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Average Rating Received: 4.81

Number of Movies Reviewed: 177
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 16
Average Rating Given: 4.19
Movies Released by dfpiii
BAIS 3 - The Sequel Of The Sequel Comedy
BAIS 3: The Sequel Of The Sequel is the sequel to BAIS 2: The Wrath of Qwan, which was the sequel to the original BAIS. Admiral Edward Mulhooligan must lead the crew of the SS Michael Bolton to a par... posted May 21, 2007
How To Catch A Girl Comedy
Outrageous comedy. Inspired by Riott007's How To Catch A Man, How To Catch A Girl shows that special time in the life of young Lewis as Professor Morse teaches him what every teenage boy should know.... posted July 12, 2006
BAIS 2 - The Wrath of Qwan Sci-Fi
Peaking at 16 in the Sci-Fi Chart in July 2006. BAIS 2 - The Wrath of Qwan Sequel to the award disdaining BAIS. Follow the continuing adventures of the crew of the SS Michael Bolton, pride of the Q... posted July 6, 2006
Peaking at Number 3 in the TMO comedy chart. The spoof "trailer" for the movie Hollywood could never make! The epic and complete history of the United States of AMERICA! told by people who slept thr... posted April 29, 2006
The Eighth Seal Comedy Not Rated
No Description posted March 17, 2006
BAIS Also known as "Brief Adventure In Space" but it's come to be known much better as "British Adventures In Space" this movie peaked at Number 12 in the TMO comedy charts back in January 06. Stard... posted January 2, 2006
It Came From Where It Had Been (Dir Cut) Horror
"It Came From Where It Had Been" is a classic 1930's detective story with a twist. Aristotle Mason is a private detective who gets in over his head, saves the day and spreads the word -- vegetarians ... posted December 31, 2005
Movies Reviewed by dfpiii
Tsunamidogs Educational Video by tsunamidog Horror
You know, I was pretty sure if anyone was going to kill me and gnaw on my delicious bones it would be Ronald McDonald. He has that blood stain round his mouth, and the pallid skin tones of the noctur... reviewed October 23, 2007
The Family Trailer by Smagee Action
Looks good. Maybe a touch too much with the fade to black, but some nice camera work and use of mods. reviewed May 21, 2007
Price of Vengeance by Bennettl Action
Altogether a nice film. The effort you put in to using all the custom elements really shows. The alien language V/O would have worked better if the camera had been on the alien at the time though. reviewed May 21, 2007
A Day In Riotts Mind by riott007 Comedy
Featured Review
I would never sleep with a retard on purpose either. Therefore 5 stars.
reviewed May 19, 2007
The Christmas Beard by Movie-Mad Comedy
Wooo, first review. Like The Beard, The Christmas Beard's triumph is its huge number of absurdisms and crackling one-liners. Technically the film's a bit duff, but seriously, you'll laugh, so who cares? reviewed January 7, 2007
k7-Quarantine by Rik_Vargard Sci-Fi
Always a pleasure to work with you, always a masterpiece that results. This film is what all great films are: remarkable, enjoyable and challenging. reviewed November 17, 2006
HE CAN SUCK My by kwistufa Comedy
If you wanted praise for that you can suck my reviewed September 14, 2006
Teaser of the Bite of the Knobgobbler by nunberry Horror
Featured Review
This film will be better than the combined love of Jesus and Paris Hilton.
reviewed September 6, 2006
Women dont do that by princeinexile Comedy
Oh yes they do. reviewed August 21, 2006
Marauders 4 by artorious Action
Hmmm. Well you got my name nickname wrong, but I'm willing to let that go seeing as how I totally misjudged the tone of the movie. I don't know where I got the impression that I was playing a white-... reviewed August 6, 2006
Innocence - Part 2 by vesobe Action
You know the reason this part has a higher rating is because the poster is better. reviewed August 6, 2006
Innocence - Part 1 by vesobe Action
A really stunning work. Excellent dialogue, excellent voice acting. You've lost none of the sinister magic of the original. reviewed August 6, 2006
HELL(it aint so bad!) by alfric Action
This worked out okay. For some reason the dodgy sound on The Movies uploads made me sound even more like Sean Connery - I almost convinced myself. Nice work Alfric. reviewed July 29, 2006
Last Night by luckduck Horror
Yep, I liked it. reviewed July 16, 2006
Marauders 4 trailer by artorious Action
I think the same thing about the water that everyone else does. I also felt the machine gun shot was maybe a little over done. It could have done with being broken up by other types of action. Look... reviewed July 14, 2006
Left In Town by FoDooG Comedy
I am a horse. reviewed July 14, 2006
Close Encounters with some Aliens part 1 by homemadeeye Comedy
Featuring - no, starring - some of the worst editing I've ever seen outside of any movie cut by a man whose nickname wasn't "Old Blindy". But it made me laugh, what more did I want? Did I want Flori... reviewed July 13, 2006
CLIVE AT 5 - The MR BONES Interview by kwistufa Comedy
The bit with Audrey Hepburn in the taxi was my favourite. A close second was the love scene between LAssie and King Kong. reviewed July 13, 2006
Fall Of A Titan Directors Cut by madmatt7g Comedy
