blurb. Very entertainin... reviewed August 27, 2007
Giulia by Kesti Romance
Wow - was THIS the first ever music video on The Movies? The subs got a bit lost in translation in places, but I liked the pacing of the visuals, which suited the homely sound of singer and guitar ve... reviewed August 27, 2007
Episode 6 by FallenThomas Horror
A parody of what? That was pathetic. reviewed August 27, 2007
Blowfish by jango_yoda Action
This one was a 2-star film. The opening is taken entirely from "The Living Daylights" (including the song in its entirety!) The balance of the film was completely wrong - the credits took 4 minutes, ... reviewed August 27, 2007
The Four Horsemen by chapelx Action
Very poor spelling in the subtitles, which were confusing because no effort was made to show who was talking. The story showed promise though. reviewed August 27, 2007
randomness to the extreme 7 Ryan edition by aaron703 Comedy
I liked the dog-angel gag. A very wacky and pacy comedy that conveyed a sense of fun - a bit too bizarre for my taste in many places but it had its moments. reviewed August 27, 2007
Derby Wars by elgatoshadow Action
A very good idea let down by some very lacklustre commentary. We were promised a show to "rock your world" at the start of this film. But the commentator seemed to be engrossed in the crossword while... reviewed August 27, 2007
The Nazi Family by noewhan Action
I quite liked what was said - but it had nothing to do with what was on the screen. If you are going to make a film dissing Bush - then make a film dissing Bush. This dismal attempt to "hide" your p... reviewed August 27, 2007
Secret Agent Stinky by darkratpoet Action
A very nasty and inappropriate ending to the film. That's when I knew this effort wasn't a sincere effort at silent cinema - just a lazy film from someone who couldn't be bothered to write some dialog... reviewed August 27, 2007
The Robbing Nerds 2 by Silverfin Comedy
A very bizarre comedy - which due to its boundless energy nearly succeeds. A shame about the sound synch bug at the end. This was like a real-time exploration of a child's imagination. Pretty refresh... reviewed August 27, 2007
Cops Kaleefornia Ep2 by hixzen Comedy
Very unfunny. So little to laugh at. It needed some kind of a story too... fat chance. reviewed August 27, 2007
Kung Fu Heroman Preview by Echonic Action
Not a bad trailer - but dwelt a bit too long on the fight sequence. The corny dialogue didn't work either. Nevertheless, shame this wasn't made into a film. reviewed August 26, 2007
Dirty Rider by InuzukaNatsu Action
This film fell off its horse long before that final shot. No dialogue or story, just mindless fight routines one after the other. The editing of the fights is minimal as well. A poor film. reviewed August 26, 2007
Bunnys on a Train the movie by funkitastic Comedy
There was a fun silliness to this I liked - good camera moves at the start - but it was a paper-thin story and the editing soon stopped telling what little of that there was. It became a nonsense from then on. reviewed August 26, 2007
Call Of Madness by N00bzer Horror
A couple of sloppy moments. No sound effects on the axe breaking the door down and one part where the edge of the set girders were in view. But the pacing of the "madness" sequence was very effective ... reviewed August 26, 2007
My School! by ryan1847 Comedy
The backdrops were at too low a resolution - the introduction of the teachers in the photo was unnecessary as you introduced them later as well. This film was very dull - the boring shots of each cha... reviewed August 26, 2007
The Grim by Goddard911 Horror
Hmmmm - you do realise that you can put your leading actors into extras positions don't you? That shower scene was just silly - for two reasons: 1) She just had a bath at her boyfriend's house. 2) ... reviewed August 26, 2007
Gangsters n Cops by ThePwnerer Action
The ending didn't quite work, but there were some good bits in this action film - mainly on the train. The characters needed to be introduced properly as did the story. I didn't quite see what the po... reviewed August 26, 2007
The Jack and Alvin Show Movie by axlslash Comedy
Not a good film. Some good costumes and mods. But for a 24 minute comedy it was very thin on laughs. The strongest part of the film was the last four minutes - but I counted only one laugh in the pre... reviewed August 26, 2007
Class 4 OUTBREAK! by Wardog95 Horror
A good start, but it degenerated into real silliness after the news came on with the newsreader cracking jokes on air - no newsreader would ever do that at a time of crisis. Some lazy editing when th... reviewed August 26, 2007
Blood Berries by rysto Horror
A well told story that made me jump a couple of times! Acting for so many parts was very good - except in the odd scene where the characters were supposed to be shouting; far too quiet/not intense en... reviewed August 15, 2007
fall of the dead new by butt-monkey Horror
Well worth 4-stars this one. There were some very good touches. I liked the red-ish tinge to those scenes shown in flashback and also the computer sequence. Lots of the "higher" concepts in the story... reviewed August 15, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 1 by trewill7 Action
