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Movies Released by DoseOfOwnage
The Witness Action
This is my first stab at a film noir. More to come in the series. Enjoy! UPDATE I'll keep your advice in mind when I VA the next episode. Thank you very much! posted December 3, 2005
All Your Base! Sci-Fi
The biggest internet cliche--now in 3-D! The one and only "The Movies" version! Please do not review if you have not seen the "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" toon. posted November 14, 2005
Deputy Dean Action
Ah, Deputy Dean. It was a fun movie to make. I'm really proud of this one, this being my first totally self-made script. My cousin, my brother, and I did the voice acting. Oh, by the way, please t... posted November 13, 2005
Home Of The Braves Action
This was a fun movie. The game made it, and I edited. Some of the jokes in this were inspired by Invader Zim. Oh, I have nothing against Chinese people either. posted November 12, 2005
An Awesome Medic Action
OK, this is my first movie with voices. I'm doing the campaign, thus the crappy film. Oh, I meant it to be corny, if you're thinking the voice acting sucks. posted November 12, 2005
Movies Reviewed by DoseOfOwnage
Stand-Up With Joe by thejoe8pizza Comedy
Har. I hope theres not gonna be any one star ninjas here. reviewed June 14, 2006
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Dylen Horror
Very good. Its a very unsatisfying ending, but hey, thats what how Irving wrote it, right? reviewed June 14, 2006
Blessed are the Peacemakers by steelcity4eva Action
Good direction and theme. reviewed June 14, 2006
Poussière tu étais by gilga Horror
Wow, great storytelling! reviewed June 14, 2006
Alura (Episode 1) by Charlesdumont Sci-Fi
Good start, but a better ending to the first episode would have helped. reviewed June 14, 2006
City of Prey(2) by Wishfullthinker Action
Pretty good, just the main character's, and some other character's, voices were pretty annoying at times. Really good story though. reviewed June 14, 2006
My Tshirt by chiprocks1 Sci-Fi
...? Okay... reviewed June 14, 2006
A Day in the Life of Chuck Norris by Ryan33 Comedy
Funny, and good voice acting reviewed June 14, 2006
Everybody Loves Joey by gians70 Romance
Very good movie reviewed June 13, 2006
Society Lost by halobob Romance
Good, but the shots were too long at times. reviewed June 13, 2006
The SA by TheMaskedMan Action
Good direction, but needs better editing reviewed June 13, 2006
Der Kopfgeldjäger by isi361 Action
Don't understand german, but good direction reviewed June 13, 2006
SERPENT by SgtLRock Action
It was alright. A bit predictable. reviewed June 10, 2006
Never Forget redux by humdogma Action
It was alright, a bit cliche, but well done. reviewed June 9, 2006
Gunned by Mangomonkey28 Action
Love the twist. reviewed June 9, 2006
Money Matters by JackRabbit Comedy
Hardy Har, my throat hurts. I like the jokes in the beginning. reviewed June 9, 2006
Dry Bones by Cranium8768 Action
My gosh! The best TMO movie I have ever seen! The voice acting was perfect, the music brought in the emotion and pity for the man. If only every TMO movie was like this! reviewed June 9, 2006
Inspector Kastler - Death After Midnight by mlederer Horror
Very cool, the mystery was captivating and exciting. reviewed June 9, 2006
The Clown by Gulovision Action
didnt understand german, but good direction reviewed June 9, 2006
Robot Love by castigo Romance
Good, very original and laughable reviewed June 9, 2006
Metal Slug Begins by DorianRust Action
Awesome. I love MS! reviewed June 9, 2006
Invasion-Earth Pt2 by RALLTD Sci-Fi
very well done and exciting reviewed June 9, 2006
Jjs reviewtraderdotcom Infomercial by jjpatel Comedy
Heh, RT is awesome reviewed June 9, 2006
The Hunt For The Yeti by Richegroover Action
Awesome. Everything is perfect! reviewed June 9, 2006
A Ninjas Day Off by Gunslinger19 Comedy
I didn't really think it was all that funny. reviewed June 9, 2006
