Number of Movies: 24
Number of Winning Movies: 1
Average Rating Received: 3.95

Number of Movies Reviewed: 667
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 66
Average Rating Given: 3.96
Movies Released by Dylen
Blood Ties - Vol 2 Horror
Double D Productions proudly presents Blood Ties - Vol 2. In a small mountain town in Central California, a secret has been kept for to long. Vampires do exist but the books and stories have most of... posted July 23, 2006
Blood Ties - Vol 1 Horror
Double D Productions proudly presents Blood Ties - Vol 1. In a small mountain town in Central California, a secret has been kept for to long. Vampires do exist but the books and stories have most of... posted July 23, 2006
Double D Logo Demo (HQ) Romance Not Rated
This is just a test and uploaded to update studio info. Please don't rate it. posted June 7, 2006
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Horror
Winning Movie
Double D Productions (Dulci & Dylen) are proud to present The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The story is based upon the original story as written over 200 years ago by Washington Irving. (Copyright free) ...
posted May 5, 2006
Time to Kill Sci-Fi
NEXT-GEN SPECIAL EFFECTS!! In the future, the destruction of life on planet earth is imminent. After many meetings, a tough decision is made. The future of the world is in the hands of one. .. * 2 ... posted March 26, 2006
Screen Test - Still a Virgin Comedy
This short movie was totally unplanned and unscripted. It came about as the result of some VO tests we were doing for an upcoming movie. We thought it was funny so it was spliced into the short film ... posted March 25, 2006
Dog XXXX Comedy
Dog XXXX - Rated PG BLACK LABEL MOVIES Homage to the old Cheech & Chong skits of the 1980's. This is a series of short movies that are done for fun. This one was done in 2 hours from start to finis... posted January 21, 2006
Survival Game Horror
SURVIVAL GAME - RATED R (For Language) - Inspired by the movie SAW 140+ scenes, 85+ Voice Overs, Custom backdrops, and an orginal Soundtrack. 2 men. 2 guns. 2 bullets. 1 room. Only the survivor lea... posted January 6, 2006
The Last Christmas Gift Romance
NO NEED TO REVIEW. FEEL FREE TO VIEW. Just my entry into the Christmas Competition. It represents the type of movie I hope LH might enjoy seeing. Don't miss Survival Game coming out 1/6/06 posted January 5, 2006
Survival Game (Trailer) Horror
THIS IS A TRAILER FOR AN UPCOMING MOVIE. A REVIEW IS NOT REQUIRED. This represents a quick look into the movie to give you a feel for what it is like. Obviously it is inspired by the movie SAW. Hard ... posted January 2, 2006
A Lionhead Christmas Comedy
Based upon recent events and posts found on TMO. Many views are covered and not all of them are that of this studio. The movie was made in fun and with the intention of giving the community a movie ... posted December 26, 2005
A Lionhead Christmas (Preview) Comedy
Feel free to view. NO NEED TO REVIEW. This is only a teaser. This is mainly a teaser and little PR piece from the movie. It was made mainly to give to a couple people to hopefully snag some PR SSs of... posted December 25, 2005
The Trial of Chico Reyes Horror
Peaked at #2 Horror & #17 Overall on 12/18/05 3.5 minutes that will make a definate impact on you. 3 Custom BGs provided by FoDoog Films, 3 original tracks (2 via TMWS that were altered for this movi... posted December 16, 2005
The Discount (Final) Comedy
Rated PG (for implied adult content) ====== Lionhead Hotpick ===== Just a short comedy, based of a joke i heard once, originally started just as a diversion. Released with a poor audio track that got... posted December 8, 2005
Gangwars - The Duel Comedy
FINAL VERSION - Full Audio update and new narration script ==================================== ========= Featured Film on FilePlanet ========= ==================================== This one starts of ... posted December 8, 2005
BO-The Burro Owens Story Comedy
Based upon a recent National Football League saga. I expect the majority of people outside of the United States won't think it is quite as humerous as people that have heard about this story will. T... posted December 7, 2005
The Discount Comedy
Original version. Poor audio track. See updated version at movie #19199 Rated PG (for implied adult content) Just a short comedy originally started just as a diversion to the work being done on The ... posted December 6, 2005
Detroit Crime City Action Not Rated
Uploaded to refresh award info. Removed afterwars fo no credits gained. posted November 19, 2005
Dave (The Final Cut) Comedy
The FINAL Cut. 2 reasons for a final cut, the first being accidental deletion from my online studio and seemingly no way to repost it. The second reason was to get a chance to fix the dialog in the "A... posted November 14, 2005
Dave - FHS Comedy
Video remake of a classic Cheech and Chong skit. The voiceovers are a little hokey at times, but hey I can only change my voice so much. Ok, just viewed the online version and I can see the movie cam... posted November 14, 2005
Dave - FHS Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted November 14, 2005
The Baggage Boy Redux - FHS Comedy
Cheap early studio movie. Slated for removal. posted November 13, 2005
The Kiss - FHS Horror
The Kiss was originally made as a test shoot for Flaming Heart Studios (My Sandbox movies). The shoot was quick and not a lot put into it. Until I hit Post Production. I always seem to get stuck in th... posted November 13, 2005
Home Of The Braves Action
First online release from Ponysoft Studios (Ingame Movies). This was my first attempt at actually editing the movie in Post Production. Enjoy! posted November 13, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Dylen
Perception by Dulci Romance
Pretty cool movie. Dulci once again shows you can make successful and entertaining movies by thinking outside the box and presenting something that most people can relate to. Yay Dulci!! reviewed August 30, 2006
The Bounty --- Part 1 by murpheykid Action
First things first.... music!! While music is often overused in movies (music the whole way) it wasn't in this one. A few nice guitar-y type tunes would have helped a lot in setting a feel. The movie ... reviewed August 3, 2006
Innocence - Part 1 by vesobe Action
What a neat movie. I had to hop back to the studio page just to see your stats because this felt like a movie from someone that has been around since release. VOs for the most part were pretty much de... reviewed July 26, 2006
Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part I) by ichthusadmr Action
Amazing!! This movie had it all. Some will say, "That first scene looked a lot like the opening of Gladiator". I say, "That first scene looked a LOT like the opening scene to Gladiator!!!!" Wow!! I a... reviewed July 24, 2006
The Hybrid Theory by Thonyia Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I liked this. It might not exactly be 5 star material, but it had a LOT of scenes I never saw before and some cool effects. Lots of work went into this movie and stuff like this should be encouraged. ...
reviewed July 24, 2006
Pax Romana by TheMGMKid1 Romance
That was a special movie there. Great use of backdrops to simulate Rome. The whole movie just had a classy feel. Nice job of directing and a great cast. Very easy to hand 5 stars to this movie. reviewed July 24, 2006
The TMOscars! by StevenKreg Romance
This just serves to remind me of the old days and makes me wonder when the next one is coming out!! :) reviewed July 23, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 2 by decadentpictures Horror
Lots of work in this one and it has all the good things the first one had. For me it might have been a little to much of those things. It seemed like it could have been shortened a fair amount. The ta... reviewed July 23, 2006
Stir - Interlude by AnotherNewDawn Action
This movie (and series) is a great example of how good story telling is the most important part of movie making. Sure, a person could go through and list problems if the filming or editing like the cu... reviewed July 21, 2006
THE FEAR by Makrim83 Horror
Pretty cool stuff. Nice work. I see some note bad presentation, but for the type movie it was, I felt the presentation fit well. Can't wait to see more stuff from you. 4 stars with an extra star for a... reviewed July 19, 2006
The Golden Dog by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Nice scene choices and angles as I have come to expect from Okinawa Studios. The movie itself just seemed to be paced to slowly. I also felt maybe the dog should have "answered one prayer" as opposed ... reviewed July 19, 2006
Jeremiah Stands Up by WorldPictures Comedy
Featured Review
Yeah, I DID laugh a few times. The movie does suffer from some problems though. Mistiming as noted in the description. A few bad edits. Some varying volume issues. One thing to note, next time put you...
reviewed July 18, 2006
DUSKFEED by kwistufa Horror
Ok, now THAT was a cool little movie!! Very VERY good feel you had going there. Worked well and proved you can make a solid movie with no VO or captions. The constant movement of the camera (shake) w... reviewed July 17, 2006
ode to meat by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Horror
6HM is a great movie maker. Lots of nice stuff in this movie. Good ue of the camera. Nice backdrops. Risky nude shots. The thing (for me) was that it kind of felt incomplete. Almost like a trailer. I ... reviewed July 17, 2006
Shadow Realm II TS Section 3 FINAL by IG-88Productions Sci-Fi
Awesome ending almost. Hehehe. How dare you hit us with a to be continued!! Hehehe. Very impressive work. I liked how you did the Tomaras section. Seems like that worked out well. Easy to give this a ... reviewed July 14, 2006
Shadow Realm II TS Section 2 FINAL by IG-88Productions Sci-Fi
Very cool ambeince sequences and interesting and effective choice of scenes. Music works very well and the whole experience just feels like a Sci-Fi movie of the Sci-Fi channel. 5 stars easily! reviewed July 14, 2006
Shadow Realm II TS Section 1 FINAL by IG-88Productions Sci-Fi
Shadow Realm is back!! Very impressive movie. It has an epic feel to it and building upon the story and visuals from SR1. Easily the biggest series on TMO. Most likely the best as well. More people n... reviewed July 14, 2006
wizards of the compass1- complete by ranger21 Action
Tons of work in this and I wanted to 5 it badly but in the end I cannot. Lots of mods to the point of overmodded. A few of the costumes actually detracted from the movie I thought. Things like the ske... reviewed July 11, 2006
Her by MichaelCristiano Horror
Hmmm... how to rate this... Short movie. Very little real story. Music fit pretty good. The story itself was extremely weak I thought. You did suck me in by the comparison to Ninette's movie, but then... reviewed July 5, 2006
Excerpts From The Raven by Dulci Horror
Cool sound and music and the pacing was pretty much perfect. Some might take stars away for it not being original, but lets face it pretty much EVERYTHING is inspired from other tales and when Hollywo... reviewed July 2, 2006
Awakening by Dulci Romance
Dulci just makes cool heartstring pluckin movies. Wonder if she would do a collaboration with me? Hehehe. Nice job as usual Dulci. Great scene choices and your VOs just seem to draw out emotions. reviewed July 2, 2006
Reflection part two by sisch Romance
Wowza!! What a great finish to the movie. Made me sad though. Still wondering which one lived. I gotta apologize for not seeing this one earlier. Sisch, what a great job! You showed a great movie in p... reviewed July 2, 2006
City Life by sisch Romance
Very nice. Was considering a 4 for just a moment, but this deserves a 5. When you can tell a tale with a large part of the medium (vo/caption), then you did a GREAT job. You do a great job of scene se... reviewed July 2, 2006
The Third Labor of Hercules by judyann88 Action
ANother nice one and they get progressively better as we go. Nice backdrop work to give a custom scenes kind of feel to it. The VO was a little weak at first, but soon cleaned up well. best of the ser... reviewed July 2, 2006
The Second Labor of Hercules by judyann88 Action
Ok, this one was cooler still. Nice backdrop work and while the music may not have fit exactly, I think you worked it pretty well. I am going with a 4.75 on this one rounded up to 5. I have an appreci... reviewed July 2, 2006
The First Labor of Hercules by judyann88 Action
Better then the one before. The music helps a lot. I thought the lion was pretty cool. All in all, very impressive. Going with 4.5 stars on this one with a round down to 4 (leaving room for future ins... reviewed July 2, 2006
Hercules Part I by judyann88 Action
I like this movie and the story it conveys. Wasn't bothered by the snakes at all. I thought it was a great idea and conveyed that part of the story well. The biggie for me was the lack of music. It wa... reviewed July 2, 2006
Pax Romana Trailer by TheMGMKid1 Romance
WHat can I say, the MGM Kid has style. We all have the same tools available to us, but somehow he manages to give his movies a feel of a larger scope to the whole thing. I dunno who make the movie Ben... reviewed July 2, 2006
Voices by Greenglades Romance
Well made movie that rests solidly between awesage and awesome (thus 4 stars). The VOs were nice and clear though at times they were to nice and to clear (ie. need more emotion to sell the scene). If ... reviewed June 28, 2006
How To Keep Your Girl Happy by Dylhero Comedy
Ok, that was funny. Probably made funnier still in the middle of about a 10 movie review run. 4 stars might actually be the high end, but in comedy, timing is everything and you timed it right? reviewed June 28, 2006
Unsolved Mysteries by luckduck Action
First things first, you probably should always turn the mumbles off. Also, consider using VOs. Don't be afraid that you might sound bad, just go for it. :) The movie felt like it was missing about 4... reviewed June 28, 2006
The Chase-Part 1 by RedFox1 Action
Featured Review
Great job filming and with scene selection. Unfortunately the story it tells has been played out on TMO. The titling backdrops were hard to read, probably best to not use a double colored font unless ...
reviewed June 28, 2006
Montana Vol1 Trailer by secretweapon23 Action
Fun fast little romp. Trailers only max at 4 for me. This one is a 3 because while it was pretty to look at, it didn't really suck me in to much and make me wanna see the movie. Maybe a VO narration w... reviewed June 28, 2006
Fire and Forget II by nukester Action
If ever there was a solid argument for VOs this is it. This movie was very well made, story seemed to flow pretty good, most of the dialogue was good. The problem was 23 minutes of captions. That mena... reviewed June 28, 2006
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
I was a bit worried that it was going to be offensive. Cracked me up when the village people came in. The mention of Streisand and Cher were good, but the last half of the movie kind of seemd to fall ... reviewed June 28, 2006
The letter to Louise - Part 1 by supermongie Action
Hate to be the first non-5 star. The visuals were kind of neat. You were getting a nice feel going, but overall it seemed WAY to short and no real reason to split into a second part when you could add... reviewed June 28, 2006
Greed part 1 by jukieuk Horror
Not a bad movie, it is a shame the sound issue was there because it detracted a LOT from the enjoyment of the movie. While I didn't want to detract for the sound, I had to because it hurt the movie a ... reviewed June 28, 2006
BaggageBoy ByeBye (another copy sold) by tripmills Comedy
Hehehe. Funny stuff and nice use of the overlay. The VOs were a little fuzzy most likely due to recording at a high level, record lower volume and then amp it, it seems better like that. I give this ... reviewed June 28, 2006
Restless Dead IV Intervention by jameseva Horror
One word. LONG!! Probably about 4 mins longer then it needed to be. It was a pretty good movie. It was nice to see a zombie movie that actually had a story behind it. The VOs were very well done thou... reviewed June 28, 2006
High Hopes Sanitarium by ninette1 Horror
Probably the best ambience I have seen in a horror movie on TMO up to this point. Very nice creepy feel to it that shows horror doesn't have to be just shock or gore. The only big knock I can make on ... reviewed June 28, 2006
Bone Deep Slices Trailer by butchered_studios Horror
Seemed like a lot of gratuitous gore. While the gore was well done, don't expect it to last very long on TMO. I would release the movie on a Friday so it lasts maybe 3 days on TMO. reviewed June 28, 2006
Left In Town by FoDooG Comedy
That was a fast 18 minutes. Very well made as usual and a top notch musical score. You guys have a great handle on the zany type comedy. It does make me a bit sad knowing this was the final movie in ... reviewed June 25, 2006
Shes Just Killing Me by reafreak29 Horror
A lot of things to like in this movie. Better then average but not quite into the great category. For the most part the VOs were done well and clear yet many were a bit to monotone (which is understa... reviewed June 25, 2006
Cold Trigger by Tarison Sci-Fi
Nice use of freecam. Looked very professional. For me the story was just lacking a bit. Lots of speculation and setup but not much resolution. Still a great job. 4.25 rounded to 4. reviewed June 10, 2006
death match2 teaser by 6-HEADEDMONSTER Action
Interesting and different. It gets my max rating for a teaser/trailer of 4 stars. Will be eagerly awaiting the release! reviewed June 5, 2006
D D Productions Fan Tech Demo!!!!! by thebaloob123 Comedy
Those boxers are worth 3 stars by themselves!! This movie made me laugh a few times and you just gotta love them boxers!! reviewed June 1, 2006
Ashley Porter in Apes on a Stage by suedenim Action
Featured Review
I am an Ashley Porter Fan!! Ok, so it's not your normal type movie, but something about it just worked VERY well. I liked the backdrop choices. Story was cute. VOs were great. A nice change of pace f...
reviewed June 1, 2006
Saw (A Short Film) by JKolman1179 Horror
Top notch job on the VOs. Story itself had a few holes in it but was entertaining none the less. One issue you are gonna run into is that you named your movie SAW and made it to much like SAW. For tha... reviewed May 24, 2006
Sourman by duxy Horror
This had a very nice look to it, but didn't quite put me over the top. Starting with the narration, it needed more feeling. I just felt like a big chance was missed to sell the whole feel of the movie... reviewed May 24, 2006
Expectant! by pamdennis Horror
The story was interesting, but many of the other things detracted from the overall feel. The VOs just felt WAY to scripted (yeah, I know they were, but they felt to much like they were just read). Pam... reviewed May 24, 2006
The Germantican by Sleeves Comedy
Very different, weird, twisted. At the beginning I was totally turned off by the whole thing, but as it went along it just seemed to get better and better. A movie like no other TMO movie out there. E... reviewed May 23, 2006
The Gritty West by Tarison Action
22:45 minutes never went by so quick!! What a great movie. So many good things it is hard to mention them. Vos were all great aside from a little buzz on Millahnna. Great dialogue. All the acting flo... reviewed May 21, 2006
Dreamtown3 by Rik_Vargard Action
Featured Review
Bravo!! Bravo!! What a fitting ending to Dreamtown. Music really set things up very well. Lots of nice scene choices and effects. It is a shame that some people may watch this movie and get totally l...
reviewed May 17, 2006
Last Day by ubernewbie Romance
Sobering heartfelt story of war. A few things might not have totally made sense, but none of that detracted from the movie itself. reviewed May 15, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 1 by DecadentPictures Horror
A pretty nice piece of work here. Where to start... Music. Top notch and dead on the whole way. Pretty sure this was composed by Sherwinliu for the movie and it shows. In my opinion the music really c... reviewed May 14, 2006
Jonnie Rich The Body Snatcher by Gamedude150 Action
I realize you are young, so I will give some advice for when you review. Never let emotion guide your review. Always remember there is a real person at the receiving end of your reviews. Treat them as... reviewed May 12, 2006
Nights Shadow by Selwof Horror
Featured Review
Not a bad movie. Some good work for your first time with Audacity. It is to bad we cannot turn of sound effects by individual scenes. I just don't like the ingame screams. ALl in all I give this a 4.2...
