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Average Rating Received: 4.51

Number of Movies Reviewed: 162
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 6
Average Rating Given: 2.63
Movies Released by dansun81
En Ding-Ding Värld! Comedy
**This movie is in swedish with no subtitles** The story: A television programme interviews a man who is going to attempt to drive a car - without a car. I did this movie for another purpose than to... posted April 23, 2007
The Space Adventures - Trailer Sci-Fi
This is a trailer for an upcoming movie I am making; "The Space Adventures of George Taylor", which is schedueld for release in February 2007. * All voice overs made by Daniel Sundström. * Music from... posted January 15, 2007
Planet of the Apes Sci-Fi
*This is part one of a series of 2-3 movies.* Dodge, the commander of the space ship 'Tellus', has been ordered by Earth Command to go and meet with the commander of the Earth outpost on Triton, one ... posted November 6, 2006
Planet of the Apes Sci-Fi Not Rated
No Description posted November 5, 2006
This Is Love - VO Action
NOTE: When I first uploaded this movie, it was crap due to low graphic settings. I therefor had to upload it again. This is the best and final version. Story: France, 1943. Arnoux, from the french re... posted October 18, 2006
This Is Love - VO Action
Story: France, 1943. Arnoux, from the french resistance, wants Jacques to kill General Bockner, who has been assigned by the Nazis to be the leader of their region, and his fellow officers when they v... posted October 18, 2006
Space Wars II Sci-Fi
The second installement in the Space Wars saga. SL-586 is the sole survivor of Surveillance Group One, who were attacked by aliens during a surveillance mission on an alien planet. Left stranded by hi... posted December 8, 2005
Space Wars Sci-Fi
This is the first installment of what is going to be a series of films (instead of doing one very long one). A surveillance group is searching a planet for life-forms but come up empty-handed. Or do they? posted November 22, 2005
Movies Reviewed by dansun81
The Locket by EJF Action
You have good story here, but it gets ruined by everything else. THe subtitle does not match the VO's and practically every line in the movie is messed up. I'm not sure if it's because you didn't know... reviewed October 21, 2008
Crouching Ape Hidden Gorilla by VeteranRV Action
What is this movie about, really? And why are they fighting? Perhaps some subtitles or VO's could've helped ... reviewed August 7, 2008
White Westen part 1ändrad by addeB Action
(Jag antar att du är svensk, så därför tar jag detta på svenska) I normala fall hade jag gett minus för stavningen, men eftersom du textar på ett språk som inte är ditt modersmål så bortser jag från ... reviewed August 7, 2008
The Deed of Midnight - Chapter 1 - Act 1 by trewill7 Action
This is a masterpiece! I can learn so much about moviemaking by watching this film! The editing, the VO's, the camerawork ... simply the best! reviewed August 7, 2008
Gunfight At The Hideout by colespeilberg227 Action
A lot of gunfighting does not make a good movie. Here, all you've got is people shooting each other without no apperant reason. Why are they doing this? Who are they? Where are they? This is called "t... reviewed August 6, 2008
The Vengence League by bladezd Sci-Fi
Not a bad movie. I liked the plot, but I think it could've been more developed and you could have been more elaborate on things. Also, it was a bit too dark at times, so it was hard to see what was ha... reviewed August 6, 2008
World War II The Movie by watcher777 Action
For a movie called "World War II The Movie" it sure does'nt have a lot of World War II in it. You also need to study your history. In the beginning of the film, the woman tells the man that Chamberlai... reviewed August 6, 2008
Danger only knocks once by mikofthebablefish Action
This movie makes no sense at all. reviewed August 5, 2008
Summer Street by coolmovies12 Horror
How is this a scary movie? reviewed August 5, 2008
Alone in the Jungle by killsone Horror
It feels as if this movie lacks a beginning. We start off with this ... person ... we don't even get to know his name or who he is (which is another negative things about this movie) ... who is alone ... reviewed August 5, 2008
The Return of Tara Flame by Evan Waters Sci-Fi
I really liked this movie. The 30's feel made it very enjoyable and the plot was well thought out. The ending felt a bit rushed though and the lack of VO's made it drop from a rating of 4 to 3. The su... reviewed August 5, 2008
Fear the Call 2 - Trailer by ultraviolet32x Horror
Cool!Can't wait for the movie to be released! reviewed August 5, 2008
HMO Presents- Munsta Knockouts Round 1 by keithhat Comedy
It was okay. The music was a bit to loud, which made it hard to hear the commentary and also the VO's need some work since there was a lot of breathing in the microphone. reviewed August 5, 2008
TRAINZ by goddard911 Comedy
