Number of Movies: 4
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.33

Number of Movies Reviewed: 45
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 0
Average Rating Given: 3.44
Movies Released by greyhunter
Interrogation Techniques Comedy
another story based in the world of EVE online. posted January 22, 2006
C-CP Combat Training Lecture Comedy
If you don't play eve online, then this will mean nothing to you..... posted November 27, 2005
In times of Crisis Sci-Fi
Set in the distant univese of EVE online. the tale of one corperations fight against the RED allaince. Means more to some people than others, but i've worked on it, so i'm posting it. Costumes are ... posted November 23, 2005
Kid Kong Comedy
King Kongs son, after learning of his fathers untimly death, vows get justice and returns to the city. Comedy-drama. (well, Black humour mostly) posted November 17, 2005
Movies Reviewed by greyhunter
What if Santa Claus Were Alive Today by ozman69 Comedy
No Review reviewed December 11, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
This is perfect exsample of how to overcome the limitations of the movies, a little modding, some creative thinking, and hey presto - a 30 foot ape. reviewed November 27, 2005
Planet of the RadioActive Mutant Nazis by WildmouseX Sci-Fi
No subs, Little plot. little to no consistancy in the sets. going from a 1950's house to a space ship. i'm afraid this one barely makes C movie grad. reviewed November 26, 2005
Confessions Of A Supreme Being by Strondor Comedy
Great movie. the use of a voice mod. made it. reviewed November 26, 2005
Hardcastle on Patrol by savage_rabbit Action
Good film, only let down by a few jumpy bits of editing. reviewed November 24, 2005
Nathan's Submarine by RandyMossIsTheMan Romance
could have done with some dialog. but the storys pritty clear none the less reviewed November 24, 2005
attack of the monkeys by drolebol Action
odd mix of duch and english. you did do voiceovers where ingame sounds would have worked better, and its a bit short for a plot. but hey, the monkeys are attacking. reviewed November 20, 2005
Freddys Revenge Trailer 2 by Mazinkaizerpr Horror
interesting, never a nightmare fan myself but it seems to fit well with what i've seen - becareful you dob't get pulled for the sound though, breach of copyright. just seems a bit lacking on the plot though. reviewed November 20, 2005
Tunnel To The Earths Crust2 by Ocarina Sci-Fi
2 stars - and thats only because of a relivtly good story for a ingame randomly created movie. reviewed November 19, 2005
L invation by venere113 Action
Huh? why is there a spacewoman in the first world war? why does the 1920s comedy music kick in at the end? why oh why does it keep jumping randomly? its more of a random collection of scenes than a fi... reviewed November 19, 2005
Vote For Helga by woolitz Comedy
i think "helga" may have a secret past that may come out soon.... reviewed November 19, 2005
Dogbiter & Fitch by Lee_____ Comedy
Let down by the swearing - not something that would ever happen on a news broadcast. reviewed November 19, 2005
Vote Me by Lee_____ Comedy
not as good as the others. reviewed November 19, 2005
The Texas Lies by augie64 Comedy
No Review reviewed November 19, 2005
Joe Anderson and his Army Time! by Scottfilms Comedy
No Review reviewed November 19, 2005
TEX! A Positive Ad by Scottfilms Comedy
No Review reviewed November 19, 2005
Vote Frank Taylor Not That Mexico Guy by augie64 Comedy
No Review reviewed November 19, 2005
Tyler Thomas the ONLY Canidate by amcsteel Comedy
No Review reviewed November 19, 2005
VOTE TEX NEXT FRIDAY! by Scottfilms Comedy
No Review reviewed November 19, 2005
Frank Taylor the true story by zodious Comedy
No Review reviewed November 19, 2005
If Frank Taylor Wins by DeusExMachinima Comedy
this series just gets better and better. reviewed November 18, 2005
Reggie Appologizes by zodious Comedy
now for the dirty tricks campain reviewed November 18, 2005
Whassamatter by ceccarelli Romance
nicly put together, could have done with a script, but it gets the story across fine, the rooftop scene was nearly seamless, very few magically apearing people. This was a randomly Reviewed movie. reviewed November 17, 2005
The War Within by Chrisyb1984 Action
I'm afraid that one felt like all of the warfilm cliches packed into one ham filled two minute can. while the story is not bad as such, and its relitivly well put together, it just seemed like one of ... reviewed November 17, 2005
Paid Political Ad by augie64 Comedy
i'm going to have to give you three stars - but only because of the clicking from your microphone. apart from that, tis great. reviewed November 17, 2005
Reggie Mexico for city counsel by zodious Comedy
ah, all the thrills of a political debate, without the truth getting in the way reviewed November 17, 2005
All Americans Should Be Medicated! by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Can't.... Breath....! reviewed November 17, 2005
Reggie Mexico STOP THE LIES by DeusExMachinima Comedy
the whole campain is great. i hope we get to see the election day results. reviewed November 17, 2005
Duel of the Deputies by dungmuffin Comedy
this must be the most boring town in the wild west - the law can afford to waste so much time on petty disputes. :) the only real change i would have made is purely cosmetic, i would have had them bot... reviewed November 17, 2005
Viking Vandals by Broth32 Action
a bit short and lacking on story, but well put together - another scene explaining why he was in the bank would have helped. reviewed November 16, 2005
The Butcher by trezz1324 Horror
good story, let down by a bit of dodgy editing - randomly apearing bodys, a shotgun that re-apears from nowhere. good use of sounds. This was a Randomly Rated Movie. reviewed November 16, 2005
6th Platton by voodoo02 Action
The first half seems to be most of the action seqances put together (and repeated in some cases)while the actual direction has no problems, and the actual sequances are cut together well, there seems ... reviewed November 16, 2005
Lord of Berlin by Patriot84 Action
Simply - How The Movies Should Be Used reviewed November 14, 2005
A World without WoW by Nillock Comedy
thank god i play eve online, or this could be me.... reviewed November 14, 2005
Joe Anderson for City Counsel by DeusExMachinima Comedy
No Review reviewed November 14, 2005
Dark Blue by ct_senge Horror
No Review reviewed November 12, 2005
Attack Of The Mostly Dead by sargeUSMC2 Horror
First time i've ever seen a zombie sneak up on anyone.... reviewed November 12, 2005
Far From Home by Sookta Action
No Review reviewed November 12, 2005
My Trip Through The Movies by richke Comedy
No Review reviewed November 11, 2005
Scholastic Films Intelligent Design by DeusExMachinima Comedy
wait, this is not a real informercial? reviewed November 11, 2005
Vampire Slayer by Rin101 Horror
"i'll just go lay flowers on my dearly beloved's grave. oh look, hes a vampire. just as well i brought my trusty stake. hmm, heres a vampiress hes been cheating on me with, well, i know what to do wit... reviewed November 10, 2005
Castle Of Blood by booje Horror
what the? reviewed November 10, 2005
Cannons At The Ready by zacho Action
nice camerawork, well cut, but the plot seems to be very simple. another scene showing what they were arguing about would have been nice. (so i'm just guessing its a girl) reviewed November 10, 2005
Attack of the Space Chickens by TheRyuujinMike Horror
Best film i've seen on here so far. takes a running joke to the logical extreames, its a sci fi film, so EVERYTHING must have space in front of it - it makes perfect sense! reviewed November 10, 2005
The Baggage Boy by jztemple Comedy
Simple, early film humour. but it works, it plays the time really well, without trying to be a modern film made with early technology. reviewed November 9, 2005