reviewed May 12, 2006
Damn job by BBCman Action
What a great movie. Yout truely are the master of TMO. We should all strive to have our movies as random and incoherent as this. I wish I had seen this before doing Sleepy Hollow. Maybe then my movie ... reviewed May 12, 2006
USS Orion Invasion of the Zeplaphoids by Madelle Sci-Fi
Interesting and cool movie. I was hovering between a 4 and a 5 but the fact you did all teh voices and it turned out well puts it over the top and easily into 5 star land. reviewed May 11, 2006
Stir 2 by AnotherNewDawn Action
This is great stuff!! There is one HUGE problem with this movie though. That is the fact I have to WAIT for the next movie!! Grrrrrrr!!! How dare you make me eagerly await the next part!!!! :) reviewed May 11, 2006
Stir by AnotherNewDawn Action
Great movie. Awesome VOs. AnotherNewDawn needs to be listed among the top VOers. This felt a lot like a real movie. Very enjoyable and a must see. Note: Dunno if I can help, but I have had sound syn... reviewed May 11, 2006
Baldwin IV by Thonyia Action
Featured Review
A VERY well made movie!! Nice music tracks (possibly to nice, if you get my meaning). The VOs were timed onscreen well. The only real knocks I have is the mumbling and the fact that the game needs mor...
reviewed May 11, 2006
Trench Humour Episode 2 by SpaceChicken8563 Comedy
Quick and short. Yes, the VOs were to fast. Still not a bad movie. 3.5 stars rounded up to a 4. reviewed May 11, 2006
Hostage! by nightmare2146 Action
This was a GREAT flick!!! Very original feel to it. FLowed well. Great voice acting. And the list goes on. 5 stars! reviewed May 11, 2006
the Stalker by AlvinK Horror
Not a bad movie, but the captions and the fact that the narrator or storyteller kept telling us exactly what we were seeing on the screen. That kind of takes away from the movie. Someone famous in mov... reviewed May 9, 2006
Throwdown in El Ray by Flipmanburn Action
I liked the feel of the movie and the way it was colored. Had a great old west feel. The captions often went by way to fast or were to long to read fast enough which kept me distracted from watching t... reviewed May 9, 2006
WEBB by phil_rocks Comedy
Didn't show much, but wasn't horrible. Let us know when the first one comes out. reviewed May 9, 2006
Warning Plot Heavy! by markrichardbehenna Comedy
Ok, that was actually funny. I was gonna give it a 4, but decided to wait for the sequel when he lays on the ground in front of unsuspecting people. While the banana performed masterfully, the table i... reviewed May 9, 2006
A Stranger In Town by Frooplet Action
Very hard movie to review. First off, when you go over 10 mins you better be having the viewer sucked in by then. The movie felt like it just ran about 4 minutes to long to me. The VOs were a little i... reviewed May 9, 2006
dream by FoDooG Sci-Fi
Just a bit to much on the weird side. Extremely well made of course and the music was right on the mark. The story itself was just a little to weird to get the 5.0. Instead it gets the 4.5 rounded up.... reviewed May 9, 2006
End of Suburban Horrors 2 by WorldPictures Horror
Scarey and a bit trippy. Great conclusion to SH2. Nice work on this one WP. It was a pain to have to split them, but in the end they turned out great! reviewed May 9, 2006
Space 2250 - Santas Space Oddyssey by Richegroover Comedy
This was a very fun and entertaining movie. The was one glaring issue I had with it though. The lack of any background track. Many sound effects seemed to be added very well. A music track would have ... reviewed May 9, 2006
Reflection Part One by sisch Romance
Great intro sequence. Very sexy lead actress best since Ashley Porter(great outfits and very nice voice). A real good feel to this movie. Awesome work. PM me when part 2 comes out! reviewed May 8, 2006
Gone in Seventy Seconds by doj Action
Could have been edited down a lot. A few scenes ran extra long. The dialogue was good in most parts, but there were some areas it seemed forced. Also of note was a part where it appeared the same line... reviewed May 8, 2006
The First Adventures of Twiggy and Sticky by satansmunchkin Action
Interesting but kind of weak. Not sure what happened to you SM, but is seems like lately you are selling out just for the mighty VC gain. 2.5 stars rounded up to a 3. reviewed May 8, 2006
Dance Twiggy by satansmunchkin Comedy
Intersting but kind of weak really. 2.5 rounded up to a 3. reviewed May 8, 2006
Colours by Primaer Action
Very well done and laid out. Ran a bit long for a movie where I had to read captions. It didn't detract a lot from the story, but I defiantely would have rather heard it then read it. Hehehe. On a sid... reviewed May 8, 2006
Time for the Truth by Mnkeeboy Romance
This was a VERY special movie!! What a nice and original presentation. You caught the silent movie look and feel perfectly. 5 stars all the way!! reviewed May 8, 2006
Dumb City Tales Episode 1 I-spy PI Inc by Timo666 Comedy
Had some good chuckles. One of the VOs of the males was kind of weak. 4.5 stars and maybe I should round to a 4, but I won't. reviewed May 8, 2006
Tipsy the Clown in HANG OVER CITY by Ranedthel Comedy
This one didn't do a lot for me. Half the time it just didn't really make sense. Fair amount of bad edits. Out of the Box music. Captions that went to fast at times. I always feel bad giving a 3 ratin... reviewed May 8, 2006
End of Memories VO by Bolch Action
Well done movie. It may have been on the longish side and I thought the ending could have had more pop to it. But that is mostly nitpicking. 4.5 rounded up! reviewed May 8, 2006
Tales of the Undead by Spaceman72 Horror
Great opening. Nice VO. Nice story intro. Quick ending. I felt a little short changed on this. Seemed like it should have ran a little longer and told a little more story. reviewed May 8, 2006
gunny bunny overkill by killersamos Action
Pretty random, though I did chuckle the first time I saw the bunny appear. Need to inject a bit more story into this one. reviewed May 8, 2006
asataN by Thonyia Action
Featured Review
Not to bad. It flowed well. A few captions were a little fast. I got it at a 4.25 but I know this is one of the first movies from this studio, so you get an extra star for encouragement.
reviewed May 8, 2006
Bloodhunters (The Awakening) by 02PARSIM Horror
Some of the captions were a little quick. A few things seemed strange, like learning to kill with a knife. It did have a nice dark feel to the story and the music for the most part fit very well. Whil... reviewed May 8, 2006
Hokey-Pokey Jones The Angel Of Death by tomacres Action
I nice movie but extremely long. Some of the VOs seemed to be overmodulated so yu could really hear them cutting in and out as heard them. Some of that could have been covered with a music track. I gr... reviewed May 8, 2006
Monday Nights 04 Ninja Burger by kos78 Action
Best Monday Night thus far!! I still gotta get ahold of #1. What a cool and entertaining series you have going here! reviewed May 6, 2006
Monday Nights 02 Maleficus by kos78 Comedy
That was VERY cool. Looked like you did it all within the game. Lack of VOs was really unnoticable, your caption timings were right on. I am VERY impressed with this one. I gotta see the rest! reviewed May 6, 2006
From Russia With Romance by tigereyes Action
I wanted to like this movie so much. I feel like a jerk for the rating I am about to give, but this is my honest review: This movie had a TON of hype and PR and to me if came up way short on deliveri... reviewed May 5, 2006
Room 247 - Night One by jackalbane Horror
Featured Review
A great job at capturing the feel of it all. It did have me on the edge of my seat a bit, but the ending let me down. I like that big bang for the end in a movie of this type. Still worthy of 4.5 star...
reviewed May 5, 2006
Wasted Lives by DNR Romance
This was a great movie! Looking over the other reviews seems to cover it all well. I would like to agree with Yogurt King a bit though, I wanted it to end with a bang, not a whimper. 4.5 stars rounded up! reviewed May 5, 2006
Neotokyo by AxeCinema Sci-Fi
Featured Review
You have came a long way Axe. I was expecting another quick romp through a so so story and was pleasantly surprised. Nice costumes. Nice job setting tone. This one is probably 5 times better then the ...
reviewed May 5, 2006
The Other Dimension by johnokinawa Romance
Awesome sets and backdrops. You might be the best set setter upper kinda guy (yes, that is a Hollywood occupation) in the business. The story was solid but a bit to flatlined for me. Still I give it 4... reviewed May 5, 2006
Into the Mind of a Psychopath by sgporsche48 Horror
Story worked well, but the sound synch definately hurt it a lot. Made it sometimes feel like I was watchign a silent movie and listening to a play on headphones as they didn't match up. Still well don... reviewed May 5, 2006
Girls Named Jane by postmodernchuck Romance
Great movie and excellent character development. The ending was kind of weak I thought. Should have let her kill that *******!!! :) 4.5 Stars, rounded up! reviewed May 5, 2006
The Chub Grub by reafreak29 Comedy
That was crude, rude, and socially unacceptable. A movie about nothing, that does nothing, and in the end you are back where you started. It personally shocks me that some people find crap like this f... reviewed May 5, 2006
King Kung POW by cronicclapper Comedy
Hehehe. Pretty funny stuff. Costumes and idea were cool. I was a little worried about the way it started, but it picked up real fast. Nice work!! reviewed May 5, 2006
THE HALOIST II by ArtificialArtist Sci-Fi
Well worth the wait (even if I didn't have to wait as long as the others). To many little touches in this thing to mention. Very well done. Great music. Nice effects. The only thing I would have done ... reviewed May 1, 2006
Bully by toriel Action
Featured Review
A very common story many people have experienced in school. This shows you that sometimes the teasing done in fun can lead to serious things. Well put together story. The bully VO was lacking a bit. S...
reviewed April 25, 2006
Driven by StevenKreg Romance
You rock Steven!! This was extremely well done as usual. It seemed like it was lacking something, though I cannot put my finger on what that would be. Not your best movie, but then again your worst is... reviewed April 23, 2006
The Real hero by 6-headedmonster Comedy
All bow down to the master of sets and props!! Amazing stuff. I liked most of the story (mainly disliked the Danson parts). I have a good feel for the special effects part and what it takes to do them... reviewed April 22, 2006
Razorblade by jjpatel Romance
That was pretty cool and different. The ending was kind of a surprise. I didn't see THAT one coming. Definately an interesting tale of Romance. The Ben guy was major cool too! :) reviewed April 21, 2006
For Those Who Would Be Heroes by markbond Horror
Hard to rate this one. First off it was way to dark the whole way. Dunno if the poem was written by Mark, but the way it is presented leaves one to think it wasn't. So it looses a bit of originality. ... reviewed April 18, 2006
Final days of Kurt Cobain(uncut) by kurt_cobain1 Romance
Apparently you set a high standard on your reviews, so I will hold you to the same type standard. Everythign about this movie was subpar. Mumbling needs to be turned off. Story was a bit weak, you cou... reviewed April 16, 2006
Soldier X by billcosby Romance
Nice movie. The captions are a little quick at times. Movie seemed to drag a bit at times. Music was a bit to common (way over-used). All in all a very good film!! 4.25 stars rounded to 4. You cannot ... reviewed April 13, 2006
Beginning of Suburban Horrors 2 by WorldPictures Horror
Featured Review
Much MUCH better version. My only issue with the other version was the sound levels. You got it all right on this one. 5 stars all the way! Release the next 2 parts soon!!!!
reviewed April 12, 2006
Illegal Canadians by cronicclapper Comedy
Hehehe. Had some good chuckles in it. VO seemed fine to me. There was just something kind of lacking to put it into a 5 star rating. Maybe the story itself was to open ended. I still give it a 4.25 ro... reviewed April 12, 2006
The Art of Self Loathing by goodvilleproductions Romance
The story was good. Scenes were great. The VO was way to monotone and took away a LOT from the story and feel and kind of had a lulling effect (nice voice though!) reviewed April 12, 2006
Malloy Trailer by DaRKoNe462 Action
Ok. Trailers only get a 4 out of me. This one earned the 4 easily!! This is one of the BEST trailers I have even seen on TMO. Very impressive layout and pacing. I definately want to see the movie!! reviewed April 12, 2006
Bats Right by john_sumner Horror
Alright!! That was a nice original and funny tale. Great work on the vampire voice. Excellent story. 5 stars all the way! reviewed April 12, 2006
Hunting Ground by butchered_studios Horror
The VOs kinda broke the feel of the movie. The customs were ok, but kind of bright. ESPECIALLY the one of the guy an the ground. The movie was totally dark and then BOOM an extrememly bright shot. The... reviewed April 11, 2006
The Aura The Beginning by akinis Horror
Pretty cool movie. VOs were low way to often. The little effects tossed in were very nice and added a lot to the overall feel of the movie. It was a good enough setup to have me wanting to see any sequel! reviewed April 11, 2006
Running by Frooplet Horror
Ok, that was pretty cool. Nice VO job and the customs fit in nicely. The intro was VERY nice as well. 4.5 rounded to a 5. Great job Frooplet!! reviewed April 11, 2006
The Torture Device by cruleworld Horror
Not to bad. Lots of pop in the VOs as mentioned. Short but to the point. Not sure how scarey it was, but I guess people that have had braces can relate a lot better then me! reviewed April 10, 2006
Tremble by Dulci Romance
The delivery was great, sounded like it was heartfelt. The intro was, well.. different. *grins* Scene choices were mostly good excpet maybe the boob shot. What can I say though, you have to nitpick to... reviewed April 9, 2006
OMG REP ME! by Buccura Comedy
Movies like this don't deserve good ratings. But here is 5 stars. Rep me please!! Hehehe reviewed April 7, 2006
The Real Movies Online Story by cronicclapper Comedy
1 star. Seemed very inappropriate and like a personal attack on some people. I do hate to admit I snickered at a couple of them, but at it's heart this movie is a personal attack and I expect it will ... reviewed April 4, 2006
Morphing Demo by Manny_1 Action
Not bad. Gotta work on lighting and distortion (unless you were wanting distortion). I am not one to plug my movies in reviews, but I figure you might be interested in something i did that was similar... reviewed April 4, 2006
JMMartins Suburban Horrors 2 by WorldPictures Horror
Ok, here comes the honest review. I DLed this movie (dialup) and went to watch it and while it was all looking good, the sound levels were.. well no other way to put it then horrible. After about 5 mi... reviewed April 2, 2006
The Past Is Tomorrow by TheMGMKid1 Action
Hard to say much more then the others. A very well done film with a style all it's own. MGMKid shows us once again that where Hollywood meets The Movies is at the MGMKid's studios. Great job!! reviewed April 2, 2006
A Saucerful Of Communism by mauricanius Sci-Fi
Ok. This is a early release from this studio so it will be rated as such. The scene selction was great and the movie flowed very well. What it lacked was story. You either need to add voice overs or a... reviewed April 1, 2006
dog days by alfric Comedy
Classic comedy line. The only real knocks I can give are that it was perhaps to long and the movie was 1 single joke. Still a solid 4 stars! reviewed March 29, 2006
Night Pass -part one by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
It's hard to come up with things to say that others haven't. I actually didn't like the Kong movies much *listens to all the boos and hisses*, but I have to say you struck gold here. This is probably ... reviewed March 29, 2006
Spooky Movie by Pimpinc Horror
Held off viewing this for a while due to the 'rules'. Finally viewed it and... First the good, the set looked nice at first (got old fast) and the backdrops were cool. Now the bad, way to slow. I kept... reviewed March 29, 2006
PORN DEMO by michanist Romance
Clever but things like this just hurt the community and make serious film makers not want to put time and effort into their movies. Here is my 1 star, please divide it among all your movies past and f... reviewed March 28, 2006
Dr Yes by maniacc0 Action
This movie seemed like it would have all the ingredients to get 5 stars out of me. Unfortunately, it didn't. All star cast, great scenes, and a nice premise. The story just really lacked any luster. I... reviewed March 27, 2006
Locked In A Box by richke Horror
Nice job. Story sucked you in. The music added to it great. The ending packed a nice punch. Setwork was done mostly real weel, though a few things I didn't like (ie. Gumball machine). 4.5 stars rounded up to 5. reviewed March 25, 2006
Project Sadako Session 2 by Buccura Horror
Lots of well done stuff in this one. Extremely well made. The only real knock I had on it was the credits 'mini movie' at then end. Great use of the static backdrop! reviewed March 22, 2006
Black Widow by Dulci Horror
Let's hope you don't lose to many of the younger crowd. This is an extremely well done movie that is sure to paint Dulci in a different light. I dunno about you, but I am scared now!! Solid 5 stars. D... reviewed March 20, 2006
Shine of dollar by James_Beckerson Comedy
The visuals were all pretty great and the story the visuals were telling was nice. I just kept hoping for some VO in there. The caption, while humerous took away a lot for me. Felt way to much like a ... reviewed March 19, 2006
Sin City 1 by Scilent Action
Probably not a legal movie to have on TMO. It appears you took the script word for word from either the book or movie (hard to tell because the VO is so low). I am a big Sin City fan so I gave you a l... reviewed March 13, 2006
Just Another Bad Day! by Spicer_Studios Comedy
Featured Review
Something probably a LOT of guys that screw around online can really relate to. I thought the narration was solid, story was good as well. Nice work Spicer!
reviewed March 12, 2006
One-star Ninjas by AxeCinema Comedy
Lots of continuity breaks. Ninja walks in with the axe stabs the guy 3 times with a dagger, leave with the axe, and then the guy gets up and checks ratings on his movie. Either you left something out ... reviewed March 10, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown by FoDooG Comedy
Originally when I watched it, I was going to drop a 4 on it and decided to pass on the review. I had shown Come On to my mom once (she is from Germany) and she loved it. Today I mentioned FoDooG had a... reviewed March 9, 2006
Sympathy for the Chicken by Buccura Comedy
Sorry bro, gotta 4 star that one. Had some great stuff in it, but you missed out on a lot of good chances for more chuckles in it. I liked the conversation with the chicken, very well done. reviewed March 7, 2006
The Job by Pazuthoth Comedy
Featured Review
Very good first movie. From what I saw, you are going to quickly gain the skills to compete for a charting spot with some of your movies. You are definately on the right track.
