Number of Movies: 20
Number of Winning Movies: 1
Average Rating Received: 4.2

Number of Movies Reviewed: 249
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 31
Average Rating Given: 4.16
Movies Released by deliriousstudios
Distance Romance
Winning Movie
A short dreamscape movie based on a poem I wrote a number of months ago after the most important person in my life went back home. All credits for the movie appear in the movie itself, but I'd like to...
posted May 28, 2008
The Mechatrons Invade! Sci-Fi
READ FIRST: There is a sound synch error. All the sound is around a second too early...Not uploading it again just for that. :p And there are some visual errors...flashes that I didn't original have ... posted December 7, 2007
The Mechatrons Invade! Sci-Fi
READ FIRST: There is a sound synch error. All the sound is around a second too early...Not uploading it again just for that. :p And there are some visual errors...flashes that I didn't original have ... posted December 6, 2007
The Most Unlikely of Places Romance
FOR YORKSHIRE!!!!! PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW OF 20 WORDS OR OVER!!!!!!! OR WE DON'T GET POINTS :) ITC contest entry. ^^ Music by Norriefpb and deliriousstudios Casting and production: laurajsoffe Script... posted June 21, 2007
Sparks Fly Sci-Fi
Sparks Fly is a Sci Fi Romance based around the research of a higher intelligence into the subject of "Love". This kind of love is powerful. The kind of love that will pull buildings apart. Fear and L... posted September 25, 2006
Sparks Fly Trailer Sci-Fi
If you happen across this trailer, take a look at the full movie! posted August 24, 2006
Some Jokes Comedy
This movie does that contain subliminal messages (It does). Hopefully this'll be a bit of a laugh. But chances are it wont be your kinda humour and only me and my brother will actually understand it. ... posted May 4, 2006
Two Thousand Shades Of Grey Sci-Fi
A Sci Fi Action Thriller, based around an obscure social order called BlackWhite. To fully understand this, it might be a good idea to watch the first installment "A Thousand Shades Of Grey." ... posted February 9, 2006
The Incredible Adventures of Him Comedy
Hail! I don't know exactly when I shot this film. But in between browsing the forums I was searching through the tons of movies I've made that never made it online. And lo and behold I found this. No... posted February 6, 2006
Two Thousand Shades Of Grey PT Sci-Fi
This is a trailer for my upcoming sequel to A Thousand Shades Of Grey. Two Thousand Shades Of Grey. Hurray. You'll probably have no idea what this is all about so take a look at the original. http:/... posted February 6, 2006
The Dangers Of Drinking Comedy
Yet another First Class Education Comedy starring the sensational Tara Bright, or Lara Bright, or erm...Cara Night....I forget really. Watch and Enjoy! NOTES! Ack! I forgot to do a thumbnail! How ... posted January 29, 2006
Good Idea Bad Idea 2 Comedy
If you like this, watch my other Good Idea, Bad Idea. They're both indirectly stolen from the animaniacs. Fun. ******Advertisement***** A Thousand Shades Of Grey is Out Now! *****Advertis... posted January 25, 2006
The Dangers of Smoking Comedy
Another educational comedy. It's totally amazing. Not. Well sort of. Yeah, it's good, honest, I think. Enjoy. ************Advertisement*************** A Thousand Shades Of Grey is OUT NOW!!!! Che... posted January 23, 2006
Good Idea Bad Idea Comedy
I sort of totally nicked this idea off the animaniacs. I remember them as a child, and they were blummin' fantastic. Yeah, yeah, voice over's would have made it good, but hey, my mic's broken. I hope... posted January 22, 2006
The Green Cross Code Comedy
Stop, look and listen. Yes, I forgot the listen. But hey. My hope is that perhaps this movie will contribute greatly towards people being more careful on the road. Or maybe not. Maybe it will be glos... posted January 21, 2006
A Thousand Shades Of Grey Sci-Fi
This is the short awaited A Thousand Shades of Grey: Crime and Charity. It's a Sci-fi thriller, focusing on two deviants from a futuristic society. It doesn't particularly have any "message" but some ... posted January 18, 2006
Family Bozonian Comedy
This is the very first movie I made with the advanced movie maker. And I'm bored, so I decided to upload it. This, by no means, reflects what some of my other movies are like (Although the U Robot ser... posted January 17, 2006
A Thousand Shades Of Grey PT Sci-Fi
A PROMOTIONAL TRAILER. only a minute or something. nothing too taxing! posted January 17, 2006
U Robot 2 Sci-Fi
This is the incredibly sublime sequel to U Robot. It draws on my vast Sci-Fi knowledge and introduces a few new "things" (Story devolopments) into the U Robot universe. Hopefully, eventually (possibly... posted January 14, 2006
U Robot! Comedy
Hello! This is my debut movie on the internet. (Huzzah!) And now you can watch it. Great. It's sort of a combination between comedy, action and sci fi and has nothing to do with the movie I robot apar... posted January 13, 2006
Movies Reviewed by deliriousstudios
FOTC Fan Song by 870 Comedy
You stole the music from the game 'Rayman', so I'm afraid I can't really let you have more than 2 stars. If it wasn't for that, then it would have been pretty funny, decently made movie. Flagged. reviewed July 10, 2008
Hated by sparky1512 Romance
Very clever movie. And a wonderful insight into the social nuances of people like this. I love how the character does not try to convince you with eloquance and a well structured argument, but just si... reviewed May 30, 2008
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE by MefuneAkira Comedy
I should have watched this a long time ago!!! That was absolutely fantastic. Incredibly funny and not a dull moment. It was like Hot Shots in space! :D reviewed May 13, 2008
Sorrows of The Spy - Episode one V3 by OD-Ork-Boy Sci-Fi
I thoroughly enjoyed that. The characters were very interesting. Everything seemed to work very well together. Good job! reviewed May 8, 2008
Naughty Prof! by dude123456HasReturned Comedy
Featured Review
I'm not nice! It's all a devious ploy to lull you into a false sense of security. That was actually quite funny! Loved the voices.
reviewed May 6, 2008
Don't Come Knocking at my Door by Norriefpb Romance
Absolutely brilliant. :D From the moment you sent the song to me, I knew this was gonna be gold. Sisch is such a great singer, pitch perfect and I love how she puts vibrato on her voice when holding ... reviewed April 30, 2008
Starship Kawk by riott007 Romance
Just what I needed to fill in a few minutes of boredom I had. It was weird and funny and had a triple breasted alien in, so I enjoyed it. reviewed April 14, 2008
Dark Obsession part B by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Firstly, thank you so much for making this movie Sisch, on a lighter level than this review will be it thoroughly entertained me and at the end of the day, that is all that really matters. Unlike the ... reviewed April 2, 2008
Dark Obsession Part A by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Featured Review
Firstly, thank you so much for making this movie Sisch, on a lighter level than this review will be it thoroughly entertained me and at the end of the day, that is all that really matters. Unlike the ...