Comix Zone Opening Scene by ewatt23 Action
Wow! This movie is the most revolutionary and different one that I have ever seen! Just try to work on the grammar at times. I'm bookmarking you. reviewed June 9, 2006
Bull-E by mikeylevy890 Romance
You had a few sound issues, other than that, a good, solid movie. reviewed June 8, 2006
On Edge by Scottcade Action
It was good, just try to take your movie's plots more seriously (ninjas?). Good direction, the biggest problem was the voice acting (breath on the mic). reviewed June 8, 2006
Dead Future by seansweeney Romance
It was pretty good. Be careful with the copyrights for that song. reviewed June 5, 2006
The Revenge part 1 by Chris96 Action
Good voice acting for the guys, but try to get a girl to VA before you have a voice acted girl character. reviewed June 5, 2006
TTSNS Part 1 version 2 by groove44 Sci-Fi
It was alright. Sometimes you couldn't tell who was talking. Also, you couldn't tell many of the characters apart (same costume and haircut) reviewed June 5, 2006
I Pledge Allegiance (Promotional Video) by 859 Action
Voice acting was bad, it wasn't particularly exciting, and the script needed better grammar at times. reviewed June 5, 2006
The Third Generation by nutzhouse Horror
I'm sorry, I didn't understand that movie at all. Maybe it was just me. reviewed June 5, 2006
Edgar Allen Poes - The Telltale Heart by justin_in_bangor Horror
Awesome story, awesome movie. Great job. How did you do the heartbeat? reviewed December 14, 2005
Honour Of The Ninja by Quagmire99 Action
Wow, very well written script! reviewed December 10, 2005
Wild West Eastern by FreakyFlyer Action
A pitiful attempt to contribute to the end of racism. Good editing, however. reviewed December 10, 2005
Cheerleader Nightmare by cipheruzmad Horror
It could have been better, but the editing was badly done reviewed December 7, 2005
Apes of the Planet by StuJ Comedy
This is a really good first movie. One of the best I've seen. reviewed December 6, 2005
Shamus OMalley USMarshall by wecky Action
Featured Review
Great VO's. The script was well done too
reviewed December 6, 2005
Writers Block by kodenkabau Comedy
Nice job! You wanted to know if you were a good VAer. You are pro. reviewed December 5, 2005
Das Trio-Der Erste Versuch by philnate Comedy
Featured Review
Hah, was laughing through the whole thing!
reviewed December 5, 2005
Crossed Lines by Ferrellj Action
Very fun movie to watch. reviewed December 5, 2005
A Life of No Choices by Druidblue Action
Pretty good, the VO was good, just some of the dialogue was a little unrealistic. They sounded too comic-like. reviewed December 5, 2005
Zombie Forest part dos by willsteward Action
Better than most other zombie flicks reviewed December 5, 2005
Plutonium Assassination by BRwinner5 Sci-Fi
It was a little boring. I've seen much better. reviewed December 5, 2005
Bad Day by castlenaze Comedy
Everything is great in this movie! I especially love the VAing reviewed December 4, 2005
The Cost Of Freedom - The Directors Cut by justin_in_bangor Action
Great moral to the story. Great job man. reviewed December 4, 2005
Welcome Home B side by animeabe Horror
Great, but if you were trying to diss priests, I'll regret this review. reviewed December 4, 2005
Left to Die Pt 1 - The Betrayal by upsidedown2 Action
Great plot. The soundtrack was silent on key points, that I didnt't like reviewed December 4, 2005
The Beast Within by riksmiff Action
Great movie. My only complaint is your mouth was too close to the microphone. reviewed December 4, 2005
Pwned by phredcetera Comedy
Alright! reviewed December 4, 2005
Subway 2 by Sleeves Romance
Well done. Amazing how much work you can put in a movie. reviewed December 4, 2005
Way of the Scarlet Serpent by tincanrocket Action
Best fight scene I've seen yet. reviewed December 4, 2005
360 Degrees of Danger - Part Four by tincanrocket Action
Awesome man. Ive got your studio bookmarked. Check my new movie here reviewed December 3, 2005
Sentient 13 by jabeci Sci-Fi