reviewed March 7, 2006
Critics Corner Pilot Episode part 2 by WorldPictures Comedy
Another nice show. Good job guys!! reviewed March 7, 2006
Critics Corner Pilot Episode part 1 by WorldPictures Comedy
Great show. Glad to see this getting off the ground! reviewed March 7, 2006
The Missing by jjpatel Horror
Kinda slow at the start but the finish was pretty great. Was a little disappointed by no 'display' at the end, but that would have been a little tricky. Main issue I had was the music was to loud in a... reviewed March 7, 2006
That is good stuff there. Some people need to realize the whole thing is a joke and parody. Even the description is written as such. An all around solid effort and jokes and in jokes abound. Nice job.... reviewed March 7, 2006
Flying Me Crazy by Tarison Sci-Fi
Good stuff. Not sure why you labelled it a Tech Demo. I mean I saw the 'demo' part, but this was more a good story that used a new trick. 5 stars. reviewed March 6, 2006
Lost Heaven by sphinx86 Romance
Nice job. Great VOs. IN a way it felt like 2 movies split in half and then stuck together. I hadn't checked the genre, so was a little suprised it turned into a romance. 4.5 rounded to a 5. reviewed March 5, 2006
God Forgive me by MelonTheCreeker Action
The movie didn't look to bad visually I thought. A large amount of the info is just incorrect. I think this was based to much on Casualties of War or a fast readthrough of Mai Lei. A few things I th... reviewed February 27, 2006
Teaser - Happily Ever After by Dulci Romance
Well of course I have to drop a 5 on that. I did mess you up on the intro sequence though. Forgot to give you one bit of info. So the size on the intro is totally my fault. This is going to be a gre... reviewed February 26, 2006
Blackbird by silver_fox_studios Action
Extremely well done movie. Great VO work. Nice use of scenes. Everythign I would expect out of the two of you. The only thing lacking from my view was a sense of emotion on my end. It didn't make me r... reviewed February 26, 2006
Noir (Part 1) by siddus Action
The VO lead sound level fluctuated a lot (at least beaing able to understand it easy did). Dulci had a great delivery on most of her lines and was crystal clear as usual. The story while a long way fr... reviewed February 23, 2006
CHEECH AND CHONG STONED DEAD by princeinexile Comedy
I like C&C a lot too. I thought you did a great VO job on Cheech. Chong had his times, but Chong is a lot harder voice to do. Had a lot of great laughs but seemed to run a little long. I am not one to... reviewed February 19, 2006
You Cant Do That on TMO by MrOsterman Comedy
When I saw this, my first thought was the script I had ran by you once. Hehehe. The best I could claim after seeing it is maybe a little inspiration from that one. Anyway, I thought you did a great id... reviewed February 19, 2006
Red Sunday by kirkybaby Action
Rated against the other contest movies. As I started the rating with a 4 star rate on the first movie, I had to rate all the movies based upon relationship to each other. With that in mind, this one d... reviewed February 17, 2006
A Gangs Uprising by Oh_Come_On Action
Rated among the other contestants this one is a notch below. As the others got 4s (in hindsight maybe I should have had them at 5), this one gets a 3. In all fairness, this movie is more like a 4 in m... reviewed February 17, 2006
The Lost Child by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Another great film done by John Okinawa. Please be aware I am rating this movie with the other 5 finalists in mind. Thus far they all seem so close it is hard to judge. Thus far I have issued 4s on th... reviewed February 17, 2006
Misunderstood Genius (Part 1) by 02PARSIM Horror
Extremely well made but probably ran a couple minutes longer then it needed to. There were a few issues most of which you mention in the description. All in all a really good movie and a solid 4 stars. reviewed February 17, 2006
Freedom is no Crime by SeRig Sci-Fi
I really liked this one. The description helped a lot too. Going to check others in the contest, I get the feeling this one is going to do well. reviewed February 17, 2006
Hexed (Trailer) by cobralta Horror
I hate to give a trailer 5 stars, but here ya go. Oh, guess what, you are gonna do some VO for me now dude!! Talk at ya on FSN. reviewed February 15, 2006
Season of Bliss by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
Short, sweet, emotional. Now if she was just talking about me!! I almost gave it a 4 because I felt a little robbed by not getting to hear Dulci VO. It was special though, so 5 stars.
reviewed February 15, 2006
Eternity by DirectorAdam90 Romance
I wasn't as sold on the VO as many others seem to be. I do realize it is very hard to get emotion over just voice. The music was way to loud. It probably drowned a lot of the emotion in the VO having ... reviewed February 15, 2006
Blood Money by warpedrevolution Action
VO was not bad, but all to similar. Gotta get a mic and add your VO into the mix as well, or mix more in Audacity. Storyline wasn't that bad. Maybe could have used a little more character development ... reviewed February 14, 2006
Deception by johnokinawa Romance
A different type of movie. I beleive it addressed all the issues I had mentioned on the first version, so I have no choice but 5 star action! Hehehe reviewed February 13, 2006
Mr Jones High School Crush by aarn777 Comedy
The tone of the VO seemed good, problem was I couldn't hardly understand what he was saying unless I cranked up the volumne. The volumne thing does not work to well at work though. 3.75 stars for a 4 star rate. reviewed February 13, 2006
Apollo and Daphne by Subjunctive Comedy
I was a littel worried at first, but it took off well. Great pacing and choice of scenes. Very easy to follow, many good laughs. 5 stars baby! reviewed February 12, 2006
The Things I hate Show by OwenBuch Comedy
Jokes weren't to bad. The robotic VO was hard to follow at times. SOunded like a text to audio converter. Sometimes on those you need to spell words wrong to make them sound better. All in all, not ba... reviewed February 11, 2006
Warship Dracoclaw by Nuggetdie Sci-Fi
Extremely well done movie that just had a few things keeping it from a 5 star rating. Many of the VOs seemed to be delivered 'quickly' making them a little hard to understand at times. The Captions he... reviewed February 11, 2006
Bertha Shaves it all by johnokinawa Comedy
Featured Review
Dang John, you surprised me yet again. A very different type of movie that is extremely well done. Solid proof that you don't need VO if you dialogue is solid AND you give the viewer time to easily re...
reviewed February 11, 2006
Murphy City PT 1 by full_metal_winter Action
Featured Review
I liked that. Very slick movie. Got a little flashy at one place due to fades. I was gonna give it a 4 so I had room for a 5 for the next one, but this deserves the 5 bomb. Can't wait for the next one!!
reviewed February 10, 2006
The Lounge Singer by Dulci Romance
Wow. I liked that. What a great song and the scenes worked so well with it. This is my favorite thus far. Impressive!! reviewed February 9, 2006
Moore Valley High Gang by Tilli Comedy
Featured Review
I liked the way they all looked gangish in their jackets and the way they all looked different. The voices for the most part were not to good. Seemed like half of them were done electronically and f...
reviewed February 9, 2006
TFF Competition - Yuck by Dulci Comedy
Hehehe. Rated within the competition. Giving it a 5 in the competition. PRetty funny. Did you do all the VOs? reviewed February 9, 2006
Faiths Journey Continues by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
Ahhhh... Faith... seems not long ago she couldn't even stay in the saddle! So I was getting worried near the end thinking you were gonna get my eyes all teary. I thought it was nice how the treasure ...
reviewed February 9, 2006
TFF Competition - Expert Horsemanship by Dulci Comedy
Featured Review
It's Dulcilicious!! I thought you did great with what you had to work with in the contest. I kinda felt bad for her near the end. Hehehe. I'll give ya a 5 judging by the contest rules.
reviewed February 8, 2006
Dimensional Angel EP1 by nisswa789 Action
Nice fight scenes and stuff. You linked them together well. I kinda got lost a bit and didn't understand it all. The Angel in the Audi was a nice funny touch. reviewed February 6, 2006
The Cellar by Dulci Horror
The Sound Effects and VO work were perfect. *grins* Many of the scenes were real dark (dunno why I can't get mine so dark when I want it). It was interesting. Almost like finding a Blair Witch tape w... reviewed February 4, 2006
Faiths Journey Begins by Dulci Romance
Featured Review
Nice job. The only thing missing is VOs by Dylen! Hehehe. Good choice of music and just a nice all around looking movie. Everytime I see one like this it makes me want to make a western so bad. Visua...
reviewed February 4, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Once again Erinnicole shows us she is a master of backdrop/special effects. The storyline was pretty good. This is a 2nd part in the series which is shaping up VERY well. There is one thing in the mov... reviewed February 3, 2006
To Hang with Friends by Agent_Masquerade Comedy
Kinda wacky. Had a few good laughs in there. The beginning did drag a bit I gotta say. Gonna go 3.5 stars and round it to 4 beings this is an early review. reviewed February 1, 2006
Lots of Laughs With Your IDEAS! by Dulci Comedy
Featured Review
Rating this as far as the competition goes. I think you did a GREAT job with what you had to work with. Your VO is crystal clear and great as usual. The outfit on the lead looked real good too. Nice c...
reviewed February 1, 2006
Terrance and Phillip by clinteasywood Comedy
It was actually a pretty good job. Unfortunately, the material is indeed copyrighted and I expect it will be removed by TMO. I am glad I got a copy of it before they did that. -2 stars for the violati... reviewed February 1, 2006
Jay Fox the 1 star spammer (true story) by crossfire655 Comedy
Interesting voice. I don't remember laughing during the movie, so I must not have gotten the joke. I do know who JamieFox is here on TMO and from all appearances this looks like a movie that is taking... reviewed February 1, 2006
Pretty twisted. It was filmed well. The story itself was pretty morbid and there didn't seem to be any point to it. I did like the lead up to us meeting the girl. After that, it seemed to drag to much... reviewed January 31, 2006
Dreamtown by Rik_Vargard Action
Lots of real good stuff in this movie. To many little touches to mention. It did leave me with a sense of unfinished (mainly due to it being part 1 I assume). I rate it at about 4.5 and going to round... reviewed January 31, 2006
Women Drivers by Dulci Comedy
Way to short. With all the material about women drivers out there, you should be able to make this into a 3 hour movie. *grins* The movie ran very smooth, cuts and edits were virtually not noticeable.... reviewed January 26, 2006
Project Sadako Session I by Buccura Horror
Lots of questions left that surely will be answered in the next session. What a great job you did on this movie. To many little things to even miss. The biggie to me was the use of so much black & whi... reviewed January 26, 2006
Juice N Cookies by Mauricemeansbusiness Comedy
I wasn't really into the whole Juice & Cookies bit. I understand what you were going for, it just din't work for me personally. With that said, I gotta say the movie flowed real well, a lot of the VO ... reviewed January 25, 2006
The Soft Game (teaser trailer) by kingwhiteboy Comedy
Interesting idea. Gonna be hard as heck to pull off. Good scene choices though. reviewed January 21, 2006
Ashley Porter in Forever Is Not a Verb by suedenim Action
Suedenim once again tells a great story using few words. The VOs were a little off, but not bad enough to ruin the feel of the movie. Ashley Porter once again does her big screen magic. Great movie! 4... reviewed January 21, 2006
Survivor Gauntanamo Bay by JamieFox Comedy
Some good stuff there. Main thing I disliked was that it was WAY to quiet. Need background music or something. I will be watching for the next one. I wish you would break down and VO this stuff, I did... reviewed January 21, 2006
Vampire Assassin!!! by cabaret Comedy
Ok, that was pretty funny stuff there. Ran kinda long, but was worth it. Lots of good jokes in there and a great VO job on the vampire. I wanna see the next one! reviewed January 20, 2006
baggage boy sucks by ams11 Comedy
Not bad. Had a few funny parts. 3 stars + 1 for being young. One word of advice though: Don't go 1 starring a movie that you admit in the review that you didn't even view. If you cannot view movie... reviewed January 19, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER by MefuneAkira Comedy
Had some pretty funny parts in it. I felt it ran a little longer then the laughs supported. While I liked it a lot, it lacked some kinda kick that would push it into 5 star quality for me. reviewed January 19, 2006
Dont Take Your Guns To Town by sorrow13 Action
Pretty good movie. The things that may improve it (in my eyes): The opening section in the modern living room didn't match the rest of the movie. Probably should have tried the shack instead. The st... reviewed January 19, 2006
Lense by FreddaH Horror
One of the best feeling horror movies I have seen on TMO. Had a few slow points, but it was a solid story. Admittedly this was a Hitch[play nice now!] Homage, so many will hold that against it. I won'... reviewed January 19, 2006
Miss Simone Says by Prinzess Comedy
Featured Review
Miss Simone said give this 5 stars. I know better then to mess with Miss Simone!! This just cracked me up for some weird reason. I think the VO is probably what made it so good. Nice western woman ...
reviewed January 18, 2006
Videogames Will Eat Your Childeren by Dimsey Comedy
Great idea. Liked the music. Captions were probably a bit to fast. Story was short. It missed a LOT of material you could have used regarding Jack. I didn't really laugh much either. I hate to go ag... reviewed January 18, 2006
Tales From The Subway Phone Booth by TheWolfska Action
Hard one to judge. The answering machine voice was well done. A lot of the dialogue seemed a bit weak or forced, especially in the first half. While the movie was well done and it was kinda funny at t... reviewed January 18, 2006
Keeping Your Lady by Prinzess Romance
Gotta love that ending. I think the first one had a little better story and dialogue but this one had a lot more polish. Good VO timing throughout, excellent job at having the scenes match up with the... reviewed January 18, 2006
Flower will die (my version) by chocolatemouse Romance
It was not what I expected going in. About 45 seconds in I was horrified to think it was just a common romance. I wasn't even close to right. What a nice film. I liked the lighting choices (western se... reviewed January 17, 2006
Touching the Dead by temporaryscars Horror
This was one I felt had all the elements to make a great feeling horror. In my opinion, the movie lacked polish. There were lots of little things that could have been done throughout the movie to make... reviewed January 17, 2006
Aegis Two Trailer by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Definately one of the better trailers out there. Trailers get 4 stars max out of me, and this one gets all 4 of those. reviewed January 17, 2006
Jim Sarvarys Journey into Adventure World by gibdo01 Sci-Fi
Lots of work done in this one. It had it's good points. The editing could have been better. There were some scenes that were not very good. Good example is the chase in a circle scene. reviewed January 16, 2006
Married With Children by metlkelley Comedy
Gotta slow them captions down. Sometimes I either missed the caption or missed what was happening on the screen. It had a couple laughs, but all in all was a bit to short to really get anything going.... reviewed January 16, 2006
Galex Part Two by JamieFox Sci-Fi
Nice continuation from the first. Still waiting for answers to be revealed. How dare you suck us into a trap like this and make us wait? I felt this one was on par with the first. One the first I wa... reviewed January 16, 2006
Galex Part One by JamieFox Sci-Fi
Nice 1st part, definately has me wanting to see the second (which I am about to do). I expect part 2 will be 5 stars all the way. I will know soon! Good to see a little VO in there too. Sounded good.... reviewed January 16, 2006
Lionheads Top Movie Makers by Oh_Come_On Comedy
Hmmm.. The scenes were put together well.. the voices were funny for a while but kinda dragged on.. the story itself seemed kinda weak.. The ending seemed out of place and almost just a reason to use ... reviewed January 16, 2006
Sympathy for the Devil by Gutts Action
LOOOONG Movie and lots of reading. The story was very good. The dialogue was great. WOuld have liked it MUCH more with VO because it not only would have shortened it, I would have been able to watch ... reviewed January 15, 2006
Schoens by Angelo_Santino Horror
Featured Review
Pretty funny actually. Probably a 5 star to anyone that is closer to the story. Definately was not exactly what I expected. Hehehe. I got a kick out of the ending though. "Wasn't me"
reviewed January 15, 2006
A Heros Welcome v3 by groove-monkey Romance
Featured Review
If this movie doesn't stir feelings in you, get to the Emergency Room because you must have died. Very emotional. Told in powerful way with the ending that just kinda punches you in the gut and leaves...
reviewed January 15, 2006
Change of Fortune by Valtharius Sci-Fi
Pretty awesome! Great work Valtharius!! Hard to find much error in this one, so I gotta nitpick. Towards the end the VO got hard to hear (I think the sound effects kinda drowned it out a little). Al... reviewed January 15, 2006
Further by johnokinawa Romance
Featured Review
Initially I was not going to rate this because I didn't want to hurt any scroing average. Then I figured that was not really the right way to try and review movies honestly. The VO tracks were all go...
reviewed January 14, 2006
Assault on Hill 13 by Lightscameraskitz13 Action
Very good action sequence there. Very hard to rate this. If I take it as a stand alone movie, then it really has no story to it. If I look at this as a war sequence in a bigger movie, it doesn't lack ... reviewed January 14, 2006
Kiss of the Ghost by nemezido Horror
The music while not bad really breaks any kind of mood you might have been trying to set. I kept wanting to see this as horror but felt it was more comedic. Not sure what the special effect was suppos... reviewed January 14, 2006
Liberals by Bryy_Miller Horror
Got a great voice going there. I thought it was pretty well made. Won't say where I stand oin the issues presented but I get the feeling you are gonna get some people rate it real low because.... they... reviewed January 14, 2006
Suicide The Life of a Teenage Jock by guitardude82 Romance
VO was extremely low (and when turned up it got VERY fuzzy). Didn't seem like much of a story aside from, "I am upset so I am killing myself". Hadn't he ever been upset before? Why was he pushed over ... reviewed January 12, 2006
Talkin World War III Blues PT2 by Gutts Horror
Featured Review
Not to shabby. Great pacing on the captions and nice use of scenes and editing. There was just something missing. At first I thought it was VO that would boost the quality. While that would increase t...
reviewed January 12, 2006
One Night Stands by erinnicole93 Romance
As usual the custom stuff shines bright. The girl has skills. For me though, the story itself was a bit bland to me and felt like the last minute had been removed. VOs were great. I liked the costume ... reviewed January 12, 2006
Kenny And Tyler VS The Living Dead (Act2) by guitardude82 Horror
Featured Review
First things first... Put a note that the movies is R Rated in the first line of the description. There was really more cussing then there probably needed to be. Then again if a couple 20-ish year old...
reviewed January 11, 2006
A Heros Welcome by groove-monkey Horror
Featured Review
Groove-Monkey knocks this one out of the ballpark!! In my opinion you made 2 errors. #1 you listed it as horror instead of Romance. #2 you didn't warn me I was gonna get tears in my eyes!! They ne...
reviewed January 11, 2006
Chamberlain by Everett Horror
Featured Review
The music was pretty much spot on except for one track (I wanna say the one right befor the last one, not sure). The movie ran to long. Lots of places where scenes could have been trimmed or tossed ou...
