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Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.88

Number of Movies Reviewed: 296
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 24
Average Rating Given: 3.5
Movies Released by Fortunato
Heads Up Action
Based off an incredible true story. A parable of the insanity and loneliness of modern urban culture..... ....or just a film completely devoid of art, wit, or beauty? You decide. posted September 9, 2006
Night Train Horror
A man boards a subway late at night, unknowingly having missed the last 'scheduled' train for the day. This is a short horror film based off a short story I once wrote, though changed in some ways ... posted January 7, 2006
Beyond the Living Horror
A 1950s style horror movie. Do not expect logical explanations for the supernatural aspects. This is merely a revenge horror story. Alas, part of this movie inexplicably repeats itself. That was n... posted December 31, 2005
Closing Time Horror
Incredible but this film is based off real-life events which occurred one night while I was wandering the city with little to do. Though that first sentence may be a lie . . . Short and very simple ... posted December 31, 2005
Perdition Action
Simplistic, almost story-less Western. Made it purely to experiment with the showdown stuff. Uploaded it purely to get more points . . . posted December 19, 2005
Love and Loathing Romance
Continuing my predilection for making films which visually make sense and don't need extrapolation. This one pushes it in that department, I'll admit. Nothing special - uploaded it purely to get more credits. posted December 19, 2005
The Swells Downtown Comedy
The third, and perhaps final, installment in the Swells series. The ultra-predictable adventures of Siggy and Topper continue. This time, a journey downtown, and an encounter with a 'swell' dame, le... posted December 18, 2005
The Swells Road Trip Comedy
The second instalment in the formulaic 'Swells' series. This time Siggy and Topper run afoul of a dangerous broad while out seeing some swell sights. posted December 13, 2005
Swells Comedy
The first in the 'Swells' series. A spoof of early cinema comedy capers, only in colour. Siggy and Topper compete for the love of a beautiful dame. posted December 13, 2005
Along the Warpath Action
A straightforward attempt to a do a frontier/homesteader western. Mostly done to experiment with editing and using scenes in the game for a very different effect. Rather liked this one . . . if I do... posted December 10, 2005
Unrequited Horror
A short little horror movie with a fairly dark, though simple, atmosphere. One of my earlier efforts. posted December 10, 2005
Cold Dawn Action
A modest first attempt to do a war film. The first film I made that was worth putting online. posted December 10, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Fortunato
GOD HAND -The Movie- by sidy Action
Though the effects were excellent, there was really nothing else to speak of. There's nothing wrong with style over substance, it's just that I found the action dull and repetitious in parts. reviewed October 26, 2006
When the dead Woke (part 1) by Hanks22 Horror
Not bad, but the dialogue is needlessly slow in parts (ie, the gap between responses is weird). Funny at times, and the bit of music from Evil Dead was a nice in-joke. reviewed October 6, 2006
Hell Zombies! by woorah Horror
That seemed like another randomly generated movie, though I'm giving it extra stars for having a surprisingly atmospheric final two shots. The monochrome look also helped. reviewed September 10, 2006
Razorface by woorah Horror
Was that one of those randomly generated movies? It seemed to make no sense or have much in the way of internal consistency. reviewed September 10, 2006
Random acts of Violence 3 by woorah Action
Well, it certainly live up to it's title. Not quite sure I really need to see parts one and two. I think I may have gotten the point.... reviewed September 10, 2006
RSPCA by TomyMmM Horror
That was not a bad film at all. It actually had some examples of really good editing and cinematography. It just needed something a little more to give it that extra push. Don't know what, but I fe... reviewed September 10, 2006
Re-tardis by ORKO_DUDLEY Sci-Fi
Nothing happened at all for a good deal of that film. Without the title, I would have had no idea whatsoever this was supposed to be a Dr Who parody.... reviewed September 10, 2006
Dr Who The Flatheads by beninjam Sci-Fi
Ummmm...... reviewed September 10, 2006
Dr who by obo Comedy
Congratulations, that was the worst TMO movie I have ever seen. I hate being harsh but, well.....I had to be. reviewed September 10, 2006
BLASTIN BUCKSHOT by malignus666 Action
Featured Review
Very likeable western. Some slightly tighter editing on the death shots could have been useful, but this was overall really well made. Very good VO work. The sheriff's voice made me laugh every tim...
reviewed September 9, 2006
When Senior Citizens Attack by malignus666 Comedy
Featured Review
Excellent. Finally someone exposes the number one mencae facing modern society. Keep it up.
reviewed September 9, 2006
The Grave Misunderstanding by castigo Horror
Well done. That was a neat little flick, which managed to come in at a respectable length. A good twist on the old 'man thinks his neighbour is killing people' theme. reviewed September 9, 2006
Slashed by Spaceman72 Horror
I have to agree with all the points made by MelontheCreeker. This was a film which showcased some excellent editing, and conveyed - at times - a solid atmosphere. However, excluding the VO for the... reviewed September 9, 2006
Ode to a stagecoach I bought via internet by OIstudios Comedy
Though I appreciate the random quality of the feature, it didn't really make me laugh. reviewed September 9, 2006
The Sausages 2 Return of the randomness by OIstudios Comedy
Well it made me laugh....which is what it was designed to do. reviewed September 9, 2006
Sister by reanor Action
I'd agree with the other reviewer about the changing of appearance bit. I'd also say that the atmosphere at the start in the bar sequence was really good. The subtitles didn't bother me. This was v... reviewed September 9, 2006
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
Snappy and fun. First rate entertainment. reviewed September 9, 2006
So Here I Am by mixmasterfestus Horror
Very good. Neat little movie which satisfies the audience and explains the story in such a short space of time. Well done. reviewed September 8, 2006
Galaxy Girls by Thalomarre Action
Although it was fairly straightforward, I thought it was pretty good. Kept me entertained, and there was some very good editing on display. Continue the series. reviewed September 3, 2006
The Bandit by Thalomarre Action
It was ok, though there was really nothing to it. reviewed September 3, 2006
The Siren Queen by Thalomarre Romance
Pretty well edited on the whole, however, needed just a little bit more extrapolation for the film to come together. reviewed September 3, 2006
Black Monday Teaser Trailer by SMagee Action
