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Movies Released by dumbmoronicproductions
TeH ARTISTS - advertisment Comedy
This is an Advertisment film for teh artists. its a great lil forum site were we help the TMO comunity to see the link, you will need to watch the video of course ;) also this film has a great specia... posted July 26, 2007
Dust in the Wind Alive and well pt 3 Horror
This is the last part of the "Alive and well" episodes in here the young vampire learns what it is to be a vampire watch part 1 and 2 before watching this posted January 23, 2007
Dust in the Wind intro Horror
This is a SPECIAL EFFECTS REEL from DMP its not a movie or a trialer, so please dont rate it like one its just to show people my special effects !!!!Go to my studio paage to watch episode 1 and 2 ... posted January 20, 2007
Dust in the wind Alive and well pt 2 Horror
This is the second part to Dust in the wind plz wtach the first to understand Inspired by "buffy the vampire slayer" Dust in the Wind is a story about a Vampire who has no memories of being bitten th... posted January 16, 2007
Dust in the Wind Alive and well Action
Inspired by "buffy the vampire slayer" Dust in the Wind is a story about a Vampire who has no memories of being bitten this is the first episode that serves as a "teaser" enjoy and plz post smart and... posted January 12, 2007
SEE Comedy
with Voice overs! a spoof of saw....see..saw get it ? lol well its not much but its funny lol the voice overs are not the best,its also my 1st voice over movie i do, but its a good laugh posted March 25, 2006
SEE Comedy
a spoof of saw....see..saw get it ? lol well its not much but its funny lol the subtitles are not the best, but its a good laugh posted March 24, 2006
DmP Behind the camera Comedy
a documentary style movie based on film making, it has comedie and many exagerated ideas lol posted February 19, 2006
He Shes Gone Wild Comedy
This is for the Survivor thing....yeah....the follow up to zombies gone wild.....yeah.....heres a lil spoiler...look at the names and read it backwards...it tells the punch line or w/e haha.... posted February 18, 2006
The wild adventures of Mario and friends 2 Comedy
a sequel for Mario and Friends Yeah well this is disturbing movie....not for the faint of heart.. its about Mario, Didy kong , Yoshi and Donkey Kong..thats all i can say..watch for your self lol 18 + posted February 17, 2006
The Wild adventures of mario and friends Comedy
Yeah well this is disturbing movie....not for the faint of heart.. its about Mario, Luigi and Kong..thats all i can say..watch for your self lol posted February 16, 2006
Living life on the fast lane Horror
a zombie movie , nuthing that much special about it exsept the time back and forth thing. a short n sweet movie iv made, my 1st zombie movie, there is room for a sequel but the ratings i get for this... posted February 15, 2006
Evils Grasp 2 Horror
the sequel too evils grasp, you will need to see the first one to understand this one, it is very comfusing so pay attention, i am sorry for my spelling errors. rated: R for strong language and violence posted February 12, 2006
Evils Grasp Horror
a horror movie with alot of twists, to get deeper in the story watch this movie two times, you will see how every single times the characters talked to each other affects the ending posted January 21, 2006
The List Horror
The Lsit: a holiday horror,,,santa goes on a killing spree after he gets fed up with the way kids are.... there are some gramar mistakes sry bout that posted January 18, 2006
The List Horror
This is a simple demo for this movie were santa goes on a killing spree the full version is now underconstruction posted January 16, 2006
DMP a true story Comedy
This is a movie about the story of the dmp studio its like a documentery of dmp it has clips that are re-make into the game if you want more info on dmp plz say so in you review posted January 10, 2006
Faded part 5 Action
The 5th and last episode of Faded plz do not rate unless u have seen the previous movies posted January 9, 2006
Faded part 4 Action
The 4th faded film, watch the first ones to understand the story plz do not rate unless you have seen the previous faded posted January 8, 2006
Faded Part 3 Action
Part 3 of the faded series if you want to understand this movie you must see the part 1 and 2 posted December 10, 2005
Faded part 2 Action
The 2nd part to faded you have to see the 1st or you will be comfused enjoy posted December 8, 2005
Faded part 1 Action
The first part of the action flick Faded sorry for the spelling.. posted December 8, 2005
Slappy Horror
this is an other slappy movie, it has the same story. How did this movie make it in the top 25? lol let me know if any 1 has trouble understanding the story o and the sounds is all screwed up sry a... posted December 6, 2005
Based on True Events Comedy
DMP strikes again with an other dumb movie that sould make u laught ur ass off posted December 4, 2005
Slappy:" DEAD they thought i was.....they were WRONG!" My 1st true horror movie posted December 3, 2005
DmP style entertainment, This means: pointless stuff happends for pointless reasons.... let me know what u think posted December 3, 2005
X-ON Action
This is my first movie i put on the net , i know its not the best ; hell it might even be bad ,i was just checking how to export lol, well gimme a review i love reading that stuff:p lol posted December 2, 2005
Movies Reviewed by dumbmoronicproductions
INFECTION by ultraviolet32x Horror
pretty good zombie flick the story was very basic and not very original and the sound of the chopper gets very anooying reviewed November 5, 2007
Medallion Of Heros by Staree_Movies Action
Featured Review
a Wonderfull film, its has a great story and great action scenes im proud to say this is my favorite war movie on TmO yet! 5***** DmP
reviewed July 25, 2007
The Courage Within III by MefuneAkira Sci-Fi
the greatest series i have see on tmo since ever! this series is a must see for all! the vo's were great, action was great andthe story was brilliant! i loved the ending! DmP reviewed February 28, 2007
Gnomes on a Plane by Master007 Horror
you had some good angles, like were the airplanes takes off, that worked realy well, this film was great untill about halfway (were that sam jackson spoof started) that was just anoying and not much f... reviewed February 25, 2007
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
this is a great masterpiece, i love the way you transformed the original into a true horror film! great job and i will be looking forward for more of your films! DMP reviewed February 24, 2007
Midgets in Deep [be polite!] by towelie Comedy
well as much as it was funny ina strange way, i was expecting better visuals, and i beleive that they like to be called " small people" not midjets lol any way you get a 3* for well the amount of wor... reviewed February 24, 2007
Empire (Part One) by andy_inc Action
Brilliant! The story was well though of, the character's lines were good the only negatif remakes i would have to say is some of the Vo's sounds strange i can not wait for the sequel, and i will be mo... reviewed February 24, 2007
The Call (Trailer) by Active_Studios Action
a decent trailer, but not enough info is given out all we know is its about a cop the music was nice but there was much to many "reading" parts, maybe combine them in the future? DmP reviewed February 24, 2007
What Lurks in the Shadows - Directors Cut by MelonTheCreeker Horror
very good film! very suspencefull, and i like the way you made the narator talk good job, looking forward to see more of this DMP reviewed February 23, 2007
The EVEN Greater Movie Evar! by sexypanda1 Comedy
