Number of Movies: 20
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.23

Number of Movies Reviewed: 195
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 36
Average Rating Given: 4.59
Movies Released by DeBeef
I Dream of Baseball Comedy
Made for a forum thread. No need to review it, thank you. Contains some violence, viewer discretion adviced. posted March 9, 2006
Coffin Full of Revenge Redux Action
A tale of a man with a coffin's worth of revenge he's ready to deal out to the three men who doublecrossed him and his brother. What kind of revenge does the coffin hold? Featuring: * Custom Titles ... posted February 26, 2006
Coffin Full of Revenge Action
Watch the silent avenger! Wonder what kind of revenege lurks in his coffin! What on earth forced me to make this movie? This movie doesn't deserve a 5-star rating, nor does it deserve a 4-star rating... posted February 22, 2006
Cueball Teaser Comedy
Teaser for my upcoming Swedish Meatball Western. A pistoleer is hired to deal with the suffragist threat in a texan town. Nunberry had this to say on the forums: Not another rogue math professor from... posted February 16, 2006
The Collector Comedy
Reclusive B-movie star Starla Star is about to be collected! posted February 11, 2006
Esmeralda the Assassinatrix Comedy
- Thrill at the most eye catching hitwoMan ever! - Scream as sHe liquidate members of the Chicago underworld! - Gasp at the nearly nonexistant dialogue! - Marvel at the slightly messed up music transf... posted February 2, 2006
The Dragon Chaser New Edition Action
Dragon Chaser - A Swedish Meatball Western This is a western tale with a flawed anti-hero as the protagonist. Inspired by the works of directors such as Sergio Leone, Sergio Corbucci and Sam Peckinp... posted January 31, 2006
Edit Shoot Gun-React Shot or Comedy
..Dimitri will getcha! Demented diner owner Dimitri (first seen in "Gorillaburger") has a score to settle. I've stopped watching too many movies just because some movie makers don't edit the shoot/re... posted January 26, 2006
Dog Eats Man Horror
...and his clothes apparently. I showed my girlfriend "The Movies" and this is what came out... I helped with the editing. posted January 24, 2006
Dog Eats Man Horror Not Rated
No Description posted January 24, 2006
Gorillaburger Comedy
A story about a man, an ape and a diner. If you like it please check out some of my other work. DISCLAIMER Dimitri's Diner is in now way representative of russian cuisine posted January 23, 2006
The Collector Comedy
The reclusive actress Starla Star is wanted by the Collector and Stan "hot" Tubbs and his motley gang are just the people to deliver the goods. Noticed a spelling error, sorry about that. posted January 23, 2006
The Dragon Chaser Action
Dragon Chaser Another might be series from United Meats. This one is a western tale with a flawed anti-hero as the protagonist. Inspired by the works of directors such as Sergio Leone, Sergio Corbu... posted January 20, 2006
American Empire Intro Sci-Fi
First in what might become a series. American Empire Please Check out my two other pilots High Heeled Horror: The Dragon Chaser posted January 20, 2006
Unfriendly Fire Action
Minor test movie. If you like this at all please check out my other movies. Especially High Heeled Horror posted January 20, 2006
High Heeled Horror Comedy
High Heeled Horror Esmeralda is both the beauty and the beast... and she has her sights set on "Shotgun" Shaun One of my three pilots, the other two are: The Dragon Chaser posted January 19, 2006
High Heeled Horror Comedy Not Rated
Esmeralda is both the Beauty and the Beast... And she has her sights set for "Shotgun" Shaun. posted January 2, 2006
Alien Vacation Comedy
No Description posted January 2, 2006
Lost Patrol Sci-Fi
Sci-fi, 2001 A recon patrol comes under fire in a supposedly dead city... Inspired by an old Heavy Metal comic story I read ages ago. It kinda stuck :) posted December 29, 2005
Warshow Sci-Fi
In the far future the public's jaded taste can only be tintillated by one thing: Warshow! Hosted by Marty Strangespel the show have participants brought from the far reaches of time and space fightin... posted December 29, 2005
Movies Reviewed by DeBeef
Teaser of the Bite of the Knobgobbler by nunberry Horror
BotKG is turning into the PS3 of the movies, delay upon delay have forced me to drop all my shares in Bohegan Pictures. If I remember correctly the revenue from the 10,000 shares I had combined with 5... reviewed September 9, 2006
How To Catch A Girl by dfpiii Comedy
Raw unedited in your face realtionship education. I would have rated it lower if it wasn't for the song and the superliminal message in the end credits. One can never resist the awesome power of song.... reviewed July 12, 2006
How to Catch a Man by riott007 Comedy
I was ready to flag this movie for being offensive since I alwasy get offended when someone mentions yodeling or Zima. Fortunately the movie took a more gentle turn after the first few minutes. After ... reviewed July 12, 2006
BAIS 2 - The Wrath of Qwan by dfpiii Sci-Fi
A delightfull space romp with a really awfull Ricardo Montalban impression. In fact it was so bad I wouldn't be surprised if Tattoo showed up and headbutted you in the groin whilst chanting "Da pain b... reviewed July 11, 2006
Burning Love by nunberry Romance
Featured Review
I can't say it's your best work but enjoying nonetheless. Although I will sue you for filming me paying off my bartab which NASA recently finished adding up on behalf of several major bars and liqour ...
reviewed July 1, 2006
Stunts and Effects Pack Demo by matneee Comedy
The full effect of the packaging of SE explodes onto your retina like a supernova. You experience a mix of emotions as the sounds and texture of the shrinkwrap glistens in the eerie glow of a computer... reviewed June 8, 2006
Lovesong For A Knob Gobbler by nunberry Horror
Featured Review
Dear god almighty it's the art-house lesbi horror trailer version of "The Wedding Singer"! No son/daughter of the seventies who lived through the eighties should listen to this since it can cause brai...