A decent trailer, but not much more. Can't say it has hooked me, or even give me an idea that the final product will be anything but action. reviewed September 2, 2006
Arockalypse by swordfish66601 Sci-Fi
Excellent. Highly entertaining film which is put together in a completely professional manner. The background FX really made this one truly fantastic viewing. The detail of the demon looking down a... reviewed September 2, 2006
Aliens by trainboy14 Sci-Fi
This was quite obviouslyh one of the automatically made movies from the game. As such, it came across as witless and nonsensical. reviewed September 2, 2006
Ship of Fools by Davetj28 Sci-Fi
An interesting concept let down slightly by a lot of cliches, and a few moments of lacklustre execution. Some of the FX timing was out, though I won't deduct any stars for that, as it was probably an... reviewed September 2, 2006
Day of the Demon by meeeeee Horror
Uhhhh....what the hell...? That was one of the most inexplicably directed things I've ever seen on TMO. Had absolutely no idea what it was about. reviewed September 1, 2006
1-1 karate Showdown by meeeeee Action
No story or attempt at characterisation. A few moments really dragged. Some examples of good editing and cinematography. Strange that, given the title, there was nothing in it approximating karate.... reviewed September 1, 2006
A Day In The Life by Greg0116 Comedy
Very snappy opening sequence. Another example of your ability to create an immediate atmosphere (this one more comedic than the other two I've seen of yours). Given the one shot nature of the joke, ... reviewed September 1, 2006
Creeping Death by Greg0116 Horror
Very atmospheric and well paced. The rise of the zombie actually broke the mood a bit - and he did seem to be in pretty good nick for someone who has been in the earth for awhile. Nevertheless, a ve... reviewed September 1, 2006
Westwood by Greg0116 Action
I would agree with BeechWell. The identity of the guy on the roof at the end seems a little obscure, and the story is fairly non-existant. that said, this film is pretty good example of a triumph of... reviewed September 1, 2006
Alfred Hitchc0cks The Birds by MrFoshizzle08 Horror
A one joke concept that, if you don't find the giant chicken suit funny, won't be funny. Mercifully short, as this runs out of steam quickly - though still manages to get mired in infantile humour. reviewed August 26, 2006
PROTON by breakibreak Sci-Fi
The idea of doing a horror story in WWII is always good, but this film had a lot to let it down. As a first film effort it's barley passable, as the story is a little nonsensical and the transitions ... reviewed August 25, 2006
Re-Animated 2 by FLYBOY727 Horror
A good film overall, though it is seriously hampered by some confusing cuts at the start. reviewed August 24, 2006
Pirates ! by Richegroover Action
A lot of tired old 'arrgh har' style cliches ruined what could have been pretty good. the story was just ok and I personally found the action a bit dull and repetitious. A lot of work went into this... reviewed August 23, 2006
91107 ( The date of Death) by ShyShy Action
A pretty original film for this site. Perhaps a bit too repetitious, particularly in the medic van. reviewed August 23, 2006
World War 2 by jesserotten Action
Not a shred of a story, and I couldn't discern whether this was supposed to be a comedy or not. The music did not suit the period. There's nothing wrong with a short, purely action oriented movie.... reviewed August 23, 2006
Australian Man by AlvinK Action
Stone the crows, mate, that were as weak as piss. reviewed August 23, 2006
Flappers from Galaxy 9 - Special Edition by JazzX Sci-Fi
Well, judging by your 'quotes' I think was supposed to be kind of crap. If not, then I'm being too generous. Cool music, though. reviewed August 23, 2006
Dawson Saw by StokeStudios Sci-Fi
Quite good. Well edited, and a nice, short, to the point film. The old music at the end was an excellent touch. reviewed August 23, 2006
The Kingston Kidnapping by cronicclapper Action
Pretty good, but not great. At times this was excellently directed, at others, some of the sequences felt a little off (the chase at the end). The characters might be based off people you know, thou... reviewed August 23, 2006
Im Gay! by MaxNormal Romance
Cool little music video. Well edited and timed with the music. reviewed August 22, 2006
Conscientious Objectors by MaxNormal Action
If my country was ever in a war overseas, and they were trying to recruit me, I'd always be a Conscientious Objector. That said, cool film. Worked well with the music and was well put together. Nice editing. reviewed August 22, 2006
The Marriage by slimstan82 Romance
Was there something wrong with the sound. It dropped out after a second or so (I noticed that with one of your other movies). Not deducting any points for technical difficulties. Was this just one ... reviewed August 19, 2006
The Dragons Of Neasden by slimstan82 Comedy
I'm assuming that was meant to be crap.... reviewed August 19, 2006
Operation Wipeout by AxeCinema Action
Didn't finish it. 1 star for 'Cream Johnson', and the other for the custom stuff and generally slick feel and look. Otherwise wasn't for me. reviewed August 17, 2006
One Night Out by axecinema Comedy
Atmospheric opening with the overhead shots of the city, and the camera movement flowed from scene to scene really well. Nevertheless, it was supremely dull viewing when the strip sequence began. I ... reviewed August 17, 2006
Where's Baby? by jinko23 Romance
Hmmm.....One or two more seconds running time and you'd be on to a masterpiece. reviewed August 16, 2006
Quietus1 by josephkw Horror
Really quite excellent. Pretty good voice acting throughout. Stylish opening sequence, and it generally kept the mood all throughout. It could perhaps have been a minute or two shorter (ie, the sec... reviewed July 22, 2006
Government Surveillance by benstudios1991 Comedy
Pretty funny. Liked it. reviewed July 22, 2006
ode to meat by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Horror
Excellent. Very moody and stylish thriller. Best of your movies. reviewed July 22, 2006
the Strange Death of Bella by AlvinK Romance
The choice of text font for this one made about a quarter of the dialogue impossible to read. As such, I found it a little hard to follow (although, I'm sure it wasn't). However, this is still a uni... reviewed May 9, 2006
the Stalker by AlvinK Horror
Featured Review
I watched this, asking myself, can a man who has never knowingly been stalked or photographed by another man glean the rich tapestry of social commentary on offer? Have I been in the proximity of a w...
reviewed May 9, 2006
???????? by bellbell Comedy
Sugoi desu ne. reviewed May 7, 2006
Brokeback Mountain 2 by mattigus Romance
Ummm......Really didn't have much of a story, or display the cleverness of your previous movie. Much too long for what it was. reviewed April 24, 2006
A History of Violence by mattigus Comedy
Very funny. reviewed April 24, 2006
Mc Ron Goes to Texas by Stahlman Comedy
Featured Review
How many words for oil could you possibly have? The best was 'Texas Orgasm'. Amusing concept. Very funny.