short, very short, kinda funny bad VO's tho, it was hard to hear what was said but it was enjoyable....for about 33 secs.. lol DmP reviewed February 20, 2007
Temporary Night Teaser by nukester Romance
4* for a good teaser i wish more of the story could have been explored, (or any story) reviewed February 18, 2007
A NEW WORLD About the zombies (ep 5) by samyhouse Horror
awsomeness! does it get anybetter than this? the story was great Voice overs were great hmm only improvment i can think of is make it longer :D i want more haha again, good job, and KEEP IT comming! reviewed February 15, 2007
The Path We Choose Teaser by rysto Horror
a decent teaser, more of the story could have been talked about, all we know is that there is a war going on between well good and evil? good vo's good editing, looking forward for the feature film. 3/5 reviewed February 14, 2007
The Night Hunter by qtigger Horror
No dout about it 5* the Vo were good, the story was interesting! overall it was great! i cant believe no one els reviewed this film! this is ONE of the most underrated films out that I have seen! good... reviewed February 13, 2007
Liva-Tropolis Adventures pt 2 by Colin509 Action
wow better than the first, but why did everyone die :( lol talkabout a twist! anyway VO would have been nice, you could have asked people from the comunity, their nice like that next time try to creat... reviewed February 13, 2007
Liva-Tropolis Adventures by Colin509 Action
good film even tho the Vo were not the best, ( i know its not ur fault) this movie was entertaining! its simple but keeps me watching and im gonna go wach part 2 now! reviewed February 13, 2007
The 2nd DJDanny Show by DJDanny Comedy
it was a good concept that lasted MUCH to long the idea was ok the vo's were ok the writting was bad lol and it WAS WAY TO LONG, for your next instalment, plz make it shorter? DmP reviewed February 10, 2007
Shes Just Killing Me by reafreak29 Horror
a good vampire film the Vo's were well done the story was good and basic but arent vampires ammune to silver tho? haha and when she got steaked i was expecting a cooler death scene, reviewed February 10, 2007
Attack of the Garden Gnomes by Master007 Comedy
sound: 4/5 - could have used some better sound at times music 5/5 good choices story 4/5 good start, but the end was not all great effects 3/5 the ffects them self were not all good, you could have m... reviewed February 9, 2007
Mommie Dearest by jrsybarry Horror
for a first movie it was well done, they Vo's were well done but were they the voices from the actual movie?( if they were do not do that again its against the rules for this site :) ) story wise usi... reviewed February 7, 2007
Alone With a Mystery by theseason5dream Horror
as a first movie this is great! here's are ways to fix it: the mumbling ahhhhhhh plz put it off! lol the vo's are not always clear the story is random ( avoid that ) so over all its a 2* film but as u... reviewed February 4, 2007
Unexplainable Trailer by tsunamidog Horror
weird but not that weird, i was expecting weirder lol but i cant wait o see your full film! reviewed February 4, 2007
Sickness Unto Death (Part 2) by otnemem20 Sci-Fi
this is for part 1 and 2 it is very comfusing, but hell its abstract and it does look freaking awsome! the vo's could have been slightly better, the visuals and angles were great, some overlays could... reviewed February 4, 2007
The Newsroom by nackman34 Comedy
great original angles, funny story good vo's great editing keep it up reviewed February 3, 2007
TCM trailer by Mattooman Horror
decent trailer good things: sound was good... bad things : text was cheesy, not original, VO are needed, and of course the whole copyright issue reviewed February 2, 2007
MAFIA Final Trailer by Eagle_93 Action
eh average trailer reviewed February 2, 2007
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
dont get me wrong, it is a good movie, but i guess i was disapointed with all the hype i was expecting more the script was well written there vo's were ok,not the best tho it could have been shorter ... reviewed January 31, 2007
Santa Clones by bongoman Comedy
hey, i would like to order my santa, can i have mine with custom colors? haha very original idea! keep it up reviewed January 30, 2007
Super Man Tralier by avalon306 Action
i nearly never give 1 * to any one, but this film is a major lack of effort and its a copyrighted idea reviewed January 29, 2007
For My Fellow Soldier (Teaser 2) by rileyman Romance
this was a decent trailer, but it didnt give me any big reasons to look forward to the full film i gave you a 4 * instead of a 3 because your good descriptive review you gave me :) thx alot and good day reviewed January 28, 2007
Unlucky Jucic (Part 1) by Kowaru Comedy
very nice reviewed January 28, 2007
Pirates - Episode II by richegroover Action
great film ,much better than part 1 keep it up reviewed January 27, 2007
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Das Battle by OlliEntertainment Comedy
very interesting and fun idea good job reviewed January 27, 2007
Chickens by cheese101 Action
the script was (in MY opinion) bad, alot of stuff repeated and just didnt make much sence not than im saying chicken vs gorila's make any sence the VO's was strange the bill thing at the end was well... reviewed January 27, 2007
Listen! by Tal0n Romance
the bmw was an interesting idea decent idea i wish it would have english VO's the sub titles were ok i guess nice bullet shot reviewed January 27, 2007
The War Lives On by DJDanny Action
first of all, lets talk story wise it was a decent story , but it realy didnt make me wanna stay and watch the Vo's were ok at some points, but at other times it was very hard to hear the sound has so... reviewed January 27, 2007
Between Life and Death---Devils Kin by colingaiser Horror
good film/ good effects decent VO's/ good editing reviewed January 27, 2007
Psycho Love by 1mzooty Horror
decent film only thing to make it better would be VO's and maybe more original death's reviewed January 27, 2007
Forever Immortal Episode 3 by andy_inc Action
decent plot strange voice overs, different volume and stuff im not to impressed about a team of hearos that cant die, gives the end away to fast good idea for the bad guy tho 3*/5* reviewed January 27, 2007
Operation Santa Snatch - Special Edition by skarsten Action
very well done only thing i didnt like was how long it was reviewed January 26, 2007
Feed Me I Hunger! Revised by JustinMoore Horror
this is a very strange movie (story wise) i was comfused at many points , but i think i got it near the end the VO's were decent but not great the story was a pretty good idea but at the end i just fe... reviewed January 26, 2007
Blood in the Moonlight by michael_b6 Action
Love it all exept it was too short, WICKED SHAKY CAM, reviewed January 26, 2007
Judes Law by RaYdAwG Action
well i was unimpressed by this film, sure its a good average film but i was expecting more , i heard many good things abou this film and i guess in my opinion it was overrated. there are many issues w... reviewed January 26, 2007
Gears of War Trailer by rocker959 Horror
I am going to be 100% honest with you this trailer in MY opinion is not great at all the VO's were sketchy the story is copyrighted the editing was random and gears of war, this was NOT better luck ne... reviewed January 25, 2007
Dark September by kell1608 Action
verry touching reviewed January 24, 2007
Gathering Little Mushrooms by Babar23 Horror
well done but the effects could have been a lil better, but since you only had 9 hours r sumthing to complete this it was a good film good job reviewed January 23, 2007
PEEPS! by t[oh please!]ugs Horror
I find it funny lol , enough action 2 keep me looking and pretty original idea reviewed January 23, 2007
1950s Aliens Trailer by palomino123 Sci-Fi
