Number of Movies: 14
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 4.07

Number of Movies Reviewed: 184
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 38
Average Rating Given: 4.35
Movies Released by DaVoS888
MAGIC - The Beginning Action
MAGIC THE BEGINNING Well, here it is! The first ever Stunts and Effects Fantasy movie, with special effects, and custom just about everything! Please leave a nice little review, and happy v... posted June 18, 2006
Character Faltor Action Not Rated
PLEASE DO NOT RATE!!! This is an entry to Arawna's competition. ================ DO NOT RATE IT!! ================ posted April 21, 2006
Psychology of a Hitman Action
Why does a hitman do what he does? No-one knows... Starring Mortalitis_Infinitas, TigerEyes, Lizard3209 and Timo666 Written by WorldCriticProductions Directed and Produced by DaVoS888 A movie by WCP-D... posted April 4, 2006
WCP-DaVoS Productions - A Preview Action
No Description posted March 31, 2006
The House Horror
There is a house... posted March 15, 2006
Bad Luck Comedy
Custom music, custom titles and credits, voice overs by erinnicole93 and mattdawg420, subtitles... (The music was actually mixed on my phone!) The plot is about a guy called Chris who has the world's... posted March 2, 2006
Tragedy - Parental Guidence Horror
This is the first in a series of (fairly) shorts called 'Tragedy' which are what they sound like. In this episode, see what happens when you don't take your parent's advice. Full VO's and subtitles. posted February 13, 2006
Dead Mans War Action
Full VO's and Lip Sync. A serious war movie showing the terrors of war through the eyes of Sergeant Aaron Allender, who suffers terrible losses at war. posted February 4, 2006
Doctor Who 2005 Trailer Sci-Fi
My new series based on the actual scipts of the epic Dr Who 2005 series. All music and sounds are used with permission. If you enjoyed this, check out The Life of Ryan at http://movies.lionhead.com/mo... posted January 22, 2006
The Life of Ryan Sci-Fi
I DARE YOU TO WATCH - RANDOM ROBOT STUFF!!! WOO My robot version of the classic everything goes wrong film, "The Life Of Brian", but with a different storyline. It has full voice overs and lasts abou... posted January 16, 2006
The Life of Ryan Sci-Fi Not Rated
My robot version of the classic everything goes wrong film, "The Life Of Brian", but with a different storyline. It has full voice overs and lasts about five minutes. In this episode, Ryan and friend... posted January 15, 2006
The Life of Ryan Sci-Fi Not Rated
Hi everyone. This movies is a sci-fi comedy, and its my first movie with full voice-overs. Its 5 minutes long, and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks, DaVoS888 posted January 8, 2006
Santas Rap Action
Hey sorry about calling it an action movie: its supposed to be comedy, but hey. Its basically me just fooling around with voices, and having a bit of fun. Thanks to all you people who are giving me go... posted December 30, 2005
Crazy Carl Fox Comedy
Yeah, this is actually trash. I only put it on so I could get my money for the santa props. I'm gonna take it off soon though. posted December 30, 2005
Movies Reviewed by DaVoS888
Light and Darkness by mocemanix Sci-Fi
That was a very good movie; you should be proud of yourself. I haven't watched any movies since about December, and I am glad that yours was the first movie I have seen since then. It was well made, h... reviewed July 3, 2007
Pirates - Episode II by richegroover Action
Featured Review
Fantastic! Really shows why the Pirates series is TMO's most popular series of movies ever to be made. There was a very annoying sound lag in that movie, of about 2-3 seconds, which made things quite ...
reviewed January 4, 2007
Memoirs Of A War Veteran by 05JSMEDL Action
Wow. That was a very emotional movie. You have to be a very talented director to show so much sadness with just a two minute movie. You should be praised. reviewed December 23, 2006
The Desperado by Master_Hitman Action
Featured Review
TTAA Quick Review: Wow... that really was quite something. Never ever judge a movie by its length... this one was truly brilliant. Great work, and I look forward to seeing more from you. Grade = A
reviewed October 22, 2006
Horror Of The Werewolf by nukester Horror
TTAA Quick Review: Another amazing movie from you, Nukester! I'm lost for words. Brilliant! Grade = A+ reviewed October 22, 2006
Fire and Forget III by nukester Action
TTAA Quick Review: W-o-W! This is one of the hottest action movies I have ever seen! It's absolutely amazing! Very, very well done Nukester. Grade = A+ reviewed October 22, 2006
Outlaws of the Bog by MrSmithee Action
TTAA Quick Review: That's a pretty good movie! You should be proud of yourself, well done. Grade = A- reviewed October 22, 2006
Dignity of Men by sherwinliu Romance
TTAA Quick Review: What an amazing movie... Need I say more? Grade = A+ reviewed October 22, 2006
Dance Zombies Dance music video Trailer by dude123456 Comedy
TTAA Quick Review: Okaaaay.... That was just plain weird! Good though... Grade = C+ reviewed October 22, 2006
Money Talks by tremblett Romance
TTAA Quick Review: So much meaning into such a short film.... very, very well done! Grade = B reviewed October 22, 2006
Cold Hearted by 02PARSIM Sci-Fi
TTAA Quick Review: What a movie! Easily the best robot movie since VAL, if not even better. Brilliant. Grade = A+ reviewed October 22, 2006
Little Black Riding Hood by tomasm Horror
TTAA Quick Review: One of the best horror movies I have watched in a while. Great job! Grade = A reviewed October 22, 2006
The Wonders of Gin by runo Comedy
TTAA Quick Review: What an incredibly well made movie. The music fitted perfectly, and the editing was flawless. Very, very well done indeed. Grade = A reviewed October 22, 2006
How to Operate your Automobile by runo Comedy
Featured Review
TTAA Quick Review: Wow, that was funny! It shows two of the biggest issues in our society today, drink-driving, and sexism. But your movie shows them both the other way around: acceptable, and in fac...
