Number of Movies: 24
Number of Winning Movies: 1
Average Rating Received: 4.04

Number of Movies Reviewed: 187
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 9
Average Rating Given: 4.27
Movies Released by DiamondBackFilms
DiamondBackFilms Show Comedy
A show about TMO studios. Today our dashing show hosts (??mos and Dominick) take on DiamondBackFilms. Archives all our movies in a serioulsy funny comedy. Included: Celebrety Interviews and Inside inf... posted November 9, 2008
Only a Miracle Action
In Vietnam...a soldier separated by his fellow squad mates, lost in the vast jungle awaits one thing. He waits for a miracle. Contains: Graphic Violence, Strong Language Credits: Directed by ??mos Pa... posted November 8, 2008
The Day After Haloween Horror
Winning Movie
Seeing is Believing. The Day after Haloween a boy starts seeing some side effects...for some reason he's sees that everywone is dead. Next thing he know he's on the run. No Family. No Freinds. Nothing...
posted October 29, 2008
Playing Cards With The Devil Horror
The Police force finds the most twisted case. A toystore owner murdered...but nothing taken...only left. The ID of the next victim. Things get weider as the case gets closer and closer to home to the ... posted October 24, 2008
Forgetting the West Action
An Outlaw in hiding, trying to forget his treacherous past meets a boy. Tom Jackal Jr. son of on of his long gone freinds (See ''Dead Man''). As past and present collide he must deceide who he is. A W... posted October 19, 2008
Bleeding Innocence Part IV Savior Action
Part 4 of Bleeding Innocence Dectective Joe Blue and his team are searching for Jay Walker,ex-police,ex-husband,ex-hero. Watch as the Truth unfolds of Jay Walkers Innocence...but can he prove it to t... posted October 8, 2008
Bleeding Innocence Judgement Action Not Rated
No Description posted September 21, 2008
Bleeding Innocence Judgement(Final Cut) Action
Part III of the Epic Series It's here the Final Cut! Jay Walker awakes only to find Himself imprizoned by his fellow Police Force. He is proven Guilty of attempt of murder of Bernie. Now he finds him... posted September 21, 2008
Bleeding Innocence Judgement Action
Hey Watch This Movie! Bleeding Innocence Part III Darkest of the Series Start were Part II Let Off Jay wakes up imprizoned by the fellow police force. Judge Bliss proves that he did kill his best... posted September 20, 2008
Bleeding Innocense Judgement Action
Part Three of Bleeding Innocense Starts right were Part II let off. Jay Walker wakesup in a prizon cell. Mr Bliss proves him Guilty of killing Bernie. He Must Escape. But know he has a choice. Kill ... posted September 20, 2008
Digital You Sci-Fi
Has A Beautiful Soundtrak.A Father get in to a quarrel with his Son about playing to many video games, only later does his father die in a trajic car accident. His wife get a call from Him after his f... posted September 13, 2008
Bleeding Innosence Pheonix Action
Part One of Bleeding Innoscense Jay Walker captures a Fugitive and Member of the PHEONIX GANG. Little does he know that the Gang want him back. As they burn the building, Jay must get the Team out. Wh... posted September 6, 2008
Bleeding Innoscense Nemesis Action
Part II of Bleeding Innoscense Jay Walker is on top of his Game and is winning medals for his braverey(see Part1) But what he does'nt know is the Pheonix gang (See PART ONE) is Hot on his trail. Link ... posted September 6, 2008
Trigger-Finger Action
ONE Town overun by the cavelry, ONE Man wanted in every state, ONE a ct of kindness, ONE Mistake, One Story, Many Dead Bodies. This is the FIRST movie I have done with stunts&effects Comes with voiceo... posted August 29, 2008
The Nagging Wives--Sex Sounds Edition Comedy
Local Pervs Frank and Wesley go to the pub to drink and watch the show(WOWZA)but they wake up and find out that they are married to eachothers grandmas. CAUTION CONTAINS: Partial NUDITY SEXUAL Humor ... posted August 28, 2008
Playing Cards With The Devil Horror
A Mysterious Murder at a Toystore leads Two Police Officers to find clues and get hints to were the next crime is. To them this is Serious, but to Him it's a Game. Caution Contains: FRIGHTNING Scenes... posted August 28, 2008
The Nagging Wives Comedy
Local Pervs Frank Bedwet and Wesley Hope finish school and go to the bar to celebrate. After Admiring the shows the girls and the tights and make total fools of themselvs they drink... strange strong ... posted August 25, 2008
Trigger-Finger Action
Forgetting the West Part V. Opens with Flint robbing a Stage-Coach and bringing it to a town where the Cavalry controls everything. Soon Flint and his freinds must escape the town with there lives wit... posted August 20, 2008
Dead-Man Action
Forgetting the West Part IV. Flint enters a town and meets the dim character Tom who accidentally get the sherriff after everybodys fovorite Desperadoe! An ??mos Parker Film Caution Conatains: Mild V... posted August 19, 2008
Mad-Dog! Action
