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Average Rating Received: 4.04

Number of Movies Reviewed: 301
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Average Rating Given: 3.67
Movies Released by glynner
The Book about Him (limited) Horror
This is a re-upload and will be online for a few days only. Was entered in the People's Choice Horror award when I took it offline. Basically I met a few people after I took my movies offline and BEF... posted December 29, 2005
The Movies Christmas Carol Comedy
Merry Christmas - Joyeux Noel - God Jul - Vrolijk Kerstfeest - Glædelig Jul - Hyvaa joulua - Kala Christouyenna! - Froehliche Weihnachten - Nollaig chridheil agus Bliadhna mhath ùr! - Feliz Natal - Fe... posted December 14, 2005
Roasted Target Action
This is mostly a test... but... This should be the voice-over edition of a film I did a while back - I FINALLY got my voice over to work... It's my first VO movie - the rest are gonna be originals. ... posted December 10, 2005
Review Fatigue Comedy
I used to enjoy making movies - but somehow it all got messed up. All that matters to some people is their [play nice now!] chart spot and the problem is - if your film gets close it suckers you in. ... posted December 4, 2005
Catalogue of Horror Horror
I used to enjoy making movies - but somehow it all got messed up. All that matters to some people is their [play nice now!] chart spot and the problem is - if your film gets close it suckers you in. ... posted December 2, 2005
Roasted Target Action
I used to enjoy making movies - but somehow it all got messed up. All that matters to some people is their [play nice now!] chart spot and the problem is - if your film gets close it suckers you in. ... posted December 2, 2005
Violation Sci-Fi
I used to enjoy making movies - but somehow it all got messed up. All that matters to some people is their [play nice now!] chart spot and the problem is - if your film gets close it suckers you in. ... posted December 1, 2005
The Late Roundup Horror
I used to enjoy making movies - but somehow it all got messed up. All that matters to some people is their [play nice now!] chart spot and the problem is - if your film gets close it suckers you in. ... posted November 30, 2005
The Book about Him Horror
I used to enjoy making movies - but somehow it all got messed up. All that matters to some people is their [play nice now!] chart spot and the problem is - if your film gets close it suckers you in. ... posted November 30, 2005
The Late Roundup Horror
For the man who wished he could have turned over in real life... If you like this try my other movies posted November 30, 2005
Rabid Horror
What cost desire? What price redemption? I guess I like my movies to leave more questions than answers. posted November 29, 2005
A Fistful of Birdseed Action
I used to enjoy making movies - but somehow it all got messed up. All that matters to some people is their [play nice now!] chart spot and the problem is - if your film gets close it suckers you in. ... posted November 28, 2005
Agent X Action Not Rated
The first outing for Agent X. In which he meets his dreaded nemesis Doctor Caligulus. posted November 28, 2005
The Return of Agent X Action Not Rated
Agent X is back - and this time he's taking on a bank robber with a penchant for flea powder. posted November 28, 2005
X3 Shakedown Action
He's getting old - and they gave him plastic surgery and a funky soundtrack. Touching scene where he cradles his [eye-hurting-word!] at the end. posted November 28, 2005
X4 - For the Love of [wash your mouth out!] Action
No Description posted November 28, 2005
Johnny Turbo Sci-Fi Not Rated
It's agent X in space - as bit like Connery's Zardoz. Only not as bad. posted November 28, 2005
Derek Sci-Fi
Early film before I learned that you could edit in post-production. I wish my soundcard would let me do voice overs - it woulda been a blast on this. posted November 28, 2005
Movies Reviewed by glynner
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
Featured Review
I watched this in an internet cafe and nearly got asked to leave I laughed so hard. Words truly fail me - and that don't happen too often.
reviewed February 5, 2006
Battlefish Tarantula by VanceHill Comedy
The fart made me laugh. It shouldn't have done but it did. I watched this twice to try and get something out of it. I didn't get anything out of it. But the fart made me laugh twice. I don't know anyt... reviewed January 11, 2006
Santa Strikes Back by Coolphil Comedy
Man I don't know if you meant it but when the cops were beating up Santa and telling him to 'Shuuuut uuuup' I was laughing my head off. Is that wrong? That doesn't feel right. Still - the only bad t... reviewed January 10, 2006
Wierd World (re make) by Abrey Comedy
Basically - what Dylen said. reviewed January 10, 2006
Monkey Vs Duck Apocalypse by PhilipBoyes Horror
I thought long and hard about this. Technically I'd side with the duck here. The gorilla was clearly in the wrong. I mean he was dancing in a graveyard while the duck was trying to sleep for one. 3 st... reviewed January 10, 2006
Shadows of a Rainbow by Traegon Action
There was some rock-steady dialogue here - you wrote it really well and it wasn't forced in the slightest. The music choice was really good too. Wasn't too convinced with that last piece though - just... reviewed January 9, 2006
Movie Makers Lionhead Forgot by sarunit Comedy
Featured Review
Was gonna give this a four when it burst into it's sprint finish and took off. I'm gonna give this a five even though it has leeway from improvement in places(I reckon) - it was very funny and very cl...
reviewed January 8, 2006
Oh Its On by mixmasterfestus Action
Featured Review
I have strict rules against giving tech tests five stars. And this movie breaks them. It is the best sub 2 minute movie in existence. It is the duty of everybody who has the Movies to see this. 5 star...
reviewed January 8, 2006
Tree Farm by plopphizz Horror
Featured Review
It's brilliant. You know it and everybody who's seen it knows it. You're setting yourself a hell of a precedent here Ploppy. How the hell are you gonna keep on making these brilliant movies? No pressu...
reviewed January 8, 2006
Santa Claus is Coming to Town by singsolo Action
Judging by some of the 1-star ninjas that took it upon themselves to jump on your film here - I'd say either report them or put them on Santa's list. I laughed. It was funny. Not many people realise t... reviewed January 8, 2006
Keeping Your Man by Prinzess Romance
Featured Review
Bingo. 5 stars. Totally unlike anything on TMO - and a bloke would never be able to pull a film like this off. It was great. Loved the way it was tongue-in-cheek. Edits, cuts and scene selection are a...
reviewed January 8, 2006
Dont Laugh at Me by rjb2112 Romance
Dialogue was great again - very realistic. It made the whole situation ring true. It comes straight from experience and from the heart. It's all there' It's all real. It's all very very real. While I ... reviewed January 7, 2006
Restless Dead - The First Bite (episode one) by jameseva Horror
Probably quite a good movie - but I hate 1 star ninjas. sorry.... reviewed January 7, 2006
Rise of the Undead by mrcool1 Horror
Everybody stand up and admit it. This is the stupid kind of B-Movie The Movies was invented for. Admit it. Go on. Yeah the plot was wafer thin. And yeah - it wasn't hi-tech all new fangly with custom ... reviewed January 7, 2006
In The City by BTY_Z Action
Featured Review
Early days yet, amigo - there's loads you're gonna find out as you make movies that'll help you tell the story the way you want to - if you catch my drift. One good thing to note was that you had the ...
reviewed January 7, 2006
Survival Game by Dylen Horror
Ok - so it is 'inspired' by SAW. But I haven't seen SAW - all I watched was a really original film. The voice acting was amongst the best I've heard, at least I think so. I said in the review to 'Chic... reviewed January 7, 2006
The Baggage Boy by jamespetts Comedy
You seemed to have such high standards from your reviews - I have to say I'm very disappointed with this being your first upload. You could have at least tried. reviewed January 6, 2006
Silverblade by juret Action
Lots of work went in here - and I appreciated that. I liked the dialogue work - and the wording was also natural. Nice acting as well - although I was a little unsure of the amount of vocal effects us... reviewed January 6, 2006
Monkey Fist by H0885 Action
Featured Review
Those guys really didn't like eachother, did they lol. A ninja can't even go for a drink in peace anymore. It reminded me of the pink panther - where they're always trying to beat hell out of one anot...
reviewed January 6, 2006
The Final Stipulation by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Featured Review
This should win the Christmas competition by a country mile man. It was [bleep]ing hilarious. Really [bleep]ing hilarious.
reviewed January 6, 2006
Bullet Trigger by Cl1nt Action
Well - I was expecting a gunfight - so you got me - and it's a first try. And the redhead was feisty so I'll tag on an extra star of VC for ya. 2 stars for a first film. You'll easily get better than ... reviewed January 6, 2006
the revenge kill bob vol1 by tasmania11 Action
Featured Review
I really liked that. I had a huge smile on my face at several points there. I know it wasn't the most original of plots and stuff - but it was the way you went about it. There's real talent here for m...
