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Average Rating Received: 4.04

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Movies Released by Indieking
Night Of The Brookie Horror
No Description posted January 2, 2007
Wuthering Heights Romance Not Rated
No Description posted January 1, 2007
What if Allison Fell Romance
A young woman wakes up in a world where nothing is what it seems to be, Can she unravel the mystery before it's too late? This movie is more fantasy/drama than romance. I couldn't figure a genre for i... posted November 22, 2005
Time Traveling Tim Action
So I am posting this to get some feedback about how I can improve as a movie maker. ALot of you guys have some really awesome stuff, so any advice would be helpful. I am still finding the AMM a bit daunting. posted November 19, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Indieking
Inventory by azuresama Sci-Fi
(gives convenient brit woman a hug) Good job. I used to play Infocom games alot and this was a very funny replication of them. Very original idea, and I completely enjoyed it. Only suggestion I'd make... reviewed December 1, 2005
League of Presidents Billy and the Invaders by Fedaredan Action
Featured Review
Freaking Brilliant! Clinton's Pronunciation of cigars, and the blue dress thing were hilarious. Easy easy five stars from me and I look forward to more.
reviewed November 28, 2005
Life of an American by michanist Comedy
I am an American, and I'd say you did a pretty good jop of depicting the day to day life of alot of people I know..sadly. Anyway, I had some problems following the dialogue, and the clothes and hair t... reviewed November 28, 2005
The Diner by SirDrakeX Comedy
Some of the worst voice acting ever. :P For some reason that made me like it more. Great job on it I thought. It makes me wanna go play the movies again. reviewed November 28, 2005
LoneSam 2 - Corpse in the Cellar by Patarival Action
I thought that the subtitles were at a good speed. They weren't too fast or too slow. The choice of background music was good, and this installment does have me interested in the rest of the series. I... reviewed November 28, 2005
Just a Random Story by augie64 Romance
Featured Review
Script: 5 stars. Wonderful and funny. Normally when I watch movies, I am multitasking, so I will pasue it when I need to do something else, or not bother pausing it for some movies. This one, I was gl...
reviewed November 28, 2005
The Sur-reel Life A Reality Series by Radedge Comedy
Featured Review
Haha! That was great! Nikki's dance is really funny to me for some reason. If that was you just messing around, I'd love to see what you sitting down and working hard on something would accomplish. Great job!
reviewed November 28, 2005
Your very own android by azuresama Sci-Fi
I really liked this, it was cute. It wasn't too long. I'd almost say it was too short, but it got the point across and I thought you did a great job on it. reviewed November 28, 2005
The Expendables by Hemingway Action
Featured Review
Voice overs: 4 stars. The voice overs that were there were great. Barbara not having a voice over bothered me, and took me outta the movie a little. Her dialogue didn't seem as genuine as the others, ...
reviewed November 28, 2005
Space Wars by dansun81 Sci-Fi
I did enjoy the action scenes, but the lack of character development left me not really being as interested in what happened. The ending got me interested in what is going to happen, but the dialogue ... reviewed November 22, 2005
Cyberphunk by sparrowtm Sci-Fi
THAT was amazing. I loved the editing, both musically and with the film itself. The voice acting was top notch, and the story looks like it's gonna be really cool. Easy five stars from me. reviewed November 22, 2005
Captain United States 2 by whydoyouwanttoknow Action
lol, that was enjoyable and short. I liked that. Sort of like a MAd Magazine comic strip or something. Great job I thought. reviewed November 22, 2005
Liaison by Keithcrash Romance
I thought the editing weas really well done. The lack of subtitles or voice acting made it difficult for me to tell what was going on at times. I was impressed with the editing though, as that is one ... reviewed November 22, 2005
So you wanna be a football Hooligan by REALGHOSTHUNTER Comedy
Featured Review
Fan-frigging-tastic. I love this. The non-hooligan's voice was a bit difficult to hear at times,and I almost gave you four stars for that, but the movie as a whole is much greater than the sum of its ...
reviewed November 21, 2005
Sometimes i see by joluis Comedy
Completely enjoyable. good job! I thought the editing was really great as well. reviewed November 21, 2005
City Office by baktakor Comedy
I didn't understand the storyline or how it was a comedy. I would suggest putting some subtitles up. I did like the scene where it cut to the photo on the wall. That did look a bit Tarontino-esque. :) reviewed November 20, 2005
The Tortoise and the Hare by msaeluk Comedy
I really enjoyed this. The ending was great. Good work. reviewed November 15, 2005
Arrrgh! by Chelvie Comedy
Featured Review
I enjoyed this, it was goofy, but that was the beauty of it. I look forward to seeing more from your studio.
reviewed November 15, 2005
America by Westly Action
Nice job. As unpopular as this may be, movies without voice acting don't usually keep my attention, but I was really interested in this one. Looking forward to more. I thought the way the scenes were ... reviewed November 15, 2005
Reggie Mexico STOP THE LIES by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Featured Review
you're either completely mad, or brilliant. I loved the Wilfred Brimley ones, but these campaign ones are right on par with something you'd see on Saturday Night Live. I think you're brilliantly funny.
reviewed November 15, 2005
Type Lethal by neopickaze Comedy
LOVE the voice acting. The lead character sounds like Keanu Reeves, The whole thing was really funny. Great job. reviewed November 14, 2005
Wolfman Lives by Manky Horror
Nice job, I thought you did a good job of putting together the scenes. reviewed November 14, 2005
The Influence of Alcohol by RSJ62483 Comedy
definatly held my interest. reviewed November 13, 2005
Lonesome Pigeon by corinthian Comedy
Featured Review
Oh my gosh it's Clyde Strickland! This one made me laugh out loud. Your by far my favorite director. Congrats on a great film.
reviewed November 13, 2005
The Sad Life Of Nancy Brong by corinthian Comedy
the voice acting on the two films of yours I have seen is phenominal. reviewed November 13, 2005
Gorillas That Ive Mist by corinthian Comedy
Featured Review
You're one of a kind. Bah bah bah bah. Song..won'
reviewed November 13, 2005
Dancing Robot by terranah Sci-Fi
I really enjoyed this. The humor was kinda dark in it, in spite of my best intentions, I wanted to snicker as the robot danced. Good job. reviewed November 12, 2005