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Average Rating Received: 4.54

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Movies Released by evil_kfinlay
Last of the Guard Action
This Action/Drama set in Iraq during the 2003 coalition invasion follows the soul survivors of an Iraqi Republican Guard regiment as they attempt to escape Baghdad. WARNING, SPOILERS: KNOWN E... posted October 5, 2008
Operation Mongol Action
===================================== SORRY IF ALL MY CHARACTERS ARE ASIAN!!! ===================================== See Taepodong, I Told Ya I'd Make A Movie... :-) THIS FILM IS BASED ENTIRELY ON TH... posted April 22, 2007
Wow! I just realised that pearsonhouse rated MY movie! Someone who is actually a 3D artist type thing that can do all that editing with the costumes and the backdrops! COOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!! I have A WA... posted September 10, 2006
A Sad War Story Action
Oh great. look at the featured review people! Its another one of those BIIIIIG movie critics! I must tell you that I'm not American, I'm Scottish (with a bit of Vietnamese thrown in). And when you say... posted July 3, 2006
The Chuck Norris Show Comedy Not Rated
I REALLY hope you like it! It's my first attempt at a comedy and it is quite funny if you're a fast reader. posted June 29, 2006
02099 Police (Acctually 01899 Police) Action
well SO-RRY mr film critic! (Krafty) I apoligise if my movie was rubbish. To the rest of you ppl: This film was just a quickie. I only made it coz i wanted a film with some MINDLESS violence. posted June 27, 2006
Lord Of War Trailer Action
Oops! Haven't done a description! Now I have! Hope ya like the trailer! And the film, well that going to be made wit stunts and effects! So it's going to be much better than the trailer! (By the way I... posted June 27, 2006
02099 (And Five Minutes) Police Action
the sequal to 02099 police (I strongly advise that you watch the first one first to get some of the jokes) Jamie isn't in it this time. But he was getting boring anyway.(he is mentioned once) posted June 23, 2006
02099 Police Action
This is a film I made to take the micky outta Jamie (one of ma classm8s) But I ended up soundin stoopider. Uhhhh... (go to ma studio to see da sequal) posted June 22, 2006
yes it is money isnt it Comedy
OHHHHHH!!!! MONEY!!! MONEY MONEY MONEY! MOO LAH! LURVLY CRINKLY CASH! MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!! Sheer Genius - The Finlay Reporter ***** The Greatest Movie Ever Made In The History Of The Future - Finlay ***** posted June 22, 2006
Movies Reviewed by evil_kfinlay
Kayna by Rik_Vargard Action
Rik, you're my hero. This film is awesome. The song was hilarious, as was the forgetful templar. Great use of set design, you're music is the best I have ever heard on this site, if not ever in a mov... reviewed October 7, 2008
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE by MefuneAkira Comedy
This is hilarious. A big "well done!" to you, sir! My only con, I would say, would be some of the cliché jokes, which broke my train of laughter. My cheeks still hurt, though, and I still have to pay... reviewed October 7, 2008
Full Retaliatory Response by McCain Action
Excellent. The only bad point I would mention would be that your voice droned on a bit, you COULD have added the voices of the time, but maybe that would have taken away the atmosphere. Other than tha... reviewed January 31, 2008
CAPITOL Origin by AlexBradley Sci-Fi
*awestruck* ... *still awestruck* reviewed January 31, 2008
The Apocalypse The Fall of Earth by DaGamerKiD05 Sci-Fi
1. I liked the story, pretty original which is a rarity on this site. 2. The music was good too, that's another thing I like about this movie, you can still make it this great even with the limited ... reviewed January 29, 2008