reviewed April 13, 2006
Diving by Abrey Sci-Fi
WTF?!? Really made me laugh, but I can't rate it any higher due to it's length and non-existant story. If this was in a contest with other ultra-shorts, however, I'd give you a five. reviewed April 11, 2006
3rd Squad in JUNGLE OF BLOOD by Ranedthel Action
Fairly good. Some very slick editing on the machine gun sequence. My only critique is that, besides being a short combat film, I had no real idea what this was about, who the 3rd squad were, or wher... reviewed March 23, 2006
Trommeln in der Nacht by Stomberg Horror
Really good. Moody and slick horror film, with excellent musical accompaniement. My only problems was that climax was far action oriented for such a seminal concept, and the English translation didn... reviewed March 23, 2006
Another Plate of Beans 2 by genfluke Comedy
Not as funny as the first, still pretty darn funny. Short comedies + many laughs = excellent studio. Keep up the good work. reviewed March 22, 2006
Another Plate of Beans by genfluke Comedy
Cool. Something pretty different. Very funny concept for a character. reviewed March 22, 2006
The tides of war by genfluke Comedy
Pretty funny voice over for the Jasper character, and the final line took me by surprise. Otherwise, just OK. reviewed March 22, 2006
Dawn of the DONTLOOKATMYEYE by genfluke Horror
Funniest of the Jasper flicks, by far. Very funny.....nothing more to say, really. reviewed March 22, 2006
Holly And Ivy by EricCottle Romance
In my honest opinion, this lacked a sense of direction and story. Not every film has to have some great plot or so on, but this didn't seem to have anything to engage the viewer beyond titillation. ... reviewed March 16, 2006
Sonnet 18 by markusdragon Romance
Hat's off, my friend. reviewed March 16, 2006
B(R)EASTS by tanguygetz Horror
Very accomplished adaptation of the Suzy Charnas story 'Boobs'. Though the title you have for your version is actually cleverer. Loved the original short story, and I loved this adaptation. It's ... reviewed March 16, 2006
america at war reten to home by kevzak Action
1 star because I'm a generous person. Seriously, though, this film made no sense, had no editing, and no discernible story. reviewed March 16, 2006
Cabin Massacre III by GAMES3601 Horror
Atrocious. reviewed March 16, 2006
Jekyll Hyde Trailer by micha83 Horror
Very well directed preview. reviewed March 16, 2006
Escape to hell by micha83 Horror
Very good. Some excellent editing in this, such as the lightning effects and the murder sequence. Fantastic ending. reviewed March 16, 2006
Very impressive effort in using sets and costumes etc to craft your story into an original setting for TMO. Very well done. The transition between scenes in the climax seemed a little too abrupt. O... reviewed March 14, 2006
A Frank Anarchy by beginnis Sci-Fi
Fascinating. Deep and stylish. In the tradition of distopias like 1984, yet you still manage to come up with an original villain. Above all, however, it wax the way this onme was put together that ... reviewed March 13, 2006
Little House on the Prairie by angelestes11 Romance
The movie's editing and pace were all fine. There were some slow moments, though it was generally fine. The one problem I have with it was I'm not sure you got the message across that you wanted to.... reviewed March 13, 2006
Krazy Killers (trailer) by blizzard_2 Comedy'd probably get more reviews if you didn't have the threat of repurcussion on your front page. Anyway, my was only a preview, but it didn't really give me much of an impression ... reviewed March 13, 2006
The Donnor Party BYOB (Body!) by ninette1 Horror
Pretty funny, though not much else to it. Worth watching. reviewed March 13, 2006
my light has gone by 6-headedmonster Horror
1st rate. Truly excellent, and even has a fully fleshed out plot and development. There's probably not much I can say in praise of this that hasn't already been said. Fantastic. reviewed March 13, 2006
Bone Saw 3 by ninette1 Horror
Not as funny as the first two, and didn't really have a hook to tie it all together. Nothing wrong with it, besides a few continuity issues, just didn't wow me. Good, though. reviewed March 12, 2006
Bone Saw 2 by ninette1 Horror
Still funny...waiting for the payoff in pt 3. Some editing and continuity errors in this one, but it was still fine. reviewed March 12, 2006
Bone Saw by ninette1 Horror
Pretty funny so far.... reviewed March 12, 2006
The Unwanted Hetero by MefuneAkira Comedy
Excellent. Very funny, with snappy dialogue and VOs. The opening sequence with the PI was just hilarious. Gold. reviewed March 12, 2006
Death and Ennui Part 2 by cathreese Romance
Very, very good. Well edited and well paced. The shot of the two glasses and the wine bottle on the floor, alone, was probably the best touch in the film for me. Excellent film. reviewed March 12, 2006
Invasion by Imperial-Officer Action
Decent. Only really lacking in some kind of a story. For instance, without your write-up, I would have had no idea that this film had to do with a 'new British Empire' (and we only just got rid of t... reviewed March 11, 2006
The Storm of the Decade by jjnelson222 Sci-Fi
Interesting. Neat little beginning which established the mundanity of everyday life about to be extinguished. Looking forward to the conclusion as this one was rather brief. reviewed March 11, 2006
the passivist by Sheelba Action
The film felt too short, and the first death was edited either confusingly or poorly. Other than that, I thought it was well written and had a good look to it. Not bad. reviewed March 11, 2006
the last outpost of a fallen society by Sheelba Sci-Fi
Nice, bleak little movie. Some of the character development in this film seemed all too fast paced (particularly the murder at the end), though this was only short so I'm not judging it based off tha... reviewed March 11, 2006
Lone Star by InnerFilm Comedy
Bizarre. No idea what to say, or what to rate....since I liked it, and it made me laugh, I'll give you a four. reviewed March 11, 2006
Forgotten by InnerFilm Comedy
Absolutely fantastic. This is going to be the first ever film I bookmark. Hooked me from the start and didn't let up. The sudden roundabout in the film's atmosphere worked brilliantly, and this fil... reviewed March 11, 2006
Ekshumacja (Exhumation) by Glarid Horror
Refreshing, unpredictable and original. It was well edited, and it made me laugh. Well done. reviewed March 11, 2006
The Unforgotten Phallus by SothisAmon Romance
I was going to say something like puerile and lacking in depth....then Chuck Norris showed up. Still puerile, but funny as hell. After 4 years in the ground, Byron was remarkably pliant....not menti... reviewed March 11, 2006
Unmourned Absence by SothisAmon Horror
Timmy's the tallest seven year old ever.....Anyway, having seen a few of your films, I knew exactly what was gonna happen when the clown showed up. Still pretty funny and well edited. The music work... reviewed March 11, 2006
Clucked With A Knife by SothisAmon Horror
She thinks she hears something after a punch sound effect, and not the gunshot?!?!?!!!? But seriosuly, I'm not going to deduct points for that as I don't think a series of movies about a giant chicke... reviewed March 11, 2006
Decency Defied by SothisAmon Horror
Good use of music and the pace makes this film very watchable. This is the only film on TMO with the friggin chicken suit in it that I've actually finished watching. Unfortunately, this film had som... reviewed March 11, 2006
Under the Wire by mildheadwound Romance
Strangely eerie at the end - at least I thought so, anyway - but it just didn't grip me as much as one of your others. This is a borderline 4 star movie (for me). Still very watchable, atmospheric a... reviewed March 11, 2006
Bad Day at Work by Luskington Comedy
That brought a smile to my face. Well done. Funny and short, two of the best qualities of a TMO movie. Very good VOs too. reviewed March 10, 2006
The Newborn and the Lobotomized by mildheadwound Horror
Unusual, and highly entertaining little film. Some moments which weren't entirely clear whether they were surrealist or unsuccessful effects let this down only slightly. Liked the atmosphere. reviewed March 10, 2006
Loraine by rioghan Horror
Neat little film. Very well put together, with no glaring continuity errors or jumps. My only criticism is that, the actual killing seemed a little lame (not that the game offers many non-lame killi... reviewed March 10, 2006
war is an ugly thing by victorman Action
The second last shot had a surreal quality, other than that, it didn't do much for me. Just a matter of taste, I suppose, but I just didn't find it all that funny. reviewed March 10, 2006
Watch by a8505523 Comedy
err....? reviewed March 10, 2006
Jump by a8505523 Comedy
Funny. Not hilarious, but still.... reviewed March 10, 2006
Ride the horse by a8505523 Comedy
That was cute. reviewed March 10, 2006
Photographer by a8505523 Comedy
That really took me by surprise. Don't know if it was the stupidest thing on TMO, but it's one of the funniest I've seen. Hilarious!! reviewed March 10, 2006
Take It! by cathreese Action
The music did drown out the dialogue but, from my own experience, there's not too much you can do about that. I won't deduct any points for that. Overall, I just though it was OK. The editing was a... reviewed March 10, 2006
Queen Victoria by TomServo3k Action
The accent is decent, though the laugh is spot on. Pretty damn funny throughout. reviewed March 9, 2006
Pines and Needles by Yogurt_King Comedy
Darkly comic, brilliant little christmas film. A lot of work went into this, obviously. That alone should never be a recommendation, except (as in your case) when the works pays off. Absolutely lov... reviewed March 9, 2006
Dark Snowflake by Yogurt_King Horror
I'm rating this highly, though not without reservation. Firstly, it's always good to see someone approaching film in a non-literalist fashion. This is undeniably a stylish movie that relies heavily ... reviewed March 9, 2006
Nosferatu by Yogurt_King Horror
A remake of Nosferatu (either the Murnau or Herzog versions) on TMO is a bold move. Those are shoes that couldn't possibly be filled. Nevertheless, for a film on TMO, this a refreshingly original l... reviewed March 9, 2006
Some Like it Undead (Voiceover Version) by jilljones Comedy
Hilarious. Some minor problems with sound didn't hurt this at all. Really funny and clever. reviewed March 9, 2006
The Night Of The Living Dead People by castigo Horror
Featured Review
Very good. This is much better than the myraid other zombie films on TMO. This is more faithful in tone and atmosphere to zombie films and takes some time to establish itself. My only criticisms ar...