reviewed January 6, 2006
Midnight Taxi by cfkwong123 Horror
Well - it was good enough for a four star - but only just for me. I liked the way you handled the story - but I couldn't help feeling there could have been a bigger shock at the end than the one I got... reviewed January 6, 2006
Too Short by timman Sci-Fi
I was going to give you another one-star review with the comment - just as bad as the last. However. I had two Windows open and I have mistakenly given that rating to someone else. So I'll give you an... reviewed January 4, 2006
even shorter by timman Horror
The funny thing is - if you keep making really short movies that get massacred by 1 star reviews, and pack your studio with them - you may end up with your actual studio in the top 5. Stange but true.... reviewed January 4, 2006
The Scoucers at Christmas by scott1977 Comedy
HA HA HA HA HA HA. There's gonna be americans looking at this with no idea why it's worth the four. Loved it man. HA HA HA HA HA HA. Here's what I thought though - it was good for a quick gag - but he... reviewed January 4, 2006
shortest movie eva by timman Comedy
It lost its narrative in the last 3 seconds. reviewed January 4, 2006
Jealous 2 by vinnymonster Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Yep. Magestone really was a turd. But who could have thought he'd turn out so... er... well. I'd pretty much echo everything I said about part one bar the subtitles as there seemed a lot more in this ...
reviewed January 4, 2006
Advanced Editing Techniques Pt 1 by tim_pilgrim Comedy
I'm not too sure about tech tests - cos they tend to get watched, nicked and used in somebody else's flick before the innovator can get the most out of them, y'know. It is very good use of editing - ... reviewed January 4, 2006
Doubt by Myshinator Romance
It's alright. Short gag - aroundabout 30 seconds long. Should be enough for you to get into the top five and be unfairly flamed to billy-o. :) Good VO - you're not surprised here. Great to see you've ... reviewed January 3, 2006
Review For a Review by johnokinawa Comedy
Seen a lot of 'The Movies' movies and 'The Movies Forum' movies, recent;y... and I didn't think I'd like this, but in the end I really liked the way you got your point across. Quite effective particul... reviewed January 3, 2006
Danny Sunshine Agent to the Stars by SalParadise Comedy
Featured Review
Man you are one of THE best VO guys on TMO. I laughed my head off. I don't think I can give it 5 'cos I dunno if the script was up to it for me - but the VO is awesome - and you probably know it. Did ...
reviewed January 3, 2006
Good Idea-Bad Idea V by Deikon Comedy
I was going to give you an extra star for the brilliant talking doll PR idea you used to advertise this... but I was unfortunately at five stars by the end of this film. FreddaH is spot on. Timmy the ... reviewed January 3, 2006
A Mecha Adventure by cult_inc Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I'm not sure quite what to say here... I just really enjoyed it. It wasn't as good as Scaramella's revenge in many ways and yet I enjoyed it. I guess it just appealed to the side of me that likes the ...
reviewed January 2, 2006
The Two Brothers by Abrey Action
Nice enough little film. Wasn't expecting the brother to be - well you know - to turn out like it did in the end at all.. couple of typos but - yeah. It was altight. reviewed January 2, 2006
Big Fat Ape by C-Kay Comedy
I live in Britain. All my movies are offline. Yours aren't yet. reviewed January 1, 2006
Meowans Weihnachtsfilm by Meowan Comedy
Featured Review
Whoah. That was a surprise... I've seen a LOT of these Christmas movies and they've all seemed like four stars at best and there hasn't been anything original. And now this.... ...brilliant... Really ...
reviewed January 1, 2006
Fatal Touch by kaipan Horror
Featured Review
It's a definite 5 here - very professional - technically its as accomplished as StevenKreg's Kong movies - but it still retains that oriental horror style you had in Nothing but Red, kind of styled li...
reviewed January 1, 2006
A Lionhead Christmas by Dylen Comedy
This is a good film? This is a five star film? Give me a reason. Watch it again. Ask yourself if this is as good as the films you've given five stars to? Films that you've given five stars to yourself... reviewed December 31, 2005
Run Around The Bush by WorldPictures Horror
Whatever. It's not very good at all. You know it and I know it. To award it more than two stars is an insult to anybody that puts effot and talent into making a movie. reviewed December 31, 2005
Beach Bums by PamDennis Comedy
It's New years eve. I have just got back from the boozer. I am smashed. here are your five stars. reviewed December 31, 2005
Scaramellas Revenge by cult_inc Action
Featured Review
I have paused the film early on to add my first comment.... Vanessa Feltz???!!! Ok... an epic mafia/ganster film. A labour of love. It's clear you handle characters well - as each actor was detailed i...
reviewed December 31, 2005
Epicenter by stretch2002uk Action
Featured Review
A good film No doubt about it. Though it was pretty inconsistent. At it's best it was a high five film - but then it seemed to falter into threes... The dialogue was good and natural .... (The jail-ce...
reviewed December 31, 2005
DIE SCUM! by bedder Sci-Fi
This is much better than you seem to think it is. I quite liked it :) That guy in silver was a scum. He shot the guy's girlfriend. He got what he deserved. ... ergo.... DIE SCUM! Job done. Simple stor... reviewed December 31, 2005
Trailer Redeemer by GooDilein Action
Featured Review
Can't give a trailer five - it kind of takes the point of the main feature away. There was that bit in this trailer... well you know... made me say 'Really Clever' out loud... That was such a great us...
reviewed December 31, 2005
Behind The Boll Episode One by JamieFox Comedy
Featured Review
There's some laugh-out-loud moments here.... tent of the dead... the raining scene. It's a copmedy that made me laugh. Job done. Probably not one for people who haven't seen an Uwe Boll movie - or hea...
reviewed December 31, 2005
Dwight Angelheart by baktakor Action
It was a great idea... although it seemed a bit rushed - but this may be because you didn't have the luxury of making this in Sandbox mode. You definitely have talent as a storyteller. I could be wron... reviewed December 31, 2005
The Last Dragon (Reprisal) by capemedia Action
Look - I'll get the reason for the fives stars over with quick. You've set your stall out here - and you've gone to make the best TMO kung-fu movie. You got there. It's worth five stars for that on it... reviewed December 31, 2005
Chavs School Days by lawrancehj Comedy
Look - I try to remain highbrow in my reviews but this was just too funny for me to be serious. It has me in stitches for reasons I'll keep to myself. I don't know what somebody who doesn't quite get ... reviewed December 30, 2005
Zombie Bob vs The Boss by oldugly Horror
Well... I kinda liked it. Don't think I appreciated the joke as much as everyone else, which is always the danger with a comedy. Also felt a little rambly - like it made it's mind up where it was goin... reviewed December 30, 2005
Shadows II by DragonSage Horror
I wasn't even gonna watch this. I came to your studio because I watched a film you'd hit with a one-star revenge review and wanted to see what the fuss was about... Look - nobody says your films have ... reviewed December 30, 2005
A Is For Alice by plopphizz Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Blown away. I thought when I watched your Short film - the spaceship one - you were a one-timer who'd got lucky with a quick gag. This film has made me regret giving it 5 now. This is a classic. It's ...
reviewed December 30, 2005
Drama Queen The Music Video by justin_in_bangor Comedy
Er... I think I might know who this is aimed at - because of an FSN post I read, plus others on TMO anyway. Er... well it was kinda funny but I reckon you shoulda just walked away from it all man, reg... reviewed December 29, 2005
Dreams and Reality by markrichardbehenna Horror
It's great mate - you know it and I know it. The VO's were clear and appropriate and it just goes to show you what kind of talent somebody who's gained a lot of respect in the community can draw upon.... reviewed December 29, 2005
Your Time (30 Seconds of Bliss) by dubbya Comedy
Everybody's gotta right to say what they think. And while I think the 30 second movies ain't 5-star classics they do perhaps illustrate what makes the charts tick. That shotgun needs a bigger barrel i... reviewed December 29, 2005
Trouble on LH-Forums by vzett90 Comedy
Featured Review
Mate - I started that thread yesterday and it was EXACTLY what you said there... a bunch of dreamers coming up with mad ideas for what they'd like to see. I really enjoyed this film - honestly - this ...
reviewed December 29, 2005
A Date With Santa by Prinzess Comedy
Featured Review
Ha ha ha. That poor bloke of yours you made to do Santa... HE MAKES THE FILM!!! HE WAS GREAT!!! This was a real step in the right direction and it was well clear you're getting the hang of the 'brush...
reviewed December 28, 2005
Whyd the Chicken Cross Interstellar Space by guyver79 Horror
Those were some sinister chickens you had there. I laughed heartily at a couple of gags... (Score!) and the story was good, but it suffered without music for the large part of the movie - especially t... reviewed December 28, 2005
Prophecy of the Chickens by VelvetFog Sci-Fi
Not many people realise this but that's ACTUALLY how it all happened. For real. Chicken films have to be really silly to pull it off and you gotta be in the right frame of mind for them. I'm certainly... reviewed December 28, 2005
Savior of the chocobos by ash2ka Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Tough choice. I was so tempted to five star this bad boy - but it wouldn't feel right. I mean it's gotta be really good for a five... and yet... This was EXACTLY the kind of movie I needed to see. A q...
