Number of Movies: 30
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.79

Number of Movies Reviewed: 320
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 7
Average Rating Given: 4.63
Movies Released by deeb
Violent Trailer Action
UPDATE ON VO CAST: BlazeLeeDragon mcrispy13 pookashells ------------------------ I know, I know, I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to many things going. But I liked the plot to this. Mods: Overlay(s): Al... posted July 1, 2008
The Caves Trailer tst2 Horror
First off, sorry about the name. Second, this film would've come out sooner but it was delayed due to my Movies game crapping out and having to uninstall and reinstall. But I made the trailer before i... posted June 19, 2008
Cop (remake) Trailer Action
RECORD RANK: 13th That's right! A remake of my best action movie, Cop! Right now, it's already filmed and is just waiting for editing! Please rate! Mods: 1930s Mini City Set--FraasMovies(I think) D... posted June 15, 2008
Life Series Trailer Action
The trailer to my second series, Life. Inspired by the show on TMO, Grit. The plot is about this guy and his friend. They stumble on to a cult and are traped for a while. But the main character gets ... posted May 30, 2008
Vamp Series Promo Action
The first promo for my first series. It's been to long since the last upload. Please rate! Mods: SONG: Before Its Too Late(slightly modded)--mollyrulez9999 PROP: Bridge prop--Johan Sturk And I thank... posted May 27, 2008
Vamp Series Promo Action Not Rated
No Description posted May 27, 2008
Time and Confusion 2 Action
Sorry about the two. It's just a copy I made of Time and Confusion. This had the best editing so I used this version. But ignore the two. Anyway, that's it! Time and Confusion (c)2005 Written and Per... posted March 23, 2008
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Romance
The modders of this music video is FraasMovies and who ever made the Augie64 Filter. And, I hope you like my music video. Thanks to me, I have created a forum of music video alerts. The ones that I ma... posted March 22, 2008
Time and Confusion Action Not Rated
This is a music video with Time and Confusion by Anberlin. I hope ya like it! Oh, and turn up the volume and make it full screen! The mods in this were mods that I didn't create. I thank the users wh... posted March 19, 2008
The Movies Online Contest (Part Four) Action
This is the final part to The Movies Online Contest!! posted January 22, 2008
Dead After Dark Trailer Horror
A trailer for my up coming movie Dead After Dark. Mods by: FraasMovies--shop/store set FraasMovies--minicity 1930 AlexBradley--Satellite Nuke (part 1 and 2) cruise1970--Blinking Map Readyfuels (c)20... posted January 20, 2008
Dead After Dark Trailer Horror
A trailer for my zombie movie. Readyfuels (c)2003 written and performed by Anberlin Mods by: FraasMovies--minicity 1930 FraasMovies--shop/store set cruise1970--Blinking Map AlexBradley--Satellite Nu... posted January 19, 2008
Justice Series Trailer Action
This is the trailer for my upcoming series Justice. Please rate! posted January 10, 2008
The Movies Online Contest (Part Three) Action
You have three days to vote. Please, vote for your favorite actor on it! posted January 7, 2008
Gone Money Gone Horror
Rated R for brief blood and gore. It's a dark comedy. About a guy who has money problems. Inspired by true events. Really. Mods by: Walvince--Corpses' parts 6-headedmonster--Blood Puddle posted January 5, 2008
The Movies Online Contest (Part Two) Action
Part two to my contest. Please vote for the actors on it! You have one day left to vote. posted December 31, 2007
Killer Horror
A movie about a psycho. Please rate! Mods by: Spaceman72--Useable Chainsaw FraasMovies--4 Blood Spots And soon there will be a remake of this for VOs! And a sequal! How great! posted December 28, 2007
Killer Trailer Horror
A movie I'm making about a psycho. Please rate! Mods by: fraas--4 Blood Spots posted December 27, 2007
Killer Trailer Horror
A movie I'm making about a psycho. Please rate! Mods by: fraas--4 Blood Spots posted December 26, 2007
The Movies Online Contest Action
A thing I made. I thought hey, this would be fun. So I did it. Please vote on the actors and actress. You have three days left to vote. And see Part Two too this December 31st. Enjoy! posted December 24, 2007
Bad to the Bone Action
Rated PG-13 for mild violence and mild language. A short movie. Please rate! posted December 22, 2007
Digital Cold War Action
Now this movie has subs. Rated PG-13 for violence and mild language. Kinda a Matrix thing. Please rate! posted December 21, 2007
Cop Action
WARNING: Some reviews have spoilers. Watch out! DEEB NEWS ALERT!!! I am making a remake of this! It will hopefully come out soon, but watch the trailer! posted December 18, 2007
Cop Action
Now this movie has subs. I just up-loaded this one because people said it wasn't good 'cause it didn't have subs. But now it does. Rated PG-13 for violence. About a cop in a big city. Please rate! posted December 18, 2007
The Mob Trailer Action
The movie is rated R. But this is the trailer for it. Please rate! posted December 14, 2007
Sam Swains Stunt Mayhem Action
Rated R for strong violence. It's about a stuntman named Sam Swain. He's a very good stuntman too. Please rate! posted December 12, 2007
Digital Cold War Action
Rated R for violence. This is a Matrix thing. Please rate! posted December 12, 2007
Sam Swains Stunt Mayhem Trailer Action
This is a trailer for an upcoming movie. The movie is called Sam Swain's Stunt Mayhem. posted December 12, 2007
Cop Action
Rated PG-13 for violence. About a cop in a big city. It's an action movie. Please rate! P.S. I'll post another one with subs. posted December 11, 2007
5th Street Comedy
Rated PG for rudeness. This is a movie I made, it's a comedy/thing. Please rate! posted December 11, 2007
Movies Reviewed by deeb
The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem by Tie Horror
Nice one!!! Too bad to see TMO being burned to a crisp by LH. Great comedy though :) THE CLOWN reviewed November 11, 2008
The return of CC The spin-off trailer by derbyrams Comedy
Real nice job! Can't wait! -deeb reviewed October 20, 2008
Aspirations trailer 8 by derbyrams Romance
Cool Derby. I think this'll be a hit.... -deeb reviewed October 1, 2008
Aspirations trailer 9 by derbyrams Romance
Nice job :) Can't wait for the finished product! -deeb reviewed October 1, 2008
Aspirations clip 2 by derbyrams Romance
Nice job! I can't wait for its release ;) -deeb reviewed September 27, 2008
HAM and NUTS by KaeptnWiglo Comedy
That was hilarous! I loved it with the music, and no voices for this film are better then with. Great job! Made me laugh! -deeb reviewed September 4, 2008
Corrupted Official Trailer by shyshy Action
Perfect job, Shy! I can't wait for our project to be complete! Two thumbs up on the trailer. -deeb reviewed August 15, 2008
The Morning After by sparky1512 Comedy
Pretty good Brit humor, Sparky! One of my favorite types of humor. Good job, liked the plot, and Berni is a little.....well, it's a no-brainer. Loved it, keep it up! -deeb reviewed August 11, 2008
Slingers-Teaser 1a by jase180 Action