You really need to work on your VO skills. There were alot of breathing in the microphone, which ruined it for me. Also, it sounded like you just read the lines instead of acting them out. There were ... reviewed August 5, 2008
Death Arrives by RavensFan_09 Action
I agree with ShyShy completely: the sound effects were great, the editing was superb and the camera work was brilliant. VO's could've helped a lot, though. reviewed August 5, 2008
Ein Zwischendurchfilmchen by killsone Comedy
Did you even try when you made this movie?! Three random scenes and that's it? Out of the total 46 seconds, fifteen seconds are the titles in the beginning and nine is the end credits. That leaves 22 ... reviewed August 5, 2008
Corrupted Trailer by shyshy Action
Great trailer! Nice editing and great use of VO's. reviewed August 5, 2008
Knochen by lbadder Horror
All I got after watching this movie is questions. And lots of them. First, who is everyone? What are their names and where are they from? Second, why are they after the priest? Who is the priest shoot... reviewed August 5, 2008
Red Freedom Trailer by mikeywoohoo Action
As a trailer, I can live with this one as it might turn out to be great in the end. However, there are a few things that could've helped this trailer. Number one: music. Music sets the mood and there... reviewed August 5, 2008
Die Affenmutter by matze91 Comedy
I might have misunderstood this since I don't speak german that well, but: Affe = ape or monkey Mutter = mother So I expected to see at least one monkey in this movie. But there was none. And there ... reviewed August 5, 2008
The great war with the world at stake by ecnos Action
Where do I start ... first of all, I hate the mumblings. You should've turned them off. Second, there was no VO's or subtitles, with made it really hard to follow the plot. Third, who was fighting who... reviewed August 5, 2008
The Hitmans Silence by TFoster Action
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I loved the music, it fitted perfectly in with the tone of the movie. The noir style was great too, but the best part of it all was propably the ending. Never saw that... reviewed August 5, 2008
Bar-room madness by ecnos Action
You did this in story mode, you say? Well, I can tell. Not a very good movie at all, just random scenes put together. What does the weightlifting scene have to do with the rest of movie, for example? ... reviewed August 5, 2008
Dawn at Tombstone by TFoster Action
Great movie! I liked what you had done with the FreeCam and I liked the music. The VO's were clear and the acting was admirable (oth of which is hard to find on TMO these days). I also liked the story... reviewed August 5, 2008
The Vietnam War With a Twist by DProductions Action
I thought is was funny the way he could just walk in to the US base and shot everyone while the guard at the door just stood there and did nothing. Not funny as in "haha, great comedy" but more like "... reviewed April 2, 2008
Conquest Beginnings Teaser by Marvellousguppimovies Sci-Fi
I don't know how you did it, but the effect of the crest flying past you and all is very well done. However, I do not know more about the movie now than before I saw this, so the teaser did really do ... reviewed April 2, 2008
ZER0 AND C0UNTING by Drogmir Sci-Fi
I liked the music, but sometimes it was louder than the VO's, which made quite hard to hear what was being said. The subtitles help, though. The storry is promising, but I would've liked to see more ... reviewed April 2, 2008
Death Before Dawn by bradds Horror
All great stories have a beginning, a middle and an ending. Your story, however, on has a middle. There is no character developments, which meens that the audience cannot connect with the characters. ... reviewed April 2, 2008
Mettaroid by richardl95 Sci-Fi
What is this? The VO's are so awful that I could only stand less than three minutes of this movie! It sound like you swollowed the microphone, it's that awful. And when it doesn't sound like the micro... reviewed April 2, 2008
King Kong (Part One) export1 by pookashells Romance
It is very well done, the mods är great, the VO's are clear and very well delivered by the actors, but my problem with this movie is that so many lines have been copied from the real thing. It took th... reviewed April 1, 2008
Motherclucker by Superdawg519 Comedy
It might be an original idea, but that does not help the fact that the serious lack of story, combined with an awful ending, draged this movie down. I realize that this movie most likely wasn't intend... reviewed April 1, 2008
Skull forceIraq Part 1 Moving in by jamiecp Action
A nice movie, but there are a few things that bothers me, like the spelling in the subtitles. There were a lot of spelling misstakes there, which makes the movie look cheap and that you didn't think i... reviewed March 31, 2008
The Hitman by matthew2313 Comedy
I have a few problems with this movie; the first one is about the plot: why would an agent be assigned to kill a rapist? That's not even close to realistic. Second, the language ruined the movie for m... reviewed January 15, 2008