its decent, but nuthing special, the vo sound all the same (for the male characters) but i do look forward to the film tho reviewed January 23, 2007
Rocky Mountain Die by colingaiser Horror
good scaryish film, but needs more dialogue reviewed January 22, 2007
Slived Landing by Moviemaniac1 Horror
pretty scary, but more of the story is needed, we dont learn much from this, but great props and stuff and great music reviewed January 22, 2007
Attack of the Garden Gnomes Trailer by Master007 Horror
well done but it could have used more effects also it could give more info on the story reviewed January 22, 2007
Stud Money 007 2 by pookashells Action
good job, its funny and action packed! reviewed January 20, 2007
SANTA by Iondrive Comedy
haha that was awsum, it makes so much more sence to me now a like the alien VO's very interesting to watch! there are sum minor glitches but gladly they dont intrupt the film gj and keep it coming reviewed January 20, 2007
Commercial Pete by cheese101 Comedy
original idea lol good stuff reviewed January 20, 2007
Wizard World Trailer by jhurst Sci-Fi
good stuff, nice effects looking forward for the actualy film reviewed January 20, 2007
NIA Trailer by DorianRust Action
good trailer, a little long for an actual trialer tho, 2 mins would have been fine also the VO's are a little hard to understand sometimes, but it still works out, gj reviewed January 20, 2007
santa and Mr Hyde by tasmania11 Romance
very nice whats better than having santa go on a rampage eh? lol some parts were a little comfusing, but overall it was a fine movie reviewed January 20, 2007
a funny cop movie with lots of action the Vo's are a lil sketchy sumtimes tho reviewed January 20, 2007
Scene Of The Crime by qtigger Horror
wow a very interesting "novel" style crime film reviewed January 19, 2007
How to Catch An Online Predator by eobaggs Comedy
not bad not bad at all reviewed January 19, 2007
Zombie Bytes - Knock Knock by Grier Horror
you would have goten a 2 * if it wasent for the knock knock at the end it was much to short not much plot/ no script could have been better reviewed January 19, 2007
Psychotic Obsession by masterthehero Horror
it was very well made, but the end with the woman just walking away , that was usless, it would have been great for her to say something. but besides that , the story is not 100% original, but was sti... reviewed January 19, 2007
The Things Old Genral Saw ! by TomyMmM Comedy
everything felix123 said... reviewed January 19, 2007
The Slayer by TomyMmM Horror
eh it was ok i guess, the best moment was of course "I was born ready..." but i was expecting more to happend and some special effects would have helped alot too maybe giving a bigger explaination on ... reviewed January 19, 2007
Buddy the Vampire Slayer 2 by fireblade9740 Horror
much better than the first, btw sorry about the review i gave you for the 1st one, i wrote a paragraph why i beleived it was 2 * and only the :( got accepted..any way this one is much better, exeopt t... reviewed January 15, 2007
Buddy the Vampire Slayer 1 by fireblade9740 Horror
:( reviewed January 15, 2007
zombie by mathias8 Horror
no story/ no script/ need big time work try again reviewed January 14, 2007
Puffy the Vampire Player by boeg Horror
im sad...as a buffy fan this is horrible..even if it was made into a spoof or sumwhat a spoof..its bad..its not even funny i give you a 2* cuz id feel even worst if id give u a 1 plz...plz.....dont t... reviewed January 14, 2007
Sci-Star Pilot by sonicspiderboy Sci-Fi
a very interesting concept, it is well made, and lookforward to see more of this reviewed January 14, 2007
Hotel Babylon by gaz8t33 Horror
not too good/lack of story bad script not original not too well editing reviewed January 13, 2007
MAD DOC by 36KornBullets Horror
lack o story, decent idea but bad script, too short for this kind of film better luck next time reviewed January 13, 2007
Blade II by julianwest Horror
hmmm..yeah.....humm i do not know were to start so I will just ask you not to use copywritten titles... reviewed January 13, 2007
Natalie by rholowie Horror
first of all: the mumbleing was very much anoying 2nd: the story was fine untill she brough him to hell for smoking...lol whats with that? the ending could have been much better , or at least it could... reviewed January 12, 2007
The Hills Have Eyes trailer by adison11 Horror
let me explain my 2 * first of all , i dont mean to offend u in any way but the voice used in this trailer is very creepy, but in the wa you want that trailer to feel like second of all the words used... reviewed January 12, 2007
Terror At Dawn by mez561 Horror
not all that bad, great pottential great 1st movie, with a decent horror sence reviewed January 12, 2007
SaW - Bloody Dream by Rollercoasterproductions Horror
prob the best "inspired" saw flick on the site that I have seen, but it could have been better as a fan of saw i have inspectation for those films and this movie didnt have them reviewed January 11, 2007
September 11 : New York in danger ! by BOYELDIEU Action
what in the world? this had nothing to do with 911... i agree 100% with DayeWilliams on his thought's next time dont turn a tragety into a poor attempt. reviewed September 12, 2006
FEAR teaser trailer by donzero Horror
the font you used is probably the thing that made this film look the most like fear i understand hte limits of the game, but the least you could have done is a lil modding it just doesent feel like fear reviewed September 11, 2006
Masked Killer 2 Trailer by ShyShy Horror
well i do feel strange giving this film a 2 star.. but i do have reason's why i did this, i hope you understand first of all, the music is copyrighted music it's (undertaker's theme song) second of ... reviewed September 9, 2006
Donna Kebab - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
super original sweet VO very nice very well edited WOWZA reviewed September 7, 2006
Heartbreak by ubernewbie Romance
wow, cam was great,Vo were sweet, story was great it was aoll GREAT! sweet job reviewed September 7, 2006
Breath of Despair by garet8 Action
action action, no story, action this movie ,hm i mean trailer,? i never seen a 5 mins long trailer and most trailer's do speak of the story somehow VO or even subtitles are very needed here if the tra... reviewed September 6, 2006
Detective Dan by Silly-Monkey-Studios Comedy
nice decent film to get the full 5 star i would say go with V/O instead, but great job bottomline keep it comming reviewed September 5, 2006
man in white by giladon10 Action
I am glad you did not expect a five star the thing's that are not well with this film are story: i was comfused whille watching it, the lady got shot, and in the next clip she was standing again editi... reviewed September 4, 2006
Terrorist Strike by meeeeee Action
nice lil film sub titles are too fast more story elements would be better bottomline not good not bad reviewed September 3, 2006
Silent Assassin 3 by osprey80 Action
very random but action packed subtitles would have made this better but it was very entertainment keep it coming reviewed September 3, 2006
Bank Robery Goes Rong by stevoabc123 Action
lol it was cheesy at points, but since your a noob im takin it easy on ya;) the sub titles were good the story was...well i have seen worst bottomline try again "vote for vc" reviewed September 3, 2006
camera ka cher con by entree Romance
Ce film est assez inutile c meme pas drole bottomline quit whille your ahead reviewed September 2, 2006
Chicken World by jhurst Comedy
Featured Review
great stuff untill now i hated chicken movies , i still hate them but not your movie this one had something no ther movies had chicken's watching tv, i can relate to that hahah bottomline sweet stuff...