reviewed April 2, 2008
If I Could But Touch The Stars by Mr_Ham Sci-Fi
Very nicely done here. Never done VO's for someone I don't really know (or have seen around the forums) but you proved that those new to the game certainly have something to offer. Not sure if my voic... reviewed March 14, 2008
The Man Who Wanted to Sneeze by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
A very clever and creative story. You created a strangely likeable character who sticks in your head long after watching. The music was very good. The rolling away scene was suprisingly well pulled o... reviewed March 1, 2008
One Last Breath Part 2 by sparky1512 Action
Everything I said about part 1 applies to this movie too, so I wont bother repeating myself here. However I will say this is one of the first movies on TMO to effect me emotionally. I didn't want Nanc... reviewed February 29, 2008
One Last Breath part1 by sparky1512 Action
A beautifully ochestrated movie. Very clever dialogue and incredibly believable characterisation. Loved the noir style, which, coupled with the musical choices was pulled off brilliantly. The only pr... reviewed February 26, 2008
Mission Highly Improbable by Marine101 Comedy
You asked me to review it so I am doing. :P Sorry Marine but the movie didn't really do it for me. There were long moments of silence where it really needed music...however when you had music it was ... reviewed February 9, 2008
Conflicting by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Action
Featured Review
I loved it. The depth and scope you gave the characters was incredible and I was especially impressed with how you dealt with the Charlie character. Very well written and convincing dialogue for som...
reviewed January 31, 2008
A Very British Sketch Show 1 by sparky1512 Comedy
The horses were the best bit. I quite liked the bankrobbery too oh and loved how you didn't censor the swear words properly, genius! Just like real British TV it was! I thought the AOL sketch was al... reviewed November 29, 2007
Super Duper Uber GALAXY FORCE (Trailer) by MefuneAkira Comedy
Looking good. I'm a hitchhikers fan so it looks like my cup of tea. Can't wait for the whole thing! reviewed October 2, 2007
Groovy Night by Lethal_Entertainment Romance
Featured Review
Impressive! Very impressive. I must echo Ken's comment here, this is definitely the best music video I've seen on TMO. The black and white works incredibly well and everything just seems to fit toget...
reviewed September 28, 2007
Conflicting-Trailer by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Action
Looks like it's going to be a good one! It has been a pleasure working on this, even if all I did was mess around on my piano for half an hour. :P (well okay a bit longer). Looking forward to the full movie. reviewed August 19, 2007
Piano2 by TheFlyingDuDe-Films Romance
Wow. As a piano lover myself this really meant something to me. A very clever arist movie here. A little bit extravagent with the camera movements for my tastes, but you pulled each shot of very nice... reviewed July 31, 2007
Nothing by postmodernchuck Romance
Bloody hell that was good. I'm taken aback, lost for words and thoroughly entertained by this little movie. Sisch and AND were simply outstanding, and the simplicty yet subtle complexities of the dire... reviewed July 27, 2007
Wolves by Lethal_Entertainment Horror
Brilliant, Sisch! I'm impressed. Although it was a little dialogue heavy, the images and the music blended together so well to create what only can be described as cinematic poetry. And I'd like to... reviewed July 24, 2007
Schröder88 by Lethal_Entertainment Action
Wow! Just wow! :) I was engrossed from start to finish. I loved the Stolen Death series, but I think this tops them all. Very clever screenplay and incredibly well directed. The end was perfected, al... reviewed July 23, 2007
Old Folk Funk Train by Norriefpb Comedy
Yay, Norrie! it was brilliant. Glad you got rid of the drums at the beginning. :D The song sounded (for lack of a better word) very funky! Sisch sounded incredible. Not only is she a super voice acto... reviewed July 23, 2007
Ascension by Tarison Action
Loved it. From the way you dressed the sets to how you shot the movie, it was all very good! Certainly looking forward to the rest. A deep and involved story that drags you in and wont let you stop w... reviewed July 23, 2007
misunderstanding by sparky1512 Sci-Fi
Very good, given how much problems we had to endure :p Laura being sick and all. I particularly enjoyed the end, how you shot the disaster scenes. And the alien language sounded awesome! reviewed July 7, 2007
Gunpoint by AxeCinema Action
Hey Axey baby! That was really good! Everything looked good, music fitted perfectly. The only crap thing was the junkies VO's. Whoever did them was completely rubbish! :Paranoid: Anyway. Loved it. reviewed July 3, 2007
Taco Gaseous Redux by riott007 Comedy
Feckin' hilarious. 5 stars for you. Can you feel the love? reviewed June 29, 2007
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
Magic! I loved the way you shot this movie. Each scene seemed to be crafted with brilliance. You made the characters hauntingly believable by ultising the scenes incredibly well, I hardly recognised ... reviewed June 27, 2007
Drugs and Slugs by AxeCinema Comedy
Featured Review
Hurr hurr hurr! Hypnotising, mesmerising, and totally fecked up! :p Everybody was floating! Which was good, I liked that bit. Strangely though, it makes me WANT To do drugs, just so I can see stuff...
reviewed June 8, 2007
Asylum by laurajsoffe Horror
An incredible movie. I didn't feel the length at all, everything seemed to be edited smoothly and I was kept intruiged throughout. Despite the fact that I wrote the script, it still felt like a new mo... reviewed June 5, 2007
Tribute to the Troops by Harb40 Action
Featured Review
Very well put together. Detailed, smoothly edited. Fine music choices and the voice overs with spot on. I'm not American, but you conveyed the sense of pride you have for the troops very well, even t...
reviewed May 28, 2007
One Night Stand by Harb40 Comedy
Pretty funny! It's a one joke movie, but you pulled it off pretty well. Thanks for using the music. :) reviewed May 13, 2007
The Hollow Dance - In The Name of Love by mixmasterfestus Action
With godlike perfection you have crafted this movie. Theres no need for me to comment on the overlays, voice overs etc, because everyone else probably covered that pretty well. You really could make ... reviewed May 8, 2007
FAST III-It Ends Tonight by Mogulman321 Action
Featured Review
It's Fast II times a million! Fantastic camera angles, create some really beautiful cinematrophy in this well paced action flick. Excellent use of lighting too, gives it a dark feel. A fitting end. T...
reviewed March 29, 2007
Scramble (Part Two) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
Featured Review
C.D. Review. I find myself grasping for words that could allow you a glimpse of what I feel right now. I have experienced something truly wonderful. This may seem sentimental and a little ridiculous,...
reviewed February 1, 2007
Lovesong For A Knob Gobbler by nunberry Horror
A subtle glimpse of the future it is! reviewed January 29, 2007
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Astounding attention to detail. A flawless performance. reviewed January 28, 2007
Scramble (Part Two) -- TRAILER by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
Proof that you are a movie making god. I eagerly wait for part two. reviewed January 25, 2007
Gathering Little Mushrooms by Babar23 Horror
C.D Review. Very effective use of setdressing here. The movie had a surreal feel to it, which the music brought out extremely well. Very impressive ediing and camera control. I felt the translation ... reviewed January 22, 2007
Driving To Babylon by Tonber Comedy
Featured Review
I thought that was really funny! The main character reminded me of Feeble from 'The Feeble Files' which was a plus! (don't know if you'll know what that is) The only down point is the female voice, wh...
reviewed January 22, 2007
Pianoman - Urban Warrior I by JazzX Romance
My first glimpse into the series. An astounding prologue, love your piano style. It's something I would aspire to if I could find the time to practice more. A fine piece of art. I'll be watching the rest soon. reviewed January 11, 2007
Chaos by noewhan Action
Lovely. reviewed January 7, 2007
The Final Stipulation by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Featured Review
I'm consistantly astounded by the brilliance of this movie. And in the spirit of things I shall offer a "ho ho ho" and get going. Oh, and the description isn't entirely correct. I've always loved you...
