Number of Movies: 15
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.16

Number of Movies Reviewed: 24
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 2
Average Rating Given: 4.33
Movies Released by GH0ST0FTH3M0V13S
Didnt See This Comin 3 Comedy
This movie is badass. Watch it and love it. posted August 28, 2006
Didnt See That Comin 2 Comedy
Say Hello To My Little Friend...whatever. posted August 25, 2006
Did See This Coming-30 sec of fun(maybe) Comedy
This movie is an essence of retardedness. Believe it! posted August 25, 2006
Bark At The Moon! Action Not Rated
Ozzy Rules! posted August 25, 2006
Bark At The Moon! Action Not Rated
No Description posted August 25, 2006
The Tale of Ricahara-TRAILER Action
No Description posted August 14, 2006
This is just a big brawl. Enjoy these random fight scenes... posted August 14, 2006
Mighty Colorful Power Robots Action
This is part 1 of the 2 part series known as MIGHTY COLORFUL POWER ROBOTS. And the robots are supposed to get beaten. posted August 13, 2006
Have You Seen My Clone Comedy
This is the 1st of the HYSMC series. I'm gonna make a sequel when i get the epansion pack. Hope you can wait. posted August 12, 2006
The Worst Spartan-Random Moments in War Comedy
This is derived from Halo, but is before Master Chief was in the war. This is the Retard Chief. posted August 12, 2006
Have You Seen My Clone Comedy Not Rated
This is supposed to be an action-comedy, but i think it's more of 1 and not the other. whatever happens here, happens for a reason. posted August 12, 2006
Jason's Big Day....Of MURDER Horror
this is part 1 of Jasons Big Day. Part 2 will have more murder, but this is the begining. It's just the start. posted August 11, 2006
Cowboy Werewolf (Trailer) Action
No Description posted August 11, 2006
Black and White Ninjas dont like each othr Comedy
This is my 2nd official movie. I think it's pretty funny, but that's my opininion. Enjoy.Everything that happens has a purpose. Don't insult the ninjas! posted August 11, 2006
Who Will Be Mine Romance
I don't think this is too bad for a movie, but for a 1st time, it didn't seem like much. Enjoy if you like it. posted August 10, 2006
Movies Reviewed by GH0ST0FTH3M0V13S
Pranged Out final cut by charlmort Action
This movie sucked. My didn't see this comin movie was better and intentionally has no story. My movie is most badass. Believe it. reviewed August 28, 2006
NeverQuest by janedoe Comedy
Featured Review
Awesome. Rate my movies if u don't mind.... +, online games aren't that bad. u can say badass in some.
reviewed August 28, 2006
Fight for love by cameroony Romance
There was not much to look for in this movie. The alien dude got you a five. Rate my movie Bark At The Moon please. reviewed August 25, 2006
What the hex scooby-doo directors cut by RyanJensen Horror
Not bad. Never seen a Scooby Doo movie made with this game. The story fit the universe....but did you have to marry Freddie and Daphany(forgot how to spell her name if this isn't right...)? I hate the... reviewed August 24, 2006
Metal Gear Magnus Reckoning by indianajenkins Action
Featured Review
MAGNUS is a girl?! That's just plain freaky. Was that intentional? Please rate my movies please.
reviewed August 13, 2006
Skeeter Returns Trailer by chicken410 Comedy
Yea. I've been waitin for this. Finish this as soon as possible. oh. Could you review some of my movies. thanks if you do. reviewed August 12, 2006
Halloween 2006 by michagin_man Horror was good. I enjoyed it, but there were a few mistakes. reviewed August 12, 2006
The Promised Land by elz Action
Very interesting. Please go rate some of my movies when you have the time. thanks. reviewed August 12, 2006
The Promised Land - Prelude by elz Action
Great, but couldn't you have rated The Worst Spartan a 4 instead of a 3? reviewed August 12, 2006
Starship Ninjas the Movie by JMlovesGreenday Action
This movie isn't that good, but if you put some effort into it, make a remake of this with subtitles and some story. reviewed August 12, 2006
Aerials by JackHerbert Sci-Fi
The music was awesome. Best part about the video. Review my movies please. reviewed August 12, 2006
Johann The Evil Spy by zentlrek Sci-Fi
Good movie, but i sort of didn't know what was going on. could you review my movies. thanks if you do. reviewed August 12, 2006
The kung Fu Chicken by matthew6669 Action
That was awesome. could you rate my latest movie Have you seen my clone. reviewed August 12, 2006
Super Magenta Alpha by mdispirito Action
This is 1 heck of a movie. I didn't see this movie bein 5 star potetial, but here it is. PLease rate my movie "Have You Seen My Clone" please. Thank you if you do. reviewed August 12, 2006
Skeeter goes to Collage by chicken410 Comedy
Skeeter needed to find a way to beat the other 2, but that was funny. If you don't mind, watch my new movie "have you seen my clone". reviewed August 12, 2006
Death Wears Black by TheManWithNoName Action
it was ok. reviewed August 12, 2006
exploding city by familyfilms Action
Make a sequel, but have something lead up to the explosions and add a lot more explosions. also rate my new movie "have you seen my clone" if u don't mind. reviewed August 12, 2006
zombie by mathias8 Horror
What the heck? reviewed August 11, 2006
Not Another Zombie Movie 2 by thejoe8pizza Comedy
Definetly not another zombie movie... reviewed August 11, 2006
The mystery of the Black Skeleton by Puchan Horror
Was this movie trying to be scary? cause, it wasn't, but it was funny as heck.I seriously thought this movie was awesome. Bring more "instant gun scenes" in you're next movie. reviewed August 11, 2006
Muffin Hotcakes Vampire Slayer by vince_neil Horror
What a movie. Could this be any funnier? reviewed August 11, 2006
The Lovers by nadia5749 Romance
Is there gonna be a sequel? Cause there needs to be a sequel. reviewed August 10, 2006
REVENGE!!! by 2000 Action
You're movie did mess up a bit, but it was better than mine which got uploaded a little while after you'res. Check it out if u don't mind. reviewed August 10, 2006
Skeeter and the Longest Day by chicken410 Comedy
What the heck?! Skeeter's worse off than me. Thank goodness. Awesome movie. If skeeter kept gettin up, will he get up again? reviewed August 10, 2006