reviewed September 2, 2006
Toaster Wars by ledzeppelin19 Action
Rondom???? well it had its moments.... bottom line try again reviewed September 2, 2006
space wars 2 the death of Han Solo by richardthelionheart Sci-Fi
huh..?? is it the same han solo from star wars? if why...what is going on? i was comfused the whole was through you mixed a star wars character with the present and a story that makes no sence and wel... reviewed September 2, 2006
An Eye for An Eye by Amabeginzordawg Horror
a nice shocker story is very "saw" like is its not completly original, the music you use is from saw but it has a freaky atmosphere interesting to watch bottomline keep it going reviewed September 1, 2006
Pest I The Leprechauns Gold by mangomonkey28 Comedy
im supprised im the only 2 star guy here ..odd the leprechaun idea is good and its the only reason why u got a 2 star the editing is dull the story is dull, but could have been ok the costumes were WA... reviewed August 31, 2006
Masked Killer by ShyShy Horror
in my opinion, this movie is nuthing special, its a slasher film with no story and no character personalities i found my self looking at the time more than anything the editing can use alot of work an... reviewed August 31, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
...speechless, ho did you make those effects, the effects were wow..... if you have the time check out this thread : http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=187724 its for a movie i want t mak... reviewed August 29, 2006
RocketShip X231 by Thraxman Sci-Fi
many movies make me fell things, sadness, happyness... but this movie only made me feel comfused the story was dull, there was no VO or sub titles no explanation of any sort bottomline thank you try again reviewed August 28, 2006
70S GUY by samuelcaveman Comedy
the story was random, or it seemed random, there was no explanation of anykind the sub titles were well pointless bottomline thank you try again reviewed August 28, 2006
the frontline (part two) by entree Comedy
a very poor attempt, the VO were far from ok the story was ( i dont know what it was, and its not cuz its french i speak french and it still seemed to comfusing) there was an error , at one point yo... reviewed August 28, 2006
X Round One by ledzeppelin19 Action
very good for your first attempt, better than mine i should say lol the msuic could be improved along with the editing the lenght of the movie was great not to long and not to short the story was fair... reviewed August 28, 2006
Forgotten Movie Moments I by extech Comedy
nice little idea, but much too short reviewed August 28, 2006
The Most Violent Movie On TMO!!!!! by skunkfunk Comedy
pfff....lol it was funny..but i wanted to see violence. haha reviewed May 2, 2006
Farmer Jenkins! by kevinduh Comedy
skull monkey approves, 4 star 4 a random movie= 5 star reviewed April 30, 2006
Star Wars Episode III Custom Trailer by Sith Sci-Fi
the voices sounded great, the sound was choppy, the video was meh..didnt do anything special for me. so u got the 3 stars since the voices sounded like the actual movie. reviewed April 28, 2006
The Matrix Before The One Episode 2 by 05JSMEDL Action
about the same as the first part but a lil better. it made much more sence than the 1st part. but i still didnt feel a matrix enviroment reviewed April 22, 2006
The Matrix Before The One Episode 1 by 05JSMEDL Sci-Fi
every thing DarthDirector said reviewed April 22, 2006
PORNSTAR by blizzard_2 Romance
this game was simply not made to make films like this, it was enjoyable at some points. but it did not cut the cake, the end was also comfusing and to fast VO's would have helped this movie alot so in... reviewed April 20, 2006
ShadowChildren Trailer by steelblade_1 Horror
im looking forward to this. reviewed April 20, 2006
Armageddon Blues by steelblade_1 Comedy
Sweet movie, its funny at many points, and continues all the way through good job and continue the good work reviewed April 20, 2006
DEATH by ranger21 Action
great movie, good job, i hope to see more of this "DEATH" it was briliant reviewed April 20, 2006
You Cant Set A Fart On Fire by KeViNp Comedy
all i can say is get a new card. reviewed April 19, 2006
Silent Hill Part 1 by Shooting_Star_Productions Horror
story:2/10 (did not feel like silent hill) originality: 0/10 (using the name of an actual existing game and soon to be movie is not a good idea) editing 7/10( obviously the best thing about this movie... reviewed April 19, 2006
Look in his eyes!!! by mv-odw Comedy
i knew sumthing was gonna pup up....but it could have benn MUCH better reviewed April 19, 2006
The Black Hats by Plan-9 Action
interesting but sub titles were much to fast, it was to long, but good first movie reviewed April 18, 2006
Bone Deep by butchered_studios Horror
story was simply ok..Vo's were simply ok, the effects were superb. reviewed April 18, 2006
The Thingy (Teaser) by Boomwolf Sci-Fi
it seems interesting but the editing could have been sharper reviewed April 18, 2006
Counter Strike Sucked in by frogboy12345 Action
if i pretend not to notice the copyrighten music within this movie, i give it a 3/5 reviewed April 18, 2006
The Picture Of Dorian Grey by Dracin Horror
if you would have VO's it would have been a 5 star reviewed April 18, 2006
Hunting Ground by butchered_studios Horror
its an average movie, i didnt find the effects all that great, the story could have been better, Vo were good tho reviewed April 12, 2006
Token 1 by Ryanandy Comedy
grammar mistakes..lol besides that all good reviewed April 12, 2006
The Shrine by Howitzer Horror
ok..i was expecting more after reading the reivews from other people but it has no story, whats going on...i has nuthing exsept a shocking ending. reviewed April 12, 2006
well done but this has been done before by many people, a saw type of movie with a twist. the VO were great, editing was good, the "killer" was missing some motive tho. reviewed April 12, 2006
Star Wars 6 by Huskytail Sci-Fi
every thing kevinduh said i agree with him in every way.. reviewed April 12, 2006
Star Wars 5 by Huskytail Sci-Fi
part four was better since it had no plot..this one did have a plot..but made no sence at all, since u named this movie star wars i do have expectations.... and well it failed.. reviewed April 12, 2006
Star Wars 4 by Huskytail Sci-Fi
ok firsy of all, this movie was not star wars, 2nd of All no plot, 3rd of all sub titles were comfusing and went by too fast, 4th of all i dont know what was goin on at all, and 5th of all well plz tr... reviewed April 12, 2006
Bar fight with the mafia by noob-potato Comedy
i found it comfusing and way to long, again the VO werent that good. and also....so rate this movie 5 stars? why? its not worth 5 stars. reviewed April 12, 2006
paw saw by noob-potato Comedy
...i didnt find it all funny...but it wasent all that bad i guess, ur VO werent good, the movie was to long, and well it was very random...thats not a badthing tho reviewed April 11, 2006
! Saw The Big Remake ! by Hunta1 Horror
it didnt have much of the saw feeling so that brought it down to a 4 star then the bad spelling brought it to a 3, it was ok but its been done before, iv made a spoof of saw called see ur more than we... reviewed April 11, 2006
Troopers 3 - Trailer by ranger21 Sci-Fi
you did it again , good job, also plz vote for my movie called "SEE" its a spoof of saw reviewed April 7, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
nice i realy liked it, it seemed like it was missing something tho reviewed April 7, 2006
Dead Range by Captain_N Action
you want to talk about a sleeping pill? this movie was boring because it had no VO's! and also WHY DID U GIMME A 1 FOR NO REASON EH? u 1 star NINJA I REPORTED YOU AND HOPE U GET WATS COMING FOR YOU reviewed April 6, 2006
The First Labor of Hercules by judyann88 Action
nice also plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 2, 2006
Pax Romana - Teaser by TheMGMKid1 Romance
from what iv heard of this trailer..the story will take place in rome.......thats all i know..lol also plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 2, 2006
Bugs vs Daffy vs ApeWoman By Zach by ghost111 Comedy
not to bad lol nice try 2 create daffy lol also plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 2, 2006
Red White and Blue Dawn by thirdstring_overlord Action
nice, very nice, must have taekn you a whille also check out my movie called "see" its a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 2, 2006
How to make a Sci-fi Movie by OscarWinner Comedy
Nice, good tips and facts. also check out my movie called "see" its a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 2, 2006