reviewed December 28, 2005
A Silly Little Xmas Movie by cult_inc Comedy
Well... like most of the Christmas efforts... it was okay... and the second it ain't over yet scene made me laugh. Quite a bit. There was some clever stuff in here (especially the referal of Santa int... reviewed December 28, 2005
The Killer Romance by michael_allen1 Horror
Well... It's your first movie and I hope you don't take my comments to heart. There was a lot to be happy with on a first run-through but... here are my thoughts. WHAT I LIKED... I liked the voice ove... reviewed December 28, 2005
Jealous Part 1 by vinnymonster Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Hey. I really liked that. There was a story - a good one too. Not often seen on TMO - I enjoyed that. I'd actually disagree with JIB down there, I thought the subbies were bang on - your use of them w...
reviewed December 28, 2005
THE HALOIST II -- Trailer by ArtificialArtist Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Can't give 5 for a trailer but you'd have to be blind not to see this has classy written all over it.
reviewed December 28, 2005
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
It's ok. Custom intro and decent enough editing cuts... but... it's... it's.... it's just not a five star TMO film for me. No matter how I look at it. People are throwing stars out like ninja's around here. reviewed December 28, 2005
A New Love (For Christmas) by rjb2112 Romance
Featured Review
I liked the dialogue as usual. I also liked the gentle ending - a subtle point - made subtly. I dunno - maybe I've seen too many of these movies but they all seem to be blending into one. You have a g...
reviewed December 23, 2005
Sonnet 18 by markusdragon Romance
All criticism is conditional and relative at the end of the day. This isn't a five-star movie for me. I say you can do better than this. There are a LOT of people taking classical literature and inter... reviewed December 23, 2005
Please Stop The Drama! by chris2_4 Romance
Featured Review
I hope you don't take this the wrong way... I'm a big believer in the fact that a film has to have a clear storyline. I appreciate the fact that an experimental approach to film-making is an aqcuired ...
reviewed December 22, 2005
King Kong 1941 (Act-Two) by StevenKreg Action
I applaud you for taking the story and retelling it through the game-engine as best as probably can be done. I also applaud the fact that you did do it with a certain style... even though the game eng... reviewed December 22, 2005
The Office by markrichardbehenna Comedy
It was good, mate - and it made me laugh because it was right there and from the heart. We've all worked with 'em. We all know who they are. We all have opur own versions. But... There's just no way I... reviewed December 21, 2005
Evil Monkeys Christmas Gift to You by justin_in_bangor Horror
I dunno if it scared me but it made me laugh. I'd probably have given you a three if I didn't know you could do better. Ahh what the hell its Christmas. reviewed December 21, 2005
The Art of Surrealism by markusdragon Comedy
I'm all with having fun with the game - I agree completely. But lads, lads. Lads. This is the kind of film that would confuse Yoko Ono. reviewed December 21, 2005
Sudden Turn of Events by Prinzess Horror
Heyyyy. Nice twist there. You could tell you enjoyed it again. It's just so nice to see. I have to be honest the plot lost me a bit and there was a lot of people coming and going. I usually keep the m... reviewed December 20, 2005
My Life Is A Misery by Shadrow Action
Featured Review
maybe this'll cheer you up, man.
reviewed December 19, 2005
King Kong 1941 (Act-One) by StevenKreg Action
I... I... I haven't seen the first one. I can't say why either lol But I liked this... I was sat wondering what the hell everybody was raving about for the first few minutes... and then you pulled all... reviewed December 19, 2005
Merry Christmas by Abrey Action
That actually was kinda cool. I liked your editing - like the fade when santa got near the tree and the 'DING' its christmas scene. Bit short, though... still - good luck in the competition reviewed December 19, 2005
A LITTLE TIME (THE VIDEO) by 121068 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I watched this bad boy twice. Man. Man. Your technical ability with the game engine and post production has taken a quantum leap. It was ambiguous and lacked a clear story but then - hell - it was mea...
reviewed December 19, 2005
Bedtime Storys With Mr Grimm by cd3141 Horror
I would definitely consider taking this one down and re-uploading it with another Voice-over. I appreciate you were going for a spooky effect - and yeah - it was getting there... but I honestly could ... reviewed December 19, 2005
Payback by dm1241 Action
Featured Review
I ARRIVED VIA THE REVIEW RANDOM MOVIE BUTTON. Hey. I quite liked this in the end. I really liked the main character. You had the whole 'badass' thing down to a tee. More people should watch this. I li...
reviewed December 19, 2005
Heloise's Big Dream by Laithz Comedy
I CAME HERE VIA THE REVIEW RANDOM MOVIE BUTTON (Near the search) Well... er... it's the best movie I've ever seen about a man getting attacked by a rabbit who used his shower. I kind of feel like I ju... reviewed December 19, 2005
TV Parodie US by Willy-Wonka Comedy
This really was great. It showed a real flair for comedy and timing - something that's hard to come by in this community. I REALLY appreciated the fact you'd done an english-dubbed version - I have be... reviewed December 19, 2005
Being Old by rjb2112 Comedy
I'd heard the gags. That says something about me I guess. Nor do I know who Carrot top is either. This also says something about me I suppose. HA HA HA HA I'll three star this because of the British H... reviewed December 19, 2005
Hope by rjb2112 Romance
Featured Review
Well I'll say this. Here is a movie made by an adult. Hand on heart, lad - this for me was a fabulous romance movie. The dialogue was just so mature and well placed..and ... just so natural. It was a ...
reviewed December 19, 2005
Talk to me by stevostanley Romance
Featured Review
I stand by everything I said the first time round - and I give five of the very shiniest stars to ram home my humble seal of approval. You know I respect you anyway - but you also know I rate you on m...
reviewed December 19, 2005
Christmas American Style (final) by cdmvirt Comedy
Well... it was just... kind of short - and while I appreciate the intelligent perspective of the monologue - and the use of the engine in places... It could have been a forum post and been equally as ... reviewed December 19, 2005
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
I dunno... I wasn't gonna rate this at all - I was gonna walk away cos there's so many fives but I... just didn't think it was as funny as everybody else. I feel really bad. I just don't know why I di... reviewed December 18, 2005
Returning Unscathed Heroes by InnerFilm Action
Featured Review
Forgotten is my favourite film on this site - have these 5 on me.
reviewed December 18, 2005
They Reached by Zasamel Sci-Fi
That was really good first movie upload and there was loads of good things going for it. Fior one it's obvious your grip on dialogue is way more advanced than many movie makers out there. For two - yo... reviewed December 18, 2005
The Cause of Claus by Tarison Comedy
Yeah, you could tell you'd cut just about everything bar the skeleton to fit it in. I loved the VO of the green-suited Australian Santa Claus - it would be cool if you made a movie based in Australia ... reviewed December 18, 2005
Santa is a [censored!]er by LuciusVorenus Comedy
This to me was just a cynical attempt to cash in on Christmas. *cough* *cough* 5 stars. The song made it. That's not important. What's important is the lead role wore a Santa costume all the time, the... reviewed December 17, 2005
Carpe Diem by Strondor Horror
It's great. On all levels. Most people can only hope to get even close to this baby. reviewed December 17, 2005
Kasumi episode 1 by to-ri Action
For a first effort I gotta say - this is kinda good. I didn't get any sound... not sure if that was an upload bug. What I did like was your choice of scenes and your editing. Heck if your this good o... reviewed December 17, 2005
Romeo and Juliet Trailer by smgluver627 Romance
LOL - I have been waiting for the full movie of this now for days... The girl's voicover sounds great again. Just like it did with the haunt Looking forward to the full film. reviewed December 17, 2005
One Preachers Life by Xenocyde Romance
Featured Review
I see why you're frustrated at the lack of viewings for this - it really is quite good. I just didn't get the very end scene - and I'm sure there was a significance. Like when Robert De Niro glances i...
reviewed December 17, 2005
Illegal Immigration and You! Illegally Rel by UrinatingTree Comedy
Funny witty - and it had a chicken. I'm not even going to make a comment. reviewed December 17, 2005
Review Rabbit December 15th by CAMFROMTHECITY21 Comedy
Featured Review
It's took me the best part of a month to realise these kinds of movies are the only ones worth making with the game. This is the only film of its type worth turning into a series. It's bookmarked.