Galactic Confrontation by Supermanb0909 Sci-Fi
A good effort, but subtitles and/or VO:s could've help this movie a lot. reviewed January 15, 2008
the bank by jmoneycoolguy Action
Not bad at all, but I would have liked to see the plot be more developed. As it is now, it is over before it starts. Spend more time on developing the characters as well, spo that we can relate to the... reviewed January 2, 2008
NY Unité Spéciale by Humorix-X Action
I do not speak french, but the plot in this movie is not hard to follow. The editing was good and the choice of music was good too, so there really is not much to say about this. There are, however, t... reviewed January 2, 2008
saver by grayfoxdog Comedy
Not that funny. I also didn't get the plot, because there was no dialogue. Sure, they talked, but there was no subtitles or voice overs, so I have no idea what they said. What was the phone call all a... reviewed January 2, 2008
The Exploration Teaser Trailer by GalacticTHOR Sci-Fi
You are absolutely right! This trailer does not explain the plot at all, and the main reason for that is that the subtitles are unreadable. You just can't make them out. So all there was for me was a ... reviewed December 30, 2007
The Squad... by arkaine2006 Action
What is this?! A music video? There is no plot here whatsoever! All there is is random scenes put together with music. That's it. No more. I'm sorry, but it takes more than that to make a good movie. ... reviewed December 30, 2007
Wanted-Cara Dead by ndva91 Action
I do honestly believe that you had good intentions with this film, but there are so much missing from it that I cannot give it a higher ranking. The story, as far as I can figure it out, is good. The ... reviewed December 30, 2007
Whats illegal! by danlerk Action
I didn't like this very much. I was expecting more of a plot, but it seems that you've just taken random scenes and put them together. Apparently, this is an action movie, but I just can't see it. On ... reviewed December 30, 2007
Were Still Friends Right by atomicbat Action
The subtitles move a bit to fast, so I had to pause the film to be able to read everything they said. The story is lacking depth as well. For instance, why is the robot after them? We never get to kno... reviewed October 1, 2007
Spacers by MoviePwner81 Sci-Fi
The basic idea for this film is good and show signs of great intentions. Sadly, the result is disappointing. First, the lenght of the film (or lack of) makes it impossible to build up the characters. ... reviewed October 1, 2007
Defeating the Reich by richard550 Action
Well, this isn't too bad. There is a story, which is good. But there is too much shooting and not enough dialogues. The movie needs to be explained more, what the soldiers are up to and so forth. reviewed July 12, 2007
Inferno by Elia-Agrigento Horror
Even though there is a story in this movie, I still have no idea who the main character is and why is there. How did he end up where he is? And how can he come to life so many times? First he is kille... reviewed July 12, 2007
Mass Horror In The Bush by yamum666 Horror
The basic plot here is "man kills people". That is not enough to make a good movie. First of all, you have failed to tell the audience about his motives. Why is he doing what he is doing? Second, as a... reviewed July 12, 2007
FOREVER by RobinKasik Romance
What a fantastic film! It had a beautiful story and to tell in 16 minutes without a single word spoken is amazing! Great camera work and wunderful music was all you needed to create this masterpiece. ... reviewed February 5, 2007
XNXX der Film by antichecker Comedy
Eh? I didn't understand a word, but I think i got the story anyway. And i can't say I like it. reviewed February 5, 2007
Indy against the Ninja Nazis by gui-yome Sci-Fi
First of all, the music used in this movie is copyrighted material! The Indiana Jones Theme is copyrighted, even if it is a midi-version, and also the Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy Theme is copyri... reviewed February 5, 2007
Dude I got my Head Stuck in the Toilet by gordenfreeman2 Horror
Toilet humor never works for me and this is not an exception. This is awful. THe scenes seem to have been randomly picked and there is no story. What's up with the baby? What about the rabbit? Why did... reviewed February 5, 2007
Ultimate Warriors (Theatrical Teaser) by DanielH20 Action
Nice. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing. reviewed February 5, 2007
Dragonscale (Pt 3) by StevenKreg Action
Great movie, but some of the VO's could have been clearer. There were some breathing in to the microphone, but that's the only negative thing I can fnd about this movie. Great job! reviewed February 5, 2007
Dragonscale (pt2) by StevenKreg Action
Great continuation of the first part! Looking forward to seeing the next installement! reviewed February 4, 2007
