Number of Movies: 19
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.05

Number of Movies Reviewed: 652
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 52
Average Rating Given: 3.67
Movies Released by Daninsky
Almost a Lovestory - DC Romance
Later than promised but finally its finished. :) 'Almost a Lovestory' (DC) is a remake of a movie I did some two years ago. I wasn't entirely content with the way it worked out back then (though for ... posted May 31, 2008
Fata Morgana (Mirage) Comedy
The Movies Cheat Demo! This is a re-upload of a older movie from me to showcase a hidden cheat in The Movies for those of you that don't visit the forums. You can find more about how to get this expo... posted January 15, 2007
The Santa Sci-Fi
When we founded Susanna Films, we bought the Studio and Stock from a former movie company that had its heydays in the silent era. While going through their stock left to us we discovered this, presume... posted January 6, 2007
A rude joke Comedy
Movie version of an old, old joke about a man who wants to loose weight. I've noticed that I have several continuity errors, but when I wanted to go back and redo the movie the Game crashed once agai... posted November 4, 2006
Hot Cat on a Tin Roof Action
This is my second entry to the TMO Top Model contest, a movie dedicated to showcase one of my earliest costumes. A standalone retex of the Catsuit and a Body make-up. The story fell admittedly a bit ... posted August 24, 2006
A Married Man Romance
This is my entry to the TMO Top Model contest, I'm not quite satisfied with the outcome (apart from the music editing) but due to time constrains I had to make some concessions on scene choice I would... posted July 22, 2006
Flight Test Comedy
PLEASE READ!! This is just an overlay test! There is no need to rate this movie! All modding, exept for the elfears (in case you could spot them) done by me. The Elf Ears where done by BusStopWilly ... posted July 4, 2006
Filmmaking 101 Action
This is just a 'How to Cut' guide for beginners. It shows, how you can with a few cuts build up / enhance a scene. I only show the basics of cutting here. Attention! The title of Lesson 1: Bullet Tim... posted February 12, 2006
Filmmaking 101 Action
Movie was removed to make place for a updated and (hopefully) clearer version including V/O and Subs. This is just a little how to guide for beginners. It shows how you can with a few cuts build up /... posted February 5, 2006
Was sie über AIDS wissen müssen! Comedy
...und über ein paar andere dinge. Dieser Film ist witzig, unterhaltsam und Lehrreich. Ja, das sind gleich drei Dinge auf einmal, wo sonst bekommen sie soviel für ihr Geld ? Wir haben auf der Strasse... posted January 21, 2006
Fast eine Liebesgeschichte Romance
(Almost a love story) this is my first take on a romance movie and it got a bit more realistic than I intended. Even thought it has a German title it???s not a German Movie for it has no dialogue at a... posted January 8, 2006
??mter auf dem Mond Comedy
(Oder: Warum auch die Deutschen den Kanal voll haben) Aufgrund des gro??en Erfolges der Stadtgeschichten, präsentieren wir ihnen nun den Nachfolger. Eine neue Sammlung flacher Gags in Szene gesetzt v... posted December 22, 2005
Halloween Surprise Comedy
A cautionary tale about what may happen when you wander in the woods wearing a werewolf costume. Those who saw or read ???Company of the Wolves??? know what wolves are after??? This movie was made i... posted December 20, 2005
Backlash Sci-Fi
They send him back trough time to prevent the most disastrous war. But there is one last lesson humankind has to learn: Don???t mess with history??? posted December 17, 2005
Fata Morgana (Mirage) Comedy
This would have been my contestant for 60 sec. Movie. Unfortunately, due to staging problems I had to solve first, it couldn???t be made in time. However, despise it???s title its not a German movie (... posted December 16, 2005
Tiffany the zombie smasher Horror
This is not a Buffy spoof. It's rather an homage (french for shamless rip-off) to Joss Whedon's brilliant Series. It's Ghosts, Zombies, lot's a 80's mayhem and a mysterious woman we may never find o... posted December 9, 2005
Scene Changer Action
This is not really a movie! I made this only to show the potential in The Movies. This Scenes couldn't have been made without the use of Pak Poker: See a man taking a shower in the desert, see the due... posted December 8, 2005
Stadtgeschichten Comedy
Dies ist mein zweiter Film. Nicht direkt eine Komödie, vielmehr eine Sammlung von Kalauern. Enjoy! This is my second movie. Sorry only german subtitles. Didn't know how to work some of the jokes in e... posted November 27, 2005
Sühne Action
This is the Third Cut of my first Movie. Its an Italian Style Wild West Theme. The first version of this movie took me ten years to do and ruined my Studio, I felt like Michael Cimino afterwards! posted November 26, 2005
Movies Reviewed by Daninsky
Theres Never Tomorrow by BeatyBeaks Action
Okay, this was more of a musicvideo to a copyrighted tune than a movie. More story and please and less music (and use something free of copyright the next time). Your dialogues are impossible to make ... reviewed August 22, 2008
TEAM X by johnnyex Action
Lovely movie that managed to hold my interest. Some minor flaws, sure, but essentially I concur with what TheBiz wrote. reviewed May 31, 2008
Writers Block by cecil_evans Romance
Fun movie, a little slow in places maybe but generally a good use of freecam and some interesting mods. reviewed May 20, 2008
time of the dead by bezzer36 Horror
Lovely! Nice clear sound, some good editing (although I thought the 'Guns' scene was a little too dragged out), an all around good job that shows what with a little imagination and effort can be done... reviewed May 6, 2008
15 Second Movie (excluding credits) by josephkw Comedy
You blasphemous heathen, may you burn in the deepest hell for that!! Or at the very least win your contest, can't say that it dropped me into deep meaningful thinking but it did make me chuckle. :) reviewed April 29, 2008
Don't Come Knocking at my Door by Norriefpb Romance
Aww, such harsch words from such a ... uhm ... in such a beautiful voice. :p reviewed April 29, 2008
Happy 30th Sis by JazzX Comedy
Okay, I cheated a little at the age check... 'twas fun, I hope she likes it despite the singing. ;) reviewed April 10, 2008
Tsunamidogs A Christmas Tale Trailer by tsunamidog Action
Holy cow, Batman, is it already time again for 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' reruns? Jus' jokin', looks like it's gonna be a fine Slasher movie... ...or is it going to have actual zombies? Guess we h... reviewed December 10, 2007
Dinosaur Attack by MrSnoozles Sci-Fi
Oh - my - God! It's 'Gertie the Dinosaur' allover again! No, all joking aside, some of those Stop-motion FX work quite fine, would be interesting to see it in a more fleshed-out storyline. reviewed December 10, 2007
Lisa und der Weihnachtsmann by Bodyrock Comedy
Nette Weihnachtsgeschichte, und guter einsatz von Overlay Effekten nur ein paar der VO's haetten besser klingen koennen. reviewed December 10, 2007
Merry Xmas TMO from the sci-fi seriess by ubernewbie Comedy
Featured Review
Wow, men in garters. You gotta love that!
reviewed December 10, 2007
Momentous by riott007 Romance
What I'm not allowed to tell you how utterly rubish I thought that to be, and how it could be saved to become the next masterpiece after Doc Zhivago? Darn, way to go to spoil my fun... grrr. Anyways,... reviewed September 4, 2007
Think Of X! by TeatroXolotl Action
Interestingly sugestive but overall a little to artistic for my taste. reviewed August 6, 2007
Alone At The House by Dog1279 Horror
An okay effort but a few points didn't work/make sense in the script: 1. You should shut off the mumbling, it's awfully distracting. 2. She enters the sleeping room and then... sit's down? 3. What the... reviewed July 26, 2007
Wolves by Lethal_Entertainment Horror
Wow, fascinating movie. I would call it an artistic masterpiece but I don't like that expression, artistic that is, not masterpiece. However, awesome use of camera (you must have a lot of patience wh... reviewed July 26, 2007
The land of regrets by gilga Comedy
I liked the VO's which were of the usual high quality one came to expect from the French community (though I only understand a few words and can take educated guesses on a few others, in short I would... reviewed July 20, 2007
Il etait une fois by Neroxc Romance
Not bad at all! A well made piece of short movie. reviewed July 15, 2007
The Water and the Woods by userjosh9874 Horror
Great surrealistic, disturbing movie! It reminds one a lot of early experiments in the field of horror and fantastic, beginning with Lumiere's work. reviewed July 13, 2007
As Time Ticks Away by tsunamidog Horror
Funny! Kinda strange, but impressive. You made excellent use of the shaky cam filter, and the time constraints. No unnecessary shots, or boring preliminaries. You go right in and deliver your punch. ... reviewed July 13, 2007
Finish Line preview by claw21 Action
Nice trailer you put there together. Those race scenes do look promising. reviewed July 13, 2007
The Negative Zone by pookashells Action
I'll be damned, but I absolutely didn't get that movie. However, it some interesting visuals. :) The use of music, the setting of the musical cues, was brilliant! Too unfortunate I didn't understand ... reviewed July 13, 2007
Heavens Above by DarthDirector Sci-Fi
Wow, lot's of praise for the movie, makes me feel all traitorous... I liked the story, simple but effective as it was though I guess you wouldn't get an seal of approval from the MPAA or the church. ... reviewed July 13, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 3 by sherwinliu Romance
Featured Review
The late reviewer strikes. :) It's hard to talk about the movie without going all cryptic and hinting on things, so I'll spare me that. Technical it's an amazing movie that shows all the hard work th...
reviewed June 7, 2007
Rite of the Amazon by George_Locust Action
Featured Review
An amazing work that adamantly defies the restrictions of The Movies, let this teach all those that feel it to be to limited to create true movies. I loved the story, damn I wish I could see that on t...
reviewed May 17, 2007
GTA The Musical by cult_inc Action
Ah darn the title sounded promising but that was hardly original or in the least what I expected. And you should know better than to use copyrighted music for a movie on TMO! reviewed May 4, 2007
Mary Shellys Frankenstein Teaser 1 by cartoondude Horror
Looks interesting, but a little sound would have been nice. reviewed April 14, 2007
Johnny Got His Gun - Listen by MrSmithee Horror
Great movie, a bit confusing at first. That high pitched Sound FX is annoying as hell. :( reviewed April 5, 2007
Monstranz by kees17 Horror
I enjoyed that movie very much. I sounds like something that Uwe Boll may cook up, but it shows way more promise and is a hell lot more entertaining. Some nice editing tricks and a great use of sets,... reviewed April 3, 2007
Make Laugh Not War by Yodabob Comedy
Well, I still don't get those stupid knock knock jokes but the end was great. I can absolutely understand him. :) reviewed March 31, 2007
Blondie Tells A Knock-Knock by bloodbaro950 Comedy
Okay, I begin to seriously wonder about those knock knock jokes. Guess the reason I don't know what they are supposed to be is that they ain't very funny. :/ reviewed March 31, 2007
knock knock sucka by de56u Comedy
Beat my with a shovel, but I didn't get that joke. reviewed March 31, 2007
Annabel Lee by Seblon Romance
I loved it, but I have to admit that I'm more than just a little biased in my evaluation of this work. :) I liked the minimalistic aproach you used and thought it to be well edited, with a superp rea... reviewed March 30, 2007
Some Of Us (by Ally Miller) by biggstrek Romance
Great work! Reminds me of the time when they used to make real music videos, well done. Some awesome overlays you have there and a fine song that you selected for this. reviewed March 30, 2007
Drunk in Manhattan (Trailer) by hamzahman Action
Good work for a teaser trailer, you showcase a quality VO in terms of clearity though some of the emphasis could have been better. reviewed March 28, 2007
Faer -Angst (Recut) by budrick Horror
Witzig! Die Hasen VO war sehr stimmig, die Hero VO war passend, nur Joeys VO hätte etwas mehr arbeit vertragen, wobei ich finde das die grundsätzliche richtung shon ganz in ordnung war. Die untertite... reviewed March 26, 2007
Akte Rheinland by Wipetail Sci-Fi
Ja ziemlich konfus das ganze, an deinen szenen übergängen must du noch etwas feilen. Wen du Voice Overs einsetzt achte darauf den soundpegel der hintergrundmusik zu verringern. Für einen ersten uploa... reviewed March 19, 2007
Natural Occurance by kuroken Sci-Fi
Well, well, well. What should I praise you on first? The selection of music was great, creating a very believable soundcarpet for the time this was set in. The actors were doing a wonderful job, all ... reviewed March 18, 2007
Aesops fables the cat and the mice by tuaregeswede Comedy
Interesting concept, but it has a few flaws. The narration is to quiet, you should use audacity or something like it to turn up the volume. Switch of the mumbling when working with a VO track! Your ... reviewed March 13, 2007
War and PC Screw it All by God_Of_Plague Comedy
I liked the idea, some of the dialogue was hard to follow as I constantly found my self thinking 'What the h could he have meant to say there?'. I loved the final version of the movie, that was PC ta... reviewed March 13, 2007
JIMMY JETS WAR (2001 rerelease) by kingpengvin Action
I'm to young to have grown up on Blaxploitation/Kung-Fu movies and to old to be into that sudden new wave of those movies. However, I think you did a great job there reminiscencing that movement. But,... reviewed March 13, 2007
Super Fantastic Holiday !! by sidy Comedy
Lovely! The music isn't exactly to my taste, but the video was done extremly well. It has all the roper feeling/quirkiness of a music video, sports excellent (wowingly fanstastic!) modding work and i... reviewed March 13, 2007
Just Trying to Help by AnotherNewDawn Comedy
I'll be darned if I have the least clue what the intro has to do with the joke. The VO work wasn't all bad, but the delivery of the the punchline fell short due to the lenghty intro. reviewed March 11, 2007
The Women of Juliet Company by Master007 Comedy
Now that was a strange entry, not sure what to think about it. I guess it's best to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek look back at 40's war propaganda. reviewed March 11, 2007
ULTIMATE TMOer - Week 4 by kwistufa Romance
I'm working my way forward trough the entrys and it seems upward in quality. :) I really liked that entry, mostly though because you happen to have got me in a moment when I was on the verge of gett... reviewed March 11, 2007
When Kings Collide by andy_inc Action
Funny little movie. Though the text barrier at the beginning was almost killing me. (And who came up with that stupid 25 words min. rule for reviews?) reviewed March 11, 2007
Memoirs of a War Nurse by Dulci Romance
A worthwhile movie no question. A technical note or two if I may: One: The first subtitle 'Based on...' laps over the change of camera, highly irritating in that moment (to me anyways). Two: The timi... reviewed March 11, 2007
SILENCE Restless Dreaming EP2 by nikstudios05 Horror
Well, this part is better than the first one, at least you didn't go and copy whole dialogue tracks this time, however the SH music is copyrighted and you shouldn't use it on TMO. Some good camerawor... reviewed March 9, 2007
SILENCE Restless Dreaming by nikstudios05 Horror
Wow, copyright theft galore! Come on people if you want to do a take on Silent Hill than at least try to be original. reviewed March 9, 2007
Black Hole Trailer by Babar23 Sci-Fi
Not sure what to think about that trailer, the score reminded much of 2001, overall I thought it to be a tad to artsy for my liking. A lot of camera games, but nothing much about what to expect in ter... reviewed March 7, 2007
Dazed and Forgetfull by God_Of_Plague Romance
I liked it, some of the humour didn't work for me but I loved the part with the street signs. And the VO was good, all clear and easy to follow (apart from the song that lingered there, just out of earshot). reviewed March 5, 2007
Bad Girls by actorjay Action
Lovely, good for a laugh. Really well done. reviewed March 2, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part2 by sherwinliu Romance
I love it, I really do. Again a great score and the scene you selected for your thumb reminded me instantly of Laura, which was surely intentional. Overall I have to say that now we are in a field wh... reviewed February 28, 2007
a sexy day by tob2 Romance
I don't get it. What's this movie about? reviewed February 27, 2007
Christmas Story - Santa Claus by Eagle_93 Romance
*** MoMc Review *** Nice little Christmas story, told in a soothing way with a good music selection and fitting images. It's always hard to judge VO's in a language one doesn't understand. :) I like... reviewed February 24, 2007
santa and Mr Hyde by tasmania11 Romance
That was a well made funny little movie. Not as funny as the reviews below, but still good entertaiment. reviewed February 17, 2007
RIPPER by matthewmagic Action
VO is to quiet. The music comes to late in the game, makes it seem like an afterthought. There isn't an comprehensible plot to make out in that movie. reviewed February 16, 2007
Into the Shadow - Part 1 Overture by sherwinliu Romance
No Review reviewed February 16, 2007
Charlie The Chicken by Fedaredan Comedy
Although I thought the VO to be great, it's impossible for me to pick up those last sentences. Meaning: I have no clue what that darn joke is all about. :( Anyways, good movie it seems. reviewed February 11, 2007
The Dark Knight (trailer) by nikstudios05 Action
Unfortunately The Dark Knight is TM DC Comics and therefore not allowed on TMO. Though, I wouldn't have minded that so much. But what's more: Danny Elfman's Score is copyrighted, which makes it a no ... reviewed February 8, 2007
the PASSAGE (Episode One) by josephkw Sci-Fi
Well I guess there ain't much I can add to the reviews given already, so let me say just two things about your movie: The 'Mit ein bischen Butter und Knoblauch...' joke really made my day, loved that... reviewed February 6, 2007
Blue Romance TRAILER by lucindamc123 Romance
Looks great, I hope that the brackground music level wasn't symptomatic for the movie because it nearly drowned out the VO in the beginning. Some great backdrops there, though the Photobackdrops (Pho... reviewed February 5, 2007
Drugs Ruin Lives by Julian5604 Romance
Your subtitles run to fast, to read them. The lack of any background music with the addition of a sudden VO was unfortunate. reviewed February 2, 2007
The Ten Commandments by Trashman Romance
Not exactly my kind of humour, but: "you should never make fun of the lord you sick person!" :) That's almost as hilarious as the movie! reviewed February 2, 2007
Walk of Life by ralfduran Romance
Well, the VO was quite well done, though some of the texts seemed odd. Overall the movie wasn't bad done but it can't see the context to your movie description? Somehow I expected it to have a littl... reviewed February 1, 2007
Special Delivery by BerkleyJL Comedy
I liked it, 'twas fun to watch. A few minor issues with the movie, like the backdrop used for the Citystreet that didn't really match up and gave a slightly mismatched look. And the question why that... reviewed January 31, 2007
What are the Odds by Wulf_Jarlson Comedy
That was funny, I liked the VO work on that. However, you should use the short title option on such short features, so your intro is almost longer the actual movie, that hurts the viewing pleasure a bit. reviewed January 31, 2007
Heart Vision by Dulci Romance
Lovely movie, entirely charming and full of witty dialogue. But most of all, it's certainly a situation everybody can relate to in a way. :) reviewed January 31, 2007
Scramble (Part Two) by postmodernchuck Sci-Fi
Not really my kind a movie but excellently made nonetheless. reviewed January 30, 2007
The War Lives On by DJDanny Action
Your opening VO almost kills that movie, watch out that you don't pick up to much side noise and try to keep a constant sound quality. Also, the text sound a lot like you are reading it from a peice o... reviewed January 29, 2007
The Unthinkable by musicmaniact1 Horror
Nice little movie, I liked it. It works right down to the 30's moral code that crime can't pay. :) I thought the Ghost scene at the end to be unecessary, I subtracts a bit from the overall feel of the movie. reviewed January 29, 2007
Silent Hill Bonds trailer by derectorman67 Horror
Some interesting shots int hat trailer, I liked the Graveyard. Well I hope that you don't inted to make a carbon copy of SH. You should see to it that you find some copyright free music for your movi... reviewed January 28, 2007
CLEOPATRA (Part I) by TheMGMKid1 Romance
An awesome movie, a few technical shortcomings (showing the the top of the background for example, and a strange distortion in the narrating VO) that are neglectable in face of the amount of work that... reviewed January 28, 2007
Splinter Cell IC-Storm by Shuric Action
I liked that movie, fun to watch. A few spelling errors but nothing that would have spoiled the entertainment. And thanks for that link, great site you have there! reviewed January 26, 2007