reviewed June 2, 2006
Once Upon a Time on the North Pole by stiek13 Romance
The story didn't really quite do it for me I'm afraid. The editing was well done overall but the "fade outs gone wild" part is really distracting (but you already know that :) ). And you are now one ... reviewed May 13, 2006
Teaser Good Bad Beautiful by stiek13 Action
Nice use of the freeze-frame/name tags Leone used in GBU. The ammount of work put into this teaser really shows. Looking forward to the full film. reviewed May 2, 2006
Black Widow by Dulci Horror
The female of the species is deadlier than the male. Good dialogue brought to life by excellent VO's combined with great and well placed music choices creates a great sound tableau. The color effec... reviewed March 27, 2006
PORN DEMO by michanist Romance
You squeezed a chuckle out of me :) reviewed March 24, 2006
The Donnor Party BYOB (Body!) by ninette1 Horror
Nina as usual you take a subject matter that other people at most tip-toe around, most just never even go there, and hurl yourself full force at it and through it. The result is something quite shocki... reviewed March 13, 2006
All This Ninjaing Is hot Work by whydoyouwanttoknow Action
Featured Review
A bit too short otherwise great stuff. The dialogue was just brilliant at places. Even though I suspect some of it was added out of necessity: Did someone forget to remove the horsey in a scene ;) W...
reviewed March 13, 2006
The Change by patella Sci-Fi
Nice story. Great VO's. Well edited. Good use of special effects. Funky dog! What's not to like? I really enjoyed this flick, great job! reviewed March 11, 2006
death match the opening chapter by 6-headedmonster Action
It's a downright shame how you think you can show off your nice props by packaging it in a well thought out story combined with an all star VO cast, custom music, special fx and good editing. Strip al... reviewed March 11, 2006
Nuclear Weapons And You by sphinx86 Comedy
A touching story about.... the heck am I rambling about... I wanna be a superhero! Great job, spot on VO's, nice sfx etc and dang funny to boot. Spoofalicious! reviewed March 8, 2006
Demons of Driftwood by Dysfunktion Horror
A chilling horror set in the old west. Great Vo's and use of every trick in the book to set the mood. The flashback scenes were great and the "vision of hell" sequence was just about one of the best t... reviewed March 8, 2006
Foreigner by Tarison Sci-Fi
Great use of backdrops/costumes/viewing tech/Sets to get the retro feel and at the same time give a certain "color hue". The story in itself ís not spectacular but as in your "tech demo" it's your sto... reviewed March 8, 2006
The Missing by jjpatel Horror
I really thought I wouldn't enjoy this movie at all for the first minute. Then I started to think, well this is alright, then whammo you hit me with a nice twist. I have to be honest and say I saw it ... reviewed March 8, 2006
Youve Got Spam! by kuroken Comedy
A great snippet of fake-TV. Complete with comercial breaks. Superb VO's, music, top notch editing and use of custom backdrops makes this a really enjoyable viewing experience. I especially enjoyed y... reviewed March 5, 2006
The Jinxxx Club by mildheadwound Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Andy Warhol, Marquis de Sade and Lewis Carroll hopped up on some not too legit fungi would probably concoct something like this. A heady brew of pop art custom music, pixies on skid row, robotic horse...
reviewed March 5, 2006
45 by Apocryphon Romance
Poetic,gritty, moody well scripted piece of work. I loved the multiple meanings of 45. Great editing, music choices and dialogue makes this one great flick! reviewed March 5, 2006
Stirlings Heartplace by full_metal_winter Romance
A well told story with impeccable technical virtues. The VO's, music, props, sets and editing were all great. And the special effects were used where they would have the greatest impact. Great stuff! reviewed March 5, 2006
Flying Me Crazy by Tarison Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Even being a test or tech demo it's still one of the better told sci-fi stories I've seen here. Then again I've always been a sucker for Philip K Dick's stories and this kind of reminds me of them. Th...
reviewed March 5, 2006
The Exploding Fart by Krazymalicous Comedy
MoMc originality--4 funniness--4 plot--3 editing--5 overall effect--4 4 (4 stars) As have been said in earlier reviews, the fart joke has been done many times on TMO. But never has the carnage been... reviewed March 5, 2006
Love at First Sight by lucindamc123 Comedy
MoMc originality--5 funniness--3 plot--4 editing--4 overall effect--4 A solid 4. A touching and sometimes slightly disturbing story. Robert's obsession about cars is presented in such a way that you... reviewed March 5, 2006
The Scriptwriter by Noppius Comedy
Featured Review
MoMc originality--4 funniness--4 plot--4 editing--5 overall effect--4 overall score???4.2 (4 stars) I think the pacing was better in this version. The end is still really good and the running joke...
reviewed March 5, 2006
The Adventures of Crash Cody Ep III by kingpengvin Sci-Fi
MoMc Bizzare story with some really great VO's and dialogue. It was also well edited and had some nicely dressed sets at places. You have truly managed to capture the B-movie feel, the 1960's viewing ... reviewed March 5, 2006
Broken Thoughts 2 - Teaser by satansmunchkin Romance
Oh you tease you... ;) reviewed March 4, 2006
InteractoVision(tm) Tech Demo by matneee Comedy
Featured Review
Ok buddy you broke about every single rule this site has. 1. Naked people - I can't say I didn't enjoy Salma Hayek and Carmen Electra's romp through the chocolate syrup but it's still not allowed on ...
reviewed March 4, 2006
Armageddon Blues by steelblade_1 Comedy
Featured Review
Great storyline with smooth dialogue that was really laugh out loud at places: Alien con men and real estate developers :) It was also nicely edited with some very spiffy use of props and sets. Kudos!