reviewed December 17, 2005
The Trial of Chico Reyes by Dylen Horror
The problem with doing a long reviewing stint is that you get to see the full spectrum of film-maker. Even with the difficulty turned up to the max, this is a five 'cos it was thoughful and provoking... reviewed December 17, 2005
What could go wrong by Sphinx86 Action
There were loads of good editing points and loads of great dialogue and if you haven't seen Goodfellas then I'll swim the English Channel. The Music really made the movie - and there's the problem. Li... reviewed December 17, 2005
The Year After Faith by Tempelritter Action
The good news is you have good stories to tell - and the ending clearly showed you have a sense of delivery and drama. It was a simple story of predjudice gone mad I suppose - and it's the first I've ... reviewed December 17, 2005
Crying Out Of Justice by Floyd_31 Action
You tell a good story - no doubt about it. I didn't see the twist coming and not many people can write a good script. It was intelligent and well thought out. I wasn't sure on the voiceover - it was ... reviewed December 17, 2005
Visions of Johanna by Gutts Romance
I was so tempted give this one five as you're obviously talented, man. Straight up. Loved the music. Everything about this screamed Ireland, mate and I think if you'da stuck closer to that feel it may... reviewed December 17, 2005
Redemption by ProdigyStudios Action
Nothing went wrong here. I really enjoyed the whole boys-own 'I'm going in through hell for my buddy' type stuff. You show a keen eye for drama - and did really well with the action set pieces. Here i... reviewed December 17, 2005
The Propshop by Chiprocks1 Comedy
It was okay. Kudos to you for editing the It ain't over scene so it's a three cos it made me chuckle. My tip: You can do films with subbies - but for the style you're offering voice over would help yo... reviewed December 17, 2005
The Crew of the Mighty Urchin Prologue by Weaver Sci-Fi
Well it's a two 'cos it's really short. There was absolutley nothing wrong with this. It was just so short... and yeah - it made me want to watch the whole thing... but there wasn't much to review. It... reviewed December 17, 2005
Letter Home by Emotep Romance
Yeah okay mate it was a bit emotional and it pulled my heartstrings but I didn't cry or anything. And yeah there was great music in here and it fitted nicely with the song - but I didn't cry or anythi... reviewed December 17, 2005
Marks Christmas Message by markrichardbehenna Action
Go on then :) reviewed December 17, 2005
Lord of the Dead Extended Cut by countryboy1980 Sci-Fi
Good film that. I thought the voiceover work was markedly better than most other peoples - this you probably already know. A cool trick for you would be to get an external audio program (a freebie dow... reviewed December 17, 2005
In The Dark by castlenaze Horror
Started amazingly. It had everything going for it bar a strong storyline - so I guess that's why it dragged a bit for me. Still a good film - and I liked the voiceover, too - but I'd go along with ani... reviewed December 17, 2005
Edgar Allen Poes - The Telltale Heart by justin_in_bangor Horror
Featured Review
You got it right. Big time. Everything that was promised by 'The Miracle' - evrything that was hidden by a small rant movie that grew too big - it all came home here. It came home rightly cheered by t...
reviewed December 17, 2005
Subway 2 by Sleeves Romance
Another film that makes me embarrassed at the amount of time it took me to get round to viewing it. It was depressing in a way - but does that mean we gotta keep churning out films with a guy in a chi... reviewed December 17, 2005
The Hunted Special Edition by FilmForge_Studios Action
I feel kind of stupid that its took me so long to get round to seeing this... You can tell it's a classic because I could have counted the editing cuts and engine tricks I've seen ripped off in other ... reviewed December 17, 2005
Loves Measure by Prinzess Romance
Second film much better than the first... great story... honestly... loved the ending... 3 stars more deserved than your first film thats the review. It's a 'better' 3 :) You definitely have a knack ... reviewed December 16, 2005
Life Is For Living by Prinzess Comedy
Featured Review
Early days. What I did like was the feminine angle and the fact the character was immediately identifiable with ... 'No wonder I smoke' hehe. Getting the characters across and having the confidence to...
reviewed December 16, 2005
The Movies Playing Loser by SalParadise Comedy
Didn't quite hit me with the force of the chicken flick... But it was funny... especially the army bit. 3 stars. You do realise what some smartass is gonna rate this as just for a feeble joke... don't you? reviewed December 16, 2005
E-Lovin II by jlhuddl Romance
I've gotta go with Lucius on this... but I'll notch up another star because of the Michael Bolton joke which made me laugh out loud. A three star film, held back by issues which are easy to fix. Try l... reviewed December 16, 2005
My Lesbian Lover is a flesh eating zombie by satansmunchkin Horror
It's a four cos of the door/couch cut scene, the great intro about the lab and because the poster was one of the best I've seen. (Takes in whole movie experience) I gotta say though, there was a lot o... reviewed December 16, 2005
Dark Snowflake by Yogurt_King Horror
Featured Review
Oh my God that was fabulous. Oh my God. I think some people may not like or appreciate this... that was just so good for me. I don't know what to say.
reviewed December 16, 2005
I LIKE TO WIN WIN WIN WIN!!! by sjefsjef Horror
This needed to be made. It needed to be said. 'Fun Film Ting' You've just made my [eye-hurting-word!]ing night. reviewed December 15, 2005
Hovis Hollywood Legend by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Great film. reviewed December 15, 2005
Nosferatu by Yogurt_King Horror
Deffo four stars for the music side of it... you will make better than this I reckon... but four stars well deserved. reviewed December 15, 2005
War of the Stars The Hope by worldwriter Sci-Fi
Featured Review
What you've basically done here is make the film every star wars film nut wants to make when he buys the game. Good for you, mate. 3 stars.
reviewed December 15, 2005
THE ALL GIRL CLUB by 121068 Romance
Featured Review
Fired relentlessly bad gags at me until I was forced to capitulate and laugh. Suffered from being better than the subject it was parodying. What can I say? I'm a fan. 4 stars.
reviewed December 15, 2005
League of Presidents Billy and the Invaders by Fedaredan Action
Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha. That was excellent. Loved the voice-overs... bit rambly perhaps but it still made me laugh. Especially when the three came together at the end. reviewed December 15, 2005
Charlie The Chicken by Fedaredan Comedy
Featured Review
Look, I'll hold my hands up and admit this. You were on a winner with me as soon as I realised there was a chicken in this. But the voice over for this is quite simply brilliant - as was its execution...
reviewed December 15, 2005
Saturday the 14th by FatherJames Horror
Featured Review
Thank you for re-uploading this gem. Please can people watch this and realise this is as good as the Slasher satire gets. Your best film Father James. (Well that's my view anyway)
reviewed December 15, 2005
dark night the start of it all by solosaber Action
It doesn't deserve a three as you'll get better than this - but it's the first film I've seen directed by an Alien... which had me in fits of giggles so... three stars. Thanks Solosaber :) reviewed December 15, 2005
The Grammar Police by Emotep Sci-Fi
Good film - I thought the voice acting was a bit wooden in bits, perhaps - but I go along wholeheartedly with the reasoning behind it. Never have I watched a film's subtitles as much in the hope of s... reviewed December 15, 2005
Adrians Decision by Deus-Ex-2000 Action
Good little revenge story, that. I appreciated the fact you had to go into a second language for the subtitles... I liked the fact you edited scenes to keep the pace up - but you could have cut even m... reviewed December 15, 2005
They Grow Not Old by Beery1 Action
Featured Review
This is one of the best films made with the game engine. Almost certainly the best war film I've seen on TMO. A classic example of how to make a war movie. It's not about the bullets or the blood - i...
reviewed December 15, 2005
Private SNAFUs Last Cruise by DrMovie Comedy
Words and the english language cannot describe what I thought when I saw this and realised how you made it. You must have been a nervous wreck at the end of that! I just got images of the post product... reviewed December 14, 2005
The Cab Story by MattMitchell Romance
...and yet another brilliant little film passes the majority of viewers by... I really liked this. I liked the way the story unfolded - it was simple - but it was character driven. Not too sure about ... reviewed December 14, 2005
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
I enjoyed this. Was it the song? Was it the video? Was it the barmaid's knockers? Do I care? No. 5 stars. reviewed December 14, 2005
Mr Underwear by Sam Comedy
A sprawling space epic which redefines the term 'not-good'. Why am I laughing? reviewed December 14, 2005
The Author who really wasnt by sparrowtm Horror
It was brilliant - with clever use of custom backdrops and a raft of ideas. The female voice over in this (and other films) is always exceptional - professional voice-over quality which is easy to und... reviewed December 14, 2005
Roger Prop Shop by CAMFROMTHECITY21 Comedy
I've seen this happen before - when a studio is trying tricks out with the game engine and audio with little releases like this and your last one. It usually ends up with them releasing a classic. No... reviewed December 14, 2005
All TMO Fads DIE DIE DIE!!! by Buccura Comedy
Hard to describe the depth to which some of the in jokes run. Very funny. Job done. reviewed December 14, 2005
Marks Community Service by markrichardbehenna Comedy
Funny in bits - in others not so much. I'd definately echo the subs problem with the spelling. I know what this is based on and where it hails from... but ... you can do WAY better than this - you pro... reviewed December 14, 2005
Origins by FatherJames Comedy
Another quality release... loved the confident voice-over work.... good voice for it too. I'm still a bit gutted you took Saturday the 14th down as it was one of my favourite movies. I gotta limit th... reviewed December 14, 2005
The Baggage Boy by stevostanley Comedy
Featured Review
I was going to award this a three when I realised I was too stupid to count that high.
reviewed December 13, 2005
That suit dont suit ya! by stevostanley Horror
Featured Review
A movie that was thoroughly enjoyable until it was interrupted by the nurse injecting me with chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride. My bowels failed. 2 stars.
reviewed December 13, 2005
The Doughboy by stevostanley Comedy
Featured Review
What do you call cheese that is not yours? Nachocheese. 2 stars - go and buy a pirate hat when the propshop opens.