reviewed January 11, 2006
To Serve Mankind by waroftheworlds01 Sci-Fi
Not a bad adaptation of an old classic. It did have a lot of typoes in the captioning and it was a little strange to see the President show up driving a Taurus. Aside from that, it wasn't to bad. Scen... reviewed January 10, 2006
A Gangs Uprising(Trailer) by Oh_Come_On Action
Worthwhile trailer showed enough to get interest, but not enough so we know how the movie goes already. I'll give it 4 stars. Trailers are a tricky beast here on TMO. It is hard to show enough to ge... reviewed January 10, 2006
Fast eine Liebesgeschichte by Daninsky Romance
A very different movie that proves you can make a quality movie withouth VOs OR even captions. A very somber feel throughout the movie helps set the feel for this look at a man that is trudging throug... reviewed January 10, 2006
Blackout by domrio Action
Good movie. Seeme dlike it could have been shortened though. The biggest thing I noticed was there were places where there was absolutely no sound. In my opinion, when you are captioning a movie, you ... reviewed January 10, 2006
Dimension Shift (Teaser) by capemedia Sci-Fi
Wowza!! Impressive and loads of customs. YOu set the bar VERY high for your movie!! Unfortunately I only give trailers 4 stars maximum. So my giving this 5 stars tells you something! reviewed January 10, 2006
Wiretapping and You! by UrinatingTree Comedy
Had a few pretty good parts. The narrator sounded a bit British so it hurt the overall feel of the movie. George Bush could have been modeled better as well. That is just the nitpicky stuff though. Th... reviewed January 10, 2006
Wierd World (re make) by Abrey Comedy
Hard to follow in a couple of place. All in all not a bad movie. Might need to add a little more story in and tie it all together a little better. Your fight scene had some nice editing touches in it.... reviewed January 10, 2006
MoonRocker by chocolatemouse Action
Very solid movie!! I was a little worried in the beginning. I was wrong. Great pacing. Nice use of edit and cuts. Soundtrack was pretty much perfect. VOs would give it a little more kick. Solid 4 star... reviewed January 10, 2006
Ashleys first movie by duckguy0100 Comedy
Support the young movie makers!! reviewed January 9, 2006
Finished! by goodvilleproductions Comedy
I kinda liked the B&W. Worked well. Very good job for a first shot. Way better then mine was! reviewed January 9, 2006
Rescue Todo Part One by JaredPeace Comedy
I'll start the party off with a 5 bomb. This had some parts that were silly funny. I laughed a few times. I won't ruin the scenes by mentioning them. The captions get a little fast in the end. The mu... reviewed January 8, 2006
Pheobe Takes The Cake by mildheadwound Action
I liked that a lot. The ending fizzled a little but the opening scene was impressive I thought, so they balanced each other out. I didn't like the mumbling. The captioning was nice and well paced. 5 stars. reviewed January 8, 2006
Dont Laugh at Me by rjb2112 Romance
Rough movie to watch. I am ashamed to say I have experienced both sides of that movie a little bit. Neither side is a winner either. Both sides lose. reviewed January 8, 2006
the Lottery(60 seconds of fame) by dubblehellox Comedy
It was funny. Just wasn't as good as the first one because the first one caught us ff guard and we were ready for it this time. *grins* If this had been released FIRST, if probably would be where th... reviewed January 8, 2006
Keeping Your Man by Prinzess Romance
Featured Review
Only one thing I can really say to a movie like that.... WILL YOU MARRY ME? Hehehe
reviewed January 8, 2006
Behind The Boll 2 by JamieFox Action
Well, I saw 1 and thought it was 2. Saw 3 first so I know where this goes. As far as the series goes, this is the mediocre one. There were still a few good lines in this one. Character costumes were g... reviewed January 8, 2006
Behind The Boll Episode One by JamieFox Comedy
Ok, I am watching these in reverse order. This one was a little bit of a let down compared to part 3. Good use of the custome costume and especially the props. Seems more like a prop/costume show. The... reviewed January 8, 2006
Behind The Boll 3 by JamieFox Comedy
Ok, this is just good stuff. I just WISH you would VO it man. I know I know. But still ya should. You got some great lines that would be enhanced by someone delivering them. Get Audactiy and screw wit... reviewed January 8, 2006
An Eye for an Eye by groove-monkey Action
I agree with Kaipan. The story itself was kinda boring but something in the delivery made it not matter so much. The VO work was clear for the most part. Definately get either another VO actor or some... reviewed January 8, 2006
True Hollywood Story The Baggage Boy by longview1982 Comedy
Featured Review
Pure genius!! I was leary due to the name, but this was a very well done show. It is unfortunate that many people will probably pass this up due to the Baggage Boy title.
reviewed January 8, 2006
Story From a Rooftop by knightstudios Action
VO was nice and clear. Police lady voice was funny. Story was pretty good. I felt you used to much VO. No need to talk all the time. Let teh viewer watch too, not just listen. You also don't need to t... reviewed January 8, 2006
Breaking the Bank by Rhynox980 Action
For a first movie, it was great. Nice clear VO. Seemed like there were many times you just kind of made up dialogue to fill in spaces. Instead of that, just cut part of the scene. Makes run time short... reviewed January 8, 2006
Shoe To Drop - Prologue by Stach Action
Very well done. Great start to your series. I rate it about 4.25 and give extra for first movies. I noticed you mention lost cuts in your movies. If you check my studio and look at the description, ne... reviewed January 8, 2006
The Hazzards of Jaywalking by Steven91 Action
Short and sweet. There are a few other run over by car scenes too. SO you didn't need to pan away from the action. I beleive you mentione dthis was a first movie. It's not bad. Most first movies don't... reviewed January 8, 2006
Death Upon My Doorstep - Chapter 1 by phx_archangelus Action
That was pretty well done. As a first part it is obviously going to leave a lot of questions. That is what second parts are for. 4.5 stars, rounded up to a 5 reviewed January 8, 2006
Oh Its On by mixmasterfestus Action
Pow!! Impressive. Nice use of BDs and excellent editing and timing. Impressive! reviewed January 7, 2006
Black and Blue - Trailer by made2kill Horror
Beings I just released a movie inspired by SAW I have no choice but to drop 5 stars in this one. *grins* reviewed January 7, 2006
Sour Cash Episode 1 by Solid_Pig Action
Great VO. I liked the voice. Great dialogue. Was a bit short, but I guess it is part of a series. It does make me want to see more. The nitpicking part: Early on you had a couple cuts that made the ... reviewed January 7, 2006
The Fatal Poisoner by sportygal Action
Featured Review
Ok. Where to start. Judging by the VOs I am gonna say you are both young. As such, you get judged on a bit of a different scale. First off, your story was very impressive. Only one place that was pr...
reviewed January 7, 2006
Santa Strikes Back by Coolphil Comedy
Featured Review
Kinda politically incorrect. So I loved it!! Unfortunately rating this a 5 probably tells people a lot about my sense of humor. I though it was kinda dull in the early going, but it picked up fast....
reviewed January 7, 2006
8-Bit Wonder - Restart by BostonCollegeFan Comedy
Music was overmodulated. Editing was good. Dialogue was so so. Smileyface in the dialogue. Priceless!! All in all a fun little movie. 4 stars! reviewed January 7, 2006
Daughters Of Eden Ranch by suedenim Action
Featured Review
It blew away my first movie and it is the introduction to Ashley Porter for TMO. Good stuff!
reviewed January 7, 2006
She Was a Phat Ride by Doc_Z Comedy
Badabing Badaboom! Very good. The snapshot at the end was the final kicker. Will YOU be my custom content provider!? Hehehe reviewed January 7, 2006
The Saints by Guardian452 Action
Solid script, shooting, and editing. Lack of VOs was not as bad as lack of music. It's amazing how music can make a difference. This movie felt to much like a documentary or possible a home video of... reviewed January 7, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
Hehehe. This reminded me of my Christmas Contest movie (The Last Christmas Gift). I'll jump on the bandwagon and give you 5. reviewed January 7, 2006
Midnight Taxi by cfkwong123 Horror
Some nice touches in this one. The Graveyard setup was real nice. I was a bit let down with the ending I must say. I thought the babe was gonna do something different at the end (no, NOT that!) Hehehe reviewed January 7, 2006
Yalta Galaxy by Pinskifamily Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Hard movie to rate. The story itself was solid. The scenes and edits were pretty much right on. The music worked well. The bad stuff: That font is HORRIBLE. I don't know why LH has it in the game. T...
reviewed January 7, 2006
Redcoated Invaders by camcrary Action
This appeared to be one of the first movies produced by this studio (you should have seen MINE!! Ick!) Anyways, lack of any sound at all hurt this one. Not sure if this was intentional or if the produ... reviewed January 7, 2006
Jeeve Earlwin Hunting Celebrities! by BillCosby Comedy
You made a movie about hunting testicles. I guess that might make things a lot clearer. It was actually funny for about a minute, then the whole movie began to wear on me. The VOs got irritating fas... reviewed January 7, 2006
Monkey Falls Down Stairs by cult_inc Comedy
Dunno why I laughed. Is a monkey falling down stairs funny? I guess to me it is!! Hehehe. The spin zoom scene was interesting. Seemed like the angle was not normal. reviewed January 7, 2006
Fatal Touch by kaipan Horror
*bows down to the master* You sir make awesome movies. There are so many things you did in this movie, I am going to end up watchign it a few times just so I can see the tricks you used. Very very i... reviewed January 7, 2006
Shadow Realm Part I - END EX2 by ig-88productions Action
Boom. 5 big ones. Sorry I took so long to review this. It definately lived up to the first one. 6 stars for the sound work. This is a shoe in top 5 movie!! reviewed January 6, 2006
The Final Stipulation by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Hehehe. I liked it. Not much story involved but still funny. Nice editing and scene use for some cheap but very special effects! End fizzled unfortunately. reviewed January 6, 2006
The Inner Fear by Alemdar Action
This movie had a GREAT story. Unfortunately it lacked in many other departments. First was a costume changes between scenes (due to a cut I imagine). Then either there were more changes OR you 2 main ... reviewed January 6, 2006
The Last Straw by duckguy0100 Action
Hmmmm... Was nice to see the Stagecoach. The movie was not to bad. I thought the ending fizzled though. Some of the music seemed to not really match up to well. At times the music was kinda updeat whe... reviewed January 6, 2006
They Called Him Sasquatch - Directors Cut by mitchell_lee Comedy
Very different kinda of movie. Hate to beat the VO drum, but that would have helped a lot. Seems like we, the reviewers, are starting to really expect VO in movies these days. reviewed January 6, 2006
Suburban Horrors by JMMartin Horror
This is still a solid movie. The thing is that movies have advanced a lot since the original release on this. Back then this was a 5 in my book. Today the lack of VO seems to hurt it. I gotta run a 4 ... reviewed January 6, 2006
Dig Your Own Grave Part 5 by antena Action
Disappointing ending for sure. Didn't like the half VO and half captioning (should have grabbed female VO talent off the boards). The main heroes lines also seemed a bit fake. At least the delivery di... reviewed January 6, 2006
The Santa Shack by JohnRAndrew Horror
Not really my kind of movie. Wasn't terribly done, just not somethign that appeals to me. I will go ahead and give a 4 so I don't hurt the movies average. reviewed January 6, 2006
Help my wife is an Adolf Hitler fanatic!!!! by Yngvelli Comedy
3.5 and was gonna round it to 3 till I saw all the 4s and 5s. Will go ahead and round it up to a 4. Movie was well shot. Story was actually ok. But I about nodded off in the middle. Maybe VOs is the t... reviewed January 5, 2006
The Infinity Project by Foxdirector Sci-Fi
Very nice work. Great way to make special effects out of stock scenes. This is 5 star quality all the way. Bravo! reviewed January 5, 2006
Robot Tech Support by OutofLine Comedy
Hmmmm.. I won't say what I think happened because it might be a spoiler. I will agree that is kinda confusing how it ended. The beginning was pretty good. The end fizzled. reviewed January 5, 2006
Totally a different type movie and I bet some people will flat out hate it. Not saying I loved the content, but I totally understood what it was about. As such, I gotta say the filming, editing, and c... reviewed January 5, 2006
Life ( US subtitles ) by moreau Horror
I always feel terrible when I see so many 5s and I am awarding a 4. The movie was well made. Definately a lobor of love. For me, it just seemed slow a lot. The ending was memorable. The VOs were great... reviewed January 5, 2006
Pines and Needles by Yogurt_King Comedy
Featured Review
Hard to decide on 4 or 5. Gonna go 5 because the VO was pretty special. Nice job!
reviewed January 5, 2006
The Eltanin Legacy II by sherwinliu Sci-Fi
Great start. I was reminded of the JFK scene too Baktakor. If dulled out a lot in the middle. Definately worth the viewing! reviewed January 5, 2006
This is a hold-up by cubedude Action
Ok, first movies always get 1 star right off the bat. That makes the total on this one, 1 star! Ok, just kidding. We are goign with 3 stars on this one. Sure it can use improvements, but it's a first ... reviewed January 5, 2006
Drowning my sorrows by Nigel_Rowe Horror
Average. Nothing to spectacular or terrible to note. reviewed January 5, 2006
Le Fighter by Saminity Action
Nothing to special. Nothing to terrible. Solid movie. reviewed January 5, 2006
The One And Only Banana by scavanga Comedy
Strange. I guess I just need to be more slowly introduced to bananna humor. reviewed January 5, 2006
Santa's Visit (SE) by hisstorymn Romance
Nice movie. Liked the other version. I like this one as well. reviewed January 5, 2006
The Lost Bones Part 1 by WishfullThinker Horror
Featured Review
Generally Zombie movies don't do well in my ratings. Sure this one might have been better with VO and stuff, but as it sits it was VERY entertaining. One of the top 5 zombie flicks I have seen. 4.25 s...
reviewed January 5, 2006
6th June 1944 by RB_Films Action
Very hard to rate. First off it seemed to short for a movie of this type. Secondly almost half of the movie is done via backdrop. 4.25 rounded to 4. reviewed January 5, 2006
Spirits by crazeyal Romance
Impressive. Nice movie with a great message. Great VO work. Good amount of custom stuff. You can tell a lot of work went into this one. reviewed January 5, 2006
Beer Goggles by pearsonhouse Comedy
I kinda liked this one. Definately a guys type of movie. I agree with the one reviewer below that you should have used a guy in drag. reviewed January 5, 2006
The Big Fight by velieth Action
Alrighty then. 3 stars. Will leave it at that. reviewed January 5, 2006
Wigger TV by ProdigyStudios Comedy
Kinda scared to give less then a 5. The VOs were so good I am afraid you guys might roll up into my hood and busta cap on my ass!! Anyway, near the middle it started to drag a bit, but then kicked bac... reviewed January 4, 2006
King Kong 2 by lan14n Comedy
A few laughs in there along with a couple segments that were edited very well. Unfortunately the story itself was a bit lacking. reviewed January 4, 2006
Something Inside - Part 1 by holmberg Horror
Nice job. Good setup for the next movie. Hope you have the PE werewolf to use because the basic opened mouth one is kinda lame. Main knock on this movie was it was real dark. Had brightness up all the way too. reviewed January 4, 2006
Immortal Divine by Cleric2k5 Action
Lots of work went into this. Unfortunately I think it falls a bit short. Genre mixing can be interesting. In this case it was like mixing oil and water. They both kinda separate. Felt like 2 or 3 movi... reviewed January 4, 2006
Photo Op by shortcut Comedy
Great VOs by the girls. Not as good by the guys. Movie was pretty good as well. 4 stars easy. reviewed January 4, 2006
We Are Restless by denzell Horror
Very good even with the captions. My main complaint was that the majority of the movie was dark. Then with more brightness it kinda blanded out the whole pic. Aside from that, the story was put togeth... reviewed January 4, 2006
A New Threat Part 1- Darkness Rising by Ordomalleus Action
Pretty good flick. A lot was kind of predictable. Good use of costumes. Seemed to really lack good punch. Then again that is what episode 2 might be for. 3.75 rounded to 4 stars. reviewed January 4, 2006
Amidst the Mists by Stahlman Horror
4 is maybe a bit high. It had a nice ambience. The VO work was pretty good except for some popping and breathign noises. reviewed January 4, 2006
The Tree by bistar Comedy
Average. Nothing really stands out. reviewed January 4, 2006
Boof and Wazza - Happy Birthday Mate by Digger2640 Comedy
Weird. Almost felt like I was over-rating it at a 3. reviewed January 4, 2006
A Bad Dream by wjousts Horror
Average movie. Had some ok points, but it just had the "Best of zombie flicks" feel to it. reviewed January 4, 2006
Star Adventures Double Cross by tilarium Sci-Fi
In all fairness, it is the first one. It was not bad. 3.5 and rounding it to 3 fo I have room to rate the next ones higher! reviewed January 4, 2006
Xmas Nightmare by hydrazoid Horror
Average. Features the "It ain't over scene". Don't see that one to much. Hehehe reviewed January 4, 2006
Looking by sleepman Horror
So so. I liked the ending though! reviewed January 4, 2006
Homesick (Gold Edition) by Koreom Horror
This was real good. Nice tension buildup. It did fizzle a bit at the end, but stiff held enough to draw a 5 off me. reviewed January 4, 2006
The Adventures of Hannah Beth by JohnRAndrew Action
Short. Not bad. Had me worried a sec because I thought your daughter cast herself as a bank robber!! Only thing I saw that might have been a mistake (or I saw it wrong) was it looked like the hero and... reviewed January 4, 2006
Santa Quits by davidwww Sci-Fi
Not bad. Gave it a little extra for the director being 10. reviewed January 4, 2006
They Never Told Us - Directors Cut by Skought Sci-Fi
Yes, I moaned when I saw a 14 min runtime. Once it was over, I was ready to see more. When does the sequel come out? Great job! 4.5 stars rounded ot 5. reviewed January 4, 2006
Doom The Gateway by hosty Sci-Fi
Nothing really jumps out at me as especially good or especially bad. I tend to not like chicken movies, but this one wasn't bad. 3.75 rounded to a 4. reviewed January 4, 2006
The train by gilga Horror
Very good. Seemed like it skipped a little a few times (edits?). Took off a little for lack of VO (it would have been nice with VO. That puts you at 4.25 rounded to 4. reviewed January 4, 2006
Marsh Mindy and the Hindu Guy by PhantomRaulStudios Comedy
You should have named it: The Mind Reader Beings the movie kinda read my thoughts though whole way and thus got me laughing.. And for the Hindu voice.. 4 stars. reviewed January 3, 2006
Eat or Be Eaten by killaxin Action
Above a 3, not quite a 4. Giving a 4 anyways due to reading the description and reviews. Under the circumstances, I felt it was not to bad. Especially when you look at the whole movie from the notion ... reviewed January 3, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
VERY hard movie to rate. First off, bravo on the costume work. Real nice. The story was kinda lack luster. The main sight to see was the costumes and the backdrops. I am surprised there hasn't been ... reviewed January 3, 2006
Killbot by Primus_Inter_Pares Action
Usually find fast caption remarks to be a bit harsh. Not on this one. Some of them flew by and it wasn't helped that some use small fonts. The movie itself was average. Might have been better if I cou... reviewed January 3, 2006
Brownthumb by Rufus1337 Action
Ran a bit long and wasn't sure if you wanted it to be action or comedy. Had a fair share of both. Solid 4 stars from me. reviewed January 3, 2006
aliens by mabdog Sci-Fi
Average. Good job for your first Sci-Fi. It's to bad that there can be no original monsters. Seems to take away from Sci-Fi a bit. reviewed January 3, 2006
Meowans Weihnachtsfilm by Meowan Comedy
Has the style that Meowan always brings to the table, but lacks depth in the story department. 4 stars is not bad! reviewed January 3, 2006
The PropShoW by eric_maniac Comedy
Hehehe. Some good stuff in there. 4 stars. If had seen it a week or so ago, I would have dropped the 5 bomb on it. Propshop movies just aren't as fresh as they used to be back then. reviewed January 3, 2006
Gnadenlos by dolor Action
I liked it. Wished the VO was in english, but that is how it goes. Not taking anything off for the VO. 4.25 rounded to 4. And Jackrabbit, gotta say GREAT review! Nice references job. reviewed January 3, 2006
Drowning by jnyblujns Action
Very good! Especially beings you did the music yourself. Was this done with Acid Music Studio or something? Song was not to bad either. reviewed January 3, 2006
Suburban Werewolf by Backzlash Horror
Not to bad. 3.75 Stars, rounded to 4. reviewed January 3, 2006
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
I guess I am gonna be unpopular, but I can't see giving this more then a 3. Yeah, it is kinda funny, but 30 seconds and 20 of it is the guy runnign around? Is one laugh worth 5 stars? In my opinion, i... reviewed January 3, 2006
The Last Ninja by visualstudios Action
One of the better action/fight movies. Very impressive for a first movie. I rate it just above a 4 and give an extra star to all first movies. reviewed January 3, 2006
POTHA by Arcane_Penguin Sci-Fi
At first the captions seemed fine, but they did tend to speed up. The story itself was a bit lackluster and woudl have been helped my a VO track done with emotion. 3 stars +1 for a first movie. Take care! reviewed January 3, 2006
Wolf Woods by Jaysayhey Horror
Hard to follow. Editing was good. Definately needed captions or VOs as mentioned. 3 stars +1 for a first movie. reviewed January 3, 2006
Dogs Of This Parish by wjousts Horror
A bit to dark all the way through. could have used VOs. Aside from that, not to bad. 4 stars +1 for your first movie. reviewed January 3, 2006
In Cold Blood by Swazi Action
Solid movie. Hard to point anything particular out. It did lack a bit of oomph though. reviewed January 3, 2006
ZE Filmkritikk by Peaky Comedy
I can understand german a little. I understood the VO better then the captions. Problem was the VO was way way to low and/or the music to lound. Was very hard to hear it. 3.5 stars rounded to a 3. reviewed January 3, 2006
Mission Santa Part 2 by nasum84 Action
Decent partial movie. Doesn't seem necessary to split a movie into 3 minute segments. Probably would have done better overall by combining them. Only real thing that hurt this was that it felt like a ... reviewed January 3, 2006
Santa Austria by JKjunior Comedy
Was that supposed to be funny!? Cuz it was DAMN funny!! Hehehe. Excellent job of set design and prop setup. Great story. Austrian language and english captions made this thing perfect! One scene at t... reviewed January 2, 2006
A Robber Barons Christmas by johnokinawa Romance
That was pretty impressive. Very nive way to tell the tale. Not sure I agree with the others about it being a good contest movie. While it is a great movie, I think Lionhead is going to be looking for... reviewed January 2, 2006
A Mecha Adventure by cult_inc Sci-Fi
Featured Review
VERY cool!! Nice angle on teh shots and dressed sets to give the illusion of size. Great edits made it even more realistic. As noted by others, more booms and bangs would have helped. There were also ...