Every thing goes down hill for Mild Manared Jack Doggins intill he become Mad-Dog. But before he knows it he creats enemies of the buisness A Simplified version of a movie commming out soon from Diam... posted August 17, 2008
Are ya Chicken Action Not Rated
Action Comedy about a Girl trying to get the money people owe her by dressing up in chicken suit! Lots of Laughs! posted August 17, 2008
Play-Dead Action
Forgetting the West PartIII is a true piece of masterwork for a western. Featuring a much darker tone than the first two (Young Gunslinger and A Wanted Man)with a much more memorable cast. By ??mos Pa... posted August 16, 2008
A Wanted Man Action Not Rated
Commencing with Flint tring to con the Sherriff by selling his Wanted freind Diego.Filled with action and laughs. The much beloved sequel to Young Gunslinger. A film by ??mos Parker! Caution Conatain... posted August 16, 2008
Young Gunslinger Action Not Rated
Opens with Young Flint Shotput trying to rob a bank with his Mexican freind Brock(Guess how it turns out!) Filled with action,laughs and tears. The First Part of an Epic tale about Flint Shotput. The ... posted August 16, 2008
Movies Reviewed by DiamondBackFilms
Loved TMO by BeatyBeaks Comedy
This wuz hilarious! This reminded me of the late ''DiamondBack Films Show'' witch i took off (u were mentioned in credits). but i just spoofed my own stuff. Please check out my TMU file at http://www.... reviewed November 29, 2008
If You Only Knew by BeatyBeaks Horror
A great movie but as ive learnt over the months ive been doing this: the better quality movie means theres a bigger room for mistakes...but a good film neverthaless. ''When you jump to high, you fall... reviewed November 29, 2008
genial reviewed November 29, 2008
O the Ocean by thebiz Action
Ecellent, Funny Movie! I have been waiting for it since the trailer reviewed November 23, 2008
War is Hell by ankitapatel2011 Horror
THE GAME MADE THIS! reviewed November 10, 2008
Julius Caesar by BeatyBeaks Action
Very Interestting film! Pehaps you're greatest! By the way Brutus looks funny. Please check out my new comedy called: DiamondBackFilms Show! Filled with converstion with the shows host and the charac... reviewed November 9, 2008
Tmo Is closing! by benit Horror
I am sad that it will all be over soon. The weird part just made me sad that all that is going down the drain. He check out my new TV series: The DiamondBackFilms Show Episode One talks about the st... reviewed November 9, 2008
The Second Labor of Hercules by judyann88 Action
Should have put more length. reviewed November 9, 2008
Blackbird by silver_fox_studios Action
This is Probably one of the best of TMO! EXCELLENT bareley starts to describe it. Great use of mods. I'll be bookmarking this. reviewed November 9, 2008
Ride The Rent by thebiz Comedy
Excellent comedy. MAde a great movie By the way...why did you give me 50000VC? reviewed November 9, 2008
FEAR First Encounter America vs Russia by baerbomba Horror
Decent. Should of added music By the way in case u havent noticed yet...this is on the top 100 best horror movies! (and its more of a action movie) Please rate my newest film: Only a Miracle reviewed November 8, 2008
Alien by baerbomba Sci-Fi
Decent enough movie. Not Extrordinary but most movies that short arent that good. Please check out my new Vietnam war movie: Only a Miracle reviewed November 8, 2008
Sex Change- Henry to Henrietta by asaoleary123 Comedy
This was hilatious!!!! By the way I need help with uploading images like youre (VIew Point title). Help! reviewed November 8, 2008
Goodbye TMO by burkey1993 Action
Please tell me if this is a joke or not (if yes...all of the details) Since its closing get u give me VC for sets and such b4 it closed. reviewed November 8, 2008
TMO is Closing by asaoleary123 Romance
Excelletnt for what you are trying to achieve (I did get the dancing bit) How do you make youre on titles (like the ''TMO IS CLOSING''bit)please help with this Was this a joke or not? please tell me. ... reviewed November 7, 2008
Halo by SPARTAN1117 Sci-Fi
Fist off i hate Halo. But as an honest reviewer I was going to give it something from 3-4stars...But... Editting=Crap Get a mic. aswell Ever heard of creativity I really dont care the subject as long ... reviewed November 7, 2008
History of The World Part 2 by themonkthemonk Comedy
This was Hilarious! I'll be bookmarking this! reviewed November 5, 2008
An Eye for An Eye by Amabeginzordawg Horror
A Great Creepy Film! Everything was great! But unfortuantely this was a bit hard to follow...so i took of one star reviewed November 5, 2008
a day in the wild west 2 by gabrielhud Action
Ok western type reviewed November 5, 2008
The Demise by MozzaDM Sci-Fi
Hey not bad. Please check out my movies if u have the time reviewed November 4, 2008
Henderson Episode #1 by keithhat Action
Good Western. One of the better ones. Although the voices were a tad soft, I wont take away much cuz of it (like I can do that much better). best card game I have seen on TMO by the way. Please check... reviewed November 4, 2008
To Die In Tombstone by Oznof Action