AAAAAAAAARGH! One joke taken out a flogged to death before a baying crowd while a homosexual emperor claps limpy under a canopy made of flayed human skin. I loved it. reviewed July 13, 2006
Chicken in the Can by madmatt7g Comedy
This was exactly like the Maltese Falcon! reviewed July 13, 2006
The Pie Man Cometh by speilucasberg Comedy
The beginning was good, the singing cow was great, but I could have done entirely without the middle. reviewed July 13, 2006
Hump A Berry by danbo1 Comedy
Clearly I need to seek therapy. Arousal is not the reaction I'm supposed to be getting here. Hey ho. reviewed July 13, 2006
The Urge 3 by danbo1 Comedy
I don't understand. So Michelle murdered Douglas and hid the statue in Andrew's grave to make it look like a zombie attack? I'm going to have to watch this again. reviewed July 13, 2006
The urge 2 by danbo1 Comedy
Oh, alright then reviewed July 13, 2006
The urge by danbo1 Comedy
I know son... I know. reviewed July 13, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
No Review reviewed July 12, 2006
MrBones The final chapter by princeinexile Comedy
I wanted to give it four stars because of the offensively long credits BUT I CAN'T FIGHT THIS FEELIN ANYMORE. 5 Stars. reviewed July 12, 2006
Pwn Stars! Part 1 by greentrident Comedy
Your editing is fairly sloppy, you've got a lot of dead time between lines. And I hate mumbling. But your story is really original and your script doesn't suck. reviewed July 12, 2006
The Matrix Revelations by slyguy_tx Sci-Fi
This movie suffered from two very major problems. The middle of your movie is composed of one long shot of conversation between two characters with no cutaways or movement, either from the camera or ... reviewed July 10, 2006
Eternal Happiness by FLYmeatwad Romance
That was very touching. The mumbling annoyed me and yeah, possibly the story was a little schmultzy, but it's a nice little film. I would probably only give this three stars normally, but you've had... reviewed July 10, 2006
Terran Soul Episode 4 Retaliation by Dredrt Sci-Fi
Good sci-fi movie. You managed to keep the fight scenes interesting. Maybe consider using overlays rather than subtitles for your opening credits next time - though it is more work. reviewed July 10, 2006
wizards of the compass1- complete by ranger21 Action
Fight scenes dragged a bit, but otherwise excellent. reviewed July 10, 2006
The New People by gex13mjm Comedy
This movie made me laugh twice and I have no idea why. "These sheets cost a thousand dollars" and "Now I'm going to run away". Just wonderfully random points in the movie -- two stars for each laugh. reviewed July 10, 2006
Chronicles of Gordon Freeman Episode 5 by BentPr0ducti0ns Sci-Fi
That voice acting was fantastic. Of an absolutely professional standard. I liked your use of stunts and effects generally, and overlay in particular. However in one shot I could actually see over t... reviewed July 10, 2006
Soul Of The Shell - Division 9 Movie Prevw by gabriel11986 Sci-Fi
That really made no sense. The trailer only seems to be naming the characters, it doesn't make any attempt to give background on them, to foreshadow the story or to create any kind of expectation. I... reviewed July 10, 2006
The Slaves by Zakko Sci-Fi
This film started well with an interesting premise, but everything went wrong about 2 minutes in. From there things happened with no reason, the truck exploded, they flew in a helicopter which was bl... reviewed July 10, 2006
How to Catch a Man by riott007 Comedy
Is it wrong that I was aroused by this? Probably. reviewed July 9, 2006
Poison Lead by Valatiel Action
Really liked this. I was seriously considering 4 stars for the rain sound, but I think you've learned your lesson. A genuinely chilling bad guy, a well-paced and interesting western that wasn't just... reviewed July 9, 2006
Dark Snowflake II Teaser by yogurt_king Horror
Best trailer I have ever seen. And I've only ever said that like six times before. reviewed July 8, 2006
DOOM - Trailer by bloodhound9 Action
Actually not a bad trailer, but music is snaffled. reviewed July 8, 2006
Monday Nights 05 Aethr Flaven by kos78 Comedy
Great. I hate you. reviewed July 8, 2006
My Perfect Neighbour by axecinema Romance
Understated, interesting, enjoyable. A slice of suburban pressure. Not any new insight, but watchable nonetheless. reviewed July 8, 2006
How stunts and effects will change our lifes by danlally Comedy
Just a wee bit awful. I think your biggest problem with it as a competition entry is that it doesn't say how S&E will change your life. reviewed July 8, 2006
Burning Love by nunberry Romance
This was easily the worst film ever. Quite an acheivement. Congratulations, that deserves five stars. reviewed July 7, 2006
Scholastic Films Intelligent Design by DeusExMachinima Comedy
Indeed. reviewed July 7, 2006
Biggz Breach by xbadplaya69x Action
Just some action scenes. I'm not clear on why someone could plausibily be dropped off at school dressed as a ninja though. reviewed July 7, 2006
Innocence Trailer by vesobe Action
Yep. I'll watch it. reviewed July 7, 2006
Apollyon by corinthian Horror
I liked these trousers! reviewed July 7, 2006
Becoming Vibra by baktakor Horror