Sniper Attack by Doe220 Action
entertaining- also check out my movie called "see" its a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 2, 2006
The Perfect Setup 1 by nds7 Horror
great film also check out my movie called "see" its a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 2, 2006
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
wow very original also plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 1, 2006
Lost in Hell by darkgarden Horror
crazy hill billies haha good show also plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 1, 2006
Sand Crawler by procco13 Sci-Fi
nice movie, it was quite entertaining also plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 1, 2006
Haunted House 2 The Trailer by Whattheaids Comedy
its ok..i dont get how it fits with the title tho but good job anyways. plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 1, 2006
The Beserk Five Hundred by darkerboy Horror
pretty good for a first attempt plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 1, 2006
Attack on the Imperium by Porphyrogenitus Sci-Fi
sweet , good movie plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 1, 2006
Apocolyptic by Silverfin Sci-Fi
nice, well done, VO would have been nice tho 4 star since there are no VO plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed April 1, 2006
Dream-Haunter by lizardthing Horror
very good, but a little too long, also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
Angels Dont Pack Heat by Vengi Action
good 4 a 3rd movie also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
GWA Pt 4 by B2k3 Action
random....wannna know wat els is random.. a green sun.. also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
Things That Are Bad II by BlackSoldier5 Comedy
so....school is bad? i wont go to school any more then,u sould add sum VO next time also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
Cops Shop by dragonfire131009 Comedy
why did the bunny have to die?lol it was an ok movie also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
Ripped III The Tearing by Itscalledcollegedotcom Horror
haha nice..> also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
Love for an Older Woman by malkyj Romance
usualy im not into romance movies, but this one was different it was interesting also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
HOMELESS - please donate! by Kabouter Comedy
wow realy nice also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
Fight Club 3 Revenge (trailer) by gangsterinc Action
nice editing also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
End of the vampires (another typical trilogy) by robman46 Action
interesting, also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
007 Die Another Day (PG-13) by GAMES3601 Action
hmm ok.yeah im gonna start with the VO, they were awfull, then you used copyrighted material several times, such as names of characters, music, titles, and more. so i have no choice but to give you a ... reviewed March 31, 2006
Ninjas VS Smurfs (lets fight) by blabloe Action
as much as i didnt like the story, it made me laught so heres a 5 star also plz rate my movie its a spoof of saw named "SEE" http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 31, 2006
Bush and Cheneys revenge by joshthegopher Comedy
it was ok, could have been much better and much worst http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 also can u rate my movie "SEE" its a spoof of saw reviewed March 31, 2006
A past of violence by butchered_studios Action
Featured Review
it was ok, Vo could have been much better, the story was just ok, and the custom stuff in my opinion were not that well made, it seemed fast made
reviewed March 31, 2006
Hello Roger by SpiffyK Romance
nice , its touching all the way through and then at the end it blows up in your face lol very good http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 also can u rate my movie "SEE" its a spoof of saw reviewed March 31, 2006
Church Of Blood by 2Scoops Horror
interesting concept, i sugjest you to make a longer film wth this idea and add more deepth in the story nd characters http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 also can u rate my movie "SEE" its a spoof of saw reviewed March 31, 2006
American Teen by joni10 Romance
i thnik i got the story, but like philmaster said subtitles and Vos are a good idea, http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 also can u rate my movie "SEE" its a spoof of saw reviewed March 31, 2006
Teaser Good Bad Beautiful by stiek13 Action
nice, this actual looks like a trailer good job, cant wait 4 the movie http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 also check out my movie called "see" its a spoof of saw reviewed March 31, 2006
Maven Book of the Occulist (Trailer) by waroop Action
it was ok, not much story but original plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 30, 2006
Why Crappy Movies Get In The Charts by Hatchet90 Comedy
bad vo's but i gave u a five * cuz i agree with u 100% plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 30, 2006
HaloWe Dont Have Another Title for You by muggen Comedy
haha pretty funny, nice red vs blue thing going on lol plz rate my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 30, 2006
X Equals Revenge by the_georgeZILLA Action
all i can say is good work , plz check out my movie "SEE" a spoof of saw http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 thx reviewed March 30, 2006
Things That Are Bad by BlackSoldier5 Comedy
stabing ur wife is ok?...huh.....i guess thats how it is in the US... reviewed March 28, 2006
Time to Kill by Dylen Sci-Fi
sweet, thats all i can say...haha reviewed March 28, 2006
Flying Man by BamRyan Comedy
iv seen worst reviewed March 28, 2006
Plubicity Stunt(Rate This 1 Star) by sonicspiderboy Comedy
haha i Love giving 1 stars out to people , but you on the underhand like getting them? haha kool heres the link 2 my movie..plz no 1 star here hahaha http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 28, 2006
War of the Abominations by Boomwolf Comedy
haha sweet movie, it was a lil 2 long and it would have been better with VO but good show check out my movie http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68566 reviewed March 28, 2006
Spooky Movie by Pimpinc Horror
nice thats a nice spoof of saw. .check mine out http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/69330 reviewed March 27, 2006
The Car Whisperer by supercozz Comedy
very original reviewed March 27, 2006
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
it was a good movie lol nice end, but with 30 seconds i didnt get the chance to getinto it, thats i give u a 3/5 reviewed March 27, 2006
Pimp my costume! by reapar Comedy
overrated, its a good idea, but i find it missing sumthing, it needs more jokes and it would have been alot better with VO of course, but a sequel would be nice reviewed March 27, 2006
I Want by Iondrive Comedy
simply not my type, it was just weird.. reviewed March 27, 2006
The Prophecy Saga Part One by danielfiminc Sci-Fi
interesting , well done, but nuthing special, voice overs could have been better, and then u got ur copyrighted music i dont know i ur allowed cuz its only a small clip i give u a 3 star for those reasons reviewed March 26, 2006
Time keeper by gilga Horror
simply wow sweet movie deserves a 4 star for sure, a lil slow but dont change a thing i like it how it is reviewed March 26, 2006
Alien Love by h3llspawn6sic6 Comedy
haha that was great a good romance...r wat ever u wanna call it lol reviewed March 26, 2006
The Carioca by sherwinliu Romance
I realy liked this movie, the only prob i found was it was a little slow for my taste but other wise way to go, i loved the VO even if i dont know that language it makes the mood better. reviewed March 26, 2006
Spiderman Prelude to Disaster by FreddaH Action
great movie, but ur missing the lil jokes spiderman always cracks up wen he is in danger lol besides that bravo reviewed March 25, 2006
Take Over Demo by Onald Sci-Fi
sweet, good idea, at the start i was amazed, but then i saw a moment were i could tell the difference, so anyways i gave u a 4 cuz thats all this demo is, but in a full movie with this tricked used..w... reviewed March 25, 2006
La Tentation dOscar by ReggieMetalFox Horror
wow ceci est un tres bon debut, une tres belle histoire, original, mais jai eu de la dificulter a comprendre certain section du film, pour ceci je donne ce film un 4/5 pour la simple raison que il y a... reviewed March 25, 2006
PORN DEMO by michanist Romance