Blood in the Moonlight by michael_b6 Action
Great Sound FX and (apart from that irritating shaky cam) quite good looking. Just a tad non-descript. Is it supposed to be a trailer for the forth coming Smoking Aces movie? reviewed January 25, 2007
Number B - The Devils Letter by MrSmithee Action
A great style to that movie, I loved the Bond like intro sequence and some of the scenes with the child prop were quite genius. An excellent use of overlays throughout the movie. Very inspiring. All ... reviewed January 22, 2007
Dark September by kell1608 Action
It's nice to see a 'real' movie in the number one spot for once. :) reviewed January 21, 2007
the PASSAGE (Prologue) by josephkw Sci-Fi
Interesting, reminded me of a cross between Babylon 5 and Firefly. But that's hard to tell without any real movie footage. Good use of Animated overlays and Great music. Let's see what the actual mov... reviewed January 19, 2007
Love Two - Chapter One by siclops Romance
*** MoMc review *** A strange title can be effective to draw attention to a movie but in this case I fear it's too non-descript. For example: If we take a title like 'Torn between two lovers' we know... reviewed January 19, 2007
The Bunny Show Perfect for Kids over 13 by dsbeach1978 Comedy
Some jokes were a tad slow, but the 'choke the chicken' gag was great. :) reviewed January 17, 2007
Gathering Little Mushrooms by Babar23 Horror
Awesome movie, a truly imaginative version of Alice in Wonderland. This would be a deserved 5-Star movie if it wasn't for the use of copyrighted material. Tsk,tsk, tsk... ever the same. :) reviewed January 16, 2007
A Day At The Doctors by jpwood Comedy
Well, I though I take your advice and give another of your movies a chance. That last one was a nice joke. The rest was pretty random, I know that this was apparently just thrown together but I think... reviewed January 15, 2007
Scooby Doo Mystery Files by eobaggs Comedy
Actually I didn't quite get it. There is a joke in there, right? reviewed January 15, 2007
Silent Hills by jpwood Horror
Some great camerawork you have there and a good setup of scenes, but essentially it's it's just a more or less faithfull retelling of the SH game. So I can't really give you point's on stoytelling. ;)... reviewed January 15, 2007
Fire Eyes by Amabeginzordawg Horror
Interesting concept. You should have called that movie 'Attack of the Silcon Valley Zombie' :p Why is she braless when looking in the mirror and then wearing the bra again in the right next scene? I... reviewed January 15, 2007
Moby Dick by themonkthemonk Comedy
Funny, only the fact that we can see the remaining lenght of the movie spoils the build up to the joke. But apart from that it certainly was the most concise version of Moby Dick I ever saw, with jus... reviewed January 13, 2007
One Magic Christmas by ralfduran Romance
*** MoMc review *** A great christmas movie! The story, albeit slow moving, is highly enjoyable. A welcome break from sugar coated christmas movies without being downright depressing. Camerawork: Y... reviewed January 13, 2007
A Kats Tale by muzthekrak Horror
Interesting story, well told. You should cut back on the silicon implants I thought that to be distracting, much like watching a hommage to Russ Meyer. :) Good camera work in that movie, but in some ... reviewed January 9, 2007
Silent Hills Teaser by jpwood Horror
Sounds a lot like copyright breaches galore to me. :( Apart from that it has some great scenes, I would advice you not to stick to close to the original and to skip on the copyrighted material. ;) reviewed January 8, 2007
Overlay Sandcrawler Test by sonicspiderboy Sci-Fi
Not bad at all but a little to fast and jumpy in movement. reviewed January 8, 2007
FATED (part 1) by josephkw Action
First off let me say thank you for the music, ermm, for not using the music to be exact. Although I had my fears when I read Techno, provokes a reaction in me like biting a lemon, I can't imaging an A... reviewed January 8, 2007
The Christmas Beard by Movie-Mad Comedy
Editing was way off at times and it has it's slow moments, but well one gotta love the insanity of his Sister. :) reviewed January 7, 2007
30 sec of controversy by EdWoud Comedy
Not sure why a movie with a run time of 1'30" is called 30 seconds of... are you sure that the music you used is copyright free? Mostly it's not very good, but then again there's a reason underground... reviewed January 7, 2007
Angriff der Killerhasies by SoranSengai Action
Okay, nicht gerade viel story vorhanden. Kein sound? :( Ein wenig music oder zumindest ein paar Sound FX hätten dem ganzen gut getan aber für einen ersten upload gehts, da hat man schon schlimmeres gesehen. :) reviewed January 6, 2007
Fahrenheit tester clips by madnut69 Horror
Interesting, but without sund and all I doubt that much people will watch this, much less rate it. I'ts a quite good recreation of the start of Fahrenheit, but if I wanted to see that I could go back... reviewed January 6, 2007
How and why Santa came to Earth by LtNovascotian Sci-Fi
Charming. :) You should switch off, the mumbling sounds in post they get annoying. A bit short maybe, but I liked it apart from that. As for the Subtitles, a few minor spelling errors but nothing serious. reviewed January 6, 2007
Santa The Man Behind The Beard by fatmanproductions Comedy
Nice Movie, I thought the beginning to be a bit slow but but it got really entertaining towards the end. You should think about downloading Audacity to rework your VO's to get a more even sound level... reviewed January 6, 2007
Poetry Of Plague Dino edit by God_Of_Plague Comedy
Great piece of poetry with a important message about the way we treat the environment, at least I think so... ...anyways, I love dinosaur movies. reviewed January 6, 2007
There is a Santa Clause by monkeybiz Romance
Excellent reading you selected there, and some great visuals that you put to it. I especially enjoyed the end of the movie, that rocking little christmas tune perfectly suited the Future setting. reviewed January 5, 2007
Pirates - Episode II by richegroover Action
Let's see: - The sound bug is annoying as hell. - I thought in the start that editing was a bit off, giving the movie a rather rushed look - The Mod work was breathtaking - And all VO by one person? W... reviewed January 5, 2007
Star Wars Episode IV 1-2 by umk23 Sci-Fi
Wow, I think that was the worst Star Wars fan story I ever laid eyes on. My advise would be first to try somthing that suits you more, before putting more work in to this. But I'll play nice, seeing ... reviewed January 3, 2007
Ghetto Christmas by homemadeeye Comedy
Interesting VO work, a few jokes but it lacks overall focus. To long to keep interest, needs tighter editing! reviewed January 3, 2007
Donatello by ralfduran Romance
Interesting, though the end didn't make much sense to me. Dialogue didn't really fit at times, having someone in what seems to be Roman Times say (insert unsuitable word here) was rather anticlimatic.... reviewed January 3, 2007
The Leprachauns Bride by mildheadwound Comedy
Interesting from a modding standpoint, but a bit tedious to watch. I think a bit tighter editing would benefit the movie. But maybe it's just me, afterall it ain't exactly my type of movie, not what I... reviewed January 3, 2007
Movie by Keoma Comedy
I'll play nice and give two stars. But honestly, editing is your friend! There was no need to use scenes twice, it could have been shorter... reviewed December 31, 2006
Oy! Christmas! I Should Have Stayed in Bed by Jenniza Action
Nice little movie, music selection could have been better but I liked the spirit of it. reviewed December 30, 2006
Santa Wars! by ranger21 Comedy
Funny little Star Wars spoof you made there. I'll guess next year there will be no presents for Darth. :) Great VO's, only the take-off scene was shot at an unfortunate angle. reviewed December 30, 2006
Elvis Claus by cecil_evans Comedy
I liked the idea of that one. A little more work on the story to get the Elvis humour across and this will be a real gem. Good work! reviewed December 30, 2006
A Polly Grip Christmas by Master007 Romance
Great little movie, loved the VO work. Absolutely charming. reviewed December 30, 2006
The Story Of Santa by danlally Comedy
VO's were quite strange in this one and the jokes fell rather flat. The beginning had quite some promise. reviewed December 30, 2006
Tribute to the soldiers by andy_inc Action
Interesting movie, something different from the usual TMO christmas movie. Liked the start with the transition through the Christmas tree to the soldiers camp. But I thought the story misses a real p... reviewed December 30, 2006
The Final Stipulation by mixmasterfestus Comedy
Well editing was great, I liked how you avoided the usual continuity problem when he gets hit by the car. But as ranger21 already pointed out the beeps got a tad annoying. reviewed December 30, 2006
The Seductress EP 1 by Amabeginzordawg Horror
Ahm... Horror Porn? Not exactly to my liking, music is a bit annoying at times. Some interesting overlay work though. reviewed December 29, 2006
Silent Hill Trailer by jpwood Horror
The music sounds awfully copyrighted. :( Nice remake of the original SH trailer, but not exactly telling us much about what to expect from the upcoming movie. reviewed December 27, 2006
War is Komedy by powerbandit Horror
Good VO work, the jokes fell a bit flat. ;) Overall the movie is to dark to make out anything, next time use something that has a daylight setting. :) reviewed December 27, 2006
30 Seconds of Manly Entertainment by colingaiser Comedy
Actually it's longer than 30 seconds, deceiver! But a funny Idea nonetheless. :) reviewed December 22, 2006
Single-Shot Showdown by biggstrek Action
Technically not quite perfect but still a great idea and well excuted. I loved that end, very funny and definitevly unexpected. reviewed December 16, 2006
Aya and Yumi 4 The Living Dead pt 2 by madone69 Horror
Godd movie, liked the story. However as mentioned on part 1 you should switch off the mumbling for your next movie. The beginning was unfortunately to dark to actually make anything out, apart from the subs. reviewed December 10, 2006
Aya and Yumi 4 The Living Dead pt 1 by madone69 Horror
I liked that a lot, great cliffhanger, have to check out the other parts when I get the time. Just one thing: Next time switch off the mumbling, it gets terribly annoying. :) reviewed December 8, 2006
The Genies Curse A Dr Spooky Tale by jupiter2 Sci-Fi
Great Work, I have to agree to Suedenim here: Funny as usual and your skills have greatly improved, excellent use of backdrops to create the different locations. reviewed December 5, 2006
Stolen Death - Chapter two by sisch Sci-Fi
*** MoMc review *** I heaven't seen part one, yet, so I had my fears that I would be missing to much of the backstory to enjoy that movie, but you managed to weave enough of the happenings thus far i... reviewed November 19, 2006
Inferius Rex! by jupiter2 Comedy
An interesting retelling of Cap's origin, with a funny little twist to it. Re-discovered by comic fans? Great idea! reviewed November 18, 2006
Valhalla Walla Ding Dong pt 2 by jupiter2 Comedy
I like your movies, all those comic references make them quite delightful to watch. However, this part is probably hard on the casual viewer as it makes little sense I guess to those that haven't see... reviewed November 18, 2006
Im An Alcoholic Get Me Out A Beer by v85rawdeal Comedy
Your voice overs are to quiet in comparison the backgroundmusic, it's impossible to make out anything that is said. But they do seem to be quite clear, so next time drop the music volume and you might... reviewed November 16, 2006
The Merciless Sun by mericc Action
*** MoMc review *** A dark poem that reminds of pulp magazines of old. You're right, this movie defies easy classification. The poem style and the music make it feel right at home in the drama secti... reviewed November 16, 2006
The Ballad Of Reading Gaol by Weasel_005 Romance
Featured Review
*** MoMc review *** A visualy stunning experience, that gets a little marred by an unlucky set sound volume. I loved the way you shot this, you really achieved a lot by using just the right amount o...
reviewed November 13, 2006
DARWIN by verguit Action
A good one! I had my doubt's about a 26 second teaser, but you really used that time. The FX looked great, better than I would have expected them to. It does wet the appetite for the final movie. reviewed November 13, 2006
AUSSIE THREAD RIP by kwistufa Action
Well I did love the beginning of this movie (always suspected Mort to be one from the dark side, just didn't think he's Vader in exile) and it does have fun times in between, but I guess to really get... reviewed November 8, 2006
Memoirs Of A War Veteran by 05JSMEDL Action
Some really good use of freecam in that movie, but there's no real story it. reviewed November 8, 2006
The Apocolyptic Comedy by sweatyshoulder Comedy
Some of that was awesome fun. Too unfortunate that the voice of the prez was a bit on the quiet side. (I know, Horsie likes it that way) But overall a lovely movie, just what is promised: Good nature... reviewed November 6, 2006
Burnt Stubble by ilmc Comedy
Ahm, well I'm not sure what to make out of this it's kinda strange... the shotgun scene was funny but I wonder where this leads. To answer your questions: The writing on the PC screen was a simple ov... reviewed November 6, 2006
Minor by evilguy12 Horror
Featured Review
I'm sorry to hear about your loss, I had several pets over the years (a turtle named Susi, a dog named Little Joe and several cats named Pussy, Panther, Wuschel -Fuzzy I guess that would be in english...
reviewed November 5, 2006
PACMAN FAN!! by makrim83 Comedy
Featured Review
A great original idea and some awesome soundeffects. (That sound like a splittering bone is fantastic) Funny VO, too. On of the best Pacman movies on TMO, having grown up with PacMan I simply had to ...
reviewed November 5, 2006
Life by a Piano by MelonTheCreeker Romance
A good idea, well done! Just two little flaws: The music starts to late and near the end the camera moves through the dog. ;) But apart from that I liked that movie, it's hard to keep the attention o... reviewed November 3, 2006
Whats he Building in there by tomcatvmp Horror
That was one to one ripped from Tom Waits Mule Variations, you did read the copyright part of the TOU? reviewed November 1, 2006
Red Cranium-A Dish Served Cold by jupiter2 Comedy
Funny little hommage to our dear Ashley, and poor Red Cranium it's not nice to punish a good 'ol Nazi with wedding. reviewed October 29, 2006
Valhalla Walla Ding Dong by jupiter2 Comedy
Ahww, now that was rude. I liked it, it's good for a chuckle. I'll take it that Dr. Spooky is a relative of Marvels Dr. Strange? reviewed October 29, 2006
SILENT TOWN (Musicvideo) by danielbach Horror
Oh please, you should know better than to use a copyrighted song in your MusicVideo! reviewed October 29, 2006
HUNTED - Volume II by mlederer Romance
Not much more to say than: ROFL! Awesome movie, the only drawback is the fact that a part of dialogue (which is still included in the subs) seems to have fallen under the table. The part of Fred leav... reviewed October 22, 2006
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
Great use of overlays and freecam, but lenght is an issue although you did manage to keep a steady flow. It's not that there are any scenes that feel unnecessary, dialogue could have been more polish... reviewed October 21, 2006
No Greater Fury by Throwaxe Action
Wow! That was brilliant. This has to be the single most original movie I saw on TMO in a long time. And you managed to tell your story with virtually no dialogue, just some narrating lines. reviewed October 19, 2006
Loveless by murpheykid Romance
*** MoMc review *** A good solid romance. Be warned: This movie moves very slow! A realistic set of characters and a use of language that sounded very real, make this movie one to stand apart from t... reviewed October 19, 2006
Listen! by Tal0n Romance
Featured Review
*** MoMc review *** A great movie that effortless managed to keep my interest. There is not much I could add to the story or the supposed meaning of the movie, copy and paste rjb2112's review here a...
reviewed October 17, 2006
The Ballad of Kelly Keene Part 1 by MountainViewMovies Romance
*** MoMc review *** The story is hard to judge at this point because it doesn't seem to clear to me where are you headed with this. On the technical site I have to mention VO's, too. I don't want to... reviewed October 15, 2006
Game Station II by Irish_Scorpion Comedy
Funny idea, although I only managed 50 points (don't ask), who the hell's Martha Stewart? reviewed October 14, 2006
HUNTED - Volume I by mlederer Romance
*** MoMc review *** A hard to judge movie that defies definition in terms of genre. The story lives up to its tongue in cheek description so, as confused as the story left me, I have to say that this... reviewed October 14, 2006
The Fate Of Love 1 by Ajinkya Romance
*** MoMc *** A quiet but captivating lovestory Bollywood style (no songs included). A young man who lost his believe in love meets a beautiful young woman that will show him the meaning of love, jus... reviewed October 12, 2006
How could I know by Ecrite Romance
*** MoMc review *** After reading your description for the movie in the MoMc forum I expected something with class, man was I in for a disapointment. :( The story didn't live up to the promises made... reviewed October 12, 2006
Love is like a red rose by dude123456 Romance
*** MoMc review *** What can I say? That movie is quite camp... During the first half of the movie I thought to my self the dialogue isn't exactly brilliant but if this wheren't a MoMc review I woul... reviewed October 11, 2006
How It Ends by Amabeginzordawg Romance
*** MoMc review *** A hard to jugde movie, I liked the style of it but the story didn't really draw me in. I thought the use of fades to be quite interesting and the editing was well though out, like... reviewed October 11, 2006
A Captivating Story by tomasm Comedy
*** MoMc review *** A lighthearted romantic little comedy, with a minor plot hole. I enjoyed watching that movie, the scene selection was good and steady without any detectable flaws to the story fl... reviewed October 9, 2006
A Note by EthanRunt Romance
*** MoMc review *** I found the dialogue to be very hard to understand and a bit to rushed in the beginning wich made it hard to follow. The movie was beautifully shot and the sparing use of music f... reviewed October 9, 2006
It Came From The Sea Trailer 2 by MrDeMillipede Comedy
Promising trailer, just a bit of an VO problem. What is that background noise? Rain? You should try to filter that out or reduce the noise level. reviewed October 5, 2006
OMG! CLONE TROOPERS! by sycosis5 Comedy
Well, two stars for effort. That movie is just a random asortment of scenes with the most aweful VO I've heard thus far on TMO. reviewed October 1, 2006
grOtEsqUE rEAliTy by Tsunamidog Horror
The dialogue runs to fast, you should either try to get it clearer or add a Subtitle. reviewed September 28, 2006
Irony (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Quite a funny idea. Not your usual banana joke. :) reviewed September 26, 2006
Sunflower Heights by Mustachio26 Sci-Fi
*** MoMc review *** (Guest reviewing Action) The Movie description is quit intriguing so was actually looking forward to watch that movie. Unfortunately the story isn't very focused, getting rather e... reviewed September 20, 2006
Dont Get Preachy Ms Peachy by colingaiser Comedy
*** MoMc review *** Your movie does have a nice start off but it gets quite unfocused later on, somewhat erratic. I liked the start with it's making fun of christian nutcases and some of the dreamseq... reviewed September 18, 2006
The Kat by clyde Comedy
If it wasn't for the VO I'd a have given it a 1-Star. Pretty random movie (far as I saw it). Some nice takes but no real story. reviewed September 18, 2006
Love and Death by EdWoud Romance
The first thing that I noticed is the abrupt end of the title music that stands in direct opposition to the later score. Some nice shots in there when we change back and forth in time. I liked the b... reviewed September 12, 2006
Stagger Lee by Scarfulshowgirl Action
Some music would have been fine and you should switch of the mumbling sounds they get annoying. Editing could have been tighter, some of the scenes don't add up (like for example when she comes down t... reviewed September 12, 2006
An Ancient Tale by Venker Romance
*** MoMc review *** I enjoyed watching this, although I did have my fears when I saw the feature lenght. You manage to keep the viewers attention and, although you had to get rid of a lot of the eve... reviewed September 10, 2006
11 September by Binousse Comedy
I don't mind the satire but please refrain from using copyrighted music on TMO. reviewed September 9, 2006
Choices by Dulci Romance
Wow, Dulci, that was so deep. :p Usually I tend to be a nitpick on the technical aspects (mostly because that's the only thing one can crizise in your movies, without coming off as a petty little bug... reviewed September 6, 2006
eterenal souls by alon1993 Romance
Featured Review
*** MoMc *** Okay, I'm torn when it comes to this movie. The story isn't all to new and the telling isn't very exciting. At times I'm not sure what the reasoning was behind behind some of the selecte...