Bizarre, but it seemed to be entirely out of context even with itself. It seemed like there was a lot of backstory we weren't seeing and the backstory was better than what you did show. I wasn't int... reviewed July 6, 2006
Runescape-a Piss Take by jammydodger Comedy
Not great. One big problem is with changing square screens to the letterbox format, combined with poor resolution. Half your film is unintelligable. I did like the fight scene though. reviewed July 6, 2006
The Great Chicken Revolt of 1955 Part 2 by vegas9879 Comedy
I particularly enjoyed the bit where the guy whistles the music. Subtle. Nice. That got you three stars, the other two are there by mistake. reviewed July 6, 2006
Cry Wolf by vesobe Action
This was wonderful, it was to watch what velvet is to touch. Beautiful. reviewed July 6, 2006
Strang Things are Happening by thejoe8pizza Comedy
Really bad sound, mike and music. Bad spelling. Bad editing. Nothing original. But not entirely awful. I think if you took more time over your next movie you could make something really funny. reviewed July 6, 2006
the third suspect by Lorgod Action
That was seriously good. I'm guessing that was an all German cast doing voice overs in English. It's some of the best cross-language acting I've seen on TMO. I think this film illustrates perfectly... reviewed July 6, 2006
Opposing Forces by moviedragon5000 Action
A very nice use of stunts and effects -- the radio shot worked particularly well. A fluid and interesting story, though I'm not sure where the father and son are in the end -- and maybe they aren't e... reviewed July 6, 2006
Das Trio-Der Bankraub by philnate Comedy
This film didn't make me laugh - I think because you're subtitles are usually a little off what you actually mean to say. That aside the film wasn't entirely bad. I was able to follow the plot quite... reviewed July 6, 2006
The Cowboy Tom Story by pamdennis Action
I thought your film would have been better if you didn't limit your voice actor to reading out the lines as they appear on the screen, it seemed slightly stilted. It was otherwise a nice little story... reviewed July 6, 2006
k7 - Quarantine -Trailer- by Rik_Vargard Action
Featured Review
Rik, your trailer is better than most people's movies. This looks like it will be another classic. (And my voice over was damn cool :@) )
reviewed June 18, 2006
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Dylen Horror
I agonised over this rating. I really don't want to give the impression that this is one of those flippant four star reviews. I have three problems with this film and they're all big push-button iss... reviewed June 15, 2006
Lovesong For A Knob Gobbler by nunberry Horror
Featured Review
Hang on a minute. This was really good. I mean really good. I feel like this whole B-movie schtick has been a deception in order to promote your musical career. I feel so used. Which is nice.
reviewed June 2, 2006
Accounted Reprisal by reapar Action
I know there sound problems, but I was in it -- I can't give 4 stars to a film I was in. It would be like kicking one of my own children, or a puppy. reviewed May 25, 2006
InteractoVision(tm) Tech Demo by matneee Comedy
My favourite part was when the zombie dinosaurs exhumed the body of civil war general Robert E Lee and used him as a prop in their nativity scene. I don't know why nobody has done that before, it jus... reviewed May 22, 2006
The Kat by clyde Comedy
Mow? Nah. reviewed May 22, 2006
The Escape of the [naughty word!]bags by clyde Action
This film is truly, truly awful. I mean on a scale of one to ten, this ranks pretty close to whatever end of the scale is bad, so either like a 2.1 or an 8.9. I'm not really sure who the d'ouche bag... reviewed May 22, 2006
2 Gays and a Chicken by jarvey Comedy
"I want a divorce. It just wont work". "I know, I slept with a chicken". You made me laugh, so you get both stars for that. reviewed May 22, 2006
Scourge of ze Schpace Nazis by nunberry Sci-Fi
Yes. Yes, I liked it. I thought having the Nazis played by Germans was a new and interesting approach. reviewed May 22, 2006
Grass Growing TECH DEMO by nunberry Romance
I have my integrity to think of, but I flat out loved this. reviewed May 22, 2006
The Gritty West by Tarison Action
There are some ropey scenes -- the knife being held to your leading lady's throat, the scene after the fight on the stage coach and after the prison explodes when the building is restored -- which let... reviewed May 21, 2006
The Other Dimension by johnokinawa Romance
A film that's nicely constructed around a central idea of a girl broken of from reality. A generally smooth film with few editing blips and no scene that seem either superfluous or badly chosen. You... reviewed May 20, 2006
Bambi Is Running III(VO) by Babar23 Sci-Fi
I found this film insufferably tedious. If you're going to make a film that's 20 minutes long then you had better be doing something very special, and you weren't. Every single minute dragged by as ... reviewed May 20, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 1 by DecadentPictures Horror
This film is great. I'm sad to say it, but I think this is probably about the best that can be done with The Movies as the technology stands -- so in a sense this movie is both to be admired and piti... reviewed May 20, 2006