A stylish supernatural Western which I will, unusually, deal with department by department: Writing - Excellent, although the reason why the Deed is important was never set up in the film. Either tha... reviewed August 15, 2007
The Invasion Coming Soon by zatl Sci-Fi
This trailer moved a bit too slowly to get us excited about the finished film. Nothing much was given away about the story, so it came across as just some random sci-fi scenes. Even if you don't want ... reviewed August 15, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep 4 by eobaggs Comedy
Production values were high on this version of the game, the contestant was good and injected some dry humour into proceedings. I liked the studio set and the questions got very tough around the 10k m... reviewed August 15, 2007
Assassination Incorporated-2 by simpsdog Action
Good writing (but dodgy spelling; "we're" not "were" and "you're" not "your") in this film. It had a proper villain to deal with and I liked the section showing why Sinclair has a problem with Viviana... reviewed August 15, 2007
Assassation Incorporated by simpsdog Action
Well put together, I quite liked how the action escalated. Some interesting looking characters too. But this story fell down on not giving us a reason to root for the assassins. As far as I could see,... reviewed August 15, 2007
Assassination Incorporated-3 by simpsdog Action
Hmmm - you need an open mind to watch this film about an assassin and his transexual partner! (hehe - no effort was made to make her voice feminine at all!) Other than that, this is a well put togeth... reviewed August 15, 2007
A Big Question by BamRyan Comedy
A 5-star poem which was very funny at times (although how could shooting a corpse make them die again?) Unfortunately, this one falls foul of my rules regarding the use of other people's music in fil... reviewed August 15, 2007
SINS by sparky1512 Horror
Such a good film for so long. The first 2/3 of it was very well written - as was the twist (nearly). I took a sort of liking to Michael straight from the off, the softly-spoken chummy narration invit... reviewed August 15, 2007
Know Your Enemy by kmd Sci-Fi
A good setup - but ultimately this story led to nowhere. I liked the twist though. The hero was underacted for most of this - more emotion was needed, particularly when the action got going. So the ... reviewed August 15, 2007
space by nipples Action
A good story here let down slightly by some technical issues. First the good: excellent performances by the two actors, The Interrogator in particular. Suitably creepy music and a nice white-room set... reviewed August 15, 2007
The Vermin on the Mount by Master007 Action
I liked the way the identity of the "vermin" was kept secret until the last possible moment. Some good gags - I liked the Casino Royale "I sized you up the moment we met" reference. There was quite a... reviewed August 15, 2007
Scooby-Doo THE MOTION PICTURE by Cos1293 Comedy
A couple of chuckles, but dreadful mic popping throughout did its best to ruin this film, which was so loud that I turned it down by 50% - two pairs of woolly socks are required to be placed over the ... reviewed August 15, 2007
Animated Prop Actors by kwistufa Action
Oh my goodness! Talk about a holy grail, unlimited animated extras doing roughly what you want them to do and at any place on the set. Now you can have a heaving night club! This is a very useful mod. reviewed August 15, 2007
Enigma Ep 4 Aquaintences by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
This would have scored a four. Excellent sets, costumes and special effects. Some good acting performances as well. There was a lack of tension in the film though - not helped by the overly languid m... reviewed August 15, 2007
New scene action by kwistufa Action
A good demo of some new animations (and props?) - I thought I saw a snake in the background of one scene (3:18 on the right), but it might just be a graphics glitch. Anyway, it's very useful to see t... reviewed August 15, 2007
Why The Movies needs Firefighters by kaz1 Action
Lol - this protest film makes its point very well. With all the explosions and fires, firefighters should have been included in the original release of the game. I think this was corrected in Stunts a... reviewed August 15, 2007
Elle contre Lui xD by Kerhos Action
Zero story here - uncredited music too. Not a good film. reviewed August 15, 2007
Aint No Thang(Rap) by bufu0 Action
Clearly some fun was had making this, but the slack editing and sloppy ending, and the way the song has no hook to it either, really detracted from this one. The VO was too loud compared to the music ... reviewed August 15, 2007
Journey to Flipsville Chapter One by gai-x Action
Featured Review
A superb opening to this film with the dog finding the man in the desert and then some really good use of flashback to show how he came to be there (well chosen contrast in lighting between the past a...