Dragonscale (pt1) by StevenKreg Action
Very well done, nice custom work! The VO's were clear and very very good! reviewed February 4, 2007
Rain by studiodeauckland Action
What is this? Really? Random scenes, some shooting, people running ... no subtitles/VO's? Where's the story? What IS the story? I'm not styre that this movie deserves even one star, but since that is ... reviewed February 4, 2007
Terror by studiodeauckland Action
I had a really hard time follow the story in this movie (if there was one). No subtitles and/or VO's makes it even harder. In all honestly, the scenes seem to have been picked at random and them edite... reviewed February 4, 2007
Home by studiodeauckland Sci-Fi
I cannot get the hang of this at all. The scenes seem to have been randomly picked and the actors clothes seem to have been that as well. Also, no subtitles and/or VO's makes it really hard to underst... reviewed February 4, 2007
Space Quest II - Vohauls Revenge (Trailer) by TheKing1978 Sci-Fi
I loved the first SQ-movie and I am bound to love this one as well! I am really looking forard to seeing the whole movie! reviewed February 3, 2007
world war two 1939 by rhyspc Action
No dialogues, no character developments, just plain action, shooting, death ... sadly, that does not make a good film. If you add all the missing bits to this film, I am sure it will be much much better. reviewed February 3, 2007
the kenville slasher by goodman105 Horror
i really only had one problem with this film and that was the poor quality of some of the VO's. Apart from that, I think this is a solid effort! Very well done and keep up the good work! reviewed February 3, 2007
SPELL BOOK the series Page 3 by Ranedthel Horror
Very nice! I liked this alot. You did a great job with dressing the sets and the music was just right. Very well done! reviewed February 3, 2007
Church Of Blood by cj13 Horror
Interesting concept, but what is his motives? Why does he do it? Who is she? The movie is so short that there is no time for character developments. Also, there is no dialogue between the two, so don'... reviewed February 3, 2007
[censored!]y Bimboa by cj13 Action
I don't really know what to say about this one. It is not the worst movie I have seen on TMO, but it is not good either. Why? Well, first you have the mumblings, which irritates me to death. Second, t... reviewed February 3, 2007
Jews in Space! by neogarc3 Comedy
This was a bit weird. I liked the VO's and the dialogues, but the scenes did not fit in with what they were saying. You never found out who they were chashing (or was it the other way around?) and who... reviewed January 20, 2007
Todd Steals A Truck by alex007 Action
PLease, please, PLEASE! If your movie is entitled "Todd Steals a Truck" then don't you think that it should include such elements as 1) a truck, and 2) someone stealing it? The title has nothing to do... reviewed January 20, 2007
Only Skin Deep by bro015 Comedy
I think you got some serious issues with a bug when uploading your movies. This is all distorted. reviewed January 20, 2007
Jobsuche by budrick Comedy
Quite funny movie, althought the voice of Fred did not sound that in to it, which was unfortunate. Good effort, nontheless. reviewed January 17, 2007
Incu-Baiter by leasky2 Horror
Nice story, but there were some editing issues I did not like. I also thought that there should have been more dialogue, because now things just happened without anyone making any comments about it. ... reviewed January 17, 2007
Brother Spare Me a Dime (Trailer) by merciarich Action
Looks promising! reviewed January 17, 2007
kina mad by Tikko_ftc Action
Okay, so they were fighting. Then what? Who were they? Why were they fighting each other? How does the poster fit in to all of this? Where's the story? reviewed January 17, 2007
10 by Atyler_the_hun Action
Solid effort, but some dialogues could have helped this film. Also, the mumblings annoyed me a bit. reviewed January 17, 2007
Silverback Mountain Gorillas by zoomboy27 Comedy
This was funny! Nice job! Keep up the good work! reviewed January 17, 2007
So You Think You Can by Mr_P_Bonny Comedy
Great movie! Nice job! reviewed January 17, 2007
Taken 3 by benf45 Action
I really liked this. The dream sequences was a nice touch and the tension through-out the film was great! The story was good too! The film would have been better with some VO's, but apart from that, t... reviewed January 17, 2007
The Poop by johnsonsmitty Comedy
No plot, toilet 'humor' and a zombie turning up from nowhere and gets shot in the head, the end. I'm sorry, but I don't get this at all. Pointless movie. reviewed January 15, 2007
Mars Attacks by leakster86 Sci-Fi
This movie could be helped by using dialouges. As it is now, there is just mumblings, which makes it hatd to understand what it going on. I understand that they, in the beginning, were talking about a... reviewed January 15, 2007
News Hurts by Deshea Action