John Fellows To China With Warheads by 76543 Action
Pretty cliche, but good none the less. 4. reviewed January 28, 2008
The United States of COMMUNISM! by hreynold02 Comedy
Kupa Dupa Journey by PitekG91 Comedy
Awesome! reviewed August 17, 2007
One Man Army by British Action
A BLACK NAZI!?! Never Heard Of! reviewed May 7, 2007
THE TRUTH OF THE 300 by bricksfilms Comedy
But I Am Le Tired! Where have I heard THAT before...? Pretty funny, but it would have made a better action reviewed April 23, 2007
Cold by Dulci Romance
o_O huh? It was good though. reviewed April 22, 2007
Land of The Zombies 2 by Nethrentol Horror
o_O MORE ZOMBIES!!! SHOOT EVEN MORE ZOMBIES!!! More Zombies... See, This Is Why Women Shouldn't Be In The Infantry.... o_O reviewed April 22, 2007
Land of The Zombies by Nethrentol Horror
o_O ZOMBIES!!! Shoot the Zombies!!! Zombies... Those Girls Were HAWT (well the red one was) reviewed April 22, 2007
k7-Quarantine by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
Wow. That Was Amazing. I Was Left Dumbstruck At The End... The Music Was Incredible The Props And Sets Were Fantasticly Well Designed The Use Of FreeCam Was OUTSTANDING That Was EPIC. I LOVE YOU!!!... reviewed April 22, 2007
Brothers in Arms by commandking Action
Why can't the koreans win for once? Why is it always the americans? PLEASE, Could You Make A Film Where The Koreans/Chinese/Russians/Japanese Win For ONCE! reviewed April 22, 2007
Presidential Betrayal by Bobbyjo14 Action
ha ha. Nice ending! reviewed April 22, 2007
UK STRIKES BACK by malkyj Action
:D Yayz... 0wn3d... No that was quite good, YAY UK!!! reviewed April 22, 2007
Whiteout by MrG2006 Action
chinese could have been done a bit better... Why were they all white? reviewed April 22, 2007
The Sniper by bannshee531 Action
WHAT!?! reviewed April 22, 2007
Occupation Trailer by Earwmd Action
Just as long as the russians aren't communists in this (or is they are and they win) i alright with it! Look pretty good. At least it not china! (im chinese) reviewed April 22, 2007
Code Red by BrothersStudio Action
Meh. I'm A Communist... But it was pretty good excluding the plot... reviewed April 22, 2007
Assault on St Petersburg by TechNaturalist Action
WHAT? Not one SINGLE american died in that, but all the russians did! THAT IS SO CRAP. I have had enough of this *americans win everything* crap. Now, The Actual Film Editing: A lot of the scenes ... reviewed April 22, 2007
cops assualt team by liam-speed Action
That was so good, im going to parody it! Dont worry i parody everything. Keep an eye on my studio if you wanna see it! reviewed April 21, 2007
FINAL HOURS by davidwww Action
wow. thats really all i can say. wow. reviewed January 11, 2007
Dora The Explorer 2 Full Throttle (Trailer) by DGLI123 Comedy
very nice! look like it's going to be great fun eh? *wink wink* P.S. Tjippan, you philistein! (if thats how you spell it) reviewed January 10, 2007
This Is Love - VO by dansun81 Action
perfect wife who smokes, bah. He might be worried about cying unless... HE'S CHEATING ON ME!!! Ahahahaha i couldnt stop laughing. reviewed January 7, 2007
Peep Show Trailer by hamzahman Comedy
???????????????!!! reviewed November 10, 2006
Chat Room by sidy Horror
God, that scared the crap out of me. The face, !!!!!!!!! When the computer started acting wierd i actually scrolled down pretending i was just reading the comments. I scrolled bak up just in time for,... reviewed October 30, 2006
Peep Show by hamzahman Comedy
looks like my movies better than you [be polite!]ing uprising reviewed October 27, 2006
Donna Kebab - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
why are such a better movie maker than me? reviewed September 17, 2006
Love Triangle True Story of the FilmMaker by shaq123 Romance