reviewed January 2, 2006
The Day I Turned Into a Babe by suedenim Comedy
Extremely well filmed and edited. A little creepy too. 4.5 rounded to 5. reviewed December 31, 2005
Zombie Bob vs The Boss by oldugly Horror
Had several very funny moments. In between it had a few very dull moments. I liked it though. First time Bob spoke had me rolling. reviewed December 30, 2005
Jeff and Tony in The Bankrobbers by stewedplacebo Comedy
Not exactly terible, but not exactly great. Middle of the road. Great job for a quickie movie. reviewed December 30, 2005
Nikita by Cossackbf42 Action
Pretty neat. It was entertaining. reviewed December 30, 2005
Variations On The Key of Red (Woods) by Chrysoula Horror
Well told. SUbtitles were a problem sometimes. At times they were to fast, other times they crossed scenes. When a subtitle crosses a scene you have to be careful. Most times it will work ok, but in y... reviewed December 30, 2005
Deadly Trust (Part 1) by dolor Action
Thanks for the English captioning. The movie was pretty good, I definately want to see the next part. The music while great seemed like it came from a game (Mark might be right about Max Payne). Hopef... reviewed December 30, 2005
Skt Klaus vs East Block Hare feat Collie by SixthHokage Comedy
I liked the VO work. You did very good on the woman voice. As for the rest of the movie, I found it pretty average. With all the movies out nowadays, competition for the 4th and 5th stars are getting tougher. reviewed December 30, 2005
Ask Aunt Mary (Part 3) by Raveler1 Romance
Interesting. So the whole VO track was actually some kinda audio book or movie? I'll drop a 4 on this. I didn't like the movie so much, but the way the VO was done worked pretty neat. reviewed December 30, 2005
The GIs by ami_silberman Action
To short for us to feel any attachment to the characters. I did notice you had a couple VERY dark scenes. I am in need of some dark scenes for the movie I am currently working on. If you get a chanc... reviewed December 30, 2005
The Jihad Before Christmas by herr_lipp Comedy
MIddle of the road. I really liked the movie title! Should have edited out a few times where they laughed. Also, there was a comment about the terrorist and them living in a cave, yet the place they l... reviewed December 30, 2005
Call Fedora - Trailer by mrlennox Comedy
4 stars. I don't speak much german, but I was able to follow it ok. I felt it was well put together. reviewed December 30, 2005
DeKDeS Shoots Casting sessions by dekdes Comedy
Had it's moments. 4 stars all the way. reviewed December 30, 2005
Unwanted - A Christmas Tale by NeoManic Romance
Very good message. Well done. It was very touching. 4 stars easy, just didn't have enough to push it into a 5 category in my book. reviewed December 30, 2005
Reality is not born by Tenebres Sci-Fi
A myriad of nice little touches in this one. The story is very well done and keeps the viewer interested all the way through. Could this be a look into our future? reviewed December 30, 2005
The Wonderful World of Hawkers by harvschmarv Comedy
Featured Review
I found it pretty funny and VERY different then most other movies I have viewed here. A 3 might be the more correct rate, but the originality of the whole thing squeezes a 4 out of me.
reviewed December 30, 2005
The Chicken by VomitVideo Sci-Fi
How do you add that extra pop to a chicken movie? By using the "it ain't over yet" scene of course!! reviewed December 30, 2005
Traitor General by kinesis916 Sci-Fi
A bit of flicker. The caption detracted from the action as I had to keep looking at the captions to read it. All in all a nice film! reviewed December 30, 2005
Joke On You by darkstar13601 Comedy
Tasteless jokes that will probably offend many people. BUT NOT ME!! 4 stars. Mainly because the actual movie part and editing was very basic. reviewed December 30, 2005
I Walk by bobcat1986 Horror
Great feel to this movie. Ended a bit quick though. One of those few films that probably would be better off running a bit longer. reviewed December 30, 2005
Father Carpenters Nightmare by northmeister Horror
Good work. Had some cut scenes that were very effective. Nice edit job! reviewed December 30, 2005
Firelight by abaris11 Horror
Nice to see someone workingon a project like this. It's to bad only fire effects are available. Have you tried using some backdrop work? Maybe a lightning bolt on the background preceeded by a .2 seco... reviewed December 30, 2005
Restless by Illl Action
Bah. Zombie movies. I am getting tired of zombie movies!! Generally zombie movies get about 3 stars off me unless they are REAL good then they get the 4. No zombie movies gets a 5 from me. Nuff said? reviewed December 30, 2005
Evil Love by xsr1000 Comedy
Not bad. Filmed well. I guess maybe I just didn't fully get it because I didn't really laugh at all. *frowns* reviewed December 30, 2005
The Bird! Compressed Chicken!!! by UrinatingTree Comedy
Very funny but dragged on at times. 4.25 rounded to 4. Probably the best chicken movie I have seen thus far. reviewed December 30, 2005
Shadow Realm Part I - Begin EX by ig-88productions Action
Impressive!! It's long yes, but it doesn't bore you at all. Great use of the music. Nice work on the final synchronization. Turned out real nice! One thing I dislike though. We have to wait to see wh... reviewed December 29, 2005
The Truth about Santa by siddus Comedy
Had it's moments. 3 stars plus an extra for Christmas reviewed December 29, 2005
The Edge of Tomorrow by Foxdirector Sci-Fi
I liked this one. It's a shame it has only 7 reviews. With some good PR this would have done very well I think. reviewed December 29, 2005
Just Another Scream for Peace by robbieh Comedy
Nice message. Average movie. reviewed December 29, 2005
Angel of Death by herr_lipp Horror
Hard one to rate. The kiss and retard comment hurt it. The poopy pants may have hurt it a bit too. But at it's heart, the story was good and had a nice little surprise ending (before the surprise kiss) reviewed December 29, 2005
An Eye for an Eye by wecky Action
Definately above average by a good shot. Scrumdude's suggestion about more music is probably a good one. reviewed December 29, 2005
Fred and Sue by Airadine Comedy
Short. Entertaining. Witty. 3 stars. reviewed December 29, 2005
Drama Queen The Music Video by justin_in_bangor Comedy
Was gonna give it 1 or 2 stars because at its heart it is an attack on another TMO user. I haven't even seen the fight threads, but I saw some advertising for this and when it was in production. I kno... reviewed December 29, 2005
The Bank Job! by PamDennis Action
Above average. Nice movie. reviewed December 29, 2005
The Brooklynite Part 1 by scorch6744 Action
I would have really liked to see VO on this because it has some scenes were VO would have been real nice. All in all not a bad movie at all. 3.75 stars rounded to 4. reviewed December 29, 2005
Justice Guardian by RedRodrigez Comedy
I liked the main character. Kinda made me laugh everytime I saw him. There also a few good laughs in it. In my opinion it runs WAY to long and the runtime detracts from the overall value of the movie.... reviewed December 29, 2005
The Adventures of Roy Jacobs by Foxdirector Action
Not a bad movie. Short quick and to the point. I rate it somewhere between a 3 and a 4 with it being closer to a 3. reviewed December 29, 2005
Jingle Bell Shock by lycosa Horror
Featured Review
I though this perhaps ran a little long, but the story itself was pretty well done. It has a real nice feel to it. Definately one of the better horror/thrillers I have seen on TMO.
reviewed December 29, 2005
Remnants of Life pt 1 by FreddaH Action
Nice movie. Good job setting and holding the tone of the movie. Backdrops were well done. Was a little slow at some points. Very quality movie, just not quite enough to push it into a 5. reviewed December 29, 2005
The Imperceptable Man - Pt 1 by brickcity5350 Horror
Enjoyable. 3.5 rounded up to a 4. reviewed December 29, 2005
The Return Of Violent Vern by castigo Action
Entertaining and a few good laughs. reviewed December 29, 2005
Drive To Your Heart by RB_Films Romance
Almost dropped a 5 on this. I liked this because it was kinda fresh and unlike most other movies we have seen. In the end I had to go with the 4 because quality was laking a bit at times. reviewed December 29, 2005
Die Verwandlung by Meowan Horror
I didn't mind it being in German due to the captions. The main thing that lowered my rate was the constant fade in and out. I realize this was probably intentional to give the movie a flash in and out... reviewed December 29, 2005
Zombie Love by huttonmovies Comedy
Ah lahk it a lot! 5 stars. Made me laugh a few times. Good stuff!! reviewed December 28, 2005
Grave Revenge - The Beginning by PeeCee Horror
Great edits and the story itself was not to bad. Overall though I was far from satisfied. Felt like I spent about 8 minutes to long viewing what was more of a drama/romance then the last 45 secs becom... reviewed December 28, 2005
Dangerous Day by pokii Action
Pretty good movie. Hard to give a 5 when I don't totally understand the language. The movie, music, and editing were great. There was just something lacking that made me keep the last star. I apologiz... reviewed December 28, 2005
Die Ruhe selbst by JohnMcCloud Horror
3.5 stars gonna round up to 4 to be more inline with the other reviewers. reviewed December 28, 2005
THE HALOIST II -- Trailer by ArtificialArtist Sci-Fi
I have only given 1 5 for a preview. So this starts at a 4. Very nicely done. Just lacked any oomph that would say "Come see this movie when it comes out". I still plan to see the movie because the pr... reviewed December 28, 2005
The Life of a Movies Assistant by mitchell_lee Comedy
Lots of nice touches in this one. It definately broke some new ground. I thought the story itself was kind of lacking, but the innovations alone make this one an EASY 4 but not quite to a 5. reviewed December 28, 2005
Santa Claws is Coming to Town by Valtharius Horror
Pretty good movie. Not quite enough to gain the 5th star out of me, but it's hard to get the 5th one. reviewed December 28, 2005
The Letter by sherwinliu Horror
The idea seemed pretty good. The movie itself seemed a bit lacking. Perhaps fleshing it out a bit more would have helped. Or making the end a little more clear. The way it ended, I am not sure if the ... reviewed December 28, 2005
They Came From The Woods by waynhoward Horror
3.5 Stars rounded to 4. Not bad. Flashbacks to the 80s horror flicks. reviewed December 28, 2005
My Own Worst Enemy (Alternate Ending) by Cimmerz Comedy
Just kinda strange. Maybe a few captions added in ther ewould have helped. Otherwise it just seemed to much like nothing. reviewed December 28, 2005
The Dark Key Light by TheMGMKid1 Action
Very nice story. Was a bit longer then I think it needed to be. Gotta give it 4 stars for lack of VO. This type of movie can easily be VOed with just a narration track. A nice VO would easily push thi... reviewed December 28, 2005
Crazy Santa - Horror by MFK88 Comedy
Great backdrops! reviewed December 28, 2005
May The Best Hand Win by PhantomRaulStudios Romance
Finally a western with an actual story that is not just to setup a gunfight. 4.5 stars rounded to 5. Nice movie! reviewed December 28, 2005
Down and Out Up North by Bedwinn Comedy
Pretty dang funny. To bad the VO volumne suffers so much. reviewed December 28, 2005
A Typical Day on the PC by Choppinsumwood Comedy
Will it EVER end!! Not a bad movie and had some nice chuckles in it. The bad part is that it ran probably 4 minutes longer then it needed to. The extra drag of those 4 minutes slowly ate away at the ... reviewed December 28, 2005
St Nicholas is coming to Earth by davidwww Action
I almost made a similar type of movie, so this let me see how it would have been. I gotta say it worked out great for the director. 4.5 stars and rounding it up to 5. reviewed December 28, 2005
Santas Visit by hisstorymn Romance
Very inspirational movie. Solid 4 stars. This movie sends a very nice message. reviewed December 28, 2005
Dry Bones by Cranium8768 Action
Very very good movie. Gonna deduct .5 stars because there was kinda an error (I thought). He was waiting for an interview and normal, then trys to steal the car, the other guy hops in and our guy shoo... reviewed December 28, 2005
Mission Santa Part 1 by nasum84 Action
Not a bad movie at all. Solid 4 stars! reviewed December 28, 2005
The Electric Sheep by Bob_Ironlove Sci-Fi
Kinda lost me there. Seems like this might be one where inserting an extra 30-45 secs might have been a good idea. The ending was interesting, but it just made the middle more confusing to me. reviewed December 28, 2005
Shakespearian Sonnet 142 by humdogma Romance
I just like that tune for a romance movie. Unfortunately the movie itself was pretty dull. This is one where I think lack of VO (even poor VO) really hurt. reviewed December 28, 2005
Dead Pt 2 by squiggy99 Horror
Music worked great. Story was solid. It was just missing some Oomph that I cannot quite put my finger on. 4.25 rounded to 4 stars. reviewed December 28, 2005
The Mark (V3) by valerd Action
Pretty good movie. Was hurt a lot by only having half of it voiced. Gave it a very unfinished feel. Still worth an easy 3.75 rounded to 4. reviewed December 28, 2005
drie wijzen the gay movie by lolloler Comedy
Featured Review
Wish I understood the words because it looked like it might have been funny. Going on what I could see and hear, I gotta give it a 3. Some bad edits and echoey VO
reviewed December 27, 2005
A Town Called Blood by Margareth Horror
First movies always earn a little extra in my book. This was an extremely good first movie. Can't wait till you start putting more out. Most people seem to need about 4 releases before they start real... reviewed December 27, 2005
Cops Ep 2 by ConMan Action
Great movie. Length definately hurt it a bit though. Dragged a lot in the middle section. reviewed December 27, 2005
A Is For Alice by plopphizz Sci-Fi
Ran a bit to long I thought. Solid 4 stars. Pretty original angle. reviewed December 27, 2005
My girlfriend is an alien by T_L_T Comedy
Original. Fun Movie. 4.5 Stars, but I gotta unfortunately round it to 4. It just doesn't quite measure up to movies I have given a 5 to. It's better then most of the 4s I have given though! reviewed December 27, 2005
The B Team by smokeycat Sci-Fi
Featured Review
One of the better Matrix type movies online
reviewed December 27, 2005
Dead Reckoning Part I The Beginning by Valtharius Horror
Great job for your son doing it. 4 stars all the way! reviewed December 27, 2005
Dead Wronged by Ratqueen Horror
Not to shabby. Definately would have been better with VO. Story was different, so that is good too. Nice work! reviewed December 27, 2005
Edward Scrooge by mprimus Comedy
Very good movie. Tailed off a little in the end. Just didn't carry enough to get that last star. I give it a 4.25 reviewed December 27, 2005
The Blood List Trailer 2 by MFK88 Horror
Trailers don't rate to high and this one was just average, so it draws a 3. reviewed December 27, 2005
Der goldene Affe by Pide Action
Didn't understand it, but it was STILL funny. The quirky voices worked pretty nice actually. Solid 4. reviewed December 27, 2005
My Tree is Bigger Than Yours by Deikon Comedy
I'll give it a 4. The tree was nice (though I was a little bummed because I thought maybe I was one of the few that thought of stacking them). Hehehe reviewed December 27, 2005
Forgotten by InnerFilm Comedy
3.5 for a 4 star. I guess I didn't really get it either. *frowns* reviewed December 26, 2005
At Home With The Quarantines (Episode 4) by Kellydogproductions Comedy
Didn't see the other movies, I guess I will need to. I still thought it was pretty original. You don't see that very often when zombies are involved. 4.5 stars. Will give it the 5 it seems the series ... reviewed December 26, 2005
Greed by simatt Action
This looks like an ingame generated movie that was worked over in Post Production. As noted in the description, this is his first movie. As such I like to judge these in reference to other studios fir... reviewed December 26, 2005
I know what you did last Christmas by dark_humar Horror
3.6 rounded to a 4. This was a rollercoaster ride of sorts. Slowly we went up as we saw the hot girls. Then they hinted at lesbianism (it was tasteful). We continued to climb a bit. Then we started ... reviewed December 26, 2005
Fighting Blind by mixmasterfestus Action
4.5 Stars - Very hard movie to rate. First the good stuff. The characters themselves were EXTREMELY well done. Nice use of Starmaker. Subtitles. Some movies really are better with subtitles. If all ... reviewed December 26, 2005
Affairs by Abrey Romance
Nice angle on relationships. Kinda quirky. Made me laugh though. 3.5 and rounded to a 4 because it's still Christmas time! reviewed December 26, 2005
Enduring Mein Kampf Trailer by Emotep Horror
5 stars for a trailer? You gotta be kidding me! But here it is. What can I say. Excellent. I hope your movie carrys the same feel and tone your trailer does. Dunno how much you showed us, but its go... reviewed December 26, 2005
James Leech Remake by warpedrevolution Sci-Fi
For some reason I havene't seen a lot of Sci-Fi so it always looks real fresh to me (unlike zombies). Liked the way the music meshed with the shootout. Good stuff. I hate to say it, but VO is probably... reviewed December 26, 2005
Acorn (Episode 1) - Purpose by SOULSWORD Action
Featured Review
Wowza!! That was impressive. What a great job with the music setting all the segments up. Near the end the captions did come a little fast at places. Would VO be nice? Sure. Would it be easy. Doubtful...