reviewed December 13, 2005
Cymbalism by stevostanley Action
Featured Review
I thought I was watching the REAL King Kong!! Then I realised - I actually was and I had clicked on the wrong MPEG file. Awesome!!!
reviewed December 13, 2005
Dogs Of This Parish by stevostanley Horror
Nice one! Watch my movies, please: 1.Predator and/or 2.The frog prince and/or 3.Predator 2 (Voting-trailer) reviewed December 13, 2005
Noah's Park by stevostanley Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Sprawling in its interpretation - and hesitantly directed in parts - which adds to the suspense - this is truly a film that has been uploaded purely for virtual credits - and yet says something about ...
reviewed December 13, 2005
The Marriage by stevostanley Romance
Featured Review
It's almost as if this film is not only randomly generated by the game but to make it even more random you spliced scenes erratically and just shuffled them up into no order what so ever. No chickens,...
reviewed December 13, 2005
Funicular Railway Of Death by stevostanley Horror
Featured Review
Yet another film without thought, plot or Chickens - it's almost as if this has been uploaded for VC - just as you have said in your studio blurb.
reviewed December 13, 2005
Graveyard Of Heroes by stevostanley Horror
Featured Review
Chickenless crap. Here is your one virtual credit :)
reviewed December 13, 2005
Confessions of the Chicken by SalParadise Comedy
Featured Review
Nobody appreciates this movie as much as me. Even the man who made it.
reviewed December 10, 2005
An Open Letter To Lionhead by justin_in_bangor Comedy
This is not the only ambitious game with release bugs. You're fooling yourself if you think this is going to worry Lionhead in the slightest. It had clever visual tricks but thats about it. I preferr... reviewed December 10, 2005
Rock of the Marne by Angelo_Santino Action
Featured Review
To be honest I was just gonna walk away without giving any more reviews because I'm on a bit of a downer on the system at the mo - but... I've been waiting for this so here goes. Loads of people are g...
reviewed December 10, 2005
Duckman by captainova Comedy
5 stars. It has a man in a chicken suit and - I really don't care anymore. reviewed December 9, 2005
Erm - what can I say? I can't give it more than three even though it had me in stitches. I mean it really really had me in stitches. I can only thank God I didn't watch this when I was stoned or they ... reviewed December 9, 2005
Talk to me by stevostanley Romance
Featured Review
I hope this is the first review as this one deserves a good send off. Isn't it great when a studio realises what it can do well - and then improves upon it anyway. Flying pig has a message and it's de...
reviewed December 9, 2005
LAUGHING CHICKEN The Clucktrix by 121068 Comedy
Featured Review
I find it strangely comforting that I am one of the the first people to review this movie. This marks a welcome departure for Saffron Walden's leading pink stand-up chicken comic, Colin Smith. Comfor...
reviewed December 9, 2005
Rain of feathers by Nikells Action
Let me make this absolutely clear: There are two kinds of people in this world: There are those that realise that the chicken suited-guy flick is the backbone of the movie-making industy And there ar... reviewed December 9, 2005
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I've watched all your later work before this one - and with all their clever tricks and devious use of the engine - it was with satisfaction that I witnessed them alongside the ultimate ingredient. Th...
reviewed December 8, 2005
Dawn of the Chicken by mucas_arts Horror
What it had going for it was a bunch of funny men in chicken suits. ...and sometimes thats all a film needs. I laughed my head off. I'm only giving you four stars because I honestly think I make bet... reviewed December 8, 2005
No Bounty by Cranium8768 Action
Kinda liked the story - it did sit up as a story in its own right, like you said - but I suppose I would have appreciated it if I'd seen the other. There were some nice edits - and some good dialogue ... reviewed December 8, 2005
This aint no movie! by batgra Comedy
Kinda faded away at the end instead of finishing... but the pseudo Bobby De Niro had me in stitches. Big time. 4 stars. reviewed December 8, 2005
Unnecessary by batgra Comedy
It made me smile but I didn't laugh out loud. I guess, that's how I rate the comedies I watch. The guy doing the mechanic voice sounded really vacant. That was a real plus. reviewed December 8, 2005
Nothing But Red by kaipan Horror
It was very well done - and, aptly enough, felt like an oriental horror in style. And style it most certainly did have. The editing and production values were exceptional - but I honestly couldn't hel... reviewed December 8, 2005
Blind Date by thejesus Horror
Featured Review
This is. Without a doubt. Your best movie. (so far) I thought the story was slow at the start and I still reckon you could have cut that down - but when the expose came... it flew in at 200 miles an h...
reviewed December 8, 2005
A Few Of My Favorite Goofs by justin_in_bangor Comedy
er.... this is similar to something I made a while back... I reckon you should take a look. I liked what you were saying - they were different points to mine... it just didn't make me laugh as much as... reviewed December 7, 2005
Forbidden Passion by Beery1 Romance
It's edited brilliantly. It's also handled deftly. It's narrated intelligently. But... I just couldn't tear myself away from the fact that these were two computer animated models and it just didn't si... reviewed December 7, 2005
The-Ride by Donthecritic Action
It's a definite improvement over your first film - no doubt. There were no continuity errors at all here and its obvious your increasing familiarity with the game is helping. That was a lot, though. A... reviewed December 7, 2005
I Will Kill You Tuesday by SalParadise Comedy
It made me laugh - it was 3 stars creeping to 4 and it just about got there because the woman's voice-over was really good and it reminded me of a show I used to watch called Sledge Hammer. But I cou... reviewed December 7, 2005
Helios by markrichardbehenna Sci-Fi
Damn. You're a victim of your own film. If I'd have thought for a second you couldn't make 'what went wrong' - which I reckons one of the best films out there - I'd have five starred you for this. It ... reviewed December 7, 2005
The Greatest Rant of All Time by jordanliles Comedy
Well - I thought parts of it were very true. Like the bit about bugs... But I disagreed with some of it... I still think it gives as good an outlet as we've had to tell stories and make people laugh w... reviewed December 7, 2005
The Truth About Lightsabers by Radedge Comedy
I almost limited this to a three, because I was mildly enjoying the premise but I couldn't really understand the cat... and then came the final monologue. That's the point this movie drove down my st... reviewed December 7, 2005
Fun with Flaws by CAMFROMTHECITY21 Comedy
I read the description - and it's not junk. It's got plenty of ideas in here that people can use to give variety to the engine. The acting school portion (at least the bit with the empty chair and del... reviewed December 7, 2005
Music Video - I wanna save you by kinesis916 Action
I'd echo what Dylen said, really. Especially about the copyright police and liking the music. I liked the switch from guy to robot in the subway car - sat well with the music and said a lot about wha... reviewed December 7, 2005
The Economy of Grace by aLAINmOREAU Action
From the opening it was clear the production values were gonna be through the roof on this... and I do have a vague awareness of Tannhauser... I have to admit the oak tree/staff analogy made me smile.... reviewed December 7, 2005
Chance Meeting by rjb2112 Romance
Featured Review
It's a nice simple, romance (It hinged solely on romance) - and a good solid first effort in my view. There were some nice subtle touches... the authentic gist of the 1930's dialogue. The courage to s...
reviewed December 7, 2005
Dick Drake the Price Tag Murder Case Pt1 by stevostanley Comedy
Good production values. Custom music... But... I judge comedies on whether they make me laugh and I'll have to be honest - I've seen funnier today. There were good jokes in there but I was sat waiting... reviewed December 6, 2005
Battle Rap - Snow Dogg vs Blax Majic by reddemonlee Comedy
Featured Review
It's a comedy. It made me laugh. What more can you ask for? Matter of fact it had me in stitches. The voices were really funny - I've heard the steven hawkings rap gag on the web and this is similar -...
reviewed December 6, 2005
The Cost Of Freedom - The Directors Cut by justin_in_bangor Action
I class this movie better than the average for a number of reasons... 1. The natural dialogue of the American soldier gives both a nice narrative and an almost indie hipness. I've yet to see this anyw... reviewed December 6, 2005
Masterbattle Extreme by Tarison Action
"Why is there being animal noises in this filmzor it made no sence it just made me laugh but it made no sence. The fighting reminded me of Matrix but there was no womens in there so it sucked a bit co... reviewed December 6, 2005
The Ganymede Cluster by Donthecritic Sci-Fi
Yeah... I'd have to be honest and say it wasn't that good - although first attempts rarely are. That's not to say it's not without merit. There were clear ideas on display at times - and a sense of pa... reviewed December 6, 2005
Lone Star by InnerFilm Comedy
Yeah - it's another great idea. I like your train of thought - although it's probably de-railed :) Great use of music. Hard to give it more than 4 when I've seen you do better (your work straight afte... reviewed December 6, 2005
Forgotten by InnerFilm Comedy
Featured Review
Am I missing something here? I thought that was great. I can't understand why nobody else gets this. Hell, you've even criticized it yourself. In a world where 99% of a community produce the same film...