reviewed September 6, 2006
Love At First Write - VO Edition by pearsonhouse Romance
*** MoMc Review *** I've been looking forward to see this movie again and if I had to sum up my feelings in one sentence, I'd still say: Like a glass of whiskey on a cold winter evening. Except this... reviewed September 5, 2006
Heartbreak by ubernewbie Romance
*** MoMc Review *** Good movie, fun to watch. You have your story in line from start to end, it's a straight forward told movie without surprises. No highs or lows. Camera work, at times static and... reviewed September 4, 2006
Mr Smith by madmazz Romance
*** MoMc Review *** I liked the movie, the editing was smooth and the story was told in a gripping way. A few things however, didn't click with me: -The narrators voice sounds a bit to artifical at ... reviewed September 3, 2006
The Fall of the Crimson Watcher vo by Litten_Ice Romance
*** MoMc review *** Great movie, a pleasure to watch. The editing of this is superb. The VO was great but in parts of the movie your VO's were to quiet and the background music to loud drowning out ... reviewed August 31, 2006
kamikaze kaitou jeanne by raindrop1995 Action
Quite a effort you put in there, but you should switch off the mumbling sounds they get quite annoying after awhile. And your subtitles run to fast in the beginning making it hard to follw the convers... reviewed August 31, 2006
Trailer - La Ola Rennt by amerfeld Action
Guter trailer, mit ein paar kleineren schwächen. Die englischen Untertitel schienen manchmal nicht ganz zu passen (Ich vermute mal das 'To be sure' hätte 'To be in safety' hei??en sollen?). Schau doc... reviewed August 30, 2006
The Contract by meosha12 Horror
The freecam work was mostly good, some angles where chosen badly in the bar showing that the bottles and glasses are not real but just setdressing. The altered voice was not to understand, also for w... reviewed August 30, 2006
Showdown!! by mericc Action
Not bad, for a first movie actually quite good. Some of the cuts in the beginning are to fast and to jumbled up, they don't really allow us to get a feeling for the setting. However, the duel itself was good. reviewed August 26, 2006
Hellmut und Hellge - Pilotfolge by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Funny! Great VO, good use of setdressings and overlays. I liked it. reviewed August 26, 2006
Space Twisters Part I by nutzhouse Sci-Fi
Good start to the story and good VO's but the overlays are a bit overused in the movie. The use of the Record-Overlay at the end for example didn't make much sense. But apart from that quite a campy S... reviewed August 26, 2006
Kidnapping by ShyShy Horror
You should watch your editing, for example they have a accident in the field and then the car stands in the city? Also, don't abbreviate subtitles. That worked to a degree for the kid for his mom? L... reviewed August 25, 2006
Zombie King by makrim83 Horror
Well, I love those TMO silents. And your concentration on close up's / off center shots reminded me of the German school of art movies. (I actually no fan of those :)) It's just to short, I would lik... reviewed August 25, 2006
Santa and the Killer of the Baggage Boy by TUNIT Comedy
Okay, I'm not sure what to think about that movie. It's not that funny as it could be and it had a strange technical problem that made your actors *blink*. For the thumbnail, try the following next t... reviewed August 25, 2006
City Life by sisch Romance
Interesting! Art movies are always hard to rate and usually I don't like them. I think this was done rather well, I liked the music and the choice of scenes mostly made sense (the car accident didn't... reviewed August 25, 2006
Hockey Fiend Strikes Again by Cloudhammer Horror
That was an entertaining hommage to those mid 80's slashers. reviewed August 25, 2006
1900-666-HELL by kwistufa Horror
I liked it, you have a great talent using when it comes to using freecam/creating atmosphere, but overall I think 'Duskfeed' works better. The movie reminded me a lot (in terms of atmo not story) of ... reviewed August 25, 2006
Misguided Evolution by biggstrek Sci-Fi
That was a great use of Freecam and a great story you greated there. I have to admit that I had my doubt about it, but you easily managed to hold my interest throughout the whole movie. reviewed August 25, 2006
Powerfinger by Dracin Action
Nice little actioner, I guess the tipi is from skinshack ? The one done by HoldMyKidney. The scene firing two rifles at once is fun to watch but one of the weapons was just a one-shooter. :) But I h... reviewed August 24, 2006
York part 1 by cactusx Action
Interesting! You should look out for scene continuity more and watch the dressing of your actors. The Priest turns up in his older incarnation once while still talking to Richards mother. ;) However... reviewed August 22, 2006
Pac Man by stpixie Action
Good VO's at parts, but pointless storywise. Not sure where you wanted to go with this. reviewed August 17, 2006
I Wish You Were Dead by daasbuffy Romance
Funny use of the catch line! Subtitles were way to fast to be readable (and the Romantic font doesn't translate well to online quality, same as the Sci-Fi font). Seems you are into doing shorts? It... reviewed August 15, 2006
The Doctor oLove by jupiter2 Comedy
Funny movie, but should watch your subtitle speed! And that romatic font, unreadable in online quali. But apart from that I liked it, some good jokes there. reviewed August 13, 2006
Torn Pages by pearsonhouse Romance
I liked it, sweet poem. I liked the VO, I absolutely dig that british accent, it fitted the poem perfectly. With just that trace of sadness to it, that has to be part of every Love poem. It's a good... reviewed August 13, 2006
The Comic Hero PART 1 by ewatt23 Action
Featured Review
I liked that movie very much, but hey I'm a comic fan so what do I know? However, some critique: -The text bubbles where a great idea and a well executed one, my only issues with that are the already...
reviewed August 7, 2006
Memories of the Rose by tysuru Romance
I loved that movie, I'm sucker for romance though. It's well VO'd and has a good steady flow. You should have submitted to the MoMc, I think you would have had good chances with that movie. reviewed August 6, 2006
ON by sidy Romance
A great start but the end got a bit confusing, for me anyways. You have a few minor spelling errors in your subs but overall the imagerie was chosen so well that it's easy to follow the script even i... reviewed August 6, 2006
Super Girl by callum960 Action
Featured Review
Copy and paste Thonya review here. ;) I loved that to violent to watch joke, gets me every time. Well ,the movie made me laugh so I think it deserves it's rating. Hell I gave better ratings to worse...
reviewed August 4, 2006
Dead Silence by blizzard_2 Horror
Featured Review
The base idea was an interesting concept, though I do have to wonder what kind a trip that was. :) However, there are some issues I think should be adressed: - The scrolling background on the falling...
reviewed August 4, 2006
Flashback Of a Stranger by mystic_sleet Romance
I love silent movies, but nonetheless I fear I have to bring down your score. :( Great movie, the idea of him seeing his life go by was well executed, the only let down for me was the sudden end, whi... reviewed August 4, 2006
TMO THE MUSICAL First View by Tysuru Comedy
Now that was a Strange experience but I liked the Idea. Funny movie. Great VO and the Songs were mixed together quite well, a shame that that VO got lost. For the daring singing act (that was alot be... reviewed August 3, 2006
Baggage Boy Resurrection by MattchuLB Comedy
I was about to give it a three star review, but the end really saves this movie. Funny little piece. On a technical note: Your Vo wheren't bad but your mic picked up a lot of hiss noises and other ba... reviewed August 2, 2006
THE FEAR by Makrim83 Horror
A rather strange work. Not sure about that, I know it's supposed to be a Music Video but that's the point where I have trouble with this, the music isn't particularly gripping in and of itself, and t... reviewed August 2, 2006
behind the scenes by tgnorman1 Action
I liked the movie, although it some weaknesses. A few minor spelling errors but most noteable the fact that subtitles rush by to fast at times. Overall a nice charming idea with some good use of freecam. reviewed August 1, 2006
DUSKFEED by kwistufa Horror
I'm Impressed. That 'shaky' camera is that a side effect of using the B&W filter? Never saw that on TMO. I love silent movies, there are not enough around here, and yours is without question up there... reviewed August 1, 2006
Ashley Porter Diamond Anniversary by suedenim Action
Somehow I always imagine you as a great fan of classic afternoon shows like Flash Gordon and Zorro, because that's exactly the feeling your movie transports. I only regret that I probably will never ... reviewed August 1, 2006
Eldorado by themonkthemonk Romance
I hate it to be one giving the first 'low' score, but poetry movies live from the reading and while you gave a good clear reading of the poem I missed the seriousness that should acompany it. Nonethe... reviewed August 1, 2006
HighSchool Drama by Metropolis Romance
What to say about this? There are several things that are quite distracting to the story: There is for one a strange glitch with the schooldoor in the beginning but that's a minor issue. VO work was ... reviewed July 30, 2006
Pax Romana by TheMGMKid1 Romance
Featured Review
** MoMc Review ** A great movie that evokes the memory of past movie classics. I loved those star studded starting credits. The intro that looks much like a city tour set the perfect atmosphere for t...
reviewed July 26, 2006
Loves Fury by RavenousEntertainment Action
I'm not sure why this one ended up in the Drama/Romance section as your were obviously going for full-out action? The Story, was not quite coherent it seemed to me. Actually I got the feeling that th... reviewed July 24, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 2 by decadentpictures Horror
I'm half in awe and half dissapointed (which is a slight exaggeration on my part as you may be able to tell by the rating). Seeing all the, well deserved, praise given to the movie I will keep this s... reviewed July 23, 2006
Tandemonium by jmtl Comedy
Quite funny, but the subtitles for the female part are hard to make out. This romantic font is hard to read in online quality. Nice selection of scenes, subtitle speed is to fast in the beginning. reviewed July 22, 2006
Playa Bonita by rojas_tortu Romance
*** MoMc Review *** How to put this politely? Your movie description had me watch this with high expectations that soon began to crumble. It's not that you didn't put any effort into this, you obvio... reviewed July 21, 2006
Over Saigon by steelcity4eva Action
*** MoMC Review *** First off let me note that I'm not that firm with history, most of my knowledge about Vietnam stems from Chuck Norris and Micheal Dudikoff, what's a long winded way to say I have ... reviewed July 20, 2006
pretty soldier sailor moon twins of evil by raindrop1995 Action
Quite funny! I liked the VO's and the use of freecam was good. Though, I wouldn't have been able to make out any story if you hadn't added the prologue and some character explanations to you movie descripton. reviewed July 18, 2006
The Golden Dog by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
***MoMc Review*** You singlehandedly brought a popular genre, that was believed to be impossible to do with the games limitations, to TMO. One could say that you proofed by that alone the message you... reviewed July 18, 2006
Walk Through by ajnokia Comedy
That movie makes no sense whatsoever. If it wasn't for the changing costumes I'd say that you uploaded one of the made by the game movies, maybe you actually did and I just don't know this one. Try t... reviewed July 14, 2006
Chemical Jody by munsinger Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Misogynist! I'd say more but my good manners forbid it.
reviewed July 12, 2006
Test of Heroes III The Sword Of Athena by hisstorymn Action
Featured Review
Yet another enjoyful installment to TMO's best Swords&Sandals series, but I found this one to be weaker than it's predecessors. While the FreeCam was put to great use in this, I thought it to be lacki...
reviewed July 10, 2006
Buffy Season 8 Welcome back by Derkel Horror
Okay, sehen wir mal gro??zügig über die copyright frage hinweg: Du solltest deiner Film beschreibung einen disclaimer anhängen das der Film nur Deutsche untertitel bietet. Und Anya? Die starb im Seas... reviewed July 6, 2006
Tranquil Hill - Suffering by shahrukhkhan Horror
Great use of custom backdrops, well mostly. Excellent use of Sound FX. A plot that reminded me a lot of The Silent Hill movie, not in terms of Story but rather atmosphere, right up to the confusing en... reviewed July 2, 2006
The Hard And The Ruthless by merewen Action
I liked that movie, allthough it has it's weaknesses in editing. A few unnecessary scenes and a few scenes that where cut a tad to short. However, I liked the 'macho' talk of some of the actors, remin... reviewed July 2, 2006
Dark Snowflake by Yogurt_King Horror
I didn't get that movie at all. While at times the editing was well done with the cuts fitting the musical cues it wasn't able to understand what it was about. So all it left me with was the impressio... reviewed July 2, 2006
Lionhead News by FraasMovies Comedy
Nice little broadcast spoof, that's funny to watch. Not laugh out loud funny, but you have a good time watching it. Those Lionheads where quite a funny idea and most of the VO was done really good. T... reviewed June 30, 2006
Variables In by PerfectLibra Romance
So was that the classic "Don't worry that can happen to the best" end, not sure about that... Nonetheless I enjoyed that movie, great VO, nice Poem that The Bard sure would have loved. :) Excellent u... reviewed June 22, 2006
Failure to Launch by tedfreeway Action
Sorry but that movie couldn't hold my interest. The story is way to confusing build up. reviewed June 22, 2006
Sexy Sexy Penis by tekai123 Romance
That was an absolut pointless movie. I'd have gave you only one-star but at least you had VO so you seem to have made a little effort at least. reviewed June 22, 2006
Coming Out! by Riittabarber50 Comedy
First off: Great execution! Technically this was quite well done (apart from the missing Shower cutrtain ;)), no overuse of fades as it is often seen but only when it really was necessary to relay a s... reviewed June 19, 2006
Driver Mom by lan14n Comedy
Wow what a stupid movie. :) There wasn't a real story to that, now was there? Like Groundhogs Day, just a bit pointless. But it made me laugh... so I guess it's worth it. reviewed June 18, 2006
Mandrax Part 1 by taggart70 Sci-Fi
Editing was okay and subtitle timing was mostly good to read, I just missed a real cliff hanger to keep the audience hungry for the next installment. reviewed June 17, 2006
A fresh start by azuresama Sci-Fi
I like that movie and I like the story idea, but I think you should have cut out at the point where she's wondering about her previous live with out that last glimpse. I think the idea that they actu... reviewed June 17, 2006
The GAY by Kireblade Horror
That was great! I absolutely love that movie. The Sound to scene editing was awesome, interesting music choice for that kind a movie but really fitting, great VA also. The best worked scenes where ce... reviewed June 10, 2006
Excerpts From The Raven by Dulci Horror
Can't pass a movie based on Poes brilliant poem unwatched, now can I? I liked it, but thought it to be far from a masterpiece. Rated on its quality as a movie I'd say it's a three, there where some ... reviewed June 10, 2006
The Sedabér Tribe by Thonyia Action
Featured Review
Good movie, I really liked that. Just a few further notes: The WWStree Mod can be downloaded at http://www.thextm.xfgnet.ca/forum/, Castle Wall retexture and interior retextures where done by Patella. ;)
reviewed June 9, 2006
Watching Art by God_Of_Plague Romance
Well let's start of with a bit of critique: The inserts ran awful fast, especially in the beginning did they do this the first time around also? Dialogue seemed a lot clearer this time anyway, or is i... reviewed June 6, 2006
Four Sisters by Dulci Romance
I'd say I loved that movie but that would be a lie... it was a lot like watching a typical Family reunion. Nice end sentence and probably a true one, eventhough it doesn't feel that way most of the t... reviewed June 3, 2006
13 Elm Street by actresswannabe Horror
That was an okay movie. Editing was well done, but when working with VO you should pull you background sounds down. At times the VO was almost drownedout (especially in the opening sequence) by the b... reviewed June 3, 2006
Pirates ! by Richegroover Action
Gotta say I'm impressed! Although after reading the script I had some scenes envisioned differently, I was taken in awe at how well the atmosphere was translated. Who would have thought that the Stag... reviewed June 3, 2006
Ivan The Slayer1 by Rederator Horror
The good thing is you show some real talent when it comes to matching up the scenes, only a few minor mistakes there. But the story of your movie moves along to random to really catch on to it. reviewed May 30, 2006
The Earth Is Mine by FountainShoulteyn Sci-Fi
It's good for a smile. You show some promising aspects in your movie, good use of custom backdrops, nicely edited, it just lacks humour. The banana peel as a running gag doesn't work that well, but y... reviewed May 30, 2006
PurePleasure by FountainShoulteyn Action
Three stras would be to much for this short piece, however you did put some effort (not much though) into it, so two stars. reviewed May 30, 2006
The Story Of Life by KeViNp Horror
First off: Thanks for the added explanation about the end, lends that scene more credibility. That was a nice effort you made there. Was the story cliché ? It sure was. Was it entertaining ? It most ... reviewed May 30, 2006
ROCK HARD by ninette1 Comedy
Nice job! Some nifty editing in your movie. Can't say that I got all of it, not that much of a HM fan here, but you got that pathetic stance of those Rock bands nailed point on. Great job there, and... reviewed May 28, 2006
Warning Plot Heavy! by markrichardbehenna Comedy
A sorry, but I saw actually funny attempts at this... reviewed May 27, 2006
Dead Future by seansweeney Romance
Nice show of how we all essentialy go through the same youth patterns. The end is a bit pathetic, but then again, people tend to get pathetic when their live doesn't work out as they hoped. Good work... reviewed May 26, 2006
stairway by Abrey Action
Funny, wouldn't call it a message but there seem to be a few audible words among the noise. reviewed May 22, 2006
OMG REP ME! by Buccura Comedy
Not quite as good as 'Night of the Living TMO', but a point on satire that unfortunately is all to true. reviewed May 22, 2006
Wake Up And Die Again by desertwolf2002 Romance
Not sure what to say about this, was it computer generated? (When you export your movies from theater mode, at the main screen, you can set your 'The Movies' game on High Graphics resolution without ... reviewed May 20, 2006
Into the Future 1 - The out of town Westie by davidhealy1 Action
The robotic voices where a nice try but didn't work out, however most of the time they don't distract to much. Some promising ideas in that movie just the buildup is rather slow, albeit jumpy, when i... reviewed May 18, 2006
Dreamtown3 by Rik_Vargard Action
Somehow the last part didn't capture me the way the first ones did, but I have to give you this: You concluded your trilogy in a way that even the casual viewer that might have missed the first insta... reviewed May 17, 2006
Stonewall 1969 by ChristinaLV Action
Nice little movie, can't say that anything stood out in particular to me apart from the fact that to the end of the movie there was no music at all. Which was rather distracting given the fact that yo... reviewed May 16, 2006
My girlfriend is an alien by T_L_T Comedy
Love that song, really funny. And a nice video to go along with it! reviewed May 15, 2006
Once Upon a Time on the North Pole by stiek13 Romance
I have to go with the others on this: An ineresting story idea with an good ending, I liked that subtle sadness it had. A bit more dialogue a less fades would have helped. reviewed May 15, 2006
The Light in the Dust - Part 1 by DecadentPictures Horror
A darn you people, once again you have me hooked on a series of yours, but unfortunately this time I can't go and rush for the other parts to find out to where this is headed. I'm bound to say 'A plag... reviewed May 14, 2006
The Third Labor of Hercules by judyann88 Action
Once again I have to go with Cranium (he almost could be my long lost twin brother/alt account it seems). Only thing I can really add to his observation is the fact that the background noises, the rus... reviewed May 14, 2006
AMERICA! by dfpiii Comedy
It does have an slow start, and I wasn't about to give it more than three stars for mild amusement over the accents (french Indians? that's great.) when I reached the Martin Luther King part and sudde... reviewed May 14, 2006
The Second Labor of Hercules by judyann88 Action
Okay, I have to admit that the first to parts of your series where more fun to watch. I did wonder how you would bring in the Hydra and I guess, given the limitations of 'The Movies', you did an okay ... reviewed May 14, 2006
Hostage! by nightmare2146 Action
A great entertainment! Entertaining movie, but it had a few flaws which prevented it from being top five. The scene when the Girl is shot, for example, should have been cut, always watch your Bullett... reviewed May 12, 2006
Driver Man by lan14n Action
That was fun to watch! My first hero movie I saw on TMO always wondered if this could realy work and I have to say I'm impressed. You've done some nice editing on that with a funny story. reviewed May 5, 2006
Seams and her dog by tecwolf123 Comedy
Nice movie, nothing spectacular thought! The gag with the dog humping that guys leg and afterward her... was somewhat funny. The music didn't fit to the movie and you should turn off the mumbling it ... reviewed April 22, 2006
The Jupiter Bomb by ineverever Sci-Fi
I will play nice and give you 3 for kinda effort, but honestly said I didn't get it. The whole movie comes across as a more or less random collection of scenes that never really add up to a coherent s... reviewed April 18, 2006
The B-Movie by Howitzer Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Grrreat movie! It really lives up to its title, right up to the cheap latex aliens and the even cheaper sets. :) VO was funny and mostly fitting but it had some technical problems. (Background noises...