reviewed August 15, 2007
Wartest by TNGpt Action
No sound, music or dialogue in this test film. I didn't see much of a story there either. Why do a test of a war film anyway? A waste of time if you ask me, just get stuck into telling the story instead. reviewed August 15, 2007
Street Fighters Ep 1 by ComicJon Action
Not much in this film, just two people punching each other - there needs to be a better story than that. reviewed August 14, 2007
Halo by ComicJon Sci-Fi
Not much story there - no characters to root for and the action needed slicker editing. The aliens were confusing because they all looked the same - it was hard at times to tell whether a new alien ha... reviewed August 14, 2007
Mister Fist by IronUnibeam Action
Hmmm - a good looking villain but where was the plot? He didn't have much to say either which made him non-descript as a character, a crime for any Bond film. No Bond girls either. :) Lack of dialog... reviewed August 14, 2007
Americas War by warboy3205 Action
After the explosions, the story didn't really get going - there seemed to be no characters in the film (barring the President). Then there was the strange helicopter shot. Music ran out halfway throug... reviewed August 14, 2007
Moonface and Ratface IN Death of a moron by Harsawa Comedy
I liked some of the special effects on the VO - the very echoey one didn't work though, I couldn't make out a single word. There weren't many laughs here in all honesty. This random humour isn't real... reviewed August 14, 2007
Drunk Days 2 by squirlio Comedy
Not much story here (well - none) - no dialogue, music runs out halfway through, mumbling turned on and tired old sight gags a-plenty. A bad film. reviewed August 14, 2007
The Batman by tatersaladmercer Action
Some good things in this re-telling of a classic comic book character. With limited resources, the dark atmosphere of the comic has been preserved - even though the costumes, makeup and car didn't lo... reviewed August 14, 2007
The Cowardly German by Hodgins Action
A poor film with no story and little effort. reviewed August 14, 2007
Sneak Peak! Of Seige by Staree_Movies Action
A nice animation - the text should have been placed before the animation started as it was distracting. Just for your reference, "Siege" is spelled with the i before the e. If this animation is an ind... reviewed August 14, 2007
Freecam by filmprodigy Comedy
As a demonstration of freecam this was a complete failure. The camera passed through people and objects and the other moves were nothing special. I expected to see something that I hadn't seen befor... reviewed August 14, 2007
Scooby-Doo 3 60 Years Later by Cos1293 Comedy
A good idea (although Scooby would be dead - he was a fairly old dog anyway in the cartoons) but it fell down on a lack of good jokes (I'm struggling to think of one). I expect to laugh several times ... reviewed August 14, 2007
Millennium (teaser) by 2-Niclas-2 Action
Some shots could have been trimmed and there needed to be a "WOW!" shot from the film to really drum up interest. The intercutting of the titles worked well in this trailer. reviewed August 14, 2007
Followed by kit06 Horror
Even if the VO had not had the desperately bad popping (put some socks over the mic and don't speak directly into it) - there was no story here at all. It was as if some random scenes were loosely str... reviewed August 14, 2007
Party Time by jeffjonz Comedy
This soft-core porn film serves as a good tech demo of the various topless mods that are around. I'd probably give this a 3 if it wasn't for the uncredited music it uses. I only award stars to films ... reviewed August 14, 2007
Hateful Deceivers by juan29zapata Action
The banks are scoundrels - most of them deserve to be robbed like the one in this film. It's a shame that the punchline was so weak - I thought this film could have gone on longer, it was far too sho... reviewed August 14, 2007
War For Peace by TaylorTaylorTaylor Action
A good basis for a story here and it was well paced. But none of the characters were introduced properly - it took me over halfway through the film to identify which one was the sergeant, and I never ... reviewed August 14, 2007
War is Hell by sexypanda1 Horror
The annoying and unfunny VOs and sound synch bug make this game-generated duffer worse than in its usual form. Ah well - better luck with the next film ... reviewed August 14, 2007
JON OF THE DEAD by jonathan_92 Horror
Quite an entertaining zombie film here - I liked the Paris Hilton gag and the whole thing about the computer-obsessed lads and the neglected girlfriend. In some scenes the dialogue was confusing beca... reviewed August 14, 2007
One more minute My friend Mr Sperm by ralfduran Comedy
Featured Review
Where was the ending? Nothing more to add, except that I aim to expose this TMO cheat at every turn. This film was definitely not made by the person who made "walk of life" or any of the other stole...