Woah! A movie that short...that good? I never thought it was possible intill I saw this. Please check out my Western: Trigger-Finger (I am proud of it) reviewed November 4, 2008
Alpha Male by BeatyBeaks Comedy
It brought a Movies movie and you brought it further. Please rate my new film: The DAy after Haloween reviewed November 3, 2008
If You Only Knew Teaser by BeatyBeaks Horror
Looks creepy. Please rate my newest film: The Day After Haloween It was the 2nd best Horror movie for 4 days so it must be good. reviewed November 3, 2008
The bagage boy The documentry by benit Comedy
Funny doc. You could of mentioned other actiual movies he's been in. Like ''The Epic Return of the Baggage Boy'' reviewed November 3, 2008
East Kills West by kairvina96 Action
He just kept coming back! Please check my movies reviewed November 2, 2008
AutoBot - Prototype for War by SquirePD Action
GOOD FILM ... sorry do tthe robo. TH e name sucks though...take atobot out. reviewed November 1, 2008
Amour a Silent Hill by HalethPF Horror
Loved the Begining. reviewed November 1, 2008
This Is NOT TMs The Baggage Boy by DHTHTLA Comedy
I think I had the same reactions as the spectaters. reviewed October 31, 2008
Saloon Cowboy by manan46 Action
Excellent Film. Very Interesting premise. Please watch my new movie (its a creepy Horror/Drama/Comedy) called: The Day After Haloween reviewed October 30, 2008
The Dark Rider by ultraviolet32x Horror
Creepy Chiller. The whole time system was well thought out. Although i wished to have know the characters a little more (just a little) an the ending...a bit stale, the movie turned out alright. Plea... reviewed October 30, 2008
Defender The Movie by BeatyBeaks Sci-Fi
Not bad. Loved the lighne ''Why do you weep boy?'' Please rate my new Horror/Comedy/Drama: The Day After Haloween It wont have any VOs...my mic. is screwed up. reviewed October 30, 2008
Strange by cecil_evans Sci-Fi
Good reviewed October 30, 2008
Meet the dogs 5 Part 1 A Mighty Foe by stunts07 Comedy
Evil Horses? Good and Original movie material. reviewed October 30, 2008
The Stonies by donovan1345 Comedy
This was Hilarious! Among the Funniest on TMO! Funny al the way. The right up was also funny! And this was one of few films that can bleend types comedy.This will be bookmarked! Please watch my movies. reviewed October 30, 2008
Fade to black by chazmac Action
Interesting. Nice story...but you cant figuire that out unless you read the wright up. Bad Editing. Hope you make a longer and more interesting sequel. reviewed October 30, 2008
Hessen Müller by RaHeMe Action
Excellent! reviewed October 29, 2008
Big House - Day 1 by hazeley Comedy
all good. You wanted me to vote right? Tim reviewed October 29, 2008
Manhunt by BeatyBeaks Sci-Fi
Not bad...didnt know u used VOs(Maybe i just never had loud speakers b4)...what with the name? When will your TMO parody be realeased? I have 2 NEW Movies out. (Both Horrors) One has VOs the other d... reviewed October 29, 2008
Big House - Day 2 by hazeley Comedy
Looks good. Did you just change the name of you're Big Brother series? Please watch my new Haloween film : The Day After Haloween reviewed October 29, 2008
Halloween Friday The Final Chapter by hazeley Horror
Well in my opinion this was the best of the series. I liked how the camera was still when it showed the dead body. Someparts felt ulmost as if it was all a dream...not sure if it was supposed to be li... reviewed October 29, 2008
Rogers Stunts and Effects Trailer by The-Spirit Action
Free VC? Please Help! I have not many reviews yet im marked as a LEGEND! How i dont know? I posted a few online(I was a Greenhorn) went camping, came back a week later to see Movie Making Legend. Unfo... reviewed October 28, 2008
The Political Fight! by GoodBurger Comedy
Cool! a political movie! Check my films please reviewed October 28, 2008
Chainsaw VII (TEASER) by DevilsExperiment Horror
Please make this movie...for the good of you're fellow movie makers. So what if you got bad reviews...it looks like they thought this was a movie and not a teaser reviewed October 28, 2008
Halloween Friday Part 3 by hazeley Horror
Not Bad. Is there going to be a part 4? Please check out my new movies reviewed October 28, 2008
Hallo(q)ween Trailer by resch Comedy
Looks Good! How do I insert Images? Like Youre own credits and such.:tell me wen its out reviewed October 28, 2008
Halloween Friday Part 2 by hazeley Horror
Not Bad reviewed October 26, 2008
The American Dream Teaser Trailer by filipekholmstudios Romance
Good Good Good. Captures the movie well (I saw it already) HELP! How do I make my own credits and inserts and such? reviewed October 26, 2008
Halloween Friday by hazeley Horror
Not Bad. Ok editing sheme. Check out my films studio sometime...please reviewed October 25, 2008
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Dylen Horror
I loved it Please tell me how to make my own credits reviewed October 25, 2008
Jeff Social in Chicken Suit by Mr_Spaz Action
Let me guess...you made Sherlock Dholmes reviewed October 25, 2008
The Woods by ultraviolet32x Horror