reviewed April 18, 2006
The Deception by mr_mercury06uk Action
That was a good job for a first movie! Good work on the VO, the story moves a bit to slow for my taste. Please no copyrighted music next time! reviewed April 18, 2006
Sonnet 60 by kellwyn Romance
That wasn't bad, I liked the custom backdrop for the intro. Music was to loud so the VO was at times barely audible. reviewed April 12, 2006
Tweeks Coffee by sonicspiderboy Comedy
That was funny! I liked that, but the VO quality wasn't that good. The voices where audible but there seemed to be a background noise to be attached to them which made the scenes that had no noise qu... reviewed April 10, 2006
William Shakespeares Sonnet 29 by DARIAN01 Romance
A decent effort, VO could have been better audible. reviewed April 10, 2006
Lesbian Cheerleader Zombies From Space! by h_finocchiaro Horror
A slow start and the part before the end with all the 'Beauty means nothing' nonsenses, that had me really going 'Oh my God, that's cheesy!'. But the ending of the movie saved the day, solid B-Picture... reviewed April 10, 2006
Tremble by Dulci Romance
I love that new Intro! And your Voice was mesmerizing as usual. Nice Poem, but some how the movie around it didn't click with me. There where some things in it that I just didn't get. Like the, ahm, f... reviewed April 9, 2006
True Tales of a Pulp Fiction Fan! by elizabethsusan Comedy
Not sure how to rate this: I'm not much of a Pulp Fiction fan, I thought the dialogue in the movie was way overdone (in PF). So I don't have a clue what he was hunting after. I loved the female VO, b... reviewed April 9, 2006
Okay, I didn't get it! Some nice editing in that movie. The 'I'm not Gay...' line was funny. Subs where a bit to fast at times and I don't speak leet so I have no clue what that line near the end said... reviewed April 9, 2006
The First Labor of Hercules by judyann88 Action
You did have the music this time and found a Imaginative way to show us the lion the only critique I have are the costumes for Eurystheus people, they didn't seem to fit the scenario. But for the rest... reviewed April 7, 2006
Cheerleader lesbian porn demo by EdWoud Romance
Featured Review
Kinda funny! But the thing I loved best about your movie are all those, you don't show us anything you liar!, Posts.
reviewed April 4, 2006
Single In The City by biggstrek Comedy
That's Speed Dating Disasters the Director's Cut right? I know that I saw that movie but it seems that you have better (more clear) VO this time, or did my hearing just get better with age? Also love ... reviewed April 4, 2006
Crossing the Bar by kos78 Romance
I really liked that, thanks for including subtitles because I didn't know that piece by Lord Tennyson and would have otherwise had trouble to catch it on first seeing/hearing it. The music was well ch... reviewed April 4, 2006
When the law goes bad by Hellwarden Horror
Nice little movie! A nice collection af Al facts, liked the one where he got his namesake scar from, but you should watch how you spread you Subtitles. Try to keep them comprehensible even if you hav... reviewed April 3, 2006
Dream Ride by sherwinliu Romance
Yet again a great movie from chat noir studios that I enjoyed to watch. Albeit the story comes across as a bit of a cliché I loved it, I especially loved the way it ended. After so many dramas on T... reviewed April 3, 2006
Sight Unseen by markg3000 Comedy
I'm not quite sure I got that, is it the story of man running around in a chicken costume to hide his scars or does he just imaging himself as a chicken? It was not bad, at times it seems to go a bit... reviewed April 2, 2006
From Ukraine With Love by markg3000 Action
Great movie with a few flaws! Editing was well done and the female VO was great throughout the movie! But for some reason the male VO was to quiet in the first half of the movie, making it hard to ca... reviewed April 2, 2006
In The Cellar by sarah2496 Comedy
I sincerly hope that this was only a test movie! But well at least you have a bit of VO and a subtitle, thats more than some others have on there first upload! There isn't much to say about this, it'... reviewed April 1, 2006
Hope and Consequence by kos78 Action
A great movie that seriously goes against what in my opinion movies are for: Entertainment. Best part of it has to be the end: Hope is a invdidual thing in a world that couldn't care less for individuals... reviewed March 31, 2006
Couldnt Be Farther From You by Melghoul1 Romance
I'm impressed! Awesome F/X work, nice touching story. reviewed March 30, 2006
changed episode 2 by missyelliott Horror
Good movie! Some great editing work, only the scene when he talks to the woman was confusing. You got me there thinking that she wasn't real but a part of his imagination... I loved the way you used ... reviewed March 30, 2006
The Gunmaker Edit by cncplyr Action
Not much of a story here, but for a grab the money and run upload it wasn't that bad. reviewed March 30, 2006
Dr Yes by maniacc0 Action
Great Movie with excellent VO work by Mortalitis_Infinitas and Jsmith0316! Certainly, the others where also great but those two really rocked... I think what I loved most about the movie is the pun t... reviewed March 30, 2006
Test of Heroes Throne of Circe by hisstorymn Action
Another great installment to the series, I love that movie. Great costumes and props, only flaw is the knife fight scene, it's a damn shame there are only so few fight scenes one can use in 'The Movie... reviewed March 30, 2006
Dream-Haunter by lizardthing Horror
Great entertainment! I have to say that it's far from being a great horror movie, but it's entertaining with a nice twisted story. I actually liked the fact that you left it unclear wether or not the... reviewed March 29, 2006
House Calls by moviemanic Action
Oookay, that was a bit random! Nice effort but it didn't work for me. You should try to add up your scenes better, some of the cuts make no real sense. Also for VO, wasn't that bad but it wasn't good ... reviewed March 29, 2006
Vergessen by SebastianH Sci-Fi
Okay, was war das? Das bild war extrem dunkel so das es unmöglich war etwas zu erkennen. Kein dialog? Es wäre hilfreich eine beschreibung zu deinem film hinzu zu fügen, die meisten Leuten haben kein i... reviewed March 29, 2006
Lacey gets beaten by a Girl and Arrested by 44simon44 Action
Okay, that was a quite random movie! Well the movie title is program to this: You see Lacey beating a Girls and get thrown into Jail, not much story to this... but the VO had me smiling, actually laug... reviewed March 29, 2006
Jake Bone The Curse of the mummy by Ecrite Action
Good Idea! I really liked the Indiana Jones feel of that movie, but the story was pretty thin. I never got why the Nazi's wanted that Mummy. Send in the critics: -Pelase put a description to your m... reviewed March 27, 2006
dog days by alfric Comedy
Okay, that was old! But I love those old jokes and I enjoyed the VO. reviewed March 26, 2006
changed by missyelliott Horror
That was quite good for a first movie! As already mentioned by the others (the voices in my head that are) you should turn off the mumbling next time. Your Subs began with a perfect timing but at abo... reviewed March 26, 2006
Qazis Yeh Pal (these Moments) by apip Romance
Featured Review
Nice music video, I liked that! Can't say that much about the quality of the Song, I don't know that much songs from India, but you put an effort to the video and tried to give some kind of story or a...
reviewed March 26, 2006
Jacked Up Picture Tech Demo by KeViNp Comedy
Funny! Well at least you are still able to get some humour out of your troubles. I hope you find some solution to your problems! reviewed March 25, 2006
The White Chicken by Stormwhitelab Comedy
Not sure what to make of this! There is a message to this movie, me thinks, about alienation. But it's neither really thought provoking nor is it that funny. Maybe the movie just doesn't work for me... reviewed March 24, 2006
The Donnor Party BYOB (Body!) by ninette1 Horror
What a pervert and sick movie! I loved it, 'twas very 'The Devils Rejects' or 'House of 1000 Corpses'. I would say this is a must see for people with a sense for sick humour, or would that be a sick ... reviewed March 24, 2006
A Touch Of Fear The Haunted House by mystic_sleet Horror
Awesome! Absolutely great movie! -Perfect Intro -Great use of Music and Sound FX I loved the story of this, guess this is one of those Haunted House movies that only disappoint when you try to expla... reviewed March 24, 2006
Scarred man !!!!!!!!! Episode 1 by Dave2k6 Horror
Good movie! I liked that part so far, you may want to work on your Subs a bit more, but then again writing subtitles is a hard task I'm struggling myself with... A recurring spelling error you should... reviewed March 24, 2006
The Red Queen Music Video by reafreak29 Horror
Average! Nice Song, but the Drum Machine is to loud! As for the movie, it comes across as a random collection of scenes. There is neither any connection to the Song nor can I say that the scenes help... reviewed March 23, 2006
Ninja madness by zazima Comedy
I've seen this problem somewhere else also, I think KeViNp has the same, unfortunately he is currently banned... Maybe it's your WMP player. If you have version 10 installed try it with version 9. reviewed March 23, 2006
Chicken moviefest part 1 by Bezzer36 Comedy
Nice, funny movie! This has to be one of the best chicken movies I saw on TMO, okay yes I didn't see that many of 'em... reviewed March 22, 2006
The Lounge Singer by Dulci Romance
A great song and as usual it was a pleasure just to listen to the VO! Nice story that actually managed to surprise me, didn't see that coming... reviewed March 22, 2006
Dark Resident Raider EP1! by Darkest_Maiden Comedy
Okay, that was certainly not my kind a humour, but a decent effort anyhow! reviewed March 22, 2006
The Purdy Thang and The Swamp Thang by GCalpin7 Sci-Fi
Funny movie! Far as I watched it I thought it to be quite funny, that beginning was timeless... :) Unfortunately did you choose the Romantic and the Sci-Fi Subs for the Girl which are barely readable... reviewed March 22, 2006
Aliens And Romance by mrsj Sci-Fi
Nice movie! Well the VO was not bad, some background noises you should watch. And Story... ahm, was there a story that movie? reviewed March 21, 2006
When you have it all you need more by Hellwarden Horror
Well executed movie! Good movie, with a perfect pace and a fitting score. Story seems to come a little short, it's not quite clear why she tells the police, or why she even knows about the murder? reviewed March 21, 2006
FEY Chapter One by Jackiethepeapod Sci-Fi
Nice start! A bit short though, like a trailer or story intro. Actually there isn't to much to say about that movie, it kicks of the story in an interesting manner a leaves us with some questions, le... reviewed March 20, 2006
Escape to hell by micha83 Horror
Wie üblich war die VO recht gelungen. Ich frage mich als was sie gearbeitet hat, in Abendkleid und hochhackigen Schuhen? Ein im gro??en und ganzen unterhaltsamer, wenn auch absehbarer Film. Erinnert ... reviewed March 20, 2006
Dreamtown2 by Rik_Vargard Action
I don't think that there is anything that I could say that hasn't been said already, so all that is left is to quote my impression of part 1: Well executed mystery movie! I'm looking forward to see t... reviewed March 20, 2006
Dead Range - trailer by smokeycat Action
A short, well executed Trailer, well actually more of a Teaser, with great sounding VO! reviewed March 20, 2006
A Soldiers Dream by legend51 Romance
Good Movie! I really liked that movie, you had a good start and decent VO that exactly fitted the mood. I guess it would have been more enjoyable if you had stayed with the narrative form as the VO f... reviewed March 18, 2006
Blood Money by theVillain Action
Featured Review
Nice effort! For a first movie this was done quite well. A few things you should look out for in the future: -Editing: For Example the first Scenes. He enters the Bathroom, shoots, lingers and then t...
reviewed March 18, 2006
The Carioca by sherwinliu Romance
Excellent Movie! While it doesn't have the strength of the other Chat Noir movies, it's still great. It's a entertaining little story that slowly builds up to a final revelation. I was about to give ... reviewed March 18, 2006
Indian Giver by giggles144 Comedy
Old, but always terrible funny! If I come round to it will check out your other movie also.. reviewed March 17, 2006
Brothers No More by danielrnyny Action
That wasn't that bad for a first movie! Story is a bit confusing and you have to work on your editing. For example: He enters the precint with a Uzi type gun but suddenly holds a revolver? Oh, and p... reviewed March 17, 2006
Love in a Young Heart by killer_actress Romance
Great first movie! Good that you added Sub's, because the VO doesn't come through that clear in the beginning (but is great later on). Editing was a bit off at certain places: He lies on the kitchen... reviewed March 17, 2006
Bullets are Forever starring Marshall Parris by the_georgeZILLA Action
A great movie with a lot of witty dialogue! Only thing I have to criticize is the speed of the dialogue/versus VO quality in the beginning... but that unbeliveable funny Pulp appeal of the movie save... reviewed March 17, 2006
Dialogue With Death by CptJoker Comedy
Mostly I have to go with what kate_lee already remarked. The VO was great! And I'm, as always, astounded how great Black&White looks in this game and how very fittingly the Bombedstreet acts as a Medi... reviewed March 17, 2006
War - Pain Hate and Suffering by shadow11156 Action
Featured Review
Interesting take on the topic. I can see where you wanted to go with this, but the movie didn't quite manage to capture the horrors of that man, who seemingly escaped hell just to get caughed in his o...
reviewed March 15, 2006
RESISTANCE - FATED TO FAIL by masterbecks Action
Das ende gefällt mir, aber ich habe schon immer etwas übrig gehabt für dystopische Filme... Erinnert einen an das ende von 'Brazil': "Er ist uns entkommen..." ;) reviewed March 15, 2006
8-SCN Candy by meteetsee Romance
Given that you was constrained by the competition rules I'd say you created a little masterpiece... I loved the narrative, somehow funny yet so true... reviewed March 14, 2006
Bloodchill by tmphanton Horror
As you said, it's a run of the mill Horror movie. I think the greatest problem of your film is the fact that you seemed to feel you have to fill every minute of it with somekind of score. Which is sa... reviewed March 14, 2006
Devolution by nightmare2146 Horror
Good fast paced movie! I have to say I was torn between giving it 3 or 4. The story in itself isn't that great, she lacks a certain something. There is no real depth to it, nor there are any real surp... reviewed March 14, 2006
It came from Outer Space by csnewcombe Sci-Fi
A run of the mill kill the Alien Movie. No surprises, fast subtitles, mumbling and a score that just doesn't fit make this movie neglectable... reviewed March 14, 2006
The Way the West Shouldve Been by McGuff Comedy
Absolute weirdness! It sounds better in the description than it actually is. Mostly this seems to be a collection of utterly random scenes thrown together and mixed up with some VO. But it has its fu... reviewed March 13, 2006
Human Cost by jordan231991 Action
Please don't use Copyrighted material without consent! To cut scenes you have to use the 'Scissors Button' in post production. Zoom in to get better control and then move to the point where you want ... reviewed March 13, 2006
The Blood Sucker Returns! by mubunyan Horror
Decent effort! A few of your Subtitles did run by to fast. But mostly you had a good timing there. Some scenes didn't really add up, like the knive fight for example. Music was an issue in this movie,... reviewed March 13, 2006
My First Date with an Alien by guyver01 Comedy
That's quite funny! One thing did wonder me: Shouldn't she have entered the pub through the backdoor after landing? I loved the disclaimer at the end! VO was good but you should see to it that you ele... reviewed March 13, 2006
Lovers Island by ilovemacheeze Romance
Oookay, that's a bit weird! The VO was getting tedious after awhile, better use Sub's in the future or get some company to do VO. The Story is not the greatest but also not that bad. I guess the danci... reviewed March 13, 2006
Night of the Corpses by yllekm Action
That movie was utterly random! I sure do hope that it was Computer-Generated. Actually I'm at a loss for words, there's nothing in that movie worth commenting on. reviewed March 12, 2006
Friday the 13th - Tommys Revenge by m4rk76 Horror
Nice start, reminded me a lot of Jasos Lives so far... Given the fact that you uploaded this a half year ago I guess we won't see part 2? The Idea with the outtake reel was quite nice, would have bee... reviewed March 12, 2006
Wind Of The West The Legend of Jonny Law by NJRBlackblood Action
A decent effort for a first movie! -Editing could have been tighter. (Scenes like the pump gun shooting have to be shortened) -You use an awful lot of fade outs that's irritating. (A fade out is a tr... reviewed March 11, 2006
Running Very very Insane !!Vo by dwelly Comedy
Nice! The movie itself wasn't that good... but the rabbits voice was really funny! I would like to see a real movie with that character. reviewed March 11, 2006
Man Myth Legend by halobob Action
I liked that a lot! It's just a collection of Chuck jokes... but they are funny! One small thing: The subtitles did run to fast a times. reviewed March 11, 2006
Edward The Mymic (Remake) by Bio_Dio Comedy
Featured Review
Nice movie! I think it could do with a bit more humour, but I liked the VO.
