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Movies Released by ElijahLeahandthemovie
The Life and Times of a Chicken Comedy
This is a movie about a boy and his mother being chased down by some KFC hit-"people" (politically correct of course!) to be fried up and served at a KFC fast food chain. I hope you enjoy it, I put a ... posted May 9, 2006
Scary Movie Unleashed Horror
This is my first attempt at uploading a movie. Please don't judge to harshly, I realize it wasn't that horrorish, if that's a word, next movie will be better. Stay tuned! If your confused with the pl... posted May 5, 2006
Movies Reviewed by ElijahLeahandthemovie
Z-Day The Apocalypse Online by AusfroT Horror
I *heart* Larry the Cable Guy! And Larry the Cop! Well... actually, not really, but it was still a funny movie. I loved it. reviewed May 11, 2006
Yellow Chickens vs purple Chickens by Knatternator Sci-Fi
I really wish it had subtitles. You couldn't really follow anything. reviewed May 11, 2006
Doom Troopers by TomboJones Sci-Fi
I guess that was decent. What was up with the hat eaters tho? They didn't do much hat eating. reviewed May 11, 2006
We Kneel To Destroy by TomboJones Horror
ummmm.... what? Seriously, what was up with the gayness in the movie? He was a wolf man... and he was gay... and then the guy started to look at a man's breats... Nice use of knives, trust me, a movie... reviewed May 11, 2006
Bull Run by savage_rabbit Action
i think the voices are a little hard to understand, and the music is really destracted reviewed May 10, 2006
Home Of The Braves by papoluca Action
The Bounty Line by Icer2k6 Action
I couldn't find Keanu Reeves. The guy said he found him, but I couldn't see him. Dissapointing. reviewed May 8, 2006
Neds Shed by Casket Comedy
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! You know... most of the movies on this site are too long and I wonder why I watch them, but with this... I can't find a word to describe it so I am forced to make one up... Scru... reviewed May 8, 2006
The Civil War of the 1860s by Ilikepie135 Action
That had really no plot except for death. Yay Death!. Although I was dissapointed with the lack of knife fighting. And where were the black people? This movie is rascist! And where are the women? This... reviewed May 8, 2006
The stupid (funny) sitcom Halloween suite by regedit Comedy
What? Eh? Was that supposed to make sense? And what was up with that poser Indian? The ninja was much cooler. reviewed May 8, 2006
25 to Life 2 by Ilikepie135 Action
Wheres 25 to life one? And where's the sweet sound track like in the game? I'm dissapointed. reviewed May 8, 2006
Fisticuffs by djfiggy Action
The only thing wrong with this movie... Is false advertising. I was looking forward to seeing the Jackson Five in a movie! I'm dissapointed. And you could have waited for a different era. reviewed May 7, 2006
Fisticuffs by paterjurn Horror
I was a little bit confused with the plot, but, from what I could follow, it was a pretty good plot... Plot, plot, and more plot, let's see how many times I can say plot. I'm going to explode from say... reviewed May 7, 2006
Awkward! by Luskington Comedy
Well, I have to say that was pretty stupid reviewed May 6, 2006
Hard Ball ep1 by verguit Action
Good job. I really enjoyed it. I don't think there's much more I can say. reviewed May 6, 2006