reviewed March 4, 2006
Priorities by john_sumner Comedy
MoMc Nicely edited and great VO's makes this a well done political satire. I think you could have developed it a bit more. It didn't look rushed, in itself it was well made, I just think you could ha... reviewed March 4, 2006
Dude Theres My Car! by alligator Action
MoMc Nicely dressed sets at times (the picninc for instance) and some lovable weirdness. The subtitles need to be paced a tad slower at times, but overall they worked well. 3.6 - 4 stars Keep it up! reviewed March 4, 2006
Grass Growing TECH DEMO by nunberry Romance
Featured Review
What the heck happened to the cacti? This was my idea and you know it. My goon squad should arrive any second.
reviewed March 4, 2006
Sheriff Rooney by yeagmaster Comedy
originality--5 funniness--5 plot--5 editing--4 overall effect--4 overall score-- 4.6 (5 stars) Some great accent on the VO and great music. The editing had some minot glitches but nothing major. In ... reviewed March 3, 2006
The Letter by chagidiel Romance
Artistic and nicely edited. You have a way to bring forth something special in the city sets. I always find swedish accented VO's intriguing, probably because I'm swedish myself :) I'm also a huge fa... reviewed March 3, 2006
Celeb confessions (Documentary)With Vo by emerik Comedy
Featured Review
A good premise that doesn't quite live up to it's expectations. The idea of celebrity therapy is great though. I think you should try to build up to the gags more. This is hard and I can't say that I'...
reviewed March 3, 2006
Ninja-Toe by KoGar Comedy
A great commercial spoof! Great editing. Great VO's, If you ever quit your day job you will have a stellar career as some kind of public announcer. If that's not already your day job. You used the cus... reviewed March 3, 2006
Chat Live by guyver01 Comedy
MoMc Pro: Great music Overall well edited VO's were overall good Con The gags lacked a bit of punch The VO's were oddly paced at times. I think this is due to the fact of you trying to work in alot ... reviewed March 3, 2006
My First Date with an Alien by Agent_Masquerade Comedy
Featured Review
Oh my. Political incorrectness at it's funniest. Dialogue was hilarious, the basic premise was great and so was the end twist. To top it off you used some clever editing as well. Like using the diner ...
reviewed March 2, 2006
The Wizard of Oz Directors Cut by Trashman Comedy
I always knew dorothy was evil, dropping houses on geriatrics and stealing their prescription footwear. Kudos for bringing us the true story of Dorothy! Great music at the beginning as well! reviewed March 2, 2006
Weird People And Wacky Behavior by Timo666 Comedy
Random weirdness packaged in a game show format. Some nice custom tunes, good quality VO and well edited. Good job! reviewed March 2, 2006
Nuclear Explosion Tech Demo! by madmatt7g Action
Have some charlies (VC's)! Don't spend 'em all in one place ya'll. reviewed March 2, 2006
The Open Mind by Quotius Horror
Well written, well edited, good use of custom backdrops to create freeze frames, good dialogue, eerie story. What's not to like? You made use of some great tricks to set the mood. Everyone who does a... reviewed March 2, 2006
CIRCUS TOWN 2(lets take a trip!) by alfric Comedy
originality--4 funniness--3 plot--4 editing--4 overall effect--3 Overall score: 3.6 (4 Stars) An overall good effort with some nice VO's and solid editing. The only real complaint I have is that it ... reviewed March 1, 2006
Dear Diary by Keoma Romance
Gripping and sad. Some minor technical glitches but that doesn't distract too much from this otherwise superb movie. Great job and so much different from your other work, you certainly show that you ... reviewed March 1, 2006
A Touch Of Fear--Teaser by mystic_sleet Horror
Excellent use of sounds and music to create atmos-FEAR. I also liked the cutting between the implied horro and the common phone call. Really well done, you have a knack for horror that much is certain... reviewed March 1, 2006
Durh Durh Durh Durt-a Durh Durt-a Durh!! by VanityStudios Sci-Fi
A really well done first attempt. You really have a grasp of the technincal aspects so I'm looking forward to you developing the story further. Be it a sequel or something completely different. Keep ... reviewed March 1, 2006
Bone Saw by ninette1 Horror
Ohhhhh I need to check out the other episodes later. For now here's your 1000th review! (should be at least) Congrats! reviewed March 1, 2006
Under the Wire by mildheadwound Romance
Our favorite TMO smut peddler brings us his latest excuse to show digital babes in underwear. This kind of behavoiour is tolerated due to his genuine talent for telling stories through the visual medium. reviewed February 28, 2006
You Cant Do That! by sphinx86 Comedy
An outstanding romp through recent events and political incorrectness! Random? You bet! Fun? Definately! Do I get to hear the word "honky" more than once? Of course! Great stuff! I hope this will soa... reviewed February 28, 2006
Machine Logic by dasman Sci-Fi
Cast off and left alone two machine intelligences duke it out both physically and philosophically in a sysiphusian tale set in a bleak environment. Great dialogue, and eerie soundeffects combined with... reviewed February 28, 2006
20s Underwear Tech Demo by Agent_Masquerade Comedy
Featured Review
Bwahahahahahahahahahhahahhhhhhhhhhh *choke* garghasagsd o my.... Not only is this absolute madness it's tech demo madness! It belongs in the top 5 with all the other tech demos. If we keep pushing tec...