This is a very weird movie. The music kind of works, but what is the story? It's just a bunch of scenes with police cars and fires mixed with news presenters. reviewed January 15, 2007
You cant not have wedding on a cake! by sam-o Comedy
Hmm, not that funny. I didn't understand what the robot was doing there, where he came from and who he was, thus making the ending feel very, very weird. The subtitle fonts changed to much for my tas... reviewed January 15, 2007
Communist run part 2! by scottsmen45 Comedy
I struggle to find a story in this movie. Sure, the Communist runs from the Ape, but then what? They are first in one place, then another. How did the fire start? Who was the person in jail and why di... reviewed January 15, 2007
River Wide by Deadcwab Action
This movie makes no sence at all. Try to add a story to your movies the next time, as they will be more interesting to watch. I was bored half-way through this one. reviewed January 12, 2007
The Wilson Green Monologues Santa Banter by nahton Comedy
Great movie! Perhaps not the best christmas story around, but it sure was funny. too bad about the sound quality of the VO's, but apart from that, this is a great film! reviewed January 12, 2007
The Holiday Wars (Part I) by tooker Comedy
You used VO's so that is worth one star, but the story was really struggeling here. I mean, shouldn't the Bunny have been killed in that explosion? Why would Santa want to kill him? Who was the chicke... reviewed January 12, 2007
Bite of the Panther by howlongtil420 Action
I'm giving you two stars for the use of subtitles and for trying to have a story. But in all honestly, I was confused with this one. Wasn't Panther there to help her? Why would she cry out for his hel... reviewed January 12, 2007
Stinky Living Room by therealseanman Comedy
This made no sence at all! A man and a woman enters a house, a seconf woman lies down on the floor, the man and the first woman has a conversation in the kitchen and then the man exits the house ... w... reviewed January 12, 2007
MIB by ndva91 Sci-Fi
This is horrible! First, the VO's were so low that you could hardly hear anything and they lacked feeling as well. Second, there wa sno story what so ever in this movie. All there was was a bunch of c... reviewed January 12, 2007
bompe på banen by Tikko_ftc Action
Eh, what was this about? reviewed January 12, 2007
Single-Shot Showdown by biggstrek Action
Althought the camera work was impressive, at points all the action occured outside of frame because of it. The audience is not able to see the showdown, all they see is bodies falling dead to the gro... reviewed January 11, 2007
This is Bush Country by alainmoreau Comedy
Greta use of the FreeCam! The story was great and the VO:s were fantastic (apart from the fact that all females sounded a bit the same, but then again, I know how hard it is to do female voices)! The ... reviewed January 11, 2007
Monster Island by pepsiproducts Sci-Fi
Story: 1 star - there was a story in this movie which fitted nicely in with the B-movie genre. Effects: 1 star - I liked the why that you made the gorilla seem to be a giant (placing small trees on t... reviewed January 11, 2007
Red Dwarf I (The Beginning) by Suthers Sci-Fi
If there was a plot in this movie, I totally missed it. Why? Mainly because the VO's were so low that you could not hear what they were saying! Either turn your microphone up or try to play the music ... reviewed January 10, 2007
Idiot war! by darkjak Action
I liked the idea of this movie, although I struggle to find a real reason as to why the Russia would want to attack sweden. You have found an acceptable reason for it, though. I also liked it because ... reviewed January 10, 2007
BOND by Graeme81 Action
This was really nively done! The VO's were great, although some characters sounded a bit the same, the action was great and I could really feel the Bond-feeling while watching this. However, the edit... reviewed January 10, 2007
The Farting Movie! (Guaranteed Laugh!) by PylonStockpile Comedy
This is awful. Not funny at all. Farting isn't funny and this is just a lot of farting noices. No plot, no dialogue, nothing. Just farting. Things just happend without any reason and had a lot of fart... reviewed January 10, 2007
Bathroom Talk by jeffarnold66 Comedy
Nice effort! There was a story, although I didn't find this movie particulary funny. I smiled at the "madcow deluxe", but no more that that. The mumblings bother me a bit as well. Too bad there wasn't... reviewed January 9, 2007
Sisters in Arms by changestorm Sci-Fi
Not bad. Not bad at all. I like the twist in the end ("why did you call our Father Prince Stephen?") but there could have been more character development in there, so it wouldn't have hurt the movie b... reviewed January 9, 2007
1st movie by lordnoodle Sci-Fi
This film is quite good, I think. I like the music and the zombie, but the lack of dialogue (subtitles and/or voice overs) sort of ruins it a bit for me. But as for being your first film online, I thi... reviewed January 9, 2007
Strange Dream by noewhan Comedy