waste of room for actual good movies reviewed March 25, 2006
The Adventures Of Justice Grease Intro by reafreak29 Comedy
GAREAT sweet, thats how a real trailer is done good job reviewed March 25, 2006
Jacked Up Picture Tech Demo by KeViNp Comedy
...well it was funny..u made a good point but it draged on about nuthing for way to long..ps get a new card haha thats sad.... reviewed March 25, 2006
Resident Evil UBCS preview by AceOfClubs36 Horror
it seems ok, u would have got a 2 star if u didnt have the wicked costumes, to improve this trailer, id say give more suspence, more knoledge of the story, cuz rite now it seems just like any other zo... reviewed March 25, 2006
The Contract by little_lemony_lizard Action
it wasent that bad, work on it a bit n u will get it reviewed March 25, 2006
The most scariest movie ever made by blackstarstudio Horror
not scary scary, but more creppy, good face , a lil 2 short..but it was ok reviewed March 24, 2006
The War in North Africa by shayneomac3200 Action
there is nuthing special about this movie reviewed March 13, 2006
I CAN FLY!!!!!! by HowardM Comedy
good enough but no so great, nice try tho reviewed February 20, 2006
Troopers 2 - An unlikely recruit by ranger21 Sci-Fi
nice..very nice.. i think u sould make both trooper 3 and bounty hunter , this series has so much potential, its unbelivable how much work u must put into this, how did you make the Atst walk like tha... reviewed February 19, 2006
SuperHero I (Part 1) by MovieMan42 Comedy
hell ya i wanna c more lol good job man reviewed February 19, 2006
Heist by filmfreak13 Action
yeah this is good, the VO were a lil anoying tho and there are copyrighted songs in this video i think, iv heard the same tune in a movie " lords of dog town" to be more specifict reviewed February 19, 2006
Dont Make Me Axe You Again by Ecradle Horror
i agree with flyboy this is pretty lame so many unawsnered questions, like why,who and were did that knife come from.. reviewed February 19, 2006
the stranded man by rob-h Romance
eh.....not that good but its not that bad either.. reviewed February 19, 2006
War is Hell by CHRIS1222 Horror
yeah, wat they said... reviewed February 19, 2006
Resident evil by flame12 Horror
well of wat i could understand, u tried to knock off resident evil... yeah that didnt work out very well..for multiple reasons.... 1-story=copy ( to me ) = crappy attempt 4 a remake 2-no sound?wtf 3-... reviewed February 19, 2006
Harry Potthead and the Sorcerers Stoned by nathan113 Comedy
needs work but it made me gigle a lil..lol...drugs are evil... reviewed February 18, 2006
Resident Evil by Mike45 Horror
its ok, but not that great, unlike many people i have noticed that u have missed some of the best resident evil clasic moments, like the snake, the tyrant, and more creatures. i know it would have bee... reviewed February 18, 2006
war of the worlds trailer by cricket50 Horror
yeah..i'l run alright..run away from my computer screen when the full version comes out.... first of all originality: 0/10! remakes eh? editing: 5/10 not bad sound: 5/10 the effects were a 8/10 the v/... reviewed February 18, 2006
LAND OF THE GIANTS by Irish_Scorpion Sci-Fi
2 words " SA WEET" haha this movie was original and fun, it did seem long at times but when the special effects kicked in damn, u musta took a lot of time to make this, good job originality: 10/10! ed... reviewed February 17, 2006
Cueball Teaser by DeBeef Comedy
good idea, but it seems like its been done be4 reviewed February 17, 2006
A Short film by crower17 Action
the voice overs were not good, the story was not deep, i have no idea why any would give 5 stars to this movie reviewed February 17, 2006
Shadows by Jiyuujin Sci-Fi
i have no idea how this got into the hot picks the story has nuthing special the cosTumes are plain , there are no v/o or subtitles this is simply an average movie reviewed February 16, 2006
Cow demo by speilucasberg Comedy
sweet, were did u get the cow from? reviewed February 16, 2006
Deadbeater by tahari01 Horror
hahahaha talk about random..the only good part is the flair gun part reviewed February 15, 2006
The House Of Ash by tahari01 Horror
what, how,who,eh,huh? wats going on, wat is this, conquer the mountain yeah i did not understand it...whats going on? i agree with Delaysmonkey reviewed February 15, 2006
Hexed (Trailer) by cobralta Horror
nice v/o reviewed February 15, 2006
Vampyromaniac by 1966rrmm Horror
what i did not understand it would hav been better with dialgue r sumthing reviewed February 15, 2006
Halo 4 Teaser Trailer by Sith Sci-Fi
...i dont know..it seems pretty borderline...its a halo movie and well it did not seem at all like halo reviewed February 15, 2006
How Do I Get to Hell by z007gg Action
more than half of the movie is a flashback theres like 40 secs of actual movie so thanks to that time i didnt get the chance to get in the story. reviewed February 14, 2006
Saw III by lusafix Horror
you did it! you killed saw....thats why i hate when ppl make movies about actual movies or series, it turns out to be crap, if you would have gave it an other name it would have been a lil more ok, bu... reviewed February 14, 2006
The Day Cornelius Stood Still by homemadeeye Comedy
lol great movie a lil slow at times but very original reviewed February 14, 2006
Beauty and the Beast by Wasteland500 Action
"this movie is one of the best movies i have seen on the site yet"?hahahaha was this your first movie you seen?lol , even if this is your first movie and it did suck, why did you post it on the web? i... reviewed February 13, 2006
Friday the 13th The Return from Hell by kmball Horror
ok il start at the top, the 1st minute the prob was:wtf jason dont act like that in any moment, if u will base a movie on a real character mkae sure to have the charcater exsacly as he is. prob2: the... reviewed February 13, 2006
Saturday the 13th-The Tooter by TJMiksis Horror
short,sweet,pointless? reviewed February 13, 2006
Beam Of The Laser by gully Sci-Fi
not that great, not that bad reviewed February 13, 2006
Raffis rampage by CrazyTexan Comedy
Featured Review
I hate that song less than i hate your movie, it makes no sence at all i find it stupid and a waste of my time. the voice overs kill the rest of what is good of ur movie the editing job is the best th...
reviewed February 13, 2006
Once On War 1943 by devileye1x Action
nice simply nice reviewed February 12, 2006
Americas Funniest Videos by joeramoni Comedy
meh..its not realy that funny its just a bunch of clips of ppl getting hurt, i know you didnt have many choices but still i gotta be honest i give you a 3 /5 better luck next time reviewed February 12, 2006
War is Hell by jcronic Horror
like dualscreens said every has this movie i started with it and there was no changes so yeah i dont see apoint of giving you any good scores this is plagerising if you look at it the way i do. reviewed February 12, 2006
Zelda Song by Prank4Sure Action
haha sweet song lol, video was ok tho reviewed February 12, 2006
The Gorilla From Space by ravenglider Horror
as ur first film it ok i guess.... reviewed February 6, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
great, simply great, finaly a good starwars movie on this site, the only problem is with the change of scenes the movie is a lil comfusing at times but keep it comming, goodjob reviewed January 29, 2006
45 Seconds of Hi by KeViNp Comedy
hahahaa i didnt get the story at all lol thats probably cuz the messed up thing, well anyway that messed up thing is messed up lol but try to fix the problimo lol reviewed January 28, 2006
The White Chicken 2 Revenge by Stormwhitelab Action
first of all the sound was way off, for many scenes there was no sounds when they were punching eachother, second of all i dont find it so original, i was actualy looking forward to this movie; it did... reviewed January 22, 2006
Deathtrap by Tamptak Horror
nice work, the sub-titles were a lil odd sometimes tho, but its better than nuthing reviewed January 22, 2006
The Brunette Killer by Tigerlover Horror
not bad at all, i want to thank you for submiting your movie into the horror competition, even if you will probably not win i would like to congrads you for trying reviewed January 22, 2006
Dead Silence by Sphinx86 Horror
simply great reviewed January 22, 2006
THE HALOIST II -- Trailer by ArtificialArtist Sci-Fi
nice, i too find the trailker a lil plain but it seems good reviewed January 22, 2006
Gollum Shows The Truth by UnitedStars Comedy
3 stars for the sweet idea, 1 star 4 the voice overs, r what ever u did, it did not sound good at all, so i desided to give you a 3 star reviewed January 22, 2006
lol by michaelo417 Comedy