reviewed December 15, 2006
Paradox Storm by monkeybiz Sci-Fi
**MOMC Review** Okay, I'll begin by pointing out why I'm not giving you 5 stars, only seems fair. The first problem I had, was the introductory image with the Paradox Storm logo on it. The "directed ... reviewed November 27, 2006
Memoirs Of A War Veteran by 05JSMEDL Action
Loved it. It would have been nice if it was a lot longer, but the camera work was spot on. Like the other guys, I thought the flash back was really well done and showed true movie making talent! Well... reviewed November 26, 2006
Election Day - Who will you vote for by markrichardbehenna Comedy
C.D. Review Reaffirming my beliefs that bannana's are in fact evil, this movie delivers on so many different levels. The warning could have been dissapointing, but there was enough to keep my going t... reviewed November 23, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter three by sisch Sci-Fi
C.D. Review A gorgeous movie, full of technical brilliance and intruiging camera work. The third installment really brought the series up a notch taking the movie to higher heights. The characters we... reviewed November 23, 2006
Space Generation - The Next Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
**Momc Review** Okay, lets start with the good stuff. This movie is an excellent example of how a movie can be made just using the original content of the game. The music and sound effect choices we'... reviewed November 23, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
Godlike. reviewed November 15, 2006
Crunchy Chewy Halloween Tricktacular by Penut Comedy
Featured Review
C.D. Review Oh. My. Gosh. You've gotta love crunchy and chewy. They're my FAVOURITE! :-} Made complete comedy sense. 82%
reviewed November 9, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 1 by DecadentPictures Horror
C.D. Review. So you wanted my thoughts. Unfortunately Sherwinliu, I'm a little loss for words. I'm truly amazed that a movie of this technical genius could have been made without Stunts and effects. ... reviewed November 9, 2006
Scramble (Part One) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
Godlike. Complete cinematic genius. Gripping. Your movie making style just pulled me in and wouldn't let me go. I'm still trapped, cause I'm left desperate to find out what happened next! This movie ... reviewed November 3, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter two by sisch Sci-Fi
Featured Review
C.D. Review Maya is totally awesome! She's the babe for me! I loved the way you shot this movie, full of style and elegance bringing each scene to life in a new and special way. Really clever camera...
reviewed November 1, 2006
DUSKFEED - Directors Cut by kwistufa Horror
A very clever movie. I love the way you make these silent films, full of atmosphere (and other adjectives! :D )I'm not in creative writing mood today, can you tell? Anyway, a true vampire film, not ne... reviewed October 31, 2006
The Manny Jones Show Episode 3 by benstudios1991 Comedy
Featured Review
Creative transition! Bunch of Dweebs! The forum bit was absolute geniae! (Plural genius) Would you like a childrens menu! Loved it more than life itself. Well, the only problem I could see, was that a...
reviewed October 29, 2006
FAST II by Mogulman321 Action
I love the finished product. Gripping and delves deep into story. A major improvement on Fast and worth the wait. Thanks for letting me work on this movie! reviewed October 28, 2006
AUSSIE THREAD RIP by kwistufa Action
Thread gone! Me sad! Leora's right! Sam's bad! reviewed October 27, 2006
The Return of The Many Faces of Rock! Fix by JustinMoore Comedy
C.D Review. Loved it! I really liked the idea behind this movie. It was really fun trying to find the faces (I actually found most of them :p ) but one major flaw let the movie down. It was slightly ... reviewed October 25, 2006
CENSORED! (TM) by MrDeMillipede Comedy
C.D. Review. Rather funny. Was not laugh out loud funny, but made me smile a bit. I liked the dry-matter-of-fact voice, which really exemplified the jokes. The problem I found, was the constant black... reviewed October 20, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
C.D Review Not your ordinary blonde is she? I loved the way this movie panned out. Every shot was beautiful. I especially enjoyed the dream/vision sequences where you flashed subliminal images at the... reviewed October 19, 2006
Bubbles (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
This is the actual definition of funny. Some looser must have taken it back in time to inspire every comedy after it. This movie delivered on every level. I mean, it WAS a philosophical work, right? reviewed October 19, 2006
Underpants Man - The Movie by biggstrek Comedy
I have waited all my life to see this movie. And throughout all eternity to review it. My gosh. A illustration might help. This movie is funnier than a funny fox that has been appointed professor of f... reviewed October 12, 2006
The Castle Dragon - Charity Animation by matneee Action
Enteraining AND great. reviewed October 12, 2006
The Island - Proof of concept animation by matneee Action
Mmmmmmm. Tasty shots here Matneee. reviewed October 8, 2006
CC Journey Through Time and Space by Penut Comedy
C.D Review Carpocalypse! Hah, genius. I loved some the voices, pretty snazzy stuff. Good job! 80% reviewed October 6, 2006
Mancini by DNR Action
C.D Review Give the man an oscar! This movie was pulled with both technical brilliance and superb scriptwriting ability. The seamless integration of photo's and TM animation created the perfect atmos... reviewed October 6, 2006
Infiltration Part 1 by Throwaxe Action
C.D. Review I was pulled into the plot from the beginning. And consitantly astounded throughout. This is a movie to download and show the kids. Definately. Were I not watching crazy looking pixelated... reviewed October 5, 2006
Hide and Go Seek! by garthrs Comedy
C.D Review You advertised as a 'light hearted comedy' and shall review it thus. This was a well put together, sensible comedy. The basic idea is ever so simple, but it was pulled off with quite brill... reviewed October 4, 2006
Manny Jones ON TOUR! by benstudios1991 Comedy
A millions stars? We can't give people that? Ahh well, you'll have to make do with 5. reviewed October 4, 2006
Short and Curly - Episode 2 by Marvellousguppimovies Sci-Fi
C.D Review. First thing I should say, is that it's obvious I don't really need to have seen the first one to understand this one. Which is good, I easily slid into it's obscure kind of logic and went... reviewed October 4, 2006
Alien Concept by BamRyan Comedy
C.D Review. Now, where to begin. Well, unfortunately I did not laugh once. The premise behind your movie was very very good. I thought the idea had great potential. But the way you pulled it off, was... reviewed October 3, 2006
Pilate - A Story of Christ (Part II) by ichthusadmr Action
Sensational. reviewed October 1, 2006
Dignity of Men by sherwinliu Romance
Is the phrase, poetry in motion? I believe it is, and that's exactly what this is. Pure, raw poetry on screen before our very eyes. I could go on and on about the amazing technicality of each shot. Th... reviewed September 29, 2006
Need a Fix by Jerrostarr Action
A clever movie. There was only one plot element I couldn't quite understand (Why golden ray broke in and killed the nurse?) However, the way you pulled this movie off made it great regardless of my 'l... reviewed September 28, 2006
Irony (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
It wasn't the funniest thing in the world, but it was nostalgic as hell. I still remember that awful song! Sure was ironic. reviewed September 26, 2006
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
I am not a horse. Rewengi! (Blackadder reference?) reviewed September 25, 2006
Laddies War by holdmykidney Action