reviewed October 22, 2006
A Tale about a Tale - Part one by Aoimtxvzlmser Comedy
Featured Review
TTAA Quick Review: That was a fantastic film! Funny, smart, and well made. Congratulations! Grade = A
reviewed October 22, 2006
In the Name of Rose by Sage_Xu Action
TTAA Quick Review: This is a damn good action movie! Well done! Grade = A- reviewed October 22, 2006
i dont like the drugs but the drugs like me by Tsunamidog Action
TTAA Quick Review: Well done! This movie certainly made an impact. It has a very firm message, which will hopefully sink in. It was something new, and fresh, and I liked it. Good job! Grade = B+ reviewed October 22, 2006
View From a Window by sgporsche48 Horror
TTAA Quick Review: Great film! Some of the dialogues could have used a bit more 'bulk', but on the whole, this was a very good movie. Well done. B+ reviewed October 22, 2006
Listen! by Tal0n Romance
TTAA Quick Review: This movie is so deep. I found myself shocked, and almost close to tears by the end of it. It really does reflect modern day society, and the more and more we are turning our backs... reviewed October 22, 2006
Super Dudes 1 the formation of the supers by dude123456 Action
TTAA Quick Review: Nothing too special about this movie, but it was a relatively okay movie all the same. Grade = C reviewed October 22, 2006
The Legend of EverSum by dude123456 Sci-Fi
TTAA Quick Review: Really helps to explain about 'The Journey'. I found myself enjoying it. Nice music! Good job. Grade = B- reviewed October 22, 2006
The Mafia Bloodshed by dude123456 Action
TTAA Quick Review: Not too bad, for a gangster movie. Well done! Grade = B reviewed October 22, 2006
Journey by dude123456 Action
TTAA Quick Review: Not a bad movie, but there was a lot to be desired. Make sure you get spelling and grammar correct in your subtitles, and tighter editing would also have been nice. Good job though... reviewed October 22, 2006
SHERIFF SID LAW Chapter 2 by hmrubicon Action
Featured Review
TTAA Quick Review: You continue to impress me. I know you classed this as an action movie, but I really think that it is a comedy, and so don't be surprised to see if it shortlists as a comedy rather...
reviewed October 22, 2006
ALIENS EARTH HIVE 3 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
TTAA Short Review: A really good movie. I wouldn't say it was as good as number 2, but a great attempt at a cinematic masterpiece all the same. Great job! Grade = B+ reviewed October 22, 2006
ALIENS EARTH HIVE 2 by hmrubicon Sci-Fi
TTAA Short Review: Well, well, well. I wasn't expecting anything nearly this good. This movie really impressed me, and I am glad you nominated it. A serious contender for the Best Sci-Fi movie, so a ... reviewed October 22, 2006
King Kong 1970 by MBStudios Action
TTAA Quick Review: This movie was very short, so I was expecting some good, fast-paced action, and yet there was barely anything to it. Misuse of over-used scenes such as "Ain't over yet!" make it al... reviewed October 22, 2006
The Undead by MBStudios Horror
TTAA Quick Review: There was not a lot to this movie at all. It was just a typical zombie movie. Much, much tighter editing was needed, and there were many bits I did not understand. What was all the... reviewed October 22, 2006
D L grand theft larceny of doom by kingpengvin Comedy
TTAA Quick Review: This is a great comedy movie! It made me laugh hard, and I am so glad you nominated it! Great job, well done. Grade = A- reviewed October 22, 2006
DOOM LEGION meeting of Doom by kingpengvin Comedy
TTAA Short Review Good movie! It was funny in places, and the VO's worked; they were funny, suited the characters, and were well done. Overall, this was a pretty good movie, so well done! Grade = B+ reviewed October 22, 2006
CC Journey Through Time and Space by Penut Comedy
TTAA Quick Review: That was great. Gave me a few stomach-ticklers. And I am a fan of random, pointless movies! But it would have helped a little if it was slightly less random in some places. Overall... reviewed October 22, 2006
CENSORED! (TM) by MrDeMillipede Comedy
Featured Review
TTAA Quick Review: A good comedy gives you a few tickles. A great comedy makes you laugh until it hurts. Thats what CENSORED! does to you. A great comedy, well done. Grade = A
reviewed October 22, 2006
Mancini by DNR Action
TTAA Quick Review: What a fantastic movie. Absolutely flawless. One of the biggest successes as a movie on TMO, from one of the biggest successes of a director. This is an action movie you cannot for... reviewed October 22, 2006
She will always live forever 3 part 1 by derbyrams Action
TTAA Short Review: Not bad at all. This was a pretty good movie, and not far from a five star. The story could have done with a bit more, maybe by concentrating a bit harder on scriptwriting? Good VO... reviewed October 22, 2006
End of Memories 2 by Bolch Action
TTAA Quick Review: Wow! What a movie. I felt myself gasping for air as I watched Jane Adder trying to save the world. This is one of the best action movies I have seen in a long while. Great job, wel... reviewed October 22, 2006
Space Generation - The First Encounter by DoubleMPee Sci-Fi
TTAA Quick Review: Although some movies without subs or VOs can occasionally work, I am sad to say that I don't think this one did. I couldn't really understand much of it. It looked as though you ha... reviewed October 22, 2006
The Egyptian Curse by Fozz20 Action
TTAA SHORT REVIEW: What a brilliant movie! You should be proud. Grade = A reviewed October 22, 2006
Malloy - Chapter Two by DaRKoNe462 Action
Featured Review
I said I was going to watch this movie, so here's the review: Wow. That was awesome. I was hoping to watch something good, after the first rate opening chapter. This movie wasn't good, however. It wa...