reviewed March 9, 2006
Operation Invasion by Fischii Sci-Fi I don't understand German but....what the hell was that about?!? I second all the points raised by castigo. reviewed March 9, 2006
The Mystery of Planet X Episode I by MrAllison Comedy
Inetersting. Like some kind of 1950s era sci-fi sexploitation film. The lizardmen have to be the most hopeless shots in sci-fi since the stormtroopers. Overall, a pretty fun film. reviewed March 9, 2006
Death and Ennui by cathreese Action
Very interesting. The existential angst makes a fresh change from the many more straighforward films on TMO. The only thing that marred this slightly were the too frequent use of fades. Otherwise, ... reviewed March 8, 2006
Dax and the World of Tomorrow pt 2 by dgoff Sci-Fi
Very amusing again, particularly all the coffee seduction scene at the start, and the alien tech dialogue. Those two moments had me laughing a lot. I'm keen to see more in this series. reviewed March 8, 2006
Smash You Up! by Df2 Action
No plot and no stroy, though I'm not deducting points for that (as I think that was the intention). Just didn't grip me, though the editing was really well done. reviewed March 8, 2006
Hide N Seek by Df2 Horror
What the hell was that about?! Who cares?!? Amused the hell out of me!! reviewed March 8, 2006
LEGACY Pt 1- For The Love of A Woman by deenswe2003 Action
Looks like a very promising series. Instantly gripped me. The editing and pacing were just right, and the VOs were just exceptional. reviewed March 8, 2006
the man in the shadows by Darkthrall Horror
Decent. The punch line at the end was fine, though without your explanation, some may not get it. reviewed March 8, 2006
Rough Streets by echo789 Romance
Well I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the was one of the funniest movies on TMO. The line "you tried to shoot her, don't ever do anything like that again or I'll call the police" almost... reviewed March 8, 2006
Spy by echo789 Action
OK, that movie made no sense whatsoever. Which one of them was the spy? They seemed to all fit the bill. Further, the inexplicable appearance of the alien props in one shot, and there subsequent ab... reviewed March 8, 2006
Bad Sex by nemezido Comedy
Very funny. The funniest part for me was the scene on the train. reviewed March 8, 2006
Kiss of the Ghost by nemezido Horror
I've rated this so highly because you've edited this one together so well. This was fresh and original and, although there may be cleverer films out there, this film's pace and style elevates it abov... reviewed March 8, 2006
Thats Why I Hate My Job by nemezido Comedy
Very funny, entertaining and fast paced. This worked so well with the choice of music I've given it a higher review than I usually would. Really liked it. reviewed March 8, 2006
Dax and the world of Tomorrow pt 1 by dgoff Sci-Fi
A very amusing film. Unlike a previous reviewer, I thought the atmosphere in this was perfectly consistent. Good VOs and well edited. You win an extra point for having the most revolting looking ch... reviewed March 7, 2006
A Scoop Of Life Beer by stuartuk75 Comedy
A pretty funny idea and it was fairly well executed. Would have rated this much higher had some of the editing and pace been tighter. Made me laugh, though. reviewed March 7, 2006
The End Game (Teaser) by 02PARSIM Sci-Fi
Looks very intersting. Will watch for the full version. reviewed March 7, 2006
Father Bob by davidwww Action
Really liked it. An original take on a familiar genre. Some of the tension worked very well. The film lagged - only slightly - around the middle, but I think it was more than watchable, regardless.... reviewed March 6, 2006
The Betrayal- A Love Like No Other by pearsonhouse Romance
Pretty good. Though I saw the twist coming a mile off, it still was enough to grip me throughout. Liked it. reviewed March 6, 2006
Obituary by HRH Horror
An excellent film. Truly moody and atmospheric. The twist worked well, I got it without your explanation. The VO worked very well for this film. The main characters seemingly detached narration he... reviewed March 4, 2006
Places by Abrey Action
An interstingly paced movie that just needed a little fleshing out. The 'it was just a dream' ending is always a let down in fiction. reviewed March 4, 2006
Broken Thoughts 2 by Abrey Comedy
Well it was confusing, which I'll admit was the point, but it wasn't confusing in a particularly clever or amusing fashion. reviewed March 4, 2006
The Evil Valley (El Valle del Mal) by Arawna11 Action
A good film, with an interesting use of backdrops etc that helped the tale. Some of the dialogue was a little nonsensical in translation, though I don't think that really hurt the film. reviewed March 4, 2006
POWER Origin by Arawna11 Action
Very good. The use of backdrops and so on was impressive and helped the narrative considerably. I'm intrigued to see how you'll do something with a fantasy/medieval setting given the limitations of ... reviewed March 4, 2006
No dusk No dawn (Warrington Cut) by FraasMovies Romance
Still very good, though I thought the other version (with the darker ending) was the superior. That's just a matter of taste, though. On it's own, this is still an excellent film. reviewed March 4, 2006
Reality Shift by God_Of_Plague Comedy
No explanations required when you make a film this funny. reviewed March 4, 2006
Story Time With The God Of Plague by God_Of_Plague Comedy
Cool. Liked it alot. I'm starting to wonder what you'd do if you made a version of the Princess and the Pee (err...I meant pea....) reviewed March 4, 2006
007: The unikorn who ate my asswhole? by homepics208 Action
Well, I made 45 secs. reviewed March 4, 2006
Star Wars VS Star Trek by TexasBabe2006 Comedy
Pretty funny. The bathroom sequence made this film. Like your sense of humour. reviewed March 4, 2006
Ugly Girl (Music Video) by TexasBabe2006 Comedy
Funny, but it was actually too abrupt. reviewed March 4, 2006
The Dangers of Online Dating My Story by TexasBabe2006 Comedy
Very funny. I laughed a lot, hence the high score. reviewed March 4, 2006
Our Secret by erinnicole93 Romance
Featured Review
Very good film, I think it's the best this studio has put out. It was simple and unpretentious and, yet, avoided the feel of some community awareness project that this kind of film can sometimes poss...