reviewed February 27, 2006
Obituary by HRH Horror
Fantastic! Well told story, nice gimmicks with some basic special effects pulle off by excellent editing. Great VO's music and sound effects. Made me think of John Carpenter's "They Live". Keep it up! reviewed February 27, 2006
The Betrayal- A Love Like No Other by pearsonhouse Romance
Nice movie with a great twist! Story developed nicely at a good pace and built tension right to the very end. Well told, the subtitles were perfectly paced. Great editing and the music choices worked ... reviewed February 27, 2006
The Unwanted Hetero by MefuneAkira Comedy
Outstanding VO's, some real gems of dialogue in places and well edited. And the "first" movie bit was just too much, I need to clean my keyboard I spurted my beverage all over it during this part. Great job! reviewed February 26, 2006
Demon Costume Demo by Stormwhitelab Comedy
MoMc Comedy review originality-- 5 funniness-- 4 plot-- 4 editing-- 3 overall effect-- 4 overall score-- 4 What really hurt this was the out of sync VO's. What I have started doing quite recently is ... reviewed February 26, 2006
Shaolin Aardvark Vs Iron Fist Camel by Bezzer36 Action
A great homage to one of my many favorite genres. Dialogue was laugh out funny at places, and was just weird enough. A bad guy named Barry? Well edited and the music was in all the right places. The s... reviewed February 26, 2006
Story Time With The God Of Plague by God_Of_Plague Comedy
Never have ugly sfx been so good and so funny! Cows, hippies, arson oh my. This flick had it all. Some greaet VO's and editing really helps tell this not so politically correct version of the time tested tale. reviewed February 26, 2006
Kops by ninette1 Comedy
From Coca Cola's home comes 2 lawmen who are both judges and executioners (I think they hung the jury). I had a big smirk on my face the whole time I watched this. Great job! PRO: Great VO Great Musi... reviewed February 22, 2006
Night of the Living TMO (special edition) by crazeyal Comedy
Anyone who has ever started a review thread can relate to this. Great stuff! Now I want 5-star reviews! Review all my stuff at (Censored due to irony overload) reviewed February 21, 2006
Scourge of ze Schpace Nazis by nunberry Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Oh my gentle jesus. This combines the worst stuff in all of Nunberry's movies into an ca 8 min laugh fest. This movie is going to take up ze schpace on my harddrive so ich can ejoy it mit ze schnapps ...
reviewed February 21, 2006
Message Board Massacre by Zechxis Comedy
A fun flick that gives a disturbing insight into the psyche of board members :) The subtitles were, as others have pointed out, way to fast at places. reviewed February 20, 2006
Fall Of A Titan Directors Cut by madmatt7g Comedy
Even though I'm european I haven't missed Deans infamous "I have a scream" speech. And your take on it is, well words can't describe how much I laughed at this. I might have to move before I get evict... reviewed February 20, 2006
Gone in 10 Seconds by TheFreak1978 Action
Featured Review
A great first movie for you 3. The VO's were hard to hear at times, as you mentioned in the about section this could be due to the mic's quality. This could have been remedied by using subtitles to cl...
reviewed February 20, 2006
Cracker Jap Show - 10 Sec Premonitions by sprague1980 Comedy
Great idea, VO's and editing. The singing to the ingame music really cracked (pun intended) me up! Top notch stuff! reviewed February 20, 2006
The Bride Assassin 2 by bigericogre Action
It's a really cool idea for a character you have there. The story was ok but felt like an introduction of the character. But I'm not worried. If you decide to continue the series you can give more att... reviewed February 20, 2006
Robot Mafia II by cfkwong123 Action
Great job on the VO's. The computer genereated speach gave the speech an eerie lack of emotion. The story was good but not spectacular, a gangster war with robots. The basic idea is great though and... reviewed February 20, 2006
Punishment by Keoma Action
Well told story. The only real problem with it is that with a well known revenge story like this you need to spice up the story somehow, without breaking away to far from the source of inspiration. S... reviewed February 20, 2006
Battle League EA part 1 (test) by Newton13 Action
Great first flick with some really funny moments. Vo were a bit too loud sometimes and too low at other times. Although they mostly worked well. Keep it up! reviewed February 20, 2006
Duck of the Deep by PhilipBoyes Action
Featured Review
I don't find animal costumes very amusing in themselves. But this had me in tears and most of it is because of the outstanding commentary. It's like wathcing some demented nature special with Hitler i...
reviewed February 20, 2006
I Dont Like Vegetables by guyver01 Comedy
Weird and random but strangely entertaining. reviewed February 20, 2006
Ode to a loved one by chagidiel Horror
Great stuff. The use of only establishing shot built up to the final twist that became so much more potent by the fact that it's the first time the audience sees any characters. A well told story. reviewed February 20, 2006
Project Sadako Session I by Buccura Horror
A great flick! Very "asian" in style for a lack of better word. The slighlty elliptical story telling (what you call plot holes in the about section), the distinction between city and countryside, the... reviewed February 20, 2006
High Stakes by Sleepy_Sheep Action
Featured Review
Interesting flick. Very strong buildup, although the end didn't quite live up to the expectations you created with the excellent beginning. Nicely edited and great VO's. For your next movie I sugges...
reviewed February 20, 2006
my light has gone by 6-headedmonster Horror
A great movie! The story was well thought out and delivered through your VO's. The use of stillshots (sfx) were incredible. Reminded me of La Jette (sp?), english title The Terrace I think, that was t... reviewed February 19, 2006
Out of the Dust 2 (trailer) by Varen Action
Featured Review
Great trailer. Dust Trap City is really evolving into an entity of its own. 4- is the max I give a trailer (so far at least:)) some only give 3-stars, I'm different that way hehe
reviewed February 19, 2006
I Didnt Do It! by filmfreak13 Comedy
Pretty funny at places, although it sometimes relied too much on the "obviously funny" like costumes and the built in comedy scenes. reviewed February 19, 2006
Fire and Forget 2 (Teaser Trailer) by nukester Action
Featured Review
Loved the x-ploitation feeling of this trailer. I can't really rate it higher than this since the plot is yet to be revealed. Looking forward to it!