I really like what you have done here, but the problem with it is this: the songs are copyrighted material and cannot be used without permission. reviewed January 9, 2007
War is Hell by figo1332 Horror
Come on! Can't you make your own films? reviewed November 2, 2006
The Sea of Dunes by spoob Action
Okay, here goes: first of all, why oh why are the russians fighting the Allies? I thought that the russians was with the Allies in the war and that the bad guys was the Axis - the germans, the japanes... reviewed November 2, 2006
Battle of the nerds by JackBel Comedy
I did not understand this film at all. Guys in scientist costumes shooting at each other. But why? Where's the story? Where's the character development? Where's the dialogues? I'm sure you can do bett... reviewed November 2, 2006
The Legend of the Velvet Ninja by person_me200 Comedy
The story in this film is in need of some serious development and the VO's were so low at times it was impossible to hear what they were saying. The lenght of the film is also a problem. Perhaps yoy s... reviewed November 1, 2006
Dont smoke told by King Kung by zogo1 Sci-Fi
This movie was okay, but it lacked depth, I think. Some character development might be needed and I also found the VO's to be a bit unclear. Also, the title is totally wrong, since the smoking part on... reviewed November 1, 2006
Donna Kebab - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
Nice movie! THe VO's were great, the story was nice and the editing was okay too. reviewed November 1, 2006
Space Generation - The Next Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
Fantastic camera work!! I loved this one, it was funny and it was interesting. Looking forward to seeing the next episode. reviewed October 31, 2006
The Day I Woke an Angel by cruleworld Horror
Nice VO's and positive message, but I found it a bit slow. Solid effort, though. reviewed October 31, 2006
Mr Dirty Mr Tight - Das Battle by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Great film! I laughed several times, loved the jokes! Great work with all the custom stuff! Am really looking forward to seeing the sequal! reviewed October 31, 2006
Life in the Old West by yeagmaster Romance
Just like everybody else I loved this film! The VO's were perfect - they were clear and fit the genre - and the editing was brilliant. I loved the visual flashbacks, instead of just talking about them... reviewed October 31, 2006
Space Troopers by johnstone1987 Sci-Fi
This movie had potential, but fell flat due to a number of different things. First, there were hardly any dialogues so the story did not progress much. The lack of music did not help the film feel bet... reviewed October 31, 2006
Medievil by James_Karlson Action
I liked all the custom bits (sets, props, costumes etc) but the story was a bit cliché, with the evil king and all that. Some character development would've been nice too. The VO's were decent, but al... reviewed October 31, 2006
The Yellow People by Underdogg0 Comedy
It started out quite interesting and amusing, but the end was totaly confusing. Why was the first cop shot by the second one? I can understand the lion shoting the bloke, but the cop shoting the cop? ... reviewed October 31, 2006
Man on the Roof by Manen_45_Robin Action
Nice effort. The general plot was okay, but it went a bit to fast and you didn't get to see how they found things out - just that they had. Also, some scenes were repetitive, like the cars leaving (ci... reviewed October 31, 2006
Battle For Earth II Evolution Tease Trailer by cruise1970 Sci-Fi
Very impressive! Nice work with the animations! It will be a pleasure to watch the film when it's released. reviewed October 31, 2006
Josh and Will at 18 by cruleworld Action
Nice attempt, but some things bothered me. First,the VO's. While the acting might not have been that bad, the sound sure was. It was uneven and sometimes I could not hear a thing. Also, try to avoid b... reviewed October 31, 2006
Game Over 2 by ShyShy Comedy
Interesting concept, but the editing was a bit rough sometimes. Faster editing would have spiced things up, I think. The story is, like I said, interesting, but it didn't really go anywhere. The dialo... reviewed October 31, 2006
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
Very funny movie! Loved the Village People reference and the "pitcher and catcher" line. Hilarious! Nice editing and use of music. Great work! reviewed October 27, 2006
Instinct Teaser by Throwaxe Sci-Fi
As a test, this is great! I loved the way you handled the free camera (I cannot really figure out how you did it) and the opening credits were just amazing (again, how did you do it?). The only thing ... reviewed October 27, 2006
Dr Jones and the Rock of the Pharoahs by mrblond2000 Action
Featured Review
A great film! The story was fantastic and you did a fine job with the editing. It was really exciting in the end with all the fighting and the shooting and explosions. Well done and great use of music...