reviewed March 4, 2006
No dusk No dawn by Meowan Romance
Very, very good. The opening and the ending worked particularly well. The credis were very nice also. I liked this film's seemingly straightforward approach. The editing was well done and the clim... reviewed March 4, 2006
The Cancer Lottery by giggles144 Comedy
Good. Not always laugh out loud funny, but I have to respect anything that leaves nothing sacred. reviewed March 2, 2006
TrailerThe Adventures Of MrBeaver by robsmart Comedy
Looks like there's absolutely nothing to it, yet I found myself inexplicably laughing. That's what a comedy is supposed to do, so I'm scoring you well anyway. reviewed March 2, 2006
Fatal Touch by kaipan Horror
First-class. Although the editing on the suicide (of the main character - not the girl) was a little confusing, this did not hamper the overall effect. Very atmospheric and moody. Loved it. Like t... reviewed March 1, 2006
Cult Classic by Tarison Comedy
That was absolute [not-so-nice-word!]e. reviewed February 28, 2006
Shadows by Jiyuujin Sci-Fi
A fairly good and interesting film. I think the lack of VOs or subtitles are fine. Early cinema survived fine without them, and this film still makes sense as is. Too much dialogue can really hurt ... reviewed February 28, 2006
Hell on Earth by fateddie Sci-Fi
Excellent. very moody and atmospheric. I almost always dislike the trend for sequelisation/serialisation but ,before this was even finished, I actually thought to myself 'this would make a good seri... reviewed February 28, 2006
The Big Race by Melghoul1 Comedy
Featured Review
Well, I laughed at the sudden abrupt ending in the hospital bed. Black comedy is an apt description. Well, paced and edited....not sure if the ending worked or perhaps I just have a perverted sense ...
reviewed February 28, 2006
The Open Mind by Quotius Horror
Don't worry about similarities to The Cell (though I didn't see any in this TMO version). The Cell was a s h i t movie, yours is rather excellent (oddly, it reminded me of a good Ramsey Campbell ... reviewed February 28, 2006
Big Improvements by TetherGrane Sci-Fi
Good film, very well put together. The ending was maybe a little predictable, but I don't think that really hurt it. reviewed February 28, 2006
Alone by m_chiesi Horror
Good. The ending was excellent. The only thing which lets this film down a little are some editing issues and a few continuity errors with the mist. reviewed February 28, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
Very funny. Actually would have liked it to go on for another minute or so. Another episode seems a must. reviewed February 26, 2006
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
I admire the attempt at tackling some adult matter with your film. It wasn't bad, though it dragged in parts. Had the editing been a little tighter, and had the story been trimmed just a bit, I thin... reviewed February 25, 2006
War of the Geos by Bengoulden Action
This might be a really unfair review, but I thought I should let you know. Though I could hear the film, I couldn't see anything, and the music was jumping. Haven't seen this problem with any other... reviewed February 25, 2006
Test of Courage - Directors Cut (OmU) by Meowan Horror
Very, very good. Extremely atmospheric and the VOs were just excellent. The only reason I'm not giving you full stars is because the ending seemed just a little too abrupt. reviewed February 14, 2006
Eww That Guys Using The Toilet! by aquatius5 Comedy
Featured Review
I'm rating you only for the sheer anarchic sensibility I'm getting from your flicks. Otherwise....
reviewed February 14, 2006
Hey Look! A Chrysler! by aquatius5 Comedy
Featured Review
Now you have to enter that into the competition. If I was reviewing you seriously the score would be different, but I give you five stars for audacity.
reviewed February 14, 2006
Waking Up Piglets by luis3000 Sci-Fi
Ummmm.....Try making a movie with internal consistency, plot and, though not necessarily, dialogue. It's not that hard and it could get you higher score points. reviewed February 14, 2006
The Large Nap by luis3000 Action
Are you just uploading the automatically generated movies? reviewed February 14, 2006
Desmond's Corners by luis3000 Action
Though there were some corners in that movie, I'm at loss who Desmond was, or why there was an implied ownership by him of the said corners. Seriously, was that film about anything at all? Wasn't cl... reviewed February 14, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
Are you Master of Your Domain.....? reviewed February 14, 2006
Oh Its On Nimotsu Saru Kaimetsu by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Nice. reviewed February 8, 2006
Oh Its On by mixmasterfestus Action
Cool. Very impressive. reviewed February 8, 2006
Border Jumpers by Primus_Inter_Pares Comedy
Good. Funny take on stereotypes and perceptions. reviewed February 6, 2006
Vampires of War by CowBear Horror
Good idea for a film. The execution was mostly very good, however, there were perhaps too many fades and it went on for maybe a minute or two too long. Still good. reviewed February 6, 2006
We Are Restless by denzell Horror
Good film. Neat and simple litle story. The only issue with it were some minor continuity errors which were largely just the fault of the game. The lightning effects worked but would have been bett... reviewed February 6, 2006
The Awakened Trailer by MrOsterman Romance
Good trailer. I'll watch the full version for certain. reviewed February 6, 2006
BlackHole by davidwww Sci-Fi
Very good. Well paced and immediately interesting. I liked the straight-forward nature of the story, I'll second one reviewer in being thankful there were no aliens attacking. reviewed February 6, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
Truly excellent. Would have given five stars just for the effort alone, but it's still worth it for the fun factor. Maybe the best I've seen so far on TMO. reviewed February 6, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Again, as the first, really excellent pace and editing. The effort you all went to on this is very commendable. Though the relationship between the two heroes is a little cliched, it's still enjoyab... reviewed February 4, 2006
Aegis of Therion - Episode I by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Excellent. You made a 12 min movie that I actually finished?!? Usually I'm bored stiff after 2 mins. Anyway, really well done effects and first rate editing. My only minor critique is that the bat... reviewed February 4, 2006
Backwood Horror by TimBurtonFan Horror
Very, very good. The only reason I'm not giving this full marks is because the second half needed a little music to go with it. A really cool film in the tradition of such horrors as Texas Chainsaw ... reviewed February 4, 2006
Really Short Test by Fire_Works Sci-Fi
Seminal masterpiece. reviewed February 3, 2006
Santa - Behind the legend by marvellousguppimovies Comedy
Fine. Neither brilliant nor painful. Pleasant amusement. reviewed February 1, 2006
Depraved and . . . well recommended. Some pithy lines in there. reviewed January 31, 2006
The Game Live by sarek13 Action
A nice tribute to the Running Man. The only thing that held me back from upping the score was that the fight slightly over stayed it's welcome, and the shotgun death could have been edited so that it... reviewed January 21, 2006
Monster in my knickers by BigDaddyBo Horror
Was that just an excuse for doing an Ape/woman sex movie? I'm assuming it I'm giving you two stars. Can we have more, now? reviewed January 21, 2006
The Ralph show by Lebahn Comedy
Featured Review
Cool. Nice build up to the punch line. Very funny.