reviewed February 19, 2006
Deal Before Sunset by turboman222 Action
Good overall premise. But it was a bot too short. The general idea was outlined in the first seconds and then it never really developed from there. It could have been fleshed out with more scenes and ... reviewed February 19, 2006
Eve of Sorrow by monstousm Action
Solid movie based on the old western revenge stories. Good job. reviewed February 19, 2006
Buried by HRH Sci-Fi
Top notch editing with a fun story. The story was well paced adn flowed along nicely. Great job. reviewed February 19, 2006
James Casablanca by 1944Pictures Action
Excellent flick! As others have said the end seemed a bit too "easy". And that's the only thing I can complain about. Some stuff I found absolutely terrific: 1. The constant smoking- reminds me of al... reviewed February 19, 2006
Bad Moon by D_QUICHOTTE Action
I'm not a big fan of the werewolf sub-genre. But this was great. Story was extremely well told thru editing and scene choices, and I mean EXTREMELY well told. Good music choices and a great balance b... reviewed February 19, 2006
The Evil Valley (El Valle del Mal) by Arawna11 Action
Great set dressing, editing and use of scenes. You really have a knack for creating beautiful fantasy worlds. Great job! reviewed February 19, 2006
The Scriptwriter (Directors Cut) by Noppius Comedy
A nice flick about the creative pains of movie making, with and added twist. Some pointers: 1. Turn off the mumbling, many find it annoying. 2. I found it a bit slow paced at places, but that's my opi... reviewed February 19, 2006
santa claus jolly old man oh no by frogo Comedy
A fun idea marred by some editing snafu's. reviewed February 19, 2006
Lucky Adventures-Intro by Fire_Works Sci-Fi
A bit hard to follow. You really need to try to make the audience understand the characters and actions better. This can be done by adding more scenes to flesh out the story. Otherwise good job. reviewed February 19, 2006
The Lost Child by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Great set dressing, great music (reminds me of games like Zelda and the likes). A story that archs over several episodes combined with great editing and clever use of scenes makes this a must see for ... reviewed February 19, 2006
More Tales of The Blind Gunslinger by dasman Action
I have to say I enjoyed the first part better. Some of the gimmicks seemed more casually done here, like the ear zoom for instance. Other than that it's a great flick and the VO's sound quality is mu... reviewed February 19, 2006
Out of the Dust by Varen Action
Featured Review
Very well edited. The story was the standard showdown variety western but you told the story well. I found the music choices a bit odd at times and the unedited knife fight scene bores me to death. ...
reviewed February 19, 2006
The Hit by skarsten Action
Featured Review
This is some of the best written dialogue I've come across here. You really managed to capture that 30's feeling with the tempo and choice of words in the VO's. Editing and pacing were very well done...
reviewed February 19, 2006
Day of Desolation by bruisie150 Horror
Great use of VO's, sound and music to set the mood. It really borught life to the flick. I was about to give you a 4 because I didn't think the story quite matched up, then whammo a great twist in th... reviewed February 19, 2006
Dyck Channeyy Goes Hunting by clinteasywood Comedy
Fun stuff. A well made short flick with a punchline. Only major complaint I have is that you could have cut the scenes were Dyck shoots and the pres gets hit a bit tighter. reviewed February 19, 2006
Broken Thoughts by satansmunchkin Romance
Featured Review
Extremely stylish flick! Loved the contrasts between the bright flashback sets and the black present set. You also managed to pace it very well. It was just right, not too fast not too slow. VO's wer...
reviewed February 19, 2006
Omega Warspart 1 by 32omegaknight Sci-Fi
Not bad. Some things to consider: 1. Turn off the mumbling, it gets annoying after a while. It can be done in post production. 2. Make sure the continuity works, the captain was sitting, standing, si... reviewed February 18, 2006
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
Just like FreddaH (both me and him being swedish) I couldn't help thinking about Lilja 4-ever, which was a really powerful and disturbing movie. What's really impressive is how you manage to convey th... reviewed February 18, 2006
Cities by chagidiel Horror
A great example of how a great film doesn't need to use special effects, a great deal of editing tricks or other eye candy. IF you can create the right feeling and package it in an interesting plot. ... reviewed February 18, 2006
Eternity by DirectorAdam90 Romance
I liked the first version and this is even better. Nice custom titles and the VO complemented the original very well. Great job! reviewed February 17, 2006
The Next Movie by Aflack_Duck Comedy
Great stuff. We all now the pain of stretching a basic idea into a whole movie. Some minor things to consider: 1. Turn the mumbling off, it gets kind of annoying. 2. The music cut out about halfway i... reviewed February 17, 2006
Blue Valentines by Apocryphon Romance
Great job. Perfectly picked scenes and well edited to boot. Great music and dialogue. The noirish dialogue combined with the characters, fog and rain delivers a real sense of gritty urban angst. Great job! reviewed February 17, 2006
Stage Set - Tech Demo by matneee Comedy
I wish I had enough VC's to buy the stage set. Looks awesome :) 4 stars for takin a stab at the man. reviewed February 16, 2006
The Pie Man Cometh by speilucasberg Comedy
I want my sanity back! I didn't have much to start with, but it was mine... and now it's gone. Watching this flick has drained the last bit of coherent thought from my mind. Damn you you bovine [censo... reviewed February 16, 2006
Donna Kebab by pearsonhouse Romance
Nicely put together scenes. You really managed to edit the scenes together to tell your story. reviewed February 16, 2006
The seed of the madness vol 1 by Angelo69 Comedy
Nicely done. Well edited, and excellent prop/set dressing. Story didn't quite catch me as it should, I can't quite figure out why. Overall: Great job! reviewed February 16, 2006
Scourge of the Space Nazis - trailer by nunberry Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Sexy space aliens wit ze big boobies...oooooooh René!