Loved it. A 5 star movie without a shadow of a doubt. Deserved the hotpick. reviewed September 19, 2006
Porcelain Dolls - C01 by neonoir1x Sci-Fi
Bookmarked. My new favourite movie. Thanks a lot! :D reviewed September 12, 2006
The Underpants Man Dancers! by biggstrek Comedy
Enough with the trailers! Your hurting my funny bone. reviewed September 12, 2006
Misguided Evolution by biggstrek Sci-Fi
Classy. reviewed September 12, 2006
DOOM LEGION origin of doom by kingpengvin Comedy
Complete classic. I'll be watching them all soon. :D reviewed September 11, 2006
The Yolks on You by mestoph72 Comedy
Totally gorgeous movie. Loved every minute. reviewed September 7, 2006
Cult Grimm by gnostradamus Horror
A top quality movie. Makes a lot of movie-sense. My only niggle is the lack of diverse voices, but hey, I'm an idiot, don't listen to me :D reviewed August 31, 2006
J Alfred Prufrock Considers the Infinite by postmodernchuck Romance
Truly inspiring. The rest have said it all. I'm in love with this movie. reviewed August 29, 2006
Affiliated assassin - Trailer by Grope2 Action
Great Trailer. Looks promising. I'll be looking out for it. reviewed August 26, 2006
Oh Its On Funk Shinkon Kerabuyu by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Theres only one word to describe this. And I forgot what it was. reviewed August 25, 2006
frankie by kwistufa Horror
Yeah! It really has that old silent film feel to it. Thanks for using the music (even if I'm a little embarassed about that piece :D ) But it worked really well. Really atmospheric. reviewed August 25, 2006
Troopers 3 Intro trailer by ranger21 Sci-Fi
Fab. 1 Star knocked off because I'm feeling mean :D Or not. Well, mostly because it's a trailer! And I agree with MMF! reviewed August 24, 2006
Women dont do that by princeinexile Comedy
Pap, utter complete pap. Which is exactly why it's so good. Ended a bit abruptly I thought. But meh. Best pap on TMO yet. (Not really, but it sounded like a great slogon) reviewed August 24, 2006
Innocence - Part 1 by vesobe Action
Fab. reviewed August 24, 2006
One Night Out by axecinema Comedy
Tasteful. lol. reviewed August 12, 2006
Rogers Stunts and Effects Trailer by The-Spirit Action
It was rubbish! But that's why it was so brilliant. Actually I found the voice overs "made" the movie, so to speak. Especially that laugh. It's also got the best song in the game in it, which means an... reviewed July 24, 2006
Oh Its On 3 Ouichi Genshi Basutaa Alpha by mixmasterfestus Action
Yeeeeehaaaww! First class stuff mmf! Well done. reviewed July 11, 2006
Oh Its On Remix by mixmasterfestus Action
First class film making. And thouroghly enjoying. reviewed June 23, 2006
Sin ti no soy nada by Agatha_Trunchbull666 Romance
Well done, for a first upload this is very good. You mixed up the scenes really well, and the music fitted the movie perfectly. Hope to see more movies from you! reviewed June 23, 2006
Ashley Porter in Apes on a Stage by suedenim Action
Totally Fab. I loved the random stagecoach explosion. :) reviewed June 19, 2006
A Woman is a Woman by postmodernchuck Romance
You don't make movies do you? You compose them. I loved every moment of this movie. At first I was dissapointed by the lack of voice overs, but they were not needed, as became clear later. Probably th... reviewed June 19, 2006
StevenKreg E True Moviewood Story- Pt3 by Stormwhitelab Comedy
I thought the voice overs were top class. Not so sure you needed so many actors, as many of the voices were quite similar anyway, but they were good nonetheless. It felt like a well put together movie... reviewed June 8, 2006
sweet dreams by Jason Harcourt Comedy
Oh look. A broken pencil. Pointless, completely pointless. reviewed June 7, 2006
Lost In A Place by soumya Horror
Ack. Caught by a Vc grabbing movie. Not worth watching. Stay away. reviewed June 7, 2006
SFX scenes by bdumm Comedy
This movie is yet another broken pencil. Pointless. reviewed June 7, 2006
I Have No Nose And I Must Smell by salvatore1 Comedy
This film is like a broken pencil. Pointless. reviewed June 6, 2006
As The Postman Flies by salvatore1 Comedy
Well. This is a good start! Not. reviewed June 6, 2006
Weeber by salvatore1 Comedy
That was a amazing! Loved it so much. I didn't get it, like, but it was still pretty much amazing. Okay maybe not. A Tech Demo for overlays. Slightly interesting. reviewed June 6, 2006
Christs Fury by SothisAmon Action
Interesting beginning. Some clever editing. Not sure if this was trying to be a comedy. I thought the whole Jesus going round shooting people was a bit odd. But then, it's whatever floats your boat. Y... reviewed June 2, 2006
Corruption - Video Clip by JEDI-MASTER Action
An average music video. Nothing stood out. The music sounded like it had been made using cubase. Good attempt! :) reviewed May 31, 2006
A Frank Anarchy by beginnis Sci-Fi
The best movie since sliced bread. I'm hungry. reviewed May 16, 2006
The Third Horseman by RKDNDelSol Action
I liked the idea. And you pulled it off quite nicely. There were one or two strange sound effects that spoilt the mood (Like the burp at the beginning) but overall, worth watching. Good job. reviewed May 12, 2006
Sun River by toomutchcoffee Action
First thing. I'm not rating your movie down because I didn't understand the subtitles, but there are a few problems with your movie. I found your choice of music in the end scene very odd, but the act... reviewed May 12, 2006
Lense by FreddaH Horror
Oh. I'm so glad I found this movie. I have to say, that even though some of the buzz from the voice overs were slightly distracting, this movie is entirely flawless. I love the way you use multiple ca... reviewed May 7, 2006
The Original Eye by ubernewbie Comedy
That was great. Made a whole lot of comedy sense. You'd have to frequent the forums to get it, but thats not a problem. It was sufficiently amusing for the brief moment I was bored, just a second ago. reviewed May 4, 2006
Mrs Swain-FBI by yourmum Comedy
An immature film. If you don't have the right voice, you really need to hire extra help. Find some people to do the voice overs for you. Most of what you said, I couldn't make out at all. The actuall... reviewed May 4, 2006
Power Up by NickTaylor01 Romance
There was a few continuity issues at the begginning. The car changed for some reason, and they appeared to leave the car twice. Some of the scenes could have been cut down to speed up the plot, as it ... reviewed May 4, 2006
The Dog Detective by jjpatel Comedy
A dog detective? It would have been nice if you would have made a spoof of ace ventura or something, at least thats what I was expecting. Besides that though, I thought this movie was well put togethe... reviewed March 21, 2006
The Crocodile Humper - Dog Episode by duxy Comedy
Really really funny. I'm not gonna write an essay.....see! reviewed March 21, 2006
Around the Chicken Yard by nutzhouse Comedy
Yet another nice addition to the chicken movie phenonomon. Music and title screens were nice and fitted well. Good use of SFX and the like. Yeah I enjoyed it. Two problems: Spelling mistake error on "... reviewed March 21, 2006
Jjs reviewtraderdotcom Infomercial by jjpatel Comedy
Very nicely put together. You had a nice balance between comedy and information so there were no problems there. The only niggle was a tiny bit of "breath" noise in the mic on a few occasions, but apa... reviewed March 21, 2006
Bungle Book (prologue) by betelman Comedy
A Movie with a perfect combination of voice overs and visuals. I loved the half english accent thing! :) It's the kind of movie that you could easily watch for more than a few minutes, I was sad it was over! :) reviewed March 21, 2006
Chicken moviefest part 1 by Bezzer36 Comedy
Featured Review
A unique addition to the chicken movie phenomon. It deserves 5 stars for both nostalgia and comedic value.