reviewed July 30, 2007
The Deed of Midnight - Chp 1 - Trailer by trewill7 Action
Very good VO and music in this trailer. But it's overlong by at least 2 minutes. I feel this was an eager filmmaker wanting to give too much of the game away. 5 minutes is far too long for a commerci... reviewed July 26, 2007
Old Folk Funk Train by Norriefpb Comedy
A tentative hand raised here - she's not bad, and I would have liked her to have been raised in either gain or top end during the early parts of the song. I thought she was down in the mix and struggl... reviewed July 26, 2007
The Adventures of Citizen Monkey Trailer by dude123456HasReturned Action
An ok trailer - I liked the overblown language "our saviour, our protector" - but the scenes on offer were very slight. There was no "wow" factor to any of the scenes that every really good trailer ne... reviewed July 26, 2007
Who Wants to be a VCillionaire- Ep 3 by eobaggs Comedy
That's much better - the format of the game is just right now. Certainly - on one of the earlier questions, I was screaming "NO - YOU'RE WRONG! WALK AWAY! WALK AWAY!" They didn't and lost the game. B... reviewed July 26, 2007
Gloop Gloop by rysto Comedy
I liked that - the overall gag worked great. The deductive reasoning by the waitress made sense (I also liked how she came across as seeing it all before). The subsequent consequences of allowing the ... reviewed July 25, 2007
A Darker Thriller by samyhouse Action
I'm not going to pretend to know what was happening in that film! The story kind of lost me. This one needs to be watched a few times. But the imagery and camerawork were astounding. The sets were fan... reviewed July 25, 2007
Judes Law II (Trailer) by RaYdAwG Action
Not a bad trailer - I liked the narrator, he had that down absolutely perfect! But I thought the rest of the dialogue got in his way. At times the dialogue was a garbled mess. The music is from newgr... reviewed July 25, 2007
Pimp Saga Ep 2 Still Pimpin by rjanaconda Comedy
I thought Manny gave a very good performance in this. A strange story involving a pimp and his ho's and the Devil and an entertainingly bizarre serial killer. The girls sounded suitably vacant as well... reviewed July 25, 2007
USN Jupiter - Episode 1 by Spaceman72 Sci-Fi
This one borrows heavily from Battlestar Galactica in terms of the plot, space battles and the music and the structure of the episode, with the pilots' story and the commander's story following a kind... reviewed July 25, 2007
Dead Last 3 by noose2loose Horror
Wow - I'm well into this now! That was the best episode so far. I liked the twist with Vince and the SWAT person. The writing for this series is consistently smart and each episode ends with a cliffha... reviewed July 25, 2007
Dead Last 2 by noose2loose Horror
Another good installment. Very good writing - but poor spelling in many places. I liked the girl's story and the hard-nosed reaction of the hero to it. The fading continues to grate, but this is stil... reviewed July 25, 2007
Dead Last by noose2loose Horror
I like that - a very well drawn hero. I thought there was far too much use of fades, it quickly got annoying especially when used within the same scene. But this was a very good opener to the series n... reviewed July 25, 2007
Zombie General by srhw1984 Horror
Good try - but that ending didn't work at all. I found my attention wandering during the rest. The editing was too slow. reviewed July 25, 2007
Tooth fairy of evil by bmaitland Horror
Some funny moments in this film - I liked the scene where Timmy and the fairy stare each other down .. and then ... The VO was a bit high in the mix and I got a bit confused as to whether Timmy's dad... reviewed July 25, 2007
Decoy by Aharon3184 Sci-Fi
Some quite funny lines and well drawn characters - I like the female who brought the alien on board because it "looked lonely". :) The last minute of the film didn't have any good dialogue (well - ap... reviewed July 25, 2007
Blind Justice by earlicus Action
A very silly ending to what was quite a good story. The guy slips on a banana skin, and she's accused of murdering him??!! The acting was way WAY too quiet - and it sounded like the Wild West ... of ... reviewed July 25, 2007
Town In The Sky by killer_126 Sci-Fi
A poor movie, even for the beginning of The Movies. Not one ounce of effort went into this. reviewed July 25, 2007
Love is an Enigma by ubernewbie Romance
Featured Review
Some good costumes on display here, and not just for Belinda ;) The song was alright, a bit bland for my taste but the visuals livened it up. Nice structure with the spaceship beginning and ending th...