I could see what you were trying for here, and possibly you're getting a lower rating here because I've not seen any of you're earlier clown films. However I didn't like this film, I feel that it fai... reviewed May 20, 2006
HOLY BLOOD II(draco the vampyre)! by alfric Horror
This is rather exemplary film-making. You have a handful of jerky cuts, especially around the priests meeting in the Vatican, and your voice overs could be better. I did instantly suspected that the... reviewed May 20, 2006
O by riott007 Comedy
Oh this movie is terrible and while Ravel's original music is out of copyright, the actual recording by the orchestra almost certainly isn't. Why then, given that I think this is both rule breaking a... reviewed May 20, 2006
Reflection Part One by sisch Romance
Your opening credits were, I think, the best I've ever seen. But they didn't prepared me for the barrage of mods in the film -- I think I saw only one set from the orginal The Movies and that was dre... reviewed May 20, 2006
Monday Nights 04 Ninja Burger by kos78 Action
Yeah, sure, it was great. The editing was brilliant, your special effects were special, your voice overs were good, your plot was interesting and I was genuinely engaged by your subject matter. But ... reviewed May 20, 2006
You Choose! by david1972 Horror
Please check out my movie at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/MMCMXVIII ;) If I can be critical, I think you're voice was a bit too samey throughout the film. It was often unclear whether it was you... reviewed May 20, 2006
Dreamtown3 by Rik_Vargard Action
Featured Review
An act of subtle genius, Dreamtown is the peerless execution of a surreal nightmare world both enticing and mystifying. From the first beat of the first film to the last of the last Dreamtown grabs y...
reviewed May 15, 2006
La Mafia by Empro Action
This mafia film seems to be following more in the footsteps of The Untouchables than The Godfather. I don't think there was a single minute of this film in which someone didn't draw a gun or shoot so... reviewed May 7, 2006
Room 247 - Night One by jackalbane Horror
This was a great movie. I actually forgot I wasn't watching a professional production right up until the girl has a shower. You paced the action perfectly, you did some excellent foreshadowing and y... reviewed May 6, 2006
Scary Beginners II by Patty82 Comedy
This is a technically very good film, you've managed to show me some things which I'd never seen before. You haven't been constrained by the standard shots on the movies and as a result you've create... reviewed May 6, 2006
Fast eine Liebesgeschichte by Daninsky Romance
I think this is one of the best silent movies I've seen on the movies. The problem with using silence is that you've got nothing to cover up your shot choice -- it's stark and bare and a very daring ... reviewed May 6, 2006
The Many Faces of Rock! by JustinMoore Comedy
This is an interesting use of the movies which runs afoul of one fairly major problem -- the resolution on movies is so attrociously bad that seeing small patterns in rocks is impossible. I watched y... reviewed May 6, 2006
Wasted Lives by DNR Romance
Okay, if I can just mention a mistake right at the beginning. In the dance scene you have the couple on the right reversed -- the male is dancing in the woman's place. How do I know, because the han... reviewed May 6, 2006
King Kung POW by cronicclapper Comedy
This is actually the second time I've watched this. I have to say that I'm not as impressed as many -- very many -- of your other reviewers are. You know what the technical problems are with this fi... reviewed May 6, 2006
A Stranger In Town by Frooplet Action
A classic case of mistaken identity nicely handled. You didn't give your audience enough information about the stranger and you put down the neccessary plot clues in a very delicate way. Unfortunate... reviewed May 6, 2006
Baggage boy (porn version) by EdWoud Romance
Not even close to being funny. If you stood on top of this film with a pair of binoculars you couldn't even see the mountainous hinterland of funny. reviewed May 5, 2006
small sketches 1 skeleton student by skunkfunk Comedy
That was an eclectic, electric piece of rubbish. I don't really understand why I thought the skeleton chasing the dog saying "give me back my wallet" was funny, but it was, so there. The best laugh ... reviewed May 1, 2006
Commercial Break-Rhonda by david1972 Comedy
A nice movie. I don't think I've seen the "get lots of people into the car" joke on the movies before and of course I know the advert too -- if for Ford right? For a movie this short I would use the... reviewed May 1, 2006
The Aura The Beginning by akinis Horror
The voice over was good -- whatever went wrong with the levels didn't stop me from enjoying the film. The editing was okay, but I would have put the victim in a different place while "the Aura" came ... reviewed May 1, 2006
Skin Deep by ubernewbie Romance
Tender and emotional. I don't knwo what i was expecting from the end but that wasn't it. And then Lassie shows up! Far out. ...Either I'm high or you were. reviewed May 1, 2006
I Dont Like Vegetables by guyver01 Comedy
