Number of Movies: 10
Number of Winning Movies: 0
Average Rating Received: 3.97

Number of Movies Reviewed: 7
Number of Reviews Given that were Featured: 0
Average Rating Given: 3.43
Movies Released by Conrad-Nav
Ultimate Movie Game!!! Comedy
THis is my new movie game. I make a short clip and then you vote on what to do next. A) Run him over B) Drive by C) Leave him alone, you dont need cops sniffing around. posted August 7, 2006
I Shot the Sheriff Action
Ok. The names are kinda dumb, but I just named them that. And i want a SERIOUS rating. Stop saying "5 out of 5" then say "Rate my movie" I want a real rating. posted August 7, 2006
Crazy Mike Trailer Horror
This thing i made. I might make it a movie, only if i get good a rating. And, this is only a teaser trailer, things in this aren't going to happen in the actual movie. Peace out. Also, i took abou... posted August 4, 2006
Raining Death 2 Action Not Rated
The sequal to Raining Death 1. Dr. Death has kidnapped Agent. What will happen! posted August 4, 2006
HALO 2 Sci-Fi
Ok, the captions are completely screwed up. I have no idea what happened but, its messed up. Really sorry for that, im going to remake this and then the 3rd and final one. Sorry! posted August 3, 2006
Raining Death Action
I might make a sequal if this gets good enough ratings. It says action, but its an action/horror movie. posted August 2, 2006
Death Alien Sci-Fi
No Description posted August 2, 2006
Bonnie and Clyde Action
Best movie terms of quality and stuff. The captions are in synch and stuff. Im almost definitly going to get the expansion pack today. posted August 1, 2006
Adventures Of Father Kick-Ass Action
Ok, i still dont have the expansion pack and the captions are a little off, but overall i am pleased with this movie. posted August 1, 2006
Halo Sci-Fi
Tired of waiting for the Halo Movie? Well here it is. I dont have the Expansion Pack yet and im relatively new to making movies so this isint all that good. And sorry for the subtitles going by fa... posted July 31, 2006
Movies Reviewed by Conrad-Nav
Lesbian Encounter by Ruction Romance
*fap* *fap* *fap* reviewed August 7, 2006
War is Hell by ralfappel Horror
This isint good. Its just the Demo movie you get. Make your own movies. reviewed August 4, 2006
the death of hitler by mikse Action
Good but...change the props next time. They were not with the WWII setting. And im pretty sure they didnt have UZI's in WWII. reviewed August 4, 2006
Punked The Show by Damien7 Comedy
Hmmm... i didnt like it. Not very funny. Voices were atrocious. How the hell old are you? You sound about 10. And the "pranks" they played were not funny. I dont see what the whole big deal is. ... reviewed August 3, 2006
RE Ada Death by omemaster Horror
No Review reviewed August 3, 2006
Metro Station by Busfreak Action
Good overall but...i didnt like the ending. reviewed August 1, 2006
Monster Madness by PatBo Horror
It was good but what waws with the zombie comeing in and shooting the werewolf? reviewed July 31, 2006