reviewed October 27, 2006
Grand Theft Auto The Series 1 by johnstone1987 Action
I like the idea of a GTA movie or a series, but this is totally wrong. Notably, there weren't enough dialogues, which sort of ruined the film, but the biggest issue here is the use of sound and audio ... reviewed October 26, 2006
Faraday's Magnet by hd213 Horror
No story, no dialogues, no character developments, knife fight after knife fight after knife fight (identical ones as well) ... no, this is not good. I am sure you can do a lot better that this. reviewed October 21, 2006
Tenderspirit by antseggs Romance
Well, this was very tender indeed, but there was no dialogues and no story at all. If you ad that to your film, it will be much, much better. reviewed October 21, 2006
Eascape from the city by weridman Action
The story in this film eludes me a bit. Call me daft if you like. They are on the roof, she falls down and suddenly they're inside, in a hotel bedroom? Well ... it's a nice try and perhaps a good star... reviewed October 21, 2006
Mechanisms 8 Preview by jhurst Sci-Fi
Great trailer! Looking forward to seeing the entire film! reviewed October 21, 2006
Space Station Alpha by hd213 Sci-Fi
I watched this one because the title was almost "Moonbase Alpha", which is featured in the "Space:1999" television series. But I regret that I did. There was no sound, no dialouges at all (which made ... reviewed October 21, 2006
The Black Demon Chronicles ep 1 by SKILATIONINC Action
Great movie! Very good plot and nice editing and use of music! reviewed October 21, 2006
Rule Britannia by satyrian Comedy
Quite funny movie! Good work! reviewed October 21, 2006
Bunnys revenge by peterl11 Comedy
Violent bunnies? With machine guns? Blimey! We better start treating the fury little buggers better. reviewed October 21, 2006
The Peonic Fools by NegroSaki Action
First the negative things: the lack of dialogues (subtitles and/or Voice Overs) was not good for this movie. Even if it had only been subtitles, it would have helped the film. The drunk also fought wa... reviewed October 21, 2006
A really good story, but the mumblings annoyed me a bit and the movie was a bit slow paced in the middle. Some scenes was unnecessarily long and could have been edited more to give better pace to the ... reviewed October 21, 2006
Smackula by weridman Comedy
This was a bit confusing. I like the idea of an alien being trapped on earth and humans try to help him return, BUT! The humour here was a bit childish (mostly poo jokes) and I didn't understand why t... reviewed October 21, 2006
The Jake Clothier Sketch Book by dctrhu Comedy
There was not much story in this movie. There was no sound either, which made it quite boring to watch. But the idea was interesting, so perhaps it can be delivered in a better way? reviewed October 21, 2006
Starchy Hatch The Trailer by pamdennis Action
This was a good trailer, as I got interested in seeing the movie. Liked the music and the fast paced editing. Looking forward to its release! Check out my movies if you like. reviewed October 20, 2006
Andromorphy Competition of Brothers by pheonix15k Horror
Great camerawork in this one! I liked the end of the movie, but rest was a bit slow to me. A nice effort. Good luck in the competition! reviewed October 19, 2006
New City II by bbpiet Action
Nice editing and a very well thought-out story. I think I got the most of it (I don't speak german very well). The only thing missing was some Voice Overs. Apart from that, this was a great movie! Kee... reviewed October 19, 2006
Survive the Week by Movie-Mad Action
This was great! Initially, the story caught my eye and I thought "how can they pull this off?". Well, you did it and you did it brilliantly. The story WAS great, the Voice Overs were fantastic and I r... reviewed October 19, 2006
Desert Friends by xSteeLx Comedy
Interesting as far as being an introduction goes. I was a bit surprised when he was killed, but I asume that he will be in the series as ghost from now on. Looking good and promising. Looking forward ... reviewed October 19, 2006
A Day in the life of the Tagert Twins by xSteeLx Action
I didn't get this at all. There was just a bunch of fighting scenes edited together with no real story attached to it. Made no sense at all to me, I'm afraid. Perhaps I just did not understand it. reviewed October 19, 2006
Lords Of The Bathroom by ImMad Comedy
A nice effort and quite funny. A bit more dialogue wouldn't have hurt though. reviewed October 19, 2006
Larry and Dwight as Security Guards by corinthian Comedy
I really liked this one! Excellent use of special effects and it really impressed me. I liked the relationship between the guards and the twist at the end. Great stuff! reviewed October 19, 2006
Revenge by James_dude Action
Featured Review
A very well told piece! I like the story and the way it is told. In fact, I believe that this would be a perfect prologue to a series, if you ever wish to make one. The editing was great as well! With...