reviewed July 25, 2007
The Blood Wars 3 - Trailer by ultraviolet32x Action
A well paced teaser with some interesting looking characters and good choice of shots and words. reviewed July 25, 2007
I Shove You Back by mikofthebablefish Action
Some good ideas - but the acting needed significant improvement. All the characters sounded exactly the same, and the lines were delivered very flatly. There also needed to be some shots of the hero ... reviewed July 25, 2007
A Tourettes Guy Christmas by FreakTrain Comedy
Simply awful. If I see a worse film than that this year, then I'll probably lose the will to live. The only funny moment was during the fight where he gets hit and says "Ouch!" But that was as good... reviewed July 25, 2007
Cuban Missle Crisis The Only Battle by emovies500 Action
Apart from some slack editing that had me yawning during the action scenes a couple of times, and the mumbling, this wasn't a bad film. I found it difficult to identify the characters though, because... reviewed July 25, 2007
When Mexicans Go BAAAAADDD!!!!! by 123654 Action
This film really was baaaaaaaaaad! :) The voices were way too quiet - but that's probably a good thing considering the dialogue I did hear was of the quality of "?donde esta biatch?" The story was c... reviewed July 25, 2007
a planet of the unknown trailer by spideyrulz Sci-Fi
This trailer had some good moments, but many of the scenes were far too long and gave away too much of the story. There was no sense of who the heroes and villains were here either as none of the char... reviewed July 25, 2007
B R U N O L O S T O N E A R T H by Zarrmida Comedy
Poor Bruno - what a shame. The music and the silent style went well together in this film, my only problem with it is that some scenes appeared to be unfinished. For instance, Bruno gets chased by th... reviewed July 25, 2007
Civil War 2 Battle against Calmo by TaylorTaylorTaylor Action
A good start to the story - but then it all became really confusing with new characters appearing left, right and centre and none of them with any decent lines to make them memorable. The locations an... reviewed July 25, 2007
Fighters Fight by Spookeystudios Action
Fairly decent music - completely uncredited, so this film gets an automatic one-star. Otherwise this was worth 2, maybe 3 at a push. I love fighting games, Street Fighter II is one of my all-time fa... reviewed July 25, 2007
The Reaper (Part 1 How it Came to be) by sorthos Horror
The best part of this film was where he was remembering his friends - the voice was very clear too, good audio quality. But that's unfortunately all I can see that was good here. The story went from ... reviewed July 25, 2007
Animation Test by rysto Comedy
Good music, looks like a successful test to me (but what do I know?) reviewed July 25, 2007
Those Days at War Trailer by thesmudge Action
Nice trailer - I liked the pacing of the visuals and the messages. I can't award any stars because copyrighted music has been used without any credit given to the musicians - otherwise this would have... reviewed July 25, 2007
Massacre No Hope Left by ShyShy Horror
A good idea here - the girl was suitably spooky but the story needed more tweaking. The events didn't seem to follow logically sometimes and the subtitles weren't always clear as to who the words belo... reviewed June 29, 2007
He Truly Is by Zuckerman Comedy
The amount of actual story in this was pretty poultry. It looked like the filmmaker was winging it as he went along. But - the sound design (not so much the VO with the overdone reverb, but the sound... reviewed June 28, 2007
EOTWWHA Trailer by disney2000 Action
Using other people's music without saying thankyou is an automatic one-star crime in my book. Otherwise this would have scored 3 - despite lack of dialogue and the mumbling, there were some well chos... reviewed June 28, 2007
Light and Darkness by mocemanix Sci-Fi
I saw this as an almost religious allegory - and who's to say their isn't an unknown deity like Amantis that no-one's every heard of or invented before? But - this was lovingly shot and the music was... reviewed June 28, 2007
The Consequences of Bad Decisions by Katikal Comedy
It could have been worse. And there was one joke that was remarkably satirical (you are 3 times more likely to be stopped by the police for no reason if you are from an ethnic minority in the UK). No... reviewed June 28, 2007
How a Vampire Changed the World by mcrispy13 Comedy
Madcap is an understatement for this comedy. No scene was longer than 4 seconds - ok, slight exaggeration, but the musical clips sometimes lasted no more than 1 second! (many of them were hardly worth... reviewed June 28, 2007
The Road Less Traveled by rysto Romance
An interesting film which falls down only slightly on its premise. The choices we make are determined by who we are, not our consideration of what people will think of us afterwards (at least not for ... reviewed June 28, 2007