reviewed March 21, 2006
Sci Fi Corridor 4 TECH DEMO!!! by madmatt7g Comedy
Thanks for the heads up! Um....You could have added a little more scenes from the corridor, but I guess they're just gonna be the same as the other corridor sets. So hey. Good job. Obviously its only ... reviewed March 14, 2006
Lost Heaven by sphinx86 Romance
An absolute wonderment! I couldn't spot any flaws in this movie at all, and although there were a few elements that I disliked, the overall atmosphere and general tightness of the editing especially, ... reviewed March 3, 2006
Scourge of ze Schpace Nazis by nunberry Sci-Fi
'mazin' Loved it. Made me laugh, consistently throughout, relentless. Special effects were mind blowling bad, but better than most films I see around here. Every element put together did not great Sci... reviewed March 2, 2006
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
The featured comments say it all really. I just wanted this movie to have yet another 5 star. :) reviewed February 21, 2006
Eww That Guys Using The Toilet! by aquatius5 Comedy
Well, unlike "look it's a Chrysler!" This did not make me laugh. The impact was not the same at all. Perhaps it's because it's the "same thing" I liked the original wierdness. But, it was a slightly f... reviewed February 14, 2006
Hey Look! A Chrysler! by aquatius5 Comedy
That was a truly awful movie. Very little thought went into this one...........................However, I just laughed out loud! I don't know why, but the pure obvious fatalistic statement character (... reviewed February 14, 2006
Livin La Vida Vader Music Video by tomacres Comedy
As a music video. It's pretty good. Lyrics too. But your an awful singer. Well put together little film here. reviewed February 14, 2006
Hokey-Pokey Jones 4 Teaser Trailer by tomacres Action
Decent trailer: Gives you a good idea of what the film will be like. PM me on release (Or post in my Reviewing Short Comedies Thread) One problem is that you are way too close to the mic and there's a... reviewed February 14, 2006
Jeeve Earlwin Hunting Celebrities! by BillCosby Comedy
I'm not gonna bother commenting on your production or editing or anything like that, because that would just make me rate it down. Instead I'll just say. Really funny. The voi8e overs did get annoying... reviewed February 14, 2006
The Lost Child by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
As a complete and utter final fantasy fan, I was drawn into this fantasy world straight away. The awesome set design, music and *everything else* aside, the story behind this is fantastic. I loved ho... reviewed February 14, 2006
Bottle OVomit by VelvetFog Comedy
Featured Review
Clear cut production techniques made this movie work really well. The editing process was done proffesionally, which totally accented the excellent voice overs that really sold the jokes. First class,...
reviewed February 14, 2006
Tsunamidogs Stunt Show by Tsunamidog Comedy
I completely and utterly do not like jackass. But I can understand where and when it's funny. So I shall not mark you down simply because it's not "my thing". I shall, however mark you down on two acc... reviewed February 13, 2006
CHICKEN by thedr Horror
There are a number of reasons why this should be a three star movie: The lack of humourous subtitles for example. However, this is a very "different" chicken movie. Most of the ones I've seen involve ... reviewed February 13, 2006
Cracker Jap Show - 10 Sec Premonitions by sprague1980 Comedy
Featured Review
It happened again! You made me laugh non stop. And I'm serious. I laughed more than a hyena on laughing gas during the laughing season, when laughing's in fashion! Man, yeah. Loved it. I'm giving this...
reviewed February 13, 2006
Latin Lover Pilot by sprague1980 Romance
Everything about this movie was spot on. What more can I say? reviewed February 13, 2006
Wild West Bedroom Demo by MrOsterman Romance
Thank you very much for opening our eyes to the truth. I salute you! reviewed February 13, 2006
Ninja-Toe by KoGar Comedy
Featured Review
I really liked this advert. I have to say, I haven't actually seen many advert movies on the movies before, so you get points for uniqeness! woo! The voice overs were perfect. It was the most clear cu...
reviewed February 13, 2006
Death of a fat person by bob2006 Comedy
This comedy was, unfortunately completely lacking in humour. I have to say right now, fat person jokes can be funny, but these were simply malicious. I am seriously dissapointed with this, as I though... reviewed February 13, 2006
Rude Dude Re-Cut by manton666 Romance
Alright! Not bad movie. Certainly woul be interested in a sequel. You advertised it in my thread as a comedy, and I have to saw it was lacking any comedic qualities, but I'm not gonna mark you down to... reviewed February 13, 2006
Speed Dating Disasters by biggstrek Comedy
Another excellent comedy from, you! I loved this comedy, it had class and made me laugh throughout. The voice overs were awesome (You didn't get a man to do the womans voice like so many do!!!) and we... reviewed February 13, 2006
Underpants Man - A 3rd Teaser by biggstrek Comedy
I don't care if this is only a trailer. It's so funny, it's even funnier than a funny fox studying funny in funny university in the funny season whilst dating several thousand clowns and having the st... reviewed February 13, 2006
Donna Kebab by pearsonhouse Romance
I have to say, I really did enjoy this film. I;m not usually into the old romance comedy film, but this seemed to work very well. The way you produced this movie was first class, and to be honest can'... reviewed February 13, 2006
Chicken Flew Down The Stairs by chrishall9 Comedy
Featured Review
I liked this movie. Delivered on almost every account. I liked how the chicken turn into a skeleton. That was some extra special editing there, and I'm impressed! The production of this movie was in m...
reviewed February 13, 2006
Cunny Mepurhero and Mawboy by aquatius5 Comedy
I liked the concept and has a lot of potential for up and coming series'. The production was good, but could be improved. Scene editing was spot on, while voice over placement was slightly out of plac... reviewed February 13, 2006
Its My Chrysler! by Fire_Works Comedy
I thought the concept was a good one and was helped along by some pretty crazy characters. A green skinned fella and gorilla driving Chrysler's around, yeah I can see how that can work actually! The o... reviewed February 13, 2006
Short Test by Fire_Works Action
After all these reviews you gonna have to give me at least one! Dude! Lol, well not if you dont wanna. reviewed February 12, 2006
Short Test 2 by Fire_Works Action
Oh heck! Here's 5 stars. It's your birthday! Happy Birthday! reviewed February 12, 2006
Short Test 3 by Fire_Works Action
Awful! I keep scrolling down and missing it! reviewed February 12, 2006
Short Test 4-1932 by Fire_Works Horror
I liked the music in this one! reviewed February 12, 2006
Short Test 5 by Fire_Works Sci-Fi
I usually write a lot more than this, but what more is there to say. I liked the shot though. reviewed February 12, 2006
Short Test 6-Ghosts and C3POs by Fire_Works Sci-Fi
Craaazzzy! reviewed February 12, 2006
The Movie You Can Not See by Fire_Works Action
Ditto! reviewed February 12, 2006
Really Short Test by Fire_Works Sci-Fi
Again Pretty wierd. (You posted them, so I'm gonna review them all!) reviewed February 12, 2006
The urge by danbo1 Comedy
This is almost definately NOT my kind of humour (Woo!) But I can see it clearly appeals to many people, so I will not mark you all the way down to three for that! The production side was perfect and t... reviewed February 12, 2006
Nothing! by Fire_Works Comedy
Unfortunately I can't give this much, cause I didn't see much! (Really really really really sorry! However, I give it three stars for uniqueness alone. Not funny, but strangely, bizzarely humurous (I... reviewed February 12, 2006
Evil Clown 1 Santa! by mikeawmids Comedy
Oh yeah, this is a classic! I loved the absolute absurdity of this particular movie. Nothing much can be said about the production, it's perfect. Creatively speaking though, the dialogue is excellent ... reviewed February 12, 2006
Gecko Insurance by sonicspiderboy Comedy
I thought this move was well put together and made a lot of production sense. But it lacked much actual comedy to bring this any higher. Simply using the provided scenes is not enough in my opinion. B... reviewed February 12, 2006
Confessions of a Zombie by PRINCEINEXILE Comedy
Ho yeah! I loved it. The voice actor surely knew where to put the emphasise, as in EVERYWHERE. Much better than chang and whatever it was called, although it was that movie that made this seem extra s... reviewed February 12, 2006
Previously On 24 by Pigeon Comedy
Featured Review
I've only actually ever seen the "previously on 24" bits of 24 before. (I'm a poet and I didn't no it) So I know exactly what this is about. Fantastic. And I do believe quite unique. I haven't seen ma...