reviewed September 2, 2006
Error Trailer by moshpit2010 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Great trailer Mosh! Can't wait for the movie.
reviewed July 20, 2006
The Reality lite by Psychokatalog Romance
That was a fantastic story, and a fantastic movie. You just keep getting better and better, and the voice acting was great, even you as Paul! Well done, and keep up the good work! reviewed June 30, 2006
thieves never win by worldcriticproductions Action
Featured Review
Hehe, nice first try WCP. Please can everyone take not that this is NOT a WCP-DaVoS movie, this is just a muck-about with S&E to get WCP's moviemaking skills up to a good standard for The Illuminati. ...
reviewed June 26, 2006
Malloy Chapter One by DaRKoNe462 Action
This is DaVoS888's review for the DaVoS888 Review Thread Plot/Characters - 9/10 - The plot was a very nice one indeed. I could immedietly tell what was going on as soon as the opening credits rolled ... reviewed June 26, 2006
Kung Fu Pow by SeanySpeilberg Action
Haha. Great movie, Seany, I loved it. Great ideas, decent voice acting, and gave me the odd chuckle. Great job, more like this from you please! reviewed June 18, 2006
Space Opera 3000 Rise of the Dark Stars by darryhick Sci-Fi
Featured Review
Wow! That was some movie. The special effects are amazing! You should feel very proud. Great job!
reviewed June 2, 2006
Violent Dream by a2k13 Horror
Featured Review
Here is DaVoS888's review No offence mate, but there is nothing in that at all which really makes it a movie. There's just a couple of scenes thrown together, and that's it. I'm giving you an extra s...
reviewed May 20, 2006
Clowns trailer by adison11 Horror
Good idea. This movie looks OK, I look forward to the release. (I can only give trailers 3*) Don't be so mean, Zach. There is a very limited selection of scenes in TMO, and I dont think this guy mean... reviewed May 14, 2006
Dawn Of Evil by Hami13 Horror
This is DaVoS888's review: You know what? This is a pretty good movie - dunno why no-ones noticed it yet. I would have liked to see some voice overs, but no worries, I could understand everything any... reviewed May 13, 2006
The First Adventures of Twiggy and Sticky by satansmunchkin Action
Stupid... pointless... but hey!It was great! Loved it, love your talent. Please come back to TMO... reviewed May 11, 2006
Santa by remeberthis Action
This is DaVoS888's review. Sorry. This was poor. There was no effort put into this movie at all - there were just a few, overused scenes shoved together in an attempt to make a movie. I'm sorry I had... reviewed May 6, 2006
I am I and you are by Psychokatalog Romance
A very good movie here. I think you understood the whole plot and everything very well! The colour effects were just brilliant to see, and I think the whole thing was very well made. This was a superb... reviewed April 28, 2006
Restless Dead III - Death in the Dark by jameseva Horror
Here is DaVoS888's review for the WCP-DaVoS review thread. Yep, this was a good horror. It followed on from the great success of it's slasher-style prequels, and it worked. This stands out from the o... reviewed April 24, 2006
The Manny Jones Show (Episode Two) by benstudios1991 Comedy
Here is DaVoS888's review for the WCP-DaVoS Review Thread: That was a good movie you have here Ben. Shows you are a good one to make comedies. There was some great dialogue and voice overs in this mo... reviewed April 24, 2006
dream by FoDooG Sci-Fi
Featured Review
DaVoS888's review. Hmm. You said it wasn't funny, and it wasn't. You said it was serious, and I suppose I'd agree with that. But you said nothing about strange, and that it most certainly was. But it...
reviewed April 24, 2006
Odyssey Jones and the Chariots 2 by AlexBradley Action
Wow! That was incredible! The best special effects I've seen for a lonf time, and easily the movie with the most effort put into it on the whole of TMO. I haven't seen you around on The Movies forums.... reviewed April 24, 2006
Toasty by reafreak29 Comedy
Holy crap, that was hilarious! Anything that takes the p**s outta Butchered_Studios is great! I see you've mixed toasty and Harry Potter together! Nice job! reviewed April 21, 2006
Bone Deep by butchered_studios Horror
Ahhh! Yowza, that was gory! Goryier than the Torture Brothers! Hey - I liked it! Good music, good voice overs, good atmosphere. Nice job! reviewed April 19, 2006
Rewind Effect Demo by kevinduh Action
Featured Review
Great idea! Thanks for doing it. Didn't turn out quite right, though. Maybe next time the segments should be much smaller. Thanks for showing us another tech demo though. If this works properly, the...
