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Average Rating Received: 3.32

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Movies Released by Darastrix
Arrakis Flame - Part 1 Sci-Fi
This is a sort of spin off from the great Dune trilogy. It has full voice over and is the first part of an oncoming series. Credit definately has to go to Juju of http://tmws.themoviesplanet.com/ for ... posted December 14, 2005
Dark illumination Sci-Fi
This is the first sci-fi movie I've made with voice recording etc. Its only a quick one really just to get used to things. Might make this into a series similar to the Assigned series I did earlier. C... posted December 13, 2005
Armoured Royale - Prologue Action
You've seen the trailer, now this is the prologue to set up the coming story line. I wrote the music as well although its not very good, I am new to it :) Hope you enjoy, some good action is coming! posted November 21, 2005
Armoured Royale Action
This is a trailer for my upcoming series of movies called Armoured Royale. I intend to spend a lot of time to make them so hopefully they will be quite good. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks... posted November 16, 2005
Assigned Part 4 Action
This is the last part of Assigned for now as I'm going to try and make some other genre films, however there will be more to come I assure you :) Enjoy! posted November 16, 2005
Assigned Part 3 Action
There is a bit more story line devolopment as Corporal Harrington gets involved deeper than he ever wanted to. Got some great ideas for forthcoming episodes! Anyone out there good at voice acting? lol posted November 16, 2005
Assigned Part 2 Action
The second part of my Assigned series. This is where the daring rescue of Corporal Harrington takes place by a strange outlaw. Still trying to improve voice acting as well, its good fun! Enjoy! posted November 15, 2005
Assigned Part 1 Action
The first part of my western series with full voice over as well! Sorry if the voice acting is bad though, first time! Got to love lip-sync :D Still trying to get a good formula right for the sequels. Enjoy! posted November 14, 2005
The Final Encounter Action
A detective goes to rescue a dame in distress from a killer he has been hunting for most of his career. posted November 14, 2005
Fields of Fire Action
No Description posted November 14, 2005
Scary Horror
No Description posted November 14, 2005
The Gangster Place Action
No Description posted November 13, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Darastrix
The Balance of Justice Part one by Chubz Action
Right good film, the bloke looks like Max Payne :D Keep up the good work! reviewed November 16, 2005
The Angel Of Darkness by super_soulb Action
Good fun :D reviewed November 14, 2005