I would be suspicious of any blind date who introduces herself as "Aunty". This is probably lost tom some extent on American audiences, since most people in Britain will have actually met the woman t... reviewed April 30, 2006
Razorblade by jjpatel Romance
The main femlae part would have been much better handed to the female friend as I did find the very young voice to be a distraction -- and it's clearly cost you a few stars along the way. But on bala... reviewed April 30, 2006
The Crocodile Humper - Chicken Episode by duxy Comedy
The film had a couple of schoolboy editing mistakes at the beginning and I was getting worried it might be rubbish, but by the first "Crikey!" I was back on board. I chortled my way through about hal... reviewed April 30, 2006
The Titan Chonicles - Enigma Pattern by ubernewbie Horror
Nice. The custom elements gave your whole movie a unique feel. I'm not sure I was able to identify who everyone was throughout the film -- apart from the captain, who had ridiculously large sweater ... reviewed April 30, 2006
The Bottom of Space by cashuea Sci-Fi
Some of the problem with the movie stem from your script. People went around shaking their fists and vowing revenge far too much for no apparent reason. I have to admit, once they landed on "the bot... reviewed April 30, 2006
Stir by AnotherNewDawn Action
It's too early to talk about the emotional resonance of the series, since you're really just getting started here. I'm worried that making such a large movie will limit its impact -- can you even hav... reviewed April 30, 2006
StarCrap by MrSmithee Comedy
This was rubbish. I hated every minute of it. I think you're a pervert and I'm reporting your movie. Yours, Bill Roper, Starcraft Producer. reviewed April 30, 2006
My First Date with an Alien by guyver01 Comedy
"Just put on your sassy walk, Gilikalish, and he will like you". Bad sound really lets this film down. The levels aren't consistent between actors and there's too much crackle and shouting. It's wa... reviewed April 30, 2006
Circuit Love by jackalbane Romance
I didn't really get any sense of an overarching plot out of this film. I didn't see any real reason for McRage to a) want to conquer Earth or b) want to take one person on the whole planet prisoner. ... reviewed April 30, 2006
Cowboys gone mad by grez52 Action
Dreadful. I'm sorry, but everyone giving this five stars isn't helping you out in the least, this was a bad film. I'm going to give some suggestions that you can take or leave, but they're well-inte... reviewed April 30, 2006
Why didnt I call him Rover by nz_movie_maker Comedy
Your film is smooth and well edited, though making better use of music or sound effects would have improved it. The real problem is that the film is a bad joke. There's no credibility to the difficu... reviewed April 30, 2006
Space Corps by pepsidude32 Sci-Fi
I have to compliment your confident use of the black screen. It's actually easier, and in some cases the wrong choice, to fill up the sceen just because it's there. However, you could have made much... reviewed April 30, 2006
I Killed Santa Claus 2 by Slikere Horror
I have to say that this films includes some of the biggest editing faults I've seen lately. You change between day and night several times during the one fight scene, you over use fade to black and y... reviewed April 30, 2006
Kluck Fu by Zaion597 Comedy
Chicken kung-fu, nice. I enjoyed the Mortal Kombat style voice-over and the rabit was a good surreal touch that made me smile. It was some nice nonsense, but there was huge room for improvement. 1)... reviewed April 30, 2006
Buck Jackson - The Caroline Effect by EmeraldEdge Action
The feel of the movie was good. There's nothing wrong with a good old fashioned people turned to zombies theme -- and I think you worked it into something unusual by having the zombies having "lives"... reviewed April 30, 2006
Ultimate Sci-Fi Gamer by P5yNerGy Sci-Fi
I liked this film. You had a clear idea of what it was you were going for and didn't get distracted by over-using fight scenes. Everything flowed very well and by cutting back to the sleeping guy du... reviewed April 30, 2006
Murphy City PT 2 dash 1 by KirinRiotCrash Action
Murphy City part 2 was really rough going for me. I appreciate that there's an enormous amount of effort gone into making this, but I can't really say that I liked it. The voice over was excellent t... reviewed April 29, 2006
Superforce! Beyond Power! by TurboGhost Action
(Worried Orphan Noises) That started hilariously -- the idea that a nuclear blast would transform three sheperds was great and the orphan noises were great. The sound for the movie was absolutely aw... reviewed April 29, 2006
Fox the Immortal 9 till 5 by nightmare2146 Comedy
"I hope the vultures eat your face!" -- "Well that went better than expected". Nice closing lines for the film, I just wish there had been more of that sparkle earlier. The editing was good, the sto... reviewed April 29, 2006
Revenge of the Gun III by Firestalker5 Action
Featured Review
There were some bad editing decisions made throughout this film. Stray frames crept in several times and characters jumped around. The use of fade to black was heavy handed and irritating. However,...