TDWAN Trailer One by mark1212 Romance
I like the way the music built up, then "one disturbing murder" was shown. Then it went back down again, it didn't go anywhere - and neither did the trailer really. None of the shots was that interes... reviewed June 28, 2007
The Dating Dilemma by Master007 Comedy
This should be billed as a horror! I went "noooooooooooo" when the girl fell for him at the end. The guy's clearly deranged - a sex offender waiting to happen! Two sides (extremes) to his personality... reviewed June 28, 2007
Bilbos War by assailant Action
A dedicated effort here, there were some good ideas. I liked the opening shot of the police car becoming a helicopter. The editing was done quite well, nothing spectacular but the shots were well mat... reviewed June 28, 2007
Lionhead by Dr_House Romance
This one scrapes a 4. The story was very slight, and I thought the picturebook introduction was too long for a film lasting just short of 7 minutes. As a morality play, I'm not sure. The "hero" was l... reviewed June 26, 2007
The Baggage Boy by Trashman Comedy
A crap movie "remastered" into another crap movie with an adolescent punchline. This got 2 stars from me, but the uncredited music reduces it to one. reviewed June 26, 2007
Our President by JustinAS00001 Comedy
Well matched gestures helped sell this quote from the world's thickest leader. Not the most innovative film visually - but it did what it had to do and did it well. reviewed June 26, 2007
Elevator Mishap by Video_Capture Comedy
I think I'll take the stairs - a bizarre film, in a good way (sort of). reviewed June 26, 2007
Assault on Hill 13 by Lightscameraskitz13 Action
A good ending to this action sequence - but no characters or a proper story. reviewed June 26, 2007
Life in the City by MoviesManiac Comedy
That made no sense - you introduced characters and then we get to see them killed off! Then they reappear at the end for the cast ensemble photograph! Some good shots though. reviewed June 26, 2007
Shiznat so take that! by djball21 Comedy
Good punchline in this adolescent comedy. Some of the other lines were funny too. But it suffered from not clearly showing who was supposed to be talking. Showing three people and then trying to make... reviewed June 26, 2007
Attack of the Beasts by marshmallowman88 Action
Mindless shooting and no characters, but there was a lot of energy in the film. reviewed June 26, 2007
Planet Zion by gorane Sci-Fi
Not much in the way of a story or characters here, but what there was hung together well. reviewed June 26, 2007
The Fire by Dark-Griever Action
Yes - I got it. But this is a pretty no-effort film. reviewed June 26, 2007
American Teen by Varde Action
This might have managed 3 stars, there were some good shots - but the music was totally uncredited - and as it was the best part of the film, that's just disgraceful. An automatic one star is what thi... reviewed June 26, 2007
Crime City by markcfc Action
Some good action shots - but no real story or characters. reviewed June 26, 2007
One Day by beany232388 Horror
This might have managed 4 stars, good shots that matched the music well. But the music was used without a single thought for thanking its composer. An automatic one-star is the result. reviewed June 26, 2007
About a Monkey Part 1 by The_Nunn Action
A very poor film with no story or dialogue. reviewed June 26, 2007
Honchos in Ponchos by Deathstar17 Action
A bizarre film - but you have to be aware of things that go on in the background to truly appreciate the "subtle" humour in this comedy film - like the horse on the suburban lawn and the deer head on ... reviewed June 26, 2007
Empire (Part Three) by andy_inc Action
And so we get the "Helms Deep" sequence (my favourite part of all three Lord of the Rings films) of this fantasy epic. I knew it was on the cards - and I grinned with excitement through most of the fi... reviewed June 26, 2007
Empire (Part One) by andy_inc Action
A good story with excellent (memorable) overlay work (the "down the river" shot springs to mind). Well chosen shots and angles throughout. This one had to "come from behind" though ... it plummeted t... reviewed June 26, 2007
Empire (Part Two) by andy_inc Action
A lot of heart and effort went into this and it shows in almost every shot. A good story with good characters and an ending that reminded me a bit of Part 1 of Jackson's version of Lord of the Rings (... reviewed June 26, 2007
The Lone Wolves (TeaserB) by briry Action
A shame about the sound synch bug, I really liked the setup here. I think the "Lone Wolves" are needed right now in my opinion - "a corrupt government using fear as a weapon of control" - sounds very... reviewed June 26, 2007
Demons Army Part 2 Sneak Peek by kidman6 Horror
Featured Review
Little bit glitchy on the graphics, but I'll overlook that. The trailer uses the right stock music and there were some suspenseful shots. Good editing at the end. Not bad.