Specatacularly mastered. Story was simple... mixed with perfectly cued music made this intersting movie. Some how I felt the movie covered to much ground to quickly. Should of been longer but The Movi... reviewed October 25, 2008
The Bank Robbing Gang by konlyg Action
James Bond theme right? reviewed October 24, 2008
Quand Trois Poules Vont au Champ by CJax Comedy
Drole...sorta. I also have to make a movie for school The teacher wants a 10min long movie! Can you beleive taht?! reviewed October 24, 2008
The Baggage Boy by Lazlo319 Comedy
I got that it was a joke kid. But it had crappy lines. And bad voice overs. DoN't talk close to the microphone. 3 stars cuz i feel sorry for u reviewed October 24, 2008
Sherlock Dohlmes The Major Monster by Lazlo319 Comedy
What wuz that? No seriously. It made no sense! He died twice. Monster was big then small. Vo's were suckish. Not bad reviewed October 24, 2008
the ship of the rebellious tard by squrrlboy Sci-Fi
Not bad Please rate my newest movue: Forgetting the West reviewed October 24, 2008
The Woods - Trailer by ultraviolet32x Horror
Excellent! Please tell me when it is released Please rate my new western (somewhat): Forgetting the West reviewed October 24, 2008
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
This has to be the best horror movie on TMO! I'll be bookmarking this! Please rate my new movie: Forgetting the West http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/153475 reviewed October 24, 2008
Fundamental by Patrick-Mc-All Action
Interesting. A good deal of ground was covered for a 3min long movie. All in all a pretty decent film (4.5 stars) Please rate my new movie: Forgetting the West http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/153475 Thanks reviewed October 24, 2008
salvege2 a new threat by damonky Action
Featured Review
A good film (Even though i did'nt see part 1) but it a had a few minor flaws (Subtitles and Mumble). How did u get the guy to climb down the wall? Please rate my new film: Forgetting the West
reviewed October 24, 2008
The Driving Test by BeatyBeaks Comedy
Good and Funny! Please rate my newest movie : Forgetting the West reviewed October 24, 2008
A very good movie (I even speak spanish...it was mexican...right?) reviewed October 20, 2008
The Eraser by xHunter1993x Action
O.K . I've seen better Cool name reviewed October 19, 2008
THERIAN 3 by crazymann09 Horror
Wow! Everything just mixed perfectly! The music, the set dressing. Its creepy and twisted feel. reviewed October 19, 2008
Dark Thriller by samyhouse Action
The Music and Cinematography where a perfect match as well as the story and sets Le Musci et le camera etait parfait! Aussi l'histoire etait fantastic! SVP ecout mes films (Ils sont en anglais) reviewed October 17, 2008
Who killed Santa Claus ? by HarryStoteles Action
uh...what is the point? Add VOs and subs next time NEVER use THE MOVIES music reviewed October 17, 2008
a tree in autumn by trewill7 Horror
Not Bad. Not exactly a horror reviewed October 15, 2008
Dying To Meat You by Myself1042 Horror
Not bad. Please rate my movies reviewed October 15, 2008
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
Woah! You must be one of the few that made a film dealing with such a trade and worldwide problem. Beautifully done and...I almost cried...almost. 10 STARS ... reviewed October 13, 2008
FEAR by patty82 Horror
Pretty intense Please watch my movies reviewed October 13, 2008
Far From Home (Trailer) by taxmenpaxmen Action
By Far the best trailler on TMO. Good Job Please tell me when the full movie is released reviewed October 13, 2008
Big TMOer 2008 by asaoleary123 Comedy
Ha ha Funny Please rate my movies reviewed October 12, 2008
Kayna Part 2 by Rik_Vargard Action
Woah! Loved the story,voices,cinematography (u probably hear this alot). HELP! HOW DO I GET MODS ON WINDOWS VISTA? reviewed October 12, 2008
Gathering Little Mushrooms by Babar23 Horror
A Truly Darker Version of Alice in Wonderland! Pefect cinematography and use of set and music HELP! HOW DO I USE MODS WITH WINDOWS VISTA? reviewed October 12, 2008
PREDATOR URBAN HUNT 2 by Wolfpred Horror
I realy Injoyed it. HELP! how do I get mods on Windows Vista? reviewed October 12, 2008
305 by Legomyeggo Comedy
Not terrible...i've done worse with VO's before... reviewed October 12, 2008
HUNT by anthropomorphism Action
I loved the music...i gave it 2 stars extra cause of it...free play music? reviewed October 11, 2008
Graverobber by MothmanMike Horror
So the corpes was his wife right? Good job reviewed October 10, 2008
Pirate vs ninja episode 3 by alexliv Action
Pretty good. Makes me want to have been the inventor of the series. Please check out my movies http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/153292 Its super action packed...a bit hard to follow watch first 3 pa... reviewed October 9, 2008
Some Of Us (by Ally Miller) by biggstrek Romance
loved it...6 stars Please rate my movies reviewed October 9, 2008
Guilds Of War by anthropomorphism Action
The Begining+ its music= 2 thumbs up The rest...sci-fi bit...almost as good all and all= not bad If you have time plz rate my new movies reviewed October 9, 2008