reviewed January 21, 2006
Forever Eden by Lebahn Romance
Give your sister a pat on the back....she got you some extra VCs. Not a bad. reviewed January 21, 2006
james bond diemond eye by sc-fi Action
That was a James Bond movie? reviewed January 21, 2006
Pononoko - Die Qual by garudasoul Sci-Fi
This is a big improvement over Napoleon. I struggled a bit with the translation, but I was able to follow it a lot easier this time. The editing was better and there was no repetition of sequences. ... reviewed January 21, 2006
Enemy Territory (Vocal and Subs Edition) by Toolix Action
Very good VOs and pretty good editing. Soem of the shots might have gone on too long, but it was no major problem. The end was perhaps just slightly too abrupt. Atmospheric. reviewed January 20, 2006
Indiana Bones and the Temple of Poon by Loook Horror
For a first attempt that had some pretty slick editing in it. Besides the main characters hair colour changing at the end (I think), there were no glaring continuity errors or bad transitions. An am... reviewed January 20, 2006
I Am Gary by Toolix Comedy
Featured Review
Hilarious punch line. Well put together, and had me hooked along with the guy's day-in-the-life story . . . and then it really took me by surprise. I'm rating this with five stars partly because it ...
reviewed January 20, 2006
Athena Project III by fulkster Sci-Fi
Excellent opening sequence with all of the still-shots. The pace lagged a little after that. Still a series worth following. reviewed January 19, 2006
Athena Project II by fulkster Sci-Fi
Interesting again, but it just needed a little something extra to elevate it to a four star film. Perhaps a minute or two more to expand the mystery? reviewed January 19, 2006
Athena Project 1 by fulkster Action
Interesting, though not gripping all the way through. It had me intrigued enough to want to watch the sequels, though... reviewed January 19, 2006
One Night Stands by erinnicole93 Romance
An interesting movie. Worked very well with the movie and had a constant pace. reviewed January 19, 2006
The Adventures of Jesus Part 1 by avalest Sci-Fi
I must have skipped that Gospel... Anyway, it was OK. More jokes/parodies of sequences from the Bible would be funnier. But it's always good to see nothing's sacred. reviewed January 18, 2006
Oh Snap!!! 3!! by genfluke Comedy
This is honestly a really, really funny series. You should advertise your films on the forum or join, this would be bound to get plenty of votes. Another 'so funny it brought tears ... reviewed January 18, 2006
OH SNAP 2!! by genfluke Comedy
Honestly, why isn't this the # 1 comedy. This brought tears to me eyes....seriously. Absolutely god-damn hilarious. reviewed January 18, 2006
First grader by RedRodrigez Comedy
Very funny in parts, especially in the interrogation sequence - that really made me laugh. reviewed January 18, 2006
La[bad-word!] by sarunit Comedy
Absolute gold!!!!!!!!!! Laughed my arse off!! The VOs were downright hilarious. reviewed January 18, 2006
Liberals by Bryy_Miller Horror
I think someone took this waaay too seriously (not pointing any fingers at atlantisian, of course)... Had been meaning to watch this one for a week or so, and it didn't let me down. The T-Shirts wer... reviewed January 18, 2006
Napoleon Dynamite Falls Down The Stairs by GatorWhiz Comedy
Haven't seen Nap. Dynamite, but that was a pretty respectable entry into the FDS genre. reviewed January 18, 2006
We Hurt Alice by Bryy_Miller Comedy
And hurt Alice you did. Different, but it seemed to be lacking 'something'...not sure what. reviewed January 18, 2006
Pookeymen Episode One by diamondhammer Action
Funny at times and, though I must confess the name 'Professor Bloke' made me laugh out loud, it wasn't really my thing. reviewed January 18, 2006
Sweet Revenge by GatorWhiz Comedy
Impressive effort for an eight year old. In particular, the use of music, and the timing with that, was very good. reviewed January 17, 2006
Tales From The Subway Phone Booth by TheWolfska Action
Featured Review
Excellent. Really good and varied voice acting. The punch line, although it took some build-up, was absolutely worth it. Looking forward to further instalments.
reviewed January 17, 2006
Dead Pt 2 by squiggy99 Horror
A moody horror flick. This worked well, especially musically. reviewed January 17, 2006
Nerdz by chaosllama Comedy
Pretty funny in parts. Nothing wrong with sending up different groups in society. Nothing should be sacred in comedy, even your viewers. reviewed January 17, 2006
A Sith Lord In LA by Yngvelli Comedy
Anything that hangs sh*t on the latest Star Wars movies has got to be worth a couple of stars at least. The rest of the points comes because it also works as a pretty good satire of American sitcoms ... reviewed January 17, 2006
My Own Worst Enemy (Alternate Ending) by Cimmerz Comedy
Cute little movie. Good idea, and the music really suited it. reviewed January 16, 2006
Drowning by jnyblujns Action
Wasn't really my thing, but I'm scoring you high for the obvious effort and the way it meshed together. reviewed January 16, 2006
The Creatures Revenge by cobralta Horror
The editing was at times excellent, and the fog and creature's growling really added to the atmosphere. The only reason I haven't rated you higher is that the fight scenes seemed to kill the atmosphe... reviewed January 16, 2006
Tales by carlisledave Romance
Featured Review
The best straight detective movie I've seen on TMO. Great use of B & W, and some very sharp lines. Wasn't bored once. Very good.
reviewed January 16, 2006
Eh yeah by genfluke Sci-Fi
What the hell?!? reviewed January 13, 2006
Burning Edison by mriamron Comedy
The film just needed slightly more development and maybe a little bit more to the conclusion and it would have scored more from me. The VO acting was pretty good. reviewed January 13, 2006
The Briefcase (with subs) by TrueSilver Action
Nice short action/thriller. Nothing blazingly original, but it definitely didn't bore, either. reviewed January 13, 2006
The Incident by yoyokid Action
Fine. The female voices were a little strange, nevertheless, they didn't completely harm the atmosphere of the movie. reviewed January 13, 2006
Dont Laugh at Me by rjb2112 Romance
The music for this sounds so '70s it actually comes across as a community awareness ad you might see on cinema. I commend the attempt to do something so serious, it's just the execution that lets the... reviewed January 13, 2006
Shadow of the Light - Part 1 by sherwinliu Romance
Moody detective piece. Nice custom music. Well done. reviewed January 12, 2006
Wiretapping and You! by UrinatingTree Comedy
McCarthy would have been proud. Very well put together, and I thought it was funny, though it didn't make me laugh aloud. That's just personal preference, however. Well done. reviewed January 12, 2006
Ozzy Osbourne Falls Down Stairs by myrtheus Comedy
Classic. You can't really go wrong with a 'Falls Down Stairs' movie. Very funny VO. reviewed January 12, 2006
Late For Work by Pulp_Maiden Action
An amusing picture - nothing else to say, really. reviewed January 12, 2006
Death Upon My Doorstep - Chapter 1 by phx_archangelus Action
Good film with some good VOs. It left me wanting to see the rest of it, which is good. The film captures the atmosphere of the genre well, however, it might rely too heavily on the clishes of detect... reviewed January 12, 2006
tobexmister2000 by natenate6732 Comedy
It occurs to me that, by making this film, you have given some free publicity to your nemesis. I'll check out some of HER films later. Anyway, I give you two stars for this selfless bit of free adve... reviewed January 12, 2006
The Balance Of Justice by meeyotch Action
Harsh justice in that town - the poor guy only cheated! Anyway, asides from a couple of shots seeming disjointed (but just slightly) this was a well crafted western. The poker scene was particularly... reviewed January 12, 2006
The She-Male by bexmeister2000 Horror
very stupid but, also, very funny. The final shot with the 'stubble' revelation made this one pay off. reviewed January 12, 2006
Revenge by Lorgod Action
Good film. If the editing had of been a little tighter in some spots I would have scored it higher. reviewed January 12, 2006
Popeye The Sailor Man by genfluke Comedy
Featured Review
Gold! The only thing lacking was spinach and Olive Oil. But this made me laugh so much, especially with the opening dialogue, I must give you 5 stars. Congratulations . . . you just became my first...