Nothin' wrong with doin' the main role yourself! Get the feeling you want. Good job, haven't seen to many good westerns around TMO. Looking foward to ir, Jase! -deeb reviewed August 11, 2008
Headless 1654 by werecool Horror
Cool! And I see the use of 'headless' people in the film! Great mods, can't wait for the second part! -deeb reviewed August 10, 2008
Aspirations new trailer by derbyrams Romance
I can't wait! Looks like a great cast. Too bad its your last, great job! I want to see the full length film! -deeb reviewed August 7, 2008
Brothers Of War Ep 1 by Staree_Movies Action
For God's sake slayer001993, its a good film and you should just shut up. I would love to see another part of this film, and slayer001993 is totally wrong. Many have enjoyed this film, so make more. -deeb reviewed August 6, 2008
Corrupted Trailer by shyshy Action
Very nice with the trailer, Shy! I can't wait to see our film! Good luck with filming. -deeb reviewed August 4, 2008
The porn flim by zebaroth Comedy
I recommend changing the name so someone who just thinks you uploaded someone naked, then this'll get banned and you might go down with it too. I think you should re-upload with a different name. -deeb reviewed July 15, 2008
Praise The Lord!! by Trashman Comedy
It was just disgusting. And yes, things like that actually go on in some churchs. Don't think I'm a fool. It's just that doesn't need to be on TMO. And I hope to see you don't have any anti-Christ, f... reviewed July 14, 2008
Time by derbyrams Romance
I really liked it, good job. I hope to see more of movies like these from you! -deeb reviewed July 14, 2008
America Wake Up! by cruise1970 Action
Are you saying it's all the Americans' fault? If so, some people just can't pay the amount, they aren't deadbeats. I'm going through bankruptcy right now, and yes, did spend a little to much even a a ... reviewed July 14, 2008
Affari by ESegal Action
An amazing job on such a subject. You got the feel just right for them, I find that kinda hard to do. I'm glad it got Hot-Picked! I agree with Tre, it was flawless. And I would be happy to use you in ... reviewed July 12, 2008
Killer Housemate by FallenThomas Comedy
Very, very funny. I loved it! -deeb reviewed July 12, 2008
Marauders 4 by artorious Action
Wow! Very realistic. I want to see more. Good job! -deeb Also, please rate my films. reviewed July 11, 2008
Around Noon by MefuneAkira Comedy
You are charged with murder on deeb's funny bone. I loved it! You are the master of comedy here! -deeb reviewed July 10, 2008
Harold by FallenThomas Comedy
Very funny. Well use of free cam. Good VOs too, did a good job by you're self. Great! Hope ya win! -deeb reviewed July 9, 2008
QUIETUS II by josephkw Horror
An amazing film you bring us again, Joseph. A brilliant movie with amazing animations. Another great job. -deeb reviewed July 9, 2008
Life Buddy by josephkw Comedy
Very good. I liked it. -deeb reviewed July 9, 2008
FATED (part 1) by josephkw Action
I need to see part 2!!!!! I loved it. I can't wait for the next!!! -deeb reviewed July 9, 2008
Retaliation 1 True God by ShyShy Action
Yay! We got a Christian on board! I am to. I can't wait for this, sounds cool. I loved the ShyShy overlay at the begining. Good job! -deeb reviewed July 8, 2008
That Night Part 1 by guitarscout Horror
For the shower scene, download a nude mod and change the camera so you don't know. Then she wouldn't look so almost dumb. And too many fades. It was good over all. I want to see part 2. Go... reviewed July 8, 2008
Rising Conflict by michael_b6 Action
Wow! That's just the tip of the iceberg with war. Great job! Good music. -deeb reviewed July 8, 2008
10KILLS by michael_b6 Action
This is an amazing movie. Should get no less than to be in the Hall of Fame. No voice overs, but the subs were great. Amazing use of putting the subtitles on the character that is speaking. You did an... reviewed July 8, 2008
Mafia The bank by Johnny2142T Action
Good. I'd like to see the first Mafia episode. Great job!! -deeb reviewed July 8, 2008
Mafia The Deal by Johnny2142T Action
I didn't see the first one, but I liked this. Good spelling on the subtitles, I really liked this. allenrules, if you have not seen the first ones, then you may not get the plot. Good job, -deeb reviewed July 8, 2008
Food Friends by FallenThomas Comedy
Very funny, FT. I liked the feel of it. It felt like a cheesy, over-done ad. -deeb reviewed July 8, 2008
Zombie Island Holiday resort Ad by derbyrams Comedy
Very funny, derby! Very funny. Good use of music and scenes. I liked the classic resort beach ad scene....EXCEPT THEY'RE DEAD!!!! I loved it. Funny. -deeb Also, please rate my new trailer to my best... reviewed July 6, 2008
Dog-Dawg Groove Promo by elbowlow Comedy
Sounds good! Hey, check out this thread: I could put your voice to use. -deeb reviewed July 4, 2008
XXIV XXI - Tape 1 by trewill7 Horror
Wow! Great film! I loved the way you filmed it. Great job! "Trewill7 always brings cutting edge film making to TMO...." lizard3209, I have to agree. You have some of the best films on TMO. I can't wa... reviewed July 3, 2008
How a Vampire Changed the World by mcrispy13 Comedy
I have to say, that was FUNNY! -deeb reviewed July 1, 2008
The Shadow by skelaknight1 Action
C'mon, JazzX! I liked it, I'll watch part 2 sometime. -deeb P.S. Sorry, JazzX, but, you just REALLY annoy me. reviewed July 1, 2008
Zombie Island by simpsdog Horror
Better with VOs. And these are top-notch VOs. I like it!! -deeb reviewed July 1, 2008
Some Of Us (by Ally Miller) by biggstrek Romance
Wow! I loved it! reviewed June 29, 2008
The Baggage Boy by EthanRunt Romance
I liked it! The best boy with the best baggage. Nice one! Very funny! Also, please rate my new films and trailers. -deeb reviewed June 19, 2008
TMOs got talent by bmaitland Comedy
I think this could be really, really fun. I might if you have another contest after this. I don't have enough time. Sounds good! -deeb reviewed June 18, 2008
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 1 by trewill7 Action
THE BEST WAR MOVIE I'VE SEEN SINCE Tears Of A Pale Moon! And also best romance type. An amazing flick! I need more!! GIVE-ME-MORE! -deeb reviewed June 17, 2008
Jack Rage by cyber256702000 Action
Very funny and a very good movie! Great action. Please rate my films! -deeb reviewed June 16, 2008
Office Wars Trailer by timothy_richmond_3 Comedy
VERY FUNNY!!!! I can't wait! Looks like a good comedy! -deeb reviewed June 15, 2008
A Bad Day For Bob by notfunny Comedy
Good pointless movie. I'm serious! Gave me a chuckle. -deeb reviewed June 15, 2008
Another Bad Day For Bob by notfunny Comedy
Weird movie. Since I didn't see the first, I have to rate it 5-stars. -deeb reviewed June 15, 2008
The Box by Amateur-Associates Comedy
This movie, it's okay. But I just don't really care or know what's really going on. I know what it's about, I'm not a stupid person, but it's just a little boring. Good mods, weird plot. Sorry. -deeb reviewed June 15, 2008
The Invasion by meosha12 Sci-Fi
Is there going to be a part 2? Good job. Good sci-fi!! Thanks for rating my trailer. Keep an eye out for it! -deeb reviewed June 15, 2008
Dog Pound by rysto Comedy
Not really much to say, other than it was good. -deeb reviewed June 13, 2008