reviewed June 26, 2007
Abduction by wc456 Sci-Fi
A well told silent film story - which seems to be saying "stop playing computer games and start reading books - they're well scary!" Good choice of shots and make-up. I liked the dramatic opening. I... reviewed June 26, 2007
Monster Tribute The Gangs All Here by Hobbitgoth Comedy
Nice sentiment at the end there - but for the greatest actors in your studio they didn't say much (anything in fact!) If I was to pay tribute to my actors, I'd show great scenes from the films they'v... reviewed June 26, 2007
The Sexiest Movie EVER!!!! by ethomyang Romance
Lol - good punchline! This is the best one-joke film I've seen in a long while! reviewed June 22, 2007
Trailer- Law of the West by DarthGuybrush7 Action
Featured Review
Oh no - not another boring wild west film with all the old scenes and all the old cliches ... Well no, judging by this trailer. This trailer grabbed my attention - could this be the best Wild West f...
reviewed June 21, 2007
Desire by jakechief Romance
Good acting by the old Doctor. It was a breezy story of life and death marred by some, sometimes hideous (lol), mistakes. The "boss" character is where this film lost me. I rationalised the youthful ... reviewed June 21, 2007
Month 9 - Pilot(Line of Fire) Promo by Evanator Action
I'll give a star for the overlays and the style with which they were presented and paced. But, oh dear ... Unless you're going to time the fade-outs in the music properly, NEVER use a song with lyric... reviewed June 21, 2007
Stunts & Effects Advertisement by Samisawesome Action
Lol - I'm sorry I watched it. Let's look at a checklist: No story - Check! A premise that's out of date by over a year - check! A film that suffers sound-synch problems - check! A film that shows... reviewed June 21, 2007
Ultimate Action 4 by disney2000 Action
Take no notice of the previous reviews (really - honesty IS the best policy in this case). Your film is crippled from the very first scene by the dreaded sound bug. It got worse and worse to the ext... reviewed June 21, 2007
Aya and Yumi 5 Songs of Vengeance by madone69 Horror
Featured Review
Yawn - yet another sequel comes to TMO ... part 5 of a series I've never watched, and it lasts 17 minutes without any VO. Better psyche up for boredom factor 11 ... ... [17 minutes later] Wow - th...
reviewed June 21, 2007
Crossed by Rik_Vargard Action
Well - a few things detracted from this otherwise superb film. There obviously were two storylines for the same character (who was never properly introduced) but no effort was made to show at what po... reviewed June 21, 2007
Alien Swingers in Space by unktob Sci-Fi
An excellent comedy, great lines in this bawdy galactic romp - and great curves too! Rather than detract from it - the careful way the mumbling was matched to the gestures of the characters made very... reviewed June 21, 2007
The Most Unlikely of Places by deliriousstudios Romance
Someone needs to buy a pair of headphones - one actor's lines were accompanied by a loud disconcerting buzz. As they were in a prominent role, it really detracted from the movie. I believe this may be... reviewed June 21, 2007
The Lost Beach People by Isaysso Action
I heard some chatter at one point, but the dialogue was way too quiet. Consequently - this was an extremely poor music video with nothing to recommend it. reviewed June 17, 2007
Its Only Funny Until The World Explodes by TheQ5 Comedy
Who's the musician? - failure to disclose that has cost this film the 3-stars it would have received. Some fairly funny setups - but it was all a bit of a shopping list. The gags weren't that good an... reviewed June 17, 2007
Scratch by George_Locust Action
A superb piece of work. The dynamic between the Bonnie and Clyde characters was superb - I loved their Pulp Fiction-style banter in the car. This was TMO's best film at emulating the dark side of th... reviewed June 17, 2007
The Sleeping City (VO Edition) by castigo Sci-Fi
"A well written piece which tells the story very well through its prose, imagery and music." - JazzX (for non-VO version **** stars) This VO version elevates the original to its rightful place as 5-s... reviewed June 17, 2007
A Darker Thriller Teaser by samyhouse Action
An intriguing trailer - very nice images and fanastic music. Not sure what the story's about - but "?" kind of suggests I'm not supposed to know. It has successfully whetted my appetite despite not g... reviewed June 17, 2007
