Number of Movies: 6
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 2.72

Number of Movies Reviewed: 13
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 1
Average Rating Given: 4.23
Movies Released by ghastly
Dragonfable The Grind Action
This is a fanmovie for the game posted December 14, 2006
A unknown tale Action
This is the episode 1, more story and explinations will arrive later.. better voice 2. posted November 17, 2005
The Horror in mind Horror
No Description posted November 12, 2005
Wonder forever Sci-Fi
Ah! my third movie about a killers mind! posted November 11, 2005
Fire against the Wind Action
A long fighting film, enjoy! posted November 11, 2005
Scary Book Horror
My first movie, a little bugg with the hair and such.. well, more is comming up, tell me what u wish for! posted November 11, 2005
Movies Reviewed by ghastly
Jesus is My Captain by Coridan Comedy
Hah, i like the way its been edited! really nice. the subtiles were a bit confusing, and the monkeyboy is kinda lame.. reviewed November 20, 2005
Lord of Berlin by Patriot84 Action
Ah, the movie was GREAT edited.. 5 stars.. only 1 problem... they fell in love too soon, i know that it couldnt be anywhere else but.. great work. reviewed November 19, 2005
1point0 Vs 1point1 by Trip9z Action
Okey, i bet you u have been working on this for a long time, really nice edited BUT those LAME jokes and no-story-at-all + confusing subtiles + rain sometimes and sun sometimes is not working out for ... reviewed November 19, 2005
Lost Love by pierrepiper Romance
Ah, love films that you acctuly could share the feelings with. reviewed November 18, 2005
Noob Wars 3 - a handy guide by markrichardbehenna Comedy
It was a bit long but funny! reviewed November 17, 2005
My Trip Through The Movies - LV by richke Comedy
Once again, i help you to the top again! reviewed November 17, 2005
Roosevelt Heights Extended by Jeremy252 Action
It was cool, worth it! reviewed November 13, 2005
My Trip Through The Movies by richke Comedy
OH, SO GOOD! *laughing* The voice and the scenes, great work! keep on. reviewed November 13, 2005
Far From Home by Sookta Action
This is the best film,ive seen. reviewed November 11, 2005
Attack of the Space Chickens by TheRyuujinMike Horror
So good! reviewed November 11, 2005
Dark Blue by ct_senge Horror
great reviewed November 11, 2005
Deadbeater by TheGorglin Horror
Featured Review
Great sound and cool happenings!
reviewed November 11, 2005
Fedaration 2 by ct_senge Sci-Fi
Put in some sound and it will be great! reviewed November 11, 2005