The Others by meosha12 Horror
Featured Review
I have to say you're the best at horror. Thanks for rating my trailer! Please rate more! -deeb
reviewed June 13, 2008
Drake - Season 1 - Episode 1 by Active_Studios Action
WOW!!!! I can't wait for the next episode!! I've been waiting for this series. -deeb reviewed June 13, 2008
On The TV Theres Tarps by screamingtongue Comedy
Really racist. Really retarded, and just too much swearing. It was a gross movie. That's all I can say. It was a stupid movie. -deeb reviewed June 13, 2008
BBFC 18 Warning by JazzX Comedy
What the hell was that? Make some good movies like action or comedy and not The God Illusion and this piece of crap. What is it doing? Showing a Brit talking about rating!? What!? -deeb reviewed June 10, 2008
Aspirations little scene by derbyrams Romance
I can't wait! -deeb reviewed June 10, 2008
THE WATER AND THE WOODS d by userjosh9874 Horror
Wow! I thought it was going to end bad! I loved it! A very well done movie! -deeb reviewed June 8, 2008
The Ultimate Showdown by chrisedmond Comedy
That was SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!! That is all I can say! -deeb reviewed June 5, 2008
Acceptance promo by derbyrams Romance
Look's great. I watched Acceptance and it was well done, although sad. Great job Derby! -deeb reviewed June 4, 2008
SCUM by RavensFan_09 Action
Wow! Very good. A little short. But great! -deeb reviewed June 3, 2008
Fatal Punch by Jenniza Action
Great movie!! Good VOs! I like action. -deeb And I got your PM. I know that. I haven't got people to do them yet. I would reply to the PM, but for some reason my wireless thing or something can't go... reviewed June 3, 2008
The American Dream Trailer by filipekholmstudios Romance
Wow! I can't wait! And I LOVE mob storys!! Oh, I hope you read this because I told you more in the 'About This Movie' section on my Life series trailer. Take another look! -deeb reviewed June 2, 2008
On the Ledge by Jenniza Romance
Very good movie! I liked the 2nd ending the best. I hope you read this, because I have put the plot to Life onto the Life trailer. So, be sure to look at it again. -deeb reviewed June 2, 2008
Lionhead by Dr_House Romance
That was a good movie! That was a lot-a work to do that, wasn't it? -deeb reviewed May 31, 2008
Red Gulch by chris62 Action
Wow! One of the best western movies I've seen on here!! Great job! -deeb reviewed May 31, 2008
Wet 2 Girls Gone Wild by zach777 Romance
You are disgusting! What the f*** is this doin' on here!? This movie is teribel, stupid, sick, and just a piece of s***! Your movie should be taken off, and you should be banned, sicko. -deeb reviewed May 30, 2008
XXIV XXI - Teaser by trewill7 Horror
Wow! Look's like a Cloverfield type movie! I can't wait!!! -deeb reviewed May 30, 2008
Death-Curse music video by yor444 Horror
Cool, but is that music a mod you found on 8eyedbaby or is it by a artist? If it is, this may get banned. Worst case, you'll get banned. I had my breeze with the rules. A warning. -deeb reviewed May 28, 2008
Alien by werecool Horror
Have you ever seen the movie Alien? If you were trying to remake Alien, you need to watch it. There was no alien captive, it came onto the ship. Made little spawns in the people and made a gorey apper... reviewed May 28, 2008
Stunt Cordinater by googs Comedy
Very funny! I loved the part about the crack-head! Now THAT'S comedy! -deeb reviewed May 28, 2008
Unknown Planet by GriffinGillis Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Okay... what!?!?! A lot of the VOs were weak, and whats with the retarded guy at the begining? After they're laughing he has some kind of a retardo-fit saying something about something existing. And a...
reviewed May 27, 2008
Medal Head 2 by meosha12 Action
It was...okay. Just the costumes, the guns, and some of the dialog was... a bit...cheesy. PLOT POINT PROBLEMS (P.P.P.) "Let's go run in front of that gunner! He's not going to blow our heads off!" ... reviewed May 27, 2008
Ring 352 by meosha12 Horror
I wonder what happened in that building... -deeb reviewed May 27, 2008
The Haunting by meosha12 Action
Great movie! I have to see what other great horrors you got. But, there is no back story. But that was a good movie! -deeb reviewed May 27, 2008
Deer Me - The Directors Cut by grickey Comedy
How'd you get the backdropcredit thing to work? That's amazing! Great job! -deeb reviewed May 27, 2008
TrainSplat by grickey Sci-Fi
I'm sorry, but I have to rate it. The sound fx, I've heard them. Because you got them from The Ren & Stimpy Show! One of my favorite cartoons! -deeb P.S. You're a Mod-God :p reviewed May 27, 2008
Stirb ohne mich by legolars356 Action
A good action movie! I do not know German, but I can with this tool that tells me what it means. Great action! Good movie! -deeb TRANSLATION(into German): Eine gute Aktion Film! Ich wei?? nicht, D... reviewed May 27, 2008
The Consequences of Bad Decisions by Katikal Comedy
Wow, that was funny! I don't get the 2 stars thing. I loved it!! Ya know, I know this sounds racist, but if you see a black guy walk in with a shirt like that, he's in a gang. Probably killed some peo... reviewed May 26, 2008
Tears of a Pale Moon by Wackyal3000 Action
That film was tear-jurking. Wow. You showed how bloody, horrorfying, and sickining the war was. And some did turn to suicide. In some cases, that was the best thing to do. You made World War 1 into a ... reviewed May 24, 2008
Time clip by derbyrams Romance
Cool trailer, Derby! I can't wait!! -deeb reviewed May 23, 2008
Gamma Force Quick Clip by cruise1970 Action
Aren't you making another Gamma Force? I can't wait. -deeb reviewed May 19, 2008
Fear The Call by ultraviolet32x Horror
It was a good horror movie. Good subs. Good job!! -deeb P.S. Please rate my films! reviewed May 16, 2008
Bad To The Bone by theshiningdude Horror
I know, I know, it's one of your first movies so that's okay, but, you have some uncredited music in there. That could get you baned from this sight. Belive me, I've been in trouble before but didn't ... reviewed May 9, 2008
To TMO or Not To TMO by rileyman Comedy
Laugh-out-loud comedy that should go in the hall of fame!!! I'm glad you have it on DVD. I might get it! -deeb reviewed May 8, 2008
CC shorts An exclusive inside look by derbyrams Comedy
Summer 2009!?! I can't wait! I LOVE the CC show!!! -deeb reviewed May 7, 2008
The Test by Tarison Comedy
I hope it does, too! -deeb :) reviewed May 6, 2008
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
It was a shocking film. Sorry, thats all I got to say. -deeb reviewed May 6, 2008
Lost In New York by MoviesMan4Ever Horror
It was good. Kinda a Cloverfield movie. And please rate me films! P.S. I'm making a Cloverfield type movie, too. reviewed May 6, 2008
Urban Warrior Certification by JazzX Comedy
Huh!?!? -deeb reviewed May 2, 2008
NARC Part 1 by kell1608 Action
Wow!! I can't wait for part two!!! -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
Time trailer 2 by derbyrams Romance
You must be getting so much VC from posting all of these. I can't wait, derby!! -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
Saving Private Gloop by Drainworks Action
