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Julius Comedy
Julius is a gorilla. He's been in jail for twelve years. In the film, his old mentor, Doctor Blangrick, takes him home. This is my first attempt at film-making. I wanted to make some changes...but ... posted December 29, 2005
Movies Reviewed by FatJedi
Blackbird by silver_fox_studios Action
I'm amazed that this was created using the Movies. It's the longest one I've sat through, and the only one that kept my attention the entire time. Only a few weird glitches to address. Great work. reviewed March 14, 2006
Soldier X by billcosby Romance
Here be a review, for a lad that needs reviews. Anyway...good movie. It's clear that you put a lot of effort into this one. If you were to add anything to it, it'd be voice overs. That'd add to the em... reviewed February 24, 2006
Five Things We All Hate About TMO! by lizardthing Comedy
HEY! I LIKE CHICKEN MOVIES! Lol, I love the one star ninja story. No way man, you're lizard, you're a nobody. Jk, great job. reviewed February 24, 2006
Gotta Waste Money On Em All! Monstermon! by filmfreak13 Comedy
Featured Review
All I can say is...5 stars! Great job w/everything!
reviewed February 24, 2006
Story Time With The God Of Plague by God_Of_Plague Comedy
LOL! Exceptionally awesome, man. Great VOs, I love the cow, and the subtitles too. A few errors...there's a random horse(not the drawing)that sometimes pops up in the backround. reviewed February 24, 2006
Night of the Living TMO (special edition) by crazeyal Comedy
Freaking awesome! reviewed February 19, 2006
What shouldnt be seen by IsisChild1 Horror
Agreements with all, great for a first film. reviewed February 19, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
Holy customization! This is one of da best films on TMO, and by far the best user created...ANYTHING! I LOVE COMIC BOOKS! The ending was too abrupt, though. reviewed January 30, 2006
PIMP MY RIDE by johnny_barger Comedy
One thing. Don't do this: I Walked Across The Road And Found A Sack Of Potatos In The Gutter. Thank you. Good movie, by the way. I loathe the television show. Hilarious VO...hard to believe it's one person. reviewed January 30, 2006
Whats Rom??nce (TRAILER) by tunalover377 Romance
Woosh, dat was rather odd man. Odd in a dashing way. reviewed January 30, 2006
Knock Knock by ninette1 Comedy
Uh...That wasn't a comedy. That was a tragedy. reviewed January 30, 2006
Woof emily and the aliensTRAILER by sullivanb04 Comedy
I'm letting you off this time, but that needs some serious work. Try spending more time creating smooth scene transitions. reviewed January 28, 2006
45 Seconds of Hi by KeViNp Comedy
Seriously [censored!]ed up, man. Try reuploading. Seemed cool though, so happy birthday. reviewed January 26, 2006
Eaglehead Vs Lionear by mikeylevy890 Action
Featured Review
Great job...I'd ask you to review mine but none are online.
reviewed January 25, 2006
Detroit Crime City 1 by toewiggler Action
Sorry pal, this movies seriously [shhhh!]ed up... reviewed January 25, 2006
Chrysler 300C by djelements Comedy
Okay...this is a commercial. This ain't a movie. reviewed January 24, 2006
Christmas The freedom way by Yngvelli Comedy
Deserves praise, but the swearing was unnecessary... reviewed January 5, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Great use of custom effects, it must've taken FOREVER! reviewed January 5, 2006
Mafia-Der Barbesitzer by egonolsen Action
Sie sind eine Laune und ein Affe. Würfel! Dieser Film hat sehr schlechte Grammatik. Rufen Sie einen Diätetiker, Idioten an! Mein kampf! reviewed January 4, 2006
Zombie Bob vs The One Star Ninja by oldugly Comedy
Funny funny! I likes! reviewed January 1, 2006
Eletember the Seleventh by TrueChristianDOTcom Comedy
Could've been a bit shorter.....but the laughs kept comin' so I'm not complainin'. Bush deserves movies like this, we don't see him enough in the media, hee hee! reviewed January 1, 2006
Reckless by drybeanburrito Comedy
Featured Review
Hilarious dude! Make summore!
reviewed December 31, 2005
A Sith Lord In LA by Yngvelli Comedy
The laugh track made me laugh...I love Star Wars, but the spoofs are even better. Make more of these, please! reviewed December 30, 2005
The First Date (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
All I have to say is...WHAT THE *$%/?? I still liked it. reviewed December 30, 2005
Maniac Pt.4 by okke Action
Maniac! Ahhhh! Maniacs make me laugh! reviewed December 30, 2005
Dont Enter The Woods! by tom_maca Horror
Good for a first effort! Try for a VO. And better grammar(put "you" instead of "u"). Could you review mine? http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/30785 reviewed December 30, 2005
Monkey business by dekdes Comedy
Any movie with monkeys deserve 6 stars. Alas, only five are possible. LOVED IT! Especially the beginning! reviewed December 30, 2005
Jade Hay in Red Eyes by jobi-wan Action
A bit more description woulda been nice, good film, though. Try using a VO next time. http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/30785 reviewed December 30, 2005
Santa Strikes Back by Coolphil Comedy
Santy Klaus is a fat lardbag. Try http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/30785 reviewed December 30, 2005
The Cactus Killings by speilucasberg Comedy
Yes, gorillas rock! Nice job w/VOs. reviewed December 30, 2005
The Shards Saga - Part 1 - 1917 by Drascuk Action
Interesting..And old. The oldness adds a great deal of atmosphere to this film. Try this one out... http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/30785 reviewed December 30, 2005
Invastion by Abrey Horror
All right....an extra star only valid if you watch mine.... http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/30785 reviewed December 30, 2005
DeKDeS Shoots Casting sessions by dekdes Comedy
Smokin'! Why you smokin', smoker? Good movie, good VO. Worth 4 **** reviewed December 29, 2005
Zagrax Prime by trallor Comedy
What the devil? Try this one.... http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/30785 reviewed December 29, 2005
Ride Cowboy by padakid Action
Featured Review
Not bad, the 4 stars are for your review of my movie.