reviewed December 6, 2005
Japanese Shopping by Surumon_White Comedy
As a film it doesn't contain narrative and possesses (admittedly hard to avoid) continuity errors. I'll give you two stars. As a school project its a great example of using your initiative. Your teac... reviewed December 6, 2005
Description of a Fool by syme Romance
Stands like an adult amongst children reviewed December 6, 2005
Kung Fu Disco by skarsten Action
It's three stars for a reason. There's an attempt here... It's an attempt to answer the question - how do you take all the usual kung-fu set pieces and turn out something nobody else has done. Nobody ... reviewed December 5, 2005
The Heist by skarsten Action
Featured Review
You're gonna get a lot of reviews which say the voice over was brilliant. Of course it was. You already know this. It was far better than the average and it makes me look at my broken audio input and ...
reviewed December 5, 2005
Police Academy by vadared Comedy
It was ok. It's clear both your first two pictures are early attempts. The problem is there's a lot of similar pictures out there so you gotta think real hard what tricks you can pull in both the stor... reviewed December 5, 2005
The Double-Crossed Dame by writeruk Horror
Well I kinda liked it. And I feel it deserves thorough analysis. Wa-hey... here goes. It felt very short... and even if (as I assume) your doing this in story mode - you can still churn out blockbuste... reviewed December 5, 2005
Am Ende der Distanz by Meowan Romance
In a funny kind of way, having dialogue in German and subtitles in English gave the film a more profound feel... it's probably hard for you and other Germans to understand this as, obviously, you coul... reviewed December 5, 2005
The Baggage Boy - producers cut by LuciusVorenus Comedy
I got the joke. It made me laugh. Quite a lot. But I'd hate myself for giving you more than 3. reviewed December 5, 2005
K7 - Episode II by Markana Sci-Fi
It's another good film. Great voices. The training montages and use of prop trees in the forest to bring variety were truly inspired. That was the highlight of the film for me. The creepy government g... reviewed December 5, 2005
K7 by Markana Sci-Fi
Hey that was good that... I'm not sure how I arrived at this - I think I saw your poster in a forum. Glad I did now... Not too sure about the fight scene - thought it went on a bit. Aliens and kung-fu... reviewed December 5, 2005
Lust by satansmunchkin Romance
Phew. That's a very personal tale - and it's delivered in a very personal manner. I can't think of many people who've watched this and haven't thought of a similar moment in their own lives. Some touc... reviewed December 5, 2005
Just (OC) by kfresh97 Action
Gotta wait for the directors cut for a review - it needed dialogue. Plus, when the directors cut comes out it could do with editing, and being shorter. I reckon, anyway, What the hell do I know? 3 sta... reviewed December 5, 2005
SWG the end ( if SOE win) by gamedude15 Action
Well - I think I'm the wrong person to review this movie - cos I know next to nothing about the SWG problem but... here goes... There were some great jokes in here - I liked the 'How do you switch thi... reviewed December 5, 2005
Good Idea-Bad Idea Deneument by Deikon Comedy
Well - you start off with an advantage making a movie like this - because you're obviously blokes naturally. I haven't seen the others (as I'm not a big fan of serials) so the... 'last time on...' was... reviewed December 5, 2005
Snap by dubbya Action
Tough to review... it's got 'early work' written all over it - yet I couldn't view your later stuff because I hadn't seen the Moleneux interview and the rest were test uploads. The last line was a cor... reviewed December 5, 2005
Flash Back by Rennstar Action
It was obvious that careful planning went into this and there were some devious uses of the game engine. I particularly liked the broken window - sneak out little twist you worked in. This film suffer... reviewed December 5, 2005
Fighting Blind by mixmasterfestus Action
Featured Review
Easy to review. It was 5 stars early on in the piece - leaving me plenty of time to enjoy the movie. It was truly excellent. Nothing too flashy. Nothing forced. Just a story worked into the engine and...
reviewed December 5, 2005
Outer Worlds by playful_cpl2029 Sci-Fi
Yeah... decent Sci Fi B movie that. I liked the narrative at the start - and the focus on the planet (when it zoomed through the viewscreen). I'm guessing English isn't your first language so I can fo... reviewed December 5, 2005
Real Romance by Rennstar Romance
Featured Review
A classic case of when I give a studio's movie 4-stars (Grigori), wondering if I was generous enough because it was really good - then I see a film by the same studio that they got pretty much bang on...
reviewed December 5, 2005
Book of the dead directors cut by Canis_Aureus Horror
Well now... the movie itself was clearly above the average -run-of-the-mill evil dead tribute. But I get a sneaking suspicion this excercise was all about the one area in which it truly excels: SOUND ... reviewed December 5, 2005
Grigori by Rennstar Action
One of the problems of a film as good as this... (and it is very good indeed) is that the smaller errors you don't notice in lesser films come to the fore more readily. There is, quite frankly, a raft... reviewed December 5, 2005
Letting Go by sparrowtm Romance
Simply fabulous again... There are fade and technical issues (I have these with my scenes, too) but these cannot detract from what is a wonderfully inventive use of the game engine and a stand-out fil... reviewed December 5, 2005
Cyberphunk closes the curtains by sparrowtm Sci-Fi
... a film which comfortably makes me feel ashamed for somehow not coming to see the work from this studio earlier... I get a sinking feeling, as I go to view its previous work, that the above comment... reviewed December 5, 2005
Kid The Kidder by betelman Comedy
It's a shame 'Kid the Kidder' is a default movie name, as I nearly didn't watch this. Glad I did mind, as it made me chuckle... 3 stars... as you'll easily do better films than this. reviewed December 5, 2005
The "Delivery" Boy by Ithkaris1 Comedy
If I studied english for fifteen years I couldn't have come up with a better review than betelman. 1 extra star for guys in chicken suits - my weak spot. reviewed December 5, 2005
i dont mind by FoDooG Romance
I gave a previous film of yours a four-star rating because of the effort and the great laser rifle joke. This film makes me wish I'd not been so generous - as it makes it clear you were capable of som... reviewed December 5, 2005
A little healthy competition by castlenaze Comedy
The whole thing revolved around an idea - and a unique one at that. The voicover wasn't that bad at all - at least your audio input works!! It was easy to overlook the technical glitches which weren't... reviewed December 5, 2005
One Night in September by ryz0283 Romance
Featured Review
It was intelligent, very well constructed and expertly written with great dialogue - which is the backbone of film noir. However I couldn't help wondering whether there was too much in the way of soun...
reviewed December 5, 2005
Killer Picnic by PopcornGod Horror
It was okay - and it definitely benefitted from having the custom music track... but what you've done here is make a standard slasher movie... you've done a good job - but there's so many standard sla... reviewed December 5, 2005
The Miracle by justin_in_bangor Comedy
Featured Review
Uses the fart gag with a single deadly blow, much like an assassin. One of the best fart gag movies available... and nice editing to fit with the music but I couldn't help feel the story had to be str...
reviewed December 5, 2005
Fire and Forget by nukester Action
I liked bits of it... It seemed to go on an awful long time - It was clear that a lot of effort went in - but I just thought the whole thing didn't stretch well over 13 minutes. I liked the music, min... reviewed December 4, 2005
The Summoner by doubletake Action
(reviewed in full in second film) reviewed December 4, 2005
The Summoner part 2 Fenrir by doubletake Action
(review for both) I loved the way you'd edited both of these... and the dialogue used showed a natural flair. However I couldn't help but feel the story was rushed at the end, as if you were having to... reviewed December 4, 2005
Dr Dingdong And The Speedy Spaceship by plopphizz Sci-Fi
That was ace. That was just so... so... Ace. I can't type I'm laughing. So many films take the joke and stretch it too long - this was just right. Stupid. Funny. Priceless. Still laughing. I saved it ... reviewed December 4, 2005
Man Walks into a Bar by markusdragon Comedy
What a fabulous, rambling film. The scene edits were so good and it'll be sad when lesser studios nick the idea off you. I laughed out loud at the jokes about the game engine limits... 'no we can't do... reviewed December 4, 2005
Trails and Conversations by markusdragon Action
I liked it - and I actually arrived here by way of your movie poster on the forum. My review is biased 'cos I liked the poster, heheh. Weird idea - and I liked the voice of the second guy (Nick Stone?... reviewed December 4, 2005
My Trip Through The Movies - LV by richke Comedy
I gave you four stars on another film with a comment akin to: just in case you could go better. I'm glad I did that now - 5 stars for this it's brilliant. The Voice overs were hilarious. Wow a robot. reviewed December 4, 2005
One Star Bandit by Sevenhertz Comedy
That has to be easily the best voice over I've heard in a movie. Plus it contains the great joke 'no sorry you're a w*nker' - which made me laugh out loud. reviewed December 4, 2005
Confessions Of A Supreme Being by Strondor Comedy
There are great moments in comedy and the 101010 joke was right there. The VO seemed a bit loud and a couple of jokes fell slightly flat (in comparison to others) - but the robots were such quality en... reviewed December 4, 2005
The last few seconds by stevostanley Romance
Featured Review
Yeah - it's 5 stars alright. Gotta love films which take the engine like a piece of clay and try and work out new shapes. It's unique and well thought out and the voice over fitted well. I'm a north w...