reviewed March 11, 2006
Black Gold by madgoat Action
Quite patriotic, was it intended as an Army advertisment? ;) A good movie, fun to watch. The first 5 min. stretched a bit, but afterwards it was a hook. Good use of Custom Backdrops and a very good u... reviewed March 9, 2006
At A Dead Stop by scottmccollum Comedy
Great comedy! Excellent VO, I'm impressed! reviewed March 9, 2006
Daniels Love by sully1971 Romance
I liked that a lot! The end was clear to me about halfway trough the movie, but I enjoyed it anyway. Great editing, only the choice of music didn't always match up to the scenes. reviewed March 8, 2006
Ladder of Dogs by liambod Action
Funny... in a weird way! Nice movie with some good off-beat scenes, but it felt drawn out... Especially the fight scene could have been shorter. I loved that last line: "I might be evil..." reviewed March 6, 2006
The Open Mind by Quotius Horror
Good movie with a few flaws! First off: VO was hard to get troughout the movie, especially towards the end. You should watch the SFX Volume next time. I didn't quite get the end, but I liked the way y... reviewed March 6, 2006
Their Here For You by nickster1992 Action
Not bad! It didn't quite capture me, but it wasn't bad. Worthwhile to watch, though the selection of scenes could have been better at times. You should switch off the mumbling next time because it get... reviewed March 6, 2006
The Outer Zone by simonchris1729 Horror
The end was funny, but the VO needs more work. The story was interesting, you made quite a good use of that Subway Carriage Set, it just wasn't really gripping... reviewed March 6, 2006
Love at First Sight by lucindamc123 Comedy
Featured Review
I liked that a lot! Loved the dialogue, that was really funny to listen to. I think the scene that had me almost rolling on the floor was the marriage, with the car in the background, that looked so f...
reviewed March 3, 2006
A Touch Of Fear--Teaser by mystic_sleet Horror
That was great, has to be by far the best darn trailer I saw here on TMO. And if you can keep up the atmosphere, this will be the best TMO Horror ever! The title was chosen unlucky, a teaser is usua... reviewed March 3, 2006
Our Secret by erinnicole93 Romance
Great Movie! But one suggestion: You should have cut out the scene of him crying out, it breaks the mood of the movie because it looks somewhat goofy... reviewed March 2, 2006
Attack of the Poultrons by robbiep Horror
Funny! Nice funny movie, could have been better on the 'Documentary' feel. Not a real laugher but good for a smile... reviewed March 2, 2006
The Betrayal- A Love Like No Other by pearsonhouse Romance
Awww, such a fool! Throwing away any man's dream without a second thought... :) Really liked it, good build up only the musical change when he finally visited here wasn't the best choice. reviewed March 2, 2006
The Afflicted by sherwinliu Sci-Fi
Actually I couldn't add anything to the review by AnotherNewDawn. As they say he (or she) took the words right out of my mouth... The VO work was outstanding, Byron sure would have approved of that r... reviewed March 2, 2006
THEY WILL NEVER REMBER by selket203 Action
You do have a good start to this movie, but towards the end it gets severly confusing! The transition from the tunnel to the Subway carriage made no real sense to me. As mentioned, the Voices where ... reviewed March 1, 2006
LEGION by IchthusADMR Horror
An quite interesting take on the 'Exorcist' I would say. And as mentioned a couple of times: Great VO. But I also thought your first movie to be the stronger one, guess it's hard to excell against on... reviewed March 1, 2006
Coffin Full of Revenge Redux by DeBeef Action
Great entertaining movie! I only one small critique: In the Start sequence, the back and forth cuts to the window are very distracting and quite unnecessary you should have cut them out... reviewed February 28, 2006
Cracker Jap Show - Jedi Mind Trick by sprague1980 Comedy
Funny! Great movie in terms of technique but the jokes didn't get through some time (but I loved that running gag about Ice Skating. reviewed February 28, 2006
Through The Third Eyelid by yoyoboy1 Horror
I'm not sure what to make out of this: At the moment I feel much like after ep.1 of Lost, the story seems to have potential but at this point it can go either way. Could be the start to a classic, cou... reviewed February 27, 2006
NightWalkers by arcanagirl Horror
A Promising start with a few flaws! As Mystic said, the editing good have been better in some places: For example they enter that building run trough a hallway and end up suddenly in front of the Gra... reviewed February 27, 2006
Test of Heroes wVOs by hisstorymn Action
I read your review on the Hercules movie by judyann88 and thought I had to check this out, and I have to say it's great. I love this recent wave of Fantasy movies! I liked the songs you used for this ... reviewed February 27, 2006
Hercules Part I by judyann88 Action
I liked it, but Greek Mythology fascinated me since childhood and I also loved to watch those Italian Hercules, Ursus and Maciste movies so I guess I'm biased when it comes to this sort of story... Th... reviewed February 27, 2006
Cathy and the murder part 1 by Margaretha Romance
Good story so far! I liked the way you ended this story, really makes it a hook up. As usual very likeable characters, I'm becoming a great fan of your Cathy series. Excellent use of musical cues! Ju... reviewed February 25, 2006
What shouldnt be seen by IsisChild1 Horror
Good story! Slow moving but I like that end. reviewed February 25, 2006
Big Foot Farm by IsisChild1 Comedy
Quite funny! Funny movie but your subtitles run to fast, keep an eye on this next time! reviewed February 25, 2006
Who shot the sheriff by JoeMysterio Action
Featured Review
It works quite good for a movie without dialogue, music could have been chosen better in some places and you should keep an eye on the costumes of your extras! The end gets somewhat confusing, editing...
reviewed February 25, 2006
Life Is For Living by earlicus Romance
Nice and touching! I liked the VO and the story: Simple but effective. No keeper but definitevly worth watching. reviewed February 25, 2006
The Late Train by earlicus Action
Nice editing! Not much of a story to it... reviewed February 25, 2006
Someone called it LOVE by Nemek Romance
Es wäre ma??los übertrieben zu sagen das war ein gro??artiges movie... aber es ist netter kurzer film für die grauen augenblicke des tages. Hat mir ausnehmend gut gefallen, mit einem sehr stimmigen VO. reviewed February 23, 2006
MacBeth A modern Tale Part One by Dlockhart Action
Wow that was bad! As Erin said, the VO is absolutely indiscernible... The VO was cruel, and don't talking the fact that it sounded like one long narration, there is no real life or passion to the VO. ... reviewed February 23, 2006
Youve Got Spam! by kuroken Comedy
Funny Movie! I highly enjoyed that, but I thought it to be a bit slow moving... guess I'm more the brainless nonsens type. The 'Erections like steel' piece was great and oh so true... men, they fall f... reviewed February 23, 2006
free the black people by perrybigs Action
It's a bit weird! I do think there is a pretty decent story hidden somewhere in this... but: -You have only one music track that plays through and over -You have serious continuity problems in this mo... reviewed February 22, 2006
The Accident by dragonking2 Sci-Fi
Okay that was bad! Don't be afraid to make use of the editing tools, add some music to your movie and get rid of the mumbling sounds (Its irritating). Don't overuse scenes and never use the same scen... reviewed February 22, 2006
A Dogs Life by colbolthegehog Action
Well, yeah... Strange movie. Don't know really what to say... reviewed February 22, 2006
TAPD Season 1 by Saint_Ali Action
Promising Start! Nice VO, but you do have some editing problems: One of the characters in the opening scene suddenly changes... also the end of the movie is somehow non-descriptant. reviewed February 22, 2006
Infernulator by mildheadwound Horror
Great Idea! reviewed February 21, 2006
The Life and Death of Pac Man by DK Comedy
To Short for 5 but it really made me laugh! That was a real nice idea with great SFX! reviewed February 20, 2006
murder in the cellar by heliopolister Sci-Fi
Nice! The Vo sound all the same to me so it was hard to discern characters at times. But overall worthwhile. reviewed February 20, 2006
Vice Versa by crystaleyez Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great Movie! Now that was entertaining! Excellent VO, perfectly timed Subs and a good Story.
reviewed February 20, 2006
Lifepart 1 Special Edition by marlerboy Romance
The Chicken was Funny! Nice story, but what with never date your friends friends ? Doesn't apply these days anymore, huh ? Two things: Your Subtitles where to fast at times. Your VO has to be reworke... reviewed February 20, 2006
The Legend of Leada Tri-Door edition by downphoenix Action
Funny! I don't know the least thing about Zelda (Ultima player!) so I'm afraid some of the jokes where wasted on me, as for the VO's - Main Character: Perfect The Girl: At times hard to get Carbon: Di... reviewed February 19, 2006
Mission Santa Part 2 by nasum84 Action
Nice twist! I have to say this worked way better than part one! Highly enjoyable... reviewed February 19, 2006
Bad Moon by D_QUICHOTTE Action
Featured Review
Excellent Werewolf Movie! Nothing much to say about this, it's flawless. Great Story, fitting Music perfect pace... a masterpiece!
reviewed February 19, 2006
You Cant Do That on TMO by MrOsterman Comedy
Great educational fun! Though, some subtitles may be helpfull for those members that aren't that firm in the English language. reviewed February 18, 2006
wanna go dancing by Lekym Romance
Funny! Nur ein paar kritiken: When du VO hast solltest du den Soundvolume Regler für die Background Musik weiter runterziehen, sonst wird es für uns Jungs aus dem Süden schwer den dialogen zu folgen ;... reviewed February 17, 2006
Nosferatu by tmphanton Horror
That wasn't bad for a first movie! A few pointers: -Subtitle timing: Your longer subs didn't stay long enough. -Turn the mumbling off, it's distracting -The end is to confusing, why is he dying suddenly ? reviewed February 16, 2006
Friends n Enemas by mwigg Action
3-Stars because I'm nice! This movie has some serious troubles: -There is no real story -Watch your, you have almost no continuity in your scenes. -Subtitle timing! reviewed February 16, 2006
The Things I hate Show by OwenBuch Comedy
Unfortunately I couldn't make out what the robot said most of the time: Maybe you should try wavepad (or add Subtitles) - http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/masters.html reviewed February 16, 2006
Cow demo by speilucasberg Comedy
Nice movie! But demos shouldn't be rated to high... reviewed February 16, 2006
Blue Valentines by Apocryphon Romance
A slow drama. It wasn't what I expected, wasn't bad but didn't really grib me either. Maybe an good VO going with the narration would have help this movie, so it seems to repetitiv. Also the music was... reviewed February 16, 2006
One Stop Astronaut by coolfilmer272 Comedy
Mostly boring! This 'movie' is an utterly random assotrment of scenes. The 'The world will blow up' part was the only funny thing (at least that got this one Star up). reviewed February 16, 2006
Liberals by Bryy_Miller Horror
Five Stars for a satire that had me almost rolling on the floor... The Narnia Joke was great, and you are spot on right: Liberals are Evil! Only ctitique: The Voice thing, one of the voices could hav... reviewed February 15, 2006
Mission Santa Part 1 by nasum84 Action
Ja ich denke ich gehe mit Strombergs meinung. Guter Film und was die Schie??erei angeht: Vielleicht bringt teil zwei da Licht ins Dunkel... reviewed February 15, 2006
Priceless by Artemis023 Romance
Funny and Charming! The subtitle thing: When you press the tech button in post (on the left side where the zoom timeline button is / will give you a clearer picture) the movie plays faster (but take t... reviewed February 14, 2006
Artificial Love by meteetsee Romance
Good attempt! Liked the story, though it's a bit confusing. As Apo below mentioned, try to avoid repetitiv scenes. Vary your music throughout the movie and you don't need to have music through the who... reviewed February 14, 2006
NOWHERE by leon101 Horror
An interesting concept! Story so far isn't bad but the editing cold have been better! Don't play all scenes to their end. For example when his wife is leaving the kitchen, the scene plays out as if s... reviewed February 14, 2006
Word of the Day by STXFilms Comedy
Funny! Mostly I have to agree with RPOSHARD. -Turn off the mumbling next time. -Good idea, but it could have been fleshed out ab it more. -Name dropping: I got Homer Simpson but who is Peter Griffin ... reviewed February 14, 2006
DOWNFALL by skarsten Sci-Fi
Great Sci-Fi/Horror movie! Great movie, you had a few minor editing flaws (don't think that I have to tell you about them, I just say mind your Bullet Time) but that didn't break the story. You made s... reviewed February 14, 2006
The Lost Child by johnokinawa Sci-Fi
Nice Fantasy Movie! I liked that movie, it really had a Fantasy touch. Though it reminded me a lot of those cheap 80's fantasy movies that came out in the wake of Clash of the Titans, but never mind, ... reviewed February 13, 2006
Speed Dating Disasters by biggstrek Comedy
Charming and Funny! Nice movie, like those jokes. I mean lines like those by Dan get never out of date... But yes, same as DeliriousStudios below I thought there would be a final punchline. It does se... reviewed February 13, 2006
Shadows by Jiyuujin Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Nice effort! I have to say I was drawn between giving it 3- or 4-Stars. Normaly (That means with VO or Subs) I would have given it 3 because the story isn't that special. But I feel that I have to ho...
reviewed February 13, 2006
Robinson Looso - 1 Die Flaschenpost by OlliEntertainment Comedy
Witzig! Netter film, kein brüller aber charmant. Nur das editing schien nicht ganz zu passen, dein charakter wechselt von szene zu szene die Kleidung und einmal scheinbar sogar die Frisur? (Die Szen... reviewed February 13, 2006
We Were All Friends by Mogulman321 Action
Good effort! A bit of critique: -You should use subtitles along with your VO, that would make it easier to follow the story. -You may want to look up some of the tipps posted in the forum on the use ... reviewed February 13, 2006
IT - Part Two by lizardthing Horror
An good effort, but its to short to really grab the viewer. I have to say that at this point I'm undecided about a further part. I'd say yes if you took more time for it and gave it a longer runtime s... reviewed February 12, 2006
The Letter by chagidiel Romance
Slow moving but charming! Can't say that I think this to be a great movie, but I love the song (the version by Joan Baez) it was based on. And I loved that accent! reviewed February 12, 2006
Hunter of the Sea by DirectorAdam90 Horror
Is Empire Studios the legit heir of Empire Productions ;) That was not bad, just a few minor editing flaws: -The scene when she discovers the body could have been shortened -In the end you have a sud... reviewed February 12, 2006
Deadly Union! by Apocryphon Horror
That was funny! Great piece of satire! I think you have earned the Romero approval of laughs for this movie! As a dedicated Union man I liked it especially well... (Small critic: The 'We on a break' l... reviewed February 11, 2006
Devil II by Polhan Action
Solide fortsetzung! Ich denke es wäre effektiver gewesen Teil 1 und 2 zusammen zu werfen so wäre die Story entwicklung nachvollziehbarer geworden. Das ende funktioniert bei diesem teil jedoch besser a... reviewed February 11, 2006
The Legacy of Man by drucifer67 Action
Awesome cutting! If have to admit on face value it's more like a 4-Star movie. But I'm impressed by cutting you did, the first transitions could have been smoother I think but the later where breathta... reviewed February 11, 2006
Ten Seconds Ago by God_Of_Plague Action
The movie has an awesome start, but I got utterly confused during the fight scene. Why shot the man in black the one with whom he entered the bar? Over what exactly erupted this fight? What is up with... reviewed February 11, 2006
Silenced Love by pamdennis Romance
Nice effort! But I have to say that the end got me confused, that bit when he leaves the house and ends up in the cemetary... I'll take it from erin's review that the guy she took off with, killed her... reviewed February 10, 2006
Liquid Dreams by mystic_sleet Comedy
It's so unfair that those dreams always end at the best point... :) Funny movie, no real laugh, but it made me smile. reviewed February 10, 2006
The Nerd Who Fell In Love by nunberry Romance
No offense, but that movie is exactly as described. Strange...very strange... reviewed February 10, 2006
IT - Part One by lizardthing Horror
Featured Review
Okay, that was better than I expected! I like the way you 'bended' the original story to fit it to the scenes. One marginal error you have, in the beginning when he gets up from the sofa there is an e...