Huh?? And in 1944, they would use the M1 Garand, and the Thompson. And, they would've had WWII costumes. These are costumes from Vietnam. Needs to have some touching-up. -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
Gloop Gloop by rysto Comedy
I love there little accent! It was so funny!! -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
The Road Less Traveled by rysto Romance
WOW!! Very powerful. I really, really, REALLY liked it. Great job! Make more like that!!! -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
Got Game by rysto Comedy
I loved it! Very funny from the begining to the end! -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
Blood Berries by rysto Horror
Very good vampire movie! Clicking download! -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
Walls by insanewarrior69 Horror
Hmmmmm..... Different. -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
Grit - Time Bomb by insanewarrior69 Action
I love this series! Make more!!! -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
Grit - Pool of Blood by insanewarrior69 Action
I love the music you use!! Where did you get it? -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
Grit - Road To Nowhere by insanewarrior69 Action
Wow! I liked it! And stand up, Frankie! Kill 'em! -deeb reviewed May 1, 2008
Grit - Shadows by insanewarrior69 Action
No Review reviewed April 30, 2008
Grit - Dresser by insanewarrior69 Action
I agree with Colin_Green. I think a crossover would be sooooooo cool. I love that game Criminal Origins. That'd be a great idea. -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
Grit - Run by insanewarrior69 Action
Another great episode!! -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
Grit - Inside The Ink by insanewarrior69 Action
Ooooooohhhhhh... Wow. That's why. Very powerful. -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
Grit - Pad by insanewarrior69 Action
I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!! -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
Grit - Curb by insanewarrior69 Action
Again......GOOD!! -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
Grit - Lay Low by insanewarrior69 Action
Wow! Good one! And, I didn't need to watch it five times! I got! Great series! -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
Grit - Trust by insanewarrior69 Action
Liked it! -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
Grit - Stand Still by insanewarrior69 Action
I think thsi introdused TMO to a whole new style of filming... -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
MEAT LOCKER by insanewarrior69 Horror
You're a good filmer! -deeb P.S. By the way, You don't need to send the Grit series to me. I downloaded them all! reviewed April 30, 2008
Grit - Inferno by insanewarrior69 Action
A very powerful, short movie you have! I like it! Could you send the series to me? I'll PM you on the forums or tell you in a review. Good movie! -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
Manic Hotel by Chae_Z Action
It was okay. Just needed some editing, but it was an okay movie. I like guns. -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
Underpants Away! -1- Below The Belt by biggstrek Comedy
One of the best comedys on TMO (besides Comedy Corner and some others)!! I LOVE IT!!! -deeb reviewed April 30, 2008
EXTINGUISHED by josephkw Sci-Fi
Wow. That was a really powerful movie. One of the best on TMO. And I don't say that often. Great and powerful movie. Make more like that! -deeb reviewed April 29, 2008
Miserere Nobis TMO by josephkw Horror
Wow! That was a good movie!! -deeb reviewed April 29, 2008
15 Second Movie (excluding credits) by josephkw Comedy
What!?!? 15 seconds!? I may need to watch and count the time of the movie! -deeb reviewed April 29, 2008
City Life by jkellum91393 Action
No Review reviewed April 28, 2008
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee by jkellum91393 Comedy
It didn't make a whole lot of sense, but it's your first movie, so you get four stars. -deeb P.S. Don't worry, my first movies didn't make a lot of sense too. ;) reviewed April 28, 2008
The Betrayal - Teaser Trailer by TFoster Action
I can't wait!! I LOVE mob movies!! -deeb reviewed April 28, 2008
HE 3 The Devils Grasp by Adamrcook88 Horror
Can't wait for the next one!! -deeb reviewed April 28, 2008
HE 2 Unforgiven by Adamrcook88 Horror
It didn't make a whole lot-a sense, but I haven't seen the first one. And, I bet Ppugh1 hasn't seen the first. I liked it! -deeb reviewed April 28, 2008
Night Games by Adamrcook88 Action
I think it was a good film!! I don't care much about street racing but it was a good movie. Keep filmin', Adam!!! -deeb :) reviewed April 28, 2008
YamiMarik TC entry Clock of Death by YamiMarik Comedy
Loved it!!! Very funny! -deeb reviewed April 28, 2008
See You In Hell - teaser by YamiMarik Action
Can't wait, Yami!! -deeb reviewed April 28, 2008
Ephraims Struggle - Sneak peak by nexusinteract Sci-Fi
No Review reviewed April 26, 2008
The Attack of the Chicken! by nexusinteract Sci-Fi
What? It was odd and funny at the same time. -deeb reviewed April 26, 2008
The Remedy by nexusinteract Horror
I'm sure it was hard to make this. So it gets five stars. At the end, it just needed something but I don't know what. But was a good horror/thriller/action movie. -deeb P.S. Please rate my movies an... reviewed April 26, 2008
Infested! Trailer by rysto Action
Perfect! -deeb reviewed April 26, 2008
Infested! Trailer Two by rysto Action
You're a Mod-Godess! I bow to you! -deeb reviewed April 26, 2008
Infested! SUPER Teaser by rysto Action
I loved the big giant ant! Why is some people giving this one star!?! -deeb reviewed April 26, 2008
The Call by Active_Studios Action
I LOVED IT!!! I think it was a GREAT action film. It did need the tinyist bit of editing, but I loved it!! Great job, A_S!! -deeb reviewed April 26, 2008
The 4th DJDanny Show by DJDanny Comedy
VERY funny!!! As good as the CC series. Ya know, you could use me for a guest some time. I'm not doing any VOs now. I'm free!! -deeb P.S. SO FUNNY!!! reviewed April 25, 2008
Bad Men by simpsdog Action
No Review reviewed April 18, 2008
Color Me Lurid by tikko_ftc Action
Good kung-fu movie! Good action! And you also wanted the mods to the movie, 'Gone Money gone'? Here's the link to the blood mod: And her... reviewed April 18, 2008
The God Illusion - Part 1 by JazzX Comedy
I TOTALLY disagree. I belive THERE IS A GOD and this movie thing is awful. This is-- I have no words to express. I don't understand how so many people are Goddless. I agree with xmf93x. This is a movi... reviewed April 18, 2008
Time trailer by derbyrams Romance
Gotta lot of movies comin', don't you? I'll watch it!! -deeb reviewed April 17, 2008
Deep Hatred by ShyShy Action
I agree with Howitzer. It's better then your other movies. I also love the song at the begining. Great job! -deeb reviewed April 16, 2008
Penance by KarlBrown Action
Wow! You made this in one night!?!? Great job!! -deeb P.S. Sorry. I made a stupid comment on Blue Chicago Moon. It was a really good movie. reviewed April 14, 2008
Shadow and Light Pt1 by dan47 Action
Can't wait, dan47! reviewed April 13, 2008
A Distant Heart (Episode 1) by dan47 Romance
I love your movies! reviewed April 13, 2008
Remember Me by dan47 Romance