The Terrible Old Man by slarner Horror
A True MasterPiece...I will be bookmarking this...how do I ad new backdrop? Please watch and rate my movies reviewed October 8, 2008
Never Walk On An Indian Mound by BeatyBeaks Horror
An Odd enough movie...a good odd. Please rate my new movie Bleeding Innocence Part IV Savior reviewed October 8, 2008
The Perfect Lie 2 by ultraviolet32x Romance
Suddenlly I was confused...15 secondes later I was stuned...a marvulous ending Please watch and rate my new movie...Bleeding Innocence Part IV Vengeance reviewed October 8, 2008
Mroczna prawda by marcusreed Action
Very well done...even if ididnt understand what they were saying Please watch and rate my newest movie (Bleeding Innocence Part IV Savior http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/153292 reviewed October 8, 2008
DOG COLLAR SEIZURE by tsunamidog Horror
I Loved It. How did youget camera to shake like that? How did yo u get the store as a background? reviewed October 7, 2008
Attack Of The Ape by trueiskill Comedy
HA HA Funny Please rate this movie: http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/152780 reviewed October 2, 2008
Confession by MothmanMike Comedy
I loved the Opening Shot of the door opening and well the rest... reviewed October 2, 2008
Random Show 3 Unexpected! by IgorS Comedy
A Very Funny Movie. Rember this movie: Play-Dead? Part 3 of a Westrern series? anyway i was wondering if you could review part 5 of the series (VOs and all) the VOless one made it to 13th best action ... reviewed October 1, 2008
Blood Corpse by superhingeymin Horror
Impressive...but how did they get for a floor in the city to a tropical beach so fast? Please watch and rate my movies...we have a bit of everything here at DiamondBackFilms reviewed September 29, 2008
Toad Rip by tna05 Horror
Not bad for a first film (you should see my first films,lol) Please watch and rate my films (the newer ones) reviewed September 29, 2008
Tale Of The Death Part 2 Trailer by Marius_Hirstad Action
Please tell me when the movie is released! The Most Spectacular Trailler I have seen on TMO Please tell me how to get those words into the film. reviewed September 29, 2008
NYPD Another Police Story by dbagdi1992 Action
Impressive. The Music...not so much But still was well done Please rate my new action/thriller (http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/153009) reviewed September 29, 2008
King Kong (Part One) export1 by pookashells Romance
i could always think of the Peter jackson version of King Kong while every scence went...and how it you'Res was so much better!! reviewed September 27, 2008
Assassin X-2 All out Action by ultraviolet32x Action
Featured Review
Can't wait 'till Assasin X-3! It was intense! Great Action Scences! Great Costumes! Great Camera Angles! Perfect! if you have time watch and rate my action series called Bleeding Innocence there are 3...
reviewed September 27, 2008
Home Of The Braves 2 by happyhat Action
Um...well I think the computer did this...it made the exact same film for me any way...but dialogue was well done. For good action sequences I sudgest that you watch Bleeding Innocence Part 2 Nemesis... reviewed September 27, 2008
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 2 by trewill7 Action
I loved it...even better than act 1! With that said i whould be honored if you whould watch my Western film called Trigger-Finger (http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/152634) reviewed September 27, 2008
Renegade Guns by m1c5 Action
good job. Should make sequel. Only had minor problems I sudgest this movie called Trigger-Finger its the werstern that got highest mark online! http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/152634 reviewed September 26, 2008
Dial It Up! (3 sec movie-excluding credits) by DerekHH Comedy
What just Happened? reviewed September 25, 2008
Red Pod by xchaosx Action
a Fun Little Sci-Fi flick If you have time: Please review my movies...please reviewed September 25, 2008
Castle Of Blood by cute_clever_curt_ere Horror
You seem to have the talent to make a monster flick But I saw a storyless Mummy and Dracula geting stabed by steaks in the wild west (?) Whats with the name?! Try a Mafia movie next time reviewed September 25, 2008
Once Upon a Time in Chicago by ncl1994 Action
For a First Movie this very well done...may I sudgest you get some mods though. Could use a Sequel My Favorite Part was when it said ''Dum Dum Dum'' im not sure if was supposed to be funny though If y... reviewed September 25, 2008
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
I loved the story! I loved the VOs (especially the buisness mans) Very Orginal By the Way how do you get mods with Windows Vista? reviewed September 24, 2008
The Count by Flamurq Horror
Not bad...but not groudbreaking good either I couldnt get any soud...but maybe its just my machine...peopl dont like soundless movies reviewed September 23, 2008
Men of Justice by Flamurq Action