reviewed April 17, 2006
Anti-War campaign by Th3J4ck4l Action
A very sad and very touching movie. The subtitles were also very good. Unfortunately, I couldn't make out much of a plot from that movie. The story was very thin, and all there really was to back up t... reviewed April 17, 2006
The Baggage Boy by dannyableman Comedy
Please, oh god please stop uploading this. Put some effort into a movie, and then you may get higher ratings. This? This was really poor. reviewed April 17, 2006
POWER Hunted by Arawna11 Action
Wow. Arawna, you just keep getting better and better. That POWER felt more like a movie than all the others. How long did it take to make? Excellent dialogue, exellent backdrops, excellent music, an... reviewed April 17, 2006
HOLY BLOOD by alfric Comedy
This is DaVoS888's review for the WCP-DaVoS Review Thread Well, what do we have here? My guess is a damn good movie! You did very well here in the basic storytelling of the movie. There wasn't a part... reviewed April 16, 2006
Haunting Tales ACT 2 by betelman Horror
Here is DaVoS888's review for the WCP-DaVoS Review Thread. Well, it's not often at all that I see a horror movie which actually succeeds in scaring me - even a little bit. Haunting Tales is one of th... reviewed April 16, 2006
Spare Change by Informatics Horror
Here is DaVoS888's review from the WCP-DaVoS review thread. Well, a very good movie we have here. For only the second you've ever done, and the first you've ever done properly, I think that you've do... reviewed April 16, 2006
The Soul Ranger 2 by nightmare2146 Horror
! The voice overs in this movie are great! They just add to the characters perfectly, and develop them a lot more. The storyline was better than the first, I thought, and the music was also a lot bett... reviewed April 15, 2006
The Lainator by reafreak29 Action
Lala. Well, that was a good movie. Sure didn't seem to Lala-last 6 minutes to me! The voice overs and music were incredible, as was the story. I can't remeber how many times I Lala-Laughed in this mov... reviewed April 13, 2006
Leet Fighters by reafreak29 Action
That was a great movie! The voice overs were as good as you can get, and the music was perfectly chosen and perfectly timed. The characters were also built up very stronly, and so was the plot. Probab... reviewed April 13, 2006
King Arthurs English Quest by cd3141 Action
I liked the idea, but the "Co ck" gag wasn't particulalry funny. And the voice overs were not spectacular either. But apart from that, this movie wasn't too bad! Thanks, DaVoS888 reviewed April 13, 2006
The TMOscars! by StevenKreg Romance
Woohooo! The oscars are done! That was great. Congratulations to all the winners! reviewed April 11, 2006
Slay Em All! by Don_Omair Horror
That was very good for a first attempt. I can forgive you for the sound as it was clearly not your fault. Well done here, an incredible atmosphere built up! Gratz. reviewed April 10, 2006
Revenge of the Gun II by Firestalker5 Action
That was good! I loved the plot, and the characters I thought were developed and played very well. You got the whole feel to the story, as I like to see, and I thought the dialouge was all very well w... reviewed April 9, 2006
Hunting Ground by butchered_studios Horror
That wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but it was good. The special effects were very good, and the gore reminded me of Patty82's Torture Brothers. The music was a bit boring, as it was from the g... reviewed April 9, 2006
Crime Does Pay (Part Two) by DFIK Action
Good job! Some really good voice overs here, and a wonderful plot. The music, although not great, did fit pretty well. And the characters were developed well too! All in all, a good job! Well done! reviewed April 8, 2006
FEAR by patty82 Horror
Wow! That was scary! I think you just topped Torture Brothers. And this (hopefully) will never have to be removed! An excellent movie, well done! I would recommend this. reviewed April 7, 2006
The Search by Stormwhitelab Horror
Featured Review
A very good movie here! You should be congratulated. The voice overs were obviously excellent, and that's what you would expect from incredible voice actors like these. There was a really good plot wi...
reviewed April 5, 2006
The Spy who laughed about me by Spaceman72 Action
That was a very commendable effort! Did you use computer-generated voices for the voice acting, or are you just a very robot sounding person! But anyway, I liked the voice overs. The plot was great as... reviewed April 3, 2006
Commercial-bunny by BamRyan Comedy
To be honest, there wasn't too much in that. But I've seen worse, much worse. The subtitles, I'm glad to say, were good, but there wasn't much of a story or a plot to it from what I could see. Again, ... reviewed April 1, 2006
The Adventures Of Justice Grease by reafreak29 Comedy
That was quite good! It was funny, and well planned out. There were some great costumes in there, as well as some great voice overs. Again, as with many people, different/more music would do wonders f... reviewed April 1, 2006
Scarred man !!! episode 2 by Dave2k6 Horror
That wasn't too bad. Some nice ideas, some good characters, and a good storyline. The movie was well planned and well paced, and I have to say well done here. Not a bad job indeed! Try and get some no... reviewed April 1, 2006
dog days by alfric Comedy
For 1 and a bit minutes, that was a darn good movie! The accents and voice overs were spot on, and they had perfectly timed subtitles too! The characters were well planned and well develped, and for s... reviewed April 1, 2006
The New Cowboys by woodoodle Comedy
That was a bit random! Quite funny though, which was good! The voice overs were not great, there was a bit of pop/puffing, they were quite quiet, and it was hard to distinguish the characters through ... reviewed April 1, 2006
