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Average Rating Received: 4.32

Number of Movies Reviewed: 28
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 2
Average Rating Given: 3.46
Movies Released by huttonmovies
Zombie Love Comedy
Full Voice Overs Subtitles Sound effects and Custom mixing of in game music It's the tale of Winston Scientist a Man Who's love intrest isn't very um livid. Winston will stop at nothing to reach his ... posted December 14, 2005
Zombie Love Comedy
It's the tale of Winston Scientist a Man Who is in love with a zombie. Full Voice Overs Subtitles Sound effects and Custom mixing of in game music. First Apperance of HuttonFilms Character Marshy! e... posted December 9, 2005
Movies Reviewed by huttonmovies
Halo Red vs Blue by ltoz Action
this movie PWNS! its a great red vs blue/halo movie but it doesn't reach the fifth star for 2 reasons: bit repetive halfway and you didnt put any more music near the end. the ending made me lol thoug... reviewed January 2, 2006
T3P0 - 01 Extreme Tag! by quezalcoatl Comedy
Featured Review
HAHAHAHA what a laugh great movie all round bit of a weird ending but i liked it.
reviewed December 28, 2005
Full Retaliatory Response by McCain Action
everyone has already said why this is good and I agree. You put the power of TM to its best use well done. reviewed December 24, 2005
Stony Streets To Glory by 1oddfellow Action
That wasn't bad at all good for a silent film reviewed December 24, 2005
The Cabin by 1oddfellow Horror
No plot no though no subtitles no vo's... did you upload this just for VC reviewed December 24, 2005
Steadyhand And Quicktrigger by 1oddfellow Action
One of your better movies. still i like to see you develop the plot by letting us know about characters. Some of it doesn't make any sense. try watching you movie as if you haven't watched it before s... reviewed December 24, 2005
Jungle Warriors by 1oddfellow Action
what the hell was that. this movie had no plot, you couldn't follow any characters and none of it made sense. try making a movie with a storyline. instead of some cliche movie lines like "I'm gunna ma... reviewed December 24, 2005
Punch Judy by 1oddfellow Comedy
Simple and Boring. It was obvious and you could have worked a little harder reviewed December 24, 2005
Just Another Scream for Peace by robbieh Comedy
Nice try but still your Vo's aren't very believable or warm. I understand that english is not your first language. thanks for the warm message though Merry Christmas. good luck for the contest reviewed December 24, 2005
The Last Dragon (Reprisal) by capemedia Action
Excellent work here. i found it flowed the whole way through. while the plot isn't that orginal it still works well. great use of close up punch shots to cut between different people being fought, esp... reviewed December 24, 2005
Hope by rjb2112 Romance
Great Film. Romance isn't my genre but this was very good. A truly beautiful story, lovely reviewed December 24, 2005
Das Trio-Der Bankraub by philnate Comedy
Nice but not that funny. i like the open ending for once in a movie. be sure to slow your subtitles down and remember that not everyone has seen your film so they don't know what they say b4 they come up. reviewed December 24, 2005
Dead Wronged by Ratqueen Horror
Liked the cut shot between the guy being blown up and the girl falling beside the grave great continuity. great story of love beyond the grave. still it needed voice overs reviewed December 24, 2005
Robot Love by castigo Romance
Where is the ending? does he go and kill everyone to make up for the fact that he had gay sex with a robot for 200 robodollars? does he get the girl? Is he a murderer? will you ever slow down the subt... reviewed December 24, 2005
The Beast Within by riksmiff Action
Not enough Background music in some scenes like just before the [naughty word!]house, also look at your files in soundrecorder in windows and increase volume until its at a level that you can here cle... reviewed December 16, 2005
Message From The Past - A Tribute by kaleetomey Action
Featured Review
Excellent Movie, I loved the use of contrast between war-torn europe where every man is killing one another and the voice of the preist saying "christ's message was quite clear to love one another and...
reviewed December 16, 2005
Dead Love by superpaperboy Horror
i have never given a movie one star but i feel i need to here as you have no post production matter at all. no music, no VO's, no Subs, No cutting down of long scenes. and i think that you should watc... reviewed December 16, 2005
Attack of the One Star Ninjas! by zombieeye Comedy
Good Stuff I liked it alot damn those ninjas reviewed December 16, 2005
Lost Soul by scarfacepoo Comedy
Confusing yet original. Funny moments but drags on. Still the twist were quite weird which makes it intresting. To improve get a friend to do other voice overs for you. The start but with the boss was... reviewed December 16, 2005
The Matrix Remade by superpaperboy Action
Honestly... Please tell me why? I believe you could have done a better job if maybe you made up your own story about the matrix instead of trying to copy the film, which you must have realised is impo... reviewed December 15, 2005
Happy Halloween ! by JKjunior Horror
Suspense! something I haven't personally seen alot of in TM these days. great work. you should still have other voice overs for the other characters as the first phone scene was a bit weird to compreh... reviewed December 15, 2005
A Time To Kill by richegroover Action
Nice work still quite long reviewed December 15, 2005
ronald mcdonalds road video SE by supa_midget Action
Nice try still try to edit you movies down in post production and i see you were hit by the echo bug reviewed December 10, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
there are better movies out there reviewed December 10, 2005
An Open Letter To Lionhead by justin_in_bangor Comedy
I share all your pain and hopefully lionhead will release a patch to stop scene to scene sound lag and echo sound lag ahhh thank you i feel much better now reviewed December 10, 2005
Endings and Beginings by danthemuffinman Action
Very unoriginal to be honest. I felt like i was watching max payne the whole way except he died at the end and i just want to know how he told his story if he died at the end? Mind you the use of expl... reviewed December 9, 2005
Bird Flu by RockOutStudios Comedy
An Ok movie but i must say that the kung fu scene was too long and you need to add a lot of sound effects (the original shotgun sound is stupid)so very good dialogue though for the king mecha-bird the fourth reviewed December 9, 2005
SMOKE by Dimou Action
Good Movie. reviewed December 8, 2005