aw wow. this is exactly the same as my problem. although the girl (Mika, shes chinese) was already my girlfriend. AND MA BEST MATE (Yi, hes japanese (Weird)) STOLE HER!!! OMG!!! ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHH... reviewed September 12, 2006
Love At First Write - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
No Review reviewed September 12, 2006
Make Poop! (Music Video) by Dave180786 Comedy
I'm sorry to say i disagree with you alex. THIS FILM WAS OUTSTANDINGLY... weird. reviewed September 12, 2006
Have no fear the bunnys are here by DGLI123 Comedy
cricket50, it's not exactly fair if you rate it bad and give no reason. Don't worry DGLI123!!! (Daniel) I'll RATE UR MOVIE GOOD!!! atleast pulpgayulloid (celulloid) said why he thought my film was crap. reviewed September 12, 2006
1st Grand Horse Exhibition by DGLI123 Comedy
lol. that sounded like it was mostly alex but never mind. I LOVED the horse getting chopped in half. and the car reviewed September 12, 2006
Blackout by prodigyfable Comedy
lol! I loved it! Brilliant film. really funny reviewed September 11, 2006
THE BAR by waroftheworlds01 Comedy
Oh god that was so funny! Especially the start where he tried to slide the glass to the retarded woman. I also like the bit where he was talking about the cowboy movies and the poker bit was brilliant. reviewed September 11, 2006
The Uprising by hamzahman Action
??????? ?????????. ???? ??????????????? ?????????? Even if ??? ?? ??????? ?????????? ?? ????????? ??? ????? ???????. Naw, I speak english. Although I do speak Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese and a bit ... reviewed September 7, 2006
The Uprising V2 by hamzahman Action
??????? ?????????. reviewed September 7, 2006
Gunsmoke by Jpcrox Action
The last bit was funny but it was kinda crappy and im asian reviewed September 4, 2006
VietCong-67 by Nolan16 Action
I hate you vader I really do. I'm half Vietnamese and if you didn't want to offend us, WHY DID YOU MAKE THE DONG TU (that's vietnamese HA!) MOVIE!!! And I know you say that "That's the way it was" but... reviewed September 4, 2006
Star War by PitekG91 Comedy
*Ha* *Ha*! Który by?? tak (wi??c) zabawny!!! Wspó??czucie JA jestem nie nad 18:*O* lubi?? chwytany kiedy *spaceship* udawa?? si?? GRZMOT (WZROST; O?YWIONY)! Nawiasem mówi??c patrz?? na mój przegl??d d... reviewed September 3, 2006
Masterpiece Evolutions by PitekG91 Sci-Fi
*Ha* *Ha*. Który by?? dobry! To by??o troch?? jak (podobny do; podobnie do tego; upodobanie do) "Matryca (matrycowy) " je?eli wy to. Nawiasem mówi??c, wdzi??czno??ci (dzi??kuje; dzi??kuje) wy i *thedu... reviewed September 3, 2006
The Rock Star by benstudios1991 Action
I love the way you make joke about the crappy scenes that were probably made to not fit together on purpose. "I sould be ok if i don't run over a dog or anything. *WOOF* Crap!" reviewed August 25, 2006
Conscript by paul_biscuit Action
Wow! That was brilliant! Well done! I am a big campaigner for Vietnamese soldiers who are sworn at killed brutally and Projected to be evil in all these crappy U.S vietnam war films. THEY DIDN'T EVEN ... reviewed August 25, 2006
the battle for zorz by luckylewis Action
three words. I HATE YOU. reviewed August 23, 2006
legend of china by marc505 Action
WTF did that have to do with china???? reviewed August 23, 2006
Dragons War by razaron Action
DUDE! NICE ONE! Pity thier costumes were vietnamese though. (I'm half vietnamese) I recognise that music. IT'S FROM COMMAND AND CONQUER GENERALS!!!!!!!!!! GASP!!!!! Oh well. I must agree that it's muc... reviewed August 23, 2006
Manny Jones ON TOUR pt 2 by benstudios1991 Comedy
I seem to remember that in episode to manny got a visit from satan and statan was wearing gay clothes. Anyway, brill film. I laughed to the end reviewed August 21, 2006
An Obsession PT1 by movielandscaper Romance
U R A PERV! Libentao omai shio shio pakoti!!!!!! reviewed August 14, 2006