Bravo! Great music, great ending. Five stars is the minimum I can give you! -deeb reviewed April 13, 2008
Life trailer 2 by derbyrams Action
Cool! Great trailer!!! -deeb reviewed April 12, 2008
Reaper Mans Return by Loyd2000 Horror
Whoa! C-R-E-E-P-Y!!! Great job! reviewed April 12, 2008
Reaper Man by Loyd2000 Horror
Wowy wow wow! Great job! Clicking download...NOW!!! reviewed April 12, 2008
In the Cover of Darkness by pookashells Romance
Bravo! Bravo! Great job, pookashells! Another thrilling movie that seems like I just rented a movie. Bravo! -deeb reviewed April 11, 2008
Saved My Life Video by meosha12 Action
Listen: it's a good video, but I'm not much for wrap. And if it's not your music, you can get your studio banned. First, they just give you a warning. I'm just warning you 'cause I've almost lost my l... reviewed April 8, 2008
The last case by micha83 Action
I very thrilling ride!! Great VOs! I was amazed by the SFX! It was a very, very well done movie. One of the best I've seen on TMO. Great job! -deeb reviewed April 4, 2008
King Kong (Part One) export1 by pookashells Romance
All of the movies I've seend by you, there always captivating. Every scene, every line, it's amazing. Great job, pookashells! -deeb reviewed April 3, 2008
Blood of a Soldier by kell1608 Action
Good movie! I liked it! I like the title, too. Oh, and please watch my studio page. I'll be hopfully realesing a new movie, 'U.S. Soldiers'. About the soldiers in Iraq. So, keep an eye out! -deeb reviewed March 26, 2008
Life teaser trailer by derbyrams Action
I love that overlay!!! I MUST have it! I'll watch the movie! -deeb reviewed March 26, 2008
The Greek and Persian War by chris62 Action
Nice job, Chris! -deeb reviewed March 25, 2008
The Ghost Catchers by travisMan Comedy
Very funny!! I loved it! I have to download it! Great job! -deeb P.S. Please rate my movies. Oh, and I have music videos. Please rate them all! Please? reviewed March 24, 2008
so he got fired by soggypretzel41 Comedy
That was funny. -deeb reviewed March 23, 2008
Lizardman Misunderstood by cipheruzmad Action
It was...okay. -deeb P.S. The music in the music video, was exposed to be demented. That's the reason. reviewed March 23, 2008
Time Troopers EPISODE 4 by johnnyex Action
Good job! I liked it! -deeb reviewed March 23, 2008
Flight Of Freedom by TFoster Action
Not you???re best. The voice recording was bad. I could name most of the modders of this film: FraasMovies for the fire prop 6HeadedMonster for the blood puddle [Unknown] for the Invasion of Normandy... reviewed March 23, 2008
Flight Of Freedom - Trailer by TFoster Action
I watched this first 'cause then I would have some info on it instead of going in blind. Good job! -deeb P.S. I'll watch the real movie later so ya better not take it of the site! Oh, and I posted a... reviewed March 23, 2008
Chain of Command The Break in the Chain by ryno0263 Action
Looks cool! And please rate my two music videos. Please? -deeb reviewed March 23, 2008
Aspirations clip by derbyrams Romance
I can't wait, Derby! -deeb reviewed March 22, 2008
Guns And Games by FallenThomas Action
I think all your skills are improving. Good FreeCam, FX, And everythin'! And there is no story. But some really good action! Great job, FT! -deeb reviewed March 19, 2008
Acceptance trailer by derbyrams Romance
Good job! -deeb reviewed March 13, 2008
Stranded - Music Video by nikstudios05 Action
Good job! -deeb reviewed March 13, 2008
Aspirations full trailer by derbyrams Romance
I'll watch it! -deeb reviewed March 13, 2008
Cancer Sticks teaser trailer by derbyrams Action
Looks cool! I'll watch it! -deeb reviewed March 13, 2008
1921 by TomPeeler Action
Sorry. The guy who played Sonny was the most ugly actor I've ever seen on TMO. It was okay. Sorry. -deeb P.S. I do agree it was a little choppy. reviewed March 7, 2008
Dirty movie full trailer by derbyrams Comedy
I'll watch it! -deeb reviewed March 6, 2008
Comedy Corner 2 Chat Show trailer by derbyrams Comedy
I can't wait! -deeb reviewed March 6, 2008
CC shorts new trailer by derbyrams Comedy
Cool! -deeb reviewed March 6, 2008
She will always live forever series trailer by derbyrams Action
Looks cool, Derby! I'll watch it! Great music. It fit the trailer. Great job!! -deeb reviewed March 5, 2008
The Urban War by FallenThomas Action
How does this get one star? Huh? Must just be a guy who doesn't know what a short film means. It was great! Please, PM me on Lionhead and tell me where to get the shaky-camera thing. Please? I could u... reviewed March 3, 2008
On The Horizon by travisMan Action
Cool movie!! Good spelling, too. Great job! -deeb reviewed March 1, 2008
Cancer Sticks clip by derbyrams Action
Cool movie! -deeb reviewed March 1, 2008
Mallicks Island by the_only_iceman Romance
OH MY GOD!!! The best spelling! Editing! I loved it! This deserves no less then five stars!! I have to download it! Great job!! -deeb P.S. I don't think it was too long. I loved it! reviewed February 28, 2008
The Shrine by Howitzer Horror
I knew there was gonna be something at the end!! I liked the remake and this one. Great job! -deeb reviewed February 22, 2008
Red Rock Canyon by DelToro Action
Great movie! I loved it! -deeb reviewed February 19, 2008
Halo The Return of Master Cheif by aznkid367 Sci-Fi
I've never played a Halo game, but, that was pretty great! I have seen all the costumes they ware in the games! Great job! -deeb reviewed February 19, 2008
Farting Man 4 The Musical by geaneyk Comedy
Dumb. -deeb reviewed February 18, 2008
Farting Man 3 Big Brown One by geaneyk Comedy
Okay, better. Still, it's kinda domb. -deeb reviewed February 18, 2008
Farting Man 2 Revenge Of The Burrito by geaneyk Comedy
I little better then before. But, still, eh. -deeb reviewed February 18, 2008
Farting Man by geaneyk Comedy
I'm sorry. But, I have to agree with Bigfluff73. Wtf. Sorry, but, it was dumb. -deeb reviewed February 18, 2008
Blood Seek by sickjoke Horror
That really was like Planet Terror! I liked it. -deeb reviewed February 17, 2008
CC shorts special new preview by derbyrams Comedy
Funny! I'll be watchin' your studio and waiting for the shorts!! -deeb reviewed February 17, 2008
Knock! Knock! Parody by FallenThomas Comedy
I loved it!! Different! And, now hearing your voice, you could be in my remake of '5th Street'. Here's the link: There ya go! -deeb reviewed February 15, 2008
Trapped by FallenThomas Horror
Oh, man!! I can't wait to see what happens next! -deeb reviewed February 15, 2008
Mike and Fizz (Trailer) by FallenThomas Horror
Look's cool!! I'm glad to see you're making moives again! -deeb reviewed February 15, 2008
CC shorts special new preview by derbyrams Comedy
Look's cool! I'll watch 'n rate 'em! reviewed February 15, 2008
Intelligence trailer by derbyrams Comedy
Very funny! I'll watch it! -deeb reviewed February 15, 2008
I Hitman by mimymo Action
Cool movie!! Good action! I loved!! And, your english is really good! I loved the movie! -deeb reviewed February 14, 2008
Acceptance by derbyrams Romance
I really liked it! Good job on it! And, I am sorry for your loss. You made a great movie! -deeb reviewed February 14, 2008
The ActiveStudios Awards - Promo by Active_Studios Comedy