The Brothers Petrov by ESegal Action
An original story - I liked the way it was told from a first person perspective. The VO was done a little too close to the mic (which makes a big difference to the sound) - it was always on the verge... reviewed June 17, 2007
Got Game by rysto Comedy
A seemingly light-hearted piece of fun. But it does raise serious questions - instead of his imagination running riot in all those scenarios, what would happen if he acted out his fantasies for real?... reviewed June 17, 2007
Changes at School 2 by SnakeEater42 Comedy
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I could cry - this was so good for so long, but Laura's lines just got quieter and quieter until they were completely inaudible during her "we love you for who you are" mo... reviewed June 17, 2007
Philip Focker- Comedy for Amish Country by mcrispy13 Comedy
"Great success!" - that very last line I think is where this culture clash is supposed to be coming from. Focker is a Borat for our values going into a totally alien culture. I hated Borat - I though... reviewed June 17, 2007
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
A very unique film - the story seems to meander nowhere, but in the best cult cinema traditions. It's like a road movie with no purpose, but the journey is all that matters anyway. Fantastic imagery... reviewed June 17, 2007
REAP 4 FINALITY by kpmarine3 Horror
Another installment that failed to say a single word of thanks to the musicians that provided all the atmosphere - automatic one star. As a story, there were way too many coincidences - and the cop d... reviewed June 17, 2007
REAP number 3 by kpmarine3 Horror
Great sound design and music - only the VO quality was problematic (unwanted echoes on most lines). Good editing and scares too - without the sound problems, this would have been a 5. I was prepared ... reviewed June 17, 2007
Reap pt2 by kpmarine3 Horror
-1 star for using a piece of uncredited country music (and that's getting off lightly, I reckon there was possibly one more). Good Slayer and Philip Glass accompaniment to this film. Also, a powerfu... reviewed June 17, 2007
REAP by kpmarine3 Horror
Good music in this film - the acting was pretty good too, although the words were popping the mic often. An excellent montage at the end in what is an intriguing beginning to the story. Dodgy title ... reviewed June 17, 2007
The Idiots Episode 1 by tunalover377 Comedy
A couple of good jokes largely ruined by the sloppy editing which meant you couldn't understand who was talking to who. reviewed June 17, 2007
XCom TimeCrash by Greyboots Action
Lame punchline to a very unexciting film - it really was like watching someone else play a computer game (and not a very exciting one at that). reviewed June 17, 2007
Forever Lost by sephiroth191 Action
A fitting final scene in this film which I thought worked well without music. Some problems with the editing - It took me a while to realise which character was talking at the start. There was also a... reviewed June 17, 2007
the pixel reformatted by darkcoyote Sci-Fi
Some good ideas, but with some dodgy editing. I liked the resurrection scene. The ending didn't have enough suspense - good editing would have cured that. reviewed June 17, 2007
Urban Assault by MikeoPsycho Action
Pretty mindless - I just couldn't see why some of these characters were put under arrest. It all seemed like action for action's sake. No proper characters to root for. reviewed June 17, 2007
9-11-01 Special Edition by notgay985 Action
A good attempt given limited resources - the lack of dialogue was very noticeable during the boring newsreader shots at the end. Otherwise, some good point-of-view shots in this film. Good opening an... reviewed June 17, 2007
Memoirs of a Revolutionare by blockhead Action
Some kind of story here, but the dialogue was very poor - a swear word every second line. The fights were very unrealistic for a film that's supposed to document the Red Revolution! reviewed June 16, 2007
Vampire - Mistress by warrior_06 Horror
Good atmosphere created here - just needs the mumbling turned off and less jumpy editing. reviewed June 16, 2007
3034 Trailer by theninjaguy Sci-Fi
A good start to the trailer - but then far too long was spent on the mindless shooting scenes, accompanied by very un-epic music. reviewed June 16, 2007