I gave it 5 star to even out the review =) I thought it was O.K. Dont worry about th e bad review! He gave my movie a bad review so I redid it 3 times to finally get 3 stars out of him! You should che... reviewed September 23, 2008
Stuck in TheMovies by Anykeyz Sci-Fi
A very good sci-fi. I thoght it was very impresive(I cant even get images from outside the game. Believe me ive tried.) I foud the Plot somewhat similar to on of my Movies called Digital-You (http://m... reviewed September 23, 2008
Assassin X-2 All out Action - TRAILER by ultraviolet32x Action
Featured Review
Nice Trailler! Looks like it will be ACTION PACKED cant wait till its release This is the link to Part 1 of my New Action Series http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/152781 (Parts 2&3 are also available)
reviewed September 23, 2008
Cowboys Of The Desert by BeatyBeaks Action
A good Solid Western. I really liked the Music (Bob Dylan right?)but I don't think it suited the whole film. You've seen Bleeding Innocence Part 2&3 but you haven't seen Part 1: Pheonix See where it ... reviewed September 23, 2008
The Day the World Ends Part 1 by stunts07 Horror
Not bad at all. I really injoyed the ledge sequence Could have fixed up some Editing Isssues for part 2...by the way I think you need to put an explenation for whats going on in sequel and or movie sp... reviewed September 23, 2008
Sniper Teaser by horrorking Action
Good, Good, Good Want to see the Movie reviewed September 22, 2008
Germinator by fleischklopfer Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed September 21, 2008
Chainsaw VI by DevilsExperiment Horror
I really Injoyed the Music! interessting enough story but no Chainsaw! reviewed September 21, 2008
Wolf-Man by RedSpyro Action
I Loved the opening Music! The wolf was actualy more interessting than i thought Whats with the green swamp monster (by the way it sounded like a little girl) But you realy should thank the maker of i... reviewed September 21, 2008
One AM In Chinaville english version by darian-caribe@hotmail.com Action
Not Bad at All reviewed September 21, 2008
The Silent Noise by BeatyBeaks Sci-Fi
Not Bad... a bit less feel than one could hope for... It reminded me of I am Legend Please rate my newest installment to Bleeding Innocense (It got a 2 star review cuz of spelling) reviewed September 20, 2008
You Are Gay by horrorking Comedy
A Very Funny Loved the VO's Bleeding Inncense Judgement is OUT! reviewed September 20, 2008
Do You Like Josephkw Movies Trailer by macwemyss Comedy
Not m,m bad at ALl. Looking forward to the movie Thanks for rating my Movie. Please rate my new action series Bleeding Innocence reviewed September 20, 2008
March Of Destiny by BeatyBeaks Action
Good. So your making a Parody of your felow TMO members? Can My Studio Be Mentioned By the way I advertised Scream 69 and put you're studio name on my Sponsers List (See my studio Homepage) reviewed September 19, 2008
Waistland by 51345134 Comedy
Very Funny Voices!! Please rate this comedy by BeatyBeaks: Scream69 reviewed September 19, 2008
Mak Hiro Save The West by macwemyss Comedy
A Nice Fun Movie! You got some nice gags too! Looking forward to a sequel Please rate my new movie: Digial You reviewed September 19, 2008
True Nam stories Milai by robman46 Horror
This is a entree of The DiamondBack Films Random Movie Contest in preperation of my new film Bleeding Innocense: Judgement Part 3 of the Series. Winner will receive an amout of VC. VOs/Subs- 4/10 Sto... reviewed September 14, 2008
Horizon - Folge 1 - Ikarus by Bodyrock Sci-Fi
Film on Even if its in German (I Think it is) liked it If you have time please rate my Movies reviewed September 14, 2008
Grendal by sickjoke Action
I Liked this crime thriller Good use of the Joker Mod (I cant even get it to work) Loved the Laugh Please re-post the Joker movie u made or e-mail them to me at diamondbackfilms@hotmail.com reviewed September 14, 2008
The Prank Call by BenTuttle90 Comedy
A Very Funny Movie Please watch and rate my Movies reviewed September 14, 2008
Scream 69 by BeatyBeaks Comedy
Featured Review
a pretty decent comedy
reviewed September 14, 2008
Ballshot by hugh750 Action
Decent Enough Movie Please rate my new sci-fi drama: Digital-You reviewed September 14, 2008
Love Lasso by BeatyBeaks Romance
funny a bit short Please rate my new action Movie Bleeding Innicense Pheonix (it made t on top 100 so itmust be good. Sequel is a bit more action packed reviewed September 14, 2008
GoldenRazor - A Hero is Born by nikstudios05 Action
You're movie inspired me. Please e-mail me the main theme of movie at diamondbackfilms@hotmail.com I'll mention your studio in the credits of the movie (to be released) Please rate my new action seri... reviewed September 14, 2008
The Dark Knight Returns by sickjoke Action
Pretty Good. Nice Music You should thank the Modders, DC and Frank Miller for characters and such reviewed September 14, 2008
River Law by BeatyBeaks Action
Featured Review
Great Movie. I even had funny parts to it. I've been watching you're movies (sorry if I did'nt rate em all) since Xavier and I'll be keeping an even closer eye on you're studio fronow on. If you have...