reviewed February 16, 2006
Red Sunday by kirkybaby Action
A bit slow paced otherwise good. VO's you've mentioned yourself, so I won't go into that. Some of the action scenes could have been spiced up with some extra machine gun sounds to mesh better. Some s... reviewed February 11, 2006
CHEECH AND CHONG STONED DEAD by princeinexile Comedy
Featured Review
People whining about special fx and custom stuff when you are the real villain! Having Cheech and Chong doing VO's for you is Well edited and the story well... it's one long "[naughty ...
reviewed February 10, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
Featured Review
FIrst of all I had almost decided beforehand on a low rating. Give the rampant production of bodily humour produced on TMO I had low expectations on this flick. It's not that I don't like bodily humou...
reviewed February 10, 2006
A Gangs Uprising by Oh_Come_On Action
A well told story and a great effort. Some minor pacing issues. Some scenes could have been cut a tad tighter to increase the pacing. There were also some issues with weird fade ins/outs during some ... reviewed February 10, 2006
Chicken in the Can by madmatt7g Comedy
Things NOT funny: Chicken Suits, sorry I don't share the fetish of 99% of the Tmo community. The toilet scene, another thing I don't share with alot if TMO's members. Things that ARE funny: Your VO's... reviewed February 10, 2006
Big Chief No Fart by clinteasywood Comedy
Overall nicely edited. Joke is a little old but. The Vo's were nicely done so I think it's worth a 4. reviewed February 10, 2006
survivor by clinteasywood Comedy
Pretty nice, and you got the voices nailed for a smurf flick now :) reviewed February 10, 2006
Night of the Living! by MovieMan42 Horror
Loved the voices, original concept, well edited. And the last line cracked me up :) great job! reviewed February 8, 2006
Liquid Dreams by mystic_sleet Comedy
I have a feeling I understand the title :) Nicely edited, short and simple. reviewed February 7, 2006
the Knob Gobbler by nunberry Horror
Dialogue great as usual. reviewed February 7, 2006
Return of Gaarg by nunberry Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I want more Garg. I loved the lil' dance in the end, not to mention the dialogue. I'm glad the garg nuggets weren't unfixable. Some neat editing tricks at places too. Truely a B-movie to watch.
reviewed February 7, 2006
A Fairy Tale by Arawna11 Comedy
Astoundingly well used props and custom backdrops. I think you could have paced it a bit faster,but I always say that, I should really pace my own stuff a bit slower :). You have brought the fairy ta... reviewed February 6, 2006
Brokeback Warewolf 2 trailer by 6-headedmonster Comedy
Saving the 5-star for when there's even more backwood hillbilly action, I jus' can't git' enuff o' dat hillbilly action. Can't wait! reviewed February 6, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode II by madmatt7g Action
The second installment of the Explosivo saga brings us more information about how Explosivo got his mighty powers. It also adds another zany character to the pantheon of bizarre beings inhabiting this... reviewed February 3, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode I by madmatt7g Action
The Explosivo has some of the best written dialogue around and not just in a funny haha way. The lingo of the "slightly exaggerated wild west" is well writeen and works as well in subtitles as it does... reviewed February 3, 2006
Huntress Of Sol by nunberry Sci-Fi
poor Garg and his Garg nuggets. well I would say turn off the mumbling, I just did didn't I, but others have said it, and you have done it in your later flicks. TMO needs more B-movie producers like you! reviewed February 3, 2006
The Bigamist Beast by nunberry Horror
funny at places, and some minor tech glitches you've noticed yourself. Always fun to watch the hand colored stock movies though. reviewed February 3, 2006
The Fighting Chinaman of Jo-burg by nunberry Action
Ok I was determined to give this 3-stars BUT you found my one weakness: Subterranean architecture! Jebus, the dialogue alone is worth 4-stars. reviewed February 3, 2006
Nothing More Than Murder by Nutte Action
Great ambience! Great movie! reviewed February 3, 2006
Communist Robots Seek And Destroy! by macnme Sci-Fi
The instant growing baby was puer genius lol reviewed February 2, 2006
Eye of Cerberus (part 2) by Bolch Action
Loved the catapult scene. You really have a way of letting the limited scene choices in the game work for you. reviewed February 2, 2006
Eye of Cerberus by Bolch Action
Very detailed, nicely edited fight scenes at the end. reviewed February 2, 2006
The Invisi Horse by God_Of_Plague Comedy
I want an invisible horsey! reviewed February 2, 2006
Doctor Death and The Doomsday Device by Trashman Sci-Fi
Besides the overall great effort you put into this movie the wholesale carnage brought upon the mimes was disturbingly satisfying. reviewed February 2, 2006
One Man One Revolver by fishoutofwater Action
4 stars overall for this flick. I felt there were some weird cuts that disturbed an otherwise great film. Alot of these you learn to work around as you fiddle with the movie creator longer. Others are... reviewed February 1, 2006
Wicked Galaxy - The Takeover by Flipmanburn Sci-Fi
A very nicely crafted intro to your character, although we don't learn much about him, we get a feel for his rougish character. As you have stated yourself the subtitles are a tad quick. The editing a... reviewed February 1, 2006
Ze Last Man Schtanding by nunberry Action
Featured Review
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" Some minor continuity/editing glitches among the planned weirdness. Dialogue is so over ze topf I laffed out loud, und I liked it.
reviewed February 1, 2006
The Legacy of Man by drucifer67 Action
Great editing and intriguing idea reminds me of the follow Einstein quote: "I do not know of which weapons we will use to fight WWIII, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones." reviewed February 1, 2006
Deadly Union! by Apocryphon Horror
Featured Review
Original and fun! I agree with what others have said about more ending less beginning. But your basic idea appeals to me so much I'll forgive ya! Great job!