reviewed February 12, 2006
Trouble in the Suburbs - Short 2 by leon101 Comedy
See my comments for part 1! They all apply here. (By the way, I accidentaly gave you four for that one, it should have been three, but hey! More credits for you!) Again, mildly funny, I liked some of ... reviewed February 12, 2006
Trouble in the Suburbs - Short 1 by leon101 Comedy
That was good. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to be rigorously honest here. I didn't find them all too funny. I knew where the jokes were, but they just didn't seem to work. However I felt that there wa... reviewed February 12, 2006
Hell Horse by bob2006 Horror
I was going to give this three stars. But then I saw the last scene. Absolute genius. Actually there was very clever use of the horse prop all the way through. Sound production work here, nothing scre... reviewed February 12, 2006
Duck of the Deep by PhilipBoyes Action
Cripes! Oh I must say! Oh yes! I really did like this movie. It brings back a million memories from my childhood. Strangely reminincent of Watch With Mother. Actually I bet thats your inspiration isn'... reviewed February 12, 2006
Monkey Vs Duck Apocalypse by PhilipBoyes Horror
There was something seriously wrong with this movie! :) Put together perfectly, nothing else to say about that really. However I used to enjoy this kind of comedy (still do most of the time) And I kno... reviewed February 12, 2006
Cracker Jap Show - Jedi Mind Trick by sprague1980 Comedy
Oh yeah! I loved the hitchhikers and the erm, biology (Mitrochondria!!!) reference. It was totally worth breaking my short comedy rules and watching this for the full 6 mins 20. It seemed to fly by. T... reviewed February 12, 2006
Lord of the Shotgun by wolverine1112 Comedy
Featured Review
There was some very good use of props, costumes and sets here, but overall there seemed to be a lot of continuity problems that could have been resolved. Smeagol's voice was really good, but after a w...
reviewed February 12, 2006
Reality Shift by God_Of_Plague Comedy
I loved this movie. The voice overs just SCREAMED professional (Almost) and worked very well with the characters. It was a real Shift Of Reality! It would have been nice to have subtitiles to accompan... reviewed February 12, 2006
The News According to Alan Davis by JazzBlack Comedy
Alright. I thought this was actually quite funny. As a first upload I think you did really well here. The use of custom backdrops was good and worked well with the subject matter. The whole bathroom n... reviewed February 12, 2006
The Muslim Cartoon War by michanist Comedy
A unique film, I haven't seen this been done before on the movies. Very good use of sets and costumes, the chicken was a nice touch and gave it's opinion nicely! The humour was mostly lost on me, as I... reviewed February 12, 2006
Huntress Of Sol by nunberry Sci-Fi
I love the way you took a pefectly ordinary (terrible) script and totally made it into something so hilarious (terrible). Unfortunately I cannot give you 5 stars, because, although it's so funny, and ... reviewed February 12, 2006
British Ninja Hates Bananas by Tigerlover Comedy
The general idea behind this movie is very good and is fertile ground for an amzing comedy. The absurd elements such as a British Ninja, in Bermuda with erm...bananas! were classic comedic material. H... reviewed February 12, 2006
Bertha Shaves it all by johnokinawa Comedy
Featured Review
Where shall I begin? :) The script was flawless. You used a great collection of sets and scenes and everything appeared to work together extremely well. And the general flow was superb, which is a cre...
reviewed February 12, 2006
Spell This by woodoodle Comedy
Alright. Here's my review and my reasons for giving three stars. The main problem about a lot of movies with voice overs is the quality of sound. You must have used a poor quality mic, or were too clo... reviewed February 12, 2006
Kitchen Massacre by M2k Action
I liked that. It's a one joke wonder but it works well and doesn't get tiresome or repetitive. The complete stupidity of the guy calling the police was a nice touch. I was going to give it three star... reviewed February 11, 2006
The Things I hate Show by OwenBuch Comedy
Okay then. Heres the pro's and con's. Problems: The voice. It was very occasionally difficult to understand, although if I strained to listen I could make it out, I believe it was a mistake to process... reviewed February 11, 2006
Im A Horse by chrishall9 Comedy
Featured Review
Alright, that really made me laugh. It was unfortunate it was so short though. Sometimes you can make a really cool movie in 30 seconds, but perhaps you needed to extend the actual joke and loose the ...