reviewed April 29, 2006
Noir (Part 2) by siddus Action
This film struggled to avoid a 3 star rating from me. The music was nice and in keeping with the period, but it chugged along entirely at its own pace and took no interest in what was actually happen... reviewed April 29, 2006
The Black Fist and The White Palm by Hellwarden Action
Some very satisfactory action sequences that would have worked well in a larger film. Your editing was quite good and I liked your scene selection, especially for the demonic embrace. The story was ... reviewed April 29, 2006
Confession from an Alcoholic by akinis Romance
This was a genuine surprise. Half way through I had started to wonder if you were going to show me anything new and was already thinking this was bland and uninspired -- though the music was nice. T... reviewed April 29, 2006
POWER The Way to Drakenburg by Arawna11 Action
"The horses are exhausted and my arse begs mercy" -- yeah, we've all had a Saturday night like that. This was a technically very good, ethralling film. I didn't want it to end, but it was certainly ... reviewed April 29, 2006
End of Memories VO by Bolch Action
I have absolutely no hesitation in declaring that this is the best movie on The Movies. It was a joy to watch all 16 minutes and 11 seconds and I would recommend everyone to do likewise. The voice a... reviewed April 29, 2006
Project Honesty by Frooplet Sci-Fi
I knew this would be a professional effort from the beginning and wasn't disappointed. You constructed a very nice study around honest and then displayed the outcomes very well. As a criticism I wou... reviewed April 29, 2006
Dumb City Tales Episode 1 I-spy PI Inc by Timo666 Comedy
I found your private detective to be very interesting. Possibly it's the German accent -- I can't remember hearing a private detective with a German accent before, but it worked really well. The cho... reviewed April 29, 2006
Bum Day by cronicclapper Comedy
Featured Review
This filled is billed as a comedy, but it's really not, though I'd struggle to place it into any of the categories The Movies permits for it. Your story-telling style is well-paced and the revelation...
reviewed April 29, 2006
The Chub Grub by reafreak29 Comedy
I've always been a fan of the caption joke. It's under-rated and under-used -- but in this case it got you the only laugh out loud reaction in the film. The film was generally well-edited, though I ... reviewed April 29, 2006
The Sensitive Trigger-Teaser by ZCK_legend Action
Featured Review
I think for what this is it's very good (action movie teaser). The use of still images alongside the perfect choice of music created a growing sense of unease and tension that mirrored the script of ...
reviewed April 29, 2006
The Beard by Movie-Mad Comedy
Oh my -- "I'm going to grow a beard all over my face" -- "you magnificent [not-so-nice-word!]" -- "I've been sending him daily photo reports on my beard growth" -- these are the lines that take a view... reviewed April 29, 2006
Day of Desolation by bruisie150 Horror
Yes, this was a fine movie. I didn't like your use of the same character actions again (the monster sniffing scene) and the plot didn't make sense any way you slice it -- what murders exactly? Your ... reviewed April 29, 2006
Celeb confessions (Documentary)With Vo by emerik Comedy
I can see why you'd have something against Santa and Einstein, but what did Hitler ever do to you? The voice overs weren't that good -- shrillness, speaking to close or a bad mike gave you lots of cr... reviewed April 29, 2006
CRAPPY DAYS by kwistufa Comedy
You've done a lot of technical work on this and you've recognised the flaws in the dialogue. I didn't find the film funny though, so it didn't work as a comedy for me at any rate. Also, aren't movie... reviewed April 29, 2006
Light in the Dust Teaser by DecadentPictures Horror
Looks fantastic. Hope to catch the full thing. reviewed April 29, 2006
Athena Project IV The Origin by fulkster Sci-Fi
This is really a nicely crafted film. Constructively, I think you could do more to match the actions to the person speaking and you're cutting -- while excellent in action scenes -- is a little lazy ... reviewed April 29, 2006
The Three - Part 1 by a6h1nav Romance
This is interesting. My issues with it are that the music is really loud -- which is fine in itself -- but that makes the changes seem really abrupt. Also I'm not sure about the plot details -- who ... reviewed April 29, 2006
The Six Shooter by penfjj Action
This is really good. A very solid movie which didn't drag and that's impressive for anything over five minutes. You've put an enormous amount of effort into this and it shows. As pointers for the f... reviewed April 29, 2006
The Clown by Gulovision Action
I think that while this was an interesting film, it was too long for someone like myself -- who doesn't understand German -- to fully appreciate. reviewed April 29, 2006
Inborn Act One by MrSmithee Action
Interesting movie. Some of the cuts were a little awkward (like when he's suddenly "kidnapped" her at the station) and I wasn't sure why we got a thirty second shot focusing on a pile of books on the... reviewed April 29, 2006
Backward Test by the_richman Action
Maybe I have no shame or class. But I think anyone who sells their movie with "it's only 36 seconds long" deserves a review. I'll look forward to seeing the english language tutorial -- presuming th... reviewed April 29, 2006
Trapped in TMO !!! by killerbee5 Comedy
The first half dragged for me. You laboured the point of waking up in TMO (to be fair I've never seen any real film where this concept isn't hammed up well beyond my tolerance). The mumbling scene w... reviewed April 29, 2006
Dreamtown2 by Rik_Vargard Action
This is just plain good. The second episode raises even more questions than the first. It's spellbinding and I'm sure this will be a hotpick in no time at all. It's an honour to involved in the Dre... reviewed March 12, 2006
Dreamtown by Rik_Vargard Action
Absolutely brilliant. Even though I'd seen it before, with the muisc and voice overs in place it was a totally different beast. reviewed January 30, 2006
It Never Ends by Manky Comedy
Featured Review
An interesting concept, but you need to do much more character development before it becomes anything but a film where the main character just shoots people. There was a bit of awkward editing at the...