Stalin Falls Down Stairs by Tigerlover Comedy
I cannot really give you a great score, as there wasn't a lot in here. But I can give you some VC's! There wasn't any voice overs, but there was some OK subtitles. It was a bit too short for anything ... reviewed April 1, 2006
Penetration by Throwaxe Action
Wow. That is quite something! Personally, I think that I would have benefited from some dialogue/voice overs. It wasn't really difficult to understand the story though, which seemed strange. It was we... reviewed April 1, 2006
The Missing by jjpatel Horror
That was quite spooky! Well, it wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but it was still quite good. There was a good storyline, good use of music, and well planned out characters. There was only really... reviewed April 1, 2006
LEGACY Pt 1- For The Love of A Woman by deenswe2003 Action
Well, what can I say? A brilliant movie, which I enjoyed watching every little bit of. The voice overs were some of the best on TMO, with an excellent range of voices used. The story was well-planned,... reviewed April 1, 2006
Die or Assasinate by sylanderstudios06 Action
OK. Well, where shall I start? The story wasn't exceptional, but there were good bits in that movie. Some of the action in it was really good, and well made, but there wasn't a huge storyline or plot ... reviewed April 1, 2006
Night Pass -part one by StevenKreg Sci-Fi
Wow! That is a fantastic movie! You should be proud! The set design and custom backdrops were basically enough to earn this beauty a 5* rating from me anyway, but it just couldn't stop there! There w... reviewed March 31, 2006
Endless by satansmunchkin Romance
I thought I was going to give you a 3, maybe a 4 at a push. The subtitles were nothing special, neither was the music, and so neither was the movie. I liked the custom backdrops with the little speech... reviewed March 31, 2006
Revenge of the Space Gorilla From Beyond by jdunbar80 Sci-Fi
Featured Review
That was funny. I saw your flush of 5 stars, and was afraid I'd be the first to give it a 4, but you have proved my fears wrong. It was funny, with great voices, a brilliant storyline, and enough laug...
reviewed March 31, 2006
Santa Saves The Day by Bolt333 Action
That wasn't too bad. The story needs a lot more developing. Try and use custom music - game music is too old now! But a very good use of subtitles! So well done. reviewed March 31, 2006
Dumb City Tales Episode 1 I-spy PI Inc by Timo666 Comedy
It was a fairly funny movie and was going for a 5 star rating, apart from the fact that a lot of the voice overs were either a bit off-timed or too quiet. But a good movie anyway, so well done! reviewed March 31, 2006
The Demon Catcher -Episode 1 by egg_is_here Action
That's a good movie! Well done egg! reviewed March 29, 2006
The Soul Ranger by nightmare2146 Horror
Featured Review
Aaah! That was scary near the end! Shows you can make great movies without voice overs as well as with them. Great use of editing there too. Well done - keep it up!
reviewed March 27, 2006
PORN DEMO by michanist Romance
I dont know how it got to #1, but you've just mucked about with it, and I have to give you an extra star there just for having the guts to do it. Not exactly porn though really, is it? reviewed March 25, 2006
Zelda Song by Prank4Sure Action
Here is my review: Story/Plot: 7/10 - Not really a big story here; just seemed like a guy on a horse most of the time. Originality: 10/10 - OK. It was original. Ill grant you that. I've seen music vid... reviewed March 19, 2006
Bungle Book (prologue) by betelman Comedy
Featured Review
Here is my review: Plot/Story: 9/10 - As it was only the prolouge, I cannot tell what the real thing will be like. From what I could tell however is that it is going to be good. Originality: 9/10 - Ne...
reviewed March 19, 2006
My Final Breath by akinis Romance
Featured Review
Here is my review: Plot/Story: 9/10 - I could tell you had a definate plot in mind when making this movie, and although you didn't tell me much, I understood. I loved the way you fed me little bits of...
reviewed March 19, 2006
The News According to Alan Davis 2 by JazzBlack Comedy
Featured Review
Here is my review: Plot/Story: 8/10 - Not really a huge plot to it, but I liked what I saw, and there were a couple of places in the movie I laughed at, such as the intro where he was thrown over the ...
reviewed March 19, 2006
Halloween Night by 02PARSIM Horror
This was a good, scary movie. Shame the pumpkin couldnt do a lot, but I liked this movie a lot anyway. 5 stars! reviewed March 16, 2006
NO No id rather you didnt do that by fuzzduck Sci-Fi
That was a great, funny movie. Keep it up! reviewed March 15, 2006
The Ebay Song by henrypowell Comedy
Haha! Thats funny. Great song, and use of sound used here. Congrats. reviewed March 15, 2006
Hell Is For The Dead by kyuko Horror
Great movie. The dead sure belong in hell... Anyway, welcome to TMO, as I see you havent been here much. Good luck in the future; I can see the potential. reviewed March 15, 2006
Zombie Dawn by sentientsoftware Horror
That wasnt too bad, well done, especially for only your second movie. reviewed March 13, 2006
Sid by BamRyan Comedy
Featured Review
For something so short, you made that movie exceptionally well. Congrats.
reviewed March 12, 2006
Farting Contest by KeViNp Comedy
Seemed like a load of pointless rubbish to me, but then again I love pointless rubbish, so this gets five stars for the same reason as capemedia. "So bad it was good" reviewed March 12, 2006
Prank Phone Call by zerosacred Comedy
Featured Review
Lol... that's so great. Short movies are always good cus you can watch them without risking time - so well done here.