Cool little thing ya have there! Five stars! Good job! reviewed February 14, 2008
TchipsyZwitschy Chick Chickens on Tour by bruellstar Comedy
That was SOOOO funny!! I loved it! I'm gonna download it!! Great job!! reviewed February 14, 2008
Pushing Love Away by bruellstar Romance
I liked it! And, didn't need subs or VOs!! I loved it! Good romance type movie you made! Make more! I like them! reviewed February 14, 2008
Die Verfolgung by bruellstar Action
Good little action movie. Didn't really know where the girl came from--but, its a good little movie. Good music. And, again, didn't need and subs or VOs. Good job!! reviewed February 14, 2008
Russian Zombie by bruellstar Horror
A little strange movie. But, I got what was going on. Didn't need any subtitles of voice overs. Pretty good movie! I'll watch your other movies now! reviewed February 14, 2008
Gamma Force Operation Liberty A by cruise1970 Action
WOW!!! I loved it!! I can't wait for the new episode! -deeb reviewed February 12, 2008
Acceptance trailer 2 by derbyrams Romance
I'll watch that one, too! It look's really cool! Your movies are great! -deeb reviewed February 12, 2008
Aspirations trailer 2 by derbyrams Romance
Really good! And, I think it's good to see where you stand on it. And, this is a good way to get the message out that it is wrong. Even though a lot of people think its okay, it???s wrong. Great job, ... reviewed February 12, 2008
Comedy corner 4 Extreme Randomness by derbyrams Comedy
I loved it! It was SOOOOO funny!! I'll watch some of your other movies soon. -deeb reviewed February 11, 2008
A Note by EthanRunt Romance
I thought it was good! Good VOs. P.S. Please rate my movies! And, when you do, tell what the name is of the movie with me in it (Ballon man). reviewed February 9, 2008
Stunts without ending 3 by tob2009 Comedy
Sorry. It didn't really make sense. Sorry. reviewed February 7, 2008
Ubers Modding demo by ubernewbie Sci-Fi
Showed some great mods! I liked it! P.S. Please rate my movies! And, thanks for helping me with the movie editor thing! reviewed February 7, 2008
Slaughterville by YamiMarik Horror
I liked it! I don't get why this is getting four and three stars. It's a good movie! I downloaded it! P.S. Please rate my movies! reviewed February 4, 2008
utarefsoN by Trashman Horror
Cool movie! Different (In a good way)! I loved it! Great job! P.S. Please rate my movies! reviewed January 31, 2008
Insanity by Amabeginzordawg Horror
Different. I liked it! Good mods! I liked it! reviewed January 31, 2008
A Split Second by kuroken Sci-Fi
Cool movie! I'm glad it won first place! Good job! reviewed January 31, 2008
My Name Is Death by EthanRunt Action
I liked it! Good plot! Good voice overs! Cool camera angles! Nice job! And, I'll send you voice samples soon! I liked it! P.S. Please rate my movies! reviewed January 30, 2008
Infection 2 The Outbreak by ultraviolet32x Horror
Cool! I like zombie movies! Good job! reviewed January 29, 2008
Fast by chris62 Action
Cool movie!! Good shootouts, good voice overs! I loved it!! Great job, chris! reviewed January 29, 2008
CENSORED! (TM) by MrDeMillipede Comedy
FUNNY! FUNNY!! FUNNY!!! I loved it!! Really funny movie!! I'm gonna download it now!??? reviewed January 27, 2008
OMFGorg by Corey13 Comedy
I loved it! You should now make a ""! That'd be SO funny!! I love your movies, Corey13! reviewed January 24, 2008
OMFGcom by Corey13 Comedy
Featured Review
Funny! I loved it! I'm gonna bookmark your studio page (If I haven't already!). I also loved "What We Can't See"! Thanks for rating my movie! Please rate more!
reviewed January 24, 2008
Bombshelter-Part2b by jase180 Action
I loved it!! It was as good as part one! I say make more and post more! P.S. Please rate my movies! Please! reviewed January 23, 2008
DOOM TRAILER by jason9266 Sci-Fi
COOL!! I can't wait to see that!! Great job on the music! I loved it! I'm gonna book mark your studio page! P.S. Please rate my movies! reviewed January 23, 2008
Alien Encounters by zemke Sci-Fi
I liked it! It was cool! The Pros: Good music, good voice overs, and a good plot. The Cons: Where did they get the car? That's it. Overall a good sci-fi movie! Please rate my movies! reviewed January 23, 2008
Sea Assault by Wannable_Actor Action
I'm sorry, but it needed subtitles or voice overs. And I'm giving it three stars 'cause no movie is worth one star. reviewed January 23, 2008
Eddie The Clown by Mikaandy Horror
Sorry, but it didn't make sense to me. Sorry. reviewed January 22, 2008
Bomb 1 by Solidstryker Action
Very good!! Very James Bound-ish! Loved it! P.S. Please rate my movies!! reviewed January 21, 2008
Es buena. Yo pensaba que era un poco raro que las niñas fueron besarse, pero es todavía grande. Me encantan sus películas, y espero ver más! Y tendrás un cartel cuando Muerto Después de Dark sale. Esp... reviewed January 21, 2008
Long Lasting Oddity Trailer by julianallees Horror
I'm sorry, but I didn't really get it. There were good overlays. Sorry. But, thanks for rating my trailer. reviewed January 21, 2008
¡Amé el título! ¡Gran trabajo! ¡Usted hace grandes películas! Bookmarked su página del estudio. ¡Buen trabajo! reviewed January 20, 2008
¡Estaba fresco! ¡Muy bueno! ¡Buenos overs de la voz! No soy español, sino que sé un poco. Gracias por clasificar mi acoplado. ¡Clasifique por favor mis otras películas! reviewed January 20, 2008
The vampire The monsters by chris62 Horror
Cool! I liked the monsters and the vampiers. Great job! P.S. Sorry for the short review, its just I have to eat now. But I really liked the movie! Good job with the overlays and props and stuff. And d... reviewed January 19, 2008
Turners War by bendo666 Action
Yeah, it was pretty good. I liked it 'cause it had some voice overs. It was good. reviewed January 18, 2008
CHILL by bendo666 Horror
I'm sorry. But, I didn't really get what was going on. It could've had some voice overs of subtitles. Sorry. reviewed January 18, 2008
-THE LAST JOB- by Templer503 Action
REALLY COOL!!! Great story! Cool subs! I loved it! Great job! P.S. Please rate my movies! reviewed January 16, 2008
Menu Of Disaster by LotroKing Action
Um... Okay... It was kinda weird. I don't know. Well it's your first movie. It was good. reviewed January 16, 2008
Bombshelter-Part1 by jase180 Action
OH MY GOD!!! That was the best movie I've seen on TMO!! All I can say is WOW! And don't listen to any ONE star and TWO star reviews! This could be a real movie! Just all the stuff you did! And how you... reviewed January 15, 2008
Dream of Life by FraasMovies Romance
I liked it! A cool and different movie! I say make more and post more! reviewed January 15, 2008
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
I loved that! It was funny! I love your movies, Fraas! reviewed January 15, 2008
Heaven by FraasMovies Romance
That was a cool Christmas story! I really liked it! I hope to see more movies by you! P.S. Please rate my movies! And I've downloaded some of your props and sets, and I love 'em! :) reviewed January 15, 2008
Oh So Close by rysto Comedy
Sorry. But it didn't really make sense to me. reviewed January 14, 2008
What We Cant See by Corey13 Horror
Featured Review
That was a fun movie. Good horror film. I say make more and post more! P.S. Please rate my movies!