reviewed January 14, 2006
Santa Frenzy by RedRodrigez Comedy
Some of this really made me laugh. But the editing and sound were just bad. reviewed January 14, 2006
Dogs Of This Parish by wjousts Horror
DUDE! No fog in interior scenes! Some of your cuts were a little shakey, there were two fight scenes right on top of one another then two "oh no s/he's dead" scenes on top of one another -- so the f... reviewed January 14, 2006
Das Ende by Streberking Romance
Really very depressing and that's where you lost my vote. The running sound effect was distracting and it did impact on the effect of the end scenes. I also felt that your long cut to black near the... reviewed January 14, 2006
Tales by carlisledave Romance
Nice use of technology. The film all fits together nicely. As a fan of detective stories (I've done a rather less serious one myself, lick my name to check it out) I've got couple of comments about ... reviewed January 14, 2006
They almost conquered Earth by gilga Sci-Fi
It was an interesting premise, but I'm not sure I understood everything that was going on. The film was musically flat and I don't feel like you changed pace at any point -- there was no core scene o... reviewed January 14, 2006
GunMetal The Phoenix Saga vol 1 Genesis by Darqcyde Action
Not a bad film -- your bail bondsman totally looks like Shaft. What really detracts from the film for me is the sound. You'll need to practise more using the microphone -- most computer mikes are de... reviewed January 14, 2006
Lost Faith by Jetsam Horror
This was a very solid movie. The plot worked, though I would have preferred only slightly less abstract talk about the loss of his faith and maybe a few seconds of why -- not too much, it would be re... reviewed January 14, 2006
Gone To Heaven by ShogoMaster Sci-Fi
I can't really add to the comments that have been made, but would like to reiterate the issues of subtitles, cohesion (you rushed the end), and sound. reviewed January 13, 2006
I was so tempted to give you four stars. "Try to miss my head" is the kind of line I might I have used. But if it weren't for the jokes this film would have been entirely awful -- funny got you all ... reviewed January 13, 2006
Rob Green and Rob Yellow by Abendrot Sci-Fi
The fact that you did the sound entirely by yourself is a commendable achievement -- and nobody could deny you've made an interesting film. Unfortunately it is very incoherent, it's also not very wel... reviewed January 13, 2006
Shoe To Drop - Prologue by Stach Action
Some very nice voice over work in this, especially the killer. Your editing needs a lot of work though, I wasn't really comfortable with any of the cuts you made and they gave the film a jerky feelin... reviewed January 11, 2006
Do not drive in the night by TobieStudios Horror
Fairly average. Your scene choice, cutting and subtitles all need work -- as well as your script, obviously. And a music track for some extra emphasis wouldn't have hurt the piece -- especially when... reviewed January 10, 2006
TROOPERS - an Imperial Story by ranger21 Sci-Fi
The custom elements of this film were simply fantastic. I do have some issues with the script though -- it was fairly lacklustre in itself, but it was also incongruous with the star wars films. At t... reviewed January 10, 2006
In The Dark by castlenaze Horror
I enjoyed this film. I would give two pieces of advice. Your microphone is really picking up plosive sounds (ps and bs), try keeping it slightly further away from our mouth. Also, since a lot of yo... reviewed January 3, 2006
aliens by mabdog Sci-Fi
An uninteresting sci-fi film. The dialogue needed to identify the characters better, either by who was on screen, or by using their names. The story was quite bland -- I thought you were going to st... reviewed January 3, 2006
License to Revenge Chapter 1 by nhloilers2k Action
Featured Review
I thought really seriously about giving four stars, there are some serious problems with earlier editing (characters jump around rooms like rabbits). But this film turns into an absolute powerhouse. ...
reviewed January 3, 2006
Love and the Average Man by made2kill Comedy
I think the story was a little short on laughs. I didn't laugh at all. You can't actually depend on the film shots to give you laughs -- because they're the same shots everyone has seen before -- th... reviewed January 3, 2006
A Typical Day on the PC by Choppinsumwood Comedy
I have to say, that film bored me to the brink of tears. You shouldn't be allowed to make a 12 and a half minute movie with no plot -- it's like European Cinema. I'm giving you four stars for two th... reviewed January 2, 2006
If I Had The Stagecoach Set by Ratqueen Comedy
Granny walking to the bank your brother robbed was funny, the rest was only so-so. But it's the balsy clammering for 5 stars that moved you up from 3 to 4 in my book. reviewed January 2, 2006
Teen Wolf The Hunger by Rockay Horror
Featured Review
A classic teen werewolf 80s basketball murder comedy romance. Far from being a sequal, you may have defined an entirely new genre. I just hop nobody follows in your footsteps. On the technical side...