yeah i want my money back too.....it had funny spots..it had spots were i wanted 2 punch in my pc.... reviewed January 21, 2006
Night of the living CHICKENS from space!!! by fatboy1o1 Sci-Fi
A little funny but it dont make much sence, its much better than ur other movie tho lol, well anyway keep on improving and take ur time , think for good storys sum thing original reviewed January 21, 2006
Amazing Bloopers caught on tape by fatboy1o1 Comedy
my crystal ball tells me your show was pathetic and childish; it has no story, and the voice over, the most anoying thing ever it seems you were trying to hard or not hard enouth. for once 1 have to g... reviewed January 21, 2006
Ultima V11 The MMORPG of the future by acidicbombs Action
this movie can be good, if you edit it well and have good story, good idea awfull production,way too long i gave u a 2 star 4 the good idea reviewed January 21, 2006
Guilty Trailer by elementgg Action
I too dont know whats going on, well i guess you tried, let me know wen the fullthing is out reviewed January 21, 2006
The Submissive Woman by johnokinawa Romance
nice very original reviewed January 21, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER by MefuneAkira Comedy
simply great haha funny stuff reviewed January 21, 2006
Lense by FreddaH Horror
i have never seen a movie like this one, unbeliavable stuff your movie is now entered in the dmp horror contest reviewed January 21, 2006
Meet the Neighbors 2 Meet The Creatures by KiCkmEdOOd1 Comedy
good movie reviewed January 21, 2006
BLUNTMAN and CHRONIC (THE BEGINNIN by hellsincarnate Comedy
yeah...ok....i didnt realy understand what was going on..5 stars for this?? the story was mixed up, the voice overs had the same voices 4 all characters, fix these things up and il give u ur 5 star reviewed January 21, 2006
le destin de deborah nyork by zanatany Action
pas trop pire, continue reviewed January 21, 2006
USA Chrysler Competition by FraasMovies Comedy
well this looks bad for me, im the only peron here to give this movie a 1 star, i did this because firsy of all that movie was not a movie it was an advertisement with nuthing to do with anything, and... reviewed January 21, 2006
Star Wars the Musical Finale by MrOsterman Comedy
5 star no isitation. you deserve that man that was great reviewed January 20, 2006
Video Games 101 Trailer by BoogieManZero Comedy
sounds good, also sounds like u had a cold r sumthing reviewed January 19, 2006
Darklord Commeth! by grundel70 Action
haha ok..nice end in a weird way reviewed January 19, 2006
Ownage Part 1 by grundel70 Action
not to shabby reviewed January 19, 2006
Marooned by grundel70 Sci-Fi
not to bad keep it coming reviewed January 19, 2006
We have received payment by Sherrenkent Horror
nice film reviewed January 19, 2006
Honor - A Civil War Tale - by Blackstorm Action
voice overs= 5 stars good job tho keep it up reviewed January 19, 2006
Evolution Demo by jar3d Action
2/5-story 5/5 music 2/5 understanding of the movie editing 4/5 reviewed January 19, 2006
The Movies Better Watch Out by jar3d Action
lol sweet stuff reviewed January 18, 2006
Survival Game by Dylen Horror
nice twist reviewed January 18, 2006
!!!-WTF-!!! (p4rt 1) by dannimation Action
lmao o yeah make more reviewed January 16, 2006
Santa Claus is Coming For You! by kuroken Comedy
nice job reviewed January 16, 2006
Preview Of Michael Jakson Trilogy Part3 by muffinman911300 Comedy
bigger,longer....no!! im deeply sorry to tell you this but i did not enjoy 1 of ur Mj movies a bit, its stupid and pointless..i give this 2 rating for all of ur Mj's movies..i say start sumthing esl this is old reviewed January 16, 2006
When Science Goes too Far by ThisIsBad Horror
mid amusing, cheezey at spots, 3 stars reviewed January 14, 2006
The Thing 2 The Thing Returns by GoatMilk Horror
nuthing new and great but it was wachable reviewed January 13, 2006
The Wierdest movie youl ever see by Fwinks Action
haha ya this movie is werid, n the last part justs make it even weirder reviewed January 12, 2006
X-Hunter (part I) by alazka Sci-Fi
good, but not that good, and the last fight was way to dark i could barly see anything reviewed January 11, 2006
Tiffany tWH Part 1 by MrOsterman Action
nice thats all i can say reviewed January 11, 2006
Ashleys first movie by duckguy0100 Comedy
good job keep it up reviewed January 11, 2006
Beyond Life by jeebus Action
good reviewed January 11, 2006
Dont make me axe you again by davejohnson Horror
it dont make much sence the thing waso n the ground then it pops up at the door wats goin on? reviewed January 11, 2006
War is Hell 2 by avocado Horror
the average war movie reviewed January 11, 2006
Zombie Patrol2 by TeamShine Horror
well its bad..but iv seen worst reviewed January 10, 2006
Super Action Good Time Happy Christmas by Four20project Action
a little confusing but overall it was ok reviewed January 10, 2006
An Evening With Atomic Robot by AtomicRobot Comedy
Featured Review
Best voice acting iv ever seen!!dude i love that movie
reviewed January 9, 2006
The Reborn Of Wolfenstein by achtbaan Horror
i did not understand what was going on lol, well good effort try 2 use more editing next time reviewed January 9, 2006
The Gabetrix Part 2 by Ultradude2345 Sci-Fi
i did not realy enjoy the 2 first movies , they r to long i find even tho they have an ok story reviewed January 9, 2006
Jason Returns by mowfilms Horror
you said it , its bad reviewed January 9, 2006
The End Of The Mob by mowfilms Action
alright? no i dont like this it has no depth and the voice acting is still bad reviewed January 9, 2006
Fighting The Freaks by mowfilms Action
i cant stand the kids voice , sounds pathetic, other than that action good, no plot whats up with that? reviewed January 9, 2006
Insane For No Reason by mowfilms Comedy
its alright, iv seen better iv seen worst , the action in it was good , only thing missing is an actual plot reviewed January 9, 2006
Wanna Fight by mowfilms Comedy
it sucks what more do you want reviewed January 9, 2006
Apollyon by corinthian Horror
I dont know how to explain how good it was reviewed January 8, 2006
The Stagecoach!!! All Scenes by jztemple Action
thx reviewed January 8, 2006
Wanna Fight by mowfilms Comedy
yes this movie does suck reviewed January 8, 2006
Seeds of Evil by Throwaxe Sci-Fi
Finaly a damn good movie reviewed January 8, 2006
Star Wars by Vogts Sci-Fi
. reviewed January 8, 2006
BEEEEEEEEER!! by Buccura Comedy
funny reviewed January 8, 2006
STAR WARS by Vogts Sci-Fi
no....this is NUTHING like starwars theres no plot no story . in the end you have brought shame to star wars! reviewed January 8, 2006
Insanity by Stormwhitelab Horror
i dont know what to call this, i dont see any real layers, the plot is simple but yet ,how can a ghost use a gun( unless if its a ghost gun) lol reviewed January 8, 2006
SPIDER-MAN by Stormwhitelab Action
good, but the only thing i liked about it was the costume , the rest didnt feel like spider man reviewed January 8, 2006
King Kong 1941 (Act-One) by StevenKreg Action
can you say cheezey? there is no king kong here its a bunch of shots put together, i know its hard 2 make it good with the games limits but to bad. part 1 was way better reviewed January 8, 2006
Spider-Man Episode II by Stormwhitelab Action
it would get a 5 but spiderman dont use guns reviewed January 7, 2006
The Unfriendly Heist by kalivar Action
not a 5 star 4 sure its 2 simple reviewed January 7, 2006
Halo by stupidBird Sci-Fi
disgrace for halo..do not use a name with power if your gonna make a movie that is simply not halo ish reviewed December 10, 2005
DON'T WATCH THIS FILM! by neros916 Sci-Fi
I sould have listened to you lol, this was a joke right? reviewed December 10, 2005
An Open Letter To Lionhead by justin_in_bangor Comedy
kick ass man i dont have any big problems with the game, but more freedom would have been nice reviewed December 10, 2005
Subway 2 by Sleeves Romance
sweet this is the first 5 * i give this week u deserve it reviewed December 10, 2005
kip by acheron47 Action
i do not get it reviewed December 9, 2005
The Dead Live!!! (remaster) by skuzzman Horror
it was alright, iv seen that kinda story to manytimes reviewed December 9, 2005
BAD CLOWNS by thejester005 Comedy
hmm ok....huh......i dont even know were to start..what do youthink yoU sould get for this thnik you sould get a 0 but thats impossible....so il give you a 1 reviewed December 8, 2005
My Rant by adam1991 Action
no way...i wasted my time waching this reviewed December 8, 2005
The Cellmate by LuciusVorenus Sci-Fi
damn..it had sum good things but u sould have fixed your light problem .. the story is ok tho..the dialogue seems amatureish reviewed December 8, 2005