reviewed February 11, 2006
CHEECH AND CHONG STONED DEAD by princeinexile Comedy
Cheech and Chong were a fantastic comic duo. Their repetitive act together really made a me smile, and even laugh at some points. I can imagine other people would find this really really funny (if the... reviewed February 11, 2006
Merc by myquietroom Action
Alright one thing straight right now, this is not my kind of humour. But I can tell that it does appeal to some people (By looking at these reviews for example) So I'm not going to knock any stars off... reviewed February 11, 2006
The Pie Man Cometh by speilucasberg Comedy
I actually saw this a while back. The lead role was perfect, you obviously have an eye for talent! And the voice actors delivered thier lines with confidence and supreme comic timing. Some very specia... reviewed February 11, 2006
H-U-M-A-N by pearsonhouse Comedy
The Voice Overs in my opinion were class and sounded just I like I reckon any robot should sound like. The sparse use of custom backdrops at the begginning and end was a nice touch and I felt the idea... reviewed February 11, 2006
Fear Factor Part Three by mikeawmids Comedy
Okay. I can officially call you a true comic genius. There were many moments here when I actually laughed out loud. Random yet with a strange sense of purpose. Every part of this was special in it's o... reviewed February 11, 2006
Fear Factor Part Two by mikeawmids Comedy
Perfect comic timing. The chicken horde was a nice touch. See my comments for number one, they apply here too. reviewed February 11, 2006
Fear Factor Part One by mikeawmids Comedy
Very clever comedy! Makes complete sense to me! Okay maybe not, but it made me laugh and thats the important thing. A bit wierd that it's all shot in a field. (A lot like my home movies!) The voice ac... reviewed February 11, 2006
The Fart by madfurby Horror
Well! It had a four star begginning, but then a realised what was happening. This was a fantastic build up comedy. And a great look at how repetition and comedy really work together, just when you tho... reviewed February 11, 2006
Mr Muffin-Attack of the KID by yoyoboy1 Comedy
I so wanted to give this 3 and 1/2 stars, but I decided to round up. I thought the idea was sound the movie travelled along nicely. The jokes were well spaced and kept you interested. Music fitted, al... reviewed February 11, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
Wasn't my kind of humour, but I'm gonna review it objectively! As far as production goes, this was very well done. 4 star movie! reviewed February 9, 2006
Misunderstood Genius (Part 2) by 02PARSIM Horror
A very fitting sequel. Everything about this was top class and the editing was top notch. Well, apart from a little annoyance with the subtitles. Because the sentences are too long they cut at the end... reviewed February 9, 2006
Battle At Dawn by willhis Action
I have to agree with FALLEN013. The sound thing is a big problem, but maybe that was a problem with the upload. If you want really good ratings your gonna need to make a story. If we wanted, we could ... reviewed February 9, 2006
The Pizza Hut Song by egg_is_here Comedy
It started off really really good. But then I sort of lost interest a bit. Very funny. Love those chickens reviewed February 8, 2006
Planet of the Apes - A Planet Revealed by siddus Comedy
Was pretty good actually. I really liked the ending cause it brought back memories! And it inspired me to make a planet of the apes satire, so I might go do that now. reviewed February 7, 2006
The Never Ending Battle pilot by centre_stage Action
Hmmmmm. yeah, the fight scene was alright. But there was something missing that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Well constructed and very good voice acting. reviewed February 7, 2006
Misunderstood Genius (Part 1) by 02PARSIM Horror
Fantastic. An truly immersive story about desire. Full of insight and wit. A top class drama here. reviewed February 6, 2006
Pokémen by CaptainLlandy Comedy
Guffaw! That was awesome! Tottally. I mean, yeah. Pokemen. Smart stuff. Very classy. Interesting, not too overeaching. Unique. Elevated. What can I say? I loved it. Go figure. reviewed February 5, 2006
Metal Gear Solid - Preview by slither-ball Action
As a trailer this was pretty poor. I thought it was a great idea to make a movie of one of the most awesome games on the playstation, but, as I'm reviewing a trailer here, it was way too long and didn... reviewed February 3, 2006
Sammy Six-Shooter by GraemeBelliveau Comedy
A thought some of the elements were slightly disjointed. When the characters drew thier weapons they were facing the same way, which confused things the spatial order of your movie. However, I felt th... reviewed February 3, 2006
Homeless Monologues by Jamie-michael Comedy
That was great. Made me laugh all the way through. Especially the yellow bit. Guffaw! Well, yeah. maybe not that much. Anyway. I officially give your movie a 89% because it made me laugh (Equates to 5... reviewed February 3, 2006
state of police men by frenkd Action
Alright. I thought most of the elements in this were actually okay. The spelling errors and continuity problems made it a little jerky but other than that it was okay. The story wasn't incredibly amaz... reviewed February 3, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER The Cupcake Edition by MefuneAkira Comedy
Huzzah! This is yet another awesome film for you. The outtakes were decent too. Where the commentary?!?? :) It made good use of gospelic (new word?) humour without being offensive. Or at least I didn'... reviewed February 2, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode I (VO) by madmatt7g Action
The D Likes this movie. Tenacious D, I cannot say. But Delious? Studios D I can. yes I bloody well can. If I could give this ten stars, I'd probably give it 6! Muaaahahahahaha. reviewed February 1, 2006
Full Of Crap by groove44 Action
Featured Review
reviewed February 1, 2006
MoonRocker by chocolatemouse Action
Fab-O-Tastic. Nose Kisss? reviewed February 1, 2006
Star Wars by StephenDavis Action
I thought your movie was pretty funny, it all worked well together. Not my kind of humour, but I knew where it was funny and where it was not! My only thing is, that it's perfectly okay to make a fan ... reviewed February 1, 2006
WHAT by dazz69au Comedy
Hmmm. The joke here, relied on the one scene. Although I love short movies, I believe that a bit of (or a lot of) editing goes very far. This was more like a scene inside a larger film and couldn't re... reviewed February 1, 2006
Alien Rescue Pt 1 by caritas Sci-Fi
I felt this movie flowed quite nicely, but lacked any kind of depth to merit a 4 star. Plus there was no dialogue whatsoever. This makes it very difficult for the viewer to feel anything for the chara... reviewed February 1, 2006
Underling by Zogg Action
Excellent Movie here. Didn't agree with part of it Theologically, some bits didn't tie together and the characters were a bit off, but all in all this was well made. The editing on this movie was fant... reviewed January 30, 2006
Woof emily and the aliensTRAILER by sullivanb04 Comedy
Mmmm....It was okay, I guess. As a complete Sci-Fi AND comedy (apparantly thats what the film is?!?) fanatic, I couldn't find much here to grab my attention. Woof? Emily? And the aliens? Yeah, perhaps... reviewed January 28, 2006
Movie Lot Tour by john_sumner Comedy
I don't know why. But I watched it, and I enjoyed it. Spooky or what. Thought it was well put together. reviewed January 27, 2006
She said her name was Destiny by Sphinx86 Romance
Hey! I liked it, I liked it. Shouldn't it be comedy though? Is romance with a car possible. Hmmhmm, I think this movie has just proved it is. sort of. in a sick demented way. Or maybe not. Maybe I jus... reviewed January 25, 2006
True Fears - Trailer by Robin-the-BIG Horror
Ahhhh, didn't like the flashy bits. But as trailers go it was pretty decent! woo! My trailers better than yours! lol! Maybe. reviewed January 25, 2006
When Robots get High by CheeseMaster Sci-Fi
Yeah, that was Okay, I guess! Some distortion with some of the voice overs. I thought the ending was a bit wierd. But robots are wierd so that makes it even. Oh yes. And of course your lungs fill wit... reviewed January 25, 2006
Napoleons end coming from Spain by Elbarto_3D Action
Actually, I (me) felt that this was a great attempt in making a historical film. There are perhaps a few problems though: Some of the scenes were too dark and I couldn't really see who was there! (woo... reviewed January 23, 2006
Rebellion by NinjaPirate Action
Okay then. Here's my review. The movie really did need subtitles, which are not hard to do, and don't require voice acting! For me, the story wasn't entirely self explanitory, certain sections needed ... reviewed January 22, 2006
Hot Babes 1 by texson Action
I'm really sorry, but it didn't really make much sense without subtitles or voice overs. What can I say? The fight scenes were bog standard, and the movie could have been a bit more interesting had th... reviewed January 22, 2006
Gun by burrel Comedy
Featured Review
Wow. It's space! It's the sixties all over again! Perhaps. Not enough meat on the bones for this movie to warrant a 4 star, but great attempt nontheless.
reviewed January 21, 2006
To Bind a Broken Heart in the works by ckybjork Romance
Featured Review
A near perfect dramatic movie. What do we classify this as? A tradgedy? Well, nothing in this movie was, the script was crystal clear and developed the characters well. Great use of sets and lighting,...