reviewed February 9, 2006
Angelus Attacks by Aussiebrowncoat Horror
That movie had serious problems: - The Sound is lacking greatly (sometimes this happens during the upload). - The music you chose became tiring real quick (Don't let the music just play thru, try to m... reviewed February 9, 2006
Reckless by drybeanburrito Comedy
Short and cynical! The movie lives up to it's description which gives away to much (as in the entire story) of the movie, however it's nicely edited with a proper flow from start to end only the music... reviewed February 9, 2006
Soul thief by micha83 Horror
Im direkten vergleich zu deinen beiden vorgehenden Filmen fand ich die Story nicht so gelungen, sie ist etwas schwer zu verfolgen... Die VO war wieder teilweise überausgelungen (vor allem der Priester... reviewed February 9, 2006
The Simian Bar by db4321 Comedy
That was funny! Unfortunately goes the last subtitle by to fast, had to pause the movie to read that. But apart from that it's good for a laugh... reviewed February 8, 2006
Murphy City PT 1 by full_metal_winter Action
Great movie with dare I say a Anime feeling to it? Great start and I like the way you used both VO and Subs. I think it's one of the few movies I saw here where I coundn't spot any editing flaws. So f... reviewed February 8, 2006
The Magic of the Cut Tool by Buccura Action
Great work at cutting! I have to say that was some real good cutting you done there. Trouble is that it might be hard to get for those who are not to used to the scenes you used. reviewed February 8, 2006
Devil I by Polhan Sci-Fi
Interesanter auftakt! Ein paar kleinere editierungs fehler fallen auf und das ende kommt etwas plötzlich. Leider hat sich der Sound verschoben so das alle geräusche etwas zu früh kommen. reviewed February 7, 2006
Deja Vu by sherwinliu Romance
Well there isn't anything I could add to what has been said about this movie. You made yet again a true masterpiece. reviewed February 7, 2006
Omnicide by alexandergore Sci-Fi
Great start! Great suspensful start with the right kind of cliffhanger to end it... I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately the upload has messed up your sound, so that we get the sounds of the shack when ... reviewed February 7, 2006
A day in Cathys life part 2 by Margaretha Action
Unfortunately it's not as good as part 1. A few pointers: You had a bit of a mix-up in that Subway scene, when I work on a scene with extras I use to save every costume so I don't have to pick out the... reviewed February 7, 2006
The Cellar - Extended Version by Dulci Horror
A great movie. Like the enhancements, especially the fact that we now can see the chainsaw (damn online quali). I can't really give it a 5-Star rating, but I know that I'm sure as hell coudn't have pu... reviewed February 7, 2006
The Cellar by Dulci Horror
I'm afraid I have with this movie the same trouble that I have with chocolatemouse's: I didn't get it. It does make sense when one reads the directors notes, but the movie itself can't relay the fact ... reviewed February 6, 2006
Last heart beats 2nd ed by chocolatemouse Horror
Well if I was lazy (I actually am)I would just copy my first review and add erin's... Yes I got it this time, but I read the directors notes. I haven't yet seen the other contestants, but dulci's soun... reviewed February 6, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
Okay, where can I get a subscription for that magazine? Out of professional interest, which scene did you use there? The only one I did come up with once was the 'Knife Stabbing' scene. But it got lat... reviewed February 6, 2006
Have A Break by Timo666 Comedy
Witzig! Zu kurz für eine fünf Sterne wertung aber wirklich gelungen. Nur eines ist schade: Die Untertitel sind witziger als die VO. Da wünscht man sich Engländer zu sein... reviewed February 6, 2006
The Phantom of the Opera 1925 Remake PT1 by ximplosionx Horror
No Songs :( Just joking, I'm not sure what to make of this. One has to honor the fact that you try your hand on one of the best Silent Movies made, but I have to say that as honorable the quest was I ... reviewed February 6, 2006
My Nightmare (Final Edition) by Diesel3009 Horror
Niffty editing! Great editing but the movies doesn't really deliver. I mean the story feels like a tangled lump of spaghetti to me. Even a dream should have a direction or a purpose when retold, its a... reviewed February 6, 2006
Last heart beats by chocolatemouse Horror
It's strange to watch a movie with no sound at all, the only think to listen to my own breathing (and hum of my cooling fan). I'm impressed at how good that Black&White translates to the screen in onl... reviewed February 5, 2006
Dreamtown by Rik_Vargard Action
Well executed mystery movie! Okay first I thought this was the Silent Hill 2 thing, you know the Ghost Town not really being a place but merely a state of mind. Now I think this will be going in the d... reviewed February 5, 2006
Aegis of Therion 2 - Total Annihilation by erinnicole93 Sci-Fi
Excellent movie with a few flaws! First off: Great movie, I'm in awe. But I think there are few points that didn't fit: The Lip sync was lacking to the VO (may be a upload thing), the close-ups during... reviewed February 5, 2006
RESISTANCE - NO WAY OUT by masterbecks Action
Gro??artige fortsetzung mit kleinem makel! Im gro??en und ganzen eine gelungene fortsetzung an der kaum was auszusetzen gibt. Die story fliest, die VO passt (die untertitel schienen mir zeitweise etwa... reviewed February 5, 2006
Breched by Betral Sci-Fi
Not bad! You did manage to get some story into a short timespan. But more character developement would have been nice. Apart from that, well executed. reviewed February 5, 2006
A Fairy Tale by Arawna11 Comedy
Beautiful! Who would have thought a Fairy Tale to be possible with 'The Movies'? Well, not me. But you proved me wrong with a nice, warm story right in the vein of films like Shrek or The Princess Bri... reviewed February 4, 2006
Sonja Starlight by laforest76 Sci-Fi
Okay, first off your movie starts without any title sequence, what happend? Second thing, there is no story to your movie: They land, visit this Saloon and leave (with some firefights inbetween) what ... reviewed February 4, 2006
A Salesman by Duzt Horror
Featured Review
Not bad! Nice script, it managed to hold my attention even at the point where it became clear how this would end. And, as ususal I have to say, great VO!
reviewed February 3, 2006
A Gangs Uprising by Oh_Come_On Action
To add on what the mice army said: When the bar were burning a small scene came twice, not sure if this was intentional but I think so. Well, this would have had an greater effect if you had fist show... reviewed February 3, 2006
Golden Gate by thunderjeep Action
Nice! Not entirely my style, but it had it's moments. Quite interesting editing on this one, that really notched this up a bit. reviewed February 2, 2006
Het Ijskonijn by vuurvos Horror
Funny! From the description I feared to be in for some rude or even offensive stuff. But it's actually kinda funny, didn't crack me up, but made me smile... Good VO's I think, I don't speak Dutch (may... reviewed February 2, 2006
Skull Of Iron by Duzt Action
Silly! But with great VO! Nice Sets you used... reviewed February 2, 2006
dominika and nosek kasia noseks trailer by ibbsters Action
3-Stars for effort, not for quality. 1. A lot of strange noises in your movie. 2. After a quite promising start it ends in gibberish. 3. There is more story in your description than in your movie. 4. ... reviewed February 2, 2006
The Depressed Hobo Clown by Insomniac77 Comedy
Funny, kinda. You do have some clever lines in there. But the editing could have been better. Good VO work, just pull the music a bit down as at some points the music has nearly drowned out the VO. I ... reviewed February 2, 2006
Drunk Bunny by goodvilleproductions Comedy
I'm about to say no comment! As, below: Where is the funny? I think this is a rather pointless movie, with nice VO (That got you one Star up as it showed at least some effort on your behalf). reviewed February 2, 2006
Awakening - Chapter Two by kuroken Sci-Fi
I'm in awe! Now that show all those who keep telling you can't make a long movie with 'The Movies' as it is! That was great and don't now where to start with my praise: - Excellent intro - Loved the '... reviewed February 2, 2006
One Man One Revolver by fishoutofwater Action
I liked it! But hey, I'm easy, just looking for some entertaiment. As for critic: Never (and I mean never!) again use a Pump Gun in a Western, that's way off... Second you had a cut in your movie that... reviewed February 2, 2006
Montecelli Avenue Part 1 by hunta22 Action
Not bad! I hate to do this but I have to second ClintE. below, thought for me it wasn't the lenght but the first voice, could barely understand it. And then speech speed, at times the characters talke... reviewed February 1, 2006
Deception by johnokinawa Romance
Way to mature for my taste! I'm not much for the sex talk and I think it to be rather slow moving. But that's the trouble with...well wich genre to put this in? Sorry but the movie didn't work for me,... reviewed February 1, 2006
Wicked Galaxy - The Takeover by Flipmanburn Sci-Fi
Everytime I read the word Homeworld I expect some Kzin ;) Pretty decent for a first movie, as for critic: Well just what you already mentioned. It doesn't have much in the way of story, but as prelude... reviewed February 1, 2006
One Terrible Night by Flipmanburn Horror
Great movie! Unbelievable that it really runs over nine min. Very well edited (only the It ain't over yet scene didn't add up to the following scene) with a minor flaw: Your longer Subs where displaye... reviewed February 1, 2006
The Phantom of the Opera 1925 Teaser by ximplosionx Horror
Ahm, its in B&W thats a plus (and the first I saw) and the mask looks good. But apart from that, there isn't much to tell from the teaser. reviewed February 1, 2006
Dark Howls - Revelations by PKB1 Horror
Well I have to say the end is rather disappointing. Editing on this movie was at times real sloppy, the match up of scenes could have been done better. But I liked how you with a few simple scenes man... reviewed February 1, 2006
So only by odaadh Romance
Nice! Not bad, but I thought the end to be a bit of a let down. On the upside I have to say that the movie idea was executed very well and would have worked even without subtitles. Also your backdrops... reviewed February 1, 2006
Aliens in the burbs by stacypris Sci-Fi
Quite nice! It's a bit of a slow comedy. Some clever lines but nothing to really crack me up. Editing was quite good, though some scenes could have been cut better, especially the Pump Gun Scene had m... reviewed February 1, 2006
Ghost Frost 4 Black Heart by Flesmus Romance
Featured Review
I really love this series and as the parts before, I think this was well done. It just didn't have the same impact this time. A few scenes seemed even for a dream sequence rather random, so it was not...
reviewed January 31, 2006
Dont You Just Hate by FreddaH Comedy
Absolut Great! Only your first subtitles ran a bit to fast. And I still don't know what that first insert meant to say.. reviewed January 30, 2006
The Cellar (Bad Edit edit) by db4321 Horror
I don't have to tell you that your movie is...uhm...not up to par, you already said this yourself. I can't add to much to what has been said so far: You are uneasy with the violence in the first scene... reviewed January 29, 2006
Cereal Surprise!!! by poulet20 Comedy
Funny in a silly way. It's a nice little spoof on TV commercials (and a educational at that!). I personaly liked the dancers the best, with their silly chorus. Not a keeper, but good for a smile. reviewed January 29, 2006
Preview for Angelus Attacks! by Aussiebrowncoat Action
Quite honestly I don't know what to say about this. It has a few scenes I hadn't seen yet, but it tells me nothing about what to expect from your upcoming movie: There isn't enough material in it to j... reviewed January 29, 2006
Tree Farm by plopphizz Horror
Funny! Nice story, reminds one of 'Tales from the Crypt' or the like. Thought I have to second that a few of the fade's felt unneccesary. But you managed to deliver the punchline quite nicely, and it ... reviewed January 29, 2006
Tales From The Subway Phone Booth by TheWolfska Action
Great piece of satire! I really liked that end with this stupid pre-recorded messages. However, I did have trouble understanding what the lead was saying at times. That did take away from the overall ... reviewed January 29, 2006
Nothing More Than Murder by Nutte Action
Now that's how it's done! Great Story told with a simple yet elegante style. And no fancy F/X that's just there for the sake of being possible... There may be a few plotholes but the more we get to se... reviewed January 29, 2006
Dark Howls - Confrontation by PKB1 Horror
Well, its weaker than part 1 I'm afraid. It has a good start and a quite well rounded story going from the revelation, to the first victim (how did he get in the subway?) to the confrontation. The Kin... reviewed January 29, 2006
We closed our eyes by chocolatemouse Sci-Fi
Breathtaking, moving, hits where it hurts... An excellent job. But that's just a German point of view... reviewed January 28, 2006
The Mafiosos Pt 2 by monkmaster Action
I would say the lack of music drags it down, but I'll give you 4-Stars anyway for constant quality. One flaw it seems to have: The fade in the Subway I think isn't intenional, especially as it would h... reviewed January 28, 2006
Revenge by screamingmoon Horror
Niffty! Has a pretty suspensful beginning, but it gets a bit confusing towards the end. The idea with all the ghosts lying around was good, but the use of the mummy dragged it down. I think if you ha... reviewed January 28, 2006
Forgotten by InnerFilm Comedy
I have to give you to credit for the work and creativity that went into this picture, but quite frankly it's a bit to artsie for my liking. Also I have to say that without reading the explanation, it ... reviewed January 28, 2006
Land Of Hope And Glory What! (Trailer) by rjb2112 Comedy
Trailers are always hard to review: But this looks, and especially sounds, like a lot of educational fun! reviewed January 28, 2006
Armored Personnel by archangelwwe Action
Quite entertaining! A good movie for a first effort, editing flaws where few, most prominently the cut from one Spaceship Corridor to the other comes to mind. You should make more use of music and the... reviewed January 28, 2006
The power of the desires by micha83 Horror
Guter Film. Das ende war nicht ganz so überzeugend wir bei 'Der Pakt mit dem Bösen' doch dafür war die VO dieses mal noch ein stück besser. Wieder einmal ein einfallsreicher passender einsatz von eff... reviewed January 28, 2006
Wild West Travelling Vehicle Preview by Kyyp Comedy
Thanks for the service, made my decision more easy! reviewed January 27, 2006
Dark Howls by PKB1 Horror
Nice! Well edited, a bit slow in the beginning but as a start to series not bad. Just that mumbling is irritating... reviewed January 27, 2006
Easter Bunny Attacks! by lilwiccaseba Comedy
Cute! What happend to the VO in the last part of the movie? (It was lending a lot of fun to the atmosphere) Apart from that it was quite good, the timing of the subtitles and musical cues as well of t... reviewed January 27, 2006
The Mafiosos Pt 1 by monkmaster Action
Pretty Good Movie for your first! You got the editing and the subtitle timing down at first try, impressive... Also liked the way it ended, makes one really want to watch the follow up. Just hope you ... reviewed January 27, 2006
the Knob Gobbler by nunberry Horror
The humour of this piece was certainly not mine... Well, the part about Madonna and Art Film had me smiling. You shoud work on the timing of your subtitles, the ones in the beginning of the movie went... reviewed January 27, 2006
A day in Cathys life 1 part 1 by Margaretha Romance
So do women actualy fall for that type a guy ? Good movie, has a nice flow. Can't say that I liked the ending as it made her look stupid like a brick, but then again I guess life is sometimes that way... reviewed January 27, 2006
Slay Like Me Series Trailer by XanderDaigoji Comedy
Well, far as a trailer goes it looks quite good. Lots of Buffy in it from what I saw, not quite sure on the Charmed... Can't comment on any 'Dead like my' likeness, don't know that one... reviewed January 26, 2006
Gays Attack by screamingmoon Comedy
Fantastic Movie! And I knew it! Ricky Martin...pardon...Dicky Barton is gay! Had me laughing especially because I knew someone who actually has this world view as show by the president. reviewed January 26, 2006
Am Brunnen by Tobivan Romance
Genialer Song, erinnert einwenig an Schandmaul (sehr Spielleut mä??ig...). Einziger Kritikpunkt, das Video endet bevor der song zu ende ist :( reviewed January 26, 2006
The Revelation of a Beast by IchthusADMR Horror
A novell idea, though it's strange to see Hitler depicted as a loving husband, he doesn't seem to fit this role. But he might have approved of the idea, sort of, as according to some the idea of the 1... reviewed January 26, 2006
Eine Schlimme Zeit Teil 3 by Darius_von_Alagond Action
Ich finde den Schlu?? recht schwach im vergleich zum setup zur durch die vorgehenden teile, doch unterm strich würde ich sagen, solide qualität. reviewed January 26, 2006
We Will Always Be Together by pearsonhouse Romance
I'll go with the flow... Honestly said I did like your other movie far better 'Love at first write'. I do see where my predecessors did have a problem with the story: It's just to straight told, from ... reviewed January 26, 2006
Watching Art by God_Of_Plague Romance
I liked the Idea to use Textinserts, but I think it would have worked better if hadn't used an angled shot for those (at least it seemd so). The Inserts with her commenting on the pictures where rathe... reviewed January 26, 2006
Doubt by Myshinator Romance
How to comment on a movie that names all it's flaws already in the description ;) Great movie, loved that joke as I really didn't see that one come... Am I allowed to comment on the VO :) Liked the VO... reviewed January 25, 2006
Der Pakt mit dem Bösen by micha83 Horror
Gute Story, die Schlu??pointe hat das ganze einen punkt angehoben. Leider fand ich dass sich das ganze einwenig zieht am anfang... Ansonsten saubere Arbeit: Passende VO und einfallsreiche Effekte. reviewed January 25, 2006
Commitment by sarbonn Romance
The story isn't that original when you've read the 'Skin of Soul' or 'Women of Darkness' anthology, however I love this story so that added a star to the overall rating. Some critic: Your subtitle ti... reviewed January 24, 2006
Brennende Erde (Teil 2) by Lorelei_Gilmore Sci-Fi
Interessanter Kommentar zu den momntanen verhältnissen. Den Schlu??worten kann man nur vorbehaltloss zustimmen... Ein paar kleinere editierungs fehler fallen noch auf, versuch deine dioaloge nicht übe... reviewed January 24, 2006
The City of Hellwall by Nutte Horror
Nice work with a few weaknesses. I liked the story, I think the end of your movie was quite a good pointer in the direction Lang did go with his movie commenting on mob mentality. However, some of the... reviewed January 24, 2006
Eine Schlimme Zeit Teil 2 by Darius_von_Alagond Action
Im gro??en und ganzen gilt was schon für teil 1. galt, zäher start aber spannender cliffhänger. Manche Szenen hättest du etwas kürzen sollen, v.a. die Szene mit dem Baseballschläger. Die Story fortfüh... reviewed January 24, 2006
Fargate Episode 1 by XanderDaigoji Comedy
It's a bit random and the subtitles did go by to fast at times, but apart from that I thought it actually funny. You did fit the scenes quite nicely together. And I loved the beasement joke, that one ... reviewed January 23, 2006
Lots of Laughs With Your IDEAS! by Dulci Comedy
I go with the flow and give you 4... No honest: I think you did a good given the odds against you seeing the competion rules... The end of the movie had me wondering: Did they have lots of little Bunn... reviewed January 23, 2006
First Words - A Learning Video for Toddlers by Dulci Comedy
What a novell idea! I know that you haven't made this for a laugh (I actually read the descripton before I watched the movie!) but I couldn't help myself, had to laugh out loud at the driving Gorilla ... reviewed January 23, 2006
Hotel Heaven by mjtpopus Comedy
I'll knew it, salvation is a lie... Great piece of satire, just a bit to long. The Story is a bit dragging and the vulgarity of Jesus, well, I think it pulls the movie a bit down. Also the opening tra... reviewed January 23, 2006
Barbie The Vampire Duster by mylantus Action
Featured Review
Absolutetely fantastic! You got the tongue-in-cheek humour of the original right down. It was perfectly edited, a great story flawless told. And the VO was just awesome. And I can only second Wyldfire...
reviewed January 23, 2006
An Old Joke by Loook Comedy
That is a rather crude joke, not really up my alley. I will still give you three Stars as it is not that offensive, just not my humour, but it is a bit drawn out. I think you should have shortened the... reviewed January 23, 2006
Ghost Frost 3 Nightmare by Flesmus Romance
Featured Review
Great Job! I love the music and the timing of your musical cues as well as your subtitles is perfekt!