reviewed September 14, 2008
Smoking Kills by jan_renkas Action
Good Message Please rate my new Movie called Digital You It's about a father who gets mad about his son playing to many video games reviewed September 14, 2008
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
Well Done!!! Please rate my new sci-fi: Digital You reviewed September 13, 2008
Back home by Dazza99 Sci-Fi
Very Funny Alien Movie Please rate my New Sci-fi: Digital You reviewed September 13, 2008
The Criminal by Abrey Action
O.K Subs could of been better Nice Music (Although it did not fit movie) reviewed September 13, 2008
Jurassic Park by Abrey Action
I liked the Movies Better You did the best you could without a Dino OK Music reviewed September 13, 2008
Along The Watchtower by Abrey Action
Well Done A Sad WAr Flick Please rate my New sci-fi: Digital You reviewed September 13, 2008
Mortal Coil by cecil_evans Action
Nice use of mods+Faced paced action= One of my TMO FAVORITES Please rate my NEW sci-fi movie: Digital You reviewed September 13, 2008
The last case by micha83 Action
I LOVED THE Movie Best Cinematogtaphy ever on TMO Best Script! Good VOs (even if cant understand GERMAN) Beutiful music Great Editing Easily the Best on TMO Please rate my Movies (http://movies.lion... reviewed September 13, 2008
Cosmic by Philmaster Action
Great Movies My Favorite Movie on TMO How did you get the special effects? Tell me at diamondbackfilms@hotmail.com Please rate my new action movies (http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/152780) reviewed September 13, 2008
O the Ocean Teaser by thebiz Action
Nice Idea Looks like a comedy meets 20000 leagues under the sea Cheack out my new action movies at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/152780 reviewed September 13, 2008
View Point by asaoleary123 Action
Very Good Movie Nice Storyline Please rate my Movies reviewed September 13, 2008
Ed Edd and Eddy by allenrules Comedy
great movie, very funny Mods are things you can download and place into the game (go to 8eyedbaby.com for a huge list) Please rate my Comedy: The Nagging Wives--Sex, Sounds Edition reviewed September 13, 2008
Wild Wild West by allenrules Action
A O.K film. Could of used Mods Music was O.k Watch the Western Called: Trigger-Finger it will give you good Ideas it th 13th best action reviewed September 12, 2008
The American Dream by filipekholmstudios Romance
Featured Review
A Beutiful Movie 40Min of my most valuable time was used fairly Love the Poster Nice Editing Job Please Rate my Movies
reviewed September 12, 2008
The Kid Rode Away by Jadamou Comedy
Good Short story Please rate my Movies reviewed September 7, 2008
The Cavevampire by horrorking Horror
IT was brilliantly done Thanks for the advice with the mods Their will be a delay for Bleeding Innocense Part III: Judgement due to the fact that the team here at DiamondBackFilms is working on a sc... reviewed September 7, 2008
The Motel by horrorking Horror
Well done! Most Horror Flicks on TMO are well not very ''Intense'' but this one was. Good VOs and Good use of Mods (I can only get music Mods to Work myself) Great Cinematography By the way the seque... reviewed September 7, 2008
Breaking the Mob series 2 part 1 by wyvernslayer Action
I have not seen series one but I found this quite enjoyable Pretty neat action LOVE THE POSTER Please rate my new action series Bleeding Innosense reviewed September 6, 2008
MEMORIES by Eagle_93 Romance
I am not a fan of the Genre befor I saw this but now I am. I recomendthis for everybody (maybe not 3 year olds) I whould be honored if you rated my most recent Movie Series: Bleeding Innoscense(1&2 ... reviewed September 6, 2008
The tell-tale Heart by farquad Horror
This is and Excellent adaption of Edgar Allan Poes Story I recommend this movie even if you have not heard of Poe Please make more Edgar Allan Poe Movies Please rate any of my Movies and tell me when... reviewed August 31, 2008
White Western part 2 english by addeB Action
Very intersting Western! Was the original not english?-A Fellow Western Maker Please rate my Westerns like Play-Dead, Trigger-Finger and such reviewed August 31, 2008
The Monster by postproducer Horror
Great story even the bazooka(why was it in the kitchen) was entertaining. I want to see THE MONSTER PART TWO Film on!! Please rate my HORROR movie:Playing Cards with the Devil reviewed August 31, 2008
Trents Fable by biggstrek Action
Funniest Fable Entry! Please rate my best comedy: The Nagging Wives--Sex Sounds Edition reviewed August 31, 2008
Lionhead by Dr_House Romance
Loved the Set Up Loved the Music Loved the the VO's(Narrator) Loved the Story It was perfect =) Please rate my Movies (Play-Dead, playing cards with the Devil and Nagging Wives) reviewed August 31, 2008
The Road Less Traveled by rysto Romance