reviewed October 18, 2006
Storys Of The Civil War by ballyvoy Action
I really liked the story in this film; two brothers on opposite sides in a war who decides not to fight anymore. A nice and touching story. However, I would've liked to see more dialogues and characte... reviewed September 19, 2006
Space Generation - The First Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
Very good, but the story could have been more clearer with dialogues (i.e. subtitles or voice overs). I liked what you have done with the free cam! Very creative! reviewed September 18, 2006
Space Marines by Drahnreb1981 Sci-Fi
Very good! I like what you have done here. Classic Sci-Fi with aliens destroying Earth and the humans trying to save themselves. I also liked the fighting scenes on the spaceship; it was dark and fogg... reviewed September 18, 2006
the rise of the manchine by weridman Action
Interesting film, but one question never gets answered: why did he kill his master? Perhaps there will be a sequel? I really liked the music, the sound effects and the editing in this one. Perhaps it... reviewed September 18, 2006
Deputy Lillicrap by Fleeka Sci-Fi
Nice, but some dialogs could've helped. Also, some things seemed to happen to fast and without any explaination. The fighting scene in the end comes to mind where the main character suddenly lies on t... reviewed September 18, 2006
Root Two by jdean147 Sci-Fi
I did not understand this movie at all. All there is is a bunch of scenes randomly edited together with scary music. No dialogs, not even subtitles or Voice Overs, and if there was a story in this fil... reviewed September 18, 2006
Hunting Pavarotti by mikeawmids Comedy
Really nice editing in this one. However, I don't understand why Pavarotti shot him. I can't give a higher rating because I coulnd't hear the sounds (bloody computer!). Maybe that is why I don't unde... reviewed May 18, 2006
The Golden Eagle by morrdin03 Action
The story isn't that original (i.e. it is a revenge story ("you killed my friend, therefor I must kill you")), but that doesn't meen that it can't work. Although it has to be a bit longer than 2 minut... reviewed December 26, 2005
Santa Does The Nasty! by biggstrek Comedy
Excellent work! I liked the VO and the "I came to ROB"-line was really, really funny. The storytelling, the VO's and the editing was great! The only thing that got me a bit distracted was that the bu... reviewed December 26, 2005
The True Meaning of Christmas by Canofoo Action
Featured Review
I have seen a lot of christmas-themed movies and I know this real-life story from World World I, but I have never seen it been told this way. Not only is it a fantastic story, a story of, just as you ...
reviewed December 26, 2005
Mr and Mrs Wesson (Part I) by nemezido Comedy
I really like the story here: a man and a woman that lives togheter but both have a secret life. The ending was quite funny and acctually mananaged to get me interested in seeing the sequel. On anoth... reviewed December 26, 2005
The Day the Earth Turned Red 2 by Banana_Hunter Horror
Featured Review
I didn't quite get this one ... the continuity was a bit off and gay humour isn't my cup of tea. At least there was a story and for that I'll give two stars.
reviewed December 26, 2005
Surviving Death Trailer by 02PARSIM Horror
Really nice! Horror movies are definitly not my favourite genre, but still managed to get me interested in this one. Looking forward to seeing the real thing! reviewed December 26, 2005
The New Adventures Of Wonder Girl by caFOdhER Horror
Featured Review
Wow! Nice story and I just loved the fight scene (both of them) between the hero and the villain. It would have been better with music (at least for me), but apart from that: a great movie!
reviewed November 22, 2005
Kidnapped! by caFOdhER Sci-Fi
The subtitles was a total disaster, but the rest of it was quite nice. Could've been a bit more music though. The story was fine and the pace of the movie was okay as well. I would have given it three... reviewed November 22, 2005
Downsizing Susan by englishrobbie Sci-Fi
I liked the VO's, but they could have been just a bit louder and more clear. Still, a great plus for the effort though. The chicken was fun, så that is another plus. However, it could have been more o... reviewed November 22, 2005
Ape Invader III - Return of the Primate by killershrew Sci-Fi
Apart from some spelling errors this is a very good movie. Although I never really laughed out loud, I did have a smile on my face throughout the whole movie. Well done! reviewed November 22, 2005
What if Allison Fell by Indieking Romance
Featured Review
Weird, but I liked it. It's not like everything else you see on this site.
reviewed November 22, 2005
Space Chicks Have Boobs Too by corinthian Comedy
I actually laughed at the ending. There were a few continuity errors, but dispite that this is one of the best movies I have seen so far! reviewed November 11, 2005
Little Titan by hanmik Sci-Fi
It could have been a bit longer as it feels a bit rushed as it is now. However, I have seen worse - much worse - so this is not that bad. Keep up the good work. reviewed November 11, 2005
Baby story by envy Comedy
I didn't see the funny parts, but it is at least original, which is great. Although I can't help but thinking that this movie would have been better without the subtitles and instead having the gorill... reviewed November 11, 2005
Mister Fist by bmf153 Action
I really liked this one! Great job! reviewed November 11, 2005
Klown by K-Dizzy Comedy
It is described as a "sad, short melodrama" and as such I guess it is okay. But why is it then listed as a comedy? It is not funny at all, although otherwise it is a good effort. reviewed November 11, 2005