reviewed March 12, 2006
Diamonds For Breakfast by TheMGMKid1 Comedy
Great... Fantastic! I loved this movie from start to finish, and I only wish there was more. You really understood how this movie worked, and I like that. All in all, you made a very convincing story,... reviewed March 11, 2006
Bullets are Forever starring Marshall Parris by the_georgeZILLA Action
Hey - thats great. The voice overs and the music were fantastic, and rarely have I seen a better four minutes of fim. Well done. NB: I am only 14, and not American, so I couldnt rate it on the Chrysl... reviewed March 11, 2006
KTV by Turtleky00212 Comedy
Featured Review
I liked that squirrel! Great movie from a great director - well done Turtleky.
reviewed March 11, 2006
53 secs to the end by tasmania11 Horror
Man, dunno what id have done. No - seriously, great movie. keep up the good work. reviewed March 10, 2006
Showdown in Foggytown by FoDooG Comedy
I dont know how you can make a horse that got so boring actually funny again, and how you keep coming up with new ways to make me laugh. Great work! reviewed March 9, 2006
Devolution by nightmare2146 Horror
Yet again, well done nightmare. I would have liked to have seen voice overs, as I have said before, but you did well enough on this movie to earn a five anyway. Well done, and keep it uo. reviewed March 9, 2006
Hot Babes 5 Revenge of the Lesbian by texson Action
That was much better than the rest - good work. reviewed March 5, 2006
Weird People And Wacky Behavior by Timo666 Comedy
That was good Timo. Keep it up! reviewed March 4, 2006
Blackbird by silver_fox_studios Action
Wow...Everything about that movie was incredible. Congrats. reviewed March 4, 2006
Double Target Vengance by jowo Comedy
Hah! That was good. I liked the backup plan thing: that was great the way the explosives came out of the vending machine. Short and sweet. The way I like it! Good movie, well done. reviewed March 3, 2006
Call me Jack and Then you Die! by nightmare2146 Horror
Featured Review
There was a couple of thing that I didn't understand, but the spoilers dealt with that. A good movie, well done.
reviewed March 3, 2006
The Afflicted by sherwinliu Sci-Fi
That was a stunner. I could tell that it was ever only going to get a five star rating right after I began to watch it. It had all the makings of a great movie, and I'll tell you what I liked most: th... reviewed March 3, 2006
Call me Jack by nightmare2146 Horror
Featured Review
Woow! Someone's got a nasty side! What's wrong with that freak! Yeah, that was a good movie actually. The music was all exactly in sync.
reviewed March 1, 2006
Jackie Rage Brotherhood of Pain! by nightmare2146 Action
Featured Review
That was actually a good movie. I liked basically all of that, esopecially the big long fight scene at the end. It was all done really well, although, again, it would be good to have some voice overs ...
reviewed February 27, 2006
Dell Customer Service by BENDICK44 Comedy
Here is my extensive review: Story/Plot: 9/10 - That was a good story. It was well structured, well thought out, and well executed. It was really funny as well. Originality: 9/10 - It was a fresh id... reviewed February 26, 2006
Moses The Late Recruit Trailer by kevinduh Sci-Fi
Here is my extensive review: Story/Plot: 4/10 - Yep. I can see that it is a trailer, and you did well for a trailer, as you gave away no obvious story, which was the right idea. I can't score it high... reviewed February 26, 2006
How To Be Cool in 3 Easy Steps by Tsunamidog Comedy
Here is my extensive review: Story/Plot: 8/10 - It was simple, believeable and funny. I liked every moment of this movie. Originality: 8/10 - Yep, that was fairly original. That kid reminds me of so... reviewed February 26, 2006
The Vice Prez goes HUNTING by yeagmaster Action
Here is my extensive review: Story/Plot: 6/10 - Not a huge amount here, except that I know that the Vice President has gone out for a spot of hunting. Originality: 6/10 - Nothing too old, nothing to... reviewed February 26, 2006
Fox The Immortal by nightmare2146 Comedy
Here is my extensive review: Story/Plot: 7/10 - I could tell what was happening, and I felt almost sorry for Fox. I don't know why he was called Fox though. I'd seen another movie, I forget what it's... reviewed February 26, 2006
Communication by rposhard Horror
Here is my extensive review: Story/Plot: 7/10 - There wasn't a real story in it, but one behind it. Did you base this on people on TMO who get reviewed badly (constructed critism) and then cannot tak... reviewed February 26, 2006
Captain Cosmo Once Again! by toolek Sci-Fi
Here is my extensive review: Story/Plot: 7/10 - For your first movie, this was a good effort. You had a plot, you had good characters, and I could distinguish between them. Originality: 6/10 - Nothi... reviewed February 26, 2006
I Miss My Pie by homemadeeye Romance
Here is my extensive review: Story/Plot: 4/10 - I'm sorry, but did a guy cry over a pie he'd just eaten? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Still, at least the story did follow a pattern, and it w... reviewed February 26, 2006
Ode to a loved one by chagidiel Horror
Here is my extensive review: Story/Plot: 8/10 - I understood what you were talking about. The story was good, and it built up to an excellent climax. Well done here. Originality: 9/10 - Never seen a... reviewed February 26, 2006
Bloodstream by SMURF2471 Horror
Featured Review
Here is my extensive review: Story/Plot: 6/10 - I didn't really see a huge storyline to it, but I could tell that it was thought out a little. Originality: 6/10 - It's always difficult to make an or...