reviewed December 4, 2005
Welcome Home B side by animeabe Horror
That was really good. Good voice-over - and I loved the editing - how I wish more people would make an effort in that direction. I liked your choice of set use, which was clever - especially towards t... reviewed December 4, 2005
You Want 5 Stars I Got 5 Stars by richke Comedy
It was really good technically (Excellent Voice over) and a good comment, but it seemed like a real personal subject matter so it just left me feeling like I was on the outside looking in a bit... and... reviewed December 4, 2005
LAUGHING CHICKEN Out of His Shell!!! by 121068 Comedy
Featured Review
Surely the best Pink Stand-up comedian Chicken to hail from Saffron Walden. But, yes, I had heard the jokes...
reviewed December 3, 2005
You and Me Lady by rawvoodoo Romance
Plus points include. 1. They didn't take themselves seriously - 2. The vocorder worked well (Is it a vocorder?) 3. - and most importantly; The protagonist looked like Steve Guttenberg. The clinking g... reviewed December 3, 2005
Hello Mr Nightmare by Buccura Horror
It was definately unsettling. Good editing and the backwards-y music did it's job with aplomb. It's a five - and one of those hard-to-get 5's as well. reviewed December 3, 2005
She Aint Human by mprimus Action
You've improved vastly since this. Are you sure you're the same person? :) reviewed December 3, 2005
Godfather Conspiracy Part II by unseen_infection Action
I just love the way you put all the camerawork together. It's just a joy. Honestly. It really is. Not too sure about the plot but the camerawork and editing is second to none. Once again - it REALLY f... reviewed December 3, 2005
Dropping the Hammer by mprimus Sci-Fi
Featured Review
It was approximately 1 minute and 8 seconds into this movie I realised it was going to get five stars. Having freed myself from the responsibility of rating it I spent the remaining 3 minutes and 29 s...
reviewed December 3, 2005
The SkullMaster V2 by Lipzinator Horror
Featured Review
Nice set pieces again and your sense of humour makes this a four star for me. Even in my tight-fisted frame of mind. Your other film I gave three stars to is probably better technically, but I guess c...
reviewed December 3, 2005
Scarlet Angel by Lipzinator Action
That was good. Parts of it were fabulous. Some of the musical timings and action setpieces were expertly done. The editing was so good you couldn't tell it was there. And that's good. I would have pro... reviewed December 3, 2005
The Truce of 1914 by augie64 Action
Yep, good movie that - I enjoyed it even though I know the story inside out. Shame about the typos in the subbies - especially when you consider how much effort you put into this - that's the only rea... reviewed December 3, 2005
Go West Young Chicken by chrid Action
I love chicken movies. I have no shame admitting this. I love westerns. Ergo: I love westerns with chickens. This film was on a winner with me from the word go. Plus the guy doing the chicken voice-ov... reviewed December 3, 2005
The Many Faces of Michael by ElysiumRyan Horror
Ha ha ha ha. Bwa hahahaha. I would have given this a five if you would have used the modern Zombie costume with the eye falling out, mind. A good gag - not dragged out too long. I'll give it a healthy... reviewed December 3, 2005
All For Going To The Top of The Movies by DavidSS Comedy
Featured Review
Great Jokes in there. Loved the one about the props. The last part was very funny indeed.
reviewed December 3, 2005
Gaza 2005 by CAMFROMTHECITY21 Horror
Well I liked it for a number of reasons. 1. It felt like a modern desert war film without you having access to actual saudi sets. 2. It was clear the subject was something you have a lot of knowledge ... reviewed December 3, 2005
Alien Attackings by jkg5 Action
The thing I liked about this is that it's obvious you had a blast making it. Red Aliens. Green Aliens. Lasers. Evil Jedi's and Spaceships. Loads of colour. Loads of action. It made me smile. This is w... reviewed December 3, 2005
Haunt by smgluver627 Horror
Featured Review
This kicks the sequel clear into touch. It's MILES better. It felt creepy and (once again) the voice over by the girl was great. I'd like to see a complete story in one go by this studio. Not a big fa...
reviewed December 3, 2005
The Final Haunt by smgluver627 Horror
Featured Review
Well... I liked the editing - the voice-overs were a bit mumbly, but the girl doing voiceover work did well. Some nice cuts and shots and lip-synching. Music was well implemented. Plot was hard to fol...
reviewed December 3, 2005
The 2000 Comedy by jkg5 Comedy
Not so much a comedy as a statement about the state of film-making perhaps. 3 stars because of the idea I guess. reviewed December 3, 2005
PIMP by lugfam93 Comedy
HA HA HA HA HA. Kids these days etc etc. I blame Gangster Rap I do. etc etc. 3 stars. reviewed December 3, 2005
Godfather Conspiracy by unseen_infection Action
Definately better than the first - and that strong visual flair remains. A really good period piece. All the props and costumes had been correctly placed and it reeked of atmosphere. Dialogue again wa... reviewed December 3, 2005
Drawing Fate by unseen_infection Action
Can't believe nobody else made any comments... so here goes. All just my opinion, mind. Main point: I liked it. Plus points. You showed some real cinematic flair in that. Craning into and out of intro... reviewed December 3, 2005
HighSchool A force to be reckoned with by Kaizaka Action
Well... I enjoyed bits of the voice over and... er... that's it really. Kind of felt like somebody just having a mess about and experimenting with what the game can do. I've done that. Good effort tho... reviewed December 3, 2005
Your Mum Does It For A Fiver by leather_apron Action
A movie which proudly sets the bar of stupidity at a record high. A million monkeys at a million typewriters may come up with Shakespeare - but they'd never manage this. Contains the best sequence of ... reviewed December 3, 2005
What Went Wrong by markrichardbehenna Romance
I'm a wordy review writer and this movie deserves a lot. I'm kinda generous with my stars. I guess its because I want people to enjoy the game and if I don't have anything good to say I try and hold b... reviewed December 3, 2005
My Dream Girl by NeoManic Comedy
Featured Review
Well... I loved the cuts on the alien - that was very well placed. Not too sure about the numerous music backings and abrupt cuts. Didn't get the rabbit. Don't think I was supposed to, mind. Talented ...
reviewed December 3, 2005
Never trust on stranger by --JB-- Romance
Featured Review
Simple story - boy meets girl - boy falls for girl - boy slaughters girl. Who can you trust these days? Nice cuts and edits. I thought it went on a bit, perhaps, but I do suffer from a 3 minute attent...
reviewed December 3, 2005
Invasion of the freakin freak chickens! by TheDrizzle Comedy
Chickens! Guns!! Action!!! Get your filthy hands off me you dang dirty chicken. Bit long. But ultimately succeeded in what it set out to achieve. 3 stars - very close to a four - ah what the hell. 4 stars. reviewed December 3, 2005
Chickens Family Reunion V2 by Lipzinator Comedy
Still chickens. Still funny. Still 4 stars. reviewed December 3, 2005
The Pirates of the Boon Nebula by SimonKnight Sci-Fi
Well I have to say I enjoyed that one. Short and sweet just like I like 'em. It really felt like a Sci-Fi B movie. You put real effort into the characters and action set pieces. Good idea with the rob... reviewed December 3, 2005
Chickens Family Reunion by Lipzinator Comedy
Featured Review
I should know better than to give it 4 stars - but... chickens. And lots of them. A Chicken sitcom. 4 stars from me - especially cause of the canned laughter. The novelty of guys in chicken suits has...
reviewed December 3, 2005
Drink and Drive Ad by antswillrulesoon Action
Featured Review
Miles better than your other stuff - and the subject matter's very important to me. I'll give you three stars.
reviewed December 3, 2005
Arms Dealers by pendragon854 Action
Featured Review
I wonder what film you're a big fan of then? That was excellently constructed and delivered with aplomb. Every bit as good as the trailer suggested. 5 stars. Nothing less.
reviewed December 3, 2005
Mark White PIL Ep2 by d-myze Comedy
"You home may be at risk..." - that was a REALLY funny moment. He's probably more lenient than most of the lawyers I know. 3 stars plus one for the 'Your Home may be at Risk' gag. reviewed December 3, 2005
The Fartage Weights by Eakster Comedy
Featured Review
Rarely has there been a better placed fart than the first failed weightlift attempt. Amazing to think this wasn't thought up before. Inspired. It mugged me and took four stars. What the hell? My lip i...