reviewed January 22, 2006
Under the Boot Awakening - Chapter One by kuroken Action
That has to be the best edited and best executed movie I saw so far... It's simply execellent. Only downside to it is the fact that it's highly unlikely that I will see anything else of this quality a... reviewed January 22, 2006
Der Metzger by DragonStudios Horror
Ein Film wie ein Autounfall, man kann nicht wegsehen obwohl man es furchtbar findet. Ehrlich gesagt ist Film absolut vermurkst aber die Idee die ganzen editierungsfehler mit einem Regiekommentar zu ve... reviewed January 22, 2006
All Together Now by crystak Comedy
Nothing much to say that hasn't already been said. 'sry about the gay bit..' ? - Only thing that comes to mind off-hand: Use the description space, give us a little info on your movie, content or how ... reviewed January 22, 2006
Powerblade-Chef Tony by Peterius Comedy
Grundsätzlich fand ich die Idee mit der parodie auf Dauerwerbesendungen recht nett, aber: Die rückblende welche die beiden als Liebespaar zeigt trägt nicht wirklich zur Story bei. Der Hasen Gag ist ni... reviewed January 22, 2006
Grazia 4 - Westwärts by uwe1965 Action
Es fehlt ein wenig der off-beat Humor der vorigen teile, aber dafür gab es endlich wieder ein längeres abenteuer von Gracia. reviewed January 22, 2006
(Not Even In) Death Will We Part by KiCkmEdOOd1 Romance
The Marriage Scene did drag on a bit, but apart from that it was a well executed story. I'm a sucker for happy endings can't help it... reviewed January 22, 2006
Ghost Frost 2 Dream Love by Flesmus Romance
Featured Review
Touching! Has a nice romantic feel... Didn't quite get the story in some parts (who's Pixie?) but that I think is because I didn't see part 1. After all it does have a dream like quality and I liked t...
reviewed January 21, 2006
Dont Watch This by Haes Horror
That's some nice piece of PR! I think its funny. It works because the VO is quite good. reviewed January 21, 2006
Das letzte Geschenk Neu by frank010267 Comedy
Ein ungemein sympatischer Weihnachtsfilm! reviewed January 21, 2006
Lorbad auf der Flucht by garudasoul Sci-Fi
Charmant, etwas schwer zu verfolgen. Unterm strich kurzweilig gemacht. Muss aber sagen mir deine 'Wie man...' Filme besser gefallen haben. reviewed January 21, 2006
GRAZIA 3 - Rache by uwe1965 Action
Nach einem etwas schwächeren brücken teil wieder gro??e Klasse! reviewed January 21, 2006
Eine Schlimme Zeit Teil 1 by Darius_von_Alagond Action
Guter auftakt, die Story beginnt etwas träge ended dafür aber mit einem soliden Cliffhanger.. reviewed January 21, 2006
HASS by Psychokatalog Action
Sehenswert. Wirklich gute ansätze, es fehlt nur ein wenig tiefe. Die Spannung des bogens vom Bürgerkrieg hin zum kleinkrieg der Bürger ist ein interessantes Konzept welches sicher eine erneute beleuch... reviewed January 21, 2006
RESISTANCE - The Beginning by masterbecks Action
Ja in diesem Land herrscht noch Ordnung und Disziplin... Guter auftakt, wollen wir mal hoffen das du den Spannungsbogen halten kannst. reviewed January 21, 2006
CSI Germany - Episode 2 by FraasMovies Action
Doch, das war recht ordentlich. Im gro??en ganzen kann ich nichts über den Film sagen das nicht schon gesagt worden wäre. Hervorragend gemacht! reviewed January 21, 2006
Keeping Your Lady by Prinzess Romance
Men and their bad habits...you got that right down. And as I can see your husband knows his place, good work there. As for the new mic: Teriffic! A clear, good sound. And I won't [wash your mouth out!... reviewed January 18, 2006
Survivors by Radman2307 Action
I liked it a lot. But I'm an avid fan of Fallout and the old Italian post apocalyptic movies. As for critic: The voice thing... Well, and the horse was out of place ;) reviewed January 15, 2006
Le Funk by rjb2112 Comedy
I liked your first music video more, but then again I'm rating those based on the music... Thought I liked the video also, reminded me a bit of the days when this was all new and we where really crav... reviewed January 15, 2006
The time keeper by gilga Sci-Fi
Good movie with a good story. The end took me a moment to catch on. I think the VO on this was great, thought I didn't understand a word as I don't speak French so I only can judge this by the sound o... reviewed January 14, 2006
We Are Not Alone by CowBear Sci-Fi
I usually like movies that relay on their story telling ability rather than some fancy fx, but there is the crux in your movie: At some points the story doesn't really get through. It's hard to see wh... reviewed January 14, 2006
Wac Them Nazis! by darthuv Horror
It's a nice attempt, funny to watch. Have to like it when this Nazis get downed... But I do miss a real story behind that all. reviewed January 14, 2006
Hearts and Minds by UKDutyPaid Romance
Excellent Movie, makes you wonder what God had in mind when he let faith play out that way... reviewed January 14, 2006
Night of the Living TMO (special edition) by crazeyal Comedy
It's a great homage to Romero's original and an honest to god true account of the forums. What can I say, men are simple... reviewed January 14, 2006
Shadow of the Light - part 3 by sherwinliu Romance
Taht story is a real [oh please!], just like the early Film Noir movies. I don't know if that was your intention, but it played out as the dark twin version of Pre[wash your mouth out!]rs 'Laura'. An ... reviewed January 14, 2006
Shadow of the Light - Part 2 by sherwinliu Romance
Well to review this I would have to copy and paste my words on part one here. Captivating... reviewed January 14, 2006
Shadow of the Light - Part 1 by sherwinliu Romance
Great start, I hope you can keep it up thru the other Parts. But so far I'm impressed. Well written dialogue that sets the mood for a classic Film Noir. Minimal glitches can be found if you look just... reviewed January 14, 2006
The Talent Show by smgluver627 Comedy
Okay, the opening was not bad and the VO (apart from the singing) is quite good. Story wise there isn't to much in it and its a bit pointless. Overall it's lacking some real humor. But anyways 3-Stars... reviewed January 14, 2006
The Other Place by Christinelynns25 Romance
Featured Review
Great Movie. Scary and captivating. Thought your movie description is a bit unlucky, almost missed out on this one...
reviewed January 13, 2006
Flower will die (my version) by chocolatemouse Romance
I hate to criticise this movie: First off, as it sometimes happens with DC's, I liked the first version more. The subtitles you used are unfortunatly the second worst to read in online quali. (Sci-Fi ... reviewed January 13, 2006
My Love Goes On (Even in Death) by Brokienheart Romance
I'm Impressed. And crying again, damn I so do need to get a live, or stop watching sad movies. Doesn't anyone make happy endings anymore? You're a fan of 'Ghost', aren't you... reviewed January 13, 2006
Horror wie man Sounds einsetzt by garudasoul Horror
Teil eins war besser, die sache mit den Sounds kommt nicht ganz so rüber und es wurde etwas wenig auf Sound FX eingegangen. Der Schlu?? ist recht gut gelungen und alles in allem hattest du eine gute S... reviewed January 13, 2006
Love At First Write by pearsonhouse Romance
Lika a glass of whiskey on a cold winter evening. And it is winter, how fitting... Good movie, maybe a bit drawn out and I would have left the sex talk out but that is just me. But its good to see tha... reviewed January 13, 2006
Grazia 2 - Der Romantikfilm by uwe1965 Romance
Gute überleitung auf teil drei, insgesamt nicht ganz so gut wie teil eins oder zumindest anders als erwartet... reviewed January 12, 2006
Dead by Nightfall - No Dialog by singsolo Action
First off, I think with the proper dialogue added this could make a decent action movie. I would take the volume of the music back so that the sound effects get through clearer. And I found the cut to... reviewed January 12, 2006
Lenins Children by JoshWalker Action
Well, that was a bit strange. I'd say its the kind of revolution film one would expect from Roger Corman or the like. Nonetheless I'd thought it entertaining, no keeper but shortwhile. Maybe you coul... reviewed January 12, 2006
You Were Meant for Me by nickelcrew Romance
I sincerly hope that you don't pursue a career in the music industry (at least not behind the mike) but apart from that the movie isn't that bad. Actually your singing isn't that bad either, still hav... reviewed January 12, 2006
Quick Nick by superchef Action
Featured Review
It has its funny moments but I think there could have been more in the story. Makes you smile but has no real laughs. On the upside I have to give you that, you did a great job at VO. You should work ...
reviewed January 12, 2006
Bis das der Tod uns scheidet by Lorelei_Gilmore Romance
Böser film, das ende gefällt mir. Er hat gewisse längen, doch wenn ich ihn meinem erstling vergleiche kann ich nur sagen respekt! reviewed January 12, 2006
One Night Stands by erinnicole93 Romance
That's a tough one to rate for me, a bit to open on sexuality (even if it's left to the imagination) for my taste but can't blame you for that, the title should have told me... Technically it's both s... reviewed January 12, 2006
The Flower will die by chocolatemouse Romance
Thought I have to agree with what has been said about the mumbling, I'd liked this Movie a lot. But then again I was always a fan of the silent cinema with is grand emotions. This the first Movie I sa... reviewed January 12, 2006
Gun - The Gunslinger - Part II by chang Action
The way you title your series had me a bit confused, well what I'm hearing about the Dark Tower series that is quite fitting... So I guess the Gun movies above are related to this. But so far, good co... reviewed January 11, 2006
Brennende Erde (Teil 1) by Lorelei_Gilmore Sci-Fi
Guter Film, nur fehlt dem ende ein wenig die climax. Doch trotzdem lässt sich die Story schon recht interessant an... reviewed January 11, 2006
Dimension Shift (Teaser) by capemedia Sci-Fi
Trailers, or in this case Teasers, are always a tough one to rate. As a Teaser doesn't have to relay anything on the Story I think it works great. The FX are pretty well done, thought they won't stand... reviewed January 11, 2006
Keeping Your Man by Prinzess Romance
It's great to see that there are still some women out there that understand us...:) Good work, finally a movie that really belongs in the charts. Thought one critc I feel I have to give: I did have a ... reviewed January 11, 2006
MoonRocker by chocolatemouse Action
Well, yes the action scene (there was a action scene?). But your movie made me so glad to have missed the 70's (I consider myself a total 80's man) I have to give it 4 Stars. As for the Money thing, I... reviewed January 11, 2006
Survival Game by Dylen Horror
Great movie, may have some editing glitches but the story more than covers it up. Worthwhile watching, just when you think you know how it will end the story takes it's final turn... That was excellent! reviewed January 11, 2006
Grazia by uwe1965 Sci-Fi
Ein Böser film, was für echte Grazia Fans. ??brigens, die VO hat mich stellenweise an die Geiltalerin aus Watzmann erinnert. Einzige kleine kritik: Deine darsteller reden mit geschlo??enem Mund, einfa... reviewed January 11, 2006
Gun II by chang Action
Quite good editing work, but its a bit confusing. It doesn't really pick up where the first part left off... reviewed January 11, 2006
Erlogener Groschenroman by Psychokatalog Comedy
Featured Review
Wie schon erwähnt die Musik hätte etwas leiser sein sollen. Gefallen hat mir die Idee die Romanze mit den entsprechenden Musiktiteln zu kommentieren von 'Fever' zu 'Hit the road', ja so gehts im leben...
reviewed January 10, 2006
Tutorial - Horror Effekte und wichtige Dinge by garudasoul Horror
Etwas holprig am anfang, aber eine tolle Idee. Du hast eine menge dazugelernt wie ich sehe, gut gemacht! reviewed January 10, 2006
Women Drivers by Dulci Comedy
Featured Review
I second what's been said about your voice. Funny movie, I like that no nonsens humour it has. It's something that really stays with you.
reviewed January 10, 2006
Gun III - The Gunslinger by chang Action
Featured Review
Great Start, you've got me hooked. Can't comment on the relation to the book, if there is any, as I haven't read it. For the Movie I have to it's something worth recommending so far, you have a good b...
reviewed January 9, 2006
Schon wieder Ostern by frank010267 Comedy
Wollt eigentlich nur drei Sterne geben aber dieses dämliche rating von j******x hat mich dann doch etwas genervt... Guter Film, unaufdringlich Witzig und die Stimme vom Osterhasen zum schie??en. Nur e... reviewed January 9, 2006
Steal my Bird ill Shoot you off your Perch! by Lewis_Morgan Action
Well I liked it, only thing that buged me was the Music in the Barfight Scene, that just doesn't fit outside an old B&W Silent Movie. But apart from that no complaints. Well edited. reviewed January 9, 2006
The Gun ! Der Anfang vom Ende by Taifunrocket Action
Ist der Synocroniesator nicht der der uns von Sarah Conner befreien will? Aber spass beiseite: Grundsätzlich fand Ich den Film recht unterhaltsam (das mit dem ernsthaften Western hat dann wohl doch ... reviewed January 9, 2006
AbraCadAbra - der Tragödie zweiter Teil by lovelyanimations Comedy
Gut gemacht, war tatsächlich eine steigerung zum ersten Teil. Da kann ja eigentlich mit teil drei kaum noch was schief gehen... Netter Teufel nur etwas gewöhnungsbedürftige Stimme ;-). reviewed January 9, 2006
The night of signs by GooDilein Horror
Gut gemacht, passende VO/Gräuschkulisse, sauberes editing. reviewed January 9, 2006
EK Der Retter Deutschlands by glc-studios Comedy
Nun der humor ist wie üblich an manchen stellen etwas zu derb für meinen geschmack doch unterm Strich gute unterhaltung mit treffenden Gags. Und der übergang vom Hotelflur zum Raumschiff Set fügt sich... reviewed January 8, 2006
The Girl With The Sunshine Smile by Dajmin Romance
Great Intro, great VO. And a lesson to read the descripton before looking the movie as I was hoping for something more romantic not nothing that makes me almost cry (but then again, romantic movies ge... reviewed January 8, 2006
WHY by knuffy Action
Gut umgesetzt nur die 'Punchline' geht etwas unter. Dem Film fehlt ein wenig die Dramatisierung der zu erwartenden Consequenzen. Nebenbei: Eine etwas ausführlicher Beschreibung des Filmes oder der zu... reviewed January 8, 2006
Mr Green looking for Love by totoiv Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Ich fürchte da lässt sich nicht viel anregung geben zu diesem Film. Er ist durchweg gelungen und erstaunlich kurzweilig. Was mir besten gefällt an der Sache ist das du es geschafft hast das thema anzu...
reviewed January 8, 2006
Frohe Weihnachten by Retcliffe Comedy
An der umsetzung gibts sicherlich nicht viel zu mekern, naja die musik, nur inhaltlich das ganze nicht so ganz auf meiner linie. Anzügliche witze sind einfach nicht so mein fall... reviewed January 8, 2006
Spider-Man Episode II by Stormwhitelab Action
Well as a Spidey fan I should object to the weapons use...but apart from that it was entertaining as hell, just a bit short... I liked the 'My Spidey sense is tingling' Scene ;-) reviewed January 8, 2006
Spider-Man Episode I by Stormwhitelab Action
I have to say I'm quite impressed, not sure about the copyright infringements thought. You've done a great Job with this intro, one I've would not have thought possible with The Movies, just work a bi... reviewed January 8, 2006
Crossing Justice by paladin35749 Action
Not Bad. Good Scene selection and nice editing. The Movie has a good flow to it, just seems a bit drawn out in the beginning. Subtitle Timing wasn't all that bad. Overall I'd say its quite entertain... reviewed January 7, 2006
A NIGHT IN PARIS by JasonTyler Romance
Experimental Movie Making... read it up here: http://allboards.lionhead.com/showthread.php?t=127082 reviewed January 7, 2006
AbraCadAbra - English re-release by lovelyanimations Comedy
Funny, well edited but a bit short, I would really like to see what could make with a longer movie. reviewed January 7, 2006
Leonie by lovelyanimations Action
Sehr stimmungsvoll aufgebaut, nur das Ende fürchte Ich habe Ich nocht so ganz verstanden... reviewed January 7, 2006
Tiffany tWH Part 1 by MrOsterman Action
Not bad, not bad at all. That was definitely one of the better Buffy Spoofs I saw so far. Good start with an familiar feeling Intro, and a nice flow of the Story. As for editing: See below. A hint: W... reviewed January 6, 2006
Werewolf The Trilogy Part II by blackcat_1007 Horror
Well, what can I say: Constant Quality! reviewed January 4, 2006
Buffy - Das letzte Gefecht by Knopfer Horror
Für ein erstlingswerk nicht ganz schlecht. Nur ist die Story doch sehr sprunghaft und Ich glaube Joss wäre 'not amused' wenn er sähe was da aus seiner Serie wurde. reviewed January 4, 2006
To the virtues of the whisky-glass by BeechWell Comedy
Featured Review
Grossartig umgesetzt, wünschte nur ich wäre auf Idee gekommen diesen Gag zu verfilmen.
reviewed January 4, 2006
The Machineguns Of Democracy by mc_sniper Action
Well, not much of a plot but shortwhile. Don't know where that title comes from, thought... reviewed January 4, 2006
Resident Evil by rossday Horror
The music editing was well done, unfortunately the whole movie was to dark to make much out. 3-Stars for effort... reviewed January 4, 2006
Ocelot Jones in The Return by wniffene Action
Featured Review
Ah, well. No we are talking. Only thing I still have to criticise is the subtitle timing. Apart from that it's highly enjoyable. I do hope that this story will get finished anytime.