reviewed February 1, 2006
the omegakill bob vol2 by tasmania11 Action
Besides the obvious, Great music, great VO's, great editing, I'm a sucker for a good revenge story. And this particular one was very good. I loved it. reviewed January 31, 2006
Numbers by thekenny17 Action
Great film. Brings up a serious issue and does it with great storytelling and editing work. In the immortal words of Patrick McGoohan from the intro of the TV-seriers "The Prisoner": "I AM NOT A NUMB... reviewed January 31, 2006
Bakers Challenge by IronMantis Comedy
Some of the challenges didn't quite compare to the better ones. The children's book though... freaking hilarious. reviewed January 31, 2006
Buried Memories by sarbonn Romance
A nice concept well executed but with some flaws. The tree is both a strength and a weakness here. It ties the story together and shows the progress of time in a good way. The problem is that new inf... reviewed January 31, 2006
Dreamtown by Rik_Vargard Action
I loved it! Music was great. The opening credits looked just like many western movies I've seen and were executed perfectly. VO's were good and so was the dialogue. The whole story is like a superna... reviewed January 30, 2006
Lonely Bones by Hollywood_1977 Comedy
A nicely done first movie. Some of the cuts made it a bit jumpy at times, but that will come with practise I'm sure. Especially since most of the editing was well done. The music choices worked very well. reviewed January 30, 2006
Oh Its On 2 Tora Saru Bakuhatsu Plus Plus by mixmasterfestus Action
Beautiful flick. As have been said by others it doesn't have much of a story, but I can see to reasons for this A) it will be developed later on or B) your intention was non-stop action packed visual ... reviewed January 30, 2006
We closed our eyes by chocolatemouse Sci-Fi
Fantastic job! I felt it lost some pace in the end but that's just my opinion and I still think it's worth 5 stars. reviewed January 30, 2006
Serenity in a Rose by TheWolfska Romance
Featured Review
Outstanding! The use of music, camera angles and editing is top notch. But what really caught my eye was the dance scene. The two main characters in rich blue colors and behind them the extras in dull...
reviewed January 29, 2006
The Cellar (Bad Edit edit) by db4321 Horror
A pretty good effort for your first try. Need to introduce the characters more, especially the cop. Sandbox mode is easier to work with, you're right about that. You know how to edit, now you just ... reviewed January 29, 2006
Watching Art by God_Of_Plague Romance
Technically the movie is awesome. But as some others have pointed out, I thought the art commentary (in some cases at least) could have been used to fuel the plot. I will definately take a peak at an... reviewed January 29, 2006
The Blind Gunslinger by dasman Action
The creators love for both westerns and samurai films shows in this flick. Great characters, editing and music. VO's got a bit muddled at times, something that could be polished in the next installmen... reviewed January 29, 2006
Bad Sex by nemezido Comedy
This was one of the first movies i viewed on TMO and I loved it. I've been tardy reviewing it but better late than never i suppose. reviewed January 29, 2006
Folgers Coffee - Get Your Own Damn Bag by ProKanada Comedy
Mmmmmmmmmmm slave labour! Short, fun and well made. Great job! reviewed January 29, 2006
We Need More Props by Lightscameraskitz13 Comedy
Huge fan of what you call propaganda films. I made a similar one although I categorized it as a "movie-based forum-rant". And you certainly have a point. Not just with the big stuff like this movie ... reviewed January 29, 2006
Acid Shower by ValeriusMyotis Comedy
Good idea and quite funny. A solid 4. reviewed January 29, 2006
The Revelation of a Beast by IchthusADMR Horror
*sound of jaw hitting floor* 'nuff said reviewed January 28, 2006
Real Paranoia by MelonTheCreeker Horror
Great first movie! And remember just because you're paranoid doesn't mean everyone isn't out to get you. reviewed January 28, 2006
Lense by FreddaH Horror
A great homage to Hitch[naughty word!]! Fantastic! reviewed January 28, 2006
Captain Frank to the Rescue by Acquired_Taste Comedy
Fun stuff! Loved the meta aspect with the narrator and diector trying to push the unwilling hero into action. reviewed January 28, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode I (VO) by madmatt7g Action
Outstanding! Everything meshes in this flick, Editing, plot, characters and Vo's. A must see! Comprende? reviewed January 28, 2006
The Trials of Explosivo! Episode II VO by madmatt7g Action
Now this is a great tale from the weird....errrm wild west. Superb! reviewed January 28, 2006
Breakout! by Sam_Goldfish Action
Well crated first movie! When that shotgun came out I was affraid it was going to be yet another person dying 5 seconds after the shot was fired. But you edited it! In your very first movie! Very wel... reviewed January 27, 2006
The Flower will die by chocolatemouse Romance
Nicely done! Loved the music editing. The image editing had some minor glitches (the shooting for instance) but worked so well in most places that no subtitles or VO were needed. reviewed January 27, 2006
I Say I Say I Say! by jaxon58 Comedy
Short comedy scenes can indeed be great and these are! reviewed January 27, 2006
The Fart by madfurby Horror
I'm a big fan of comedies that revolve around one basic idea. Especially if it's well done like this one is. Great build-up, editing and ending. reviewed January 27, 2006
Eternity by DirectorAdam90 Action
This movie shows how to put emotion behind action scenes. This is NOT a movie that has a bunch of action scenes slapped together in hopes of provoking a response in the viewer. The editing and cross... reviewed January 27, 2006
Dead Clown Laughing by sarbonn Comedy
The VO subtitle combo really worked! Some minor editing glitches but they weren't very distracting. Good job! reviewed January 26, 2006
A Gangs Uprising(Trailer) by Oh_Come_On Action
Wet my appetite. Nicely done! reviewed January 26, 2006
Fighting On a Street by Bluhm Comedy
Featured Review
Whimsical and ridiculous. Well edited with good use of special effects. Got a wee bit loud right at the end, for my taste anyway.