reviewed December 3, 2005
College Daze by Mishkin1986 Action
Ok, ok - so there was no story to speak of - but if anybody wants to see how to put VO into their movie they should watch this flick. They were - without exception - brilliant. I hope you make more mo... reviewed December 3, 2005
And the story is still the same by Mackzter Action
I liked this... I liked the statements at the start which open up the story. I liked the weirdo kung-fu fighting clown thing. I especially liked your use of a single unseen gunshot. Lost its way a tee... reviewed December 3, 2005
Mistaken - Part 2 by Kenny_Lungus Horror
It confused me a little... but it succeeded in being creepy, and the ending was constructed with geniune talent. Hey, what the hell do I know anyway? If you get a chance have a look at some of my effo... reviewed December 3, 2005
3 Hours Later - An Other Story by Andy1985 Action
Yeah, it must have been tough with the cross-language thing (Hey - you speak more languages than me) - but the quality of some of the set-pieces in here are undeniable. What REALLY counts for me, thou... reviewed December 3, 2005
Harry Pothead - And the Joint of Fire by Mackzter Comedy
Went on a little bit I guess - but the 'I can see my hand' gag was funny. Well - I thought so, anyways. Plus - I liked the editing. A lot of effort went in so I'll give it three stars. reviewed December 2, 2005
Arseface The Returnalisation by SpaceChicken8563 Horror
I was kinda tired when I watched it. 1 point for the fact the guy did have a face like an arse. One point for the name Busty McBoob which is bargain basement comedy of the lowest order (Just my type) ... reviewed December 2, 2005
Arms Dealers trailer by pendragon854 Action
That was ace. Totally felt like a trailer - and it made me want to watch the full feature. Thanks for watching my movie, by the way... I put an explanation of it in my profile... just so people could get it :) reviewed December 2, 2005
Jesus vs Muhammed vs L Ron Hubbard by Yngvelli Action
Featured Review
Possibly the most offensive movie thus far. Extraordinarily funny. I just hope some religious freak don't stick a fatwa on you, man. I'm deducting a star just in case God gets annoyed. 4 star movie.
reviewed December 2, 2005
Urban legend- knock at the door by Offspring Horror
Didn't have quite a strong a twist in the tail as the other two - but it was directed really creepily (again). Wavering between three and four stars... what the hell... 4 stars. reviewed December 2, 2005
Redundancy by Tarison Romance
Featured Review
That was, like, EXTREMELY sinister... but why did you do the non-suitable music thing? I know you said you did it on purpose in your intro up there but with a sinister soundtrack this would have been ...
reviewed December 2, 2005
Sing Along With War Droid by The_Other_Lucas Comedy
Featured Review
Not as funny as I was expecting (it's personal preference at the end of the day) but the subtitle work was awesome. 4 stars - and I reckon this is going to get a lot of 5's
reviewed December 2, 2005
The ANZ by WavFive Action
It wasn't bad at all - The dialogue was really well put together and had character ... 'take the shot'. Great stuff. You suit action flicks. It would have been nicer if the scenes had been pared down ... reviewed December 2, 2005
Danniellas Fate by rulksterlove Romance
It certainly DIDN'T suck. It's hard to do 'serious' with the game engine - but this was a decent stab. I thought the poetic narrative was unique and gave your film a different 'feel' to other peoples.... reviewed December 2, 2005
Way of The World by QiSnake Action
3 stars for the clever use of the game engine when he was shadow boxing. Very creative. reviewed December 1, 2005
The Butterfly by Lefthander Romance
Featured Review
The best romance flick I've seen. Real thought went into that. The dialogue was steeped in forties cinematic atmosphere. Great work, but I'll agree with the poster about the overlapping subtitles. 4 w...
reviewed December 1, 2005
You Buy Now You Pay Later by reddemonlee Comedy
Featured Review
I've had to do a job similar to that. I laughed for the full 1 minutes and (count them) four seconds. A good joke is hard to find. Thats why I'm notching up 4 stars for Akmar and his cell phones.
reviewed December 1, 2005
The Day the Earth Threw Up by SkylerMystwood Horror
It earns two stars alone for that fabulous title. You can tell it was ambitious, some nice touches too - especially the crane in and out to start and finish. It could have benefitted with a bit of pos... reviewed December 1, 2005
Urban legend - the babysitter 2nd edition by Offspring Horror
Featured Review
Creepy as hell. Creepy. As. Hell. Really really good - although this kind of thing is just up my street. A comfortable 5 stars from me.
reviewed December 1, 2005
Urban legend- Bloody mary by Offspring Horror
Featured Review
That really was a good film. Probably would have benefitted with a bit more music but the editing was exceptional. And it genuinely felt unique and creepy - which is a hard thing to achieve when every...
reviewed December 1, 2005
Foreign Rampage by antswillrulesoon Action
stick to nintendo reviewed December 1, 2005
Little Titan by antswillrulesoon Sci-Fi
pants reviewed December 1, 2005
The Conscience of Money by antswillrulesoon Action
Like the man says - why was this posted? reviewed December 1, 2005
Tenderspirit by antswillrulesoon Romance
Isn't this one of the default scripts? reviewed December 1, 2005
Inventory by azuresama Sci-Fi
I liked it. Novel idea. reviewed December 1, 2005
Case Closed by bigcheese1 Action
Nice gangster flick, Bigcheese. Nice attention to detail with the cars and everything. 4 stars. reviewed December 1, 2005
A thousand Summers by psychosamurai7 Action
Very good idea - nicely implemented. The final note was inspired. reviewed December 1, 2005
is that poo on my shoeOr brains by poopiemcgee04 Action
It's still amazing to think that after all the movies I've watched I still find the bloke-in-a-chicken suit thing funny. Shame the sound messed up on you. 1 star for the purple chicken. 1 star for the... reviewed December 1, 2005
Fun with Gun 101 - Laserrifles by FoDooG Comedy
I reckon it's got one good gag. But it's a hell of a gag. 3 stars for the movie itself plus an extra star for all the effort you put in. reviewed December 1, 2005
The Ducky In My Head by QiSnake Horror
Stupid and puerile. That's perhaps why I enjoyed it so much. 3 well-earned stars. reviewed December 1, 2005
The Greys by BJS Horror
Shame the filmstock made it look so dark. But it's clear you have a knack for this thing, as I was left with that 'hanging-on' feeling when you've watched a movie with a good twist at the end. Plus yo... reviewed December 1, 2005
The Life of a Giant Duck by ILikeItWenDaBloodComesOut Comedy
Just watching the duck walking into and across the bathroom was 3-stars on it's own. Sad ending - but probably close to the truth (if you were a giant duck). reviewed December 1, 2005
The Tale of Colt Rader by mez561 Action
The camera crane into the saloon and Colt walking through the doors was timed to perfection. I reckon this wasn't made in sandbox, so I'll give it a 4 even though I thought it lost its way near the en... reviewed December 1, 2005
Bad Day by castlenaze Comedy
Dunno if it was inspired by Scorcese's 'After Hours' but it seemed so... I was going to limit it to 4 because it seemed a bit long... but I'm still laughing about the sunglasses joke. Let me check... ... reviewed December 1, 2005
Saturday the 14th by FatherJames Horror
Bad news for anybody thinking of doing a slasher satire. It ends here. This is it. This is the one. Don't bother reading my review - watch this movie. Just make sure you have toilet paper. reviewed December 1, 2005
Obsession by satansmunchkin Horror
Featured Review
It took just those two silent pistol blasts to make me realise why I keep trawling through stuff in the search of decent work. Nice one - great dialogue too.
reviewed December 1, 2005
Youve got to remember by Tayman Horror
The subtitles do go a awry at the start and the initial editing is a little choppy - but when this gets it right it gets it right big time. Refreshing to see a short film brimming with atmosphere and ... reviewed December 1, 2005
The Album by XtremeMat Action
Great music. Good ending. Not too sure about the banana gun in the taxi though. reviewed November 30, 2005
The Syndicate by scoobdoo Action
I'll give it two stars for the [play nice now!]ing set piece near the end and one extra star for the size of the girl's breasts in the black catsuit. 3 stars. reviewed November 30, 2005
A-Team Go! by TheDrizzle Comedy
Featured Review
2 stars for the monkey impersonation.
reviewed November 30, 2005
Nosferatu by BishopZero1 Horror
I kinda liked it bar the costume mix-up. The timings were nice and it felt nice and creepy when the vampire section kicked in. Good use of the dead body at the end... reviewed November 30, 2005
The Cute Bunny Movie by Hollywood_1977 Comedy
WOW. 6!!! Rabbits and clowns and purple chickens. Your nephew is gonna be famous and rich. (Either that or a habitual drug user)... reviewed November 30, 2005
Out There Somewhere by mprimus Horror
Featured Review
Short. Sweet. Weird. Love it.
reviewed November 30, 2005
The Playboy Club by SilkyBlue Comedy
Good effort lads. reviewed November 29, 2005
The Gorlak by xxxDudexxx Sci-Fi
Some of the sound effects were great :) reviewed November 28, 2005
Laughing Chicken Almost Live!!!! by 121068 Comedy
Raises the benchmark for one man pink chicken standup shorts. reviewed November 28, 2005
Space Apes vs The Astro Chickens by TimBurtonFan Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Space Apes vs The Astro Chickens is the best film I have ever seen about gorillas and chickens in space.
reviewed November 28, 2005