A Beutiful, touching story about choices. Nice Fable/Movies cameos to. Should of gotten first place in the competion Please rate my Movies reviewed August 31, 2008
Dark Wolf by murderpictures Horror
Nice story. Was confusing with the 5hours thing in other words it wasnt great but wasnt terrible Need more work on the VO's reviewed August 31, 2008
Nam 67 by adamthegamr Action
No Review reviewed August 31, 2008
The Mathematician by jcmoorehead Action
Intersestting story. Please rate my MOVIES...please reviewed August 31, 2008
Pirate vs Ninja Episode 4 by alexliv Action
Loved it! I was rooting for the pirate the intire time! Idea for episode5: Bullet deflecting ninja armor or put santa in it! please rate my movies reviewed August 31, 2008
Random Show by IgorS Comedy
Well...it's supposed to be random but random does'nt make great movies. reviewed August 30, 2008
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
Loved It! I watched it over and over! Make more music videos! Please rate my movies. reviewed August 30, 2008
James Gates III by burkey1993 Action
INCREDIBLE WESTERN!!! This is the FIRST of the SERIES for me and I LOVED it! CHARACTERS, VOICE OVERS and the POSTER are NICE. KEEP FILMING. Let me know when the NEXT one is out. Please rate MY WESTERN... reviewed August 29, 2008
The Lady Jungle Style by noridean Action
Not Bad Please rate my Movie: Playing Cards with the Devil reviewed August 29, 2008
The Stranger by noridean Horror
none timetaking and so pointless it's funny Please rate my Horror/Slasher Flick: Playing Cards with the Devil reviewed August 29, 2008
Neville's Devils by caleb94 Action
Not bad Please rate my Western Movie called Play-Dead reviewed August 29, 2008
The Adventures of Pvt Starch and Shirley by Izaki Action
Very Pointless Too many car changes Cheerleader and bartender cops? Love Story? Please do better next time. reviewed August 29, 2008
World War 2 (with Monster Aftermath!) by Izaki Action
Pointless... no proper lead up Sorry for being brutal. reviewed August 29, 2008
L'église ensanglantée by Denaro Comedy
En Francais? Bien Fait S.V.P Ecoute mes films reviewed August 29, 2008
SAMURAI auf J-G-E by samumusa Sci-Fi
Decent Story please rate my Movies (The Nagging Wives: Sex Sounds Edition,Play-Dead,etc.) reviewed August 29, 2008
Pirate vs ninja go for a drive by alexliv Action
Good Edition To the Series. Please rate my Movies: The Nagging Wives: Sex Sounds Edition, Play-Dead, Trigger-Finger,etc. reviewed August 29, 2008
Random by deadman132 Comedy
Random Indeed. Please rate my Movies (The Nagging-Wives: Sex Sounds Edition) reviewed August 29, 2008
Western by Wannigmann Comedy
Good Film!!! Please rate my Movies! reviewed August 28, 2008
Horror Movie by matsjosh Comedy
Loved it!!! Please rate my movies! reviewed August 28, 2008
The Wakening by jjbwi3 Action
''Eat Nightstick'' ''Criminal Scum'' ''Samuel L Jackson??!!'' Poor Subs,decent enough script, way to cheesy lignes. Hope sequel will be better reviewed August 28, 2008
It Came From Space by chris62 Horror
OK...TO UNREALISTIC IN MY OPINION reviewed August 28, 2008
Chat Room by sidy Horror
Great original story! Music is great FXs is Great Please rate my movie: Trigger-Finger or The Nagging Wives reviewed August 27, 2008
Shark Attack 2 Trailer by chris62 Horror
Too Cheesy! Idea for spinoff- Phiranah Atack! SeaMonster and Curse of the green socks. reviewed August 27, 2008
The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem by Tie Horror
Creepy! Very Original! Great Voice Acting! Love the poster! Please rate these movies= Play-Dead and The Nagging Wives reviewed August 26, 2008
War is Hell by cacapipieee Horror
Terrible you did not make it. It whould be okay if you updated it with subs and dialogue. But you're trying do this with LIONHEAD PROPERTY. I whould give this 0 Stars reviewed August 25, 2008
bad cop bad cop by elykg93 Comedy
Featured Review
Nice movie! Best i've seen in a while. Please rate my movies! Play-Dead, Trigger-Finger,Are ya Chicken
reviewed August 25, 2008
Pirate vs ninja by alexliv Action
Very Imaginative Idea! Cudos to you! Please rate my movies : Play-Dead, Mad-Dog! and A wanted Man reviewed August 25, 2008
Narcotic Threads by Patrick-Mc-All Action
Good sequel! Please rate some of my movies: Mad-Dog! and Play-Dead reviewed August 25, 2008
Xavier by BeatyBeaks Horror
Brilliant Horrot/thriller movie! Please rate my this movie : Play-Dead reviewed August 25, 2008
Bad Shrimp by asaoleary123 Comedy
Featured Review
Great Story. Loved it! Please review my movie: Play-Dead
reviewed August 19, 2008
Infested! Part 1 by rysto Action
Featured Review
Great cinematography. The best I've seen so far. Loved the father/daughter moments and music. Every thing went down hill with the ants. First part equals5 stars. Rest 1 star.
reviewed August 18, 2008
Moonjive Episode 1 by vaill Action
poor quality film reviewed August 18, 2008