reviewed December 24, 2005
Run Around The Bush by WorldPictures Horror
Featured Review
For a first movie, that was great. Editing was good in my opinion. I liked the music in the first third. Wasn't 100% sure what was going on, but it just had an erie feel to it. I wanna see it again wi...
reviewed December 24, 2005
Evil Monkeys Christmas Gift to You by justin_in_bangor Horror
Beings I watched it, I feel obligated to rate it. 2 stars was probably being generous. Not that there was anything wrong with the filming or editing, that was fine. Cheap scare which the reviewers pre... reviewed December 21, 2005
My dogs life by VinceMurphy Comedy
Interesting movie. Liked the dog. Originally came to view it for research on a movie I am planning. GOtta love dogs. Unfortunately the dog couldn't carry this much over a 3.5. Gonna round it to a 3. reviewed December 20, 2005
Revenge of Space Cowboy by arend Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Kinda strange. Not really my type of movie. With that said, I gotta give it a 3.75 and round it up to a 4. I cannot put my finger on it really. It just entertained me. *shrugs*
reviewed December 19, 2005
Pflanze des Todes by sarek13 Horror
Innovative. The plants as the monsters was a nice original twist. Solid 4 star movie here. reviewed December 19, 2005
Hovis Hollywood Legend by mixmasterfestus Comedy
The was extremely well done. Well thought out. Editing, VO, everything was great. But.... You did so well it really felt like I was watching Entertainment Tonight or something. I HATE Entertainment To... reviewed December 19, 2005
Coporation Christmas by JamieFox Comedy
Didn't view this for a bit because the differences I have had with this director. I gotta say I am glad I decided to have a look. This was pretty well done Jamie. Kudos to you. Yeah, it might have ran... reviewed December 19, 2005
The Office by markrichardbehenna Comedy
This movie probably makes a LOT more sense to the people you work with. Seemed to go on way to long and although there were a couple laughs there weren't enough to cover the movie length. To be fair... reviewed December 19, 2005
War Of The Heart by jackalbane Romance
I liked the old style effect, but thought the story itself was not developed to well. Your description helped me a lot. People that don't read it might end up a bit lost. There were also a few out of ... reviewed December 19, 2005
Life of Hank by nakedyegg Horror
I try to rate movies relatively. That means I compare the movies to other movies i have seen and rated. This one was to dark first off. Then it suffered from many little errors such as typoes, a coupl... reviewed December 19, 2005
The Definition of a Killer by stewedplacebo Horror
3.5 stars rounded down to 3. Story was lacking a bit. The editing and scenes flowed pretty good in the first half. Towards the end the editing was not quite as good. Almost seems like it was rushed to... reviewed December 19, 2005
Barrack in Dreamland II-The Return Pt 1 by jtwilliamson19 Action
Not really bad or anything. I think the chickens just didn't work for this. The fact that there are a lot of chicken movies out there probably brings this down as well. I give it a 3.25, rounded to 3. reviewed December 19, 2005
Lupus Maximus by diamondhammer Horror
Featured Review
Most of the reviews below kinda cover the issues this one has. I would like to add that way to often it was just to dark. For a first movie, you did great!! Giving a 3.5 rounded up to 4 in hopes of in...
reviewed December 19, 2005
The End of the Road by Gunslinger19 Horror
Featured Review
A lot of scenes were a little to dark. When the movie is rendered it turns out darker then it was in the PP view. You never find out till you upload your first one. The story was indeed a bit cliche'....
reviewed December 19, 2005
Queer Planet by TerranceDC Sci-Fi
Kinda long. No VOs. Well made movie. I rate this one at about 3.75 and slide it upwards to a 4. For some reason I don't see Sci-Fi a lot so when I do, I tend to give them a little extra because the sc... reviewed December 19, 2005
A Schmans Life 3 by Happy_Schman Romance
The length kinda wiped me out. The movie was very well done, but it ran way to long in my opinion. If a guy could trim 5 mins off it, it would be great! No, I don't know exacltly where I would have tr... reviewed December 19, 2005
Tracker Part 1 by jsmith0316 Sci-Fi
Not a bad movie. Had a couple continuity breaks and at least the one costume error. Hard one to rate. I give it 3.75 and will end up at 4. reviewed December 19, 2005
In Cold Blood by sixflagsbus Action
Kinda lasted longer then it probably needed to. I was prepared to lower my rate a bit, but the ending saved the day and earned a solid 4 out of me. reviewed December 19, 2005
The Seane Steele Chronicles Head Colision by om_shanti Action
Was a pretty good movie. I thought the movie was well shot, scenes put together very well, ran smooth. There was just something about it that didn't really grab me. I kinda feel bad because I see how ... reviewed December 19, 2005
My Dad was a Middle-Aged Zombie Part 1 by Gnostradamus Horror
Well put together Hurt a bit by the vast number of ZOmbie movies on the market right now. Still a solid movie with a good story. reviewed December 19, 2005
Halloween Call by JKjunior Horror
I beleive I saw the first version of this one as well. Dunno if that effected me by knowing the ending. After seeing this version, I think the ending though a nice twist actually kinda ruins a great 4... reviewed December 19, 2005
Blood and Boredom by EgoAnt Horror
VO was low as indicated. Though when turned up it was clean at least. Was a god intro to possibly a new series or something. Definately has potential. reviewed December 19, 2005
King of the Dead Chapter 2 by Zuckerman Sci-Fi
Actually looks like it will be a good movie. Finish it up after you get your tree! reviewed December 18, 2005
My Lesbian Lover is a flesh eating zombie by satansmunchkin Horror
The title was a total turn off, but I decided to buck up and go through with it. What can I say, this movie had it all. 5 stars for.. well for everything!! Urgh! Urgh! Urgh! reviewed December 18, 2005
The year after Earth 1 by Tempelritter Action
Very good film. As noted the VO was the weak link. A bit to monotone (like mine usually are). As far as the filming, cuts, flow, etc. you did an excellent job. The lead in to the next movie works very well too. reviewed December 18, 2005
A Day In Maine by kevonski Comedy
Ok. I don't get it. How come people are being so nice about this? I gave this one star because I cannot give zero and still put up a review. Not sure how you can call this satire. You might not agre... reviewed December 18, 2005
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
Featured Review
FoDooG Films delivers. Make room on the top this one. Some of the best BGs I have seen. Great pacing. Everything was good about it. Those that avoid it due to length are gonna miss out on a winner. Nice work!
reviewed December 18, 2005
Ashley Porter in Operation Kringle by suedenim Action
Featured Review
I was one that mentioned the hohoho track was bad. I still rated it as a 5 because the movie is well filmed, Ashley Porter is just very charismatic (my favorite TMO character), and most importantly, t...
reviewed December 18, 2005
Talkin World War III Blues PT1 by Gutts Horror
Featured Review
I liked it. Kinda nice to see a zombie movie where it's just not gratuitous zombie killing throughout. I rate it 4.4 rounded to a 4. I am hoping there is a sequel planned by the way this ended, then a...
reviewed December 18, 2005
The Shaman by worryman Action
Featured Review
Sure there were some echoes. But did you watch the movie? The effects and cinematography were pretty awesome I though. The echoes keep it from being a 5.0, but here on the movies, my 4.75 rounds up to...
reviewed December 18, 2005
All Together Now by crystak Comedy
Featured Review
I didn't really understand the story. Maybe it is lack of sleep. For a first movie, this is a good job. YOu should see MY first one. Nope, not gonna let ya! Hehehe. The part where the girl lays the gu...
reviewed December 18, 2005
Joey by chaotix66 Horror
Wow. Controversial? Probably. Well done? Definately. reviewed December 18, 2005
Giulia by Kesti Romance
Very interesting. If I had been told it was a music video in Italian, I probably never would have viewed it. I am glad I wasn't told. This was a very fun movie. I liked that you captioned it. Seems li... reviewed December 18, 2005
Boom Auto Insurance by pepsidude32 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
OK. I sell auto insurance for a living. This cracked me up. Short. Sweet. Funny. 3.5 stars and gonna round it up to a 4. The VOs were kinda crackly. The fact it relates to what I do for a living got y...
reviewed December 18, 2005
Ashley Porter in Operation Kringle by suedenim Action
Tricky one to rate. The HoHoHo was really not to good. Sounded to mechanical. That took away a star and a half in my book because we heard it many times. Then there is the character Ashley. Sorry, but... reviewed December 18, 2005
The Movies Christmas Carol by glynner Comedy
Very good adaptaion of an old classic. 5 stars all the way. reviewed December 18, 2005
Freaks At Your Door - Cameleon Boy by NoBigThing Comedy
Featured Review
Hah! I liked that. I give it 4.3 rounded to 4. Partially because it was a pilot/trailer type movie and partially so I have room to rate the next one at 5. *grins* Very very well done.
reviewed December 18, 2005
Capones Boys by amph157 Action
Seemed a bit long for the story it told. It wasn't terrible. Some of the captions were indeed fast. It was nice to see some less often used scenes as well. I give it a 3.3 rounded to 3 stars. When you... reviewed December 18, 2005
A Leaf By The Bay by ifky717 Action
I expected an action movie. The VOs were extremely bad due to them being to low volumne. The stuff I did hear was pretty damn funny. I wish we had a video of your computer room when you guys were maki... reviewed December 18, 2005
Iraqi Freedom by irishred Action
Very long but worth viewing. I thought it was done very well. It's unfortunate that some people will pass this by due to its run time. reviewed December 17, 2005
Santa is a [censored!]er by LuciusVorenus Comedy
That's just good stuff there. Judge me as you will. I give it a 5. reviewed December 17, 2005
Adventures of Yuedar Pt2 by rocky541 Sci-Fi
I haven't seen a lot of sci-fi movies I guess because I was pretty caught up in the scenes this movie had and the editing job that was done. One of the fonts you used was very hard to read (dunno why ... reviewed December 17, 2005
Santa - Behind the legend by marvellousguppimovies Comedy
Cute ending. *grins* I liked it, but gotta go with a 3.4 and round it to a 3. It just doesn't hold up to movies I have given 4s to. reviewed December 17, 2005
Secrets of a Killer Zombie by Triplelithiumstudios Horror
3.5 rating. I'll round up to 4 stars on it. I think VOs would have helped but not as much as smoother transitions would. Clean editing AND VOs would probably push this on up a lot. reviewed December 17, 2005
Dark Snowflake by Yogurt_King Horror
Nice use of music and backdrops to help set the tone. There were times I did get a bit lost. I viewed it twice just to be sure I hadn't missed something. This is a very hard one for me to rate. So I f... reviewed December 17, 2005
The Twelve Movies of Christmas by The_B Comedy
Short. Sweet. Funny. Just to bad the pauses were between each line. I liked it though! 3.4 stars reviewed December 17, 2005
One Preachers Life by Xenocyde Romance
Hmmmm.. the scenes, transitions, and music worked well. There were many little touches in there that showed the director put a lot of time into it. I couldn't come up with my own story that seemed to ... reviewed December 17, 2005
Apollyon by corinthian Horror
That was impressive. Great technique with the way you did the creature. The VOs were right on, especially the creature. I have this at 4.5 and easily round that up to a 5. reviewed December 17, 2005
Letter Home by Emotep Romance
Very well made. Music track worked great. The letter writers voice was a bit to monotone. I think he should have had more emotion. About halfway through I knew the ending. After the song, it kinda dra... reviewed December 17, 2005
Marks Christmas Message by markrichardbehenna Action
Probably more like a 3, but it's Christmas and the message was a good one. Merry Christmas everyone!! reviewed December 17, 2005
The Year After Faith by Tempelritter Action
A lot of work went into this. Unfortunately I would not have had any real clue what was going on if I hadn't read the description first. The movie just didn't convey the same thing the description doe... reviewed December 17, 2005
Crying Out Of Justice by Floyd_31 Action
I liked the VO work though I thought it was a little to loud. Adjust the voice sound down a bit and it will be even cleared then it is too. Not a big fan of captions matching VO exactly. The ending ... reviewed December 17, 2005
ONE - To live forever by lostwolfnesbit Sci-Fi
Featured Review
4 stars. Which is a VERY good rating for the first part of a series. Did notice a minor error when he was in his room and it panned outside to show stars, a bit later it panned again and the outside w...