The Baggage Boy - producers cut by LuciusVorenus Comedy
....huh yes nice subliminal messages eh this sould get banned from this site reviewed December 8, 2005
Visitors in the Forest by 02PARSIM Sci-Fi
ok lmao here we go again with the horse in the bg haha and of course the sound again haha but the story was more original this time..the fight is cheezy tho reviewed December 8, 2005
Graveyard by 02PARSIM Horror
alright...to be honest i didnt find it too original or eye catching , the editing job could have been better..there a horse in 1 of the bg's and worst of all the sound at the end of the movie is late.... reviewed December 8, 2005
The Urban Suburbans by creambunny Action
it made me crack a smille here n there..i dont know why i didnt like this movie lol reviewed December 8, 2005
The Truth About Lightsabers by Radedge Comedy
ok you have one hell of a point haha thats why i gace you the 3 stars but the movie it self..well it wasent to good lol i agree 100% tho reviewed December 8, 2005
2 Fast 4 Cash 2 by fries2991 Action
good attempt, iv seen better but iv seen much worst reviewed December 8, 2005
Movie against racism by simon6611 Horror
good point...but....very bad movie lol il give you a 3 just because i agree reviewed December 8, 2005
Project Zero by MikeHellscream Sci-Fi
i wanted to give it a nice score, kick ass title but the movie kinda let me down it was the basics of movie making but keep going n ul get a 5star movie reviewed December 8, 2005
Halo by stupidBird Sci-Fi
good visual, but i cant read what it says reviewed December 8, 2005
Counter-Strike Urban Assault by 00DarkMaker7 Action
Featured Review
it was well put together , but how can this be yuor 1st movie? to get the sets and costumes you need 2 be in the 1980 about
reviewed December 6, 2005
Alien Under My Bed by reach42 Horror
...huh..that is even worst than my worst movie....yeah thats bad! reviewed December 6, 2005
Jack Steiner Bounty Hunter by Vatsulo Action
k well the only reason why i gave this a 3 is because its a "demo" if u didnt mention that i would have gave it a 2 , it has no real story just a chase... but the bottom line is yeah id like too see a... reviewed December 5, 2005
Happy Halloween ! by JKjunior Horror
it had its up and down..i didnt like the ending..i seen it comming too reviewed December 5, 2005
Legends Of A Desert Rose by mbato_mwongo Action
Featured Review
sweet, a lil confusing at the start but not for long. a voice over would have been good too
reviewed December 5, 2005
Trouble? No I dont know him by Captain_N Romance
without its subs it has nuthing reviewed December 4, 2005
I know Tom Plazoo by Captain_N Action
i had to wach it two times to understand it, i didnt like it reviewed December 4, 2005
LA [oh please!]s Must Die! by studproductions Action
BAD NO STORY AT ALL INVOLVED HERE reviewed December 4, 2005
The Hitman Strikes by moviemogul28 Action
ya this is comfusing..i dont get it a bit reviewed December 4, 2005
Immortal Wombat Vengence by Pimpinc Action
huh ya i story that leads no were..no good reviewed December 4, 2005
star wars dance version by coppensmichel Sci-Fi
wtf dude, that sucked.... reviewed December 4, 2005
the revenge by Abrey Action
hmm...ok...i..dont get it... reviewed December 4, 2005
Friday the 13th by Captain_N Horror
yeah..its pretty bad.......wat r they saying..... reviewed December 4, 2005
Attack of the Corpses by jjnelson222 Horror
the average mvoie, nuthing special here reviewed December 4, 2005
Zombie Rider The Tale Of Zombie Rider by madman12300 Action
meh..its ok..iv seen better reviewed December 4, 2005
Lost Tales - International Edition by Wambo Sci-Fi
im lost.... reviewed December 3, 2005
Kung Fu Jesus Sweeeeeeeet Song! by thejesus Comedy
lol cluck cluck...... reviewed December 3, 2005
Cold Bullet by Stefen12G Action
its not without its charm reviewed December 3, 2005
Robocop 4 by Movieking Sci-Fi
yeah...the 1* is the best i can give for this movie.....it was that bad..... reviewed December 3, 2005
Shark Attack by ron009 Horror
.....ok.....hmmmmm this is pretty bad you know?... reviewed December 3, 2005
Psycho by jkqh0911 Horror
huh..thats pretty bad....i,,i dont get it... reviewed December 3, 2005
Tatooine Jedi Episode IV You Can Feel It by GreenGoblin-2005 Sci-Fi
.......huh reviewed December 3, 2005
Halo Rise of the first Sparton Trailer by Jon93 Action
it could have been very good..... reviewed December 3, 2005
Hitman by pnshr Action
sweet reviewed December 3, 2005
Trailer of" When Skeletons Rule" by undeadwarrior Action
meh not my type reviewed December 3, 2005
Extreme Vengence by Nocren Action
eh i see you have realy tryed n good job, but it didnt keep me entertained for long reviewed December 3, 2005
When Skeletons Rule by undeadwarrior Action
huh.....ppl like that stuff?? im sorry to give you a two but it waS either that or a 1 reviewed December 3, 2005
Hes coming for you by stephenparkes Comedy
....il never even give a 3 star for this but i will give 3 letters : B A D reviewed December 3, 2005
Predator by Crull87 Action
You killed one of my guys, But he wasent importent?lmao wtf is that man i would have gave u a 4 r 3 if it wasent cuz of that stupid line lol well for the movie it self it ok i guess...just dont try 2 ... reviewed December 3, 2005
Mon vrai premier film ! by lefuretx Comedy
je comprend pas...... reviewed December 3, 2005
Glortak Genesis by mupchurch Sci-Fi
interesting, not my type of movie tho reviewed December 3, 2005
Godfather by oliverHoffmann Action
eh not my type of movie, still good tho reviewed December 3, 2005
Perfect Dark by dannimation Action
kcik ass stuff man reviewed December 3, 2005
The Many Faces of Michael by ElysiumRyan Horror
good idea, could have been much better, and wats with the horse? reviewed December 3, 2005
Zions of mxo by DeceptionStudios Action
good, can be better, reviewed December 2, 2005
The Dead Place by Drexx Horror
KICK ASS TWIST MAN good job reviewed December 2, 2005
The Funny Scary Movie by kippertrout Comedy
hmmm i see....a funny scary movie eh?.....well i guess we dont find the same things funny, cuz killing is not funny! it is evil reviewed December 2, 2005
If Frank Taylor Wins by DeusExMachinima Comedy
haha very original movie reviewed December 2, 2005
One Star Bandit by Sevenhertz Comedy
lmao so true..so sad..but hell fucnny as hell reviewed December 2, 2005
Deaths Door by joseph2817 Comedy
meh, the average movie reviewed December 2, 2005
Evil Residents by Hashking Horror
Featured Review
yeah it did feel like a trailer, but i dont give a crap lol, its 1 of the best movies iv seen on this site good job, keep it comming
reviewed December 2, 2005
lost in the truh by 32167 Romance
a good movie if i compare it all the other junk iv seen on this site , u have pontencial reviewed December 2, 2005
a monster romance by mikesike0 Comedy
...this is bad...do ppl know what a good movie is? reviewed December 1, 2005
Friendly 3 by supremacy_productions Comedy
...whats going on? reviewed December 1, 2005
Terror aboard Star5 by Lar48 Sci-Fi
....bad reviewed December 1, 2005
The Dumbass Robber by pfloyd63 Action
hahahaha 5 stars my ass!!!!!this sucked reviewed December 1, 2005
School attack by marians Action
hmmm....wtf? reviewed December 1, 2005
Tribute to Green Day by Piper Action
Featured Review
wow kick ass stuff, i actualy paid attention for the wholle movie, i dont tihnk iv done that be4 2 any of these movies, well uv earned my respect..
reviewed December 1, 2005
Robot Aliens by krissb Sci-Fi
.....wtf reviewed November 29, 2005
My Mac by madman12300 Comedy
.....wtf is that awfull junk that was reviewed November 29, 2005
Lands of Valynn The Daring Rescue by Andreas_Herrmann_Bremen Action
k what is going on the plot has no sence....good camera angles tho reviewed November 29, 2005
My Sensored Nightmare by KrisBulldog Romance
no reviewed November 29, 2005
Ninja Nutter by Tarkadog Comedy
meh.......that is 1 screwed up flicked reviewed November 29, 2005
My Trip Through The Movies - LV by richke Comedy
good job.. reviewed November 29, 2005
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
it was good, could have been more horror in it tho reviewed November 29, 2005
Urban legend - the babysitter 2nd edition by Offspring Horror
sweet stuff reviewed November 29, 2005
How the McNugget was Invented by rawvoodoo Comedy
it has its up and down....its ok reviewed November 27, 2005
For Hire by DoctorEvil Action
sweet stuff reviewed November 27, 2005
The Return to Civilization-Episode One by remnantproducer Action
...what the hell was that...that was pointless reviewed November 27, 2005