reviewed January 20, 2006
Streets by MotleyCrew Action
Yeah, that was alright. Did what it said on the tin. "Not a bad movie. Great v.o"! reviewed January 18, 2006
The Baggage Boy by City17 Comedy
It's beginning to worry me how many people release films made by the game scriptwriters. Shouldn't we be trying to stop this somehow?!???!???!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! reviewed January 18, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER by MefuneAkira Comedy
Featured Review
Hey, dude. I'm a christian and I found that totally funny. Pay no attention to these "offensive" comments. It was great. And obviously not trying to undermine anyones beliefs coz it was totally made u...
reviewed January 18, 2006
Movie Madness! by 02PARSIM Comedy
Featured Review
What the heck was that? It was funny, but I dont know why. I think that means theres something wrong with me. Or you. Or both. Or neither. But, it did deserve 5 stars, purely because of the intro. Oh...
reviewed January 18, 2006
Lena part1 by WombatProducer Horror
Cool, for a horror movie that wasn't half bad. The Voice Over's scared the heck out of me! Four stars, coz it looked like it was well put together. And, now that I'm here, why not check out my new m... reviewed January 18, 2006
Defenders of the Empire by NghtStlkr Sci-Fi
Hey, this is actually a really cool Sci-Fi action movie. Although most of it was a big war, I think that was the point. Obviously your gonna make some sequels, and I'm looking forward to them. Voice o... reviewed January 18, 2006
Western by TomTurbo2K Action
Ahh, I could even understand the german subtitles (Wohooo) I'm pretty sure I've seen this movie before, but maybe not. Maybe that's why I'm giving it 4 stars. Now that I'm here, why not check out m... reviewed January 18, 2006
The Killer by Dunkeltraene Action
Hey, I thought that was a really good movie, until the end, which was probably a bit on the weak side, but hey! I enjoyed the action scenes (Although there wasn't enough for me!!) But, I think it dese... reviewed January 18, 2006
Cold Steel The Backalley Brawl by stroudie Action
Featured Review
I liked it a lot! Very nice, linear plot. I actually quite enjoyed it. I thought the ending was a tiny bit weak, so I'm knocking a star off. Excellent film though. Now that I'm here, why not check ou...
reviewed January 18, 2006
Quantity Surveyor by whitefox1 Comedy
Crazy. But funny. Yeah, five stars. Coz I'm feeling generous. Oh yeah, while I'm here, check out some of my movies. reviewed January 17, 2006
The Adventures of chicken and gorrila by layard Comedy
Get away from the microphone! And give your movies a proper story. Ouch. reviewed January 17, 2006
Ask Me Twice by earlicus Romance
Awwwwww, now reviews. Thought I'd give it three stars for pities sake. A bit odd. *i* think I'd class this as "horror(ific)" Three stars though, because the voice overs were actually quite good. P.S... reviewed January 17, 2006
What if Charles Darwin Were Alive Today by ozman69 Comedy
woot! reviewed January 17, 2006
The First Date (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Apple. reviewed January 17, 2006
Off The Reacord with Lionhead Studios by sarunit Comedy
We rock, don't we? reviewed January 17, 2006
Machinations by Markkoh Sci-Fi
Yeaaah....It was average. A couple of pointers. Movies need a story, I couldn't really see a plotline here. Oh and the voice overs were perhaps a little overpowering. Some great potential here though.... reviewed January 17, 2006
Sid the Zombie inhow babies are made by poopiemcgee04 Comedy
Okay, that was just okay, okay? reviewed January 17, 2006
The Adventures of Woody! Trailer by Stormwhitelab Action
Hahahahahahha. Yes! That's it! That's the inspiration I've been looking for. Huzzah. Slighty awesome dude! Ohhhhh yeaaah. I've gotta trailer. Check it out. reviewed January 17, 2006
A Struggle For Justice Part I by Panther559 Action
Featured Review
Hey! Actually, this is really good. I got a bit bored at the begginning, apart from the laugh with the guy missing the sub(!!) But overall this was a tightly spun, easy going movie. I found myself jus...
reviewed January 17, 2006
Whassamatter by Omega2k3 Romance
That was....Alright, I guess. Yeah....Not bad. Hmm reviewed January 17, 2006
A story of outer space by claude160680 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Ha! The title leaves much to be desired, but the movie itself is actually quite good! It felt like a proper Sci-Fi movie, even though it did feel like *every other Sci-Fi Movie*. Sort of Star Wars, Du...
reviewed January 17, 2006
First Date by pearsonhouse Romance
Featured Review
A perfect (Or imperfect as the case may be) First Date Movie. Nothing suprising, but really, should there be? Not my thing. But probably someone elses thing, if there into that kinda thing. Erm. The o...
reviewed January 17, 2006
Battleing the Unknown by bainesy Action
Hmmm. Not bad. May I point out a few little annoyanced though? ;) Okay. 1)You used the same scene three or four times (The knife one) and it got a tad tiresome. 2)The storyline was a little bit linea... reviewed January 17, 2006
Nautilus TechDemo by Zogg Action
Amazing! Can I have it? reviewed January 17, 2006
Preview Of Michael Jakson Trilogy Part3 by muffinman911300 Comedy
Ooops! reviewed January 16, 2006
Potty Mouthed Chicken Falls Down Stairs by Rhynox980 Comedy
Aaahhhh, amazing! A Perfect advertisement for alchoholic beverages. Erm. Maybe. Half decent, I say! reviewed January 16, 2006
The Woman on the Corner by knightstudios Comedy
A pretty neat movie set up. Works well, doesn't get boring. Simplistic premise, but that just adds to the comedy. Basic, but a bit funny. I would give it four stars, but for me, for a comedy, there is... reviewed January 16, 2006
An Untamed Need by Christinelynns25 Romance
A top class Western Romance here, the story is comfortably predictable and camera and lighting is very clever. The music is excellent, but way too loud. There are moments when sound from the scene and... reviewed January 16, 2006
Dont use Online Markets by christo16 Comedy
Okaaaayyy. Made me laugh a bit I guess! :) (Woohoo!) I liked the length, long films a boring, it was short and to the point. I dont give you 5 stars because it didn't really go anywhere (But I guess i... reviewed January 14, 2006
the all out bar brawl by killersamos Action
For Those that enjoy violence for no reason, then I suggest you download this and have it run every time you log on your pc. Top class stuff. But for me. It was pure awful! :) I think I heard some voi... reviewed January 14, 2006
my first movie by killersamos Action
Not a particularly terrible film, but as a sci fi fanatic, it didn't keep me interested for long enough. Ok, problems: 1) Void of Sound. Not so sure why. 2) Subtitles were on for too long and needed c... reviewed January 14, 2006
gunny bunny overkill by killersamos Action
Not so great. I found it a little bit haphazard, as if it was supposed to be a montage from a bigger film, (Would have been funny with crazy music!?!?). It didn't lead anywhere and had no character continuity. reviewed January 14, 2006
WATCH MY MOVIE!!!!! by Diesel3009 Comedy
This film was absolutely Glorious?!?!!!! 'Nuff Sed. (I wonder if thats where most of us will end up anyway?) reviewed January 13, 2006
Surviving Death (Part 2) by 02PARSIM Horror
Very clever use of camera choices and whatnot. And, an absolutely fantastic plot line that makes you wanna see the next one! (Wooo). Only two problems that I can see: 1) The subtitles come and go very... reviewed January 13, 2006