reviewed February 26, 2006
Car Wars by newsteven Comedy
Im sorry, but I can't give any more than a two for that. Where was the plot? The storyline? The point? There wasn't a lot in that movie, and that was mainly because it wasn't even a minute long. Don't... reviewed February 25, 2006
Love Or Honesty by drybeanburrito Action
The plot was good, and you made the story well, but I agree that the costumes weren't really up to scratch. Still, I liked your story loads though, so you get a five. Please rate my movie: The Life of... reviewed February 20, 2006
Innocence sacrificed by chocolatemouse Romance
You can just sense the emotion: the sadness. The music added to it too, as well as the vo's. Everthing was good - and so sad. reviewed February 19, 2006
Hell Horse by bob2006 Horror
Man, that horse needs locking up - hes crazy. It was good overall, there were bad bits, but not enough to deserve anything less than a five. reviewed February 19, 2006
A world of dance by jowo Action
Featured Review
Woo wot a movie... DANCIN ALIENS do do do da da dee (I am mental) But hey, thats a decent movie. You should be proud of yourself. Well done. da da da dee :)
reviewed February 19, 2006
Baby for Sale by StokeStudios Romance
That had a lot more drama in it than any other movie I have seen on TMO for a while. Beautifully made, and well done reviewed February 13, 2006
The Taken (Teaser) by 02PARSIM Horror
I never usually give trailers more thatn a 3, but this was something special. Well done, and I cannot wait for the proper thing - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HURRY UP WITH IT !!! please) reviewed February 13, 2006
Destiny of the Humans by AlexVanRoose Sci-Fi
Featured Review
I didn't really get the ending of that movie, but it was funny, and I enjoyed it.
reviewed February 13, 2006
The Cannibal File by Spaceman72 Horror
Featured Review
It was good, but you can't get any emotion out of these computer generated voices. Good plot and well edited though.
reviewed February 12, 2006
How it is to be dead by fant Comedy
Voices would have helped a little bit, but no worries, it was still good, and worth four stars. reviewed February 12, 2006
Bad Moon by D_QUICHOTTE Action
Ive seen werewolf movies before, but this and B(R)EASTS have got to be the best two. reviewed February 12, 2006
How Big Female Edition by Stormwhitelab Romance
If the voices had been clearer, and there were subtitles, this would have definately got a five. But good effort anyway, and I agree that there should be bigger bellies available (maybe even judging h... reviewed February 12, 2006
Cracker Jap Show - Jedi Mind Trick by sprague1980 Comedy
Great... All I can say. It was funny, witty, the music was well timed... One thing that I can say was wrong was that the lip-sync wasn't always right. Apart fromt that, it was a brilliant movie. Well done. reviewed February 11, 2006
Hairy Palms by ninette1 Comedy
What the hell?! reviewed February 9, 2006
Rude Dude Re-Cut by manton666 Romance
Very funny lol... That was great, but vocies would have helped. reviewed February 9, 2006
A Fairy Tale by Arawna11 Comedy
Wow... fantastic. I've never seen backdrops like the ones in this movie, which was totally original. FIve stars without a doubt. reviewed February 9, 2006
Tidgy Gets A Biscuit (REMIX WITH VO) by kevinduh Comedy
Featured Review
DaVoS888 like Tidgy... DaVoS888 give Tidgy 5 stars... No seriously, it was a great movie and it was very funny.
reviewed February 9, 2006
The Night of the Salesman 2 Venganza by Cheve Horror
Featured Review
Scary... he really shouln't have killed those lovers... Good movie though, and I liked it that you only used voices when it was appropriate. Well done.
reviewed February 7, 2006
One Terrible Night by Flipmanburn Horror
A slasher movie all the way, and it was creepy. Some really promising stuff that I liked, and I want to see more from you. reviewed February 7, 2006
Shadowcoat Part III by screamingtongue Action
Featured Review
Each movie is getting better and better in this series. I really liked this episode, and the voices were very convincing. Well done.
reviewed February 7, 2006
Red Sirus by pinkeyes26 Action
Ok... I don't know what the ending was about, but a solid movie nonetheless. Try to be more clear about what is supposed to be happening, and take longer if you have to. reviewed February 7, 2006
Ashley Porter in Forever Is Not a Verb by suedenim Action
James Bond has a sex change.. and becomes a hell of a lot better agent! This movie had it all: good Vo's music, plot, ideas, and it kept me watching. Great movie, and well done. reviewed February 7, 2006
The Last Ninja by visualstudios Action
If I could say anything bad about the movie, I would pick on the fact that the voices didnt't have a lot of emotion, but why should I? It was a really good movie, and I enjoyed it. Congrats. reviewed February 7, 2006
My Nightmare (Final Edition) by Diesel3009 Horror
It was a very good movie, and I'll take nothing away from you, but unfortunatley, I think the music (good as it was) overpowered the Voice Over's in some places. However, it was an original idea, to t... reviewed February 7, 2006
Broken Silence by giggles144 Comedy
Hahaha Thats well funny. I dunno why no1 else has voted... Anyway, I liked your humour, and I like the mime gag... PLease could you check out my movies on my studio page (click my name) thanks, and i... reviewed February 7, 2006
The Horror Of Greed by leejames929 Action
I lykd it but speech was too quik. It wasnt bad tho. reviewed February 6, 2006
Santa Strikes Back by Coolphil Comedy
It was funny, well plotted, but too many problems to get a five. reviewed February 5, 2006
Warship Dracoclaw by Nuggetdie Sci-Fi
Featured Review
All I can say about this movie is... BRILLIANT!