reviewed December 29, 2005
http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/30785 reviewed December 29, 2005
Chick School by lora123pink Comedy
Not bad fer a firsty. I likes, I likes.. reviewed December 29, 2005
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Bests every twenty minute movie on this site. This shows off the "quality vs. quantity" crap. I wish I'd win the lottery... reviewed December 28, 2005
The Deadly Honeymoon by johnokinawa Horror
Why the hell are they sneaking around in the beginning? Anyhow, it made me giggle. The zombie was funny, and the ending..good. reviewed December 23, 2005
Cheerleader Party by brianclaire Horror
Featured Review
HA! I broke the system! Actually, I would've given you three....
reviewed December 23, 2005
St Nicholas is coming to Earth by davidwww Action
Featured Review
I give you four stars for shedding light on the whole "Santa" thing. Ho ho ho!
reviewed December 23, 2005
Jeez, will you stop writing in all caps? Turn off the caps lock, doofus! reviewed December 22, 2005
Halo by jarvis100 Sci-Fi
Needed the Halo theme, better writing, and interesting characters. The master chief shouldn't be calling for help. The only thing that made it "Halo" at all, was the fact that the green guy is named "... reviewed December 22, 2005
The Xbox 360 and How it changed my life by djd23 Comedy
The random groan made me laugh out loud! It needed voice overs, and less long pauses. I'd probably give you three stars on a regular day, but hey, it's nearly Christmas, so I'll give you four. reviewed December 22, 2005
Santa And Jesus by Mattyrock Action
Featured Review
Not a fan of religious parody, but this comedy's pretty mellow. Good work.
reviewed December 22, 2005
King Kong 1941 (Act-Two) by StevenKreg Action
Jeez, part two was worse than part one. Almost seemed like you got tired of it.... oh well. It was pretty to look at, but the voice acting was retch-worthy. reviewed December 22, 2005
Confessions Of A Supreme Being by Strondor Comedy
You lose one star for the endless nasty. Try ter keep it teen, mate. reviewed December 20, 2005
Edgar Allen Poes - The Telltale Heart by justin_in_bangor Horror
Wonderful, I love Eddy Poe's stuff. Well done. reviewed December 20, 2005
Neo Christ by Mailer Comedy
Not bad, not good. Average. reviewed December 20, 2005
The Shaman by worryman Action
I hate Westerns. There's no way around that. But this movie rocked, man! Especially the opening sequence! Shooooo.... The only itch was the dialogue. T'was echoing constantly. reviewed December 20, 2005
Clown Head Revized by zyron Action
Dirty and stupid. Flush it. reviewed December 20, 2005
Attacke aus dem Hinterhalt by Riley-Payne Action
Screw these German films. They're all the same. reviewed December 20, 2005
The Big Bar Brawl by Ole22 Comedy
Featured Review
Possibly the best brawl I've seen on this site. AWESOME!
reviewed December 20, 2005
The Dater by thejester005 Comedy
Not bad, but the voice work WAS terrible(could hear you breathe, you sound like a friend of mine). It's funny that he's reading the bible most of the time. Get's real boring after the beginning. reviewed December 20, 2005
Far into the Darkness by olgoat Action
Holy devil this movie was long....That'd me my only complaint. I don't much like watching movies at the PC, especially for an age and a half. But was it worth it? The answer is a resonant yes. A wonde... reviewed December 20, 2005
Deadlands (Episode001) by motivationboy Horror
Featured Review
No Review
reviewed December 20, 2005
King Kong 1941 (Act-One) by StevenKreg Action
Sound effects are horrible, the lady's voice is still whiny. At least the guy's voice acting's improved(aside from the glasses guy from the 1st one), but with that subtle improvement the effects becam... reviewed December 20, 2005
Big Bad and Beastly! by luke2460 Action
It was well written, well shot, and it was funny. The only thing that was left to be desired was a full voice over....and more music. Boy was that lady UGLY! reviewed December 19, 2005
Wheres Baby by juniordan Romance
I laughed till I cried, dude! That was awesome(seriously), it didn't have a plot, but that was what I liked about it. TOTALLY RANDOM! reviewed December 19, 2005
Scholastic Films Intelligent Design by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Good...but bad. The idea begins strongly but eventually descends into randomness. Bad randomness. Some of the sound quality's a bit poor, too. Still an okay film, though. reviewed December 18, 2005
Dark Snowflake by Yogurt_King Horror
Monkey monkey monkey monkey reviewed December 18, 2005
The Movies Christmas Carol by glynner Comedy
The voice acting and script is a work of art(laughed till I peed, I did). Need I say more? reviewed December 18, 2005
Am Ende der Distanz by Meowan Romance
The only real flaw in this film, was the German to English translation. There were some missed words, but the meaning was left undisturbed. The script was slightly redundant, the dude kept repeating h... reviewed December 18, 2005
KING KONG 1940 by StevenKreg Action
This movie bothers me. The effects were well managed, but the voice acting was awful(the lady speaks through her nose), the script...terrible. It also dragged on for a horribly long time, like finger ... reviewed December 18, 2005
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
Dear Lord. This movie was AWESOME! I'm not a fan of beer, but I am a fan of beer related humor. "Strange Brew" is one of my favorites(if you haven't seen it, rent it from Blockbuster or something), an... reviewed December 18, 2005