One Night Out by axecinema Comedy
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!! SEND IN THE CHINESE REPUBLICAN ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!! reviewed August 14, 2006
If They Won - a Vietnam war story - by KidGunner Action
I don't appriciate how you killed my country people, and enjoyed it. (I'm half Vietnamese, Half Scottish) I'll give you five stars because I want you to know what it was like on the Vietnamese side! W... reviewed August 14, 2006
A helicopter in Vietnam by Jbob3 Action
Om my god you called my county people B****es!!! I'm half Vietnamese ya know!!! And I'm not half American. Why did you invade Vietnam in the first place? Just because they were communists? Different c... reviewed August 12, 2006
The strangest gentlemens league by PitekG91 Comedy
Obmyslam was byliscie bliski(obok)do mikrotelefonu kiedy wy zorbit ten (to). Ale to byt dobre za wszelka cene. reviewed August 11, 2006
Kurczaky dubbing PL by PitekG91 Comedy
Ich Verstehe Nicht! reviewed August 11, 2006
Robot One by Pulp Celluloid Sci-Fi
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... reviewed August 11, 2006
Briefcase by Pulp Celluloid Action
this movie was absoloutly crap. P.S I hope you read what I've written in the Sad War Story's Description, PULP! reviewed August 11, 2006
The Whammy by Pulp Celluloid Action
. reviewed August 11, 2006
The News at 10 by AJR Comedy
nice one alex reviewed June 29, 2006
Manny Jones ON TOUR! by benstudios1991 Comedy
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Funny. You definitely are the king of comedy reviewed June 28, 2006
Government Surveillance by benstudios1991 Comedy
BRILLIANT!!! Lol dat was funny! Visit ma studio! (plz) I liked the bit at the end reviewed June 28, 2006
real tournament trailer by chaos31 Action
Lookin good! I'll bookmark the studio! Can't wait till it comes out! reviewed June 28, 2006
mr perfect by chaos31 Action
Agency? I have an evil company called the corporation in one of my (not exported but will be soon) films! Brill film by da way! reviewed June 27, 2006
ryans life by chaos31 Comedy
Very original! Five stars closer to modern office! reviewed June 27, 2006
stunts and effectz by chaos31 Comedy
Did I tell ya that LORD OF WAR is going to be made by stunts and effects (Yee-hah!) I think the city and the free cam will come in VERY useful. (Karate Lady!) reviewed June 27, 2006
Planet of Apes by PitekG91 Sci-Fi
OHHH!!! VERY GOOD!! I liked the monkeys on horses. Hee hee. Very good film. Five Stars! Visit ma studio reviewed June 27, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
Lol! VERY original! Although the lead role was kinda ugly. OH NO! WHAT HAVE I SAID! ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! HE'S GOING TO COME OUT THE COMPUTER AND PUT ME INTO THE COMPUTER AND KILL ME!!! And now for somet... reviewed June 25, 2006
Exploding Toads by msaeluk Comedy
WOOOO!!! DA TOADS ARE ALL EXPLODING LIKE! Visit ma studio! A lot of editing there. How d'ya do it? reviewed June 24, 2006
Dora the explorer by DGLI123 Comedy
OHHHH... MONKEY! But there was no cheese in it! That's ridiculous! Did I spell that rite? Did I spell rite rite? ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! Watch my film: 02099 Police! reviewed June 23, 2006
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
Essence De BRILL!!! reviewed June 20, 2006
Drunk Naked Chicks by Pulp Celluloid Comedy
Wow. You guys are sick. reviewed June 20, 2006
The Chase 1 by corporalgeo Action
God, your movies are brill. You make all the movies I think there should be more of! FIVE STARS!!! reviewed June 13, 2006
The Rescue by corporalgeo Action
WOOO!!! WE WERE IN IT! GO BRITS! Brilliant film. There just aren't enough modern war films on this site. And this is exactly what I'm thinking of! reviewed June 13, 2006