reviewed February 5, 2006
Eye of Cerberus (part 2) by Bolch Action
You did this kind of thing that only proper movies seem to do - and that is that you made me really understand and empathise with the female agent character. I'll be dammed if I'm missing any more of ... reviewed February 5, 2006
Eye of Cerberus by Bolch Action
You did this kind of thing that only proper movies seem to do - and that is that you made me really understand and empathise with the female agent character. I'll be dammed if I'm missing any more of ... reviewed February 5, 2006
JESUS VS EASTER The Cupcake Edition by MefuneAkira Comedy
That sure as heck was a good movie. If I ever see a funnier goddam movie than - whoops, sorry 'bout that. The voice overs were great, the music came in at places only where it needed too, and the outa... reviewed February 5, 2006
We closed our eyes by chocolatemouse Sci-Fi
Good job. I found this quite touching actually, and it was a hard topic to choose, and I think you did very well. You should be congratulated, and if this movie doesn't make it to the Warrington Film ... reviewed February 5, 2006
the omegakill bob vol2 by tasmania11 Action
I loved the music, the voices, the plot, and I really liked the way that you did the telephone scene. Nice movie, and keep it up. reviewed February 5, 2006
The Baggage Boy by kyle1995 Comedy
Why do people put this on the web??! Its awful... reviewed February 4, 2006
Strongman by vane101 Sci-Fi
Good uses of props, and it was funny in a strange sort of way, Keep making them like this, and your studio willdo great things. Please rate my movie, Doctor Who 2005 Trailer http://movies.lionhead.com... reviewed January 29, 2006
Bombed Town by Kleinberg Action
That is a damn good movie. I'm looking forwards to 'A Day to Forget' Make it a good 'un. reviewed January 29, 2006
Forever Comitted Part 1 by marcus118 Action
Featured Review
Yeah, a good movie. You should be proud. Please rate my movie, Doctor Who 2005 Trailer http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/45909
reviewed January 28, 2006
Iced Over Graves by MattDavidT Horror
Hey, good movie. I liked the VO's and the storyline. (NB Keep the subtitles slower) Please check out my movie, Doctor Who 2005 Trailer http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/45909 reviewed January 26, 2006
mr hitman by perrybigs Action
Hey, not bad. Music would have helped, but put some music in next time, and this will get a high rating. reviewed January 26, 2006
The Priests Amazing Adventure by aaronni Comedy
Featured Review
Haha lol. You may have mixed it up and made a couple (!) of mistakes, but that was well worth watching and for your first movie it is a good attempt. Keep it up Please rate my movie Doctor Who 2005 T...
reviewed January 22, 2006
Persist by uggerus Action
not bad.... good attempt please rate my movie Doctor Who 2005 Trailer http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/45909 reviewed January 22, 2006
Ze Man by rougebot Comedy
He sure is "Ze Man" Could you rate my movie please at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/45909 (IT IS DOCTOR WHO 2005 TRAILER) reviewed January 22, 2006
GBC Promotional Film by silentbob1971 Comedy
Featured Review
Hey, nice job. Can't wait for the Eastenders remake.
reviewed January 22, 2006
When The Taxman Calls by Farlington Sci-Fi
Nice Job, I like it! Please rate my movie, Doctor Who 2005 Trailer http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/45909 reviewed January 22, 2006
Tales of the school by wolverine1112 Comedy
Featured Review
right... it was funny Check out Doctor Who 2005 Trailer at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/45909
reviewed January 22, 2006
Underwear-Man by ben678 Comedy
Featured Review
ccoooooooooooooooollll watch Doctor Who 2005 Trailer @ http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/45909
reviewed January 22, 2006
High Noon Habibs by boggeyb Comedy
Nice! I like the dirty jokes. Well worth a five. reviewed January 22, 2006
Brokeback Warewolf by 6-Headedmonster Comedy
ha brilliant nice song, and screw the fatties! nice 1 reviewed January 22, 2006
Night of the Living TMO (special edition) by crazeyal Comedy
WOW!!!! That it honestly all that I can say. Without a doubt the best movie currently on here. Brilliant. (PS. Watch Life of Ryan, random robot at http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/42821) It is not bad.) reviewed January 16, 2006
buuny by zc384 Comedy
Wot the fu*k woz that? reviewed January 15, 2006
greenday live in the movies by steven william by kingsteve12 Action
Im sorry. It looked good on thw website but to be honest its just a load of pointless shouting. If you dont shout, but just play Greenday music, it will be a hell of a lot better. Give it another go. reviewed January 15, 2006
B(R)EASTS by tanguygetz Horror
An excellent movie which thoroughly deserves to be in the top 10 where it is. I hope you make more movies, because this one is fantstic reviewed January 14, 2006
The X-mas-Factor by Phoenix5001 Comedy
I dunno why he won, but you've got the characters right. Nice one, keep it up! reviewed January 1, 2006
The Lottery (30 Seconds of Bliss) by ozman69 Comedy
For 30 seconds, that was a good, funny movie, but I didnt laugh. reviewed December 30, 2005
Come On by FoDooG Comedy
So far, this is the best movie I have seen, and in some parts, I find it hard to believe that it was created by a game, not a professional movie studio. I loved it, especially the horse and bush gags,... reviewed December 30, 2005