Number of Movies: 7
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.09

Number of Movies Reviewed: 51
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 3
Average Rating Given: 3.86
Movies Released by IronMantis
Bad Beer Comedy
3 young friends are in for a suprise when they try the powerful new drink "spaz cola" at club Rufio. Complete with full voice-overs! posted May 17, 2006
Stage Coach Demo Action
This is a demo for the new stage coach set. Get a taste of what the stage coach has to offer! posted February 16, 2006
Revenge of the Umpa Lumpas Comedy
When Willy Wonka pushes his Umpa's to far the angry Umpa's take matters into their own hands. Complete with Custom Music and Costumes!!! Special thanks to Phantom Raul for one of the songs. posted February 8, 2006
Bakers Challenge Comedy
Bob Baker hosts the world famous game show "Baker's Challenge" A game show in which the contestants have to complete his bizzare challenges to win prizes. posted January 27, 2006
Dr Doom Sci-Fi
The Evil Dr. Doom wants to destroy the suberbs forever! posted January 20, 2006
The Hit Action
A group of Hitmen competing to be the best by taking each other out. posted January 4, 2006
Bunnies Day Out Comedy
His wife's pregnant and he can't handle it... posted January 4, 2006
Movies Reviewed by IronMantis
Alletheo - The Fall of a King by ichthusadmr Action
Good. reviewed April 9, 2007
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
I loved it, and thats pretty rare with the stuff I see usually on TMO. reviewed June 21, 2006
Oh Its On Remix by mixmasterfestus Action
Good stuff man, keep it coming. reviewed June 21, 2006
Exploding Toads by msaeluk Comedy
Great, but the ending was a little weak. reviewed June 21, 2006
Spacehawks War Part 1 by Hackjob Sci-Fi
Pretty good stuff, I would recomend v/o's though reviewed June 15, 2006
One Star Returns by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed June 13, 2006
Beast vs Beast by Keoma Horror
Funny reviewed June 13, 2006
Destruction Earth 1 by jrv_star Sci-Fi
Voice acting and dialogue we weak reviewed June 13, 2006
Fire! by Frooplet Action
Cool movie. A bit random with the aliens though. reviewed June 13, 2006
Head Bang Tech Demo by robbiep Comedy
That was just weird man reviewed June 13, 2006
Bank Robbery! by robbiep Action
No Review reviewed June 13, 2006
Ashley Porter Meets the Super Soldier by suedenim Action
No real plot.. reviewed June 13, 2006
The Soldier by DarkElfWsV Action
Looks good so far. Just a few editing parts that should be worked on. reviewed June 13, 2006
Flip out like a ninja! by akinis Comedy
Nice music reviewed May 17, 2006
Driver Man by lan14n Action
Pretty funny stuff reviewed May 17, 2006
Blackbird by silver_fox_studios Action
Very good! reviewed March 5, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode I (VO) by madmatt7g Action
Good Job! reviewed January 31, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode II VO by madmatt7g Action
Vo's are great. Good job reviewed January 31, 2006
Plan 9 from Outer Space The Remake by thedevilsreject Sci-Fi
It was a little slow paced. Some better editing would help. Good VO's reviewed January 31, 2006
Revenge Of The Ninja by PP87 Action
Featured Review
The 80's Ninja is back.
reviewed January 31, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
No Review reviewed January 31, 2006
Rockem-Sockem Robots The Movie by Acquired_Taste Comedy
It definatly had its funny moments (Intermission) I think if you would have the robots saying something it would be better. Good Job. reviewed January 31, 2006
KOBBOLD by john-mercurio Horror
A VO and better sound effects would make it a 5. reviewed January 31, 2006
Monkeys vs the Priest by InhumanOne Comedy
No Review reviewed January 31, 2006
PIMP MY RIDE by johnny_barger Comedy
That was great! Really funny. Check out my movie if you get a chance! reviewed January 31, 2006
Superbowl Pizza by knbr99 Comedy
It was amusing reviewed January 31, 2006
Oracular Nestor Deamous Teil 1 by caystarz Horror
Well done, I wish there was english though, I was a little lost at the end. reviewed January 31, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
So awesome! reviewed January 29, 2006
Terminator 90210 by john_sumner Comedy
A weird twist on a over-used plot, but it was well done. reviewed January 28, 2006
Red Sunday by kirkybaby Action
Good editing, could use some better voice acting though. reviewed January 28, 2006
Cracker Jap Show - Jedi Mind Trick by sprague1980 Comedy
Featured Review
Good job.
reviewed January 28, 2006
Schoolhouse Rock Preamble by stach Action
Good job. You have to much time on your hands... reviewed January 28, 2006
Santa Strikes Back by Coolphil Comedy
Good, job. It has its funny moments. reviewed January 28, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
Holy crap that was so awesome!!!! reviewed January 28, 2006
Reverse Advertising by yoyoboy1 Action
Featured Review
Hahah, good job! Very funny.
reviewed January 28, 2006
Invaders From Communon 5 by emillime Sci-Fi
No, diologue and I wasn't really sure what was happening. reviewed January 27, 2006
We need more Sets! by TimBurtonFan Comedy
I concure. reviewed January 27, 2006
Helping Hand by mrmichaelh Action
I think you did a good job reviewed January 26, 2006
gansta triligy by claw21 Action
Interesting reviewed January 26, 2006
The Last Ninja by visualstudios Action
The dialogue was a little weak in spots, and it was a rip-off of The Last Samurai, but it was put together well. reviewed January 26, 2006
The Chicken Who Cried Mummy by hpsaucepigs Comedy
I was lost through pretty much the whole thing... reviewed January 26, 2006
Planet of the Apes - A Planet Revealed by siddus Comedy
Creative and funny, good job! reviewed January 26, 2006
The B Farts (The B is for Beard) by yourmum Comedy
You are sick! Hahaha reviewed January 26, 2006
Brokeback Warewolf by 6-Headedmonster Comedy
That was great! reviewed January 26, 2006
Chrysler 300C by djelements Comedy
A car comercial huh... reviewed January 23, 2006
Beyond Love by tigereyes Comedy
Long and boring. reviewed January 20, 2006
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
Well done! Good special effects, and editing! reviewed January 20, 2006
Nautilus TechDemo by Zogg Action
The tech stuff is cool, but its more like a tralier... reviewed January 20, 2006
Night of the Living TMO (special edition) by crazeyal Comedy
It was funny... reviewed January 20, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Good job on costumes, the dialogue could use some work though... reviewed January 20, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER by MefuneAkira Comedy
Pretty good! reviewed January 20, 2006