reviewed January 14, 2008
Ghost in the hospital by EJF Romance
It didn't make a lot of sense. And I thought it needed voice overs in the begining. It was okay. reviewed January 14, 2008
Priests and Paramedics by KarlBrown Romance
It was really cool. I've never seen a movie insipred by a song. Cool idea! 'Blue Chicago Moon' and 'Priets and Paramedics' are amazing! As nukester says: "Overall a solid poetic musical that demonstra... reviewed January 14, 2008
TchipsyZwitschy Chick Chickens on Tour by bruellstar Comedy
That was funny! I love the chicken thing. The voice overs were good. I liked the subtitles. It was really funny! I can't wait for the next part! reviewed January 13, 2008
Masked Menace by lawmas101 Horror
It was really good for your first. And without Stunts And Effects. I say make more and post more! P.S. Please rate my movies! Please! Here's the link to my studio page: . reviewed January 12, 2008
The bad days teaser by yor444 Comedy
Um.... My rating chart: Voice Overs: 3/5 Cotumes: 4/5 Nothing else. Overall: Three to four stars. reviewed January 12, 2008
small fish in a big pond teaser by peachy6543 Comedy
What? I don't get it. P.S. Peachy, Gone Money Gone was inspired by true events. And the music was picked by me. It's a demented flick (movie). I did not rate this tree stars because I'm mad, but becau... reviewed January 12, 2008
Riding The Line by jangowolf Comedy
Hmmm... It was better then the pre-written script "Riding The Line". It was good. reviewed January 12, 2008
tales of two - bullets and stripes by peachy6543 Action
It was okay. My rating chart: Story: 4/5 (It was an okay story) Subs: 4/5 Hmmmm...I dunno. Costumes: 3/5 (There are Vietnam costumes...I think) Music: Hmmmm...I dunno--again. Props: 3/5 (They were to... reviewed January 10, 2008
Stolen Death - Chapter two by sisch Sci-Fi
That was as good as Chapter one. I'll watch the thrid one now. reviewed January 10, 2008
Stolen Death - Chapter one by sisch Sci-Fi
I loved it! Its so different from other movies! I loved it! I'll bookmark your studio! reviewed January 10, 2008
Rage of the Werewolf Theatrical Trailer by nukester Horror
OH, MAN!! I can't wait! I loved Horror of the Werewolf! Cool!! I look's really cool! reviewed January 10, 2008
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
Thats the BEST werewolf movie I've ever seen! I'm gonna bookmark this movie and your studio! WOW!! P.S. Please rate my movies! reviewed January 10, 2008
Ninjutsu Sun Theatrical Trailer by nukester Action
Cool! I wanna see that! I say make more and post more! Great trailer! reviewed January 10, 2008
Shrine by Howitzer Horror
WOW!! That was amazing! That was...nothing else to say--but COOL! reviewed January 9, 2008
The Anti-Chav Militia by RobCoxxy Action
That was funny! I loved it! Not much else to say. Great! reviewed January 7, 2008
WWII Battle For Normandy by sillyfergus16 Action
It was...okay. It was good. My rating chart: Actors and Actresses: 35 (Some of them were too old) Subs: 45 Costumes: 35 Overall: Three to four stars. reviewed January 7, 2008
Final Night by biggstrek Horror
That was cool! At the end, its like the guy went to hell. That was cool. At first I thought CHEESY!! But when I watched more, It was cool. In a way it has a good message. Cool! And it's worth more the... reviewed January 7, 2008
Insanity 241063 by insanewarrior69 Horror
Cool. Where did you get the head? I have props that are body parts. The movie was cool. reviewed January 7, 2008
Crow by insanewarrior69 Horror
Are you going to make a second Crow? If not, it is still good. It was good. Good mods, too. I say make more and post more! P.S. Could you rate my movies? Please? reviewed January 7, 2008
Computer Warlord by RobCoxxy Sci-Fi
Yeah, it didn't make a lot of sense. But it's nice to have a movie that's one min. I say make more and post more! P.S. I'll look at the other movie later. I have to go to bed now. I hope you hade a ha... reviewed January 6, 2008
Shadow trailer by yor444 Horror
Cool! I want to see it! P.S. Please rate my movies! I hope you hade a good new year! reviewed January 5, 2008
Flowers by iouv Romance
Um... reviewed January 5, 2008
The Mafia by Ellis07 Action
It was a good film. That Daniel Pemberton is SO ugly! Not your fallt. It was a good movie. I say make more and post more! reviewed January 2, 2008
Galaxy at War by chris62 Sci-Fi
That was really good! The effects were great! I would give it nine stars. deeb ratings: Story: 55 (The story was good) Actors and Actresses: 55 (They all were good) Voice Overs: 55 (The voice acting ... reviewed December 31, 2007
The Ghostman - Part 1 by budrick Horror
COOL! I want to watch more! Great movie! I say make more and post more! reviewed December 31, 2007
Bullet by markcfc Action
It was okay. I love the poster, though. It was good. reviewed December 30, 2007
Land Of The Damned Teaser Trailer by RobCoxxy Horror
Look's cool. I like it when there's a lot of people. P.S. Please rate my movies. The link to my studio page is: . Happy new year! reviewed December 30, 2007
Angels Fall (Part 1) by pookashells Action
Wow! Great camera angles, too. I have to go down stairs now. But I'll watch the rest later. It's really good. P.S. Thanks for rating my movie. You've do this really well. Keep on filmin'! reviewed December 29, 2007
Blind 2 by ShyShy Action
Very cool! I'll look at Blind 1 later. Cool! P.S. Thanks for rating my movies. Happy new year! reviewed December 28, 2007
Untitled (Part 2) by FallenThomas Horror
I loved it! I can't wait for part three! P.S. Please when you have time, rate my other movies please! Happy new year! reviewed December 26, 2007
Untitled (Part 1) by FallenThomas Horror
WOW! Cool! You movies are great! You make great horror movies! reviewed December 26, 2007
Flesh Eaters End Time by chris62 Horror
I liked it! It was one of the few good sequels out there. Good job! reviewed December 26, 2007
The Movies Christmas number one 2007 by markcfc Romance
That was nice. I liked it. You should make a 2008 Chistmas thing. I liked the song. Great job! reviewed December 26, 2007
Empty Wallz by ShyShy Action
It was great! The camera work was amazing! Good blood, too. P.S. Atomique-Studios, I thought it was really good. Yeah, yeah, we know war is bad, but the movie was great. reviewed December 26, 2007
Massacre The Beginning by ShyShy Horror
What!? I didn't get it at all. To many fades, and the "A ShyShy Film..." was in a weird spot. Eh. reviewed December 26, 2007
Bombshelter Trailer2 by jase180 Action
WOW!!! I can't wait to see it! I love the nuke at the end. P.S. Please rate The Movies Online Contest, and while you are writing the reveiw for it tell me were you got the nuke at the end. Merry Chistmas! reviewed December 24, 2007
Dead Of Night by chris62 Horror
It was very good. Again, the modding was great. Good VOs too. Your really good at zombie movies. Merry Christmas. P.S. Please rate my movie Cop. reviewed December 24, 2007
Flesh Eaters Hell on Earth by chris62 Horror
COOL!!! First thing I loved: "Thank you for shopping at knife in the face, have a nice day." I LOVED THAT! Second thing I loved: The modding! It's amazing! And there is no third thing. And I like the ... reviewed December 24, 2007
Fast Trailer by chris62 Action
It was cool. Good modding. Thank you for the review on The Movies Online Contest. Please rate my other movies too. P.S. Merry Christmas! reviewed December 24, 2007
They Built The Moon! by Phaladone Sci-Fi
It really needs subs. It would've been better if there were subs. It was okay. reviewed December 23, 2007
Bonnie and Clyde by samurai_yakuza Action
I'm sorry. But the cars were too new. Those cars in there were from the forties. Bonnie and Clyde happened in 1930 to 1931. They died in 1931. Not to be rude. Story: 55 (I love the story of Bonnie an... reviewed December 23, 2007
USN Jupiter - Episode 1 by Spaceman72 Sci-Fi
WOW!!! I can't wait to see episode 2! That was the best fx I've seen on TMO! You're really good at sci-fi stuff. I say make more and post more! P.S. Please rate my movie Digital Cold War! reviewed December 23, 2007
Idiot (Season 1) by icetray86 Comedy
A little too much swearing. Some of it was funny. Eh. reviewed December 23, 2007
Phycopath by icetray86 Action
NO!!! ALEX!!! I don't want him to go to jail again! I almost had tears in my eyes at the end. Poor Alex. And I don't think Alex killed the presedent, it looked like another guy. Jail really messed up ... reviewed December 23, 2007
POW by PlotHunter Action
The American outfits were too modern. Some of the guns were too modern (But that's okay. It's nothing major). And natzi is spelled Nazi (The first letter is in caps because it's a name). Still nothing... reviewed December 22, 2007
Squad 301 by PlotHunter Horror
It was good. I liked the dream. I say make more and post more! P.S. Thanks for rating my movie. I have other movies, just go to Bad to the Bone and click on the thing above the cam thing. It says a fi... reviewed December 22, 2007
The Creature by FallenThomas Horror
Oh my god! That was SO cool! My heart was racing! You are really good at horror movies. Make some more! I can't wait for The Hospital! reviewed December 20, 2007
The Hospital (Trailer) by FallenThomas Horror
I REALLY wanna see that! It look's creepy. I have to see it! Make more movies like Silent Hill (It's a creepy horror vidio game). reviewed December 20, 2007
Blue Chicago Moon by KarlBrown Romance
WOW! That was so cool! One thing, there are some spelling issues, but you can still get the point across. One of them is this at the end of each well, it's the ; thing. It should be just,. But there a... reviewed December 20, 2007
Apartment 4C by trewill7 Comedy
You could hardly tell what the actor's were saying! There were TOO many f-words! Two stars. reviewed December 20, 2007
The Longing Part 1 by poppashango Romance
Featured Review
I want to see more! It was very good. I liked Silvia De Lecroix. She was good as Amanda. It was great!