Good job with this one. Directing wa very good. Watch my movie here reviewed December 3, 2005
The Many Faces of Michael by ElysiumRyan Horror
WHOA! Well done! Please watch/rate me new movie here reviewed December 3, 2005
FMTM-Part 1 the Ocelot-(Trailer) by Revolver Horror
Looks great. Keep your mic a little bit farther from your mouth, and it will turn out awesome. Please watch/rate my movie here reviewed December 3, 2005
360 Degrees of Danger - Part Three by tincanrocket Action
Man, I love these films. I'm bookmarking your studio. Watch some of my films too. I'll be coming out with a 3 part noir series soon. reviewed November 26, 2005
360 Degrees of Danger - Part Two by tincanrocket Action
Awesome plot twist. Man, I just wish more people could watch this. Try posting on the forums, and for your signature, advertise your movie. This should get you some more views. reviewed November 26, 2005
360 Degrees of Danger - Part One by tincanrocket Action
Great job. It would have been much better with vouice acting, and there were a few misspellings, but it's still worth 5. reviewed November 26, 2005
Meet The School by moneyshotmovies Romance
Pervert reviewed November 18, 2005
A Tall Tale (part 2) by randolf00123 Action
Featured Review
Man, I love these movies! Deserves to be top 10
reviewed November 17, 2005
ASBVC - Violence in Videogames by AlexStar6 Comedy
Loved it. I loved the Jack Thomson cameo. reviewed November 17, 2005
Zerowing The Movie by Kaenash88 Sci-Fi
Yargh! You beat me to the idea by ONE DAY! Watch mine here. reviewed November 17, 2005
Zero Wing The Movie by robertllynch Sci-Fi
I commend you for making this movie. It was a good idea. I'd hate to break it to you, but I had already come out with one myself. Watch/review it here reviewed November 17, 2005
Elvis is Dead by thejesus Comedy
Wonderful voiceovers. Great angles. Great jokes. What more can I say? reviewed November 16, 2005
The Tortoise and the Hare by msaeluk Comedy
Very original. I love your studio. reviewed November 16, 2005
A Tall Tale (Part 1) by randolf00123 Action
Wonderful writing! I'm gonna go watch part 2. reviewed November 15, 2005
Ninja Love by DeusExMachinima Romance
Defenitely awesome. Almost as cool as ninjas itself. reviewed November 15, 2005
Home Of The Braves by Backzlash Action
Seriously. what Mr. Grimm said. Your reviews make NO sense, and, as I've seen with other people, you just give bad reviews. Stop ruining our ratings for no reason! reviewed November 15, 2005
Stowaway From Another World by msaeluk Sci-Fi
It was a nice movie, but it would have been MUCH better with subtitles reviewed November 14, 2005
Horror Scope by msaeluk Horror
Excellently well done. reviewed November 14, 2005
The Bounty Hunter Future Tales 2 by ATLAS_550 Sci-Fi
It's alright. When you have action sequence, don't use the head bang too much. It's more of a high shool bully/gagster style of fighting reviewed November 14, 2005
The Bounty Hunter Future Tales by ATLAS_550 Sci-Fi
It was good, a few flaws made you think wha...? One of these is that when the bounty hunter runs in and fights the villain, he's towards the front of the ship, while the villain is where he should be,... reviewed November 14, 2005
O RLY by Nillock Comedy
Great job with this one. I love these random movies. reviewed November 13, 2005
My Trip Through The Movies by richke Comedy
Very funny. I wish I could be as creative. reviewed November 12, 2005
Far From Home by Sookta Action
Alright... the voice could use some major work. reviewed November 11, 2005
Scholastic Films Intelligent Design by DeusExMachinima Comedy
The best movie I've seen. reviewed November 11, 2005
A Question by worldwriter Comedy
Well, the ending was really funny, but it was the only joke. It would have been great if there were a few more jokes in it. reviewed November 11, 2005
The Day All Hell Broke Loose by trance_750 Horror
It was good, the lighting during the fight scene could have been better. reviewed November 10, 2005