reviewed January 12, 2006
Test This! by AndreTeh Action
O.K. I'm assuming, because of the title, that this was some kind of test. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Though the lack of climax left me wanting more . . . honestly. reviewed January 12, 2006
Money Matters by JackRabbit Comedy
Excellent and original little film. Rather amusing, I'd say, old boy. reviewed January 12, 2006
The One And Only Banana by scavanga Comedy
Neat little movie. I found it refreshing and amusing. Nothing else to say, really. reviewed January 11, 2006
The Displeasure Dome by JackFrequency Sci-Fi
Seemed to be completely devoid of plot. Was this one of the automatically generated movies? A cool title, but some subtitles or VOs might have helped it along. reviewed January 11, 2006
Bonnette and Clydesdale by danedwardsuk Action
Good. Well edited and some good use of sets. reviewed January 11, 2006
Cute Blonde German Girls Fall Down Stairs by suedenim Comedy
A seminal classic. I have heard this insightful and thoughtful film was the inspiration for many Merchant Ivory pictures like A Room With A View, Shadowlands, and Howard's End. Or perhaps not . . . reviewed January 10, 2006
Everyday Life by blamotime Action
Very good action film. The editing was excellent, and the VO acting was very good. reviewed January 10, 2006
King KongThe True Story by poopiemcgee04 Action
Featured Review
I sympathise with TMO Fanboy's motivations, that's for sure. Anyway, nice and short comedy. Keep 'em up.
reviewed January 10, 2006
The Bum by rashad88 Action
There's a good concept for a movie here, but I couldn't help but feel the film was a little directionless. This could use tighter reworking and a less rambling plot and it could be pretty good. I wo... reviewed January 10, 2006
Bunny Racism in a Bar by kevinduh Comedy
A funny film. Perhaps it's a matter of preference, but it just didn't pull all my strings. Liked it, though. And it seems YIKES is a word for - reviewed January 9, 2006
Quins Bad Day by ercilev Action
Good. You captured the atmosphere really well. Some memorable lines too, especially "I didn't have to get hit in the ass by a train to know I was being railroaded". Well done. reviewed January 9, 2006
Santa Claus is Coming to Town by singsolo Action
I'll rate this as a trailer, not as a movie: Honestly expected this to be lame, but it really made me laugh. O.K., so it's not the most original concept, but it still entertained. The VOs really so... reviewed January 9, 2006
Women Drivers by Dulci Comedy
Nice. I thought the VO acting was really good. reviewed January 9, 2006
The Ho-bot by SoulVomit Comedy
Good film. Very funny concept. reviewed January 9, 2006
Cybercop by guydon01 Comedy
Va Bene!!! Seriously, the funniest film I've yet seen on TMO. Very cool. Do sequels, for sure. reviewed January 9, 2006
Schoolgirls in Trouble2 by robpreece Horror
Featured Review
Reminded me of '70s exploitation cinema. It possibly went on for too long, and the jail bit was a bit confusing, though the sheer exploitativeness of the flick earns points. Was only going to give y...
reviewed January 9, 2006
Witness by martijnaikema Horror
That reminds me of an urban myth. Whether that was based off one in particular or not, you captured the atmosphere well. Good film. reviewed January 9, 2006
Free Me by martijnaikema Romance
Well, this one brought a smile to my face. The subtitles at the start seemed a little off, and I was hoping for a twist or punch-line . . . but overall, I don't have anything bad to say about this one. reviewed January 9, 2006
State of the Heart by perceptiondeprofondeur Romance
For a first effort, this is perfectly decent. The scenes all flowed from oneanother and there were no jarring continuity issues. The major problem was, as other people have said, the audio. The sto... reviewed January 9, 2006
Keeping Your Man by Prinzess Romance
Damn! Now I know at least one person has beaten me to doing Australian VOs!! Anyway, a cool idea for a movie. And perfectly sound advice. :) reviewed January 9, 2006
The Pariah by westost Horror
Featured Review
Very good film. Hats off for the original soundtrack. The only reason I'm not giving this one five stars is the first quarter left me in doubt as to what the quality of the rest was going to be like...
reviewed January 9, 2006
The Cabinet by Nutte Horror
Very well done. My few critiques first: slightly less use of music would have hightened the impact, and the scene in the hotel room jumped a bit abruptly. Other than that, the editing in this one w... reviewed January 9, 2006
AbraCadAbra - der Tragödie zweiter Teil by lovelyanimations Comedy
Featured Review
Very cool. Also very bizarre movie. Nice and short, didn't drag anything out, and was funny. The VOs really made this one for me, I thought they were very good.
reviewed January 8, 2006
Red Christmas by Bryy_Miller Comedy
Featured Review
A good concept. One of the best of the Xmas related flicks on TMO. Some genuinely funny stuff. The two highlights were the image of the bunny carrying the corpse, and the line "fires in the engine ...
reviewed January 8, 2006
The Hyde Files by Tykell Action
I don't know why, since most of the net references went over my head, but this kept me amused. The dialogue, especially with the jargon and mis-spellings were particularly funny. Can't deny that it ... reviewed January 8, 2006
Tribute by Harb40 Action
Featured Review
I'm not an American - in fact, I'm nationalistic about anywhere - so part of this films impact would be lost on someone like me. Nevertheless, I take my hat off to any film that doesn't take a straig...
reviewed January 8, 2006
break the bank by ainerory007 Action
For a flick made in half an hour it keeps the pace up pretty well. It definitely didn't bore me, but I kept feeling it needed something to set itself aside as unique. For the sequel, maybe? reviewed January 7, 2006
Cold Chill by nukeme3 Horror
I think the idea was a nice one. Bum cons people into following him so they can get killed for some unknown tally/purpose. It's a good idea for a short, simple horror film. Unfortunately the execut... reviewed January 7, 2006
Thug by carld2002 Action
What the hell was this about?! Who knows? Who cares?! I enjoyed. Anything with a character in it called 'Rainbow the Clown' who wears a ski mask deserves at least two stars. The other two were fo... reviewed January 7, 2006
Kerbang Boom Crash The Movie by carld2002 Action
Some funny lines, especially 'take that, establishment!'. The film had an have an anarchic energy, which was good and kept the pace up. The only reason I haven't rated it higher is because the scene... reviewed January 7, 2006
Strange Love by Vozpit Comedy
Short, simple, and funny. Three winning factors for a Movies movie, in my view. A star for each. reviewed January 5, 2006
The Eye of the BMW by FluffyBunnii Comedy
Very funny. Loved the scenes of the hero being beaten up. The likeness to Stallone was even amusing. reviewed January 4, 2006
Ape Detectives II - Vanishing Act by Stahlman Comedy
Featured Review
Good continuation of the series. Maybe just one or two more jokes, though the movie succeeds in it's humour the most the closer it sticks to it's atmosphere. The scene with the 'jogger' beside the c...