reviewed December 19, 2007
The Dreaming by Elmodrm Horror
It was to short. But it was good. reviewed December 18, 2007
Santas Movie by Elmodrm Comedy
It was funny in some parts. It good. reviewed December 18, 2007
The Death Creeper by MoviePwner81 Horror
Sorry. But it was eh. reviewed December 18, 2007
Tony 2 Time Reloaded by antarotz2 Action
That was as good as the first one! Good job! Make some more mob movies! P.S. I don't have a Myspace yet, but I may get one soon. Thanks. reviewed December 18, 2007
Haunted 2 (VO) by jaydee1 Horror
NO!!!!!! THEY'RE DEAD!? It was pretty good. At first I thought it wasn't good, but it was REALLY good! I don't like sequels, but that one was great! Good job. Make some more ghost movies! reviewed December 18, 2007
Tony 2 Time by antarotz2 Action
THAT WAS COOL! One thing, the fifty grand may have been to much money for the 30s. Well, the mob did have a lot of money. But overall, it's five stars. Great job! reviewed December 18, 2007
11th Of September by Detroit2004 Action
That was really good! you should make some more movies like that. like a WW2 movie, or a Vietnam war movie. It was good. reviewed December 18, 2007
Scratch by George_Locust Action
That was pretty good. I liked the twist at the end, were she shots him. It was good. reviewed December 17, 2007
Haunted (VO) by jaydee1 Horror
Featured Review
That was REALLY good!!! I loved it were you don't show too much of the ghost. It was great! The stuff that you put in it, like the voices of the ghosts and the laughing, that stuff really happens. I s...
reviewed December 17, 2007
An Eventful Holiday by Tommy4ever Action
I REALLY liked the scene with the boss. When she take's a bath in the office, that was weird in a funny way. And with the lunch thing, that was funny too. But the subs were to long. However, it's a good movie. reviewed December 17, 2007
The Story Of Jonathan Davis Trailer by filipekholmstudios Romance
It was good. I would've done the trailer, but hey! We're two difernt people. It was okay. reviewed December 16, 2007
Meet The Dogs 3 by stunts07 Comedy
It was funny! It's like those movies with the dogs. It was cool. reviewed December 14, 2007
S!deW!nder Studios News (121307) by Side_Winder Action
It was kinda funny! Make some more stuff. :-) reviewed December 14, 2007
Slaughterville -teaser trailer- by YamiMarik Horror
Four and a half stars. It's not that I don't like it. But it's that it's not my type of movie. I think it's good, it's just not my type. But I would take a look at it when it's done. reviewed December 12, 2007
The Blessed One Trailer by gfox5 Action
Cool! I love the title The Blessed One. That is cool! I wanna see it! reviewed December 12, 2007
The Devils Cross pt 1 by gfox5 Action
It was pretty good. I liked the VOs. I'll look at the other pts later(As in a few mins). reviewed December 12, 2007
Retribution Teaser by KatanaSoul Action
COOL! I wanna see it! It look's really cool! reviewed December 12, 2007
Vietnam by killsone Action
Eh. It showed the metal bars on the stage. Just not the best. Sorry. reviewed December 12, 2007
mess ups (behind the scenes) by 4cats3 Comedy
The first scene was funny, but then after that it was not very funny. Sorry. reviewed December 12, 2007
if everything was Creepy! by 4cats3 Horror
It ain't what I thought it would be. It was not that funny. Well, the Werewolf was kinda funny driving the car. reviewed December 12, 2007
2069 by onlinevodca Sci-Fi
That was kinda funny. It was good. P.S. Check out my movies, Cop and 5th Street! reviewed December 11, 2007
Moving by pamdennis Action
What!? That's so short! I wanna know more! It was pretty good. Check out my movies, Cop and 5th Street. Please rate them! reviewed December 11, 2007
Hijack by FraasMovies Action
Eh. reviewed December 11, 2007
Sino-American War by Tommy4ever Action
That was toching. How you did the people. A movie that should be in the Hall of Fame. I loved the last line he said. That was very well done movie. reviewed December 11, 2007
Kreep by Tommy4ever Horror
Good. I loved it! P.S. Please rate my new movie, Cop. I love your movies! reviewed December 11, 2007
A Nameless Life by Tommy4ever Horror
Wow! That is true, how people treat homeless people. It's not right. You did that very, very well. I say make more, and post more! reviewed December 11, 2007
The Big Lifter by 9pnjhnhjfdvazj9v2976 Comedy
Eh. Boring. And if you ment for the people to be white, then okay. But it just was eh. reviewed December 11, 2007
Come On Over! by cal879 Comedy
I didn't really get the point. A girl was arrested, she died. Eh. reviewed December 11, 2007
Trapped by 9pnjhnhjfdvazj9v2976 Horror
Sorry, man. But you can't see with the vidio effects. Without the vidio effects, it would've been a four star thing. reviewed December 11, 2007
All Points East by metroidmen Action
Don't feel bad. It just needs some work. Overall, it was ok. reviewed December 11, 2007
NARC Trailer by kell1608 Action
COOL!!! I can't wait to see it! That movie looks so cool! Good job with the trailer. reviewed December 11, 2007
1940 at war by Meloh Action
Sorry for the two star thing. The movie could've been better without the dog thing. reviewed December 10, 2007
Infected - Part 1 by TopherBoy02 Horror
I liked it a lot. Good voice overs. I loved it. Good, TopherBoy02. reviewed December 10, 2007
Memories of Love and War by kell1608 Romance
Touching. Very good. The modding with the blood, and the subtitles. Just a great movie. Make some more movies. reviewed December 10, 2007
the PASSAGE (Episode One) by josephkw Sci-Fi
WOW! That was the best movie I've seen on this site! I would give it ten stars if I could. The best effects I've ever seen! Wow. Really, really good. reviewed December 10, 2007
Captain Justice by Bigdadda20 Action
Come on, zaaapmmme! Kindness always works. I have not seen the movie yet. But Come on! It has to be better then that! One star! Sorry, zaaapmmme. I'll give it two and a half stars. I can't. But I'll j... reviewed December 9, 2007
MORE Weather Effects by rysto Comedy
COOL! I love 'em! Good job. reviewed December 9, 2007
911 SANTA by ETHERUK Comedy
Good. The voice overs are good, but they could be louder. I liked how you dressed the set. I liked the movie. reviewed December 9, 2007
Letters from War by moviebuff3000 Action
Featured Review
Good movie. I liked the subtitles. All i have to say is that (I not trying to say it's a bad movie or anything!) some of the guns the Germans were using were not from them. But I still give it four st...
reviewed December 9, 2007