reviewed December 17, 2005
Redemption by ProdigyStudios Action
I was VERY impressed with this movie. For a 10 minute run, it held my attention very well. There were many errors made in it which are easily overlooked. If the last 2 minutes were as strong as the fi... reviewed December 17, 2005
Edgar Allen Poes - The Telltale Heart by justin_in_bangor Horror
Very hard movie to rate. I liked the VO work and the tone. The popping knocked it down a bit. The BG use was very effective, I really liked that. The heartbeat could have been better and had an echo t... reviewed December 17, 2005
Jesus Vs Santa by Essen-Sie-Ihr-Gesicht Comedy
Couldn't hear the private eye looking guy & Santa. That Santa suit looks great in a movie! Good job on makeup too. Jesus looked very good as well. I won't ruin the moment, but there is one caption nea... reviewed December 17, 2005
Illegal Immigration and You! Illegally Rel by UrinatingTree Comedy
Unfortunately some people are going to see this as a political view statement. Others are going to see it as even racist. Hopefully people realize this was made as a comedy and expresses some stereoty... reviewed December 16, 2005
The Movies Playing Loser by SalParadise Comedy
I deduct 1 star right off the bat for this type of movie. I pretty much agreed with everything the cool guy said. I liked the voices. Best line in the movie was by the female when she said "Think dip[... reviewed December 16, 2005
Nothing But Red by kaipan Horror
Just when I start to think I am getting the hang of writing and directing my movies, I get to see another movie like this. The bar keeps getting raised faster then I can keep up with it. This movie ... reviewed December 16, 2005
Jerk Insurance by Chewbot Romance
2.5 rounded to 2. Best part about the movie was the length actually. I will admit to laughing once though. Hehehe reviewed December 16, 2005
Bloody Christmas by EthanRunt Comedy
Gotta agree with Backzlash's review. This seemed less like a movie and more like a compilation of scenes to show off some new propshop stuff. At times there appears to be some story going on but that ... reviewed December 16, 2005
Suburban Horrors by JMMartin Horror
*drum roll* We give it a solid 5. Nice work on capturing the feel of horror. reviewed December 16, 2005
Alone by eggshine Horror
Middle of the road. Could definately be expanded into a movie that runs longer. As it sits now, the runtime was probably about right. reviewed December 16, 2005
A Time To Kill by richegroover Action
I constantly advise people to not run movies over 10 minutes. This one just goes to prove me wrong. Impressive!! reviewed December 16, 2005
The Wanderer by monsterfurby Action
Flowed pretty well. The ending sequence maybe should have lasted just a little longer. All in all an entertaining movie. reviewed December 16, 2005
Crazy Rabbit by tofteville Action
The movie and scene transitions were done very well. The story itself was not very powerful. reviewed December 16, 2005
Message From The Past - A Tribute by kaleetomey Action
Impressive!! Not sure how much I can add to what the others have said. This movie was VERY special. Gonna link it from my studio too. reviewed December 16, 2005
The Goodbye by Driscoll Romance
Totally blew away MY first movie. Great job. I liked the way you let the story be told with the scenes instead of VO or Captions. reviewed December 16, 2005
Compelled by EgoAnt Horror
Nice VO work. For me, the actual movie was lacking on story. Keep your head up though, I think you just opened the door to bigger and better things for your studio! reviewed December 16, 2005
Second Chance by super_soulb Action
Definately an action movie. I liked it. Cannot exactly put my finger on what lost the 5th star. There was just something missing that held it back a bit. reviewed December 16, 2005
Un ange passe by eric_maniac Comedy
Couldn't follow the story because I don't speak the lingo. It was very well filmed. Seemed to either be about angels or 3 wishes. Very good use of props. The costumes were very nicely done as well. I ... reviewed December 16, 2005
The Propshop by Chiprocks1 Comedy
Hated it. Sorry but this just seemed like a movie made solely to get VCs. At least it did succeed in that effort. Hehehe. reviewed December 16, 2005
The Capelli Brothers - Vol 1 by xxxDudexxx Action
Enjoyable movie. I liked the way props were added to some scenes and how the camerawork incorporated the props. Solid 4 stars. reviewed December 16, 2005
Happy Halloween ! by JKjunior Horror
Nice twist at the end. Good scarey feeling throughout the movie. reviewed December 16, 2005
Love Eternal by HairRaiser71 Comedy
Was lost most of the way, but finally got the idea once they hit the beach. Subtitles of VO would have helped a lot I think. reviewed December 16, 2005
War of the Stars The Hope by worldwriter Sci-Fi
I liked the scrolling text at the beginning. Was blurry, but the idea was nice. 4 stars because it was basically a remake of a movie that didn't need a remake. Hehehe reviewed December 15, 2005
The Monster From Outer Space (Remake) by paulknight82 Sci-Fi
Quick subtitles. Middle of the road script. Definately could have used an extra minute or so to develop the plot/chars a little more. reviewed December 15, 2005
The Bird 2! by UrinatingTree Comedy
Guess I just don't fully understand chicken humor. Hehehe reviewed December 15, 2005
Hell Service - The Cheat by Fuzion_Ent Horror
Well written, filmed, edited, etc. Had my #5 marker out and ready to go. Then the ending kinda fizzled. Luckily my #4 marker was close at hand. reviewed December 15, 2005
A Padawans Tale by ranger21 Sci-Fi
VO was VERY quiet for me. Scared the hell out of me when the first explosion hit a couple mins into the movie. I had problems following the story due to not being able to hear it. I am a Star Wars fan... reviewed December 15, 2005
In The Dark by castlenaze Horror
Diary of a Psycho 4.5 Stars. Good enough to get the rounded up 5. Established a nice creepy feel and held it most of the way. My original .5 deduction was for the ending and mainly because the way it... reviewed December 15, 2005
Father Gabriel: Pariah Dog by TheBeowulf Action
4.5 stars (Liked the 1st one better). This one is right there though. 4.5 stars to preserve the 5 stars I rated the first one as!! reviewed December 15, 2005
X-Force by Erandir Sci-Fi
Still kinda lost. Trying to find my way back to the review page. Hehehe reviewed December 15, 2005
The Death of a lifetime by phillyboi5 Action
VO got totally borked it seems. You should perhaps rename it and try uploading it again maybe. reviewed December 15, 2005
Cure 4 Cancer part 1 by Solid_Snake_20 Sci-Fi
The alien language was a nice touch, except that at times they spoke English. The "Destroy you all, [naughty word!]" line was pretty good. That line alone pusehd it to 4 in my book. reviewed December 15, 2005
The Life Chaotic by fantavet Action
Keep the faith, first films are rough! reviewed December 15, 2005
The Lab by CharlieChaplin Sci-Fi
Short, sweet, 4 stars. reviewed December 15, 2005
Rock of the Marne by Angelo_Santino Action
Excellent!! Need I say more? reviewed December 15, 2005
Ashley Porter and the Deaths Head Legion by suedenim Action
4.5 stars. This movie has a TON of little things that all help add up to one impressive movie. I dropped the .5 because the middle dragged a lot and didn't seem to add much to the overall movie itself... reviewed December 15, 2005
Charlie The Chicken by Fedaredan Comedy
Gotta give it 4 stars because I made a very similar movie based on a joke. Hehehe reviewed December 15, 2005
Starship Bounty by izaugg Sci-Fi
Subtitles definately hurt this one as mentioned by others. The story seemed either thin or it was just kinda hard to follow. Then again, a 1st part in a series tends to be more likely to confuse a bit... reviewed December 15, 2005
Gedankengut Pt3 by won_gak Action
The B&W is pretty awesome. I liked this a lot. reviewed December 15, 2005
Solitare Space by kmalmgren Sci-Fi
3.5 stars and rounded to 3. The main think I didn't like was all the references to "you". The edits were smooth. There was story as well. Just the perspective knocked it down a bit. reviewed December 15, 2005
Man Walks into a Bar by markusdragon Comedy
That was great!! Just goes to show how inovation and thinking outside the box can make a few scenes and VO turn into an impressive accomplishment. The voice work is dead on funny. Do you two do comedy... reviewed December 15, 2005
The Truce of 1914 by augie64 Action
Well done Augie. Another nice movie. Not much I can add to the other reviews. 5 star all the way!! reviewed December 15, 2005
Blood Chronicles 2 by King_Moonracer Sci-Fi
Impressive. 4.5 stars rounded up to 5. Nice work on the editing, costume choices, and lighting of the sets. I guess you have us looking for #3 now! reviewed December 15, 2005
The Secret Life of Ronald McDonald by blizzle Comedy
Didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Made me wanna buy Happy Meals for some dang reason. The teehee laugh made me laugh. Hehehe. reviewed December 15, 2005
Welcome To Neverland by herr_lipp Comedy
3.5 stars. Mainly due to the look of the lead. Real real close to the real deal. Made me laugh a couple times. Just not sure it I really should have been. Does that make me a bad person? reviewed December 15, 2005
Dear Santa by ozman69 Comedy
Kinda hard to understand the VOs. Beleive me I know how the quality can drop in the xfer. I can give an easy fix though. Just name it Santa Claus and the Chipmonks do Christmas. Then people will be as... reviewed December 15, 2005
Under the Boot Chapter One Trailer by kuroken Action
Nice trailer. I liked the BDs. Hard to give a trailer a 4, so it gets (maybe unfairly) a 3. reviewed December 14, 2005
The 4 Pains of ChristmasTrailer by Bobmomento Comedy
That freeze frame shot is creepy. Movie didn't do much and didn't hook me into wanting to see the actual movie. Making trailers is a tricky business because you want to keep some of the plot a myste... reviewed December 14, 2005
Vampire Bloodline Chronicles The Prodigy by darkwolfe Action
Liked it. Music was nice. Some parts were slow. Seemed like it ran a bit long. Not hard to give this one a 4 star rate. Good work! reviewed December 14, 2005
Adrians Decision by Deus-Ex-2000 Action
Very hard movie to judge. On one hand, there is a lot of good editing. The Music is perfect in a few places. Unfortunately, it also tends to lose the viewer a bit. In the end I think I understood the ... reviewed December 14, 2005
Robot Mafia II by cfkwong123 Action
Nice twist on the mafia scene. You missed a great opportunity for some humor. When the guy says Hammer "has ball." You shoulda put, "has big nuts". Hehehe Robots with colts seemed a bit out of place.... reviewed December 14, 2005
The Transplanetary by MagusFilms Sci-Fi
Missing Backdrops. Missing Props. I can't really tell you to many good points about the movie. That's why I give it a 4.5 and round that to 4 stars. This is a MUST see movie. Once you see it, my rev... reviewed December 14, 2005
Origins by FatherJames Comedy
Seemed like a ripoff of Intelligent Design. Even the VO delivery seemed the same. I kept thinking it was from the same studio. Didn't really do much for me. Gonna rate it at 3. Average. reviewed December 14, 2005
Casualties of War by jamesswaine Action
I actually laughed a lot at this one. Not exactly sure why. Overused of the F word. Overuse of the term 'smoke'. Seemed more like someone watching a war movie with teh sound muted and then adding thei... reviewed December 14, 2005
Are they out there by Wampa1 Comedy
Either I didn't get it the scriptwriting needs some work. Wasn't sure if I was supposed to laugh or take it seriously. Sincerely wish I could rate it higher. reviewed December 14, 2005
Space Apes vs The Astro Chickens by TimBurtonFan Sci-Fi
I hate being the guy giving 3 stars in a sea of 4s and 5s. It just wasn't that funny to me. Best line though was the part about him being the apes father. The rest leading up to it seemed to drag way ... reviewed December 14, 2005
Turnabout is Fair Play by mestoph72 Horror
Many of the captions are to fast so I missed some of what was said. Runtime seemed very long (so I didn't go back and re-watch to see the captions I missed). The end was a bit of a letdown as well. reviewed December 14, 2005
Unlucky Crook by morganzy Comedy
Middle of the road. Actually was hovering at 2.5 stars, but I went up to 3 because at least it was short, sweet, and to the punchline. reviewed December 14, 2005
Dirty Rider by smokeycat Action
Average and way to short. I made the mistake of blinking the first time through so had to view it again. The advice other mention is very good. Shorten some of those scenes so it doesn't look like a V... reviewed December 14, 2005
Thoughts of a Soldier by etipi Romance
Nice perspective on war. Just seemed like it was lacking somethign that I cannot quite put my finger on. 4 stars is nothing to be ashamed of! reviewed December 14, 2005
She Sees by Airadine Romance
Not a bad movie. 4 stars mainly because it seems unfinished. Like it is maybe a few scenes out of a bigger movie. reviewed December 14, 2005
Astro Not by Ratqueen Sci-Fi
Kudos on your first release. I gotta agree with most of the other reviewers. 3 stars is very good for a first film. Build off what you learned and we all look forward to the next one hitting 4 or even 5 stars! reviewed December 14, 2005
Das Schweigen der Toten by FloE Horror
I really liked the custome sets and wardrobe makeover. Some of the captions are way to fast. I don't speak german, but a friend does and she stood behind me and said she couldn't understand the audio... reviewed December 14, 2005
Conscience by FraasMovies Action
Nice movie. The snow scenes looked nice as well. The one flashback to the girl on the bed (was she being strangled?) was a little choppy. reviewed December 14, 2005
The Video Game by lestatslover Horror
Not to shabby. For other movies based on Online Games be sure to see: Pwned & Gangwars reviewed December 14, 2005
The Making Of Headmade Planets final by FoDooG Comedy
4.5 stars (mainly because the movie got 5 and the making of SURELY cannot get a 5 too can it?) I really like your work. Except for the fact that is has kinda knocked all mine down a notch!! *grins* reviewed December 14, 2005
Headmade Planets by FoDooG Comedy
Hehehe!! Nice movie. Extremely well done VOs and top notch editing. reviewed December 14, 2005
Fun with Gun 101 - Laserrifles by FoDooG Comedy
Pretty funny stuff. There. Horse cracked me up too. Gotta love your backdrops. reviewed December 14, 2005
i dont mind by FoDooG Romance
I couldn't see to much of a story in the visuals, but you know what? It didn't matter. For the type and tone of the music, the scenes and editing were right on. I especially liked the part near the en... reviewed December 14, 2005
Plague Storm by McCain Sci-Fi
Impressive!! Pretty easy to follow. For some reason I just love the sci-fi costume sets (though I never used them yet myself). Glad to see it will have a second part. Looking forward to seeing it! reviewed December 13, 2005
The Curver by mdizzog Comedy
The baby had a gun too was a great line. The rest wasn't to humerous in my view. The voice acting was not to bad, but it seemed like it slowly slided into all the voiced sounding the same. reviewed December 13, 2005
The Spires of Marmitron by Beery1 Sci-Fi
Very very good first release. I liked the color selections on the wardrobe. Seemed like it resolved and ended to quick. I missed why. I think the font you used for the aliens hurt it a bit because I h... reviewed December 13, 2005
Changeable Days by Deus-Ex-2000 Horror
Either this movie jumped around a lot or I wasn't paying attention good enough. And if someone can have a zombie sneak up on them from behind with all it's moaning, that zombie DESERVES to get their k... reviewed December 13, 2005
The Author who really wasnt by sparrowtm Horror
Though custom music tracks tend to help a movie a lot, I agree with a few of the others that say it actually hurt this one a bit. To often I was paying attention to the song and not the movie. It defi... reviewed December 13, 2005
Preserving The Gene Pool by herr_lipp Comedy
Ever wonder why most porn movies have no real story? This movie is a great example of why. No one cared what the reasons were, everyone is just saying hurry up and do it!! Lesbian love is getting rea... reviewed December 13, 2005
College Girls The Directors Cut by Wampa1 Romance
Lesbians love. Some rate it high, some rate it low. This movie seemed like a bunch of sex schenes tossed together, then later a few scenes added as filler, and a weak story written to kinda make sen... reviewed December 13, 2005
Come On - TRAILER by FoDooG Comedy
Can't beleive I am giving 4 stars on a trailer. But hey. This deserved it!! reviewed December 13, 2005
A Day In Captain Bills Life by Coolphil Sci-Fi
I guess I am gonna give the unpopular review here. *frowns* I was all set to give this thing 1 star because it just wasn't funny. Felt to much like scenes put together then story wrote later to make t... reviewed December 13, 2005
The Haloist by ArtificialArtist Sci-Fi
Please take this all as constructive criticism. First off, you camera work, editing, and music track work are extremely good. Your scriptwriting (at least in this movie) is pretty horrible. I guess I ... reviewed December 13, 2005
Stone Jones by humdogma Action
No real plot. Seemed more like a scene out of a bigger movie (and maybe it can be). Featured a typical chase scene (use creative editing to make the chase unique). All in all not really horrible, just... reviewed December 13, 2005
Hotshots by duckguy0100 Sci-Fi
Average movie. Below average VOs. Weak story. Worth 3 stars due to the editing looking smooth and because it's Chritmas and I am in a giving mood! Hehehe reviewed December 13, 2005
Scored! by mikkdc Romance
Wasn't to bad. Made me laugha couple times. Worth 3 stars as a 1st movie. reviewed December 13, 2005
Triple Switch by cipheruzmad Romance
2 stars moved it to a 3 because the scene use was very well done. As for the story, I felt it was not to bad, but the ending was a big let down. If there was a joke in there at the end, I missed it I guess. reviewed December 13, 2005
The Reanimator by rolandhulme Horror
Wish my first movie had been as well done. My final rate is a 3.5 and gave ya the extra .5 due to it being a first attempt. I look forward in seeing where you go from here. This was one of the few 10+... reviewed December 13, 2005
Modern Truths by unwound_tightly Horror
For a first movie, this was pretty well done. The main thing I didn't like about it was that it felt like half a movie. There was no resolution. Perhaps the plan is a sequel? reviewed December 13, 2005
Blood Money 2 Caught in a Net by warpedrevolution Action
Some of the subtitles went by to fast. The flow from scene to scene worked well. Sure, there are a lot of movies like this one, but most are 2 or 3 stars at best. This movie easily rises above those. reviewed December 13, 2005
God Has a Belly Button Cell Phones by Jahoclave Comedy
Middle of the road. Had a few chuckles. Could have had a lot more cell phone rant humor! VO was very low (but voumne knob works wonders) reviewed December 13, 2005
The Day of Endless Night II by bobcat1986 Horror
Yet another zombie movie. I gotta agree with lostwolf here. Seems like people should be a little more shocked by zombies. UNLESS they were playing The Movies earlier. Then they might possibly be immun... reviewed December 13, 2005
2 Detectives en NY by grieret Action
I liked this. The spanish captions kinda added a bit of flare to it in my opinion. Sure I wish I knew exactly what they were saying, but i had a pretty good idea. Besides, sometimes the things I think... reviewed December 13, 2005
License to Revenge Chapter 1 by nhloilers2k Action
Very very long. Viewed it at work and missed about 5 mins of it. There was some nice editting in there. reviewed December 13, 2005
KiRonalds! by UrinatingTree Comedy
Liked the voice. Didn't really think the rest was that funny. Maybe I am just getting old. *shrugs* reviewed December 13, 2005
Nosferatu eine Symphonie des Graunes by tbirdt94 Horror
4 stars. Wasn't to hard to follow. As mentioned previously it could have stood to have a bit more editing to smooth it out and remove the dull slow spots. reviewed December 13, 2005
What if Jenny Gump Were Alive Today by ozman69 Comedy
I kinda liked the voice of Forest. The inflections were pretty good. All the other demon voices kinda messed it up though. reviewed December 13, 2005
Private SNAFUs Last Cruise by DrMovie Comedy
Very nice and a ton of work. Was surprised at the smoothness. reviewed December 13, 2005
In It Together by Cimmerz Action
VO quality hurt it a lot. The edits looked good and the twist at the end worked great. reviewed December 12, 2005
Welcome to America Documentary by upsidedown2 Comedy
I actually liked this movie... for about 5 minutes... then I couldn't wait for it to finally end. To be fair, movies of this type usually aren't entertaining to ME. reviewed December 12, 2005
The Steel Maiden by Jiyuujin Sci-Fi
Not a bad flick. Just ran a little longer then needed. VOs might help, but cutting 2 mins out might help more. reviewed December 12, 2005
Dead of Night by Scottus Horror
NIce job. One of the best movies I have seen on here. Deserves to be rated in top 25 easy. reviewed December 12, 2005
John Corder - True Crime New York by Bonn_Coorp Action
Nice job. Could tell a lot of work was done to make this movie. reviewed December 12, 2005
Copkiller by sarek13 Action
Average rating mainly because I couldn't quite follow it all due to the german captions. reviewed December 12, 2005
My Trip Through The Movies - LV by richke Comedy
Think I saw it and rated it before (different version) reviewed December 12, 2005
Confessions of the Chicken by SalParadise Comedy
Good stuff. The cut scenes were great. The VO and emotion was nice as well. I did think it ran maybe 30 seconds longer then it needed to. Seemed to drag a little near the end. reviewed December 10, 2005
An Open Letter To Lionhead by justin_in_bangor Comedy
First off, I did agree with most of this movie. 2 stars because I don't think it is comedy. It really didn't make me laugh. Comedy is supposed to make you laugh. Pretty ironic it broke the top 25 th... reviewed December 10, 2005
League of Presidents Billy and the Invaders by Fedaredan Action
Pretty funny stuff. I don't like Clinton much so I deducted a star for that right off the top (Movie making is not always fair!) reviewed December 9, 2005
Real Romance by Rennstar Romance
Would have ran it at 4 stars, but the captions were often to fast. Also a couple times the movie skewed a bit from the theme. Like the "70s night at the club" line. As you were building up the tension... reviewed December 9, 2005
Cute Blonde German Girls in Uniform 2 by suedenim Comedy
This movie seemed like just a reason to make two blonde girls make out. That's good enough for 4 stars in my book right there! Seriously though, I thought it was a great edit job and took a fair ... reviewed December 9, 2005
Grocery Shopping by MoviesManiac Comedy
First the good: The music built up at about the right speed, so good timing on that. The Bad: As stated before the captions. That font is terrible and it made it worse that the captions weren't held ... reviewed December 9, 2005
Zaitsev by Emotep Action
I liked it. Didn't get the 4th star because I felt it was to quick and didn't tell enough of the story. reviewed December 9, 2005
Dr Ellington and his Peeps by mitchell_lee Comedy
3 star movie, but I kicked in an extra star because it actually inspired a movie idea out of me!! reviewed December 9, 2005
Trials of the Empire by Majicman182 Action
2 stars. 1 deducted for the VOs (sorry). The echo took a lot away from the film. Another star deducted due to the story being a bit weak and hard to follow along with it ain't over yet scene. I bele... reviewed December 9, 2005
Feast The Second Course by DBrent1411 Horror
Another zombie movie. Another it ain't over scene. To often it seemed the the script was skewed in order to be able to use a certain few times. Seemed strange that she got home and the note says the... reviewed December 9, 2005
The Last War by Kesti Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Cha-Ching. Great movie and perspective. One of the top 5 I have seen. Kudos!