reviewed January 4, 2006
The Apetrix by 03dodd Action
A tighter cut at the end with the shotgun blast and the ape death shot would have upped the score. Made me laugh overall, though. reviewed December 31, 2005
Death Comes A Knockin by genfluke Comedy
Nice short comedies. Keep them up. Very good. reviewed December 31, 2005
Professor Crenshaw Episode II by genfluke Comedy
Another thrilling instalment. I didn't think it could be but, this was even funnier than the first one. reviewed December 31, 2005
PROFESSOR CRENSHAW by genfluke Comedy
Hilarious. Excellent voiceovers, an instantly amusing idea, and a laugh-out-loud climax makes this one of the funniest movies I've seen on the website. reviewed December 31, 2005
Drunk Naked Chicks by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Funny film. Not much else needs to be said. reviewed December 26, 2005
This Is A Test! by Speilburger Comedy
Good piece of fun. More madcap movies are always good. reviewed December 26, 2005
Nothin Special by Melghoul1 Romance
Good little film. Made me laugh. reviewed December 26, 2005
Rage of the Woman New York by Thatguy467 Comedy
Just didn't really find it all that funny. The concept was fine, the execution just let it down a little. Rate me bad if you like, this is just an honest review. If you want to upload your movies f... reviewed December 26, 2005
Changing Image by agtelford Romance
Better than Where's Baby. A little tedious. reviewed December 26, 2005
Where's Baby? by agtelford Romance
Where's baby indeed . . . it disappeared after the first couple of scenes. Nonsensical. reviewed December 26, 2005
All for the vc by sirmask Horror
Was that supposed to make no sense whatsoever? reviewed December 26, 2005
The Shack Of D00M by the_squash Horror
Started off with a decent premise. Went downhill. reviewed December 26, 2005
Unalive! by SavageArtistry Horror
The most terrifying movie ever? Well, no. Some sharper editing and less continuity errors would have upped the score. reviewed December 26, 2005
High Noon Rising by fatmongoose Action
I didn't laugh or cry, and I don't think I said 'your turtle fly' . . . but . . . just didn't grab me. If some of the scenes had of been edited a little tighter I would have upped the score by a star... reviewed December 26, 2005
Ape Detectives by Stahlman Comedy
Featured Review
Best and funniest ape movie I've seen on the net so far. Sequels?
reviewed December 26, 2005
The Day the Horse Will Rise by astawicki12345 Action
Brilliant. Points for absurdism and originality. Made me laugh. reviewed December 25, 2005
Well that was a War by Stahlman Comedy
Stranski would be proud I'm sure . . . whoever he was. Anyway, amused me. reviewed December 25, 2005
chillin in tha trench by v_toe Action
The story and atmosphere didn't really seem to gel with the title. The title has promise. reviewed December 25, 2005
Girl in a Box by ThomasJancey Romance
Not really clear what that movie was about. Was the 'box' reference in the title a reference to the bank teller? reviewed December 25, 2005
Anal Apes by mn-productions Comedy
Depraved and disgusting. Recommended. reviewed December 25, 2005
Woodland Horror by mn-productions Horror
Very good editing, and the voice acting was quite good. Some of the script was a little repetitive, and I had trouble making out all the dialogue but, on the whole, this was rather good. reviewed December 25, 2005
The Creature With Five Million Eyes by eMoShash Horror
What was that ending?! Or the rest of it, for that matter? reviewed December 25, 2005
U-Bahn by thegigaboss Action
Don't speak German . . . I still don't think I would have followed it, though. reviewed December 25, 2005
Star Huntress Part 3 by Badmojo444 Sci-Fi
Good. Amusing series with excellent continuity. reviewed December 25, 2005
Star Huntress by Badmojo444 Sci-Fi
Enjoyable . . . nice and short. reviewed December 25, 2005
The Watcher by Mattriz Horror
Featured Review
The subtitling with the hyphens worked for me, but that may have been because I read your note first. The editing worked well in this one and the cuts back and forth gave the story a forward momentum...
reviewed December 25, 2005
Fetal Destruction by DisturbedCows Action
Plotless, ridiculous but . . . some pretty good editing there. Good to see - unlike a fair bit of the stuff out there - you don't have to use every second of a scene as it appears in the game. I'm r... reviewed December 25, 2005
Hitlers Ghost and the Bathroom by nightfoxearthling Comedy
Just the idea of Hitler giving some random guy a haircut for lodging is worth a start or two, surely . . . Amused me, anyway. reviewed December 25, 2005
The Aftermath by minuscipher Action
The message was good, but the scenes in the game unfortunately just can't convey the horror of war. On the whole I liked it, though I have to second Pauks' comment - 'why did he get let off for murder'? :). reviewed December 25, 2005
Making a movie by minuscipher Comedy
Tried to find the negative star rating . . . couldn't . . . gave you three instead. Seriously, though, an amusing concept that mostly came off pretty well until the very end. Now I know they won't t... reviewed December 25, 2005
Huntress Of Sol by GeraldPottier Sci-Fi
Enough said. reviewed December 25, 2005
Casey Jettings On the Up P1 by mrmilomannnowra20006 Action
Good to see a fellow Australian posting some stuff. Gratuitous national reference there . . . anyway, good film. Very few continuity issues. I like the soap excuse for why she didn't notice the body . . . reviewed December 25, 2005
The Hidden Stories by Dulci Comedy
Solid idea amd excellent execution. Great use of musical motifs, too. Well done. reviewed December 25, 2005
Julie Gets Her Story by Dulci Romance
Well put together. There were no major continuity problems. reviewed December 25, 2005
Beach Party Weekend by NCNews Horror
Story made perfect sense without dialogue until the 'Thing' was despatched. After that, it seemed to flounder a bit. If the editing had of been a little tighter, this could have got a drastically hi... reviewed December 23, 2005
Acorn (Episode 1) - Purpose by SOULSWORD Action
I liked this. It was perhaps a little too long-winded in some scenes although, on the whole, it was a pretty watchable film. reviewed December 23, 2005
How The West Was Done by Medic911 Comedy
Amusing in parts, inexplicable in others. Fell to pieces as soon as the UFO showed up. Some tighter editing may have helped. reviewed December 23, 2005
Goin Black in the Love Shack by HkySk8r187 Romance
Hilarious. Laughed all the way through. reviewed December 23, 2005
Fists of Love by kirbyman Action
Title alone is worth one star. No idea what that was about. Fun. reviewed December 23, 2005
King Kong 1941 (Act-One) by StevenKreg Action
Custom effects were well done. The scenes didn't always seem to mesh. Baggage Boy stuff was classic. No way would Carl Denham run away from anything!! reviewed December 23, 2005
The Dog Napoleon - the attack by garudasoul Horror
Featured Review
Umm . . . I think that was about a guy who imagined himself as a werewolf, as well as others - but was really just crazy, right? Not really sure. Far too much repetition of scenes, and a little too ...
reviewed December 23, 2005
Am Ende der Distanz by Meowan Romance
Das ist good. reviewed December 23, 2005
Full Retaliatory Response by McCain Action
Very impressively put together. Clever usage of some of the more mundane scenes from The Movies to meld your story together works nicely. My only minor criticism was a use of perhaps too many fades ... reviewed December 23, 2005