reviewed January 4, 2006
Ocelot Jones in The Set Up by wniffene Action
Have to agree on the sound thing. But then again it had all it takes, especially the lady in black. With a bit of scoring and a better timing of the subtitles I say this would have been a real gem. reviewed January 4, 2006
One night stand by morbidmisfit Action
Okay, here goes... First of I really enjoyed watching this, and I'm not sure what the R-rating is for. The Flashback Scenes where greatly executed. And as usual you do have your tradmark witty ending.... reviewed January 4, 2006
The spiritcurse by garudasoul Horror
Okay, dein Film hat mir vom Start her recht gut gefallen (wofür standen die kürzel s. / sb. ?) aber ab dem Zeitpunk an dem wir wieder zur Hütte zurück kamen habe ich den Faden verloren. Ich fürchte ab... reviewed January 4, 2006
VAL by Saraqael Sci-Fi
The opening alone is worth the 5. I liked that Vanessas concerns about VAL 'emotions' are exactly the point which I missed in AI, it's nothing real but a programmed reaction. Couldn't shake the feelin... reviewed January 3, 2006
Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick by timorogowski Romance
Wäre dies ein Erstlingswerk könnte ich mich ja noch dazu hinreisen dir 3-Sterne zu geben, aber dafür das du schon mehrere Filme gemacht hast ist das Teil doch recht mau. Story ist quasi null und die S... reviewed January 2, 2006
Alien Catastrophe by morbidmisfit Sci-Fi
Great Movie, execellent use of music and sound fx. Funny ending. Overall entertaining. reviewed January 2, 2006
Angiff aus dem Weltall by uwe1965 Sci-Fi
Netter Film, nur die dialoge waren manchmal hart an der schmerz grenze ("Frieden ist besser als Krieg"? Stand das morgens auf ihrem Kalenderblatt?). Aber dafür gabs ja den obligatorischen 'Chick Fight... reviewed January 2, 2006
Alien Search by criobien Comedy
Okay there is this thing with subtitles that you already mentioned (when you use the Tech Button it runs supposedly faster, not sure thought) so I had a hard time catching on to the story. On the upsi... reviewed January 1, 2006
Chick Magnum by ZanBravo Action
Hilarous!! Your movie made me smile from start to end, and even laughing out loud at times. I only hope that this Chick Magnum really is coming...this fall. reviewed December 31, 2005
The Village of Wolves by chef855 Horror
Sorry but I have to agree with Auron221, a bit more info would have been helpful. Also, due to the fact that the movies get damn dark in online quali, for about half of the movie I didn't see anything... reviewed December 31, 2005
What A Rush by rjb2112 Action
Never rated a music video before, and honestly said I don't know exactly what to make of yours, but really enjoyed the music! Don't hear that kind of sound to often anymore. Couldn't make out all of t... reviewed December 31, 2005
A New Love (For Christmas) by rjb2112 Romance
Damn, that's one sad movie! You coulda have warned me, that wasn't the way I wanted to end the Year. I'm a sucker for happy endings, but well I liked it anyway. Sorry had to deduct 1-Star because you ... reviewed December 31, 2005
How Not to get a Date by rocker959 Comedy
Well, the costume part... Otherwise, good advise. I'll try to remember this before my next take on getting a date. reviewed December 31, 2005
Woodland Horror by mn-productions Horror
Not bad at all. But the VO was way to quiet, I had a hard time understanding a single word. And well yes it isn't boring but it is kinda slow in building up (mostly due to the VO fact). reviewed December 31, 2005
Letting Go by sparrowtm Romance
First of all let me say that I'm not a great Fan of 'Art Movies'. Growing up in Germany will do this to you, because you get to see to many movies that call themself art but mean to say lack of skill... reviewed December 30, 2005
Werbung! by TheScarface Horror
Kein Horror sondern 'ne schwarze Komödie. Gut gemacht, nur eine kurze Filmbeschreibung wäre nicht schlecht. Und einmal stört leider das vom Spiel vorgegebene 'Grrr' die VO. reviewed December 30, 2005
Chris Lee strikes back! by VashDante Romance
Der plot ist ziemlich dünn und infantil. Und die sache mit dem 'R' war schon zu Adenauers zeit alles andere als politisch korrekt. Sorry, aber das ganze als Romanze zu vermarkten ist keine sehr gute Idee. reviewed December 29, 2005
Timmys Christmas (30 seconds of bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Okay, The Lottery was honestly funny, First Date was a tad slow but this is just plain out of context. Seems in the end its just another way of VCG grabbing. reviewed December 29, 2005
The First Date (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Sorry, but The Lottery was way better. It is a bit of a slow Joke, never quite coming. reviewed December 29, 2005
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
Funny and to the point. I like it. reviewed December 29, 2005
Clowns Case by Big_C_11_11 Sci-Fi
Hilarous funny but I didn't get it. Why are they after the case? VO was great but at times I had a bit trouble understanding it. Anyway, it was quite entertaining, only a tad confusing towards the end. reviewed December 29, 2005
Im Irak nichts neues by diVaiola Action
Guter Film mit interessantem Story ansatz. Für eine Fünf Sterne Wertung fehlt mir jedoch ein wirklicher bezug zu den Figuren. Es scheint mir nicht so als ob man auch nur einem der beiden eine träne na... reviewed December 28, 2005
Moral und Ehre by OviDeMan Action
Das nächste mal doch bitte eine kurze Filmbeschreibung oder etwas ähnliches sonst hält man deine werke für das Machwerk eines VC Grabbers. Ansonsten schon recht ordentlich gemacht. Wie gieng noch dies... reviewed December 28, 2005
Home Alone by Moosejr Horror
Funny VO! The beginning of your Movie is too jumpy, the scenes don't add up in a way that makes sense. If he had entered the Bathroom after she climbed out of the bathtub, the scene would have made a... reviewed December 28, 2005
Werewolf The Trilogy Part I by blackcat_1007 Horror
Only two things did disturb me: 1. The Movie ends just when things begin to get exiting. 2. Now I have two bookmark your studio, so that I don't miss the next installment. Greatly done, I hope you can... reviewed December 28, 2005
Tenderspirit by mist9111385 Romance
No Sound, no subtitles. I'll give you two Stars for effort, but please no more movies for the deaf and blind. reviewed December 27, 2005
La Noche del Lobo by Jorgeher Horror
Featured Review
I must admit that I understood only about a third of the subtitles, still try to master the Spanish language but it's hard to work out. Anyways the title drew me in, go figure. Technically I think it'...
reviewed December 27, 2005
Wie wird man zum Weihnachtmann by garudasoul Comedy
Ich muss sagen es mir gefallen, kein Klassiker, definitiv kein 'Keeper' aber charmant, humorvoll. Wusste gar nicht Santa eine Seelenverwandschaft zum guten alten Jesus hat :-), abgesehen von der leide... reviewed December 26, 2005
DAYBREAK by masterbecks Action
Tja der Umschlag ist wohl das was Hicht[play nice now!] einen 'Mc Guffin' nannte. Die Story ist gut erzählt mit einem durchgängigen Flow der einen wirklich am Bidschirm hält. Die art in der die Fades ... reviewed December 26, 2005
A True Love Story (For my Sweet Tina) by JohnMcCloud Romance
Featured Review
Schweig still mein töricht schlagend Herz...
reviewed December 26, 2005
The Dog Napoleon - the attack by garudasoul Horror
Besser als Pechs Tag 2 aber immer noch sehr undurchsichtig, Ich brauchte bis zur hälfte des Filmes um eine ahnung zu bekommen um was es geht. Ich würde dir zu kürzeren Filmen mit gestraffterem Storyte... reviewed December 24, 2005
Pechs Tag 2 by garudasoul Action
3-Sterne für aufwand, allerdings habe ich absolut nicht verstanden um was es gieng. Man muss wohl den ersten Teil kennen um das ganze zu verstehen. reviewed December 24, 2005
Shakespearian Sonnet 142 by humdogma Romance
Autsch, you just killed the bard. Well it probably wasn't the best of his work to start with, but if I found these other movie lacking (Sonnet 18) then this one is really killing me. Sorry pal, but I ... reviewed December 23, 2005
Sonnet 18 by markusdragon Romance
I bow In respect before anyone daring his hand on the bards work. (If it's done in all honesty) Your rendition of his sonnet didn't capture me. I missed the passion and heart felt pain that should ac... reviewed December 23, 2005
Virus by AxeCinema Horror
Nice Resident Hommage. Not much of a plot, nicely edited. reviewed December 23, 2005
Replicant Clara by Surumon_White Sci-Fi
Great Story, decent VO. Now why couldn't Spielberg come with this angle instead of his crap AI. reviewed December 23, 2005
Unexpected by Lendorien Comedy
I didn't like this as much as your first, honestly I didn't get it. I might, with some explanation, but then again: A joke explained ain't funny, so lets call it a miss. reviewed December 23, 2005
Blind Date by Lendorien Comedy
Funny! It made me smile at the end, so I'd say it's a good movie, short and to the point. (You may want to have a look at Fata Morgana) reviewed December 23, 2005
3 Sisters by duckguy0100 Romance
Well actually this was a clearcut Drama, but judging by the films I saw so far (This and Christmas Eve) it seems to me that you have a nack for Drama/Romance. I liked this one also, thought the mumbli... reviewed December 23, 2005
Christmas Eve by duckguy0100 Romance
Featured Review
I liked a lot: Nice flow, good choice of music and really romantic. (Actually the first movie I saw so far, that earned its description as Romance) Some Advise: 1. Concerning lenght: You could use ...
reviewed December 23, 2005
Have yourself a twisted lil christmas!!! by Natalias Horror
Scary! Great VO, made it sound like it was a lost track to Nick Cave's 'Murder Ballads'. Even the overused 'Oh, he isn't...' scene near the end, fit nicely. reviewed December 23, 2005
Die Gnümpf-Materie by glc-studios Comedy
War sicher nicht alles auf meiner linie aber alleine die Tatsache das der alte George W. 'not amused' wäre macht die Sache 4-Sterne wert. reviewed December 23, 2005
Meine diabolischen Nachbarn (Teil 1) by spacepage2000 Horror
Schwer eine bewertung abzugeben zu einer Hommage an einen Film den man nicht gesehen hat, vor allem wenn diese Hommage sich als klassischer Kliffhänger erweist. 4-Sterne im vertrauen darauf das der Re... reviewed December 23, 2005
Assassins by Tal0n Action
Wirklich gute ansätze. Es ist nur etwas schwer sich mit der Hauptfigur des Filmes zu Identifizieren was es recht mühsam macht sich den Film anzusehen. (Der Kerl scheint ein echtes probleme mit Frauen ... reviewed December 23, 2005
Faust 2006 by Machiavelli82 Horror
Gelungene modernisierung der Faust legende, nur schade das kein platz war für die Gretchen untergeschichte, aber Gründgens meisterwerk darf man sicher nicht erwarten. Mir gefiel vor allem die Weiblich... reviewed December 22, 2005
The Case Of Max Fisher by Icejack80 Action
So Max Paine got his movie sooner than we thoght ;-). I'd say it's a three Star Movie for there are a lot of things you have to work on(The fact that your actors speak with closed mouthes for example)... reviewed December 22, 2005
Blood and Bullets by a2k13 Action
Featured Review
That was a tough one to rate. The Story is a bit jumpy but overall it has nice touches so I think with a bit more work we can expect a fine western movie from you. Maybe you should try straightening o...
reviewed December 22, 2005
Inventory by azuresama Sci-Fi
I'd say its a 3-Star Movie. But I loved playing those stupid adventures, and as a hommage it's well done: one Star up. reviewed December 21, 2005
The Beast by thedirector69 Horror
That's quite decent for one and half minutes. reviewed December 20, 2005
Lupi Maximi by diamondhammer Horror
Well, it lives up to its predecessor. Has It's funny moments, but it still is a bit undecided. reviewed December 20, 2005
Lupus Maximus by diamondhammer Horror
Not bad, just a bit lenghty after it's highly suspensful beginning. Let's see what the sequel brings. reviewed December 20, 2005
A Strange Breakfast by BigDaddyBo Sci-Fi
It's rather disappointing. Your 'sort of' description doesn't match the movie. reviewed December 19, 2005
When Leaves Fall by King_Dumpalot Horror
Not bad, it actually has a story. Thought the 'oh, he isn't dead' scene is way overused in the The Movies movies. And I find the mumbling sounds a bit irritating (that is why I leave them out). reviewed December 18, 2005
Vergeltung by TimBurtonFan Horror
Featured Review
Gelungener Film. Erinnert an die besseren EC Storys.
reviewed December 16, 2005
Edgar Allen Poes - The Telltale Heart by justin_in_bangor Horror
I'm a huge admirer of Poe's work, so I watched this with mixed feelings. But I have to say that you perfectly captured the atmosphere of his story and proved that his work truly is timeless. Even if t... reviewed December 15, 2005
Plain Hokey by silentbob1971 Romance
Well, at least the Subtitles show that do done something (unlike many others) instead of just posting an random assortment of Scenes. reviewed December 13, 2005
Bar on South Waterfront by ChristinaLV Romance
Featured Review
Really Funny. I like you're kind of humour and I think your work is improving. You're first film seemed to me a lot like an attempt on a Blue Movie, but this one has it's Romantic moments. Thought I ...
reviewed December 12, 2005
End by bonathan Horror
Not bad at all, is has a Story and flow. Thought, you may want to extend it a bit. reviewed December 12, 2005
The Only Good Zombie Is A Dead Zombie by Camaero Horror
It's no keeper, but I'll give it 4-Stars anyway. Reminds me a lot of Romero's Zombi: The world around them is falling apart, but they're certainly having fun. Also found the VO entertaining as hell, b... reviewed December 12, 2005
Wake me up again and again by RandolphStephan Action
Die musik war eine wilkommene abwechslung, aber erzählende untertitel? Das stört den erzählfluss und bremst den Film unnötig aus. Ich denke weniger Untertitel und eine straffung der handlung würde dem... reviewed December 12, 2005
Jeune femme partagerait amant by RaphaelFacchini Action
Featured Review
I didn't get the end. Why did he kill her? Anyway, 2-Stars for effort.
reviewed December 12, 2005
Space lovers by Bronsonmcsmash Sci-Fi
I didn't get it. What was this all about? Anyways, I'll give you a Star for VO. reviewed December 11, 2005
The Writer by acen8 Comedy
Man was I glad when the music finally stopped. Cool backgrounds, but the movie is a bit slow. I think should cut it down, try to get it to move a bit faster. reviewed December 11, 2005
Nothing But Red by kaipan Horror
Well, hit me if that isn't the classic urban legend you get to here in one or another way all over the world. But it was brilliantly done. Perfekt VO (understood no word). And the best editing i saw s... reviewed December 10, 2005
The Mummie vs the Werewolf by gummer Horror
It's long and pointless, but has a few nice jokes nonetheless. If I wasn't a great fan of the wolves i'd give it 2-Stars at the most. reviewed December 10, 2005
Nosferatu eine Symphonie des Graunes by tbirdt94 Horror
First of all: I'm huge fan of both the old version and the Herzog version of Nosferatu (his only good movie, so I certainly was bound to be disappointed. None the less, it turned out to be not as bad ... reviewed December 10, 2005
Scar Wars A New Soap- Trailer by MoviesManiac Comedy
Featured Review
Ah well, how do you rate a trailer? It has made me want to see the upcoming Movie (but till then I surly forgot it) so I think it does it's work. Anyway only 4 Stars (can't give 5 to trailers, now can we?)
reviewed December 8, 2005
Grocery Shopping by MoviesManiac Comedy
Don't wan't to spoil your rating, but I had hard time following the movie due to the font type you chose and the timing of your subtitles. But for a first movie it shows great potential. I really thin... reviewed December 8, 2005
Kid The Kidder by betelman Comedy
Nicely done, a real black comedy. The first movie under 2 min. that has a story, far as I can tell (I mean the part about being the first, it obviously has a story). reviewed December 8, 2005
Why you should eat more fiber! by Forcemaster2000 Comedy
I don't now what fiber is, but I like the thought of thousands of americans dying on their toilet. That has to look pretty silly on your gravestone. reviewed December 8, 2005
The Frog Prince by Crull87 Comedy
Funny really, thought the VO hurt a bit. But I keep wondering...how did the poison avoid the hole in his breast? ;-) reviewed December 8, 2005
Wild West Eastern by FreakyFlyer Action
Featured Review
Good movie. Nice editing and an actual story, don't see that often here.
reviewed December 8, 2005
Vollmond by Colo Horror
Honestly, it's not that good (thought three stars anytime) but you get brownie points because I luv the wolves. I really think you should make a DC of it, a bit more story and it's worth it's five. reviewed December 7, 2005
Bring out your Dead by HBB Horror
First of all, you're heroine with the soon to get back pain made me think that I was watching an Russ Mayer film. You have a great start thought, very atmospheric. Unfortunately by the time she enter... reviewed December 7, 2005
Attack of the Space Chicken by kodenkabau Horror
A bit more of a story would have been nice, but decent VO. reviewed December 7, 2005
Love and a Monster by ChristinaLV Romance
Still not my genre, but I found this one rather entertaining. And, by the way, I actually never wondered why monsters don't use guns... reviewed December 4, 2005
Desert Delights by ChristinaLV Romance
A gay version of the Blue Lagoon? Or just the intro to a Blue Movie? Anyway, not exactly my genre, but it had subtitles and kinda story so i'll give two stars. I've seen worse movies here.) reviewed December 4, 2005
Ein Toaster dreht durch by glc-studios Sci-Fi
Guter Film. Endlich ist die Frage geklärt wo die Darsteller die Waffe heraus ziehen. reviewed November 27, 2005
Until the end ep1 by intoxik8 Action
Good movie, thought without the subtitles it took a while to get the drift... reviewed November 27, 2005
Guns Gangsters and women by intoxik8 Action
Well, didn't quite catch the Story. reviewed November 27, 2005
Star Finders War at Revas by kryckan44 Sci-Fi
I'll agree with the above, maybe not the VO thing, but try to get a bit more of the Story across. reviewed November 26, 2005
Star Finders The Enders by kryckan44 Sci-Fi
It's not that bad. I'll give the rest a try. reviewed November 26, 2005
True Love by patrickws Comedy
Working on a Blue Movie career, are we? reviewed November 26, 2005
German Way of Life by Wanja Comedy
Featured Review
Funny. Funny and Charming. Right to the point, Germans as they live and breath.
reviewed November 26, 2005
Only At The Point Of Dyin by theboosh Action
Featured Review
Awesome! Who was your main influence, Leone or Corbucci?
reviewed November 24, 2005
Gay Cowboys in Love by novotny Action
Great Movie, hadn't so much fun watching stereotypes since Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. reviewed November 23, 2005
Icarus - Chapter II by Hmuda Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Reminds me a lot of those good ol' days when Flash Gordon endet every week with an Cliffhanger. Good work, keep it up.
reviewed November 22, 2005
Icarus - Chapter I by Hmuda Sci-Fi
Great Start. I think this was the best executed The Movies Movie I saw so far. But then again it's the first Sci-Fi Movie I watched here. Maybe I should just skip watching those so called Horror Movies. reviewed November 22, 2005
The Destiny Part 1 by varder_kiften Sci-Fi
Where the hell's the Story? reviewed November 22, 2005
Terror Tales - Of Chief Concern by HyperGnome Horror
Well, pretty nifty as far as I can tell. Great voice acting. I'd cut the Headshot at the end, but apart from that I liked what I saw. Those wmv's that The Movies generate are so damn dark... reviewed November 20, 2005
Demons Gamble by AlexStar6 Horror
Well, comments as above, I agree mostly on the part about the Voice Acting. Really awesome. 4 Stars, because what the heck should I give xour next Movie? 6 Stars? reviewed November 17, 2005
Gologtha Lives! by cdavey Horror
Sorry, but I don't see the point of the Story. reviewed November 17, 2005