reviewed January 26, 2006
101 Dalmatians by Saskro Comedy
Bodily harm, clowns getting hurt, special effects. What's not to like? reviewed January 26, 2006
Lying Down by phussion Comedy
Ok so right at the beginning I'm thinking "yeah 4 stars tops". Then the guy appears on the floor in the living room and I think "ummmmm ok that's some poor editing, maybe 3". Then I understand what th... reviewed January 26, 2006
Hitler falls down stairs! by Saskro Comedy
Falls down stairs is now my second favorite genre... right after tractor musicals! Outstanding! reviewed January 26, 2006
Experiment of Terror by Milarky Comedy
Good editing. A lot of effort went into that. Vo's didn't quite sync with the scenes at times, but I guess that could be a technical boo-boo somewhere. You clearly have potential. reviewed January 26, 2006
Shot down over EtaCyg 6 by BeechWell Sci-Fi
Inspiring special effects! reviewed January 26, 2006
The United States of COMMUNISM! by hreynold02 Comedy
Great job! Good use of special effects, and the dance cracked me up. reviewed January 25, 2006
Habibs in Space Trailer by boggeyb Comedy
Heavenly habibilicious hilarity! Alliterations aside, great stuff! can't wait to see the full version. Sidenote: Someone got the wrong number yesterday and asked if Habibi was in when I answered the ... reviewed January 25, 2006
Gun Slinger by Agent_Masquerade Action
Featured Review
Fun stuff! I loved the deadpan tone of voice "... and is hot.." etc. Great job!
reviewed January 25, 2006
Las-stat by agent_ozzy Comedy
Some minor continuity boo-boos otherwise well done. Some of the dialogue is really fun: "Come back here you wus what would Hitler think?" for instance. Always knew santa was flew a Messerschmidt... h... reviewed January 25, 2006
The Last Ninja by visualstudios Action
I liked it. Vo's were a bit iffy at places but they didn't overshadow the otherwise well crafted movie. reviewed January 25, 2006
Addicted to TMO by erinnicole93 Comedy
Don't accept games from weird guys who hang around in bars! I little slow paced otherwise very well done. reviewed January 25, 2006
Good Idea-Bad Idea V by Deikon Comedy
Good concept and well executed. VO's were nicely done. The use of props was superb and really inspirational. reviewed January 25, 2006
The Movies Review by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Well edited, well written, well spoken. Great description of online communities :) had me laughing out loud. Great job! reviewed January 25, 2006
Voyeur Kink Train by mildheadwound Comedy
Featured Review
Great use of props and top notch editing. Took me a few seconds to realise the scenes at the end were outtakes. Even though it's clearly wrong I'm hoping to see more of you "over-the-top pornographer".
reviewed January 24, 2006
Tinyface by ZebraHDH Comedy
Featured Review
In a word Innovative! Off the wall weirdness combined with good use of sound effects and special effects.
reviewed January 24, 2006
An Afternoon with Stilton Conjarvis by boghog Comedy
Very good voice acting. I like the whole "Why we fight" vibe of the movie. The fact that it was made with 1941 "The Movies" tech gives enhances that feeling. Sidenote: According to some brief news st... reviewed January 24, 2006
- 1862 - (Part 1) by Blackstorm Action
Great story with a villain you dislike from the start. Some minor spelling and cutting snafus, nothing that detracts from the overall score though, since the rest of the editing and dialogue was excel... reviewed January 24, 2006
The Priests Amazing Adventure by aaronni Comedy
Very well done first movie! reviewed January 23, 2006
High Noon Habibs by boggeyb Comedy
Very funny and well done! VO's are great. Dialogue is laugh out loud at places. "you pay the Habibs for sex with women....palace" priceless! reviewed January 23, 2006
Brokeback Warewolf by 6-Headedmonster Comedy
Probably THE funniest movie I've seen here so far! Pure gold! reviewed January 23, 2006
Dirty Old Man by MotleyCrew Comedy
Featured Review
Great stuff!
reviewed January 23, 2006
Oddworld Drunk and Disorderly by fateddie Sci-Fi
fun and....well odd. And I can't resist a movie with clown killings in it... I really hate clowns! reviewed January 23, 2006
Be a Gamer! by tntsparetime Comedy
Fun stuff! reviewed January 23, 2006
Scales of Terror by max_voodoo Horror
Hilarious! A standard monster attack with a twist you kept milking for all it was worth. Nicely executed and edited. Feel free to check out some of my stuff if you have the time reviewed January 22, 2006
The South Shall Rise Again Part 1 by stephenedler Horror
Easy to follow (which is a good achievement by itself), nicely edited, good use of music. A very well done first installment. Can't wait for the next! reviewed January 22, 2006
Da Movies Help Desk! by nutzhouse Horror
Featured Review
Well that got some good laughs outta me. VO's made me laugh out loud at some points, especially the casual policeman saying how he had to shoot the suspect in the head a few times :)
reviewed January 20, 2006
Dont look now by Nadster Horror
Very good dialogue (as stated by many others, nicely edited and spliced scenes (the strangling was particularly effective). Some minor goofs, like the raining missing from one cut, but that has more t... reviewed January 20, 2006
The Ugly by Jinn_Seraye Action
Featured Review
Overall well edited, just some minor issues. Good use of fade ins/outs and establishing shots (like the bell although that one was cropped a bit tight). Story was nothing spectacular but since it's yo...
reviewed January 7, 2006
Samurai Kakihara by khrispandit Action
Featured Review
Overall nicely edited, but what really got to me was the smack talk... too funny :)
reviewed January 2, 2006
The Conscience by patty82 Horror
No Review reviewed January 2, 2006