reviewed January 2, 2006
Mimi by Kevirus Comedy
Very confusing. I'm not sure there was a plot, but I'm certain I didn't get it -- Santa didn't do anything to Mimi, she just went and had a shave. On the technical side, some of the fonts you used i... reviewed January 2, 2006
Joke On You by darkstar13601 Comedy
I chuckled at this, but it's not really a film. I don't know who it is that gets offended by these things, carry on since you seem to pleasing some people and annoying others -- which is great. reviewed January 1, 2006
Posessed by anagnos27 Horror
Interesting. Well edited. But like everyone else I was only vaguely aware of events. This technique might work well as part of a larger film. reviewed January 1, 2006
The Gimp vs Communist Ninjas from Uranus by Aratos-Y-SCO Sci-Fi
A thrill ride for the ages! The editing on this film was bad. I'm okay with the story, except for the point that I think the ninja explodes in a fireball? But in the end I was rooting for the gimp ... reviewed January 1, 2006
Fighting Fit by JoshWright Action
Featured Review
This was actually a damn good war film. From a story perspective I would have liked to have seen more development in characters before they were killed, so they felt more important, rather than just ...
reviewed January 1, 2006
SuperSanta by stewedplacebo Action
This movie was good for what it was, which was a single idea (kick-bottom Santa) strung out for a whole three minutes. It was well shot, I only didn't like the door entry on the roof as a shot choice... reviewed January 1, 2006
The Morgan Freeman Theory! by UrinatingTree Comedy
Absolutely disgusting. A smear on the great face of a great actor. A dirty smear, a greasy smear. Something that wont come off with soap, you'll need a special cleanser. You should be ashamed! As... reviewed January 1, 2006
Chamberlain by Everett Horror
This was a really ambitious project and unfortunately that's probably why you didn't hit the target. There are three main problems -- scene composition, editing and story. With scene composition you... reviewed January 1, 2006
Toxic Gas Leak! by PamDennis Comedy
I'm against fart jokes, I am, I think they're just plain stupid. Imagine my surprise -- nay, shock -- when I found that I'd chuckled all the way through this film. Nice casting decisions. Nice voic... reviewed January 1, 2006
The 10th Planet by eddyryan Sci-Fi
Absolutely brilliant. I do have to say that I didn't follow the story or the characters at all -- I have no idea what was going on. That may sound like a big criticism, and it is, but the film is ju... reviewed December 31, 2005
Christmas Icons Nite Out by Counter-Productive Comedy
I thought this film was well put together. It could have benefitted from more sound effects -- the characters didn't seem very solid. And rather than finding it funny, I thought it was actually rath... reviewed December 31, 2005
John Corder - True Crime New York by Bonn_Coorp Action
This is a really good film. A couple of the cuts are questionable and you've got a lot of dead time where actors just walk in and out of rooms, but all in all a very solid crime film deserving of its 5 stars. reviewed December 31, 2005
Through the Woods by mysterpants Horror
Featured Review
Little Red Riding Hood like it aughta be. There were a few points with text not lining up with pictures, but it was otherwise a great modern fairy story.
reviewed December 31, 2005
They Came From The Woods by waynhoward Horror
Featured Review
Really nice work. Absolutely true to the genre. It's a shame there's no "leaps up from back seat of the car" shot, because that's what I was waiting for at the end.
reviewed December 31, 2005
Honey i love your cousin by biggsxy42 Comedy
This film was really bad. The real problem is that this film looks like you put together all the scenes you thought were funny, without regard to linking them. It could be improved to something a lo... reviewed December 31, 2005
One Stop Austronaut by somekindamovie Sci-Fi
Hell, it made me laugh. reviewed December 31, 2005
Terran Empire The Cleansing by Remair Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Good overall, but most of the shots were fairly standard. I think you could have made the battle scenes look more planet-wide by cutting together the action from lots of different fights. One scene ...
reviewed December 31, 2005
Life Of Crime Episode 1 by hardyway Action
Featured Review
A couple of technical points before I gush. I don't think you introduce the suited man as Molloy, so at the end it isn't clear who's on the phone. The gun scene didn't fit right, I think it should h...
reviewed December 31, 2005
ETA (English version) by basku Action
This is something quite refreshingly different. The story of a youung man who is actually a member of ETA, portrayed as a freedom fighter rather than a terrorist. I'd like to see more character deve... reviewed December 31, 2005
POLiCE by lawrancehj Comedy
Like everyone else, I have to say what you know and that's that the sound is a real problem. You do have a great acting voice actually -- if you did all the voices yourself it didn't sound like it. ... reviewed December 31, 2005
Christmas The freedom way by Yngvelli Comedy
The laughing terrorist was a brilliant image, nicely contrasting against the smoking Santa. Only terrorists... flesh eating zombies... and Sean Penn hate freedom was a laugh out loud moment for me. reviewed December 31, 2005