reviewed December 9, 2005
Endless Story II - The Last Mission by DaveMatter Action
Couldn't understand the subtitles, but the movie flowed pretty well and I especially liked the music track. Nice work. Perhaps an english subtitled release may be in order in the future? reviewed December 9, 2005
A mans place by RapidDry Action
3 stars. With all the westerns out there that are similar, there was nothing in this one that really jumped out and grabbed you. Not saying it was terrible, just not saying it was the best either. reviewed December 9, 2005
Fight For Stalingard-Part 1 by Grishna Action
3.5 stars. Pushed it to 4 due to it being an early movie from this studio and looking so good. Nice editing and it even had a story! All in all a good movie. reviewed December 9, 2005
Description of a Fool by syme Romance
Featured Review
I liked that a lot. If I were pressed to give one suggestion, it would be to try and time your text to flow at more of an even pace. Not easy to do, but if you could pull it off, you might have a top ...
reviewed December 9, 2005
Lonesome Ranger by LuciusVorenus Action
Fair to above average. The main deterrent in my opinion was the voice of the main actor. Seems like it had the pitch altered and made it sound a bit to demonic. Would have been a great voice for an evil guy. reviewed December 9, 2005
Good Idea-Bad Idea Deneument by Deikon Comedy
4 stars. Mainly because you used the voice talents of an older Steve Erkel. Good comedy! reviewed December 9, 2005
Bad Day by castlenaze Comedy
Nice work. Music fit perfectly. The laugh track was a good idea too. reviewed December 9, 2005
Memoir Of My Dying Soul by upsidedown2 Action
Very well written. 4 starts all the way! reviewed December 8, 2005
No means No by JackRabbit Horror
3 stars. reviewed December 7, 2005
X-peri Ment by robbieh Sci-Fi
Great job. One of the best Sci-Fi I have seen on here. reviewed December 7, 2005
12 (Episode 2) by gemtaur Action
3 star movie with a 1 star boost due to use of creative edits and effects. reviewed December 7, 2005
60 sec contest - A man before his time by animeabe Comedy
Hehehe. Nice shortie flick. reviewed December 7, 2005
The Beast Within by riksmiff Action
Nice movie. A bit longish though. 4 stars regardless. Definately worth the time to watch it. reviewed December 7, 2005
The 10th Planet by eddyryan Sci-Fi
4.5 Stars! Nice movie. Debated for a bit on the 4 or 5 star rating. As close to a 5 (in my book) as you can get without actually getting it. Starts chanting: Sequel. Sequel. SEQUEL!! reviewed December 7, 2005
Forbidden Passion by Beery1 Romance
Nice flow. Good job with the limited tools you had to work with. reviewed December 7, 2005
Dark Woods The Series by playful_cpl2029 Horror
Nice backdrops. Story was very lacking. Felt to much like, "I am gonna have them axe murdered, let's spend 30 seconds on why they are here". Then falling back to horny teens. Also hurt by the fact tha... reviewed December 7, 2005
Feast by DBrent1411 Horror
Hmmmm.. A good example of why NOT to set chest size to full in Starmaker. The huge breasted girls (while they looked good) kinda detracted from the movie. Also at the beginning you have a major typo w... reviewed December 7, 2005
Grigori by Rennstar Action
Nice work! Always good to have an actual story involved. To many movies don't have that. reviewed December 7, 2005
Das Trio-Der Bankraub by philnate Comedy
This was kinda entertaining. Almost drew a 4th star out of me, but it ended with a wimper and lost the 4th star. I look forward to the next movie from this studio. reviewed December 7, 2005
True Love Never Dies by Aphroditestudio Romance
I liked the voice and the story wasn't to bad. Excellent first effort. 1 extra star because it is nice to see women in here making movies. Now if I can just borrow your voice for the females in my fil... reviewed December 7, 2005
Runaway Incident by PenwithPictures Action
Average movie. Good flow and editing. Lack of depth in story. reviewed December 7, 2005
Pwned by phredcetera Comedy
Laugh out loud funny for any MMORPGer. The Game over screen pused it over the top. Good stuff and great twist at the end. Hate to plug my own movie in a review, but I will because it deals with the ... reviewed December 6, 2005
Lecturers at war againbb by ajw2255 Comedy
Featured Review
Beavis & Butthead do WW2. Didn't really like it myself, but aside from a weak story the editing and wardrobe were pretty good. Fire the scriptwriter, keep the director!
reviewed December 6, 2005
The Last Dragon by capemedia Action
Very good action flick. 1 thing I really didn't like (amybe I am nitpicky) were the character names. Way to American sounding. You need Ching, Chang, Ching Chang, Chang Ching, and every martial arts m... reviewed December 6, 2005
I Did It My Way by Bobaninho Action
Had to watch it twice to really follow it. I think the reverse shoot hurts the movie a lot because as mentioned before there wasn't a big secret revealed at the end. Gotta hand it to you for keeping i... reviewed December 6, 2005
Adam-12 The Movie by RuleTech Action
I grew up on Adam 12 too. Good flashback to those days. Most of the issues I had were covered by others already, so I won't restate them. Nice work! 4 stars is nothing to be ashamed of. reviewed December 6, 2005
Invasion Earth 2006 - Fan Remake by cult_inc Action
3 stars. Not sure why. I guess because I can tell the director did have a bit of skill. The story was just flat out lacking. I also have a pet peeve against robots that wield bowie knifes. Though to b... reviewed December 6, 2005
Sandwich Bar - PP by RockOutStudios Comedy
3 stars mainly for the horse song. I kinda feel bad because I see so many 4 & 5 star ratings. My studio does mainly comedy thus far and from what I see is people either get it or they don't get it. Ju... reviewed December 6, 2005
They Grow Not Old by Beery1 Action
Very nice movie. The music worked perfect. One of the rare silents I have issued a 5 star rating on. It did get to dark in a couple places and a couple captions seemed to just flash by. Still not enou... reviewed December 6, 2005
Phycho is back by Crazy_Movies Action
I liked this one a lot. Music worked well. Held back the one star because in a way, this seemed like the exact movie that LH wanted us to make as a horror movie. Wish I could do 4.5 stars. reviewed December 6, 2005
LoneSam 4 - Opened all Friday by Patarival Action
Another in the "just a bit to long" genre. The movie itself was done well. Could have used VOs I suppose. reviewed December 6, 2005
Right or left by super_soulb Romance
To long. A lot of work put into it. Not great. Not terrible. 3 stars. reviewed December 6, 2005
Lifeless by PUNKDUCK79 Horror
Not bad. I have ou at 3 stars, but gonna award a 4th due to it being your first movie. This was one of the better first movies I have viewed thus far. reviewed December 6, 2005
Cyberphunk closes the curtains by sparrowtm Sci-Fi
Liked it a lot. Very impressed with the clean voice work (wish I could clean mine up). reviewed December 6, 2005
Music Video - I wanna save you by kinesis916 Action
Seemed like a bunch of random scenes linked together. Didn't see many people being saved either. Hehehe. 2 stars because I liked the music. Unfortunately I expect the copyright police will be swooping... reviewed December 6, 2005
What Went Wrong by markrichardbehenna Romance
Dunno what to say. Very well done. Sorry you had to relive the pain of your loss. reviewed December 6, 2005
I Will Kill You Tuesday by SalParadise Comedy
Great VO work. The story was just a little lacking in my view and a few of the dialog series kinda dragged on and didn't add much to the movie. Don't feel bad about the 5th star, it's rare that I hand... reviewed December 6, 2005
Circus by Abrey Comedy
Hmmm.. I guess I just didn't get it. Liked the music though! reviewed December 6, 2005
The Greatest Rant of All Time by jordanliles Comedy
3 stars because it sucked and was great at the same time. Great voicework though. As mentioned before you have a great voice for recording. reviewed December 5, 2005
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
A must see. 5 stars. This movie has it all!! reviewed November 22, 2005
A Night of Revenge Vol1 by DS87132 Sci-Fi
Gonna give it a 3 for average. Plot was kinda jumpy and a few things didn't make sense. Wasn't sure if you were shooting for comedy moments at some points. Leaving the spaceship to get in the car and ... reviewed November 21, 2005
Call My Timmity by SCHAJK Action
Pretty hard to follow. I THINK maybe you made your hero and villian look to close to the same. If not, then it doesn't make any sense. 2 stars for the work involved and because I suspect this is one... reviewed November 18, 2005
The Flicks Online by Jiyuujin Action
4 stars for homage to online games! For more homage see my recent release: Gangwars - The Duel (Movie #8367) reviewed November 18, 2005
The Possession by globalcinema Horror
Featured Review
Not bad for a first movie. Some suggestions: The car is cool, but when it starts rainign and they drive the whole way to the house with the top down, it kinda messes it up. Either rewrite that sect...
reviewed November 18, 2005
Father Gabriel: The Dead Walk by TheBeowulf Action
5 stars AND the coveted link added to my studio. Nice work! Tired of zombie movies, but your movie gives me some hope for future zombie flicks. reviewed November 18, 2005
Uncontrolled by Tuppe Action
Filming and cutting of scenes was good. Story was lacking. Good thing you mentioned in the description what was going on. reviewed November 18, 2005
The Dead Place by Drexx Horror
Initially I was worried. Had my fill of zombie movies. This one was well done. As Phil notes, VO would probably rocket this one into a 5 star rating. reviewed November 18, 2005
Galactic Wars by captainova Sci-Fi
Good film. Not quite the coveted 5 star rating out of me, but I have only given out 3 of those so far. reviewed November 18, 2005
Jesus is My Captain by Coridan Comedy
Some will find it offensive. Others will get a good amount of laughs. 4 stars! reviewed November 18, 2005
The mating rituals of the chicken by BILBOBAGINS Comedy
Featured Review
Explosions, chickens, bunnies, AND sex!! Finally a film that combines them all and still has some story to it!
reviewed November 18, 2005
Saddle Sore by sigourneybeaver Romance
Short and sweet. It coaxed a couple laughs out of me. reviewed November 18, 2005
Gorilla in the Mist by LuciusVorenus Comedy
Nice comedy. Was scared a moment when I though they were gonna break out and do Kung Fu. The chase was funny and refreshing. reviewed November 18, 2005
Family First Impressions by ecobot3001 Comedy
Humerous and unique movie. Many scenes could have used a slight trim to keep it flowing and shorten the length. reviewed November 18, 2005
Saving the Blue Moon by ecobot3001 Sci-Fi
Ninja's using guns just seems wrong. Great costume setup. Could tell it was a Cyborg in the ninja suit. The story was lacking. Not a bad film. But not a great one either. We rate it as a 'tweener. reviewed November 18, 2005
Gang Wars by luckycharms2841 Comedy
Was a bit worried at first, but turned out to be a great movie. To get my 5th star, I would suggest shortening it a bit because it just runs to long. I think you won the battle of the Gangwars though! Hehehe reviewed November 18, 2005
Conform by TomServo3k Comedy
I liked it, but didn't quite hit 5 stars for me. I kinda feel bad being the lone 4 star awarder out of all these 5s. reviewed November 18, 2005
Lost Love by pierrepiper Romance
4.5 Stars. Great movie. Very sad. Music is set perfectly. -.5 due to my pet peeve against cpations matching voice work exactly reviewed November 18, 2005
Eine dunkle Nacht 2 by Keoma Horror
Good flow. Story a little lacking and a few un-vampirey type occurences. reviewed November 18, 2005
The Hunted Special Edition by FilmForge_Studios Action
5 stars and a link setup on my studio!! Great work. Nice edit. Nice story. (Sorry if I double reviewed, comp has been hanging up on the movies site the last 45 mins) reviewed November 18, 2005
A Relationship is Like a Pie by hero164 Comedy
Mmmmmm. Pie. Nice smooth transitions. Solid voice work. reviewed November 18, 2005
The Little Red Chicken by Dorohn Comedy
Very well done!! -.5 star = I don't like caption the exact same thing a VO says -.5 star = The voices all sounded to much the same (I know it's hard to find others to voice act for you, just see MY ... reviewed November 18, 2005
Noob Wars public service announcment by markrichardbehenna Comedy
Cute! 3 stars max for 'trailers'. Makes me want to see the next installment of Noob Wars!! reviewed November 18, 2005
Dreams of the Drunk and HeartBroken by ProdigyStudios Comedy
Featured Review
Bust out laughing on at least 3 occassions. Well worth the time to view this one. No VO as mentioned, but VO might have actually lessened the pleasure of viewing this.
reviewed November 18, 2005
More than you know by RapidDry Action
Nice movie. Nice perspective. It was different. It was already at 1 star before I started to watch it (due to not being a zombie movie). *grins* If you get a chance, come check out my movie. I like t... reviewed November 17, 2005
Silent Evil by Bmasters87 Horror
Not to shabby. Gonna give it 4 stars just because it actually had plot development. Right now, pretty much all zombie movies start off with -1 on stars for me. There are just WAY to many of them. reviewed November 17, 2005
The Bounty Hunter Future Tales(Remake) by ATLAS_550 Sci-Fi
4.5 stars!! Nice Sci-fi movie. Flows well. Deducted the 1 (.5) star due to captions directly quoting the voice overs. Kill the captions and I give it a 5. reviewed November 17, 2005
All Americans Should Be Medicated! by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Nice job. Giving 3 stars (which is generally my maximum for commercials and short flicks). reviewed November 17, 2005
The Resistance by terrible-lie Horror
Flows well. Good transitions. Story is a bit lacking. Rating is hurt a lot due to all the other "Kill zombies" movies out there. reviewed November 17, 2005
Best part of the movie was the hairdos. The leads hair just cracked me up. Aside from that, there were many things to work on. Capitols in your captioning, and a few corrected spelling errors would ... reviewed November 16, 2005
Quick Draw Mcgraw by Flashman1972 Action
Very VERY Impressive!! Best I have seen yet!! reviewed November 16, 2005
Star Story II Battleground by Jiyuujin Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Nice work on the movie and cuts. As mentioned the captioning was often to fast and to small (Taught me not to run those small captions anymore myself)
reviewed November 16, 2005
The Tortoise and the Hare by msaeluk Comedy
Entertaining!! reviewed November 16, 2005
Bill Cluck - Car Salesman by Jazzdog Comedy
Featured Review
Just plain funny. Great voice work!!
reviewed November 16, 2005
Scout by schneekatze Sci-Fi
Good stuff. Few good laughs there. Like mentioned before, I would add a few more actors to flesh it out. reviewed November 16, 2005
No Justice - Episode 1 Loomings by Bolgard Action
Best character development I have seen yet. Nice work. Held back the one star mainly because it ran probably 3-5 minutes longer then it really needed to. reviewed November 16, 2005
Killing in the Name by Alpha-Omega Horror
I liked this movie and the creative editing done in it. Good work. Only suggestions would be to tighten up the ending and check a couple of the edits because sometimes people seem to just pop into view. reviewed November 16, 2005
Deadly Game no sound by DRGXPW Horror
3 stars mainly for length (because I know one this long takes a LONG time to act. Main knocks were that it was hard to follow what was going most of the time. reviewed November 16, 2005
Father II by zano44 Action
Not a bad movie at all. Next step to get that 5th star would be voice acting. Also a suggestion when captioning, use the different fonts. Maybe choose one to use as the 'narrator voice' through the whole movie. reviewed November 16, 2005
Terror at the Cemetary Gates by RSJ62483 Horror
Liked this one a LOT!! Great work! reviewed November 16, 2005
The ORillian Conflict by dh216832 Sci-Fi
Story was lacking a bit, but it was very refreshing to see some Sci-Fi and the use of some other sets. Very good job for your first movie!! reviewed November 16, 2005
The Destiny Part 1 by varder_kiften Sci-Fi
Not a bad first release. Can tell you were playing around with using scenes,props, backdrops, and stuff. I expect your next movie will earn the extra star or two. Hope to see the next one soon! reviewed November 16, 2005
Red Sand by infernalcreations Action
Good story, nicely done. Kind of long though. reviewed November 16, 2005
Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn by itani Horror
Nice update. Here is that star I held back from the previous release!! reviewed November 16, 2005
The Evil Dead by itani Horror
Great flick!! Transitions were real nice. Only held back the extra star due to length. reviewed November 16, 2005
Big Jake by Graham-Moviebuff Action
Featured Review
Interesting film with great use of some scenes not as often seen. One major error (in my opinion) was the phone. Just didn't seem right to have a phone in that genre
reviewed November 16, 2005
Demons Gamble by AlexStar6 Horror
Best Horror I have seen yet. Great job!! reviewed November 16, 2005
Cannibalism The Movie! by captainova Comedy
Featured Review
Great flow from scene to scene. The captions worked nice and had great timing. The typoes have already been mentioned. All in all I nicely done movie.
reviewed November 16, 2005
Slow mo Bullet time test ! by super_soulb Action
2 stars due to all the work and an nice attempt at advancing The Movies reviewed November 15, 2005
Bullet Trigger by ForteanJo Action
I know a fair amount of work was put into this movie (Lots of scenes and long), but the lack of captions or voice made it extremely hard to follow. Giving 2 stars because I know it was a lot of work. ... reviewed November 15, 2005
No Butts About it by gmceneaney Comedy
Not to shabby. Voice recording was pretty hard to hear. reviewed November 15, 2005
The Trail by fullmedaljacket8 Action
Pretty basic as far as the scenes and editing go. Most likely an early film release by this studio. The dialog was great though. I burst out laughing a couple times. All in all, well worth the viewing... reviewed November 15, 2005
Ally Fight by Arkelis Action
Great movie!! There were a couple minor errors (typoes). But the action outweighed it!! Great job. 1 suggestion I would make is that when you have sound for a noise, don't caption it too. reviewed November 13, 2005